Our Climate, It’s Not As Bad As You Think, It’s Much Worse

Voices of reality are not appealing to the masses, no one wants to hear unpleasant truths. The majority are not even willing to examine any facts that threaten their perception of reality. Soon, very soon, they will have no choice but to wake up. The planet's energy balance has been horrifically altered. There is unimaginable inertia behind the wheels that are now turning, life on Earth is truly uncharted territory. Even at this late hour total denial in our society is epidemic, this includes many in the ranks of those who claim to be fighting against the climate engineering. Denial of verifiable facts undermines credibility and is thus detrimental to the fight against climate engineering. False conclusions built on ideology and wishful thinking will not change reality. Industrialized society is collapsing even now, it was always doomed in its current form. Perpetual expansion in a finite space is clearly and obviously impossible, but how many in our society even speak of this? If we are to save any part of our miraculous planet's life support systems, we must all find the strength to face reality head on. We must all find the strength to stand firmly against the insanity and make our voices heard. The video below is important to review and consider carefully, the gravity of what is unfolding around us all is clearly conveyed in it. Catastrophic methane release is already occurring in the Arctic.  Many in the climate science community are actually advocating for "massive geoengineering" as if it has not been already going on for over 6 decades and doing nothing but harm. It is up to us all to educate ourselves and hold the climate science community to account. Climate engineering is NOT a cure, but rather it is nothing short of an all out assault on all life. Global geoengineering is making an already dire climate situation far worse, not better. Let us all march together in the fight to expose it and stop it.

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  1. Fleta says:

    August 15, 2012 at 1:30 pmI believe that despite EU, IMF and German officials telling us how good Portugal is doing. Again, priority is given to the country and not to citizens who pay the price for economic mismanagement by politicians.

  2. pharmer says:

    Dane is right – it's worse than we think, and the time for action now.  There are two things we should all be doing:  helping to stop the geoengineering-warfare, and becoming self-sufficient for water, food, medicine, energy, and material goods.  The NWO is a pyramid or pyramids, and is held up by our support, so we need to stop supporting it.  Buying their toxic products, and participating in their establishment system based on capitalism (controlled fiat money). The Pentagon is the nerve-center of the warfare being waged against us, so we should focus on shutting it down permanently.  The City of London international bankster cabal controls the planet, but they need to have a central location to coordinate the warfare being waged against us.  Geoengineering-warfare aircraft operate from all over the planet, but they are coordinated from a central location – the Pentagon.  Our water and food sources are being systematically destroyed, so we need our own sustainable sources of both to survive into the future.  Atmospheric water generators are relatively inexpensive, and only require humidity to condense water out of the atmosphere.  We can grow food and medicine indoors under lights, or in greenhouses, for protection from the toxic aerosols and radiation.  Having a source of water and a supply of seeds ensures our survival.  We can eat seeds and the sprouts they provide, while waiting for our plants to grow.  Kale grows quickly, and provides most of the nutrients we need – the UK government recommended planting it during WWII. Using vertical growing techniques and aquaponics, we can grow large amounts of food in small spaces, while using a minimal amount of water.  The Palestinian people are growing produce that way to survive their dire situation, so we should learn from them.  Our homes (and water) can be heated using compost, which seems to be the most environmentally friendly heat source. There are so many viable 'green' sources of energy, that it's illogical to use toxic, unsustainable sources of energy.  Coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, electricity from hydroelectric or fueled power plants: they are not necessary.  The geoengineering-warfare needs to be stopped this year, and we are the ones who are going to stop it.  I propose a march on the Pentagon, to shut it down forever!

  3. Freedom Ranger says:

    Prepare Rachel I believe WW3 is coming. It has already started they just dont talk about it as a world war. Perhaps it will remain cold but I doubt it.

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    So many of us have been looking up that we perhaps forgot to look down. As in the Navy and their submarines currently half way into to the draft they pushed through at the end, the very end of last year, approximately 2,000 pages long, giving a review and comment time period, then moving it up to January 9th, 2,014. Needless to say, given no heads up about this, no media coverage at all, not even members of our Congress got to read this and react, much less the rest of us. Let me be clear about this. This proposal, going on since the beginning of 2,014, through 2,015 and beyond is to practice and experiment warfare techniques right against our coasts from Alaska all the way down to bottom of California-with a new extension to Hawaii, the Gulf coast, and all of the Atlantic coast, plus Puget Sound and some of the Great Lakes regions. They state they will practice with live fire, bomb blasts, lasers, rockets and chemicals, electronic and electromagnetic schemes, missiles and more! Such as permission from NOAA to “take” wildlife, as in kill or wound whales, seals, any wild life they want to for target practice!

