Covering Up Climate Engineering Contamination, “EPA Caught Buying It’s Independent Science Advisors”


Dane Wigington

A lawsuit has been filed to expose the EPA for awarding $190 million in taxpayer grants to "independent" scientists in order to get the air quality test and research results desired by the EPA. This being said, please consider and remember this next statement very carefully, THERE IS A MUCH MORE CRITICAL CRIME OF CONCEALMENT contained in this EPA scenario than what the authors of the report (or the legal action) alleges. The report in question is from a source that is nothing more than a lobbyist/representative for the fossil fuel industry (EELI, The Energy Environmental Legal Institute). The attorney for EELI is Steve Milloy who is a textbook example of a self-serving and completely honorless fossil fuel industry lobbyist. While Milloy is trying to expose the EPA for their fraud because of the financial damage the EPA has inflicted on the planet plundering fossil fuel industry who pays him, in reality the EPA's paid off scientists are hiding a crime of immensely greater gravity, the highly toxic fallout from the ongoing global climate engineering/weather warfare assault


Geoengineered skies in Los Angeles, California. Photo credit: James Obradovic

I have personally attended a high level closed door California EPA meeting at the State Capital in Sacramento in which it was made clear that the air quality testing is completely rigged. This meeting was arranged by a congressman and had 5 high level EPA representatives in attendance. I was informed that the State air quality technicians are TOLD what to test for, combustion particles only, the rest of the test sample is discarded (EPA technicians can't find what they are told NOT to look for). Further, at best the air particulate testing captures particles down to the 2.5 micron size. Nano-particles from the climate engineering fallout are exponentially smaller and thus go completely undetected by air quality equipment that is not in any way designed to find the unimaginably smaller nano-particles in the first place.


The smaller the inhaled airborne particle is, the more health damage it does. This holds true for any type of particles, let alone highly toxic heavy metals and other elements that are directly associated with global geoengineering/solar radiation management programs.

At the mere cost of $190 million dollars, of taxpayers funds, the Environmental Protection Agency has bought its independent advisers.  That is the amount of payoffs, in the forms of “grants” to its advisers, to assure the results are what the ideologues want from the studies.  In fact, ALL such decisions based on these advisers were bought and paid for—illegal under the law.  This is fraud, embezzlement and corruption.  

Believe a government financed “independent” study at your peril, your wallet and your job.  How bad is this corruption—when a UCLA professor, James Engstrom exposed it, UCLA—the beneficiary of the payments and corruption fired him—for the crime of exposing crime.  Think you are proud of UCLA?

“A free market legal group is suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for allegedly stacking a scientific advisory panel on air pollution with researchers who had received more than $190 million in grants from the agency.

The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (EELI) is suing EPA on behalf of the Western States Trucking Association and Dr. James Enstrom, a retired University of California-Los Angeles epidemiologist who was blacklisted for challenging EPA claims about particulate matter.

“The EPA has stacked the panel, which is required by law to be independent and unbiased, with researchers who have received over $190 million in discretionary grants from the EPA,” said Steve Milloy, an attorney with EELI, in a statement. “This clearly violates the law and makes a mockery of the notion of ‘independent’ scientific review,” he said.

The EPA relies on a panel of scientific advisers, called the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, to validate the science underlying key clean air regulations pushed by the agency. In this case, EELI is asking the court to prevent the EPA from convening a panel tasked with reviewing the science behind agency regulations on fine particulate matter, or PM2.5.

EELI believes the agency has stacked the panel with researchers who will rubber stamp EPA rules regulating PM2.5. EPA also relies on claimed PM2.5 reductions for the majority of health benefits in some of its largest regulations on power plants.

Some 24 of the 26 members of EPA’s PM2.5 panel have gotten or are the current recipients of EPA grants. In total, panel members have gotten more than $190 million from the agency, according to EELI. Milloy says this violates the federal laws requiring such scientific advisory panels be “independent.”

EELI isn’t alone in pointing out potential problems with using scientific advisers financially reliant on EPA. Earlier this year, Oklahoma Republican pointed out that many science panel members were often peer-reviewing regulations based on their own research, corroding the integrity of the peer-review process.

EPA began regulating PM2.5 in in the early 1990s, and today says there’s no safe level of exposure to the air pollutant. PM2.5 is a “mixture of harmful solid and liquid particles” that is 2.5 microns or less, or “1/30th the thickness of a human hair.” These small particles can get into people’s respiratory system and can harm human health and even lead to death after just short-term exposure, In 2011, former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told Congress that PM2.5 “causes premature death.” “It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should,” she said. “If we could reduce particulate matter to healthy levels it would have the same impact as finding a cure for cancer in our country.”

The EPA set PM2.5 primary standards at 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air on an annual average basis. Despite the strong warnings, EPA has tested PM2.5 on humans. EPA exposed dozens of human test subjects to PM levels of 600 micrograms per cubic meter — 40 times what the EPA sets as an acceptable outdoor air standard.

EPA not only testes PM2.5 on humans, they also did not fully disclose the risks of death from PM2.5 exposure — a reversal from public warnings about exposure to the pollutant.

“The EPA process for commissioning and evaluating PM2.5 research has been so rigged and so biased for so long that many scientists don’t even try to get nominated for CASAC panels any more,”

We must all learn to look below the surface, and behind the curtain. Reports like the one above can actually serve the power structure unless we choose to see the deeper and more dire story.  By inciting anger in the population toward the EPA for infringing on their fossil fuel lifeline, the public is thus completely oblivious to the fact that every breath they take is now toxic due to the ongoing atmospheric spraying assault. A sound sense of reason would dictate the obvious priority of focusing our concern on the toxic heavy metals and chemicals building up in our bodies from the climate engineering fallout. To be distracted by anything else is irrational. We are in a fight for our life, this fact must constantly be considered. Look below the surface of all headlines and information, research, stand on solid data and conclusions. Credibility is crucial in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering, make your voice heard.

