Climate Engineering And Catastrophic Crop Failure


Dane Wigington

Planet Earth and it's life support systems have been severely damaged from countless forms of human activity. The greatest single source of damage on so many fronts is climate engineering. Agricultural collapse is not somewhere out on the horizon, it is here. According to reports just published, Mongolia has lost 80% of their  crops due to unprecedented drought and harsh conditions, yes, that's 80%

Dried Out Farmland in Inner Mongolia

Struggling Mongolian farmer

The crisis in Mongolia is not at all unique as similar scenarios are unfolding around the globe. In Thailand drought has been so severe that the country's military is being used to keep farmers from any unauthorized pumping of the water they need to keep their crops alive as the last remaining irrigation canals continue to dry up.


Farmers stand by their water pumps at the Makhamtao Uthong irrigation canal in Praek Sriracha, Chainat province, on June 22, 2015

In Brazil the situation is no different. Agriculture is being hit hard by the unprecedented lack of precipitation as reservoirs are run dry and crops die off.


Another empty reservoir in San Paulo, Brazil

The crop losses occurring in California are staggering and growing by the day as the completely engineered drought in the US continues to deepen. Whole orchards are now dead and are being removed in many locations throughout California.
One of many orchards being removed from previously productive farmland in California's Sacramento Valley 
USDA declared Elmore County, Idaho a drought disaster zone
An extremely stressed canola field near Irma, Alberta. A record dry spring has decimated crops across Western Canada
A devastated farm field in Shandong Province, China
Russia is not only dealing with crop loss from protracted drought, but now the locusts are taking their toll.
A swarm of locusts in Achikulak, Russia
Though populations around the globe are still largely unaware of the ongoing weather/biological warfare assault being waged against them with devastating results, the awakening is gaining momentum rapidly. Food shortages are already occurring around the world as yields and production slow. It is not just record drought causing these losses, but also record rains. Excessive precipitation is decimating crops in the US, India, and other locations. Unimaginable record heat is hitting the middle East, the same is occurring in Japan and other locations. The incomprehensible denial of the geoengineering juggernaut of destruction will soon enough be shattered as the greatest lie of omission in the history of our species is finally brought to the light of day. Do your part in the battle to expose and halt the climate engineering crimes, make your voice heard in this fight.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Wouldn't it be pretty weird and crazy if all this engineering crap is designed to cover up a certain hidden group/race kinda like the Wizards in Harry Potter where they are not allowed to talk about it which is why the US and World Wide Governments are *mum* about the issue.  They don't want to risk a major conflict as a result of the *truth* coming out.


    However by playing this game of *bail out* on the hidden race only delays what they fear and it will be way worse when people do find out and blow the whistle which will likely not save that race anyhow.  It would've been better to come clean and let things happen naturally.

  2. Marc says:

    Is anyone on this site hip to Leuren Moret and her website? Think what you like but personally, I will give a listen and a fair examination to a wide range of info sources and I find her depth of knowledge about the landscape of grave issues we are all confronting to be credible and quite frankly, ASTOUNDING. With her extensive career background in the nuclear industry, she has plainly stated that because of Fukushima "the U.S. is finished". Need we remind ourselves of one simple astounding fact? And that is that the MSM, the EPA, and other agencies whose existence is, by definition, to safeguard the public health (CDC, for example) are ALL COMPLETELY SILENT ON THE FUKUSHIMA RADIATION DISSEMINATING TO THIS VERY DAY ACROSS THE PACIFIC, ACROSS THE U.S., AND AROUND THE WORLD. We are getting virtually no reporting on any kind of regular basis on a topic that by definition should be front page news for the next thousand years or more.

       Really? I mean, geoengineering is one thing (A "covert" program) but Fukushima was an internationally reported catastrophe when it happened, but though the massive release of radiation has continued 24/7/365 for over four years, why aren't hundreds of millions of people around the world demanding that all available technology be brought to bear upon containing the disaster? Well, it is precisely because the CABAL is suppressing the magnitude of the apocalypse underway.

      Why? There is credible data available that indicates a massive HAARP signature occurred over the seismic region (fault) that initiated the Fukushima tsunami. Hello? Is this too ethereal and implausible an insinuation? How many among the visitors here are aware of this aspect of the Fukushima event? I have arrived at the conclusion that indeed, the monsters at the controls of the HAARP arrays, can, and HAVE, used this technology to trigger seismic events. And so therefore, another conclusion must follow: Fukushima was an intentionally created catastrophe with the sole aim of poisoning essentially the entire world in the context of an orchestrated omnicide. Sound farfetched? Well, then, what the hell is a fleet of thousands of retrofitted jets spraying toxic nanoparticulate aerosols 24/7/365 considered to be doing? If this doesn't reek of omnicide (at least in whole or in part) then I'll eat this laptop I'm looking at. There was a time when I myself would have considered this fact so farfetched as to be absurd and delusional. But I know better now and I implicitly trust the insights and data I am hearing from Leuren Moret, and many others in this mad scramble to understand just exactly what the f**k is going on here.

    • penny says:

      This reader is 100% in agreement, based mostly on reporting from Durnford.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Marc, Yes, this site has mentioned and early on at that, the HAARP signatures just prior to Fukushima disaster.  Others have mentioned it too.  It does boggle the mind.

      Because of you, I did spend quite some time reading Leuren Moret.  The woman is a trip and a half!  Vast ranging knowledge.  I hesitate to accept all of it on faith.  Love that she posts radiation levels if only gamma.  Wish for the whole range and why not?  And so again, I do wonder if our ridiculously resilient fog bank, and Marc you have to see it to believe it, like a dense wall it is and just huge and clearly Not fog, so again I wonder if this is some attempt by geo-engineers to keep that radiation from California as much as possible, given food production.  I did wonder this some long time ago, but added that it seems conflicting that "they" would be trying to do anything positive.  And Dane said no, not help.  In lifting rain to other parts of US, many of which do not really produce much food, they would be moving this radiation too I think.  And Ms. Moret says not to go out in the rain.

      I like that Ms. Moret puts this down to power freaks as opposed to psychopaths.  Power is what it is all about and many do crave power, a well known aphrodisiac, and very very addictive as well as competitive. I am not saying that psychopaths are not involved, just saying the power thing cannot be underestimated.  Especially in the academic worlds, science worlds, government worlds.  And, as the adage goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  It is hard for me to think of why we would do this to Japan.  Except that maybe it was not the US.  Japan and China are having some issues.

