Geoengineering Watch: Our Most Comprehensive Climate Engineering Presentation


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering and weather warfare are ultimately one in the same. The ongoing atmospheric experiments taking place in our skies have a long history with many objectives and agendas being carried out, the equation is complex. If we are to have any chance of exposing and halting catastrophic global climate engineering operations, we must first have a clear understanding of the issue itself. The video below is by far the most complete and comprehensive presentation ever produced by The presentation was given live at Northern California public awareness raising event. It is our hope that this video will provide a useful tool for increasing desperately needed public awareness and understanding of the critically important climate engineering issue.

It is imperative to reach a critical mass of public awareness as quickly as possible. The effort to expose and halt geoengineering operations can only be waged with an awakened population, time is not on our side. Sharing credible data from a credible source is the most effective and efficient way to wake others who are not yet aware of the issue. Make your voice heard, make every day count.

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  1. Barbara Schebler says:

    Wanted to mention that we live in Florida, where a tv news channel –  Bay News 9, ran a story in August that people were flocking to the east coast of the state in order to watch 36 launches of Military GPS Satellites – and they all had to be launched before September 2019. When we saw this story we said, 'watch, there'll be a tremendous storm in September. We couldn't have known that on 9-1-19, (9119) the Bahamas would be hit with a cat 4, 185 mph hurricane at 911 mbs! People were heading to coffee shops on the east coast by Cape Canaveral for that show. Thought this was very interesting!

  2. ann fitzgerald says:

    You cannot wake the dead…only the few know what is really going on because for some reason the brainwashing/mind control didn't work on them/us.  The can't see or hear the Truth no matter how hard you try.  We look at the sky and see chemtrails–they see nothing due to the programming they've undergone their entire lives.  We are the few–it's up to us to do what we can but I don't believe we can do anything.  There's power in numbers and we don't have numbers–just sheeple.

    • Terry Harris says:

      So true.  So sad, that it's so true.You cannot wake the dead…only the few know what is really going on because for some reason the brainwashing/mind control didn't work on them/us.  The can't see or hear the Truth no matter how hard you try.  We look at the sky and see chemtrails–they see nothing due to the programming they've undergone their entire lives.  We are the few–it's up to us to do what we can but I don't believe we can do anything.  There's power in numbers and we don't have numbers–just sheeple.


    • Huggybear says:

      Well said. We just don't have the numbers is a hard truth. Still, we can't give up.

      I've tried waking the public, but as always and much to my dismay, 9 out of 10 are mind and intellect controlled not to see even shockingly huge X-marks soaring overhead.

      The Dumbing Down Agenda of Americans:

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” — Former CIA Director William Casey.

  3. Anne says:

    What about a March on Washington DC? We need to have a large number in a united front.

    • James says:

      The politicians and their deep-state keepers will figure out the best response, feed it to their slaves, the MSM, and then go on about implementing their agenda as if nothing had happened.

  4. barbara larkin says:

    Thank you for your interview with Dr Dietich Klighardt . Very informative ,helpful and positive .  Your  work and energy are inspiring  and for that I am grateful . 

  5. Douglas Steven Howard says:

    I lost all my "freinds?" and my family thinks I'm crazy. because I've been pounding this drum since 1999. when I first saw the checkerboard sky when I was fishing. I have people who spend all day mostly inside watching the idiotbox telling me I don't see what I see out side where I spend most of my days. I have a saying I tell them "you'll believe what I say when they're frog marching you to the pits and see the bodies of all that were shot before you". then look to the tree line and I'll wave to you as I slip into the woods, at that point I can't help you.  but , there is nowhere to run from the microwave guns they have called 5-G.

  6. Elaine Voight says:

    Wow…this was amazing! I just watched you livestream with JonXarmy on YouTube and came here immediately to this site and found this video. I’m so glad I did. You truly are inspiring! I will try to spread the word, but I feel so small and useless. I also feel hopeless. Not as much for me, but for my sons and grandsons. I am already ill and probably won’t live long enough for any of this to matter to me. I pray that you and others who have louder and more powerful voices than mine can wake the right people up, stop this MADNESS, and truly make a difference to save our world and future generations to come. 

    God Bless you and keep you safe!

  7. Mary Hollowell says:

    Here's a geoengineering promo, featuring the work of Ken Caldeira, that appeared during an in-flight TV show called "Global Thermostat." They're trying to sell this as a mere proposal, not an operation that has already been underway for 70+ years!

  8. andrew wiliams says:

    keep going brother…..

  9. Gabriela says:

    Dearest Dane, thanks for sharing your wife's profoundly moving story with us.  I can relate to your mention about her growing up in Lithuania under Soviet occupation and how everything changed when the iron curtain came down.  I grew up in Czechoslovakia under similar conditions and like your wife, I was right there, in the fall of 1989, when the Soviet occupation and communist regime fell.  Now in Florida for quite some time, I am shocked and horrified to see what is being done to our — ONCE beautiful clear blue — skies.  Like you, I do my very best to keep a positive outlook and I agree with you, that even though many have a hard time believing, but just the way the iron curtain came down in Europe and suddenly the countries were free from decades of heavy Soviet occupation, this horrific sky spraying MUST and WILL come to a complete stop when enough people awaken to this ultimate crime against humanity, planet Earth and every living thing on it.  Dane, I have the most genuine deepest respect and admiration for you for everything you do and never give up.  I can't imagine this current world without you.  We all need you. I know you work on this 24/7 and please know it's all worth it.  My life has changed dramatically since they started spraying us heavily and steadily.  You not only keep us all as informed and educated as possible, but you also help us keep our hopes and beliefs.  Bless your heart, Dane.  The whole planet and everyone and everything on it needs you.  My deepest and most sincere gratitude, warmest, heartiest regards and best wishes, Gabriela 💜 🌸🌹🌻

    • Sharlene says:

      I am always amazed that people do not respond to emergencies.