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62 Responses to Covering Up Climate Engineering Contamination, “EPA Caught Buying It’s Independent Science Advisors”

  1. Jerry e says:

    DANE, recently a vedio emerged showing evidence of the pentagon discussing disbursing vaccinations or a virus via water climate trails and the vedio is called fun fax which can be easly found on you tube also insects were a option and the testing may have been done over bagdad so if this is a way to force vaccinations on humans it seems we are in even more danger. As allways I spend all of my time waking people up to geoengineering and im not shy lol I do wonder will we win because I’m a winner and want to protect my family. Thank you, Dane.
    Sincerely jerry

  2. Damon Duval says:

    Solipsism – the greatest lie.

  3. Mary says:

    I notified the EPA that I thought they had purposely made the radiation reports hard to understand ( which they did).  They gave me a nuisance report which meant I would be investigated.   Assholes!

  4. Veritas says:

     The EPA and BP in 2010 colluded to destroy the Gulf of Mexico for profit. The EPA and President Hussein Ovomit used the Airforce, Navy, and Coast Guard to dump Corexit to sink the oil. Corexit is illegal to use in Europe where BP is located and most other countries as well. Corexit is made by a subsidiary of BP named Nalco, and when Corexit is mixed with oil becomes 52x more deadly to living creatures, is bioaccumulative , and damages life down to the chromosomal level. The BP oil spill is the worst human made disaster to date, with Fukushima as well, effectively destroying much of the ocean. They have not changed their agenda of maximum Profit and Lies above all else.

  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Angencies like the EPA and many others, are supposed to be good honest employees and citizens, to inform and protect us all, from exposures to dangerous and harmful environmental elements. After reading this Post, I have absolutely no respect or trust for the EPA & all others involved in this manipulated fraudulent behavior! It makes it difficult and regretfull to even pay taxes, to support the activity mentioned above! What a bunch of Criminals.


    • CAROL says:

      Dear Dane, will you help 'UN-confuse me' on whether Trump's Gag Order is a good thing or a bad thing. It makes me real sick inside to fear that he may be on board with AGENDA 21 Global depopulation…as by Signing such a Gag Order as it appears to be, sounds like he too is now hiding the true Facts that Chemtrails are poisons meant to CULL off the human race! This is heart breaking as it is terrifying to think that since he recently signed such this Gag Order, the Chemtrails in Fallbrook and all surrounding towns here in Ca. are having massive amounts of chemtrails being dumped 24/7 and at now super LOW altitudes that I can see the pilots glass windshields! All the air is so gray that there's a haze over close trees and hills, my eyes are all dried out by powder that it hurts to try moving my eyes around and I have to wear a surgical mask indoors, outdoors, in stores, and even wear one all night long while I TRY to go to sleep coughing & feeling robbed of oxygen!When I had a chance to get on the roof with a new brown tarp to cover a leak, it started to rain and immediately as rainwater pooled on the new tarp,n I was amazed at the shiny silver flickering in the water, so as I stooped closer I could see fine strips of SILVER and specks of silver sparkling as if someone just scaled a silver fish there. I immediately knew it had all just washed off the leaves of the tree right next to this Storage warehouse I'd just covered.

      I was wondering if I could mail you pictures and samples of these things I have collected from Chemtrails that  maybe you could have Tested?

      Before I forget, here's whatI would like you to tell me if by it it proves President Trump will never stop the Chemtrail crimes and truly SAVE humanity?:

      One more disturbing thing is how I feel the pilots are MOCKING us as several times at night 2 jets lay Illuminati shaped eye lid (eye of Horus) trails around the full MOON! Sometimes around a cresent moon as well. And lately it seems they are targeting my house with low wide "X"s overhead. They make "X's" on top of "X's" all day today since 5:30 AM!

      It certainly appears since President TRUMP signed this Gag Order tat they are deliberately stepping up the spraying heavily, and at WAY LOWER ALTITUDES… as if they are intent at poisoning us DEAD at a way sooner date than their KILL-quota had been before this GAG ORDER!

      Anyway, we are all very weak, raw throated, eyes hurt they are so dried out, loud & constant ringing in our ears. I believe the Smart Meters all over my neighborhood (so many hundred of them banked on the blocks of Apartments across from me)are all WORKING TOGETHER in their Agenda 21 agenda to quicken our extermination.

      Normally I would never reveal such, but now I hurt so bad and am so weak daily that I just feel hopeless to escape this fate. There are now so many small planes (and a few times 2 very expensive looking large DRONES at a time) flying all over SNOOPING over peoples homes and yards, at many different AM & PM hours that it seems pretty clear to me that they are "accessing" how well they are doing in their damage making!  This is rural ranch and grove lands here  and they have done real well killing off trees and crops,even making catis melt DEAD! And it goes from one extreme to another: either BLAZING HOT or FLOODS & high winds that tear up our yards, trees crash through picture windows, freezing cold, and sometimes sleet, hail like MARBLES, and snow in some areas of San Diego where I live.

      I never have any rest here since 2000!    Truly this is NOT normal, and I wonder when next "it's going to be the HAARP TESLA SBX-1 involved"!

      I pray Lord forbid, as my brother in Moore, Ok. a few yrs back barely survived those TORNADOES, ripping away his entire house leaving just the small closet he & his wife & cat were huddled in standing untouched!                                                                                          Now THAT truly was a miracle of God to have survived that one.

      Sorry this is so long. When is your conference thing coming up in Ca. and what's the location? I would sure like to go hear this and meet everyone who's "fighting the good fight" for Justice and health of ALL living things they are heartlessly harming.

