Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 3, 2024, #443


Dane Wigington

"Imminent Deluge: Southern California Braces for Potentially Catastrophic Storm" (from Yahoo News). A manipulated atmospheric flow of moisture is scheduled for the Southwestern US. During the same span of time and beyond the eastern half of the US is scheduled for an extended period of record high temperatures, again. The Great Lakes region is in the bullseye zone of the big winter warm-up. Wildfires are raging from South America to South Africa and even Canada's record firestorms of 2023 are not yet completely extinguished though it's the middle of winter. Global conflicts, chaos and carnage continue to escalate in lockstep with unfolding planetary ecological collapse. And through it all the dimming of our skies gets worse by the day. How long till impact at full velocity? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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32 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 3, 2024, #443

  1. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Scouring through various weather videos I stumbled across a forecast video out of Witchita Falls, Texas and it clearly shows hundreds of aerosol trails being sprayed across the state, from a real-time visible satellite loop playing in the background behind the weatherman.

    Then he steps aside and they slowly zoom in, but as they do, it morphs over to a satellite water vapor loop instead, and all of those aerosol trails vanish from the green screen. 

    Which means that the meteorologist and his visual display team knew they were aerosol trails being sprayed by planes, and not simply clouds sweeping across the state. So to keep everyone from seeing the obvious climate engineering operations captured by a satellite. They used smoke and mirrors to transform that damning video into an atmospheric vapor sensing version, rather than a visual documentation of what's really happening in the skies above Texas.

    You see the aerosol trail patterns on satellite images and videos by Dane all the time, and this was definitely one of those. But they quickly switched it over to a different satellite monitoring system, before zooming in to expose the planes making those trails, for the whole world to see what is really happening.

    About 85% of the state was being sprayed in that video, and that's exactly what you see in the sky here, when you look up both day and night. I haven't seen this much spraying in months and it is causing most people in Texas to cough and sneeze like when you have a cold or the flu. Everyone is miserable and the reason for that is right above their heads. But as usual, no one looks up.

  2. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Many climate scientists are now suggesting that the hurricane rating system be updated to include a category SIX. Because all of the most powerful cat 5 hurricanes in history happened within the last seventeen years, and over half of them were beyond the current rating system of five being the highest category.

    Meaning that hurricanes are now in uncharted territory and are expected to only get more and more intense, as the planet continues to get hotter with each passing year.

    Those same scientists also claim that the Earth surpassed the 1.5C  threshold over the last twelve months, and was actually between 1.7 and 2.0C on average. With some saying that we even surpassed the 2.0C mark several times during the last twelve months.

    But what they don't say or disclose, of course. Is the most obvious reason why the Earth has now passed the tipping point, and that is the effects from seventy-five plus years of climate engineering. And the fact that temperatures from record heat events were reported to the downside by NOAA and the National Weather Service.

    So, it isn't beyond the possibility that Earth has already soared well past the 2C mark and even pushing the 3C limit of the human species ability to survive what comes next.

    At 3.0C, that's it, lights out and all life on Earth will slowly become extinct, as the planet continues to get even hotter over the next million years or so. No matter what we do to try and stop that feedback loop from running its course.

    We could easily hit and maintain that 3.0 mark between now and the end of this decade. Unless something drastic happens that sends our planet into either a nuclear winter, or the rapid development of an ice age. But in either case, we probably won't survive any of those scenarios, and there will likely be no humans left to experience a cat 7 hurricane. Or even blizzards that make chemical ice nucleation events look like a tropical paradise. Because an ice age would block out 99% of the sun's thermal energy and trap both carbon and methane back into growing ice shelves around the world. Nuclear war or a massive asteroid impact could trigger such a cooling trend, and turn this planet into a frozen ball of ice.

    But otherwise, we are heading towards becoming another Venus at this point in time. And no scientists are even addressing that issue, likely because no one will "want to" believe them. Even if the facts and trends are indisputable.

    • Joe says:

      Wow you type alot of info in here.  I am not able to type that much so I mostly copy and paste.  I like what you have to say .

      We need more people like you.   I myself have been coming here since 2010.