      Years ago now, I found on this site's sidebar info about Rosalie Bertell.  So I checked her out.  She is unassailable.  A nun, now dead several years, and the world's foremost expert on nuclear radiation.  A recipient of a Right Livelihood award, she traveled and helped everywhere including Chernobyl, Bopal, the Bikini Islands where she interviewed the original inhabitants, Siberia and Laplanders-a been there done that woman you can find on the web.  There was a pic of her not long ago in Paris commenting on the chemtrails there.  She wrote two books as people asked her to as she aged.  A blind nun typed them!  In 2,000, she published Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War-which is where I first heard about depleted uranium.  Everyone should have this book, it is like a text book and worth its weight in gold.  In 1985 she published: No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth.  Which may take me the rest of my life to read.  It is thick.  But, besides that, the woman does not waste one word.  Each sentence is so heavy, so heartbreaking, so important that one must pause.  Both can be acquired via Amazon.  My main interest all along was nuclear until geoengineering grabbed my whole attention.  And just might succeed in setting off all the reactors on the planet like popcorn!  Sweet dreams indeed!  NOT!  I may follow Leuren Moret more, or, maybe my head will explode.  The Jesuits!!  Cripes.  On the other hand, the Templars set up the first international banking system……..

    • Kyle says:

      Actually most of the data comes from a single source which many *conspiracy* sites repeat but still the masses NEED to be awakened somehow.

  3. Alexander High says:

    Hello Paul Voharnish

    Thank you for your kind comments and thank you for the links, I listened to the Pete Santilli show and I'm amazed at what actions the people are taking to stop the tyranny. I've seen some of your other links on the same lines also. 

    I'm a Citizen of the UK and people here are at the moment are not as enthusiastic as the good people in the US. People are waking up and we'll get there but we have a struggle ahead . Writing to government officials and MP's etc. has no impact at all as the letters are all ignored. The UK gov met office also are in denial and try and fob us off with all kinds of crap, I suppose they value their salaries more than their health and the survival of this planet. We certainly will not give up because there is everything to lose if we did that.

    I want to wish all you good people in the USA all the very best of luck and especially to Dane Wigington for bringing all this madness to our attention. Thank you Dane for everything you are doing. 

    Don't let the buggers grind you down.

    God bless you all


    • Hello Alexander High: The writ of mandamus process was begun by the National Liberty Alliance of behalf of the American people, and this process could very well become the working model for a World wide revolution.

      Complete overthrow of our administrative cultures is only the first legal step. The United Nations is a paper tiger for a corrupt agenda that enslaves humanity and destroys independent governance and Statehood. The UN needs to go far, far away…

  4. Kel says:

    Why the difficulty in getting more people to openly acknowledge the reality of the various streams of destruction that are taking place?  Easy.  One thing we all need to understand is this:  The number of "every day" ppl who benefit from every form of the current madness is staggering.  Nationals and multi-nationals (including the enormous banking/financial web), government, military/industrial, academia, etc. etc. etc. employ a LOT of people in the U.S.   Ag, pharma, energy, chemical…. on and on and on…all interconnected, all "trickling down".   

    Exhibiting willful ignorance means that the paycheck train can continue to pull into the depot of millions of homes in the U.S.  Nobody who gets his daily bread delivered by the train is going to $abotage that train.  These multitudes can't let even one distant domino fall, for obvious reasons.

    THIS is what we're up against, along with the downright brain-wiped stupidos amongst us.  

  5. Melody Meachum says:

    Thank you Dane for allowing my post. I know you know! 

    Wishing you and all others at the helm of next Friday's event much success! Hoping for phenomenal turnout and that it creates even greater ground-swell of awareness at many levels!

    Thank you Paul V. I figured you knew as well. And yes Michael B, if we don't clearly start speaking out when possible, it will get far worse in the future.

    Adherence to the Babylonian Talmud and related rabbinic "secret" teachings are the issue. Race is not the issue, but race is to the Zionists and their supremacist attitudes. It is a thousand years or more of ideological programming straight from the Talmud and passed generation to generation. How are the royal bloodlines and secret orders, including Masonry at the highest level all tied to together….through the belief in Zionism and complete allegiance to it.

    Most of the general public has still not woken up to the "hidden from view" Elephant in the room. Through a century plus of strategic networking they have quite literally taken over most of the world through some or all of the columns I mentioned in my post. The most obvious is control of the press and media. By doing so they can deceive and manipulate facts and truth to their advantage while always alarming complete innocents of their impending doom and future holocaust. As Dane says, they are psychopaths.


    • Tip o' the pen to Melody Meachum and Michel B for being on target. Most persons are totally unaware of the history behind modern slaughter and corruption. All current forms of communism and associated theft of land rights and human freedoms, began over 4500 years ago in Babylon. The Talmud tells all…

      Perhaps you would enjoy this video as well.> Karen Hudes – The Network of Global Corporate Control June 2 & 23

  6. anotherAnon says:

    It's 8:05 AM here in the southeast and the sky is solid white. Not one speck of blue to be seen. It gets frustrating as I like to sit on the porch in the mornings listening to the birds and bugs etc., but from where I sit I have a perfect view of the sky and it's all I can think about day in and day out; the sky and what's happening. I really just want to live freely on this planet that we all share without psychopaths.

    I hope this madness ends soon – one way or another. My garden is so-so this year too and I have many crops planted.

    "The earth can produce enough to feed the world, but not enough to feed our greed" – From a comments section somewhere along the way.

  7. Michel B says:

    Dependency on rain was the Achille's Heel of certain past civilisations. When rain patterns changed and crops failed, those civilisations fell.

    Of course that was when patterns were changed by Nature's edicts. Now there is an edict imposed upon Nature by the most errant of upright apes to emerge in this planet's history.

    Nations are being felled like the trees in their forests, all by the same insane and psychopathic actions, applying science and technology towards goals of dominance.

    In Australia, a scientist called Max Whisson saw a need to break away from dependency on rainfall and he identified two inexhaustible sources of water: the water that is in gaseous form in the atmosphere at all times and the oceans.

    If all the water that exists in the atmosphere in the form of vapour at any one time were to be condensed into liquid form, it would comprise 3100 cubic miles of liquid water and this is turned over with the oceans every so many hours. To tap into this inexhaustible supply, Max invented the Whisson Windmill, a device that can extract water from the air in significant quantities and is not powered externally, but is driven by even the slightest moving air currents.

    The second was the Water Road, a proposal for large scale water desalination powered by solar and wind. The Water Road design is massive, several hundred kilometers long of black shallow channels encapsulated so as to capture evaporating water and deliver it inland from ocean sources to areas of agriculture. He calculated it could produce in the order of megalitres per day.

    Of course his ideas have gone nowhere. I cannot think of one country that would not benefit by such ideas as Max Whisson's.

    Of course these inventions do not account for toxic fallout of nano particles of foreign metals. But my point is that the awareness of rain alternatives is largely unknown. Our engineers have only concentrated on building large dams, which are large reserves for sure, but only while they are replenished by rain.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michel, although there are methods of extracting moisture from the atmosphere, this can only porvide for the most basic of needs and does nothing to water forests that are dying around the globe. No forests, no life. We have one option, to expose and halt climate engineering. Lets all make our voices heard.

  8. Marc says:

    Hello folks. Update on the cicadas here in St. Louis. In one of my last posts I lamented the absence of cicadas and their characteristic evening screaming. No sooner had I written that post but the little buggers came blasting out of nowhere just like I remember. I thought perhaps I was losing it. But I asked a friend of mine about it, who is a runner and spends alot of time in Forest Park, a huge green and wild space here in St. Louis, and she had an identical experience of the little guys "waking up" suddenly and screaming their fool heads off, where there had been only silence for weeks. So, for now , it would appear our little buddies are not extinguished after all. Just late maybe?

