Geoengineering And Greenhouse Gases, The Toxic Tug Of War


Dane Wigington

Our planet and our climate are changing at an unimaginable and alarming pace. Though there are many complexities to what is unfolding, the fundamentals are straightforward and easily comprehended if the appropriate data is considered. There are two primary opposing factors which are the most critical in regard to our rapidly changing biosphere conditions: atmospheric aerosols and greenhouse gases. At face value, these two factors occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. Atmospheric aerosols have historically had an overall cooling effect while the rapid buildup of greenhouse gases (primarily Co2 and CH4) have forced the climate to warm. The spraying of reflective aerosols from jet aircraft for "solar radiation management" programs in a highly destructive and highly toxic attempt to mitigate global warming has been going on for decades. Film footage of the spraying is readily available for any that bother to investigate

geoengineering graphic

Images with geoengineering "proposals" always feature ridiculous and infeasible proposals (like space mirrors) along with the clearly ongoing reality of jet sprayed aerosols. Showing the ridiculous with the actual is of course done to cast doubt on the reality of the aircraft spraying and thus to facilitate the public's denial.

Global climate engineering is a major component in the global warming equation on BOTH sides of the scale. Geoengineering is inflicting ever more catastrophic damage to the planet and the climate system in countless ways. The initial cooling effect from aircraft sprayed atmospheric aerosols (solar radiation management programs) going back many decades has since given way to the negative consequences of this activity and the continuing buildup of greenhouse gases. The net long term climate forcing result of the ongoing geoengineering nightmare is now a worsening of the overall planetary warming in exchange for the short term highly toxic cooling of some regions. The short term cooling is used to shape public opinion on the issue of global warming.

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aerosol forcing

One effect of atmospheric aerosols is to block a percentage of the sun's incoming thermal energy (creating "global dimming"), though, as already stated, there are numerous known negative effects including trapping heat. The jet exhaust from geoengineering aircraft are further loading the atmosphere with greenhouse gases. These gases have strong heat trapping characteristics, this is especially true in the case of atmospheric methane. The levels of greenhouse gases are escalating off the charts at blinding speed.


The graph below reflects changing global temperatures since 1880. If historical data is examined, and the previously discussed factors are considered, the commencement of climate engineering on a significant scale in the late 1940s is very evident on this graph. 


During the 1800s and early 1900s  greenhouse gases were building up from the industrialization of civilization, but so were atmospheric aerosols from the burning of fossil fuels and forests. Initially the sun blocking/cooling effect of the aerosols outweighed the buildup of greenhouse gases. This contributed to keeping temperatures down until around 1910 when the greenhouse gas buildup begins to overpower the aerosol effect, the warming of our planet then becomes inarguable. By the mid 1940s profound warming spikes occurred as the graph clearly shows. Many experts had recognized early on that the planet was warming from the greenhouse gas buildup. Historical documents confirm the fact that the US government had long since been heavily involved in climate engineering programs. From the late 1940s to the early 1970s global temperatures seemed to defy the laws of physics unless the fully deployed climate engineering programs are considered and accounted for.


Crew members from project "Stormfury"

Though some of the early US weather modification programs were officially canceled (like project Stormfury), this appears to have been an effort to make the climate modification activity more covert (though the spraying could not be more obvious to any that bother to look up and question). The statistical leveling out of global temperatures from the late 40s to the mid 70s was perplexing for many in the climate science community (though the majority of climate scientists still predicted the greenhouse gas buildup to overwhelm the temporary aerosol cooling effect from the mid 40s through the mid 70s). Much of the early larger scale climate engineering appears to have taken place over the polar regions (which still holds true today). An "Arctic haze" was observed during the 50s, this phenomenon was well documented. Though, of course, climate engineering was never admitted to in connection with the Arctic haze (and the official narrative for the haze attributed it completely to other sources), it's effects were noted on numerous studies. Geoengineered skies in the polar regions have long since become the a permanent feature. 


Heavily aerosolized skies have been the norm in the Arctic for decades

The weather makers attempt to preserve polar ice at any cost to the rest of the planet is apparent. The overall consequences of the ongoing solar radiation management programs is clearly irrelevant to the geoengineers. In spite of all their efforts (and in many ways because of their efforts), Arctic ice began this year's melt season at all time record low levels. It was also one of the earliest starts to the melt season ever recorded. Even more important is the mass of the ice (volume) which is also at record low levels. The toxic sun shade that is constantly sprayed into place by the geoengineers has shredded the ozone layer. This then allows immense amounts of UV radiation/energy to penetrate the atmosphere. The climate engineers have also altered wind currents which in turn has altered ocean currents. We now have warm water currents flowing into the arctic which is melting the ice from below in spite of the toxic sun shade above the ice. The rapidly disappearing ice pack is greatly impacting Arctic ecosystems and contributing to catastrophic methane release from formerly frozen methane deposits


Some 35,000 walrus gather on shore near Point Lay Alaska in September 2014 due to extreme sea ice melting. Photograph: Corey Accardo/AP

Those in power have always been willing to inflict unimaginable levels of irreparable damage to the planet and its inhabitants in order to maintain and proliferate their control. They have long since been willing to go to any length to hide the true level of planetary warming in order to maintain their power and the status quo. The decimation caused to the biosphere and the entire web of life from over six decades of climate engineering is already far beyond calculation or comprehension. If we go about our lives and pretend this issue will go away, we will do so at the cost of guaranteeing our own extinction along with the rest of life on our once thriving planet. Industrialized civilization has decimated our biosphere, climate engineering is the epitome of that destruction. Global geoengineering programs cannot be allowed to continue. All are needed in the fight to expose this insanity and bring it to a halt, make your voice heard.

