Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification


Dane Wigington

How big does the climate engineering elephant in the room need to be before it can no longer be hidden in plain site? How much more historical proof do we need of the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare before the denial of the masses crumbles? When will populations around the globe bring to justice all those responsible for the ongoing and rapidly worsening worldwide weather warfare assault? At the bottom of this post is a PDF file containing the entire congressional report from 1978 that we have recently located. This report is just under 750 pages in length (20 key excerpts are posted below to give a general overview). It is a mountain of information that further confirms the ongoing extensive involvement of our government in climate modification/weather warfare. This document also confirms the involvement of foreign governments around the globe, even governments that would otherwise have been considered "hostile to US interests". Within this text a great many aspects and consequences of the ongoing national and global weather modification programs are discussed. Legal implications (including the need for total immunity from any form of prosecution), biological implications, societal implications, environmental implications, etc. Named in the document are federal agencies involved as well as major universities. Again, because the entire document is a long and arduous read, some excerpts are posted below to give insight into the documents contents. The mountain of data to confirm the ongoing climate engineering insanity continues to grow. One additional example of documents already located is an ICAS report to the executive office of the president on climate engineering from 1966, it can be found HERE. The attached extensive congressional document is a revealing and detailed addition to the data that has already been compiled. My most sincere gratitude to Steve Grimwood for locating this very important document.

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All the attached excerpts shown above are only a small glimpse into this massive congressional document. For many decades those in power have plotted and planned for "full spectrum dominance" of the planet and its populations. The military industrial complex has long since openly expressed its desire to "own the weather". If the geoengineering juggernaut of insanity can be fully exposed, it could then be brought to a halt as people around the world demand its cessation. All are needed to join this critical effort, don't sit this one out. 

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  1. mary slutts says:

    It doesn't surprise me that their (the many planes that are flying, engaged in spraying the chemicals) carbon footprint is larger than mine, as I am so small in the world. They have worked very hard to manipulate the earth and are now working to destroy it, even accidently on purpose.  

    I am old enough to know what a blue sky and white clouds look like and that perhaps is why the audience that is yelling "beware" is the older, senior folks and not the younger generations; we know better.  And now, there is so much sadness in the world because of their weather manipulations for hurricanes and fires; all deliberate destruction to life and properties.

    Even their statements of noble cause, "to protect us using weather warfare"  is going nowhere, as civil unrest is gaining ground all around the world.  I believe that while they are manipulating the weather, the plant life and animal structure of the earth is suffering.  We, the human population, are suffering from the harmful sprays but the vast majority of us are too ignorant to know that these chemicals which first affected insects, bees, smaller animals and fish life, are also eliminating the larger species of the earth…including us.  Refer to:

    I can't say this enough times to produce a deeper impression by making it sound stronger and more viable….Thank You Dane for all that you do to keep us informed!

  2. Joe Ceonnia says:

    What's really scary is all these posts from all over the world, of spaying chemicals overhead, geoengineering the entire earth, and not one politician says it's happening, and who is paying for this? Our Fed Taxes? Is this the missing Trillions from the Pentagon? Other then Dane, Who's speaking about this that has a degree of creditability, and more over who can STOP these freaks from flying us into the ground? Just wondering??  WHO COULD STOP THIS? Could a President of the United States Stop a black op project like this? I don't think even a President could stop this? It's clear to me that everyone is aware of this happening…or at least one person in 3 or one third of the population in the west knows about or heard about these programs? So, can anyone out there tell us WHO COULD STOP SOMETHING LIKE THIS PROGRAM? If 100,000,000,000 people know about this, your telling me that not one Military General can speak up to the American people and say "WE NEED TO STOP THESE PEOPLE" ? and point their finger at these scientist, and say these are the people we must stop! I know they control all mainstream media, but they don't control everyone's thoughts nor the Good Men and Women of our Military, do they?

    • jbird says:

      They don't need tax money Joe, the entities running these programs have the power to create money. The founders made gold and silver money for very good reason.

  3. Chrissy says:

     If they've been modifying the weather since 1947, that's 70 years of practice and growing expertise. My concern has been and continues to be that they're getting better at what they do and also better at hiding it. I am concerned there will come a day when we will no longer be able to see it in the sky.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chrissy, yes, the climate engineers have had many decades to practice their programs of total decimation. This being said, there is no way for them to conceal their atmospheric assault from those who are awake.

    • eric says:

      I noticed now they started spraying at night more, and behind clouds already in the sky during the day< I agree seems like an effort to hide it more.

  4. Dagaan says:

    The PDF of a Congressional Report on Geo Engineering is blank. I was hoping to use it as documentation on challenging the Wikipedia entry on Chemtrails.

    • Paul Barbara says:

      I have found the same thing. You can buy it in book form on Amazon, there are some 2nd hand ones not too expensive.


  5. Lynn says:

    Thank you for the above pdf and the highlighted pages.  I'm up in the Mt Baker foothills and even thru my postage stamp window I can see the passing captured moisture.  I have been trying to think up who other than ordinary folks to contact in the Northwest who would maybe listen.  I tried to awaken the organizer for the big Annual Ski to Sea event in Bellingham/Whatcom County but that didn't go anywhere. So I've been thinking about the local Lummi Nation.  I grew up and went to school with many of that tribe.  This particular article with highlights might be the entry piece. There is a big water conversation of course going on here too and the Lummis are claiming of course, it's their water… I have seen one rather long video mentioning a Tribe in New Mexico who knows but declined to fight it because they didn't want to be laughed at. or something like that…The Lummis need to know itsn't just here in Whatcom County and the San Juans. My friend/attorney is also my local water district elected head and he knows about geoengineering.   I haven't given up on rattling cages here. 

      GOP Chris Vance is beginning a run against our DEM Patty Murray and is a proponent of SRM it appears by his website.  Big words and disinformation galore.  I'm calling the number on his website today…
    People mostly won't look at something over 5 minutes if they aren't already hooked on learning more.  Could you in your spare time (?) put together a short video explaining the difference between the particles used for capturing moisture to move it along, from the particles used as a desiccant. There is a video on youtube; Hurricane Modification Pilot tells all!!! Project Storm Fury…etc.; In about 9 minutes he starts explaining the difference.  Have you see it?  Talked to the fellow?  The only problem I see with that video is it's Alex Jones doing the on sight interview.  There are too many  people who think Alex Jones is NUTS!  I don't want to send Alexs Jones when I really want somebody to listen.  Sorry to say…
    I love the EOSDIS Worldview map; it's something I study every night.

    Do you ever get to Washington state? 

    Dr Carson knows about geoengineering. 

    Thanks again,


  6. Hi Dane, Thanks for this extensive information. I note that southern Pennsylvania is mentioned; living there, it does not surprise me. A few weeks ago a senate report on weather modification had been about, and I had shared it. It too, discussed the weather modification in Pennsylvania. That report has since been scrubbed from the web. 
    Just today, I received a response from Senator Toomey of Pennsylvania regarding geoengineering. He  assures me that the EPA says they are contrails.. and safe..of course they are! I will post his response and my reply to his response here. I had also sent him some photos. I will also send him this link. Who do they think they are kidding!? Unfortunately..they are kidding alot of blind folks.

    Reply from U.S. Senator Pat Toomey 
    Senator Pat Toomey <>
    Dec 15 (2 days ago)
    to me 
    December 15, 2015
    Dear Vickie,
    Thank you for contacting me about aircraft emissions. I appreciate hearing from you about this issue.
    In 2000, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) investigated aircraft contrails-the line-shaped clouds that form behind jet aircraft engines. These agencies determined that contrails are not harmful to the public, and they are created when water molecules from jet engine exhausts mix with air in the upper atmosphere. Further, the EPA published rules to regulate aircraft exhaust emissions in 2005 to ensure contrails do not negatively impact public health.
    Thank you again for your correspondence. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of assistance.
    Pat Toomey
    U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania
    Vickie Zaccardo <>
    4:41 PM (0 minutes ago)
    to Senator 
    Dear Senator Toomey,
    Thank you for responding to me. I do appreciate that. I am familiar with the findings that you mention, but I have to wonder why I never saw these trails until a few years ago. As I noted in my initial e-mail, I grew-up close enough to an international airport, and as an adult lived near a second international airport, and never saw these trails until just a few years ago. Surely jet engine emmissions have improved rather then regressed over the past few decades? It is also very odd that only certain planes, apparently flying in the higher levels of the stratosphere are leaving these trails. HR2977 lists chemtrails as an exotic weapon and bans them from our environment; however HR2977 does not apply to the stratosphere. Also, seeing dozens upon dozens to hundreds of planes in one day just in my locality is very disturbing. Up until 2 1/2 years ago, seeing just a few planes a day was alot. I am very curious as to this beyond substantial increase in air traffic in my little area. From what I have observed over the past two years, our skies are a mess. They look like the Van Gogh painting, The Scream. I have attached a few photos for you to see. I almost daily observe planes coming over the mountain in the photo, and leaving trails on one occassion I thought I would try to count planes. I counted 35 in 15 minutes coming from just one spot over the mountain. Of course, they were all over the sky, and not solely in that spot. The rate and pace kept-up like that the entire day and into the night. Rather amazing for a fairly rural area. I am interested in your thoughts.
    Again, thank you so much for your time and concern.

    Vickie Zaccardo

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Vickie, all “elected representives” are only a part of the overall cancer, the truth will never come from them. I would strongly recomend avoiding the “chemtrails” term, most especially when communicating with agencies or officials. That term will stop any progress and give them the excuse they need to give you the standard pre-printed response. The “climate engineering” term is productive, “solar radiatioin management”, “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering”, any will do. It is up to us to raise a critical mass of awareness, and thhen to hold all those accountable who were a part of the programs, or who helped to cover up these crimes.

    • Rodrigo Silva says:

      Hello Vickie, thank You very much for sharing the response You got from senator Toomey. I was wondering, do You still have that email on your inbox ? If so, could You make a print of it and send to me through email, I am asking, not because I do not believe in You but it´s because I am about to start a project and it´s supposed to educate people in various subjects like weather modification and some people are very skeptic even though There´s far beyond evidence but they are blind on purpose but with such image from that email I believe it will catch people´s attention and make them be interested in knowing more and through researching they will understand this issue like us.

      I´d really appreciate if you can do that .

      Have a great Tuesday !

      Sincerely yours


    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Vikie, I too Live Just Outside Philadelphia, North of Philly, and I too get the same thing… Contrails from Politicians, You are correct, The Philly area and north of the Turnpike, I see hundreds of airplanes spraying this stuff everyday, and when I don't see it I hear it, they fly overhead all day. I live just off the Northeast Extensions' 1st Exit Lansdale. Every morning they start, coming from NJ heading northwest towards Ohio from NJ that's my best guess, but the spraying is VERY OBVIOUS to the naked eye. I wrote to everyone, they all say contrails… I'm so discussed at this point, my wife is tired of me talking about it, but Like you I'm very concerned of the health of my grandchildren, children and everyone else. But no one seems to care, they say to me, So, What difference can you make? I starting to wonder that myself. It's like I'm banging my head against the wall. There it is, But they say it isn't there? WTF is wrong with people. You talk about the elephant in the room, this Elephant is sitting up in my living room. Sincerely, Concerned!

  7. F4 Survivor says:

    The excerpts from pages 455/456 may just be the smoking gun I've long been searching for since May 10, 2008. The "ultra hazardous" harm they've indeed caused by killing four of my family in a violent F4 tornado and leaving the remaining two of us for dead. They very likely did not consider that we would somehow miraculously survive riding in the belly of that mile-wide monster, being thrown 200 yards, suffering extreme life threatening injuries and permanent disability. Certainly this should merit some accountability and liability on their part. Now to find the right (or any) litigator to spearhead this fight…

    • Earth Angel says:

      God bless you F4 Survivor. I hope you go for the throat and rip out the jugular. These fiends deserve the destruction they desire for the lives of others and ALL innocent life on earth. They need to get what's coming to them for it too. I pray Our Creator gives to them exactly what they seek to wrest on others. The destruction of the natural world is an unforgivable sin. Evil executed to this degree is truly mind boggling to the good souls of this earth.