      When we point out spray trails to certain individuals, they acknowledge that they see them, but refuse to think through what it might mean, does this constitute a kind of "death wish" on their part? It seems some "know" in their heart of hearts how dark the truth is, but prefer to "let it happen" because their sense of Self is somehow also enshrouded in a normalcy membrane that they themselves won't or can't pierce. It's just too unpalatable to take in. Very weird.

        But these are small, insignificant observations. See Leuren Moret's recent interviews by Alfred Lambremont Webre and you will get a glimpse into just how f**ked we all are. I mean, this woman carries an immense knowledge of nuclear issues, of royal bloodlines, of basically the who, why and where of the well concealed NWO psychos. "Entertaining and enlightening", if such a thing were possible.                                         

  9. Michel B says:

    If someone could correct me on the following points: Petroleum is essentially a hydrogen technology. Hydrocarbons supply a combustible element, hydrogen, for use in combustion technology. A cylinder motor works by combusting petroleum with oxygen, via electric spark, and the resultant explosion creates an expansion of gases and released energy to drive the piston. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is one of the by-products of this combustion as well as CO (carbon monoxide) and carbon which can build up in the engine causing wear.

    If it is hydrogen that is sought for combustion in our vehicles, what other sources of hydrogen could there be? Is water not a rich source of hydrogen? The elements of the water molecule are hydrogen and oxygen, basically the two elements sought for combustion in our engines.

    I have looked at Youtube clips of Stanley Meyers work on the use of water for combustion in ordinary combustion cylinder engines and it seems he found a way to split water by high frequency electrical stimulation and release the hydrogen from its bound state. Most importantly, his technology used less energy to derive the hydrogen than the energy that was released by splitting the water molecules.

    Apparently the Saudis offered Stanley one billion dollars but he refused it, knowing they would shelve it and keep business going as usual for their oil industry. Stanley was a deeply religious man and a Patriot and wished his technology to be used for freeing America from oil dependency. It seems he was poisoned not long after his rejection of that offer.

    So, if the problem of CO2 production stems from burning fossil fuels, then Stanley Meyers did, in part, find a solution. Hang on, you say, we still burn coal (another hydrocarbon) to generate electricity for megawatt production and this also releases carbon. To start considering alternative technologies to coal combustion, what about the Solar Thermal Chimney? Here is a passive energy idea that will produce megawatts using only the sun for its primary energy input. Also, if Stanley Meyers water technology does indeed work, then why couldn't it be adapted to building generators that produce electricity?

    By the time we start asking these questions, we might end up going back to look at Nicholai Tesla's work on his apparent 'free energy' devices and asking what was in that in terms of real applicable technology?

    Underlying all of this is the suppression of these technologies and ideas in order to sustain continuing dependence on 'redundancy'. That is, you need to keep filling up your car with someone's oil products if you want to drive anywhere. Or you need to keep paying your power company ever increasing prices to have power in your homes and businesses.

    Even if we had utility of these technologies in our everyday lives, The Powers That Be, if they were to still be in power, would still pursue their Weather Modification agenda as it has nothing to do with solving climate problems and reversing any possibility of carbon release being involved with climate change. Reducing carbon output is not just a technological issue. It has been deliberately thwarted by the suppression of alternative technologies in order to keep business going for large centralised monopolistic corporations.

    But I do wish to stimulate a debate and further discussion on technological solutions, if only to educate more people to the idea that there does not need to be a complete dependency on oil and coal. And the fight to stop the weather modification programs must go on and achieve success as soon as possible.

    • Carol says:

       There was an article on RT a couple of weeks ago showing a man who ran his motorbike 500 km on 1 L of water! The technology is there. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Michel B.!  I am constantly impressed by the brilliant minds here. Yours sparked some memories and observations.  I had a friend many decades ago who worked constantly on a water driven engine for cars, some sort of water driven.  But weren't our old jet planes (30 years ago)  powering airplanes, using water for combustion- the ones that did leave, sometimes, a bit of a condensation trail?  Were they not offed due to expense of fueling this way, the new high bypass turbo fan engines being far more efficient?   Also, there is this lack of water thing going on-understatement!

      Yesterday, traveling in East Bay to a pre-op appt., we passed a Tesla car.  Its license plate: I AM DNA    !!!!!

      To your next point, I was a precocious child, reading my "father's" newspapers and magazines like Time when somewhere I came across the term: planned obsolescence.  I didn't know what that meant and asked my father who explained it to me.  The article I'd been reading had said that light bulbs need never to burn out, tires could be made that never wore out, etc.  Why don't we do that?, I asked.  Jobs, he said.  He explained to me that things need to wear out so that people will have work to do.  I was shocked.  I mean there seemed to me to be plenty of work always needing doing, and anyway, who always wants to work.  So then he explains income and taxes.  Household expenses, medical expenses-and this before malpractice and only not long after our first TV.  I was worried about water even then.  I came up with a desalinating invention I ran by him-his answer: It's been done already.  At age 10 or so, Time's cover was about Wonder bread being 40% chalk filler.  I was pissed and went to him demanding to know why he was feeding me chalk!  By that point, I guess, my alternative view was set, becoming set and becoming suspicious of everything and who thought this stuff up.  We read the Population Bomb together, chapter by chapter, discussing.  After finishing the chapter on poisons, spraying trees, grass, etc., I was feeling I was getting through to him. My earliest memories of him are of following him around in clouds of poison and I did not want poison around our house or on the food we grew.  His reaction was to say: That reminds me, I need to spray the fruit trees this weekend.  I was stunned.  How could you?!  Did this mean nothing to you?-I asked.  Him: Let Joe Schmoe have worms in his fruit, mine Will be sprayed.  When he, before this I think, read Silent Spring, he hid it from me but I found it.  This man had but one lung owing to WW2.  You would think he'd care.  He was considered a genius.  But I no longer thought so.  And so we argued through Viet Nam.  He said we should nuke them.  I nearly had a heart attack like one of his, saying, once I could speak again, how, how can you say that?!!  How can you not care about the consequences?  He said he'd be dead, so why should he care.  This was all very long ago now, yet his beat goes on.  And people wonder why I turned out the way I did, eschewing money, being very frugal, protecting lands and water, being an activist forever, and running back to my Indian heritage and Indians.  These were not the people who gave my mixed blood self up for adoption, but I felt HOME!  Such a relief!  This in the high deserts of Nevada and right about when the mob moved into Las Vegas and people first began to want to run cattle in Nevada.  Very bad idea.  The BLA, Bureau of Land Management decided to chain drag pinion trees, just uproot and knock over to seed for grass for cattle.  Idiots.  The pinions are not only a major food group for Natives there, they hold the soil.  Plants like to grow in communities, so treated like this stressed the community and diseases moved in and now they are all dead and we have haboobs in Nevada.  This is why I had no sympathy for Bundy and his cattle.