      I am sure most do not know that the FDA, a government office to help "the people" is no longer that.  That Monsanto was allowed to do the damage it has done and caused serious autoimmune disease.  Vaccines manufacturers are not responsible for what they put in vaccines because the cannot be sued.  And the list goes on, but to ignore all of this weather engineering.  We heard a few days ago about the tornadoes and then said eighteen more coming, who can not hear that and not wonder what is going on, that is not natural.  So much going on that we don't know about.  And now Lyme, tick around for 5,000 years has 32 genes, and the manmade tick by a German scientist on Plum Island to be used in war, has 837 genes, it took German scientists coming to our country and collect ticks and take them home to examine.  Read Lab 257.

      Just logically thinking, why all of a sudden is CA burning up and now going to OR, why have there been more than usual tornadoes, hurricanes, hot summers, on and on, and not a clue something is wrong.


  10. Heather Swanson says:

    Dane, You are a hero.  I pray for courage like you.  I would be honored to make your acquaintance someday.  You inspire me.


    All gratitude, blessings and sincerity,

    United We Stand,


    Heather Swanson



  11. Frank Agamemnon says:

    There is NO EXCUSE for ANYONE to be IGNORANT of these subjects when readily AVAILABLE INFORMATION is PROVIDED 

  12. Screeching Owl says:

    Dear Dane:

    Excellent comprehensive video.  I'm forwarding it widely.  Thanks again for all you do.

    Sometimes I live under a rock–just fighting for daily survival. I just noticed for the first time that Democracy Now, in Sepember 2018 finally presented the topic of Geoengineering–she had Keith David on, and an environmentalist, Gopal Dayaneni.  I'm sure you know about it and I'm the one who missed it on your news reports.  Of course, Dayaneni who argues against Geoengineering and brought up that millions of dollars are being invested in research and intellectual property (which Keith tried to deny, of course, with his unsuccessful deconstructivist semantics), but does not mention that the actual procedures are and have been implemented for decades, and they speak only of sulfur and carbon… but,  I am just wondering if you have made attempts to get on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman? (I don't believe she's been co-opted by the deep state, at least not totally, although she's in denial about various things for sure,)

    Here's the item I'm referring to:

    In solidarity,

    Screeching Owl

    • Scott says:

      Screeching Owl:  A few years ago Dane mentioned in a lecture I attended in Sacramento that he tried to present the truth about geoengineering to Amy Goodman, so she could cover the issue on Democracy Now.  As I recall, Dane said Amy or her representatives were quite unpleasant toward Dane and he got the impression Amy was not willing to present the truth. He does not have a good feeling about Amy and her program from that experience.  I think enlightened listeners need to expert pressure on Democracy Now to present the reality of geoengineering and to not feature pro-geoengineering shills like David Keith.

    • eric maas says:

      emocracy Now! Let’s get down to it by using well-documented and sourced information on Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, and the stage called Democracy Now! [All Emphasis Mine]:

      Serious questions have arisen about how Democracy Now!, begun and developed with the resources of Pacifica Radio and grants from the Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, the J.M. Kaplan Fund and others, suddenly became independent and the effective property of Amy Goodman without recompense to Pacifica. This transfer apparently included valuable assets such as trademarks, ownership of years of archived programs, affiliate station access, and more. In a contract that remains secret, Amy Goodman is also receiving $1 million per year for a five-year period that began in 2002, according to Pacifica Treasurer Jabari Zakiya, to continue doing what has become Pacifica's flagship morning news program. This is more than double Goodman's officially stated stipend of $440,000 per year from Pacifica Radio. Democracy Now! receives indirect funding from George Soros, and direct funding from the Ford Foundation, the Glaser Foundation, Soros' Open Society Institute… …

      By the way, Amy Goodman has this in common with these people:

      Prominent journalists like ABC's Christiane Amanpour and former Washington Post editor and now Vice President Len Downie serve on boards of operations that take Soros cash. This despite the Society of Professional Journalists' ethical code stating: ''avoid all conflicts real or perceived.'' … Everyone knows that Goodman and her stage, Democracy Now!, has received millions and millions of dollars from Gorge Soros directly. Of course, no one knows how much exactly, because, Democracy Now is never available to answer that question when asked: Just that one Soros-funded operation is heard ''on over 900 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the United States.'' But it posts no formal audience numbers. Phone calls to ''Democracy Now!'' were not returned.

  13. The trouble is that we are focussing only on big pictures; Climate Change, Plastics and so forth.

    The "General Public" (Globally) and children are not educated to deal with these issues beginning literally with grass-roots.

    In my neighbourhood residents are busily concreting over their front and back gardens and rejecting their contact with maintaining and increasing vegetation and enabling what wildlife they can (if that is they have the knowledge or time)

    They will however-on the whole-t ake note of the changes broadcast by the media about rainforests and oceans and wildlife decline. Architects and builders do not take note ,at their level, and continue to ignore the new ways they could take to turn that old dinosaur attitude away for constructions of various kinds, towards enablement.

     Governments do not legislate for this. 

    So, is it too late? Yes it is. No matter how much plastic we put in the recycle bins, or Firms give up using plastic bags, just take a thorough look at what we require of plastics; how dependent we are, on chemists, drugstores, medicines, Defence…So, on and on, it goes. into our food and water and ecosystems. The first stages of our self destruction will be Trust in Technology, for our salvation, while the air we breathe and the resources we use begin to falter; the next we'll be in Denial.Sorry folks, but yes, if I'm wrong, then that's going to be joy beyond Words.

