“Cloud Cover”, A Documentary On Climate Engineering


Clifford Carnicom is a veteran in the battle to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering. He first released a documentary film on the subject in 2005 titled "Aerosol Crimes". This film was very helpful for raising awareness, I personally purchased about 2000 copies and distributed them. The video linked below, "Cloud Cover", is an updated and condensed film from Clifford Carnicom. In this 43 minute documentary, many dire aspects of the ongoing climate engineering nightmare are addressed in a very straight forward fashion. The only aspect of the film that I would dispute is the notion that the shorter bright trails are conclusively "condensation trails". Various spraying applications are constantly observed and many are not the most visible horizon to horizon trails. The shorter bright trails generally produce the silvery white skies that are now so common as the power structure appears to be making an effort to be more covert with the spraying applications. High bypass turbofan jet engines are by design nearly incapable of producing any condensation trails except under the most rare and extreme conditions. "Cloud Cover" shows very moving testimony from a former mainstream media reporter that outlines the extreme effort of the media and the power structure to eliminate any and all possibilities of the climate engineering story getting press coverage.This video is informative and compelling. It is a valuable tool in the fight to expose geoengineering and well worth the time to view. 
Dane Wigington


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  1. Sylvia Sires says:

    The following document was prepared for Members & Committees of Congress:  https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R41371.pdf

  2. Lakotah says:

    We hear the saying "Elephant in the Room" , well this group of distinguished CEO's, Directors and Scientist's are on the right track but they seem to be so defiant as to not acknowledge the existence of Geo Engineering and what it's doing to the earth. I mean, these people seem to be well educated but are they so narrow minded or so focused on their job they just don't see what's going on above them? This bunch of people might be some that need it brought to their attention about Geo Engineering. Their title and business names are available during their 2-3 minute speel about climate change. I don't know it's just a thought to write to them and get them informed they are only partially right. You would think with their noses so far in the air they would have seen the chem trails at some point. https://vimeo.com/125860161

  3. Ken says:

    I have read all the comments here and I can relate and agree with everything being said. I feel a kinship to all you people that are awake and caring about our planet that is in SO much trouble.

    I just wanted to add that I am also having trouble breathing and sleeping at times. I wake up feeling short of breath and in a state of anxiety and panic. It is 6am now and I got up an hour ago because I couldn't sleep. This is now becoming normal for me. I'm thinking about getting an oxygen tank just so I can calm down when I get in a low-oxygen state of anxiety. 

    CO2 is now over 405 ppm in the air and that's before all the other stuff like GeoEngineering particulates, dust and other chemicals. Oxygen is being "crowded out". Add to this the fact that countless trees have died or are seriously hurt, ocean plankton in massive decline, and we are headed towards a real problem with just breathing let alone the wide spread destruction of all life. It's really beyond my comprehension that this is being allowed. I don't know where this is going to end, but we are on a road to total destruction of life on earth if these maniacs are not stopped.

  4. Frank says:

    We all  are manipulated from birth until the day we die from the power structure. We all are injected with vaccines and are told they are to make us healthy. We are told to eat foods that are laced with dangerous chemicals and to brush our teeth with fluoride toothpaste to make us healthy. Our water sources are also contaminated with chemicals and drugs to further the power structures grand plan. We are introduced to new diseases that never were before but we are told that pharmaceuticals and surgery will heal us. They want to keep us unhealthy and sick to further the insane medical field that is controlled by money we don't have. 

    I want everyone of you to understand that there are cures for all our diseases physical and mental. We all are suffering needlessly to feed the power structure's sick insanity. With are technology we have hidden we should all be living now for centuries not decades. They hinder stem cell advances and send the science community down the wrong path's for years. The real truth never gets published in the mainstream science review's and most pier review paper are bogus.

    If you ever lost a loved one because of any disease you should totally understand that they died  needlessly to keep the insane goal of our authority figures. They have therapies that we can't get to cure there bodies of diseases. They have cloning technologies beyond anything anyone can imagine. 

    The medical field is going backwards in the past 20 years as many diseases proliferate beyond control because of environmental aspects that keep us all sicker. Now as the decades long onslaught of the spraying of our skies we all are further lied to. We all are being sprayed like rats with nowhere to hide. We all are getting sicker by the day and some wonder why. They introduce there chemicals of mass destruction upon from the sky that builds up in our bodies until we all can't take it anymore and then they give us more with there drugs. 

