“Popular Science” Warns About “Weather As A Weapon”


Dane Wigington

I recently acquired two exceptional original copies of "Popular Science" from June of 1958. Almost 60 years ago the dialog about weather warfare was more open. As the power structure began to consider how negatively the public would respond to the decimation caused by climate modification programs of mass destruction, the push to completely suppress media coverage of this issue commenced. Current mainstream media sources have done their best to convince populations that it is not possible to manipulate the climate. This lie is used to compel the majority of the public to ignore the blatant spraying they see over their heads on an almost daily basis. Not only is global climate manipulation possible today, it has been going on for nearly 7 decades.

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GeoengineeringWatch magazine1

"Control of Earth's weather and temperature is within the realm of practicability now" says Dr. Joseph Kaplan, chairman of the International Geophysical Year.

Congressional documents from 1978 prove that global climate engineering had already been deployed at least a decade prior to Dr. Kaplan's statement.

…present knowledge lists seven possible ways of changing weather on a global scale………..All of these methods would regulate the distribution of heat in different parts of the Earth's atmosphere. This is the basis of global weather control.

Climate engineering is weather warfare, who gave those in power the right to experiment with our planet and all life?

As a weapon (weather), it could be more disastrous than nuclear warfare.

Geoengineering is wreaking havoc around the globe.

The Russians may be ahead of us in weather control and that worries our scientists even more than the technical problems involved.

Those who control the global power structure are driven by fear and thus have no regard whatsoever for the morality or consequences of their actions.

We cannot trust to luck that we will be first to control the weather.

Weather as a weapon has always been sought by the military industrial complex.

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GeoengineeringWatch magazine2

The cloud of disinformation and deception surrounding the ongoing climate engineering insanity is massive beyond true comprehension. The entirety of the climate science and meteorological communities have participated in this deception, whether willingly (for a paycheck and a pension), or due to threats like the recent "gag order" placed on all National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employees by our government. Corporate media has, of course, done all they could to perpetuate the lies and deception, this is what they are paid to do. 

Global climate engineering is nothing short of weather warfare and biological warfare that has been going on in plain sight for decades. The mounting consequences are becoming all but impossible to keep from public awareness. Countless organizations are discussing geoengineering but not yet openly admitting it has long since been a lethal reality with disastrous and deadly results. The 7 minute video below summarizes the ramifications of the Popular Science Magazine disclosures.

We have one way forward, to expose and halt the climate engineering/weather warfare assault. This effort will take each and every one of us, make your voice heardDW

110 Responses to “Popular Science” Warns About “Weather As A Weapon”

  1. Zentwo says:

    Weather effects lead to population control, all it takes is climate alteration and the butterfly effects kicks into motion. You can literally force weather to alter and manipulate geology and landmass. What is there to stop it from climate from killing populations, in fact the video game SPORE is perhaps the best example on how weather manipulation can dry up populations.

  2. travel Drone Video says:

    Great post.

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    People, friends, get this!  I help care for, rather oversee the care for and do actual help for my Lakota brother in law who is in a home in South Dakota called Sunset Manor.  Might as well call it Come Here to Die Manor.  He once had an IQ of 182.  He doesn't remember.  Had a traumatic brain injury rendering him unable to walk, with seizure disorders frying his brain.  Can't hold a conversation very long at all.  Yet he told me today that though the temp there says 52, the snow is not melting.  He finds this very curious.  He doesn't even get to go outside.  But he watches, while he yearns to escape.  He finds the not melting at 52 degrees riveting and is watching, waiting for it to melt.  It bothers him that it is not melting.  So.  A severely brain damaged person is aware!  Wow.  That blows my mind.  Given my may as well be blind, nature loving friends who notice nothing!!!!

  4. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 91st email to my contact list, titled "4 year Countdown".

    1.  The winter solstice is nearly here (21/22 Dec), and over 70% of the Arctic sea ice is less than 2.5 m thick.  

    Most of this has been created by intensive artificial ice nucleation, and even though it has a higher freezing/melting temperature than natural ice, it will rapidly melt next year.

    Without this artificial ice nucleation, the Arctic would have been sea ice free a few years ago.  Some people therefore think that the ice nucleation is a good thing.  It is not.

    It might have been a good thing if the world's population had been informed of the dire climatic situation and comprehensive, decisive action taken by everyone – this may have included open public agreement for geoengineered ice nucleation. 

    Instead, personal and corporate financial greed has been the driving factor that has taken us beyond the brink of extinction.  

    During the Neurenburg War Tribunal, "obeying orders" was not an acceptable reason for participating in  genocide.  The same should apply for those currently involved in the omnicidal atmospheric spraying programme.

    2.  Regarding the recent Paris agreement, a 'non-binding agreement' only binds people of good will.  The energy companies and the military/industrial cartel are not 'of good will'. Thus we are heading into the same future as we were the day before COP21 ended.

    3.  The Arctic has been warming at more than twice the rate of the globe as a whole, with average temperatures today 5.4°F (3°C) above what they were at the beginning of the 20th century, compared to an estimated global average of 1.8°F (1°C)  over the same time.  http://www.climatecentral.org/news/arctic-temperature-highest-on-record-19820
    2014 was heralded as globally being the hottest year on record, now 2015 is recorded as the hottest year on record, with 2016 predicted to be hotter still.  Do not be fooled by the localised geoengineered 'cool downs' that many major population areas experience.  Much of earth is in serious heat and drought.
    Global methane releases (not just in the Arctic) will continue to increase and exponentially heat our planet.  She will survive, but I doubt many of us will. 
    Our ability to survive does not depend on money or personal gain, it depends on….our ability to survive. 
    Best prepare now.
    4.  Our beautiful 13 yr old cocker spaniel died yesterday.  It has reminded me that we are not here for personal or financial gain (can't take those with you), but to experience true deep love.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Andrew, just a note regarding the chemical ice nucleation on the Arctic sea surface, at this point the geoengineers are actually sealing in the ocean heat with this tactic, making the overall situation even worse. A catch 22.