    • smdfnkù says:

      B"H This program is an opportunity to galvanize the global grassroots community, as well as government and corporate entities that we can enlist, against apathy, greed, ignorance, and despair.

  14. Leah Altmann says:

    B"H This program is an opportunity to galvanize the global grassroots community, as well as government and corporate entities that we can enlist, against apathy, greed, ignorance, and despair.

  15. martin says:

    Brilliant presentation, in parts, reminded me of the Inconvenient truth documentary but without the profit motives behind the Al Gore version. Thanks so much for putting this up. I have known about this phenomenon for over 3 years now, my sister, my boss & many of my freinds have shunned me because I have tried to share the facts of which I have learnt. It's tough to live with this knowledge that brings no profit. Let's all try to spread Mr  Wigington's words & bring this horror to an end, to bring down the criminals behind it & start again from scratch  

  16. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Does anyone else think that David Keith sounds like a TOTAL IDIOT in his interview with Stephen Cobert??? If that were a joke, it would be funny. But is's not a joke, so it is way worse than stupid. I have no words!

  17. Stephen K. O'Neal says:

    Dane, in light of your inclusion in your documentary of John Bolton's speech reference to "the US being in Tehran on 4-20-19," I was able to extract the text of today's WSJ article [1] on the title White House Sought Options to Strike Iran."  The development of this discussion in the press, and the rhetoric coming from White House staff is most concerning.  One might consider that this is subtle prodromal posturing in advance of a Gulf of Tonkin class of event.  The "Wall," for instance, and the government shutdown are potentially just a media red herring to mask the preparations being made to place the capstone on the seven nation "tour" described by Wesley Clark, and now completed through its sixth phase, Syria.  Precisely how the precipitating event will transpire is not certain, but for sure an anecdotal mortar attack on a foreign embassy is completely insufficient to garner public alignment with a major act of war.  A nuclear false flag, or perhaps the relative efficiency and disproportionate effect a dirty bomb attack, or several, would, however be sufficient to overshadow the 911 operation.  The only thing I know to do to head off such a course of events is to immunize public opinion by directly bringing the matter into the open to sour the mix.  We are fully aware at this point that the Trump administration is under arguably unprecedented attack from the current political and sociological environment, and that a retreat into Pentagon CFR agenda may be attractive if not necessary for political survival.  Since Kennedy, there has been no subsequent administration that can be reasonably trusted with the public interest, either by genuine degree of independence from the agenda of world order or by the inherent integrity, intellectual capacity and ethos of familial pedigree.  When Bobby died, I remember the words of my grandmother that "that's it for the little guy," and arguably indeed for any benevolent vision four our country.  Trump is little more than a tragic, retrograde illusion, despite his ostensive coitus interruptus of the Bush-Clinton complex.   

       In the background is the realisation that Wesley Clark's candidness was a great gift of insight to future events, and that they appear to be upon us.  What is not so evident is any significant mobilisation of conventional military assets, leaving us to consider that the rhetoric regarding Iran is either related to continued posturing, or else that the attack on Iran will be a missile strike with the expectation that the regime will collapse in the usual way.  I think that such an approach would be a monumental miscalculation, resulting in substantial response from both Russian and China, and irrevocable effects worldwide.  All of this must be taken in view of an even larger context, the real situation the planet is headed into, in which a conflict centred around Iran could serve to mask a much larger operation related to major climactic shifts that will be blamed upon the preambles of war.    



    • Satya says:

      Well in case no one is noticing, the game pieces are being placed for a major war in the Western Hemisphere, as a Fascist has taken the reins in Brazil, Colombia is mobilizing, and the USA has recognized its own puppet government in absentia in Miami for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a nation being crushed, as is Iran, under US sanctions.    Right there, across the Caribbean, lies the world's largest petroleum reserves.    What would anyone expect?

  18. Neil Rushton says:

    Extremely powerful presentation. I have found that I can spread the message more effectively in private correspondence with people who are unaware of the issue, rather than FB or Twitter posts that just get lost in the ether. This type of data-driven presentation is so effective, so thank you. I hope the Q&A session might be posted as well. 

  19. Satya says:



    Thanks for the packet you sent me.   I live fairly remotely and don't have much contact, but I have handed out a few flyers and a couple booklets.    I just logged in here to drop this David Suzuki  interview I am watching.   I got to meet him about thirty years ago when I was motorcycling around the west looking for fellow Earth-First! types.  Someone in Nelson, BC, directed me to go to New Denver to hear DS speak that very night. 


    The next day I found myself sitting the barricades to stop the clearcutting of a pristine watershed and DS joined us there for a few hours (that logging contract was stopped — but only because of political reasons, not environmental considerations, we had saved a rich, well known, person's water quality).   


    It was an inland temperate rainforest very much like the coastal rainforests which have been replaced with plantations where I live in SW Washington.     I immediately wanted to live there in that part of BC and tried to return the next summer, but was turned back by snow in the passes (I was again on a motorcycle) and was forced to flee south, only to find 11 degrees F. in August, in Wisdom, MT, two nights later, in this upside down weather world we live in. 


    Anyway, David Suzuki is not caught up in the could-may-might speak here.   I think this is worth sharing.  


    Why It’s Time To Think About Human Extinction
    Dr. David Suzuki


    Thanks again for what you are doing. 





    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Satya, thank your help with sounding the alarm, and for sharing your experiences. In regard to Mr. Suzuki, unfortunately, he is also playing his part in the climate engineering coverup. FYI

    • Satya says:

      Yes, Dane, in answer to your comment below; of course DS is a brick in the academic wall.  This is a baby/bathwater situation, perhaps.    When I met him, I wanted to discuss an approach to zero point energy, as I am cursed with a vision of planetary transformation that stands in opposition to the so-called laws of thermodynamics and universal gravitation.   As a high school dropout (the only way, perhaps, that one might see where physics and cosmology have found themselves blocked), I have nowhere to go with what I see as the alternatives to major drives toward the planetary omnicide. 


