Geoengineering: Frequency Transmissions And Weather Warfare


Dane Wigington

Frequencies play a profound part in the unimaginably miraculous and complex web of life. The impacts or frequencies (and the effects they can create) are truly beyond comprehension as the very profound 3 minute video below clearly reveals.

The effects of frequencies on water is very challenging to our perceptions of reality as the next 2 minute video illustrates.

What happens to the web of life when the human race chooses to relentlessly bombard it with massively powerful and varied radio frequency / microwave transmissions? What happens to the human body that is mostly made of water? How can very high powered RF / microwave transmissions be used by the climate engineers to manipulate cloud cover, climate, and precipitation? Though many mainstream power structure controlled "science" institutions are paid to pacify populations in regard to the dangers posed by radio frequency / microwave transmissions, what conclusions would logic and deductive reasoning dictate in regard to the dangers of such transmissions? Whatever one chooses to believe (or not), the impacts to the biosphere from radio frequency / microwave transmissions is shocking and undeniable as the NASA satellite images below reveal.


California coast


Off of Africa's west coast


The northwest coast of Australia


Port Washington, New York. Photo credit:

The animation below clearly documents transmitter manipulation of Pacific moisture along the US west coast.

The radio frequency / microwave transmitter animation above confirms the profound effect such transmissions have on precipitation and weather / climate patterns. This transmitter location is south west of Eureka, California.

Transmitters like the one shown below are scattered all over the country and throughout many regions of the world. This is only one example, there are numerous other types and sizes of RF / microwave transmitters including massive ionosphere heater installations like HAARP. 557g

Central Pennsylvania. Photo credit: David Mace

There is an already massive grid of climate intervention transmitters is constantly being expanded. The NEXRAD map below of the US is just an example of active RF / microwave transmitters. Various regions are active at various times depending on the agenda of the weather-makers.


Generally, the more atmospheric moisture there is in a particular region, the more active the transmitters are in that region.

The geoengineers can and are manipulating cloud formations and weather systems to a degree that is truly unimaginable and alarming. The satellite images below are further proof of this fact. 44r5

Weather system cloud configurations like the one shown above are historically unprecedented and completely unnatural.

90 degree corners on weather systems (and the associated cloud formations) is not a natural phenomenon. Such profound anomalies are the result of extreme climate engineering processes which include RF / microwave transmissions. 3343

Square clouds are one of the blatantly inarguable confirmations of climate engineering operations.

Massive flows of atmospheric moisture are being manipulated by the weather-makers. Radio frequency / microwave transmissions are a major factor in this manipulation. The animation below is a glaring case in point. Extreme flows of moisture are taking a very anomalous northward streaming trajectory. This atmospheric river is then directed back toward the west where it is drawn into a low pressure zone stationed right over Quebec, Canada, where catastrophic record flooding has just occurred. Now let's consider the following points, the animation below was captured on May 8th, only one day after this headline from May 7th: "Canada Threatens To Play Hardball With Trump Over Lumber Tariffs" (this conflict has been escalating in recent weeks).

Quebec was not the only part of Canada to get pounded with record flooding following the well publicized conflict with the US, catastrophic flooding has also just occurred in other provinces across Canada.

Weather warfare is not theory, speculation, or conjecture, it has been a well documented historical fact for over a half century. Any and every form of climate manipulation / should and must be considered a form of weather warfare. Climate engineering / solar radiation management programs are now being pushed by the climate science community and governments around the globe as mitigation for Earth's unraveling climate system. The power structure and mainstream media continue to try and pretend geoengineering / weather warfare has not already been going on for over 70 years (with catastrophic consequences).  Legions of academicians continue to betray humanity and the web of life by their willful deception and denial of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Geoengineering programs are not only decimating the planet's life support systems, these operations are contaminating the entire surface of the planet and every breath we take (due to the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout). The radio frequency / microwave transmissions pose even more dangers. We are all in a very real and very immediate fight for our lives and the life or our planet. We must all collectively prioritize our efforts toward the fight to expose and halt climate engineering / weather warfare, this is the great imperative of our time. The burden of this battle must be borne by us all, make your voice heard.

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150 Responses to Geoengineering: Frequency Transmissions And Weather Warfare

  1. Michelle T says:

    I live on the east coast of Central Florida, which got hit by Hurricane Irma. We lost power for nearly a week. In the days after the storm, even in the days after power was restored, on daily basis, several times a day, I would feel pin-prick like electrical shocks in different parts of my body, including my heart/chest area. It felt more external than internal, as it was experienced in the outermost layers of my skin. I have never felt anything like that before. I did notice a lot of plumes in the sky several days after the storm, though I can't recall any signs of EMF in the sky. Could the electrical shocks that I experienced be related to geoengineering EMF?

  2. Amy Romero says:

    Hi Dane,


    Thank you for caring about our world!! Mysterious medal objects are being put up in New York City and no one will talk about what they are.  Here is a news article. Watching your videos about frequencies energy etc made me remember seeing this article.


    God Bless you and your family!!



  3. lucy says:

    Geez Dane I didn't know that you guy's were there on more than chemtrails, but it seem's like you may have a pretty good handle on at least all the front's that I know about,it is dizzying ,I start to almost stutter when I try to explain to people …it seeem's like we human's are hated by those who are supposed to be our guardian's, but lol they want to kill us.I can't think of one area all of them either crucial to life or destructive to life that aren't under assault, I am a spiritual person and do have faith that God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth, but I am afraid,and when I mentioned almost stuttering when warning other's it is because each and everyone of these tragic critical issues are so very loaded and complicated,well except for the chemtrail's all you have to do is look up, but even then it is denied.Help and Thankyou for what you are doing i hope you have alot of helper's or a much better brain than I. When in Wash back aboout 19-20 yrs ago I called KIRO news the weather dept and asked why there wasn't anything on t.v.about these weird cloud's that were not cloud's,and he was extremely interested so after maybe 10 day's of not seeing anything broadcast I called back and he had no idea who I was or what I was talking about, so I have been frustrated and yes mad for a long time, I still don't know what to do besides what I already do, but it has felt sooo good to rant to someone who already know's.There used to be a collective consciousness maybe there is still some of that alive.

  4. JR says:

    This past week in Las Cruces, New Mexico a small meeting was held at Branigan Library hosted by Dr. Dave DuBois-N.M. State Climatologist. He is associated with The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network, (CoCoRAHS). I handed him a dvd of "Why In The World Are They Spraying". My concerns on SAG/SRM were aired only to have an Air Force retiree to deny any actions of such. He said he had been involved in the write up for the Army of "Owning the Weather as A Force Multiplier" all the while denying any weather mitigation??? He said he would e-mail such information in denying such claims. What's the risk of having someone like this ask for giving one's e-mail involved with (in) military, hacking, spying, etc.,? I know all people involved against the grain of such are at risk in one way or another against this evil. No Fear in The Lord on our side, we have no alternative. There are at least a few military industrial complex's businesses at NASA, White Sands Missile Range Base near Las Cruces. I mentioned to him I was sure of my observations, so I'll see if he forwards any literature. If he does I'll try to forward to Dane. At least for the other concerned citizens attending, they heard my concerns and complaints of ongoing air assaults with SAG/SRM and HAARP. Maybe some will wake up and become warriors in this fight for our freedom?! Peace to all in this fight… 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello JR.

      You are Right, We have NO alternative.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      It's called thinning the herd.When the richest men in the world say the weak and sick should go,is there any doubt what is going on.Drugs,fake food,vaccinations,chemtrails,and a poor medical system ensure the elite of eliminating so many millions of people guaranteeing their survival.

  5. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Hello Izzy.

    How a few dozens of old "guys" can plan and accomplish genocidal acts upon entire nations?, they must have some kind of control over many thousands of helpers, in a way which enables them to fulfill their evil agendas. The helpers can have some kind of psychopathic personality, but that is not enough. There is big money involved, but that is not enough too. Humans have a natural "inclination" for doing harm to each others, but that is not enough too. We can be bombarded with electromagnetic warfare, but we are the PROOF that this is NOT enough also. To accomplish evil plans like the one that is unfolding upon ALL the World right now, it is necessary a long lasting kind of control of many years or decades over many thousands of "helpers". They need to control the minds of the followers, with the kind of control we see in cults and in the occultism world.

    And "they" are aiming this control ( since a long time ago ), not only over the material World and over our bodies and All living "things", but also over the – Immaterial World –  and over our Souls.

    The Fkrs have "laws" for that.

    This is for you, and is not about the occult knowledge;

    is only to demonstrate that in some areas we are still very uninformed.

    Peace for you and for All.


    yes is TERRIBLE, right now someone is sitting in a chair, spending time making decisions about the FATE of ALL Humanity, and worse than this we can not get.


  6. Gary D says:

    Electromagnetic radiation is nearly as dangerous as ionized radiation; ie the nuclear variety, according to Dr. Chris Busby. He is a world renowned expert on internalized radiation and acts as a scientific resource on litigation against nuclear power facilities. There are many YouTube videos where he explains the past , present and future damage of radiation. Wireless modems in homes are a high risk. An interesting experiment is to shut them down before retiring, Chances are a more restful slumber will result. It works like clockwork for me. Smart meters emit a heavy dose of electromagnetic radiation and almost nothing can be done about it.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Gary D,

      This may seem a little crazy, but covering the "smart" meters with some layers of aluminum paper may help to decrease the radiation.

  7. Seeing Clearly says:

    The History Channel did an experiment mimicking HAARP as well.

    ⇨ Electromagnetic HAARP Simulation Experiment ⇦ 

    Weather sound Frequencies or electromagnetic Frequencies or radiation it doesn't change the fact that we are altering the weather and tampering with the environment.

    The dynamics of the atmosphere are vastly complex that a precise calculated disruption can be done with the agenda of manipulating the weather.

    Geometricalizing storms are only one suspected method of precise, convenient and efficient weather manipulation.

    The amplification of a selected factor may be the goal of geometricalizing the storm systems and weather 

    There are so many factors at play, it's tough to say for sure where we should begin with.

    List of factors:

    • Earth's topography

    • Thermal energy (ocean and land)

    • Water vapor

    • Air chemistry

    • Pressure

    • Air and water flow

    • Lunar month and sun cycle and or location (season etc.)

    • Recent weather patterns

    And likely more factors.

  8. Frank says:

    I may be stealing some thunder from Dane's report tomorrow, but I can't resist. Nothing hits me harder about this whole thing than the way a bad story you hear today will come back even worse tomorrow..

    A few weeks ago Dane pointed out that the northern Pacific Salmon swam out into the ocean and disappeared due to (probably) the lack of food. Well today I googled "salmon disaster" and I found that.some local politicians in California are petitioning Jerry Brown for disaster relief for the thousands of families that are without an income due to the miniscule Salmon catch all over the west coast. 2016 was bad, but this is much worse. They blame an environmental disaster. I guess that covers a multitude of sins. I also guess this is another converging catastrophy that Dane talks about. 

