“Weather Made To Order”, Connecting The Dots


Dane Wigington

Geoengineeringwatch.org recently acquired 2 excellent condition original copies of "Collier's" magazine from May of 1954. The title on the cover of the 61 year old magazine is "Weather Made To Order….. Man's Progress In Weather Control" (our previous post from a 1958 edition of Popular Science, "Weather As A Weapon" is also important to examine).  This kind of straightforward reporting on the issue of global climate modification (geoengineering/solar radiation management) has long since been shut down in mainstream publications. Though global weather modification and weather warfare has been going on in plain site and at a significant scale for over 70 years. The "official" narrative now is that programs of such magnitude are only "proposals". This false narrative is propagated by all those in corporate media and academic circles that are paid to deny the ongoing and blatantly obvious atrocities occurring in skies around the globe. The so called "experts" are all too invested in the denial of climate engineering to turn back, so they just keep doubling down on the lie that it does not exist.


Skies around the globe are now constantly obscured with the aerosol spraying onslaught.

Even more astounding than this "official" denial, is the public's willingness to accept the "official" narrative and thus ignore their own eyes and their own sense of deductive reasoning. In spite of countless up-close film clips of jet aircraft spraying at altitude (turning the spray dispersion on and off), in spite of countless incriminating documents including US military reports like "Owning The Weather", also recent congressional documents for the governance of geoengineering, a 750 page US senate historical documents addressing the ongoing global climate engineering, an extensive list of patents, and even half century old presidential reports on the rapidly expanding US government weather modification programs, the geoengineering elephant in the room continues to decimate the planet and all life with no organized public outrage as of yet. A few damning quotes from the Collier's article are below.

… we could use weather as a weapon of warfare, creating storms or dissipating them as the tactical situation demands. We might deluge an enemy with rain to hamper a military movement or strike at his food supplies by withholding needed rain from his crops.

… the development of cloud seeding or rain making techniques since the first successful operations in November, 1946, by Drs. Irving Langmuir and Vincent J. Schaefer of the General Electric Company.

The present method of "modifying" a cloud is known as "seeding" because it consists of introducing into the cloud certain particles which collect moisture and fall to the ground as rain or snow. It is used to increase precipitation over any designated area.

How will we be able to prevent rain? … by overseeding a cloud.

Over the last five years, our company has operated more than 150 separate projects in 18 states and six foreign countries. We had amassed more than 200,000 hours of seeding experience in varying latitudes. We don't think we can increase rainfall — we know it."

… using weather as a weapon… Russia would be at a disadvantage in any "strategic weather warfare" because weather characteristically moves from west to east… weather – control planes operating from Western European bases might be able to deluge any selected area of Russia with heavy rain, disrupting lines of supply or movements of armored units by truck convoys and tanks to bog down in mud.

Attacking The Enemy's Food Supply

Weather modification might also be employed to strike at an enemy's food supply. Moisture clouds could be intercepted en route. over seeded and dried up, depriving crops of needed moisture.

Man may well be on the threshold of a new era in which he will disprove the adage that nothing can be done about the weather.

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The US military has made clear the fact they have long since considered climate change to be the greatest national security threat of all, are we to believe they would ask our permission before they would modify the weather and climate to suit their own agenda? Global geoengineering programs are not about the common good, they are not about saving the planet or humanity. The ongoing climate engineering insanity is about power, control, and attempting to mask the damage already done to our climate system while inflicting unimaginably more destruction to climate and biosphere in the process.  Exposing and halting the geoengineering insanity is the most important challenge we face at this critical time, make your voice heard in this essential fight for the greater good.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

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  1. Care Bear says:

    I used to work for The Collier Companies who prided themselves on excellence in journalism so if they printed it, the story was true.  

  2. Alexander Tierney says:



    Few roads before us find safety.

    No path through the future returns. 

    Ever-now-emergent reality.

    Time-locked-irrescindable sojourn.

  3. summer says:

    Our trees are dying at an alarming rate here in Alaska. They are the super tall spruce pine that last year were green and beautiful. Now they are dead and brown all over the place like a plague hit them. I made a few calls to find the right dept. to ask about it and when I got the wildlife division they said it was beetle kill, no I said, I know what beetle kill is and looks like and these trees are not that. No sap at all and look just fine except dead and brown. He said again beetle kill and hung up on me. For the past 8 years I have seen the tops of our trees turning brown and no one wanted to here it. Now they are dying and still no one wants to hear it.Other trees are also not looking right with fewer leaves and late showing and early dropping. Some last year didn't even go into seed. Our crops are failing and the birds are few as are the insects. Haven't even seen one bee so far and its mid June. Now here is the really showdown…….we used to have tons of fireweed and millions of dandelions and this year, your lucky to see much of any, if at all in some places. Dandelions feed the bees………..people don't realize that. We are going down a dark tunnel people with no return in sight. The last major chemtrail left white powdery substance all over the place. If that isn't proof what is?

  4. SRG says:

    Where does all the money come from to do all this Dane? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      From the same place all the money comes from, the central bankers.

    • Robert says:

      Your taxes of course and what about the FED? The USA is 22 trillion dollars in the hole. They pentagon 'lost' many trillion dollars. Maybe a trillion is a small word but you can pay off a lot of people to do the dirty work for you…

  5. B.B. says:

    If you are a Newbie to this Sht. Go get your local news paper. Then look at the Obituaries.

    Figure it out!

  6. Marc says:

    I can only imagine the frantic trading in weather derivatives surrounding the engineered "blizzard" in the mid-Atlantic states. Feeding frenzy for disaster capitalists.

    • Dennie says:

      One look at CBOE should be quite telling.Too many still do NOT know of the massive insider trading that took place two weeks before "Nine-One-One."  With a date like that they are laughing in our faces.  "They" named the emergency number after "they" already had those dates.  Look at Fukushima:  "3-1-1."  Now just WHO the f*ck has the insanely irrational number fixation??  "Scientists," perhaps? And their superstitious Money Master Handlers???

  7. This is my contribution in the fight against the insanity in our skies:

    This slide show video is in German and English:


    For technical reasons/space limitations the text in this video is only in German:


    They show the crimes in Bavaria and Bonn and explain the current political and economic situation in Germany as well.

    Deutschsprachige Gemeinde: Bitte mal vorbeischauen!


  8. A12 says:

    There seems to be plenty aware of what's  going on..I think we are ready for action. I, like the rest would like to know what action it's going to be? Please ,Dane what is  next aside from informing and educating others?  It' has become so  blatant and evident lately, one would have to be brain dead to not know otherwise. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello A12, though we are working on our legal efforts as fast as we can, it is still essential for us all to keep pushing toward a critical mass of awarness in the population. In fact, many have not yet woken up.

