Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 24, 2024, #446


Dane Wigington

Regions of China experience "flash freeze" down to -52.3C / -62.1F degrees while "zombie fires continue to burn underground in Canada even in winters". How many are looking toward the skies and taking notice of what has long since been occurring above our heads? Many are finally awakening to the fact that weather everywhere is completely chaotic and unprecedented. Would governments around the world inform their populations if climate engineering operations had already been fully deployed? The short answer is no. The planet's life support systems are hurtling toward abrupt collapse, how long till impact? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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25 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 24, 2024, #446

  1. pourituredogneton says:

    The insurance rates are sky hi for people living in “fire zones”




  2. Sabree Carpenter says:

    I also was wondering if the fires in Canada were still burning, everytime I went on the internet to enquire, the articles would be from 2023, nothing mentioned about now ( 2024 ). What's the latest concerning all the fires in Siberia, or raging fires in the Amazon ? Now here we go again with the Fire in Texas, worse fire in the history of the state. Lahaina's fire, and all the toxic waste being buried right in their own backyard. The list of calamities are endless. The insurance rates are sky hi for people living in "fire zones", unfortunately, the whole state of California will soon be a "fire zone". How about those electric bills lately, When I get home from work, I pretty much reside in the dark under my blankets. Oh, indeed, careful what you eat……

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Sabree, thank you for staning with us in this all important battle. About the Canadian fires, yes, still burning. FYI

  3. Carolyn Bailey says:

    I listened to your discussion of ice nucleation on warm days in your 2/17 and 2/24 broadcasts. Sure enough — On 2/26, it was 47F in northern Maine while sprinkles of tiny white ice balls fell. They looked like tiny pieces of white styrofoam, things you don't want to touch or breathe in. Snow was melting in the sun as ice sprinkles dotted the melt water and dissolved. In recent past years, it's been 14, 16, 19, or 21 on that day.  This year, it's been above freezing, off and on, all month, which used to be the coldest month of the year, and we've had almost no snow when we usually get 4-6 feet. Last summer was abnormally warm and dry, too. I'm afraid we're being set up for wild fires.

  4. WATCHER says:

    Well this episode brings another twist to food ingredients.

    To buy food at the Grocers is very daunting to some as I experience whenever I shop. Those of us who take the time to read ingredients are often lead to buy ( more expensive) Organic healthy alternatives. Not all the populace enjoys the financial ability to eat healthy.. So the Ingredients listed are merely the ones added to the food deliberately in the mix such as Preservatives or sugar substitutes or other processing chemical ingredients. What is not on the labels, should concern us equally. Organic food or any other type of food or drink does not escape the ingredients I will merely touch upon here.

    This is because food does not go thru testing  for  Geoengineering the aluminum  and heavy metal, surfactants and other substances returning to soil and water into which these foodstuff plants and  livestock feed that also become  ingredients. Also lets consider household chemicals and pharmaceutical drug ingredients from wastewater finding its way into waterways and ocean . These make their way into crop irrigation, seafood and other food sources. Then there is composted sewage sludge used as fertilizer. Next lets consider industrial air pollution from petroleum and coal usage, pollution from manufacturing getting into rainwater and otherwise settling as gasses and particulates. Plastics and micro plastics yet another factor that infest our food sources.  Many other ingredients are also in our food sources from the chemical soup these all make together creating new undiscovered substances.

    What if we were to demand all of these foods  to be tested and their ingredients made to be listed as ingredients by percentage on the label available for us to read ? Our packaging would have to include a booklet of fine print, or a link online to be read somewhat as a material data safety sheet. So; are You still hungry after considering all of this ? Well ! soon our bodies will hunger for real nutrition and there will be NONE while we continue to poison ourselves.

    Hope is an ever eroding virtue.  But we must not ever loose it until our Last Breath.

    • Jonathan says:

      Brother Watcher,

      I agree 100%. I feel the same way. We were taught in Scouts long ago their Motto, "Always be Prepared."