      May God protect you and yours as He guides directs you into the way of Victory.    When God Guides…HE Provides 🙂

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, stay strong, we will yet expose the ongoing climate engineering insanity. About the xs, that are visible in so many locations, we believe this pattern may be for migrating air masses to be more easily observed and monitored from satellite images. About the overall agenda of the geoengineering assault, we much remember that it is complex. The bottom line is this, we must all work together in the continuing effort to fully expose the climate engineering assault.

  6. DrDignity says:

    Hello everybody!  In today's Arctic News (28 May2016), Sam Carana has an article entitled "How Much Warming Have Humans Caused?" He mentions geoengineering as a solution to the quickly rising temperatures but does not acknowledge that the programs are already occurring round the globe. I would like to challenge his thinking but cannot get access into the comment section.  It is an excellent opportunity to talk about the reality of solar radiation management occurring everywhere.  If there is anyone reading this that is computer literate, please add your two cents. DrDignity

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dr. Dignity, yes, Sam Carana and Arctic News are pushing climate engieering, this is inexcusable. Though the front line data from Arctic news is worth examining, we must all learn to sort out the what does not belong.

  7. Al C says:

    Your last sentence says it all for me…………For the past 5 years, I've conversed, physically pointed it out in the sky, studied and got educated on the known's and unknowns of this activity and have been met with, "This guy is a freakin nut" look and yet I persist because I know in my heart that shining a light on this evil will stop it.

  8. KathY says:

    What really is the end game in all of this?  What do the Neo's in the end get out this?  Money/prestige?  Nobody will be left on earth.  Do they all

    have an escape plan out of Earth to get away from it when they bomb it to shit and we all die.  What would be left for them to have?  Or are they AI and go on every planet and destroy it's beauty.  What is it all

    about Alfie??

    • Dennie says:

      There is no "end game," there is no "plan" other than to accumulate the largest amount of MONEY and "power" possible.  The people involved in making the decisions to pull the levers and hit the switches of geoengineering and other crimes like releasing radionuclides really just can't think much beyond the end of their noses.  "Long-term consequences" are words that aren't to be found anywhere on their spelling lists.  Here's a great podcast on the subject of what having "power" does to people: The researchers at U.C. Berkeley found that the "traditional" use of power actually hardens people's hearts, literally.  They are calling for a greater awareness of true empowerment and more of a horizontal structuring of power in general. 

    • BaneB says:

      The "end game" began with the incredible 9-11 con job.  Read PNAC.  There is a plan.  The same psychopaths who use Babylon for her treasury and her military might have taken their suicidal plans to the front door of a Russia.  What would mighty Babylon do if the Russians installed missles on the Canadian border with offensive capabilities to launch nuclear warheads? Remember the Cuban Missle Crisis?  The Neocons are putting our entire nation and population into the cross hairs and setting Babylon up for utter destruction.  They are gambling literally with our lives, all 300,000,000 plus.  Most of these think tankers hold dual Israeli citizenship.  So what is up with this?  Are what we witness as a stupid dangerous gamble benefits Israel's foreign policy goals.  Let's be clear, and ask the question..  Are God's Chosen People seeking to enact Bible prophecy?  Is there an unconscious death wish (suicide) based upon a deep seated need to atone for guilt?  How many Israelis were arrested on 9-11?  How many Saudis?  Search it and become conscious.  As an amateur Bible student, and not consistently, and with much questioning, I have to say there are prophecies about out current era.  That is my opinion and one that is holding up as a viable understanding of these times.  The term 'cloud' is invoked as signs of the time.  And there too is the I-cloud of notoriety.  We see the incredible fake freak clouds above us on a daily basis.  The coming of The Lord is said to be a day of clouds.  What kind of clouds.  Within Revelation 17 and 18 there is the destruction of a mega city.  'She' sits upon lots of waters.  A woman is her symbol (statue?).  She is destroyed in one hour.  I ask myself who wrote this?  How do these internationalists think their NWO is not in competition with the entire thrust of their very own prophets and the much ballyhooed coming of THEIR a Lord?  Do they seek to trigger the 'Advent'?  This has everything to do with the push to checkmate Russia.  These nutcases ARE the money changers in the proverbial temple.  And they want it all, everything not nailed down, the global resources, the power and control over the very weather , and over the lives of everyone on earth.  They are arrogant!  Chutzpah beyond reality.  They are emboldened!  They have to date not been held accountable for their crimes against Babylon.  And likely never will be made to stand before an honest court of law.  Such utter corruption can only lead to an unimaginable disaster.



  9. Ann says:

    At the mere cost of $190 million dollars, of taxpayers funds, the Environmental Protection Agency has bought its independent advisers.  That is the amount of payoffs, in the forms of “grants” to its advisers, to assure the results are what the ideologues want from the studies.  In fact, ALL such decisions based on these advisers were bought and paid for—illegal under the law.  This is fraud, embezzlement and corruption.  
    Just about *everything* concerning this political machine is a lie, fraud or some other crime.  The social contract between society and this political machine is completely, totally shattered.