  9. Laura Hefner says:

    Thank you so much Dane & our fellow activists, you brought tears to my eyes & strength to my soul with your replies, Thank you so !!!

  10. Dan says:

    Last week I mentioned how it was snowing at 36 degrees then started raining at 28 degrees but not freezing rain. Well two nights ago it started to rain at 35 degrees but this time it turned to ice at 35 degrees? I work for a local highway district so whenever the roads become slick I get called out to plow and lay down a salt-sand mixture to help melt the ice. Usually our plows can bust through most of the ice and the salt will melt the rest but not this time. It was like trying to plow metal and it took all day for the ice to melt even though it warmed up to 38 degrees. Today there must have been a hundred chemtrails and I counted three X's in the sky and still I cannot get anybody to look up except for one. I'm not pushy about it I just ask them to investigate this for themselves but they don't. I'm losing my mind here. What am I doing wrong? God help us

    • Laura Hefner says:

      OMG Dan , you are so not alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dawnski says:

      7:50 AM Lake Norman, NC. . .my thermometer says 36* and the Accuweather says 28*. Actually it says 28* most of the day. Ice is all they talk about. The humidity is 70%. Used to be all winter my hair would blow dry straight and stay that way. Not this year. The weather maps look like the meteroligists used every color in the neon box. They used to be so simple to read. This Jonas will be interesting to report on throughout the storm.

    • Dawnski says:

      8:10 am and the 36* hard as a rock ice pellets are falling and instantly turning my sidewalk into a skating pond. Tried to sweep/shovel the sidewalk clear. Already have to shovel hard to clear and it just started. I warned my neighbor not to drive and cited this site/research. She hung up on me. . . 

    • Beverly Turnmire says:

      Dan, I have pointed to the sky and asked people to look and tell me why so many lines and X's, and they glance, mumble 'contrails' and try to put some distance between us.  People still TRUST the government to do the 'right' thing and people like me and you, are 'NUTS'.  Puzzles me why the military goes along…….they have to know that playing with the weather will hurt them and their families as well.  Is it possible to brainwash so many people?   They are creating the very weather problems they are warning us about!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Beveryly, yes, the geoengineers are wreaking havoc with the weather, but it is important to remember that there are countless sources of damage to the planet and the climate system. The human race has been extremely poor stewards of this once thriving planet.

  11. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia. Massive SRM filling the skies in the last several days. High, dry, long streaks of really messy skies. What explanation could be offered that would scientifically explain these conditions???!!!!

  12. Ed Bee says:

    I awakened this morning very lethargic after sleeping 9 hours, which I never do. Going to work, I quickly realized why. A white fog covered the fields and obscured the trees, while jets were laying out a thick criss-cross pattern overhead. The first lady I encountered at work commented on what a beautiful morning it was. I'd like to have popped her one, except she was using a walker (just kidding). Where do these Stepford People come from? They are all programmed to say the same things: "It's a gorgeous day", "The sky has always looked like that", "You are just a conspiracy theorist", "Our own government wouldn't harm us", "Why are you always so negative?", etc. I have printed up the flyers from this website and hand them out when I can. I've even convinced a few people of what's going on without our consent. But I feel we are losing this race against the clock. If it weren't for all you other Aware Ones out there, I surely would have given up hope. Many thanks to people like Dane and Marc and my geoengineeringwatch watch family for encouraging each other to continue the battle we all face. God bless you all. My prayers are with you.

  13. Teri says:

    The weather makers and their corporate media are busy herding the humans into panic buying before a storm has even taken place. The rulers of the states affected have declared a state of emergency BEFORE any snow has fallen. flights are cancelled BEFORE the storm even hits. Talk about having a crystal ball. The weather makes speak and people panic and are herded over a cliff. 

    it shows the level of programming and control the media has over the minds of the American human herd. absolutely mind numbing to see how easy it works for those in power. 

    those same people are not even questioning how it is that the weather makers can make a dire prediction like that and people react before it takes place? brilliant brain washing campaign going on there.



  14. The World Has Discovered a $1 Trillion Ocean
    Now what to do with it. The Arctic is open for business, and everyone wants a piece. A council at Davos lays down some rules.
    [excerpts] …The Arctic Investment Protocol, developed by a 22-member WEF “global agenda council,” puts forward sustainability principles similar to initiatives developed for mature economies in recent years. The focus is long-term: tap the expertise of indigenous communities and treat them as commercial partners, protect ecosystems (even as rising temperatures change them before our eyes), and prevent corruption while encouraging international collaboration. The Arctic nations include Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the U.S.,  so there is a lot of collaboration to be had. … Jan-Gunnar Withner, director of the Norwegian Polar Institute and a member of the WEF group, said increases in shipping, mining or other natural resource harvesting will be at the mercy of a fast melting ice cap. The retreat of ice sheets has created a shifting seascape of shipping channels. Melting glaciers are spawning more pesky icebergs that can wreak havoc on container ships and drilling platforms. The Arctic is warming faster than any other part of the globe, Winther says: “These changes are like nothing we have seen. We don't have anything to compare with in history.”

  15. Shirley Kistner says:

    My Dear Fellow US Citizens,

    I was out walking late this afternoon and noticed something I have never seen before.  An Airline Jet flying at a low altitude on approach to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.  Obviously, I'm at my home in Charlotte, NC.  I was unable to make positive identification as to what airline carrier I was viewing.  I am 100% certain it was large passenger jet do to its flaps in the down position.  To my surprise and for a short period of time, the jet sprayed in a similar procedure of the much larger tanker jets that we have all seen over the past several years and beyond all over our beloved United States of America.  The spraying time period was only a minute or less.  However, what was sprayed remained and expanded in size for two hours or longer until darkness.  Absolutely amazing.  To be honest with those who read my post, I am deeply saddened with what I viewed.  This has to end.  There have been 20 million plus hits on this site.  Lets all immediately write all of our respective Senators and Congressmen of residence and demand an  investigation.  Millions of letters written will provide evidence to the American people that our skies are being contaminated.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    May God Bless the United States of America!   

    • Dawnski says:

      Right on schedule! Blockbuster Wicked Winter Storm Jonas Secret Potion. 

      Jonas: Hebrew name meaning dove, peaceful being, destroyer, one who oppreses, accomplishing, and a gift from God.

      Jonas: main character in Louis Lowry novel "The Giver" 1993, made into blockbuster novel in 2014 about dystopian society.

      dystopian: society or community that is undesirable or frightening


    • Wayne says:

      Dear Shirley

      Dear Shirley,

      I think to best way to approach a resolution and awareness is to organize educational events throughout the country. (Pods). We need to get a list of emails of all participants on this site sorted by geographical location then connect with each via email to organize local events. 


