Betrayal, The Climate Engineering Cover-Up By The Media, The US Military, And Academia


Dane Wigington

Our society is taught and conditioned to accept the dictates and opinions of the so called "experts" without questioning their conclusions. In so many circles of academia honesty and morality has long since been abandoned in exchange for a paycheck and a pension. When one branch or group of the science community completely contradicts another group from the same field of study, shouldn't that be a glaring red flag? Nowhere do we have a more egregious and criminally negligent example than with the climate science community's complete denial of the climate engineering issue and its overall effect on the planetary thermostat. While the vast majority of climatologists/scientists and governments around the globe are either "investigating" or pushing for global geoengineering/solar radiation management to be deployed for global warming "mitigation" (as if geoengineering has not been going on for over 70 years already), other camps in the science community have long since confirmed that jet traffic and "contrails" (sprayed particulate trails) are actually a major contributor to global warming. A dozen sample articles are below which confirm the overall warming effect that is caused from jet aircraft traffic and "contrails".

"Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm The U.S. Climate" (NASA)

"Aircraft contrails may be causing more climate warming today than all the carbon dioxide emitted by aircraft since the start of aviation" (Think Progress)

"ScienceShot: Jet Contrails a Big Global Warmer" (Science magazine)

"Airplane contrails and their effect on temperatures" (Christian Science Monitor)

"The Contrail Effect"  (From NOVA and PBS)

"Jet Contrails Actually Do Alter The Weather" ( Discovery Magazine)

"Flying Further To Avoid Jet Contrails Might Help With Global Warming" (Popular Science)

"Plane Contrails Worse Than C02 Emissions For Global Warming" (Phys-Org)

"Airplane Contrails Boost Global Warming" (National Geographic)

But are we really witnessing "contrails" in our skies? Can "contrails" be turned on and off? No.

ALL commercial jet aircraft and ALL military tankers are fitted with "high bypass turbofan jet engines", does this type of prolusion system typically produce any "condensation" trails? No again.

The grand deception is this, all available data proves beyond reasonable doubt that the trails being used to blot out the sun and alter the weather around the globe are intentionally sprayed (and highly toxic) particulate trails that are the direct result of ongoing covert climate engineering programs. The closest the climate science community has come to telling the truth is to admit that "contrails" may be causing "accidental" geoengineering. How is it possible that we live in a "civilized world" in which such massive, obvious, and unimaginably destructive programs can be carried out in plain sight while the climate science community (and academia as whole) adamantly and criminally denies this verifiable reality? The quote below from climate scientist, Sarah Myhre, sheds some light on the mindset of many in academia (though still, of course, omits the issues of geoengineering/solar radiation management).

We scientists are the gatekeepers of the basic information that fuels decision making by nations, businesses and communities. As these public entities are more and more threatened by the advancing impacts of climate warming, from flooding, to water scarcity, to the spread of tropical diseases, our role as objective scientists has to change. We are so skilled at many, many detailed and quantitative tasks, but, as you would expect from a community of introverts, we are not great at shining that brilliant light back on ourselves.  

(Sarah Myhre is an ocean and climate scientist with expertise in the marine ecological consequences of abrupt climate warming.)

How bad is the true state of the global climate? As dire as the recent article excerpt below may seem, the unfolding reality on the ground is far worse and global climate engineering is helping to fuel the overall fire.

A so-called “Blue-Ocean Event” — a period during the melt season with less than 1 million square kilometers (a little over 386,100 square miles) of Arctic sea ice — was not expected to occur until 2070 to 2100 by most science modeling projections of the early 21st Century.

Recent polar ice observations, however, indicate extreme loss of volume. Daily sea ice loss rates since late April 2016 have averaged about 75,000 square kilometers (about 29,000 square miles) per 24 hours, resulting in continuously record low levels.

Many climate scientists now project the first “Blue-Ocean Event” within a decade or less. Some experts speculate it may even occur during the melt season of 2016.

The unfolding planetary meltdown is rapidly accelerating with Arctic ice at far beyond record low levels and a record early snow melt. The Arctic meltdown is now being described as a "train wreck" by scientists while global sea level rise continues to rapidly accelerate. All available data indicates 2016 will be yet another year of record shattering heat around the globe. We have already exceeded the point of no return in many respects and even now so many remain completely oblivious to converging catastrophes that are already taking an immense toll. The human race has decimated the planet in countless ways, global climate engineering is the epitome of that decimation. As the biosphere continues to implode, the military/industrial complex (and all those invested in it) have done exactly what they have historically done, further expand the global geoengineering assault in the desperate and unimaginably destructive attempt to hide the collapsing climate from the population for as long as possible. Military personnel are being told they are engaged in benevolent programs for the good of their nation, this could not be further from the truth. Climate engineering is ultimately about power and control at the cost of killing the planet, nothing less. The time for our military brothers and sisters to wake up to what they are being used for is long past due. They must remember the meaning of the oaths they have taken to protect the country and The US Constitution from ALL THREATS, both foreign AND DOMESTIC. The time is also long past due for the climate science community and academia to reclaim their virtue and tell the truth, the whole truth. To do otherwise is to continue in their betrayal of the human race and life on Earth. Finally, those in the media that have led the campaigns of completely criminal deception should be exposed in any and every possible public forum with their public email contacts posted for the world to see and utilize. No matter what challenges we face, if we all work together, effectively and efficiently, we can yet expose the insanity and all those who have participated in it. We may one day be able to hold Nuremberg style trials to hold accountable all those who have contributed to climate engineering crimes and the cover-up of these crimes. Though climate engineering can create short term highly toxic chemical cool-downs, these events come at the cost of a worsened overall warming. Help us in the battle to expose and halt the insanity in our skies, help us to reach the necessary critical mass of awareness, this is the only way forward in the fight. Make your voice heard while you can.

