Lord Monckton, Ardent Geoengineering Denier


Lord Monckton is an ardent denier of the blatant climate engineering reality occurring in skies around the globe every day, so why would so many in the anti-climate engineering community post Monckton's rants? Because too many are not doing real research on the bigger picture but are rather marching forward with opinions based on bias, ideology, and preconception. Hard facts help our cause, the former personality traits mentioned do not. Because so many hate Al Gore (for good reason) they will post anyone that has an opposing view to Gore, but is this reasonable? If Gore said the world was round, should we take the position that it is flat? If activists in the anti-geoengineering fight expect others to actually investigate the spraying of our skies, are not we responsible for also having a solid basis for our opinions? Many activists also cite The Weather Channel founder, John Coleman, as a source of credible information even though Coleman has labeled the anti-geoengineering community "tin foil hat wearing nutcases". Again, I would ask, why would anyone in the anti-climate engineering community post the rants from such a person? Again, the answer is this, because Coleman disputes Gore and the reality of our changing climate. Monckton and Coleman are both former journalists, neither even claim to have spent significant time in solid and extensive research on the climate or geoengineering. The video below is exposes Lord Monckton in many ways. Monckton admits he is "not an expert on the atmosphere" but yet he claims to know that what we see in our skies are only "contrails". Why would anyone who claims to be against climate engineering post the baseless opinions of individuals like Monckton? Opinions and ideology must be exchanged for research and hard facts.
Dane Wigington


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  1. Cynthia Lauren says:

    Hi Dane. Thanks for all your work, it's appreciated. 

    I wrote to you several months ago when only a chemtrail or two could be seen in our South Australian skies… Today it is MUCH worse. I've noticed several low crosses across the whole sky at around 7 a.m, and they gradually dissipate into these 'rufflely' little see through 'weird cloudlets' (I'd call them) across the length and breadth of the sky by 11 a.m. or so. 

    As is usual, I'm the only one looking up at them and taking photos that are startling. And, Yes. I ask others what they think and when I suggest what is happening they *deaf, dumb and quite blind ~ just make an uneasy laugh and go about their day.

    Insofar as Monckton goes, you need look no further than his being in the tippy top head of the Knights of Malta, one of the subversive secret societies subverting the peace of the planet. THAT I've checked out and when given to a site such as WND (they're useless) I've only found my emails thwarted by Disqus. 

    Folks such as yourself are few and far between, Dane. You've gotta know that already. But, it's folks like Sir Christopher, here ~ that make their way listening to honest folks just trying to help against some area of the Agenda 21 issue ~ that they get all giddy to have guys like him actually 'listen' to them. 

    In my estimation Monckton is a smart mole for his organization, that's all. No more, no less.

    A fan for Truth, hence, a fan of yours.

    Cynthia Lauren Thorpe





  2. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    Couldn't agree more…Thank You!!!

  3. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    …or perhaps it's his huge side-lying bulbous eyeballs…

    Yes, I hate this guy…and those like him!

  4. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    My Lord, this obnoxious verbose bug-eyed blueblood certainly LOVES the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he? It is especially telling that he cannot let anyone else complete either a question or respond to one without interrupting and hijacking the conversation back so as to further his own lying agenda. These people and those of his ilk will have a special place in Hell, I predict…His behavior and agenda is as criminal as is that of those spraying us.

  5. Larry Cohen says:

    Dane, Is appears that their are some alternative establishment websites that are not letting this topic being discussed. Larry C

  6. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Alex Jones just said that the earth is not warming and the arctic ice is not melting! I’m done with this STOOGE! I think THEY gave him the same script Limbaugh. Who will THEY get too next?

  7. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Ooops! Sorry Dane.

  8. Steven Chamberlain says:

    What Ana said!^^^Again

  9. Rachel Tone says:

    Mockton says he doesn’t believe in chemtrails because he’s not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ —
    He also gives the reason that it would be entirely too ‘enormously expensive’ to spray the world’s atmosphere… yet our beloved geo-engineering scientist David Keith said that it would be actually very CHEAP to geo-engineer the skies!
    But MY biggest question to Dane & all the activists is that when they get the chance to show the geo-engineers (& these other players) the photos of the huge sky stripes– why hasn’t anyone asked the most OBVIOUS question: If THESE don’t look like geo-engineering trails, then what do they think geo-engineering trails would LOOK like?? Would their trails ‘in the future’ look something exactly like THESE trails?? … Their answer could only be YES!! .. and this question would force each of them to explain the difference b/t what these pictures show, and how they think their geo-engineering trails ‘in the future’ would look. …. DUH, right??

  10. Malcolm Pritchard says:

    It all comes back to the same thing and that is to FOLLOW NO LEADERS!!!!! Look at information presented by other people and then USE YOUR OWN BRAIN to decide how much is fact and how much is fiction. By following a leader you are GIVING THEM PART OF YOUR MIND!!!! Most people who end up with a degree of celebrity status are placed there by the power elite for social control. Initially they seem to be on your side but eventually when you have followed the “pied piper” they change direction at the last minute and let you down. If we are going to do anything about the major issues we face people are going to have to think for themselves, and relearn their survival instincts. Domesticated animals follow shepherds!!!

