Credibility Is Crucial In The Fight To Expose Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

Does the power structure and the military industrial complex want populations around the globe to know they are part of an ongoing massive, devastating, and deadly experiment? Or rather has the global governing cabal and their media puppets gone to every imaginable extent to hide this fact from unsuspecting populations? 


Toxic skies over New York from aircraft sprayed geoengineering atmospheric aerosols

Available documentation proves beyond any doubt that worldwide weather/climate modification has been going on for over 65 years on an unimaginable scale without public awareness. Point proven, those in power do not want the public to know. If those claiming to be in the fight to expose climate engineering are actually helping to hide it by a complete lack of acknowledgment of its effects, how can this help with the cause at hand? If completely  false conclusions are held and pushed in regard to overall conditions on the ground, how can this help credibility?  How can this help in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering? Answer, it can't, and it won't. 

“Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking…” 
― Leo Tolstoy

An effective battle cannot be fought from a platform that is not solid. If a boat has a gapping hole in the bottom, it will not float for long nor will it reach its desired destination. If we are to gain ground in the fight to expose and halt the ongoing geoengineering insanity, we must stand firmly on solid ground in regard to our facts and conclusions. To do otherwise is to betray the battle one claims to be fighting. Are people like Al Gore making money from global warming? Yes. Are carbon credits a scam? Yes. Is this a reason to conclude global warming is false? Of course not. There will always be disaster capitalist criminals like Al Gore, but to form conclusions simply out of disdain for people like Gore is not reasonable. How many are there in the military industrial complex making money from wars and global conflict? Does this mean these issues are not real? How many in mainstream medicine are there making fortunes from pain and suffering? Does this mean pain and suffering is not real? Global geoengineering is making an already bad climate disintegration far worse still.

What exactly are the facts?

Lie: "Global warming is just a natural cycle".
Reality: All available science makes clear there is nothing natural about the damage done to planet Earth (which of course includes geoengineering at the top of the list).

Lie: "Global warming stopped 18 years ago".
Reality: The rate of warming never slowed and is in fact accelerating.

Lie: "31,000 say global warming is a hoax".
Reality: This "petition" had no legitimacy whatsoever.

Lie: "30,000 scientists suing Al Gore for global warming fraud".
Reality: There is no such lawsuit, there never has been.

Lie: "The whole solar system is warming".
Reality: Other planets in our solar system are not warming.

Lie: The sun is causing the current global warming.
Reality: The sun is not causing the current planetary warming.

Lie: "Earth is entering another ice age".
Reality: Global warming is speeding up. Again, geoengineering is helping to fuel the fire overall. 14 of the 15 warmest years ever recorded have occurred since 2000. 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded on our planet. The first 9 months of 2015 shattered global high temperature records. 2015 is already all but certain to break last years record and 2016 will likely break the record again. Earth has just recorded its 367th consecutive month of above average global temperatures. This is over 30 years in a row of above normal global temperatures. October of 2015 has just been recorded as the hottest month ever recorded on planet Earth.

The 15 second animation above documents global temperature changes since 1900

But what about people like John Coleman (co-founder of the Weather Channel) who says global warming is a hoax? He is a climate scientist, right? Doesn't he know what he is talking about? John Coleman was trained in journalism, not meteorology. In addition, Coleman aggressively denies the climate engineering reality, why would anyone claiming to be a part of the fight to expose climate engineering quote John Coleman for anything? How about "Lord Monckton" (often cited as a credible source to dispute the global warming reality). Is Monckton a reliable source? Think again, Monckton is just another geoengineering denier, why would anyone claiming to be in the fight against geoengineering quote Monckton as a credible source of information? Then there is Tim Ball, also cited by many as a source to prove the planet isn't warming. The same fossil fuel funded Tim Ball that denies climate engineering and who refused a major radio announcers invitation to debate the issue with me on the air. Why would any claiming to fight geoengineering use Ball as a source? Tim Ball can't even tell the truth about his own resume. How can we know what data is accurate and what is propaganda and lies? We don't need to listen to any particular source whatsoever, rather, we must look at the front line data, what is happening on the ground. If you want to see undeniable film footage of ice retreating around the globe, watch "Chasing Ice", an award winning documentary. The melting of the Arctic is happening so fast that the maps must constantly be redrawn. 2015 was the lowest Arctic ice maximum ever recorded. The 2015 Arctic ice minimum was the 4th lowest ever recorded

But how can the recent cold temperatures in the Eastern US be explained? First, the Eastern US is only just over 0.5% of the Earth's surface area. Next, and most importantly, the Eastern US has been a completely engineered cool zone in an otherwise record warm world. The constant recent cooling of this highly populated region of the US has been highly beneficial to the climate engineers attempt to manipulate public perception in regard to the true state of the global climate. It is becoming ever more difficult for the geoengineers to cool down large regions as their ongoing programs continue to tear apart the climate system overall. A "freeze/fry" scenario of weather whiplash is becoming the norm. In order to create an engineered cool-down in one zone, other regions are heated to extremes.  The latest NOAA map below should be alarming to all.


Each shade of the color code represents 2-3 degrees of temperature departure from normal. Blues are below normal, reds and oranges are above normal. Meteorologically speaking the conditions shown in this map are ridiculous. Corporate media like "The Weather Channel" will hype the temporary engineered cool-down in the West. There will be less focus on the record heat in the East, Alaska, and the rest of the world overall. 

The geoengineers are decimating the climate system as they orchestrate a climate of extremes. How can some claim to be against climate engineering and at the very same time adamantly deny completely engineered winter weather and cool-downs that are wreaking havoc around the globe? Glaciers are disappearing  all over the world. Miami is already dealing with rising sea levels as they constantly have to pump water out during high tides. South sea islands are also being inundated by rising seas. How can global sea levels be rising 10 times faster than the former worst case predictions if the planet is not warming and the ice is not melting? Rapidly thawing methane hydrate deposits are putting planet Earth on track for "Venus Syndrome", this formerly frozen methane can only thaw and release in a warming world. Geoengineering is making this scenario worse, not better.

What is the bottom line with all this information? Why is it so important to recognize and acknowledge the completely engineered nature of the corporate media sensationalized cool-downs? Why is it so important to be stand on solid data and not ideology or completely false sensationalized headlines put out by paid liars? Because if we don't stand on solid verifiable truths, we will have no chance to gain the credibility needed to win the battle to expose and stop climate engineering. Pushing the completely false narrative of " the planet is not warming" is exactly what the power structure and the climate engineers want from activists. This narration implies geoengineering is working when it is in actually killing our planet and all life on it. Don't toe the line for the power structure and the geoengineers, help to expose them and the true damage they are doing by abandoning bias, psychological filters, and programming. The battle at hand is not static, it is changing by the day. If our compass headings are not constantly updated, if the lenses through which we see are not constantly cleaned and cleared, we will not assess the battlefront accurately. We must look at what is actually occurring around the globe. We must not leap at headlines from a few select individuals that are trumpeting what we would like to believe. What the weathermakers would like us to believe. Beliefs are a very powerful defense mechanism, but an honest investigation of the facts must prevail and be our bottom line. 

All available data indicates that global geoengineering/weather warfare is the single greatest destructive factor on our planet at this time, and that is saying a lot. Geoengineering is making an already bad climate scenario far worse and contaminating the entire planet in the process.  All are needed in the battle to stop the insanity, stand on credible facts, and help us to sound the alarm.

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  1. Ken says:

    Where can I find testing data showing elevated levels of aluminum and other contaminates from the spraying in the biosphere. Is there a page on the site?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      FYI Ken, check the “tests” link on the top tool bar of the GeoengineeringWatch home page. 

