Is Climate Engineering Real? Square Cloud Formations Are Undeniable Proof


Dane Wigington

The climate science and meteorological communities (along with mainstream media and countless other agencies) have long since completely sold out to the power structure. Countless individuals within these groups have committed themselves to what is nothing less than a total betrayal of populations around the globe (along with the entire web of life). The ongoing global climate engineering assault could not be more obvious or indisputable to anyone that does any objective investigation and has the courage to face reality. Yet, the so called "experts" continue to fortify the public denial of climate engineering by themselves adhering to the lie on the officially dictated blatant deception. 

Radio frequency signals leave a very clear and visible signature, this signature is extremely recognizable on the image above.  Radio frequency transmissions are utilized for manipulating weather systems, cloud formations, and jet stream patterns. The electrically conductive heavy metal nanoparticles (that are constantly being sprayed into our atmosphere by the the geoengineers) are manipulated with the global grid of radio frequency transmitters (which the weathermakers control).

Square cloud formations are not the only indication of the climate engineering insanity, voids in cloud canopies are also a telltale sign of the ongoing manipulation. Nature does not make 90 degree corners in weather systems. 

The hazy wispy composition of many "clouds" seen in these satellite photos are also a result of heavy atmospheric aerosol saturation. Unfortunately the vast majority of the population currently cannot distinguish between natural clouds and aerosolized artificial "cloud" cover.

Squares within an existing canopy of aerosolized cloud cover are yet another profound signature of extreme atmospheric manipulation. These two photos (above and below) reveal extraordinary and completely unnatural variances of cloud canopy composition.

In the capture below, again, extremes of composition and geometry are shockingly clear.

90 degree notches taken out of existing aerosolized cloud canopies are increasingly being noted on radar images.

Photos like the one below have become commonplace in recent years as the climate engineers completely manipulate the flow of moisture entering from over the US West Coast.The ongoing engineered drought catastrophe in California is only one of countless horrific impacts form the geoengineering assault. Record forest die-offs and record forest fires are yet more downstream effects. 

All of us completely depend on Earth's life support systems, these systems have been derailed and decimated for decades by the global power structure. Though many populations around the globe are already rapidly sinking into a daily fight for survival, the majority of citizens in heavily industrialized nations still have a choice (for the moment). So far, most have chosen apathy, denial, and total willful blindness. The masses must be awakened to the immense and immediate challenges we collectively face. Earth's life support systems are literally collapsing from countless forms of human activity. Climate engineering is the greatest assault on the biosphere ever launched by industrialized civilization. Exposing and halting the ongoing geoengineering insanity should be (must be) our top priority. Every single individual that is awake and aware of this most critical issue is needed in this all important battle. Help us to reach a critical mass of awareness with populations around the globe, please make your voice heard while we still have anything left to salvage of our once thriving planet Earth.

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197 Responses to Is Climate Engineering Real? Square Cloud Formations Are Undeniable Proof

  1. As a human being living on this planet and having some understanding of history, science and life….. I am 73 years old. Why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy so much… this goes for wars too.  I could even understand the great desire to experiment with this fantastic trechnology… it is a wonder!  But it just doesn't make sense to destroy things with it. We should use things like this to benefit mankind. 

    • Mistigris says:

      Hello Jonathan: It does not make sense because it has none. The sick megalomaniacs ruling countries are themselves so contaminated mentally and physically that they are purely reacting according to their diseased brain. Where do they think they are going with those secret/hidden experiments? They don’t! They stopped thinking as a human being; they are just reacting to what is poisoning them. There is a parasite which does that by contaminating its host brain and forcing it to kill itself so that the parasite can continue its propagation.

      Most of these sick leaders are in their fifties or older; within or before the next fifty years they will be dead. Where and what is their benefit? Nowhere and none is the answer. In the meantime they will have actively damaged the planet a little further and, what is worse, passed on the “disease” to its followers just like the parasitic entities that they are.

      The saddest thing is that they also manipulate the degradation of the human brain at all levels so that the poor zombies under their ruling continue to vote and die for them and their clones. This is a general picture spanning over a hundred years or more, it is not a reference to the present, although this very present provides a horrific example of what I describe.

  2. Greg Baker says:

     I think there killing us and the planet off I have no energy any more why are they doing this?What can we do to stop them?

