Climate Scientists Allude To Total Failure Of Climate Engineering


Climate scientists cannot (or will not) yet openly admit to the geoengineering elephant in the room, but it seems they are finally concerned enough to begin shining some light on the issue. Based on all available data, the conclusions of have always been that global geoengineering programs were making an already bad climate situation far worse. This conclusion continues to be confirmed as new studies are published. Climate engineering has completely derailed and disrupted the entire life support system of planet Earth and contaminated the biosphere from the clouds to the ground in the process. The repercussions of the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying assault (combined with the constant bombardment of radio frequency transmissions), has now pushed our planet well past the breaking point. Though the scientific community is still not directly acknowledging the geoengineering reality, they are moving ever closer to coming out of the shadows. The newly released article below is a big step toward exposing the total failure of climate engineering to cool the biosphere (clearly weather warfare and other agendas are the true foundation of the geoengineering programs). Not only is geoengineering not working to cool the planet, it CAN'T work. The laws of basic physics make this fact inarguable and the facts from the front lines on planet Earth confirm this. The geoengineers can create large scale (highly toxic) regional cooling at the cost of a worsened overall warming. Climate engineering programs are not benevolent in any way. What is being done in our skies is nothing less than all out weather warfare against populations around the globe. The highly toxic fallout is equivalent to biological warfare, this is an indisputable fact. Don't stand idly by, join the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. Our lives depend on winning this battle.
Dane Wigington


Why Climate Engineering Won't Work​

Source: Huffington Post, article by Anders Levermann


From the California drought to the Vanuatu typhoon, weather extremes are increasingly hard to ignore, and global warming is going to worsen our situation. Hence, climate engineering is the big temptation of our times: If there's too much heat on the planet, let's block some sunlight and continue business as usual. There's just one problem: It won't work. Fundamental physics tells us that the place where warming is greatest, in the Arctic, reflecting sunlight back into space has the smallest cooling effect. And it's the Arctic that is crucial for U.S. and European weather systems. 

In order to counter global warming, several techniques to reflect sunlight back into space have been suggested. The only one that is simple and cheap enough to be seriously discussed at the moment was put forward by Paul Crutzen, awardee of the Nobel Prize for advancing our understanding of the stratospheric chemistry to the ozone layer. He suggested to inject tiny particles — sulphate aerosols, to be specific — into the stratosphere to shield Earth from a certain portion of solar radiation and hence cool the planet. Since then, whole research fields have developed around the idea. While industry and politicians seem to love it, from a physicist's perspective it is obvious that the method has a basic problem. In blunt terms: It cannot save us from climate change. 

It's Basic Physics

The reason is as simple as fundamental: The extra abundance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere does not change our climate in a uniform manner. The Arctic, for example, is warming almost twice as much as the tropics. This has to do with a well-known effect called polar amplification. The main reason for this is that warming enhances the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, which then snows-off in the dry and cold polar region where it releases energy and warms the atmosphere. Now, if this sounds too complicated, one just has to hold up a thermometer in the Arctic and another one in the tropics: They show that temperature up North rises faster than at the equator.

Now, reflecting sunlight back into space would have the exact opposite pattern. It would do a lot in the tropics where sunlight is strong, and less in the Arctic and Antarctic. This is fundamentally true and cannot be fixed. So, reflecting radiation back into space could cool the planet on average, but it cannot reverse the effect of the greenhouse gases — not even remotely. 

Although we use the global mean temperature as an indicator of man-made climate change, the change that we cause is, in fact, complex. Because of global warming, rainfall patterns all around the planet change in an inhomogeneous way. Some regions get wetter, others get dryer. Wind patterns are changing, weather extremes are likely to intensify. All of these phenomena have distinct patterns. And even though we do not yet fully understand these patterns, they are unique in the simple fact that they are caused by the additional abundance of greenhouse gases that humans are emitting into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases yield a specific global fingerprint in all climatic phenomena. This fingerprint is unique because of the role that these gases play in the energy balance of our planet. 

Anthropogenic greenhouse gases absorb the radiation from Earth's surface back into space and send part of it back to Earth. This mechanism is very different from just shining more sunlight down on us. If too much sunlight warming the planet was the real problem, then we might try to counter it by reflecting some of this sunlight back into space. But that is not the case. 