  8. Paul Stebelton says:


  9. DavidJ says:

    We did not have chemtrails around here (NW Florida, SW Alabama) until the past decade or so.  Now, at times they chemtrail so heavily that it looks like tic-tac-toe for awhile.

    The contaminates they are spraying are poisoning our air, land, surface waters, our bodies and our food supplies.   We have to stop these people no matter what the consequences

    The very worst sort of people are running our country and they are going to make stopping this poison as difficult as possible.

    • Jacqueline says:

      The ultra rich thugs as I call them are only interested in depopulation preparing the world for the New World Order within which they insist on only 500,000,000 people in the entire world….THAT MEANS, many of us will be annihilated in one way or another….floods, droughts, food shortages, water shortages, energy shortages and the death culture sources, abortion, euthanasia, venomous vaccines, wars, birth limitations and catastrophic events: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.  Now, it is indeed the insane ruling the world but as you can see by this partial list, how can you nail them with accountability?  Unfortunately, we are dealing with extremely powerful criminals who think they are God.  In my humble opinion, prayer is the answer….only Divine intervention will stop them.

  10. Jess says:

    I don't care about the blanket immunity these people have – they need to be tried in a court of law.

  11. KeB says:

    Oh Dane you are so great! Love what you do!

  12. michael says:

    Wow amazing work Dane, look at that comment section never seen it so long before, and just wanted to say that I told the leader of the green party on canada today about this doc and she said she wanted me to send it to her and to keep sending her this stuff….
    A bit later when I asked her what would she be able to do about this issue she responded it depends on how many more green mps get elected that she would raise it as an issue in the house, so let's hope that my efforts get my local green candidate elected to be another mp to back up the leader in parliament…..

    • Wendy Christensen says:

      Last summer (2019) I was standing on shore of koocanusa  reservoir when a huge plane went over   It was barely above tree level and shooting out huge plumes of white trails. I’ve never seen it before. Very few humans are up here in these mountains of Montana and this was no passing airliner. I didn’t worry too much about chem trails until that day. Now I believe that there is something to be concerned about and we regular folks must tell everyone we can.   

  13. Brian Charles says:

    Last week they were doing a lot of heavy chemtrailing in the Northwest and Montana, and I saw a big jetliner with BOTH the chemtrail and contrail coming out of it behind.  I wish I had taken pictures or made a video of it!!!

    • KMcLeod says:

      Today in east Texas/NW Louisiana, it was, I think, the heaviest blanketing of chemtrail particulate and spraying in one day that I've seen in the 10 years I've been observing and photographing it. I feel like I am witnessing and looking at pure evil with this and it scares me that it's ramping up, not being stopped.

  14. KO says:

    The assult from satan's people on the flesh of humanity is happening now!  I hope all people understand the references in the bible and what Jesus said. I pray for action on the deliberate poisoning of people.  God bless you all for the goodness in actions to overcome these evil deeds. Thank You for allowing me to speak.

  15. Grinling Gibbons says:

    Dear Dane, You are doing your best to show not only America but the Whole Planet is under constant Attack From Chemicals, but how many People know what these Dangerous Chemicals consist of, i cannot remember all the chemicals but some i do like Lead,Aluminum Shards,Fiberglass Shards,Strontium, Berrium,Cadium, & another 14 that i have forgotten but i know that these Chamicals are the Reason why Trillions Of Trees Are Dead & Dying, Flora & Fauna,Fish By The Trillions & Dolphins & More,Thousands Of Children In Hospitals Worldwide With Severe Respertory Problems & The Doctors Cannot Locate AN Anti Serum To Cope With These Deadly Problems as nobdy realises what we are Breathing In Is A Lethal Cocktail Of Poisonous Chemicals & Metals, just Aluminum Alone is very Dangerous To The Brain & I know this because i lost a Dear Brother By Drinking Aluminum Comtaminated Water From The South West Water Board In Cornwall England When A Driver Tipped 16 Tonnes Into The Drinking Water Tank By Mistake, Thousands Were Ill Some went into an Alzeimers State including a Brilliant 21 yr Old Very Intelligent Student, so one can imahe what Another 20 odd Chemicals & Poisons Can do the People The Animals & The Whole Planet, The Armed Forces Have Taken Back Control Of The Federal Reserve Well Done Them Now Lets See Them Close Down Chem Trails & The Other Earthqukes Tsunanmi & More Caused By The 18 Transmitters Based Globally & Called H A A R P these Machines Are Jointly Running & Are All Connected & The Most Dangerous One Is Located On The Seabed Between North Africa & Jamaica & Sits Next To A Ridge That Encircles This Whole Planet, enabling them to bring to Life Vocano.s Even Extinct Ones, this is the most Dangerous One & is to Blame for all of these Terrible Earth Quakes Tsunami,s Etc, most People Believe The Lies The Weather Repots & All Telivision Reports Which Are Owned Or Controlled By The Kazerian Mafia , & How many People Realise that 6 Doctors Have Been Killed this year simply because they were telling the Truth, Also 70 Nasa Scientist Dead Again Because They Wanted To Speak Out, & Finely 59 Bank Managers Killed Again As They Wanted To Spek Out About The Corruption By The Rothschilds Banking Corp Who Incidently Own 198 Banks Out Of 200 Countries & Soon It Will Be 200 Banks In 200 Hundred Countries , The People Worldwide Need To Unite As We Cannot & Will Not Them Carry On Murdering Innocent People So They Can Take Control Of The Whole Nation & With Them In Control As The New World Order & This Includes The Bushes Clintons Rockerfellas & ( The Committee Of 300 Members ) that also are Part Of The Cabal , once you download that committee of 300 you will also see just how Many Poloticians Worldwide are in there to further the New World Order I Have Now Given You All The Ammo You Need To Now Stand Up & Fight Them Murderous Regimes & That Should Also Include The Islamic President Called Barrack Obama Who Is Letting In Millions Of Terrorist Who Are Islamis To Take Full Control Of America Then The Whole World, We must all stand together As United We Stand Devided We Fall & Never Was That Saying More Relivent Than Todays World We Are Now Going To All Be Chipped & Turned Into Robots So I Have Warned You All Rise Up Now Before It,s To Late.

    • Tina Ridgway says:

      I knew there were some insidious conspiracies plaguing mankind. The New World Order, the infiltration of our White House by a terrorist. The list goes on and on., but I really thought weather modification to be a crack pot theory and never paid much attention to anything I heard about it.Until now. My eyes are now open. The worst part of being aware,is  feeling helpless and not really being able to do a damned thing about it. I try to make people aware of conspiracies that are proven and they refuse to see, how do you wake someone up to this?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tina, thank you for your courage in facing this critical issue. Those that refuse to open their eyes will be forced to wake very soon, wait and see. Lets all keep marching forard in this fight at the fastes pace we can manage, good to have you with us.

    • robert11011 says:

      I just finished writing my corporate actor senators & representive on they will be held accountable…when….it all collapses , as it has been.

  16. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 78th email to my contact list, titled  'Open Your Eyes and See'

    This is probably the best informational page on geoengineering and the demise of our ecosystem:

    Enough said.

  17. Michael Arden Yows says:


    • Dan says:

      Undo it with legal means?  The bad guys write the "law" and control the judiciary, the legislative and executive branches. 
      I don't see the "courts" and "justice" as being compatible in the same sentence.

  18. Sumner Berg says:

    You know what I can't understand is all this crap about a New World Order. If it ever eventuates we are still stuck on this planet and are not going anywhere. Even if the elite who are under control eliminate humanity down to the elected 500,000,000 what is that going to achieve. Humans have screwed up the way the biosphere functions and it can't be reversed. If the New World Order thinks that what they are trying to achieve is going to be for the salvation of humanity they have their finger up their nose about 3 kilometers too far. How are they going to take care of Fukushima?? That fiasco has the potential to destroy all life on this planet. We are a stupid species and one that evolution stuffed up on but it has done so before. We are new comers and are going to be early levers and that I am positive about. The earth changes every day and life on earth must adapt or get weeded out. One of the problems is that we are causing changes that are more rapid that are ability to adapt and we will become extinct. 10-4

  19. ABR says:

    KEYT 3 News announced that Santa Barbara County was cloudseeding this week to try and make it rain here.  All we have had was light drizzling and thunder and lighting throughout the day and evening on Wednesday.  Dane, the government documents that you posted above says that sometimes disastrous events have occurred during or soon after cloud seeding. Yesterday, Southern California experienced unprecedented heavy rainfall in a very short time period, along with hail that subsequently caused massive flooding and mudslides.  Major freeways are shut down, affecting traffic throughout the region.  What are your thoughts about a possible connection between these two events?

  20. This is getting all so weirder by the day. Anyways, none the less, this onslaught has to stop! The earth and all living beings on it are rapidly dying. If we want a future for our kids, we need to react now! The cabal see us coming and that is why they augmented this crap to the max! Keep up the great work Dane.

    • Oh! I forgot, here in the province of Québec, it never snows, or too rarely, before December, now today we are having an abnormal snowfall. WHY???? What are the satellite images tell you Dane? It has to be an engineered snowfall. It's crazy I tell you! Anyone else have a take on this? Also, is it true what mass media showed us here, that California had massive rainfall? WHY? Some say they let the whole west coast area burn to force people into the big cities in order to control populations easier. What is going on these days? We need to find a way to make a presentation like Dane does but, on national tv! I know, its a crazy idea but, why not try it?

  21. Robo says:

    I have spent over 5 years working on an Earth ship house. I figured how to keep all my plants healthy. I attached the greenhouse to my house so it functions all year and produces copious amounts of O2. The green house uses my CO2. I have an aquaponics system which produces food for the plants and food for me. I think this is the only way to freedom. I started by buying a really cheap piece of land and built my own dwelling out of recycled materials. I pay only 100 dollars a year in taxes. I have solar and wind. This is the only way. If we cant beat them by fighting we have to be in a position to ignore them. I create my own air, and food. I distill much of my drinking water. I can live without society without banks without machines.

    • @Robo, you MUST make a detailed plan with all that is needed and how to do it and put all that in a package so it could be shared to all here! That is awesome what you are doing.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo, I agree with Jonathan!  This is brilliant-what you've done.  I have seen versions of this before.  So, I get it.  I am wondering how old you are, and how you got this idea, as well as how long it took you.  Must be a great feeling.  How big is your greenhouse?  

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Waaay cool, Robo!  Can your plans and maybe pics of your digs get posted somewhere?

  22. SortingHat says:

    The modern Google Street view of Portland OR downtown areas you can clearly see the massive chemtrial spraying. Those are the same planes I see further south flying at the same height.
    These are obvious not commercial planes and they show up on Street View continuing their path!

  23. Mal says:

    Having made some comments on a David Keith BBC talk on youtube, somebody called jon lawhead an atmospheric scientist from University of Southern California made some lengthy comments. I have checked that he exists as a climate scientist and he does. What I find really disturbing is that it sounds as if he really doesn't believe that geoengineering is happening. I am not naieve enough to believe that people don't tell lies but it does seem as if he doesn't believe it is happening. I am just wondering whether some of those within the academic fraternity are so compartmentalised that they don't know about it or are we talking mind control here? Whichever way you slice it it is very disturbing!

