Government Implements Illegal “Gag Order” On National Weather Service And NOAA Employees


Dane Wigington

The power structure is beginning to panic as the public wakes up to the criminal climate engineering insanity. The growing police state is completely out of control and becoming unimaginably blatant with their actions. In recent weeks Washington has placed "gag orders" on the following agency employees, "The National Weather Service", the "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration", and the "US Department of Commerce". This is a massive red flag that should trigger alarm bells everywhere. 

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Bill Hopkins, the executive vice president for the National Weather Service employees organization (NWSEO) said this:

“As a taxpayer, I find it highly disturbing that a government agency continues to push gag orders to hide how they operate. This is the work of the American government, owned by the American public, and should be open to the American public.”

Jeff Ruch, the executive director "PEER" (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) said this about the "gag orders".

“The National Weather Service is about the last place where national security-style secrecy rules need to be enforced,” Ruch noted that the broad scope of the gag orders put much of what goes on inside the agency under wraps.  “Everyone is free to talk about the weather except for the people working inside the National Weather Service. Go figure.”

Some time ago I personally spoke to an NOAA scientist that said "we all know it is going on (climate engineering) but we are afraid to speak out, we have no first amendment protection". The new "gag order" is a further muzzling of the NWS and NOAA. It is likely there are many in the National Weather Service and NOAA that have had enough of lying about what is really going on in our skies.


Massive atmospheric aerosol spraying assaults are constant around the globe. Almost all meteorologists have so far denied the all too obvious ongoing climate engineering operations.

Other weather agencies and personnel have also been actively engaged in public deception. What did BBC "meteorologist" Ian Fergusson say about the picture below?

 "When rain, ice crystals or snow falls but evaporates before reaching the ground, it's a (natural) phenomenon called 'virga' or 'fallstreak'."


The so called "experts" are naming jet aircraft sprayed aerosol clouds as if they are produced by nature. 

A report from PEER contains the following statement:

This summer, the National Weather Service began requiring a signed confidentiality agreement (Exhibit I) from NWSEO participants along with all participants on the OWA teams. These agreements purport to bind NWSEO representatives from communicating with its members, members of Congress or any other person regarding agency plans and how they are determined. These agreements also do not contain terms allowing reports of actual or impending law or rule violations, gross mismanagement, waste or abuse.

The PEER report continued with this:

The National Weather Service, NOAA and Commerce are presently implementing and enforcing nondisclosure agreements which violate the law. 

We are officially living in an Orwellian police state where any who dare to try and tell the truth are dealt with severely. Forcing the employees of "national" weather and climate agencies to sign "confidentiality agreements is extremely alarming (with unimaginable potential consequences), but not surprising given what we know about the cataclysms being caused by the rapidly growing climate engineering elephant in the room. Some may mistake the "gag order" to be only about union issues, this is not the case as quotes above (taken from the PEER reports) make clear. The decimation and mortality that has already been inflicted on our biosphere and all life from global geoengineering is so immense it could never be calculated. The weather warfare insanity is finally becoming all but impossible to hide, the recent "gag orders" are a sign of true desperation on the part of the power structure. Now more than ever we must all keep up our pace in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering.

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  1. Charles Brenner says:

    The spray is ahead of natural weather fronts that produce rain. The spray will cause diffused radiation to evaporate as much moisture as possible. Then the next spray will gather the moisture to feed the incoming frontal system. That's why they're called super storms now . Because we are feeding them. Some of the spray is heavy metals to help the ionospheric heater , which can move the Jetstream to contain frontal systems for lasting effects. Sooner or later this will all come out, but their goal may be already accomplished. Goal is , sustainable development, depopulation, disarmed all. One world government, and yep can't leave out the Vatican, laudato Ci or Sunday Law.

  2. Debra Tanner says:

    I put signs in my yard to wake the neighborhood. It' working great and I'm getting famous too.

  3. Excerpted from: Willful blindness – Wikipedia


    Willful blindness is a term used in law to describe a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally keeping oneself unaware of facts that would render liability.

    Although the term was originally—and still is—used in legal contexts, the phrase "willful ignorance" has come to mean any situation in which people intentionally turn their attention away from an ethical problem that is believed to be important by those using the phrase (for instance, because the problem is too disturbing for people to want it dominating their thoughts, or from the knowledge that solving the problem would require extensive effort).” [End quote]

    Complete text:

  4. Don jacobs says:

    I live in oregon it hell i can talk aluminum in the afternoon after a good day spray ..also i live in madagascar and i say lots of planes leave evato airport and not one chem trail wow 

  5. Carl. Barger says:

    Today is April 22, 2017. Why is the last comment posted date October 22, 2015? The spraying is still going on in Oklahoma regularly on approximately every 2 week cycle. It starts around 7:00pm and goes well into the night, can't see them but they can be heard. Than with regularity we get 2 to 3 inches of rain within a day or so. This week we got more than 5 inches of rain shortly after seeing and hearing them spray a few days before. The month of March brought record breaking heat in the 90s and today we are in the upper 40s. Extreme temperature fluxuation and heavy rains or extreme drought conditions with no transitional times. I have many gardening companions who report abandoning their plots this year.  Their gardens have been so poor the last couple of years their going to buckets with purchased soil. The extreme fluxuations are quite disturbing and undeniably evident. Absolute zero media coverage, print, radio, television zero, nothing.

    • Baron says:

      I have written my Senator, Congressman, Governor, and all I have gotten is generic responses to EPA bullshit. What I believe is that THEY are spraying the Stratosphere daily to control the weather patterns which has been already described in the owning the weather by 2025. When you read the fine print, it states that one of the faults of this program is THE DEPLETION OF THE OZONE LAYER, and once started there is no turning back. One of the positive effects is pretty sunrises, and sunsets WTF!!! If this is so, then UV-C sunlight radiation will ran down on the planet, and fry us to death. THEY will live in THEIR already established underworld fully stocked, and set to go, while all life will cease to exist above ground. Remember THEIR ultimate goal is 500million humans only for THEIR perfect world…

    • Ray says:

      It's not just the "chemtrail" spraying that they have a gag order on it is also all of the radiation thst is pollution our oceans they can't talk about. i sent emails to 3 different departments at NOAA asking if they test for radiation in the pacific and not a word. i asked the same departments what i can do to help mitigate the affects of climate change and i got a response within 2 weeks. So the just ignored my first set of emails.

    • Matt says:

      Hey Carl,

      Yes it is disturbing. Today is sept 6, 2022 and they have ramped it up big time in Maryland. It seems since the COVID struck they have ramped it up immensely. I am convinced they are spraying bacteria and Pathogens, Ken (learning to spray pathogens in the clouds)Caldeira has hooked up with Bill Gates who helps fund this mess. The weather change is extreme and we hardly ever get a blue sky anymore. Constant Nasal Drip and a rubber like substance from nostrils. And sometimes so bad you can taste Chems!  With all the sites that used to be on internet, they are mostly gone now but NO groups anywhere? No one fighting the fight?? I would think after 20+ years there would be active groups on this poisoning from the skies but also nothing

    • Neil says:

      Same happened here in Australia! Exactly the happens often too.And then flooding.

  6. Dianne says:

    What we have here.  Is the "somebody" .. "Someday"  will do something.. Syndrome.

    Guess what?   That somebody is You.. That someday is Now.. And that Something is.. Get charged up and rebel while you still have breath

    No one is coming to the rescue folks… Not jesus or any God or Tarzan or Terminator.   Its like mankind has frozen in fear of its own shadow.. Afraid to come out and say no more.. Afraid to die?   When dying is eminent.  Afraid of fear.. 

    Collapse and just die.

    Its so wierd I think.  Its like a gossip column where people speak of these atrocities like they are outside of ourselves instead of happening right now over our heads.  As one person.. All that we have any power to change is ourself.   As a mob we can overtake any gvmt or army there is.   

    What is so amazing is that we all breathe the same air. So therefore what kills us.. Kills them.. Right?  So who wins?


    I therefore have to assume that there is more to this story than thepowerful elite exterminate the earth people and then what?  The earth is trashed and uninhabitable for thousands of years..

    It just doesnt make any sense.  At all to me.

    • Marie says:

      Ok, so why don't we all do this: Print up some business cards and pass around. Leave at various places you go to. Leave on counters if you can, leave in bathrooms, leave one in a library book, leave one in a book from a bookstore, etc. Something like this: THE PLANET IS DYING – LOOK UP. The Ecosystem is Collapsing. We have ten years or less left. See:  Or make up your own words. You can do this anonymously. Order some blank white business cards and print your own words. People need to know about this. Most are still asleep. If time is truely short then these people need to know so they can spend more time with their family. That is if they even believe it. Most are so brainwashed nothing will wake them up. I am NY state and it's the end of Sept. 2017 and it's been 80 degrees plus for a month now. I am in the country up in the hills and it always gets chilly here in mid August, but not this year. Been hot August and September. Getting scary. People print those cards and don't forget to include this website!

    • Marie says:

      I don't think "they" care about breathing the air. They may have an antidote and they know (the super rich elite) that when things get real bad on top of the planet that they can go in their underground cities and live out the rest of their lives there with hydroponic food, water, trees, lakes. But what they may not understand is that they will have to stay underground FOREVER and i think that after generations have gone by these "underground people" will be more sickly and weak. They will not survive in the end! Perhaps that is another reason why the secret space program is intending to go to another planet, becuz they know that earth is dying soon. I have read that their secret technological programs are at least 300 yrs ahead of what we now see. They are hiding the best technology for the worst of our species. In one hundred years or so we humans have detroyed this once beautiful planet. I knew a very strange person 40 yrs ago. In 1975 he said to me: "Time is running out. The sun is going down and it's not coming up again." Back then i did not know what he meant, but i think i know now. He knew things. I don't know who he was, what he was, or where he came from, but i know and i experienced that he was not like "us."

    • Michiel says:

      They have a chelation facility in germany that they use to take out their blood and cycle out the harmful metals. They can access it, we the plebs, cannot.

  7. tim says:

    What is their explanation for this bizarro cloud like formation?

    • Tammi Broglen Bedard says:

      They actually had a cloud naming contest, making up new names for the different so-called new cloud formation. One new name is a Jellyfish clouds

    • Cush says:

      I have read over two dozen comments on this article and just watched Spicer's press conference today.  I cannot believe that no one is addressing and protesting this gag order that has been implemented on the EPA, NOAA, the National Weather Service, etc etc!  WHY??  When the Press Secretary was asked about this he stated that this was done internally and not demanded by the White House.  That is BS!  We are not living in Russia, North Korea or China or are we??  We MUST all stand together on this issue!  What if we experienced a domestic environmental crisis and our funding is frozen as well as the gag order still implemented?  What is the reason for this gag order in the first place??  THIS IS CRAZY and I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone!

  8. Snow Goose says:

    Here in Canada we have some Ostrich on farms. The biggest part of the population that have feathers migrate with their heads up their Ass around here though.They are called Chicken's. That is because they are afraid. Afraid to speak out because they think they will get plucked and thrown into the Deep Fryer. That's happening right now. They just don't know it. It is so easy to see and hear up in the sky each day.  Our TV stations do the same thing. They BS everyone about the weather and the cloud formations and all the Foul Chicken people eat it up like Chicken Feed. As long as they get fed they don't care even if it is Bull Shit they are being fed. They have to feed their gullet so Bull shit will do. It's all them people driving around with Mercedes that get me. They don't eat Bull Shit. They are the ones shoveling it into the Mouth's of the Chickens. All the Chicken's eat it right up. They love Bull Shit more then Chicken Feed.

  9. Donna says:

    And people who are suffering from Ostrich Syndrome  wonder why we are so distrustful of our governments. For those that don't know what Ostrich Syndrome is: It means that they have their heads buried in the sand, therefore totally unaware of the issues happening in the world around them.

    • RMG says:

      I am wondering if there is some sort of handheld device that can be pointed at these clouds of " contrail vapor" and have the contents be analyzed. We do this in the medical field all the time. With oximeters. Etc. surely this technology is not beyond our reach and might convince more of the public to open their eyes to chemtrails.

    • Marie says:

      I just can't believe it when people refuse to Look Up! You tell them and they refuse or if they do look they say the chemtrails are "clouds". A lot of the time at the end of the day when the sun starts to set you will see an X right over where the sun is. I don't know what that means. I think perhaps it could mean to show that "they" are done spraying for the day, or the X could mean Extermination. My stupid neighbor a couple yrs ago – i showed her the large chemtrail X and what did she say? "X marks the spot." Completely clueless. You can't help people like this. They are in total denial. I'm a Realist and i say what i see. No hiding things under the rug. Maybe we can't fix the problem that the "Controllers" have created, but we can at least point things out to people. Printing cards and passing them out you can be totally anonymous.

  10. We are more and we have more force that them. So, we need to letf the negative thoughs and take action now. The best way to begin change the things is release and report these criminal actions. Don´t worry if some people don´t believe it. That`s normal…

    I would like your support to the campaign against the aerosols in Europe.

    God bless American People.

  11. Edward Carberry says:

    In the evenings I will see and East / West plane seemingly flying slow. The new stuff ( bad)  I see disappears quickly or doesn't show up at all! I can hear them up above the clouds I think they use it to hide there actions! When it does clear ( relative) the sky's are full of the chemicals!   It would be good to have a high power camera to take pictures of the planes to show company logo's on them! I try to see them with my lens and not to see much.

    • gina olondriz says:

      I hear the planes at night sometimes at 2 a.m.  I can only assume they are chemtrailing, could be commercial planes going in and out but I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing it at night too.

    • I'm in Oregon and see the trails almost daily when it's clear.  When it's raining I 'feel' it's ongoing.  I do not live near an airport yet hear planes overhead during all days and nights.I have photographed the wild chemtrails in our sky.

      I'm a fan of  A lady that's made an incredible impact on fast food places among others for them to publicize what's in their food.  She has a tremendous following and gets the job done.
      She would have a huge impact on the public at large if we all sent her emails about geoengineering and ask her to take a look.  I'm betting with her influence, she would take 'them' on!

      Thanks, Dane, for keeping up the good work!!!

    • Jay says:

      Go to, zoom and scroll to desired location, then click on any yellow plane to get detailed info about that flight, even if it's dumping chemtrails in realtime.

  12. john says:

    What is striking is how people CANNOT see those obvious chemtrails. Even when explained. They are so afraid of being called conspiracists that they deny their own eyes and brains. So sad.

    • gina olondriz says:

      It's okay. as long as we, the few can see them and just stay smart.  They will catch on.   Hopefully not before it's too late.

    • Volku says:

       their eyes are on smartphones rather then looking what's around and up there happening…absolutely sad

    • Volku says:

       their eyes are on smartphones rather then looking what's around and up there happening…absolutely sad

    • Marie says:

      Because they are brainwashed. But what makes US different? We who see are not brainwashed. I noticed these chemtrails in 1998. I did not notice them before this time. So that makes almost 20 years.

  13. francis mangels says:

    As one of the scientists and data collectors here in North California, the amount of Al, Ba, and Sr we find in the rain or snow is directly correlated with the jet spray a few days before, if it rains at all.

    • Michael says:

      I am also located in NC. I am on the water and have clear vision of the skies. 2 or 3 days ago the sky looked like white worm tracks over 180 deg. with at least 50 trails going at the same time heading on a NE track. We know these chemicals are bad for people, crops, livestock and fisheries and NC survives on these industries. So why has our illustrious representatives not taken up this threat and at least issued a no-fly zone over our state and conducted extensive soil, plant, air, water and livestock tissue sampling! They must believe these white trails are normal con-trails or they are afraid or threatened or they are powerless or there are monetary gains from non-involvement on this issue.

  14. joe ring says:

    I have noticed the trails before large public gatherings like festivals and parades. Soon watch for the Santa Clause parade in you area.

    • Dawnski says:

      North Caroloina got hammered on Halloween. As if the GMO candy isn't enough to make the children sick. . .they are out gathering it in a toxic atmosphere. While Mommy and Daddy lead the way. . .very sad.

  15. Sue says:

    Lenticular clouds, that is what we get here tomorrow in Denver, the definition is 'please', regarding a camera lens.  'Who' makes that?  Our skies are no more, they are manipulated by the government and no one cares 🙁  Tonight, you can barely see the moon, as the 'haze' obstructs it.  I cannot understand why people cannot see the difference in weather, even on morning weather newscasts.. WHAT?  'Bands' of rain came through the other day??  THAT is hurricane behavior, not a rainy day.. good Lord, help.

    • Dan says:

      I am also from the Denver metro area , and have been witness to chemical spraying for some time now. about four years since i first started to notice something Was not quite normal. I did some online research and found I was not the only one seeing this low altitude spiraling contrails from all white airbus 380 planes no markings tried to tell others but seemed they either did not want to see this or were part of the cover up. So now i just log fly overs take notes and wait for someone like me to come along and tell me they are seeing the same thing.

  16. Honey says:

    God help us. Pam in Tennessee

  17. Mike says:

    I'm sure that all of the goalongers of this idiocracy have been promised their place in the 500,000,000,,,,,,,,which is etched into the Georgia Guide Stone once depopulation has been achieved. Man are they in for a surprise.

    • don: sheets says:

      Hey mike. What we all need to do is pray for these lost souls aiding the
      geo engineers doing satans work not to mention all of the blind following
      "orders" in our corporate form of goveroment.

  18. DAP says:

    Daily atmospheric aerosol spraying is the norm here in the North East and it has been going on for month's trails cover the sky. I have written to my congressman local news stations etc., nobody is talking.

    • Rebecca Royle says:

      I have also tried to have a conversation with my Senator…..he is a decent and good man……I cannot figure out if he really doesn't know what's going on or if he is being "shut out", or what…..completely disappointing, for me….I have to find a way to get together with others in Montana, and do something!

    • Philip colon says:

      Do you know where I can find a group against geoengineering. I'm  from new jersery. Any info will help. Thanks. 

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Rebecca this reminds of a quote – With the permission of Brutus and the others—for Brutus is an honorable man; they are all honorable men—I have come here to speak at Caesar’s funeral. – julius caesar act act 3 sc 2  So many of them appear to be decent men but they aren't, they are ALL guilty of the most heinous crime ever committed against man and beast.

    • Hi DAP, same thing here in Michigan. I contacted the control tower at the Flint airport and they admitted to all of the extra air traffic but lied about what they were doing. Said it is normal traffic to Chicago with normal contrails. Well they must have been lost..and normal contrails…that fill up the whole sky and block out the sun? Yeah, right!