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  1. Laws and court proceedings are designed to clearify a Lawful process. The issues involved in geoengineering have been well documented on these pages, as well as hundreds of other pages devoted to weather control efforts. The cumulative effects of geoengineering methods on environmental systems are staggering.

    Geoengineering chemical compounds cannot be transported without clear disclosure to the transport agent of record. Clandistien or covert transport of these toxic materials is clearly ILLEGAL within the United States.

    Hazardous Materials Transportation Authorization Act (1994)

    ["Signed by President Bill Clinton on August 26, 1994, the purpose of the amendment was to broaden the "regulatory and enforcement authority of the Secretary of Transportation." [31] The Secretary is given discretionary power to require anyone who transports hazardous materials through aircraft, rail, ship, or vehicle to register with the Department of Transportation who are not already under mandatory obligation to do so. Additionally, the amendment restructured the Act, reauthorizing funding for the HMTA and requiring additional safety initiatives to be taken by the Department of Transportation.[32] Under this amendment, its underlying goal remained the same as the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act: to protect against the risks to life, property, and the environment during the transportation of hazardous materials."]

    Complete text:

    Persons employed in geoengineering activities need to be arrested and imprisoned for life, period.

  2. Emma says:

    Hi Dane amazing work your doing. Iv been watching as much as possible so I can use correct terms and science. Going through it with my husband and he can't get his head round how they can destroy the planet they must know what there doing as where are they going to live when the planets destroyed. How do you answer that one. Also how does radar work if all that metals in the air. Metals what they used in the war to stop it working. Not a clue to answer that one. Everyone I've spoken too comes up with the first question. Please help. Thanks again Emma


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Emma, about your question on the radar images, metal particle dumps were sometimes used to confuse radar images during wartime, it is a matter of reflectivity. In the case of precipitation and climate engineering, the atmospheric particles can be manipulated by the very powerful RF transmissions, this in turn manipulates precipitation.

  3. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    I have already informed a good friend of mine, about Climate Engineering/GeoEngineering. My friend is convinced, but I will tell him to read this Post as well as the Ken H Comment, about Barium and other Aerosol toxins and there effect on the human heart. My friend has Heart problems and has had several Strokes!



  4. KEN H. says:

    The Barium (Chemtrail) spraying that has been ongoing for years is very poisonous- I have read that Barium is used in medical labs to induce heart valve failure in dogs– to experiment with  heart valve replacement procedures and treatments. Barium is injected into their blood stream.  Our lungs convert Barium into our blood when we breathe in Barium that is in our Chemtrail air.

    Heart Valve failure in humans has become an epidemic.  Hospitals throughout the US have been specializing in Heart Valve repair and replacement of Heart valves for several years. Heart valves in healthy people have started leaking or malfunctioning- to cause a condition leading to Heart failure if not replaced or repaired. People throughout the world have been going into specialized US Heart hospitals for Surgery and treatment of their heart valve problems. People in their 30's and 40's, as well as older folks have been having heart valves replaced or repaired.  The medical billing for  each of these procedures average in the $400,000-$500,000 range.  Those who cannot get this specialized surgery will die from heart failure.

    It is not just weather manipulation to be concerned about- it is also about depopulation and medical payments of billions of dollars to Hospitals, big Pharma, aircraft tanker planes  and medical research facilities. Billions of dollars are expended because of the fallout from the aerial spraying of Barium, Aluminum and other toxic metals and chemicals.  Its time for everyone to be concerned.  Lets all take an active role to expose the people responsible for the chemical spraying- at all levels. 

  5. soothsayer says:

    Dane, I commend your talent for cutting right to the core of the dire issues we are all facing.  For example, the first sentence of this article provides us with a deep insight into the public's hypnotically-induced reduction of critical thinking skills and mental capacities:

    " Our society is taught and conditioned to accept the dictates and opinions of the so called "experts" without questioning their conclusions."

    The phenomenon that you've described can be accurately defined as hypnosis. What is hypnosis? Very simply, it is acting upon the unquestioned acceptance of an idea or concept which had been disseminated from an authority figure, implanted through suggestion into one's mind while in a trance-state.

    A trance state is an easily induced altered state of mind that presents a greatly increased level of suggestibility.  A multitude of various daily activities such as watching television or staring at electronic gadgets (or even just walking down a grocery store isle) induces an altered mental state – an hypnotic trance state that is potentially addictive. 

    We are all living (to some degree) in a shared hypnotic experience. While we are in a trance state, our minds become much more open to covert manipulation through the power of suggestion. The use of hypnosis creates a perfect opportunity to "sell" unwary individuals within society upon "buying into" a product or an idea (or a scam). Hypnosis provides authorities with an excellent opportunity to effectively manipulate a targeted individual or group's desires, emotions, and mental state for nefarious purposes.

    Geoengineering and its destructive effect upon the our health and our environment is happening in plain view right over our heads and all around us, yet a vast majority of folks are in denial of this obvious reality. How can normal people become so stupid and gullible as to accept the ongoing narrative of lies and deceptions which falsely assure everyone that geoengineering (and omnicide) is not happening? The answer is simple – acceptance is manufactured and manipulated through the use of widespread mass hypnosis and highly indoctrinated self-hypnosis. 

    Most everyone has seen and enjoyed entertaining presentations of stage hypnosis being performed by professional hypnotists. These performances readily demonstrate how easily people can be hypnotized into perceiving all sorts of things that are not real. Such demonstrations of hypnosis also provide insight into how easily either an individual or group's perceptions can be controlled – without any conscious awareness of the deep  psychological manipulation which is taking place.

    There are many amazing examples that demonstrate just how powerful the phenomenon of hypnotic suggestion can be, and of the degree in which people willing participate in allowing themselves to be hypnotized and mind-controlled. Yet, most people in society remain completely unaware of how often in their daily lives they unconsciously allow themselves to be subjected to hypnotic suggestions. Nowadays, its quite common to observe people embracing their ongoing mental enslavement by spending every possible minute of their waking hours in a full-time MSM-induced hypnotic trance state, leaving themselves wide open to each and every suggestion they may encounter.