      People will crave real, wholesome and nourishing food soon.

      I am doing all I can even with my wild animals I feed to provide them with the most nutritious food I can. We must care for the wild ones, as well as ourselves and each other.

      Bless you.

  5. Dennie says:

    I just sent this modified petition to my elected representative in the California Assembly:

    Dear Assembly Member Connolly,
    Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen wrote a seminal essay in 2006, asking if injection of sulphate particles (which act to cool the atmosphere because they are reflective, and scatter a small fraction of incoming sunlight back into space) into the stratosphere was a feasible solution to tackling climate change.

    Subsequent research suggests that so-called “stratospheric aerosol injection” could cool the global climate by as much as 2°C, but there are many downsides to this intervention that are already measurable because the fact is, geoengineering has been ongoing for decades.

    The fact is that geoengineering is disrupting Earth's climate systems, including Asian and African monsoon systems that are the water supply of billions of people, and destroying our planet's ocean current systems, which have been part of Earth's system for moderating our weather and climate.  This is already happening. All of our elected representative must wake up right now and work to stop any further "geoengineering."

    Injection of sulphate particles into the stratosphere leads to ozone destruction. We already know this. The increased UV radiation is readily felt after heavy spraying.  Go outside on a relatively clear day in the warmer months here in California and notice that metal objects are often so hot that they cannot be picked up with bare hands. The inside of your car becomes dangerously hot in a fraction of the time is used to.  This destruction of the ozone layer is in fact already damaging agriculture by burning crops, making it too hot to grow food which you and everyone who votes for you (and those who don't) needs to eat, poisons the air, poisons the water making it toxic to drink and causing tree death by destroying roots, and disrupting Earth’s ecosystems, killing plankton, which fish depend on as a food source. What happens when all the forests are dead?  What happens when fish can no longer live in our oceans and waterways?  What are YOU going to eat??

    Stratospheric aerosol injection does nothing to combat the underlying causes of global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, causing ocean acidification, and the impacts of acid rain will be intensified. Sadly, methane clathrates are already releasing into the oceans and methane releases are blanketing our planet like a layer of glass, keeping heat in, with rapidly increasing overnight temperatures rising much more quickly than daytime temperatures.  This is scientific fact, the kind NOT brought to you by Pfizer.

    The FACT is that stratospheric aerosolized geoengineering (SAG), stratospheric aerosolized injection (SAI) and solar radiation "management" is already ongoing and highly visible.  When stratospheric aerosol injection is stopped, “termination shock” is thought likely to ensue. Atmospheric temperatures can rebound by as much as 5 degrees centigrade or MORE in less than a few decades.

    The scarier fact is that these programs are already ongoing and you only have to look out your window a few times a day to see the criss-crossing toxic clouds of nanoparticulate metals, which also reflect the heat back onto the earth by trapping it under a blanket of geoengineered toxic filth which muddies our skies and keeps sunlight, NECESSARY FOR PHOTOSYNTHESIS and killing pathogens including viruses, bacteria and toxic molds, away from us.  How useful is that?  Why don't you all work to STOP this before it is too late and kills everything here, including you?

    Now is the time to take a stand against stratospheric aerosol injection and other forms of solar radiation modification and JUST SAY NO, then impose very stiff penalties on anyone caught doing it, including prison. Fining Evergreen and Blackrock won't be enough.  Taking away monetary incentives and locking the Earth-killing criminals away for decades might.

    State legislators in Rhode Island have introduced the Atmosphere Protection Act. Similar legislation should be implemented across the country.

    Get informed NOW.  Visit And understand that the only tried-and-true climate solution with multiple benefits and no downside is regenerative organic agriculture.

    Learn more at

    Thank you,

    Dennie Mehocich


  6. Grace says:

    Flowers blooming up to 92 days early? That calculates to winter. In the southeast been seeing daffodils in full bloom, some type of purple flowers on the ground, dogwoods blooming, other trees budding, grasshoppers in the road after rain, baby bunny hopping along the road a week ago, birds chirping in the morning, crickets sometimes at night, and the squirrels have been gathering nuts for the winter, all winter long. The new normal – in the middle of winter.