      Geoengineering is constantly in the news on websites. 

      The big lie is we might need to do it to save the planet

  3. Chris says:

    The ingenuity of the death spirit…

    Watched again the crimson Tide and it makes me want to vomit at the creativity/ ingenuity and technology placed in submarines turning our sea's into weapon's of war. Had this same effort been used to advance humanity rather than destroy it one can only imagine how far we might have advanced. What ever happened to the life spirit, oh I forgot not enough profit  or any in it. The song war pigs come to mind and the fact that it was done decades ago prove not much has changed or will sadly.

    As generals gathered in their masses like witches at black masses trying to figure out the next ingenious technology they can conjure to kill more people and break more things leaves my soul bland / disgusted with hopes for mankind as a whole. It's possible we just don't deserve this planet. We've had help along the way however, propaganda, medications etc so we sort of have an excuse, but that won't really help in the long or short run.

    Trying to overcome the constant molding of human perception by propaganda is at best daunting if not outright bewildering. The criss crossing of our skies by the crop dusters (we're the crops) and no one bats an eye at what can clearly be seen suggest we're doomed without some kind of awakening

    At least Dane keeps trying, God bless him!

    • penny waters says:

      hmmm witches at black masses

      dear oh dear, witches – the women that wouldn't do as they were told by the men in charge

      read the literature about women. plants and the conspiracy against them

      you might learn something!!!!

  4. Stuart says:

    NASA launched a new Satellite from Cape Canaveral this morning.  Called PACE, acronym for Plankton, Aerosols, Clouds, ocean Ecosystem, the satellite will monitor various interactions in Ocean Ecosystems.  We know Aerosols sprayed from Tanker Jets for purpose of Solar Geoengineering are a big part of what they are watching.

    Interestingly a  rare M4.0 earthquake was reported offshore Cape Canaveral just prior to launch last night. Likely induced by Geoengineering ops.

  5. Cindy Fox says:

    I keep speaking out to people about the geoengineering of our weather.
    I see daily here in Iowa constant chemtrails.
    Now jet planes are directed to the airport across my property in the sky followed by planes with chemtrails. Is this supposed to look normal and a cover up! I'm not fooled.
    I shared the Dimming and other information on geoengineering on my website,adding pictures of last year with all my plants in garden dying or not growing at all plus previous years of everything green and growing.
    I contacted Simon of WHO Radio here where I live since he's known to address issues most won't. Interesting he hasn't responded to me about doing a program on geoengineering and referenced Dane and the website here too. Still no response since the beginning of February. I email him again and again asking him to speak out on this.
    Sadly so far those I speak to in person look at me blankly or deny it's a reality.
    I'll keep talking about it and hope the sleeping open their eyes.
    I have taken to gardening inside and if I should plant anything outside it will be under cover.
    I don't even let my chickens out to roam anymore and they are in a covered place to protect them. 
    I have had trees fall for no reason. Imagine that! They can no longer get fed from their roots and die from the inside out. Grrrr
    Will those in this state that boasts of the state of cornfields and beef cows wake up. Nothing is safe from the deluge of chemicals!
    Finally the huge piles of snow in January that were rock hard are gone. Amazingly there is green grass under that cold hard not normal snow. 
    Lord help us and may people wake up!

  6. Robert says:

    Scheduled weather event over Baker City, Oregon this morning February 7. Accu Weather said 9:00am due time and sure enough here it is, right on shedule. A gray drizzle of chemical whatever it is steadily coming down. I had to cut my dog walk short as I don't like my dog getting bathed in it or breath it in. And all the time this crap is coming down I can here the planes overhead laying it out, sounds like LAX over little ol Baker City. When will this insanity stop? I'm guessing when we are all dead. R.I.P. Mother earth.