  24. horsegirl says:

    We all wonder enough at what makes the zombies want to ruin earth.
    How about this:  what about those of us who see?  Why are we this way?  Some factors seem to unify this group starting with a significant relationship with nature and the outdoors and the land.  I wonder if relatively few of us are lifelong urban dwellers.  Another factor is intelligence.  The eloquence and poignant manner of expression common here is unrivaled in all my reading on and off the internet.  It does take lifelong habits of observation to catch the subtle (at first), slow, steady decline from light, color and atmospheric behavior of decades ago to where we are now.  I doubt most commentors here just began watching clouds last year.
    Someone said it well – that what impedes perception of the not-sees is a spiritual blindness.  Logic won't pierce their illusions.  Sometimes it seems that wieldy intelligence and learning even interferes with simple observation.  We have become an abstract people for the most part in US society.  Lives lived in theory, in the narcissistic flutter of Facebook.  You'll see young families sit down to dinner in public all of whom occupy separate worlds, simultaneously absorbed in their individual I-gimmickry.  Never looking up at one another during the course of a meal.  Engrossed in an abstraction of themselves.  As an artist, I say the advent of abstract art involves a degree of removal.  Not an image of something, but an image of an image.  An idea of an idea.  That is abstraction.  So goes life in these horrid times.  The image of something more compelling than the genuine article.  The photo of the new baby on the FBook page more exciting than the infant, etc.
    A society also dying of financial narcissism, as a passionate disagreement went with one old friend recently reeling from retirement shock.  She was reading about narcissistic personality disorder when I enlarged upon it.  Something to the effect of big deal, people ARE their pensions.  Spend their lives shining boots for the big corporate cancer so they could finally quit and have a garden instead of spending life doing that in the first place. People really have ridiculed me as an artist.  Not always such a gainful endeavor blah blah blah.  I am what I earn goes the materialist humbug.  They are good people working on their pensions, they argue, so as not to burden society with their ills the way I am doing goes the screed.  I say pensions and all that Wall Street goo is nothing but a slush fund for the pirates.  They are financing the goons by slaving at corporate/administrative life.  This is the cash cow keeping rogue armies alive.  Every one for himself, his big fat pension.  My friend was uncomprehending when I said how far ten people pooling a few thousand $$ could go.  How valuable each person's contribution when part of an organic whole.  Each capable person on a farm exponentially empowers the operation.  She didn't get it.  Why bother?  So what?  Why should people help each other out (are any Native Americans still with me, nauseated by this anti-tribal drivel?)?  I call this financial narcissism and it will be the death knell of this country which already resonates as the wretching sound issuing from the fetid guts of finance-backed corporate economy.
    No, people fall in love with an abstraction of self, family, country etc.  Probably what is unique about the "Sees" vs the "Not-Sees" is tangible relationship with nature.  Antithetical to the industrialized corporate tedium that passes for life in the US.  It is surely in its death throes and that is well and good.  Only that I wish and pray for exodus for a few dear voices who live in life and not the mirror of it.
    All this provoked by dismay over my own values 20 years ago during life in NYC.  What a crash landing I had, coming back out to the Rockies where I was born and raised, and how long I was in shedding my absurdly alienated manner of thought.  A small town will rudely cure someone of the illusion of anonymity.  So will most of Mexico.  A return to the land, hours spent walking in silence.  The mass media – the ultimate abstraction of civic life – sucks us in like Narcissus to drown in self-adulation.  We now ransack our brief life histories culling the monstrous lies and illusions we thought were solid truths about national identity.  No foothold secure, every war turning out to be another shell game of false flags by bankers selling arms to both sides.  We thought we knew what we believed and why, now awakening to outrages like Sandy Hoax.  The reflection bites Narcissus on the nose.
    But as the Navajo and other tribes say, the land is key to everything. Not an illusion, not an interpretation, but the very dust from which we come and go.  Our people in the US have forsaken the land for the nostrum of good entertainment.  God help our society, drowning in its own distorted reflection.

    • SD says:

      Wonderful observations and commentary from Horsegirl and many others.

      So, here in SoCal our latest engineered rainstorm had all the hallmarks we would expect – red clouds, rainbow effects, large hail and intense rainfall resulting in flash floods and MUCH DAMAGE.  Moisture was picked up by the UPPER LEVEL LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM as it moved from Mexico out over the Pacific several days ago, then delivered to target areas in CA.

    • Terri says:

      Well Said. Absolutely brilliant analysis! 

    • SortingHat says:

      Try going to any eastern nation and outside of major urban centers for the most part people live like the old days (morally) where they (gasp) talk to each other face to face and sit down and have a discussion at the dinner table as a family.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Horsegirl, Sounds as if you are feeling much better!  I've been battling this night time congestion for 7 years now!  Gonna try that tincture of oregano someone mentioned here.

      You raise a good point.  Myself, I don't like name calling much and don't see it as helpful to divide into "sees" and "not sees".  I also don't think being spiritual has much to do with it.  For one thing, seeing and perception are two different things.  For another, humans vary hugely when it comes to seeing and perception.  Some see letters and/or numbers in colors.  Some people actually see upside down and their brains, for survival turn it right side up!  Sometimes I feel as if my eyes see microscopic things, teeny tiny molecules.  We all agree to agree on certain things.  Some people are color blind.  Physiology in humans varies widely and amazingly such that it is quite an accomplishment that we all can agree on anything!  In this info Dane released, it states that this began in '47!  Gee, I thought I knew what a normal sky was, but apparently not!  My daughter has 20/15 vision and can see the beak on a hummingbird at the end of the street!  Which is why I think she sees so little.  I think she screens out things, a lot of things but for what interests her and shocks her.  Myself, I don't seem to be able to screen or filter what I see.  I feel like two eyeballs attached to a brain and it all just floods in, then I have to sort it.

      Dane says he was raised in Southern CA in the smog, craving nature.  When he got his natural? paradise, what first alerted him was the deficiency of his solar uptake.  Some old government papers on geoengineering say to start in rural areas first.  Which is how one of our native relatives, first called our attention to chemtrails 20 years ago.  My daughter would tell me some, but I had no idea what she was talking about.  On the otherhand, I don't travel anymore much, or even spend much time outdoors since my Lupus became such a big deal.  And being crippled.  And, I no longer have much of a view here.  Even in 2011, this relative's sons teased me while we were on a road trip to see their dying father.  "Look Rachel!  There's a chemtrail!"  I'd say, well there must be an airport close by and there was.  We were going through hundreds of miles I knew from back when.  That is when I saw so very many dying lodge pole pines.  Freaked me out.  At first curious, then concerned, then downright panicked!  They! didn't look, or care to, or seem to care about the trees–all 5 "kids"-native and spiritual!  We passed through more and more horrors.  Horrors for me, because all this oil crap wasn't there back when.  No where is the beauty that once was, or so it seemed to me.  I kept being shocked.   Until we were back on the rez.  However, my sister-in-law there, claims to have never seen a chemtrail and still!  She is very spiritual.  I don't think this has to do with being spiritual.

      When we got home, I started researching on my daughter's laptop and found Dane.  I am not a born follower and will question everything.  I'm sure Dane will attest to that!  Within months I finally got a dependable computer and researched all the time.  Dane says do the work and I did.  I said that if I ever saw a tic tac toe sky over Berkeley, I'd call the police.  My daughter who gets around a lot! says she sees them often in the mornings over Berkeley when driving here.  What?!  Holy!  I did and still do just tons of research.  Tons.  Never thought I'd learn how jet engines work, but I did.  And I didn't just take Dane's word for it, I approached all from many different angles and sources.  As I said, I am not easily led.  I began risking the sun, going out in it and looking.  I've learned so very very much.  I already knew about a great deal of the state of this planet and our plants and trees from my mags, like High Country News-a great one that covers the west from Colorado to the Pacific.  Not to mention others.  I ended up offing any and all that would not respond seriously to this issue and I got involved in on line activism to gain a platform.

      In studying so much I learned for in stance, why global warming became Climate Change.  Takes the onus out of the warming part that irritates some deniers, and provides a platform for the IPCC with climate change-as in recognizing it and suggesting! geoengineering, and all could agree the climate is in fact changing even if many still deny the warming-fewer, as time goes by.  I started talking to people about it and no one knew what I was talking about.  I was shocked.  Many of these people are Very involved with and in nature.  And, observant people too, as well as educated-one with a degree in environmentalism.  Others with multiple degrees.  And, most are older, >50 years.  Many garden and profess a love of plants.

      My prior focus was on nuclear issues, as well as Big Agriculture, mono-cropping and Monsanto and my own 64 years of organic growing and teaching.  But the urgency of geoengineering took priority at the expense of my art, my books needing typing, my gardens, everything.  I find ways to get people into conversations about this, tell people and I don't care if they think I am crazy or call me names.  Doesn't and hasn't ever mattered to me.  But for my best friend embarrassing me and that surprised me.  But I have not quit and will not.  For a bit I was stuck in that many of these people have their own issues, like fighting cancer.  Or brutal deaths in the family.  Most people I know are not just whistling Dixie.  And, there seemed no upside.  Given methane, for in stance.  Like, wake up to reality because tomorrow you are going to die!  We all are toast.  I mean none of this is good news.  But I've decided not to believe the ones who lied to us in the beginning, who are saying that if stopped, all is ruin.  It is our only shot and I'd like to see it happen even if it fails as we are toast it seems, any which way.  I'm holding out hope for stopping.  Altogether a hard sell.

      Factor in that this has been visible and in your face in an uneven way until fairly recently such that many did not know.  Dr. Herndon did not see the fake skies over San Diego until a bit more than two years ago.  It is not the exact same all over.  Some places worse, others better but all seems ramped up.  More and more blatant.  Some people notice and think: climate change.  Because they haven't learned and it's more than learning about geoengineering, given how Very wrong our government has gone.  Which may end up saving the day.  Many here eschew politics and until "recently" so did I.  But issues.  Like Monsanto, and Hillary the bride of Frankenfood.  It has been interesting in the Democratic debates so far, that all issues but for geoengineering,  most  agree with, so many think the same.  Our government is bought and sold to Corporations, as an example.  No one wants more war.  Every one thinks our military is out of control.  No one wants fracking, nor wants to keep on chasing fossil fuels.  People are worried and don't trust the government at all.  This is fertile field for us to plow.  These people are a heart beat away from understanding about geoengineering.

      I think we are on the brink of a huge awakening, in no small part due to Dane.  Whether or not it is in time…? My own kid thinks I'm obsessed with this.  She doesn't get it that this is our swan song.  That the boys have no future.  The boys-grandsons-do get it though, but are too scared or shy to talk about it.  They hear it. They are looking to the adults and getting zip. They know what I am doing.  But they don't understand the fine details.

      I for one do not see an advantage in dividing sides.  Sees and not sees.  Spiritual or not.  Country dwellers or city dwellers.  It affects us all.  And all are needed.  We are not the enlightened.  We are educated.  And some of us have acute sensitivities to this stuff and its noise.  What Is special about us is that we have learned what is going on, we are committed to this effort to educate others, and to stopping  geoengineering!

    • penny says:

      Thank you for that, Rachel, it was brilliantly expressed.

    • Rusty Chapman says:

      Wow, brilliant….very well put

    • Paul says:

      Well written, I have said all of that for years, just not as well. Every day it becomes more blatant, and people just don't want to know they're belief system won't allow it. Somewhere in the bible it's says about scales on the eyes or something to that effect and being blind and now I can see. And about the battle is above us in the heavens and being as old the heavens themselves (?) Never could read the bible cover to cover but did recall something along those lines. Cheers

    • Victoria says:

      You words are stunningly poignant. You have gone to the point. Will humankind find anything to bind us into a force that can take back the planet's ability to sustain life? It is a quest worthy of exploration. I have started to brainstorm the possibilities instead of restating the current events as most who comment here are still expressing. It shows that the shock of the realization of what is happening is still raw but soon there must be a rational response from the rational beings on the planet. 

  25. Harold says:

    The threat too is the HLC or CERN.  Very dangerous projects.  So much so, that Steven Hawking and other brilliant scientists give grave warning about the psychopaths running the world's largest machine.  Shiva, the demi-god of destruction in front of CERN is a clue.  Look at the dance of destruction, was held at the facility.  SteveQ has lots on it. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Harold, and yes, CERN Is a concern, but boy would I like to see it!  Sorry, can't help it, I'm in love with particle physics.  I also like Shiva and Shiva is about more than destruction.  Shiva dances with one foot in this world, one in the next world.  Cool.  Destruction And creation!  At essence, the very building blocks of everything we know is matter and anti matter.  Born as one, immediately split into the two, they race to each other to annihilate one another!  This is fascinating stuff.  Just saying….

  26. sonia says:

    Wow!  I just found this site and watched the Shasta County Commission hearing.  Now I'm reading everything and I am looking UP, everyday.

  27. Larwence says:

    I thank everyone here again that is trying to STOP this spraying. I do what I can. I wrote to many of our local and federal government including the president, and this letter is what I got back.