    Hypnosis can also be defined as: one person having power over another.  That makes hypnosis and very dangerous tool or weapon in the wrong hands. 100% of all people can potentially be hypnotized (no one is invulnerable.) The most powerful type of hypnosis is strictly one of communication. It is subtle and covert. Most people simply cannot recognize when they are being hypnotized.

    Hypnosis is the non-critical (unquestioning) acceptance of ideas or concepts on a sub-conscience level. HYPNOSIS OCCURS WHEN ONE PERSON SAYS SOMETHING, AND ANOTHER PERSON BELIEVES IT TO BE TRUE AND THEN ACTS UPON IT AS IF IT IS TRUE.

    Self-hypnosis happens when I say something to myself, believe that it is true, and then act upon it as if it is true.

    Hypnosis invariably occurs when we listen to authority figures instead of our own common sense and intuition. Hypnosis is rooted in our assumption (and poorly placed trust) of authority figures, and perhaps more importantly, in our willingness to act upon erroneous or false beliefs as if they were true.

    People willingly fall into hypnosis so they won't have to be responsible for their own actions. When one hands power over themselves along to someone else (usually an authority figure), they also very conveniently hand over their sense of responsibility (for their thoughts, words, and actions).

    Unethical authority figures present their own version of the “truth” that best serves themselves and their twisted, criminal, and insanely dangerous and destructive agendas. Psychopathic leaders imbedded in the military/corporate/government matrix with vested interests in acquiring ever greater amounts of wealth and power have the means at their disposal to trick an unwary populace into believing in certain particular concepts or ideas. They effectively use modern technology to easily deceive the masses into believing that it is in their highest and best purpose/interest to believe (without questioning or doubting) in the never-ending string of lies, deceptions, and horrors which the PTB are selling society upon.

    Once again, we are all living in a shared hypnotic experience. That is why it is imperative for all people to wake up and become acutely aware of the biased beliefs and psy-op programs that our society is now being endlessly subjected to. Our informed awareness and mindful resistance nullifies the PTB's insidious power to covertly control us through trance-induced hypnosis.   

    The first step to regaining balance is getting past the hypnosis. We must return to seeing things for what they really are, without blindly accepting opinions from authority figures and so-called "experts".  We should instead, wait to see things objectively after doing our own research and investigations. Only then can we begin to construct an informed opinion. Once we have fully awaked, we must commit to doing our part, uniting together, and working to create effective peaceful countermeasures and strategies to neutralize and reverse the onslaught of the hypnotically induced stupidity and disguised slavery which our culture and society is currently being slowly but surely choked to death with.

    As painful as it is, the resolution to most of our problems is to wake up from our hypnotic trance state, to take a realistic look at what is actually going on, strip away all the delusions and false perceptions, strip away all the false beliefs, and even if it is extremely painful to look at it, acknowledge what is really happening to us all.

    Just as we can willfully allow ourselves to be hypnotized and indoctrinated, we can also effectively de-hypnotize ourselves and counter our cultic mind-controlling indoctrination. Being aware and objective can prevent any further handing over control of ourselves to others (to unethical and corrupt authority figures). By being awake, aware, and objective we can effectively counteract the subtle mind control techniques employed by psychopathic control-freak authority figures, who are using hypnosis to covertly lead the entire population of the planet down a bitter path of the bankster's NWO neo-feudalism and enslavement, and even worse – to the complete and utter destruction of all life as we know it.

    Will those of us who have become awake and aware turn their backs and obediently bow down before the gods of chaos and destruction, allowing  the impending omnicide to occur without lifting a finger to stop it? Or will we each take responsibility to preserve life and liberty by taking whatever action we possibly can to stop the insidious Death Machine. 

    * * *

    Thank you Dane – for all your Herculean efforts, for your indomitable spirit and relentless resolve to help awaken the people to the multiple crisis at hand, and also for your compassionate and tireless efforts to provide an abundance of quality information and uplifting inspiration. We desperately need  the facts and information which you and the community you have fostered continue to provide, because hard facts and truthful/accurate information serve as the ultimate effective tool/weapon to fight against the horrific insanity which threatens to destroy us all. In my opinion, you sir, truly deserve the honorific title Hero of the Earth. Your hard work and moral fortitude are a wonderful source of inspiration to so many people.  I can't think of a more respect worthy mentor to emulate in this madness-filled world.



    • soothsayer says:

      The breathtaking record of perfidy is so mutated in the public mind, wrote the late Harold Pinter, that it “never happened …Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest. It didn't matter … “. Pinter expressed a mock admiration for what he called “a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It's a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.”

      (source: Silencing the United States As It Prepares For War) 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.
      Soothsayer ( for me; Good Warlock ), thank you very much for your teaching ( And to you to Dane; for me Silver Wolf ). A teacher helps us to see the World through the clarity of Truth. And the Truth is that is something wrong with our Species. We must find a infallible way to early identify psychopaths and sociopaths and put them under surveillance since their young years. I don't see another way. This is not a safe and ethical solution, but I don't see another.
      This "Humanity" (since the invention of money, by Darius the 1st, more and less 2500 years ago) is the biggest and grotesque Lie in our Species sequence of existential events and Historical Periods..
      And the roll of Lies are:
      – religion ( religion is nothing more than the politicization and ownership over Spirituality ).
      – The big threat of communism that had lead to the Vietnam war and to the genocide in Cambodia.
      – The great fear of new epidemics that lead to more and more vaccines ( and that vaccines must contain aluminum and mercury, because is only a little bit ).
      – The lie that science and hi-tec will save us. They will have all the answers.
      – The functioning and real purpose of national and international institutions. NATO, UN, EU, etc.. … … … …
      – The nuclear, and the non alternative for oil and war based economy.
      – The nuclear ( again and again…)..
      – The new energy science investigation and research, about CERN and alike fields. The nuclear again and again. These MFs are obsessed. And we had Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!!!!
      – Fukushima… Again…
      – And of course; The war on terror… The biggest Lie of All..
      – The Climate change denial.
      – The idea that GMO will save us from starvation!!  ..Brothers and sisters: GM corn seems like corn but it is not corn!!! They just want to eradicate real Food ( that Mother Nature – You know?? OUR Mother !! – gave Us for Free, through eons of evolutionary efforts – You know?? – the Gift of having Ecosystems.. for FREE.) to have for them total control in food production and in food distribution in the World. And beware, they want to destroy all seeds… and patenting the genome of all Animals. You know?, the Animals that they will extinguish. .. Lions and stuff..
      – The Climate engineering denial.
      … And this one is NOT a Lie; they really want to cut down Human pop to 300.000.000… They said this, more than once. For me is enough. And not forget about the chip in the right hand..
      Don't worry, it's only the 4th reich coming. The "new" order. We can thank to media.
      We must be Free Again. Warriors of the words and acts, fighting against oblivion.
      Good Luck to Us All.