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe they are killing us off.  This is their agenda.  They are doing this because they are soulless and have been hived or hive minded to fulfill this evil agenda.  Look for natural remedies to help you.  Do everything you know to do to help stop them.  If everyone does everything they can to stop them, that's really all we can do right now.

  3. Jerry Mael says:

    "Let them worry about Fluoride in the water while they breathe the air.."

    The Culling

    • Fun-Key says:

      Fluoride is in most toothpaste of Switzerlands/Germanys/Italys/Austria etc… Ppl are not aware of this poisoning of their bodies and the annihilation of their free will…..

      In the center of brain cells from Alzheimer patients you'll be able to detect Aluminium. It must come from  somewhere, since Aluminum is not a substance that's naturally occurring. So if it's the air we breathe then it was put there by someone. Monsanto already has patented almost 400 Aluminium resistant seeds from crop, fruits, vegetables etc… When nothing can grow naturally anymore everyone is dependent on them to buy seeds that give plants you can eat… GMO IS DANGEROUS!

  4. CJ says:

    When you wake up in the morning look out your window at the sky. It is littered with this Crap. You are breathing it in and drinking the Fluoride from your tap in the city, unless you have a reverse osmosis system which many can't afford. These so called geoengineering scientists that think they know it all. Then the must be into Eugenics because what are they thinking by spraying over everyone's head with deadly chemicals will do? Well it won't do any good for your Health. When it does rain it seems to bring things back to life for a very short period, but almost over night the leaves or grass start going brown. It tells me that there is something in the Chemtrail Soup Mix that is sprayed. Many articles state Ethylene Dibromite. That is one of the key ingredients founds in Round Up which excellerates plant growth which to the point the plant outgrows itself causing death. So what does it do to humans? If a shortage of water is the problem then there should be measures in place to De-Salon-ate the salt water from the rising oceans and construct pipe lines to holding tanks instead of building all these oil pipe lines. But oh I forgot that there is no profit in that. Now they have put water meters in all the houses and they are giving off Damaging EMF waves into your body. Meantime they tell you to conserve your water because levels are low. Well people are waking up on this Chemical Shower down on them. People are now very upset in breathing it in and the poison rain coming down on them. So what do you think that they are going to do then? They will look up on the Internet on methods of how to stop Chemtrails or Geoengineering. I am certainly sure there are many. When looking on  You Tube there are numerous videos out there indeed on methods to stop it in its tracks and also how to stop a storm from devastating the particular area that becomes Target. If that is what it takes then I am in. I so completely fed up with this Aerosol Bombardment that I will not tolerate it any longer. I am going to find methods on how to get rid of chemtrails. Fck them and their poisoning us.

    • Dianne Barber says:

      I live on the Olympic Peninsula..Washington St..Where the HAARP monster passed by on its way North….I have so many thoughts on this as we all do…But for now I want to tell you all how Autumn here used to be such a beautifull time …Harvest..Warm golden days..Crisp nights…My favorite time…But now summers done and we go right into winter..We don't have fall any more like we used to.. my daughter and I first noticed this more than ten years ago…But knew nothing about what's going on then !!! So depressing and sad !!! Great world to see your grand children grow up in ….Not !!!

  5. matthew clayton says:

    The fact that fluoride is a neurotoxin, a poison, an enabler for aluminum to go to the brain, and the fact that it is still being added to the municipal water supply, means…The people either ordering it to still be added, or allowing it to still be added to our water, have blood on their hands. Plain as day. These people shall be taken to task one day and tried as murderers. And get it out of the toothpaste! More people could awaken to all these other issues if they weren't drinking fluoride. Hitler put it the water at concentration camps to make the people docile. Critical mass would be attained more quickly with the awareness of fluoride's effects. You can't talk to a person mired in fluoride any easier than you can talk to a drunk.

    • Pedro says:

      …And children loves to eat toothpaste…

    • Jintampa says:

      Hi Matthew, I am quite aware of the toxic fluoride issue. When my city started adding this poison to the water, against the majority of the voters, about 6 months later, my thyroid was affected and was hypo and I had the textbook symptoms from it. Put on the levothyroxine and things somewhat stabilized.  To make a long story short, after a lot of time and searching, I found a filter (pitcher, under counter etc) that reduces fluoride by about 90% I think. After using this filter for about 5 months, my thyroid was  normal. In addition, I have been using for several years toothpaste without fluoride and there are numerous brands. The best deal I have seen is at Trader Joe's for $2.29 a tube. The filter I buy is CLEARLY FILTERED and I use their pitcher filter. Good luck.