    • Bob says:

      Good info Andrew.  I see your point Dane, when I lived in FL I remember if there was going to be a freeze the strawberry farmers would spray the fields with water creating a blanket of ice on the plants.  They explained this kept the plants below the ice warm (above 32). 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      You have my deep sympathy for the loss of your dear dog,  Andrew. 
      It's so painful, because they love us unconditionally, something we struggle with at times.
      Those of us here and billions of people around the world who live modestly or marginally have always understood that those we love is what matters in life.  Only in the age of materialism would "stuff" be such a weighty consideration.
      When we drone assassinate children in Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever, too many of us have no clue as to the preciousness of these children to their parents.  Empathy escapes too many in the West.
      Anyone choosing their stuff, a paycheck or a pension as his priority over flesh and blood life has been deeply corrupted.  It's an understanding I think people on this forum share, which is our blessing and our strength.
      Your comments here are always valuable and appreciated.  May you find some peace and joy during the holidays.
      Love to you and yours and to the people of Scotland,
      Rhonda Jeanne a/k/a Bella F 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dear Andrew, Please accept my condolences for your loss.  I've had dogs almost all my life.  One was more than my soul mate, she was clearly an elevated being, special beyond compare.  She was a Siberian Husky I rescued from abuse when she was still a fur ball.  Her loyalty, her intelligence, her ability to survive under all circumstances was incredible and she live nearly twice the age normal for her breed.  I was inconsolable, very private about her passing and didn't let anyone else mourn with me.  That was a mistake.  I am grateful you shared this.  And that you mentioned that it reminded you that we are here to experience true deep love.  I know that many of us here can relate.  But how many can take that to the next level?

      Just recently, our friend and relative of my daughter's, John Trudell "walked on" as they say.  He was one year older than I and died of cancer.  When young, during Viet Nam, he served on a destroyer.  The rest of his life he spent as an ardent supporter/activist on behalf of Native issues.  And, he was a tireless poet/spoken word person.  Because of his activism, when away doing that, his home, wife and children were burned to death.  He paid dearly all his life for the positions he took, but he never forgot to keep the future, the children, in everyone's mind.  As he was dying, he continued to write poems about his death/dying experience.  This was incredibly generous of him.  It was very inspiring.  His best friend and constant companion in activism is my best friend and as we talked yesterday, we discovered that after John passed, we both had very similar and unique for us, experiences.  We each felt so full of love, specifically for ourselves!  The two of us had never experienced this before.  We each, as it turned out, hugged our own selves, and told our own selves: I love you.  For us, this was "earth shattering".  Life changing.  I have been smiling for no reason.  Smiling at air, at walls, at others.  We each also felt so glad to be alive! Instead of mourning John, who asked not to be mourned, for no funeral, no sadness, we somehow followed his wishes to celebrate life and love instead.  And it just happened automatically, naturally.  By sharing what you did, you celebrated this special love of yours, sending it out into the world.  Unlike me, when my beloved Husky died and I turned that pain and loss inward, private.  Then carried that.  So, I've learned something.  My friend too.  I hope I never lose this feeling.  This endless love and celebration of life.  The geoengineers do their best to destroy everything in their wrong headed or malevolent agendas.  Fighting against them can be very demoralizing as we know too well, and can make us depressed.  We must do everything we can to multiply this sort of love, never ever give up, and cherish every last drop of life for it is precious no matter how altered, how precarious.  And we must trust in what comes next after our time on earth.  There is more to all this than we know and love is the bridge.  One can be a hard core activist and love at the same time.  Real love makes us better people.  Thank you Andrew.

    • bija says:

      Andrew, so sorry to hear about the passing of your beautiful friend and companion.Your post reminded me that these furry beings who share our lives and love us unconditionally also deserve our efforts on their behalf. My little chihuahua pals are suffering terribly and have all kinds of symptoms from breathing this horrific brew and inhaling aluminum and other toxic dust. We are letting down all creatures, great and small, if we do nothing.  

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thank you all for your heartfelt thoughts and comments.  Our darling Bramble is sorely missed.  You have provided great comfort to us and Echo, her 9 yr old daughter. xxx 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Dane, I do not understand Sam Carana's theory that ocean warmth bounces off a thin ice layer, yet it is absorbed and melts the underside of a thick ice layer!  I understand the effects of current flows, salinity changes etc.

      Bob, I think the idea of spraying strawberry plants prior to freezing weather is for the ice layer to stop further sub zero temperatures getting into the plant and destroying the plant structure (xylem, phloem etc). 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Andrew, though Carana will not openly admit to the chemical ice nucleation, that is what is being used to form ice on sea surfaces that are too warm for natural formation. Remember the 75 pound ice balls in Lake Michigan? https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/chemically-nucleated-ice-balls-on-lake-michigan/

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Agreed Dane – the only way ocean heat will bouce off a layer of ice is if the ice has a higher melting point than the ocean water temperature…the more they increase the ice melt temp, the greater the disaster.  
      The temp difference between the arctic and the equator (which is decreasing rapidly) is one of the critical aspects.

    • penny says:

      Andrew, first and most importantly, let me add to the condolences, though the right words are never there at such a time.

      Secondly, while it does seem paradoxical that ice could both help and hinder the warmth situation, the fact is that although ice does absorb a lot of heat in melting, it does so at a much slower rate than if the water were exposed to the air (assuming the air were cooler than it is) and wind.  It acts like a blanket.  To my understanding, that effect is much stronger in the short term than would be any offsetting due to melting – and this ice doesn't melt, as Dane mentioned.  I think the problem is greatly exacerbated by the slowing down of the North Atlantic conveyor and the lack of mixing of deep and shallow layers of ocean water.  The top layer can remain near freezing indefinitely, melting almost nothing, with the heat being trapped down where the methane is.  Bad, every which way you look at it.

  5. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The Planet hackers have outdone themselves in the Bering Sea west of Alaska.  They've geoengineered at least three monster storms with historically low air pressures.  They're akin to hurricanes, doing all sorts of damage to villages on the fragile coastline. 

    I've been wanting to link to the articles because the weather patterns are just too unbelievable, but they come up 404.  Are they disposing of these stories and weather maps so no one will question them later?

    Prior to these storms they created about 4 low pressure zones in the Gulf of Alaska.  Then hot air and water have been blown up the coast from off California up into Canada.  There the trail goes left across Alaska through the middle, and curves into Siberia and still continues round pummeling the Aleutians and Southern Alaska.  It's immensely surreal when it is portrayed as Arctic cold coming from the North.  (I hope this posts.)  It's a satellite photo from NOAA.


    Here is the site with the Alaska/Russia satellite photos.  Look at the infrared, because there's nothing to see on the visual.  I haven't figured out what we're not seeing on the visual that we do see on the infrared.  Does anyone else know?

    Be sure to click on "more satellite images"


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I meant to add that on the NOAA site with the satellite images, once you choose an area, like the Bering Sea, go to the far right where it says "Loops".  You can see a progression of images that can be slowed down or stopped at any point.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Okay, I'll try one of these links again.  It's an article about the first Bering Sea storm, which was called a "cyclone bomb".  How's that for drama?  If this link is 404, you can google "Bering Sea Storm" and follow the links from there, hopefully with better luck than I'm having here. 