    There are many millions of us that are in the background fighting this war of geoengineering insanity daily. We all are frogs in a pot of water and the temperature  is turned up slowly. The water is getting hotter now but most get accustomed to living with it, until it's too late. If the frogs were thrown into a pot of hot water they would jump out immediately. They raise the temperature  a little at a time and most never notice and stay there until it's to late and die. 

  5. Dog aka db says:

    Trip through S.W. CO! Rained and snowed! Not enough to help much! Dry and drying up fast! CO is CA 2 years ago! Beetle kill is killing the trees! 70% so the rest are in trouble! Whatever they are spraying will help won't it? Most people are not worried! s.s.r.i.'s will help! When I see what I see, our planet needs help! Tree talker!

  6. Kate Willens says:

    Thank you so much Dane for spreading this video of Clifford's, "Cloud Cover."  It's such a good one.  Clifford is continuing as ever in his work to reverse engineer what it is that is 'raining' down upon us without our consent or knowledge.  The cognitive dissonance between the views of reality held by most people, and the actual reality is so vast that most 'educated' people will not glance in the direction of the truth, which is 'unbelievable' to them.  And yet, Clifford's work is truly scientific, and done with the highest standards of integrity even if he does not have the lab or the equipment that he truly needs.  He is a hero, and one day, if the truth ever wins out, his work, and yours, will be recognized for the great good they possess.  I hope that your supporters will view his research which is available at carnicominstitute.org.

     Thank you again for all that you are doing, and for distributing this film.  

    Sincerely, Kate Willens

    ​Associate, Carnicom Institute

  7. Christina Parousis says:

    Glad this was brought up today as I have been meaning to ask.  Here in Toronto (Canada) it seems the short, bright trails have become more common than the long expansive ones.  On some clear days, mostly weekends (when more people are looking up of course), I see the short trails during the day and by late afternoon/evening is when they start laying more of the longer ones, since by then the sky is already hazy and they are not as obvious, although even with the longer ones they leave gaps in between them, so they're not as long as they used to be.  There is no doubt the technique with regard to the spraying has changed.  I have also noticed some long trails spread out whereas others dissipate, or get really skinny within several minutes.  I am curious as to the reasoning behind the various types of trails.  Eventually we won't be able to describe to people those long expansive trails, as they are becoming less common and less obvious, at least here.  But today was an exception as of late.  Driving east from Toronto into the countryside, the longer trails were being sprayed, incessantly.  I experienced difficulty breathing, nausea and felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack due to not being able to get enough oxygen.  Compounding this was the intensity of the sun.  We have not experienced a spring season, it went from winter to summer.  The depletion of the ozone layer is so evident, this alone is contributing to planetary warming, not sure how we can even still be debating this.  But, the worst part of my day was seeing all the dying trees along the road.  I have been noticing the burnt trees in the city but not to this extent, driving for hours seeing most of the evergreens burnt, bare or fallen over, this is beyond devastating and heartbreaking.  The sides of some trees that faced the sun were completely burnt and orange, the other sides still green.  Today I felt the gravity of all of this on a whole different level, one that brings me to a point of near surrender because all I can think of is all the other trees which I can't seen but know are dying and that most people are excited about this abnormally hot weather and 'sunny' skies, the radiation that is frying our planet.  A total exploitation of the worst tragedy we've ever known.  Alarming signs of death are to most people, opportunities for pleasure, completely desensitized to the state of emergency our planet is in.  Contemplating this insanity can drive you insane yourself, or worse.  Today I realized that everything really is dying, it's one thing to read about it, to see some of it with your own eyes and another to watch it endlessly.  Humans, of all species, should have been the lowest rung of the food chain, but of course we will be the last to feel this collective death, after all the other innocent species have been sacrificed, for us.  Then again, we would not have made it to the top if not for the very traits that will be our downfall, that which all this evil ultimately stems from.

    "Humanity, it's au revoir to your insanity. You sold your soul to feed your vanity, your fantasies and lies."

    It is far worse to witness everything dying because of you, than dying yourself. 