55 Responses to Geoengineering And Greenhouse Gases, The Toxic Tug Of War

  1. Jane says:

    It certainly does look like a test site there where you are in the Valley Wayne. I assure you that it seems like that everywhere though. It is just as bad in Ontario Canada. Look at the Man Made Fog that is so thick you can slice it with a knife. That will cause many accidents and make people sick so that they have to go to their Doctor or Hospital and Fatten the Big Pharma pockets up.

    Its is unbelievable like you say though that for the most part people can't see the destruction that is happening above their heads. Good for you for handing out flyers. Eventually you may awaken some people up. 

    On another note I was watching the Bono Concert about the False Flag Paris Attacks. How Gullible people are to believe in what is being shoved into their head from the Liar News Channel.

    The world is being Duped Big Time.

  2. wayne sellar says:

    The insanity continues nonstop in Coachella Valley, the horizon is constantly cloaked in pale white, if you look up with polarized sun glasses you’ll see very faint see through like fog covering the entire horizon, again, daily, nonstop. Each day I give out at least two the three flyers from the Geo Engineering site to awaken the non-believers, it truly amazes me how people are not paying attention. I think Coachella Valley is a test site, it’s that bad.

    We’re in the desert, years ago our skies were crystal blue from horizon to horizon, the local news channel, paper or other ‘News Worthy “outlets nothing, no news or coverage, in fact I went to the Desert Sun, High Desert Star as well as the Yucca Valley Town Council and suggested they attend the Redding event, no one showed interest or even called me back. I also shouted out to our congressman on several occasions, Representative Cook, no response….I suggested he go as well.

    We must continue the fight; it’s a fight we can’t afford to lose.

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Did Anyone read the whole of the Historical Documents Dane posted link for in above article of his?  I did.  Took me 7 hours!!!!  Thing is, it is was of those things akin to a sleeping pill I'm guessing, as it was all I could do to stay awake and focus, sometimes re-read, re-check, keep on, page after freakin' page for 7 hours and change.  Not counting making coffee, eating Challa bread, screaming now and then.  Soooo bureaucratic, so dot every "i", cross every "t", so comprehensive, so detailed.  But, I have to say worth it.  I believe the earliest date was '63, in the main: '69 and '70, though some other years around those.  Like the foundation of a building, this is the foundation of so very much which now makes me feel like an idiot to boot!  Of course Edward Teller is in on the beginning of this.  The idiot part is the term "weather modification" which is used a million times-an estimate!  Begins in a benign way sort of.  Stormfury sounds scary, but not so much.  It is about lightning and how to suppress it, in an effort to protect land from wildfires.  Nothing about Viet Nam per se, but lots about warm fog. Lots about silver iodide and seeding for rain.  Starts small and reasonable from the standpoint of man's interest in science of everything and ways to benefit people-oh, mentions lessening hail!, need for radar, need for meteorologists, need for various and varied planes and balloons.  Lots of budget stuff and pork barrel wishes abounding and slashed.  Need for Universities and scientists and better computers.  As if the beginning of time itself!  So, in a bean counter kind of way, various checks and balances, like associating meteorology with Agriculture, literally.  Need for, and first observatories and radar units for weather.  Plans to go international.  Built in imdemification-(I give up, how to spell?!) for every single player in all this including contractors and the government and all aspects.  Very very early on, even "just" for rain, it mentions adverse effects on wildlife, insects and nature, says unavoidable but must watch and be careful.  Everyone wanted to learn more about how tornadoes work, how hurricanes work and can be suppressed, how clouds work, if water in skies can be moved, etc.  Says alot  in a little space, a la Rosalind, about space efforts, the rockets and the particulates in combustion for launching stuff-many many times higher than other dangerous stuff in environment. Need for new agencies.  For scientists to make models and for care to be taken.  Need for monitoring public's reaction.  Places where started.  Places to be benefited.  Mentions mounting a nozzle on middle of a plane, in 1970, to disperse fog, a bit of a cloud that spreads out!  So very many agencies, so very many everything involved and all protected under government umbrella which has to be continually signed by president.  My idiot part comes in that when writing to this congress person and that and the prez, I mention weather modification which is such old and enduring news, no wonder it gets no reaction.  May as well have been mentioning Fiat currency.  Need to at least add malevolent to weather modification.  And from this framework, easy to see how malevolent would arise.  And via whom.  Brain breaking, must nap, hard day yesterday and hot, today downright chilly.  Gotta say I learned a lot.  Did anyone else read this?  I highly recommend it despite the difficulty of doing it.  Thanks Dane.  Sorta changes everything a notch.  Not unlike the just found new "human link"!!!!  Gotta process this and dear Deities, read again?!!!  

  4. Alexander High says:


    While I agree with you to a certain extent, not all of me does. I hate violence for a start. That being said what if our fathers and grandfathers had the same sentiments when Hitler and Tojo's goons were on the loose murdering anyone that didn't bow down to their evil ideology??