  10. Silencing America as It Prepares for War
    by John Pilger / May 27, 2016  [Yet another war warning – this one from veteran journalist John Pilger / CounterPunch.]
    In Asia, the Pentagon is sending ships, planes and special forces to the Philippines to threaten China. The US already encircles China with hundreds of military bases that curve in an arc up from Australia, to Asia and across to Afghanistan. Obama calls this a “pivot”.
    As a direct consequence, China reportedly has changed its nuclear weapons policy from no-first-use to high alert and put to sea submarines with nuclear weapons. The escalator is quickening.
    why is the United States “everywhere on the globe”? What is NATO’s true mission? Why does the US always pursue regime change in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine? Why does Washington treat Russia and Vladimir Putin as an enemy?
    … Sanders, the hope of many young Americans, is not very different from Clinton in his proprietorial view of the world beyond the United States. He backed Bill Clinton’s illegal bombing of Serbia. He supports Obama’s terrorism by drone, the provocation of Russia and the return of special forces (death squads) to Iraq. He has nothing to say on the drumbeat of threats to China and the accelerating risk of nuclear war. He agrees that Edward Snowden should stand trial and he calls Hugo Chavez – like him, a social democrat – “a dead communist dictator”. He promises to support Clinton if she is nominated.

  11. Jim Reed says:

    Dane, etc. I seem to feel those chem trail aircraft are computer controlled. A pilot flying constant, can not take the stress.  I have an American Airlines B-737 pilot friend, who let me know of the limited hours pilots can fly/month. Are you, others aware of the computer  controlled, I  believe  is the control system ? Thanks…
    The do fly the same constant type of pattern.  The Air Force Drones are controlled thru Air  Force pilots in Area 51, Nevada

    • BaneB says:

      'Fly by wire". I am convinced that is how the 9-11 aircraft were hijacked.  The first thing that is achieved is to shut down via remote ground operators the transponder.  In essence, the 9-11 aircraft were turned into drones.  The technogy was known before 9-11.  Notice how fast after 9-11 the drones made their instant appearance on the global scene as if by magic.  Interpolate.  Extrapolate.  Think.  A number of aircraft of late have "disappeared".  Remember the German Wings plane?  The pilot was said to have suicided the aircraft.  Or the Egyptian plane over Long Island Sound.  The pilot was accused of suiciding the plane.  Or the Maylasian plane that has simply disappeared ? At first the push was to accuse the pilot of suicide.  They backed off on that one.  How many Egyptian commercial aircraft are falling out of the skies?  What about the Russian icommercial flight of over 200 innocents downed in the Sinai?  One could argue that it simply is no longer safe to fly commercially   One never can know if there is a passenger on board worthy of being offed by some foreign power with computer abilities including microwave zapping of in flight computers.These dark shadowy wicked entities have no problem with no conscience destroying all in order to take out a high target individual.  The END justifies the means.  One need only investigate the strange circumstance of Senator Wellstone's take down to get the message that any aircraft at any time any where can be hijacked or zapped and destroyed if the criminals operating the power structures want to do so.  





    • susan higgins says:

      Pilots in the military all say the same thing..

      I have direct comments in interviews by young men after 9/11 who left the military in many cases before 'their time' and all said the same thing…"we were handed a joy stick, stuck in a bunker in the states and all told to shoot at targets we could not geographically determine."  

      Pilots from the Laotian not so secret war are all gone now but in their time, they reported flying long before computers and were ordered to 'shoot' at objects and targets that were designated to them.  Decades later they found out they shot at forests and civilians in a war that had no rationale.

      Pilots from the Korea time also state similar orders and commands.

      Young techno savy individuals TODAY are now ordered by private industry to pass FAA tests for their drones which have ' no disclosure' agreements with the military.



  12. Grant Jones says:

    It comes as no surprise that the EPA is complaisant by omission  Geoengineering has always been a weapon of the military. Weather warfare, military communication (ELF) "Tactical Cloud" and experiments into Plasma antennae an weaponry. Surpassing the hurdle of "National Security" is a major one.  There are those who believe that war can be won against Russia or China as there are those who believe in growth on this finite Earth. Power clouds their thinking and dooms humanity.  Time is very short for all of us to get the truth out to the masses. Thanks to all.

  13. Thomas Bruce Michigan says:

    Reporting in from Bruce Township Michigan; The volume and frequency of aerosol has increased by a large margin with the warmer temperatures here in southeastern Michigan. This is confirmed with the latest rain water analysis , the highest in the 3 years I have been taking samples. The rain water analysis from 5/1/2016 in ug/l from basic lab, aluminum:1070 , barium: 30.7, strontium: 261. My next test will include a sample of pond water pulled off the bottom of the pond ( base line sampled 12/10/14) along with another rain water sample whenever that happens. The forecast keeps changing from day to day but there were many days in a row of forecasted thunderstorm activity which never did materialize then the forecast changed to partly sunny/cloudy. There were what appeared to be storm clouds on the horizon at times but no rain. I think the moisture is being migrated over the region, as I stated lots and lots of aerosol. Dane in terms the layman can understand how can you explain 1070 ug/l of aluminum in rain water as compared to the "norm". I am assuming the norm should be 0, is that correct? 

    • Donna says:

      Sun City, Arizona, Rain Water analysis from 9/28/2015 in ug/l from basic lab, aluminum: 2250 , barium: 28.4.

      Dirt collected from the Roof of our House (approximately 1 cup)  aluminum: 16,300, barium: 160.

      No factories, just golf courses, aerosol spraying, and memory care centers popping up everywhere. 

  14. Wick says:

    Had the same experience yesterday. Military aircraft rocking our house at 11am, 1-2 minute intervals for the next 2 hours. Couldn't spot em out though because of huge rain clouds blocking out the sky.

    After they stopped, it started raining, and then… ice crystals started falling on my balcony! I was astonished and took one inside for better examination. The spot in my hand where I was holding it started getting an intense stinging sensation. I washed off my hand and it still was slightly burning for the next 5 minutes. What really pissed me off is these started falling in 50 degree temperature.

    I raised hell about it to my co-workers. I even learned that my mother posted a mainstream story on her facebook account last night that I sent her, going over the chemtrails and Morgellon's. I cried a lot that night. I guess tears of joy, I've been trying to get the scope of this problem to her for the last couple months, it has been some of the weirdest denial experiences. Now she's talking to me about it and learning more. I told her thank you, and you have no idea how much that means to me.