    Sorry for my depressing comments, if you're reading this you are one of the people I still respect and am grateful to.

  8. Brigitte says:

    I woke up 3 people.  Yay for me.  My boyfriend doesn't believe (he needs proof).  I will show him this documentary, plus have him watch Look Up. 

    It's happening right under our noses, I just don't get what is wrong with people.  Everyone is sick, coughing, respiratory problems .. mind boggling.  Our food is poisoned, our air is poisoned.  Our water is poisoned.  I wish I'd never jumped into this rabbit hole

    Here is Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, the spraying has been worst than "normal" … different parts of the sky getting sprayed throughout the day.  Lines all over the place.  Western sky is the worst, of course. I hate watching these "beautiful" sunsets that everybody "oohs" and "ahhhs" over.  I hate it.  Period.  I see the soupy mixture of chemicals and it just makes me sick.

  9. Terri says:

    We were supposed to have 4-5 inches of rain today. I knew we were not going to get a drop of rain here in southern missouri because of all the heavy spraying. It is predictable. it could be time lapsed as well with a video recorder. The clouds build and look like they might rain. In come the cloud killers to drop their poison spray on top of them. Within 20 to 30 minutes the clouds will be gone to be replaced with man made GMO clouds. Inky, Oily foul looking poison raining down on us. We won't get rain. They promised early on that they intended to drought out this part of Missouri.

    It is the only promise the government has ever kept. They intend to dry us up and kill our vegetation. It is working perfect. trees are sick and thin leaved. Looks like a defoliant sprayed in the forest. so many dead and dying trees. 

    I am sick of the GMO sky. I am sick of the noise of the drone from those sprayers. You can hear the difference. It is the sprayer that makes all the noise. when they shut if off the noise of the plane's engine is a completely different sound. Wish it could be recorded to add to films like this. 


  10. Marc says:

    While flying to Denver yesterday I caught a jet "in the act" of spraying a MASSIVE TRAIL right down a "corridor" in thick clouds over western Colorado. The jet, in question, was not terribly far below us and flying at a right angle to us. Could not have been more obvious or blatant that this was no ordinary passenger jet. I mean, this trail was HUGE! 

      This video reminds me all over again how suicidal these so-called multiple agendas are. NONE of these agendas exhibit any regard for preserving earth's precious life, in spite of some information to the contrary. The fact that these aerosolized substances are universally toxic without question, coupled with the unimaginable scale upon which they are being deployed, translates to only one conclusion: biodiversity is expendable, and may, in fact, be the overarching secret agenda.

       I have sleep apnea. Have used a machine for 13 years to breath at night. Can anyone explain to me why, for the love of God, 15 to 20 million Americans suddenly need cpap machines as of the mid 1990's??? And more diagnosed every day. Yes, there is the obesity factor, (which may be related to geoengineering) but there must be other causes because many slender people also suffer with this. Gee, I just wonder: could all the heavy metal nano-particulates that pass right through the blood brain barrier be fucking up our deeper autonomic functions? I'd bet money that this contamination will be showing itself in a variety of new ways as our brains become pickled in this crap.


  11. Mike says:

    The money supply is privately owned and constantly being paid back to the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, who are the small group of people who put ink on paper and call it money, when this is actually Congress’s job…This transfers the wealth to them, because they use it to buy all the real wealth which is real estate, gold, corporations, and property. As a key point, they can issue more of their loans by causing damage to countries, thus, they bribe the government, start all the wars, assault the middle class, and assault the atmosphere with Climate Engineering. 

    The only way for America to move forward is to have a publicly owned money supply by making Congress print the money, which is mandated by the Constitution. The destruction, wars, climate engineering, and the enslavement of the U.S. and the World will NEVER stop until the money supply is publicly owned, or sovereign.

  12. carol freiberg says:

    I agree with Dane about the change in the aerosol disbursement depending on their desired effect. I saw a real blue sky for the first time in months but it was very short lived once they started spraying again. Most of the time we are totally grey with the occasional "kinda" blue sky. At this rate we will never know the truth about this program.Seems the rule of law only applies to the common citizens not the high jacked government and military. Until enough people realize they are part of a covert experiment that has a few "unintended consequences" we are doomed. See a few more waking up but it is agonizingly slow.

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