Only One Number

To put it differently, Paul Crutzen's idea would give us a single knob to change Earth's climate. One knob that we could control: The amount of sulphate aerosols in the stratosphere. With one such "control parameter" one could control exactly one property of the climate system, for example, the global mean temperature or the temperature in China or the rainfall in the United States. But one could not control the rainfall in China and the temperature in the United States at the same time. 

Since greenhouse gases in the troposphere change our climate differently in different places, one knob is not enough. It is physics that tells us clearly it won't work. The only thing that works is to undo what we have done — so we have to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and even try to remove some of them from the atmosphere. 

If we don't want to screw up our climate, it is time to put the fruitless debates on climate-engineering techniques to rest, and focus on the only real solution, which is a tremendous challenge requiring all our intellectual resources: The mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. The first place to address this challenge should be the place the emissions originated: our fossil-fuel-based energy systems.


Anders Levermann is a climate scientist and physics professor from Germany. He was a lead author of the sea-level chapter of the latest UN climate report (IPCC-AR5).
Trained as a theoretical physicist in Germany and Israel, Dr Levermann was appointed Professor of the Dynamics of the Climate System at Potsdam University in the year 2007. His research at the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Researchfocuses on the tipping of systems, i.e. abrupt large-scale changes with potentially strong impacts on nature and society.
Since 2012 he has been leading the research on global adaptation strategies at the Potsdam Institute, developing an economic damage propagation for the global production- and supply network. To this end he is coordinating the data portal zeean to collect, harmonize and provide information about the global economic network.
Prof Levermann has published scientific articles on ocean dynamics, monsoon rainfall, the Antarctic ice sheet and future sea-level rise. He has engaged in the discussion on our limits of adaptation in a number of articles, for example, in the Guardian, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Nature magazine.
Anders Levermann advises government representatives, members of parliament, political parties as well as economic stakeholders and journalists with respect to climate change issues.

Source: Huffington Post, article by Anders Levermann

49 Responses to Climate Scientists Allude To Total Failure Of Climate Engineering

  1. Jane says:

    Besides the Whacko's that are spraying this, the only people that are not Comfortably Numb are the people that are looking at this and believing what is going on here stand a chance. The rest of the Zombitized public are walking around in a Dozy state of mind not even realizing that there is weather modification going down. More and more heart attacks and cancer happening. People think it is totally normal just like they believe the weather is. It is a real Sad state of mind that they have. You tell them and they just can't be bothered to even look up and figure out that there is something really abnormal happening here because they are being trained like Dog's and Cat to Think that way.
    totally Unbelievable but not Really when one figures it out.
    Big Brain Washing here Folks.
    More and more will subside to the Project.
    Without a Clue.

  2. Geoengineers say this themselves, yet the spraying goes on.  The Pacific is capped by artificial cloud cover.  Perhaps they need a basic science review of the difference between long and short light waves and exactly how a greenhouse works.  There is no ocean evaporation and the temperature rises daily.  Now the geoengineers are screaming about the sleeping giant of methane.

  3. kirk mannor says:

    To bad its all really for money ,the trees that  suffer mainly are pines, oaks ,and alot of fruit trees, organics,but monsantos there for the rescue with there new GMO pine trees, and aluminum resisant plants.monsanto is the most evil corperation on earth.

  4. Dennie Mehocich says:

    It doesn't get more MAINSTREAM than The Huffington Post.  Sheeple still refuse to "get it." 

    • Dennie,

      Furthermore, Dennie, the very idea that anyone would be so stupid or diabolical ( take your pick) as to perpetrate this absurdity is beyond the comprehension of the “sheeple”.

  5. I live in northern Ca and often wonder why people don't question the fact that our sky is usually covered in "cloud cover" as the weather reporters call it, yet we are lucky to get 7 days of rain a year.Sometimes when I'm driving, I feel like I'm in the twilight zone when I see the huge pillow looking masses they've whipped up. So unnatural looking, are people really that blind to all this?