    My late father was born in eastern Serbia in 1926. In 1941 his country was invaded by the Axis forces and at the age of 15 years old he had to fight to survive the evil that came upon his country. He didn't have a youth like many others in that day. On my father's side we lost 18 people in that war. A high percentage when one in nine Yugoslavs were lost in that conflict. He also lost his country and came to England where he stayed and never returned home.

    I believe in god too but sometimes we have to fight to preserve that which is good and defeat evil. Those people now at the helm are evil people and wish to destroy us. What are we meant to do nothing? If we don't act to put an end to this destruction being wrought upon us they will succeed. I do not intend to leave this homeland of mine nor do I intend to allow the evil powers that be destroy my kids. I have to consider actions that I would rather not do if we are to beat these evil people and I feel that time will come when we have to decide do we let them win or do we roll over and die? I won't roll over. Our time will run out if we don't get this stopped soon. Tyranny has to be defeated and utterly destroyed if we as a race are to survive. They are poisoning us Nicole and all life what alternative do we have if we are to stop this. The time will come and is not far distant when I believe we will all have to make that choice, do or die.

    The same choices our fathers and grandfathers had to make to survive evil men in the past. If they had not done so we might not even be here. We owe it to them too, they fought for our freedom to live in peace and security, not to be sprayed like bugs and watch our loved ones die of sickness and diseases caused by those bastards in power now. I don't want to talk to them, I want them gone. You cannot reason with evil.

    All the best to you all.


  5. Marc says:

    Seemingly real weather system has moved through St. Louis over last two days. Fair amount of rain, much of it at night, but still, something didn't feel right. Skies today were quite measurably blue-er and free of any overt spraying activity. Scattered clouds were as pretty as any I've seen in quite a number of weeks. Not sure what to make of this, but a certain undefinable oppressive feeling in the "air" seems to have lifted significantly. Found myself fantasizing that maybe, just maybe, the bastards might be letting up on the experiment or just  altering the frequency or whatever. Last time I had such thoughts, I regretted it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  6. Jim MacDonald says:

    The Paris Accord coming up in December, I'm wondering if this is where they will announce aerosol spraying, with great fan fair.?

    “Social-engineers” will cheer in psychopathic union, by  having the leaders repeating their new word “geoengineering” for all to hear. The savior to the globe. (Because it can't be kept secret any more. By putting it ou to the public it won't be stopped, instead cheered for.)

    Main steam media will make sure by reporting with propaganda excitement. People will look up to the white hazed skies, with big hypnotic smiles on their faces, saying… “about time”.

    Nano particles fall from the sky, entering unknown to them, through their skin. While they constantly pull strange synthetic fibers out of their bodies.

    Possible? If yes then what?

    • BaneB says:

      I think you have the scenario as it is likely to unfold.  Suddenly, at the decree of mainstream news, the novel Geoengineering program to save humanity will be implemented.  And the sheeple will finally gaze heavenward and praise the gods of science as lord and savior of mankind's polluted nest.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "Well, we'll worry about that when it happens." 

      Such a stooopid way to "live."  But that's the kind of thinking we in the West have all agreed, one way or another, to use.

      No wonder we're in so much trouble. 

      I'd be in the One Percent if I'd started an "I Told You So" line of greeting cards,

    • Bob says:

      It makes me wanna puke.  And it will work too, unless some higher authority, in the eyes of the duped masses, proves that what we all have been saying, is true and has been all along.  Proving this obvious information to people who do not view us as being credible sources of information, even giving them all of Dane's very scientific and credible information, has been my biggest roadblock.  People seem to have to hear  it from someone or something they already, or inherently, see as being an authority or credible, to them.  How do we achieve this?

    •  Hello Jim MacDonald: I'm afraid you're right. The spin-masters will continue to mislead those who look to "authority" figures for their paltry salvation. I amazes me that human beings think so little of themselves, that they allow the entire planet to be stolen and plundered, whilst they stuff their faces with crap foods and known poisons. Out of 7.5 billion people, only a few million persons have ever seen the Geoengineering Watch pages. I think Nature is doing the right thing.

      Mankind has failed to achieve full sentience…

  7. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Being curious about who's saying what about "how much time we have left," I listened to this interview with Guy McPherson from April this past year:  Putting a finger to the wind, scrolling around the internet on the subject of Yellowstone and geoengineering, it looks like Someone might be thinking of causing Yellowstone to blow.  Here's commentary from a listener who heard this interview with Dr. Guy McPherson:

    "Depending on the Yellowstone Supervolcano to reverse Climate Change is like shooting yourself in the head to cure a Cancer Tumor. The bullet may wipe out the tumor, but at what cost?"


    Here's more commentary from another listener who heard the clip of the interview off the link above:

    Now on a different tack, despite the preceding clumsy negative sketch, for what it's worth I am taken aback by Mr McPherson. With all due respects, Mr McPherson sounds quite egocentric and can certainly talk eloquently from his reasonably privileged background, (like mine). But as my mother used to say "talks cheap". I am not intending to insult Mr McPherson, but looking at his website and various links, whilst acting in good faith I am sure, he is putting a terrible burden on younger generations. To say live and love well, as the end approaches or words to that effect, has little consolation for those with their lives ahead of them. And what about the underprivileged and desperate in poverty-stricken and oppressed countries which Mr McPherson, myself and millions of others in the "affluent" West have benefited from for the duration of the industrial revolution. We used their resources and we baulk (sic) at the consequences of them doing what we did. The future is terribly uncertain for many of us and definitely many species, but to put a time frame on human extinction such as he has is not scientific and smacks of  a subtle self-aggrandisement. He does not do pure scientific research any more and has retired as I understand. but even I can detect that there is a selective approach to his "updates" and some of them are certainly not based on empirical evidence. There are so many variables at play in our damage to the biosphere and to put a rigid time frame on human "extinction" without accounting for these variables is not scientific.  I've gone on long enough and as I said we certainly need people like Mr McPherson to put the incredibly dire state of our planet forward and counter the denialists, engendering change.