  6. Paul Fowler says:

    If you know any one that has cancer , Research " laetrile" ( vitiman B17)



    • Sandy says:

      Yes, there is good Science behind the "vit" B17.  It is Apricot kernels which is a high volume of B17.  Communities that eat high quantities of foods that contain this substance, such as millet, have a very low cancer rate.  Our diet and environmental toxins are geared towards carcinogens, while the one substance that keeps cancer at bay is all but removed from the American diet.

  7. Bluv says:

    Five days of relatively clear skies here in Portland, Oregon until yesterday when they were back destroying life for anyone who cared to look up, a sickening massive ariel display. How stupid they must think we are not to notice. As I was observing an elderly gentleman noticed my skyward gaze and asked if I knew what was going on, I replied that I did and he said,"  You know they're killing us don't you?". Standing near to us was a young man who overheard our conversation and so it began, another introduction to the demented world of geoengineering. So the word is getting out and the truth will be revealed to all at some point soon, but is it too late for us to take back control of our lives and restore sanity to world? I believe it's possible but then again, we're short on time and I will never give up this fight until my last polluted breath is taken. The truth will set us free.

    • Blather says:

      The power structure that has the decisive power over what was once upon a time our Republic, absolutely controlling Congress, the White House, the media, the military, the treasury and Wall Street, and all of the increasing armed and militarized federal agencies, plus local militarized local and state law enforcement….. This creature does not care what we think.  We have no power to which they might fear a cessation of their crimes.  The blatent behavior is proof, IMHO.

    • You said it says:

      Well done Bluv – you have woken another mind and that's how it is done. Not so much from the soap box, but through thoughtful observation and communication. 

    • Bella says:

      Well spoken Bluv and good on you for awaking others. I do and those who refuse to listen think im crazy. 🙁 Like you, I will not give up the fight..the Truth will be exposed! 🙂

  8. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Massive harp clouds over just ATL right now.  A whole in the middle too.  Wave's in the high sky clouds as well.  Very suspicious.  Everyone glued to phones no one looking up.

  9. CJ says:

    You are right Dennie. Also while people here in Canada wasting their money on Fireworks and polluting the air, almost everyone were not in touch with reality of the situation that is taking place. It was such a mess here in Central Ontario. We did get a lot of rain, which we needed, but all the activities had a Rain on their Parade for Canada Day. At least we didn't get flooded out which is one of the intents it seems or Mega disaster of sorts. Like Tornada Activity caused by the SRM program.

    Happy July 1st everyone.

    • Dianne Barber says:

      I recently watched a documentary called " The men who built America" …All the power and money hungry men !!! JP Morgan… Rokafellers…To name a couple…This manipulation ..This total disregard for us common citizens has been happening for ALONG time….All for their greed !! Tesla certainly knew this !! What we were taught in school was mostly hogwash…Every where we turn there is this to be found !!! And I bet were only seeing the tip of a really Hugh ice Berg !!!

  10. JR says:

    A quick post from SW, New Mexico. Yesterday on July 1st-16 we had multitude of beautiful clouds in (our) sky, awesome looking. We received some rain but the SAG/SRM aerosol sprayers were up there wreaking havoc on the clouds destroying what they could. The air smelled like something was burning, no doubt the polymers, metals, etc., as when plastic is burned. They still do their East to West spraying, and up and down Interstate 10 from El Paso, Tx. North towards Albuquerque, N.M. which is Interstate 25 with parallel line sprays. Nice photography. Awful sick pictures….Pulitzer

  11. Catherine D says:

    The first 8 paragraphs of this article 'Ozone hole has finally started to heal' appeared on the front page of the local Medford, Oregon paper July 1st. ( originally from Washington Post) It's articles like this that assure unaware people that everything is just fine, when above their heads each day the ozone layer is being continuously shredded away to nothing. Makes our task of trying to awaken these same people even more difficult, as they are unwilling to believe that science would be telling them something less than the entire truth. Just another ploy by the power structure to hide reality through placating the masses into a false sense of security. Thankyou Dane & everyone, for all that you give in continuing to put forth the actual truth.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Catherine D., Hello.  My understanding is that the ozone is sort of a fluid "field" and does in fact heal itself, and, in fact, more holes than one.  We damage it all the time, like say when we send some rocket up to space, all sorts of damage.  One does wonder at what point the whole of it would just give up!  Here is hoping not.  I also wonder, should investigate again, how thick it is or how thin and what is "normal".  I love that it can heal itself.  If this Is down to geoengineering, then one could expect more holes, and one alone healing while good, does not a whole ozone layer make.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, just an FYI

    • Dianne Barber says:


      You said it so well !!!