    • Ann says:

      We all know.  We watch the sky.  The trails do not disepate as with other steam trails. They last and spread for long time.  My Congress woman would not answer me when I e-mailed her.  Nada.  I e-mailed again and she asked for a campaign donation.  A long time congress person…..a dedicated public servant????????????  Ignorance is not bliss here.  We have a right to know.  Make a loud noise.

    • Amy says:

      I wondered what that was!! I see it all the time. Don't feel ignorant – I don't understand either – what are they trying to accomplish?!

    • dee says:

      YES! I see it more and more here in NE.Oh.:((

    • Sue eason says:

      No one listens….I have written and called Washington to no avail.

  19. I am new here, however it appears from the comments that there has been a dramatic recent increase in spraying. I have been in New Zealand for the last 7 years, so perhaps I am less informed about my own country . But from reading the comments here, I conclude that in this October spraying has dramatically increased — and is happening all over the USA, not just over the usual airline hubs, but over rural areas where you would not expect to see this.

    Here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, where I have been living for the last year, I didn’t notice that much activity over the summer. Yes, a few weird sprays every day — but nothing like I began to notice in October, which impelled me to take photos to document this insanity. Does anyone else feel that there has been an exponential increase in the spraying? And if so, any theories as to why.

    Thank you Dane and everyone here.

    • Jenny says:

      We've had a lot of geoengineering going on here in MA since at least 2013.  I didn't know to look for it before then.  Back in 2013 I did not see it on Sundays, but around 2014 I started seeing it every day.  It hasn't dramatically increased this October.  It was already at a huge level.  I'm not sure why you said one wouldn't expect to see it over rural areas.  I think it's over much of the world.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I've noticed an increase in spraying during fall months but this is beyond insane.  I am TOTALLY FED UP WITH PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO NOTICE THIS AT ALL.

    • Hi Susan, I am in Michigan and I noticed a huge increase in spraying in recent months, sometimes fills the whole sky and blocks out the sun.

    • Read Bashian says:

      I notice that the heavy spray days happen before weather fronts move in. Anyone who has live in the NW for some time knows that oct is time for the winter rains to start.  I notice too that a forecast will call for X amount of rain or snow and if I see spraying in front of the storm coming in it will only drop a small percentage of what the forecast called for.   

    • Mairead says:

      What goes up comes down!!!

      its full of heavy metals strange fibres and what else…… We are ingesting  this on a daily basis….. Today was a perfect example in Greece blue skies in the morning…. Lots of spraying in the afternoon and a dismal grey covering the whole sky by sun down…… Why are we being fed this concoction?

    • Bobbi Kelly says:

      I am in Minnesota, and the spraying is really bad. Keep an eye to the sky when rain is forecasted for your area. They spray all day just before a rain event. The clouds are not real, and the junk they are spraying on us is poison. There is alot of info on the net about Chem-trails. Or just look up!


    • Misty says:

      Susan, I have also noticed a much more dramatic spraying since this month started. I was living in the Henderson, NV area and I just recently moved to a little town near Elko, NV and I was saddened to find out that they spray just as much over this extremely rural area, as they do in heavily populated Las Vegas.

      However, I was EXTREMELY happy to see see a billboard of the 1-80 east on my way home from work 2 mornings ago that is exposing geoengineering. Today I pulled off the road and took pictures of it, and of course there were chem trails filing the sky as I photographed it. I personally believe the spraying has gotten heavier because they are preparing to cause some kind of catastrophic weather here like they have been with the hurricanes, or it could be simply to make it appear t be getting even hotter so they can push for more climate change laws all over like they are in California right now. Eithe,r or both, are bad news for us.

      There is so much more going on here than just weather modification, and it's scary stuff. I applaud whoever put the money up for that billboard. I'm wondering how many others they have funded as well and where they are.

      I am interested in getting involved as an activist against this. If we don't stop this, neurodegenerative disease are going to get the best of all of us in our later years, as so many are already experiencing now. Metals in our bodies are neuro toxic. If anybody on here is writing from the Elko county area of NV, and is interested in starting up an activist group out here,

      Again, I applaud the people who put this site together and is raising awareness for the welfare of the citizens of the world. Thank you!!!


    • roger says:

      This spring I noticed a huge amount of spraying all over during planting season, almost felt like it was to get something in the ground. Later in the summer it was everywhere and often.    

  20. Robo Sapien says:

    Remember in the end, these psychopaths are going to have to be physically removed. It is well that you submit to some type of exercise daily and increase your physical stamina. I try to. Get armed for you may form the core one day of the resistance and action. I dont know how but I am starting to think we are the ones who are going to have to do this. It might be the rightness of our cause but EVERY FEDERAL, STATE, LOCAL, FINANCIAL, MAIN STREAM MEDIA… EMPLOYEE IS GUILTY AND MUST FACE HANGMAN'S NOOSE WHEN THE DUST SETTLES FROM THIS CONFLICT. There are millions who have betrayed billions of people. They have betrayed we the people in trying to establish an empire on the bones of our republic. THEY ARE TRYING TO ESTABLISH EMPIRE OR UTTER DESTRUCTION we must be prepared to fight. I dont care how old you are, have arms to give to the worthy youth who will inevitably be drawn into this conflict. Why do you think Obama tried to take guns away from Seniors? The time of this conflict is here I dont know what the match will be that lights it, but it is here, now. I applaud Dane's legal efforts but I believe they will simply be dismissed outright especially since it is I believe going to have to be in federal court. Awareness is the end of the beginning.

    • LindaG says:

      Robo Sapien-  Do you recall when the govt. placed a rather large order for tanks, assault weapons and 1.6 billion rounds of hollow points?  I remember specifically, at that time, noticing that one of the federal agencies that was receiving some of that shipment was NOAA.  Coincidence?  I think not.

  21. Korey says:

    I have been getting a few people to notice here in Michigan but it's very  difficult. I feel there is a more logical approach. I felt my body was the best answer. So I got my blood tested for barium and my hair tested for aluminum. I told my doctor there was a chance I was expose. He sent me to Beaumont hospital a major hospital here in Mi. To my SUPRISE they do not do these tests. I spend a few minutes on line and found lab corp. I await my results. Doctors are our hope. They are respected, they have the money to fight and they will be heard. One thing we can all do is get tested. Doctors will have to address this if enough of us have crazy numbers. This is a logical way to WIN THIS WAR. 

    • Heather says:

      Korey, that's a very smart way to do it.  What is considered "normal" amounts of barium in the blood & aluminum in the hair?  None?  How does the average person (like me) know so I can tell if the levels are above normal or not?

    • Robo Sapien says:

      The medical profession is completely comprised, they are little more than drug pushers and butchers. I had an uncle who had an infected wound on a leg and good insurance. Guess the outcome. After 20 years and millions of dollars in surgery the leg was removed much higher up than if the leg was removed in the first place. They just whittled him and charged his insurance. Think about that, doctors (for the most part) view you as income not as patients and if you have good insurance they will find all sorts of stuff that is wrong with you.  Not all but those who are good and dont go along will be silenced or denounced by the AMA. Dr rife used vibrational energy to kill about any known pathogen (the reverse is also true, scalar weapons can be used to promote disease over a population) He was quickly denounced and ruined yet he had discovered the cure for almost all disease. I have to say doctors are not our hope, we must place hope in ourselves for we are the ones who truly believe, belief and knowledge is power.

    • Korey says:

      Heather, I can say I’m sick of doing nothing. I see them spray I know I am 100% correct in my observations. I am sick of spending my life taking pictures, videos that get me nowhere but more angry and so pissed off this is not logical in my thinking. I have put my body and blood on the line that is the only thing I can control and prove. I understand there are nasty no good doctors JUST LIKE NASTY NO GOOD PEOPLE THAT SPRAY US. But I have a wonderful kind doctor who asked for these test on my words alone. Find them they are out there and they are I feel are voice. THE VOICE THAT IS LOUD.. The voice of doctors will BE HEARD. I ask Dane to dedicate a page so we can share our results. It’s another page 2 help support. it made me feel like a GIANT AND HAHA YOU CANT lie when someone as small as me like me feels SO GIANT WE WILL WIN THIS WAR. I FELT LIKE I COULD PICK THEM OUT OF THE SKY. Barium 2-10 mcgs/ aluminum no more than (7) people in Arizona including MY SISTER are showing 1000.00% more than normal per testing labs charts.

    • Andrea says:

      Yeah…if doctors don't have a pill or surgery for it then you are out of luck. You either have to go to a naturopathic MD or integrative doctor to get those kinds of tests. Doctors were completely useless for me. Some would just make crap up and some would tell me it was psychological. After 10 years of suffering I had to diagnose myself with Lyme disease and then find an ND that would run the tests for me to confirm. The medical establishment does not even recognize Lyme b/c all they have to treat it are cheap antibiotics that don't even work. Anyway, heavy metals don't always show up on a blood or hair test. They are often stored in fatty tissues if your eliminatory pathways are too overwhelmed. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      My physician at Kaiser, though a very good diagnostician and generally a great doc, still works for an institution in a profession that INDOCTRINATES.  I get the impression that beyond just once or twice, Kaiser frowns on this kind of testing, so she said no more metals testing when I asked. 

      These people live in sealed-off buildings with fluorescent lighting and believe that "health" means you need to go around jabbing people with needles full of strange unnamed liquids, all day long.  They wanted to cut off my finger nail when I got an infection underneath it and then had sluggish circulation there.  Instead I went to an L.Ac. just after I left the medical offices.  They made 3 small punctures to my finger on the edges and voila, the old thick "ketchup-y" blood went away and the new redder stuff started flowing.  That very night I went and performed with the symphony in a concert.  Idiots.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Do people now actually BELIEVE that finding barium in your blood is somehow NORMAL?  I've had it in my blood EVERY SINGLE TIME I've asked to test.  This has been going on for nearly six years now.
      And neither is ionizing radiation– "safe" levels?? OF POISON???

    • Randy says:

      Doctors are owned by Big Pharma and the Big Insurance-Hospital- Medical-Industrial Complex
      Both are in bed financially with government.
      End of story.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Korey what you can do is sue the state, you have the information and  they have to provide the why you are contaminated and how…This is your next step you must either study the law (you are presumed to know the law in this country) or you must attain a lawyer. Ask Paul, he knows about law.

    • Korey says:

      I read these replies and I can't stand the negative so illogical responces. I am sick of seeing people complain non stop but never take a rational approach to do something. This idea is about the little guy or girl (me) doing something to help. If enough people try to do this than its more proof. we that see are correct. We can help to save are world. Keep the faith look hard for a doctor don't just stop with one failed doctor go to the next and dont stop till you find him or her and tell others to go to that doctor. My wonderful doctor is not the last of his kind. My idea is at least a idea. A place to compile more data we can jpost all blood work as another fact. Human side. The list will be so long that's one major part of proof. We see them. We test the earth. Testing us is logical as the nest proof.  Stop complaining and DO SOMETHING 2 HELP☀️  I have shared two labs that do the tests tell your doctor you were exposed. Quest lab, lab corp. 

    • LindaG says:

      This is directed to Andrea:  with regard to utilizing holistic, homeopathic practitioners.  Please do a YouTube search on 'deaths of homeopathic doctors".  They are currently the group being reported as murdered or 'suicided'.  Over the past few months nearly a dozen, or more, highly respected medical professionals have turned up dead.  Several more have been reported 'missing', or as 'accidents' and were not included in this number.   Recap:

    • Robo Sapien says:

      AKE YOUR COMPLAINT AND YOUR RESULTS TO THE CITY COUNCIL AND COUNTY BOARD AND ASK YOUR DOCTOR TO COME WITH YOU. I wonder what his reaction will be.  I think you owe it to yourself to begin a lawsuit that is your next step identify possible offenders of the clean air and water act and sue. You see Korey our whole system is corrupt, you will find no justice but what you make. I only say dont waste your energies trying to turn the system against itself know when to try a different approach. Just look at Dane's Redding council meeting, I have never seen a more apathetic group of traitors that being the council. I wish you luck but I think your energies are best spent making other people aware and  creating a community which can withstand a collapse of the system which is now inevitable. A community which can link up with others when the time is right in order to right the ship.

    • Korey says:

      Robo. I love your ideas. I hear your words and im using them. I have not got my results yet but I have formed a better plan because you inspired me. I own my own business  for 10 years. Today I have got 6 people to look at the sky and their faces were sad. I feel bad for bringing people out of their safe world but those 6 people were why I feel this is a gods gift 2 try. One has a husband in the justice department and they already talk about the spraying. one is a very established businessman. One told me about the the ceo of ford motor he cares highly about the environment. Also I gave video to one that has she is apart Of a natural center that opened. I ordered t shirts today that say chemtrails are real on the front and on the back it says LOOK UP. My idea is to form large groups in every state large groups large numbers and sue every branch we can. Group power. I'm moving forward I'm feeling happy. Today was insane spaying in Michigan it's 4-6 all day long till haze out☀️

    • Misty says:

      Korey, I agree. I looked into getting mine and my son's blood tested. we are going to a lab next month and getting tested for aluminum, and I'm having him tested for mercury as well. Aluminum is $80 and mercury is $35. I asked about barium and stranium but barium is too expensive, $350, and they don't do stranium. IF our levels are high I'm going to show it to everyone I know and start screaming loud enough for people to start listening.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Misty, it is important to research proper blood testing protocal before you test. Some links are on

    • Korey says:

      misty.  My testing was covered by my insurance. Because my doctor wrote EXPOSED.  I have blue crosses gold plan. Tell your doctor you were possibly EXPOSED and your insurance should pay☀️

    • Korey says:


    • Marie says:

      Then we should all do "heavy metal detoxing". Search it out. There are various things we can take. Apple pectin, sodium alginate, milk thistle, others.

  22. Mike says:

    Has anyone become so good at trail watching that they can tell right when they are going to kick it on or off? Well I have. I was at a golf course with two of my denier buddies and had noticed a plane about 15,000 ft. or so,,,,,, no higher,, and I told them to look up and said,,,,the plane was going to start dispersing rightttttttttt,,,,,,,,,,, now. Needless to say,,,,, they were both stunned to witness what I have been trying to tell them all along. Boy did I ever feel vindicated. So we now have two more believers. Hopefully they will run with the ball now too. But at least they no longer think I'm a dumbass

  23. Each one of us has the capability to stop feeding the predators.  Withdraw your consent in every way possible.
    I cut the parasites loose in 1977.

    • SeattleRain says:

      How did you do that, if I may ask.
      I would like to relocate to another country but have read that there is a new US Act stating that one has to pay a fee equal to one's property and financial holdings to opt out and become a citizen of, say, Denmark.
      I suppose Denmark is being sprayed w/Chemtrails as well. Thank you.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Seattle Rain, How you do this is buy a cheap piece of land with very low taxes. Bare land is fine. Live in a trailer/tiny home. Make your own waste recycling system/septic. Dig your own well if you are able to dig a shallow well if not dig a deeper well. (I am at the point where I am ready to say screw permits -the government has no right to tell you that you cant get water to live- I know you can dig for oil without permits so I would say do that and find water if you want to stay within the law) Rain catchment etc (civil disobedience at every step)..Get Solar and make it so your taxes every year nets you a refund without paying any taxes. Your taxes mean your time as a slave to this corrupted government. See the government does not need money, it is in bed with the Fraudulent Reserve, what it wants is the most precious thing in the universe…time. The more time devoted to yourself and the Earth the more the beast is starved. You must apply yourself to intensive agriculture, find vegetation and food which can thrive in the current conditions and help them thrive. Study plant nutrition and how to counter the effects of radiation and use shade cloth to deflect high UV.  Good luck

    • Nicole says:

      I'm lost on your statement as well Winston, do you mean just in general or is this spraying specific? In terms of the spray, there is no cutting them loose, the spraying omnicide is global, they are covering every square inch day and night. Relocating won't solve anything, we all share the same air and water.

  24. Heather says:

    Whether one believes climate change/global warming is being exacerbated/caused by geoengineering or not, online journalist Jim Stone – who lives in the part of Mexico where Hurricane Patricia took place – is swearing up & down that this "category 5" hurricane no more amounted to heavy rain:

    Jim Stone is concerned about this NOAA gag order which happened just a few days before "Hurricane Patricia" came out of nowhwere.  The West Coast is already being put on alert for whatever the geoengineering cronies are going to blame on El Nino.  Be prepared, folks.

  25. Kim says:

    My question is no longer why don’t people notice what is going on above their heads. They do notice, they have to notice, because at this point it is impossible NOT to notice.  They don’t acknowledge it because it is not affecting them directly, yet. And because if they acknowledge it, they then have to deal with it.  So, I guess my question now is, how can all those who are taking part in this, destroying the earth and everything in it, do it? I read the posting about the threats and what is done to them, but there are SO many people that are deniers…don’t any of them have ANY sort of conscience?  As Dane has said, they are going down with the ship too.  I feel like screaming at the sky as Marc has said.   And Amanda Perkins, I’m from Michigan too and you are right, the spraying has been greatly increased, and it’s sickening, literally, to sit outside and watch my kids play, watching trail after trail, and my youngest calling them rocket trails. 

    And as far as the gag orders go, “those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.”  It’s obvious they have everything to hide.

  26. penny says:

    Just had to get this off my chest.  Excuse the cheap rhyming schemes, please  🙂  I thought of several possible titles, but the only one that rang true was rather unwieldy: "Lamenting the Loss of Innocence Upon Getting Hit in the Face by the Cold, Ugly Facts at Fifty-four"

    On summer days, outdoors alone, the wondrous world became my own,
    I'd gallop wildly, stare up at the clouds:
    In those days, they were white as snow, not brown above nor green below;
    I'd be so glad of them, I'd laugh aloud.
    Now clouds, the real ones, are to be a lovely, heartsick memory
    The sky a hazy, heavy funeral shroud.

    The dolphins once leapt joyfully, and I would dream that I could be
    Among them, playing with the waves, at dawn.
    They were much wiser, then, than we; they understood morality;
    They didn't rape or plunder. Still, they're gone…
    And anyone with eyes to see can tell you: the killer was Man, and we
    Will follow the dolphins to death, before too long.