  11. “…they will post anyone that has an opposing view to Gore, but is this reasonable?” I don’t post people, I post statements.I have yet to find someone with whom I agree on every topic, and we need to get away from personal cults – that’s one of the chief tactics of the ruling class, keeping us invested in figures, factions or parties instead of forming tactical alliances based on common interest.

  12. Cibby Krell says:

    The British descriptor for him is “Prig”. He’s an effete snob who believes title and wealth trump science. Good luck with that, you wanker.

  13. W.B says:

    When these programs become public knowledge, which it appears they may be soon given the recent WP articles and rising awareness, individuals with "authority" who have categorically denied their existence will end up at the gallows.  As many others in this movement have related though, I do believe that once disclosure occurs TPTB will swiftly move to legalize and justify continued spraying.

    To all whom it concerns – we cannot allow that to happen.  The facade is collapsing and we must increase our efforts tenfold in order to ensure that not only geoengineering be abolished, but all of the other black projects our money is squandered on.  If we continue to plant the seed among those willing to listen, perhaps we may use this issue to spearhead a greater movement to take back our government, restore the legitimacy of our constitution and ultimately give control back to the PEOPLE as it was always intended by our founding fathers.

    As optimistic as I may sound, the vested corporate interests will fight tooth and nail to prevent their agenda from being derailed.

    We are living in crazy times.  I have been quite demoralized by SAG spraying as I and everyone else needs sunlight to be happy.  2014 was a difficult year for many.  However, given recent developments and the evidently frantic efforts on the part of detractors who obfuscate these issues with irrelevant details while ignoring the credible evidence, I have hope that we can crush these evil individuals.

    Mark my words, the elite are in an unprecedented state of fear and they may resort to drastic measures in a last bid effort to contain us.  We must deprive them of any and all opportunity.

    Stay strong folks,


  14. Rene says:

    Anna, you have said it, and I know you are 100% correct, with the attitudes of most people who will believe that Hollywood movies are all real, but cannot look at the sky and understand this is not normal, means those of us that are fighting to dispell the conspiracy theories that the governments and their propagandists spread, will go down with the rest if we cannot wake up a significant number of the population and get this stopped.

  15. Rachel Robson says:

    Why do we care about Lord Moncton? Aren’t Lordships for sale in England? I don’t think he was lying, I think he was out of his depth and he knew it. As when shown a satellite image and he said he didn’t know what to make of that, before he said it must be contrails, but he seemed truly confused. As deniers go, he was rather polite if dismissive and didn’t seem like a total idiot, may well not realize he is being used. What irked me was his repetitive, knee jerk, “show me the peer reviews” comments. I Had a friend who did the same and often, himself an academic-seems to go with that territory. BUT, Monsanto was snuck through the sequester a couple of years ago with the provisions of No Independent peer review Ever, and no blowback from consequences Ever. So! So much for peer review.

    The Navy’s shock and awe war-games all over our coasts, even Puget Sound, snuck by with no peer review. As I write they continue to destroy any life in the Pacific, or any oceans anywhere near us. And today is the last day to comment to them for their plan to take to the skies over many north western states especially to practice EMFs. Check out the site at: Washington Environmental Protection Coalition. And comment to the Navy today if you have not at: http://nwttis.com concerning U.S. Navy 2014 Draft nwtteis/oeis. Tell everyone, comment to your Senators and reps everywhere. And again, No peer review!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, there is a bigger point with Monckton, he claims to know enough about the climate to tenatiously state global warming is a hoax, yet, he claims that the clearly aerosols skies are only “contrails” (on both points his conclusions are completely contrary to . I think you are letting him off lightly. Monckton is a part of the powerstructure disinformation machine and should be accordingly held to account.

  16. I guess Lord Monckton has a reading disabilty. Perhaps his phoney smile gets in the way…

    The Daily Climate: Extremes


  17. Rachel Robson says:

    Freedom Ranger, Your idea sounds workable. And simple. Brilliant. How would you, uh, deploy it? Wouldn’t the screens need cleaning? Or? If so, how? What would happen to the caught particles? Is your idea for a home a room, what?

  18. Steven Chamberlain says:

    This is a great video of Monckton. The one I can’t wait to watch is the one where the floor drops out from under him and his neck gets stretched to the point of his head popping off.

  19. Earth Angel says:

    It’s amazing how many will sell their souls to the devil for position and money. Those with any honor at all could never lie to cover up the destruction of God’s creation of exquisite, varied, and marvelous life forms as were originally created here on planet earth. We can only hope that the deniers are truly doing it out of their ignorance and lack of study on the subject of climate engineering and with a little research into the facts will realize that their misinformed statements are doing THEM no favors. They WILL go down with the ship as will the rest of the planet. Let’s hope the buffoons wake up quickly.