  12. Dennie says:

    We had a few weeks of "hottish" weather (that's what the title of the article in the local newspaper called it, in the S.F. Bay Area, now the fog's back in the evenings and the toxic ice nucleation crap that comes in on it is finer and nastier than ever.  The nano-particulate metals are wreaking havoc with electrolyte levels, no one feels good, you have muscle twitching, pain, difficulty breathing, disturbed sleep and decreased energy.  It continues to amaze me how people don't seem to notice this and could not connect 1+1+1 and come up with an answer that makes sense even if they did notice things aren't "normal," whatever that is considered to be anymore.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Dennie, to me, Not hot-ish.  Had a couple of days of warmish.  Mostly chilly, sometimes really chilly, plus wind which ups the chill.  So sick of it.  Last summer was more like the summer of yore.  Long ago yore, as we'd had 7? chilly summers in a row until last year.  But I'm in Berkeley and near the Bay, always warmer in San Rafael I think, even San Francisco. But what is up with this fog?  Doesn't act like fog.  Not one smidgen of humidity.  Really stresses plants.  And the "fog" is never up close and personal like it used to be.  OMG, as I write this, looked out west facing window, Big bank of dirty looking fog-I guess-pretty darn tall.  Rest of sky has been blue for awhile.  I have a "cold" that Will Not end.  So sick of being sick.  Would so welcome less wind-words I thought I'd never say-and some actual heat!  I'm delaying, as usual, going out and taking care of stuff, but must.  So, to bundle up in July yet!  Zero energy.

    • Dennie says:

      When you follow the link and read the article from the Marin IJ, you'll see that the author uses the word "hottish" in the title.  I call it hot when it's measuring 84 degrees in the shade right here in San Rafael, CA.  Like last week.  The fog we're experiencing now is abso-f*cking-lutely drying and laced with ice nucleation cool-down chems, just in time for your perfect Fourth of July.

  13. CJ says:

    Hi Pedro:

    Yes, that is exactly what is going on. All you have to do is go back in time. I mean… go back and look at some posts here from Paul Vonharnish. I am not sure if that is the  correct spelling of his name. He had some very good information that he had posted. Unfortunately he said that he was sick. Keep up the good work Pedro. Never Give Up.

    We all are on this Ship as Dane says.

    And we are Sinking… Slowly but Surely.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello CJ.

      We are NOT sinking. We are EMERGING, my friend. We have seen the Light!!, And now we must wake up ALL the Brothers and Sisters.

      Wild Boars, in face of danger, CHARGE. Even Tigers step away to avoid the sharp tusks.

      We must learn from both;

      the wise Tiger that kills the Boar ( sometimes ), and with the crazy Fearless Boar that makes Death step away!!

      Thank you Brother.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      CJ, Hi and I miss Paul, always admonishing us to not ask permission to live!  He used to say he was dying.  Paul, are you still with us?  You are missed!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      CJ, I forgot to add that you had spelling right.  I used to get it wrong, easy to do if one doesn't see well and given his name.  H a r n i s h, with the Von first.  I used to think Ham ish, but no and oops.

      Pedro-great visual you gave here!

  14. A Season of Record Melt — Sea Ice Extent In Uncharted Territory For 94 Days
    From March 25th through June 26th, sea ice extent, as measured by Japan’s Arctic data system were in record low ranges. In other words, for about a quarter of a year, and according to this monitor, the Arctic Ocean and its surrounding estuaries have witnessed the lowest ice coverage ever measured for any similar period since record keeping began in the 1980s.

    • Wildfires in the Land of Frozen Ground — 1,000 Mile Long Pall of Smoke Blankets Burning Siberia
      All along the southern and western boundary of this region of extreme heat, very large wildfires now rage. … As recently as June 25th, Russian authorities had indicated that around 390 square miles had burned along the southern edge of this zone in Buryatia alone. For other regions, the tally is apparently uncounted. An unreported number of firefighters are now engaged with these blazes and have currently been assisted by an additional 150 Russian Army personnel. The Interfax News Agency also reports that 11,000 personnel from the Russian Army are currently on standby to battle the massive fires, should the need arise.