    I miss the birds soaring in the breeze, the wondrous greenness of the trees;
    I miss the blue depths of an unsprayed sky;
    I miss the days when dreams were clear, before my mind was dulled by fear
    And toxic metals falling. Tell me, why?
    Why this sick insanity, killing you, killing me?
    I ask, but all I'm given is a lie.
    I'll tell you why: both gluttony, and shunned responsibility.
    The Monsters, and the ones who didn't try.

    • Beautifully written, Penny.  Don't give up hope, though, the right people will hear of this eventually and all will be exposed.  I, too, have written to my congressman and others to no avail; but I know that God is in control and He will end this earth, not man.

  27. renae says:

    I think we should have hand held signs asking about the Chem trails where ever we see the Weather Channel setting up, as we know they won't answer our concerns, so make a silent sign and be diligent in making it seen…………………just a suggestion……

  28. jcc says:

    Stepped outside last nite about 3AM  , here in Gainesville , FL. and in an otherwise clear  , starlit sky, off to the west were   ……..      you guessed it , remnants of streaks in the sky.    Not Santas little helpers.   I've long wondered if anyone ever has followed any of these jets . I know I saw the pix of the interiors of planes with all the big cannisters etc. for spraying  but I wish someone could publish  facts about where these jets come from and go to.This info needs to be brought into the publics eye. Start protests.  Down in Guatemala they just KICKED   MONSANTO OUT OF THE  COUNTRY—  and they did it with protests .      I hope this is okay Dean ;; little off topic

    • Buttercup cottage says:

      I also live in Gainesville, FL and I watch from my home near the center on downtown as the planes cover the skies with their streaks. If there happens to be any real clouds the planes just connect their streaks with the clouds to result in total cloud cover and haze. The weather has been in the 90's this November. I spent last October and November all over the Mediterranean and Southern Europe and was surprised to see the planes doing the same thing there. I have photos and videos. My traveling companions just think I'm crazy although I have a BS in Chemistry and Biochemistry from UF.  Also, I spend my summers high in the Rockies and most winter and spring break holidays as well, and I can assure you the planes are covering the skies with persistent contrails. I drive across country every summer out to Colorado, and I video tape and photograph the planes and the skies. It's infuriating to watch pilots write letters in the sky or big grids and wonder why no one cares. The snow this year in Colorado was denser and just as Dane mentioned, it weighed the trees down and stayed when the temp was way above freezing. This is a worldwide event. What I don't understand is when there are big beautiful "real" clouds in the planes come anyway. What is the point?? Is it weather modification for corrupt governments to make money on weather derivatives in the stock market? Is it to dim the sun and solar radiation, bc that just doesn't feel like it's working. Is it to control the crops and weather and then take over on a mass global scale? What is the point? What are they hiding up there in the sky?

      I want answers and I agree a large scale geoengineering program has been going on for many years.  What I don't get is, what are the people that do know about this program doing to protect themselves and their families? Any ideas on what to do? The only silver lining is the beautiful full color sunsets all over the world caused by the chemical particulates. 

      Dane, thank you for all of your tireless work to bring this out into the public. 

  29. No law in your heart = No law in your world…
    Federal Courts,Treason: No Jurisdiction in 50 Sovereign States
    It is instructive to listen carefully to the video regarding the "Act" of 1871…

    • Marie says:

      If you look carefully – at first you will see a "beautiful sunset" of pink and orange colors, but just wait awhile and you will see these "pretty" pink clouds turn an ugly gray/black….and that is the chemicals you are seeing!! The beautiful sunsets you see are actually our DOOM!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      penny:  Thank you so much for posting this latest insanity pointed out by the ever-wonderful enenews.  As we all know here, nuclear ANYthing is NOT SAFE AT ANY SPEED. 

      Now let's try to imagine what's going to happen at ALL the sites around the globe where nuclear waste is being "stored.." Earth is suffering from an OVERLOAD of idiot psychopaths who actually believe their own bullshit that says "the desert is a wasteland" so it's "okay" to "store" all the poisonous crap there that you've created on the way to making messes that can't possibly ever be cleaned up. 

  30. Diogenes says:

    Metal intoxication is part of the underlying pathology of AUTISM!!!
    Between Chemtrails and  metals in vaccines, now mandatory, they are
    Attempting to render our children into neurological cripples for life so
    Humanity cannot defend itself from the Dracos. Glutathione is the body's natural antioxidant and detoxification molecule. Tylenol
    Depletes glutathione and is the trigger for Autism.  Big Pharma is in on the deal and needs to be ruined by a million lawsuits!!!!
    Bring on the Lawyers and hang the Bastard enablers!!!!

    • Truth Prowler says:

      To Diogenes…My 20 year old grandson will fight his Autism the rest of his life.  Early intervention really helped but society will never have the full benefit of his brilliant mind lost deep in Autism.  The depopulation of the world is an evil business…       We have resisted those horrible shots ever since and have cautioned everyone we know to make good choices for their children.  Despite the evidence, people don't listen and consider me a kook—especially about the chem trails….The NWO has enslaved us with ignorance. 

  31. ken says:

    Hi Dane

    I gave this site to 2 alternative news/blogs that cover other articles about chemtrails last week and this week I noticed they are posting your stuff.  I'm hoping their subscribers are posting/twittering/emailing to others.

    • penny says:

      Congratulations, Ken!  So far I have had zero luck with getting alternative types to take this seriously, though when speaking one-to-one with people things generally go well.  Then, of course, I feel like I should apologize for destroying their happiness. But being ignorant won't help anyone, and we can 'always look on the bright side of death,' right?  Just give a whistle!

    • Marie says:

      The children/babies who get these vaccines are passing on these DNA genes/cells to the next generation. Even IF the next generation gets NO vaccines they will still be damaged from these poisons in their parents bodies. What the ptb (powers that be) are PURPOSELY doing is….CONTAMINATING THE HUMAN GENE POOL !!! People in the future, if we have a future will continue to be sickly and weak. Children who get the vaccines have auto immune diseases, autism, asthma, diabetes, food allergies. Do you know WHY children have an allergy to peanuts? Because they use peanut OIL in some of the vacines and the body becomes allergic to it!!

  32. None of this spraying made any sense because it is self destructive. You must understand that the evil behind this has wanted to destroy the earth and all life on it.They have their underground bases all across the U.S.A These bases are huge and built for the military and those considered to be the the book of revelation book 6 vs.13-17. Vs 16 :And said to the mountains and rocks"Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him That sitteth on the.throne,and from the wrath of Lamb." If you want some where to start try Evergreen Air.It is a busy airport and owned by the CIA. I live in Las Vegas and noticed that these planes come from the SW  

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, the rats are burrowing.  If you go to Rev. 17 and 18, you will note a surprise.  This will leave them with little or no time to utilize their taxpayer funded boltholes.  Geoengineering is a part of the science/warfare madness.  One can't possibly take on every outrageous assault upon us and all life on earth.  Geoengineering is so obvious and in our face that one can be personally compelled to express a demand that it cease.  After all, one needs no detector or microscope to see.  It is the elephant.  The other day I was perusing a Defence department website, by accident as it linked from somewhere else from a university. I was astounded at the science projects being conducted, the experiments on so many concepts, all of them sponsored by the military for warfare purposes.  The scientific language was so finessed and beyond my comprehension, that I realized fully that Dr. Frankenstein is complete mad and out of control.  We have literally been captured by technology of the most wicked kinds.

    • Christian Gains says:

      ABSOLUTELY right Robert! ALL of these manipulations by Govt. are part & parcel of a MUCH LARGER Agenda than MOST, (even MANY in the "Resistance"), realize, because FAR too many are ONLY viewing these matters in the physical, and ignoring, or minimizing, the Spiritual significance. (Not necessarily their fault, after ALL, there's been over 100 year project of physicalizing, [Science], EVERY aspect of life, regardless of the origins of the manipulations). It is commonly accepted now that: EVERYTHING HAS TO BE EXPLAINABLE IN THE PHYSICAL…whereas, just + – 300 yrs. ago, the possibility of Spiritual influences were generally considered to ALSO be a legitimate factor for evaluation of events. We most assuredly are moving into a "demonically motivated tyrannical system"…therefore folks, YOU EACH need to determine WHAT dimension you intend to trust…your ears, eyes, and senses ONLY, or your SPIRITUAL senses also.

      Sadly, (for FAR too many), "SCIENCE" has become their "god", whom they worship, and, UTTERLY trust. BEWARE! BE AWARE!

  33. wayne says:

    We need action, I read the posts, Dane’s daily updates, but the insanity of spray jets is nonstop as they attempt to obscure the constant polluting of earth, life and all that exists.
    Tonight, after I worked a long week to pay my bills and “Federal and State Income Tax”, I attempted to relax in my back yard under the moonlight, sure enough it started back and forth nonstop jets leaving a mess above, I aimed my laser light into the sky, dust lite the beam up like snow flurries, I had to go in before I became sick.
    I understand Dane, Geoengineering Staff, you and I, through Dane’s courageous and noteworthy action are seeking a legal remedy, however, the very system that we’re seeking action against, I believe is the system that is allowing the insanity to begin with.
    A different kind of resolve needs to be taken, not sure “what”, but I believe with all the folks involved and the many, many intelligent posts that I’ve read , we the people can drive a sword through the heart of this beast.
    I’m asking that we brainstorm an alternative path towards some form of negotiation and dialogue, and demand that this deadly nonsense cease. Yes, I too have contacted my Congressional Representative, Paul Cook without the common courtesy of a return email or call.
    I must ask you all to double your commitment and energy to wake up the country.
    My sincere gratitude to Dane, and all supporters to the cause.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, the media exposure from a credible legal filing will have the desired effect, reaching a critical mass of awareness. The eventual outcome of a court case in a rigged system is not relevant.

    • KeB says:

      Where do you live? I live next to Wright Part Area Force base and scared as **** on what might happen. Especially remembering what my stepfather and my best friends father have said, quote "there are things happening you don't want to know about" and " I'm not privilaged to tell you what's going on" ummmm, very secretive and sketchy

    • George Schroder says:

      What can wake the sleeping giant that is We The People? We slept through 9-11 and still do in spite of massive forensic analyses proving it to be a false flag operation. We went to the streets by the millions to protest the rape of Iraq and were utterly ignored… and did nothing about it. etc etc. How can we help each other to waken and act together? 

      I disagree with you completely Dane. Sure, let's take legal action… but it won't be covered in the media. They will ignore it. It's not enough, soon enough. This is a war and we're in it and most of us are sleeping through it. People in my own family who have great respect for me can't hear it even from me. It's too much for them. Those of us who see it point it out to whom? to each other… We don't have another year to dither. These fools are rubbing us out. I am an old man with a family I love. I think maybe a few million of us elders might consider something like Gandhi's march to the sea for salt… We've had our lives; let's offer the last bit to do whatever is necessary to waken the world to its own imminent destruction.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello George, the climate engineering issue is unlike any other, there is no hiding from the decimation. People were able to ignore 911 and go on with their lives, not the case with the geoengineering assault. We will get media coverage, just got off a 90 minute call with all the attorneys from Canada and the US. The wheels are turning.

    • Steve Parsons says:


    • Mary Noonan says:

      This is obviously a program making certain people a lot of money.  It has been my experience with government and industry that the only way they'll stop is if you continue to strike them in the wallet.
      In one example,  i saw a community protect their well-water through "counter-terrorism" measures, if you know what i mean. It worked. The industry decided it was too expensive to continue in this area.
      Dane can do his thing in the legal arena, and others can do what they are good at, which is getting rid of environmental terrorists like those spraying our skies.
      Every little bit helps.

    • Trace Meek says:

      Maybe the solution is to do what they do start our own organization and give people instructions on what to do. Have meetings and say this is what we are going to do this month if everyone who is a member follows the instructions I believe we could stop this. 

  34. david K says:

    Welcome to our legal system with its statutes, codes and contracts. its legal but its not lawful or just.

  35. Rosalie says:

    It's in the vaccines.  It's in the GMOs.  It's in the cocktail of pills so many take. It's in the water.  It's in the skies. It's in the EMFs and HAARP. We're walking amongst criminal minds altered by all of these toxins and frequencies.  It's altered the genetic makeup so badly; that is why people are not waking up. That's my theory. I saw this first-hand with my now ex-husband.  His personality changed after receiving flu shots two years in a row.  I see how people behave as if they don't have a conscience.  Even driver etiquette has changed enormously.  This has been my personal experience.  Our youth should be fighting the good fight , but they're not.  My young adult kids have no clue what is really going on.  It troubles me very much.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rosalie, my own mother has all but disowned me as she refuses to face reality. The same with my only brother. Don’t allow resistance from anyone to deter you from holding to the truth. All those that have so far chosen to remain asleep at the wheel will soon be forced to wake.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Wow, Dane, I'm really sorry to hear that about your mother's and brother's reactions. My mother and sister were pretty supportive, but my brother thought I was a nutcase.  I was constantly looking at the sky, and saw many other things besides the planes.


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The kiddies mostly ALL just want more of the Status Quo– nice big houses in the suburbs, fancy cars in the driveway, "designer label" university educations, fancy "round the world" vacations– what OUR parents wanted for us– too many are mostly still just a bunch of materialists who willfully refuse to see that cliff we're plunging over, even as we fall over the edge of this lethal path that we insist to continue traveling upon.

    • Marie says:

      I agree with you totally Rosalie !!

  36. Jimmy says:

    Morgellons researcher Clifford Carnicom was able to obtain particulate from certain chemtrails which contained a hexagon-shaped disease causing micro fiber that grows and joins up with other like fibers once trapped inside the biologic tissue of the homo sapien body. 

  37. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …..Here in WA state Seattle area they spray non stop night and day…if they take one day off you are super lucky…if there is cloud cover they spray just above the clouds lots because no one is the wiser that is when it is the worst….you can actually taste it in mouth and throat….people just don't know what it is…but you can see people wheezing nonetheless…..including myself….when there is little or no cloud cover they choose higher elevations to not be noticed…. with little cloud cover they will start and stop their streams close to the clouds thinking they can hide it somewhat….poison yes….definably in my opinion nothing short of a….HOLOCAUST…

    • Kathy brown says:

      Why does no one stop them! !!! ! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kathy, “we are the ones we have been waiting for” as the Hopi elder said. This battle will take all of us, lets all effectively sound the alarm, further instructions are below.

    • Michael — Is there any organized group in Seattle protesting this? I read that the Mayor of Port Townsend was against the electronic warfare, but no one even seems to notice the spraying covering the Olympic Peninsula here in Sequim. I'm taking photos from my house on a hill to document the daily horror. There are so many old and sick people here. I have only been back in the USA for a year now and really don't know anyone here in Sequim. There must be some organization in Seattle?  Thank you – Susan

  38. Charles says:

    Here in South Carolina, since the hurricane few weeks ago, we have had an apparent suspension of the geoengineering spraying in the skies. We have had Blue Skies these past few weeks, no chemtrails and virtually no clouds!! I almost forgot what they looked like !

    UNTIL today 10/23/2015, the geoengineering spraying in the skies went on all day long, crisscrossing the skies, with dozens of chemtrails looking almost like the picture of the skies on the geoengineering FB page !!

    Was this apparent hiatus until today in the geoengineering spraying have anything to do with the 'Gag Order' imposed on the government workers ?

  39. Eagle:Scout says:

    Easiest way to make a statement would be to wear a particle mask such as a 3M 100 micron and when someone ask you why are you wearing a mask ? Point up towards the sky and explain we are being sprayed …

    • John D says:

      You make a great point! For us that have kids we should ALL have our kids wear masks at school when they are out playing in the yard, and if the school refuses then take your kid out of school with the claim they are allergic to the spraying. Maybe if we bring enough attention to the issue we can make media attention.. just a thought.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Eagle, I have pointed up to freiends about the sky, and in doing so I mention this is a way the government is fighting global warming. However, were finding out the chemicals used are very harmfull to all forms of life including humans. Yes I understand it's a bit of a white lie, but I mention look into it. GLOBAL WARMING is a BUZZ Word and will open up some thought. I'm doing OK with this and I transition to Dane's site Geo…  It works a little better than a chemtrail conspiracy. I also provide every video on my Facebook page… WE MUST THINK BIG AND GET THOUSANDS AT the UN meetings and State Capitals… 

    • Sky Warrior says:

      Great idea, better yet, on heavy spray days, wear a gas mask.  That will really turn heads.

  40. Ron Jones says:

    That's a great idea.  Did you tell him to consider who he is working for, and what is being sacrificed as a result?  How did you get the local airport tower's number?  I've never thought of calling the tower.  I live near San Francisco, and would love to call one of the towers at SFO and  chat with whomever answered the phone.

  41. Marc says:

    Since most of us now understand that there is no such thing anymore as a "natural" hurricane, much less a "natural" trajectory for such a hurricane, I find myself asking why on f**king earth are these monsters steering Patricia directly into Puerta Vallarta? Are the bets on the Chicago Mercantile derivatives all laid on whether or not Puerta Vallarta will be leveled? Bets, too, on how many billions of dollars of damage done and how many lives lost? I can't f**king believe this!!!! THIS HURRICANE IS BEING STEERED!!! PERIOD!!!! This sucks beyond everything!! These worthless goons at the controls of the sea-based HAARP (SBX) are out there like ultra mad scientists f**king with this hurricane and there ain't a damn thing anybody can do about it. All we can do is watch the horror movie unfold. But why Puerta Vallarta? Is this some Cabalist's idea of a good time on Friday night? Jesus Christ!!!! 

    • BaneB says:

      Can only speculate:  hit Mexico where it hurts, i. e. in the tourism and the income from such.  Mexico is planning to or has done so…. Legalized cannabis use.  I don't know the detail yet, but the US has responded by cutting off funding for the drug war there.  Actually, removing the funding is good news for the people of Mexico.  Bad news for the sponsors of terrorism in that region.  Is there a connection?  I don't know.  Purely speculation on my part.  I notice a major tropical storm northeast of Hawaii this morning.  Moisture is being pumped big time toward California and the Pacific Northwest.  Will we get a decent rain here in Mendocino County in the next few days?  There were some gargantuan chemtrails over me last night.  That bodes ill for appreciable rain if any.  The director of the National Weather Service is Louis Uccellini.  He has been gagging on a bunch of weather related forecasts screwups of late.