      Whatever they're doing there, they're making an astounding mess.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Dane.  If you have time try to look at the Washington Post story about the Dec. 14th Bering Sea Storm.  I can't post the link.  There's a moving satelite image of pink and white melting cotton candy fake junk with the caption "This loop from the Himawari-9 satellite emphasizes how intertwined the warm and cold air masses became in the rapidly intensifying storm. White clouds denote clouds made of ice, and pink represents clouds made of liquid water. (JMA/RAMMB/CIRA)" 

      Clouds of ice and clouds of water?  And the rest of the article is equally perplexing in its explanations.

      All very strange to me.

  6. wayne says:


    I think the United States is a tenth of a percent insane(Geoengineers), we fit in middle not too sure of the percent , and sub human, the folks that suck off the system that allows them to do so, and I’m trying to forecast how in the hell we’ll beat this  event rapidly unfolding towards biosphere collapse.

    Tonight in Coachella Valley, literally, constant stripes across the moon, super crazy cold, my nose constantly runs, box after box of tissue. The sky looks like we’re on a different planet, forget “Star Wars”, we’ve passed the point of no return unless we all take a much more constructive approach versus waiting for “critical mass”. Please reach out to all supporters for feedback on organizing an event that will change the course of disaster.

    I think if we wait any longer….. it’s game over.

    Respectfully Submitted

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, there are many efforts going on at once, but reaching critical mass is an essential part of the picture. We are working frantically on the legal action (Canada and US), but this is big task and has taken time. If all goes well the media boost from the actions will help to awaken the masses that have tried to hang on to their denial until the last moment. No matter how late hour, we must press forward on every front in this battle, never give up.

  7. Bennet says:

    Great site, with excellent info. Found it looking for information on another topic.

    Have known about the weather manipulation since the 60's when 'cloud seeding" was reported by the Government. In the effort to bring rain to drought stricken areas. So they said. Now, HAARP and chem trails, make it easier to manipulate natural weather patterns.

    The chem trails are not just about the weather. There have been reports of lithium being sprayed(among other things). Which would make people lethargic. Something I have noticed.  Thus, not really caring one way or another what goes on in the world. The PTB have had a long time to devise their schemes. Which will eventually blow up in their face.

    Thanks Dane, this is a very useful site. Will be staying UTD on posts here.

  8. Largest Release of Methane In California's History Can't Be Stopped   /DAHBOO777

    Families Sue As Thousands Flee Gas Leak “Disaster” In Los Angeles  / Dec.17 2015
    Two dozen families are suing over a massive gas leak that’s forced thousands of Los Angeles residents to flee their homes. “I’ve never seen anything like this in the 25 years I’ve been doing this,” Erin Brockovich said.
    The leak is spewing out 100,000 pounds of methane every hour, according to the Los Angeles city attorney, upping California’s output of the greenhouse gas by 25%. … Though the lawsuits could take years to resolve, Brockovich said the gas company needs to be held accountable.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Thank you Susan! Here in Canada, had no idea that event was taking place. This is really getting humanity between a rock and a hard place.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I heard on KQED this morning that 12 out of 14 of the people who were wiped out in the San Bernardino False Flag massacre were environmental health specialists: 


      One was working on anti-terrorism issues.  This is looking much more like a "hit" designed to put anyone who would possibly work against The System on "notice." 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you, Susan for that information.  How preposterous the way "officials" attempt to marginalize this lethal disaster on those people worst effected.  I wonder indeed, if these people will read up on the serious nature of that much methane exposure.  They better just get out and save their lives. Their houses will never sell.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Scrolling down the buzzfeed article about the methane gas release in L.A., below the photo of Erin Brockovich, I couldn't help but notice the photo of the site, complete with massive chem clouds and streaks in the sky out over the ocean above the rigs– sheeeesh!!!

      If we have U.S. army majors talking on record with Abby Martin about all the corruption and all the shenanigans and saying that they reckon the U.S. army will be over in Afghanistan for at least 50 more years, how much longer can we reckon that the chem spraying programs will continue on Earth?  Is this going to be going on 5, 10, 15, 30, 50 years from now??? 

  9. Jeff says:

    30 degrees in Atlanta tonight. Extended forecast is showing 80 degree temperatures here on Christmas Eve. I have lived here all my life and I can honestly say that I NEVER remember temps that high at the end of December. It's sad really. My family and I have always enjoyed the season changes here. Hot summers and cold winters have always been the perfect mix for us. Looks like beach clothes for Christmas this year. SMH.

    • kenny says:

      I hear ya, as so predictable now.."they" ice nucleated the hell out all week, to keep the temps under 70 degrees.  As I have been reporting, glowing red chemclouds at dawn, to bright glowing orange..sudden booms that shake the house, IMH can only have been attributed to their ice nucleated rocket launching.  The skies have been like we are on another planet, totally agree…but this morning, "they" got what they had done this all for, to move the jet stream once again along the northeast, temps plummeted to just above 32 degrees, first time all week that I have not been awoken by the heat and needing to open the windows.  "they" have somewhat left us alone in the skies, now that they dropped the temps and brought in the cold northern air/winds, but I am still seeing those dissolving chemclouds since 10:30 AM and wreaking havoc on my sinuses/ears, as the HAARP/ELF/RF are still full force on.  The news headlines are getting crazier and crazier, to distract the masses.  Putin endorses Trump??  This self proclaimed "genius"..who got his "fortune" from his father, mismanaged and has so many bankruptcies, of course corporate and not personal.  But seems the sheeple are being it once again.  They believe this propaganda crap, muslims against christians from the scumbags.  They created this by bombing these people out of any means of inhabitable conditions, purposefully.  Displacing them very strategically all over.  So once again they can feign "under the means of democracy…You people do not understand the true meaning of democracy, it is not what you have been taught!!  Wake up!!  You are only hurting yourselves by chanting and believing…democracy is mob rule, it has nothing to due with personal/individual rights.  Democracy is the majority wins.  Just how do you think that majority wins, well it is unfolding before your eyes.   You were led to believe you can be represented by our so called representives and "senators" (do the research on that)  That "curtain" you draw when voting, is the same curtain in the wizard… of oz.  Or Scrooge.  Both stories, that tell the tale, that once confronted by ordinary people/ghosts, finally see the "light".  We e are in a totalitarian time.  It is not just the little man behind the curtain or Scrooge's small shop, they have enmassed an army, this time.  "they" be lie ve, thru fiat money, that they have the masses with them.  Aways thru deceit, lies, etc, can they get We the People to defend them…it was all a deliberate take down, of humankind.  eliminate their jobs, make it impossible to get a good education, inflate college tuition to the point, you are enslaved or are forced to go into the military to pay for it.  You all must see th big picture, as we have been ensnared in more and more of the net/web.  The deliberate choking of humankind.  There is a bigger picture, it is not about religion.  It is about self respect, respect for others, to tke responsibility and accountibility for your actions.  Do not know if this is "taught" anymore, but for each action this is a direct opposite reaction
      the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
      "ideas about the relationship between science and religion"
      faithbeliefworshipcreed; More
      a particular system of faith and worship.
      plural noun: religions
      "the world's great religions"
      a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
      "consumerism is the new religion"  (Kenny added, really, really???, does this not prove my point)
      How do you think photosynthesis is related to cellular respiration?
      While water is broken down to form oxygen during photosynthesis, in cellular respiration oxygen is combined with hydrogen to form water. While photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide and releases oxygen,cellular respiration requires oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.