    BUT!!!! it gets worse. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! At the end of 2,014 the Navy issued another Draft and this one is to take to the skies over California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and the Alaska range. This will involve more warfare practice but in particular the use of Electromagnetic pulses coordinated with fleets of mobile truck like units outfitted with receivers! If you think we have problems with Electromagnetic, low frequency now, it is about to get much much worse and this plan wants to go on for 5 years.

    However there may be some hope in stopping this. I’ve heard that a number of Senators are against this, and the open comment and question period to the Navy is until February 2nd, 2015. So, we must act quickly. And we must call our Congress members, every public official we can, the media-this must get out and done before February 2nd which is not far off at all. No time to waste! It is suggested that comments of opposition to the Navy will yield only: Duly noted. And that asking questions may work better along with opposition. Such as, can this, if it must, be done at the Nevada test site and if not why not? Are there peer reviewed studies of no harm to individuals, plants, animals, bugs and birds and pollinators, especially given the electromagnetic, low frequency testing? ( Sweet justice to reverse the direction of “peer review”). Anything and everything you can think of but do try to stay on topic and address this draft lest it go through.

    To review the documents, for questions and comments to the Navy:

    In Washington D.C., the toll free information for calling our representatives is:1-866-220-0044

    The general address for the Navy is:http://nwtt.com in case the other doesn’t work, their web site is straight forward.

    For other information, there is an organization called CONDO which stands for Citizens for Oversight of Navy Ocean Disposal Operations

  5. Marie says:

    I have a dear friend that lives in the central valley of California. A young , healthy, 53 year old until recently. She has been told she has lung disease. I was looking information on her disease when I came upon this website: .http://www.stateoftheair.org/2014/states/california/stanislaus-06099.html Oh my God! This is the air quality that she is living in, that ALL OF US are living in. How can we stand back and let this continue. WE CAN NOT. We must put our heads together and gather together and put an end to this craziness. We have the power.

  6. To Freedom Ranger: With all due respect: I came from a family of persons who still mistakenly believe that peace can only be achieved through militarized means. Militarized means; generally include enforcement of civilian extortion via criminal taxation and land theft. I submit this is a rather counterintuitive mindset in terms of discovering everlasting peace… These confiscated properties (collaterals) are then made payable to fine banking institutions such as the Federal Reserve “bank” and other mafia organizations. Most military persons have no clue as to where the term “corporation” even came from. (See Roman Vatican church circa 370AD for more information.)

    Unarmed civilian populations are ALWAYS held as collateral, and willfully slaughtered until such time as bankers can adjust their profit/loss statements to suit. The bankers goals are unlimited social unrest, along with constant destruction and subsequent rebuilding of civilian held infrastructures. And of course the moral objective is constant physical and intellectual intimidation. Sorry: There IS something miserable and defective about the military mindset. Military geniuses have cleverly concluded, that peace is something that can only occur during cease fire arrangements made by bankers…

    My position is that persons joining in willful acts of thuggery, are the arch-enemy’s of civilization. Authority through force of arms needs to be eliminated from the social equation. The majority of persons who join in military adventures, join of simple mercenary interest and intellectual failure. The facts of history do not lie, no matter how current media spin the morbid picture…

    The vast majority of environmental damage on this planet is DIRECTLY attributable to the insanity of open atmospheric nuclear testing in the 60’s, along with the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons developed by military idiots for use against all “others”…

    “Creating a war to inspire peace, is like buggering a whore to inspire virginity”

    – Paul Vonharnish –

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    Freedom Ranger, first, thank you for your 8 years of service to this country. While I hate our military, it is not the individuals I hate, the ones who serve as you have, rather the ones in control, sending idealistic young people, many of whom really benefit from service, to do their dirty work which is not disclosed to those who carry it out. You are in a unique position to inform others in service. Your involvement against geoengineering is proof that all service peoples are Not defective! Have you had any luck in spreading the word about all this with others in service and out?