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Cjay, provocative video by William Mount. Wow!!!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Someone's probably in Puerto Vallarta that "They" in the Rogue U.S. military-industrial-banking Cabal don't like.  Besides, hitting Puerto Vallarta would do a few nasty things to Mexico, such as:

      * Kill the tourist industry and weaken the Mexican economy thereby

      * Kill the drug cartels that are fighting over money with CIA

      * Send a message to Mexico and the rest of the world what will happen to them if they continue trying to side with other countries against U.S. Dollar hegemony.

    • Bobbi Kelly says:

      And why all of a sudden are all these hurricanes in the Pacific now? Last year, I remember at least 3 heading for Hawaill. There never used to be very many hurricanes on the Pacific side of the U.S.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Marc.  Now that it is over, and knowing what we do, you gotta admit that whomever steered this monster did an amazing job.  High fives all around!  I mean, had this been a race car driving event, what a win.  Missed two vulnerable "targets" going between them, as well as sucking the life out of one weird hurricane.  A warning?  A distraction?  And then, Afghanistan leveled.  Yet another mega earthquake.  What really really irks me is how very little media reports there are on MSM, even CNN is not interested unless lots and lots of disaster porn to be milked. 

  42. Robo Sapien says:

    Every single old movie I download  that is re released in 1080p has chemtrails added in. In every single movie and I have got old VHS on some of them like Lawrence of Arabia to quickly point out the trails. It is overwhelming the lengths they are going to. Sometimes I have to look at the videos I have to make sure I have jumped to a new quantum time line where it HAS always been like this. The only thing that is 1080p in these re released movies ARE the chemtrails. The Road (2009) is a terrifying movie but great I suggest you all watch it.

    • KeB says:

      I even watched breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time, geoengineering baked into the sky's! I'm just waiting for the world to wake up, can't even make my boyfriend do the same! Grrrr

    • Rachel Robson says:

      That is some sick **** Robo.  To re-do old films to add chemtrails?!!  Dear Deities, that would be one heck of a lot of work, not to mention expense.  At least the movie Argo showed the government working with Hollywood.  So, I wonder who they hired?  If it can be sniffed out?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, though some films may have been remastered, others could easily have had spraying in the backgrounds as we know that the programs have been going on at a significant level for over 65 years.

    • Marie says:

      The movie Threads is even more depressing than The Road. It's an old movie so i don't know if you can find it. It's about how people try to survive after a Nuclear War. Very depressing. Don't let children watch it.

  43. beretta says:

    South Akansas is chemtrail central. They have gotten worse in the last 6 months than ive ever seen.When I try to tell people that the chemtrails are not natural and the weather isnt either they pay no attention.

    • employee says:

      This is why I and others won't risk our jobs to be "whistle blowers".  No one pays attention.  It will be way too late by the time the public gets interested. 
      If you read the news then you have seen how "whistle blowers" are decimated by the government.  No job, no income, no benefits and no one will hire you because you will be blackballed. 
      I can tell you that 'Satan' is truly in charge.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “employee”, I certainly understand your angst at the publics lack of support so far. What still must be considered is that very very soon, paychecks and pensions won’t matter, the ship is going down by the day. Hope all government employees will find a way to band together and come out from the shadows.

    • Ron Jones says:

      Hello, beretta.  Please stick with scientific terms – they are global aerosol spraying programs.  These programs are known as stratospheric aerosol geoengineeing (SAG) and solar radiation management (SRM).  Using terms like chemtrails undermines our message, and are easily discredited.  Thank you for everything you're doing in this fight.

    • Hi beretta: We have exactly the same situation here in Michigan. They have been massively stepping up their chemtrail assaults over the past 6 months. And when I point if out to people it's like they just don't see it. I called the the airport control tower in Flint and asked if they were aware of all the extra air traffic primarily flying east to west and west to east. I asked if he was aware that they were spraying chemicals. He lied to me and said it was normal air traffic going to Chicago with normal contrails. He said that chemtrails is a conspiracy.

    • Captain Midnight says:

      Ron is right.
      Learn and interpret the technical, speak logically and transfer in laymen's terms.
      People listen to emotion, but they hear Leadership when cultivated.
      Debate amongst ourselves is easy. Revolution is.formed by shared passions.
      So go out, face-to-face, …and share it logically and passionately with facts, but with little emotion.
      CM out…

  44. Alan Wilson says:

    Here's what I have to offer.  I wonder if anybody else feels this way.  

    I feel helpless.  I feel angry.  In fact, I feel very, very angry.  While they're in the process of killing off life on earth, if they're eventually forced to say SOMETHING about it, they will tell us it's for our own good without knowing or caring that it could be otherwise.  It will be lies piled on lies.  

    Anyway, I'm really struggling with the thought that I will never see truly blue sky again.  I don't feel like I should have to be grateful for the odd mornings when the sky is "almost" blue.  I feel like a caged animal. I'm deprived of the sun and natural weather and I feel like I can't breathe.  I want to lash out at the airplanes, their pilots, and the people who are ordering them up there to do what they're doing.  In essence, I feel like my humanity is being taken away.  Maybe this all sounds over the top to you.  Maybe I just have an over-developed animal sense. But, I feel like I'm in prison every damn day, and I didn't do anything wrong.  On bad spray days like today in San Diego I go into a very dark place mentally.  There are no words I can use in a public forum to describe how I feel about the people who are responsible for making me feel like this.

    Sorry, I just had to vent.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Alan,  I feel exactly like you every minute of every day. We are not alone, our numbers are growing exponentially. Turn your anger and angst into fuel for this all important battle. All of us are needed to move the ball forward in this battle every single day, never give up.

    • Marc says:

      Alan, every word echoes in my mind as having been thought by my very own self. I could not have articulated my feelings any better than what you've just done here. Deep gratitude to you for having the courage to share in front of thousands what you are feeling.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      The exact caged feeling happened to me and I also felt like I couldn't breathe. My experience is almost note for note the same as yours. I kept hiking looking for the blue but the haze increased my anxiety. You are not alone your comments sum up my daily experience as well

    • Rita Dolphin says:

      Yes, I feel it too. So hard to stay happy when the sky is constant reminder of how bad things are. I am relieved to see I am not alone. The skies over Auburn California are a checker board most days. What can we do? I have small children and cry for their future. 

    • jeremy says:

      Hello Alan,
      I understand how you feel.  However, grieving over your current insecurities is not going to be much help to the cause.  I have felt the same way for the last 7 years and finally decided to be proactive.  It will take a lot of effort and perseverance to wake up the masses from their inchoate state of awareness.  Do not despair, however.  One stone at a time is what my trade taught me.  Some will fit, others you have to bypass. Do your best in spreading the message.

    • Ron Jones says:

      Alan, I understand exactly how you feel, and indeed believe I feel very similarly.  I want to track down aircraft and confront at the pilot as he/she exisits the aircraft, and ask they what the *!@% they are doing?!  Etc., etc.  Thank you for your efforts – I appreciate them, as do many many others. 

    • Pat Curry says:

      I feel the same. I get sick to my stomach sometimes when I think about and it and can't do anything except tell people who won't believe me. 

    • mazz says:

      Alan, all you feelings and emotions are right on the dot. I feel the same way. i can even tell you why we are feeling thins way from psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual perspective, no one who is in touch can feel good under these circumstances, everything in you as blood, cells is not meant or designed for these conditions, on a vibrational level (my field of study) this is disturbing the very essence of you being (you soul). the grey light frequency reflected down on us is changing the very element of our nature. the air polarity and density is being altered and so it's oxygen content, add to that the ozone UVB rays as well as the toxic particulates themselves and you know why you-me and people like us are feeling this way. we have entered darkest times, our salvation lies in halting these programs and allowing nature to re-balance it's course. the goal now must be to get as many people on board to know and fight with us. thank you for sharing you feelings.

    • Wes from Nebraska says:

      I felt and feel the same way. A couple of times it felt like insanity. I've mentioned on here in an earlier post. It feels like a dark claustrophobic cave and I need to get to direct sunlight, only it doesn't exist. We don't get any direct sunlight. It's probably been a couple of decades. It's insanity.

      The other day it looked "clear". You could see what appeared like blue skies all day but then there was a window of about 45 minutes where the sun was hitting it just right, you could see stripes. These were really close right next to each other way up in the stratosphere and they covered the whole sky.  They were at a much higher altitude than the jet trails that crisscross the sky on an almost daily basis this last year. Then after that 45 minute window closed, you couldn't see them anymore. The whole atmosphere is saturated with this filth.  

    • Tim C says:

      I feel the same. The depression and helplessness I feel everyday here in   Denver (what used to be 300 sunny days) is unimaginable. We get the white muck crap by noon everyday and it leads to spine fish clouds, chalk clouds, cotton candy clouds etc…it makes me so angry.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, turn your anger into fuel for the fight to raise awareness. Make it a daily mission to wake others, and ask them to do the same. We are closer to critical mass than most realize, lets all keep up our pace.

    • Alan…exactly. Helpless and ANGRY! Our own government has totally turned against 'we the people' and is using our tax payer dollars to kill us, to poison the air we breathe, the water, our soil – so much for organic food. I have all the symptoms — chronic digestive issues for the last ten years, body aches, lowered immune system, little energy, my nose runs for no reason. I moved to New Zealand for 7 years, thinking I would get better. It didn't occur to me that I was carrying the toxic aluminum, barium, etc. I inhaled/absorbed In Charlottesville VA with me – and so I got progressively worse. I'm almost 70 and wonder… It's really a sickening feeling to see the reminder of such malicious betrayal written in the sky.

    • Doug says:

      It's important to keep your mind healthy and aware. If you allow your mind to slip into the abyss you might never recover, you could lose everything and you lose the ability to fight what's causing your situation. Life must go on and a good healthy life requires good feelings and happy times along with the struggles to fight the evil that haunts you. It's a balance that must be learned and exercised.   

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I am now at the point in this process where I go to sleep with metal nano-particulates dumping on me all night long, then fall asleep to dream literally of climbing through an escape hatch, moving from the matrix of a dried-up and dying world into the cool embrace of a healthy redwood forest where people still have actual hearts and brains, and do simple things, like play music for pleasure and take long hikes for the health of body and soul.  Then I wake up, heart pounding, dying of thirst, to The Nightmare Reality WE have LET THIS BECOME, to live in HELL, one more day, every day, all over again.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I too feel what you feel and oh so many others have commented the same.  Now, I guess, everyone gets to know what it feels like to be Indian!

    • Marie says:

      And ya know what is also very sad? To know that the plants, trees and animals are dying too. I am in Western NY state and just the other day i have seen ONE Monarch butterfly this late in September. I stood very still and it landed on my blouse. It's the only one i have seen all summer. And i have seen only a very few yellow jacket bees this summer and the last. (2016-2017) When i first moved here 17 yrs ago i got stung a lot in the summer as there were a lot of yellow jacket bees and a fair number of bee nests. I have not seen one bee nest this summer or the last! So i believe the bees are dying, and i just thought of something…i used to see a fair amount of Toads too hopping around. I have not seen a Toad in at least two years. In early summer i did hear frogs in the pond next door, but not after that. Now it is quiet. Maybe they are hibernating? But it's been 80 degrees out for over a month and this is the end of September.

  45. Nigel says:

    Very heavy spraying here in Northern Nevada today, 08/23/2015. My throat is hurting again.. Awful. and seeing them spray their toxic clouds over beautiful lake Tahoe is criminal. 

  46. Robo Sapien says:

    I believe everything is being compounded by the unchecked release of tritium from the Fukushima Daichi plant. Tritium, a highly emissive isotope of Hydrogen bonds with O2 to form heavy water, there are massive amounts of heavy water (400-1000 tons of water daily outflow)coming down all over the globe in the form of rain. I believe this exacerbates the deterioration of the biosphere as plants and animals cannot differentiate between heavy water and regular water thus when consumed the damage is internal. I have notice many trees appear to be boiling alive, I believe this may be part of the cause as radiation is heat energy.

    • Carol Joy says:

      Prior to the Japanese Tsunami of March 2011, the Weather channel would display the NOAA's satellite images. So if I cared to watch the Weather Channel, I could view the entire scope of the globe, from basically Utah all the way on back to Japan. This way I could some what predict the weather, if there were no aerial spraying programs disrupting the natural patterns. Then after the nuclear catastrophe caused by the earthquake and tsunami, the Weather Channel would not give the satellite images any more play. After a while, they returned to doing it, but with this year's intense ploys to destroy the El Nino that might be able to rescue the West Coast from the drought (much of it man made, BTW)  the Weather Channel is once again omitting the overall global satellite images. The Powers that Be do not want us to have any way to realize what they are doing in terms of screwing us over.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Carol, I am not sure that Fukushima was not sabotaged intentionally. It was built to function totally submerged. The Earthquake and Tsunami I believe were cover for this act of terrorism… on 3/11 the auspicious twin of 9/11.  It had three thermal induction pumps ( the heat of reaction drives the pumps) it was tied to the ocean because of this precaution. Each pump could cool the entire plant. Triple back up not including the untouched diesel engines. This is beside the fact the Japanese had auxillary power on site within hours… the siemens pump switches malfunctioned ala stuxnet. If this were to be true then we are truly at war already.  Dont worry though, just prepare. A human without options is a desperate human indeed.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The massive amounts of UV energy is boiling the trees alive mainly. 

      The Japanese got "earthquaked" because they were seriously trying to dump the U.S. Dollar hegemony and become much more local.  In the end, geography trumps all.. especially when there is no energy source to run your Precious War Machines, but who nees 'em any more, now that space has been weaponized by the U.S. military, who are convinced that they actually own it, too.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Dennie, the damaging effects of radiation cannot be overstated.  I think high UV is intensely damaging  but life evolved through high UV phases and periods of weak magnetic shields (polar shifts), life should be able to cope to a degree with high UV.  UV is outside of the plant. Deciduous trees put new leaves out every year they should be able to cope with higher UV stress. UV does not explain being boiled alive from within, its the Tritium that does.   No living thing was made to ingest Tritium.  They are being boiled alive because the water they are uptaking is radioactive and emitting beta particles. These particles dont die with the plant they its the gift that keeps on giving. I do think high UV terribly damaging but we have never seen a tritium release like we are currently witnessing. Do not underestimate the deleterious effects of radiation. We are all suffering immensely from Fukushima.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo, I believe you are right about this.  

  47. horsegirl says:

    I want to share the experience of being groomed for a media job.  As an artist from 1980-83 at the SMFA in Boston, I studied via an informal exchange program at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies and had ready, frequent acces to Nick Negroponte's Architecture Machine Group lab (as they were named then).  I had internships with MIT's cable televisino system and Boston Film Video Foundation.  

    As artisits using media we were encouraged to sign on with the DOD.  "Think of the DOD as the new Medici family" Negroponte urged.  That we should look to live on their dole as artists among the little experiment in progress with our group, a cross-pollination expermiment between artists and scientists.  This was explicit, not hidden.  Negroponte's heartthrob interest – a voice recognition cell that would cause the digitized cache of Richard Nixon's image to say absolutely anthing the operator wanted – was enough to effectually send me out of the place with hair on fire.  

    In fact the Reagan administration was overt in bigging up its Star Wars agenda.  We are now living with the results of that impetus.  I haven't returned to research the hype from that era but explicit mention of geoengineering would not surprise me.

    Harriet C Silver's white light holography I saw at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies in the 80's certainly is about to see its moment.  This is what I think of concerning this gag order.  They're about to step things up.  Get psychadelic.  Go for holographic imagery, for which aluminized skies are an idea backdrop  I would not be surprised to see beings addressing the masses from clouds.  Don't laugh – it would get superb traction i illiterate areas (which includes the US anymore by me).  Go ahead, call me a conspiracy theorist.  But I've heard the very "scientists" speak in person.  I was there 33 years ago and heard the top scientific brass talking about one world government.  Interviewed Jerome Weisner and Bernard Feld about the folly of atomic power.  Heard many give lip service to abolition of physical currency.  The sorcerers have been stirring the pot over the past century. Tthink we've seen weird media?  Just wait. Negroponte meant business and we can see what his brother John – resident deep state defense department lurker lizerd – did in Nicaragua for a foretaste and history of the pseudoscience of torture.  We are at the hands of true fiends.   Pray without ceasing.

    • S. Amato says:

      Great piece of writing. It's true. The different metals they use provide different colors when they react and capture the moisture we so desperately need. Satellites and HAARP do the rest. And I have also read about using the reflectivity of the particulates as a movie screen. Recalling old super 8 movie screens that possessed a granular type, crystal coating that better captures to reflect the image to the viewer – it makes sense. Edison's moving-picture machine was stolen, winding up in California, resulting in the movie industry… which of course led to the earliest high tech forms of mind control via the moving image and TV.

      I am not surprised to hear this. What does surprise me is the fact that there are people out there who will take the bait hook, line and sinker.

      We are living in the age of weaponized everything.