  10. Michel Pelletier says:

    Hello Dane,
    Check out the utube channel spiro. He has a video of JFK talking
    about climate modification at the UN.
    All the best,
    Mike Pelletier

  11. Physics of Electric Propulsion [published 1968]
    by Robert G. Jahn, Professor of Aerospace Sciences, Princeton University
    If significant electric and magnetic forces are to be exerted on a body of gas, it must contain free electric charges. These may be provided by ionizing the gas thermally, chemically, electrically, or by irradiation or by combining separate sources of positive ions and electrons.
    …the atomic electron distribution has some minimum energy configuration, called the ground state, and an atom can absorb energy to assume other configurations only in certain discrete amounts (quanta) and with certain discrete changes in internal angular momentum. …With the absorption of successive energy increments, that electron is driven progressively farther from the nucleus, until finally it detaches itself completely from the atomic system, leaving behind a configuration of net positive charge, i.e., a positive ion.
    …there are alternative ways to precipitate the ionization reaction…The electric field might be externally supplied as a steady field, a slowly alternating field, or a radio-frequency propagating electromagnetic wave train…
    …may be complicated further by the presence of material surfaces to the body of gas…may catalytically enhance some of the above gas-phase reactions or may themselves be prolific contributors of free electrons or positive ions via bombardment emission, photoelectric emission, field emission (cold cathode emission), charge-transfer trapping, or thermionic emission.
    …In a body of gas in complete thermodynamic equilibrium, every such process – indeed every atomic excitation process, whether involving ionization or not – must be exactly balanced by its reverse process.

    • [cyclotron-resonance]…electro-cyclotron heating…the basic difficulty of a pure electrothermal mode is the collisional transfer of energy from the electrons to the heavy particles…if the magnetic field constraining the electron orbits is axially nonuniform, the swarm of gyrating electrons will tend to drift towards regions of lower field intensity, thereby establishing a space-charge electric field to accelerate the ions in the desired axial direction. …Devices of this type, called cyclotron-resonance thrusters, typically operate in the microwave frequency bands… A circularly polarized microwave beam of sufficient intensity to ionize the incoming gas flow is launched from a conventional wave-guide into an axially symmetric, divergent magnetic field… Optimum conversion of microwave power to plasma energy occurs near the cyclotron resonance frequency…
      * Cyclotron: an apparatus for accelerating with an electric field, charged atomic particles revolving in a magnetic field.
      * Resonance (in physics): a condition in which a particle is subjected to an oscillating influence (an electromagnetic field or another particle) of such frequency that energy transfer occurs or reaches maximum.
      Physics of Electric Propulsion [published 1968], by Robert G. Jahn, Professor of Aerospace Sciences, Princeton University

  12. stephan says:

    Thank you Dane – hello all – A friend just sent me this – bitter reality.

  13. barry verespey says:

    And so it begins again, as a flight Attn. I notice the skies to say the least. The last week has been extremely clear across country. Why, not sure.  Home to So. cal today, noontime and let the strips begin.

  14. Stuart McDermott, England. says:

    To be able to come to a site and see so many people talking so much sense, is amazing. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

    • David says:

      Why would governments, military, scientists, engineers, etc, experiment with Earth and the surrounding atmosphere, without truthfully knowing the results of the outcome. Why would one country be so concerned about having knowledge power and control in regards to climate engineering and weather warefare, rather than working together to reverse (if that is possible anymore) the irreparable harm and damage that has been done to the biosphere and entire web of life. I cannot understand the reasoning and their theories. Totally insane! I have read about and watched the Salton Sea Documentary. For anyone of you, that do not already know, The Salton Sea was accidentally created in 1905 by engineers attempting to divert/control the inflow of water from the Colorado River, for Agricultural needs. It is now a Desert of toxic soup that is killing or killed fish, birds from botulism and is highly toxic to the environment. At the current pace, if a major change to people's disregard to the planet, littering, toxic chemicals, deforestation and of course the biggest Elephant GeoEngineering, does not come to a GRINDING HALT, like Dane Says 'GAME OVER'

    • Wake Up World! says:

      I say Ditto to that, and thank you Dane this is an incredible read you got your hands on and I appreciate that you shared it with us.

      I'd like to say Merry Christmas to all, but the truth is, we should be asking Santa for a grave-stone. They cost a lot of money and not all of us are going to get one at this pace.

  15. Carl says:

    I was living China Lake in the mid 60's. We took a fourth grade field trip to the Naval Weapons Center. We were led into a chamber where they turned subatomic particulates into snow. At the time it was ooohs and aaaahs and now, you fill in the blank. When I say the Frankenstiens are in charge and the destruction they plot will come upon their own heads is a truism. The world wil be different place because they will have removed themselves.They are going to be missed. There are rewards in loving your enemies.

  16. Ray says:

    Good Post Dane!

    So, Dr. Strangelove is alive and well – instead of Nukes, it's Weather Warfare.   It appears that the multiple roles of Peter Sellers may not have happened by accident – maybe an early attempt to 'awaken the masses'?

    I wonder which computer(s) is/are handling all the weather modification programs……..WarGames of another kind……. No wonder NSA needed another million square feet, weather data takes up a lot of memory, in addition to the aircraft spraying programs currently being used.

    Presenting GeoEngineeringWatch.Org to others, and not having that "conspiracy" stigma attached has been my greatest challenge.  I have taken your lead Dane, and have been fairly 'low key' with information – always inviting scrutiny – and the final statement "if you are really concerned about our failing EcoSphere" … and give them your website.

    The sad part about conspiracy, is there is usually some truth that got bent out of shape in the translation, perceived or intentional, – or round-robin effect, and discernment is critical in knowing the difference between fact and fiction in finding that Truth.  It is possible to find the truth within a lie.