      Point is, we've known ways to live more efficiently and ways to power, and to get water for a very very long time.  But always with white man, present company excluded, it is about money to be made.  Always it comes down to that.  And the insane idea of "conquering" nature.  As if it was an enemy.

  10. Nicole says:

    Thank you for covering the crop failure matter Dane. Vermont looks just like that picture of Canada you've posted above. Corn fields should be high and lush but they're knee level, uneven, slumped over and bolted. It's bad here, really bad. We continue to educate all we come in contact with – few listen but we pass the info on anyway.

    Another day in this insane asylum we call civilization. What a sad, sick, sorry state of affairs. 

    • Laura Hefner says:

      California crops same !  Letting as many people know as possible ! Overall majority Don't want to hear The Truth !  Just agreeing with you & many others on this site !!  Each day I look up & around thinking that this  Is the Twilite Zone or the Outer Limits  in  real life , crazy .

  11. Melody Meachum says:

    HISTORY is the mother of all teachers. It's not the sciences, it is history….and it does repeat itself!

    Multitudes of people already know who rule over us. They've already connected the dots so to speak. I am thankful to all our predecessors over the centuries, mainly abroad, but many are here in the US as well, who had the courage to translate the difficult, to spend a major portion of their lives dedicated to reading, researching, writing and speaking out so we can know the Truth and that would include Dane!

    To learn the future of this nation, "first learn who rules over you and WHO you AREN'T ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE" (Voltaire). This will start you on the process of recognition and understanding. Then you'll be able to tie up the loose ends for things you've personally questioned and you'll be able to make sense of all the things that haven't made sense to date.

    There is a common denominator in all of this!

    Below are the major columns that have been under their control and have given them the ability to rule over practically every area of our lives!

    GLOBAL BANKING: learn about the REAL history of the Federal Reserve and Central Banks. Only a few families own them to this day, but they are very large families that for centuries inter-married so they're very self-sustaining due to their control of the money supply, influence and subsequent massive wealth. WHAT (this is important) informed their thinking and practices to mastermind control over all the world's wealth?

    GOVERNMENT: control of a 2 party system and a "Pay to Play" for anyone with political ambitions. Just how many neo-con pols are dual-citizens? What nation would that be? Does that bother you?

    US MILITARY/NATO/UN (a hoax) …learn whose behind it all and why so hell-bent on constant war (besides money).

    MEDIA – did you know only 5 powerful families own most of the media here and abroad? Who are they? Why do they want to exert control over everything we watch or read about. The Internet is the last major media not yet totally under their control.

    FOOD PRODUCTION – did you know that a majority of the food industry has long complied to produce foods in a "certain manner" and bears this universal mark on most packaging? Why is this necessary? Did you know numerous presidents have had the Whitehouse kitchen blessed? By whom?

    GMOs – successful poisoning of crops, seeds and soils leads to destruction of everything natural and our deaths, giving them more control over us and more reliance on them.

    GEOENGINEERING/HAARP  – successful weather control leads to complete cataclysm of the atmosphere/biosphere and our deaths which gives them more control over us and more reliance on them.

    MEDICAL/PHARMA – ditto.

    EDUCATION – controlled information (propaganda & brainwashing) and constraints on a thorough education (ie) no longer teaching critical thinking and rationale at early levels.

    Go backwards in time and read about the REAL Russian history. WHO were the leading men in the Bolshevik revolution? Who and what had the greatest influence for their communistic ideologies?

    Did you know 60 million Russians were slaughtered, starved or sent to the Gulag over a 30-40 year period? Why? How did this happen? Read "The Gulag" (agreed that it's a laborious read).

    Read about the Armenian Genocide. The Young Turks were behind it. Who were they really and who were they tied to? What happened to Armenian national boundaries after. How was this used as a bargaining chip?

    Read about the Holomodor (Ukrainian Christian slaughter via starvation). Who was really behind it?

    Read about the German genocide by starvation and fire-bombing after WWII ceased. Beyond horrific!

    And lastly, what did all these people have in common? Marcus Tutullius Cicero, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Benjamin H Freedman (very important), Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Gilad Atzmon…I could keep going, but hopefully you'll get the point!

    • Hello Melody Meachum: Brilliant post!!! You might enjoy this incredible speech by Chris Hedges – 

      Greatest Speech Ever Made


      This is also worth a look: > A pedestrian look at how humanity allows those in power to remain in power.

      Banking History Timeline

    • Michel B says:

      I am glad the subject of hidden history is being broached here. What we think we know about the history of the 20th century is basically a deliberate miseducation about the real forces behind wars, economic depressions and financial and resource control.

      Bolshevists, Communists, Zionists, Talmudic factions, Royal families, corporations and so on and so forth together with many other secret societies aiding and abetting the major players have to be exposed.

      Ever since the end of WW2 we have heard endless rhetoric of Hitler's evil and so on. But what if the truth was that the offensive came from the Allies and the Soviets? The current situation is that Germany is still an occupied country and will remain that way for as long as those hidden powers deem it so. Now, why would that be?!

      These are a few bare facts that will cause upset to those who still believe the common narrative about WW1 and WW2. I do not implicate Putin's Russia in Stalinist history. Putin is in disfavour with the Western Powers That Be ever since he started working on throwing out the Rothschild oligarchs.

      It is important to start investigating this hidden history so as to understand why we are at this point in our history right now. There is an identifiable pathway made by those hidden powers and it explains all the wars, economic disasters and political subterfuge that makes up what we call 'modern history'.

  12. Ana says:

    We have a drought here in Portugal about 80% of the territory (at the levels of severe or extreme ) and fires too.Meanwhile i still hear some people talking about a mini ice -age coming .I wonder what an ice-age or a drought have of "mini" ?,per si the term  ice-age or drought should be enough to describe a weather situation .I wonder what "mini" means ?does it means the geoengineered cool downs like those made in  Eastern USA while all the rest around are burning with the high temperatures?or "Mini" is the term chosen by those that want it to look  more credible cause the term ice-age per si would be difficult to convince anyone ?. the word "mini" don´t match with the word "Age ", ice "Age" for who?what the word "Age"  means afteral? …I wonder why they don´t talk about a Maxi-drought  or  a "mini" heat/drought-Age coming ? what sense does it (the mini ice age idea)make if people start looking around and to look at the rest of the 80% of the world?…As you say people believe in what they want to believe(the Power/media funded desinformation to divide us and conquer ) no matter how much evidence around them and we still believe we go to space(that we have space stations) but impossible for many to believe in geoengineering so visible in our skies today. 

  13. Gene Simmons says:

    The hour is late. The time is now. We are being systematically killed. They are NEVER going to stop spraying- until we are all DEAD.

    Though your efforts legal-wise are to be applauded, we all know they'll be stonewalled to no end and well all be DEAD.  Sandy Hook anyone?