  2. Jane says:

    We all are in very serious trouble here. Rich get richer while the Sick get sicker. It is supremely Crazy that this is going on and is hidden so well to the public when it is so Freaking Obvious when you take time to Look Up and Listen.

  3. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …..Meanwhile on my home planet…..

    • Dan says:

      Hello from south central Idaho. In the blink of a eye we have gone from summer to winter. It rained and snowed none stop for 3 days. To the south in the mountains and foothills record amounts of snow fell in 24 hours. 2 to 4 feet trapping livestock and wildlife with no way to help them. We have been told the so called "El Nino" effect was supposed to keep us warm and dry. I guess the climate engineers changed their minds. Who knows might be summer here again next week. But this is normal, right?

  4. Mart Narvo says:

    To the city of Corona, California Council Karen Spiegel, Eugene Montanez, Jason Scott, Dick Haley, Randy Fox, Aaron Hake, Darrell Talbert, Congressman Ken Calvert,  Eric Linder and to any other concerned citizen.
    Hello and I pray you continue to be elected if you can continue to work for the people and God's morals. We are to point out the injustices we see in our communities.
    Today should have been a beautiful day from the currents sprinkles we had this week.  Yet we wake up from the spraying they did all night in the skies of South Corona all night long.  Watch our hills become hazy with the poisonous heavy metals and whatever else they spray on us. You sent out a mailer for saving water in this drought.  Yet you are uneducated about the cause of this drought.  The drought is being caused by something called "Chemtrails/HAARP" and you see the lines in the skies, the haze in the skies and chemtrail clouds that God did not make and the poisonous haze killing our plant and beneficial insects you see in our mountains from them spraying us ALL NIGHT LONG.  No it's not smog. The spray from west to east every night if you look towards San Diego.  Where do the funds come from for this huge expense done all over? The spray is nano-sized particles with the heavy metals aluminum, barium and strontium and what ever else they want to put in there.  They then microwave the skies with something called HAARP and dissipate any moisture in the storm clouds to evaporate the water or move the storms into another direction of the country.  Remember what metals do in a microwave and if those metals are in us then what happens to our sanity?  We get microwaved from our cell phones and cell towers and HAARP.  The metals and other toxins float down to us and animals, insects, trees, plants, food, etc. after doing there job on the clouds. Learn to understand how 25% or more of the Sun has been blocked out which in turns drops our vitamin d intake. This will bring much sickness in due time. Understand what the chemtrail clouds are doing up there, look up often and see the damage being done.  You will see the chem clouds and compare them to God's clouds which are puffy, billowy and have a gentle form to them and often look like His creation is in them like animals.  If you look closely at the chem clouds at night you will see they are very evil looking.  You will see evil faces in them at night.  Please look up toward the sky more often. Where are our God-made clouds, blue skies, clear nights to see the stars. Where are our bees, small birds, etc.  We should of had 40 days of rain here in So. Calif. this year, but only to be zapped by HAARP and these evil entities of the world.  You saw so many days this year that we had rain clouds and only nothing to drop from them.  We must wake up and start working with other cities and elected officials to start voicing our opinions to the Gov. Brown and say stop this until we can get our hands around what you guys are really doing. They say. “ stop the supply stop the spray”.  Petition the railroads and trucking co.'s to stop furnishing the bases that load these heavy metals and toxins into these planes.  A lot of these jets have a logo called Evergreen on them which they say belongs to an ols Vice President of the USA and his old co. Haliburton. This is a genocide and crime to let continue to go onward.  This stuff is nano-sized and goes right into your brain and organs, blood supply and it reacts with your mercury and fluoride you have in your body and teeth filings.  This is for real, please wake up. The evil ones let us put out all this information for us to educate ourselves (Youtube, patents, FB, etc.) on what they are doing and yet we are blinded by this evil among us.  All they do is laugh at us cause we do nothing.  When can you help God's children and future? Give these kids "hope" again for the future, they know what's going on.  Don't do it when it is too late and it's getting there. We have not made a reservoir in 40 years….why?  Well I can tell you but you and show you, but that is for another day.  Just ask I'll get you the information if you want.  But it has to do with the United Nations Agenda 21 that is published in the 90's yet no one says a word about it.  Please the 10 minute video called “Agenda 21 for dummies”. Remember there are so many more of us them them, and it would take a few of us to stop this for now. They are depopulating this world. Please understand this quote by Harper Lee, " The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience."  Please help stop these chemtrails/HAARP.
    Extra info:
    Kids made this 4 minute video:
    Follow this expert on this crime and he is in Calif.
    His name is Dane Wiggington and he has a fantastic website
    to contact him at.
    And what is HAARP???
    6 minute video:

  5. Michael Arden Yows says:
    ….That is freakfracking unbelievable….and all the more frightening all at the same time…..totally confirmed – it is indeed dumbing down…as well as killing off the elderly…which equates to shorter life span for the youth…..but all are suffering the disease known as Geoengineering…

  6. James says:

    Heavy Spraying this morning in   Jackson  , California .
    This Poison Must Stop .
    My  notice is Posted to Put the California Air Quality Resources Board on Record of this Massive  Poison Rained Down on us Like Lab Rats .

    • wayne says:

      James I contacted the California Air Quality Resources Board they stated to me that they don't control the skies and referred me to the EPA.

  7. muse minus time says:

    Another hurricane developing in the Arabian Sea:

  8. penny says:

    Here is a link to an incredibly thorough and revealing analysis of the interference of politics in science.  Anyone who thinks we can rely on government to get us out of the many messes we're in should read this.

    We are on our own, and it's up to us to get rid of fossil fuels, nuclear, and the like.  It always has been (parts of this report stem from ’92, the actual publishing date is in 2010, and things have only gotten worse since then).

    The same goes for EMF perils: it's up to us to stop using cell phones and WiFi, because no government agency is going to decide for us that such things should be replaced.  Not only do they not care that we are being killed, they actively pursue that end.

    Geoengineering is one of the few realms where we have no direct control, where we have to be organized and to demand change from above.  The other is with ongoing nuclear catastrophes like Fukushima and St. Louis, MO.  I hope everyone here is aware that Dana Durnford's YouTube channel has been decimated by the Imperial Censors.  We need to be backing up all the information on this site, just in case (that probably went without saying but I am feeling near-panic mode coming on).

    • Frank says:

      Very well spoken Penny I like your posts very much. The mindset of many in the scientific community never mention science with politics. Today's Science would not be available with out the money trail of political contributions. There all interwoven in the debacle of lies fed by mainstream science. The corporations contribute large sums of money to universities in response to silence the real data to further the corporations agenda. Without a money trail of contributions science and many studies would be more truthful. Who trusts the political theater not many but we allow them to pass laws and regulations that control our lives. The possibility of free energy for all has been silenced for many years. The aspects of solar energy could contribute greatly to all if the technology was allowed. The cost of active solar far outweighs the benefits because of one simple equation, how to store the solar energy for future needs. The cost of batteries and maintenance and replacement cost needed with this old technology of lead acid batteries makes solar very expensive. The technology is there for producing batteries that would be maintenance free and far exceed the capacities of current batteries at a minimum cost. I have seen the battery technology produced 30 years ago with paper batteries with current and load amps far surpassing anyones dreams. I have seen the immense energy that common water can produce once turned into steam. It makes me mad as hell to understand the dynamics of working prototypes that can't be used for benefiting mankind because the criminal elites won't allow it. Many laws of physics are are taken out of context to further the criminal power structure. It is all too late now to even think that these inventions would be allowed to happen. Our planet is wrapped tighter than a rubber band and the many decades of rape and pillage of our eco system and all life is at a major pitfall. The only possible recourse is to stop this weather warfare imposed on us all. Thank you Dane and all of you that never give up.

  9. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 82nd email to my contact list, titled "Pentagon's Law of War Manual. Dated June 2015".