    I think at this point – I would rather the Truth BE Fiction – this planet has been assaulted on so many fronts – the Nuremburg trials would look simplistic by comparison – like you say, the beginning is AWARENESS.

    Some will get it – some won't.  I'll continue to plant the seed. (and pray it grows)

    Can't think of anything better yet Dane – Keep up the great work! 


  17. Debbie says:


    I am sure you have covered this in the past but, what is going to happen to our trees this Spring.  Some still have their leaves, some have the little fruit still on them, this is not normal (of course nothing is).  It seems to me when Spring comes around, people are going to have to take notice of the death that is all around them.  They can't keep coming up with excuses, too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry ect….. I am over 50 and have never seen anything like this.


  18. Levonne Gryder says:

    I used to read that magazine ALL the time and looked for it to come out every month.  BUT now I am so SORRY to say they have been bought out by the elite and government. It use to be SO informative and interesting, but now it just SUCKS.  THEY SOLD OUT TO THE POWERS THAT BE NO MORE GOOD INFO

  19. Bob says:

    Has anyone noticed cool/warm spots?  For example, while walking one area feels warm then you apparently walk into a cool spot then back into a warm area,  Leaving a mall recently a stranger said to me "that's weird this side of the parking lot is much colder then right over there!"  My wife and I have noticed this in all seasons (western PA) for over a year now. Collective psychosis for us and coincidence with an insane stranger or real phenomenon?  See Edvard Munch "The scream" for graphic depiction of my reaction to Geo-engineering!


    • Stuart McDermott, England. says:

      Hi Bob, I am in the UK and walk a lot with my dog. I have also noticed the hot and cold areas. As you have also said the cold and warm spots can be in very close proximity to each other. And no the stranger was not insane.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Yeah last night it was 30 degrees colder just 5 miles from my house

    • Trevor says:

      My brother and I noticed this also, during the day. there was no geo in the sky, and we walked through cold/warm spots like swimming in a lake; 10 degree or more differences in temp in spots. Not sure how "normal" it is, but it was the first time i had noticed it. SIDENOTE: on netflix (maybe found other places) is a movie called Snowpiercer. the plot is a geoengineered Earth. the first "scene" of the movie is more of a foreshadowing of the past, it is two planes/jets leaving trails behind them the camera then stops as the planes leave frame and the cam stays focused on the trail left behind then it cuts to the "present" in the movie. I was quite surprised to see a movie with such a plot which encompassed the stated goal of the geoengineers; and i have to wonder if it was for disinfo purposes, or if the creators were trying to subtly wake people up, though my money would be on the former (more than likely people will watch it and the whole thing will register as fiction, or not a likely situation, or scifi, and put it in their subconcious.) We can only hope people see it and seek the truth; that this is already going on and not some fantasy plotline possibility.

    • Alison says:

      I have noticed the hot/cold spots too. I thought it was me…

  20. Marc says:

    Weather as a weapon? Gee, and I thought "they" were doing all this to mitigate the effects of so-called "global warming". Is it like a chicken and egg thing, like which came first, the idea to weaponize weather? Or the realization that the warming problem was only going to get progressively worse and worse and so therefore technologies must be developed to address it? It's likely the former is closer to the truth, knowing what we know now. Do any of us really think the PTB give a rat's ass about "saving the world?" (from runaway warming) I'd much sooner believe there have been darker agendas from the very start. In any event, we are in some real quicksand here and it has become quite apparent that the LIES and PSY-OPS are increasing in intensity as more and more in the general population begin to realize something doesn't seem right.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, yes, any form of weather modification can only be considered weather and biological warfare. This being said, the planetary warming was well underway before geoengineering was first deployed. The attached link sheds much light on this fact as well as the overall impacts of geoengineering since the programs were first fully deployed. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-and-greenhouse-gases-the-toxic-tug-of-war/

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, hello.  While Dane is of course correct, a case could well be made that other forms of geoengineering began long long before.  Such as the great deforestation of this country starting with the Intruders.  The destruction of soil, again long before airplanes.  Etc.  But further along, it occurred to someone that if we can do this, then we can do that-maybe, and it was on!  Again, I highly recommend Dr. Bertell's book: Planet Earth, Weapon of War.  Published in 2,000.

  21. Donna G says:

    I am 54 years old and sad to say, my parents were the last generation of people to live in a natural world. I shudder to think what the world is gonna look like for my children.

    I have been following your work Dane for a long time now. Be careful that the powers that be dont whack you off for the work you do.

    I thank GOD for you, Dane.

  22. Dale Smith says:

    Dane, thank you for all the incredible posts here on this site. I use a lot of what you know as well as my own research to alert people as to what is going on and totally blow away the naysayers and government trolls that infest conversations about geo-engineering. I don't post here much because I would just be preaching to the choir so I post on as many different forums as I can and I am getting results. It's the ripple affect and I believe that we are making a difference. I want you to know how much you are appreciated…I know that it can be thankless at times but I know that you are a fighter..I am as well…good on ya.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dale, thank you for your support, but truly, it is all of us working together that can yet make the difference. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to you and every other activist that is solidly commited to this fight and thus trying to move the ball forward in this battle each and every day. I hope you will continue to make your voice heard on article posts as there are a great many silent readers of these threads that are trying to get their compass heading from the information shared. We all march forward together.

  23. Jan says:

    My daughter sent me this link this morning.  She used to think I was crazy.


  24. penny says:

    Is anyone here familiar with the term "blood rain", in any but a mythical or religious context?  Here in the UK, we are being told to expect "blood rain" – allegedly caused by dust from the Sahara.  This is thrice sickening to anyone with two or more functioning brain cells: first, because the source of any odd color in the rain will almost certainly be sprayed chemicals; second, because the same people trying to convince us that winds have carried dust from northern Africa to northern Europe (going counter to prevalent wind currents) are the ones insisting that the jet stream could not possibly have brought radiation to the US west coast from Fukushima; and third, because the term "blood rain", with its apocalyptic associations, is clearly meant to frighten people (and, perhaps, to resign them to the fact that they are being eliminated, and probably also because the idiots behind all this think they are gods).

    • Hi penny — Regarding 'blood rain' as a tool to activate fear, I think this one is likely a Tavistock meme. These ratzoids must have a dictionary of fear phrases rated from high to low, as part of what I call Fear Inc., meaning fear as an industry. Delusional 'idiots' who think they are godz is correct!