  15. Yamakawa says:

    Here is what some in Japan call “the chem wipers”! Magnifying the image, you could see the  part of many trails over Japan, but getting wipered side by side. The other side is clean.

    2016 May 14 Japan EOSDIS Worldview

    The wiping image is not the result from image processing of the patching of the images shot on different timings, by the merging of the shots taken at different satellite orbit tracks. You can check that the wipering parts are on the single patch.

    Rapid Response MODIS images
    from here, set at the date 05/14/2016

  16. nobodiesfool says:

    I also want to encourage everyone to just keep at it, we cannot see the forces working with us!! Yesterday i was riding with a young father, I made a comment regarding why his very young daughter was not feeling well( vicious assault yesterday here, freezing today with rain), and he went into the commercial traffic route dismissal.  I pushed beyond 15 yrs of discouragement and began to inform him, and to my great surprise he listened and I know will learn more.  Knowing that a suit has been filed in Canada by scientists and all those pros will definitely make people listen.  so I am eager to move with giving them all the info they need to support this.  Thank you


  17. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Its time to break the ideology and denial we are living through dark times there will most likely be great tribulation we don't even have our breath guaranteed.

  18. Paul fowler says:

    Found some more.Go to you tube and search ,

    "Mercury and Fluoride – The dumbing down of a population "

    Good , quick and informative video . 



  19. CJ says:

    Hello Veritas: Nice Post. Glad to see more and more finding information. Very well done.

  20. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Hi!  I so loved seeing those incredible pictures!  Reason being is that I have seen some, from the ground that just blew my mind as they were geometrical shapes, triangle in three dimensions, rectangles too, and other bulky but less defined blocks of sorts.  So, at least I am seeing correctly.  They really stood out and I don't see how anyone seeing them could not help but wonder.  Two related questions: ripples versus zig zag lines.  I used to see occasionally, large zig zags, more or less vertical, like the ones I saw in the middle of "clouds" over UC Berkeley a couple of years ago and felt confident enough to predict an earthquake here and did and posted it and the next morning there was one.  I felt I knew this was HAARP.  Recently, I posted about one of our skies from hell, a huge "cloud" seemingly led by ripples, more horizontal, morphing larger and more and lager until half filling the sky.  Are the ripples from electro-magnetic stuff, or "just" electric pulses or what?  They look so abnormal, that yet again, how could people not notice?!  I am feeling a bit confused as to which causes what.  Help please!

    I also wanted to tell you about Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Earth Guardians in case you've not heard of him and them.  Very interesting.  You two should meet.  He and 20 others have just filed a Federal suit demanding clean air.  He is only 16, half Aztec, considers himself a warrior.  Being 16 and very handsome with an Aztec face and a lion's mane of hair, he is a musician and an environmentalist and a tad full of himself, but so articulate, so poised and informed.  He says his generation has been systematically marginalized.  That people think young people don't care about anything but their social lives and devices.  He asks what do we expect when his generation has grown up hearing nothing but impending doom.  About which they can do nothing, not even vote, they don't have a voice he said about the mess they are to inherit.  He says that in every direction everything is messed up, dangerous, evil, horrible and it is our fault, then we adults have the nerve to dis his generation for not caring when in fact they care very much, but see no future.  He challenges us to imagine what it is like growing up hearing all the time, knowing, that they have no future.  He says the Paris goal of no fossil fuels by 2050 is way too far away to help, that it can be done by 2025.  He wants it done by 2025.  Is demanding it.  He also says that when anyone his age listens to a 60 year old talk about climate issues, he, they, fall asleep!  He was on Bill Maher's show last Friday and it was this comment that so pissed off Bill which was heck of funny to watch!  Bill went all ghetto on him, himself just now 60!  The kid patched it up fast saying they need the knowledge and wisdom of the elders, but it is them, the youth with the willingness and strength to fight this fight and carry through!  That, in that regard, we are too slow.  What a fresh breath of air he is!  Gives a person hope.  Me anyway.  If you don't know of him check him and them out.  On FB.  Cheers! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, I have communicated with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, he and his group absolutely know about the climate engineering issue.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Good to know Dane.  What is your impression of him?  On Bill's show he was right on the verge of mentioning geoengineering, started saying something about skies, when Bill interrupted him.  I don't think on purpose, rather something else he'd said, but who knows?