    • John Arndt says:

      Wow Soothsayer.

      That my friend, could have not been worded better.

      Thank you for the enlightened discourse!


  6. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.
    I hope to see the day that Humans and all living wild creatures can be Free again.
    The MFs that are putting us in this chemical soup, they must pay.
    The MFs that are systematically destroying the most brilliant evolutionary achievement in cognitive terms of all creatures ( as far as we know ) – Human intelligence, with weapons design to create great damage to Human offspring and to human adults, in many different ways and in many different levels – vaccines with aluminum and mercury – they must pay. 
    The MFs that transformed the political game in pure narcissistic madness and in a global suicidal act, they must pay.
    I'm not old, and in my life time, all large ( and some small ) living wild creatures have become almost extinct ( with only a few exceptions ). And many are extinct now. The forests destroyed. And the wars, with millions of human fatalities ( innocent civilians ), are numbered in the dozens.
    We must be free again. 
    Good luck to us all.

  7. Pedro says:


        – Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.


     The circle is closed – the 4th reich is coming, we must wake up.


     The plan is open; The clan of the sociopaths want the world for them. And they think that they will not die too (but because they see themselves as Gods, they will not die alone and they must extinguish all Life in this process.. for the World become a Legacy only for their sons, you know?). …What a joke.

     When "persons" without Humanity ( moral conscience, intellectual honesty, social culture, and professional culture ) climb to the top and take away the chairs that belong to the true Leaders, this is what happens. Total corruption.

     When the world is ruled by the finance pirates this is what happens.


                                        Total corruption.


     Our Species had flourished in the last 10.000 years because we have (since then) climate stability. Without it – no Agriculture and No modern History. And now the Weather will be used as the ultimate weapon. To eradicate whoever they want. And they will do it, if they can (…yes we can…), no doubt of that.


      If you control the weather and food (eradicating true food and imposing genetically modified "food"; because GM corn, seems like corn but it's NOT corn!!! – and this goes for all food), you control People ( you know – the Persons that are Alive today ).

      If you control resources, you control money. All money. There will be no ice in the Poles, no problem, we have a scientific solution for that (sure you have…)

      If you control territory ; all the World – You rules.

      Maybe we are seeing the last days of country borders, as we know them. No more countries and flags. Bye bye Human Culture (and it started 500 years ago, the globalization, you know..).

    Good luck to us all.

  8. DrDignity says:

    Great article, Dane! If you haven't seen NASA's "Global Analysis- April 2016, see it soon.  April 2016's global mean was 1,10 degrees C with land & ocean combined.  The northern hemisphere's land mean was 2,08 degrees C for April while ocean was 0,81 degrees C.  The southern hemisphere's land was 1,53 degrees C while the ocean there was 0,80 degrees C. Another noteworthy milestone is the level of C02: 408 ppm combined with other green house gasses like fluorinated hydrocarbons, methane & nitrous oxide yielded a total of 490 ppm C02e, a huge catapault in warming potential, resembling the upper Middle Miocene of 15-17 million years ago when there were no icefields nor glaciers.

  9. Tammy says:

    In response to Korey's post above regarding now hearing lower flying airplanes, I, too, have noticed in the past two days hearing jet noise traveling overhead, but do not always locate where the sound is generated from.  Long ago, I recall hearing jet travel and realizing the jet, due to its speed, stays ahead of the noise I hear from the ground.  With the Geoengineering planes, I have never heard them.  I figure either they are up too high or there are silencing mechanisms put on the engines.  But as of late, I do hear jet noise.  Is the cloud cover so laden with particulates that I no longer see the jets as they fly even closer?  Or, are there planes flying much higher with louder sounds?  Gee, maybe cloaking devices are being used, but the sounds remain.  Whacky.  I am in central Italy around Lake Bolsena about 1 1/2 hours north of Rome.  Intense spraying here yesterday.  I awoke to an already heavy laden sky that seemed as though the spray operation was in full force even during the night.  So much particulate is in the air that cloud cover can be thick, but I'm sure disappear quickly if given a particular vibration.  Horizon to horizon trails.  About 4 days ago the skies were somewhat clear with constant planes leaving shorter trails.  Weather was pleasant and many people enjoy outdoor natural hot sulphur spring Terme (pools).  Laying on the grass, looking up into the sun with sunglasses while blocking the direct sun with my fingers, I witnessed may chemwebs falling…some clumped together.  What was most astonishing is the billions and billions if not trillions of insects freshly hatched or various sizes everywhere.  I noticed them from the backlight of the sun.  I've seen this two other times in the past year.  At first I think, ok, the day is warming up, maybe this is what insects do in the spring air…but so many along with chemwebs trailing down through he atmoshphere?  I remember once traveling internationally where I had put an orange in my suitcase…probably figuring I'd have it to eat once I got to where I was going.  I did get my suitcase searched and of course, the orange had to be thrown away…as to not potentially infect agriculture from one country to the next.  Now this?  I hope people do not fall for the trap that all this glaring GeoEngineering needs to be monitored by some global force and yet another global committee above the sovereignty of nations.  I just think it needs to stop.  Period.  The general population has been so slowly indoctrinated into thinking this is normal.  I take it for granted how many hours I've spent researching all this due to my naturally inquisitive nature.  How ironic, as a teacher, to want students to be naturally curious, yet to be witness to all this stonewalling and secrecy around such important issues.  Such is my naivete'!  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tammy, about the audibility of the jets, if one is in a sound filtered locatioin without background noise (such as a wilderness location), even the highest flying aircraft can generally be heard. This being said, the altitude of the spraying dispersions has been droping steadily overall since at least 2010.