    I think we can reach critical mass, but we have to take Dave's actions and make them our own. That man looks like he never gives up, and I'm learning determination and persistence will help us reach global awareness.

    Post bumper stickers on your vehicles, print out flyers, talk about it every chance you get, point to the skies and say "look up". I mean what else do we have to lose? Everything we love will be gone soon if we stay on this trajectory. Keep fighting people.

  15. Anonymous — "flying overhead real low and it was loud" … could be the Boeing Growlers.

  16. Randy D says:

    Has anyone seen this new chemtrail technique?

    1) They create a small wispy chem cloud

    2) Every 10-15 minutes. planes take turns flying through the cloud and ONLY leaving trail while within the cloud

    3) After a few hours that one small cloud becomes HUGE, and transverses the entire atmosphere creating a blanket.


  17. Greg O. says:

    Snow level down to 500 feet above Ouray, Colorado.  Chemical ice-nucleation continues.  As one looks at the global chessboard, the cabal  is in serious trouble in regards to the emerging Asian/Russian coalition. They are in their last efforts of One World Order.  I hope it doesn't lead to nuclear war.  If the Empire collapses, I would guess that geo-engineering will stop, but it will probably collapse our economy and leave us in a 3rd world reality.  I believe we have to prepare for this with sustainable co-operative communities.  I nominate Dane Wigington as our Western American leader with Susan  Ferguson as universal advisor.  Of course, all of us have to do our part in the emerging new paradigm.  Thanks to all of you on board and the many more that are waking up.

  18. Tenderflower says:

    Hi,  I have noticed very tiny shiny bits everywhere, and am convinced they are the aluminum nanoparticles being discussed here.  They are in the dirt, on the plants, they are literally everywhere.

    And I'm sure they're in my lungs.

    Thank  you Dane and your legal team for all that you're doing.  This. must. be stopped.

    • LS says:

      Yes, Tenderflower, this must be stopped. And seeing those metal pieces all over the Earth is what forces me to act. Along with finding that half the trees around my house and in the forest are dead. And the relentless sounds of airplanes, no matter where I am, airplanes poisoning our "Home", our only real home. I feel the vibrations and unnatural pluses in my body, in my head. It has been years now.
      I say this because these things I have mentioned are REAL and I refuse to turn away from the TRUTH for the sake of those that can't/ won't….  the willfully ignorant.  So many post about not wanting to upset others. Are we not past that point.? We can all be extra kinder to each other, extra understanding because it is happening to us all, and people are hurting… but denying what I am experiencing is not an option. We are in a war with those who are dropping BOMBS of metal filings on us.  Bombs in the form of aerosol spraying. Fighting for Life is the most natural thing of all. We can be and are multifaceted. These times are challenging us and we each have to already know where our help lies. It is going to get worse before it gets better. Nature seeks equilibrium. WE need to keep fighting to let it. Thanks everyone.

  19. Rodster says:

    They are even spraying in Monaco while the Formula 1 grand prix race is taking place. A lovely geoengineered sky.

  20. Dennie says:

    It's remarkable how many people have been remarking that it's going to be a hot summer.  I wonder how many of these people even know about methane, what it is, that it's being released in record amounts from Earth, what that indicates and what are the long-term implications of this phenomenon.

    My music students in the local public schools are telling me they are learning there about "climate change– " wonder just what the hell that could be?  I was really afraid to ask my student what exactly was being said to them at Hall Middle School in beautiful Larkspur, CA.  If she wants to know more and asks I am going to tell her to get on over to and start reading, it's a sign of mental health to be able to look at reality and understand the totality of the truth.  Fortunately she has a great family that is very truth-oriented.  Lucky to have such people around me.  I'm hoping like HELL that these kids will begin to take upon themselves to do community activism on the order of letter-writing campaigns to the Decision Makers and put the screws to their consciences, what little they may have left.  For shame– KIDS calling you on your sh!t–  Imagine indeed, John Lennon.

  21. Beware what you wish for: Russia is ready for war
    Pepe Escobar / May 22, 2016
    … A case can be made that the Beltway – neocons and neoliberalcons alike – do not want a hot war with Russia. What they want, apart from racking in more cash for the Pentagon, is to raise the ante to such a high level that Moscow will back down – based on a rational cost analysis. … Comparisons of the current NATO buildup to pre-WWII buildups, or to NATO when opposed to the Warsaw Pact, are amateurish. The THAAD and Patriot missiles are worthless – according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) themselves; that’s why they tried to improve them with Iron Dome. Meanwhile, those new NATO army “battalions” are inconsequential. The basic thrust behind the Pentagon’s moves under neocon Ash Carter continues to be to draw Russia ever further into Syria and Ukraine (as if Moscow actually was involved in, or wanted, a Ukrainian quagmire); trap Russia in proxy wars; and economically bleed Russia to death while crippling the bulk of oil and natural gas income to the Russian state.
    … The Russian military are about to test the first prototypes of the S-500 Prometey air and missile defense system, also known as 55R6M Triumfator M – capable of destroying ICBMs, hypersonic cruise missiles and planes at over Mach 5 speeds; and capable of detecting and simultaneously attacking up to ten ballistic missile warheads at a range of 1300 km. This means the S-500 can smash ballistic missiles before their warheads re-enter the atmosphere. … the Russian military – in a very Asian way – never reveal their full hand. The key fact of the matter needs to be stressed over and over again; the S-500 is impenetrable – and allows Russia for the first time in history to launch a first strike nuclear attack, if it ever chooses to do so, and be immune to retaliation. …

    • Rodster says:

      The Banksters need a HOT War to paper over the terminal phase of the Global eCONomy. Or as Gerald Celente likes to say: “Trade wars, currency wars, world wars. When all else fails, they take you to war.