    The poisons are being shipped by rail in tanker cars to the airports.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gene, the legal action efforts are not about the final outcome in a biased courts system, but rather about forcing the media and the public to face the climate engineering issue as proceedings go through the discovery phase. No matter how immense this challenge is, there is only one choice, to face it head on.

    • Nicole says:

      I echo Dane's response. We don't fight fascists because we expect to win, we fight them because they are fascists. By their nature they are greedy into oblivion, soulless, evil sick bastards. But I can't look my child in the eye and not tell her the truth about the spraying, just as I can't go a day without emailing or calling someone to either inform them or complain about it. There is no other way left to live in these, the end days. We are at least upright, while they have and always will be, snakes. 

  14. russ elder says:

    If the people in California havent seen whats going on————–no rain( water to drink) and fires too numerous to count—-soon the state will be a waste land—-when will they wake up—-the news reporters live there( with families) WHEN will they see it?

    • Janice K says:

      Just so you know, some of us DO see it, but the blindness is deep.  I ask 'how?', 'why?' are people so blind, they really truly don't see it when it is blatant.  They can't see it when pointed out!  I draw the only conclusion left:  it's a spiritual blindness, because it's so impossible.

  15. W.C. says:

    Dane, please don't moderate this comment: Please tell me why *WE* can't collect samples at altitude and conclusively show what is being injected into our astmosphere.What else is going to be able to show the *proof* to the sleepy masses other than to go to 30k feet or so and bring back samples of the poisons.  Scientifically it is doable with the appropriate collector jet mounted.I suspect if this initiative was widely advertised there would be no problem getting the required donations. I know personally I would be more than happy to donate to the cause.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello W.C., though there would be a benifit to such a test, it is much more difficult to do than most understand. Next, we already have the matterials rainging down on us all over the globe which has been proven countless times with a countless lab tests. In addition, those who refuse to accept or believe what they can see with their own eyes, will deny or excuse away any sort of proof. We have film footage of tankers spraying up close at altitude and how many deny that? My point is this, we have more than enough proof to wake those that are willing. Those that refuse to wake will not accept any sort of proof. Our resources are best utilized by getting out the word on this issue with the mountain of proof we already have, more than enough to win any unbiased court case. I would suggest you use your funds to print credible flyers and distribute them. You can download flyers for free from and pring them locally. Use a print shop, not a copy store, the print shops can do them for much less cost if you print enough of them. Lets all keep sounding the alarm.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      W.C., I agree with Dane that WE already have sufficient evidence that conclusively proves what is happening. I would like to see this testing happen though. Theoretically it would put another nail in THEIR collective coffins.

  16. Michel B says:

    I once watched a documentary on Youtube about psychopaths in jail. A much higher percentage of a jail population is psychopathic than in 'normal' society.

    One psychopath inmate interviewed was asked what his big fantasy would be. He replied, "To see a whole city burn!" Asked how that would make him feel, he expressed, by gesticulation, sexual excitement.

    Watch the documentary called 'Hellstorm' about the bombing of German civilians and whole cities towards the end of WW2 and then tell me there weren't psychopaths involved in that happening.

    Marc asks us to challenge him as to the apparent motive to starve us out. No challenges there, Marc. Only additional agenda will we find.

    Obama's psychological framework is derived from a Communist background. The US has a genocidal communist for its President. But of course he just a front man, cunningly selected long before his 'electoral wins'. But he is a minion carrying out his orders, giving his hollow speeches in that careful staccato manner that seems to lend some kind of credence to what he says. Remember that communism has been the front of much of the genocides of the last century.

    The truth is if Obama really started to talk about the problems as they are, he couldn't afford to talk so slowly and so hollowly. He would instead say real phrases with real meanings in which the truth can be distinctly heard. But no, his is the careful and deliberately empty rhetoric that is now a part of talking and thinking in so many spheres of our lives, from courts, to universities and schools, to the MSM and even sports commentary.

    Read 'Death Sentence – The Decay of Public Language'  by Don Watson. It very well illustrates the deliberate insertion of this language of obfuscation into our daily lives.

    Back to Geoengineering and genocide: If it is not stopped, it will become evident that genocide is to be a result of these programs. Its agri-destruction is well under way. I think the aim is to destroy America, as the subduing of the American people will be instrumental as a first move in the global program. If America can be subdued, then other places will fall like dominoes.

    • truthchase says:

      psychopathy statistics are wrong, it is more like 80% of the human population suffers from psychopathy in one form or another , it comes from bad parenting  which is RAMPANT.  Psychopaths  are all around us, almost every single career politician is a psychopath.  they are astute liars , have egos blown out of proportion,lack empathy ( switch to turn it on & off ,any glimpse of empathy is a show)  it comes from early childhood when basic needs  are not met, it is very easy to turn a human being into a psycopath, You can tell ( I can tell)  a psychopath  by the way they look at themselves in the mirror , i have studied these creatures my whole life & they are everywhere. all you hve to do is study history to know  how prevalent they are  and it is getting much worse-obviously.

    • PatSF says:

      Speaking of psychopaths today marks the 70th anniversary our government unleashed the atomic bombing at Hiroshima.  Completely unnecessary the war was already over Japan was preparing to surrender. The only thing possibly worse then geo engineering is all out nuclear Holocaust.  

    • Janice K says:

      Here's a book that explains what is happening all around us, and how we, as individuals, can identify and deal with people like this.  Understand, it all involves pain, but aren't we in pain anyway, suffering in this?.  It does start at home, and that's the main battlefront, that and everyplace we are with people. 

      Character Disturbance: the phenomenon of our age Paperback – June 1, 2011
      by George K. Simon Ph.D. (Author)

    • Laura Hefner says:

      It is important to acknowledge that Every President has been on board of the propaganda wagon or they simply wouldn't be Presidents !  Greatest savages to date ;  The Rothchilds -the more we learn about 'them' the closer to the Truth & Horror we will be .

    • Laura Hefner says:


      Anyone remember soilant green ?

  17. jill says:

    Once they destroy the land, and the people are evacuated, they will take the land, and let the water flow again to their Gmo crops, which they will feed to the slaves.

    • Marc says:

      Right on the money.

    • Richard says:

      We are already in the center of a nuclear holocaust, from normal power plant operation to Fukushima, the extinction level event has already been started. Sad for us all.

    • Alexander High says:


      Then don't let it get that far my dear. Fight them until they are defeated. Fight them until the tyranny is dead and buried because if we do not we have everything to lose including our planet. I am not going to let those bastards beat me or mine. I've read a few posts on this website where people seem to be giving up? 

      DON'T GIVE UP. The only failure is to give up trying. Dane Wigington isn't giving up is he, he's been fighting this for years and because of him we have the knowledge we have today and more and more people are waking up. Those evil power structures will do their dastardly deeds but they will fail in the end. I know it. 


    • joy says:

      Yep, yep, yep!

    • Hello Alexander High: Well said!!! I've been trying to get readers to realize that there IS legal recourse available. EVERYONE has to step up the fight. There's really nothing to lose. The fight has already been called, and these chemical ghouls are the assholes who started it….