    Dear Larwence:
    Thank you for writing to express your concern regarding condensation trails which appear behind jet aircraft engine.  I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond. 
    A 2000 study completed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) concluded that the trails behind jet engines are composed mainly of water and do not pose health risks to humans.  They do, however, affect the level of clouds in the atmosphere and may consequently affect ambient temperatures.  
    This report found that condensation trails, or contrails, are line-shaped clouds which are produced by the combination of water vapor in aircraft engine exhaust and low ambient temperatures in the atmosphere at high altitudes.  Depending on the temperature and humidity, these trails may evaporate quickly or expand into large cloud formations.  I appreciate knowing of your concerns regarding condensation trails from aircraft, and I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind should Congress consider legislation on this matter.
    Again, thank you for writing.  If you have any further questions or comments, please contact my office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 224-3841.  Best regards.
    Sincerely yours,
    Dianne Feinstein
    Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the nation are available at my website, And please visit my YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for more ways to communicate with me.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larwence, all the “elected officials” are likely using the same letter of response, this is certainly the case with Senator Feinstein. Your letter is exactly the same as the one included in the comment by Marv under this article.

    • bija says:

      Yes! All our "representatives" are using the same pre-approved reply. I received the same. This of course means that they are all aware and complicit in the cover-up and therefore punishable for these crimes against humanity and all life. Our activism is best spent on waking the masses and we will eventually hold the elite and their minions responsible!!

    • Al C says:

      Your letter is the exact same one I got from Elizabeth Warren………word for word.
      These elected officials are nothing more than "tits on a bull".
      I wrote her back and basicly said shame on you and to do your homework and most importantly to "look up!"

    • Larwence says:

      WOW, I had not read that one. I did not use the term Chemtrails in the letters that I have written. Her office came up with that. I will keep trying to do what I can to stop the insanity. Thank you Dane, and everyone working to stop the spraying.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lawrence, Hello!  I got and get the exact same form letter as this.  But, in reading yours, I notice the date she refers to: 2,000.  Leads off with that date as when the EPA, FAA, NASA, and NOAA completed a study.  Well, gee Diane!  I know she is really old, yet really sharp and very focused on one issue in particular that will keep her alive until done, BUT that was 15 years ago!  As in before Dane's troubles began and back when we all thought there really was an EPA and wondered why they were not doing their job.  Not to mention long before NOAA gave the navy permission to "take" wildlife along all our coasts with dozens of different and new weapons in their "training exercises".  So, besides explaining to Diane about turbo fan engines, which would be something she'd have to care about and look up-heck, she could Wiki it-there is now the well known story of the very very dysfunctional EPA.  I do not know how many people know about this story but it is one for the books.  One long! con.  Only "recently" revealed, and how that guy who almost never showed up for work, pretending-saying to others he was a spy for the government and heck, maybe not pretending!-whatever, he drew a year's worth of salary, a good salary, AFTER retiring.  Which is  when his BOSS, Gina, "discovered" his decades long ruse.  This explains so very much.  And now She is the head of the EPA!!!!  The boss who was paying no attention at all!  In fact, I am seriously beginning to think maybe this guy was sorta telling the truth as he took lavish trips on the government's dime.  Our dimes.  I mean, no one at home when Monsanto took over, for in stance.  Or when geoengineering got serious.  Terribly convenient wouldn't you say?

      Guess what I'm trying to say-and it took reading Your email!-is that there are new ways to approach her.  Same issue: geoengineering.  "New" facts.  Let's bring the old lady up to speed!  Let's all write to her again, throwing in stuff about high bypass turbo fan engines and link it to Wiki.  Let's mention the EPA scandal which they seem to be sweeping under the rug.  Like research, a lot of what you get back depends on how worded when you ask questions.  I know I will try again, because really, as politicians go, she's gold.

  28. aubie says:

    You can easily verify when and where they are spraying by using the following method. Go to, interactive radar page and change from the doppler radar to the cloud view and look for any normal cloud formations.  On the leading edge of these clouds, you will see lines of small clouds popup ahead of the approaching cloud front. Sometimes they get incorporated into the clouds, but other times they dissipate before the clouds reach them. Watched them spray over North and South Dakota all day yesterday. As of 8:55 am today, they are spraying to the West of Vicksburg MS.

    • Kathy says:

      They have been doing heavy spraying here in Oregon but I just "look up" and see new patterns that they are doing these days. This wek they seem to favor S curves and circles with of course the standard straight lines.

      Thanks for the info about OTOH it just might be too disheartening to see it going on all over the world


    • ken says:

      we have been getting that for a while now, always from the west.  Starts out as small "puffs" that dissolve in the heat of the sun, followed by enormous ice nucleated chemclouds, you can see them dissolve in sunlight and turn what skies are visible that hazy pale blue, just as the spraying does.  Then we get strong gusts of winds out of the north, as they use HAARP/ionospheric heaters to move the jetstream along the northeast.  I live in NJ and can verify what Dane has said and shown.  They are deliberately keeping the northeast in a cool down/clouded out day after day.  I live very close to the bay, would go boating almost every day from Memorial day weekend until November.  The water temperatures have been high, but the air temperatures cool, with high winds out of the north.  I have not been to the ocean beaches for over 2years now because of the wind driven whitecaps in the bay.  September thru October was our most favorite time to go to the beach (after tourist season) and would have a tan until Thanksgiving.  This year I did not even get into a bathing suit until the beginning of August.  I do not even get my summer/winter clothes packed or unpacked for the past 2 years.  I wash/fold them and leave them in the laundry basket, because of the temperature spiking/dipping on a daily basis.
      Unfortunately, our "military" are completely brainwashed, and know only how to follow orders, without taking any individual responsiblity for their involvement/actions….if they do not wake up and realize that they are literally SACRIFICE to "their" "gods/demigods" and they are using their free will to unleash this upon their own families and humankind, little will change.
      Took a walk at lunch time, wearing a sweatshirt and my winter coat, because of the strong cold northern winds…saw to chemtrails with a dot and a dash, that formed into an "exclamation point"  as well as numerous "S"…cannot help but feel, "they" are mocking us

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you auble!

  29. ken says:

    Dane, you so right about the extremism.  In Southern NJ, they used to hit us every afternoon with the chemclouds, after spraying all morning.  This week, they are hitting us with ice nucleated chemclouds, just before the sun comes up.  I get up at 4AM, let the cat out and note the pleasant warm temps(that are usual for this time of year) After they come thru, we get a 10 to 20 degree temperature drop.  I am watching them approach the sunlight and the skies just below are turning smokey white, just like dry ice.  These "clouds" always come from the west, regardless of the wind direction.  It has gotten to the point where I have to put the heat on during the daytime, instead of at night.  Found this recent video below.  Rings so true to what you have been saying

    Mark Passio – The Cult of Ultimate Evil – Order Followers

  30. Marc says:

    This document reveals gigabytes of truths that many thousands of Americans at all levels of federal and state government, military AND academic institutions were all "in on the game" of weather modification and what's incredible here in this document is the degree to which every possible aspect of it's deployment is examined, including the fact THAT IT WAS KNOWN TO CAUSE PROFOUND HUMAN HEALTH HAZARDS!!! If we fast forward to present day, and use this document as our springboard, one must deduce that the scientific level of self-scrutiny regarding the precise  effects of geoengineering on the biosphere must surely be quantified in secret documents, which, because of changes in our government and military, will probably never see the light of day unless it's a Snowden-style whistleblower release of information. I'm gonna wager that our gov/military has agents in the field at all times collecting data, as well as computer geeks and programs processing data relevant to the effects of geoengineering in every conceivable sphere of human existence. They know, with extreme precision, what their repulsive spraying activities are doing to plants, soils, wildlife, markets, economies, and human populations. 

    What's also incredible in this document are those sections of text that pertain to legal ramifications, and economic impacts. I mean, these bastards really thought it through, didn't they? We would be naive to think that this document is just an interesting artifact of yesteryear. I'm quite sure mountains of similar documents exist NOW, detailing the state of the art of geoengineering and every imaginable implication. In advance of the Paris summit on Climate, documents have been drafted calling for international legal immunity to "geoengineers" and what corporation (gov/military) wouldn't want such immunity? These shit-bums are trying to seal every possible crack in their armor, should the world rise up against them. I can only hope and pray that if we are all targeted for extermination, that these monsters who've conceived and executed these agendas pay the same price with their own lives. How could it be otherwise? When they've laid waste to the whole world, ruined croplands, decimated plankton and forests, and contaminated every square inch of land and sea with HAARP-induced Fukushima radiation and atomic-testing induced radiation, what then? Was the plan all along to destroy earth while the Elites escape to off-planet paradises in secret-space-program beyond light-speed craft, or perhaps in some alien reverse engineered teleportation technology?

    I just don't get it, folks. I just don't get what the payoff is for these weasels when the whole planet is rendered virtually unlivable.

    • jeniffer says:

      I agree.  What is the payoff?

    • Nigel says:

      Marc, I totally with your comment. It's astounding how ignorant and utterly brainwashed people have become. Yesterday I posted a very well written comment of the San Jose Mercury news regarding this supposed "El Nino", Boy the feedback I got was so insulting and negative I canceled my Disgus account . People were telling me to go to my doctor and Up my Meds, get a bigger tin foil hat and of course that those are contrails.. Very frustrating trying to talk to people who are so indoctrinated by the lame stream news.  

    • BaneB says:

      Your post is profound.  Yes, damned near everything is being classified secret or top secret, according to what I have read about current secrecy trends in government.  This 1978 document likely would be given a secrets stamp.  So too would have been the Congressional Sikes committee meeting at which Ft. Detrick scientists requested monies to create a novel gene spliced virus refractory to the human immuno system.  That was in 1969.  They planned to create their Frankinstein bug within ten years….. 1979.  When did Aids first appear in the public here at the epicenter?  Future generations, if there are any, will have to scratch deep into dated documents, or until these are declassified after most of us are long gone from the scene.  Yes, mountains of documents regarding the assault upon our weather, our earth, our person and collective health are in the closet awaiting some brave insider to out these crimes.  I just had a phone call from someone in the Bay Area.  There is a low pressure system approaching from the south.  He stated he is watching jets going back and forth spraying the front edge of the system.  Later in our conversation he said he could see the clouds begin to dissolve.  This is real time evidence.  Let us see that stamped top secret.  The $64,000 question might be whether these scientists and their curiosity has not gotten the better of them?  It may well be their created situation is out of their control and the obvious in our face is because they are now in a panic mode.  The public sees the meltdown and are asking questions.

    • Michel B says:

      Marc, they are psychopaths. They don't care. They know what they are doing, but don't care. They cannot care. They know they shouldn't do it, but they don't care. In a way there is nothing else for them to do.
      It is hard for us empaths to get our heads around this lack of care. Understanding this vital difference between psychopaths and empaths is the key to understanding the state of the world.
      The grandiose idea of owning/controlling is for them all that matters. Consequences are not held to account in their minds. This is even worse than animal nature, as many animals express human qualities of care and look after the herd. Even insects do that and lesser life forms as well. But psychopaths cannot.
      There is no honour amongst them either. They may work together to achieve certain ends, but there is no loyalty. Eventually they will turn on each other. Proof of this is before our eyes right now. The elites of various nations engage in war over the other's resources.
      Just because a very powerful psychopathic elite goes to war with another weaker country, it does not mean that weaker country's elite is more virtuous. They are just weaker.
      Destroying the world is an unavoidable part of gaining control over it and they are willing to do that.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, et al,  Methinks you give these guys too much credit!  But, you get points for imagination!  I do believe that light speed is not the limitation we think, I've worked on it for decades, they may have cracked it but surely some physicist would have let that cat out of the bag.  Maybe.  But seriously, it is astounding how very far "science" will go even when wrong, trying and trying to prove not wrong.  Stuck in a rut that needs justifying.  Where did you hear that in Paris they are going for legal protection for geoengineers?  We must bite the head off that snake.  Must.  And why would they be asking for it if they have not done anything?!!  Telling, that.