    • BaneB says:

      I just finished e-mailing my Congressional Representative Jared Huffman.  I sent his office the pages from the1954 Colliers Magazine.  Of course he never responds.  Yet, this man is on the Resource Committee.  Fisheries and timber are his domain.  I suggested he wake up  while he still has some resources to shepherd.  Clearly timber and fisheries are a dying disappearing resource.  And I sent a letter and magazine articles to several TV weather channels.  Keep pushing, keep pushing.  Regarding my region of Northern California, the jets sprayed above the grunge clouds in order to create a loftier higher grunge.  When the jets did peek through it was obvious the aerosol spray trails are more quickly dispersed and are less showy.  A new improved version no doubt because the grunge is as thick as ever.  It is raining here and has been for the past 3 plus weeks virtually non stop and virtually non stop cloudy for half of the time.  The sun has become a precious surprise of unfamiliarity.  


  16. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 97th email to my contact list, titled 'Greenland Melting Fast':


    1.  Greenland is melting fast – and yes, it is still winter up there..  

    Read Robert Scribbler's article: http://robertscribbler.com/2016/01/18/did-a-january-hurricane-just-set-off-a-massive-greenland-melt-event-in-winter/ 

    Then look at the photos of Disk Bay 9 – 16 Jan, and Uummannaq Bay 9 – 13 Jan: http://blogs.agu.org/fromaglaciersperspective/2016/01/17/what-is-up-in-disko-ummanaq-bay-greenland-this-week/

    2. A good Harry Rhodes rant (and proof) about the recent geoengineered flooding in UK:


    and an intriguing photo of Cyclone Narelle near Barrow Island, Western Australia:


    3.  The Iberian Peninsular (Spain Portugal and Andorra) will reach 20ºC next week (25 – 31 Jan).  Not sure how that will affect the crocus and saffron trade.

    4.  A recent Guy McPherson compilation that is definitely worth watching:



    • bija says:

      Andrew…thanks for all your important postings! I hope everyone watches the Harry Rhodes rant in particular because it really shows the extent to which these maggots are destroying natural weather cycles and putting so many lives at risk…and for what??? To help line some fat cat's overflowing pocketbook and buy one more day to hide crimes against everything living!!! Beyond comprehension!

  17. Alan says:

    FWIW Department – Yesterday and today I saw familiar, white, unmarked twin-jet spray planes cruising slowly at a level altitude of about 5,000 feet above two different bedroom communities of San Diego County.  Yesterday, one cruised over La Mesa at 11:00 AM.  Today, one cruised over Poway at about 9:15 AM.  Of great interest to me was that these planes were virtually silent, even at that shockingly low altitude.   The fact that the planes are now flying so low, while not spraying at the time, signals something new under the (alleged) sun.  I just don't know what that is.  There has also been a ton of climate (dis)information in the local papers and on TV news recently – it's really ramping up.   Makes me wonder if "they"'re close to making some kind of disclosure.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      As Dane always says the Foxes are running the Hen house. Here is another occurrence of just that. Flint Michigan's water supply has been contaminated with highly toxic levels of lead. The Water Treatment Facility, failed to put in the necessary anti-corrosion additives, to prevent the water piplines from corrosion, the pipes have broken down releasing the lead into Flint's water systems. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver stated: Politics and Profit have perpetuated Lead Tainted Water Crisis. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has been asked to provide his e-mail accounts and may have to testify to Congress. The Government Officials and Geoengineers also need to be accountable for what they have done and are doing to the entire Biosphere. We all have the right to know, since they are in violation of all of our Civil Rights, by making us their experiments by us being sprayed upon.

  18. Troy S says:


    I live and work in the DC region and I hope everyone reads this and ask themselves if I can't eat the snow what else should I not eat… (e.g. fruits, vegetables,). What is left out in this report is of course the aluminum and other chemicals sprayed from the planes. This article came out before the man made Blizzard coming our way. Click on the link below.



    • dawnski says:

      Oh Thank GOD! It has been most disturbing for the past several years to see kids eating the toxic snow. Teens posting selfies eating the toxic snow. . . this is great news. I hope the story goes VIRAL!

    • dawnski says:

      Upon further inspection. . . Dr. Parisa Ariya doesn't want to be an alarmist. She is a professor of chemistry and atmospheric sciences at McGill, who led the research.

      “As a mother who is an atmospheric physical chemist, I definitely do not suggest my young kids to eat snow in urban areas, in general,” Ariya said.

      Why pray tell do I, also a mother, know more than she does? She is paid to do research and for the sake of her own children, does not want to sound the alarmist? Pullllease!!!

    • a simple horseman says:

      David, I tried this link, twice. The zerohedge site said they could not find the article. Seems as if it was "removed" from circulation, ??

  19. Laura Hefner says:

    Each morning , day , & night my heart breaks . I wake up to planes spraying in every direction . I live in southern California , in the South Bay & am a CA native . Each day when I look out over the ocean the horizon is more dense , visibility less & less . At night when my pup walks me there is a night 'film' type sky with ? Chemtrails !! This past year alone the difference in air quality & visibility has spiraled downward at an astronomical rate . I have not seen a sky w/o whitiish film for far too many months , probably longer . My heart & soul have been nurtured  by our mother earth as far back as I can remember. I've been finding life 'here' close to spiritually unbearable . My latest mantra , the last refuge for my being is my knowing that there is a Higher Power that ascends all of this madness , I can not comprehend it yet I 'know' it with all of my being . I never thought our planet would suck , that our polluting & selfishness would be irreversible – maybe there's hope , these chemtrails , the geoengineering that our & other govts. have been doing , along with many other monstrous acts we know only a few of , All of the lies & atrocities that somehow get worse than previous ones that I & others still can not comprehend , I was not created to fight or lie or do negative acts , I am left bewildered , devastated , heartbroken more than I knew possible ,  And I needed to write all of this believing that @ least one other person will read this & understand , for tho my circle is rich with authentic & loving people , they do not get the extent of what is happening , some are able to look the other way & it's just the best that they can do . If it weren't for Dane , this site & All of You Courageous people I'm pretty sure I'd either be in an institution on Thorazine or have found a way to transcend this life . I had to write this , heavy , not positive stuff down & I Needed to share it with like minded/feeling spirits , for I feel desperate in my need to cope with the insane reality that is right in front of us / me . Thankyou , really , you have helped me deeply by giving me a space to say all of these 'unpleasant' things & hopefully be able to continue on , & help my fellow beings . Thankyou

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laura, never underestimate your own power to alter the the equation for the better. The emotions you are experiencing are the hallmark signs of a healthy, sane, and fully functional mind. Turn your angst into fuel for the battle at hand, use this energy productively. Every single individual that our combined efforts help to awaken matters to the whole, in ways we cannot yet fully understand. Refuse to go “silently into the night, stand against the fading of the light”. We are not defeated, together we are strong, and our numbers grow by the day. Lets all keep fanning the flames of awareness, critical mass is coming.