      I came to many of the same conclusions as you about what and why in geoengineering as you, before I heard you the first time on the radio on C2C.   Before I was into that, I was that EarthFirst!er, crying over the destruction of all that I held sacred as our environment, the biosphere.   Suzuki speaks to this in that video, and his blind spots aside, his points are well taken.  


      Academia creates a huge blind spot for its victims.  As far as they are concerned, I will always be no more than a total crackpot.   They don't get into their club without the memorization and recital of their laws, taken without question.  


      I have been in the military, held as high as top-secret, within my own little need to know compartment, and what they, the overseers, understand is not given to academics who don't hold the proper clearances or are outside a perceived need to know.    We are up against entrenched ignorance, coupled with a fortress of monumental arrogance.   It is the worst possible combination punch.   Forgive them, for they know not what they do.  David Suzuki has taken an important part of the picture we see to heart, and if he doesn't reach beyond his own blind spot, for whatever reasons, we should let him speak that much.  


      I encourage anyone to watch that hour long video and share it where they can.  David Suzuki shut me out too.   I am probably more seeable as a whack job by the academics than anyone.  It's a danger of having an open mind.   Max Planck said, "science changes, one funeral at a time."   Obviously, this is too slow by orders of magnitude.   


      One of my strongest influences has been the Hopi, who warned that a sign of the end of the Forth World would be, "cobwebs in the sky."  The thing I got from the Hopi that carried the most weight is this:  Right Action With No Attachment To the Result.   We do what we do, not because we will succeed, but because it is the only thing we can do.  


      Whether there will be a Fifth World or not is not for us to know.   We are to defend what Great Mystery has given us, as best we can, and that's all.   We don't give up because it's a lost cause, or because it's a done deal.   I live in a universe of I Don't Know.   That is the strongest, truest, position.   I oppose the destruction of Nature's Wisdom because I must, remembering as best I can that my personal wisdom is less, as it's only a part.   


      Dane, your part of the wisdom is appreciated immensely here.  I turn to your weekly reports because there are few places to get what your work provides, as a window on my home planet.    Even trying to spread your efforts to my online connections is difficult, and that saddens me so much.   Still, it's what I do.   Everyone has their own tint of glasses on, and it's obvious that intelligence is not enough.  Awareness is key.  


      Thank you for following your heart.  





    • susan gortva says:

      i just shared this interview.  I loved it.  and today i saw online alexandria cortez saying go green at all cost. there is no price tag, its a blank check deal.  that does give me hope.  thanks for sharing

  20. Regine says:

    Dane, this is truly a labor of love.  It is staggering to me that it is taking so long to bring this to light.  You are truly a saint, and we owe you so much gratitude for carrying the torch in this fight for our collective survival.  I will continue to do my part in disseminating credible data from credible sources.  Thank you.   


    • BlueSue says:

      Thank you for sharing this incredible video. Dane, with deepest gratitude, I applaud your intelligence, your pure heart, and your herculean will.  May God preserve your voice and endurance, and may the higher powers prompt millions more of us to likewise tackle this monstrous issue.  Although I couldn’t be physically present amongst those gathered at this event, like so many others, I was with you all in spirit.  Many blessings dear man for your clear-sighted and superlative action in communicating the painful truth of these times. The pervasive Evil in this world today can only be conquered, if as you say, people first see it, face the truth, comprehend the reality of the manufactured falsehoods in our fabricated-designed disaster-society, and as you so powerfully exemplify, take action against this deadly global attack upon us and our planet.  Horribly, we live in a thoroughly violent and wholly commodified world, and the immoral PTB perceive humans and nature like any other “resource” — disposable and useless when no longer profitable.   With renewed resolve, I will continue to do my part in this battle for the greater good. Love and strength to all. 

  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, I've watched this presentation 3 times already. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but when it all sinks in, it's locked down and bound for repeating. Again, well done my friend. Thank you. (It would have been nice to be there).

    And now Mike's going to whine at bit. I'm feeling quite ripped off these days. That's putting it mildly. Our stolen weather to subdue the eastern half of the USA Inc. has got to stop!! "Good god man! Have you no sense?"… January 3rd and we're melting down up here in north central WA. I have only 1 to 2 inches of snow on the ground!!! What the hay???? Seriously folks, I should have at the very least 10 inches out there. I'm going to whine about my lack of snow until other folks here in WA start to get it. I know many from WA that will read these words. The fire volatility in the environment in and around Paradise didn't just happen over night. It was manufactured in many ways. Always the multilayered agenda. Many of you know that I have written, "I see the writing on the wall". There is part of me that wishes I 'couldn't' decipher the "inscriptions". Always it's the counter part that comes with such notions that brings me back to a level reality. Paradise is coming here to my region, "again". 2015 was hell fire for sure, I was here. "Face to the wind moving forward, one step at a time". That's how ya git to where you need to get. Here, in my region, when all the ponderosa should be in winter slumber, they are still running sap and losing needles at a never before seen rate. You can quote me on that. A heavy layer of pine needles can make a wild fire a absolutely crazy. All you need just a little wind. Hm, imagine what a lot of wind would do? Also, I believe that "UVC" is having a big play in all of this. Myself, I know that if "0" UVC was the number recorded before and now we are getting numbers off the charts, that ain't good. Our planets surface is experiencing exposure it hasn't seen in a bazillion years. This isn't going to end well. "Just sayin".