    Puzzlingly, McPherson says that "predictions are difficult, especially about the future."  He goes on to comment about the root of the problems Earth is facing:  ".. well, I mean it's Patriarchy, and that's where the problems come from, is Patriarchy which contributes to civilization, which causes industrial civilization and, so, uh, the Patriarchy drives The Whole Show and, and so far, it's working pretty well– for the Patriarchs; and most of the Patriarchs are, um, middle class and upper middle class white men, and I mean there are other Patriarchs too, who are the people who benefit from and support that same demographic, right, so there's the Trophy Wives of the Patriarchs, who are Patriarchs as well, and there are people of color who have, um, recently begun to enjoy the fruits of Patriarchy, and so that's what's really undergirding and driving the show, and the more dire the situation becomes on both fronts– industrial economy and climate change– the more the Patriarchs are going to dig in, the more they're gonna push back against reality, and I think that's where we're at… I've never received so much hate mail in my life as now, and I think that's because the evidence is increasing, and when the evidence becomes so overwhelming that it becomes impossible to deny, then all you have left is the messenger to kill, because the data speak for themselves."


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie, Hi and gee, some truth to this Patriarchy syndrome, more than some.  Guys seem hard wired to act first, think later.  In ye old Indian days, most tribes had a men's council and a women's council.  Before the men could act on something, they had to run it by the women's council first, and they held the veto power.  Not a bad idea at all.

      By the way, did you see the recent stuff about Dick Cheney being insane?  All say he's lost it.  But call it a lucid insanity.  Wow.  There is a term!  Lucid insanity.  Hmmm.

    • Nicole says:

      Profound Dennie, thank you so much!

      Guy is so deluded, no one is bothering to plot to cause him harm, he isn't that damn important. We appreciate that he has decided to take his speech on the road and enlighten the world. But all of the rest of us in the know are doing the same thing and we don't need to be given a standing applause for it. For us Guy isn't spouting off anything new. 

      None of that matters. What matters is that if you try to tell people you are giving them the truth, but then you leave out everything you are afraid to talk about, then you are only giving them half the facts. Guy knows geoengineering  is ongoing and literally lies about it, as underscored in the denial caught on film when Dane questioned him. He lies because he is a coward, not because he is ignorant. He didn't start using the word geoengineering at all until after the outcry became so loud he couldn't ignore it. Even now, he is only telling a fraction of what he knows is already in progress with geoengineering.

      I personally don't give a hot damn what his reasons are for withholding the truth. What we all care about is whether or not he is telling the truth. And he is NOT.

      That's why we're pissed Guy. Please shove your message and your self endorsing theory of being the messiah of knowledge. 


    •  I disagree. Replace the term "Patriarchy" with the term Zionism, and you'd be much closer to the truth. The "alleged" conflict between social functions of men and women, can be traced to implanted social propaganda starting with the Communist manifesto. The last 150 years of human history is rife with theater scripts designed to create conflicts where no such social conflicts evented previously.

      Men have certain attributes that evolved toward actions such as hunting, gathering, territorial defense, and the like. Each sex has attributes which took many thousands of years to develop.

  8. scared to say says:

    My gosh, the historical document link you provided at the end of the story was crazy!  U.S. Government Documents proving they have been doing this to us since at LEAST 1966!  Them talking about being able to MAKE A HURRICANE and control it!  HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THIS EVIL!

  9. Marc says:

    I see vast, unimaginably vast waves of human suffering on the near-term horizon. I cannot escape this realization. We are, each and every one of us, so astoundingly VULNERABLE. Our entire paradigm of existence, everything each and every one of us holds near and dear, every deep reflection we've ever had, every caress from a lover, every meditation, every heartmelting hug from our little boys and girls, every sublime insight gained from any wisdom tradition or practice, every wonderful meal shared with old friends and family, every single sacred space and place on the planet, is now under direct assault from the ugly-minded bastions of torture and manipulation for profit or strategic advantage. All for what? All for what? So they can slap eachother on their backs and say "We did it!!!"? "We've won!!!" "We beat the fucking tar outa those dumb-ass hippies, didn't we?" Just who the fuck was it that planted the "tree-hugger" meme? It's a "bad" or "undesirable" thing to love and cherish trees?? I say "fuck you" to any and all who have in the past used such a snide term. I'll be the first in line to proclaim myself a so-called "tree-hugger", if by that term is meant someone who actually fucking cares about the horrific loss of forests and tree species and ecosystems associated with our ancient forests. I have spent considerable time in our country's forests and yes, I have physically hugged many a tree, even when I wasn't on mushrooms. And many more when I was. But my observations of several of the top tier "environmental" groups (you know the ones), who some in our society might even still call tree huggers, do not seem to "GET IT". Not a single one will touch the geoengineering issue, at least as far as I know. Maybe something's changed but I doubt it. I will submit that every single one of these so-called environmental groups has been infiltrated by covert disinformation experts whose paid job is to steer the activism only in certain directions and AWAY FROM WHAT  ACTUALLY MATTERS. Which is, duh, geoengineering of the entire country AND planet.