    Johnny from Sun City-it does seem true-ish that this country does not revere elders! It may not be the government smogging/fogging Sun City. One of many people I’ve gotten to pay attention to what is happening, in doubt at first, decided to look up-google- weather modification programs in the US and found 3 to her surprise. She was in Texas at the time, and one was from Texas, working in Texas, the other two were in North Dakota. She was surprised one day to see a blimp like thing from the Texas weather modification business, and took a picture of it and sent it to me. It is easy to imagine, unfortunately, that our government and others too may want to depopulate seniors, as this country seems to have little regard for its old people. But perhaps it was an experiment that assumed seniors would be less likely to notice. Hopefully you’ve rallied your neighbors in this community, and perhaps you can even contact this company and ask them?

    Dane, Thank you for this video! It does appear things are as bad as I feared with the methane issue. I think we have but about 3 years tops. Which is horrifying. I am a grandmother. Given how very dire this is, I can see why many would say do something, anything. I agree with you, however, that if geoengineering was stopped, we might stand a chance. But, it is scary given all the warnings of the repercussions of stopping. What exactly do you see happening in the whiplash that would occur? There is a thing called rebound pain. If one takes pain meds as I have to do, and if I go off them, forget them, I am warned of rebound pain which is much worse than the pain I am in. So, I picture it a bit like that, but so much more. No doubt I would die, but the earth very well might rebound. Hard to say without insight as to what to expect. But I did get to read part of an article about the death of white pines and how difficult they are to regrow, until a biologist/forestry woman discovered a kind of mushroom growing around them, investigated and found that if ground up and put into the planting, 23% greater chance of success. Maybe the proliferation of fungus is for this reason. Nature is much wiser than we are. I have trouble wrapping my brain around why it takes 40 years for smog to show up. Much less what will happen when geoengineering stops. Any clues? Oh, and I really liked how this video correlated economics with the destruction of nature, and how economics is an invention, not a necessity nor truism. The root of all evil and all that. But, how or is there anyway to prepare for this whiplash? What to expect?

  8. JOHNNY SMITH says:





  9. Freedom Ranger says:

    Paul with all due respect, I am an honorably discharged veteran, 8 years. I only ask that you realize not everyone in the military is defective. The best people I have ever met are in the military. The only place I have been where they actually preach honor, discipline and duty. I believe our only hope is to awaken our military brothers and sister as they are the only ones capable of stopping geoengineering.

  10. Please pay attention: Many people on this blog mention the “denial” syndrome they encounter whilst going public on geoengineering issues. The same “denial” syndrome is faced by anyone attempting to inform the purveyors of these idiot-like programs. In my opinion, the issue is not actually a “denial” situation, but a deep and unrelenting Autism spectrum disorder. It only affects “certain segments” of the specie. These types of people are locked away in their own tiny world of make believe. Much like a behavioral disorder displayed by those with Autism. Off topic? Not really. Read this. >

    Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)
    Sec 20 – 2012 BioInitiative Report

    Martha Herbert, PhD, MD
    Pediatric Neurology
    TRANSCEND Research Program
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Harvard Medical School

    Cindy Sage, MA
    Sage Associates
    Santa Barbara, CA USA

    For the BioInitiative Working Group
    December 2012


    The military establishment has displayed Autistic spectrum behaviors for over 3500 years, and the behavior is only becoming more reckless as these fools use more and more EM producing technology. There are many scientific papers descibing behavioral abberations related to radio and radar frequency exposures.

    The military mind is clearly defective in every possible respect. These trainable idiots actually believe peace can be achieved through conflict, even though thousands of years of history have proven otherwise. Military persons need to be put down for the sick dogs they have made of themselves. Get rid these mental defectives, or die at their hand…

  11. JR says:

    Hello; Sat.1/17/15 this morn. over El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico from east to west they are inundated with big time spraying (SAG). This has been ongoing for a few days now. Just an update on this page as I already posted on other one. Thanks to all concerned and who truly care for this world we live in. Just handed out another 4 free copies of “Why In The World Are They Spraying”. If you don’t have burner on PC you may one want installed and do same (DVD+R). Peace….Good Day….

  12. JOHNNY SMITH says:






    • Carol says:

      We've been fogged several times here in Ohio for several hours during the day in December–it's limited areas and is very frightening at best.

  13. Steven Chamberlain says:

    SkywatcherGrandma, You are the sane one! Stand your ground! Never let them make you feel stupid! The only time I ever lose my cool is when someone says ‘your crazy!” I don’t like being called CRAZY when I’m just as sane as you are. Keep up the good fight.

