Sowing Seeds


What are we to do as the walls close in on us? Is it not our duty of care to protect our children's future and this sacred planet?

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  1. Mary N says:

    This stuff sickens me so much.It boils my blood,makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs at the public who choose to stay if orant of the truth.No one wants to hear anything because " it's too depressing" or " I can't do snything about it" or "that's just the way it is,or it's been"…or they flat out refuse to believe it's true.i want to smack the stupid out of them.

    So is there anything that can be done? Is this world already too far gone to save ? What can we do to 1-spread the information & 2- physically do something /each/ to help slow the process of world destruction?

    How to we spread Information with so much censorship?

    I am so furious,I am not going to stop until I get a answers on how to put these satanists in cages where they belong.there are way more of us than them.

    Theproblem is,they have many many citizens under a mind control program,where they only have to trigger the specific people or groups of people to become whatever it was they were specifically programed for.

    This goes hand in hand with everything going on.we have a lot to be made aware while we try to stop this because the mind altered ones could make things very difficult for us .at the command of the global elite in charge.

    Bill G would be so great I'f collectively every single country went after him for crimes against humanity .punishment could be giving h I'm a stick of every single vaccine he came up with,all at once.

    That would be a nice start .we have to start somewhere,and take them all down or this will never stop .if time is so limited ,we have to make some kind of serious move very quickly.

    I was totally uneducated about all of this ,until last year.i sought the truth on my own because I realized with in less than 1 week of covid hitting America,there was something not adding up .

    I know I can't be the only one who knows,and who's actually mad enough and who is actually willing to do whatever I can even if it literally kills me to save our children,save our earth but also save our souls and bring God back into this world  .that's what will save us.

    Feel free to email me with information to give me any info on anything I asked about .any negative or ignorant remarks will just be deleted and ignored


  2. Donna-AZ says:

    Dane, Great short video, especially the yellow posters plastered all over with the Sia song- Never Give Up! Thanks for posting.

    Here's an update on my photo and business card delivering. Started March 19, with a goal of 20,000, delivering 150-200 photo+cards per week to Sun City folks, 1/2 of Sun City's population. I have delivered to date 2,194. I'm now filling my own ink cartridges, which works really well and saves a lot of money. I purchased some new ink cartridges from ebay and have refilled the same hp 3 color cartridge over 40 times now, printing 40 photos each time. The key is to fill the cartridge when the low ink warning comes on the first time, counting the photos, and not wait until the printer says to change the cartridge. I hit "clean cartridge" after each refill and use the backside of unusable photos for this process. There are videos explaining how to refill and how to unclog printer heads if needed on Utbe. Selling "stuff" on ebay is funding this project. I don't need "stuff", I need clean air, and when I get some "extra" funds, I'm going to get that "Stop Spraying Us" sign on the video above, with the family, or, similar, and stand on some key locations, and, I plan on wearing a mask!  I wear a mask and sunglasses every day. If I can do this, others can too! Do the math.

    Also, you can tape photos, or business cards, or, Dane's flyer on the doors of businesses before they open, or inside the bathroom stalls at malls, restaurants, the tire shop, the hardware store, movie theaters, Costco, rest stops, etc., if you don't want to be seen. Make Time and Never Give Up!

  3. Earth Angel says:

    Thank you for this informative video. Keep putting the truth out there! And of course thanks to you Dane and for all your efforts in this tremendous avalanche of awakening now happening. Keep it going everyone- whatever the outcome. We owe beautiful planet Earth, our only home, and all magnificent creation contained within nothing less.

  4. Pedro says:

    Eat the Bankers – Payday Monsanto

  5. Pedro says:



  6. Pedro says:


  7. platinumman says:

    pollution of the sky with ammonium fluoride and nitrous fluoride.

  8. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Sezer B. – You're the Man. This is how it's done, my friend. Short, hard hitting, right on the money. Great video. i remember seeing these posters some time ago in another video from you. This is awesome! 

    Greetings and salutations from Punta Gorda, Florida where we have our local billboard and monthly awareness booth at the local historical Train Depot. 

    Once again, many thanks for this outstanding material and stay on it,

    With most respect, Maciek.

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