  6. Rachel Robson says:

    Paul Vonhamish, Thank you for quantifying the waste of electricity! I've wanted to see something like that.  For 54! years now, I've been vigilant about electricity, really vigilant.  I knew when I was 14 what a big deal it was and I was so against nuclear plants.  And waste of all sorts.  I know so so many people who do in fact never give it a single thought, think it is cheap or that they can afford it.  Maybe for Them, but not for the world!  Thank you and for the link about it.  Also, for comments on flying.  There didn't used to be bicoastal families/peoples.  Business class, etc.  I noticed that prices dropped around the time geoengineering started.  "Fly the friendly skies!" indeed-NOT

    Andrew from Scotland, Seriously? 254 million less Americans in the next 10 years?!!  How can this be remotely true?  WTF?!  Yikes!  Why would they say this?  A heads up?  Sure, there are too many people world wide, but we only have millions.  Makes no sense.  Who would do "their" work?    

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, just a point to consider in regard to the circulating report that speaks of a reduction in the US population, what we face will be in no sense isolated to the US. 

    • Hello Rachel Robson: Thanks for your comments. Airline companies would have never seen any financial light of day without massive subsidies provided by our involuntary tax dollars – plus a little help from our favorite petrochemical lobbies. Arm twisting of governmental agencies like the FAA, is made ever-so-easy when stock markets and international trade agreements are controlled by friendly mafia banks owned by the "Federal" Reserve…

  7. Another mainstream article that chooses to remain totally clueless. Human energy consumption is a known environmental disaster.

    ["Most people don't give the practice a second thought. But a new study from the Natural Resources Defense Council suggests the powering of so many devices around the clock is using huge amounts of energy – $19 billion worth of electricity on an annual basis, equivalent to the output of 50 large power plants."] 

    Always-on devices are using huge amounts of energy – CBS News

  8. Why science fails to effectively address ANYTHING related to the actual problem: They take money under the table, and lie about facts. Facts like this: >

    ["In the European Union, greenhouse gas emissions from aviation increased by 87% between 1990 and 2006.[4] "]

    As long as people treat the Earth as their private playground, and continue to ignore the consequences of their actions, planetary meltdown will continue.

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    All the replies here are so good.  It is more than just venting these days.  I am learning from many of the posters, like Andrew from Scotland, and gee Andrew, yet again, how do you know and find out so very much?!  Constantly impressed and learning!  And Ralph Ely, you put things so very well.  Love it.  And yes, here in Berkeley, Ca. I've seen those bumpy line clouds with what appears like a thin thread between them.  Glad a Walmart shopper replied.  I can't shop, can't walk that far and I hate shopping and there is not a Walmart near me, but it does prove that Walmart shoppers are not stupid, not clueless.  I don't watch the Simpsons and never have, not my cup of tea, but I would not begrudge anyone who did.  God knows we all need a laugh, laughter is medicine after all and to each his own.  In fact, humor helps the medicine go down-as in communicating serious issues, humor really helps.  Now, of course seems there is no humor to be found in all this.  But I've lived with and watched many famous teachers of all sorts use humor in their teachings and it works!  Gets peoples' attention, ears open, info gets in.  And so I think of Guy McPherson's flying spaghetti monster!  I told Dane this, apparently did not make an impression.  But seriously, if looking at satellite images over the boiling ocean, those loops of trails look a lot like spaghetti into the roiling boil.  Imagine you had a photo of that, carrying around, and ran into someone-neighbor, friend, family member, stranger, whomever and said:  Looks like the flying spaghetti monster has been at it again!  That would get attention and in a humorous way that didn't scare people.  At that point, they cannot yet say tin foil hat, they can only laugh and ask what the heck do you mean.  At which point you show picture of the satellite image, hopefully with a sea temp compared to norm below it, and say: Can you believe this?!  The seas are heating at "such and such" a rate, like a boiling pot and here's the satellite pic of airplane trails in twirls and loops going nowhere but round like spaghetti into a boiling pot!  By then, you've got their attention.  As they wonder what in the heck, you hand them that photo and some further info, saying "I've got a couple of these, here take this and check it out!  It's a confusion!"  Just some info, not a barrage, a little bite and where to get more.  That person goes home and says honey, the funniest thing happened in the grocery store today.  This woman was talking about a flying spaghetti monster but she didn't look or act crazy, so I asked what the heck was she talking about.  She gave me this and I looked it up.  Isn't this sort of like what we've been seeing?  Just an example, there has to be more in that vein.  A little humor can take you far.  Much farther than doom and gloom.  Again, I fully realize there is nothing truly funny about this.  Just a technique.  what do you guys think?  Any more funnies you can think of?  I get this may seem odd to you guys.  But I swear it works.  If they bite, they will find gloom and doom soon enough.