    • Nancy H says:

      Robert, I too despair at the constant(it seems) barrage of jets laying down the gray dome in our skies. I feel as you do about our dogs I rush him home , worrying about his contact with the sidewalks and grass. There is mold everywhere (we are in the UP of Michigan). #30 years ago when we moved here the skies possessed sunshine in greater amount than in lower Michigan where we lived formerly. Last month lower Michigan only had 23 hours of sunlight for the whole month! IAs my husband gets up at 4:00 am for work, we hear the jets droning all night long now. We are very angry at the decimation of our earth. Only those who are aware(as on Dane's website) are feeling despair and helplessness. I conclude the only answer is spiritual sustenance. Mankind has lost its way entirely.


  7. Joe says:

    On another note I live in the district that is making national news-  The old George Santos district of new york.  There is a special election for that congressional seat which started now w early voting and the election on feb 13.

    The point of the above comments are we have alot of corrupt politicans on both sides of the aisle.   The advertising on T.V. is constant for both dems and reps ..There is alot of waste of  $$$ w superpacs.  The elections will cost millions.  

    Dane I know this has nothing to do w Geoengineering.  Everything is inter related. 

     I do continue to hand out your business cards w the movie The Dimming..  

    This is all the result of citizens  united.  While wealthy donors, corporations, and special interest groups have long had an outsized influence in elections, that sway has dramatically expanded since the Citizens United decision, with negative repercussions for American democracy and the fight against political corruption.


  8. Mary Hollowell says:

    – old article but an increasingly common problem, smooth fingertips – How are we going to manage with an inability to grip?

    reposing a previous post

    Zechariah 11:17

  9. Dawnski says:


    I was cc'd along with 180 email addresses for the Catawba College "Climate Justice" zoom link. Which gave me the opportunity to reply and asked if Geoengineered Weather warfare was mentioned. 

    "Dane Wigington

    I didn’t make it but hope that GeoEngineered Weather Warfare and it’s effects on our planet we are called to steward, was discussed.


    Rev 11:18

    Even so come Lord Jesus!

    I got the following reply:

    Thank you for your thoughts, Dawny. I’m sorry that you missed this one but hope you can join in on the next event.


    As a side note, I didn’t mean to copy everyone in the “To” line when I sent out the event link. We try not to put lists out from our email list. I should have put all names in the “blind copy” line, so that the full list wouldn’t be shared. Please feel free to write me anytime, but I ask that you not respond to the full list or pass it on another time. Thanks for your understanding.


    All the best,



    Cathy Green
    Director of Operations
    Catawba College Center for the Environment

    Scholarship.  Character.  Culture.  Service.

    2300 W Innes St. Salisbury, NC 28144

    Office: 704.637.4791

    Mobile: 704.754.0382



    • Jonathan says:

      I just wrote to Cathy and asked if I could participate in the next climate justice zoom meeting. I also sent her a link to the documentary and attached a scanned copy of Dr. Russell Blaylock's recent write up on the documentary.

      Thank you so very much Dawny for thinking outside the box and being willing to reach out to people like this. And yes, we are called to be stewards of this world.

      I have emailed virtually every graduate student and faculty member that I can find whose email addresses were posted publicly at NC State University in Raleigh who is involved with atmospheric science, Earth science and marine science at that university and have given them links to the website and the documentary and so forth. I never heard back from one of them and it was over 100 people. But we have to continue moving forward and trying and exploring every possible avenue.

  10. Jonathan says:

    I am just leaving East Carolina University. It is a public university, and the student center is open to the public. I took some of the materials available from the website and told people I was handing out information about geoengineering. About 50% of the people were receptive and appreciated it. The other half said, "No, thank you." The student center has an information desk, and beside that is a large rack that people put different types of brochures and pamphlets in for the students. The person at the information desk, as other people had told me before, gave me permission to put some of the materials in one of the racks, So I left some materials there for people to pick up if they are interested. I have done this a number of times, and I have never known people to take anything out of those racks and throw them away. If they are not interested, they simply won't pick them up.

    It is always a little bit uncomfortable approaching complete strangers with information that they have probably never heard of before. At the same time, it also seems like ships passing in the night…. we may never meet again. So it is important to make even these very brief encounters meaningful. To those who are new to this community and this movement, just do your best in whatever way you are comfortable sharing information. The handouts speak for themselves, if only people are willing to accept them.