  9. MAP says:

    Need more proof that we live in a Criminal Mafia-Style Empire?

    Do an internet search for following article:

    We're all tenant farmers: Oregon plans to douse Azure Standard Organic Farm in Pesticide.

    We are talking about a 2,000 acre farm dedicated to keeping the poison of pesticides out of a portion of our food supply. Furthermore, when looking at all 50 States Oregon is supposed to be one of the more liberal, progressive, etcetera of the bunch. And now this island of sanity is about to be doused with that substance with a brand name that begins with r and a chemical name that begins with g.

    For all of those still Asleep, Wake Up!

    • Robert West says:


      My most effective way to get rid of weeds is to burn or dig them out. —I DO NOT USE CHEMICALS!!!!— I have used different methods for weed control in open land (no crops – just grasses). One application of the  r-weed killer killed weeds for one season but killed the grasses for several several seasons. In fact the r-brand almost acted as a fertilizer for the weeds. I burned the weeds in a different area and dug out the biggest ones by hand. Then I let the grasses go to seed. I then cut the grasses in the fall. The grass came up beautiful this spring. It is like a carpet with no weeds. I will let the grass go to seed again this year and see what it looks like next spring.

      My whole point is that weed spraying is not necessary and it is even harmful to the ground and vegetation. I hope that Sherman County in Oregon rethink the issue regarding Azure Standard Organic Farm.

    • Excerpted from: Trespass to chattels – Wikipedia

      ["Trespass to chattels is a tort whereby the infringing party has intentionally (or, in Australia, negligently) interfered with another person's lawful possession of a chattel (movable personal property). The interference can be any physical contact with the chattel in a quantifiable way, or any dispossession of the chattel (whether by taking it, destroying it, or barring the owner's access to it). As opposed to the greater wrong of conversion, trespass to chattels is argued to be actionable per se.

      The origin of the concept comes from the original writ of trespass de bonis asportatis. As in most other forms of trespass, remedy can only be obtained once it is proven that there was direct interference regardless of damage being done, and the infringing party has failed to disprove either negligence or intent. 

      Please read Complete text:

      Also see: California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI) 2101. Trespass to Chattels—Essential Factual Elements

      Complete text:

    • Dale K says:

      Posted a week ago:

      Chris Haskell Tucson activist Free From Jail! Terrorist charges equal to murder – Chemtrails signs!!
      haskellfilmz | May 4, 2017

      FREE SPEECH being stopped in Tucson Arizona! Chris has been in jail for over 7 weeks now and was arrested on Terrorist charges equal to manslaughter for putting up his chemtrails signs! The NSA, FBI, Bomb squad, Sherriff's dept and Tucson Police arrested Chris after a police dog was sent in to drag him out of a bush he hid in and they continued kicking him in the back of the head saying, "Show us your hands" Chris yelled, "As soon as you call off the dog from biting me I can show you my hands because they are in the dogs mouth!"

    • Rutherford_County_NC says:

      When you say "liberal and progressive" I take that to mean totalitariran.

      The more "progressive" a place, the more laws, regulations, and men with guns available to enforce those laws and regulations.

      Out in the "non-progressive" hinterlands, we still have some semblance of liberty , in the sense that we get left alone by our governments.

      Their tax revenues are low enough to keep them from metastastizing into Oregon, California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, et al — places where average citizens are over taxed to pay for people who refuse to work, who's kids are submitted to the cruelest forms of medical experimentation and more.

      Like France, I'm thinking those people asked for the massive 'progressive' tumors, err governments, and now they're getting them good and hard.

      I hope folks are learning that giving a government power, any power, is typically disastrous.


      Our most progressive states are bankrupt, both financially and morally.

      You make your bed, then you have to lay down in it.

      Sorry Oregon.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      “Rutherford_County_NC, for the record, there are many potential definitions for the terms which you are referring to. In regard to our government and the completely orchestrated “left-right” political system. Is there a real bottom line difference between the two parties? Are not both just two sides of the same coin? Isn’t the Trump administration also pushing us toward totalitarianism? It is imperative for us all to see through the smoke and mirrors of the power structure (and the divisive tactics they have used against us).

  10. LS says:

    Hello fellow warriors for our Mother Earth.  We have to grab the best opportunities when they present themselves. My area is hosting the AMGEN International Bike Race for 2 days which brings thousands and is broadcast around the world. Just like last year Dane's flyers are up …. , businesses cards at the ready and my banner is spread across my vehicle parked in a really visible place. 

    "Do all you can with what you have…

    In the time you have…

    In the place you are.  Do all you can."  

    (Written by a 9 year old who spent his days before his death, spreading the word about AIDS)  March on people.

    • Bija says:

      There's not a day goes by that you can't get this information in front of people. Use what you have. Thanks LS for seizing the opportunity. These racers are ripe for the pickin

  11. MS P says:

    Some Good News. A step in the right direction. CFS won a lawsuit to help save the BEES.►

    "Center for Food Safety won our lawsuit to protect bees from toxic pesticides! 

    In response to a case CFS filed four years ago, a Federal Court ruled last night that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) systematically violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – a key wildlife protection law – when it approved bee-killing insecticides known as neonicotinoids, finding that EPA had unlawfully issued 59 pesticide approvals between 2007 and 2012. 


    The bad news is that seeds coated with bee-killing neonicotinoid insecticides are now used on more than 150 million acres of U.S. corn, soybeans, cotton and other crops – totaling an area bigger than the state of California and Florida combined – the largest use of any insecticides in the country by far. 

    Neonicotinoids are a class of highly toxic insecticides designed to damage the central nervous system of insects, causing tremors, paralysis and death at even very low doses. Since the mid-2000s, their use has skyrocketed. Neonicotinoids are applied via sprays, soil drenches, tree injections and other methods. However, by far their greatest use in terms of U.S. land area affected is as a coating on crop seeds – a process by which pesticides are mixed together with large batches of seeds in order to coat them before the seeds are planted. 

    The nation’s beekeepers continue to suffer unacceptable annual bee mortality of 40 percent and higher. Water contamination by these insecticides is virtually out of control. Wild pollinators and wetland-dependent birds are in danger.

    Now we head back to court to determine the correct remedy for EPA’s illegal actions. CFS will be there every step of the way to force EPA to protect bees and the environment, and urge the court to cancel the 59 bee-toxic pesticides EPA unlawfully approved, but we need you by our side."

    • MS P says:

      More on the food front. I am not part of CFS, just see it as another threat, now being fought for, on the save planet EARTH front lines.

      Look up Center For Food Safety, if interested ? Thank you.

      Quote from CFS►

      "Last Friday, cabbage harvest on a farm outside of Bakersfield, California was halted when farmworkers fell ill due to pesticide drift from a neighboring mandarin orange grove.1 The pesticide used in the orchard was one that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has actually proposed banning: chlorpyrifos.

      Unfortunately, President Trump's EPA reneged on the proposed ban, even though chlorpyrifos is known to harm kids’ development2, and chose instead to protect the profits of Dow Chemical, the maker of the pesticide. We now have until June 5th to convince the EPA to ban this dangerous pesticide and protect our kids.


      Chlorpyrifos is from a family of chemicals – organophosphates – that were used as neurotoxins by Nazi Germany3 in World War II.  Thus, it’s no surprise that chlorpyrifos damages brains. Chlorpyrifos is reported to cause severe neurotoxic symptoms in humans if touched, inhaled, or eaten. And as with many hazardous chemicals, fetuses and kids are especially susceptible.

      Long-term studies sponsored by the EPA and NIH have established that when pregnant women are exposed to chlorpyrifos and other organophosphate insecticides, resulting in fetal exposure, their children grow up to have lower IQ scores,4 increased rates of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),5 and poorer mental development6 than unexposed children. Fetal exposure to chlorpyrifos has also been associated with reduced birth weight and length, reduced gestation time and autism spectrum disorder.

      Citing risks to children, in 2000, the EPA banned most uses of chlorpyrifos in homes, schools, day care facilities, parks, hospitals, nursing homes, and malls, but they allowed farms to continue spraying it. While farmers, farmworkers, and children in farming communities get the biggest doses of chlorpyrifos, most people are exposed to chlorpyrifos through consuming contaminated food.  


      After more than 10 years of review, the EPA concluded in October 2015 that exposure to chlorpyrifos posed an unacceptable risk and proposed a new rule that would effectively ban agricultural use. But Dow Chemical and the pesticide industry pushed the EPA to backtrack on the chlorpyrifos ban, and it appears to have paid off: Dow Chemical contributed $1 million to the president's inaugural committee;7 Mike McKenna, a Dow lobbyist, was one of the first to serve on Trump’s transition team; and Trump even named Dow Chemical Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris chair of the American Manufacturing Council.8

      It’s disappointing, but not surprising, that the Trump EPA refused to ban chlorpyrifos. Trump's pick to lead the EPA, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has been openly hostile toward environmental regulation, and sued the EPA thirteen times while serving as Oklahoma’s Attorney General. At his confirmation hearings, Pruitt couldn't name a single EPA regulation he supports "

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MS P, thank you for your report. If only the aluminum contamination from climate engineering fallout would also be addressed by those who are fighting for the bees. FYI

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was the first day of my local farmers market. Today was my first dry run at orchestrating an awareness to the public in general. I must admit, it was an empowering(courage building) experience. I'm feeling pretty good this evening.

    This weekend my/our banners will be marched 4 miles in a "peace march" to the Canada border where we will meet up with a group of folks that marched south to the USA INC border. Please allow me to state, these actions I have chosen to take are completely foreign to me. But they feel sooo right. Have ya ever shook a bottle of champagne hard enough and long enough it blew it's cork by itself? That is where we are at today in our society. That cork is going to blow VERY soon and ya never know which direction the cork is going to go because the bottle is being shook so hard. The cork is what will hurt initially, the champagne foaming out of the bottle will be the toxic residue that we will have to contend with in the aftermath of the next "bubbly" to pop. It's going to be a doozer.

    I have adopted this song as my theme song. I made a good choice.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "What if "we" just quit shaking the bottle?". So life would be tough for a little while. BFD, at least we'd still be breathing something…..

      War is over… If 'you' want it.

      What's in your wallet?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "What if "we" just quit shaking the bottle?". So life would be tough for a little while. BFD, at least we'd still be breathing something…..

      War is over… If 'you' want it.

      What's in your wallet?

      So succinct and profound… we need millions more with your insight, my friend I haven't met yet. 

    • Dale K says:

      Seeds of Destruction: The Diabolical World of Genetic Manipulation
      PREFACE: This is no ordinary book about the perils of #GMO
      F. William Engdahl | Global Research
      May 11, 2017

      “Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation” by F. William Engdahl is a skillfully researched book that focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish control over the very basis of human survival: the provision of our daily bread.