    By comparison, one major Native activist,leader, teacher had no sense of humor at all-very odd for an Indian-most Indians I know are way into humor.  But this man, and I adored him mind you, would just drone on and on, never a speck of humor to break the monotony.  People would go brain dead in no time! 

  10. Diana Moss says:

    Recently here in SW Virginia there has been a slight change in the methods they are using, instead of trails from horizon to horizon there are now 'clouds' which are strange in that they are relatively all the same size, not billowy like they would normally be but solid in the middle and then all wispy and fuzzy on the edges and all lined up in a row, like they are starting and stopping the amount of stuff  they are using. and occasionally if you look closely you can see a tiny  white thread connecting the clouds.  Has anyone else noticed this change?  I imagine it is supposed to look like normal clouds but if you are used to 'looking up' the difference is readily apparent. 

    • Inez Maria Pandit,MD says:

      Hi Diana!

      Thank you for posting your observation! I have been watching exactly the same phenomena you are describing here in the skies in the western parts of Germany, in the area around Duesseldorf. We still have days of intense spraying of trails in bizarre patterns but "new"methods are clearly being applied. More and more people learn to see the obvious so there is  need for hiding the traces of geo-engineering. Our weather in Germany- wherever I have been observing it-is a 100% man made (I should say:made by insane entities). I have no doubt!

      Best wishes from Duesseldorf,

      Inez Pandit

    • joy says:

      Diana, Same here in south central Colorado. Remember the video that went around that looked ridiculous – of the cloud standing on end in someone's yard? Well, we are seeing it here. The clouds are insane. The skies are always scary and gloomy. I sure miss the sunshine and so do the plants and animals.

    • donna ford says:

      Diana, Here in NM the same thing is going on.Trying to make more natural looking clouds. I call them chem bombs. Even when we have a few natural clouds I see them spray between them trying to get them to connect making bigger clouds in front of the sun. Also there will be planes that spray yet leave a short trail that dissipates into a lighter haze that turns the sun into a haze ball. The sky is less blue but not white like the horizon to horizon trails. I bet they have been developing all kinds of new tactics to implement their SRM. Evil Bastards.

    • Mike says:

      I've seen at least 4 diff types,but yes, I've seen the ones of which you speak.

    • J. Carl says:

      Yes Diana, I've noticed a change in the last two weeks here in  So.Cal.  The last time I saw the planes were quite alarming, in that they seemed to be flying a lot lower than usual, wider patterns and eventually filled the entire sky as I recall – since then, it's been either clear, a silver/blue color, or cloudy – I am assuming they are doing their dirty work above the clouds. 

  11. jonathan says:

    Dane, are we witnessing a near future ending of chemtrails? How long do you think it will take for it to come out publicly? If it stops, will we be able to find equilibrium in our skies? I hope it goes out and finally stops, although, I doubt it.

  12. Marc says:

    Once again, we are forced to endure yet another lame article that frames the whole discussion in terms of a scientific "fix" that is still on the drawing board; that of sulphate aerosols as a means to deflect solar radiation and thereby cool the planet. Really? How much damage is being done by the likes of Mr. Levermann by surfing around on his "climate scientist" credentials and behaving as if he doesn't know a goddamn thing about the massive global geoengineering already deep underway? Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me a top climate scientist from Germany (where geoengineering in the skies is all too obvious) has not found in all his mountains of data the telltale signature of massive aerosol spraying occurring around the world 24/7? Give me a break!!! I don't know how to take articles such as this. The fact that it occurred in a high profile venue (Huffington Post) is significant but also is it's negative: the spread of a mindset that portrays geoengineering as if it is still only a last resort to save us all from burning up. I just don't get it. Maybe it's a small move in the right direction of expanding awareness about the issue in general but Mr. Levermann portrays himself as a buffoon while the rest of us awakened ones know exactly what the hell is going on.

  13. Melody Meachum says:

    Thank you Dane for all you do!

    Maybe just maybe we'll get the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the NWO Agenda backed Geoengineers one of these years. In the meantime, I believe this is a confession, but not the truth of why they've done what they've done for decades. Especially considering (not even addressing financial catastrophes):

    Agenda to own the weather since the 40's…fluoridation…toxifying as well as bioengineering our food and seed production…poisonous vaccinations…morgellons…transhumanism…wars, wars and more wars, genocide, elimination of national sovereignties @ home and globally to make way for world government.