    • Dennis says:

      As Dane said the flights seem to be lower and lower. However, specifically when it is cloudy or overcast(read: chem haze) they fly at just above the cloud deck. Online tools can tell you what height that is on any given day lately around 1500 feet. Sometimes when there is a break you can see them peaking in and out of the clouds.
      On another point though, you are correct that sometimes the air at higher altitudes is so full of particulates that they do actually disappear. (cloaking tech is also a possibility as they do have it, Google it) I have witnessed it many many times and if folks didn't already think I was nuts this did it. That is until my brother standing there watching with me saw one vanish. Kind of took his breath away and more importantly made him really start to think about all I tell him is going on.
      Keep up the fight. We are winning the information battle. Sadly it is because everything is so far off the rails that even the naysayers are waking up to this madness.
      We will all be vindicated and soon too. Just hope there is enough left  worth saving when we do get this spraying to STOP!
      We in SW Ohio have had mosquitoes for over a month and temps in the 40-50 range? What gives with that? Small white "bugs" have been around since the early winter, what gives with that? And lastly, seemingly healthy trees are dropping GREEN leaves that develop a white "fuzz" after sitting for a few minutes. Like a velvet carpet on both sides, but they don't have the fuzz while on the tree. Very strange.
      Crazy times. Crazier times ahead.

    • richard mann says:

      It seems odd but here in lancaster ca. [mojave desert] I haven't seen any chem trails for the last two weeks , and I am an avid CT watcher . there are different patterns and even certain times of day that spraying can occur. The jets will fly in pairs , solo or in threes and it does'nt take to long to cover the sky . wondering where they went ? any ideas…


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Richard, be watchful for the silvery white skies, a hallmark of aerosol spraying. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the aerosol programs. 

  10. stephan says:

    Dane and all – A few articles back a few people reported their observations about looking out the window on the flight they were on and watching the spraying going on – This clip is about a year old now and I've never seen it – I kind of lucked into it – when I tried to post it last night my computer went haywire – try this again…

  11. Alan says:

    Recent quote from Exxon Mobil CEO:
    "The reality is there is no alternative energy source known on the planet or available today to replace the prevalence of fossil fuels in the global economy," Tillerson said at the meeting. "The world is going to have to continue using fossil fuels, whether they like it or not."

  12. Diane Friday says:

    The NOAA forecast that Dane posted last week is happening, and then some. The flip flop of above-average temps for the eastern half of the US, below-average for western half. All naturally-occurring, of course. We here in or around Philadelphia as well as southern New Jersey are now in code orange or code red air quality alerts. The smell of ozone was literally sickening yesterday and again today. According to the very brief article from our local ABC affiliate, it's due to the warm and sunny weather, a regional mass of air pollution, and, here we go, smoke from the fires in Canada drifting this way. The incessant aerosol spraying that's been going on since before sunrise yesterday morning has absolutely nothing to do with it. I have quite a few photos of what was going on in our skies yesterday. And, since I was sitting in my car with the windows open, I can say I've seen what chaff looks like up close and personal. It's all over our window screens as well. I imagine they'll be gifting us with plenty more chaff today, in addition to whatever toxic cocktails they'll be dumping.
    The complicity of those in the MSM, and these alleged meteorologists, is more sickening than the daily toxic aerosol atrocities. 

    • Diane Friday says:

      Correction: The linked article is from, not the local ABC affiliate. The byline names simply a staff writer. What a sick joke that the map is courtesy of 

  13. adam says:

    Desperate CRIMES sometimes call for DESPERATE MEASURES TO EXPOSE THEM! I think if we could get enough groups together with enough servers to handle the traffic, we could have a national event to get all AWAKE TO THE BANKSTERS AGENDA OR UN(WO) TO stand on EVERY interstate and US highway ON AND OFF RAMPS n America and Canada holding different signs for every particular agenda of WHY THEY NEED TO LOOK TF UP! WAKE UP! LOOK UP! SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT! These signs should have website addresses like as well as others who may help to divert the traffic overload. WHEN THE SHAME STREAM, CRIMINAL, CORPORATE, ZIONNAZI PRO-PAGAN-DUH MEDIA doesn't say a word about this national event….THERE IS THE LONG AWAITED EXPOSURE TO THEIR TREACHERY! Some may hold signs to indicate just that and to see if the media covers this event and if they don't COVER IT…THEY ARE COVERING IT UP like so much more they cover up and when sheeple see that they aren't covering such a HUGE national event, I feel it would be the CRITICAL MASS PUSH WE NEED!


    • Al C says:

             As we are preparing for the long holiday weekend, here on the East Coast the forecast is for cooler weather tomorrow and then hot and humid on Saturday.

            Early this morning, the sky was a nice blue and by 3pm it was a gunpowdery silver………Seeing the planes up there like worker drones really is bumming me out…….When I was getting my afternoon coffee, the clerk was commenting on what a beautiful day it was and I pointed out the silver sky and gave her a brief tutorial on SRM/Geoengineering and once again was greeted with the "kook look."