    1.  The new US Department of Defense Law of War Manual is essentially a guidebook for violating international and domestic law and committing war crimes. The 1,165-page document, dated June 2015 was drafted with help from UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and recently made available online.

    The manual authorizes the killing of civilians during armed conflict and establishes a framework for mass military detentionsJournalists, according to the manual, can be censored and punished as spies on the say-so of military officials. The manual freely discusses the use of nuclear weapons, and it does not prohibit napalm, depleted uranium munitions, cluster bombs or other indiscriminate weapons.

    The democratic legal positions espoused at Nuremberg stand in sharp contrast to the corrupt and lawless American political establishment of today, which asserts the right to abduct or assassinate any person without charges or trial anywhere on earth, attack any country “preventively,” and spy on the entire world’s population.

    In his farewell address in 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned about the dangers posed by the “military-industrial complex.” But America’s current military-corporate-intelligence establishment has metastasized far beyond anything Eisenhower could have imagined. Bloated with unlimited cash, dripping with blood from wars of aggression, it boldly announces its independence, its hostility to democracy and the rule of law, and its readiness to carry out war crimes and other atrocities at home and abroad.

    On page 1 of the manual, the authors write that the document does not “preclude the Department from subsequently changing its interpretation of the law.”  Equally, according to the manual, the “Law of War” (i.e., the law of war according to the Pentagon) supersedes international human rights treaties as well as the US Constitution.

    Read more:  Part 1 of 4:

    Part 2 of 4:

    Since the USA has stated that global warming is the greatest threat to national security, we can be sure that intensive geoengineering, particularly atmospheric spraying, is being intensively carried out in disastrous "uncontrolled experiment"

    2.  Mist is defined as  water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface that limits visibility above 1 km.  Fog is the same, but visibility below 1km.  Both are clouds.

    Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) creates 'mist' in the presence of atmospheric moisture and in 2010, Chemistry Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen suggested this could be used to cool down the Earth via a geo-engineering. However, it also creates Sulphuric acid (acid rain).

    Atmospheric moisture is increased by spraying 'condensation nuclei' – typically any toxic waste, such as coal fly ash.

    The fog in London of 1952 killed 4,000 – 12,000 people, mostly elderly, the very young, or those with respiratory ailments.

    I suspect we will be having a lot more mist/fog/cloud this winter as they ramp up the "uncontrolled experiment" of atmospheric spraying.

    3.   In recent weeks Washington has placed "gag orders" on the following agency employees, "The National Weather Service", the "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration", and the "US Department of Commerce".  No doubt the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will soon follow their  example.

  10. penny says:

    Electromagnetism bored me to tears as a student, but I learned enough to be confident that there is no free energy (you can't get something from nothing).  Given the focus of Tesla's work, it is likely that his 'free' energy comes via the ionosphere, by using HAARP-like systems.  That means that we could have electricity without spending money for it, at the costs of:
    1) destroying the ozone layer;
    2) killing birds, bees, whales and ourselves with EMF-induced illnesses;
    3) disrupting Earth's natural weather cycles, and further heating the planet; and
    4) leaving in place a system which is the ultimate weapon (as Tesla himself said, it could split the Earth into two pieces).

    Personally, I don't like the price tag. 

  11. Roy Svensson says:

    What is the agenda for the November 14 meeting in Redding

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Roy, a free viewing of the latest 911 architects and engineers for truth documentary will start at 3pm, Q and A after. Also geoengineering disscussion with free materials.

  12. wayne says:

    Email I sent to NPR…

    Hum…turned on NPR for the 5:30 PM News , November 4, 2015, on my way home I think the second News Story  was about the Poor Black Teenagers being picked on in Rio, the Fifth story  was about homo sexual s  and the reduction in HIV rates except for young Hispanic Men…..are you kidding me NPR….Really

    How about the “Gag Order” placed on all NOAA and National Weather Employees by our federal government….please wake up before your funding dries up!

    You report more on other countries then here at home it’s all about distraction….isn’t it?

    • BaneB says:

      NPR = National Pablum Radio.  Regarding going broke due to listener boredom, that is unlikely.  Mrs. Kroc (McDonalds) bequeathed $200,000,000 to that organization.  If one wants to go into a sleep mode then I recommend NPR.  There is nothing on that addresses nor empowers the listener concerning the dire life threatening issues such as a Pacific Ocean now radioactive.  Nothing on geoengineering.  Nothing on the real possibility of Syria developing into nuclear war.  And nothing about all the lies coming out of Washington, DC.  

    • Marc says:

      Hello Wayne, thanks for the post. Yeah, I yanked my donations to NPR ten years ago and stopped listening. They certainly don't need MY money, after Joan Kroc, widow of Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald's) bequeathed 200 million dollars to them. But I also ultimately became disillusioned by the program content and found it way too safe and in many instances just plain inadequate. And yet they still regularly fund-raise and even called my cell number recently out of the blue while I was at work, which annoyed me, even though I haven't been a "member" in ten years. Can you even imagine the compounding interest on 200 million dollars? Seems to me they should never need to fund-raise again. But they continue to go to absurd lengths to badger their listeners for donations on a bi-annual basis. Now, perhaps there are millions out there who adore the station but I ain't one of 'em anymore. Too many more relevant venues to get information from.  Dane, have you ever tried to obtain an interview with NPR?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, I had an interview request from NPR in which they made it clear they wanted cover “chemtrails” NOT geoengineering or solar radiation managment. I accepted with the agenda of switching gears on them while on air. I never heard back. I believe they decided I would cover more verifiable facts than they wanted to present as their goal was to marginalize the geoengineering issue.

  13. TOMBOLA says:

    Heavily manipulated skies above Perth, Western Australia the last few days. Clearly visible pinkish/grey gunk in the sky and also the old trick of releasing aerosols above the lowest layer of cloud if we can call it that.

    On a better note as I was driving into town this morning a pedestrian was videoing something in the sky as i was passing her.

    She caught my eye and when i got out of my car i looked up into the direction she was videoing and the con-artist-trail was just starting to spread. She must have seen it coming out of the plane as it was fresh. At least she was curious enough to film this around 8.45am this morning.

    Keep working hard.

  14. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Indeed Dane, thank you, our credibility is more important than ever.  Sometimes it's a hard line to walk since we are still learning and the TPTB keep changing the techniques and the agenda.  Add to that the need to speculate, since we're dealing with immense secrecy on the their part, and they're willing to pay people to keep the public confused.

    Living in Peru from 2006 to 2009, we did see the very, very dry Sechura Desert bloom once, which was rare and beautiful indeed, even though there was flooding in the desert city of Piura, also a rarity.  The Atacama desert in Chile is an extention of the Sechura into Chile.  And it has bloomed with remarkable pink flowers.  In the video contained in the article here, the satellite photo is shown at the end of video.  While I don't know the weather patterns there, this has to have been unusual.  If you keep watching, there are all recent extreme weather events around the world punctuated by ads about Goldman Sachs rebuilding all the devastated places with their funding, which made me what to punch someone.  They probably play both sides with weather futures.  And Puerta Vallarta was spared! (A playground of the One Percent).
    It seems likely the manipulation in the Pacific even caused the heavy rains in Peru back in 2008.
    So I recommend this video feed in spite of Goldman Sachs.

  15. Val holcomb says:

    It is just past 2:00 pm on Wednesday November 4th. I have just spotted those thick white strands floating in the skies above me.

     I live in penn valley, California. I do not want to spend any time outdoors. Forget my vitamin D for today. This is sooo sad. My frustration & anger is beyond words….

    • Val says:

      For the first time in at least six months I’ve not seen a spray jet, in fact, since Saturday very little or shall I say normal Air traffic. We are experiencing a lot of cloud cover, but “most” appear to be normal.