    • BaneB says:

      Mystery Babylon and all her 'sorceries….'  Negroponte = dark place.  The corpses are piled high in Central America.  You refer to abject evil of a kind that makes my skin crawl.  Your comment about an aluminum aerosoled atmosphere being a ideal 'screen' for the devil's holography has me thinking.  There are some indications of holography over Moscow, and the Norway Spiral of a few years ago.  Currently my mind is absorbed by Hurricane Patricia, said to be the strongest ever with winds exceeding 200 mph.  The "experts" say they are surprised because it seems to have come from out of nowhere.  And so quickly.  Did Mexico do something contrary to Babylon's monetary interests.  Is this storm manufactured and meant to send a message?  In today's sorceries anything is probable.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Horsegirl, Hello!  Gee, you Do get around!  While I've not heard of, but want to now, Harriet C. Silver's white light holography, I was first introduced to holography in '67 and '68.  I had some friends in KC proper, near the University of Missouri at KC, and Lawrence Hall of Science I think it was, and these friends had just come back from Russia-a conference there on psychic phenomena in which they participated in various experiments and were introduced to holography.  Russia was, at that time anyway, known for being big into these things. And I fell in love with holography, getting its potential right away, leading me to invent, on paper, a three dimensional form of which I envisioned being used for medical purposes.  Fast forward to the recent past and the TV show: Bones.  I know almost everyone here hates TV and puts it down, but some things on Television I really have liked and as a very sick, crippled person it helps at times to laugh, or learn, or at least be distracted from such incredible pain I have to live with.  I like Bones for many reasons but the main reason, in the beginning was Esmeralda.  In the show, the character Angela invents a sort of table top hologram thing, maybe three feet cubed, in which people and objects could be constructed and moved and changed to fit various scenarios in order to find out how they could have died.  It was "dead" on what I invented on paper.  In the almost late 60s I could go no further, although I was involved at the excellent museum right by and their cutting edge art display of technological art, such as a room in which your movements made music.  Kinda simple but innovative at the time.  Over the decades, it stunned me that no one took my hologram idea and ran with it.  By '69 I was living on top of the Rockies being the first female ski lift operator though I did not know how to ski, and getting to know a pack of wolves before they apparently disappeared and so never returned to these friends and my idea.  Imagine my shock and glee at seeing it realized exactly, for all practical purposes, on Bones.  I was thrilled.  Excited.  But, after 2 or 3 years, Esmeralda disappeared without a word from the show.  The "Angelatron" took its place sorta kinda, nowhere near as far sighted and cool.  Not one mention on the show of Esmeralda after that.  Which told me that someone had patented it, or it was already, or snatched and gagged.  I know this can work.  I know it could work in our skies now.  Then, in BaneB's comment below about holograms in the skies over Russia and Norway a few years ago-so possible!  I remember in the late 60s or shortly after, the US began to take somewhat seriously and competitively the "psychic" stuff Russia was doing as well as holograms on a large scale, you know as opposed to stickers and pictures.  Three dimensional holograms that can move and are very realistic, and via other properties, can show heat emanating from where, etc. Heat signatures indicating various things.  So, I find what you are saying not laughable, rather entirely possible, but if it happened, I would be laughing!  I know many Americans are effectively illiterate, but that makes them uneducated, not stupid.  The same for others.  However, those awaiting the Resurrection might fall for it!

      I also well remember Reagan and Teller's idea for Star Wars, which in said theory was to protect us from enemy missiles and asteroids, meteorites, etc., via a sort of plasma shield.  As far as I recall this is what led to HAARP being constructed.  When Star Wars ended, HAARP just sat for awhile until new ideas along old lines, meaning it dawned on someone to use this for a weapon with weather and so those experiments began.

  48. Ben says:

    Recently law has changed to demand that some public companies report the pay difference between CEO and other employees (, This new rule seems to support organizational transparency so interested people can better understand what an organization is doing. How is it than that federal and national organizations that serve the population are not required to report or disclose organizational functioning?  If all Federal organizations function in secrecy how are we going to maintain a Democracy? Do we still have a Democracy or are we living in a Security State where the population is chattel?  


    • IMNAHA says:

      Because the "Federal Government" became a corporation with it's own Constitution in 1913. It subsequently created the Trading With The Enemy Act which was later amended to legally define American citizens as enemies during emergencies. Each president has kept the emergency clause alive so we have literally been in a state of emergency all our lives. So now you know why "they" can spray us like vermin and keep everyone shut up LEGALLY. 

    • Really (Seriously) says:

      There is no more democracy.  Be thankful!!!!!! We are not evolved enough to be democratic.  We elect in our own best interests only and at worst elect who we are told too.  Sooooooooooo.  where does that leave all of us?  Slaves? Idiots? Followers?

    • Marie says:

      Democracy is Mob Rule. We are supposed to be a Republic!

  49. Carolyn says:

    Thank you as always Dane. I have traveled outside the country its true ever country is spraying the sky's but the united states of America is the worst. What I see here in California day in and day out is what I saw in Africa, Kenya in the late 1980,s and the 1990 s
    The death off the trees

  50. Sharon says:

    I'm a RN at the Madras, Oregon, hospital. The ER Nurse told me today that they are having a large increase of respiratory cases lately and asked me what I knew in my Medical/Surgical department. I gave her a copy of the two-sided flyer and told her that this would give her the answer. They are spraying very heavy in Northern and Central Oregon, with both, white spray and black spray. The white spray at high altitudes and the black spray at lower altitudes. My husband said that one plane was spraying black aerosol at  low altitude over Mt. Jefferson (he uses Plane Finder). This means they are flying over the watershed that supplies water to both the East and West sides of the Cascades. Spraying has been very heavy this summer. I hope we can stop this spraying soon.

    • naomi thompson says:

      Oregon is getting sprayed with lithium. Quite the experiment to see if it makes folks docile.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Sharon, hello!  And boy could we use nurses in this effort.  We all know how very much nurses do and know.  I value a nurse's judgment.  I have been having an extra respiratory problem, today with another small fever, on top of 7 years now of bizarre congestion, seemingly in head, but this new thing in lungs and following a surgery–in August yet.  Getting sick and tired of sick and tired!  Here in the Bay Area I've seen the black stuff of which you speak.  It really stands out from the rest and seems to stay separate from the rest.  It is so very very dry here.  Scary dry.  We were told we'd get some rain on Wednesday, now they say not.  Our skies are sprayed today and on most days.  Yet somehow, in the early morning, there are puddles of "water".  Our fog some time ago did not do all that.  Makes me curious.  Even the rain I wish for makes me nervous now.

    • Misty says:

      What was your co-workers response to the flyer? I am also a registered nurse and I just started a new job. I for the most part avoid talking about topics considered to be conspiracy, just so I don't gain a reputation as a nut bag at the place I work, but I do say little bits here and there sometimes, to feel people out to see what they know about chem trails. With the massive increase in spraying, I feel like its our golden ticket to talk about it more freely because it's so blatantly obvious that those are not contrails, and something very strange is happening in the sky.

  51. kirk Mannor says:

    Heavy spraying going on in north east Ohio today, good day to take vidios,10/23/2015 time 12:18 am , can't wait till it all catches up to these cartels.

  52. damon says:

    Start jailing politicians who have lied about this and covered this up! capital punishment will be next for those lying about the biggest crime in history! climate engineering polluting our children and reaking destruction to our eco system!

  53. ts gordon says:

    Ansel Adams, who I met at age 15, was fond of saying "Never attempt to photograph a bald-headed sky."  One pass around his gallery at Yosemite was plenty enough to convince me of the reason why.

    Shooting as an assistant under Julius Shulman brought me to uphold a similar concern, whereas we found TWO distinct cloud patterns to be of critical value in punctuating architectural forms in distinct contrast to their surroundings. Shooting nationwide for nearly 22 years, I never observed anything less natural than the iridescent patterns known as chemtrails. 

  54. Frank says:

    There is a catastrophic weather event unfolding now. Hurricane Patricia is poised to hit Mexico tonight. This Hurricane rapidly intensified to the strongest ever recorded. This is weather warfare at it's finest. The Hurricane can be stopped but the power structure has other plans. God bless the poor people in Patricia's path.

    At 400 AM CDT (0900 UTC), the eye of Hurricane Patricia was
    located near latitude 17.0 North, longitude 105.5 West.  Patricia
    is moving toward the north-northwest near 10 mph (17 km/h).  A turn
    toward the north is expected later this morning, followed by a turn
    toward the north-northeast this afternoon.  On the forecast track,
    the core of Patricia will make landfall in the hurricane warning
    area this afternoon or evening.

    Reports from an Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that
    the maximum sustained winds have increased to near 200 mph (325
    km/h) with higher gusts.  Patricia is a category 5 hurricane on the
    Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.  Some fluctuations in intensity
    are possible today, but Patricia is expected to remain an extremely
    dangerous category 5 hurricane through landfall.

    Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 30 miles (45 km) from the
    center and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 175 miles
    (280 km).

    The estimated minimum central pressure is 880 mb (25.99 inches).

    • Frank says:

      Hurricane Patricia rapidly intensified from yesterday. She was a tropical storm with winds of 65 mph. Now with less than 1 day later a major Hurricane with pressures of 880 and sustained winds over 200 mph. Those people had little to no warning of the rapid intensity to now one of the most powerful Hurricanes ever. A hurricane to intensify over 100 mb in 24 hours is crazy. This is what the power structure can do and people have little warning.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Just checked it out…WOW!  Hope they're proud of themselves…  As Dane has pointed out many times — no significant Gulf of Mexico hurricanes have occurred in over 10 years.  Mexico's Pacific coast must not have kept up with its protection payments.
      I hear Puerto Vallarta is very nice.  Bob Widlar, the pioneer in the development of many important analog integrated circuits, moved there and died there.  I wonder what they could have done to deserve this.

    • debra says:

      Was just looking at that here:,22.68,1000   If you click the Earth icon you can overlay different items. Today in Sierra Foothills heavy spraying of toxic soup. Last few days have been really bad. And Patricia, geoengineering a disaster 0-5 in 24 hrs. The people behind these programs are truly psychopathic,and the #1 threat to all humanity. Keep up the fight all,to expose this nightmare.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Just heard a weather report on the radio — gusts to 400 kph (almost 250 mph).  Someone asked about how much damage would be expected; the response indicated it would be comparable to a "nuclear detonation."  They actually used those words.

      Sounds like weaponized weather to me…


    • BaneB says:

      Hurricane Patricia's sudden grand entrance has surprised, so they say, meterologists.  This one smells.

  55. Melody Meachum says:

    And still multitudes of people never look up, never question what they see and never want to get involved. 

    How obvious does it have to get? The drone sprayers get so skilled they start sky-writing "Yes people, we ARE spraying your skies and you like bugs with heavy metals".

    We will keep on informing anywhere, everywhere we can.

    The little Dutch boy will not be able to plug all the holes in the dykes with his fingers!!

    • Marie says:

      Speaking of bugs there is a real good movie called "Bug". It's about two freaked out drug addicts. It's real good though.

  56. penny says:

    Here is a link to an unsettling article ("Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse'), which pretends to be speaking of a future scenario, but in fact depicts the situation that currently exists. The research suggests that ocean acidification and warming [along with insane attempts to 'engineer' nature] will be [have been] a death knell for ocean life.  Of course there is no mention of geoengineering, or of Fukushima, both of which compound the damage by orders of magnitude.



    • Robo Sapien says:

      The first line of that artitcle, "marine response is decimation do to HUMAN CO2 release" the variables that go into equilibrium of the ocean are diverse to say the least, to make that erroneous beginning statement sickens me. It is obvious they want to destroy the middle class by raising the price of energy while at the same time making solar cells  almost impossible to produce  with their incessant chem haze, this is a political article meant to frighten people into higher taxes losing rights etc, There are no more scientists, just bought and paid for corporate sphincters. If there were no geoengineering we would be having record vegetative growth and the CO2 we produced would rapidly be disappearing as the atmosphere hold 7 times more water per degree increase. If geoengineering weren't killing life we would see an explosion of life like in the Jurassic when CO2 was nearly 2000 ppm if I am not mistaken. No deserts, no ice caps.

    • penny says:

      Hi, Robo.  Glad to know that the links I put here don't just disappear into the internet cloud (which is intimately related to geo-engineered clouds, if you think about it).  That article was propaganda in every way!  And you're right, carbon taxes are a farce.  But I must admit I'm not nearly so sanguine as you about Earth's ability to deal with the pollutants humans blast out.  Even if CO2 could be compensated for, there are natural and unnatural toxic compounds created along with that one gas.  If we are going to pull through this (which looks less likely every day), we all are going to have to assume responsibility for cleaning up the planet.  For my part, I would happily live in a yurt, or a cave, if I could have unsullied nature back again.   

  57. Billy says:

    As far as I know, it's not 'illegal' for the government to conduct covert aerial spraying without our consent.   If it's 'legal' for the media to lie to the public (it is), and the government's not breaking the law (it's not), what good will more fvcking lawyers do?
    The last stage of denial is acceptance.  Get used to it.  They're killing us and there's not a thing we can do about it.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Billy, if he team of attorneys can get a solid legal filing done, it is the media exposure that matters. If the public can be fully awakened, the wheels will turn on their own.

    • Billy says:

      Older, which is no excuse, and a little crankier than usual today.  Thank you for trying to help. 

    • Kim says:

      Actually, Obama made it legal to use propaganda in america in 2013. So the media can lie with the law on their side.

  58. Marc says:

    Many thanks to Jonathan LeTourneau for the link to the 2005 NASA page. I have already been aware of some of the insidious shenanigans going on at NASA regarding educational disinformation about cloud types and so forth (inclusion of geoengineering cloud forms, etc.) But this link provided by Jonathan just might encapsulate the evil and the horror in such a way that nothing else even comes close. Back in 2005 NASA apparently sponsored a "COUNT A CONTRAIL-A-THON" under the alleged auspices of some group called GLOBE (global learning and observations to benefit the environment). This was promoted to K-12 school kids as a way to "learn about the environment" whereupon the accumulated data would be registered online and collected by this GLOBE/NASA group and "analyzed". Now, let's just take a step back and think about this for a minute. Are you f**king kidding, me, NASA? Are there psychopaths so evil and so sleazy working for your lousy agency that they actually devised a scheme to get kids (yes, kids, our children, goddammit!) to go outside and count how many "contrails" they could find as an "educational" exercise? Good God Almighty, I can't even find words to express my rage and revulsion at the fact that some click of jackoffs over at NASA (perhaps with CIA or NSA or black ops supervision) actually devised such a repulsive ploy to indoctrinate our beloved children. Is it just me or is this BEYOND EVIL??? This is like the Nazis asking the Jewish children in the Auschwitz gas chamber to see if they can count the number of spray nozzles on the ceiling. If I could only get my hands on the tripesocks that manufactured this revolting idea…..and then to dress it up with the acronym, GLOBE, global learning and observations to benefit the environment? Go straight to hell, you bastards. Oh, boy, they must've thought they were so goddamn clever thinking up that one. What a stroke of genius, using the world's kids to collect geoengineering data for us. Know what? Just take the rest of the week off with pay, and I'm gonna reconsider that raise you were asking about. Go f**k yourselves.

      Yes, I am aware that this kind of insidious "educational" material is still being disseminated by NASA which proves that even this institution, with it's sqeaky-clean, all-science-all-the-time facade, is infiltrated by government agents AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Of this I am certain. Among others, Richard Hoagland's "Dark Mission" is a spectacular expose of what's really going on at NASA, even back before the moonshots.(Apollo) And NOW, we come to find out that even such also "squeaky-clean" institutions as the NWS and NOAA are increasingly under the thumb of whatever and whoever it is that is behind all this bullshit secrecy and covert disinformation. 

    • BaneB says:

      Those persons 25 and younger likely accept that chemtrails are natural cloud cover.  This is us not yet alheimerized into abject senity by the spray retain our 'historical' memory of a sky blue and the clouds natural. But, we have two heads when explaining this to others.  I agree with you about NASA skulduggery.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, thanks for mentioning Dark Mission.  A book? by Richard Hoagland which sounds very interesting, enough so that I will seek it out.  In 2005, my oldest grandson would have been 10.  I don't think he participated in this.  But, I will ask him.  I know it's sick, but kinda brilliant that NASA thought this up.  In that adults are so ingrained that they notice so very little, while kids notice so much in a random kind of way.  Recently we had some huge thick, I mean really thick, solid looking giant clouds circling the Bay Area and just staying there.  They looked odd to me.  They were not moving and in my experience here, as opposed to where  I grew up, the clouds don't stay in shape long, given our usually strong west to east winds.  And it seldom even felt windy but the clouds would dissipate and move, not staying long enough in shape to imagine them as this or that.  My daughter says I am wrong.  That as a kid here, she saw clouds like that and used to imagine jumping on them, riding them!  Gee, I never knew that.  So kids do notice stuff grown ups don't, so asking kids to count "contrails" definitely would add to NASA's understanding of how much is visible.  And where.  Of course it bites that they would use kids, but kinda smart from their point of view.  We all know now how very little grownups notice!  If anything at all!

      Marc, you do know that NOAA gave the navy permission two years ago now? to practice war games hugging all our coasts using all sorts of weapons and chemicals, lasers, depleted uranium, sonar and many others, with NOAA's permission to "take" wild life, even in mating and birthing areas.  I find this extremely upsetting as do so many of us who are aware here by the sea.  Such that deformed, dead star fish and other horrifically injured, sick, critters-seals, birds, etc. that keep showing up, washed up, hard to tell what did them in.  Whether it was geoengineering, or Fukushima, or Our navy!  It is maddening that NOAA would do this, utterly stupifying.  They are not just increasingly under the thumb, rather totally.  So, who needs them at all?!  They are worthless.  Given this, how could anyone believe a word they say?  How about school field trips to count deformed and dying sea life?  May as well do that into the bargain! 

  59. What with all the social and aerial poisons mankind has been enjoying all these years, you'd think a "gag" order would be considered somewhat redundant…

    • Mike looking up says:

      FRIDAY OCTOBER 23…… DIRECT STRAIGHT OVER DETROIT CITY from at least 7:30 am till 12:45 …. 20 to 25 passes, mainly from west to east  horrific looking …..  What can be said ? What can be done?

    • Mike looking up says:

      If we don't gather over every major capital city throughout the world including UN meetings we will lose this fight. THE GOAL MUST BE THAT AND NOTHING LESS. MAJOR NEWS COVERAGE ON EVERY STATION PROTESTING GEOENGINEERING FROM TENS OF THOUSANDS of people…HOW CAN WE DO THIS?…WE MUST THINK BIG…

    • penny says:

      Thanks, Paul, I always appreciate a good pun!  I hope your health is improving or holding steady (this based on a comment you made a few pages back).  You are a much-needed part of this team.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yes, Paul, there is that.  But I thought they were all under a gag order already which explained why they wouldn't say what was going on.  So now I am confused by that.  Seems now they were just stupid?  Profoundly stupid?  Perhaps for the reasons you mention except this Is their job, so, why gag gagged?  I don't get it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, government scientists have long since been striped of their 1st amendment rights, the “gag order” is new and on top of that fact.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      That Was funny Paul!  Even your sense of humor, though rare, is on target.

      Below, when I ask why gag gagged, Dane states the obvious.  What we've been told for years.  I remember back when weather people on TV were young attractive people and not at all smart, just reading their lines as an intro to television, movie work.  They were almost never right about anything.  The weather guy I usually watch in the morning is now right most of the time.  He has for a couple or more years now acted embarrassed to give the report, saying things like: I don't know how this is possible, but here it is folks. Or, this makes no sense, but….So, I don't know how many of these people these days actually have any training in weather, much less weather modification.  I swear this guy knows.  But Dane has always said that weather people and scientist behind them are not allowed to speak out.  So, to me, this gag order means Dane hit a nerve releasing those papers from '78.  Which I see as good news!  It must also mean that that trove of info was passed on, as many of us did.  That they are expecting backlash.  Tons more people, including politicians asking WTF, these nut cases are right?!