              I feel like I'm living in a hybrid of the Matrix, The Truman Show and Alice in Wonderland.

      If there is a positive to all this, I have witnessed more people waking up to this insanity, just hope it's not too late.

  14. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    Jackson Browne -"Before The Deluge" 1974  with lyrics

    The worst spray day ever here in Nikiski, Alaska. It turned everyone into mindless zombies. I am completely disgusted with the apathy of my community. I am seriously considering shutting down Charlie's Pizza and converting the property into greenhouses/nursery.

    Gey Ready, Get Prepared, Get Active!    In That Order.

  15. Chad says:

    A lot of us know the Truth! I really know how deep it goes!!! It's gonna get ugly Soon! Amen!!!

  16. gary elt says:

    looking at the sat weather here in aus  strange radar anomalies in the gulf of carpentaria

  17. Grant Jones says:

    Folks, we are in crunch time. I can not express adequate thanks to all who contribute to  Danes' site.  Dane is correct in that it takes the masses to speak in order to be heard. Any an all thoughts are welcome in this fight to save a portion of this earth for a caring humanity. As a society we have passed many "tipping points" in Earths climatic evolution. We fight not for ourselves but for the ideals of humanitarian life. My thanks to Dane an all who contribute. We have nothing to lose save our self respect.Onward!

  18. BaneB says:

    The paradigm so bloated with liars, and false realities, that it is not the least far fetched to recognize that our leadership, in science, media, and politics, is suffering from multiple personalities disorder, and facets of the schizophrenic.  This can be very serious for the health of our dead republic.

    • Dennie says:

      From The Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley: 
      UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner makes the case that a person’s ability to empathize is what helps him or her reach a position of authority. However, leaders lose empathy and related qualities like generosity and openmindedness the longer they’re in power. We speak to Keltner about his new book, “The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence” and about what it takes to remain an enduring and effective leader.

  19. Dawnski says:

    Perfect timing for these links. Chamber of Commerce after hours event this evening on the lawn of a prominent law office in town, with spraying taking place overhead. . .perfect opportunity to pitch this site to a few people, one who mentioned conspiracy theories. I mentioned this educational and informative site. I sure got a goofy look from local artist Cotton Ketchie whom you may recall me mentiining had taken a photo of aerosal spraing that looked like the water tower was "blowing steam" posted on the local newspaper website. Being surrounded by such prominent educated townsfolk on a heavy spray day. . .hmmmm.

    • BaneB says:

      "Trouble In Love Valley."  I looked up Cotton Ketchie.  He is a very fine realist water colorist.  Someone such as this would be able, if not willing, to create the evocative macabe feeling tone of dilapidated decay in structures and the atmosphere laced with jets spewing and morphed trails.  One painting would get the message out to the viewer to rethink their bucolic Carolina lifestyle as secure.   Indeed, one odd duckling on 'canvas' of the less pedantic at some juncture in time would be the most monetarily valuable, too.  

  20. stephan says:

    Hi Dane and all – The Fort McMurray situation just keeps getting stinkier by the day – here's a short news clip – the comments are very interesting also.

    • virginia says:

      Stephan: Thanks for the links. The photos of the ruined vehicles looks as if a small nuclear device was used rather than damage from a fire. That area, by the comments of the citizens, is utilized by foreign military units in their ''training drills' with USA participating, as well.  There may be more than meets the eye as to cause of this inferno. Why else the non-disclosure requirement?

  21. Greg O. says:

    Thanks Dane for your report.  The skies in southwest Colorado have changed recently.  We are getting ice nucleated; the wind has a chemical/cold feel with higher temps on the thermometer than it feels.  Strange striated/whispy clouds are "coming out of nowhere."  They look so un-natural and have strange patterns that look microwaved.  There are no apparent aerosol trails.  These large cloud banks move easterly. Is there new technology for dispersion?  We have been in an engineered cool down for close to a month.  Then we get the grid trails like the photos I sent in for a few days; then back to the new cirrus pattern.  It seems to be a frantic all-out assault.  Thanks for all that you do.  Reporting in from the Colorado trench- over and out.  Greg

  22. Edward Palys says:

    It is very unfortunate that the federal government got into the education business full bore. It is openly admitted by Obama now that whistle blowers can be prosecuted with jail times with little proof. The feds have become another communist system in America. What is our youth going to end up as? We will have a bunch of academics who will say yes to their masters without using logic. The government will do whatever they want and nobody will stop them.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, never give up, every empire fails, this one will be no exception, wait and see. Lets all keep our stride in this most critical battle.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Edward Palys, Hello, if it is any comfort, my kids including grandkids are rebels all!  I am so very proud of them!!

  23. Jean Ann Kezlan says:

    I have read Dr. Sarah Myhre´s article and although I am not a scientist, I do live in a small fishing village on the Pacific ocean north of Acapulco Mexico.  I can tell you for certain that for at least 3 years there have been very few fish caught in the ocean.  I have seen no whales passing or dolphins.  It is as if the ocean is dead.  but on the other hand, our little village has been devastated by a mar de fondo ….the rising water that came over the road and in some cases destroyed everything the people had here ….So, though not scientific, it is first-hand information .

  24. Dave says:

    A word of warning to those involved in these programs, the endless deception, ongoing lies, continuing destruction, those involved with the public trust, ect, from the book of Revelation chapter 11 vs 18, "and for destroying those who destroy the earth". 

  25. Korey says:

    Important question has anyone else as of late been able to hear these evil non human airplanes????? The are flying lower i never heard them till a few weeks ago know I hear them often !!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lee, perhaps you can locate the public email contact for the author of the article and post that with the article so that the public can let him or her know that they will one day be held legally accountable as accomplices to the climate engineering cover-up crimes.

