Mass Methane Release Accelerating


Mass methane release appears to be picking up speed by the day in the Arctic as well as countless other locations around the globe.

Dane Wigington

The atmospheric methane graphic below, released yesterday, should be a stark wake up call for any that understand the ramifications.

While CNN shows us 20 minutes at a time of the JonBenét Ramsey murder saga from seventeen years ago, which all the networks have done in recent days, globally game changing events are unfolding at blinding speed with not so much as a word from the media.

The Geoengineers are going for broke in their ever more destructive attempt to hide converging climate catastrophes while making the entire situation exponentially worse in the process. Geoengineering is ripping apart the web of life on our planet. The highly toxic fallout from the spraying is literally poisoning all that lives.

“Epic” methane release in the Laptev Sea and many other areas are cases in point. Even the recent quake off the coast of Fukushima appears to have triggered significant methane release in that region. Main stream media is doing their part to obscure such dire truths from the public till the last possible moment. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of the population is all to willing to ram their heads into the sand and gulp down whatever the corporate media machine feeds them.

In the meantime, skies around the globe are being covered with the toxic brew being spewed out by the geoengineering spray jets. Blocking out the sun is, after all, the expressed goal of the geoengineers and their many patents. Though all the spraying is indeed blotting out the sun and creating a temporary toxic cooling effect in some places, it is also creating unprecedented droughts in regions like the US west, Australia, Africa, etc, and at times catastrophic flooding in other regions. It seems that the climate engineers need only to whip up a few artificially nucleated snow storms from their massive continent covering toxic clouds to convince most that all is well. The unquantifiable damage done by the ongoing global geoengineering to the climate and life on earth goes completely unnoticed by most and certainly completely unreported by main stream media.

Global “cooling”? .

Unprecedented Arctic Warming: Average Summer Temperatures in Last 100 Years May Be Warmest in 120,000 Years

Monday, October 28, 2013

Methane over Arctic Ocean is increasing

[ click on image to enlarge ]

Above image shows the Northern Hemisphere on October 26 – 27, 2013, a period of just over one day. Methane readings of 1950 ppb and higher show up in yellow. Peak reading on October 27, 2013, was 2369 ppb.

The image below, created by Harold Hensel with methanetracker, shows methane over the Arctic Ocean in three ranges, with the highest readings (1950 ppb and higher) in red.

[ click on image to enlarge ]

Harold adds: “Methane increased again in the Arctic Circle yesterday, 10/27/2013. So what were the headlines in the news? It wasn’t this which is more important than anything the media has to report. This is surreal to me.” – at Facebook


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11 Responses to Mass Methane Release Accelerating

  1. Gene Maynard says:

    “Who Had Deceived Thee So Often As Thyself”
    Ben Franklin
    The people who tout an anti-geoengineering stance and beat the global cooling drum need to be viewed with much skepticism where it concerns their fidelity to the truth. If global cooling was really a problem why would hundreds of jet planes be blanketing the skies 24/7 from pole to pole with nano sized reflective metal particulants? Why are they frantically attempting to maintain an ice cover over the northern methane hydrates? Why is it they blanket the skies where I live creating 20%-30% global dimming and yet in December we can still see 70-80 degree temps? Why would the IPCC warn that Solar Radiation Management (that doesn’t exist) never be halted lest surface temps rise dramatically? Many will fall prey to the “global cooling” sham and dwell in the confusion it was designed to create. These are the same people who will never commit themselves to a complete thought that has any chance of revealing truth. They will be forced to face an unavoidable truth soon enough. Most prefer a comfortable lie to an action demanding truth. “The inhabitants of the earth are about to suffer much grief, the devil has come unto them in great wrath because he understands he has but a short time” Rev.12:12. Having said that, you need to understand, those who are in the camp that believes soon everything will be back to normal and they can get on with their lives couldn’t be any more ill-informed and tragically mistaken. For those whose eyes are open or at least opening, realize that to constantly battle a lie only sucks all the energy out of truth. Jesus never entertained lies He simply continued to speak truth. The parties responsible for the global cataclysm that has befallen us I believe realize their greed and arrogance has now cost them everything. Their cause is lost and they know it. Their ill advised and selfishly conceived plan was doomed from the outset. They now know this but simply do not care. Just as they deceived, they too have been deceived. They have followed the greatest deceiver who has ever existed. They chose to follow the Father of lies instead of the God of Love and Truth. Just as the Master Deceiver reconciled himself to ultimate extinction while hiding this truth from others, so those who followed him are realizing they bought the same farm full of the same briars and now the deceivers have become the deceived. All they can do is tear down, from day one evil has never succeeded in building anything lasting. They are desperately trying to delay the inevitable. If they had followed Jesus Christ they could have had everything they tried so desperately to get on their own but failed. They sought to live forever; that was theirs free in Christ. They sought power and wealth; that too was all theirs in Christ. The truth is all of this can still be theirs if they will repent and turn to Christ. This world is changed forever but life can be saved! In the same Christ they sought to overthrow they will find forgiveness for even this if they will only turn to Him and ask for His mercy. This is true for all. Do not look to organized religion for help, turn to Jesus Christ. The silence of the churches on this issue has been deafening. Pastors will thumb their nose in the face of God before they will jeopardize their gravy train. I know for I have spoken to many of them. These pastors have a captive audience, held firm in fear and intimidation, much like the NWO holds over the world. Above all, do not despair but rather rise up in hope. Be much encouraged knowing the noise that is growing louder by the day is the death rattle coming from the lungs of a devil who has lost all control of his destiny.