    These are all assaults on humankind to eliminate and/or enslave the masses. We MUST continue to see through their agenda and fight back right where we're at!

  14. andrew from Scotland says:

    My 53rd email to my contact list, titled "Ready to mobilise for war?"

    1.  There is little doubt that we will soon have a 'World at War', partly to distract us from the disastrous atmospheric spraying. Watch the video here:

    US NATO commander General Philip Breedlove believes provoking Russia belligerently promotes world peace.  He wants:


    more US combat troops close to Russia’s borders 

    more provocative military exercises

    Nazi-infested Ukrainian military forces to be more heavily armed with US weapons – no doubt including the Azov and Dudayev Battalions and other private militias

    full-scale mobilization for war.

    During Thursday 30th April's testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee members , he said:

    “I support the consideration of using offensive weapons to change the decision calculus on the ground (in Donbass) and to facilitate bringing our opponent to the table for a solution, a final solution”

    " solution"?  We've heard that Nazi phrase before.

    Philip Mark Breedlove (born September 21, 1955) is a four-star General in the United States Air Force who currently serves as the Commander, U.S. European Command, (EUCOM) as well as the 17th Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO Allied Command Operations. 

    EUCOM is one of nine Unified Combatant Commands of the United States military, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Its area of focus covers 21,000,000 square miles (54,000,000 km2) and 51 countries and territories, including EuropeRussiaGreenland, and Israel. The Commander of the United States military EUCOM simultaneously serves as the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) within NATO

    General Sir Adrian Bradshaw (British Army) is Deputy SACEUR.

    The Ukraine Army is already mobilised for war, believes it is their duty to attack Russia and thus cause WW3, and is just waiting for US heavy weaponry (they produce plenty of their own small arms and ammunition).

    “Today, we are ready not just to defend [Ukraine], but to invade the Russian Federation, break into it with reconnaissance detachments and sabotage groups,” said Bereza.  He also spoke about conducting bomb attacks inside Russia.

    Interesting Max Fisher interview here:

    Here is a new and very catchy Russian patriotic pop song which celebrates the defeat of the Nazis during WW2, and also prepares the population for the coming showdown that Nazi Ukraine/NATO intends to force upon them.  Interesting it omits a major religion.

    The US base in Djibouti is used for massive drone attacks in Africa, Yemen and the middle east.

    2.  Not quite sure what to write after that.  Maybe refer you to this webpage which shows the population of US dropping from 319 million in 2014 to 65 million in 2025.  That is @ 80% dead/emigrated, or 21 million per year in the US alone – what event(s) could cause that?   As we know, the idea in the US is to herd people into population areas/FEMA camps/concentration camps for ease of control.

    The world population is forecast to fall by 400 million, which seems to be mostly from NATO countries and major allies – check out Australia and NZ.  The forecast does not include pandemics, nuclear war, global warming, extinction level events, etc.   

    UK figures are 64 million in 2014  to 23 million in 2025 (2 out of every 3 people die/emigrate). Russia:142 to 137 million with a doubling of military budget. China hardly changes.  Looks like we will be hammered, whatever the cause.

    The site also shows population densities, military budget, GDP etc. Use 'Country Listings' or 'View year 2025 forecast' to check other countries.  

    Deagle Sources: US Department of Defense, Department of State, CIA, IMF, UN, USG, World Bank, European Union, etc.  Why would these organisations put out this information – fear mongering or truth?

    We need to awake from our fluoride, aluminium and drug induced stupour.  

    Britain has a long and valiant history of defending and fighting for Freedom and Truth – the ancient Druidic battle cry was "Truth against the world".  Julius Caesar wrote @ 54 BC "They make the immortality of the soul the basis of all their teaching, holding it to be the principle incentive and reason for a virtuous life.  Believing in the immortality of the soul, they are fearless in battle".  In AD 41, Pomponius Mela describes the British warrior in astonishment and ascribes their extraordinary bravery to their religious doctrine, based on the immortality of the soul. The edict of Emperor Claudius in AD 42 was "Exterminate Christian Britain" – they failed. In AD 52/53, during Cractacus' amazing address to the Roman Senate he said "Does it follow, that because the Romans aspire to universal domination, every nation is to accept the vassalage they would impose?"

