Domino Effect: Weather Warfare, Wasted Forests and Worldwide Collapse Of Ecosystems


Dane Wigington

The global controllers are utilizing every tool they have at their disposal to distract populations from the wider horizon of unfolding and accelerating global ecological collapse. The signs of environmental collapse can be difficult to distinguish from a distance, our forests are a primary example. An up close examination is essential if the truth is to be discovered. Earth’s remaining forests are dying by the day. No trees, no people, we are perilously close to both outcomes. Even at this late hour the vast majority are still completely oblivious to the tidal wave of biosphere implosion that is towering over us. What will it take to wake the sleeping masses? 

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

16 Responses to Domino Effect: Weather Warfare, Wasted Forests and Worldwide Collapse Of Ecosystems

  1. Jennine Logan says:


    thank you Dane.

    I am in Victoria, Australia. More and more, over the past couple of decades, I see chem trails in the skies. Around my home area, there are mass die off of the native eucalyptus trees and only non native trees are still green.

    it is a frightening thing to see, heading into the summer here…the media call our summer now, the fire season, never summer!

    people are still calling these trails in the sky, contrails. So sad.

    thank you for your work. Wish we had people like yourself over here…would love to hear from anyone who knows of someone in Australia who is covering our situation out here.

    blessings to those who are speaking out. God protect, guide and lift up the truth keepers, truth seekers, and the truth speakers.

    Jen. Australia.


  2. Joseph says:

    Thanks for the video. 

  3. Red Leaf says:

    The call of the red shafted flicker as We enter the edge of the old growth forest,

    The sound of boots crunching through the bone dry forest duff layer,

    And right on cue during the last 5 minuets, a stratospheric aerosol injection spray trail 35,000 feet above Our shoulder.

  4. Lynn Phillips says:


    Domino Effect – at about the 19:20 minute mark, there is a plane that comes into view spraying in the background – just over Dane's head. It's lasts until just before the 20 minute mark. 

    we know no rule
    of procedure,

    we are voyagers, discoverers
    of the not-known,

    the unrecorded;
    we have no map;

    possibly we will reach haven,

    H.D – The Walls Do Not Fall 

  5. Laura Cotter says:

    Thanks so much Dane for this Domino Effect video.  It is brilliant……that you filmed a spot near you where you could video the contrast in the forests on either side of the river.  Everyone is looking beyond you at the 'lush evergreens' on the opposite side until you reveal what it all really looks like when you reach the trunks of the same trees on your side of the river!  I will be sending this everywhere!!!  And I'm borrowing your words…..No Trees, No People !   

  6. Lance says:

    To Dennie in Marin County: C.O.D stands for College Of DuPage.  Website is 

  7. Nancy Allen says:

    There is one woman who lives in western Washington and posts almost every day photos/scans of the cloud cover over the area. She also posts information about the physical and emotional effects of the spraying – some days she can hardly get out of bed from the chemical sprays.

    Why is nobody else seeing this? I see photos of skies completely whited out with these chem trails and everybody says, look at the beautiful clouds.


  8. amy z says:

    A video is also worth any words, particularly this video… completely heartbreaking footage. I'll be sharing this link with every contact in my 20 year old email account and all my other gmails. Thank you Dane for an unrelenting courage in the face of maddening silence.

  9. Dennie says:


  10. Dennie says:

    This is simply mass murder.  No other label for it but that, pure and simple.  

    The U.S. military is guilty of committing massive mass murder and we need to find lawyers who can call them out, massively expose the hatefuly, rapacious parasites and let the public outcry crush shame the last bit of power OUT of the military.  

  11. Paul Davis says:

    Domino Effect!  Excellent posting Dane… I passed that on through my Twitter Network, several responses including ReTweets…  Many people are appreciative to hear of your work…     These videos are excellent, they really make an impact… Appreciate your efforts…..

    Boston Field Report….heading back in the 70s..Last weekend, temps in low teens after chemical spraying….   that was the 5th or 6th engineered winter "snow" event….  I will keep spreading the word and increase my efforts….        Dane- you have a- great Mission in life, and you are bringing others into the battle!!!!– a True Leader!!

    Appreciate the stories of the Stoics…we need their courage and strength…-Paul

  12. Duane & Mary Frances Martin says:

    Thanks once again, Dane, for making the agonizing journey into the vicious destruction by the "climate engineers."  Those of us who are sickened by all that you reveal to us WILL continue to "remain at our posts until the bitter end."  The "endeadened", apparently,  choose to remain in oblivion but we insist, nonetheless, to "shine the light" into their eyes and ears as best we can. We salute you!!

  13. Lance says:

    Very odd looking spiral "fog" system off the W coast of US.  Has some white trails in it too.  Its visible on the Nighttime Microphysics Images GOES West on the COD website right now!  Not anything I've ever seen on this website and I've been looking at images from it for at least a couple years and nearly everyday.     

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Lance: 

      Thanks sooo much for your reporting on what's coming to hit us from the skies, can you please provide us with a link to the COD site?  Keep up the great work!

      Dennie in Marin County, CA

  14. pat mchenry says:

    Our whole civilization has  to change. Apparently government cannot address the huge shifts and changes of the ecosystems in any partisan way, the causes are so vast and complex and apparently on an international basis. As a whole, except for the inquiring, sympathetic individual, we are collectively blind, as a civilization, to what we are doing.

  15. dana norris says:

    this is so sad Dane, I tell everyone I can thanks so much for your endless determination to get this out without you no one would know

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