      Meant to give pronunciation of his name:  Shoo-tez'-cot.  Myself, I'm excited to hear of ones as young as he is being so proactive!  Loved how he described people's attitudes towards the young, given that they feel they could die any day-be it from gun fire, war, geoengineering or the million and one dire things they are familiar with on a daily basis.  Perhaps some of us have been too quick to judge.  My 21 year old grandson has been going to funerals since he was 10.  These young ones do live in a different reality.  Said grandson, expects to die nearly everyday.  Seems hard, especially so, on males.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everybody.

      Mrs Rachel, thank you for calling me a free man.You know, I grew in the forest until I was 10, real Forest, not little woods. And people can't love what they don't know or understand, naturally. The Ecological Ignorance of modern Humans is scary. Finance and money is the cancer of the world ( and socio-psychopaths too ).

      A maximum roof for wealth is needed.

      Still, it was a good compliment.

      And do not forget, please, that they aren't worried with overpopulation, they are worried with losing their business to other kinds of energy producing technologies ( more clean and environmentally friendly ) that are growing and taking a big piece of the market everywhere. It is because of this, that these – mass murderers and inhuman satanic cowards – do not mind of killing Billions!!!

      The majority of all the Girls in the World want to have only one or two kids, max. And many can't or don't want. And if the governments in the World pay ( incentives for the families ) for low natality Family planning programs, everyone would accept this with joy. But NO they prefer spending TRILLIONS in perpetrating GLOBAL mass murder!!! …and in designing vaccines to destroy Humanity!

      But I bet they do not vaccinate their little monstrous sons.

      60 MFs on the Planet have 50% of all money and wealth together of the Human population, but they WANT more, the gold diggers!.

      Without The military they are nothing, only a bunch of SAD psychopaths and Baby killers!!!

      Good Luck to Us All.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      I sincerely hope that these children' lawsuits will not be used to justify geoengineering.


  21. CJ says:

    SILENT STROKES! You are so very right Energy Tech. One of my family members had some a a young age. Another one has the Head Shakes. Also one has Parkinson's. this will eventually get everybody whether they think so or not. Welcome to the NWO.

  22. Gladstone,

    You describe palm trees turning yellow recently in Southern California.

    It was June 2-3 here in SoCal that I witnessed the most intensive spraying that I've ever seen. It was thicker than I'd ever seen it. The particulate matter raining down obscured visibility more than I'd ever seen before in the ten years or so that I've been paying attention. It was unbelievably thick, and I was shocked none of my neighbors or work associates said anything, as it was so over the top. Then, about a week later, I noticed yellowing on many many plant species. I am in the Coachella Valley, and all the professionally maintained date palms and citrus groves had large sections of their trees go yellow — despite the regular feeding and watering they get. Other varieties of palms, ficus trees, all sorts of trees, had large sections turn a sickly yellow, with fruit drying up on the branch. I've seen this ugly yellowing in small sections of otherwise perfectly healthy pines at 8000 feet in the San Gabriel Mountains. It is disturbing to see a large pine tree, full of life, with one section, for no apparent reason, turning all yellow.

    You wonder whether this is due to light starvation. While that might be a complicating factor, this massive recent onset of yellowing I think is due to something novel about the spraying June 2-3. Either it was the volume of particulate matter, or it a Monsanto or DOW defoliant like Agent Orange added to the mix. There could be other reasons, but I wanted to make the connection between the heavy spray date and the unprecedented yellowing of otherwise very healthy, mature plants across my region.

    • I just wanted to add that I know my yellows. It was not the slow darkening and drying of a plant frond/leaf due to lack of water. While there might be some yellowing in drought, it's more of a darkening to brown with some pale yellows along the way. What I've seen instead are BRIGHT yellows, like a perfectly healthy plant had been POISONED, with lack of moisture NOT being the cause. I am not a fool. Like a parent who knows when their child has been hurt but is holding the details inside, I know my plants! The plants are being raped in front of our eyes!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Good catch, HamFistedidiot, and gee what a handle you are using.  Just to say, that when I really got involved was when I witnessed a couple of hundred miles of lodge pole pines dying.  The yellow is what first caught my attention.  Then I noticed that some had just some yellow, others more, still others all yellow.  "They" said due to this beetle infestation. So, you were seeing pines dying.  I mean, eventually the whole thing goes yellow before dead.  Ever since, I keep my eyes out for yellow, seems never a good sign.  Good idea to co-ordinate the yellow with the spraying.  We get sprayed so much it would be hard to track.  But today, and recently seemingly clear blue skies!  Oops, spoke too soon, whiting out, rats.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hamfisted, I should probably add that yellow does happen and does not always mean dead.  Sometimes it means help!  Like a plant doesn't have enough water, or it has too much.  I have a young Kaffir lime tree.  It was yellow after our winter.  Even though it likes water, it was way too cold for it.  With some TLC it is back to healthy.  So, does not always mean dead.  But does with pines in my experience.  Just to clarify.