    Arviragus continued to fight the Romans as 'Defender of the Faith' – conferred by Joseph of Arimethea. It was King Lucius who was first officially baptised with this title in AD 137 by St Timotheus.


    • Ralph Ely says:

      Andrew, I so enjoy reading your comments and historical references as they underline what we face in this battle to free humanity from the physical and mental shackles of GeoEngineering and all of the other oppressive agendas of the power elite.

      There is obviously something more that just a pretty pair of legs under that Kilt.  Sorry, I just could not help myself.  I have to laugh some times to keep from crying as to how brain dead the populace is to reality.

      The good news is, "our critical mass" is growing with activists such as your self kicking the Power Elite's Butt and all of us carrying the message at each and every chance we get.  Be it in person, by Face Book, email or letter, it all puts more pressure on the Dam of Truth that is on the brink of bursting.  When that happens, everyone hold on to your Kilt.

    • andrew from Scotland says:

      Many thanks Ralph – glad someone reads them!  The legs are a bit hairy as well….

  15. Nicole says:

    The article states, "If we don't want to screw up our climate, it is time to put the fruitless debates on climate-engineering techniques to rest, and focus on the only real solution, which is a tremendous challenge requiring all our intellectual resources: The mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions". Well that would have been a much less daunting task BEFORE the spraying operations kicked into high gear a few years ago. Now that they have been up there putting aluminum, barium, strontium and a mix of other poisons along with an influx of jet fuel emissions its going to be all that much harder to clean up our atmosphere. They didn't bother to ask any of the myriad of green solution corporations – other than to allow them to "appear" as if they were helping. The whole spraying operation depends on chemical corporations and big oil to keep them up there, and those are the greedy, evil bastards that took over the very minute their comrad geoengineers even hinted at the need for these spraying programs.

    But its not true that money is the root of all evil. People make a choice. Some are morally bankrupt and spiritually dead like these murdering criminals. They have no soul and could care less who they kill in order to save their own ass and squeeze the last dollar they can out of the top of the money pyramid. 

    Those of us walking upright – we all know its bad. We know its real bad. We know that all of industrial civilization got us there but certainly we were led astray by the dark power structure and they absolutely made sure their dark agenda drove us right into extinction. But I know that I speak for thousands of us when I say – we would rather stand in the direct path of ozone and x-ray than be gassed. Just leave it alone for Gods sake. Just stop what you are doing, stop murdering what is left. Just let it be. Let the Earth recover on her own in the ways she knows how, and act like a proper human being. Enough is enough already. What more do you need to take from us. We have nothing left. I look around my state and all of the trees here are DEAD! No insects, only few birds, no other wildlife here. We have nosebleeds around the clock, migraine headache, ears are ringing and heart palpitations. Is this what you came into the world to do – murder everything in sight?

    Enough! Just stop! STOP!!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The real saying is:  THE LOVE OF MONEY is The Root of All Evil. (Not you, personally, but people always manage to get it wrong:  "Play it AGAIN, Sam," when what Bogie really said was just plain "Play it, Sam.")   You can put up another billboard for geo-engineering awareness, with more money. 

      As for getting the Persons Engaged in Ruing in the Planet outta here, well, you have folks like Stephen Hawking say that "humans" need to get off the planet in order to survive– maybe when the Mad Scientist Techno-Chem-Crats finally blast off, taking every last one of their True Believers and Fans with Them, we should get busy and change the locks while they're out so they can never come back, then we'll finally have the planet to ourselves, haha!

      In the meantime, all the fluoride you want to put in the water is making me "DOCILE," like a RATTLESNAKE!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!


  16. PLT says:

    To those who want French versions of the articles here: Please get in touch with me at!

    Here is a quick update from Norway:

    Even in the run-up to the big national holiday, spraying here continues unabated – although, as Russ noted in last week's radio show, weekends tend to be sunnier than during the week.  The last month has been officially declared 2C above the norm, and that is certainly an underestimate because it is always hotter than they say.  Still, people remain clueless.  Most people are looking at a cell phone as they walk around outdoors, and they still dress their children in snowsuits (poor kids!)

    I have tried to raise this issue among the Red Party (yes, that's its name), the most people-friendly party in Norway, but no one wants to touch it.  More important to talk about the percentage of women in the party – here in the most woman-friendly country in the world (I say this as a woman and an old-school feminist).