  13. Andrew Hess says:

    Dane, thank you for publishing this article, it's a topic I think about frequently.  The skies above are constantly loaded with signatures of electromagnetic activity affecting the sprayed aerosols. My real question deals with how these signatures manifest. Are they the appearance of nexrad activity emanating from the numerous stations scattered everywhere?  To be more precise, the emf signatures sometimes appear in small clusters, sometimes expansive, many times transverse to each other.  In sum, am I witnessing the manifestation of multiple emf pulses coursing through the atmosphere, or is it a phase change into a plasma as a result of the emf pulses?  Thanks and good luck.  

    Ps.  The spraying is a daily occurrence the past couple months here in buffalo, ny.  We had one day off a couple weeks ago. Everyone, including me, has a hideous cough that rears its ugly head out of the blue.  It's a sad state of affairs.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Andrew, about your question, though there is much we still cannot know for certain, available data indecates that we are commonly seeing the impact of overlapping transmissioin signals on the clouds.

  14. Joseph L says:   should be added to bottom of the Monsanto evil flyer

  15. Joseph L says:

    MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO MAY 20–     Find your city worldwide.  This is a great place to go to
     this demonstration and bring flyers to hand out    from this website against geoengineering.              I personally like the Look Up flyer.   I am also printing up this flyer and adding on the bottom.,in12.5×9.5.bmp

    I hope more people do whatever they can for the GREATER GOOD.


  16. Ken B says:

    That NEXRAD map of transmitters is probably short by 50% or more. We just took a trip to the L.A. area and I saw 4 in about 200 miles. That was just the ones that were visible. The huge one 5 miles from my house isn't on that map, or any other map I've found.

    Loved the frequency videos……really opens the mind.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, yes, your point on the transmitter map is completely valid. The actual number of transmitters in the overall grid is exponentially more than the map reflects.

  17. BC says:

    Just considering the nuclear radiation leak in the Hanford area of Washington state and how bad the leak may be.

    I don't expect they would tell us anyway and given the fact that the west coast radiation detector readings are either fudged as in America or totally deactivated as in western Canada since the Fukushima disaster, at least as far as the public is concerned. 

    I'm watching this most recent and formulated low pressure twister that started on BCs west coast and has now dropped down off the US west coast.

    Notice where all the nuclear leakage from Hanford is being swept by this lower pressure system.

    That's right. Over British Columbia.This gives an entirely new interpretation to weather warfare. "Nuclear weather warfare"!

    Sure, create a weather system that dumps your own nuclear waste in your neighbors back yard rather then your own.

    Something is adrift right now in the world of economics.

    It appears TPTB are going after Canada's economy.

    Why? They seem to be attempting to bring it to it's knees.

    They have pounded the Canadian currency, destroyed international confidence in the economy.

    Opened up the renegotiation of NAFTA can of worms. Taxed Canadian softwood lumber etc.

    This ridiculous Canadian Real Estate bubble and hyper debt cycle has been and continues to be fomented by the Real Estate organizations, the bankers and Government working together so that Canadian citizenry have become the worlds most indebted.

    Notice again! Six of Canada's major banks were down graded yesterday by the very same rating agencies that refused to downgrade the Wall Street criminal banking institutions during the subprime loan crisis eight years ago.

    American hypocrisy at it's finest. No dirt in our underwear!

    Add to that the freezing and drowning the country with relentless system after system and whatmore.

    Notice. Every time  they do this to a country or institution  it becomes a smear campaign through the MSM to instill fear and distrust in the international community over that entity.

    Friends, The USA cannot as a resource dependent country survive without Canada's resources. We are hands down America greatest trading partner. We are her greatest foreign supplier of Oil and Lumber etc.

    Why would Russia being the world largest and wealthiest resource country with one of the lowest national debts be victimized and embargoed by the west (America)?

    For this simple reason. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the western corporate capitalistic monopolies got Boris Yeltsin drunk and had him sign over all Russia's resources to western companies.

    See it? That had it all in the palms of their greedy filthy hands. All of it!! The biggest score and sting operation in modern history. All it took was a case of booze, a drunk and a pen. Party time in the west.

    There's only one thing they didn't bank on…. Putin. A true Russian nationlalist. A shrewd politician and diplomat unparalleled in modern political times. He took it all away from them and scrubbed their palms clean and has refused to sign away Russia's independence to Rome's New World Order/One world Government aganda.

    And boy are they pissed.

    What? Russia won't play the cheap whore like Canada? How dare they! A pimp will beat even a good cheap whore now and again just so she know's who's boss.

    We'll teach Putin and anyone else like Maduro, Kadaffi, Hussein and Kim Jong-Un and any other nation that won't install a puppet panty waist like Canada that won't obey the political, corporate, fascist, religious and financial agenda of the new world order enforced by the West's strong arm Military Industrial complex, America.

    Weather warfare? EH? You don't say?

    As the old saying goes, "You ain't seen nothing yet"!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BC, 250 miles due north of Hanford checking in here. I am very worried about what is happening at Hanford. It is the heart of an unstoppable madness. There is soooo much waste there it boggles the mind. Why in the hell "they" built that place on a very porous bedrock area is beyond my simple thinking. At the time it was built, the land was cheap and was out in the middle of nowhere. But still, on porous bed rock that drains into the Columbia river?

    • BaneB says:

      BC:  Putin is no one to mess with.  The Russians have said they will not allow another war to be fought on their soil.  If they truly believe the West is about to launch a preemptive, it is not 'unthinkable' they will act first.  Paul Craig Roberts has written about this first strike scenario in recent weeks in a number of his well reasoned short to-the-point blogs.  

      The entire conundrum is fueled in large measure because of Israeli foreign policy driving US Middle East genocidal policies.  Two states, Syria and Iran, Russia's clients, are preventing the Israelis from implementing the Yinon Plan, and the PNAC Neocon/Zionist policy to "create ME chaos and remap the region."  911 was their "New Pearl Harbor."  I was a teenager at the time of the Cuban Missle Crisis.  We were fortunate to have a sane President and a State Department diplomatic corp who believed diplomacy was paramount, not bluster, not confusion, not generals in charge of rhetoric.  The Neocons purged the State Department.  Tillerson has no experience.  He is an oil executive.  My point is the situation seems far more dangerous than was the frightful situation in 1961……and if for no other reason, the weapons today are WAY more powerful.

      Thanks for your Canadian insights.  It's a far better report than any of the fake news we receive here from our MSM toadies.

  18. Paul Vonharnish says:

    It does no good to observe or complain about geoengineering issues without taking action. Please read Dane's many pages devoted to potential legal actions against these criminal operatives.

    There are facets of Law in our legal systems that would effectively hang every Federal judge that fails to take geoengineering issues seriously. Geoengineering with electromagnetic devices IS criminal assault with a deadly weapon.

    Government "officials" employed by corporations and international banksters (with documented intention of mass slaughter) should be arrested for treason and charged with crimes against humanity. It couldn't be any more clear or obvious. In a previous post; I mentioned that our militaries have been enjoying corporate syndication for many years. If you don't understand what the word "syndicate" stands for, look it up. As "syndicated" organizations, persons employed within our military establishment can be charged with a multitude of crimes under the RICO Act.

    Readers must quit whinging about "the end" and contact your local county sherriff. These military operatives need to be arrested. They all have addresses…

    Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

    • Rachel Robson says:

      And now you seem all the way back Paul!  And that is one good thing.  But, given the truth in what you've said, how come all the legal efforts are not working?  I know, they are trying.  So are many of us.  Guess what?  Local county sheriff does not want to hear it!  Nobody seems to take this seriously.  I am not a legal pro like you, but I have tried.  Like you, I don't care for whining much.  I prefer action, can't get traction!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, just for the record, the US legal effort is still very much in construction. This must be considered, it is not a simple task to build a legal case within a system that has been set up for decades to hamper such a case. I just finished a 90 minute conference call with the Canadian and US attorneys, our communications are constant and have been for a very long time. We are making considerable progress, but again, this is a very formadable battle. In the meantime, we need to continue all possible public awakening efforts. We must reach a critical mass of awareness with the population, all of us are needed in that undertaking.

    • MAP says:

      Remember folks. We are dealing with "Empire" in these matters not constitutional republic which went bye-bye a long time ago. When dealing with a criminal mafia Empire, nothing will work in legal arena the way that it should. 

  19. Tenderflower says:

    This week's episode of "Through the Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman called "Hacking the Planet" actually had David Keith of Canada talking about 'solar geoengineering' the planet, with an image of orange chemtrails floating around his head!  I was floored, as David Keith has been a major player in the geo-engineering going on over our heads every single day.  I just knew one of the three original scientists who dreamt up this abomination of an idea would come forward to claim his prize, but it is unthinkable that he'd pretend it isn't going on right now instead of claiming it 'could' happen sometime in the future.  Grr!  :-/

    • Bija says:

      Keith is still spouting "scientific" disinfo in a last ditch attempt to insult our intelligence with good ol' spaghetti monster tactics. David Keith, you have outed yourself as the world's most inept scientist by saying: "There is No Evidence for the Existence of Chemtrails"

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bija, yes, Dr. Keith is a primary disnformation source on the geoengineering issue. FYI

  20. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Gretrchen Thomas says:

    “This is notice to these parasitic low-lifes; we know you misrepresent yourselves as advocates of the law of the land, while you practice the law of the sea. Fraud vitiates everything it touches.”

    Hello Gretchen: Maritime Rule specifies all Life as “salvage”. Even our immortal souls are considered abandon property. There are no personal property rights under Maritime Rule. Thus: ALL legal actions should address issues of personal property violations…

    The American Bill of Rights was specifically designed to negate any “rules” regarding the Holy See… No, I didn’t misspell the word…

  21. Dennie says:

    Hi All:

    Monday and Tuesday were Banner Days for the Spray Boys, or at least the remote controllers, here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We were treated to massive amounts of dirty brown spray coming in from off the Eastern Pacific Coast in the afternoon and I felt like I was getting sandblasted with every breath! There is NO place you can go that is safe when this is happening because the shit gets in everywhere.  Long story short, I have had severe nasal congestion, coughing and sore throat, loss of voice, headache and consequent inability to sleep because of this irritating shit that Some "People" (and I use that term exceedingly lightly..) feel they have the right to put in our skies for their own misguided, twisted and greedy purposes, for the past several days. 

    Everyone else I know is totally unaware of the beatings-by-areosolized poison being delivered fresh to them right overhead, by jet plane, each and every day.  They just cannot feel or smell or taste or otherwise sense the shit, while I'm in the "elite" 3 per cent of the people who can… UGHHH!!!

    Today we got treated to the cold stuff.  It's always superfine, somewhat oily in texture, instantly dries out your mouth and can burn your skin, and makes me vomit if there's enough of it in the air– lovely, huh? 

    If they keep up this kind of spraying or intensify it, I am gone. I won't be able to live on this planet because "they" are killing me. 

    WHY DON'T we mobilize all the retired old ladys who are sick and tired of the MICB complex's agenda for a "new world order" (reality is, it is nothing but CHAOS, don't you see that by now?) and MARCH on the military schools and the businesses in places like Virginia that produce the war toys– would the A$$holes reeeally shoot Granny?  How very BAD would doing something like that make them look, let alone totally and completely galvanize massive public opinion against "them?" 