  16. Frank says:

    All modern technology is a scam. The real technology that does exist is suppressed to further arm the power structure. If the real advances in technology were known to the general public they would freak out. All avenues of sciences are suppressed including life saving medical procedures, energy independence and life span beyond any ones dreams. The parasitical elites have forever hidden these miraculous advances from us to further there power. The great invention that sometimes leak out are immediately stopped with inventors found dead or missing. We all can have a utopian life of highly advanced technology if not for the evil elites that kill us all of our dreams. If minds like Tesla and James J Hill where able to prosper we all would have a life of unlimited wealth and life spans of not decades but centuries. Life is so precious in all species but the criminal power structure has always taken our God giving right to survive and be happy.  

  17. Marc says:

    The world is a physical place. The "physical" includes the seen and the unseen. There are laws of physics which, on paper, appear impossibly complex but which, in the field, are easier to grasp the reality of. A whole lot of the focus of this website is to help us navigate our way through what is arguably some relatively intricate science but which, with a little regular homework, can become readily accessible.

       Now don't misunderstand where I'm coming from. I am all about putting a stop to geoengineering. But from what I have researched, we are already in a runaway global warming scenario with  a "baked in" temp increase of anywhere from 2- 6 or even more degrees centigrade, depending on your source, and a catastrophic sea level rise of many, many meters, even if all geoengineering and C02 production cease. These assessments may even be conservative, again, depending upon your source. Let's think about this for a minute. The comprehensive picture really does seem to be coming into sharper and sharper focus, at least for those who come here and who have the discrimination to hack their way through the jungle of lies out there. The concept of "co-creating a positive timeline" notwithstanding, it truly appears we are toast. I'm not a doomsayer. And perhaps this is why the "mainstream" science community has been expressing such reluctance (up until recently) to really lay it all out on the line, so to speak. Nobody wanted to be the messenger who informs everyone that it's game over. Not a popular position to be in. Add to this that the science in the field has been sharpening it's pencil, so to speak, and data collection is revealing more and more alarming truths about the beleaguered condition of our physical world. Now we have the likes of Guy McPherson, a mainstream academic scholar, who has broken ranks and appointed himself bringer of the "Game-Over" message. It was inevitable. And there appears to be a loosening of the starchy status-quo regarding open discussion of the truly dire state we find our planet in. Even the majority of people on the street will now openly concede that "things aren't right" and humanity is in trouble. You don't have to be an academic to interpret what we are seeing all around us as absolutely unsustainable. We are really getting down to it. I see wave after wave of realization washing over the populace, like rocks on the seashore. While some are swirling around and around in some back-eddy of ignorance and denial, more and more are slowly but surely being washed in the available science which is closest to the truth of what is. Hmm…..the truth of what is. We in the anti-geoengineering community have a responsibility to stay as close to this truth as possible. Wherever it may lead. And if this truth is revealing that all doors and windows are closing on humanity and all living things then we would be negligent if we were to try to put a sugar-coated happy face on it all. But to be incarnated in a human form carries a most unusual aspect. If you believe that Earth is a school for soul evolution, such as I do, then ones sees our entire predicament through another lens as well. This does not negate anything previously said but it does reiterate our (soul's) responsibility for serving the best science and the highest truth to our fellow man, no matter where it leads.

    • Frank says:

      You are a great man Marc and you and many others are changing the course of history. You and many others including myself feel your emotions daily. I always look forward to your words of wisdom. thanks for all that you do.

    • Marc, thank you for this. I agree with you on all counts, science & soul. Interesting that even though he doesn’t include GeoEngineering as a cause, Guy McPherson does use the term “reflective particles” in his predictions, thus admitting they are being used. He is scared obviously. I feel I have gotten past my fear and have redirected it into a focused purpose. People deserve to know why. Here is an excerpt of what Guy McPherson thinks.

      Guy McPherson: In other words, the absence of solar dimming associated with reflective particles could cause an abrupt rise in global-average temperature beyond that which has supported the existence of humans in the past (about 4 C, the number at which this headline from 2008 in The Guardian conservatively concludes human extinction). A large majority of the rise in temperature will come much more rapidly than the initial 0.85 C. Assuming the least-conservative end of the very conservative spectrum offered by the journal literature and the International Panel on Climate Change takes Earth well beyond the temperature at which human life has been harbored on this planet. Earth only gets hotter from there.

      On the other hand, nobody knows the global-average temperature at which humans will become extinct. We’ve not yet completed this trial. By the time we complete the trial, there will be nobody left to record it. The lesson will come after the exam.

      The industrial economies of the world are inextricably linked. If Europe goes down the tubes because the derivatives bubble pops on that continent, then there will be consequences throughout the world. There’s a reason the Federal Reserve System of the United States gives money directly to foreign countries.

      The rapid rise in global-average temperature I’ve described in this scenario occurs within days after collapse is complete. Sans methane and its exponential rise in Earth’s atmosphere. Sans 10-year “lag” in maximum heating from atmospheric carbon dioxide. Sans nuclear facilities melting down catastrophically.

      I’m not suggesting all humans will die within days after the ongoing collapse of industrial civilization is complete. Rather, that process is likely to require months, or perhaps a few years. But it’s difficult for me to envision Earth with humans in 2030, notwithstanding the IPCC’s fantasy technology.

      Contrary to conventional “wisdom,” we cannot sustain this unsustainable set of living arrangements indefinitely. Industrial civilization will end. Those of you believing somebody has the system under control are deluded. Nobody is in charge of the system, despite the goals of the deep state, and the system teeters on the brink, even according to the International Monetary Fund and The Guardian. Only you are responsible for yourself.

      Full article here:

    • BaneB says:

      Very well stated.  I agree with you 100%.  'Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of the Beast…"  

    • Michel B says:

      That is exactly correct, Marc. The atrocities we are seeing are the subscription to the animal nature, the old instincts of fear, territoriality and ownership.

      Even the intellectual knowledge of death creates an absurd notion that one can live on in their deeds, thus the NWO is carried out over generations. It truly is a submission to insanity.

      I did a course in Electrotechnology, basically the start of an apprenticeship as an electrician. At college I told one of the teachers that I might pursue the apprenticeship as I was interested in Tesla's inventions and then I asked him if it was true that Tesla had found a way to power the world free of cost and abundantly. He replied it was true and then added that we should not be paying for our electricity.

      After what we know here, is that any wonder? Electrical power and transportation are being run on 'dinosaur' technology to keep us on the treadmill. Our work productivity is converted to dollars so that it can be taxed and siphoned off to the elite ie thieves. I am not against all taxation, but it is now obvious that the game is corrupt and they are working to have 100% tax or death for us.

      As to consciousness, these banksters and frauds are drowning in materialism and so are the rest of us. The Zeitgeist people believe that the implementation of the right technology will change human culture towards improvement. That may be likely, but there is a massive socio/cultural/historical/psychological wall in front of it. I feel that mass awareness ie education is the key but I am not sure of the best way to get to this.

      Certainly websites like this pave some of the way, but there will have to be radical changes to how most of us think. A voluntary change to thinking must precede a positive behavioural change.

    • Earth Angel says:

      This is great Marc. Love your analogy of the waves washing in on the rocks of the seashore.  Truly "swirling around in the back-eddys of ignorance and denial" are so many! ..Perfect choice of words as always. ; )

    • penny says:

      Many thanks to Susan for posting that excerpt from Guy M.  It's too late in the game not to have all the facts out on the table.