    The official weather website has been pumping out articles about "natural" lenticular clouds and "normal" trails from airplanes, and the national news is full of Russian Bear fear mongering (the press is very tabloid-like here, and they seem convinced that Putin is coming to murder us all, one by one, in our sleep).  What ever happened to the attitude that we have nothing to fear but fear itself?  Or, for a more Nordic take on things, where have all the vikings gone?

  17. Ralph Ely says:

    Climate Engineering has not been working and will not work. This
    fact came to me up-front and personal here in Northern California.

    I stopped by my favorite "stand" for Strawberries at a corner location
    of an intersection about 1 mile from my home yesterday. The Berries
    are grown organically right on the spot by a family who lease the land
    from a local non-profit foundation. I have been buying there for over
    5 years and I am on a first name basis with the grower.
    I quipped to the grower: Well I guess you haven't found a real job yet.
    He said: If things don't turn around I may have to. He told me this…
    Bottom line: The Strawberry season is almost over before it got started.
    1) The plants are not healthy.
    2) They tried more water and then less. Nothing worked.
    3) The berries are ripening way too fast. Result: Flat taste. (True!)
    4) They have to pick them at an accelerated rate. Too long on the
         plant and they begin to get *sun-burn and get bad spots on them.
    5) Soil Ph is weird. It swings from neutral to acidic
        *UV rays are off the chart.

    Well of course that gave me the opportunity to discuss GeoEngineering.

    Both he and his wife are very tuned into nature, as many of his family
    members and friends are who grow other crops on down the Sacramento Valley..
    They have been wondering if the increase they were seeing of the trails from the aircraft flying over had anything to do with it. I filled them in. They now have a stack of glossy flyers setting right beside their baskets of strawberries and they are spreading the message.

    Everyday and Every way "critical mass" is growing.  We have the "gangsters of gluttony and greed" on the run.  And on the way, they will trip over sloth, pride, lust, envy and wrath, to round out the 7 Deadly Sins they will be charged with and be held accountable for In The End.

    • Ken says:

      Well said Ralph and thanks for sharing that story. We have to conclude that MANY farmers must be seeing similar effects and soon we too will see the effects in the stores with higher prices on food. Maybe THEN the Wal-Mart shopping football watching crowd will wake up.

    • Jenny says:

      Hey Ken, I shop at Walmart often during the last couple of years for cleaning and personal-care products, underwear and socks, and nightgowns, because I can afford them there.  Yet I am the ONLY person I know irl who "believes in" chemtrails (I tend to believe what I see with my own two eyes, I'm funny that way!)  Every person I've tried to educate on this subject reacts like I've gone "'round the bend" even those who watched Kristen Meghan's or a couple other videos at my request.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Including "Psychopathic," "They" are PATHETIC– they have NO FEELINGS so "They" have NO IDEA how this hurts EVERYTHING and EVERYONE on this planet.  They are NARCISSISTIC BABIES– the WHOLE OF CREATION revolves around "Them" and "Their" so-called needs.  Addicts are NARCISSISTS, and "They" are like addicts– everything is about The Next FIX, usually MONEY, "Their" so-called "God."  Well, that's going to crash too, because "They" are overshooting "Their" resources– What's going to happen when A.) "They" suck all the oil for their chem spraying jets, and B.) "They" suck all the aluminum/barium, etc., to spray us all with it, 24/7/365?  What happens when "They" finally run out of Oil/Aluminum/Uranium/Strontium/Barium/STEAM, and, oh yes, POWER???

  18. MARK Walczak says:

    Dane I do a lot to educate people 10-20 daily You are my hero .i will not stop educating people.We made a poster for global march .In Toronto.Only 120 .I will bring more myself in September  .

  19. Nadine says:

    I think the intensely burning sun has to do with the destruction of the ozone. Remember when we were told that ozone destroys the ozone and not to use hairspray that had aerosols? What happened to the concept of aerosols destroying the ozone when these ridiculous sprayings are done daily and globally? That's  a lot of hairspray folks.

    • Earth Angel says:

      On the topic of the intensely burning sun, very bright also. I have noticed this for some time now and yes, it is intensely hot- feels like it is frying the skin and eyes. We have to remember to take the time to use good sunscreen and sunglasses. I don't know how we can ever make those responsible pay for the terrible damages done to this planet and its people. A lady wrote a comment on this site saying that if the spraying stopped immediately and the P.E.R.P.'s (Persons Engaged in Ruining the Planet, this acronym is credited to another writer on the site– I LOVE IT!)  paid 200 trillion in damages it would not be enough. I absolutely agree with her. I don't know how we get real justice for these crimes being committed but we MUST press on!

