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  1. jodie brown says:

    Is anyone out there in the USA having trees blooming early this year???

    Denver area winter has been a joke! little rain even less snow,and no one is noticing its 60 over our usual Jan-Mar temps. Its been so warm I do not see how my trees are not blooming. I think all my fruit trees are dead now. If a tree doesnt bloom when its in the 70' degree range for weeks, something is VERY VERY wrong.

    Anyone else getting this?


    • Roberto Frip says:

      Early blooming is usual last years in the place I live, north or Spain. Now fruits are rotting before maturing.

  2. jodie brown says:

    I was wondering …

    when a cities artificial clouds are "ice nucleated" and the ground temps plummet. At what elevation does it get warmer?

    Lets say Denver gets the winter storm thats below zero on the ground, Is it possible that if you go on top of a 100 story bldg roof would it be warmer than the ground temps,and if so by how much?

    Is there a peer group study on this? Or is it revealed in any patents?

    Jodie B

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hi Jodie,

      Glad you found this sight and are asking questions .  Yes, spring and summer are coming earlier, and winter never really seems to develop, aside from the ice nucleation storms.  The trees are dying, and there are plenty more links on this site to discuss that.  I listen to Dane’s weekly updates on YouTube, and he has mentioned a couple of times how he has been communicating with pilots who report the temperature above the clouds is always above the average, even in the areas of these man-made cool-downs.  You are not likely to see a “peer-reviewed study” on this, because it is exactly the type of information that is being covered over.  Pilots are afraid to speak openly for good reason.  That does not mean it’s not true, just as the mainstream is not discussing the dying of the trees or the mucking up of our skies… but you obviously have the eyes to see what is in front of you.  Don’t doubt yourself, because we just don’t have any time left for that.  

  3. atomic.kidd says:

    We Need extreme levels of help.  PLS We're to much in a belief level of Chaos and not sure of anything to what to believe.  The current ground powers are working with other evil none-benevolent beings enrolled surface level destruction program to eliminate all life forms on this planet and are 55% succeeding,  so many species and ground foliage is already dead and or is perishing rapidly,  So many Umans are again in none-belief to understand just exactly what is going on.  We need help.  SOS.

    • Rachel Davis says:

      Hello Atomic Kidd, I would agree with your assessment of the situation, and not to be trite, but… “We Are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  😉

      I do hear you about not knowing what to believe.  It is like a bunch of white noise in your head, right?  (Like interference).  You notice things, you sense things.  Your internal wisdom, guidance and intuition validate your own observations, and then you go online and read a bunch of “noise.”  If you are calm  and careful, though, and you don’t allow the ego to trick you into being afraid of being wrong and being laughed at, you will be able to see through the noise and again hear your internal guidance (and also your own clear sense of logic).  We all have access to these things.  When you are calling out for someone to help, it is what’s answering you from within.  (We just have to hear it). 

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