Weather Channel Founder John Coleman Categorically Denies Climate Engineering Reality


Dane Wigington

Who is John Coleman? Why would he go to so much effort to try and “debunk” the climate engineering reality? Even more importantly, why would anyone who claims to be fighting the geoengineering insanity post information from Coleman as if he were an oracle of truth? Unfortunately, a few anti-climate engineering activists and individuals have blatantly ignored Coleman’s climate engineering denial in order to post his climate change denial rants. John Coleman was one of the Weather Channel founders, but he is NOT a meteorologist or a climatologist. In fact, Coleman is not a scientist at all, but rather he has a journalism degree.  This does not automatically discredit everything he says, but are his conclusions backed up with credible data? In regard to both subjects mentioned above, the answer is clearly no. National Radio show announcer Jack Blood publicly challenged John Coleman to debate the climate engineering issue on the air with me, Coleman refused. The Washington Post asks “Why Does Anyone Pay Attention To John Coleman”?   It does seem Coleman is just the sort of “journalist” the power structure likes to use for putting out messages of denial on subjects like geoengineering and climate change. So what has Coleman said about climate engineering? The video below is from Coleman, why would anyone who claimed to be fighting geoengineering post information from such a source?

Are there others like Coleman? Yes, Tim Ball is in a very similar category. Ball claimed to have a degree in climatology from the University of Winnipeg. The problem with this claim is that the University of Winnipeg does not have (and has never had) a climatology department. Just as unfortunately for the cause of exposing climate engineering, the same anti-climate engineering activists that post Coleman as a beacon of truth also post completely unsupportable data by Mr. Ball.  Radio show announcer Vincent Eastwood tried to get Tim Ball to debate climate engineering on the air with me. Ball, just like Coleman, refused to debate or in any way even acknowledge the climate engineering issue. So what is the point to all of this? Investigate the facts before coming to conclusions. The truth is not what we wish it was or would like it to be, rather it is what it is. If we want the credibility necessary to prevail in the fight to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity, we MUST stand on solid ground with our data and our conclusions. Anything less is a hole in the hull of our ship.

The short video below provides another look into the disinformation machine and those who facilitate it.

We must all learn to sift out credible data from the onslaught of special interest propaganda that is hurled at us each and every day. We must get past our well programmed  biases so we might see more clearly. Most of all, we must all use and constantly exercise our own reasoning abilities. Truths are not so often black and white, but rather they are more complicated than we would like them to be. When we stand on solid factual ground with our conclusions, we can sound the alarm with the confidence necessary for people to listen.


12 Responses to Weather Channel Founder John Coleman Categorically Denies Climate Engineering Reality

  1. b.smith says:

    MAJOR DITTO. Every time I consider this subject, think 911 and that strengthens my resolve. This is it, boys and girls. Find someplace on earth where there is less to no detrimental interference.

  2. Vince says:

    In the recent past I’ve listened to national concervative talk shows like Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage and every time they got a caller talking about CHEMTRAILS and geoengineering they completely shut those people down and made them out to sound like crazies falling for right wing conspiracy lunacy. It’s obvious that the media has been given its marching orders. I refuse to believe anybody in the media or government now and I trust my own two eyes and the evidence I see in the sky every day. The powers that shouldn’t be are hard at work to bring about their agenda(s)whatever it(they) is(are) and we all need to understand that. Make peace with yourself and keep yourself in prayer with the creator.

  3. Lrrpman 67 says:

    I won’t even listen to these idiots they are either stone cold liars or too stupid to do even the slightest amount of research. Either way they are dangerous fools contributing to the murder of our worlds environment.