  26. Kell says:

    The UN signed an agreement saying they would not do these things and are in direct violation of this

  27. glendon says:

    in a book called 'a year among the trees', by Wilson Flagg, dated 1890, on page 3, 2nd paragraph, it states: "The whole continent, at the time of its discovery, from the coast to the Great American Desert, was one vast hunting-ground, where the nomadic inhabitants obtained their subsistence from the chase of countless herds of deer and buffalo.  At this period the climate had not been modified by the operations of man upon the forest. It was less variable than now, and the temperature corresponded more definitely with the degrees of latitude…..

    i know this is a side note due to horrible geo-eng that is currently happening, but i was so surprised to read about climate change from a book from 1890.  

    white man sure has messed things up.  it's less than a hair width of time since the industrial revolution – really about 200 years, and we have decimated this beautiful planet.

    such stupidity.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      glendon, This is so remarkable!  Thank you.  I've read of the sheer size of trees and quantity of them back when.  And today in my email feed, an article about trees seeding clouds!  With pheramones?sp? of sorts, scent, pollen, assorted-which greatly explains how in the biographical movie Salt of the Earth, they were able to re-establish much of the Amazon forest on their lands and how that brought back rains and their river there, like a miracle.  The article goes on to say that made it cloudy back then, that the use of sulfurs as with volcanoes is so not necessary If you have trees.  More or less undoes the IPCC's approach to climate engineering as near as any will state it.

      Not to defend the intruders, but, to them, a tree was a house to be if cut and fuel.  They had never managed their own lands before and had no idea what they were doing.  They, in fact, did everything wrong.  Even so and even now, they continue as they seem incapable of learning!   

  28. Critical Thinking was once hailed in our country's classrooms. Now it's CommonCore. [Common Corp.] [Corporation Commons]

    America I recall was built on [balanced] dissenting, tyranny fighting voices at a time when career politicians weren't even a gleam in PoppaCorp.'s eye. Greed and power [faux power] hungry psycho/sociopaths are killing MotherEarth by not making her well being FirstAndForemost..

    • It is [should be ] commonly/consciously known as Natural Law – and it is in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.
      "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Damon A. Duvel, Well that certainly was not true in my school days including university.  However it is a stated goal of common core.  Which I know via my daughter who is having to homeschool youngest grandson, and so I hear about it and am impressed so far.  But then I learn how democrat universities are deep into the evils of now and refusing critical thinking, and so I do wonder.

  29. virginia says:

    Thanks, Dane, for all of the links you gave us, and I intend to dig through all of them.

    But, from just perusing the titles, it seems that 'they' are getting anxious about public awareness and are trying to head if off at the pass.  You think? At the very least, people are looking up and talking, so that's a good thing.

    • Dan G. says:

      Dane thanks again for being able to translate so much information so that a typical person can comprehend the current situation . And the Headway your making is phenomenal . For example just a few months ago I had to punch GEOENG before YOUR site popped up now now it's GEO .

    • virginia says:

      Dane, need to reply to my own post.  Before I clicked on to your links, found that some were written as far back as 2006 and 2004. Thought opinions would change in over 10 years, but on further investigation find that National Geographic and others are still on the con-trail sell.  It's their agenda to give disinfo and misinfo….which, at some point in time, they will regret.  Thanks – your post (or I should plea) for us to all continue fighting has not fallen on deaf ears.  We continue to all do our bit.

  30. Mirjana Gordon says:

    Hello Dane…

    ….RealEstate Law/the Constitution says we all have the right of enjoyment of our property. We own the land, the house that's on it, the mineral rights and everything beneath it and most importantly in this case the air-rights above our properties. The airlines/government only have an easement to pass over our air-space, but it belongs to us. Yes, to transport passengers and such is fine….not to do us all harm. I wonder what would have to happen for all of us homeowners to forbid the flyover for the purpose of geo-engineering. That easement had to be given to do good when that law was made, not to poison us.

    Just looking at things from all possible angles….

    Thanks for your never ending efforts, Dane.

    We truly love you for it!!


    • Dennie says:

      I'm not sure how far up those air rights go– at some point you run into the Flying War Pigs' air space.  The earth part, I recall from Real Estate Principles, goes to the center of the earth, which I couldn't believe when I read it.  Now I'm just indigenous enough in my thinking to feel that there is some point under the earth where I really would not want to "own" anything there, any more than I would at some point so very far "above" Earth that one loses all sense of direction in time/space dimension.  That's like saying you "own" a little piece of God.  Well, as they say in AA, "God does not wake up one morning and think He is you…"  I prefer to think my talent's just on loan.. any way… well, you get it.

  31. Dane — Thank you for this excellent informative post. Living here on the Olympic Peninsula WA I have a front row seat to the ongoing manipulation of the sky by the US Navy for electronic warfare with chemical spraying of aluminum-barium, etc. and the electrification of the atmosphere fried-sky by radio frequency rf/microwaves with movable emitters. The science behind this is plasma physics. There are actually PATENTS for vertical and horizontal plasma columns created by heating. The technical names for vertical and horizontal plasma columns are columnar focal lenses and horizontal drift plasma antennas. Here are Patents for Horizontal plasma antenna using plasma drift currents:  US 6118407 A  / Abstract
    A horizontal plasma antenna is provided. An ionizer generates an ionizing am through a horizontal tube to form a bounded plasma column extending along a horizontal axis in a gravity field. An amplitude or frequency modulating signal is applied to Helmholtz coils to control a horizontal magnetic field that is perpendicular to the horizontal axis. The resulting changes in the magnetic field produce a drift current in the plasma that, in turn, radiates an amplitude or phase modulated electromagnetic field from the plasma column. [Description excerpts]: communications antennas, and more particularly to plasma antennas adaptable for use in any of a wide range of frequencies – a significant interest in providing antennas for such lower frequencies including the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) band – useful in specific applications, such as effective communications with a submerged submarine – Conventional plasma antennas are of interest for communications with underwater vessels since the frequency, pattern and magnitude of the radiated signals are proportional to the rate at which the ions and electrons are displaced – an antenna constructed with a laser source that establishes an ionized column – The antenna device includes a gas filled tube, a voltage source for developing an electrically conductive path along a length of the tube which corresponds to a resonant wavelength multiple of the predetermined radio frequency and a signal transmission source coupled to the tube which supplies the radio frequency signal – components for the production of ion beams and ion plasma – apparatus for producing a high density plasma – electrode designs for high pressure magnetically assisted inductively coupled plasmas.