      To me, wheels are turning.  Monsanto having financial problems?  Sweet!  Clearly and of course "they" are monitoring this site, watching it grow and the observations of so very many erstwhile citizens, most of us older and educated.  So, when we talk of things going nowhere or too slowly, that must please them.  But we have real traction now.  And notice in Dane's quote from Bill Hopkins above-executive vice president of National Weather Services: "…that a government agency Continues to push gag orders to hide how they operate…." "Continues" being key. Which makes it sound as if to him this gag stuff is being amped even as the spraying is.  Given all the people who despite what info just will Not believe or speak out, I'm guessing our government counted on all of us to be too clueless to ever notice, much less gain traction.  Sorry to be a glass half full person today, but I am encouraged-as if we, via Dane, have them on the run.  Not literally yet, but those who spy know how Very pissed people here are.  And, determined.

      Being you, do you know the punishment for breaking a government gag order?  Is there a way or a claim an individual or group can circumvent this on behalf of the better good?  A punishment in the law, as opposed to just murdering whomever talks?  I'm thinking if a group speaks out, it would be more difficult to hide the murder of, oh say, The National Weather Service in entirety? 

  60. Michel B says:

    I came across a passage in George Orwell's '1984':

    "(Winston) wondered vaguely how many others like (Julia) there might be in the younger generation – people who had grown up in the world of the Revolution, knowing nothing else, accepting the Party as something unalterable, like the sky, not rebelling against its authority but simply evading it, as a rabbit dodges a dog."

    This passage is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, the parallel to today's very pertinent issue of the current young generation growing up under an unnatural sky not knowing or suspecting the aberrations over their heads. Or simply growing up in a society that is cracked to the core in just about every one of its spheres.

    The other reason is Orwell's statement of the sky not being alterable. Despite his accuracy of forecast in the vision of a dystopian future, he still did not envision that the skies were indeed alterable and this would be one of the main modalities of the Party, or New World Order as we know it today, for achieving their ends.

    • TW says:

      and that is Juvenal's circa 100AD in his observance of the current Roman leadership and their doctrine of 'Bread and Circuses' ( look in wikepedia…nothing changes in the hearts of sinful man and evil leaders against the populace.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michel B., Hi, and, or did he?  In this passage Orwell says the Party as the sky, seemed unalterable and so evaded as a rabbit dodges a dog.  Perhaps he did see.  Do we not now dodge the skies?  As fixing it seems beyond us.  As far beyond as fixing the system.

  61. Brent says:

    Heavy spraying over Kansas basically all of October, I step out in the morning look up and I'm absolutely disgusted by what I see. What's worse it's as if no one even notices what's going on in the skies, it's a god damn shame and infuriating to see.

  62. Tracy says:

    I carry an unbearable burden at my core level knowing that complete destruction on all levels is happening at such a vicious, accelerated pace and it seems pointless & exhausting to try and stop "it"… it of course being the orchestrated machinations of the psychopathic, soulless, self-serving cabal too fearful to come into the light. I don't want to live/die in "their" warped reality…I'd just as soon pass on. On my own terms though, however unnatural that is, just not at their whim, which I know for a healthy, engaged, life affirming human definitely goes against most accepted moral expectations. But, alas, I'm a mom & a gramma. I live simply, honestly & holistically as possible which is becoming more challenging every day with all the toxicity we're engulfed in. Most importantly though, I'm hardwired to help protect & defend my loved ones to the best of my ability, at all times, so I rise above this sick & twisted reality every single day & continue to do my proactive part of taking pictures (SkyderAlert), phone calls, sending emails & talking about the calamitous issues with select people (some are too sensitive to be burdened) but thankfully more are questioning the harsh reality.  My most important life affirming task & literal saving grace is sharing positive, quality time every day with my precious young grandchildren-the future, here & now.  Honoring their innocence & Simply playing, imagining, reading, singing, dancing, eating, laughing, napping & observing nature (natural & weaponized..which fortunately they are too young to understand, even hard for me to fathom using that word) & unnaturally wishing I had a bubble to keep them safe & protected in. It definitely keeps me in the moment…all that is guaranteed & that which I am so very grateful for. 

    And a heartfelt thank you to Dane & all the people who choose sharing the truth above all else, no matter the risks involved. The true warriors. I read once it only takes 2% of a population to affect change…do we still have time to get there??

    • Sidra says:

      Well said.  You could have been speaking for me.  Thank you, from another Grannie and Chrone.  Namaste'

  63. Michel B says:

    Not that we hadn't guessed it already, but it's good to have TESTIMONY!

    I don't know if it can be called proof or evidence, as the scumbags who are running the show into the ground also own the courts. I suppose we just have to take them back, the courts, that is.

  64. Gman says:

    Dane, I find the majority just does not care to listen. It is very frustrating having watched the increasing coverage for years now getting to be so, so bad. I am at least glad to see so many comments of self informed people here. 
    How do you deal with constant apathetic/complacent/resistant people? It hits the very core of what's wrong with humans when if it does not come close enough to ones belief system or identity they shut down and refuse to acknowledge what's is right in front of them. Even activists! 

  65. Zachary Isaac says:

    Hello Mr. Wigington.


    I believe that no matter what, the magnitude of this situation is more dire than even we are putting out.  Think of this miracle that we are.  A rock, floating in Space and out of the other 8 we have, only this one has life.  Only this one has so much life.  And only this one will be the one to harbor life.  Mars? Pshah,  light years behind.  We are the most intelligent creatures in this solar system.  We are truly a miracle.  Because, if one were to endlessly search for life, all through this universe, and finally stumble upon our planet,  how will they find it ?  Will they come and see that instead of protecting this Earth and caring for it, we destroyed it for metal and paper.  Metal and paper, that's what it all boiled down to.   A true miracle, a rarity amongst rarities, and the last line written was, "And they all destroyed themselves".

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Hello fellow solders, I gave some ideas on how to get  this movement in high gear and thanks to Dane we have all this ammunition to use and wake up the masses, I think a large portion of the sheeple are realizing their is something terrible in our skies going on, since they seem to have stepped up these assaults on the obvious Toxic soup spray their is no denying this is happening at a rapid speed. Our sky is so filled everyday I am having a terrible time breathing and so are others. These are incredible photos and look like what I have been photoing and witnessing everyday (great job). I am taking these flyers to my city hall today and to my local police station since when I call on the phone I get the big run around and transferred to someone that says to call the epa in my district 10 only to get a answering machine and no one calls back. We need to get super aggressive and get this to stop or we and earth are dead very soon. If you take the flyers to a print shop they will price match the least expensive price in town. I try and go a different place each time to introduce a new person in this fight, last place I went the guy helping me wanted a copy for his own use so this is one more who will join, Get out their people and start talking to others we are not going to get it done sitting around and talking about it. I know it can seem lonely at times but, you are not alone, you will meet people like us who are terribly troubled about this lethal experiment. I hope this is helpful and Dane you are my hero and feel like you can call me anytime and would be welcome in my home anytime, Thank you from my soul for doing this for all of us.

      Caring thoughts R.

    • Marie says:

      Metal, paper and plastic. Yes.

  66. wayne says:


    I sent off my own hair to have it tested as well as some water I collected from our last storm in Yucca Valley about a week ago. Upon receiving the results, I'm sure the rain water sample will be positive for heavy metals ,I plan on addressing our town council about Geoengineering this leads me to my question, do you have a template which briefly touches on the hot points? Please reply with if so. Thanks.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      This link may be of use to you Wayne, thank you for your efforts.

    • Patricia says:

      Wayne, we so desperately need rain in California but then when I think about the fact that someday it will happen, I will never look at rain the same way again.  In Sacramento, CA, our skies are milky white with layers of black ashy striping from the overhead spraying.  During this last year, a lot of people I know, including family members, have developed asthma and now have to use inhaler medications every day.  I've written to our representatives locally and at the state level without any response.  But, in case some of them didn't know what has been going on–they know now.  This battle is hard but keep pursing it!  Thank you for being in the fight!

  67. Dennie Mehocich says:

    "Freedom is a State of Mind."  — Krishnamurti
    When I was much, much younger, this saying came into my head.
    We need also to poke holes in the PRISON of our own minds, regarding what we believe we can, or cannot do to be the change that we seek.
    No man is free who is not master of himself." — Epictetus
    When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won.  There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.  Think of it…always. –Ghandi

  68. Catfish Jack says:

    Today 10/22 the sky was clear blue over Milton FL, then the sprayers started to work. Going in circles then criss-crossing each other by noon the sky was completely white.They didn't stop there, but continued all day long. We have been having a drought for several months now but only light spraying, they sure did a number on us today. Funny thing we have several military air bases located around the area and they all must fly through the spray. Guess they don't care.

    • Michael Arden Yows says:
      There is a petition to sign….Please spread the word on all of this…

    • astara astana says:

      Wow Catfish Jack, I didn't expect to find anyone else from Milton!  Glad to see I'm not the only one.  I bet the military bases are behind this.  We have so many around here, Hurlburt and Eglin and the Navy base, and over in Panama City there's Tyndall and the little Navy base ( where some strange stuff goes on, believe it).  Then just around Milton we have Whiting field which probably has some hand in all of this.  I am not military but know enough to know that they're everywhere and even the most innocuous place could be doing the most destructive and demonic things.  Also, we are close to other bases.  Montgomery has one (forgot the name though) and Randolph in Texas is a big one, there's a bunch in Georgia and NAS Jax is a major one which isn't far. If you looked you'd be surprised.  My personal experience with military people is they simply don't care about any of this.  They want the cookie cutter house (you know the type, Adams homes specials ugh) and the car and the adulation that our little corner of Florida gives them.  The planet simply doesn't matter.  A true shame.  

  69. Average Joe says:

    Why are all federal agencies arming themselves to the teeth, including the National Weather Service, NOAA, Social Security. The beauracracy is getting prepared to defend itself against the people. 

  70. Ron Jones says:

    I've been doing increasing my participation in this fight, and about a month ago put a 30" x 20" yard sign in front of my home (which is in an HOA planned community).  Today received a polite yet terse letter "we respectfully request that the signage located… in the common area be removed in accordance with the associatiion's CC&Rs".
    Someone said, it's like, the Titanic is sinking, and my HOA is arguing with me over the setting of the silverware.
    It's truly unreal how people don't want to face the music.

    • Michael Arden Yows says:

      They are living in a dream whilst the house burns down around them….

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Hello Ron, I knew they were going to shut you down. Try taking two of these 30"X20" yard signs, ad a couple of shoulder straps, fasten them around your waist to create a sandwich board and wear your message. Take a walk around your neighborhood once a week wearing your sign. I'll bet the by-laws don't say that you can't wear a sign. Let me know how it goes. I'm serious about this, I've actually done this before. If they try to say that you are protesting, tell them that you are educating your community, peacefully and quietly. The website on your chest and back will do it's own screaming.

      Never Give Up!!!

  71. Melanie says:

    Hello to all of you out there fighting the good fight. Please help wake up the ones who are sleeping and post your pics, links here:
    It is a popular forum here in CA, and it will help to wake people up. Thanks to Tiny Dancer for the comments on the site.
    Blessings to all of you, we stand together in this battle with strength

  72. Cheddar says:

    I noticed our local weather guy this morning say "Sunny, uh MOSTLY sunny skies today." There's your proof.
    Eating lunch outside today was extremely intense UV.  Looked up to see a sprayer in the sky but most was blue.
    When I left work at 5:30, the sun was covered. They made fast work of it 3 1/2 hours.
    Also noticed the haze around the horizon recently. Looks like smog and we don't really have that here. The trails are different than they used to be also. They are less obvious but still produce a load of mess. Its almost like they are time released. Anyone else finding this true?
    Tuesday at lunch there were 4 planes spraying. Ugh.

    • Shelley E. Ross says:

      Yes, I'm noticing the 'clouds' are different. Not so obvious. But the effect is way worse. Looking around the basin here in northern CA after work this evening it's a 'smog look' spreading for miles and miles in every single direction. Said to a co-worker, "See that haze?" "Yes." "That's aerosol spraying. It's not going to rain." Now that it's fall the skies are getting blasted just like they were last spring.

      Last weekend there were awesome cumulonimbus all around us. At about 2:00 pm I went outside and noticed a jet trail right up the middle of it (going north). By Monday the sky was clear. They were gone. Just like that.

      Extremely hot UV. Don't like taking the kids out in it for P.E., and usually wind up in the gym.


    • Mike looking up says:

      yes, in Michigan outside Detroit

    • George Schroder says:

      Yes, they've clearly changed the methodology somewhat, but I can only think it's for the worse…

    • Cheddar says:

      Shelley, where in Nor CA are you? Sounds like we are close. I am in Paradise near Chico. Could really use some comraderie as I only have a meer handful of The Awakened to talk to. Any  chance you wanna talk with me? Would appreciate any others here in Nor Cal to contact me also.  After all, we are in Dane  country. Keep up the good fight everyone! We've made SO much progress in just the past few months!

    • Cheddar says:

      And Shelley, I said the same thing to my coworkers! Planting the seeds of awakening!!!!

  73. Pat says:

    I'm reading an article from Illinois based watchdog group called Open the Books who scanned thousands of checks written by the Environmental Protection Agency totaling over $93 billion from 2000 to 2014. Purchases included guns, ammo, body armor, call, unmanned aircraft, assault ships, radar, night vision gear, police radios and other military weaponry. Add to this $75 million annually for a military of specialists that appear to be snooping on citizens and private industry to enforce overreaching EPA edicts. This is the unelected body of our govt that allowed 3 million gallons of toxic waste into our rivers in Colorado recently.  In Wisconsin we have been heavily sprayed almost daily in 2015. Much illness, body aches, fatigue, allergies in the population. Detox your families folks and pray! Also read Battle Hymn by John Scura and watch The Bollinger's The Truth About Cancer Global Quest, showing free online now. One a session mentions the spraying going on. God bless you all for being awake ( unlike most people I talk to) and for everyone working on this, especially Dane.

    • puddintain says:

      Is this the same EPA that just turned off the radiation monitors because of lack of money? Yet they can afford to purchase all this weponry?  Somebody's pants have just burst into flames!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      WTF?!!  Pat, this is true?!  Assault SHIPS?!  Uh?  This beginning before 9-11?!  I don't get it.  I've expressed a lot about the head, Federal head of EPA who was caught at end of 2014 for collecting his pay beyond retirement as if still there, at which point Gina, his boss took over, him aol from his job 99% of the time for decades, while charging lavish trips and such to EPA, but no where near this by a very long shot.  Saying he was a spy…away on spy business.  Perhaps this broke his brain and they bought him off?  This makes no sense at all.  But for allowing his oversight boss his job!  They can't monitor anything, pay to use California's expensive spectometer Dane refers to.  Or the radiation.  Or speak up about the navy's abuse of coastal life.  This is one holy hell of a lot of money.  Our own reservoirs in California were poisoned by fracking injections of waste stuff.  This, you refer to would be close to 7 billion per year?  What the hell are they doing?  I can't process this.  And during the financial crisis?  Such that the 50 plus billion the military stole from Indian land lease monies the government could not afford to pay back after being promised by Bush Jr.?  Uh?!  Why?  Why?  Why?  How big is this EPA military?  Scoping out places to mine and drill?  People out in wilderness areas?  What?!!  I am stunned.  How can this much be accounted for, even with what you mentioned?  Makes no sense.  I am shaking.  I think a blood vessel in my head just blew.  How reputable is this Open the Books?  And yes, the Colorado River spill, more like flood.  OMG!!  Did this go for all the spraying?  They did want to start in rural areas.  And we are selling our National Treasures for other countries to mine?!!  WTH?!!!  Ok, breathe, breathe….!

  74. James says:

    Its the framework of business, the essence of doing business, that casts the way most people think. Early in man's development, traits were identified by the thinking members of our tribe, observed as the 'sins' of man; as a footnote power groups like churches leveraged that awareness into secret skills/knowledge, then power.
    So here we are today many century's later with planes flying the skies controlling our climate, and as a friendly-fire consequence who knows what other damage, collateral damage, to our lungs, soil PH, and metal toxin brain-blood barrier invasion and so forth; not to mention the animal life in my back yard forest, and yours. Any one with an ounce of common sense will realise that humans are killing the planet, even though 'how' remains a controversy, and 'why" a mystery. Where are the rock stars?  I ask. Where are the intelligentsia? Who speaks up? And why are we, those of us awake who recognize the phenomena in plain view, we who see it bold-faced almost everyday in our skies, why are we so alone? Its a big question for me personally, something from the twilight zone. It sending chills up my back. Where is our global voice? Why is it so silent.


    • Robo Sapien says:

      It’s because this has been a plan for millenia, they failed and failed and examined why they failed. A lot of it has to do with what you mentioned so this most recent stab at enslavement they figured these variables into the control equation. Academia is no longer academia, it’s "parrot what the government" school. They no longer teach you to think, they teach you how to become confused. Rock stars are now corporate spokesmen, those days are gone.

  75. Julie Williams says:

    To all those awakened and trying to expose this insanity and Dane – I love you all. We have to stick together even as those who we were close to turn their backs on us. I would fund the entire lawsuit if I could but will keep donating what I can for sure and encourage everyone to do the same.
    (If anyone has ever seen David Keith in action – He is such a pathetic lying squirming worm. Not a man at all. A loathsome creature indeed.)
    We Love you Dane. Thank you for being so brave and clear in this fight. You are truly a righteous man. I will always support you and take courage from your example as you are a model of what it means to be a great leader. 

    • Dan says:

      I live in south central Idaho where the dairy industry has taken over.They have polluted our air,land,and water.But because they are big money they are well protected by the state.So much so Idaho passed a gag law against any opponent of the dairies.Cows produce allot of methane gas.My point is this.Because of geo-engineering all this methane gas is trapped here.It is mid October and we are still hot.20 degrees above normal yet all the trees and bushes and crops are turning to fall like conditions and most the birds have migrated like normal but it still like summer here.Mother nature is still on course except for the temperature.There is only one explanation for this which I and you know.Geo-engineering.You people say there is an awaking to this but I dont see it here.For ten years I have been trying to wake friends and family up to what is happening right above their heads to no avail.They think I'm a nut but I will not give up.Thank you Dane for all you are doing and everyone else in this fight.God bless you

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Keep sowing seeds of awareness Dan, those in denial will be forced to wake soon, wait and see. Never give up.