    "What's in 'your' wallet?"……

    • BaneB says:

      ‘a’ simple horseman:  Your posts always are interesting.  A winter storm warning has been issued for here in Mendocino County, Ca.  Nowadays one has to suppose the designation means prepare for the worst.   Then again the forecasts generally are so screwed up one just has to wait and see what is served up.  Mist, fog, RF winds, fake snow, and maybe rain if the weather terrorists are in a holiday mood.  I want to mention my observations about the last two rain storms that came into Northern California.  In particular the amount of rain that fell on Redding and on Paradise.  Both Received rainfall totals way above what other nearby towns received.  Twice as much.  And one 24 hour totaled almost three times as much as surrounding nearby locales.  This struck me as out of synch.  Even Eureka, which receives way more rain than Redding, received way less.  My point?  Both hotspots were probably assigned weather modification, likely in the form of aerial sprayed silver iodide to increase rainfall.

    • Josh WWA says:

      I hear ya Simple Horseman.. I can not say enough here in Central Rockies Colorado.  I keep saying it too.  

      Today was off the charts… Leadville is the highest incorporated city in Colorado (10,152 ft).  They should be buried in snow with 5-10+ ft high snow banks on the roads yet there is a foot or so. They should not see a temp above freezing until March.  

         Today it was 36 degrees at 1030 A.M. and reached a high of 43+.   The South aspects on Fremont pass north of Leadville are showing large rocks and melt off areas.  The road was soaked in puddles of water and it felt like May.  

       This is also right after a week long Christmas cool down for all the ski vacationers to go home thinking all is normal.  

         The next storm to arrive and cool this heat wave off is a surge of sub-tropic moisture out of the south.  The 'Meteorologist' mention that the ski areas might struggle with snow levels… Well no kiddin!  And i would like to say A LOT more about how i feel about them!  Until very recent there was never the term "snow levels" in Colorado mountains until May.  

         The Ponderosas in my region have been suffering for years now and i have about a 1-2ft deep canopy of dead needles on the hill by my house.  Too much to clean up.  About two years ago at least half the needles on all of the Ponderosas started to turn brown at the same time and i thought we were going to loose all of them.  Last year the Pinions got bugs and turned brown started dying.  There has been recovery however this continues to happen on and off.  

      Colorado is a disaster waiting to happen.  The dead trees are in the billion range.  Cottonwoods and Aspens now on the fast track as well. 



  22. Dave says:

    Listening to Danes report about that Florida attorney makes me wonder if they don't really know whats happening.  I don't believe those guys are that ignorant.  Why would the geoengineers want to warm up Florida like this in winter?   The orange trees are bearing lots of fruit at this time of year and freezes usually devastate the crop.  As i said in my last post, our winters are getting shorter and shorter here and were still in the 80s in January.  The lowest temps have been mid 40s for about a week at most in December and we had an abnormal torrential thunderstorm.  I'm wondering if the agricultural industry and the state are paying the geoengineers to keep it warm to prevent crop losses.  Also, fresh green grass sprouts are coming up from plantings by the farmers in the cow pastures.  I drive all over looking for photo ops for landscapes and while its beautiful its not normal for this time of year.  How would they know a freeze is not coming to kill it all?  I believe those people who had that lawyer disbarred know full well what is going on and are silencing any opposition and covering up.  I have no proof of this its just my theory i could be wrong.  My two cents. 

  23. Joseph L says:

    Dane I heard you today on the Gary Null show. You come on the show at about the 39 minute. I have not had a chance yet to listen to your lecture.

    The Gary Null Show – 01.03.19
    Why geoengineering activities should be included in the equation of anthropogenic climate change that is warming and destroying the planet.

    Great work on this show.

  24. Inez Maria Pandit, MD says:

    Dear Dane!

    Again I would like to express my deepest gratitude and regard for your excellent work which is unparalleled!

    This presentation is a masterpiece of education about climate engineering in terms compilation of facts and data, historic time line,photographs,film footage,interviews etc and the actual skill of presenting the contents.I was fascinated watching it and forwarded the link to many friends.Is there a DVD for purchase?I am also awaiting the Q&A part. I thank everyone who contributed to this challenge, and I thank the audiences in house and online! I am happy to see that more and more people are waking up.Not fast enough,not in large numbers but everyone is another light and important in this battle.In the end the human spirit and the beings of light will prevail-no doubt.However,it remains to be seen whether the physical earth is coming to a premature end-earlier than intended? It might be late for change but maybe not too late?? Last year 2018- here in Germany-was totally abnormal.Summer was a scorching hell! Dane,I do appreciate you pointing out the significance of the wildfires.These worldwide acts of arson really topped the degree of insanity of the geoengineers as we have experienced it so far.Another disaster is 5 G.As a physician I am terrified of what this intensity of radiation will do to life on earth and even the mineral world!?In any case we all need to continue to be positive and optimistic and do what we can to enlighten others. My good wishes for 2019 go out to you all!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Inez, thank you for your contribution. Glad to have you chime in here. (It does us all good to know what each other is thinking, "globally"). We've all heard that the "truth" will set us free. I wonder how many have considered the restraints that it is not just a personal truth that matters but a collective one? (That remark was for you Ron Marr, my friend I'd like to share a camp fire with as well as many others here in this column).

    • Diana says:

      I also would like to buy some DVD's of the above presentation to hand out with the booklets I just ordered from you.  For some reason when you hand them both together to people, you have a way better chance of opening their eyes. Please, Please , have some DVD's of this presentation made available for purchase. I would like to buy at least 10 to hand out depending on what I can afford. THANK YOU in advance!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Diana, thank you for your willingness to help us sound the alarm. We are working on your suggestion.

  25. Gary Morrow says:

    It is now summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and UV readings are alarmingly high well into the extreme range in many locations. Examples from January 3: Santiago Chile 15 (extreme), Sydney 14 (extreme) Brisbane 14 (extreme) Perth 13 (extreme) Capetown South Africa 13 (extreme). Data from Foreca.