  25. chris says:

    Here some news from Pacifica, CA, where chemtrails of increasingly more complicated shape are every day on the skies and where the air moisture can vary extremely fast, from a clean clear sky to a fog where rather short visibility can evolve, in a very short period of time. Also recently characteristic on the skies are elongated sausage-like clouds going spreading over the entire horizon (somebody here already mentioned that too). Not sure it was on purpose, but today while driving on HWY 101 from SF to Pacifica, I saw 2 airplaines, flying almost entirely parallel to each other, probably in similar heights, one was leaving the long-lasting chemtrail, the other the usual short contrial, right next to each other!!! Too bad, didn't have any camera with me… 



    • Jenny says:

      IMO those short "contrails" are usual geoengineering crud as well.  I believe it's just a newer formulation which is frequently sprayed lately.  Perhaps it has a different purpose as sometimes they are being sprayed at the same time.  I  don't recall seeing it a few years ago.  Remember Dane saying that the modern jet engine doesn't usually leave contrails.

  26. Earth Angel says:

    The manuscript says 'Spread heat absorptive substances on the polar ice caps'.. WHAT?!!! These madmen are responsible for the meltdown of this planet! I guess most of the bas*@r&s who dreamed this sh*t up must be dead by now, what a shame we can't get hold of THEM- but we CAN get hold of those men and women who continue to carry the evil plans out. How could this have been allowed to come so far without the majority of people involved saying STOP– this is insanity?? It's hard for a sane mind to fathom so many individuals willing to carry this plot out. Mind blowing, really.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Earth Angel, yes, the 1958 article does mention the possibility of processes to intentionally melt the Arctic. This being said, those in power have long since realized the perils of methane release in this region. It is imperative to examine current data in regard to the Arctic and the geoengineering assault that is going on there. The actual scenario is this, the climate engineers are throwing everything they have at trying to maintain what little is left of the Arctic ice. This effort includes massive (and certainly highly toxic) chemical ice nucleation on the sea surface. It seems the climate engineers are willing to kill the entire planet and all life on it to keep any dire headlines from coming out of the Arctic. The paradox is this, every single engineered cool-down carried out by the geoengineers comes at the cost of an even worse overall planetary warming. The attached link sheds much more light on what is really going on in the far North. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/what-are-the-climate-engineers-doing-in-the-arctic-astounding-images-and-dead-scientists/

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Earth Angel, Hi.  Long ago now, I read how various companies were salivating over the prospects of an ice free arctic.  Why?  Shipping.  Before the Panama canal, shipping west to east or the reverse, was a long and perilous effort, not to mention expensive.  the Panama Canal brought some respite, but apparently not enough!  Bean counters dream of an ice free arctic.

  27. SD says:

    Great comments and observations as usual here.  So, I'm sitting at home this evening in SoCal (Orange County) and a little before 7:00PM I have a window rattling/ house shaking event. No audible sound, just rattling of structure. Checked USGS website – no quakes reported. Have experienced several similar events in past few years.  HAARP induced I suspect. Geoengineers trying to guide another Low Pressure System into the area this weekend, bringing minor amounts of precip.

    Have experienced bonafide sonic booms in the past, including the Space Shuttle's double boom. These recent events are different,. They last 2-3 seconds whereas sonic boom is instantaneous.

    HAARP is key to changing the weather. Geoengineers love it. It's real bad news for the Biosphere.

  28. wayne says:


    If spraying has been going on for seventy years why are we now seeing jet trails from horizon to horizon, I don’t recall ever seeing these trails until recently (three to four years), in addition, I think they’re using a different method, I noticed lots of jet activity with short trails, however, the sky and horizon was still awash in silvery white pale haze (fog). Any comment would be appreciated.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, the programs have been ramped up at various points since they were first fully deployed on a significant scale. The primary regions of spraying in the early stages appear to have been over the poles, migrating southward over time. There are many historical sources of long and lingering particulate trails going back decades. The shorter trails are also aerosol dispersions. It does appear the geoengineers are making some effort to be more covert with the aerosol operations. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Also, Wayne, In some of the paper work game plans for this, they state starting over rural areas first.  A relative of mine in Oregon nearish coast and on a reservation, first alerted us to this at least 20 years ago.  Dane started noticing this on his own rural property in early 2,000's, I didn't see it for myself until around 2010-I'm in Bay Area.  Some of the very early efforts all knew about and considered benign, like cloud seeding.  We all remember Viet Nam-storms/flooding, and spraying: Agent Orange.  What we've all been seeing seems to have been started in earnest in the mid 90s, then more and more, more blatant, as if ramping, ramping, ramping.  Testing many things, leaving different evidence, much still not fully understood.  Look up the company: Raytheon.

  29. David says:

    Pretty wild stuff, Dane – right there in a PS magazine from 1958, no less.  And they admit to spraying, SRM, and the like.  I can't think of more compelling evidence that this has been going on a long time.  Duly posted on FB, though the herd mentality still reigns supreme – everybody is currently freaking out about Star Wars.  Still, if one or two people like the post, and a handful of others actually click on it, then that's a positive to at least get them thinking.  The skies here in Fort Collins have been getting wrecked on a daily basis, just had a freak snowstorm, and when they are blue, there is a yellowish haze about them.  Can't believe people don't look up…  But I guess there is plenty to be distracted about.  Nonetheless, this is valuable info, and it reaches a lot of people, so we continue on!  Thanks as always for keeping us informed.

  30. J Rizk says:

    Just wrote to the editor of "Earth Island Journal" about their article in their Winter 2016 issue called "Geoengineering in the Sky with Diamonds". Part of the article reads:

    For years, researchers have explored the controversial idea of spraying liquid sulfur into the atmosphere to deflect sunlight and mitigate global warming. But since sulfur spraying would have serious environmental side effects – sulfates in the air lead to the production of sulfuric acid, which damages the ozone layer – a team of Harvard researchers went looking for better alternatives.

    I implored the editor to go to geoengineeringwatch.org and do more research on geoengineering and the fact it's been going on right over our heads for decades. Even sent her pictures of the jets doing some really bizzarre spraying over BC when I was up there this summer. Sent the same picture to David Keith and to Environment Canada. Anyhow, doing my part.

  31. Rob Wilkinson says:

    We are all finding that the people we know, the people we love and otherwise respect, find it immensely difficult to comprehend the scale of the catastrophe, its causes and the work being undertaken to hide or repair it. Those things so frustratingly obvious to us – the dying trees, the trails, the ubiquitous haze, the interference patterns in the clouds, the crazy seasons – were not always apparent, and so we must be patient as well as urgent. 
    Today it reached 16C; the heather was blooming and being attended to by bees. On the 17th of December. I'm always pleased when I see bees but not during the winter. 
    I have convinced several people of the situation we face; they struggle with the dissonance between their routine-based lives and what they now see, but they understand. Do not lose faith, hope, or the will to press on. If we do nothing, we'll get nothing.