  20. Ana says:

    This guy(lord?) besides having himself a “contrail pattern” of “crisscrossed” thinkings in his brain he uses exactly the same BS talk just like the other deniers but are more polite than many other deniers i already had the “pleasure” to talk to. Unfortunately the average american people are very unpolite and they are the ones completly “tin foil hats” by calling us “tin foils hats” or whatever the term they use it to try to make fun of people´s ideas that are out of the oficial script that they follow religiously!America (like everywhere) are getting increasing numbers of cancer, Alzheimer, autism, Parkinson, degenerative and auto immune diseases etc. and they continue to believe in true data released to public about this rates of sickness and death (when they want people to retire later at the 67 years old with the excuse of longer life expectancy,they must be kidding !) and citizens continue to believe that their government are true honest people and that these trails patterns are just “contrails” or can even be God or alliens comunicating (aftherall who is the “tin foil wearing nutcases” here?) they seem to believe that their governments would never do that to themselves or own families (after-all they breath the same air we breath…)-Probably the same way they should believe that their governments would never build new nuclear plants (or underground bases? for what?) or would never continue doing nuclear tests or would never give to public false data about methane or nuclear radiation levels in our environment and food chain already, especially disasters like Fukushima or Chernobyl. Governments would never do such things in their opinions like for example: to hide from them that the planet is “melting down” of so hot and they seem to believe that their government would never manipulate the weather with harmful substances to try to cool it or to ice it without public knowledge or consent?! No, Never! for them it would never happen except in “tin foil wearing nut cases” heads like ours! I wonder why we still releasing prohibitive levels of co2 in our environment and why we are still using the carbon fossil fuels if our governments would never pollute the same planet where they are living and breathing with their own families too? …I think it´s impossible to argue with people that don’t want to know or to see what’s really going on above their stupid heads! …better to leave them contemplating the “beautiful” or “holly” new clouds in the sky!…funny how people can thrust so blindly in the truth and honesty of a system that was created with the objective of serving the private interests of a few minority of the population or group in Power as usual….

  21. carl smith says:

    Dear Mr. Wigington,
    I agree with your comments, especially the last line. Thank you for posting this.

  22. Michel B says:

    I believe in refraining from personal remarks, but in this case I gotta say that Monckton, with that smug and ridiculous grin, really appears as the Marty Feldman of Political Disinformers.

    Of course, Marty Feldman was far, far more intelligent than Monckton could ever dream of being. Marty was a consummate comedic actor; Lord Muck-raker is a failed actor, who has sold his honour and integrity to a subversive bidder.

  23. Chad says:

    Dane, thank you. I new this guy was a fraud when i saw him on InfoWars. Makes one question whether or not they are too scared to truly talk about Climate Engineering. There was a lot of low spraying this morning, I’m higher up out of the fog bank, and can see it. Also want to point out that whatever they are spraying today is dissipating within the first few mins. 7 out of 10 of the trails I would say are like that. Something definitely is changing in there patterns. It’s really concerning. Take care

  24. Michel B says:

    Monckton is lying. His body language changes remarkably once the talk starts on ‘chemtrails’ and ‘Geoengineering’. He fidgets, squirms, starts rubbing his face and nose and rushes straight away towards his party line, just blurting out “Oh, they’re contrails”. He offers no dissent and performs no enquiry.

    This is all because he has already decided to tow the party line, keep silent or lie. From what I gather, Lord Monckton is a professional Misinformer. What is his authority? Former journalist? He is a ‘Lord’? His political alignments?

    He thwarted this interview, but it was transparent. He was only successful in stonewalling the essential thrust of the interview, which was to carry out serious and mature dialogue on an obvious phenomena.

    Monckton’s comment to the camera towards the end was pure placatory drivel. He mixed soppy sentiment with half truths. The irony of listening to him caution us to remain “vigilant over our governments” is sobering because he is correct in that caution. It’s just that he works for the Powers That Be by lying for them.

  25. barbara larkin says:

    Ths man is a complete fool whose head and brain are up his a…e! he needs to listen and do more research instead of pontificating and dismissing , how educated is he? hmm! university of self importance and blah blah blah!

  26. Karen W says:

    You are right on, Dane! Do your research people and just give the facts, without name calling (as Coleman and other followers do)! I truly believe that the word conspirator should be now given to these talking heads because they are working hard at leading the people down the path of quick sand, and hiding the facts right before the faces of the blind!
    Just look at Lord Monckton’s body language!! The truth is in clear sight especially when he’s facing the camera….all that blinking going on (boy, was that scripted!).
    Once again, I commend you Dane for your hard efforts in getting the truth and facts out STRAIGHT!

  27. Freedom Ranger says:

    I think I designed a super effective cheap chemtrail filter that is cheap, did I say cheap, and from what I see very very effective. For any of you who are mechanically inclined and have a knowledge of basic physics please add your input. I believe the theory is sound. All you need is 2, 4 or 6… metal screens 100-200 micron mesh and a non conductive conduit, mine is 4 inch pvc. Place the screens at opposite ends. Charge half the screens positive the other half negative. Pull air through the conduit with fan (4 inch squirrel cage, cheap) and wallah. Super chemtrail filter. All particles are charged positive by the first charged series of mesh filters and then they stick to the second set of negative charged filters, regardless of the size of the particle. No particle gets through as they are charged and stick to the mesh. please give any input.

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