  18. Nicole says:

    Trying to get through the days of madness and make the best sense of this for my family is a difficult task. You can't research this matter and not bump into many other truths – eventually the missing puzzle pieces are found and the picture comes together. Dane you wrote, "An effective battle cannot be fought from a platform that is not solid. If a boat has a gapping hole in the bottom, it will not float for long nor will it reach its desired destination". For me this is the underlying truth across the board. There are so many things that underscore the corruption of what we previously knew as a free country here in the US – you can start with the illegal imposition of the 14th Amendment to our Constitution, learn how the Council on Foreign Relations was formed and ultimately start to digest the truth. Well into this process, you no longer have to ask why this is happening to us now. The banking cartels war machine is thirsty, it is dripping with blood and money. It is and will continue to devour all of life. You can't reason with criminal insanity – you can't fight an honest battle on ground so corrupt. 
    We are not them. Is truth enough to even the playing field?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nicole, in the case of climate engineering, it is horrifically impacting every person on the planet. This fact separtes this issue from all others. Critical mass of awareness will matter more and more as people are faced with the reality that they cannot hide from this battle.

  19. Von Droid says:

    Right on "schedule", here in Buffalo, NY we have had zero spraying and higher than average temperatures the past couple days.  The sun feels unusually hot, the sky is cloudless and not aerosolized, and the temperature today is supposed to reach 70.  

    One has to wonder – how on earth to they make the decision to spray where and when?  In our current case, is it to steer some far off pressure system, or to allow one to develop in the un-aerosolized vacuum?

    Another commentor referred to the RF influenced clouds in her region.  These are a very frequent occurrence around here as well, and I wanted to mention something I ran across while reading an MIT paper about observations during HAARP tests.  The paper referenced plasma oscillations and Langmuir waves and that their radar was trying to identify the rate of parametric decay of these ion clouds.  Are what we are seeing with these RF-influenced masses a form of plasma oscillation?  One of the speakers at the Redding event in August mentioned the earth being artificially enshrouded in a "plasma envelope" and I'm questioning whether these ripple clouds that appear so frequently are just that?

    • Al C says:

      Here in Fall River, MA, no spraying yesterday and today.
      Crystal clear blue skies, but the sun does feel abnormally hot and the temps are in the late 60's and early 70's…….It will be mild til the weekend.
      The local puppet meteorologists are calling for cloud cover tomorrow and Friday………….(advanced warning of spraying?)
      Nothing surprises me anymore.

    • BaneB says:

      160 Nexrad golf balls zapping the entire nation.  748,000 rapid fire pulsed microwave energy out 250 miles 360 degrees or focused into single beans in one direction, the latest versions horizontal and vertical.  Add cell towers, superDARN, and ionospheric heaters.  Small wonder people are experiencing hot flashes.  We are enveloped in a RF fog 24/ 7.  These Nexrad radars are being peddled to the nations.  Look up Nexrad location map for the US.  Turn them all on full force.  Given their range virtually no where anyone is not being zapped.  Some over lap in football shapes three times over.  Satellite images of weather in the US suggests Nexrad is creating severe weather.  The plasa to which you refer is essential for the weather making process.  That is how I read the situation.  Small wonder the clouds have freaked out and gone rogue.

    • Von Droid says:


      I've been looking into the radar situation and it is thoroughly disturbing knowing your environment has been electrified by these invisible hands.  It's constant warfare.  Everywhere we look, there is an invisible war.  The controllers or those who pursue such utter destruction and control have manifested a state of total war on the economy, ecology, and the soul of man.

      I read an iphone 4 user manual once years ago and it said two things.  Don't let the iphone touch your skin and NEVER keep it near your heart, literally using the word never.  That's how powerful the electric waves coming from these cell phones are, yet, it's impossible for these issues to ever be given credence in popular culture or by governmental institutions.  And they are everywhere we look.  

      There's a great conspiracy out there, to defeat all war by means of constant warfare.  Defeat everyone and every thing before they become a threat.  It is the modus operandi of the ruling clique of corporate oligarchs and illegitimate powers that be.  

      Weather warfare and electronic warfare are mere extensions of this activity.  If only we could see the man behind the curtain.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, it would be great to figure out what network of players is involved in the weather-making decision hierarchy and get 'em.  Naming names.

  20. Mart Narvo says:

    How bout doing temperature tests of the sky when they are using HAARP against storm clouds?  How does the higher temps of these clouds effect airline pilots and passengers when they go thru these clouds when HAARP is on?  DO the airline pilots have a gauge that tells them the outside air temp as they fly thru these chemical clouds of microwaved heat?

    How can we get a test of the temperature of the sky?  Anyone know?

    • Louise says:

      Hi Mart,   In answer to your question about the temperature of the sky, I flew over the Pacific Ocean in July and the jet's monitor on the back of the passenger's seat in front of me, read negative 64 degrees  at 37,000 feet  altitude.  I don't know if the sky was being sprayed or whether HAARP was operating at the time. I sat in an aisle  seat and we traveled at  564 miles per hour.  Louise 

    • Mart Narvo — I think Dane has said that these temperature spectrum technologies cost around $250K. Notice that our military satellites are routinely detecting “heat flashes” – in a story on the recent Russian plane explosion:

      A US satellite detected an unidentified heat flash in the vicinity of a Russian passenger plane around the time it crashed in the Sinai desert, killing all 224 people on board, reports say.
      The mid-air flash was picked up by a US military satellite, CNN reported, and intelligence analysis indicated it may have come from an explosion or other catastrophic event onboard the aircraft.

  21. Nigel says:

    Dane I can’t thank you enough for all you do. I wanted to give those people who feel discouraged something positive. First off be credible in everything you share, especially important if you have a lot of friends, including your Facebook ones! Ive started noticing a good number of "shares" when I post the latest news, and then those shares are getting "shared". It didn't happen overnight, but it's picking up momentum and more and more credible people are reading and sharing–waking up. 

  22. david says:

    a rare cyclone just hitting the coast of Yemen dropping several years worth of rain in a day.  Its a once in a lifetime event for the area.  

  23. bija says:

    Yemen is bracing for a year's worth of rain in just one day! How much of this manipulated evil will humanity put up with???

    • SD says:

      The Geoengineers did a fair amount of damage to Death Valley two weeks ago.  Almost washed away Scotty's Castle. Various news reports described yet another "1000 year flood".  Yemen, S. Carolina, CA deserts, TX,  all recent victims of the Geoengineering mentality..

  24. Marj Darling says:

    Have you seen NASA's 2014 report?  "Stratospheric ozone depletion has played a dominant role in driving Antarctic climate change in the last decades."  NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Directorate is leading geoengineering, at least in the U.S., the Arctic and Antarctic.  They've been spraying aerosols for decades, and now they talk about stratospheric ozone depletion being to blame???

    • BaneB says:

      Every rocket sent through our atmosphere destroys ozone, lots of ozone.  The Space Shuttle did huge damage.  And still they continue to destroy. Indeed, what can they do but stay on the program that has entrapped all of humanity. Our “civilization” cannot not remove itself from the treadmill. We bought it hook, line, and sinker. We are caught. Our food delivery from afar is utterly dependent on these conveyances delivering a satellite into orbit. The sales pitch was no hard copy files would be necessary. The computer would make file cabinets obsolete. The sales pitch was that your business and personal information was secure. Don’t worry, trust us. They lied! NASA is part of the fraud. That is how I see it at this juncture of my personal observations about that into which we have been led by the Piper. If they can do it, they will destroy the ionosphere in pursuit of the godhead. Their mantra is “study” and experiment, to tear down the life force. This is an attempt to mimic (mock) the creative life giving spirit that created us. Frankenstein sought this and birthed a monster. Did Frankenstein apply for a patent? Did he claim intellectual property rights to your DNA? Soon, if not already, these god-mockers will own you and me.

  25. Melody Meachum says:

    The devil certainly is in the details of these One Worlder's as they employ full spectrum dominance over the masses. IN A MILLION YEARS, COULD. ANY. ONE. OF. US reach to the depths of such depravity that they have?