  26. Dennie says:

    Edward Teller warned the American Petroleum Institute of global warming upon the occasion of their 100th anniversary in 1959:

  27. Barb Eaton says:

    Dane, thank you for posting this, very profound. How we wish we could have attended but being in New Hampshire it was impossible. Even though we listen to you every week we still learned a lot. We have been bombed with your moisture since the summer. Every "system" they send our way starts "after midnight" every single one. After the system passes through the temps go back to 50* and the winds are 30-40 mph. Then the next one comes and it drops back to the 20's.  This year I'm keeping track each day on an extra calendar. Every day the local "experts" have a new name and explanation for the weird weather we're having. They all talk like they're so excited, I'm sure they were told to do so. Here Raytheon is one of the biggest employers and so they are now opening another plant in Manchester. They have us by the balls.  Does anyone notice that across the country the "winter storms" have all been timed to come during every holiday turning air and auto travel into nightmares? Not a coincidence. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve all the same.  Wildlife?  Where are they? Starving to death. My bird population has shrunk so much it's shocking!!  I watch birds and report to E-Bird…lowest numbers I've ever recorded.  Haven't seen a fox, skunk, opossum in the back yard for about a year now. They used to come every night looking for bird seed that fell out of the feeders. Everything is crashing – fast.  When you're grocery shopping do you notice how much is imported? I always read the labels, it's scary. With all the fires, floods, drought where US food is grown, this coming year won't have much that isn't imported. Our own crops are being wiped out state by state. Pay attention to all the signs, connect the dots and keep spreading the word about geoengineering!  The dumbed down ones will have no choice but to notice what we're trying to tell them is totally true, very soon.

    • Ronald Martens says:

      Barb, I think what you have written is one of the most important as aspects of life or the demise of life as we know it. Carbon nased life? We note reduction in insect population and so too trees dead and dying. I estimate there is around 55% or trees, bushes desd and dying. How much of this death is associated with cell phone towers. But so too the quality of water. I believe the power structured wish to not only control every human being but also changin their DNA. Even my brother who very much believes what corporate media journalises I speaking about a disappearing life support system. I have been talking about this for the last 40 years. It doesn't stop there either. Just have a look at Celine Dione and her clothing line.

    • jodie says:

         I agree with you 1000% and here in the SW Denver area we are seeing the exact same thing! wildlife is streaming down from the mountains Starving !!! I feed every animal I see and get a lot of crap for it but there is no way I can see something in front of my face and not help. 60% of the pine/spruce trees in our mtns are dead,and no its not the beetle doing it,its their weakend immune system to the beetle. Its so sad going to the mtns to hike  bike or ski. Sad enough I don't even enjoy going outside much anymore and I used to do it all outside only 3 years ago.

         Raytheon in HUGE here too. My husband works for those bastards (yes I said it) and its getting close to causing a divorce. I know he MUST know something  but must have a gag order. But each time I show him (and others) real data from Danes site they just rolls their eyes ,which is the same thing 99% of the brainwashed,brain dead  and maybe fluoride influenced public does. Its very frustrating trying to convince the insane populous.

         I think, at this point, what we all need to focus on is what ways can we each minimize what all this poison is doing to us. since almost no one will listen and the power structure has a "religious satanic duty" which is driving ALL OF THIS,we need to help ourselves. They are never going to stop. They already have their future cities underground and well yes they are also insane. So they are not worried what it does to the environment, they know what they are doing. I have heard,(don't know if its true) that they have antidotes for all these issues.

      I think one thing we really need is a working list of things to help us keep what little brain cognition we have left ,functioning.

      1. Moringa

      2.Gogi Berry

      3. Gingko Biloba

      4.Green tea ?  

      5. Greenhouses ?

      6 Amlaberry

      7 Garlic-Alicin

    • Lou says:

      Noo dooubt it is a manufactured system, The electromagnetics or radiation they use  for this affects me usually a day or 2 before it comes in. It manifests itself in my digestive tracts, lots of gas bloating, visual disturbances like prisms or broken glass which they pass off as migraine headaches. ( they cantell that to someone who has not livedwith migraines all his life.) Started for me about 2015 . Intense ringing in ears at about 11000 cps is another but it is constant with variations in pitch or whine added to it. Also noticed how my lawn equipment batteries would become rapidly discharged in week but would be fine after recharging. and it would happen again a few months later.

      Biggest problem is it also affects my horse. I almost had to put her down as she went off her feed. I moved her away from my property to a vet a little over a mile down the road and she immediately perked up and started eating again. I ke[pt her at a friends farm for about 6 months while she was recuperating and she did well and gained her weight back. the vets figured she had laminitis and also a rotated coffin bone causing her pain. Unfortunately she never had good hooves since we got her so we don't know if they weren't like that before all the problems started, which also began around 2015. In November of 2014, I was outside feeding both of our horses at about 9 pm, when 2 military style transport planes were flying low over the houses, (about 500 feet)making passes spraying something. One of them as it passed just as it got to the front of my house  peeled off and I could very visibly see the spray coming from behind. the second plane proceeded where the first one left off. checking with our parish mosquito control, they said they didn't use those planes for mosquito control. then the foollowing year , my wifes horse wouldn't shed her winter coat and the vets and info said the horse probably developed cushings disease. then she started getting abnormal hoof abscesses consistently. Sorry,  I have to go my firefox is probably hacked. It is using a lot of resources much more than usual.

  28. jodie b says:

    Dear Dane,

    Thank you so much for all your research on Geoengineering. i am an artist in colorado and hand out all your flyers to all my customers at just about every art festival in our state.