  14. Steven Chamberlain says:

    As you all know it has been extremely warm in Alaska lately. My new greeting for everyone I meet is “What do you think of this warm weather?” For the most part I get one of two responses. The first is “I love it, isn’t in wonderful!” The second is “This is weird, I wonder what’s going on?” Neither of these responses is rational and only the second is reasonable. It amazes me that over 50% of them see no problem with temps. in the 40’s day and night with NO snow on the ground. I usually pass on attempting to awaken the ones that think 47 degrees in January is acceptable or wonderful. The ones that think it’s strange or weird at least give me hope in this battle. I am the pebble that will start the landslide of awareness that will stop the spraying and so are YOU. .

  15. Freedom Ranger says:

    Dane Honestly, what do you think about the placing of solar reflector at lagrange point one. Roger Angel proposed such a sunshade for use towards that effect would be composed of 16 trillion small disks at the Sun-Earth L1 Lagrangian point, 1.5 million kilometers above Earth. Each disk is proposed to have a 0.6-meter diameter and a thickness of about 5 micrometers. The weight of each disk would be about a gram, adding up to a total weight of almost 20 million tonnes. Such a group of small sunshades that blocks 2% of the sunlight, reflecting it off into space, would be enough to halt global warming, giving us ample time to cut our emissions back on earth. Such a group of sunshades would need to occupy an area of about 3.8 million square kilometers if placed at the L1 point. . It has been proposed that this would be accomplished most easily with large railguns or coilguns firing a capsule containing a million shades into space every 5 minutes for 10 years using 20 separate launch sites. The estimated total cost of such an operation is $5 trillion, with a believed lifetime of 50 years

    Another plan- In 2004, physicist and science fiction author Gregory Benford calculated that a concave rotating Fresnel lens 1000 kilometres across, yet only a few millimeters thick, floating in space at the L1 point, would reduce the solar energy reaching the Earth by approximately 0.5% to 1%. .

    The cost of such a lens has been disputed. At a science fiction convention in 2004, Benford estimated that it would cost around US$10 billion up front, and another $10 billion in supportive cost during its lifespan

    Neither of these ideas interfere with earths biology yet provide immediate relief from methane outgassing and at the same time halting bounce back from SRM and SAG if immediately halted. Giving us time to change our energy production methods. I would like to hear what you think about a plan along these lines.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, I wish there were a technologically feasible “quick fix”, there is not. Even if there was a stop-gap measure, the machine of industrialized civilization and the military/industrial complex would still bring all to the same abrupt end. We have a very technologically advanced organism that not only sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, it also releases oxygen, trees. If we are to have any chance of survival, the whole human race should be engaged in the effort to plant them, not to cut them down and/or kill whole forests with programs like the climate engineering insanity. Modern civilization is totally unsustainable,there are far too many aspects of this to even go into. We must make a complete course correction toward an existence and a reality that does not use the destruction of nature as the fuel for its existence, such a road could only ever lead to total ruin.

  16. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Dane you’ll be happy to know and you probably already do know. This week a woman told me her husband does long distance trucking. She said truckers talk about geoengineering a lot on their CB’s. We should get them to pass out fliers at truck stops. I don’t live close to any. I was told this very same thing about two years ago. That woman also said ham operators were talking about it too. It seems lately more people “know” than the ones who don’t. Although I had a bad experience this week with someone who made me feel like a stupid idiot and like I was totally retarded. I was polite and nice and ignored the things she said but inside I felt really bad for all those like her that don’t believe or know. Plus the things she said upset me but I kept my cool. I haven’t felt well for several months now and sometimes I want to pack it up and go home, but I don’t. I hate this crap!

  17. Earth Angel says:

    Thanks Dane, Another great job of providing convincing and credible information to the public about the discussions going on at the ‘scientific level’ on this dire planetary emergency. Most of us would have no way to find this type of information. It must give you great satisfaction to finally see the world becoming aware of and taking this topic seriously. Though our race is far from finished, your tireless work and dedication has finally begun to pay off; whatever the final result is. You have done humanity and Mother Earth a tremendous service. We are proud to raise our voices and stand with you. I can’t help but feel our Heavenly Father is most pleased at this effort and I pray He comes to aid us in this worthy cause.

  18. JOHNNY SMITH says:

    I LIVE IN SUN CITY TEXAS which has been targeted and sprayed heavily so it is now SMOG CITY.