    Now, it can be argued that I am waxing overly cynical here. Yes, some of the work of some of the environmental groups appears to reveal genuine and sincere commitment to saving a little of what's left. I am plugged into a legal situation in southeast Arizona, that has to do with the asswipes at the U.S. Forest Service having recently "fast-tracked" approval for Sunnyside Mining Company (Canadian company based in Vancouver) to come in and do "exploratory" drilling in an incredibly beautiful and environmentally precarious region near Patagonia, Arizona on the southeast side of the Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson. I lived and worked in the Santa Ritas for two years back in the 70's. Birders from all over the entire world would routinely go there to see and study over 200 species. Entymologists also thronged to the small lodge where I worked to study unbelievable numbers of insect species found nowhere else in the world. I watched with grave concern as the solar observatory on Mt. Graham was built while I worked up there; they built the goddamn thing right on top of the mountain, which, of course, has changed it forever. So, the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance and the Defenders of Wildlife have filed suit to put a stop to YET ANOTHER GRAB FOR PRECIOUS RESOURCES, AND TO HELL WITH THE LAND, TO HELL WITH THE WILDLIFE, TO HELL WITH ALL OPPOSITION!!! Why? Because supposedly this region sits atop a vast copper reserve. Really? I actually lived in Arizona when almost all of the copper mines shut down back int the 70's and 80's. They remained largely inactive for many, many years. And now, I see that copper demand is down world-wide and several large mining companies are laying off many hundreds in Arizona and in other states. And yet, these asswipes from Canada are pushing forward with help from the criminal enterprise known as the U.S. Forest Service, to rip a new one through a spectacularly beautiful and pristine area near Patagonia. Google it. 

    I will draw my rant to a close by saying that what underhanded and sleazy shenanigans we see the Forest Service pulling in Arizona is a hologram of what is going on at all levels of our government, and I use the term "government" with reluctance. The commodification of every fucking square inch of Earth has got to stop. Can it ever?Geoengineering issues from the same exact mind-set. Exploit, plunder, control, manipulate, kill, maim, rape, profit.

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Marc,

      I love your rant! Right on! Can I join in?!

      First of all – 9/11 was an inside job! Demolition is what Agenda 21 does best!

      Agenda 21 is being pushed as beautiful dream of a society that shares everything, doesn’t pollute and lives equally. And that’s what it is, a dream. Read the fine print; none of those making the decisions are going to be living next door to you in the future. You’ll be sharing alright, but they will not be.  Agenda 21 is not happening on your behalf, but rather it is happening to you. It is already all around you. Go check out your new Smart Meter.

      They’re not just selling bundles of shitty junk bonds on the toxic stock market any more. The new face of greed and profit is in organizing, inventorying, surveying, spying on, restricting, reducing, relocating and stacking human beings into walkable cement cities while land grabbing and monopolizing all wild areas, so that we, the peasants they so loathe, cannot expand into them. A good example is Tejan Ranch CA, 250 thousand acres of wild land purchased by the Rockefellers, now being partially developed into a “sustainable” city just for you. Search "sustainable" and your town name to find the nearest Rockerfeller sponsored Agenda 21 infestation near you.

      This is going to take some time. They fully realize they cannot do this at the speed they need to in order to keep 6.5 billion+ people in the dark about it, which is why we have forced vaccinations, forced drought with geoengineering, nuclear “accidents” and gmo food. They are doing everything they can to speed up ecological catastrophe just enough to sell the notion that without them we are doomed. It will be much easier to get the cattle into the corral that way.

      What these psychopaths refuse to acknowledge is that we are already doomed. It’s called Fukushima. Nuclear radioactive isotopes eat through everything – through many feet of concrete. It eats through baby sea lions and starfish and whales. It eats through human tissue and DNA. It is lethal at the atomic level which means that one atom can, in time, produce a tumor – nevermind repeated heavy exposure in food, water and air. It certainly super heats the atmosphere which then heats our oceans. I can assure you, Mr. El Nino doesn’t have a damn thing on Fukushima.

      The Agenda 21ers didn’t think about asking humans with a soul what we should do to sustain our future, because they are far too busy making business plans about their next great adventure in stomping on human beings. Bush 1 and 2, Clinton, Obama, all of them signed every last one of our freedoms away with the stroke a pen, without even consulting Congress. Every time you've asked yourself WHY IN THE HELL WOULD HE DO THAT you can put that answer right into the Agenda 21 bucket. It is all for the same damn mission. It is a plague for sure but you know they have not even begun.

      Agenda 21 Explained, Full Version

      Agenda 21 PDF

      Unfortunately, I estimate that the world will wake up together – them, and us – just long enough to say goodbye. Their Agenda will indeed come to fruition. The only question that remains is who will be left on this planet to observe it. Chances are you’ll be “glowing”.

      Hold tight to your loved ones all! 