    Why don't we sign up with a local chapter of the Gray Panthers and DO THIS????  They are already writing letters against the Trump Agenda but that's just the surface– we need to shine light on the Bankster Agenda, the Military Agenda (same thing), the Pharma Agenda (ditto), and mainly, the Environmental Agenda, which is really nothing more than being able to continue Business As Usual, depleting and plundering and polluting and destroying all along the way.

  22. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet, Here is a video that was a huge part of my own personal "awakening". I watch it periodically so as to remember the info and throw some fuel in my furnace to produce more steam in my drive towards "mass awareness". There are many side roads that need to be pursued in this video. Some of you have already explored them. After watching a video like this, how on earth can you ask "who's doing this to us?" Who's ruling the CFR?, probably the ones that weren't mentioned in the video and truly rule from the shadows. Yet, with a little investigation, we know who "they" are. I have shared this video with many folks over the years and it has served my/our purposes well in many regards.

    There's one thing that bugs me about this guy that made the video. He has bugged out to South america. He abandoned ship. But, if you produce videos like this one, you might be getting some "heat". I'll bet Dane does too. I don't see him going anywhere. Dane just keeps doubling down and so will I in my own capacities.

    I made eye contact with two growler jet pilots today(big grin). They both did a double take! "That's right 'boys", "a two bird solute", "just for you". Face to the wind folks, onward we go…..

    • lynne says:

      In reply to comments on the adverse effect(s) of external frequencies that affect the body, i find it is important to consider also the internal 'frequencies' (mind) that affect the body; because as was pointed out the body consists of a great % of water!  At least we can do something about these 'internal frequencies'.  Here's a link that explains the effect our mind has on our body (water in particular) –  from Dr. Masaru Emoto –    Thus, it is clear how important to develop and maintain good and positive intentions and in this way  avoid the negative results or 'frequencies' so to speak, that arise from harmful thoughts and actions such as anger, uncontrolled desire, jealousy etc.  The mind of compassion, gratitude, patience give positive results – the water samples in the video demonstrate both these.  And so from this, an understanding of our own mind is clearly important.  Why? b/c informed and positive choices can then be made, with positive internal and external good results maintained or increased.  An exceptional book (below) explains everything about the mind – including what it is and isn't! – 'How to Understand the Mind' by G.K.Gyatso.  very practical in our modern world – helpful for our own mind, body, health, our life, and into our world.  Perhaps someone will also find this helpful!  thank you.

  23. What Is It says:

    Hi.  I witnessed something yesterday I have never seen before.  Me and a friend were at a park on Pensacola Bay here in Pensacola, Florida.  When we got to where you can see the bay, we were amazed to see these long, dark, thick lines in the water in the bay.  They were around 10 feet wide and ran the entire length of the bay from one end to the other in straight lines.  There was absolutely no clouds in the sky.  The lines were separated by unaffected space that were the same width.  I have three pictures of this weird thing we saw.  I couldnt get the pics uploaded to this post, but would be happy to email them to you if you would give me an address.  We would love to know what this was! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      What Is It, Hello, and I don't know if this is relevant to your question, but your question rang a bell from yesterday when in video news feed they showed the ocean waves like a tic tac toe grid.  Oddest thing.  They say it is seldom seen.  Massive grid of what they called cross waves.  A crosswave hitting a crosswave thus making this grid.  Sounds fishy to me.  Wondering if this is related to what you saw?

  24. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Those videos are really something, the higher the RF Frequency, the more detailed control, the transmitter has. The human race has developed such extreme dangerous devices, which are very controlling and harmful to the entire web of life and it only seems to be getting worse as more and more technology is developed!

    • BaneB says:

      David:  These technologies should no more be in the hands of our spiritually defunct creature than the 'strike anywhere matches' should be given over to a bunch of chimpanzees.  The difference is of course in the term 'spiritual.'  The chimps are innocent.

  25. Randall. Rj says:

    Ps. I was at Paul beckwith's site and commented on an the article asking why some wish fo Extinction. 

    I posted– as a lead carpenter of 61 with a tenth grade level of schooling so be kind. 

    Sometimes when a man gets a gut feeling, it's truth, and scares the shit out of him. 

    Extinction is a reset, has been and will be again. That's the nature of things. 

    As for wishing for it to happen by me and others- WELL–

    i question where we are as humans. We are far off the path of past hopes and dreams. 

    We are not above the checks and balances of nature. Our living apart from our planet, trying to cleanse of the unwanted soil and dirt of our natural existence , once balanced with nature, has doomed us to our own demise. 

    To think we could escape the reality of nature by living separate and apart was a fools dream. For all to know, we are nature. To elevate above, to control and manipulate we have doomed ourselves. 

    So yes I believe the human has failed. 

    Failed to accept, to conserve, and failed to live justly. 

    I would rather the earth pass into the reset then to doom the future children a life of being engineered from birth to death in a very unnatural bio engineered existence. 

    Gmo, war, hate, greed, pollution, false gods, geoengineered world, geoengineered people. 

    Sometimes you have to put the sick dog to sleep. 

    We are there?? I question if I should help extend this nightmare. 

    From eden to hell we have gone. We have ate from the tree of knowledge and have commuted all the sins hidden. 

    God and nature has taken rock and turned it to life. The topsoil is the rotting corpses of nature past feeding the present. We have disrespected the lives given to bringing anew. 

    Now they come for us, no escaping for the foolish. Like a kite on a string she is reeling us back to the reality of the laws we abandoned. 

    So yes I question if I should help or ……..


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Randall, thank you for the articulate and thoughtful comment you have made. Yes, “from eden to hell” as you have stated. Yes, again, the horizon does indeed look dark. I would only ask this, do those that are truly awake have a responsibility to stand against the fading of the light no matter how slim the odds are of success are? A final consideration, life is unimagibably tenacious if given the slightest chance. There is much we cannot yet know or understand in this equation, perhaps some of the unknowns are in our favor. The only failure will be in not having tried. I will hope that you decide to march with us in this most critical battle for the greater good. 

  26. Randall. Rj says:

    I have received your book and love the timeline and easy to understand facts. Will pass along when done. Will order another one or two to give to local DNR WHEN I PUT THEM ON NOTICE ON MY 61 birthday week in July. Another one is going to my sheriff's department in person( won't say here what that discussion will be) but both are going to get an angry man in their face. 

    Its time to get angry everyone, our retirement here will be fishing on dead lakes with dead tree lined shorelines with smeared skies. That's what my retirement will be and I'm putting local authority on notice. 

    In my 12 mile trip to town for work, all spruce dead with heavy moss growing on them. All the rest of the pines are dormant and sick. 

    My geoengineeringwatchorg sign will have a brother sign stating. WELCOME TO THE DEAD DYING NORTHWOODS FORESTS. 

    WE CAN CRY AT THE DROP OF THE HAT JUST DRIVING IN THE ONCE BEAUTIFUL NORTH.  trumpet dumpty fell off the wall and all the scum couldn't put him togather again

    • Robin Christensen says:

      Hi Randall, Rj   Im 62.  I so identify with your comments.  I fish in a dying lake in Minnesota.  I share your spirit.  Glad to know you've decided to fight.  I will/am doing the same ("sublime madness") as coined by another poster on this board.  Keep the spiritual fire burning.  It will spread til we expose the dark shadow evil and douse the physical fire with our spiritual water.   

  27. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Hello Dane, Great article.

    Speaking about cell phone towers and other structures similar to that, I can tell to you and to All the persons here that in my country, the Fkrs have installed already the DAMN antennas near ( almost inside ) a very big number of schools ( some for little kids ), on the side of soccer stadiums, shopping centers, nursing homes for the Elderly, industrial parks, many Police station, inside cities, public swimming pools, and now on the top of some buildings! They are almost everywhere..

    This is NOT only to provide the service for the cell phone companies, of course. We cannot forget that the reach of the signal of these towers is of tens of kilometers, so WHY putting these abominations near Hospitals??

    Some towers are very different than others, and the equipment they have on the top is very diverse also.

    This is, like many Persons here in the site said before;

    Pure and simple electromagnetic warfare.

    And for destroying the rest we have the F HAARP antennas. I've found one place already with this satanic things here, not very far away from my region.

    I just can't stop thinking about the tsunami that happened in Southeast Asia in 2004 Christmas, where Thailand were the country with the biggest number of victims.


    Justice will come, and the helpers will pay.

    • Dennie says:

      Sorry, but I don't see ANY "justice" of the usual kind for these Magnificent A$$holes.  The only thing they'll face resembling justice is when they are forced to face the truth of a dead planet that THEY killed, that will no longer have the ability to feed even "Them" any longer. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      We are here to build that Justice, Dennie.

  28. marc says:

    I can't help but think that this tripe-filled meatsock (trump, yes, lower-case "t") and his pathetic posse of suit-swaddled advisors, including the big f**king babies who represent the military (and the cowpies who fund them), are collectively imagining that they have concocted the perfect strategy to utterly command and preoccupy the consciousness of the larger public to a place far, far away from the REALLY bad-ass shit they're engaged in: geoengineering, eugenics, weather-warfare for weather derivatives profiteering, population control through blanketing every f**king square inch of the country with RF, ELF, MF, etc, poisoning of food staples through genetic modification, stealthy militarization of our police forces and so on and so on. What. the. f**k. is. going. on??? Really?? Why the hell is humankind so compelled to do this to his fellow man?? This cannot possibly continue for much longer. It just can't. Or…can it? Are we all slated for annihilation while??? WTF. This madness cannot continue indefinitely. What the f**k is the end-game for these worthless bastards?? Or are they actually too stupid to see past their greed into an end-game? I don't believe that to be true. They have spent the last several decades feathering their nests so as to exempt themselves from the horrors of the post-apocalyptic future they themselves are salivating to initiate. Whether it be underground, or off-planet, they will take their low-grade consciousness with them. They cannot escape their own spiritual bankruptcy in a bunker OR a spaceship. Mother Earth will surely one day breathe a sigh of relief and a permanent farewell to these festering sores who imagine themselves so very privileged.

    • Big T says:


      Well said! Outstanding! That is exactly what is going on. Unfortunately the "sleepers" don't give a shit.

    • horsegirl says:

      And to think they were foreseen (in case you haven't seen this lately):

    • Joseph L says:

      Wow Marc well written– These bastards should be serving in the military on the front lines for freedom and democracy?

    • donna cook says:

      I totally f**king agree!!

    • Dennie says:

      I think we need to get the Gray Panthers going on marching on military academies like Air University, West Point and Annapolis.  We need to remind the juvenile delinquents that their grandmothers are watching and we don't like how they've turned out.  So whatta they gonna do, turn their weapons on Granny–?