    • Christina Parousis says:

      Dear Laura, every word of yours resonates with me.  We have volunteered for a most difficult job, but someone had to do it and it's a good a thing we have found each other on this site to keep us going.  Hopefully we will see the light at the end tunnel real soon, hang there!



    • stephan says:

      Laura – Myself and many others can relate to you're words – sad but true – we'll be fine in the end – this I'm certain of – be well my friend.

    • david says:

      I hear you Laura.  just today here in FL the sky is just blanketed with aerosols.  I was shooting photos upward of building architecture in St Augustine and  having to use long exposures to blur the sky because the lines are so bad.  some days its so bad like today that i'm amazed no one notices all the Xs, patterns and lines all over.  then the guy on the radio says how were having another wonderful Florida sunset at the end of the day.  

  20. Christina Parousis says:

    January 20th TVO interview of geoengineer David Keith linked below.  He talks about solar geoengineering stating that there are no large scale national research programs, yet it should "work well" in actuality.  He also discusses funding for his company from Bill Gates.  And when asked about the alleged "threats" he's been receiving he of course responds about the "community of conspiracy theorists" who he claims make up just a "few percent of north americans", and does not ascribe the belief that geoengineering is already happening to "normal or rational people".  Keith has the audacity to talk about leaving "our grand kids and great grand kids with more of a chance to see the world as it was".. Remember this quote from him? "It's not really a moral hazard, it's more like free riding on our grand kids." (https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/confronting-geoengineer-david-keith/)

    David Keith on The Agenda, feel free to leave a comment:  http://tvo.org/video/programs/the-agenda-with-steve-paikin/climate-conundrums

    • marc says:

      David Keith may, in fact, be an incarnation of the Anti-Christ.

    • BaneB says:

      The subject of threats he has received came up.  Really, do these sociopaths, or worse, believe they can use us a guinea pigs, destroy our atmosphere, and threaten all life on earth, and not have humans outraged enough to get in their face and say hell no?  This science meddler is a front man for the lie.  He stands also to make a ton of money destroying our skies.  He is squatting at MIT.  Just remember the deliberate feeding of radioactive oatmeal to disadvanged children by MIT scientists.  This was back in the late 1940's and early 1950's.  MIT remains a school that harbors sociopaths.

    • Marc says:

      BaneB, yeah: David Keith: "front man for the lie". Awesome!

    • Marc says:

      Humankind has become analogous to the incredible swarms of locusts during the dust bowl days 0f 1935-36. Rampaging clouds of locusts were so huge they darkened the sky and ate everything in their path. Sound familiar? Remember the original "Pac-man" video game critter? I used to be a Pac-man junkie back in the eighties. Bite, bite, bite, chomp, chomp, chomp, eat, eat, eat. Seems we are unstoppable, yet, after listening to a 12/14/15 YouTube video with Jeff Rense with a Fukushima update, I can promise all of you that we are, in fact, quite "stoppable". As a matter of fact, given the almost total suppression of real MSM news about the Fukushima crisis, it could not be more clear that the FACT of this SUPPRESSION, BY ITSELF, is proof that the DTB (dumb-asses that be) know it is essentially game-over and have opted to keep the public as calm as possible as we all die quietly of various cancers and radiation poisoning. The radiation readings being collected from all over the Northern hemisphere are beyond alarming. Yet, when we are not being blacked out from all news about Fukushima, we are being fed monstrous lies about just how severe the releases of radiation are.  And it goes even beyond that. The NRC is criminally insane, TEPCO, as well. The nuclear "agencies" all appear to be in collusion about this cover-up because they haven't the faintest f**king clue what to do about this "extinction event" now underway.

        So, it seems we have converging apocalypses on our hands. Geoengineering and Fukushima. Have I left anything out? Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Donald Trump, President of the United States of America.

        I posted this Collier mag article on my FB page, and the first comment comes in from a close friend of mine: "Marc, this is bullshit. Even predicting the weather is far beyond our ability, much less engineering it." Hmmmm……Oh yeah? Gee, how could I have been so naive?

  21. bija says:

    Great find!  Seems they easily enough over-rode the need for public support and have had no trouble finding funds. Orville and his meteorologist/scientist cohorts are surely the role models for the lying liars complicit in this whole criminal operation from the 50's right up to the present cast of complicit stooges.

    I was only a few months old when this was written. But in my young years I believed in the mantra, "better living through science", The bubble burst with all the horrible assassinations (some watched live on TV!), Vietnam, Tricky Dick and Watergate. But I still would never have believed the depths of crime and corruption those with insatiable greed and hunger for power would orchestrate in one lifetime! It still boggles the mind and sickens the heart, Somewhere in the article, there is the claim that they know nothing about how weather really works. Man, were they ever right about that!

  22. MacGeo says:

    Has anyone successfully done a time-lapse filming of the changing cloud patterns caused by Haarp/ELF and chemtrails? If you keep looking up at the sky, at frequent intervals, all day, every day, it would be hard to ignore the rapid cloud-pattern changes effected by this geoengineering onslaught.

    I don't miss a beat of what's going on daily in our skies and I now know how to analyze the patterns in the rapidly changing cloud formations, and to successfully predict the subsequent rainfall. 

    But, for those who are constantly distracted by looking down at their phones, a time-lapse film might be quite an eye opener and might finally get their attention.

    I'm in Northern Quintana Roo, Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula) and there's been a blatant uptick in ELF cloud patterns recently, followed by totally unseasonable rain, wind and cold. Our climate HAS changed, and as I can see, there's nothing natural about it.

    I would assume that our 'HAARP' frequencies are being beamed by our closest ELF arrays, from Arrecibo, Puerto Rico.

    • dawnski says:

      Hi MacGeo. I do the same thing allllll dayyyyy loooong. I see what is happening the minute I wake up and on my way to work and out my window all day long and on the way home and. . .well, you get the picture. And I have a son in high school about to graduate that sends me texts throughout the day of what he witnesses too. We are watching this geoengineered snow storm being created. He even knew the name, but I forgot all ready. I could care less about the names although I research them just to see what sly hint then have hidden in them regarding their psycho, doomed for all eternity, agenda. Blessings to you.

    • MacGeo, check out my vids at link below.