  2. ivan sanchez says:

    Yes this life is short, we are given our time to make a choice: to be on the side of your creator or to live for yourself which is being your own god. If you do not want anything to do with Him then there is a place devoid of His attributes. No peace, no rest and no comfort.
    You speak of the counterfeit spiritual evolution. Whats new isn’t true. To accept the Lord Christ as your savior, receive the holy spirit that changes you from within and evolve into a Christ like being.

  3. Richard says:

    The public does ‘not’ want to see the ‘reasonably sane’ likelihood of an ‘extinction level event’; in the news or anywhere else.
    If newspapers/sites pumped that out (even if people stopped buying the paper) and people still ‘saw’ from the daily dire headline predictions, most people would not work, most people would ‘only’ drink, rape, kill and riot: the rich would lose their ‘make-belief’ control, ownership and security.
    But if you see as I see, ‘there is no spoon, there is no radiation,’ you will not fear the ‘likely’ scenario about to unfold at Fukushima or, as you mention, the great releases of methane from warming permafrost and clathrates, etc.
    We are amidst the ‘most’ spiritually-interesting times in all of history, when the final spiritual choice ‘must’ be made. Everyone soon must ascend or choose to fail and lose.

  4. Roger F says:

    Interesting article on the Guardian:

    The last time the Arctic was this warm was 120,000 years ago

    Here is a short excerpt:
    “”Our data pretty clearly demonstrates that the observed warming now exceeds any plausible explanation by natural variability,” Miller said in an interview. “There is no other explanation that anybody has put forward outside of greenhouse gas emissions that can possibly meet what we’ve observed.”
    The valuable insight into the Arctic climate came from an unlikely source — clumps of long-dead and concealed moss that is now emerging from retreating glaciers, after having been killed and entombed under the ice when it first formed.”

    I find it amazing and quite disturbing that there is not ONE SINGLE mention of the heat capturing effect of stratospheric particulate injection.

    If the program had never started in earnest, as in 10-13 years ago, I assert that we would not have anywhere near this amount of heating.

    In any case, we can thank all the deniers and disinfo professionals for giving the cowardly masses an easy out on the issue…

    It is the same as holding a person down while being beaten by another only much, much worse.

    They will need punishment, the very concept of justice cries out for severe punishment.

    Deniers are TRAITORS! Enemies of the planet and the people that inhabit the planet.

  5. Jean says:

    Folks, we are in the last days! Some will wonder, what the “H” would that be. That’s exactly why the world is destroying itself. Billy Graham is offering up “the Last Alter Call” for his birthday, November 7th. Accept Jesus. There is more to life than what ever is on earth. The security of God’s promise is at stake. Where are you going to be for eternity, when all of this is over? Please think about it! I’m not talking about organized religion here. Its about believing and trust in the creator. “All gave some, Some gave all” That’s what Jesus did for US who choose to believe. HE gave ALL.

  6. desiree says:

    hi.. zinc is good for ADD and other mental and nervous disorders……… and eating a good diet with higher % of healthy fats.

    🙂 hope this helps. google ZINC and you will see for yourself.

  7. CM says:

    It doesn’t matter. This is the end times. 9/11 was the first horse. Fukushima has released enough radiation to kill all life on the planet. The Pacific Ocean is dying now. ISON may bring more death and destruction, but nothing else matters but being one with God. For in my vision God showed me many things, one of them was clearly the fact that 9/11 was the first horse. The world will end in 2029 but most people will already be dead by then

    • YN says:

      CM, thanks for writing. As far as these being what the Bible speaks of as ‘the last days’, I would agree. As to specific dates, though, I lean toward – “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” Mark 13:32.

  8. tyson soroke says:

    If you call it “chem trails” you are a quack, If you call it “geo engineering” you are a genius. Therefore, all “geniuses” are now “quacks”

  9. mark says:

    Ain’t it curious that Charlie Sheen starred in a movie, Arrival I think, that was about et’s releasing methane into the atmosphere.
    Yeah, those underground cities makes one wonder. I also wonder about this supposed group trying to take out the ptb, or at last their machinery cum agendas.
    I think God, as per institutionalized religion, was a (social engineering) meme to usher in the very system we have today!

  10. Gene Maynard says:

    It amazes me the number of people still preaching a carbon tax as a way to manage this debacle.Maybe it’s all the underlings who don’t realize what they themselves are facing. You can bet family names that were meant to survive this and rule, are on a list that’s over a hundred years old; with no names being added. Surely those at the top realize by now the carbon tax dog won’t tree. I read that the continents mean temperature has already increased 2 degrees C. If that’s true the average increase overall is probably something like 15 degrees F. It seems the release of methane alone as nullified any hope they had of controlling this. To attempt to control the temperature of the oceans with nucleated ice it seems would be like trying to put out a forest fire with an eye dropper. They had intended to control this through a carbon tax levied on a created Egalitarian society. Maybe still their plan. An Egalitarian society would necessitate an offing of about 80% of the world’s population. If they allowed the atmosphere to become saturated with methane, then went underground while they exploded it; maybe. But that would destroy the earths surface, probably sending earth in an unpredictable orbit. Maybe a dumb question but, is it remotely possible for HAARP to create enough updraft through thunderstorms and high pressure to literally vacuum the methane out of earth’s atmosphere? Maybe somehow manage it from the space platform. I don’t know. It’s scary when you start thinking like them. My older brother grew up with A.D.D. in a time not much was known about it. In math class he would borrow numbers from another problem to make the one he was working on come out right. This is like A.D.D. on steroids.I know many are already but we need to continually seek God to intervene.

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