    The decades old U.N. agenda encompasses and envelopes EVERY BIT OF MATTER on this planet that they've destined themselves to be owners of. This is a lie from hell!

    When I sit back and think about how carefully crafted, finite, and yet very evil the details are, well I am…..searching for most dramatic word choice!

    Aside from their greatest weapons of endless war to knock out nations and the use of magik money, Geoengineering has to be their next brainchild in line. I gave up trying to list everything from A-Z that they've multi-layered and multi-purposed for use and abuse to people and planet for end goal of owning the weather and thus the masses. 

    To our positive side of the equation, especially on the part of Dane and so many other well-known activists, an accelerated awakening is occurring. Day by day more and more officials who hold crucial knowledge and who have by force been covering up for government and military are removing the gags and and speaking out against the LIES. This gives us the motivation to keep spreading information anywhere and everywhere!

  26. Jeff Walker (Ottawa ex BrentwoodBay) says:

    Here's a couple of things I do to help open people's eyes, even if subconsciously:

    There's a custom t-shirt shop in town that will print a digital image on vinyl, and then bond it to a t-shirt purchased from them.

    I did 3 on neon coloured shirts. One has "Look-up!" with "" all imposed over some streaks and a belching jet.

    The other 2 show streaky skies, and the phrase "E-test Airplanes!"  I chose this because I can point out the hypocrisy of Ontario residents being forced to emission test (e-test) our cars, whilst jets leave horizon-to-horizon streaks of "pollution". It's a good icebreaker. People seem to instantly get it, and look at the sky ( I usually point it out when the lines are obvious). If they seem receptive, I then give them a photo, made on a drugstore photoprinter, which says "Look-up &".

    Usually I break the ice, by then mentioning that the weather is being manipulated. You can see the doubt, and then I say… "you know, like cloud-seeding" You can see that registers instantly, as we've all heard of that.

    From there, I hope they check out!

  27. dan says:

    START AN ONLINE PETITION!!  Also do it for more than one thing !!
    Don't just talk about it. Let's get it done. Add the link that shows the info needed and a link for signtnature '' 

  28. Sezer Behlul says:

    Thanks Dane once again for addressing this crucial point as the division amongst activist is highly detrimental to our cause.Ofcourse the data clearly indicates that Earth is going through a meltdown even though common sense alone is enough to understand that this planet is heating.I for one as a practitioner in the heating and cooling(Air conditioning) industry have established a clear pattern between the intensifying heat over the years and the people's response to it,making such appliances a necessity rather than a luxury.People are literally hospitalized or dying from the extreme heat.

  29. Mario says:

    The following is my email to George Noory, dated 11/2/2015.  I urge you to email him and his staff to do more to bring this subject further into the public discourse.

    Dear George,
    Coast To Coast's dedication to raise awareness of the dangers of EMP attacks is commendable.
    I, and millions of others feel as though the illegal Geoengineering projects that are being hidden from the public (Aerosol Spraying of the skies – SRM: Solar Radiation Management) warrants the same kind of urgent public outcry.  It affects us all.  Look up.  Listen to Dane Wigington.  Have soil scientists, water experts, pilots, climatologists, and other HONEST academia on to talk about the acute aluminum poisoning that is affecting every human being on earth on a disgusting and deadly level.  Cancer, Autism, Alzheimers, the shredded ozone layer, mass fish and wildlife die-offs, the death of trees, the death of bees . . . all are most likely linked to acute metal toxicity from the megatons of nano-particles of metal being sprayed above our heads everyday.  The science is right in front of us.  If the biosphere collapses the electrical grid will not matter. We owe it to the planet and our children.
    The biosphere is in a runaway collapse and I urge Coast To Coast to give more time to the cover-up of Geoengineering projects, the gag orders placed on The National Weather Service and NOAA, the war on whistle-blowers, and the myriad of non vetted planetary experiments that are causing droughts in one part of the country, deluges in another, and extreme snow storms in others.  People are waking up.  I plead with Coast To Coast to have Dane on again, and make the exposure of illegal and globally deadly Geoengineering projects part of the public discourse.
    Concerned Citizen of Humanity and Coast to Coast listener,
    Mario Sorrentino

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Michael, within minutes of you posting this article a dis-info agent jumped right on it. THEY like to TROLL this site looking for links like this one to feed on. I left a short message for him and moved on, everyone should do the same. Don't feed them to much, just label THEM for what they are and move on. We can't ignore THEM completely, some people fall for THEIR lies and deception.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      What pilot? Anonymous *confessions* mean nothing, anyone could have written it. But, lets assume *this pilot* is real. Phuck him! He was willing to poison the masses for money, but is supposedly upset that he can no longer view pretty blue skies.

    • Michael Arden Yows, thank you! This is amazing and actually gives some insight into the mind set of these pilots. The use of ghastly  "shock" images to intensify control through primal fear is classic Tavistock mind control, think of the 'aversion therapy' in the film Clockwork Orange. Here are a few excerpts from the pilot's confession:

      One of the most frequent questions is why the pilots would accept to poison their own children! Personally, this is my way of dealing with that problem, but you have to know that over 80 percent of soldiers who work on these projects don’t have families, they don’t have children. They were carefully chosen by the highest ranged people of the air force, navy or coast guard, after years of indoctrination and training. Most pilots have gotten their anti-humanity "vaccines" and the only thing they care about is killing as well as taking care of unwanted aspects of America and the world. I swear, most of them are like machines. I call them “Tanker Terminators“.

      …First, they show us a video of a catastrophic destruction of our country using some sophisticated weapons and then they inform us that there will be consequences if we refuse to fly. They are convincing us that our job actually is to build a defense shield and atmospheric weapons to protect our homeland and the world.
      Our lives are at their service, and they convinced us that the secret world we are protecting, was created for our own good and safety. They tell us that the secrecy is our protection and that we should not be listening to the public and sharing their rhetoric.
      All of us from the community of veterans know about the “flashpoint” program (FP-03).  This is the program of self-destruction of the plane and the pilot, and it can be activated from anywhere, from the ground, under the water, however they like. We are aware of the fact that if they suspect us, they can crash us just in 15 seconds.
      …Have you ever seen that any crew member survived the crash? Every fallen plane was totally destroyed. There is a good reason for that – we know that. We risk our lives with every flight. Especially when we fly at night.

  30. This is from the WCAA, the West Coast Action Alliance on the Olympic Peninsula WA. which is objecting to: EA-18G “Growler” jet. The loudest aircraft on the planet is also equipped with weaponized lasers, microwaves and other forms of directed energy. As many as 153 of these are slated to fly over the Olympic Peninsula 8-16 hours
    November 1, 2015 – An expert’s comments on electromagnetic radiation:  Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus at Washington State University and an expert on the effects of electromagnetic radiation, just sent the following email message for wide distribution:
    “The attached message has already been sent to the Navy regarding deep flaws in the EIS in the very short consideration of safety of the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that the Navy plans to use for electromagnetic warfare testing and training. My main concern is focused on human health of people on the Olympic Peninsula but I have also similar, or some cases even higher concerns with regard to both the wildlife and plants in the National Forest and National Park. The safety standards/guidelines for these allow too high exposures by a factor of about 7.2 million and the Navy provides no scientific support whatsoever for these plans. You can see from the attached, that there are 9 deep flaws in the parts of the EIS that discuss this issue; you can also see that I have major professional credentials in this area, based on my professional training and based on my publications.”
    A pdf of Dr. Pall’s comments here:

    • These growler jets and other planes spread their aerosol sprays over the Olympic Peninsula in late October for three or four days. I began to take photos. The last day (I think Oct.23?), the sky appeared completely electrified – a microwave EMF ugly nightmare. I am already overly sensitive to all EMFs and felt ill for the next few days, exhausted. If they keep this up I don't know if I can remain in the area, even though I have only just resettled from seven years in New Zealand. And yet, where is there left to go? The photos I took from my balcony and my admiration for Dane's work & relentless courage are here:

    • Hello Susan Ferguson
      Good to read a comment by someone who knows how destructive these military experiments actually are. Electromagnetic emissions from military and civilian broadcast infrastructures like cellular towers, are significantly impairing human health and cognitive abilities. It's no wonder reader comments often beg for people to "wake up". There will be no collective wake up call, as long as everyone is being nuked with electronic emissions. The military is controlling civilian populations with biowarfare strategies, and destrying the planet. It's time to pull the plug on these assholes…

    • Keith Whittington says:

      The american people have been conditioned to accept all things military. There are civil war field pieces, cannons, ww2 tanks, missiles, jets, helicopters, etc, used as sacred ornaments in small town parks and town squares coast to coast. There is a submarine poking out of the ground, as ornament, in front of a gulf coast base and a Saturn rocket standing tall, along a southern highway. Then there are the fly overs before the big games, the color guards, the old vets, the wounded vets, the disabled vets, all paying homage to the fallen, themselves, and the government that helped them be all they could be. The homeless vets and the suicided usually dont show up. Toss in the mind bending media and it is fair to say the culture is saturated with violence and all things military. They are trying to sell the idea that it is in the interest of the greater good to destroy your world. My heart goes out.

    • Marc says:

      To Keith Whittington, brilliant observations! Thank you.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      We've seen the Militarization of just about every single institution, group and ideology there is here– Medicine, Religion, Education– you name it, it's like the military.

      I think the Russian plane got hit with an energy weapon.  There has been a lot of anti-Russian propaganda, also going on against north Korea.  Their "crime" has been to resist joining the toxic IMF.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dear Susan, I am so sorry your efforts to find health have been foiled again!  Yet I am glad to finally! hear some commentary on this dire issue regarding the Olympic Peninsula.  I and others moved on this immediately at the beginning of this year, yet I've not heard updates, not even from friends who live there.  The last I read of the Navy's own reports, they said no, they hadn't investigated harm from decibel levels, nor much else-such that "we" seem to have slowed their roll, but it sounds as if they have begun.  Can you tell me the first day it started?

      Unfortunately, even if this were able to be stopped, you'd still be surrounded by this underwater.  I don't know how that affects everything above water, but do know they began something very similar hugging all our coasts-all-using much the same and more.  Snuck through in the sequester with no time to respond, they began this in 2014 and plan to continue until 2020.

      I wish you the best of luck, and the stopping of this form of insanity which should be blatantly obvious to anyone, but everyone seems powerless against our navy.  Also wishing you some health respite.  Not that I know of any to be had! 

  31. BaneB says:

    Thank you, Dane, for straightening me out about the reversal of "blue vs. brown" on the temp map.  A few years ago, maybe five winters past, at this altitude which at that time would see maybe four feet of total seasonal snow, I had over 8 1/2 ft.  One storm over 3 days dumped over 4 feet.  Mind you, I am just above Covelo at 4,000 feet.  I like snow, but this was clearly unusual.  Perhaps, the blue area means we are in for some heavy weather this winter.  Or maybe it will be colder, and dry.   I have given up on depending on local weather forecasts.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Bane, about the NOAA map in the article, it is only the forecast (scheduled weather) for a several day period from Nov 2 thru the 6th. It is not indicative of any long term forecasted weather or temperature condistions. The extremes will continue to worsen as the climate engineers put ever more pressure on the climate system.

  32. william says:


  33. Zachary Isaac says:

    The cnn headline reads "Rare Tropical cyclone gunning for war-torn Yemen"  I am convinced we are in the death throes of human civilization.  And the people who could end this are the ones who deny it the most

  34. JW in Victoria says:

    Nothing these


    monkeys with clubs do surprises me any more. Sitting back as it all unfolds. Wondering what will the people do?

  35. Edward Palys says:

    The problem is that majority of people have been indoctrinated to believe what they see and hear on the main media. Any independent journalist with a real brain will be scammed by the myriad of others who are hired by the governments to hide the truth. One can just imagine what this world is coming to. Geoengineering is just a small portion of what is really happening with those in power for a one world government. Just look at the senseless killing of innocent people around the globe through wars. Take a close look at the tragedies that happen all the time, like 9/11, downing of aircraft, invasion of foreign countries. Militaries are not here to protect against the enemies, but rather they are the enemies of their own people.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Edward wrote *Militaries are not here to protect against the enemies, but rather they are the enemies of their own people.* True as true can be. This sentence could be expanded by substituting the word governments for militaries. Militaries are the violent enforcers of governmental rule and it matters not which form of government.

  36. Howard Taylor says:

    The old Liberal gang can't accept that the New York Times is part of the geoengineering lie.All their liberals belong to the gang that denies what is happening. Why because when you show them the facts there belief system is out of wacky .They feel uncomfortable and beliefs are scattered. 

  37. MD Hatfield says:

    5 years I have been recording massive spraying ove the Nashville area.

    Traveled to south Alabama this past weekend the whole way down was just as bad it just never ends .See my video and pics on line .



  38. David Slesinger says:

    We are going to need a panel of three competent people to speak about geoengineering at the Left Forum in NYC the last weekend in May. 5000 attendees come to 400 panels over three days.We submitted someone to talk last year, but he backed out. Liberals and leftists are quite open to anthropogenic climate change, but they resist discussing geoengineering, believing all chemtrails activists are climate change deniers. We probably can submit our panel of 3 by March.  I renew my offer to assist people in putting up videos on their local cable access channel. I also renew my offer to organize leafleting of the Commerce Dept and other relevant agencies in DC.

  39. Chris says:

    Today is a first for me. Filaments are flying everywhere in the Southern Tier region of Upstate NY. I've seen, photographed, time lapsed, and documented all evidence of geoengineering for a few years now. This is the first I've seen the filaments (and other odd airborne 'objects'). Slowly people are waking up but sadly most I interact with are firmly lodged in denial. The SRM campaign of death has markedly increased in recent weeks in this region of the US. Your work is of the highest order, Dane, thank you. I am grateful to be inspired by your power and am in this right along with you.

    • Pharmer says:

      During the early years of spraying, polymere fibers were often seen and discussed in the 'chemtrail' community, and that seems to be happening again.  It was my understanding in the past that the fibers helped keep the metal powders floating up there, although I'm not sure if that's true (?).  We could use some "weather warfare 101" at this website: HOW does the spraying of aluminum oxide and barium powders help them to control the weather?  My guess is that the metal powders are mixed with fuel or spayed into the exhaust stream (not certain), and then heated with microwaves to create high pressure.  Ice crystals nucleate around the metal particles, which is why the toxic aerosol exhaust stream creates persisting 'contrails',and 'chembombs' create massive spreading 'clouds' from a dump of metal powders.  Sometimes the sky will suddenly clear-up after an artificially created whiteout, as most of us have witnessed occasionally – that would logically happen when the metal powders the ice crystals are nucleated around get heated by microwaves to create high pressure.  The artificially created high pressure is used to move the weather systems around, and the toxic aerosols are also desiccating, which further inhibits rainfall.  Aluminum oxide is apparently used to block the sun during the day, and hold in the heat at night.  Barium is used as a tracer by creating an electromagnetically conductive atmosphere.  'HAARP' arrays are ionospheric heaters which can lift the ionosphere and thereby move the jet streams around.  I believe the microwave towers may be involved too:  "" builds almost all the microwave towers, and I think we can safely assume that "Crown" represents the CIty of London banksters, and "castle" represents the 'black nobility' they intermarried with.  Together they control most of the planet: only they have the money and power to be behind the geoengineering-warfare targeting humanity. They are waging "full spectrum genocide" against us, and destroying much of the planet in the process.  I would be interested to get feedback from Mr. Wigington and others about my assumptions above.  I think understanding how the 'chemtrails' (and chembombs, etc.) are used to control the weather would be helpful to the geoengineeringwatch community.  Thanks to everyone who cares enough to try and do something to save our planet, and especially to Mr. Wigington for having one of the most credible websites on this issue (and all his other hard work)…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pharmer, I believe your conclusions are all on the right track. About “chembombs”, though there may be some canister detonations that could be a part of the “CARE” programs (“charged aerosol release experiment”), many are mistakenly labelling convective cloud formations they see on radar as something it is not. The vast majority of dispersion is from jet aircraft spraying. About materials and processes, the attached patent is one piece to the puzzle, there is more on our patents link. Is the situation as bad as you outlined? Yes, but there are other factors. Real and damage has been done to the climate system, methane is filling the atmosphere. The climate engineers are also attempting to mask the gravity of what is unfolding as long as possible while at the same time making the entire scenario far worse overall. Thank you for your insights and for helping us to sound the alarm.