      As Dane stated, if the courts are pummeled with enough well constructed law suits and criminal charges, the agencies who are sanctioning this will at least be put on notice. It's time to scare the hell out of THEM for a change.

      The media would have to cave once a major civilian response is openly declared. This is where the people's legal bus should be headed: >

      Government Officials Facing Possible Indictments & Death Penalty

      Published on Jun 17, 2015

      See also: Pete Santilli Show

  18. Anna says:

    Just to report from Northeast — no crickets, no cicadas, fewer birds. In upstate NY, my parents found a distinct lack of birds. No one seems to notice, no one seems to care… as George Carlin said.

    I miss the crickets and cicadas especially. Few bats too.

    • Marc says:

      Yes, here in St. Louis we have (every single late summer) a cacophony of screaming cicadas. I live near a huge cemetery with acres of open green space and gobs of large trees. NOTHING!!!! SILENCE!!!!! NO CICADAS!!! Hello??!! And yes, unbelievably, no one notices, because their heads are either up their a*s, glued to a TV or a cellphone, or they were living a marginally conscious life already, far removed from anything resembling the natural world.

  19. Anna says:

    Where Does the U.S. EPA Stand on Weather Geoengineering?
    Tuesday, August 04, 2015
    By Catherine J. Frompovich
    This is an update for all my readers about a project I’m trying to research, and also an invitation to help me get an interview with the Criminal Investigation Unit at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding weather geoengineering and the poisonous, toxic aerial sky trail sprays being laid down by airplanes.
    August 4th, I left a voice message on the phone of Criminal Investigator at the EPA, Mike Adams (907-271-6592), stating several things, but the most important are:
    My request for an interview about the aerial sprays used in weather geoengineering, commonly called “chemtrails.” It’s my opinion that the EPA ought to know about all the toxins being sprayed down upon U.S. citizens, and that I’d like to talk to Mr. Adams about that.
    I also conveyed and tried to impress upon Mr. Adams that there literally are millions upon millions of U.S. citizens who are ready to stand behind him and others at EPA, regarding investigating and disclosing information about toxic chemtrails.
    Furthermore, “we will cover your back” and stand behind you, just come forward and start an open discussion into what’s going on with weather geoengineering chemicals, PLEASE.
    Hopefully, I will not receive the same type of “ignore strategy” from Mr. Adams that the FOIA folks at the U.S. Treasury used with regard to my request for information about the excise taxes on vaccines and the assets in the Trust Fund those taxes feed.
    If readers would like to help me, maybe you could phone Mike Adams at 907-271-6592 and leave a voice message for him to contact journalist Catherine J Frompovich regarding her request for an interview.
    I’ll keep my readers updated, and thanks for your help.
    I reverse my stance on the uselessness of the EPA. Let's help Catherine from Natural Blaze.

    • truthchase says:

      WOW – thank you  –  I made the call , i hope others do also , but i bet you dont hear back from him   1-1  odds he ignores  you ???

    • i just called Mr. Adams, and left a heartfelt message. It was my first thought today after reading this article that yes indeed, they (the eliteists/banksters/corporates are trying to starve us out. Next will be our right to bear arms, then they will have their way with America. The Agenda will be moved forward and we will experience a new America. Not a good one I fear. 

      I am witnessing drought in the Gorge as never before. On my way home tonight, I could see no snow pack. The waters are warming and it is said that 80% of our fish runs will be destroyed. The trees here were hit with something that left many half dead. These will probably die by next year. So that's the two best financial ways Oregon and Washington have for revenue. Our fish and trees. Once this is knocked out, we will be very vulnerable. Nestle is knocking at our door to attempt to hook up to Oxbow springs. Our governor stands silent on it and we are left with fear and disbelief. The World Water Council is all about financing water infrastructure in the name of getting the world water but that's not it. The high panel is set with Nestle, the world bank, Veolia… All about complete control of the waterways and sources and to put countries into debt even more. It's all in motion as we speak. We talk about the people NOT WANTING TO WAKE UP…that's not it. They are being controlled, lulled and hypnotized by various forces. All in alignment with keeping us (America) asleep. Programming of all kinds … Read: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS. Written in documents by the first Bilderburg meeting in 1956. It spells out the ways they are controlling us. It's all coming to pass. 

      I have to stay strong for the children. I have to move forward without fear. And I have to keep my mind clear. These are essential to survival.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Thank you Anna,

      I just sent an email to Catherine thanking her and vowing to help her any way I can. I have had three conversations with Mike since Sunday and an open invitation from him to discuss this further in the future. I will call him tomorrow and urge him to contact Catherine A,S.A.P. I ask ALL of you to do the same. Thank you Truth and Kathleen for your efforts.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      The EPA is utterly corrupt and does not have our back.  However, some individual groups of EPA personal are believers.  Might be better off trying to convince one of them.  I have tried.  Same brick wall.  Supposedly, the EPA has lost?!, cannot account for 8 trillion dollars?!  Oddly? the same amount of money the Navy can't account for?  Psychopathy?  Or just plain greed?  You'd think these issues would be part of the debates for Presidency.  But no.  Would interfere with greed, power, control-as if a president has any.  The military seems to be running this country.  Like an attack dog highly trained to do only that.  And all they know how to do is destroy.  If a fraction of that energy went into helping this country, we'd have a chance.  And by help, I do not mean defense.  They are like highly trained children doing what they are told, believing what they are told.  There is no critical thinking going on.  And like children, they don't think things all the way through.  We need to find individuals with influence and good minds in high positions and get them up to speed and speaking out.  At this point, the EPA is the enemy, along with NOAA and so many other agencies of "government".  That is, the military.  They need to understand that very soon there will be nothing of value left to protect.









    OCTOBER 2010


  21. USA Government, ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us

  22. Marc says:

    So this is how it's gonna end for us all? They are hell bent on starving us to death, it would appear. Really? Is this really what they are trying to do? I think it's becoming increasingly clear that that is exactly what they are trying to do. Starving us will likely kill us much faster than the poisons will, unless they resort to biological or chemical weapons of war. Starvation also entails maximum suffering, chaos, violence and thoroughness. This can't be happening, right?

        Starvation as a mode of control and punishment was used in both the first and second world wars. Particularly gruesome were the unspeakable atrocities the German civilian population endured after the war to around 1950. Mass starvation contributed to many millions of deaths in Germany at this time, as a direct result of Allied and Soviet policies. 

      A Darkness still pervades the upper echelons of our military and whatever lies above the security clearances of our President and his cabinet. It is becoming so crystal clear that at least one major agenda here is droughting (and flooding) in order to foment social collapse and ultimately starvation and prostration. I challenge anyone to offer  an alternative theory that explains everything we are seeing, as reported in this article. 

    • Starvation was initiated long time before: in Ukraine, in Russian gulag systems, on the banks of river Rhine by US-troops killing almost a million of POWs

      = deliberate murder, bombing Dresden  = war crime

      All victim numbers are faked down. Brave New World.