    • Joy says:

      Grace, yes noticed many os the same things in South Carolina.  Maple tree full of buds, pollen everywhere in February.  Is this normal? Birds chirping . 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, Same here in Georgia. Daffodils begin in Jan/Feb., Dandelion in bloom seen in Dec., Wild violets blooming Feb., Frogs begin singing in mid Feb., Horses begin shedding winter hair Jan./Feb… WTF?! Weather whiplash flip flopping back & forth- This is so disturbing and sad. How can anything survive this insanity? (On an aside regarding the recent Texas panhandle fires; I wonder if this was the area where Eden Lost to Insanity relocated from?! We know they want it cleared for the 'space force' base- could it be this is the quickest way to prepare the land for their new compound? Just a thought.

  7. Doh! Canada says:

    Tons of foods/products are tainted with poison.

    In shampoos "DMDM Hydantoin" When it comes it contact with water it converts to formaldehyde. Great for when you're bathing.

    In condiments, beverages, salad dressing, canned chick peas, and on and on. (Calcium DiSodium) EDTA and variants. "Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid" Cytotoxic and Genotoxic. "Oral exposures have been noted to cause reproductive and developmental effects"

    It was added to foods post 2000.

  8. Larry DeMarco says:

    Thanks Dane for another eye opening broadcast; that is, eye opening for thase of us fortunate enough to be awake, alive and courageous enough to face the truth. I'm pleased to hear about the additional stations that will be broadcasting your incredible weekly broadcast, and even more pleased with your steadfast commitment I'm continuing to carry the toarch.

    You often make reference to our military brothers and sisters who you try to encourage to follow their obligation to protect our citizens from domestic, as well as, foreign enemies. I've spoken to several of these individuals who are members of the US Airforce. Coincidentally, I met a member of our airforce intelligence department at a house gathering a couple of weeks ago. All of these people have been as steadfast in their denial of the truth as you are in workingt o desemininate it. A neighbor asked me the other day if I thought that the pilots spraying us know about what they are doing. I said yes, they must because I've seen the tanks they carry and they are the ones activating the spaying. He asked why they would do this. I unfortunately said I didn't know and likely gave him a ticket back to fantasy land. 

    As I thought about all this later I came to tho conclusion that our military personnel 's awareness of geoengineering is not  contrary to their oath of protection. I think that they believe that their orders and their participation are for our benefit. I believe that they are told that they must keep the public unaware to avoid a panic, while at the same time they erroneously and bravely work to reduce the problem rather than contribute to it.

    What do you think Dane?

    • penny waters says:

      dear larry demarco

      life is very frightening and we believe what we can!!

      some cannot believe in all sorts of things cos it would shake their world view that life is sacred and fair and eventually all will be well

      hahahahaha death is pretty sacred for me cos one day i will not have to take the pain of being aware of us humans and our ridiculous understanding of "life"

      love to you kind sir and to all the wide awake club out there

      but especially to dane and family who has helped to keep me sane while i am here

      i salute you sir!!

  9. Crystal in Oregon says:

    Project Argus continued —

    Radioactive fallout from atmospheric bomb testing is composed of numerous radioisotopes: one of those being monitored at the time was cesium-137 which is highly mobile in the biosphere.  The cesium had become incorporated into grasses, vegetables, milk, meat, and human bodies.  In the arctic, the cesium was a deadly problem because it concentrated in the lichens, the food source of caribou in winter. (After the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe the herds in north america experienced a sharp population decline.)

    In 1961, Linden Kurt reported cesium levels in Swedish reindeer were 280 times higher than in beef cattle.  The cesium was 38 times greater in the bodies of Sweden's Arctic people, than in the bodies of southern Swedes.