    Try not to get discouraged if some people don't want to accept them. Just move on and offer them to somebody else.

    Be encouraged. Look the storm in the eye.


  11. Mary Webster says:

    Yep – don't bother calling any of the weather services, "government" services, media circus folks – you'll get the answer that this weather manipulation is not going on – and they want you to feel like the kook. 

    Is it possible for geoengineering to have a spot on a widely known show such as Glenn Beck to help get the word out (or did I miss it?)?    Remind these people we are ALL breathing the same air.  

    Big pharma must see these as I see a proliferation of drugs to "help clear your skin up", to "help your breathing", or to "help your grow more hair".  

    In FL, this is the first year of 3 years a maple tree we planted actually lost its leaves in fall and winter – which is normal.  Previous years way too hot.  

    Finally – thanks to Rep. Gerhard of New Hampshire and his partner for HR Bill 1700 to ban climate engineering.  Prayers that is is passed.  2  more things – haven't seen too many rainbows in the past few years.  Also – opened the door at 0200 the other night and smalled sulfur – not fresh air.  

    • Jonathan says:

      Yes Mary, I smell it too at times, a foul chemical odor.

      Let these moments spur us to greater action and activism.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      That horrible sulfur odor is a constant here and it gets so strong that it burns the eyes and nose. The EPA claims it is from vehicle exhaust pollution and or ozone pollution. Yet it is almost tolerable on days when there are no trails in the sky. But when the sky is totally white/gray it's like someone is striking a match right under your nose 24/7.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Mary, I have noticed the lack of true rainbows in recent years too. I'm glad you brought it up. I have seen far too many of the strange chemical residues in the skies however, which are definately not rainbows. Sad and heartbreaking about the turtles flash frozen in the N.Carolina waters and what is being done to our Mother Earth by the psychopathically insane and those that obey them. This HAS to change quickly. And Thank You Dane for yet another outstanding dose of truth. As VSM states, 'You are our north star'. And we love you for all that you are.

  12. Stan Sylvester says:

    Old man winter has  not been kind to many EV owners. Frigid January temperatures in Chicago brought nightmare scenarios to many of them. Brandon Wellbourne saw about 10 vehicles being towed away as their batteries died waiting in line to get charged. He said it usually takes 45 minutes to charge his battery but the cold moved it to 2 hours.In the suburb of Oak Brook, Sajid Ahmed said the line was 20 cars long waiting for a charge.  

    Taking an EV bus doesn't appear to be a solution. In Oslo, Norway, efforts to attain net zero didn't turn out well. Last year Oslo purchased 183 EV busses for $110 million euros. Slated to go 150 miles on a charge, 70 to 75 miles was the reality. In January, many routes were canceled as the EV busses had charging issues.

    In Gavleborg, Sweden, it was wasn't much better. 20 to 50 bus cancelations a day were not unusual due to battery charging problems.  If your bus was running, the trip wasn't very pleasant. Some riders reported the seating area was so cold that ice was forming on the floor.

    X – trafik Department Manager Andreas Eriksson said that "it is an unfortunate and a difficult situation for our passengers but we are working hard to solve the problem." Are 15 minute cities part of the planned solution?


  13. Carol Jones says:

    This is a great Global Alert News to recommend to anyone who's not a regular listener and also a good overview for the rest of us. In the first 7 minutes or so, Dane reviews the threats that he has covered in past episodes, when he has also explained how the weather manipulators are creating the threats. He makes it clear how insane geoengineering is and how desperate the controllers are. He gives a clear definition of climate engineering and mentions existential threats that are happening now, after asking "What could go wrong?" 🙂

  14. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Reading everyone’s comments here (especially over the past few weeks) and listening to Dane’s weekly bad-news broadcasts brings just one word to mind, in reference to the hope that we may be able to stop geoengineering in time to save our world from insanity driven Omnicide. “Disparaging”. And I have even more heartbreaking news here from the sonic weapons testing laboratory of the military cult of conflict, and their Raytheon eviction division’s encirclement of this soon to be demolished community.