      Of course they are collecting data on their experiments and probably meta data, like the NSA.  Which would mean that it is basically data for data's sake.  Probably have some ballparks they are looking for.  Such as, at what point of saturation will people notice?  What illnesses rise in correlation with what?  What sort of storms develop?  What amount of economic gain versus loss?  What affect on ocean temps and ice at poles?  If used for war, what sort of blowback, literally?  How our air waterways work and don't work.  Stuff like that.  As if we were all part of their lab science experiment.  As if that would make it okay.  Giving them ideas of parameters they can work within.  Clearly, deep thinking and morals and ethics have nothing to do with it.  No doubt they rationalize "for the greater good".  If some is good, more is better!  Science done from the comfort of an office at a university on a drawing board.   Save the world delusions along with let's make a deal, and monies to gain trumping all.

      An example would be Dr. Herndon's new book: The Dark Side of Science.  Which is not as exciting as it sounds.  He has a "new" theory about our Earth and land masses that up ends all we've been taught and accept for fact.  Which is interesting in that no one else has done that.  Everyone working off really old thinking, like turn of 20th century.  And, it makes a great deal of sense.  He calls it whole earth decompression dynamics.  Which means, the very important basic understandings of  our lands, mountains, sea canyons, fiords, and volcanoes, not to mention the earth's crust-all from virtually "ancient" science guessing and still!!!!  I've not finished the book yet, I'm not saying he is right, but he may well be.  Just saying that sometimes what passes for science and truth isn't.  A lot of idiots out there!  Dr. Herndon shows in this book blatant assumptions, wondering why no one has questioned them in what?  More than 100 years!  Not entirely unlike CERN.  Yes, could end the world in a black hole, but what the heck, let's see?!!  Wheee!  Just for the sake of doing it because they can!  At least they are, uh, breaking new ground and actually learning new stuff about reality as we can perceive it.

      By the way, the paper Dr. Herndon wrote up for Dane and then polished, submitted to India's Science Academy in response to their ask to him for help with their aluminum problem, was thrown out and with prejudice, owing to a typo of his!  Cripes, of all the wrong times for a typo!!  But it happens and he says when one as obvious as this does, it is usually common courtesy to let it be corrected and resubmitted.  But no.  What a shame.  Can we help him somehow?  He is suing for libel.  Let me guess, antigeoengineering on his side would be no help at all??!!

      Another guess: we are far past due for a polar reversal.  I find these to be rather elegant.  If a rough ride.  Rough enough that the anti-nature governments and military would attack with a vengeance.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michael B., I love love that you brought up empathy and empaths.  I've so often been told that I am one-to the degree that it is a problem sometimes.  Perhaps that is the common thread Horsegirl was looking for here?  Empaths versus psychopaths.

  31. SortingHat says:

    I stopped reading past the words *1978* why?  Because that answers your question about why people don't see the white elephant in the room.
    Most people do not give a rats a*s about history unless it involves sports and more specifically their favorite team then you get a hell of a reaction.
    Look what happened to Google Reader. A wonderful tool that could've changed the web as we know it but people didn't really use it that much so Google figured they might as well drop it and did.
    They even scanned old newspapers for a bit but also dropped that as well.
    I am ashamed to be an American.
    The western world is TOTALLY brain dead. No longer just brainwashed but brain dead unable to think for themselves. 

  32. david says:

    What an awesome post and find. Shared!

  33. Sumner Berg says:

    Dane keep up the assault! What a crazy world that we live in and one that has no long term survival for we humans. I am not belittling your effort but just making the obvious statement that we are a doomed species. 
    I can easily accept our demise as 99% of all life that has ever existed are now extinct and we are NOT anything special. It saddens me that we are causing so much extinction of other underserved species.
    We know that we are changing the climate for the worse but push onwards. We have labeled ourselves as an intelligent species based on a test that we created – brilliant! 
    I am glad that I am 72 years old and don't have long to go as I see no future. I feel for my granddaughters but what can I do against the coming 9 billion plague species that is coming.
    10-4 over and out!!
    Sumner Berg

    • BaneB says:

      You touched on something about which I have also wondered.  The IQ tests.  How well do I remember mine way back in elementary school.  I am 70.  How did I score?  I don't know.  Suffice it to say that the picking of my brain (molestation?) showed my mind to be little suited for the needs of this beastiality suicidal paradigm.  No way would this insufficient intellect be routed into being a useful idiot for the controlling paradigm.  My niche was "lesser" and elsewhere as a cog.  The system seeks out those with math skills, and attendant mental talents, and skids life pathways into well paid service to Baal and Moloch.  Everything else of the bright ones (lucid/Lucifer) is in service.  The earth is destroyed to support the machine, its profits , and it suicidal war making capabilities.  This is a world-wide satanic pursuit, everywhere the same.  And the intelligent nuts are global…..they all are to varying degrees involved in a nexus of university/warfare pursuit.  We see even the very weather upon which all life depends is not off limit to their quest for the ultimate intelligence…god status.  It is a religion, a blood cult, a suicide pact.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Sumner Berg, Hi!  You are proof that with age comes wisdom.  Succinct wisdom!  I agree with what you said.  But also, way back in early 70s, I thought we must feel like a bad case of lice to this Earth and that one day She'd just get rid of us.  The irritation of us!  I am but 4 years younger than you.  Here's hoping succinct is coming!

      BaneB, Hello to you, and clearly, and I do mean clearly, whatever IQ test you took that relegated you to a cog, erred!  All your posts are thoughtful and intelligent and always worth reading.  You use names and words I don't even know.  And, I was designated as a genius!  Goes to show how wrong those tests can be, but you've helped me understand how I acquired this recognition.  Math.  I excelled at math and I am a girl, well, an old one now, but girls were thought deficient in math ability.  Also, I liked being tested.  I thought it was fun every time I was tested for anything.  Whereas my sister just froze.  Some people just do not test well.

      In the early 70s I began at KU but was found deficient in biology and chemistry as my supposedly excellent-for public school-high school had not prepared me.  So I was in a class that had a lot of kids 4-5 years younger than I was, looking at the clock all the time while I was thrilled to be there.  We were given petri dishes to take home for the weekend and make a certain number of observations, that number was stated but I didn't hear it, didn't get to ask it, had no one else to ask.  So, all weekend I observed and found 5, could not find more and so gave up. You'd think I'd won the lottery if there had been one.  Next thing I know I was invited for tea! with the head of the biology department!!!!  Confused and stunned, I went and what a grand office it was.  I was treated like royalty.  Turned out that in all the many decades they'd used this exact same test, I was the first ever to find 5.  The stated number had been 4.  This head of biology went on and on about his studies of E. Coli, saying how interesting and fulfilling it had been for him.  He wanted me to change my major to biology.  Made a big play for it.  This was the first I ever heard of E. Coli, no one ever talked about E. Coli back then.  All I could think was dear God, I do not want to be in a lab studying some bug all my life!  Let me outta here!  I kept trying to tell him it was a mistake, I didn't hear the directions.  I can't help but think of that now in view of geoengineering.  I mean, supposedly many science advances were mistakes.  Perhaps they are aiming for mistakes!  Perhaps one mistake led to a find, so they thought another might?!  Like when they blew the two nukes high in the skies over the Pacific, close together to see if they could lift the ionosphere.  They did.  And blew a hole in the ozone, but moreover, created two new belts in the Van Allen's.  Does anyone out there know what happened to those two new belts?  Can't find the upshot, so to speak.  Keep wondering if they are still there or what.  Wonder if that has anything to do with anything here?   Does anyone know the answer?  Did this screw up our magnetism?  Or, fade away?  I so hope someone knows. 

  34. KeB says:

    PS. I am ready at the drop of a hat to get proactively involved in the fight/revolution, just need some direction/what to do next. I check this website daily and am trying to help but stay sain in an insane world everyday, people think I'm crazy everytime I mention geoengineering(I'm a mechanical engineer BTW)….television programming is working I guess…

  35. ts gordon says:

    About 5 days ago we were inundated here in central Arkansas which caught me by surprise because the day before there was a crystal blue sky with only a few late day spurts. Tiny ones that clearly didn't make sense, and they usually never carpet this area like someone trying to weave a rug. Although rain had been forecast what we got was an uncharacteristic drizzle, while over the past 4 days it has been bone dry. So dry it must be killing crops–by design.

  36. Lori Bridgeford says:

    A rare find with such immense detail from '78, so those assembling this had the focus away from the media  of Farrah Fawcett, Superman , or Animal House. This is a priceless bridge of the 60's  to the historical chronicles of  these  growing SRM/ chem crimes. So that none of us tolerate a bystander role in this crucial push -consider calling the current Chairman of the Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation ; Sen. John Thune R- SDakota .I located the toll free 1 866-850-3855 M-F 9-5  (EST) .  Wouldn't they have these in archives? Per the '78 doc, mention made on  "trespass "; which with the invisible nano-tech particulates, this presents for legal experts to wrangle. The trespass is deep  in our bodies, skin, lung,  & brain as well as all life ! CONTAMINATED -random and misc. spray concoctions.  Having the recent NASA leak on this affirms the reality we all face. Appreciate prior comment by Cjay with a referral to 1971  Boston Law review. This is 39 pages called : Weather Modification:Law and Policy by Donald Frenzen.  I met the finder  (Steve) of this Senate doc here (he was sharing time lapse photograhy of trails in UK ) -so this is where we can keep accumulating from anywhere and everywhere. Steve, how did you come across this ? Wonder if similar  doc was done as a follow-up , or was this the very  last of it ?  Went covert ?  Dane, can you make radio  reference, or other platform (You tube) ,  future rally, or event  to expose this –showing some highlights–this is such a valuable "exhibit"  as lawyers say. Thanks for exposing this-a great boost to morale. May you and yours be blessed beyond all measure for the constant sacrifices you offer  for the global family. 

  37. Michael says:

    AMAZING FIND! Well done, good sir!

  38. JJ says:

    These documents are a real thorn in the side and pushing up toward the heart of these treasonous geojerks!! This weather modification / SRM / genocide, geoengineering or whatever they are going to call it next is a deliberate deception within dozens of active programs that are continuously lied about and denied by every official office of state and country, world-wide! And the jets continue to spray as I'm writing this, blanketing the entire Northern California valley today as the natural hydro cycle was working hard to create rain~ 'Just remember that what ever they are putting up there must come down"… So, my current con'SOUL'ation is realizing that the culprits behind all these attackz on our sovereignty and on our lives and the lives of everything these particulates come into contact with must be deeply afraid of the masses of us uniting and putting an end to their bs… That's actually quite empowering knowing that they know how powerful we really are and are trying extra hard these days to keep us down! We are all amazing and creative spirits with multi-dimensional potentials that scare the heck out of the perpetrators willing to go to such lengths to suppress our evolving and majestic beauty~ 'of love' <3 Thank you again Dane and all who are in this fight to end this assault… Don't ever give up!!

  39. ed says:

    Only an update. In Nampa, Id, 10/15 there were checker patterns from horizon to horizon any direction all day. Still spraying now at 7pm. Never seen that much here before. Ever. I think, they're trying to push that high pressure over canada farther east. dunno. here, they go 4 on 3 off/3on 4 off

    • Tamara says:

      Ed, you gotta check out what Idaho Power is up to. Blatant open cloud seeding going on to produce rain and snow. Silver iodide remote dispensers all over the state that can remotely dispersed from a lap top.

      I lived in Boise in the 90's when they seeded clouds to clear to inversion up over the airport. Apparently it's gone state wide. You can google cloud seeding in Idaho and find several resources, even local news papers that are talking about this.  They all say that it's "safe". 

      This has got to be stopped. I worked in Pediatric Oncology when I lived there. So many kids with cancer. I thought it was related to all the Ag  but now it think it has a lot more to do with silver iodide and other sprayed chemicals.

      Maybe a copy of this doc can be sent to the Boise Statesmen, although they probably have Idaho Power in their back pocket. It is still worth a try. One thing I know about Idahoans, they really care about their kids.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tamara, the local weather modification programs are only used for distracting the publics attention from the exponentially more massive and catostrophic global climate modification operations. 

  40. Melanie says:

    Bravo Dane! With every post, you are strengthening our resolve to do more, to spread awareness, and put an end to this madness! Blessings to all of you out there taking action.  