    • Hello Marc and Nicole: Another Thank You to both of you for having the intellect and courage to tell it like it is. The Agenda 21 plan will never come to fruition. The preliminary steps have so massively affected Earth's ecosytems, Mama will snuff humans long before those in power have a chance to "enjoy" their diseased states of mental health… The essential elements of Agenda 21 are taken right from the Talmud. The chosen one's have corrupted every strata of political and social discourse for over 1700 years. The end times is not prophesy, it's a theater script with a bad plot, and an even worse ending. Mental illness is a State of mind…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I've been aware of this copper thing for awhile now.  I lived in Tucson when I was a kid in early to mid 50s when it was a paradise for a kid like me.  I was so happy there.  Sand rubies!  Accepted currency for comic books and marbles.  I well remember the Santa Ritas, Mt. Lemon and the rest.  The tadpoles that would suddenly appear in puddles after a rain.  My father liked to take us for drives at night in the foothills, getting lost which freaked my mother out, but I loved it and never felt lost.  The convertible top down, the stars above.  I too was shocked that we'd allow another country to further destroy the beauty that once was.  I think this is a sign of how cash poor this country truly is.  It is bad enough that "we" raped our own land, but now we pimp it out to other countries who really could not care less?!

      And as for the tress, that genocide began long ago.  As far as I recall, tree hugger moniker began when a stand was Finally taken against logging in California.  Used to be people moved up to Redding to be loggers.  No real skill involved, but "manly" work that paid big.  They didn't want to quit Ever.  Just think, back when, the Redwoods came all the way down to the Bay here, which was much much larger before landfill, and was a paradise.  Remember the old song: Pave paradise, put up a parking lot?  Old, yet still true.  So sad.  But done and Done.

    • Melissa Rennard says:

      Well written and passionate as always, dear brother. I support your rants 100%!!!!

      Your loving sister, Missy.


    • BaneB says:

      Ditto regarding the US Forest Service.  A bunch of pillagers in cahoots with corporate pillagers.  Sustainability is not a term that they embrace.  

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Hi Marc:  Ditto on loving the rant.  Because we are experiencing Peak Everything (title of a book by fellow fiddler Richard Heinberg at the Postcarbon Institute out in Sebastopol, CA), it seems unlikely that "they" would actually want to get rid of population just to get at the dwindling resources.  Nah, they just really wanna deal with the population itself– see "What I Believe About the Swine Flu," by Catherine Austin Fitts, at 

      Paul Vonharnish:  "Good onya," yet again!  What a brilliant quote, and I've thought this to be true, for a long time now, too:

      "The end times is not prophesy, it's a theater script with a bad plot, and an even worse ending. Mental illness is a State of mind…" 

      — Paul Vonharnish

  10. Alexander High says:

    Dennie Mehocich
    I feel the same way as you do……When? It's okay people saying that God will come and put a stop to this but I feel it's all down to us to act. It's obvious the power structures are not listening to the people and the protests so where do we go from here? I wish I knew where they stored the toxins they spray on us, maybe we could organize some kind of blockade protest to stop this stuff moving. This is just an idea but we have got to do something to put an end to this. Talking is working on some of those that are oblivious to the spraying but many either don't want to know or call us conspiracy nuts.
    If this isn't blown wide open, and I know people are working hard just for that, then we have to do something.
    Good luck to you and everyone else.

    • Jon says:

      Hi Dane, we have a chemtrail awareness group in Louisiana and would like to test our water, soil, and bodies for the aluminum / barrium metals. I don't know where to begin as far as what company is reliable, who will test for the nano-particles, etc. Can you help lead us in the right direction? Much appreciated! Jon

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jon, test precipitation, not soils. If it is in the rain you know it is in the soil and the rain tests cannot be argued. Trustworthy labs are getting tough to find, we know for a fact that many are no longer giving accurate results. Don’t tell the lab why you are testing.

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Alex – I read your post, and then Pauls. I have some thoughts that I feel should be expressed because I do worry from time to time that we, the good, may go too far. It worries me.

      I’ve seen and read so much about all the different angles of this evil we are up against, about Bohemian Grove, I’ve seen the “Creepy Joe Biden” series of clips on YouTube, I’ve seen several on the Talmud that Paul is referencing, seen so much out there on ISIS and radical Islam, the formation of the UN, you name it, I’ve read about it. At the end of the day I continue to come back to one thought. Every one of these individuals knows what they’re doing is wrong, and they can’t hide behind religion, albeit modern or ancient, or make any kind of case or excuse that can justify what they are doing. They KNOW what they are doing is WRONG. They are purely evil, with or without their religions or cults to back them up. Whatever they may say about doing their evil deeds in the name of their cult, it is a LIE.  They were not trained or taught to do anything they did not willingly and eagerly sign on for. I REFUSE to give credit to any of their philosophies or histories based on what is happening in the present, which is pure evil and purely THEIR FAULT. This also means they can make a choice to turn it around. I will not be intentionally or unintentionally blaspheming an entire people based on what some of their bloodline has or has not done.  I do not see color or religion I see radical corruption which is formed by modern day greed, period.

      Beyond self protection (which is not the same as mass retaliation) I absolutely do NOT agree with violence against this or any other regime, and not only for the reason that violence begets violence. I truly do believe in the deepest places of my spirit that there is a God, a peaceful loving one that would not want this madness to fester, over and over again. I very strongly feel that the real God does NOT want us to do that. Do we really cherish our own lives so much that we would take another? If we do, what have we done to our spirit, to the most beloved part of who we are? What is the price for that? I personally am not willing to give that part of myself for these bastards, and when all of the blood is shed we will only be restarting on a foundation of corruption, one that I would not want to be part of any more than now. Truly you will have let them win, on every level – including destroying the person that you are. I would rather die with truth on my lips and decency in my heart. It will hurt a whole lot less.