      Daily time lapse vids starting from June last year. Any eye opener if one cares to look.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      One frame every 4 seconds seems optimum – and may tell us something about the frequency used:


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Sorry, should have included that the wavelength of the cloud ridging will also give clue to wavelength of frequency…..

  23. Jeff says:

    In response to BabeB's GE slogan,I see a biblical connection as to The Bringer of Light,aka the anti Christ. 

    Another great article Dane,thank you. I hope my sharing it helps open another set of eyes.

    • BaneB says:

      To take the term "light" a bit further, we all know when suddenly we have a profound 'lucid' thought the proverbial "lightbulb" lights up.  Lucid is derived from Lucifer.  'Lucifer' is a word once used around WW1 meaning to light up…. a cigarette.  Remember Lucent Technology.  What was its strange logo on their truck.  If I remember correctly it was a red fiery snake shape forming a circle.  That outfit was reorganized after it had stolen the employee pensions.  What is the Spanish word for light?  How about ' lurid' as another derivitive, too.  Lucifer was the bright and morning star.  Bright is synonymous with intelligence, smart.  What about 'star?'  Hollywood comes to mind.  "They shall worship the image and make it speak."  Who IS Oscar?  When someone stands out from the ordinary they are said to be a 'shining example'.  Apple… What was the "fruit of the tree of knowledge?"  The warning to Eve was to not taste of knowledge.  What is the proverbial fruit that once was left upon the teachers desk by a student?  The apple.  It is a metaphor.  Apple computer.. the logo is a apple with a bite out of it.  Just my meandering to 'know where.'  We have taken our intelligence as a species and utilized it for death rather than life.  What GE is actually stating is that global monstrosity 'brings good things to "life".'  But in actuality they are an integral part of the invention/creation of weapons of war that are intended to wipe out all life on earth.  "Woe be unto man when the devil comes down to earth."  

  24. Sandra Williams says:


    "The Next Stage in Jad Helm Psyops? Disturbing New Navy Seals War Games Pacific Northwest"


  25. Patty says:

    Has anyone found a remedy for the tinnitus?  

    • Diane Friday says:

      Hi Patty. It's getting so much worse, isn't it? I'm afraid there isn't anything that can be done about it. Even genuine tinnitus, acquired as a result of exposure to loud noises over long periods of time, or perhaps to a single traumatic injury, is very difficult to treat. I believe what we're experiencing now is the effects of HAARP on the auditory nerves in our brains. The human body wasn't made to withstand constant exposure to such incredibly high, intense, and unrelenting electromagnetic energy. I don't know whether our auditory nerves simply can't stand the constant onslaught, or that HAARP is being utilized more often and at higher frequencies, but there are days when it's absolutely intolerable. If anyone does know of a way we can find some relief from this, it would be a godsend. 

  26. Marc says:

    Fantastic discovery, the Collier mag article! But on a different note may I strongly recommend Vincent Bugliosi's awesome film: "The Prosecution of an American President"? Mr. Bugliosi (passed away last June) would have made an awesome addition to the legal team. He successfully prosecuted Charles Manson and scores of others in the intervening years. This film examines in no uncertain terms, the rock-solid legal justification for prosecuting George W. Bush for the MURDER of over 4000 US soldiers and well over 100,000 Iraqis for taking the country into war based on a gigantic LIE. Please! Check out this film! I purchased it on DVD so as to share it around. It is a most shocking and graphic overview of the vast conspiracy, YES, CONSPIRACY, to take us into war with Iraq. I can only hope and pray that, the end of our paradigm notwithstanding, "W" and his partners in crime, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Condoleeza Rice, MOSSAD, (Israeli Intelligence agency) and many others, ALL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, IF NOT HERE IN THIS WORLD, THEN FOR CERTAIN IN THE NEXT. 

       This film did not awaken me to truths I was not already aware of. But the film is profoundly well done and drives home the premise with extraordinary power, with abundant film footage and pics. Upon my viewing of this film, I was compelled to reflect deeply upon the institutional psychopathy and sociopathy that permeated the inner circle of these terrifying clowns. Figuratively speaking that's exactly what these gargoyles from hell were doing in the lead-up to 9/11 and thereafter. And last time I checked, hello?, did not the ramp-up of SRM really take off under "W's" watch? If these motherf**kers were capable of the atrocity of 9/11 and the Iraq war, then I'll happily bet every asset I own on the fact that this same regime was instrumental in the ramp-up and perpetuation of SRM, not to mention other insidious chemical experimentation programs targeting the innocents of this world. And as Dane is always quick to remind us, it doesn't f**king matter who's in the dumb-ass White House, because, as all of us who come here have been plainly monitoring for years, the Obama administration most assuredly and without doubt is ALSO COMPLICIT in this, the most egregious agenda to ever unfurl itself upon our world.

  27. TnGeoWatch says:

    Ice boulders?? In Lake Michigan. Is this historical? Anyone?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello TnGeoWatch, no, not historical. The ice boulders are a result of chemical ice nucleation materials. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/chemically-nucleated-ice-balls-on-lake-michigan/

  28. TnGeoWatch says:

    Watching weather channel. They say there's a shallow layer of cold that's going to lead to the epic blizzard next several days. 


    Shallow cold later. Not very smart! Should lead to ice. Not snow? 


    Totally geoengineered event! Very sad

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yesterday north central Georgia caught the tail end of the engineered sleet/snow event across the southeast U.S. For the past few days prior we've had unusually low temps. at night in the teens and twenty's and days in the 30's with very cold wind chills. The weatherman said also on yesterday's report that the road temps. were coming in at 37 degrees. We have had no sunshine, only continued overcast skies- Strangely warm surface temps. on the road for such continuously cold air temps. it seems to me. I know traffic driving over the roads can warm the pavement, but this seems drastically warm while experiencing a sleet/snow event following bitterly cold (for us here in the south) weather. However, it would make sense if the 'shallow layer of cold air' being artificially cooled and drawn over the area temporarily is what was taking place. Interestingly, today's report cautioned people "NOT to EAT the snow because scientists are telling us that the fallen snow can rapidly absorb the pollutants from cars!" .. I kid you not, the anchorwoman on Fox 5 ACTUALLY SAID THAT.. Can she possibly believe what she just said??.. I hardly think so.

  29. MS says:

    White out again in the Sacramento Valley.  Engineered skies from horizon to horizon.  On my way to work at 7:30am — a big X across the middle of the sky.  Continued unabated all day and now at 3:40pm . . . white out conditions.  I too am suffering severe tinnitus.  We are all screwed on so many levels it is truly devastating.  Haven't seen a blue sky since October.  Same patterns in the skies in the same places.  I am starting to be able to notice certain cloud patterns repeating day after day.  This must be the places where certain frequencies hit the aerosols from certain fixed directional energy.  I'd love to see a meteorologist with a f**king conscience.  Or maybe a pilot.   