    • MAP says:

      Mass Distraction will continue on while the Psycho Power Elites "orchestrate"

      1) War and military occupation of countries deemed as "dangerous" (totally false and just a fear-mongering exercise)

      2) Destruction of Mother Earth through countless human activities

      3)continued poisoning of populations through food supply and pharmaceutical concoctions

      4) Mass surveillance of populations   

    • Rutherford_County_NC says:

      So it would be better if the money stealing murdering felon Hillary were elected?



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Rutherford_County_NC”, for the record, just and deserved critisism of Mr. Trump in no way implies an endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I have pointed out this fact on numerous radio broadcasts. Trump is now our president, not Clinton, thus the Trump administration must bear the burden of the current direction of insanity in which we are headed. This fact is also important to consider and remember, Trump, Clinton, Obama, the Bush family, etc, all are just actors in the ongoing power structure script. 

    • Rick L. says:

      marc, your issues are well founded because of the corrupt politicians. With President Trump who is a true Statesman and Patriot and not a politician your anger will diminish when you see this country headed in the direction that our for-fathers had dreamed of. Your constitutional rights will be given back to you and regulations that are making you so angry will be taken away. Take care buddy and be patient. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rick, though we all wish that Mr. Trump was what you seem to feel he is, so far the Trump administration’s actions are headed in the opposite direction of the conclusions you have come to.

    • Rick L. says:

      I hear you Dane, but I feel President Trump is not part of the power structure we have been subject to. That power structure hates him and will say and do whatever they can to make him look bad. Cleaning the swamp will be tuff and take time and even his supporters will question his motives for a while. When I doubt him I think about J.F.K.  9-11 and a friend that was paralyzed by an illegal with no drivers license, no insurance, and drunk in a stolen car and not convicted for anything.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Rick, with all due respect, though Trump is being pressured from one faction of the power structure, he is certainly fully supporting and cooperating with other camps within the criminal cabal the currently runs our country. Given Trumps stacking of the deck with Goldman Sachs bankers, military hawks, and fossil fuel industry executives, clearly he is not “cleaning the swamp”, rather he is continuing to fill it. In regard to illegal aliens, I was also hit head on by a car of undocumented individuals who were also not convicted of anything, but are such issuess truly the most dire challenges we collectively face? We are all staring down the barrel of a nuclear war with Trump and crew fueling the fire. About the mass refugee crises, when does the US  take responsibility for its actions that are in so many ways creating the refugee crisis abroad? Though the power structure is fracturing, it is still more dangerous than ever before. Trumps actions make clear the fact that he serves a many branches of the military / industrial / fossil fuel industry / complex. In the end, Trump, Obama, the Bush family, the Clintons, and many before them all, are just puppets in the power structure play.

  29. Thank you so much, Dane, for all the outstanding insights you have provided here!!!  Microwaves as a bane, rather than a blessing, have become an insidious part of our everyday lives.  Your article provides a stunning backdrop for the magnitude of the perversion of something that should have long ago been a technology to free us from the petroleum/coal/methane stranglehold which is now destroying this planet.

    As I put my cup of coffee into the microwave oven this morning, I thought back to the first time I was exposed to microwave technology to cook food… 1973.  At that time the most commonly marketed brand was the Amana Radar Range which was so expensive that most households did not yet own one.  I was working at a cafe in a tiny mountain town, Stanley, Idaho, where it had been installed for the sake of fast food, like pizza and hoagie sandwiches.  The remoteness, and small population of the area (47 full-time residents) would not support a fully operational cafe, once the summer tourist rush was over, hence the early microwave units were leased out by vendors to bars and cafes serving tiny rural populations.  These were the predecessors to the microwave ovens commonly found at minute marts, gas stations and self serve hot food outlets everywhere… as well as in nearly every American household today.  I clearly remember the warning label on those early commercial units stating:  "Danger to pace-maker patients" with an admonition to keep a certain distance when the oven was in operation.  To this day, I still move away from any microwave oven in operation…  I don't have much faith in their capacity to keep the waves safely contained within the unit.  Here are some examples of why I feel that way:
    This video explains the components of the microwave to be used, then goes on to conduct some eye-opening experiments:
    and  (these guys are in Russia and the sound heard @ 1:17 is a live rocket passing over and exploding nearby)

    The following video unintentionally shows how microwave oven components and a TV antenna can make the application of HAARP phased array antennea, as an ionospheric heater, fairly obvious:

    These guys are probably having a little too much fun at this, but this video clearly shows the hazards of microwave technology as it is currently being applied throughout our environment.  Although the narrator at one point claims the microwaves are harmless to humans, please note the list of potential uses posted mid video, with #1 being "pest control".  If you listen closely you will hear him describe that particular application as burning the abdomens of beetles from the inside out (@ 3:43).  When combined with the knowledge of how saturated all living things are becoming with the various metallic salts used in geoengineering aerosol programs, the potential for this technology to be used as a weapon on the molecular structure of virtually any living thing including, and especially, us pesky humans, becomes obvious and cannot be overstated:

    Our new normal is a bombardment of destructive microwave technologies from every direction… weather manipulation, molecular weaponry, GWEN towers and God knows what else.  The gifted insights of Nikola Tesla have been adulterated by the twisted mad scientist slaves of the Power Mongers.  I've no doubt that Tesla's technology could have been developed to use safely, but that would not have served the weaponry/control applications desired by the PTB.  Now you know why the most gifted mind of the 20th century was squelched into oblivion, to live a life of obscurity that ended in his murder (official version claimed natural causes, but even scant research reveals that was not the case), while his decades worth of meticulous research papers mysteriously disappeared from the apartment he died in.

    Just some food for thought…
    Stay safe out there!
    Laura Marinangeli

    PS: The following is the play list for the YouTube channel that features the videos above… I am including it not for entertainment but, rather, for insights into the potential microwave weaponry that can be used against us at the whim of so called Powers That Be:

    • LS says:

      Thanks Laura….  Like the aboriginal people, it is time for us to decide not to continue to bring children into the madness that our world has become. Talk to your children about not continuing to reproduce. No one would want the life that is being offered to our children and youth.  It is not fair in anyway and is to me selfish and self centered to have children knowing what the insane are doing and plan to do to them. If we cannot stop the madness we need to start taking away their targets for goodness sake.

    • Laura Marinangeli says:


      Sad thought… but wise.  My 36 year old daughter is my only child and she has made the decision not to have children, which makes her the end of my line and her late father's as well… he was an only child.  My late brother's children, on the other hand, refuse to look at the writing on the wall and continue to have babies like crazy.  It breaks my heart, knowing the world those little babies will face.  Thank you for your comment.

  30. Libby Dunbar says:

    Dane, I took pictures all day long on May 4th of the chem trails over our farm, by afternoon all the clouds turned very dark and we got this really weird storm, never seen anything like it! Heavy rains that had a rhythm to them, heavy rain, pause, heavy rain, pause, heavy rain, pause, etc. Then the hail and lightning came with high winds, All the gutters (6 inch deep gutters)on our barns could not handle the rain and visibility was zero, truly scary and not natural! Next storm I will monitor and pay attention to the dogs, about 10 minutes before the storm all 4 started this strange howling.  Last night I finally discovered the droning noise I hear every evening, with the full moon I finally saw they are spraying more chem trails!!!! Spraying over us is continual. I worry about my gardens and fruit orchards, what is falling on them that I am consuming?  I shared the pictures I took last Thursday with my friends and they just scoff, but I can't stop trying to convince them. Some of them are retired teachers like me! I call them educated idiots and they call me a conspiracy theorist. Thank you for all you do, I appreciate your knowledge because it vindicates what I am observing daily on the farm! Libby in Oregon

    • SuzieKB says:

      Libby, I am also an "educated idiot" who keeps talking to friends and family, and sharing photos.  Our skies and weather here in ND have changed drastically over the past several years, with massive snowstorms and rainstorms happening after a day of non-stop spraying. I live just north of our airport (that includes an Air National Guard facility.) The small white unmarked jets are coming and going 24/7. Keep taking photos and keep talking! Hopefully, they will start looking up and listening.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      I noticed exactly the same pulsing rainfall today here during a crazy rain event in northern Thailand. We get one almost every day now, or two days. My throat started to burn when it blew in hard with sideways rain for a while, a true deluge out of nowhere. So I came inside my bamboo bungalow, closed windows, and rested. Twice I noticed the rain rhythm pulsing like that. A few months ago when the microwave was totally out of control here, I lay down to nap and when I closed my eyes there were literally waves, continuous waves of light travelling across my eyeballs from top to bottom.  

    • Blu says:

      You are right and they are fools.

  31. Susan Ferguson says:

    Anonymous warns of World War III / May 10, 2017
    'Anonymous' Issues Ominous World War 3 Warning: "The Citizens Will Be The Last To Know"
    … the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has issued an ominous new video – warning people around the world to "prepare" for World War 3 as the US and North Korea continue to move "strategic pieces into place" for battle. All the signs of a looming war on the Korean Peninsula are surfacing… unlike past world wars… although there will be ground troops the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick. It will also be globally devastating on the environmental and economic levels. … a real war with real global consequences… With three super powers drawn into the mix… Other nations will be coerced into choosing sides. … The citizens will be the last to know… They [Anonymous] claim that the Trump administration has been also working closely with the Australians, sending a rotational deployment of more than 1,000 US troops to the country, along with a large fleet of military aircraft. Australia is ultimately considered to be a “strategic location in the Indian ocean,” Anonymous says. “The citizen will be the last to know, so it is important to understand what the other nations are doing,” the group states, citing China’s warning last week to its people in the North. “The pragmatic Chinese, it seems, are starting to lose their patience.” … “Prepare for what comes next,” they say.  [video]

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SF: War is the only way out for the insane deranged deluded elite, the military industrial corporatocracy who are massively profiting from geoengineering the planet and the production of heinous weaponry. capitalism in the empire. If you bleive this is unthinkable, remember that for the past 6,000 years, all of written history, mankind has been engaged in unending wars.  Both of the previous world wars were completely orchestrated, intentional for profit. Recent historians have acknowledged that the only way America got out of her Great Depression was WWII. The elite have their undergrounds ready and nuking the planet will rid them of what they call the “useless eaters” — meaning us, you and me. Paul Craig Roberts has been warning the American people about the very real possibility of a nuclear war. The military is in my view totally insane, crazed delusional with an uncontrollable bloated sense of their own power fed by years of too much 'helicopter' money and unbelievable arrogance. The do not care about the American population, their own soldiers, or even the pilots they invest so much money in.  Everyone is replaceable, EXPENDABLE!  Is planet Earth expendable?
      Here is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in an interview: “USA is ready to Nuke China & Russia” [21 min.]