      What is FACT is that the UN, the CIA, the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, the MIC, the banking cartel which includes the Fed. Reserve and the Rockefellers and their Agenda 21 EXIST. These organizations are corrupt, they are evil and motivated by greed, power and war, and they are killing all of life on this planet. If they had nothing else to destroy they would gladly destroy each other. Bush 1 repeatedly called it “The New World Order” and I am comfortable putting it altogether under that umbrella but I don’t prefer the term “illuminati” because it authorizes power to whatever dark cult as an excuse, and they certainly are not illuminated with truth or morals, nor do they deserve to be excused. In short, let’s use the science term for what is happening to this world we so love. It is just plain EVIL so call it the NWE or Agenda 21ers.

    • Jon Hebert says:

      Thanks Dane. As far as you know, is the lab you mention on the site, Basic Lab. in Redding California, still going to trustworthy? Thanks again, Jon

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jon, Basic lab has a new owner that has already demonstrated his lack of honesty. He has told citizens submitting tests that is is “normal” to have aluminum in the rain. I would seek out another lab, and don’t tell them why your testing.

  11. Keith Whittington says:

    Dane, I never thanked you proper, so thanks for making all this information available and being tolerant of different voices crying out from the wilderness. I live in a very small community and they are *typical* american party people. They are living proof that bread and circuses works. I spend a lot of time with Molly, a dog who adopted me. But, today some different locals dropped in on a friend, like I did, friends of trusted friends. The conversation turned to Nature and the forest in which we live. There was mention of things seeming different. I softly said the forest looks like it is dying. They both confessed to thinking the same. They are people of the forest. Everyone isnt a zombie, just the americans.

  12. Caroline says:

    The devastating die-off of trees in California is being blamed on 4 years of inadequate rain and snow, and the bark beetles. It seems none of the elected officials want to acknowledge that anything else could possibly be happening. When I have tried to bring up the chem trails they look at me as if I had 3 eyes.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Caroline, if you stick to the science terms, you will gain much more traction. I would strongly recomend avoiding the “chemtrails” term. Thanks for your help with sounding the alarm.

    • BaneB says:

      Here on my ridge the flora has been dying off for the past 20 years.  That is what I have observed over the 25 years here.  The die off has accelerated over the past five years.  And two years ago it sped up again.  I had 40 inches of rain last season.  Granted it was very early.  But this place was a water world compared to southern Califoria and the Central Valley.  I am in a usual seasonal California drought.  The flora here expects the yearly summer drought of no rain.  No, the flora is dying from other causes.  The jets from hell are spraying everything.  And the 300,000 cell phone towers , with more added everyday, is likely playing a role I. The very observable environmental meltdown.  

  13. I am wondering, aside from halting the geoengineering, in your opinion what other measures must be taken to turn the problem around?

  14. Nicole says:

    Thank you Dane, we spent the day photographing the dying of the trees in our location and passing out flyers as we went along – incredible how completely clueless the public remains about geoengineering.

    I can see in the faces of so many a bizarre reaction of shame or embarrassment – they barely want to hear about it and they certainly don't want to talk about it to anyone they know. This is so frustrating and exhausting. I have no idea how you have managed to do it for as long as you have. Thank you – so much.

    • Tom Liccione says:

      I know how you feel, Nicole. I get a very similar reaction. Besides the ugly skies that I can point to, now I can bring attention to the dying trees that seem to get worse by the week and I still get evasive reactions. The poplar family of trees are the hardest hit, yet people blame the flash frost of last November. Common sense should tell people that these trees are used to sudden drops in temperature, but where is common sense this day and age? The turning of the aspens is something to look forward to, but not this year. They were showing some sickly trees on the news, not with beautiful golden colors, but with leaves speckled with brown spots. Yet no one says a word.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Nicole and Tom, when I hear the same lines repeated, it is a good bet the info came from the boobtube. The talk around here from the boobs and tubers is rust is causing the spots and blotches. Any organic gardener knows that healthy soil makes healthy plants and strong healthy plants can and do fight off the multitude of biologicals that attack plants. Rust, blight, etc, etc, are around and have always been around. It usually isnt noticed because healthy plants/trees flex their immune systems and render the invaders impotent. Only the weakest succumb. Just this morning I made notice of the extensive damage to the Tulip Poplars. Cherry trees are all but bald, Sycamores showing bone, Red Cedars dying in clumps. It is as wrong as the cymatic lines I saw in the fake cloud stream.

    • BaneB says:

      Those vast numbers of human being residing in the cities don't have a clue.  Why would they.  Their world is abstracted, artificial, and mostly devoid of any natural setting except the sky overhead.  And most rare look directly up into the toxic atmosphere, nor have the time or the interest to study this canopy.  They are numb to sound and natural observation.  Certainly there are those who see and understand the crisscrossing jet trails and the dimming sunlight.  They get it that our planet is being destroyed on many levels.  But they are a tiny fraction of the urban populace.  And that populace is busy making money, surviving, rent, paycheck, employment, and hugely disempowered by mainstream news and political correctness.  They represent the mountain we must climb if there is going to be a mass awakening to put an end to the faux clouds and the contrived droughts, and faux cold snaps and the BS forecasts.