  4. Congress has to be involved and denies the truth. The mood of Washington has a im done with voters, I’m done with any programs for voters? Fighting to destroy our HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS. Have they all been bought? YES. It’s easier to buy a congressman than most ordinary citizens.
    How easy is it to convince Americans? Giv em a TV and a comfortable chair and you bought them. They believe any thing. The ignorance of our USA has taken trillions of dollars to convince us were wrong about everything and only the one per cent know what’s good for us or what they call the truth. Think tanks know a stupid TV add and a comfortable chair is all they have to supply and you will run out and buy it, you’ll call for it you’ll go into debt for it? Sad but true as what you use to call daylight. Some days I wake to clear skies and see these idiots destroying the rest of all of our days and point to the skies and neighbors laugh and say get your flier miles miller as the only input to dying I know I’m defeated.

    I am feeling defeated. Any one with a question or doubt is stopped by money. Dane is right. It’s all about money.

  5. Tim says:

    This guy is a baffoon. Ever see his KUUUUUUUUUSI weather? That is how he says it. Goofball not worth the time of day.

  6. Steven Chamberlain says:

    John Coleman, just one more reason to move the outhouse hole.

  7. Nancy says:

    I ditto all comments made by others regarding how devasting and terrifying this situation is. I read and research and do what I can on a daily basis to show others what is going on. However, I have the same question Trashton has and James is alluding to…what more can we do? As we point out to others , or potentially give a presentation to a group, is our only call to action “awaken others”? As individuals we are each one…but if this group and all the geoengineering/chemtrail activists around the country / world would organize … We would have a chance to really do something! We are are splintered and would be more powerful as a group…don’t you think? Thank you for all you do!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nancy,when we reach critical mass of awareness, and the power structure/corporate media can no longer hide the climate engineering insanity, there will be a paradigm shift. This does not at all mean our problems are over as we face immense and unimaginable challenges, but it will be a leap in the right direction.

  8. Trashton Porter says:

    First of all I wanted to thank you for your efforts. You are a very brave individual. Some other folks that APPEAR to be against chemtrails are not what they seem.

    I have been studying the chemtrail issue for sometime now. I have watched all online videos that I can find, news reports,etc. Why people with any common sense can’t look up and see the poison being deployed over their heads baffles me?

    I have never been terrified by anything in my life. I will now say that I am truly terrified and devastated.

    I live in Tampa, Florida. The chemtrail activity here is extremely heavy. I called the local news station and asked why they never mention chemtrail activity. The meteorologist told me that the activity had no effect on the weather. Hence, there is nothing to report! How can that be? Chemtrails are supposed to be geoengineering to modify the weather? This same news station showed “Pics of the day” sent in by viewers. They showed pictures of chemtrails across the sky at sunup and sunset. The weatherman stated how beautiful the “streaming clouds” were?

    Dane…There is trillions of dollars exchanging hands and making evil monsters rich. So many people are getting paid that it seems there is no effective way to combat the chemtrail issue.

    What can an individual do to make a difference?

    When I converse with friends or people that I meet and discuss chemtrails, they roll their eyes. Everyone has pretty much the same comment. They say, “why worry about something that I have no control over?”

    I was in the process of purchasing solar panels, batteries and all other equipment needed to “go green”. Due to the the sun being blocked by chemtrails, my solar power project is on hold..
    Trashton Porter

  9. Donna says:

    Hi Dane

    I have been watching the X’s in the sky since the 90’s. Unfortunately getting others to acknowledge their presence is difficult. Gray skies, Polar Vortex and long winters are becoming the new “normal.” The mere mention of morgellons and no one knows what I’m talking about. I appreciate your videos and the being able to see what happens with the weather. The question from other people is “Why would they do this?” I look at this website to verify what I see. Thank you.

    John Coleman was the Chicago weatherman during our ’67 blizzard where he predicted “flurries.”

  10. Karen Strong says:

    So terrible .. I really feel very angry with these dreadful people … One day they will regret not being honest … People will hold them accountable eventually ..

  11. james says:

    Hello Dane – i surf a good deal & have been thinking that perhaps there is a serious consensus to be found among my ‘community’ (esp. as climate change greatly influences coastal areas / island comm., & acidification, etc. thereof). Have you ever considered a presentation to the nearest Surfrider chap. or other friends of the coastal edge ecosystem?

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