    As Chris pointed out from his long and arduous journey to wake people to the realities of climate intervention chaos in our skies. The truth may set you free, but for some like us, it incarcerates us in a prison of isolation from the rest of society. As we are belittled and bullied into conforming to their altered state of reality.

    Well, this is our reality in a once quiet little valley community, being besieged on all sides now here in this part of the Texas hill country.

    The Army Corps of Engineers has constructed a makeshift runway for cargo and transport planes to land and take off about a quarter mile from our homes. They also bulldozed three dirt roads into the once fertile farming soil and began bussing in defense contract workers.

    Their infrasound assaults are non-stop 24/7 and we now have casualties, from their blatant disrespect of our civil rights, and disregard for human safety as they treat us like lab rats.

    The woman I mentioned before passed away at her home last night, when her pacemaker stopped working after the hospital discharged her for something having to do with her Medicare and Tricare being suspended indefinitely. We all knew her as Miss Emma, and she was just three days away from her 84th birthday.

    We’re certain that the ultra-low frequency sound waves they are hitting us with are to blame for her passing. We have also lost three pets, eight head of cattle, two horses, and some goats and llamas. Plus, we found a half dozen deer lying dead in a nearby field. All of them showed signs of blood coming from their ears, eyes and snout. Birds can be seen literally dropping out of the sky, and from tree branches… all dead before they even hit the ground.

    The Sheriff’s department refuses to believe that the military presence here has anything to do with the tragic losses we are enduring. Even though a Constable complained of having a splitting headache, and a short bout of blurred vision while he was listening to our complaints and taking down our statements. The wildlife department simply told us by phone that the deer most likely succumb to the zombie virus plaguing the country and they haven’t even sent anyone to investigate.

    But of course, I don’t know why we expected any help from government agencies that are told to ignore us by the same (Federally supervised) military thugs slowly surrounding us with each passing day. This is all beginning to feel like the Disaster at Wounded Knee all over again. The government knows of my Lakota background and ancestry, and I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible for why the military and Raytheon have targeted us with so much covert aggression.

    Maybe it’s just normal policy for the military to get rid of the wildlife in remote areas like this to keep them from interfering with their round the clock activity, or from getting sucked into the engines on takeoff and landings at the airstrip. But their actions should still be considered as crimes against humanity and nature, with the abhorrent and unnecessary losses we are taking, no matter how you look at it. We are witnessing firsthand the horrors associated with a militarized society, and this isn’t even a war zone. But it’s most assuredly an Empire Motivated Conflict, or should I say… “a Non Elicited Domestic Homestead and Wildlife Sanctuary Invasion”.


    • WATCHER says:

      Eden:  It is so sad to read Your plight within your community that is being forcefully displaced. Acquisition of land with fair compensation would be one thing. The prior to takeover punishment of the inhabitants human, animal and otherwise is on the diabolical level. It never ceases to assail me to know the levels of malevolence that have been practiced by these entities. You must already and do know these powers that be (Worldwide) do not care about people, animals, insects, flora, fauna and nature itself. These all; are all created by a GOD that they do not know, believe in or have any relationship with. We all who suffer are merely subjects of the hatred of they who attempt to control things that they cannot effectively control. Ultimately they are  insanely harming themselves in the process. Unless they are not in fact human, they as we, need sunlight, air, water and food. The difference between us is that we who care need to love and be loved. This elite group does not even take love into account. Because power binds love into a paralyzed state which cannot exhibit any signs of kindness, respect, or reasoning. A spiritual blindness is the condition that is common with these irreverent beings. Still I am led to pray for them to change their ways, repent, remit and restore themselves to a loving God. This may be comical thought to some because they are truly undeserving of any prayers. The conversion from their hatred unto love is the remedy necessary for our plight here and many other atrocities we face.   

    • Jonathan says:


      I would be honored to become blood brothers with you. I thank you for all that You have done to share these stories and all this information with this community.

      I was thinking about what Dane said about bonus time. He's absolutely right. In many different ways, I think we have all been the recipient of these gifts from the universe and the Creator.