  15. "As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron."
    – H.L. Mencken, the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920 –

  16. Amyp says:


    A million thank yous for your amazing work! Please keep it up and know support grows every day. You are not alone in this fight and together our collective consciousness can effect real change! Everyone please spread the word!! I live in LA area and witnessed HAARP looking clouds and activity yesterday busting up the thunderheads trying to rain on us. My heart breaks for our earth yet I strive to give her love and healing. We will not let this continue- will will not give up. 

  17. katesisco says:

    I wonder why this geoengineering has taken place.  To have the scope and breath implied means science has made predictions that the powers to be have taken seriously. 

    What is looming?  A world of drying similar to the 3000 year old event?  Possibly exudations of hydrogen sulfide from the sea floor?  As our Earth history shows, the one-two punch is serious business. 


  18. sandra says:

    HI Dane, I have seen a lot of your pics on the skies, but you should have been here this morning, it was the worst I've ever seen. I wish sometimes I did have a video camera just to let you see the mess it was. I'm all for you Dane

  19. Dennie Mehocich says:

    This posting is one of the most informative and illustrative, and I have sent it to as many as I could think of, including posting the link on a few websites that talk about the ongoing massive environmental destruction and ones that want to try to help people cope with their feelings (but not really when you really read what gets written) about all of this.  Rolling over and dying on command is not my idea of either "peace," or "joy," as is the flavor at one of the websites I've visited over the past years that says the owner/writer specializes in helping people deal with the psychology of collapse.

    • BaneB says:

      Hahaha.  Pardon my perverse guffaw.  Perhaps this might be considered a new growth opportunity within the economy?  A great college course studying collapse psychology and the wave of the future for job security.  Counseling for the panicked.  Four words….. Head for the hills:-)

  20. Howard Taylor says:

    Ignorance is the opiate of the people. (Deniability)  =the ability to deny something especially on being officially uniformed.

    We are surrounded by these people. Wake up. Wake up.

  21. Rachel Robson says:

    Did anyone see what I caught on Daily Kos yesterday?  I hadn't been dealing with email, so it could have been sooner and it wouldn't let me email it.  Said the sea ice melt in the Arctic was cooling oceans to the degree that some say it will stop the normal flow of currents and maybe for a very long time.  Went on to say that this would lead to a big freeze in much of upper Europe as well as upper US and Canada, while throwing Southern Asia into decades of drought.  WTF?!!!  Could this explain what they've been up to, balls out, lately?  Of course, devastating results from normal currents not functioning.  Would this stop El Nino?

    Another article referred to Puget Sound and how warm the waters there are, too warm for the fish.  And, of course, the Navy is in Puget Sound.

    Dane!  Shed some light! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, though there is a cool zone on the North Atlantic Ocean, and the melt run off from Greenland is a factor, there is far too much momentum behind the warming for an Atlantic conveyor shutdown to trigger the cooling conditions some have predicted. The climate engineers often use such “predictions” as cover for constant engineered cool-downs such has been the case on the US eastern coast. The oceans will continue to warm.

  22. DAVID DARBY says:

    Thanks again for reporting and expressing the truth in an understandable sequence of events of the last century. 

  23. Rodster says:

    There's a passage in the Bible that says, "God will bring to ruin, those ruining the Earth".

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      ..yeah, but WHEN?  He's only been saying that for the past 2k+ years now and we're STILL "Waiting for Godot."  When will that be?  Better get on the playing field but soon.  We all need to move to OPEN to him.  WE have some homework to do here I'd say.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      That finally hit home with me last night.  I am beyond terrified.  Maybe Carolyn Baker is right and NOTHING can be done, but still and all, EXPOSING the criminals and STOPPING the spraying is something we MUST ALL WORK TOGETHER if we want to accomplish this.  I don't know if our Big Hero From On High has the ability to "save" us from ourselves at this time.

    • Hello Rodster: God needs to read this poem: >

      It’s 3:23 in the morning, and I’m awake because my great, great, grandchildren won’t let me sleep.
      My great, great, grandchildren ask me in dreams
      What did you do, while the planet was plundered?
      What did you do, when the earth was unraveling?
      Surely you did something when the seasons started failing,
      as the mammals, reptiles and birds were all dying?
      Did you fill the streets with protest when democracy was stolen?
      What did you do once you knew?
      – Drew Dellinger –

      We are the only God's on this planet. It's up to us…

  24. Anthony Corvelli says:

    Now, they can not fix and reverse what they've started….. We are in serious trouble…… 🙁

    • Bluv says:

      Or, it is all going as planned. You will drive yourself crazy thinking about this because you are not sick in the mind like those responsible for this debacle.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Well, "God" is not going to appear to us on a super-white cloud, sprinkling Magic Fairy Dust all over Earth to fix stuff.  Naaaah– we already gotta whole OTHER group of Superior Beings doing that 24/7/365 right NOW. 

      I think it's more likely that everything is actually spinning very much out of control, "They" know it (melting ice everywhere) and are working OVERTIME trying to stop the melting in the only way that they believe they know how.  Of course it is causing even more melting but "They" are much too stooopid to admit that.  What else accounts for all of the desperate, frenetic, frantic activity in the skies?

      Wake up.  WE are the ones who must work to put an end to this.

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