  76. fellix mosso says:

    One thing that has my attention is the large # of visitors that read this info is ever increasing.   I'm sure the word is getting OUT now  18,933,000+,  very impressive indeed.

  77. Stacey Del Bucchia says:

    It is so amazing. That others cannot see or believe these nasty chemtrails are real…i am tired of being sick 6 years with the toxic mold…i do everything to detox but i miss our beautiful planet…..i trust god he is in control…these psychopaths will burn in hell!!  i pray we can all come together to make a difference..our world has been invaded and our rights have been violated…our health …the chemtrails are worse everyday…how much can we take…all take…our precious animals..the plants…oceans…rivers…god made a awesome planet y 

  78. Terri says:

    It is remarkable to me that the people that are responsible for the death of the millions are cowardly enough to stay silent. How they can look themselves in the mirror is beyond me. They take money to do harm to others. nothing more then hired killers. They follow orders brainlessly and without question as if that is a virtue. No one but them is responsible for their willingness to do so. Yes their lives are threatened but they are threatening far more lives then one with their silence.  They are directly responsible for the death of people, plants, animals. the whole planet and its wholesale destruction. 

     is your next widget purchase or a bankroll full of wood  pulp so important that your willing to mass murder millions of people? is your sick petty life so important and your ability to be a good slave so important that you will not risk it in order to save people from being poisoned? these spineless wimps deserve our contempt. They do not in any way deserve ''thanks for service''…what are they serving but a criminal organization that seeks power? how many lives will be lost to their willingness to do what they are told?

    one person who steps forward to speak out regardless of what their master tells them to do or threatens them with could quite literally save the lives of countless people. Could save the entire planet. The fact they are willing to stay silent is very telling for who owns them and what price they sold their souls for. 

    what would happen if noaa people said no and walked out? what would happen if military people threw down their rifles and pilots refused to fly? what would happen? peace would happen. The planet could be repaired instead of destroyed. the health of people could be repaired instead of made sick by poisoning. so few willing to sacrifice to help millions. soon those government cowards and their military murderers will themselves die by their own hand. They too will be poisoned. They could have stopped it from happening and chose ''obedience '' instead of courage. perhaps man kind does deserve the death that is coming when so few are willing to stand up. so few willing to see what is right before their eyes. 

  79. Laura says:

    An oath of confidentiality for weathermen/women!!!…it speaks volumes!!   I have a good imagination, and I can't even think of a good cover-story for this one…..other than the truth of course.   I think that it's reasonable to expect that out of all of these people taking these oaths, we shall discover at least a few with courage and genuine conscience.  Talk about an opportunity to be a hero or heroine.   

  80. Karen Halpenny says:


    • Kat says:

      Yes and also, we have to get creative if we are to have this issue stand out. Pitch in for a Bill Board in your area.  I just got a Go Fund Me page, it's free to you but they charge 8% per donation (they have to charge something) and if you connect through social media even better. Keep the page up as long as you need. Get the pictures from this site emailed to you or something. OR just make copies of the flyer and leave them in good areas. I'm sure there are more ideas out there.

  81. Rebecca P. says:

    Thanks to all who are in this fight, especially Dane, our planet Gods angel! I have found it best to download the flyers, take them to my local copy shop and make 100 color copies at a time, this does cost money so when waking people up make a list of the people you hand them out to get their name and phone number, be strait with them right from the beginning, tell them if they are not going to use the copy to tell others you will come and get the copy back for someone else to use. By doing this you will find out if they are serious in helping in this fight and not waste time and money on people who dont care or are to busy to care. My goal has been 5 people a day, where ever  I carry my file of flyers with my flyer on top of my file I stop people and ask if I can have a minute of their time to look at something ask what they think about the planes leaving these grid lines and wispy dirty looking clouds blanketing our skies. My usual answer is "they didn't really notice before", having this visual is really powerful in getting their attention and realizing how serious this is. I then ask if they know what the substance is in these fake clouds, the answer is they never even thought about it. I tell them it is shocking to learn the truth about what has been going on for years, not to believe me and to please do their own investigating and please help us in this insane evil plot against us that love our fellow man. I hope this will be helpful to those who are making this a priority in our lives and what little time is left. I had to ship a package to a family member yesterday and went to the fed-x by the airport on this day of being pounded with a blanketed sky of the TOXIC SOUP, it was very busy there and a great opportunity to have many look out and see this stuff raining down on us. I'm certain everyone in the place even the employees took notice of the heavy ALUMINUM list of soup coming down,  this was about 4 pm with the sun showing this ugly shit going every which way. I hope this is helpful
    Sincerely, Rebecca

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I've considered getting color copies made, Rebecca P., since I cannot even afford ink for a printer of my own.  What did they charge for making 100 copies, if you don't mind telling?
      It sounds like your approach is excellent : )  Thanks for all you're doing in this epic battle.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella, if you put a few people together for a larger order, print shops can make the flyers for much less than a copy store, just an FYI. Thanks for your help with sounding the alarm.

    • Julie Williams says:

      Rebecca this a great effort you are doing. Very inspiring. 

  82. Bob Velon says:

    I live in California and have seen many contrails, chemtrails  over this area where I live.  Takes a long  time for them to disperse so they are not contrails.. The drought we are having is man made and not due to the jet stream not bringing the wx our way…   I hope they are forced to stop this spraying.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The Idiots-In-Charge OWN the jet stream now, or at least they are giving us a rather good approximation thereof, and it's just that we no longer much have an Earth-directed jet stream; instead we have been witnessing Brzezinski's thugs carrying out his orders for "Full-Spectrum Dominance."  Check out the 1996 report titled Air Force 2025, from Air University/F.A.S. research, this chapter titled "Owning the Weather in 2025:"

      "They" dropped some crap on us today over the Bay Area that MUST be a new formulation.  This came out of a jet that couldn't have been even 10k ft. off the ground.  The trail was short but thick, disappeared rather quickly so that it looked like a contrail, but look folks, we all know that don't happen until the plane is 30k up in the air, and with the high bypass turbofan jet engine, we all know that the jig is up, they ain't layin' contrails, not that low in the atmosphere! 

      So the sh*t starting hitting the ground pretty fast, I could taste it around 3:00, about an hour and a half after I saw the jets flying over town here in San Rafael, CA.  The air down here was terrible by 5:00 and even worse by 6:00.  These particulates are so fine they are getting in through even nearly-brand-new casement windows, and it feels really cold on the skin– must be trying to fool everyone into believing we have no global warming. 

      What IS the point in lying to yourself this way? 

      Because that is ALL "They" are accomplishing, in truth.

    • Cheddar says:

      Hey Dennie, I too am noticing their new tricks. Trying to look like "con" trails. Thinking Time Released?  And someone mentioned the other formation new to me as fish spine "clouds". Another new tactic along with spraying above the mess they create. Bad spray yesterday-nauseous.  Bad today-eyes feel bleeding. I am from the BA also now living in"Paradise".

      And I was also thinking new formulation…the horizon has been looking like a ring around a dirty tub…like LA smog in a ring around us. Some of the con clouds are darker and dirtier looking to.

  83. Carol says:

    Today (in southeastern Michigan) I saw more gigantic  "Feathers" in the sky than ever before  and also a tricolored blob just west of the sun. Two others who were in the car with me didn't notice anything until I pointed it out, in spite of the fact that I have made them aware  in the past  of what is going on in our skies.  People just don't "Look Up". 
    Ignorance is bliss until there is no more food to eat or water to drink and our bodies are wracked with every disease imaginable.

  84. Sheryl says:

    I am great full that there are still people like Dane who are willing to risk the wrath of the Globalists and speak the truth. 

    But we the people that are awake are sick and tired of hearing of our rights being violated,our sky's and oceans being poisoned and all we hear is talk.  We WANT TO DO SOMETHING ! We are begging for someone to organize a revolt against the rape and violation of our planet. The Globalists are counting on the Sleeple never awaking , or if they do,– to be powerless. The longer we wait – the opportunity will be gone. Our freedom of speech is almost gone, then it will be an impossibility to do anything! It is so frustrating to be awake but feel helpless to change the direction we see the world going. We want a "David" who will slay the giant. We will step up and support such a person. Where is he/ she???

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sheryl, thank you for your support and for making your voice heard in this fight. As the Hopi elders said, “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. Each and every one of us needs to carry the battle forward in our individual locations and circumstances. Each of us needs to help in the effort to reach a critical mass of awareness. If you want to see a shock wave around the globe, an overturning of the current paradigm, help us to put a break in the dam of silence and you will in fact be the “David” that you seek.

    • Kat says:

      I feel you. I feel something very organized and non violent. We don't need to. The facts are known, the witnesses are present. There's no denying. We have the truth on our side and THAT'S the weapon. You can't beat truth. We need more people aware of this. Numbers. A kind of "we the people" march.

  85. Arnold says:

    We stand up and march at every state capitol in each of our state and demand answers or do nothing.

  86. SortingHat says:

    The police state in America is worse then in China it seems!

    • David Casella says:

      Like always thank you Dane Wigington, Kevin Shipp, Bill Hopkins, Jeff Ruch and everyone else involved in this battle. This is a Hole In One, Bullseye! All the pieces of evidence, in this battle against this insanity, are coming together for the big knockout punch of proof and exposure, about Climate Engineering. The NWS, NOAA and U.S. Department of Commerce employee's and affiliates, should all refuse to sign the Gag Order and protest. I know I would, if I was employed by one of those agencies. I would not feel right or honest being commanded by those fraudulent criminal leaders, to participate in the Omnicide Program, that they all are conducting.

  87. Mike says:


    Where are the lawyers????

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, our legal team is up to 9 attorneys. They are working on the issue, it must be remembered that this is a big dragon to slay. I will post updates when appropriate.

    • Ry Brannock says:

      "When law can do no right,
      Let it be lawful that law bar no wrong:
      Law cannot give my child his kingdom here,
      For he that holds his kingdom holds the law;
      Therefore, since law itself is perfect wrong,
      How can the law forbid my tongue to curse?"  (Shakespeare -King John)

      We are all in a choke-hold, literally. Our freedom is choked, our scientists are choked, we are choked by foul air, foul play, and foul politicians, and the vile, foul perpetrators of this geo-engineered slow-moving genocide of everything in God's creation. 
      Hopefully, the lawyers will make quick headway when the time comes, and be supported financially every step of the way.  

  88. Melody Meachum says:

    It's just so sick and twisted. I've noticed in the last year that our local meterologist has developed a "folksy sound and chuckle" as he reads his fraudulent weather reports.
    It's become nothing but a game of roulette…chances are…"yikes, we can't even get it right 10% of the time"!

  89. Al C says:

    Here in Southern New England, yesterday and today we took a heavy aerosol pounding…………I 've heard the local meteorologists refer to it as "filtered sun, milky white haze, long cirrus clouds, low cloud banks".
    There is one particular guy who actually rolls his eyes when he uses the "filtered sun" in his forecast………….It's almost like he wants to scream from the mountain top but he's forbidden to.
    We have to stay strong in this fight and I firmly believe this criminal activity will stop………….I just hope it's not too late.

    • Corinne says:

      What is amazing is that the majority are allowing themselves to be deceived. We are not promised tomorrow, not a one, and I surely do not want to meet my Maker as an unrepentant liar. A lie does not grow by itself. It uses the soil of the human heart.  Lies, like weeds, grow amidst the legitimate plants of the garden, stealing resources, draining lives, and choking out the good growth.  Remember, deceivers are hungry, but empty. It is a root of self-deception in the soul that entertains a lying spirit. God have mercy on their souls.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Seems like the English can still call a "spade" a "spade," one helluva lot faster than their sugar-coated Fruit Loop American counterparts are able to. 

      The Criminal activity WILL stop, when WE have enough Will to make it stop.  "Magic Fairy Dust" isn't going to cure the problem; the cure is constant vigilance– there are always spoiled little psychopathic kiddies with delusions of "grandeur" wandering around untethered out there, like Alexander "Aleister" Crowley, the drug-addicted, abused/abusive Satan-worshiping mouthpiece for a One World government (he also worked for U.S. and British Intel– Surprise!), the motto of which was to be "Do What Thou Will Shall Be The Whole of The Law."  Well, just take a good long hard look at where THAT actually goes, then THINK, for God's sake, people!!  WE HAVE "BEEN THERE and DONE THAT– "

      I very seriously doubt that this warped piece of humanity had anything remotely resembling occult "powers," besides those of being a ruthless, conscienceless, shameless abuser.  "I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend," so goes one of his "poems–" Is that the "dream" that YOU want to keep living in–  "Do What Thou Will Shall Be The Whole of The Law," when too many cannot even FEEL what is the right thing to do??  Hope you'll enjoy living in such a place half as much as I will.  I'd say we're most of the way there by now.  What a piece of work– check it out:

  90. Dennie Mehocich says:

    The Rattlesnakes should have their *sses sued right offa them– the Mother of All Lawsuits!!! 
    Now, just how the f*ck do these arrogant SOBs think they can have anyone sign a "binding" agreement that supersedes the U.S. Constitution? 
    Do ANY of the Federally employed who've been gag "ordered" take an oath to uphold the Constitution?  If so, there's clearly a strong case for suing the LIARS.

    • Dennie, Do not forget they have every tool of death known to man and are masters at instilling fear, sometimes from the shadows, other times in-your-face style like turning buildings into dust while the cameras are rolling, then telling the world, *you are either with us or else….* Lawsuits are not enough, but something, a step. As to the sacred constitution; George Wanker Bush told us plain; it is nothing but a piece of paper, and I agree. It is time to de-civilize, de-industrialize, de-institutionalize. Who knows? Peace might break out.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Dennie!  Don't degrade rattlesnakes that way!  I like rattlesnakes.  And, they can't help but be vipers, just born that way!
      These idiots on the other hand, they had choices.

  91. Donna says:

    The time has now arrived….and it's about time…Give our Beautiful WORLD..Back to the PEOPLE…take the… want to be….RICH..CONTROLLING..GREEDY..MURDERING..ASS called..leadership..and dunk their stupid heads into the CHEMICALS that they are spraying onto the INNOCENT PUBLIC…they can consume them directly…without bothering all others…are they really that stupid that they think they too do not belong to the same living space???  Hay…Oh…PLEASE…no Hilery Clinton as PRESIDENT…Bernie Sanders and the state of Vermont have already objected to GMO food sources…maybe he would do the same as PRESIDENT…Crazy Clinton's…all they are good for is SEX..DRUGS..SCANDALS..LIES..and HUMANITY DISTRUCTION…….Go Figure…free America….STUPID LEADERS!!! 

    • David Casella says:

      Dane, I think Anderson Cooper and Tavis Smiley, would be two excellent individuals, to contact in regards to discussing Geoengineering on their Talk Shows. I watched Tavis Smiley talk to a guest on his show, about the Dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) in our food supply. I am quite sure, he will be willing to have you on the show or on a radio broadcast.

    • Dennis says:

      For real? Anderson CIA Cooper? Why the hell do you think he, a CIA spook, was PUT on television? To SELL what he is told to sell.
      THe ONLY hope for all of us is to STOP! Stop buying, stop working stop eating their crap stop watching their tv stop everyting.
      I guarantee they are FAR more afraid of us than we are of them. Let go of your fear and stand UP, "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."

  92. Michael says:

    Scary stuff. Nice post Dane.

  93. Terri says:

    I notice most "Meteorologists/weather guys & gals” all look and act the same (Barbies and Kens). These folks seem required to read to us, all the information already on their screens that we are capable of reading ourselves. They all choose attire in color block dresses (currently in vogue) with a bulky necklace like Gale King wears on CBS.  Little clones, saying the same thing.  In N. AZ.  The weather forecasts rarely reflect what actually happens weather wise, even after repeated endlessly by the Barbie and Ken's every 15 minutes, all morning, day after day. “Blue skies with high clouds" actually is…"We are spraying you today, all day, horizon to horizon.  Breathe deep and keep your heads down." Makes me want to scream but more and more I laugh these days.  Tick Tock Tick Tock their days are numbered and dwindling down if they have taken this action. 

  94. Funny how I never observed 'virga' or 'fallstreaks' in all the years I lived..until just a few years ago. Yesterday our skies were bombarded by literally dozens upon dozens upon dozens of planes and trails from early morning, all day,and through the night. I swear, you'd think there would be car crashes from people oggeling and pointing at the sky while driving..i9t gets worse and worse

    • BaneB says:

      Same here!  Indeed, most of the clouds floating around my region in Northern California are nothing like the real natural clouds of my many years sky watching.  I first noticed the spraying during the late 80's/early 90's.  The past three years has seen an exponential increase in the grunge. There is no clear blue sky.  And the clouds are so bizarre that I am compelled to photograph them.  I have several thousand pics.  I show the most sinister of the lot to others. People are waking up to the assault.

  95. No wonder they are panicking. People ARE waking up. Now every chance I get, with one particular compliant national online newspaper,when a story about weather, climate, health or loss of sea life, etc, appears, I use it to highlight what is going on, what is being sprayed on us all and the effects it has. Some still red arrow me – as a scaremonger I guess. Speaking of which, I just watched a YT channel by Christian, Paul Sandhu, mentioning airborne man-made genetically-targeted diseases and the case of Ebola. One comment suggests they could deliver them by standard geoengineering methods. A frightening, but realistic. prospect..

  96. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Wow, "They" are REALLY backed into a corner with this.  Dangerous as rabid rattlesnakes.

  97. John Aspray says:

    In the UK, the government have put the weather forecasting out to tender for the first time. Perhaps this way they get more control over who presents the weather reports on mainstream media.

  98. Cliff Mass Weather blog recommends the Seattle SpaceNeedleCam to watch the “contrails”! 
    “You can use your mouse to rotate around.  In the top picture, you see the Olympics, extensive cirrostratus clouds, and contrails.  The bottom shows Seattle with Mt. Rainier in the distance.  Rapture.”
    I gagged. He’s a carbon tax guy too.