  22. Will The November US Presidential Election Bring The End Of The World? / Paul Craig Roberts / May 24, 2016
    “We have been watching for nearly a month a steady buildup of American and NATO forces along Russia’s borders – on land, on sea and in the air. There has been nothing like this on Russia’s borders, such an amassing of hostile military force, since the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.”  – Stephen Cohen
    … If Hillary becomes US president, the neoconservative threat to Russia will escalate. The Atlanticist Integrationists will be eliminated from the Russian government, and Russia will move to full war standing. Remember what an unprepared Russia did to the German Wehrmacht, at that time the most powerful army ever assembled. Imagine what a prepared Russia would do to the crazed Hillary and the incompetent neoconservatives. As I have previously written, pushing Russia to war means the demise of the US and Europe and, considering the destructive power of nuclear weapons, most likely of all life on earth.

    • Veritas says:

           It seems President Ovomit and the Neocohenservitives along with the Communist/Marxist Left he cherishes are truly pushing for a war indeed. They love the old bait and switch trick and a war would take everyone's eyes off of Geoengineering and their many other crimes against humanity and the world. Iran and Syria still have not been destroyed for the Greater Israel Plan ( Oded Yinon ) yet, but Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan have been destroyed for our Governments master's already as we know. They will want Iran and Syria subjugated before any implementation of Agenda 21 or other "Globalist Agenda's" as neither country has a Rothschild or Warburg banking system and will not bow to these psychopaths. ISIS(Israeli Secret Intelligence Services) are the new Al Qaeda it seems. Sadly it seems Russian intervention is the only thing holding these Talmudic clowns at bay in that part of the world, if Iran and Syria fall things will accelerate. It is truly strange living in a country now where our Government not only does not serve the citizens, they actively destroy us , and are the attack dog for Bankers and Foreign Nations. Check the links below.

    • Veritas — Like this: The China Mirage, The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia, by James Bradley; Little, Brown & Company, 2015.
      "The China Mirage, The Hidden History of the American Disaster in Asia" by James Bradley chronicles the deluded misconceptions regarding China held by the power elite in the west — delusions, 'mirages' that led to years of disastrous policies and unnecessary wars because of complete ignorance, arrogance and a blind stupidity that reigned from the time of the East India Company's Opium Trade (drug running) in China, through Japan's invasion of China and the Rape of Nanking, right on into Pearl Harbor and World War II, and continuing through the Korean War and the Vietnam tragedy. All because of the ignorance, incompetence, and racial arrogance that created a true believer 'mirage' in America regarding China. …
      James Bradley is the son of one of the men who raised the American flag on Iwo Jima. His astonishing book, The China Mirage, bravely peals off layers of deception and lies that have been kept from the American people through the 20th century — and haunt us still as we fight through the mire of propaganda that threatens to destroy what we have held high, the ideals of freedom and the Bill of Rights.

    • Wick says:

      I believe Hillary is set up to lose these elections. We have to remember Hillary, Trump, Bernie, they're all on the same side, and being run by the same parasites. Sure, it might be a little more gut wrenching to have her ugly face, but it will all still be ran the same way.

      She's just had too many things thrown at her in this election, including her dark, insane past, I do believe she won't come out the victor, but like I said, none of these other candidates are going to keep the American people safe for much longer. 

    • Veritas says:

           Thank you Susan, I was unaware of some of that history and that book. I will read more into it after acquiring a copy off Amazon, still need to finish The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn. It never ceases to amaze me how evil and malevolent these " elite's " are. How can something made by the Creator be so very flawed and destructive? Fueled by genocide and avarice they grow fat off the suffering of the innocent and murder of the Earth.

           Mao Zedong converting China to Communism and murdering near 80 million of his fellow chinese, to Vietnam, to the "War on Terror", it is a shame people keep falling for the same lies and propaganda over and over again. Chaim Hirschel Mordechai ( aka Karl Marx ) would be so proud, Bolshevism, Communism, Marxism have spread so far. I wonder what it will take for this cycle of suffering and madness to come to an end. Thank you for your diligent work, you are an inspiration to many in this tireless battle. May we fight to heal our broken world and ourselves, and restore sanity to this twisted reality.


  23. Thunderhead says:

    Dane, time may be short but we are going to win this thing. I find that almost anyone I talk with knows about 911 and geoengineering (although many still refer to the phenomenon as "chemtrails"). This is true from those in their twenties to 60's. Also, even when they haven't heard of geoengineering they are open to it because just about everyone has heard about 911 and believe the powers that be are nuts, so geoengineering isn't much of a leap, especially when they can see the changes in the weather and dying trees with their own eyes. Btw, have you seen the following political ad smearing Arizona's Kelli Ward?

    Keep up the great work, Dane and crew!!



  24. TNGeoWatch says:

    I'm so fed up Dane! Storms to the northwest. Being sprayed to spread their white clouds everywhere. 

    The masses just keep blithering along. Saw jet after jet after jet killing the storms over Nashville to the northwest tonight. No one gives a damn. 

    Ive got a coworker whose wife tells him to shut up over this. 

    He may get divorced over this. How sad. I'm totally frustrated that our society can't wake up. 

    Hells fire is about to consume us! 

    • Wick says:

      That's sad, I'm lucky enough to not have the same situation. I definitely do overload my fiance with information, but I've also given her the critical information, and she realizes why this is the most important topic to come to life. She does get overwhelmed often, but I remind her we're human, we have the capability to do great things in this world, but often do horrid things. We as humans have created this mess, and it's our duty to fix it. All life on this earth shouldn't have to suffer because of our reckless insanity. I will keep fighting this battle, and so will my loved one, because I give her the inspiration to go on. Keep fighting people, and remind others why it's their sole duty to contribute in this fight.