    • BaneB says:

      Good legal insights as to what we are up against.  Natural law codifies our right to natural weather.  It is we the people vs. science and technology.  The court cases are interesting in the arguments presented and how the courts have determined their decisions.  Regarding liability responsibilities for the deaths and destruction caused by weather modification, and experimentation, it is no small wonder the perpurtrators of our weather havoc want to maintain deniability at all cost.  That is where the system has gathered up weather forecast services, and various federal agencies, to issue to the public disinformation and outright lies to maintain the lid on their liability, and continue to use us as their guinea pigs, and keep their money stream flowing into ever more insane intrusions into the earth-systems that literally in the final analysis of how far these warring psychopaths will go with their quest for power and control, maintain our living planet's very orbit.  Their conniving curiosity knows no limit.  I think the passage in Genesis 11:9 or is it 9:11 sums up an understanding of the human psychology quite well.  In the destruction of that epoch's "window on the world", the tower is destroyed because "there is nothing in their imagination that they won't do."   "In that day the whole earth was of one language and one speech."  Today the one language is the computer.  From this device comes the ability to destroy.  

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Cjay for this incredible document. Gives us a keen glimpse into the type of thinking going on about all this shit even way back in 1971!!! That was over 40 years ago!! Interesting the info about certain lawsuits brought against weather modifiers, and the legal gobbledegoop used to adjudicate in every case against the plaintiffs. Can we even begin to imagine the platoons of government and corporate lawyers that have been working hard on this issue for decades to INDEMNIFY CORPORATE/MILITARY/GOVERNMENT INTERESTS IN THE ARENA OF WEATHER MODIFICATION??? Basically, we, the little people, the "unlettered rustics" (a term drawn from Cjay's document) ARE F**KED. One of my greatest fears is that Dane's legal team's efforts will hit an impenetrable brick wall of legal constructs specifically designed to fend off and castrate any legal threats to the Cabal's planet-wide agenda.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc and Cjay, yes, this document has already been sent to the legal team which just grew by 3 more attorneys. 

  41. Wolkenwolf says:

    so in the beginning senator Pell of RI and other senators wanted to do the right thing. The intentions at first was climate concerns like droughts and lightning that started forest fires. That was Tesla's intentions as well. He knew also that climate control could be used as a weapon. It seems the evil agenda starts in PA. and now has spread throughout the world like a cancer; making it an internal issue and us the white blood cells to cure ourselves.

  42. charles says:

    Siberia  basks in 27C Heat  very warm
    The melting permafrost and arctic ocean are also showstoppers that can end the habitable Earth!  Some scientist are actually calling for the geoengineering to cool the Arctic as our last hope !  This 45 year old document might be the show how safe the geoengineering programs are that they are literally 50 years old!  And if they cant stop the methane melting from the Siberian Permafrost, and maybe nothing can maybe the tipping point is long since past!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gee Charles, I was thinking the opposite.  That given how disaster prone these efforts have been, that "they" are freaking out about us knowing, and so secretive, so reluctant to answer, to admit, because then there would be so very much we could blame them for, and we've all been so outspoken against this, beyond angry, and why. They would be held accountable, while we, the "nut cases" would be right and Are right and all would know.  Huge credibility issue.  Reality upended.

      That they have developed newer techniques, no doubt, and maybe are trying to double down in hopes of saying: this worked!  But until then, they know the animosity that awaits them.  Including the freaking methane.  Maybe they don't want to go down as destroying the Earth and omnicide and are freaking out.  A cornered critter and all that.  It would explain so much.  And funding would be pulled and gone over with a fine tooth comb.  And international fallout.  Yes, 50 years of cancer and more and more cancer, plus all the other medical horrors.  Not to mention where stopping leaves Monsanto.  This documents harm just from cloud seeding-mental retardation, and something else too that I am forgetting.  Plus, they'd have to admit to being liars, in this case crossing from morals to ethics.  Feet to the fire and all that. I mean, how safe HAS it been after all?!  Unsafe enough for Wall Street to bet on disasters!  And this document(s) goes back 68 years.  I read 1947 in there, which covers my entire life time.  We may well have crossed the tipping point, but that would be their fault.  If stopped, perhaps the tipping would too.  Who can know?  Who can try to find out?  Them.  So, the onus is still on them.  To prove or not to prove, that is the question.  How?  By stopping.

       They've built the IPCC, not to mention Al Gore, and their whole paradigm upon this all being down to 7 Billion people and growing, and our use of fossil fuels, all the while trying everything they can to get at more fossil fuels for This effort, preventing sunlight from everything from optimal solar to photosynthesis, while causing mega chart shattering drought, deluges, and raging wildfires, quakes, hail from hell.  What if it is not all down to regular human use?  there would go one industry after another.

      And this does mean that "all" knew, even if only rumored in dark halls, in whispers.  All had access, one assumes, from this.  So no excuse for falling on deaf ears.  The only thing not done, it would appear, is stopping, and disclosure.  If they could prove they stopped and what happened then, that would be another story, yet to be told.  So far, their "genius" ideas have bombed-so to speak.  "They" say all hell would break loose if stopped, but how do they know that?  How do we know that?  That could well be another idiot idea to justify this massive on- going abuse.  Kinda like: If I stop hitting my kid, his behavior will get worse.  Why should we believe Any of their scenarios?!  In anycase, it is not working.  This, we know for sure.  What do we have to lose now? Sure, it seems like a rock and a hard place.  But how do we know?  But to stop, they'd have to admit doing.  Which would be one very big rock and a hard place for THEM.  Show me!

    • Connie Loewen says:

      Rachel is right about this one. The document is  there to throw us off  and to let us speculate that the harm vs time has been minimal and that there may even be oversight and risk management. The worst of it has been done in the last decade with the use of the USAF and companies like Raytheon accelerating the process to a level of insanity. The harmful effects are intensified over time as the toxins build up and up.They are prepared with excuses for their actions and they are most likely immune to prosecution as is Monsanto. If they are forced to stop spraying they will have to find new jobs and new sources of revenue and that is what will hurt them the most. Obviously they do not care about life on earth or what we think of them because they would have stopped instead of accelerating the spraying. It is a huge dilemma for the main players because so much of the economy is tied directly or indirectly to the perpetrators. With thousands of perpetrators, it will be almost impossible to lay blame to any one organization. We should redouble our efforts to take them down one at a time… like Monsanto. Do we really believe that all of this spraying is only about modification of the weather and not more sinister? The worst  is yet to come and it is just around the corner.

  43. Gary Arsenault says:

    Thanks Dane
    It is by efforts of you and people involved with  your efforts that bring hope.
    I thought the whole world was nuts.
    I know we will see you in heaven

  44. Howard Taylor says:

    Sue Sue Sue only in State Courts. The Feds own the Judges.Pick a State Judge who is not owned.Most are.
    Sue Sue Sue.
    Send this to all Meterologists
    Sue the University of Stanford.For millions.
    Sue everyone except Feds.Besause they own courts.

  45. Wolkenwolf says:


  46. Marv Foye says:

    Here is Senator Feinstein's response.

    Dear Marvin:
    Thank you for writing to express your concern regarding condensation trails which appear behind jet aircraft engine.  I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.  
    A 2000 study completed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) concluded that the trails behind jet engines are composed mainly of water and do not pose health risks to humans.  They do, however, affect the level of clouds in the atmosphere and may consequently affect ambient temperatures.   
    This report found that condensation trails, or contrails, are line-shaped clouds which are produced by the combination of water vapor in aircraft engine exhaust and low ambient temperatures in the atmosphere at high altitudes.  Depending on the temperature and humidity, these trails may evaporate quickly or expand into large cloud formations.  I appreciate knowing of your concerns regarding condensation trails from aircraft, and I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind should Congress consider legislation on this matter. 
    Again, thank you for writing.  If you have any further questions or comments, please contact my office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 224-3841.  Best regards.
    Sincerely yours,
    Dianne Feinstein
    Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the nation are available at my website, And please visit my YouTubeFacebook and Twitter for more ways to communicate with me.

    • Melanie says:

      this must be a template they all use.

    • ts gordon says:

      After reading Dianne Feinstein's letter one really must pause and ask, could there have been anything less genuine than Hillary and Bernie's performance in the rigged CNN 'debate?'

      Does anyone doubt for one second that Hillary would do anything in her power to keep the public in the dark about any and all such programs which directly threaten the entire credibility of the Federal govermnent's climate 'authorities?'

  47. So, do you still believe in governments?

    • Terri says:

      when those who rule us control the courts. the judges. the lawyers. the law. does anyone believe a lawsuit will be ''allowed''. ? they might let people waste their time and money on it paying their people thousands of dollars but in the end nothing will happen. Their power continues. In every election that people put so much of their time, money and faith into it is guaranteed that the power of the feds does not diminish. It grows exponentially. Why? because government is untouched by elections. Those who rule us at the point of a gun continue on untouched. The ones in all the alphabet soup agencies. The bureaucrats who plague us do not change with the latest election. Government continues no matter which puppet is picked for us. 

      elections are wonderful to keep slaves from revolting. It keeps the masses believing in what does not exist.The 3 branches exist to keep the masses off the backs of those in power. not once in its history has it ever worked for ''the people''. Always it creates laws and restrictions to control and rule its citizen subjects while exempting themselves and its sponsors from its rules.. 

      Belief in government is based on a fantasy. A creation of a man made God to replace all others. A type of religious cult. yet people believe they can petition it (pray to it). Seek justice in its courts through its assigned agents and somehow the outcome will be in favor of the individual. 

      Only when people start to see it for what it is and reclaim their mind, their labor and their lives will things change. When people start to see what it is at every level and start to say NO MORE! When people refuse to cooperate. refuse to serve it despite the threat of violence it offers to do to you. only then will it change. When people have had enough of being ruled by another human being and its gang called government will things change. 

      Sadly, 99% worship this monster. nothing we show them to the contrary will change their belief. you can show them proof all day and they won't believe it. that would be the same as bringing down their ''God''.   Their master is allowing documents to be released (declassified)  to prove it is poisoning them and still the masses worship it and will hear nothing bad against it…such is the brainwashing that has been successful for decades. they can literally do anything to the 'critical mass' and still continue on unchecked in power and scope. no one will believe it. They are programmed not to believe ill of their master and that programming runs very deep. 

      it is wonderful this info has come out but will it shatter the illusion most people have? i doubt it. will it add to the few who do see it? maybe. only time will tell. 

  48. Kathleen Brady says:

    Steve & Dane, GREAT FIND!  I know I was shocked, and I have taken the time to read "Silent Weapons, Quiet Wars" which was written in the 40s I believe.  This document states they KNEW it was Anti-bio, and were worried about covering their own ass legally.  It also is pretty clear to me, that it validates, MOST Judges, States and Federal are complicit in keeping this out of courts, and quiet.  The continued arrogance of all players in this is sickening, beyond measure!    I guess it's a good thing that we are more civillized than they…because "random shootings" wouldnt be happening via Mind Control, they  would be directed at ALL of them….Hence, why they are engineering these, to take our guns….

  49. Cori Gunnells says:

    This document was an excellent find and greatly appreciated. I hope everyone saves it to their files, refers to it, and sends it to their elected officials and official agencies when they get boilerplate replies.

    Very damning evidence. 

    • BaneB says:

      Have spent a big portion of this day doing just that, including those TV stations in Sacramento.  More to send out tomorrow.  Obviously the weather newscasters have no credibity given as Dane has stated, and these excerpts demonstrate, there is no natural weather.  One can guess how far advanced are the technologies from 1978 to the present year 2015.  Haarp and ionospheric heaters did not exist as fully operational.  The 160 NEXRAD 700,000 watt microwave golf ball style towers did not exist.  

  50. Katana says:

    Awesome find thank you!

  51. Michelle shipka says:

    Yes, what are we going to do?  Trying to locally meet up and rally. IL Sky Facebook page. Chicago suburbs. Set one up in your town, I invite people when I talk to them on my hikes and when I sell my organic soap at art fairs.