  32. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    The Photo's & Video's shown are so very disturbing.   It is amazing how one can be shocked over & over again at the extent of what is going on. " They," Truly are INSANE!!!   It may be said that these pilots don't know what they are doing, & are under the impression that they are Helping the Planet. But I ask, If this is the case, Do they not go Home after their day of spraying Toxic chemicals from their jets housed with huge tanks that are labeled Poisonous, Danger, A Skull & Bones symbol, loaded by people in Hazmat suits, & See & Hear about the Distruction of their spraying in the area THEY were just spraying in ??? How can they not be putting two & two together. No one is that Ignorant & Inept ! They Know what they are doing & do not give a Crap !!!  They have NO LOVE for LIFE, US, or OUR PLANET & ALL The Creatures that are being KILLED by their Dirty Deeds !

  33. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Consumer demand for playthings like iPods, Smart phones, digital television broadcast, and brain destroying distractions like video gaming devices, will continue to trump all intelligent discussion until the entire planet is quite dead….

    Fact: There is no such thing as “protection” from these technologies. Radio broadcast is a biohazard. Repeat: Biohazard…

  34. Paul Vonharnish says:

    To military morons:

    Experimental evidence for involvement of nitric oxide in low frequency magnetic field induced obsessive compulsive disorder-like behavior.

    Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2014 Jul;122:273-8. doi: 10.1016/j.pbb.2014.04.007. Epub 2014 Apr 26.
    [“It is well documented that extremely low frequency magnetic field (ELF MF) produced effects on the function of nervous system in humans and laboratory animals. Dopaminergic and serotonergic pathways have been implicated in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Recently involvement of nitric oxide (NO) in OCD-like behavior is suggested. Hence, the present study was carried out to understand the involvement of dopamine, serotonin and NO in ELF MF induced OCD-like behavior. Swiss albino mice were exposed to ELF MF (50 Hz, 10G) for 8 h/day for 7, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days by subjecting them to Helmholtz coils. OCD-like behavior was assessed in terms of marble burying behavior (MBB) test. Results revealed that ELF MF induced time dependant MBB, on 7th, 30th, 60th, 90th, and 120th exposure day. Further, levels of dopamine, serotonin and NO after 120 days of ELF MF exposure were determined in the regions of the brain. The neurohumoral studies revealed that exposure to ELF MF increased NO levels in cortex, hippocampus and hypothalamus, and levels of dopamine and serotonin remain unaffected. As OCD-like behavior after ELF MF exposure was associated with higher levels of NO with no significant change in serotonin and dopamine. The effect of such exposure was studied in groups concurrently treated with NO modulators, NO precursor, L-ARG (400 mg/kg) or NOS inhibitor, L-NAME (15.0mg/kg) or 7-NI (10.0 mg/kg). These treatments revealed that NO precursor exacerbated and NOS inhibitors attenuated ELF MF induced OCD-like behavior with corresponding changes in the levels of NO.”]
    Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved
    Complete text:

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Paul.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Excellent information Mr Paul Vonharnish.

    • Gretrchen Thomas says:

      The insanity is mind-boggling, the deception is criminal, the psychopaths that control everything are despicable beyond rational explanation. I (hear) these frequencies when  they crank it up; I ask others around me if they (hear) it too; every one tells me "no." The mother f**kers responsible for these heinous crimes against all life on earth will be held accountable if its the last thing I do. All the resources and technology that has been malevolently wasted by these psychopaths and their f**king order followers  to is beyond comprehension; I'm sick and tired of being poisoned and zapped by f**king psychopaths, and their order-following traitors. My mom just died, and I just realized that her last will and testament, prepared by a well-paid attorney, names FICTITIOUS CORPORATE ENTITIES as her beneficiaries, not natural born human beings.  The predatory practices of lawyers and the entire legal industrial complex needs to be exposed as the accessories to fraud that they are. This is notice to these parasitic low-lifes; we know you misrepresent yourselves as advocates of the law of the land, while you practice the law of the sea. Fraud vitiates everything it touches.

  35. Just the other day we were listening to the weather being reported in Tulsa and the guy says "there is more precipitation scheduled for the next few days" [ not exact an quote] and I asked my wife if she heard it. When she said " what ", I said shouldn't he be saying " anticipated " or " expected "? Why is he saying " scheduled "?

    The unmitigated gall of these fookers makes me want to scream.

    • BaneB says:

      Messianicdruid:  yeah, the least the weather person could do is use their own old timey language and say "forecast."  Scheduled is more to the truth.  So, any truth nowadays is welcome:-)

  36. One Is All All Is One says:

    Hi All, the blatant disregard and poisoning of Life is not a mishap. It is a concerted plan to eliminate, wars do not provide that outcome even with nuclear force, this is proven as the World has had over two thousand nuclear wars/bombs already. So obviously it comes down to Biology, chemical waste/annilation, a multitude in between/ deseases, including viruses have not worked,  and the fundaMental always that works is Starvation.  Question? why do groups such as genetic scientics, biologists, any general scientific group fall off this planet in groups/ numbers? Because they were aghast at the horror of infliction. These people/good citizens have become fodder. The resiliance of the human race has them stunned, even in a weakened state. All the technology is available to counteract the Worlds problems, mathematics, chemistry, biology, are basic, I for one can guarantee reproduction of ozone, plus every element, even the cloning of every dna or lifeform. plus the elimination of radiation. So there you have it., A critical mass is not required in biology, one orgasnism fights another for dominance, and the weak are terminated. Please, let us not be the weak, the explaination to our young is unimagionable. Let a million or more  march the streets in protest, not just for this one injustice but for all the injustice to mankind, Including starving our/all children. Let us be One.

  37. Sherrie says:

    Wow, thanks for some great You Tube videos and great articles as always. Those videos are quite amazing. I have a question, maybe someone can answer for me. I love this site and would like to share the posts on it all the time, but I worry if that is safe or wise to do that. This information is so important and people need to see it, but is it safe to post online with friends living in other countries ? I am sure they are also very concerned but I don't want to get into trouble for doing it. Looking forward to an answer soon so I can share away. Have a great week Science and Environmental Lovers !  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sherrie, in regard to your question of what is “safe” to do, there is no safe place on the Titanic on which we are all currently passengers. Our only hope, our only way forward, is to fully face the insanity head-on. All are needed to effectively, efficiently, and credibly make their voices heard. FYI

    • Marietta Wise says:

      Dane is right. I figure " Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead". Usually repost important stories on my facebook page.

  38. Joseph L says:

    MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO MAY 20–     Find your city worldwide.  This is a great place to go to
     this demonstration and bring flyers to hand out    from this website against geoengineering.              I personally like the Look Up flyer.

  39. Dale Smith says:

    Dane, great post and as usual, you are "dead on" with every point. I am still working hard in the fight to inform. Keep doing what you do. God bless.

  40. 'a' simple horseman says:

    My friends, I often write about ceasing participating in the power structure. Here is a video that needs to be thought about for more than a fleeting second on an I-phone tracking devise.

    For what it's worth, the Federal Reserve charter expired in 2013. So this bares the question, "why are they still operating?". Myself, I'd have rather had this collapse and failure for correctional purposes.

  41. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was a nice day here. After working hours today, I spent the evening hours painting my front table and banner frame for behind for the farmers market booth. I sure would have liked to come inside and sit down for a while. It's been a hard drive at work this last few days. (Square pegs into round holes). This coming Thursday is the first farmers market day and I promised "myself" I'd be at each and everyone until it closes in late October.

    To ALL, I have spent a great deal of time and effort learning about what I see in my skies that I do not recognize as normal. Things I did not see in my youth. Dane, thank you so very much for constructing this article. I have passed it along to many that can read such charts and are still in denial. These very informative and educational articles are key to those of us that are indeed passionate about "mass awareness".

    Many folks are hip to all the negatives going on in our world but don't want to discuss them. "They just want to talk about the positive contributions they can or some day will contribute. "Even inside of the cocoon, a butterfly acknowledges the caterpillar it once was". Please my friends, do not be afraid to fly above what you once were.

  42. Phil says:

    @Joe Strauss

    Re: your dental pulpitis … occasionally some contaminate finds its way into the tooth under the filling that might not show up in the x-ray. 


  43. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Hello my fellow Watchers. After careful consideration, This is all Nikola Tesla's Free Energy Frequency concepts & research that has been re-engineered to destroy us all. They have corrupted, distorted, perverted, I don't know how many adj., I can use, but this stolen research of the use of frequencies is just the thing that will kill us all, with all the heavy metal particulates that we are breathing in to our bodies has been the plan right from the start, Like Dane said many times, when will the real scientists in this field step forward and call them out? What good is a pension, if there is no one here in their family, nor anyones family for that matter, to benefit from their years of research, work, and knowledge on this subject. If you are the passenger in a car traveling 65 MPH headed straight into a brick wall, and you have the ability to simply reach your leg over to hit the brakes in plenty of time, Well do you do that very thing??? Apparently not, we are all headed straight into that brick wall. Because the scientists that know better, simply won't reach one leg up, to hit the brakes. Thanks Dane again.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Oh yea, Things are getting worse here in Eastern Pennsylvania, My guess is more people are awakening, so when that happens, they step things up to the next level of Night and Day flights…. They never take a day off. Yes much worse!

      They know we know..and that is their response! Go F' yourselves.


  44. Dave says:

    I looked at the F-15's flying under a chemtrail sky (genocide sky) here in Portland (Oregon), and wondered how they could allow this to happen.  Surely the pilots are intelligent enough to know those toxic aerosol tankers are taking-off from a 'secret' base south of Estacada, because you can see them doing it.  I see them spray coal fly ash from the surface from that location too.  Why do those airforce pilots not do something to protect us?  How can they allow this to continue, while they fly around in those expensive aircraft, that cost over $30K an hour in operational costs, and not do something to protect us from this clear and present danger.  They are cowards and traitors, ignoring the oath they took for ignoring what's happening!  Get some ordenance on those planes, and attack that damn base, which is being used for remorselessly killing people and destroying our planet.  They will be used as war fodder anyway, so why not go out as heroes, instead of tools for the evil entity's diabolical plan…?

    • marc says:

      Dave, I agree with your characterization……"cowards and traitors…." Indeed. I don't give a shit how brainwashed they are, mind-controlled, Mi-labbed, you name it, they suck and their commanders suck. The whole goddamn military sucks from the Generals on down. The very concept of "a military" sucks. No matter. It's game over for humans real soon. Maybe not for ALL living things, but our number is very close to being called. Can't refute the science, we're all on an Amtrak to hell.

    • Dennie says:

      Here's how those military bastards running our planet get created:

    • nobodiesfool says:

      thanks, Dave. As a person who has been thrown off a flight for confronting the pilots on this garbage, I hold by what Utah Phillips said in the early seventies: " The earth isn't dying, it's being murdered. And the murderers have names and addresses." Psychologist Scott Peck did not, as i did not for years, "believe" in evil, but only psychological affects and effects. When he encountered evil repeatedly though, he had the courage to examine it, and he defined it simply: the people of the lie. Have compassion for them and how horribly lost they ae. they are blackmailed by their culture and its histories, just as patriarchal masculinities blackmail men into becoming soldier-murderers and abusers of all sorts. All the information in the world means nothing without consciousness. We all need to help each other heal our fractured consciousness.If any one single one of us were anywhere near where we are meant to be as humans,  that person alone could put an end to all this with a cosmic laugh. And I say that was great traumatic experience.Not hippy dippy spirituality. All things pass. When we stop fearing death, we then are able to support life.None of us know how the big  shift will happen. We have to make it happen every day in our own lives. Fear breeds hatred, bigotry, and every other kind of pestilence. If I really think I am going to die soon, I want to sing only songslof love and praise for this beautiful gifts that living on this planet has given to my soul. Not curse her foolish creatures.Evil feeds on fear. And hatred. Stop. Now..