  25. jim Reed says:

    Dane,   The USA is corrupt beyond…??   I leave for the South Pacific Region soon. Have been there  since 2000.   You have indeed exposed it   ALL. I have observed as other, "blind eyes" most other in USA. And , Prez Obama has been with the corporates  hiding under that fake black man status.  Remember, he was a part time "Constittutional Law Professor."   Just the right one  for corporates to use…  Best in the Legal actions….

    • 1957 Les Paul Custom says:

      Is there anything left that is not corrupted?  Corruption is now the rule, not the exception.  It has thoroughly infiltrated government at all levels, military, academia, entertainment, media, industry, businesses large and small, law enforcement, and everything in between.  I remember having a reasonable amount of trust in these institutions back in my youth in the '60s, but sadly, it is no more.


      Dane, you are a bright light shining through all of this corrupt sewage — one of the few left.  Thank you.

  26. WILLIAM says:


  27. Julie Williams says:

    I'm  wondering if these evil beings committing this planetary genocide are actually human? I don't know what they are and can't think of a term bad enough to describe them. The worst description sounds like a compliment and so I will just say they 'suck' and if ever there is justice or karmic retribution – that is when they will pay up. 

    Still, I marvel at their persistence and ability to destroy with sick pleasure day after day, year after year.  Truly mass mental illness is occurring on their part. And there must be ALOT of them. How do they get up in the morning put on their uniforms and suits and then set about their criminal behavior is beyond my comprehension. I'm glad I cannot comprehend it. I believe that is a sign of 'our' sanity for which I am grateful and so very grateful for brilliant fighters like Dane Wiggington and the rest of you out there standing with him. Thank you – to all of you. 

    • Dennie says:

      I bought an IQAir Health Pro Plus air purifier a few years ago.  I am not sure that the filters can keep the nano-particulates out.  They say various things about how small the particulates are that can be filtered.  I found a listing of the specs at this popular website:

      Alexander, a specialist at Environmental Resource Group, a clean-up business in Mill Valley, CA, is saying that the particulates go through their negative air filtration filters.  I don't know what level of filtration they use or what is the latest that he knows.  His grandfather was one of the "brains" at Lockheed who had input into the chem trail technology– and the grandson, Alexander, lives on a boat anchored in San Pablo, watches the chem spray programs out his window onto S.F. Bay, then goes to work cleaning up the messes that industrial civilization blithely never so much as thinks about, let alone that it just has to stop making. 

    • Yamakawa says:

      Hello Julie!

      > terraforming  site:

      If it was primarily aimed at genociding the humans, there are more easier, cheaper and efficient ways. The chemtrail spraying is a very inefficient effort, that costs a lot of money and requires workers. I presume they still require pilots at their seats, not man-free drones or remote-piloted planes. Maybe using the ordinary pilots are still cheaper. They have to diligently fly around at least every other day don’t they? Even pesticides sprayed on farms don’t do spraying that often!

      It seems certain that their current effort to design in their perspective, surely does not respect Mother Earth. But they may not be seeing it as a suicidal activity, although they may recognize it as a necessary evil or sacrifice.

      We already have technologies to grow vegetables without sunlight, so they can cope without using poisoned soil on the earth’s surface. The water too.

      The favor of persons differ, some does not like the unpredictable “dirtiness” of nature. Persons who like nature see the “dirtiness” as unpredictable beautiful harmony, but who does not, want to change it into a controllable predictable environment. Cleanse the place into their version of harmony in their preferred vision.

      You could see the tendency in the worship of technology. They dream of nanotechnology, compared to the nature expressing ungraspable beauty in the work of microorganisms. Nanobots could not brew alcohol in a tasteful balanced way! Or cheese or yogurts, those fermented food. Currently, they could only manifest morgellons, which is not beautiful at all. But to them, it may be a beautiful craft.

      They don’t care much about the woods and forests, because, now, they are ready to sell VR headsets as a counsumerized product cheap enough to spread out to the public. All the cleansed nature could be experienced inside the room, so why bother about the real dirty nature outside?

      So I assume, not all people, even if they are aware, are against geoengineering. Not only the promoting persons but the followers as well. Different types with different preferences.

    • izzy says:

      That first sentence hits the bullseye. But comprehension comes in stages, and hopefully soon.

  28. SD says:

    Whatman 934 AH glass fiber filter pads which are used for both water quality Suspended Solids tests and Air Quality analyses have a porosity of 1.5 microns.  Seems to me that Caldeira himself once stated that 0.3 micron was the preferred particle size for SRM work. (Aluminum)

    Dane is right as usual, the 0.3 micron particles pass right through the sample papers.

    The environmental tests done at Porter Ranch gas leak homes were done on SWABS OF SURFACE DUST. That's why the metal residues (Aluminum, Barium) were detected. The high profile nature of the Porter Ranch episode and many lawsuits forced LA County officials to do a proper investigation.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello SD, though Caldeira may have made a statement in about particle sizes for SRM in the micron range, available patents, documents, and lab testing, indicate that tha particles being utilized are much much smaller, well into the nanoparticle range. About surface dust tests, yes, you are absolutely correct, such testing does have merit under the right conditions and with the correct testing protocol

    • John arndt says:

      IQ Health Pro Plus limited.

      Google it.

      Takes it down to .003 microns.

      Check out the results from a reputable lab.

      This should wake you up!