    • Grant Jones says:

      I am even more convinced that the war games off the Olympic Peninsula are the testing of what the Navy calls its' "Tactical Cloud." As a military exercise they can shroud it as a matter of "National Security" The Gag orders and scientific silence also fall under "NS".  What I find interesting is that this has been named as an offensive strategy by the Navy.  It has no beneficial attributes towards the climate or any citizen as an offensive strategy.  I am also fairly certain that the "National Security" card will be played to blunt the legal inquiry.  By their own admission this is a weapon, an offensive one.  Can this assist the legal team in any way?

    • Grant Jones says:

      I am remiss in my post. As a new offensive strategy or weapon it is doubtful that the Navy has included it in any EIR or permit process, let alone with the general publics' consent.  War Games, Tactical Cloud" Plasma weapons.

    • ron says:

      Dane:  I do not have to tell you that YOU SET THE STANDARD FOR US ALL–and that includes the great ATTORNEYS that have to face THE ESTABLISHMENT as we did in the 60s, 70s. We know that YOU WILL NOT STOP.

      And thanks to SUSAN FERGUSON for her knowledge of such esoteric topics such as MAN MADE PLASMA and the effects of both ELECTRO-MAGNETIC PULSES and FLOW OF ELECTRONS(ELECTRICITY).  They are different– an EMP(electro-magnetic pulse) MOVES @ THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Flowing electrons can be controlled by MAGNETIC FIELDS,ETC., ETC. 

      At 75, I do what I can, even though I know the odds.  Albert Camus said "ACT, NO MATTER HOW ABSURD YOUR SITUATION"(I'm paraphrasing).  THANK YOU MY FRIEND, THANK YOU. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, it’s a team effort, my deepest gratitude to you and all other activists that are standing fast and not yielding. We march on,

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, hi and thank you as always.  I know enough about plasma to get the drift of what you say.  But what occurs to me, is that with it working that well for them, they are not going to give it up.  Is cloud busting a possibility?  What I mean is, could we, someone, do something to wreck this and live to tell about it?  There must be a way.  Can you think of one?  And what would be the consequences other than death by navy anger? 

    • Ron — Thank you for this clarification: an EMP(electro-magnetic pulse) MOVES @ THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Flowing electrons can be controlled by MAGNETIC FIELDS,ETC., ETC.  :o)

      Rachel Robson — "they are not going to give it up." This is my conclusion also. This is an expanding huge business and industry, the elite universities are churning out plasma physics PhDs, money invested in endless military projects, weather manipulation etc. full speed ahead for Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Skunkworks, etc.. The only thing that can stop this is to EXPOSE them! Just like Dane is doing. People are not aware of the uses of plasma. This is why I keep posting on plasma physics, to reveal to people how deep and far gone this is. They use terms the public doesn't have access to. If you learn their terms, you can find mountains of patents and scientific articles on the use of plasma based technologies. They excite plasma into forced magnetic confinement and use it for the heaters, plasma arc guns, etc. But this whole monster is based on their equations and the supercomputers – accessible only to the very few – that can use them, meaning crank them in useful ways. The authors of the texts all admit (even Anthony Peratt!) that these equations are suspect and often wrong. But as long as they get results…
      I believe that we are looking at is an imaginary (actually made-up by these spineless math freaks) distorted dysfunctional picture of the world through the Matrix of these WRONG equations that have misunderstood and destroyed the eternal metaphysical harmonies and perfection of Creation.  I'm working on this as a thesis. Tesla said: “Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”

    • Ron — When you say 'MAN MADE PLASMA' you are talking about the plasma that already exists they can squeeze, condense, excite, amplify, and use – for example magnetic mirrors in fusion. They can't actually create plasma, can they? God help us if they can create plasma. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, thank you for your answer!  The last part of which echoes something from a science show I saw, in which they emphasized that science comes up with the parameters, but engineers fudge them to make it work!  God help us indeed.

  32. Sezer Behlul says:

    Hello Dane, in regards to the so called condensation trails,many of us here in down under have witnessed the pattern of long persisting particulate trails for a while,then short dissipating trails for a while and then nothing for a while coming out of the jets.It seems like the short dissipating particulate trails are the residue as the material on the craft is obviously finite and we get a break until the resources are reloaded on the jets?In saying that I do acknowledge the geoengineers' attempt to be more covert as I have seen non persisting trails re appear as they descend through the background haze.


    • Marla Stair-Wood says:

      Sezer, we see the short, dissipating trails in East Tennessee and I know they do it in other parts of the country, too. But what we see isn't coming from emptying tanks and is some form of climate engineering. They usually fly in teams of 2 or more. We often count 5-8 jets simultaneously working in close proximity the same area of sky. It leaves a haze. Since they are usually seen working around the sun (usually sunrise/sunset but not limited only to these times) it may be some form of Solar Radiation Management. They aren't telling, so who knows. But it is some  type of climate engineering/weather modification application. 

    • Phil says:

      I see the same thing here a lot in Maryland….short trails that are laid in front of the sun (sometimes several at a time) and turn the sky hazy white.  Other days there is more visible heavy spraying that forms artificial clouds.  I have not seen a clear blue sky here that has lasted all day in few years.

    • Sezer says:

      Hi Maria,I have seen some clips here and there about what you are talking about.They have a different approach here I guess.Im guessing what you are seeing is more military as ours are commercial passenger jets mostly.I have no doubt the short dissipating trails are still apart of the geoengineering efforts.

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