    • Hawk eye says:

      Hi Dave.

      Thanks for saying this because here in SW FL yesterday and six days ago onthursday, I am seeing the same pictures in my skies. Military fighter jets over head, very low altitudes, loud as heck, wizzing by over civilian populations. Since when s this ok? They come from the west, Gulf of Mexico, and fly due east right across the state of FL and no one seems to be noticing that either! Lol…..not funny. These jets are rocket engine loud it is impossible not to look up hearing them before you see them. WTF is wrong with everyone!?

      Well I am extremely observant and spend too much time outdoors, so I don't miss a trick. But you don't need to be outside when these fly boys pass by. Nothing, no news of it, ask others they say huh? Feel like I am in the f**king twilight zone. Ahhhhhhh!!!!

      I am asking friends in other states if this new bird activity is also in their skies, so thanks for telling they are in your skies too! And just as you said it boy! Under the dam chem trails, yes in deed! Oh and guess what else? No "contrails" from the fly boys planes! Lol!! Whenever you get a response on geo spraying from a semi awake person they say it is only military contrails. So not true as we know of course.

  45. Frank says:

    Thanks, Dane, for another informative piece. We need to know about this so when we get into a conversation and we say, "you know those lines in the sky are used to dim the sun and control the weather."

    "Control the weather?"    "Yeah"     "How?" 

    And we have to say something.

  46. Jonathan Shepard says:

    There may be yet another additional piece of evidence for frequency transmissions on NASA EOSDIS Worldview satellite imagery.  On May 9 there are what appear to be several near 90 degree right angle "square" cloud formations over the Gulf of Maine:,MODIS_Aqua_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor,Reference_Labels(hidden),Reference_Features(hidden),Coastlines&t=2017-05-09&z=3&v=-70.78084297645579,42.23807694562924,-64.80428047645579,45.19120194562924


    The weather in the Northeast has been cooler than average this May, and today in central Maine the rain was continuously off and on with intermittent sun.  Around the first week of April the spraying intensifies every year, an observation made consistently each year since I've been observing for the past several years…

  47. damon says:

    Hi Dane,Thanks for all your dedication on this very dire situation. Once again every GD Day here In Redding,California spaying like crazy lost track after 100 jets non-stop!!!When was the last time anyone has seen a jet with no Chem-trails? People better wake up quickly especially the younger generation!!! LOOK  UP WAKE UP SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. ron hall says:

    DAMN!   BREAKING NEWS!    HANFORD,WASHINGTON NUCLEAR WASTE SITE(HUGE), LEAK! It all seems like payback time. This just happened 5-8 17!  Never stops. Yet we have to face it!



    • Seeing Clearly says:

      This is just another embarrassment, how can humans and their 100 billion brain cells be so stupid to adopt and promote nuclear power? The answer is what seems to be always the same corruption.

      Don't forget that we have the technology to generate clean power.

      A wicked society has no meaningful future to look after or forward.

      Evil is the burden.

      Society is increasingly becoming acceping and tolerating of wickedness, it is looked as a diverse way of being.

      We are protecting all sorts of crimes we are giving people the right to be a criminal and we are legalizing that and embracing that it shouldn't  take a religious person to resizing that this is the falling away.

  49. C.J. says:

    Some people are starting to get out of their Deep, Deep Sleep. That is very nice. As far as the EMF goes……

    I have looked around at numerous towers. They are everywhere. It is not a wonder why there are so many people literally Fooked Up. Just watch the Mass with the Cell phones to their ear, and the people that have wires in their ear's with their head bent down texting. What a wonderful world. Quite Zombie Like. How nice. Waiting and Waiting and Waiting for some miracle to happen. Just like Benny and the jets or Benny Hinnsky. This Sheet blow's me of my Rockin Chair.

  50. paul fowler says:

       Skies above the north east shores of lake Erie were covered with dramatic frequency patterns all afternoon . Some thing big was going on .

       I found those two short videos completely mesmerizing . Tesla was a mind blower . When I first saw the sound water boiler I was very skeptical , not so much any more .

      Science has been high jacked many years ago . There is an amazing world of real science that awaits us all . 


  51. GM says:

    Can't people just march against engineering projects just as they would protest against other issues 😕 Just wondering?

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah we should. 

    • Jennifer Symonds says:

      We'd probably all be labeled as mentally unsound & carted off to a mental health institution specially designed for those who do actually Know that geo-engineering is for real.

  52. Earth Angel says:

    The last screen capture of the moisture moving straight up the Atlantic and wrapping back west over Canada says it all to anyone with a clue about Earth Sciences. I've lived in the southeast all my life and in 50+ years have never seen moisture flow from directly south to north then in the next day or two have it return back down from north/northwest to south again. Absolutely absurd. The weather wreckers have gotten the wind currents and normal pattern of the jet stream so completely screwed up- its unbelievable! And the fools reciting the weather reports sound exactly that- LIKE FOOLS- trying desperately and nonchalantly to make all this sound perfectly NORMAL. I wonder if they realize there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of us out here now who find their bulls*it absolutely incredulous!

  53. ron hall says:

    RESONANCE is one of the most fundamental factors of the entire universe. At the quantum physics level when certain frequencies create a "harmonic" with other wave/particle structures, they will resonate or vibrate at the same frequency. Now jump to the "macro world" in which we live, the same principal holds true. During an earthquake why do certain buildings get damaged more than others? Resonance.  There are other factors of course–building design, reinforcement of structures, etc. The point being that buildings which resonate with the earthquake as it push/pulls the earth sending "earth waves"(horizontal waves") in key directions-these buildings which resonate w/earthquake will take the hardest hit.

    My understanding (and I'm still learning) is that not only do HAARP-TYPE ARRAYS force air currents in certain directions via resonance, they can also penetrate the earth itself with a very LOW FREQUENCY LEVEL and can cause earthquakes anywhere–even go through the earth! Our bodies, as well, have a low frequency level and can be affected via resonance! Of course HIGH FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES like an x-ray or gamma ray go clean through our bodies knocking and smashing the hell out of the electrons and protons in our tissue biochemistry.

    I've spent decades studying quantum stuff, so forgive the "pedagogy"..       Below is is short video(click on the right) which illustrates RESONANCE (I think most of us have seen that bridge that is whipped around like a play thing.) Besides the horror of AEROSOL SPRAYING we are now facing CLASSIFIED WEAPONS that can weaponize the atmosphere, the earth itself, and, of course our bodies.  BAD SH*T!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      ron hall,  I too have spent many, many decades studying quantum all.  I see no pedagogy here!  Quantum everything is fascinating.  I remember when The Big Bang was first floated, then and now, I kept thinking all this would not have required a big bang, a little wobble would have been enough, yet still begs the question of from what before.  But of course, in this world, Big Bangs of all sorts are the way we roll.

      Resonance is everything.  I am 70.  In my early 20's, 20-23, forgetting exactly when, I had some friends interested in "psychic" and related phenomena and they had just come back from Russia, known to be "into" such things, having some kind of conference and experiments that people from all over the world of like mind attended.  One of the experiments they did involved a long and big bridge.  A guy sat to the side on that bridge and began banging it with a hammer of sorts, repetively, in an even and regular rhythm.  After some time, the bridge began moving. Up and down, more so and more so.  After quite some time it was undulating to such a degree that they had to stop that experiment.  I was fascinated.  Always wanted to try it!  Never did. 

    • Rick L. says:

      Ron. I have to agree with you 100%, per my previous comment on the variety of different types of waves penetrating us. You know another thing which may sound peculiar is, I wonder, considering all the decades of fossil fuels, emissions of all types from chemicals, fertilizers and such, as they are dispersed into the air and ground from use and vapors, I would like to be able to compare the smell of the air say in the early 1800's to what it is today. I would venture to say there would be a noticeable difference. As it has changed so slowly it has gone un-noticed. 

  54. Kathleen Lane says:

    How do I move forward with this. I have

    been spreading the word for a very long 

    time!  I even wrote to Governor Brown and Gavin Newsom and have not heard a word back from them.  so disappointing thought they were for

    doing something about climate!

    • Dennie says:

      You know, Kathleen, we should just keep at it.  Eventually their shells will crack, one way or another.  Just.  Keep. At.  It.

    • BaneB says:

      Kathleen Lane:  Three monkeys.  My Representative in Congress Jared Huffman.  He is an environmental lawyer.  Governor Brown, and "assistant governor" Gavin Newsom.  They are deaf, dumb, and blind.  But they do know.  They are gong with the Program."  Still, your letters and emails and phone calls do keep them sweating.  There are many many people inquiring about the Geoengineering of our skies.  Some day these obfuscationists will be forced to do their duty and represent the People and Life.

  55. Joseph L says:

    BREAKING NEWS- Hanford nuclear tunnel collapse today.  I wonder if we can trust the news when they tell us everything is all right??? TODAY

  56. Rick L. says:

    I've been very concerned about every type of frequency made by man for decades. Whether it  be AM, FM, UHF,  police band, military communication (testing or other), satellite, and more satellite's, ham radios,  wifi, haarp and some we don't know about like what creates the Taos hum. If you can imagine if these waves were visible, the world as we see it would not be visible. All you could see is a solid color that consumes everything. It would in fact be as if we were all blind. Familiar sounds would surround us all. But those waves are invisible and they penetrate us 24 hours a day. This has to be having an effect on us all. Not to mention, have you ever wondered where does all the rubber/silicone go that comes off your tires as we all drive around. You know, we're all breathing that invisible stuff. For the amount of traffic around here you would think there would be little piles of if along side the road. But there's not.  Hmmmmmm?

    Kiddingly in the mornings I tell my wife I'm going out back to get a fresh breath of chemicals. Sadly how true this is seeing chemtrails first thing in the morning, all day and into the evening. And yes, I see them during night occasionally too. Try as we might, we're surrounded with man made poison but still continue to poison our selves. 

  57. marc says:

    Observation: Tucson's current weather system is coming straight out of Sonora, Mexico. Cells of rain, one after the other. Temperature right now, 4 in the afternoon, around 60 degrees, give or take. 4 days ago, Friday, it reached 101 degrees in Tucson and about 107 in Phoenix. Hello??? Monday was a "transition" day from 100 degree temps to what we have today, 60-ish. Absurd. If this ain't nucleation I'll eat this little bronze buddha sitting here next to my laptop. There was a weird "oppressiveness" about those hottest days. Yes, the heat itself, but it also felt like the air was "pressurized" around my body and head. Very weird, and relentless. Yesterday the oppressive quality lifted a little and today it feels 100% better. Chilly, even. So here in southern AZ we also see weather whiplash in progress. In a couple days it is supposed to get back into the 90's. Again, absurd. And did I mention stupid?