      And the people who caused all this are the same that are about to kill us now! You didn't mention Western Europe being flooded by refugees, produced by wars of the same people. Austrian authorities revealed that THEY pay money to smugglers of refugees in order to flood Europe "artificially"! All reasonable people must become aware of what's going on and who are the real culprits since 1913!!!

      And the non-stop spraying is going on and on….getting more crazy by the day.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Fomenting social collapse is age old and has been on-going since the formation of the disunited states of misery. They played tribe against tribe, turned africans into commodities, wrecked country after country south of the equator, destroyed or bought governments in the middle east, hired nazis to wreck Ukraine, and currently are working on setting Syria on fire and starving the Greeks into submission. With the advent of electronic media, they have kept the u.s. in a constant state of turmoil by convincing the red, white and blue sheep that there are wolves everywhere including the home next door. The only time I ever agreed with Ronnie Reagan was when he said *government is the problem*, though my reasoning was different. Without governments there would be no aircraft carriers, missile silos, or global spray programs. Now, the americans, who have been milked like cows until dry, are realizing that they are just meat.

    • Dennis says:

      Hey Marc,

      It does appear that way doesn't it. If you haven't seen the video on YouTube showing some of the Jade Helm "exercises" the "actors" playing the part of civilians are chanting; "FOOD, WATER, FOOD. We're starving, please give us food and water." Eerie and probably not too far off the mark of our collective futures.

      Sadly, yet another year where my 1/2 acre garden in SW Ohio produced about 50 pounds of potatoes and 5 tomatoes. No peas, beans, carrots, corn, broccoli, cabbage, so on and so on.

      Until three years ago I had an absolute bounty of fresh healthy food for my family. Not even the fruit tress or blackberries produced anything this year.

      I look back and realize how prescient my thoughts were three years ago, before I woke up to this insanity.

      When asked why grow so much food for just three people?

      I told my spouse, "I don't know why, but I get the feeling this is the last year we'll be able to grow food."

      Sadly it was. My soil Ph is over 9.3!!!

      Without buying Monsanto garbage what in the world will grow in this toxic mix.

      Think about also how there isn't any wildlife in our forests to sustain us either. Nor fish in our lakes and streams. The totality of just how unbelievably well planned and executed(although EVIL to the core), the steps are that have been taken to ensure NO ONE will be able to hold out against the coming collapse.

      We, as starving zombies will, to quote Mr. Kissinger, "be begging for UN troops to save them from starvation"

      All playing out perfectly, however I still believe we we have a chance of beating this. All comes down to overturning our current paradigm and gaining access to all the knowledge the "ELites" have kept hidden from us.

      I am convinced, contrary to most, that "they" did not begin this program of omnicide without a way to FIX it. I have some ideas as to how, but cannot be sure until WE the people take back our rightful power from (they "those who enslave you" them "those who enslave mankind"). 

      Best to you and all of us in the coming weeks and months; we're gonna need it.


    • Hello Marc: Allied and Soviet policies were manipulated mainly through American and British banking interests from the 1890's onward. World wars I & II were 100% banker wars that had very little to do with the alleged holocaust. Stalin starved and slaughtered 60 million Polish/Germanic people, yet the blame of the alleged holocaust was falsely laid at the feet of Adolph Hitler. The entire narrative of the second world war has been total bullcrap for the unwashed dupes in our higher schools of the lowest denominator. People are conditioned to drink the Kool-aid of reconstituted history, and they love the flavor of stupidity… There were "other" interests involved in the spectacular rise of Germany during the early 30's. Interests like this: >

      Balfour Declaration – Wikipedia


      Persons like Frederic Hayek knew where the political bus was headed, and mentions: 

      ["Hayek argues that the roots of Nazism lie in socialism,[23] and then draws parallels to the thought of British leaders:

      The increasing veneration for the state, the admiration of power, and of bigness for bigness' sake, the enthusiasm for "organization" of everything (we now call it "planning") and that "inability to leave anything to the simple power of organic growth"…are all scarcely less marked in England now than they were in Germany.[24]

      Hayek believed that after World War II, "wisdom in the management of our economic affairs will be even more important than before and that the fate of our civilization will ultimately depend on how we solve the economic problems we shall then face".[25] The only chance to build a decent world is "to improve the general level of wealth" via the activities of free markets.[26] He saw international organization as involving a further threat to individual freedom.[27] He concluded: "The guiding principle that a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy remains as true today as it was in the nineteenth century."[28] "]

      Pardon the quality of the narrator's voice in the video below, and pay close attention to names such as Lord Randolph Churchill, Arthur Chamberlain, Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, the De Beers mining operations at Kimberly South Africa, bank de Rothschild Freres interests in Russian oil fields in 1886. The list of influence is quite impressive…

      The house of Rothschild the Money's prophets


      The bankers are going to end up eating each other for breakfast… 

    • @ Paul Vonharnish


      "World wars I & II were 100% banker wars"

      Right, you said it! People must just trace back the money. That's that simple. Be it the wars in the sky or on the ground. Just ask the simple question: Who profits?

      Their old game: divide and conquer. Create a problem and offer "help".

      The shocking thing about it: It is still working everywhere! Unbelievable!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Stupidity Marc, plain and simple.  A fixed mindset plus stupidity.  I have trouble crediting these idiots with a master plan, when good old fashioned stupidity rules.  Plus greed.  They let loose a monster they cannot control.  Their fixated minds don't see how.  Frankly, much of the population is just as stupid.  This site is blessed with some geniuses.  Let's figure this out.  We gotta get smart fast!

  23. 5.) Obstruction of Justice, Title 18 USC § 1505 / USC § 2 (26).


    ["Whoever, with intent to avoid, evade, prevent, or obstruct compliance, in whole or in part, with any civil investigative demand duly and properly made under the Antitrust Civil Process Act, willfully withholds, misrepresents, removes from any place, conceals, covers up, destroys, mutilates, alters, or by other means falsifies any documentary material, answers to written interrogatories, or oral testimony, which is the subject of such demand; or attempts to do so or solicits another to do so; or


    Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law under which any pending proceeding is being had before any department or agency of the United States, or the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress—

    Shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both. "]

  24. 18 U.S. Code § 1001 – Statements or entries generally

    (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully—

    (1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact;

    (2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or

    (3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry;

    shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both. If the matter relates to an offense under chapter 109A, 109B, 110, or 117, or section 1591, then the term of imprisonment imposed under this section shall be not more than 8 years.

    (b) Subsection (a) does not apply to a party to a judicial proceeding, or that party’s counsel, for statements, representations, writings or documents submitted by such party or counsel to a judge or magistrate in that proceeding.

    (c) With respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, subsection (a) shall apply only to—


    (1) administrative matters, including a claim for payment, a matter related to the procurement of property or services, personnel or employment practices, or support services, or a document required by law, rule, or regulation to be submitted to the Congress or any office or officer within the legislative branch; or

    (2) any investigation or review, conducted pursuant to the authority of any committee, subcommittee, commission or office of the Congress, consistent with applicable rules of the House or Senate.