    In Canada, contamination levels in the region around Baker Lake were the highest, and in 1960 the central arctic region appeared to have a higher cancer rate than the western or eastern arctic regions.  The areas of increase were the same areas known for the greatest intensity of 'Northern Lights' and correlated with the artificial aurorae borealis caused by the atomic explosions.  By 1975 cancer rates in the central Arctic had risen from 78.4 per hundred thousand to 169.3 per hundred thousand.

    Soviet reindeer herders experienced the same nuclear legacy.  Dr.Vladimir Lupandin in a 1989 article reported that almost every household had someone with cancer, 90 percent of the population had chronic lung disease, and infant mortality was one in ten live births.

    The atmospheric bomb tests caused many people to be aware and alarmed about the radioactive fallout.  Ban The Bomb was the slogan of the time.

    The Argus Project, and the secretive aspect of it caused a great controversy.  Around the world there were voices of concern, letters and protests against the bomb testing; and staunch cold war support, especially from the military complex.  The President of Ghana protested to Kennedy in a formal diplomatic note:  Is there no way wherein you…can resolve the present cold war anarchy?  Is it not real wisdom to suspend this dangerous arms race until efforts being made for peace…can result in a general disarmament treaty?

    Inundated with letters from concerned scientists and citizens, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) produced a form letter,"to those who have inquired about the Van Allen belts"…"Dr. James Van Allen…has concluded that any effects from the tests would be minor and disappear quickly."

    Van Allen had made a public statement about the high-altitude tests, "a magnificent experiment" that "can and will add greatly to the knowledge of all mankind."

    The AEC form letter went on, "none of the possible effects on the Van Allen belts would constitute a health hazard…there is no need for concern about any lasting effects on the Van Allen belts or associated phenomena."

    Later, James Van Allen changed is mind saying that the 1962 Starfish Prime radiation belt would persist for at least a decade with an intensity that would substantially interfere with the scientific studies of the natural belts.  He explained, "It's the difference between intuitive expectations and actual observations."

    The ionosphere/magnetosphere and ozone layer are vital components of nature, that protect life on earth from deadly radiation from the sun and the cosmos.  Life on earth was tuned to the native magnetic forces of earth and the Shumann resonance of 7.83 Hz, discovered in 1952—the electromagnetic waves in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range formed in the cavity between the planet's surface and ionosphere—the natural electrical activity of earth, lightening strikes and the resonance gentle to life.

    The tapestry of DNA that composes life on earth, evolved and was tuned to this native electromagnetic environment, and the DNA flourished,—and the DNA on its own, performed countless biological experiments.  For millions of years life thrived under our life blanket, the atmosphere.

    The South Atlantic anomaly is where the inner Van Allen belt dips down to within 120 miles of earth. The idea to drive a ship into the region and launch three atomic bombs was an experiment with no thinking about the fragile atmosphere.  To his credit, Van Allen understood that it was a mistep.

    What happened to the caribou?

    Magnetite is a biophysical mechanism of magnetic field detection.  Pure magnetite crystals are found in a wide range of organisms,—fish, birds, mammals, insects, mollusks, microbes,—and facilitate orientation and navigation.  It is likely that the caribou reacted to the destruction of the natural magnetic field and became disoriented. Most certainly they suffered poor health and reproductive harm from the radioactive fallout.

    Was anyone looking for navigation and orientation problems in other species?

    Fallout and Reproduction of Ocean Fish populations by E.J. Sternglass, 1971, is a study where Ernest Sternglass correlates declines in ocean fish catch to the periods of bomb fallout.  Sternglass is looking at radioactive fallout, however, it is possible, if not probable, that the declines also involved orientation and navigation problems for ocean life.

    Earth is the only planet known to have life.  We must concentrate more effort to monitor, investigate, and think about what is happening to life on earth.