      J – Man


  29. Gregg says:

    Dane, this is certainly some good news to hear after all the hard work that you and so many others have put into this "fight for our lives". I am very pleased to see things moving forward on the legal front. I hope more people after hearing this news will begin to get into this fight- now that they can see it is possible to win this war just as it was when many of our ancestors went up against the king of England. Staying healthy(as possible) in this toxic soup we breath everyday is and should be considered a major priority for all of us. I am 64 and have been dealing with health issues that directly relate to "this crap" as Ted Gunderson once called it, that we intake daily. Detox is becoming a regular activity for me now, trying to keep up with the issues surrounding the heavy metal intake. But at some point if we don't win this war not much of anything else is going to matter. So as always I continue to tell others about geoengineering and its effects on all of us with the hope of informing just 1 more person just as I have continued to do for the last 4+years since Dane and many of his colleages helped educate me on the facts about this criminally negligent use of science on all living things in our world. I was surprised to find out at a recent visit to get my teeth cleaned that the woman treating me was very well informed about geoengineering and  more. So that and other experiences prove that the information is getting to people and there seems to be a "quiet awakening" now starting to occur in my area of SW Washington.   Dane,   as always  may God keep you in safe hands and help us to defeat this evil that steals from all life on OUR PLANET.  Take Care

  30. San Miguel Co., CO says:

    Massive engineered cool down still in effect in Southwestern Colorado…been over a month now.  It was 55 degrees a few minutes ago and then all of a sudden it started snowing and hailing.  No surprise here…it is the new normal.  Thanks for all you are doing Dane in this all important battle.  No one looks up…no one pays attention to anything but Netflix…society is so sick…so sad

    • matt sarlo says:

      It has been the same along the northen front range in Colorado for weeks. I want blue skies back and the criminals behind this tried as war crime perpetrators.

  31. Michael "DOC" E. Davis says:

    Here is a journal article that bolsters my position of fraud and corruption within the US EPA.  The title of the article is "Poison Springs: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA" by J. R. Latham and the link to this article is

  32. Jay says:

    First, thank you Dane for all your work over the years, in all areas including the technology of SAG, jet engines and air testing, political and legal issues, and the social and psychological aspects such as the proper names and conditioning of the populace. The public needs to know all the facets of the issues regarding geoengineering.  I have subscribed to your alerts for some time, and have been studying the issue a lot over the year since I realized something was wrong in the skies.  I am sold, and I have tried to convince others, mostly to know avail.  At least I have made some of them think twice and now at least they have doubts.

    One noteworthy point you made above is that the EPA air particulate testing only covers particles over 2.5 microns (2500 nanometers).  The chart illustrates that nanoparticles are in the 5-500 nanometer range.  I believe that what we need is an independent, certified lab to fully document flights that will follow and capture particles sprayed by planes at altitude and then analyze them in this particle range.  These video and lab analysis results with another independent source to verify, will be indisputable evidence that can then be released to the public.  Have any plans to do so been made? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jay, in regard to taking an air sample of particles nano range, at jet aircraft flight altitudes, is much easier said than done. Any such test takes extremely sophisticated and difficult to access equipment. Though some have claimed they were just going to hop on a jet and take a test, I have yet to see any credibility to these claims. Next, and most importanty, those that have claimed such a test would end the controversy, and get the climate engineering issue out into the open once and for all, are not being in any way realistic. When the vast majority of the population does not yet believe what they can see with their own eyes, no claim of any test result will make the difference to them yet. In addition, we already have countless lab tests from around the globe to prove the same toxic metals used in climate engineering programs are raining down on us all. We have up-close film footage of the spraying, patents, government documents, etc. Still the public denial continues, and it will continue, as long as there are those that do not yet wish to see. When there is enough support in this battle from the public, a credible test can perhaps be done at altitude. In the meantime, our most important task is to get the word out on this issue with the mountains of proof we already have.

    • Jay says:

      Thank you, Dane, for your very insightful reply.  I understand your point, since so few are willing to put the time in that I have reading, visiting dozens of websites including yours, and watching videos and full-length documentaries, many of them technical in nature.  It is truly amazing that people either just want get on with their lives, or even if they agree with me like my mother, will say what can we do about it? – Billions of other people aren't saying anything or able to change things.  Worse, she and probably many others say that maybe they are trying to protect us!
      What is disturbing is that even if mass opinion changes and leads to an upheaval of the powers that be, my understanding is that geoengineering cannot stop abruptly at this point.  How can the planet wean itself off of SAG without the catastrophic scenarios I have heard would occur?  Is there any truth to that?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jay, about bringing geoengineering to a halt, the attached link will shed more light. FYI

  33. Michael "DOC" E. Davis says:

    It is now starting to come out, that the US EPA has been hijacked and is completely controlled by the multinational corporations.

  34. Wick says:

    5/26/16 I have ice crystals falling on my balcony at this moment. I've heard military jets over my area for the past 2 hours, no it wasn't thunder. I'm at a loss of words.

  35. Emily Summer says:

    Well, it's a start and more light is going to be shown on the EPA now that the ball has started rolling.  Even if that lawyer is as shady as they come, it will at least start to raise awareness.  Keep pushing like a wolf going for the jugular.  If we can start to wake up even one person, I consider a victory.  Keep pushing, keep talking, keep writing your congress critters.  Let them know we are aware.  

  36. Dane — Thank you! So this lawsuit is a clever complex insidious DISTRACTION!  Thank you for your keenly developed sense of sorting and sifting through the miasma of lies we are faced with every day! You are as always our North Star, the guidance that remains constant in this battle for Truth. As you say, a fight for our lives:      "A sound sense of reason would dictate the obvious priority of focusing our concern on the toxic heavy metals and chemicals building up in our bodies from the climate engineering fallout. To be distracted by anything else is irrational. We are in a fight for our life, this fact must constantly be considered."

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