    Love and respect to you, Dane, and to all of you. Thank you for what you do. This is OUR planet and we do NOT consent to this assault. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Rob, I too saw two bees in my plants a couple of days ago and was so very surprised!  How odd!

  32. Ron lech says:

    Another day of Gods grace of information that should again wake up the people and the media but so few again care I can picture Christ in heaven crying and weeping about all the grace given of information thru Dane the new Noah screaming look up look up and then few look up speak out then the rest laughing and making fun of him well Dane has expressed over and over again in detail where we are headed and it is not going to take one hundred years and there is no ark to save anyone I think the masses will wake up to late many are getting sick and many are dying everything God created is upside down we have a new God in charge the so called ELITE or by other names maybe a good one is insane and pridefull the clock is ticking and the destruction is on a logistics list 

    • talawanda78 says:

      @ Ron lech
      I can certainly agree with you, Ron. And I recall a dream I had, in the 1970's, just before the false flag, The Iran Hostage Crisis, when Jimmy Carter was in office.
      The dream was as this:  I was in a basement structure, walking the hallway. It was huge…but there were many people running…and extremely frightened.
      At the top of the wall were windows, and I could see a Tempest outside. Instead of running, I found a large stool to stand on, so I could see exactly what was going on outside. To my amazement stood the Christ. He was holding lightening bolts in his left hand, and peering into the windows of the U.N. Building. He was taller than the building itself, looking at what was going on inside the upper floors, with a deep frown on his face.
      When I awakened from the dream, I knew he was angry about what was going on there…and two days later, when the so called hostages were taken, I understood why he was there. It was all being planned…just as this weather is planned to destroy. So yeah…I sure get it.  Blessings friend.

  33. AllyL says:

    I notice in the first magazine image posted under the heading of seven possible ways of changing weather on a global scale is :
    "Electronic bombardment of the ionosphere to alter its electrical charge". 
    Sound familiar ? 

  34. Dawn says:

    As I read the articles in PS above I see mentioned spreading chemicals over the oceans surface to change evaporation. It immediately brings to mind the Gulf of Mexico disaster and what was done. Crazy large amounts of Corexit dumped into the waters and I understand that is still happening-quietly. What a convenient mess to take advantage of to further this weather manipulation!

    Out of chaos comes order!! Yeah right. More like disaster.

    The Gulf Stream literally stopped. It has not restarted as far as I know. This is a disaster in and of itself and who is responsible? Scientists and others who tried to speak up have disappeared and turned up dead.
    I can't figure the folks who just blow this off and call me nutz when I mention things like spraying the skies. I live in NW Missouri and I see this evidence all the time.

  35. glendon says:

    can anyone recommend a water filtration system for removing chemtrail poisons from rain water? 

  36. glendon says:

    why don't the insurance companies step up to stop the assault on their policy holders.  their bottom line is impacted in a very big way by this idiocy.

  37. Rachel Robson says:

    Wow Dane, What a coup, huh?  Every time I think something like this is a slam dunk, it isn't.  Should be.  This reminds me of my father when I was a kid-I am 68 now, so….He would talk about how one day we'd all be living under a dome.  As a kid, I tried envisioning that.  I didn't like the thought but tried to explore the thought.  Like, how so?  What kind of dome?  How could planes fly if domes everywhere?  As far as I knew at that time, there was no plastic yet.  It made no sense to me.  Now I wonder if they/he were intending some kind of plasma dome?  A shield of sorts.

    One thing I like about St. Dr. Bertell, is that she discuses the reasons for war and how not to have war.  But, with the military hell bound to make their ideas work, they need to manufacture fear, manufacture war, in order to get the funds for this insanity. This fear thing strikes me as cultural.  One culture afraid of another.  Which seems to generate competitiveness and prejudice.  My way is better than your way.  Or your way may usurp my way.  Given that, it is easy to see why so many others hate this country.  We have destroyed too much in our greed.  Like that King?, Leopold? in Belgium after rubber, chopping off a hand of each worker so that they could not escape.  Seems the blame lies with white men.  First, Euros.  Heck, the Crusades.  On the other hand, the Japanese made war on each other for no reason at all.

    To me, a country I could respect would value health, real education and well being, even happiness of its peoples as a main goal.  Not the biggest army.  Not the rape of Indigenous peoples, slavery, cast systems, monetary status, etc.  If only we had the balls to do that.  To trust a little.  Who can trust anything now?  Sputnik blew everyone's mind so we Had to land on the moon.  Which I don't believe, and believe me, it is one thing to know 9/11 was a false flag, but doubting the moon landing really raises eyebrows.  My answer is always that in order to believe a science breakthrough, science requires that it can be repeated.  No one has done it again.  Not us, not the Russians.

    The way to end the insanity is one: to come clean.  Two, to do our best to rectify as much as possible the harm we've caused.  And to by all means stop the harm we are doing still.  If we did this, we just might regain some respect, self respect and respect from others.  Sometimes being humble and taking such a chance, being vulnerable can yield a great response-not of weakness, but of bravery and leadership.

    You'd think after so very many decades of geo-tinkering, they would realize their error, their defeat.  One cannot profit from a dying or dead world.  Usually, more is not better.  We've gone so far there well may be no tuning back.  We've made monsters out of some of our most elite military forces.  Even if the military bailed and came over to our side, we'd still have those dogs of war to contend with.  And they'd be bitter to boot. I don't see a way out of this.  But for dreaming.  Wishing.  I am beginning to think our efforts are hopeless.  So this is both a coup, and a brick wall.  A brick wall cemented with depleted uranium.  All this proof of all this time, reinforces the fact that we are right, but seems like the final nail in the coffin.  Hard to take pleasure in being right when one knows the upshot.  So to speak.

    • Nnikki says:

      WOW!! Well said, Rachel!! Thankyou.

    • Alison says:

      I'm with Nnikki!
      No dome for me, I see underground fun in the future. I'm now curious as to capacity of ancient cities that have been discovered. I wonder what the depopulation goals are. I wonder how many reproductive organs will be left viable.  Wait, those can be cloned now right? 
      Grateful to have found all y'all. 

  38. Cori Gunnells says:


    Outstanding find, review and video. Thank you very much. This will be very helpful information to share with others who are interested but uncertain about the legitimacy of the truth we share. Everyone should save this in their files for such use. 