  52. horsegirl says:

    I wanted to follow up re my post on the previous blog post.  We are experiencing a sort of manufactured flu (please refer to my first post if concerned).
    It is not a true cold or flu as many of the traditional components are not manifest.  No runny eyes, normal entergy level, no bodily aches and pains and the laryngitis is not painful whatsoever.  But our respiratory passages become volcanoes of mucous.
    It seems possibly related to HAARP, which in our area seems reliant on sunlight.  The pattern has been for extreme mucous production at night and basic normalcy during the day.  Yesterday precisely as the sun rose, my sinuses cleared and were comfortable all day.  The evening before, after a day of clear breathing, immediately after sunset my sinuses became blocked.  And last evening at sunset I felt the mucous field constrict, itch and cause a cough.
    What a world.  Micromanaged to death by fiends.

    Thanks to Dane and all here for helping us cling to a shred of sanity.

    • Robo says:

      I used to have the exact same problem, then I cut out all sources of inflammation. Mucous is a response to inflammation. I cut out almost all meat, dairy and sweets…I have not been congested in over a year. The nano particles already cause inflammation, giving them dairy and sugar is like putting fuel on a fire.

  53. SD says:

    "Mental retardation and insanity caused by cloud seeding operations"  Well, that certainly helps to explain all the meteorologists, environmental scientists and members of the media who remain GEOENGINEERING DENIERS!

  54. Rodster says:

    Wow, great find Dane !

    Hmm, I wonder what Guy McPherson has to say about this? 😀

  55. Melody Meachum says:

    Thank you Steve & Dane….will share everywhere.

    60 plus years of weather/climate modification, nuclear and biological warfare…A PRICE TAG can never be placed on the loss of human life nor devastation to this planet due to what would eventually become a comprehensive global agenda!

  56. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, WOW, you've hit the motherload!!  This, combined with yesterday's polishes off any denial anyone could possibly come up with.  Even I am stunned to find this beginning the year I was born.  Seems as if they could not give up WW2.  Just HAD to attack more.  There is a certain mindset that I associate with white people, perhaps unfairly, but…which is that nature is our enemy, that to control nature is the goal.  I think that to many, cloud seeding seemed more like coaxing than controlling.  Seemed worth a shot.  But herein it states that very early on, even with this coaxing, they found serious problems both with the effect on weather in general, and in damaging humans-mental retardation, and other health issues.

    This proves that our whole government, especially the house and senate knew, debated and knew.  Not to mention the idiots at Stanford. No way can the universities involved claim otherwise given this.  I do wonder if all our representatives are aware, if all this somehow by-passed them, got buried?  How is it possible that in all this time not one of these representatives or contenders for office did not use this to gain votes and attention?  How could there not be a whistleblower in all that time?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, perhaps many have tried to expose the climate modification insanity but did not get far. Former Bush aid John Wheeler was reportedly witnessed outside the Pentagon threatening to expose these programs, he was found in a landfill two days later. We cannot know how many there may have been who tried to sound the alarm.

    • SortingHat says:

      I think that's the problem.  Instead of threatening to expose the program people should just be like Edward Snowden and actually do it.

    • Karen W says:

      Yes, and let's not forget AshleyTurton, a lobbyist with the Raleigh N.C. based Utility Progress Energy. She was killed 9 days after Wheeler,  the exact day that Progress Energy and Duke Energy were announcing a $13 billion merger.  Her car blew up as she was pulling out of her garage! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Point taken Dane.  But now I'm wondering if it is possible that the military/industrial machine ran an end round, by- passing government?  Eisenhower did warn everyone.  He would know.  Our government is so very segmented.  Reminds me of the first Snowden leaks.  NSA. Everybody freaked, even members of said government, as well as other governments.  Seems that often, one hand does not know what the other is doing.  If true, seems some, at least, in house and senate may well not know, not have a clue and be very very pissed themselves at being used themselves, even set up to fall.  Things may well get very interesting with this out of the bag.

  57. Gary says:

    The SOURCE of these destructive, intentionally evil and massive programs, not just in geoengineering, but in all areas of importance in the world are for one prime purpose. To advance what the "cabal" (there are many other names for this controlling power) calls the "new world order". To have total control and enslavement over the population of the world. It's valuable to wake up as many people who we can.
    HOWEVER, the cabal owns and completely controls the mainstream media sources (TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, even movie production and book publishing). Therefore, one will ONLY hear lies and propaganda in the "news" that advances their nefarious agenda.
    The cabal also controls the three branches of US government: The Executive (President), Judicial (Supreme Court) and Legislative (House and Senate that makes up Congress).
    They control "whistleblowers" to a large extent.
    How does the cabal control? They either payoff, bribe, those in the media or government and/or THREATEN them with harm or death, including torture, including their loved ones and associates/friends.
    It's NOT a matter of going through "regular channels" one would think could make a change to this ubiquitous controlling force. No.
    One has to look DEEPER for HOW change to a positive, harmonious world can come about.
    Awareness helps a great deal to alert the people.
    More deeply, to come out straight with the answer, it is the plan and unfoldment of "Divine Intelligence" that is bringing a New Age of Heaven to replace a current age of lack of awareness and rampant evil destructiveness. This is NOT religious, but the basic intelligence governing everything. Physics calls this the Unified Field.
    In other words, over hundreds of years, the cabal has gained foothold (power and control) to such an extent that it's practically impossible to stop them without "Divine Intervention". This may sound strange to a scientific mind. Science is rapidly marrying what used to be thought of as Spiritual thought.
    Why did "Divine Intelligence" allow for such evil in the first place? In short, because the ONE Intelligence at the basis of all individual expression of life form, created "opposites" on earth: hot/cold, pleasure/pain, "good"/"evil".
    A human being, in facing challenges, affliction, pain, suffering (opposites), is able to gain strength, sovereignty or mastery over that afflictive challenge. Therefore, "Divine Intelligence" created opposites to assist the process of growth, evolution, and realization of greater and greater life lessons, including greater happiness and well being.
    We don't learn much or anything about this subject particularly in the United States, the Western World, or anywhere, for that matter. So individuals falsely "think" that their limited existence through the five senses is all that there is, having not been made aware of the unlimited potential that every human being contains. We are taught to believe "good" vs. "bad", OVERLOOKING that there is Intelligence governing at basis of BOTH for a positive, "Divine" purpose of growth and realization.
    What I have written has been recorded in all disciplines throughout time, for those who have the luxury to read and be exposed to these writings and truths. Many spiritual practices, such as meditation, many religions in their purest origination and form, contain this Universal Truth about the nature of "Divine Intelligence" and practical methods or ways to become aware and experience it directly for oneself.
    It is hoped that this short writing will be fruitful to awaken some beyond what they knew before. In humility, I express what I know to be true. I also realize that a far greater "plan" and purpose is bringing transformation to the existing geoengineering and world problems caused by the "cabal", in order to REMOVE them, arrest them, try them, and usher in an age of tremendous positive display for all the people of the World. It's a matter of change from one "dark" age to a "Lighted" age of greater Truth and Harmony.
    Best to all.

    • stephan says:

      Beautifully said Gary .

    • Marc says:

      Thank you, Gary. I needed to be reminded.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gary, hello.  This is such a beautiful expression of faith that I hate to critic it but I just have to as much of this has formed my thinking since the late 60s.  The cabal of which you speak, using that word for lack of another, is in fact thousands, not hundreds of years old and goes back to Socratic dialectic, which is credited for laying the groundwork of much of science, the Industrial Revolution, our own judicial system, and computers.  The One did not place these opposites to help us develop. Rather, this is the beginning of binary, and the end of real growth and truth.  This is binary thinking and it was not part of indigenous peoples thinking, all indigenous peoples.  Because they lived in a multi dimensional world in which there was no reference to left or right, good or bad, up or down. Life was more complex than that with no excess time nor inclination for days spent arguing their way toward concepts of " truth".  However, in India, even longer ago, the great sages laid the groundwork for the harmony and oneness of which you speak.

      This Socratic dialectic was honed in argumentation as a way to win arguments in what appeared to be a flat and barren world, yet sufficient enough for the beginnings of this sort of education in which young men proposed theories all day long, which were debated and won with this "tool", in an early sort of educational system.  And it worked.  Worked well enough to springboard mankind to now.

      In the late 60s I began to question when and where East split from West.  By which I meant when cosmology and mysticism waned, as "modern" thinking waxed.  Modern thinking eschewed mysticism as backwards but for novelty entertainment such as magic.  And great exceptions, exceptional people who bridged both, such as Shakespeare who was so adept at this that his stories ring true even today, touching that part of us that knows there is more to life than binary thinking.

      I was a bit surprised to read in these papers about '71, because that was when I began to have "startle" responses to airplanes, even blurting out that they seemed like dinosaurs to me and threatening.  Which, of course everyone thought weird, even insane.  Even I did.  But, evidently, some part of me knew.  Shortly before that, I got to hear Buckminster Fuller speak and got to know him a bit, utterly enchanted with his efforts at trinary math.  We see in three dimensions, but we compute in two.  It occurred to me that if we could compute in three, perhaps we'd evolve to seeing in four dimensions, or at least in a more dimensional way.  I thought this might be our only hope in getting off the binary doomsday.  I even imagined, tried to, what could do this in short order-a virus?  Mosquitoes?  They are after all "God's" little toolboxes.  Then, in '72 I gave up and went back to the blanket as they say, living with Indians to my great relief, great comfort.  Home.  For years and years modern life passed me by. 

      But, I never forgot my love of physics, particle physics, and math.  Divine Intelligence is not the unified theory of physics they are chasing.  At one point, Hawking and others before him, mentioned getting close to God, but took it back.  They are chasing dark matter in hopes of unifying gravity.  I've been interested in dark matter since before they started calling it that.  Fascinating stuff.  But, in the end, we are bi-peds.  Two halves of brain matter, two eyes, two arms, two legs-no wonder people took to binary.  If we can change the way we think, well, that is what a lot of meditation is about, although meditation is different for different peoples.  The Dali Lama's way is not one of emptying one's mind as in Zen.  Rather one of using one's mind along with the great teachings to understand our predicament better, to lessen suffering. I am sure that if someone does manage to unify gravity, that person and others will consider that person "divine", but!  Really?!

      In the meantime, meditation can only help, and visualizing harmony makes it more possible.  But people have been doing that for thousands and thousands of years. In the end, it appears, binary always wins. 

  58. patrice lopatin says:

    This is damming evidence. I am going to read this whole document for sure and when any of the numerous political representatives,  newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, environmental organizations and public health departments I have called or written to refute that our climate is being modified this will be excellent to have in hand!

  59. Tamara says:

    Amazing find. I think the people of Idaho need to read this document ASAP!
    Cloud Seeding Pays Off
    Idaho power is getting rich poisoning the state.

    • Karen W says:

      It's being done in California also.  It's quite apparent that the health issue is not the problem, it's the solution for the big pharma who are in bed with the rest of the whores!

  60. Tara Murphy says:

    Yes, it's all a conspiracy theory isn't it…, back put back on your tinfoil hat and repeat after me …I must believe what my government tells me! !!!!!!
    It's just the best news for those of us who are fully awake.  Now we have the evidence that it is a full-blown, government approved and financed, genocidal program unleashed on mankind globally to the tune what must be in the Trillions now.
    Is it too much to hope that now, armed with this document, we finally have a chance to expose these evil, hellish monsters that are posing as legitimate governments and government departments – I truly hope this will be our 'weapon' in the fight against evil.

  61. dave says:

    Also I do not think the apathy in the U.S. is going to end until people realize they need to turn of there television.There plugging there mind into this very powerful mind control weapon and amplifying the giant lie.Like the pied piper its leading humanity over a cliff.Each person is very powerful but we have been brainwashed into thinking we are small and there is nothing we can do.That is the big lie.Every title wave starts with a drop of water.

    • Marsha Fulkerson says:

      Very well said, Dave. I don't listen to the news or watch tv anymore. Can't stand all the lying. Now, I'm trying to get my hubby from not watching, ha! He does believe all of this is happening when I took photos of the idiots spraying over my house! I get so mad when they do that.

      Im going to contact Rand Paul again. They are after him anyway.

    • SortingHat says:

      Why the f**k do weather blogs both large and small refuse to even touch weather modification with a ten foot pole?