    • SD says:

      "How will we be able to prevent rain? . . . By overseeding a cloud."

      Sounds like Southern California past two days.  High altitude spraying clearly visible. Lower altitude "Fog"  Total saturation by aerosol particulates.


  30. Joe Sullivan says:


    great article – I immediately shared with my friends.

    Thank you sir!!

  31. kenny says:


    • Dennie says:

      …and people swallow it, hook, line & sinker, every time.  NEVER question the Programming even so much as once.

    • dawnski says:

      Yep. And the robotic sheeple are all making their zombie way in obedience. . .still looking down. . . forgetting already that we had a tropical Christmas. It is so sad to live in such a dumbed down society. . . .albeit comical at times.

      It is 1:20 in the afternoon and the sky is about as blue as it can possibly get. Not a spray in sight. Granted there has been a lot of LOUD helicopter activity. . .

      I could almost set my watch to the psycho snowstorm symphony Blockbuster "Jonas" about to be played out.

  32. Roger Gibbons says:

    Why invest in solar energy if the earth is becoming darker. It is 30% dark now then 20yrs ago.

    And its going to get darker ….because this spraying of the atmosphere is only going to get worse before it ever gets better. The need to keep sending out emails to all you know is now more important then ever.

    Spread the news even if you think its going to have an effect on that person but once they see one pic of a jet spraying and the next time they see one in the sky it might just ring a bell.

    To the Dawnski reply …….it says that their will be a New Earth and a New Heaven …….were going to need that specially when we see whats happening to this Earth.

    Keep emailing the info its time.

    To Daw

  33. Facebook: the new social control paradigm by globalintelhub on 01/19/2016
    Facebook has been cited as the prime reason for the recent American recession.  Facebook has spread faster than the ebola virus infecting even users without computers.  Children grow up in a world defined by Facebook.  This aggressive strain F1B1 is reprogramming human beings down to the last strand in their DNA.  As the previous generation had television programming, now we have Facebook programming.  
    Facebook has become the #1 tool for developing complete psycho-social profiles of US Citizens and foreign nationals alike.  … The ME generation embraced Facebook.  Because Facebook is all about ME!  … Advertising has gone to a new level on Facebook, called "Spamvertising," which has become endemic on Facebook.  That's because it's impossible to stop these junk feeds …
    The fact is that users are not controlling Facebook – Facebook is controlling you.  They have set the stage which is limited, and allow users few useful tools to manage this barrage on your mind.  The only way to really stop this invasive virus from spreading: turn it off!  
    Reasons to delete your Facebook:
    Stop sharing personal details with the US government and a host of other interested groups
    Fill your brain with something wholesome!  Plant a tree!

  34. Helene says:

    as many people don't believe something is real until they read/see it on what they consider to be the received sources (NY Times, CNN, etc.), your finding old back issues of mags actually publishing detailed articles about geoengineering helps tremendously in getting people to accept this as true.  BTW I realized I forgot to mention when I've posted about chem trails above our home, the only way we know they're there is when we can actually see them: for some time, the planes are SILENT.  How they achieve muffling jet engine noise is pretty good engineering.  The only aircraft noise we hear and see are from Coast Guard helicopters, float planes and private jets, normal airliners and now the US Navy Growlers which seem to be crossing into Canadian airspace.

  35. The 1954 timeline from this article gives us an idea of how long geoengineering has been around and thus how it has spread into so many layers of life, industry, the corporations — most for profit now, certainly for defense and electronic warfare EW. By chance I heard Rush Limbaugh mention the 'Warming Hoax' today (no, I'm not a fan!). I had to laugh. Sure it’s all a hoax, so how can geoengineering even exist? Hah!

    These vids will give an idea of how important satellite technology and the ‘full spectrum dominance’ of the electromagnetic spectrum is to war these days. However, according to P.W. Singer in his “Ghost Fleet: A novel of the Next War” the new threat is technology that can enter the chips already in the satellites and destroy them from within, a technology that was perhaps secretly previously installed at a foreign factory like China. Endless war escalating into ‘mutually assured destruction’ madness. Insane pointless use of human intelligence.

    Approved for public release by Lockheed Martin:
    LRASM Long Range Anti-ship Missle

    The Growlers & their pilots that fly over my house 4 or 5 times a day everyday, except maybe on Sundays:
    NAVY EA-18G Growler Electronic Warfare Management
    Published on Apr 4, 2015
    The EA-18G Growler, by Boeing, is the U.S. Navy’s newest electronic attack aircraft intended to replace ageing EA-6B Prowlers in the service’s fleet. Based on the F-18 E/F Hornet airframe, the two-seater, twin-turbofan aircraft integrates the latest electronic attack technology, including the ALQ-218 receiver, ALQ-99 jamming pods, communication countermeasures, and satellite communications. Along with the electronic attack suite, the Growler also features the APG-79 Active Electronically Scanned Array AESA radar. The aircraft also retains all of the F/A-18E/F’s multi-mission capabilities with its validated design and the capability to perform a wide range of enemy defense suppression missions.

    • Zero-Hedge is a Bulgarian who is obviously anti-American, but also loathes Goldman Sachs.
      The Story You Aren't Being Told About Iran Capturing Two American Vessels / by Tyler Durden on 01/20/2016  [excerpt]:
      “Using its knowledge of the frequency, the engineer claims, Iran initiated its ‘electronic ambush’ by jamming the bird’s communications frequencies, forcing it into auto-pilot.  States the source, ‘By putting noise [jamming] on the communications, you force the bird into autopilot. This is where the bird loses its brain.’ The team then use a technique known as ‘spoofing’ — sending a false signal for the purposes of obfuscation or other gain.  In this case the signal in questions was the GPS feed, which the drone commonly acquires from several satellites.  By spoofing the GPS feed, Iranian officials were able to convince it that it was in Afghanistan, close to its home base.  At that point the drone’s autopilot functionality kicked in and triggered the landing.  But rather than landing at a U.S. military base, the drone victim instead found itself captured at an Iranian military landing zone. Spoofing the GPS is a clever method, as it allows hackers to ‘land on its own where we wanted it to, without having to crack the [encrypted] remote-control signals and communications.’ “ [full report]:

  36. Al C says:

    Thanks Dane and all the folks here who KNOW……………..Lets never, ever give in to these psychopaths with Phd's.

            Today, here in Southeastern New England, the aerosol/assault is in full deployment…………..I wonder if all this spraying is to help guide the snowstorm expected for this weekend.

             These Rhode Scholars will be exposed!