  39. Robo Sapien says:

    Where I live the forecast for today was 54 and sunny, when I woke up the weather channel said it was sunny outside but it wasn't it was snowing and it was 6 degrees. I stayed up until 6 am listening to the jets, boy they scrape the trees when the cloud cover is low enough. We got 2 feet of snow 2 days ago and they want to keep that snow in place. The forecast was for rapid warming, yesterday you could feel the warmth it got up to 40 and then they assaulted us. no stop jets and then I woke up to snow. I hate these bastards, there is such a rage in me, I am just waiting. They will be sorry they ever did this to me and my world, I promise.

  40. Casper says:

    Now they're starting to admit this is happening, to "grease then wheels" so to speak for geoengineering acceptance:

    • Earth Angel says:

      Accidental geoengineering?!.. My ASS!

    • Marc says:

      Thanks for posting these links, Casper. More relentless cascades of bald-faced lies and disinformation intended to dupe the average Joe on the street into thinking all the so-called "contrails" are just "ice particles"??? Give me a f**king break. Both of these articles are cleverly crafted to sound and feel and look like "real science" but as we who come here regularly all know, these efforts are the work of covert government agents designed to confuse and to essentially mangle any accurate understanding of what the f**k is really going on with the now obvious changes in our skies. The width and breadth of these unstoppable attempts to deceive the public are no less than crimes against All Living Beings, and crimes against Humanity. We are truly an enigmatic species. How can it be that the vast majority, if asked, want nothing more than to live in peace and harmony with the Earth and with one another, while a tiny minority make it their daily priority to poison and strangle all that is Good in this world?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Activists are really doing an outstanding job in the comment section of the Smithsonian article, Casper.  Thanks for that link.  We knew they'd try to squeeze themselves into legitimizing this topic eventually, but we're ready.  It's inspiring beyond my wildest dreams!

  41. Robo Sapien says:

    We are not alone in the struggle, 4 federal judges file 279 trillion dollar lien against USA INC. Declares US government a fraud and puts out warrant on entire US Government, this really happened 6 days ago. http://themindunleashed.org/2015/12/judge-calls-for-us-marshals-and-fbi-to-arrest-congress-and-the-president.html  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo, too cool!  Possible?  Wow.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo Sapien, Good God Almighty!  I've read and re-read this so many times.  It explains pretty much everything and connects a lot of dots for me.  Thank you so very much.  Now I have to find out who the heck this amazing woman is!  Will this really happen?  It shakes the whole house of cards, flattens them.  I need to print it, download it, never lose it.  I've been doing a ton of work and far more to go tonight, but this is just riveting.  To me.  It all makes perfect sense.  It even explains the citizens as corporations bit. Gold. The whole nine yards. Does not factor in Native issues, but everything else is clear. Amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you Robo! Love it!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Oh Hurray!.. We can only hope to see some actual results from this action finally being taken.. But hey, more power to them! The more these criminals keep getting hit from every side the better. I understand Monsanto is being sued and I've heard Bill Gates is under fire too. Keep the pressure on these criminals.

    • Marc says:

      Robo….completely awesome. Thanks!!

    • bija says:

      Is this judge for real??   Please let it be true!!!   If so, I would like to shake her hand.  It's time for this house of cards to come crashing down!

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Bija, this is completely legit. There is actually more than one judge there are  4, one of them is currently in jail for doing this. No this is as legit as it can get, superior court  judges (plural) handing out warrants for the US marshall, FBI et al. It is now up to the individual entities to obey or disobey the court. This lien lays out what happened to us. A fake coporate government  was installed secretly after the civil war and basically collateralized us and turned us into slaves. Here is more information on the other judges involved.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      This is mind blowing news, Robo.  Thanks so much.

    • Larwence says:

      This should be our president!!! Write in votes.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      I dont believe snopes is legit

    • david K says:

      Thank you robo sapien for the link about the judges,I have been waiting for something like that to happen for a long time,there are so many people who would like that information  out there,I had a friend show me how to send it to the constitutional sheriffs .Send it to everyone like alex jones and anyone with a good website,It is information everyone could use

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      You know, it's reeeally confusing when you read big breaking articles such as the one about four judges allegedly filing lawsuit to break up the U.S., then good ol' Snopes (owned by George Soros) comes along and "debunks" everything that could possibly work to throw The System off our backs– how helpful is it when you NEVER get The REAL TRUTH?

    • bija says:

      thanks for this additional info, Robo Sapien. I also looked into Judge Anna Von Rietz a little further and on Scanned Retina, she explains that she is a legitimate Alaska State Judge and not the maritime, fraudulent State of Alaska judge. You have to read the entire response to understand the difference. I'm just starting to understand the extent to which we have all been defrauded. I also happened upon the YouTube arrest, and after court appearance of Santos Bonacci where he tries to explain to reporters that he is not the "person" but the actual man, and therefore not subject to their demands to pay a ridiculous sum in toll fees (for which he was arrested). Very interesting and seems Australians have been swindled under his same bait and switch of our rights and freedoms.

      Anyhow, good to know this information is getting out and being intelligently explained. To hell with snopes! Do Not Let Anyone Keep You From Uncovering TRUTH!

    • Sean s says:

      Agreed Bella but we need to do more. Every single person that posts on this site needs to post and support others that are spreading the truth. Regarding the Smithsonian article,  I agree. Lots of encouraging comments but then the shills came out and most backed off. We need to pound their ridiculous lies into the ground. 

  42. Sean S says:

    When present with this and all other available data. Those who continue to deny that this is going on are simply brain dead robots. End of story.

  43. Greg Price says:

    Awesome detective work! Are you go until to scan and put up as a PDF?

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, please.  I would like to be able to copy and read the pages.  Further it would be great to send readable pages from my phone to the list of contacts, representatives, TV news, weather persons, assorted media, etc.  freedom of speech and print was so much more open back in the 1950's.  Slowly the stamp of SECRET has been placed on their schemes and conivances.  The public is excluded from the debate because the sociopaths know we the people would shout out a resounding NO.

  44. rita says:

    I only hope that we can stop the destruction.The fact that they want to destroy the planet baffles me, as everyone has families that will be devastated by the outcome within a few years.

  45. carol freiberg says:

    The disinformation program has worked well on people I once considered very well rounded and educated. This is hard for me to accept because otherwise they are really good people.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, yes, “disinformation” from so many “official” sources has kept otherwise educated people from seeing the reality of geoengineering. Lets all work together in the effort to break down the walls of disinformation and wake the population.

    • Marie says:

      I have found it is easier to deny than except for many people. The reality of it is completely mind boggling and extremely horrifying. Once enough people accept what is happening and join forces, others will began to feel more comfortable in letting their voices be heard also. Keep educating the masses, whether or not they are willing to hear. Once informed, you can't help but LOOK UP. Onward!

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