  10. W Butler says:

    I'm still astounded at how few, or seemingly few people, appear to look up and wonder why or simply discuss the way the skies look. I was born in 1969 amd never did the skies look like this. REAL clouds were in abundance, not these man-made chemical whisks, mists and drips, which the 'climate change' scum.create and NAME as clouds. Oh, there IS so-called 'climate change' but, it rests solely in the hands of the scum behind the spraying, HAARP, DARPA, WEF, the UN and other global organizations like the military industrial complex. Those organizations who have the audacity to blame the average human for this disgusting experiment. The spraying has increased 10 fold in Nevada and is no less than absolutely prolific in its daily bombardment. The ladt 3 days have been so bad, that the spraying has continued bothday and night. Ultimately, I just wish more people would wake the hell up, take notice and start pressuring at their local and state levels. 

  11. Rita says:

    For those that still try to enjoy skiing on the fake snow the local popular conditions thread Unofficial Alpine  featured a Chemtrail laiden picture,but then tried to deny in the comments . Hmmm

  12. Robin says:

    I have established initial contact with three members of the climate committee of the Minnesota House of Representatives.  After the meeting, a member who criticized solar panel costs & farmland displacement was the first I approached about the New Hampshire bill to ban climate engineering over their state.  She received the text of the bill from this website.  The member was aware of the issue of climate engineering.

    I will be away for a week, but I look forward to continuing attendance at these twice a week meetings.  Plan to gather a  presence of supporters to create a similar bill here at the capitol in St Paul, MN.

    • Jonathan says:

      Robin, this kind of activism is what is so desperately needed. You know how difficult it is to get through to any politician. And yet you keep persisting and you are making some inroads. Bless you for all that you're doing in this. You are an inspiration.

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Thanks, Robin. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Robin….thank you for your efforts and dedication toward a clean atmosphere bill for Minnesota.  One state at a time !!

  13. Stan Sylvester says:

    Last week in Viviez France, a warehouse with 900 tonnes of lithium batteries waiting to be recycled caught fire. 

    The local residents were given a stay at home order, [no not again!]. It was lifted after 2 days. The prefecture stated that "the risk in terms of toxicity has been ruled out." Phew!! 

    People were told that "refighting" however could last a few more days. The prefecture said that "it's difficult to get on top of these battery fires." Indeed. 

    One resident lamented that the residents had not been consulted before the factory was built. Imagine that!! She said that "it was imposed on us and I don't want it."

    I can think of another situation where they didn't ask our permission before imposing on us and going ahead with their plans.


  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    These wildfires never went out — they just moved underground 

    Canada’s record wildfire season keeps burning through the winter



    The remnants of the most extraordinary wildfire season in recent Canadian history are still smoldering on a scale that experts say is unprecedented. The warm and dry winter, particularly in western Canada, has left more than 150 fires burning across British Columbia and Alberta, according to the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center.

    While it’s common that such hot spots — known as holdover or zombie fires — can smoke and smolder through the cold months, this amount of them is not.

    “We’ve seen this before but never at this scale,” said Michael Flannigan, a wildfire expert and professor at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia. “I’ve been watching fire in Canada and abroad since the late ’70s. I’ve never seen anything like this.”


  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Powerhouse storm to unleash severe weather, downpours and gusty winds across more than a dozen states 

    Damaging thunderstorms and gusty winds are poised to sweep from the Plains states to the Eastern Seaboard as a surge of Arctic air bulldozes record-setting, May-like temperatures.


  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    JP Morgan drops out of UN climate alliance, Blackrock substantially scales back

    Was it the negative return or the potential lawsuits that is starting to turn this crazy climate leviathan around?


    JPMorgan Chase and institutional investors BlackRock and State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) announced that they are quitting or, in the case of BlackRock, substantially scaling back involvement in a massive United Nations climate alliance [Climate Action 100+] formed to combat alleged global warming through corporate sustainability agreements.

    The stunning announcements come as the largest financial institutions in the U.S. and worldwide face an onslaught of pressure from consumer advocates and Republican states over their environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities.



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