  37. kenny says:





    Educe | Definition of Educe by Merriam-Webster





    Define educe: to bring out (as something latent)—usage, synonyms, more. …Irregardless · It is in fact a real word (but that doesn't mean you should use it).



    • dawnski says:

      I have been a word fanatic all my live long days. Going to research Blockbuster Winter Storm "Jonas" as see what I come up with.

      "flummoxed" is the word of the month for me. . . especially as I wait on the Lord to bless my sweet little Gold Acts 1:14 Accord with a time to tear down and a time to build engine, since the LIFE Fellowship church that "gifted" it to me without telling me it had a leaking head gasket that they didn't want to fix, blew three weeks in to my new ownership. Is it not ironic/funny that their mission and vision is to "mobilize" disciples to display, defend, and declare the TRUTH at ALL COSTS? I can't wait to put my new https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org HUGE decal all across the rear window!!!

      That's a great way to DISPLAY, DEFEND, & DECLARE THE TRUTH!

  38. sonja says:

    All I can say is Wow and sickening! Patents since 1891???? WTH….? And people wonder why they are so sick with all kinds of dis-eases. There must be some kind of documentation correlating the chemicals/heavy metals used in this aerial spraying madness and the growth rate of diseases, like cancer for starters. Then culminated with chemicals in our food and GMO's. We also need a list of the culprits who make this stuff and those who spray it. I rack my brain everyday trying to figure out how we can stop this…….  

  39. virginia says:

    My gosh, Dane, I remember well when the 'cloud seeding' program was announced in the mid-fifties.  But, we were told it was a great boon to humanity, a healthy way to ensure we would have no more droughts (here in the West).  We all stupidly believed what an absolute advancement for the good of the world would be achieved.  And we were all happy!!!!! (Not many of us were privvy to the Collier issue, nor would we have understood the potential for its use in warfare, etc.)  If we only knew then what we know now..as the saying goes.

    Can't believe how stupid we were in the pre-computer days and had full faith in the media in all things. 


  40. moderncalamity says:


    What else is the administration lying about?  US clearly helping ISIS?

    • susan says:

      U.S. is ISIS


    • bija says:



    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Excellent Susan!!!  I Absolutely Love when people speak the Truth so frankly and straight up!!  The deceptions ( for there are layers of sticky webs entangled World Wide ) shall begin unwinding with great momentum in the very near future!!  Thank You Dane.  Thank You Susan.  Thank You ALL!!!   Let the Great Unraveling Commence!!!

  41. Cheryl says:

    Heartfelt thanks to Dane, as always.  And thanks to Kenny for that very clear description of the movement of winds, chemclouds and weather – will help me observe more carefully.
    With ringing in my ears/tinnitus while I function in this sea of WiFi, etc …  I send you all my warmest regards and renewed spirits.

  42. kenny says:

    Hope this will help inspire us all, there are many out there.  We need to reconnect and focus on our real, internal respect for each other and this planet.  Non-consent, "they" can write up all the "laws, codes, treaties, statutes to try and bind us into tacit consent.  That is what Dane is trying to get out there.  They have lied and steered us into this "corral", they are so desperate to keep us in the box and in the "belief" systems, and destroy our innerstanding, the consciousness within us, to do unto others, as you would have done to you, should always remain on an individual layer, and not be exploited and manipulated to bind any individual.  But this is what "they" have done for eons, but always with caveats/loopholes/etc that exempt them from their own behavior.  It is so much bigger, but as Dane points out, once we unite, which we are, in this "geoengineering" nightmare, the rest will come tumbling down..and all the kings horseman and the kings men, will never put humpty dumpty back together again(bankers).  For those who think that a new central banking system is the answer, think again, it is designed to put us back in the box again, eventually.  Money=currency=power, we need to get back to the fundamentals.  We have lost our collective power, like in the days when communities got together to rebuild barns, rebuild homes, together for each other, not rely on "insurance contracts" that can be amended at any renewal and has so much legalise, no ordinary person can negotiate.  I just got my new homeowners so called contract and cannot make head/tails of it, even after being in the business (busi ness) for the past 30 yrs+.  We need to cutout these middle men crooks with their gambling inspired insurance scams.  It has been all manipulated!  The rise in medical and then dental costs, was to create the problem and then ask for a solution…"insurance"..where they can inflate the cost of doing "busi ness" as much as they want…the privatising of communtiy hospitals that are then driven into bankrupty, by there own board members and thru there CEO's.  Hospital after hospital shuttered, while these board of "directors" (much like the film industry") and their CEO's go home with millions/upon millions.  Our local fire depts and ambulences, forced into privatisation, then run out of our locals, because they are not viable.  We must reverse this trend…we must go back to local support within our community, not based upon the corporate bottom line/profit $, but for the selflessness of Humankind.  Does it not surprise you how "they" dirtied the word "communism", turned it into an evil thing..it is because "they" need to make a postive into a negative to keep this "system" going.  Do unto others as you would have done unto you!!!!  That is and always was our "creed"

    Manifesto of the Awakened, by Zen Gardner

  43. Earth Angel says:

    GE is another deplorable corporation akin to monsanto. Look at the mess we are in with fukushima and other nuclear reactors around America and the rest of the world. I wonder if  someone could research Dr.'s Langmuir and Schaefer to see if they were part of the nazi import brought over here under operation paperclip? Dollars to donuts they were. Every industry they were placed in and every area of research they touched has turned to sh*t for the entire planet.

  44. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    When I was an Active Duty Navy Aerograaphers Mate, I launched Rawinsonde Weather Balloons from the rear of the Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger CV-61, on a daily basis, at night when Aircraft Flight Operations were not in progress. The balloon contained an attached battery-powered telemetry instrument package, which was carried into the atmosphere. The unit measured altitude, atmospheic pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind direction & speed and geographical positions (Latitude & Longitude). The data readings from the Weather Balloon, were transmitted by radio to a ground receiver, then printed on a chart for interpretation. I feel that forecasting natural climate/weather cycles and patterns are great, but not controlling, manipulating or modifying them! 

  45. Jeff Walker (Ottawa, ex-Brentwood Bay) says:

    Dane, what a great find. Thanks for putting this up.

    Can you imagine ANY msm publication even so much as mentioning this 61 year old article, never mind expanding on how far along it is now?

    Given the era  of Nov 1946 mentioned as the first successful operations in rainmaking; and mentioning an effort as large as the Manhattan Project would be required to gain this knowledge, makes me wonder if some of the scientists gained after WWII from Operation Paperclip were also used for this project?

    Let me speculate here, and perhaps connect some dots. NASA star scientist Wernher von Braun was the most visible of these scientists, and he never renounced his party membership or rank. His rank, curiously, was SS Sturmbannführer. Let me break that down: "sturm" = storm, "bann"= regiment, but also means ban or hex(spell), and we all know "führer"= leader.