    IN 2015 SUN CITY a retirement community north os AUSTIN,TEXAS is clearly being targeted and sprayed by no less than 10 aircraft flying at 45 and 90 degree angles. CLEAR BLUE SKY can be seen all around THE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY but a clearly defined GAS CHAMBER can clearly be seen EVERY DAY IN 2015.



  19. Jeff says:

    My theory put simple is,that like the other Agenda 21 initiatives,geoengineering fallows Nazi death showers that were given during the Jews genocide. Considering the 1000+ Nazi scientist that were brought into our country threw “Project Paper Clip” at the end of the war,and given places to continue there work in the USA.
    If my theory is sound or not,connecting the dots of some of the other scientist,it seems sadly feasible.
    In conclusion the perpetrators are insane.
    Thank You Dane for being a brave quality man,and inspiring those of us that are willing to speak out.

  20. Concerned in Cali says:

    Dane I follow the website as do many of my friends called March Against Monsanto . On yesterday’s post they had one titled .. Geo engineering is not a conspiracy theory . This was the first time I have seen anything on this post . Thought this to be very encouraging .,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “concerned in Cali”, yes, this is indeed encouraging. In 2014 I spoke in San Francisco about geoengineering at the request of the “march against Monsanto” organization. I hope they are truly waking up to the dire climate engineering issue.

  21. howard says:

    They will never release power.Will the Red China.No.We are no better in USA.Think they will do this.No way,Never.Need a Peaceful Revolution.Get It Done.or our life is done.

  22. marco says:

    At COP20 John Nissen says there is a possible plan to stop the artic meltdown, cost 1 billion USD, but the ones in control do NOT want to stop global warming, and the public is not being told the truth about this.
    If this is true, what is their goal, and what do they think they know that we do not,as it is said that soon a point of no return will be reached? The link to the COP20 is here, John Nissen speaks apeaks about 6-7 minutes into the video.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marco, Nissen is speaking about the very solar radiation programs that have already been going on for 65 years and done nothing but harm. Though the AMEG group is correct in regard to their assessment of the dire methane issue, AMEG is completely off base with their calls for geoengineering. We must all “sift the baby from the bathwater” in regard to data from any source.

  23. JR says:

    As Dane says the majority of these so-called experts are in denial of SAG. The sprayings have caused drought, weather disasters, man induced which they won’t take credit or responsibility for either. How can they when SAG does not exist, it’s only something on the drawing board! All evil will one day be forever gone, until then let us be strong people and not gullible to all lies fed us by the master(s) of deceit.

  24. Ana says:

    It´s so easy to manipulate populations no matter if they are living in the 1st world(the ones with higher degree of studies) or in the 3 rd world cause it´s easy to give them the “right” Script to follow.The stories and the direction for us to take are given to us everyday like a brain wash in the oficial Media!The TV set is a brain washing machine or populations control machine ,in my opinion .Their goal must be :just to keep people ignorant by insisting on keeping the lies no matter what!by doing so they think they convence people that there´s nothing wrong but jus all perfectly “normal”!or that it is just a bunch of lunatic conspiracy theorists talking alone. What´s new?nothing i´m afraid!…In my opinion AMEG is joining the club and probably they are being manipulated either or perhaphs their pay check depends on more lobbies crap businesses(including aviation or envyronmental enterprises )working in the Artic at the same time that these lobbies can get out of the underground -making it oficial !…I don´t know anymore what to think about human-species :constant deceptions and lots of lies and deceit. Unfortunatly manipulation/control was always the base of our societies.Even Today we saw leaders giving hands in a kind of protest March against terrorism .We also saw People in the line to buy charlie abedo newspaper …and what about a line to protest against the terrorism of our world leaders on us?Nobody sees those terrorist planes everyday?or people just look at the vídeos of the al-qaeda or isis terrorists ?(i don´t even know where those vídeos came from or where were made)…Seems like spraying us like bugs everyday and destroying our natural biosphere is nothing happening once that our leaders and the sold media have said :…ARE JUST CONTRAILS! …that footage on a vídeo with the plane doing on/off spraying are not what we think as they say!…So, why should i believe in the stories and vídeos that the sold Media and the sold Democratic world leaders show me on TV?…cause for me this is the worst form of terrorism and they are not held accountable and there´s no events of people giving hands all together demanding the truth-i think they were never held accountable for anything since the begining of times,even since 50´s or 60´s with nuclear bombs testings on Earth and out space ,using people as guinea pigs for all sort of experiments with uranium ,bacteroas,virus etc and disseminating wars in every place in the world in the name of a freedom and democracy that is pure greed of lobbies of OIL !MONEY! GUNS/ARMY INDUSTRY etc.-but for me they are CRIMINALS as any criminal they may criticize in our “good/honest/perfect” western world and media!What moral do this people have?or they Forget all the pain and suffering they´ve inflicted on other people ,other countries or even on their own citizens as we know it? For me the most dangerous terrorists are those ones hiden behind the mask of the “good guys” or behind the mask of the ” real honest people”! all these “democratic” world envyronmental (or economical/finantial/social) policies are all also just “deception engeneering” at the highest level!They do “engeneering” with everything!…Will be very dificult to open people´s eyes when they think that we are living in a democratic model of virtue !and specially when people like these scientists of AMEG do silence about geoengeneering as part of the problem and not as a solution ,they will never admit to know the truth cause they are paid to pretend nothing is happening in our “perfectly normal” skies!