    And a reported TV appearance (I don’t watch TV):
    After a recent appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson took a few minutes to film a backstage segment for his Star Talk Radio podcast. The segment showcases comedian and talk show host Bill Maher joking around with deGrasse Tyson and discussing how humanity might avoid impending doom related to climate change and humanity’s effects on the planet. Maher begins by discussing the drought in California and the possibility of a larger, more lethal drought happening in his lifetime. He asks, “Where do we go? What’s the nearest place?”
    “You know what I want to happen?” Tyson responds, “I think it’s not about finding another planet. I think it’s about being masters of geo-engineering.”
    He continues, “Think about it: We run away from volcanos, we know how to tap a keg — let’s tap the volcano, take the pressure out so it doesn’t explode, use the thermal energy to drive the power needs of a city. We run away from hurricanes, we’re not there yet. Imagine if we controlled the energy of the earth — oh, my gosh. Then we can control where it rains (and) how much it rains. We’re just these scurrying, scared things.”
    Unfortunately, deGrasse Tyson seems painfully uneducated about the dangers associated with the science of geoengineering.
    I am now daily photographing the skies overlooking the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, gathering data from my little perch. The locals are fighting a plan to 'practice' electronic warfare out here, but from what I see in the unnatural weird geometric cloud shapes – they are already doing this.
    I'm convinced that my chronic illnesses are related to the spraying. I first became ill in Charlottesville, VA where the skies often looked like snow with very deep plow-lines in them. That was when I first became ill, GI issues, body aches, lowered immune stuff, and my nose would run for no reason. I heard that my neighbor got barium poisoning and sold his house, moved away. Funny Albemarle County is where so many retired CIA are reported to move to. Surely they know…
    Living in NYC 2001, I saw an oval aerosol sprayed directly over Central Park – which just sat there. I couldn't imagine how they did that. There was spraying done in New Zealand. But I never expected this on the Olympic Peninsula. I'm almost 70. Many of the people here are retired military, Seattle engineers from Boeing & Microsoft. The people don't look well, you can put it off to age with 40% over 65 – but I'm beginning to think it's the air.

    Thank you, Dane.

    • JW in Victoria says:

      Witness the pathetic desperate parasites spewing their death. I am looking at the Olympic mountains from Victoria BC Canada and I see it too. Also to the north, east and west of my beautiful city. So sad. However I have spoken to two more people about this today and both were receptive! My heart is with those awake, those awakening, and those who can still be reached. Love to all and do not give up the fight – peace.

    • Michael Arden Yows says:

      Thx Susan….I'm in Auburn, WA…I took a peek at that and yes you can see it all clearly with 100's of thousands….people unaware…taking perfectly good weather and trailing in poisonous suffocation….hazing out perfect clarity….I no longer can define my feelings on all of this anymore….I do know that it is very-very painful to witness…..for me it certainly appears to be deadly intent….I am a Pisces and it makes me feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck much of the time….it really-really breaks my heart….I feel so helpless…all tho I teach whoever I can….every day….

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Susan, if the Truthout link for Dahr Jamail's article about the Navy Electromagnetic weapons training over the Olympic Na'tl. Forest doesn't work, here's another:

      This summer the Olympic Rainforest was burning!  You might be interested in the comment section here, Susan.

    • Thank you for your replies.
      Yes JW, this is heartbreaking. I can see the sprays over Victoria BC from here in the hills above Sequim. Horrible. And Michael, yes – it is the utter helplessness that makes one both angry and depressed. Bella-F, THANK YOU for those links. And here is the statement from the Navy at Whidbey Island:

      The Department of the Navy (Navy) is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for EA-18G Growler Airfield Operations at Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island, Washington. The EIS will evaluate the potential environmental effects associated with an addition of up to 36 aircraft to NAS Whidbey Island. The purpose of the proposed action is to improve the Navy’s electronic attack capability and to provide the most effective force structure and tactical airborne electronic attack capabilities. Once completed, the EIS will meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) as well as all applicable state environmental regulations.

      NAS Whidbey Island is home to all Navy electronic attack (VAQ) squadrons in the United States. The VAQ mission-related Navy functions have been performed almost exclusively at NAS Whidbey Island since 1970, and the need for the ongoing use of Ault Field and Outlying Landing Field (OLF) Coupeville will continue.
      PROPOSED ACTION/To meet current and future mission and training requirements, the Navy proposes to:
      Continue and increase the existing VAQ operations at NAS Whidbey Island’s Ault Field and OLF Coupeville;
      Increase VAQ capabilities and augment the training squadron by adding up to 36 aircraft to support an expanded Department of Defense mission for identifying, tracking, and targeting in a complex electronic warfare environment;
      Construct and renovate facilities at Ault Field to accommodate additional aircraft; and
      Station additional personnel at, and relocate family members to, NAS Whidbey Island and the surrounding community.
      The EIS will build upon analyses previously completed in 2005 and 2012 and will assess the noise environment as well as specific airfield operations at NAS Whidbey Island for this proposed action. Additionally, the EIS will consider public comments received during both the 2013 public scoping and during the current scoping period.

      My question is—-can there be electronic warfare without aerosol spraying? Or is one dependent on the other? Anyone know?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, the two are not necessarily interdependent.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan,  I do watch some TV and Real Time with Bell Maher is a favorite of mine and he seems genuinely concerned with weather issues/weirdnesses, but alas, he is a comic, not a scientist and he seems to respect degrasse-Tyson, while threatening to stop respecting him owing to the giant multi colored cosmic vest he was wearing.  No talk of geoengineering on the show, and I am certain based on prior comments by Maher, who by the way is a co-producer of the excellent series Vice which examines covert issues around the globe, would be very interested to learn about geoengineering's damage to our world.  I very much would like to see him interview Dane on his show which tends to draw intelligent, knowledgeable people.  He had Erin Brocovitch on some months ago concerning the Dark act, and the Laughtenberg/Toxic Substance Control Act known as TOSCA.  I will look at your link.
      Myself, I think degrasse-Tyson is a blowhard.  He sells science for a living.  His ego is as big as his belly.
      Very early this year the navy was to begin war exercises of a sort on the Olympic Peninsula.  Massive, really and why I think they are spraying so heavily.  This time they did allow for public comment, I did try to warn everyone, and enough wrote in to slow their roll.  This involves magnetic waves in the main.  And Growler jets flying very low, all day, most days of the year and for some long, long time to come-air to ground frequencies.  Much military on the ground, much frequency testing, as weapons.  Many many are opposed of course, and this involves lots of military on the ground too and all over the Peninsula.  There is great concern as for one, the noise of the constantly flying Growler jets-military-is deafening, literally.  For another, huge concern about the effects of frequency testing on wildlife as well as people.  The navy's own site explained it, and there is an organization in Washington, on the Peninsula who are very much against this and have a site full of info.  I've been waiting to see what happens and when.  This was due to start much sooner.  I had no idea so many retired military and CIA lived there.
      I am 68 and have most of your symptoms.  The dripping nose is driving me nuts, the allergy like stuff that makes breathing difficult-for 7 years now.  Getting worse with fatigue really doing me in.  We are sprayed here in the Bay Area all the time now it seems.  A rash too.  Headaches.  But, I have Lupus and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, so a bit hard to parse it all.
      I am very upset over the Navy's plans for the Olympic Peninsula, flipped when I heard about it early this year, wrote in about it, researched it.  That Peninsula is precious.  They will destroy it.  I've not heard anything in a long time now and wondered what happened.  Please keep us-me-posted!  Thank you Susan!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, It seems in the long time, due to interruptions, it took me to make my lame answer, others came through.  deGrasse Tyson seems giddy drunk with the Power of science, in a can do! kind of way.

      I wish I could remember the excellent site where you are that organized protests against this plan and gave so many details, such as the decibel levels of the Growler jets.  As I recall, they intend to do this for a long time.  But what all I learned was very early on this year.  At the very end of 2013, the navy snuck through the sequester their plan for war games along our coasts, in Puget Sound, and Great Lakes, and by our coasts, I mean all.  And hugging.  They gave a time frame to comment, then moved it way up without warning and done.  The fear was they would do the same this time.  It was said, by them, that so many wrote in that they had to hire outside help to handle the mail.  I've not received my response yet.  Had no idea what was going on.  It is kinda gratifying that they are taking this long and actually doing EIS evaluations.  They didn't expect a public reaction like this.  It is good to know it had some impact on them.  They had not even considered the noise impact prior to this response and said so.  It is kinda amazing what they will say.

      While what Dane says about them not being necessarily interdependent-electronic warfare and aerosols- is true, I do believe that in this case anyway, aerosols are being used, in part, for this.  As I understand it there are different kinds of aerosols for different purposes.  Certainly a highly aluminized background would facilitate electromagnetic warfare.

      Rosalind Peterson of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, has a very useful site with no blog.  At the top of the site are a number of things of interest including of course geoengineering, but also the navy.  The navy is always up to something and she is on top of that.  You can easily check the status of what they are doing and the wording of their proposals there.  She also gives with it, who to call or write and when.

      Many thanks to Bella as usual!  She of links!

  99. Kat Lopez says:

    On the other hand, its funny they think they can hide this (for much longer). They are a sad bunch. GAME OVER CABAL.

    • Jim Speaker says:

      I cant wait for the huge El Nino to hit california this winter. I'm going to throw A big red plastic demon into the Los Angeles River and watch it float away.

  100. Frank says:

    There is turmoil in the ranks of the NWS NOAA and many other weather reporting agencies of the government. Many of the people in these agencies are not only scared, but now know that they too will go down with the ship including their children. We all are at the point that total collapse of our earth is imminent. The parasitical power structure also knows this as they will become more dangerous. There have been many people in the past that have tried to expose the criminal element. Most were fired of there positions and publicly ostracized. The ones that speak out are ruined in front of there piers to further osculate the need to shut up. Now we have gag orders in place, exposed to the media. This is exciting but I also know that the power structure has all there pieces in place. To blatantly order a Federal agency employees not to speak. What is next I can only imagine. We all live in extraordinary times. 

  101. Terri says:

    once you become an ''employee'' for the feds they literally own you. you sold more then your body and mind. you sold your soul to the devils you work for. hope you enjoy your ride to hell. each and every employee makes a choice. choice to be a good slave or choice to say 'NO'. i will work someplace else. That they continue to ''serve'' their demonic masters means they choose to do harm to other people. choose to do harm to the environment. 

    they could choose to speak out anyway no matter what the consequences. they haven't the spine for that. much easier to go alone to get along. make the faustian deal and sell their soul and the soul of their children for a fast buck…bits of wood pulp stuck together with glue and ink printed on it. they will kill, maime, destroy, to get more wood pulp. 

    not speaking out is a death sentence to everyone. speaking out might be a death sentence to one. which will it be? we already know the answer to that. see it every day as they happily sell out everyone they know so they have their latest chinese gadget. 

    the saturation point is here. they will die knowing they were good slaves. served their masters well..and will..i hope continue to serve them in that dark place they have a ticket to. hope they enjoy their front row seats. 

  102. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    This dovetails precisely with the last report.  The statement, “The National Weather Service is about the last place where national security-style secrecy rules need to be enforced,” sums it all up quite nicely.  The purpose of the secrecy is at least two-fold.  One aspect is keeping weather engineering hidden from the general public — for obvious reasons.  Another is that the weather has become weaponized, and therefore the technology must be kept secret from enemies.  Unfortunately, it seems we've all become enemies.


  103. Dianna says:

    I guess the best thing to do is to bring up the geo-space weather sites and each determine for themselves what is coming. I have been doing this for years, ever since I saw the signs off of South America, a couple of years after the mega solar storms of 2002, of storm off of the coast that was the size of the continent itself, heading for South Africa. Following that I saw Katrina and other storms come west off the African coast like never before. It is good to be aware and to make appropriate preparations from your own deductions. Space Weather,com is reporting what I saw last night/early this morning, where a solar flare literally lasted for over 3 hours in duration, a C4 class. I have never seen anything like it. Up to 50% of it is Earth directed, along with a relatively large 3:00 solar positioned  prominence release. So we can assume there will be some repercussions in the solar winds felt from them in the following weeks ahead, after of course the immediate effects. Australia and Indonesia got the light from the flare, as shown on the D Region Absorption Prediction from within SOHO's Estimated Kp tab on its website. I have also noted that a northern half the coronal blank region, (Not just a coronal hole) has been persistent for the last three weeks now. This only increases solar wind, its speed, and its contents to effect the planets in its wake. We have some weather to expect soon, moreso than in the recent past. Be prepared to take any weather warnings very seriously.

  104. carol freiberg says:

    Another reason to increase the awareness of the covert programs we are all being subjected to WITHOUT OUR CONSENT. The agencies being gagged need to realize once the house of cards fall and this has been exposed for what it is, they WILL be held accountable for their role in this crime. Thanks to Dane, and all the good folks involved in this effort, together we are gaining on these criminals.

  105. So if I get it right, even more secrecy will be held. How the hell are we supposed to fight that? Those sealed in secrecy will shit their pants now so it is more and more obvious that folks will keep silent. If I was one to be asked for secrecy, they'd have to kill me! Here is another abhorrence I saw on NASA website; This should go in the disinformation directory.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, the NASA disinformation/public conditioning link you sent is being forwarded to our disinformation directory site for posting. The email contacts for the NASA paid liars that authored the link will also be put up in the post so that the public can let the authors know what they think of their tyranical behavior. 

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Contrail count-a-thon???  That one takes the cake.

    • Nnikki says:

      This is one of the sickest things I've seen since the Spineless Obama speech at the U.N. (Hails to Putin who at least has a spine!!) Hopefully, at least some children will have parents who are onto the truth. Might just cause some backlash that the cabal was not expecting. Disinformation turned into information. Those with children, here's a chance to spread the word to teachers. Or have scool teachers been gagged too?? 

    • Geoffrey B. says:

      And the credits of this report include a person from NASA Langley. Has the CIA always been a part of NASA?

  106. JACTN says:

    Tuesday I watch the local weather report.  They had a report saying "partly cloudy skies this afternoon leading into clear and cool weather over night.  No clouds only heavily aerosolized sky's for much of Tuesday pm.  The imagery on the green screen literally had a few wisps of lined clouds ha ha.  People are becoming more aware.  I am handing fliers everywhere.  People are starting to be more responsive in SE TN. 

    • 510mlc says:

      And the Yahoo weather app on my iPhone now features chem haze instead of real clouds (if it is so-called "partly cloudy"). They just like to program us in any way they can.

    • Robert says:

      Hello JACTN, could you put a link under my reply so i could download a copy of you flier. I would like to distribute it in my area in Central Oregon, if that is o.k. Thanks.

    • Robert says:

      I found the flyers…under Resources.

  107. James says:

    Dear God ,

    "Let me Hang on just long enough to see the Cabal crumble into Chaos"


  108. Mary Willits says:

    Dane, does this mean there will be no meteorology reports coming out? What does this gag order mean? I want to be informed so I only share truth and be knowledgeable, cause I intend to spread this like butter on toast. Thanks Dane for all you do. Mary

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mary, what it means is that “official agencies” will report what they are told to report, what they are allowed to report, nothing more. The quoted statments in the post add clarity to this.

  109. Everything is so compartmentalized that most folk don't know what to do about it. Plus so many are living paycheck to paycheck which keeps them too busy for much else. It should be as easy as (taking an example from Barney Fife)  making citizen's arrests. We have no gag order. We need to start arriving in dc in larger and larger numbers and STAY there until we replace those in government with regular citizens who are not bought off by corporations or who have nothing they can be threatened with. How else are with supposed to get rid of a tyrannical government as we were instructed by the Declaration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson. We must organize something like that while we still have use of the internet. I don't give a shit if I'm on some list for saying things like this. If we keep quiet because of fear we'll never get anywhere. They may get rid of the ones who begin ideas of what to do about this mess but MANY need to start talking about what we are to do. Talking about the geoengineering and taking pictures and videos of the messed up skies had it's place but it's past time to move on to the next step.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cathy, the point with gathering and posting information is to share it with those that don’t yet know. It is the process of raising awareness that has brought so many more into the fight, including the attorneys that are now helping in the battle. There are many stones yet to overturn, it will take all of us working together to prevail.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Agreed, as would Sam Adams

  110. kirk Mannor says:

    We’re all just a bunch of slaves, that think were free.

    • Kat says:

      Sorry Kirk but man was not put on this Earth to toil in the mud. Not at all.  We are stewards of this planet. This planet was given to us all as a gift remember? Research. Not only that but this planet is alive. If it weren't we would not be here.

  111. Marc says:

    Wow! A most astounding development! If this doesn't smack alot of skeptics upside the head, they are either sleeping, stupid, drugged into a stupor, or comatose. This is truly incredible, and is perhaps the most damning and self-incriminating move on the part of the PS in years, maybe ever. Why on f**king earth would the Cabal find it suddenly necessary to muzzle government weather employees? Really? Confidentiality agreements? Because employees just might do something dangerous to national security like go to their desks and their computers and crunch data on the next cold front moving in from Montana? Really? I mean, c'mon, folks!!!! This is beyond absurd. These motherf**kers who comprise the CABAL, be they 3-letter agency thugs or even billionaire/trillionaire cultists with a NWO game plan, truly do appear to be getting more brazen in their desperation as their grip and control falters (Russian Syrian bombing campaign against ISIS) and their crimes against humanity gain worldwide awareness and outrage. This move against the NWS and NOAA is another attempt to seal all the possible leaks in the bottom of their floundering boat. But…….it's goin' down, man. it's gonna go down!!! Where will that leave us? Sick, poisoned, or dead? Maybe. But I'll tell you this much: if I'm gonna die from all this poisoning of our skies, soils and waters, please, DEAR GOD, let me hang on just long enough to see the Cabal crumble into chaos and MOTHER EARTH'S NWO blossom into being.

    • Trudy B1929 says:

      Courage Marc!  Containing rage builds character and fuels right action in the best of men. You will not do anything than to endanger those not equal to fight due to age, ill health and lack of knowledge (and many will remain so because of fear, isolation and inability to comprehend).  Rightly accomplished  there will be many with your  bold courage to join with you  > even be led by you >.and that makes an undefeatable union! This is what will win our 2nd Civil War!!!!!

  112. Roscoe P. Coltrain says:

    Well then, this seals it!  What they are doing is obviously illegal and hiding the facts and truth are paramount.  These directors need to be called in before Congress and forced to testify or invoke their 5th Amendment rights, so that a true investigation can begin.  

  113. BaneB says:

    While we gag on their aerosols and their lies, they gag on the Truth.  There is so much gagging being implemented within the federal monstrosity that surely it can't be too far into the immediate future that it self afphixiates.  No weather forecast, IMO, is preferable to a lying forecast.

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