    Maybe the Nazis had been researching weather warfare too?

    • Anna says:

      Hello Jeff, the last two years I've been coming up to speed on the history of Technocracy and then connecting the dots to the mindset of technocratic thought in regards the cult-like notion of using "science" to control all aspects of society and the natural world.  I've learned from the research of academics such as Patrick Wood (author of Technocracy Rising, The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, 2015) and Richard Olsen (Scientism and Technocracy in the Twentieth Century), that the first Technocratic form of government was indeed under Hitler's rule with the early foundation for this ideology developing during the Weimar Republic.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn the Germans were early theorists if not experimenters in the weather modification. The Soviets took the ideology of Technocracy even further and very early on were also enthusiastic proponents of ambitious weather modification and apparently still are today going by a Guardian article I came across a few months ago.


      Technocracy is rapidly being introduced into the global governance system with all nations infected with this ideology.  In an article from yesterday's technocracy.news page, Patrick Wood shared a commentary from a writer out of Melbourne University in Australia calling for Australia to adopt Singapore's "authoritarian democracy" (what a contraction in terms!) model of Technocracy.  


      Here is an old PBS Computer Chronicles program on youtube from 2002 describing Singapore's adoption of technocracy.  


      We are getting pummeling on all flanks, my friends.  Thank goodness for the brave work of Dane and others shining the light for all of us.

    • BaneB says:

      Your comment begs the question:  when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down at the behest of the German people of both east and west, was the Stasi personnel imported into the US?  Given the rapid growth of the burgeoning police state here, in the Homeland (very Nazi sounding term), this would not be surprising.

  46. Melody Meachum says:

    Great expose Dane! So thankful this was sent your way and we can share this in our circles of influence.

    Question – does anyone post at Zero Hedge?? They have a mammoth following for all things regarding the financial world, but also dedicate many articles to political & current events. They had a story yesterday regarding historic storm about to hit the east coast. The comments were all over the board and rife with opinion and misinformation. I only got about half way through comments, but noticed absolutely none mentioned weather mod or geoengineering. Possibly they have their share of regular trolls?? I'm not sure!

    All I can say is 70 years later the weather controllers & players are now so savvy that they can turn the weather on a dime!


    • sDean2016 says:

      I'm on the East Coast/PA, I've been watching the skies for the past few days, as "they" are calling for it to hit starting friday afternoon, so I've been watching closely, taking pics, to see how the patterns will change over the next 24-36hrs.

    • Peter says:

      I like Zero Hedge but our preference in that realm is The John Birch Society. They don't support any party or candidate and post constructive ways to get involved in the direction our planet is headed: Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Action Project


      The whole world is being ripped apart by the banking carter otherwise known as the new world order. Their goal is to pit us against each other and to bring calamity and chaos and civil war to every free nation until there is nothing left but their control. The geoengineering is a big tentacle on this beast. 

    • kenny says:

      We   collective have to innerstand.  yes, "they" can manipulate the weather, but mostly by "projecting" this before hand.  They need your "buy in" or your "belief".  Yes, they an set up the "stage" (like producers and directors do), but they still need the "power" the "buy in".  "they" sell it as just pure entertainment, but is not.  "they" know, that humankind wants none of this, so "they" have "holywood" create "movies" which are nothing but but an anagram/anolog/recreation…it is animation, they told us..the world wide taking of anal og to digital..F them…We have to stand together and remember our true intentions, "they" can never block out, unless we allow them.  We are One, united..we united determine..and believe me…our conscious beings is heard.  They can create their fake magnetosphere in our ionosphere all they want..our intentions/vibrations are so muh stronger than they can try to manufacture by HAARP/ELF/RF.  IT IS OUR INTENTIONS, NOT WORDS, WORDS MEAN NOTHING.  WORDS ARE NOTHING BUT INTERPRETATIONS OF ONES INTENTIONS.  WORDS ARE ALWAYS MISCONSTRUED, AND THEREFORE MEANINGLESS BY THEIR DESIGN..IT IS OUR INTENTIONS THAT "CONTROL"…YOU HAVE TO INNERSTAND HOW MUCH "THEY" HAVE TAKEN OVER THE WORD.  SO THAT THE WORD, NEVER TRULY EXPRESSES OUR INNER INTENTIONS.  THAT IS WHY THIS IS A SPIRITUAL WAR…WORDS/WORLDS/SPELLLINGS VS OUR TRUE INNER INTENTIONS

  47. kenny says:

    Here in southeast, NJ, after plummeting the temps Sunday afternoon, had clear skies and no HAARP/ELF's on Monday.  Yesterday started out clear, but HAARP/ELF's way up, as the temps started to rise, in came the chemclouds (those loose, dissolving ones) We had very strong winds out of the north, but these "clouds" were coming out of the west, heading east at the sun, then the "clouds" north of us, started going south to the sun.  So, it was so obvious, that regardless of the winds direction, they go for the sun/heat, dissolve, leaving the sky below a silvery, pale blue.  The temps within 1/2 hour.  Obviously, they were using HAARP/ELF's all day to keep the jet stream in place.  Today, they started spraying just before dawn, as the sun started to rise and no wind, they sent plane after plane, in tandem all over the skies, by 7:30 AM, HAARP/ELF's turned way up, turning the trails into solid white sky by 8 AM.  

    Wanted to add this link to a short video on KrisAnne Hall, a constituional teacher, if legit, maybe Dane could reach out to her, to assist in the legal defense

    KrisAnne Hall letter to Trey Gowdy 2, July 12, 2015


    • sDean2016 says:

      That was some great info, I learn something new everyday, thank you.

    • kenny says:

      to sDean2016…We are here to help educate/inform those, that is the awakening, not just within ourselves, which they now have weapons to shut down.  I will do until my dying day, and beyond to expose the tacit consent all of us, have been railroaded into.  And railroaded is what it is..think about public transportation, that does not evolve in this country, yet the ticket fees go up dramatically, based upon some corporations "bookkeeping"  There is a wave among us coming so strong, "they" know it.  please distribute this link to all you know.  We are not helpless, they do not represent us, instead terror us with more and more sanctions/treaties/codes etc, because we have been deliberately dumbed down."they" know our power, and "they" have been sucking us dry of our internal, to give life and power to "them"  Welcome to the jungle…it is not ours, it is "theirs"

  48. Dawnski says:

    Knowing that since my birth in '61 the government and military has been attacking Gods green earth, lying to my face with freedom propaganda, infurriates me. Sure is gratifying to know I am awake and my son is awake to this prophesied reality. Come Lord Jesus.

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