  62. christine blackford says:

    Thank you Dane. I appreciate your dedication to this challenge and your lucid leadership.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christine, it is all of us working together that matters. All of us working together that can yet make a difference at this late hour.

  63. Marv Foye says:

    This lie continues to be spread by our representatives.

    Thank you for making me aware of your concern regarding geoengineering, including condensation trails. It is good to hear from you on this important issue.
    I share your concern with the need to protect the environment from harmful toxins. You will be interested to know, however, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a joint factsheet regarding the occurrence of "condensation trails," also referred to as "contrails," which I have attached for your review. 
    Contrails are line-shaped clouds sometimes produced by jet aircraft engine exhaust, and they usually occur at altitudes several miles above the Earth's surface. These contrails are composed primarily of water in the form of ice crystals, and have been a normal effect of jet aviation throughout its history. These ice particles form through a combination of water vapor in the engine exhaust and low ambient temperatures that typically occur at such high altitudes. 
    According to these government agencies, persistent contrails pose no direct threat to public health. The EPA is authorized under the Clean Water Act to regulate some aspects of aviation emissions, and standards have been established for certain emissions associated with ground-level air pollution. Furthermore, these standards are enforced by the FAA and the Department of Transportation. Along similar lines, I am not aware of other threats to public health caused by other geoengineering sources. However, I will continue working to improve public safety with your particular concerns firmly in mind.
    Thank you once again for making me aware of your concerns regarding this important issue. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Duncan Hunter
    Member of Congress

  64. Nancy Cole says:

    Dane, Thanks for all you do. I wish people would wake up!!!!

  65. Vara Sue Tamminga says:

    I first learned of Weather Modification when former Defense Secretary William Cohn discussed ecoterrorism in a news interview.  He said that the government was looking into this threat.  So he discussed it as a weapon of terrorists with no acknowledgement that the US government itself might be using these methods as a weapon on its own people.  I emailed a letter of concern and protest to 20 college presidents, quoting Secretary Cohen.  I was then taking a class from Phillip Zelikow, a professor of History at the University of Virginia on Global History called The Modern World. Zelikow is an advisor to several presidents of both parties and a member of the Trilateral Commission.  I posted question after question about this issue in the discussion forum, but he gave no response despite his ample response to other students on other questions. In my letter to College Presidents,I cited this example as a grave concern about the use of MOOC online classes.  The quote from William Cohen suggested that the government was aware of the problem and had people working on it to defend America from an attack from weather terrorists.  But there was no discussion from either Cohen or Zelikow that suggested that the US government was using these weapons on its own populations.  I got no response from my 20 letters to college Presidents.  I also mailed a letter requesting that news sources investigate this threat to all major news outlets, papers and also news networks after Hurricane Sandy.  Again there was no reply or mention of this issue by the Media. Of course the liability issue for these weapons is huge, but as I stated in my letters, these weapons must be regulated as we regulate nuclear weapons.  However the response so far from people who have positions of authority is a deafening silence.  Thank you Dane for all your hard work.  It is distressing that both this document and the Navy film you also posted on Biological and Chemical weapons are both so old, published in the 1950s and this document from the 1970s.  It seems that rational questions were being raised at the beginning of this program, but now there is stonewalling or cover up to avoid prosecution or proper regulation of these weapons.  I pray we find a way to focus attention on these weapons at the United Nations which should be regulating them and clearly is not.  I pray that the people on the ground in the path of Ternados, floods, droughts, hurricanes, and earthquakes bot hin the US and in countries around the world are protected and given some legal defense and compensation.  Again thank you Dane for your courage and research.  Dr. Vara Sue Tamminga.

  66. Prayer Warrior says:

    I AM praying that the scales of justice be tipped in our favor. Amen

  67. J Rizk says:

    Truly amazing. So this possibly explains how a front will be building offshore and then the planes start spraying and it just dries up and goes away. Even the forecasters say, "well, this front is a dry one." Huh? The more I understand not just about these programs, but our medical system, Monsanto, our universities involvement, vaccination programs…..on and on and on…….it amazes me that we have any freedoms at all left. What in the HELL is wrong with us? Destroying everything in our path and to what end? Control of a completely devastated planet? All this for a freaking dollar or power?

    • BaneB says:

      And to realize these Frankensteinians are discussing the terra forming of Mars whilst they terror form our earth.  

  68. Scott says:


    Not all weather modification activities, however, have been or can be
    designed to benefit everyone, and some intentional operations have
    been used, or are perceived to have been used, as a weapon of war
    to impede the mobility or tactical readiness of an enemy. Furthermore,
    environmental change is also effected unintentionally and without
    any purpose at all, as man inadvertently modifies the weather and
    climate, whether for better or worse scientists are not certain, through
    activities such as clearing large tracts of land, building urban areas,
    and combustion of fossil fuels.

    I appreciate the last sentence as I feel like many including myself at times want to blame others for geo-engineering but it isn't much different than us deciding to drive cars everyday. I don't believe we can change overnight but if we can put a man on the moon in less than a decade we can find a way to move around more efficiently and with much less impact in less than a decade. In order to change we need to know what the weather really is. The real question is will we have the choice.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Scott, I believe it is very difficult to make the case that any form of weather modification can be benificial overall. No part of the climate system can be modified without negatively impacting the entire system. In addition, there is the highly toxic materials to consider and the irreprarable damage to the atmosphere, the ozone layer depletion is one example. I fully agree with you that there are countless anthropogenic factors negatively impacting the climate and the biosphere as a whole. The human race must completely alter its current trajectory if we are to have any chance of long term survival. Exposing and halting climate engineering is the greatest single leap we could take in the right direction.

    • Vara Sue Tamminga says:

      Scott, with all due respect, deliberately aiming a hurricane or tornado or earthquake or drought or flood at a heavily populated area is not at all like driving your car every day.  It is an act of war against the people in that region.  Billion of dollars are being spent by the Red Cross and disaster relief agencies and Billions of dollars are given to contractors often in no bid contracts as political kick backs and favors to those companies who give campaign contributions to politicians.  So in addition to the murders involved, political bribery on a huge scale is being criminally promoted.  This must be against all laws.  It dwarfs our legal system and Constitution.  My guess is that the Mafias are involved to take advantage of the building contracts.  This is murder and a terrorist assault by our Government on its own people perhaps to threaten them into obedience to a criminal government.  This system, if it is true is outrageous.  It makes Nero's burning of Rome look like child's play.  And Nero was insane.  Does this mean that the US Governent and all its huge staffs are also insane or controlled by an insane Dictator?

    • Scott says:

      What is one of the easiest least painful ways to commit suicide. Put a hose from your tailpipe into your window. We need to accept our part in this is as well. Do I think geo-engineering is the most harmful? Yes. Do I believe most of our actions in the industrialized world could be seen as destructive as geo-engineering by more indigenous cultures. Yes. Many would have said we were crazy  much earlier than geo-engineering but we mostly killed them. I believe weather modification makes people say wow we have gone to far in the industrialized world and that will force us to rethink our whole way of life and society. One step at a time is important but at the same time if we want to expand the picture we can't take it only part of the way. We controlled indigenous populations now we are being controlled by a world government. It isn't all that different.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Scott, I fully agree with you on all counts, your comment is right on target.

  69. BaneB says:

    WOW!  This is the legislative proof of Congressional knowledge going back to the 1940's that the weather was at that time under assault by various entities, from the War Department to various universities.  Further, fast forward to 1976 and clearly this document proves that Congress knew the processes of weather modification would and had caused droughts and floods. This document and these excerpted sections are what I am going to utilize to get my Congressional representative, Jared Huffman, to cease with the phoney form letter he sends to concerned constituents about these jet spew trails being created by ice/water condensation as in the well recognized traditional contrail.  Clearly, my rep is ignorant or is lying, or both.  

  70. Edward Palys says:

    The question of today is who is actually implementing this program to its full assault on the world? I suspected that the perpetrators were the evil elites, but am realizing that it is our own governments behind this atrocity. Who else could order such world destruction by spraying our skies with poison  on a daily basis. How much is the government spending on this disaster? I'm sure if we could paper-trail the money, it is part and parcel of our military spending. When we have reports of missing money to the tune of some 2.3 TRILLION dollars at the pentagon, one can easily deduce who pays for this "weather experimenting". It is downright shameful that our own government has become our own enemy. 

    • Felix Mosso says:

      I agree for SURE

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Edward, What you said, in the last sentence is part of what I said in response to the petition started here recently, which I hope everyone here did, that gave the option of a letter as opposed to email, to the President, my Senator and my Representative.  This petition said that letters stand a better chance of being read than emails.  I asked why our military is attacking our own country, among other things.

    • debra says:

      It is actually 8.5 Trillion 1996-2013 And this is just the Pentagon!  The rape of America is so massive it's mind boggling. Then this is used against the citizenry via Geoengineering and many other programs. The elites are in on this, Gates huge into Geoengineering/GMO/Vaccines,all poisoning us,while he and fellow elites reap untold riches. Gov contracts,tax relief,derivatives trading,endless war, and on and on. Evil incarnate is controlling our gov. But according to MSM it's the immigrants/refugees, and people on food stamps,bringing down America. I am grateful for the release of this document. One more great info piece to take down the lies. And to use for further research. Thank you for publishing this.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The information about the missing trillions from the Pentagon came out in Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, published in 2004.  The book, by author Michael C. Ruppert, was on the New York Times Best seller list for months and a copy of it is in the business library at Harvard University. 

      Personally, I believe we have a rogue faction of the military that is completely under direct control of corporate masters. Then there is also the fact of the PROMISE software that is so easily "back-doored" onto computers, making it completely simple to siphon off money from banks, etc.  There's a chapter in Rubicon devoted expressly to the development of PROMIS software and all of it's evil progeny later iterations and applications.  Check it out.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      That is exactly what I said to our President.  I asked why our own military is attacking our own nation.  The navy said they could not account for trillions and they say that on a regular basis.  This is insane and no one wants it, no one but for them.

      Like Dane, I agree with Scott the whole way.  Don't know how old Scott is but remember that old "folk" song: Pave paradise, put up a parking lot.?  Too true.  And cement is caustic, very harmful to the environment, even in the producing of it.  The whole country looks so ugly now with its labyrinths of freeways.  Used to be that families had one car.  Now, so very many.

      Did anyone here ever hear of the entomologist T. O. Wilson?  He was fixated on ants and termites, studying them forever.  Made a cement casting of one of their mammoth nests and when he removed it from the ground, it looked freakishly like New York City!  He went further, positing that mankind is ant like, closely related, almost like a bipedal version of.  And what he calls hive mentality.  He explained sports and teams and team supporters this way, and for the first time that made sense to me.  And, ants make war on other ants or termites.  Some sacrifice themselves for the good of the colony.

      Think of all the good we could do for ourselves if our military did not take all the money and then some.  Not to mention if they were not killing us and all the critters and plants into the bargain.

      It is still dry as a bone here.  Not a drop of moisture.  My plants seem to think it is still summer.  I have lily of the Niles blooming NOW.  That never happens.  Nights are a bit nippy, days are hot.  Chickadees are nesting Again!  Strange days.  If and when it does rain, California will wash away, given all the fires.  Not much holding the soil.

      Does anyone else wonder what has become of Paul?

  71. Kate Willens says:


    This is pure gold!  I hope we can put it to great use in our Class action Suit which I hope is forming. 

    I look forward to reading all the fine print. This must be shared everywhere. Thank you for publishing it, and to your source for bringing it to our attention.

    Kate Willens

  72. Judi says:

    Thanks for putting this on line.. will spread it around.

  73. Jon Parker says:

    what a find.  How does something like this stay buried for so long?

    I keep going back to the last scene in The Truman Show, where the God figure is throwing the switches on the weather to stop Truman from discovering the ugly truth, that it's all just a show…

    • I am actually almost unable to speak…..again….bottom line…why? Who decided that modifying the plants weather was a good idea? This article needs to be seen….exposed, to everyone…FRONTLINE? MOTHER JONES? UTNE READER? Who or what has the control over this? Wish I could find a group locally to talk about this …..we need to organize.NOW!

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