    • joy says:

      The burning hot sun, with "official" warnings of high UV on the darkest and gloomiest of day; last year's dead leaves still hanging on the dying branches, while new leaves trying to open are curled, burned, and blistered; wildlifes' eyes look matted and sick; where prarie grass once grew is slowly turning into sand; few insects; birds are crashing…  How much longer will the masses turn a blind eye?  

  20. Eric says:

    Who is paying for all of these chemicals, jet fuel and pilot pay?  The Elite? The "secret government" ?  The chemical companies?  

  21. Bob says:

    Hi Dane – maybe this is oversimplified, but to me, the idea to combat the global warming issue, with something that  is a greenhouse gas, is ridiculous logic.  Isn't the largest, by volume, greenhouse gas, water vapor?  So, creating more water vapor artificially, using aluminum, barium, sulphates, or any other nucleator, seems just plain contrary to what they claim they are combatting.  Gee, let's reduce greenhouses gases, by putting more in the sky?  Who thinks up this stuff?  I thought these scientists were supposed to be smart.  I know I am not supposed to use this word anymore, but it's retarded.  The logic is retarded.  It proves to me that the motive behind this is wholly corrupt, selfish, and plain evil.

    • marj darling says:

      Unfortunately, Bob, it is genocide.  The trillionaires (yep) and billionaires are genociding 7 billion people.  That's why they use greenhouse gases to "prevent global warming".  That's why they continue spraying the toxic brews even when it's -5 degrees here in Western Massachusetts.  That's why we're being poisoned from every direction: food, water, drugs, immunizations, vaccinations, cookware, cosmetics, etc.  Our immune systems are decimated and then we're susceptible to whatever is in the air.  The air is a giant death chamber, and the same families are behind it as were behind the Nazi death chambers.  It's Nazi Germany on steroids in every way, including the fluoride in so many products to keep us calm as we're being murdered.  There are enough of us who know what is going on to do something about it, keeping in mind their people head the intelligence agencies and just about every other agency, and we are being surveilled 24 hours a day.  Why do you think there are cameras on both sides of our phones?  We don't have to lay down, be murdered and watch our children and grandchildren be murdered…nless they happen to be strong enough to survive.  Then they become the slave stock.

  22. Adam K says:

    I've been watching the UV levels the past few days and they have been at about 11 or 12 depending on the amount of chemtrailing outside. I live in Tucson, AZ and it already has  a naturally hot climate here. As it gets hotter and hotter and we roll into the summer months, the sun has been so intense and hot. Especially in the past couple of years it seems. But this year has had me particularly concerned. Half way through March it was already 90 degrees. It doesn't get that hot here till at least half way through April back when the climate wasn't so manipulated. This makes me think that this coming June-August will be some of the most intense and agonizing summers that have happened. Temperature have been known to go all the way up to 120 here, and that is hardly a great distance between the normal average temperature of around 107.

    I agree with the poster above me when he referred to the high UV levels. It certainly is true for here and I was wondering what anyone's thoughts were on this?

    • PLT says:

      I think the relative scientific information is contained in articles on this site, where lie all the pearls of wisdom.  Sorry I can't tell you which ones, but my brain is at least two-thirds aluminum now…  🙂

      In a nutshell, many of the elements being sprayed destroy the high-altitude ozone layer which used to protect the earth from UV radiation, back in the good ol' days.

  23. Frank says:

    The hot weather continues here in east TN and today it is in the lower 90's. The air quality is poor as UV levels are so high there off the charts, and the skies are a white haze of sun. The hot sun is what bothers me the most, as you can't stay outside more than a few minutes without burning. What would the sun be like if the sky wasn't blocked by this haze. I have never felt the sun rays so intense. 

    • Dawnski says:

      Gee Wally, I feel like one of those ants we singe with a magnifying glass . .

    • joy says:

      …and think of the animals who cannot escape the sun?  This is where engineered crops and animals are being sold to feed the masses by corporations who have the corner on power and greed.

  24. Dexter says:

    Thank you for sharing, Dane!

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