    I have always wanted to live in an "off the grid" home. We recently purchased a home in the country,many hours south of Denver Co. We just put in the well and wanted to buy a solar pump for it in case the grid goes down. 

    Can you recommend a good pump or pump kit? We have seen many priced from about $1900- $4400. If you have a well, what brand  or type of pump did you buy? I really respect your very knowledgeable opinion.

    We are also powering our future home with solar. any advice on the battery (s) that you have seen are the best. Please help us to purchase the best stuff as this is a new area for us. This is a 3000 sq ft metal bldg with ,I think the highest R rated insulation. We also plan to build an underground (partially) greenhouse to grow food and fish in. Any comments on greenhouses would also be great.

    Any ideas on ways to detox some of the heavy metals that are raining down on us daily? I already take Moringa,alpha lipoic acid,various forms of vitamin C,Vit D,gogi Berry,Allicin,amla berry,curcumin,Tumeric,Gingo biloba and green tea as well as various essential oils.

    Thank you for blowing the trumpet. We are ALL in this and should be doing something.

    Jodie Brown

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jodie thank you for your support in this battle. In regard to yoru question on a well pump, an AC / DC pump is best, this gives you various power supply options. I use Grundfos SQF pumps. About solar storage batteries, I use Rolls Surrette 2 volt EX 1400 cels. 2 banks of 24 batteries each. In regard to staying healthy in a world that isn’t, the attached link will provide some input. FYI

      Hope this helps.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jodie Brown, I recommend looking at a "simple pump"(pardon the irony). That's a brand name out of Nevada. It's a hand pump that can be fixed with a low wattage electric pump. My current customer has one and it's lasted for about 8 years now. Even after a CME or nuclear winter, my customer still has water. You can have both, on grid and off grid, fixed to your well head. Call BS if your well driller says you can't. Hope that helps. I've been completely off grid for over 5 years now. My life runs on "1" 15 amp outlet. My shower water is heating up on the wood stove as I am writing this. I have a gravity feed water system. The water comes out at what ever temp I put into it. I wouldn't trade this life style for anything. I wish your off grid life to be "fulfilling".

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Jodie, You might also check out Simple Pump, which is a back up type system whereby if you lose electric power you can pump by hand to utilize your well water. I have the kind installed where it builds pressure into a tank which is connected to the piping system so I will have water in the house sinks, commodes, and hopefully showers too. I might have to go out and pump often but it is a closed system which will still give me water in the house. Just look it up, I think it is. Its been several years since I installed it. Never had to use it yet. They are out west somewhere; Colorado or maybe Utah. It was pretty reasonable also. Good luck with your future home.

  29. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I've posted many available (U.S. CODE) legal processes discussed in this presentation on Geoengineering Watch in the past.  Most reader feedback was negative and filed with a sense of helplessness.  Quit believing the corporate lie… How do you think your children feel when you cower before the corporate beast and whine?

    Dan Galpern & Sarah Mead – Suing the B@stards – YouTube

    Published on December 21, 2018

    "On today's program we have with us attorneys Dan Galpern and Sarah Mead over-viewing for us the opportunities for taking action on climate change by bringing both corporations and governments to court. Please share this program with any attorneys you know, especially the ones who have children. They would be the most likely to take such legal actions since it is their children's world that is being stolen from them by a destructive alliance of politics and money."

    • Dennie says:

      At 2:08 we hear "And so the question is, can litigation usefully address this predicament. I think the answer is probably, but in fact, to employ a legal term, the jury's still out, literally and figuratively."  

      The Bigger Problem:  We have totally bought into the systematic poisoning of our planet with our love of convenience and comfort based on our continued dependence on fossil fuels, failure to convert to renewable energy fast enough (even though there was a push to do just that in this country in the 70s under the Carter administration) and indifference to nuclear poisoning, including military use of weapons of mass destruction that conveniently make use of nuclear waste (i.e., spent uranium armor-piercing shells that are now maiming, disabling and killing not only the citizens of the countries upon which the United States has seen fit to wage war, but our own military personnel who are suffering the effects of use of their toxic weaponry on them) and more.

      We ourselves can't file suit.  Attorneys can, but only if they dare.

      I've noticed that if you're not actually suffering personally from the effects of the spraying, there is ZERO MOTIVATION to do even so much as ONE THING– NOTHING gets done– zero, zilch, nada, zip!– unless and until YOU are hurting.  

      And yes, the industry has indeed known what the burning of fossil fuels would do over time.  Check this out:

      Announcer: This is Climate One, changing the conversation about energy, economy and the environment.

      Oil companies have known about the dangers of burning fossil fuels for longer than you may think.

      Ben Franta:  I found this transcript, Edward Teller telling the heads of the oil industry in 1959 that CO2 emissions could submerge New York City.

      Announcer: Since 1970, the EPA has been protecting our health and safety by enforcing regulations on the industry. But under the Trump administration, things have changed.

      Lynda Deschambault:  Suddenly the people we were regulating were now the regulators.

      Announcer: And the agency no longer seems committed to its founding mission.

      Gina McCarthy: They don't have a right to misinterpret the law.  They don't have a right to take science facts off the webpage as if issues like climate change didn't exist.

      Announcer:  The EPA Then and Now.  Up next on Climate One.

      [source article:]

  30. Mary Hollowell says:

    Thanks! Who is hampering environmental spokesmen? I worry about Jane Goodall. She visited Cincinnati Museum Center when we hosted the film Wild Chimpanzees.

  31. Theo Radic says:

    Thank you for sharing the Redding conference with those of us unable to attend. A very important and concise video for waking people up. In a nation under the rule of law, David Keith's deranged confession on national television should be enough to put him and his co-criminals on trial for crimes against humanity. 