      These yay-hoos who control the weather are nothing but a gaggle of big f**king babies. Spiritually and morally bankrupt, scientifically blind, they are goose-stepping automatons unaware of the damage their wanton deployments of advanced technology are causing to everything that is struggling to live in this Pandora's box. Is this not ultimately suicidal? It just cannot continue this way indefinitely. There must come a point at which complete collapse of everything gains the upper hand, even on the ability of these jackoffs to continue with their dumb-ass little game. 

    • Martha says:

      Marc, please don't eat the buddha, it's nucleation! I admire your way with words and although a dire topic, I love reading your posts.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, agreed.  As Mike Ruppert has said, the game's over, they just don't know it yet.  Can you imagine trying to fly a jet at Mach 8 on solar cells??  I doubt it.  "They" will continue to fight and fight and fight and fight over the last drops of oil they so desperately need to guzzle to keep their game going.  First, we'll go, "their" victims.  "They" will be the last ones to go. 

    • Ronnie says:

      Yes sadly I feel that pressurized air here in Arkansas too. I do believe Dane is right when he says we are warming up like thousands of nukes going off per day.

      I'm emailing everyone I think might be reasonable enough to take an honest look at this info from my university email. I was hoping to have another good 50 or 60 years but I can see by the rate of wildlife dieoff and intensified heat that we probably won't make it that long unless we stop it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ronnie, the attached link will shed more light on the speed at which our planet is descending into total meltdown (with geoengineering helping to fuel the overall fire). FYI

  58. Joseph L says:

    Thank you Dane — Port Washington N.Y. in the photo is only about 5 miles from where I live.  I see this garbage all the time in the sky.  On another note it looks like Gary Null finally has Global Alert News at 2P.M. accurate w the date of your last show.– Here is the link   . Dane if you can Gary needs to mention your  website he covers environmental issues all the time but occasionally mentions geoengineering..  His show on Monday was incredible— as he tore apart the corruption of the whole system.   I actually have met Gary 2xs at anti Nuke rallys— one — one year after fukusima at Indian Point Nuclear in 2012— I remember mentioning to him then about chemtrails on the way up to the nuclear power plant. Anyway, keep up the great work.  The week after next is the march against Monsanto worldwide.     MAY 20 MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO WORLDWIDE


    • Joseph L says:

      Sounds similar to Monsanto’s collusion with the EPA to conceal the grotesque cancer-causing effects of Roundup…
      We have also conducted further research on Monsanto’s acquisition of Climate Corp. and the patents that the USDA holds for aluminum-resistant seed varieties. Why should this concern you? We know that Bill Gates has a substantial amount of money invested in the biotech corporation and owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock valued at more than $50 million dollars.

      Now, it’s been reported that Gates is teaming up with Harvard and has pledged $7 million dollars for geoengineering experiments that will include aerial spraying of various chemicals like sulfur dioxide and alumina, a compound that includes aluminum.

      Ominously, a 2016 U.N report warns of the dangers of the untested technology stating that the effectiveness of geoengineering is “uncertain” and “in reducing the scale of one problem, other new problems would be created. Thus, there would also be risk of the geoengineering action also contributing to other drivers affecting biodiversity loss and ecosystem integrity.” (The U.N report can be read by clicking here.)

  59. Dennie says:

    That photo of Marin County (my home), just north of San Francisco with the rows of chem sh!t streaking off the Marin coast just blows me away.  I stared in total shock when I first saw this photo months ago and sent it to everyone I know in Marin. 

    Spot-fires of awareness are indeed happening.  There is movement under the carpet.  Today's articles in the Marin I.J. included the fact that many older women have had enough of the insanity and are starting to organize and mobilize, with letter-writing campaigns, calls to elected representatives and showing up at local government meetings.  Now if we can get them to look UP, actually, and witness the ongoing horror, then open their mouth loudly and take ACTION.

    Last night the crap was particularly vicious.  I was in a restaurant where they opened the back doors near the end of the evening and let in all the bad air containing the metallic poisons blown over us since before sunset, which seems to be the pattern. I could not sleep because I could not breathe.  Today I have bronchitis with productive coughing.  I'm praying like Hell that this is not going to become a secondary infection and praying even harder that we'll be getting a break from the heavy spraying.  IT DOESN'T HELP when we have former informational weather mavericks who are now trying, erroneously, to tell us what the programs are for (and you know who you are, too), to which I say, "Sorry, dude, but you're just too late for half-truths and the cat's been outta the bag for quite a while."

    • Joseph L says:

      OIL of oregano is good stuff — against getting sick.

    • Bette Thatcher says:

      If you think this is shocking, you should see the video of the NEXRAD that  broadcasts from Beale AFB.  It covers all of northern CA.

    • Dennie says:

      I just fiished flushing my nose with some sea salt water and a few drops of Braggs apple cider vinegar (live culture).  Feeling MUCH better.  Now if we can JUST GET THE SPRAYING STOPPED.  How about let's find who's on the faculty at the Harvard Geoengineering Dept. and start sending them links to FACTS about what they're already doing?  You know, be a whole pack of yapping, nipping nasty little ankle-biting doggies who don't give up yammering and badgering these pesty insects and assorted vermin who talk like it's their God-given right to defile our only home. 

  60. PatinSF says:

    The The radio frequency and microwave transmissions over the Bay Area this past weekend were very noticeable. I get dizzy from it and have bad vertigo, When you include the high wind and blowing around of he nano particulates from SRM it is easy to loose your health and fall into sickness.

    • joe Strauss says:

      Patin SF,


      Our physical being is definitely sensItive to all those

      RF frequencies from HAARP

      My dentist of 36 years has treated a tooth of mine with a deep

      filling of glass ionomer material.  Good for deep fillings.

      It was filled 4 years ago.  Three times tooth acted up

      with Pulpitis condition( Dentistry term) for a sensitive tooth.

      Can be caused from..Trauma, Drilling on the tooth or

      a tooth can detect mild electrical RF from

      HAARP…Well the RF has been ramped up in 5 years plus.

      3 years ago when on aircraft over Hawaii @ 30 thousnad feet

      we had turbulance for 30 minutes. I was sick and yes,

      that tooth acted up (trauma)

      Again in prior 3 months, the intense RF's over San Francisco

      knocke the tooth out agin.  This time I confirmed with Dentist

      thru x-ray. the filling is excellent and no nerve decay or

      bacteria inside the tooth for infection or nerve damage.


      So it is the RF, I know did the ultra sensitive new irritation

      to my still good tooth,, Now I am 72 with the original tooth,

      only a deep filling.

      Take heed all of you with dental conditions that come and go,

      or head aches and irritable conditions..Note when the

      HAARP  is turned on…   Joe, San Francisco, CA



  61. izzy says:

    The universe is fundamentally an electromagnetic construction, but some of us humans are pushing it into a highly unnatural and unhealthy shape. When commercial television was first rolled out, we were cautioned to sit well back from the device. And forty or so years ago, when microwave ovens were being introduced, and shortly thereafter the first cell phones, there was still at least a token regard for the potential dangers. I even recall some incident when the US and Soviet embassies were in an argument about microwaving each other. Today the stuff is everywhere – in our homes, in our cars, on our person – and now ‘exciting’ the planet’s atmosphere and all living things worldwide. A bad idea, for a whole host of reasons.

    The tenor of these reports grows ever more urgent and impassioned, even as the news and developments keep getting worse. Some sort of event horizon approaches. How long before it all blows up in our face?


    • Lindsey says:

      Very well put! Thank you

    • anna van Z says:

      Yes, good points, Izzy.

    • Rutherford_County_NC says:

      Johnny Cochran died of ear cancer. His treating physician said he believed that Mr. Cochran's constant use of the cellphone to his left ear, where the fatal tumor was located, was directly related.

      That was in the late 1990s.

      I think eventually cellphones will be viewed like cigarettes. Some of us remember cigs being called 'healthy' and the cig companies denying the health risks for profit.

      I think the cellphone industry is doing exactly the same thing.

      I rarely use one and when I do it's on speaker away from my head. Whenever possible I carry it away from my body or just leave it at home/in the car.

  62. Holly P says:

    I have been aware of geo-engineering for about 10 years now, later than some, yet sooner than some.  I found one of your flyers on my windshield one day after shopping.   So somebody was quite awake back then and enlighten me.  I have noticed many things since then and some things prior to finding that flyer.  I noticed, how hot the sun was getting, I noticed the strange sky, especially during the onset of dusk.  Everything in the back yard  would have an amber glow to it.  I remember making my husband come and look.  Frozen fog one morning  while going to work.  Strange, I thought.  Amongst other odd things. This was before I knew what was happening, now I think back and say to my self, that explains it.  Now it seems the more I know the more devastated I am.  I try to follow everything about this and sometimes it's extremely upsetting.  Especially with all the mass die offs around the planet, the floods, the fires, the devastating weather that affect so many.  it's infuriating to me.  I feel for every living thing, animal and human and am angry at the same time.    Feeling defeated.   

    • Lawrence Goodwin says:

      Thanks for sharing, Holly P. Every day, there are countless thousands more of us out here (but still with you). We, too, struggle against a widespread public habit of ignoring the ruthless geoengineering crimes described in these pages. The problem, it seems, is that nobody likes being pushed into believing any fact. People are free to make their own discoveries and conclusions. But we shall never concede defeat to ignorance or anything like it. The geoengineering menace will be exposed through nationwide public pressure on our elected "leaders"–men and women in the U.S. Congress, who supposedly represent us as they allocate the better part of $1 trillion of our tax dollars annually for global military operations. When proper committees are formed, federal lawmakers have all types of evidence needed to prove geoengineering tyranny is being waged over our country (and obviously over others, at the behest of deranged men with grudges). We must insist that federal investigation starts, preferably by tomorrow. We all want real progress toward an immediate end to geoengineering operations, and we shall accept nothing less.  

    • Dog says:

      Hi Holly, don't feel defeated if you are caring and acting. You have already won.



    • Martha says:

      Holly, I so relate to what you've shared. The main thing that helps me handle this atrocity that's occurring over our heads each day is to take action. It truly helps me to feel less hopeless. I carry a few of the full-color, double-sided, glossy flyers posted on this site in an envelope in my purse to hand out to people. I had them printed by a print shop. Whenever I hear someone complaining about the weather, which is frequently these days, I'll start a conversation with them and give them a flyer. The aerosol dispersions have been so blatant here lately the only upside to it is that it makes "my job" easier. Very seldom does anyone try to argue with me. Usually, they're interested and take the flyer.

      It is infuriating! Absolutely it is but we're all in this together. Please know that you're not alone.

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