      It has been said that the two most important days of your life are the day that you are born and the day that you find out why.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Thanks Watcher and Jonathan, you are both blood brothers in spirit.

      I know what they are trying to do here and I shared my thoughts and feelings with everyone at the church gathering last night.

      They are trying to initiate another Ruby Ridge Siege of 1992 or the 2014 Bundy Rancher Standoff. Those days of blaring loud music like the tactic they used in 1993 at the Branch Davidian's compound in Waco are over now. Sonic Weapons technology can use sound waves to cripple anyone from a distance, and we are being exposed to pulses that make you just want to curl up in the corner somewhere, and pray that the pain and suffering doesn't go on for too much longer.

      The difference between those standoffs and our situation is that we have no media coverage. I spoke with all of the newspaper editors and TV news stations and they all say there is no story here. Because we aren't a community of Tribal Native Americans or wealthy and influential Ranchers. Plus, the government, military and Raytheon all have the official documentation proving they will become the new owners of our properties come April. They don't believe that we are being used as lab rats either, but rather conspiracy nuts simply trying to bring attention to chemtrails and some form of "Sovereign Citizen" movement.

      Another wards, they have been told that we are bad publicity for all news media outlets, and to do so would jeopardize their license or starve any future funding. They are given the impression that reporting on our grievances would be just another fake news story in the eyes of the general public.

      We are most definitely alone in this situation and right now everyone is virtually giving away all of the surviving livestock, and boarding our pets at kennels in town. Just to keep them safe from the eviction task force's aggression.

      My nose has been bleeding the entire time that I have been writing these comments, and my head is pounding like an iron skillet has wacked me on the skull. Plus, I can't keep any food down and my chest hurts so much, it feels like my heart is about to explode.

      When I close my eyes there are dull fireworks and a sort of electrical buzzing type of CGI images floating around constantly. And the high pitched tinnitus sound is accompanied by popping and crackling.

      This is a form of torture that no one should ever have to experience in their lifetime, and we all know why the animals were so scared of everything around them now. There are no birds left. They are all dead, including the few chickens that were left, the hawks, buzzards, crows, everything… gone. It feels like we are being burnt out of our legacy homesteads by a massive wildfire (Lahaina, Maui comes to mind), just without the fire and smoke. There isn't much difference between us and the native people of the Bikini Islands, before the military turned their homes into microwave ovens. Their torture simply came after ther military left, and ours is from their arrival.

      I thought their brutal heat dome assault last summer was bad. But this tops anything that I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing in all of my 64 years on this planet. We sent all of the newborns, children and teenagers to stay with relatives in the city and out of state. Most of the elderly are now safe elsewhere as well. The rest of us hope to be out of here in a few weeks at most. Leaving the military industrial cult of conflict to bathe in the glory of their success, and begin tearing the history and memories of our lives down to dust. All for the sake of creating the most destructive nuclear weapons ever, and fabricating the autonomous space planes that will deploy them.

      Blind patriotism is what allows such atrocities like this to take place, right here in America (911 comes to mind now). Basically utilizing the support of the sheeple to brutalize those who look up and are fully awake. Us against them takes on a whole new meaning, once you have been singled out like our peaceful little community has, over these last eighteen months. American freedom and democracy is an illusion. If it weren't, I would not be here in agony writing this.

  15. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Last night we were hit by severe thunderstorms that had wind gusts over 75mph and hail the size of golf balls. Not to mention massive lightning bolts that shook the ground with non-stop strikes and rolling thunder for over 45 minutes in duration.

    In all the years that I have lived in Texas we have never seen severe storms in February. Ever! There has been Thunder-Snow, but only in the last ten years. And just minutes after the storm clouds vanished, they began spraying the sky with trails from horizon to horizon. Climate engineering planes tagging along with the line of storms, as they rolled across the state. Makes you wonder if they were responsible for the creation of those storms to begin with, and they were simply following up with more aerosols to replace those washed from the atmosphere. Toxic wash, rinse and spray cycles of the geoengineering insanity. Their motto should be, “Saturate Until They Capitulate.” Or succumb to fatal doses of toxicity. Whichever comes first.