    Complete text:


    “Only when the last tree has died,
the last river been poisoned,
and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money.”


    – Cree Indian proverb –

  26. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Whether it's drought or deluge, is there any doubt anyone (including animals) who needs to eat has become a soft target?

    Whether it's too much water or not enough, the horribly stripped ozone layer causes the solar radiation to fry plants and crops.  It sounds like the military in Thailand wants 100 percent crop failure.  It must be doing the bidding of the one percent elites there.

    Trees dying in an effort to not absorb aluminum, and the added molds, fungus, viruses and bacteria can't help matters either.

    This is a War, and Life On Earth is the enemy. What other conclusion can we draw?  Our formerly deep blue Alaskan skies and the white fluffy cumulous clouds are trying to reclaim their integrity.  Daily the planes are there smearing the clouds and attempting to cloud the sky canopy.  We're seeing the longest trails in late evening and early mornings, when it's discouraging to see Sunrise or Sunset illuminated "pink" trails in serene cool blue skies.

    And then we have NASA and NOAA and otherwise credible journalists like Dahr Jamail telling us it's Climate Change alone (to be fair Jamail criticizes the obscene Military "training" exercises for the destruction they cause), but won't allude to climate engineering even in a round-about fashion.

    I'm thinking of writing and submitting my own articles to selective outlets, since I've written so many blog comments explaining what's happening.  But I essentially have no expert "credentials" to offer.  It's an conundrum. 

    • Keith Whittington says:

      You have a heart, a brain and a conscience. Sounds like an expert to me.

    • BaneB says:

      The system has been a death cult from the beginning when so called civilization squatted upon the fertile marshes of Mesopotamia.  It was the same then, and it is the same now.  And for 6,000 years humanity has collaborated in the undoing of the environment, for profit and a free lunch.  Human psychology being what it is, the inevitable future projection could be ascertained at that time to predict where we are now I our era..  To wit the experience to which we have all collaborated more or less, was dead on arrival.  We made our bed, and of course we do not want to lie in it.

  27. JR says:

    In Southwest, N.M. today we had beautiful clouds up there, they were awesome looking. They did not last because the sky terrors were blasting them with SAG sprayings. The sky became a white powderish with line after line in the rest of fallout operations. They just don't want to let it rain folks. No if and or buts, it's happening. We know that evil exists here on this site by our observations. More people I pray open their eyes and minds to this evil surrounding us.

    • Terri says:

      I noticed here in missouri that the temperature increases substantially after they come through dropping their rain of death. The clouds that cool us are melted away and replaced with a inky black haze. it even leaves a brown ring around the sun. we feel much like a baked potato. wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked. the heat index is supposed to be 115 degrees here this weekend. not surprising as the flying fumigators are hard at work to create a blanket of aluminum to cook us in. 

      the few days we have of real clouds the air is cooler. it never lasts long though as the demon hoard in human clothing come to take them away and fry us. 

      Been trying to keep our animals cool with twice a day bathes and lots of salt. salted food. salt in their bath water. our horses are cooking but the bathing does seem to help for a few hours. 

      it seems to me that all the prophecies about ''god'' burning up the planet is actually taking place at the hands of man not god. they are doing everything they can to make the prophecies come about only with humans as the gods..pretty sick, twisted, worm filled brains these people have. 

      they want mass starvation. they are living underground with 100 years of food and water stocked up. replenished with gardens and filtration. all at our expense of course. their ''continuity'' being more important then our lives and the lives of the other life forms on the planet. those in power want to see man kind eat each other. eat worms and bugs. rats. ect. man will be a man eater as the man made prophecy says. they are doing everything they can to make it come true. 


  28. waverly says:

    Get real. East of the Mississippi has had nothing but rain throughout the past two years, and snow with ice storms during the winter months. Once the west's water supply is exhausted from the freaks-of-nature behind this genocidal game, martial law will be implemented in earnest throughout the US. There will be nowhere for the desperate other than the FEMA camps that the global corporate elite has been building for the last 20 years. This plan was long in the making. The ONLY thing that can turn this ship around is a united boycott of all consumer goods by at least one million Americans. It would help if those same Americans withdrew all their money that's earning .5% and stuffed it in their mattresses. Maybe then the media would be forced to recognize this conspiracy for what it is…  a global war against the earth and its inhabitants by a cabal of obsessive-compulsive psychopaths.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Waverly, unfortunately the power cabal still has the ability to print as many dollars as they wish. Critical mass of awareness must be reached on the climate engineering issue, people must be brought to understand that they are fighting for their lives.

    • Kyle says:

      Actually that would just lead to the martial law scenario that they want so bad.  You'd be playing right into their hands.  

      George Washingtion was a hard prayer warrior and prayed every day because he himself doubted if we would win the war against Britain and almost quitted before it really started. 

      In fact the day he got a lot of support he was actually going into his office to announce resigning and telling everyone to go home who were standing by his side because he felt the *revolutionary war* would've been a lost cause with far too much bloodshed and our freedoms taken away any ways. 

      That night he had a vision of an Indian telling him that America would be a beacon of freedom for the world and that it would only be as great as her people allowed it to be.


  29. Keith Whittington says:

    Useless Eaters Beware! Gardeners and growers are reporting problems galore; strange new diseases, rampant fungi, slow growth from lack of sunlight yet increases of sun scalding, and here in southern Illinois rain rain rain. The ground has never dried out all year. Weird Thing About The Rain; rain around here normally (i know) happens when either hot and cold air collides, ie, a front, or the classic anvil heads that form in the heat. None of this springs and summers rain is such. On the radar it looks like smeared out incongruent blobs. Sometimes it forms in straight lines, once it formed a right angle. Another time there was a near perfect circle without rain in the middle of the blob. Edward Abbey, John Brown, Che Guevera.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      You get right angles, Keith?  How glaring.  Viewers must be comatose.

      We also get supposed weather radar with bright green animated blobs that we're told is rain.  It appears without any sort of front, although the "meteorologist" attempts to make circular arm motions to suggest some sort of movement.  What a glaring fail.  Who is fooled by this junk?

    • Kyle says:

      Sadly many are fooled enough.

  30. Cori Gunnells says:

    The desperation is palpable looking at these areas. You can't help but wonder… will more start to see and hear our message now? If they do, will it be in time? The collapse rate is coming so fast, we have not a single day to waste. I'm sure the individual stories from these farmers/growers would make anyone weep. It goes deep, as well as far and wide. Real people… hurting. 

  31. Tom Keith says:

    Do you have info packets for sale to take to local city councils ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tom, you can download flyers for free from our site and print them locally.

  32. michael says:

    80% eh? any revolts yet? no? how bout when it's 95%? 100%? 110%? the people are literally going to wait until there's no more food to eat anywhere before acting aren't they? at which point it will be to late to act , siiigh…..

    • joy says:

      Soylent Green.  It was people.  And people don't believe this could happen?  Ha!  Love thy neighbor, with lots of gravy…and there won't be any salad.

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