  25. marco says:

    New study says ocean life faces extinction, according to the NY Times, here is the link:


  26. mossmoon says:

    Dane what about fertilizing the oceans with iron to encourage bacteria that will suck C02 out of the atmosphere? I mean, it’s maybe the one program that makes sense?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mossmoon, ocean fertilization creates massive dead zones due to the hypoxic conditions it creates. There are no shortcuts in nature, there is always a price.

  27. Sergio Davide says:

    Thanks for everybody, from Italy
    have a nice time

  28. Karen says:

    Thanks Dane for posting this.
    I was completely tracking until the last person. However reading between the lines of what he was saying, and from his body language, I felt that he was suggesting something dangerous to humans.
    Since my homeland has been sprayed on a continual basis my ground is “SICK”, nothing is growing well, and my air is not far behind.
    Already the bird and fish die-off, human sickness and disease 100 fold suggests that Obama and China are looking for a continual depopulation scheme, not a cooling of methane.

  29. Freedom Ranger says:

    I am positive we have the technology and the ability to reverse the destruction we have visited on the Earth. We need leadership and will, that is all we need, I know resting in our minds is the solution to these problems. Necessity is the mother of invention. We simply have to realize we are one world. A one world coming together in opposition to a hierarchical world order. I am positive we can create a world of absolute equal material prosperity sufficient to allow global spiritual growth. i believe, I dont fear, I believe in us. That is all I have to say.

  30. JoeyR says:

    This is insanity to the max and will continue until our chief executive puts an end to what is already taking place. This is consistent with what big business paradigm works. Create a problem and experiment on the solution until you force everyone to come to a point of begging for a solution that only you have the solution for. Look at what Monsanto is coming up with (They have a head start on gene patents with the backing of the gov., they’re buying mainstream media and controlling those in power and the decisions they make) Geoengineering fits this paradigm at a global scale and only those with executive privilege know the real story and others are called conspiracy theorist if they even speculate the truth of what is going on. Dane is doing exemplary work to expose this insanity and time is running out.

  31. Will Larsen says:

    As always, Dane, thanks for sharing this video and for all you continue to do on behalf of this amazing planet. A few years ago, I felt very alone until I became aware of your efforts to stop geoengineering. Today, thanks to you and others who have joined this endeavor, are numbers have grown exponentially. Thanks again for the passion, energy and convincing manner you bring to this fight each and every day!

  32. LeighJane says:

    Thank you Dane.
    This wilful assault on our Mother Earth will stop. Energies are changing, people are waking up in their thousands all over the planet, not just politically but spiritually. I wish you love and light.

  33. Barbara says:

    Could somebody explain what the last speaker mentioned re strategies?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barbara, the “strategies” the AMEG group speaks of are climate engineering. This is the point at which the climate science community must be held accountable. There is no excuse for AMEG not knowing climate engineering has been long since fully deployed and doing horrific harm. We must ALL learn to sift the “baby from the bathwater”. The AMEG warnings on the state of the climate are accurate, this can be confirmed from multiple sources of data, but they are off the rails in regard to their call for climate engineering. Again, we must all be discerning.

  34. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, thank you for posting this. I personally feel that every single anti-geoengineering activist needs to bring themselves up to speed on the specifics of this particular threat. We are that out of time now. Any effort we put forth from here on out needs to keep this ‘central’ to our goal of exposing and putting a stop to geoengineering.

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