    There has been a strange ice storm on New Years day in Sweden with record breaking hurricane-force winds at 126 kilometers an hour over the island of Gotland. It's anyone's guess if this is natural or geo-engineered weather scheduled for the first day of 2019. 

  32. R. Wilson says:

    Wow! I just posted a picture of contrails on a simple neighborhood app., who knew it would lead to climate awakening! Thanks for reply, more than informative.

  33. pissedoffinWNC says:

    Great presentation – so glad to finally be able to watch it.  Am I missing something, or is the Q&A session which was held after the presentation also available somewhere on the site?  I'm most interested in seeing that/listening to that as well. 

    Your name and site are now in common use around the house and anyone who visits hears it.

    Thank you and your team for all that you do – may the deaf hear and the sightless see in 2019.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, in regard to the Q and A session, we had some audio issues that we are working on. We hope to have something posted on the Q and A soon. Thank you for your patience.

  34. Awakened Veteran says:

    Thank you Dane….. The immense amount of work and detail that went into this presentation is staggering. You're dedication and relentlessness is both impressive and inspiring and you sir are making a difference. Giving my best effort to spread awareness with your suggested methods in Del Norte county.

    • Chad Haberman says:

      I used to live in Humboldt county. Lots of family in del norte,Crescent City. Property at the mouth of the Klamath.  I know whats going on. Waking up my cousins there, one at a time

  35. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane! Finally the day has arrived for us being able to view the presentation in Redding, "Thank you". Very well done my friend. Please extend my gratitude to all those involved.

    At the end you spoke that we owe our lives to the greater good, to our children and the web of life. It's a good thing you didn't choke up more than you did, you'd have made me cry 'with' you(grin). You also described "bonus time scenario". I'm proud to write that I've received a few graces myself. I figure if one 'hasn't' been granted a few, their lives have been pretty boring, just sayin. Love and strength to you and yours.

  36. John Michael Viknius says:

    Thank you, Dane, including everyone that has worked so tirelessly to sound the alarm and not give up.  Very encompassing presentation.  My deepest and sincerest gratitude goes out to all that have supported this cause.  You have my 100% support!

  37. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: For those of you here who have the fortitude to look deeper into the layers of deception, I am hoping to open a window of truth. While I have posted many articles by Paul Craig Roberts, his defense of Putin has become more than suspect. I suggest that you go to the YouTube channel of Brendon O’Connell and begin to listen to his research.

    You might want to begin with the TALPIOT PROGRAM in Israel about which O’Connell has a very informative video that reveals how Zionist Israel has over the years stolen key American technology (even defense security sensitive) to build up Israel as the new center of the coming globalist empire.

    WIKI: Talpiot program is an elite Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) training program for recruits who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in the sciences and leadership potential. Graduates pursue double higher education while they serve in the army, and they use their expertise to further IDF research and development in technological leadership positions. The program was inaugurated in 1979.

    As one blogger outs it: “Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above even the US. That “American” you see “controlling” something? He or she is an American Jew or Zionist, dual national Israeli American citizen. Israel rules. Until we target specifically this control of the high technology sector and specifically The Talpiot Program, we will all continue to wonder how Israel gets away with all it does. It is a racist state of the most odious kind. But who will stand up to them? From medical nanotechnology to cybersecurity to private hacking companies to military technology to police databases, banking, finance and medical – Israel runs them all.”

    Brendon O’Connell explains the connection between Netanyahu and Putin. Essentially Israel has become a Soviet Satellite state. Did you know that there are around one million Russians now living in Israel? According to O’Connell these Russians are primarily highly educated in technology. Recall Putin saying that whoever controls AI will control the world.  

    With companies like INTEL and Microsoft now located in Israel, a “backdoor” has been created in practically every computerized system in the world — including electrical grids, defense, telecommunications, water supplies, etc. This means that Zionist Israel can shut down these crucial infrastructures anywhere, because they have created a hardware backdoor that gives Netanyahu and the Zionists “a kill switch” — please watch the videos, like How Israel Arms the Enemies of the United States, and decide for yourself.

    Russia is the controlling factor in this shift of technological power and dominance from the United States to Zionist Israel. I continue to say Zionist Israel because the majority of Jews in the world are good and know nothing about this transfer. We know that American Elements — which likely supplies all the toxic materials in the aerosol sprays — is privately held.

    Another very good resource to learn from is a website SECURING OUR INTERESTS, created by concerned Jews who are not part of this Zionist insanity — and recommended by O’Connell. Note the section called ISRAEL STUDIES and read about CHABAD, a Zionist Jewish sect that Jared Kushner has been prominent in from his Harvard days. Consider the fact that Trump allowed his daughter to convert to Judaism. Why? Understand the intimate connection between Trump, Sheldon Adelson, Netanyahu, and Putin.

    Then read or reread the Protocols of Zion and consider our future as we are herded into the “Smart Cities” by these elitist racist technocrats. If you have hoped that Trump or Putin will save you, reconsider in light of this information.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  Thank you for the information about TALPIOT.  It is the “back door” which was utilized to create the confusion within US defense (NORAD) exercises the morning of September 11, 2001.  That same deception likely gained control of the involved commercial aircraft, essentially turning them into drones.  I have never accepted the official narrative about Arab hijackers and box cutters.  None of them, if even on those aircraft, were capable of flying a small Cessna, much less a sophisticated airliner.  Not one individual responsible for all the screw ups and lies was fired or demoted.  Indeed, the key stooges were promoted.  Sharon stated for the record (paraphrased):  “ We own the Americans, and the Americans know it.”  No truer words ever spoken.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, BaneB! Very interesting insight, as always.

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane – Thank you for this and for all the many years of sacrifice you & your family have endured, so we may know the truth. Your courage and unrelenting tenacity are our North Star.

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