    • JLK says:

      Been in Texas over 40 years and the storms in the last 5 years have been like NOTHING I ever saw before.  The freeze in 2021 felt fake and was a cold I had never experienced ever even when we lived up north.  The snow was very dry.  Then a lightning storm in August of 2021 that also had never happened before.  Exactly as you described – non stop lightning strikes and non stop thunder.  What is happening to our world.  Why can't the evil ones just leave us alone.

  16. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    If you listen very closely to what Dane says at the 23:45 mark in this broadcast, as he reads from a Science Study Report.

    "Climate change has been described as a quote, Threat Multiplier."

    I happened to catch that, because I have read that exact same description before. It was in the Air Force Doctrine entitled "Owning the Weather by 2025" (Formally published as "Masters of the Sky by 2025"), and in those PDF documents the Air Force says this, quote:

    "Our goal is to give the Air Force the capability of "using the Weather as a Threat Multiplier", in most combat situations. They continue to enhance that goal even further, several pages on. By saying the weather will become a weaponized Force Multiplier.

    This is 2024 and if anyone still believes that the Air Force was merely bragging about something from a fantasy novel, or technology that is totally impossible to achieve. Simply look up in the sky and think again. 

  17. mara says:

    Anyone dwelling in the secret place of the Most High will lodge under the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say to Jehovah:  "You are my refuge and my stronghold, my God in whom I trust.  For he will rescue you from the trap of the birdcatcher, from the destructive pestilence.  You will not fear the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the gloom, nor the destruction that ravages at midday.  A thousand will fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but to you it will not come near.  You will only see it with your eyes as you witness the punishment of the wicked.  Because you said:  "Jehovah is my refuge."

  18. Jonathan says:

    In no particular order….

    For website and this material, please consider the idea that there has always existed a divine order, a graceful balance, throughout all of nature. That is, until the last 200 years coinciding with the industrial revolution.

    Went to visit my parents today. They live in The Piedmont of North Carolina. As a child, I used to go out in the edge of the woods behind the house and harvest Running Cypress, which my mother would use to decorate the house In December. That plant, as far as I can tell, no longer lives there. It is just too dry. For those who are new to this, many of the particles that are being sprayed up in the air have an extreme drying effect on everything they touch. Among other things, they are desiccants.

    Catherine Austin Fitts recently told Greg Hunter, who has interviewed Dane multiple times, about some interesting coincidences in certain stock market investments and the timing of 3.11.11 off the coast of Japan.

    Remember That nuclear power plants have backup diesel powered generators. If ever there are geopolitical events that prevent the diesel fuel being delivered or replaced when needed, those backup generators go kaput.

    Many people from military backgrounds are saying that in terms of asymmetrical warfare, World War 3 is already underway.

    If you get a chance to look up the summer 2023 issue of Health Freedom News, Volume 41 number 2, you will see an article on "The Dimming" by Dr. Russell Blaylock, a Neurosurgeon who is featured in the 20 page color booklets available from the website.

    Also, please bear this in mind. In terms of our outreach efforts to inform others about the weather, warfare operations and their effects on all life on this planet, you never know what things you may do or say or share that may become a spark that lights the world's awakening.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    MEXICO CITY, Jan 31 (Reuters) – Frustrated Mexico City residents have been protesting weeks of water shortages, with officials warning of "unprecedented" low levels in a main system that supplies millions of people.

    The bustling metro area of 21 million people – one of Latin America's largest cities – is struggling after years of low rainfall blamed on climate change, as well as chaotic urban growth and outdated infrastructure.


  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    California gets slammed: More than 22million risk flooding as Pineapple Express blasts the state with up to 10 inches of rain and 70mph gusts: Water-covered roads snarl traffic in Los Angeles, San Diego

    • All lanes of the 710 Freeway at Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach have been closed, with numerous streets and highways inundated Thursday morning

    • The Golden State is expected to receive as much as ten inches of rain and upper-elevation mountain snow, coupled with winds of up to 70 mph

    • A Pineapple Express system is hitting the state, with a second wave expected over the weekend 



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