    • Jonnytheboy says:

      Chris, I am in north eastern Dutchess County in New York and today was a full-blown gossamer sky with a lot of segmented trails. I'm curious if you saw these in the same area …

    • Thank you all for the detailed info. I think the more we understand and learn the actual mechanics of how this works, the better. Cloud pattern identification is very helpful. I painted landscapes for 20 years and thus easily noticed these freaky weird clouds. I was wondering if the filaments are connected with Morgellons?

    • Las Vegan says:

      Pharmer, I suspect that the HAARP-type facilities are far more versatile than we can even conceive.  I've seen pictures on web of huge, white geodesic domes on floating sea-going platforms (you've got to spend that black budget money somehow!), which are, apparently, an updated version of well-known land-based facilities like the one in Alaska.  I understand your frustration wanting a "Weather Warfare 101"; however, remember, these powers perpetrating these crimes do so with the hugely held advantage of complete denial and secrecy.
      I read an interesting site wherein a psychic (don't tune out, folks) has been asked on multiple occasions about aerosol spraying, and she saw that the "metallic streams" form a blanket over the sky (she's correct) and then a beam of some sort is shot at the metallic dome:
      "Ok this beam looks like a tethered line between the ground and the jet streams that are up in the atmosphere, and it is like they are remote controlling the jet stream path or flow of the stream from the ground.  And why, I have no idea…"
      I don't believe the powers manipulating the weather are using high pressure systems very much at all to rig the jet stream. Too clumsy and laborious.  Look at Dane's video "Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization."  During a talk, he presents a slide showing the entire U.S. last winter, and I assure you that you local weather person did not show this picture of the jet stream.  
      In order to create the extreme hot, dry, drought conditions throughout the West while the East toiled under feet and feet of snow and rain, the jet stream literally archs straight up into Alaska and comes down the North American continent in nearly a perfect vertical line.
      When the hell does the jet stream shoot up into the regions of Alaskan North America and come down the continent, as if drawn by a ruler, dividing the continent so neatly into hot and cold?
      I think the lady is astute.  They remotely control, like a video game, the jet stream pushing and shaping whatever "they" want by a technology those of us on the "outside" can barely guess.
      Oh…and how did Hurricane Pat suddently "shoot off" a completely anomalous spray of water, which inundated South Carolina?  Not by high pressure–by remote control. 

    • Chris says:

      In reply to Jonnytheboy, interestingly, I saw very few trails being made. There were some but nothing like the full blown checkerboarding that I typically see and photograph. There was not one single natural cloud I could identify today. I believe the patterns were flown further to the West of Broome County and by the time they arrived overhead had already spread to what look like high cirrus clouds. As the Sun tracked towards setting, the all too ominously familiar rainbow smudges began appearing. I am curious if processing photos with a spectrograph would reveal the chemical signatures of these 'clouds?' It would be much like astronomers use to identify chemical compositions of stars. 

      Susan, I cannot say whether there is a connection or not. The fibers I saw today were airborne and looked like spider silk or monofilament. People who suffer from Morgellons disease, if I understand correctly, extract the fibers from their skin. 

  40. Rodster says:

    Well, i'm doing my part to bring awareness by bringing up the topic of Geoengineering on as many forums as I possibly can. To my surprise there are quite a few amongst the ACD and CC crowd who actually accept Geoengineering but still think that CC will do us all in.
    I just post a comment on a recent article posted by Dahr Jamail on requesting that Dahr Jamail do an article on Geoengineering and the response was why bother? That's it, why bother and my response was because it makes an already bad situation even worse and all of our problems are not related to ACD, and CC.
    One individual responded to me saying that Syria is witnessing "100 Billion Climate Refugees". Wow, that's pretty funny as last count there's a little over 7 billion on the planet.
    Anyway here's my exchange in case anyone else wants to join in.

  41. Mala Na Colove says:

    With a huge increase of climate "chatter" on social media, there is an ever increasing amount of misinformation and falsities being strewn around as fact further confusing people who just want to get to the truth of the matter. Whenever I can, I try to steer it to the reality of the geoengineering catastrophe we have unfolding in our skies, but the majority of people are so blinded. It's very frustrating but I know even if I get one person, that I've done ok. Although, it has to be full steam ahead from everybody because it's coming to a boiling point. Thanks Dane for the pointing out fact from fiction.

  42. Abigail says:

    As always, thank you, Dane. About the time I 'see' a little bit of hope in a post, then we get the horrible CRIMINAL TRUTH,  'Geoengineering MUST BE STOPPED!'  And our governing officials don't follow the Constitution, nor any of the standards that our great country was founded on. We are seeing,… "He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous."  Yes, we PRESS ON with what is right!  We know the end of the story. May God forgive our country. (And all other countries.)  Sharing with Russ Tanner's page. Sending blessings upon you, Dane and your family. Sincerely, A~ 

  43. Irene Parousis says:

    Unfortunately a lot of these "Global Warming Hoax" believers are people within the Geoengineering Activism, they want business as usual without taking any responsibility for anthropogenic activity.  As if it's not hard enough to convince those that are clueless, now we have to deal with those who are "aware" but unconscious, confusing the issue further. Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier.

    • Cori Gunnells says:

      Irene Parousis

      You are right on the mark. In order for us to be 'effective' in our pursuit of exposing geoengineering/climate engineering and stopping it, we must be fluent and knowledgeable about all the current changes/consequences in the Earth's climate systems. Simply looking at the daily collapses before our very eyes, proves that warming is very real, and compounded by geoengineering. This combination is a serious extinction level reality for all life on Earth. We can not acknowledge one without the other, and carry any weight of credibility or effectiveness (our goal). I think many are confused (and some make sure they remain that way), and therefore think they are doing 'good' by only focusing on one aspect. That goes for both sides in this equation. If we want a planet to live on, we have to address ALL harms, all current causes of collapse. It is not 'betrayal' of our movement to do so. It makes us worthy of being listened to, and taken very seriously. Activists have to have to do their own research to better understand this if they feel confused, and then have the courage to stand by what they discover. 

    • BaneB says:

      Bravo!!  As usual, Dane, you slam it over the proverbial sandbox parameter.  Regarding the NOAA map of the blues and browns…. Is not that inverted?  The blue ought be over the east and the brown over the western US?  I noticed this too the other day and wondered if it has accidentally flipped.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, yes, the current NOAA departure from normal high temperature map is the complete antithesis of the conditions in the US for almost the past 3 years. The weather whiplash will rapidly worsen from here on out as the climate engineering insanity takes its toll.

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