      One thing I'm noticing is the extreme desiccant aspect of what is being dropped on us.  Despite fog, supposed fog, not a drop of water from it, and as if all the moisture being sucked up as with my bird bath water just disappearing today, dried up.  It has been windy which doesn't help that. But it affects me too as well as the plants and what critters remain.  How can there be this much "fog" and not one sign of it!  The air is so dry.  This of course stresses plants more.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and Friends, thank you for your Work.

      In Europe, Palm Trees died or are dying everywhere, and once again they blame a little – beetle -, as everyone know, beetles are here ( on Earth ) for more than 300.000.000 years, and they only represent danger to Trees if these Trees are already weakened or dying. Where are the Nature experts to explain the TRUTH??, In their houses with their pockets full of Corrupt Money!!

    • Rachel Robson, thank you sharing some good info about why plants yellow. I agree with you that it is a cry for help; and yes, yellowing can be due to variety of reasons, not just the nefarious ones. Still, I've seen more yellowing than usual, and the timing (relative to a major spray event) is suspicious. I wish I had hard data on what's going on. In the US we don't follow the Precautionary Principle on anything, whether Aerosol Spraying or GMO or Nuclear Power. Rather than having to prove something is safe prior to mass rollout, we the people have to prove that it is killing us. It's called the Body Count Method, where we have to line up the corpses (or downed trees) and prove unequivocally that the harm was due to "X", before any remedial action is taken. It's the opposite of using our best judgment, based on incomplete data, to do as little harm as we can. 

    • sea says:

      Hi Hamfisted- I am living on a property that we are experiencing the same things with the "discoloration " of the plants, we do have palms that do not look normal (I am in N Cal).We see it in our vegetable garden in a big way, everything from the tomato plants that have had a few green tomatoes for over two months, are hard a s a rock and have not even a hint of red, even the  pomegranate tree is very evident of what the air is filled with, hundreds of blossoms have just fallen off, leaves are brownish.Lavendar bushes that look like they are gone, fruit trees with weird leaves, strawberries that are sweet but never turned red?I am watching out my window at what they are calling, "cloudy" and I can see the particles coming down , this is daily.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hamfistedidiot, I'm sorry if you think I "talked down" to you.  Did not intend it to go that way.  The redwood right in front of me that just last week I was saying was trying so hard to survive-I mean last winter after one rain, parts of it like the branch right outside my window here were slimed with something.  Shiny, reptilian looking results leaving the needles seemingly glued together, it was so striking, so weird and I've watched it ever since just trying and trying to free its needles, clinging to life, sprouting bits of new green here and there.  Now, just a very short time later, same branch, much yellow.  Not bright hello-howdy yellow, an ugly yellow obviously turning to brown and dead, real fast and right in front of me.  We all here know too well what this crap is doing to our plants, us, soils and waters.  And I too know my yellows and sometimes I make mistakes.  Guess I don't know the bright yellow of a poisoned plant, but for the pines I mentioned.  And but for what happens these days, which is always iffy as we never know exactly what is in the mix.  Do know my redwood is dying, my beloved plum is dying, so much dying and I'm not doing so well myself!  Each year of this nightmare has been different.  As seems to me, with regard to my plants.  Do know for a fact that over watering will yellow stuff.  Been there, done that.  Do know that unknown, partially known crap is killing all.  Everything is being raped and killed.  It is MF depressing!  I suppose I was trying to be a bit hopeful/helpful, but was not trying to dis you in anyway-I just don't know you yet, know a little more now!  Last year plum sprung but three leaves and we were in major drought.  I finally did a laying on of hands and prayers and broke down and gave it water and it sprang a few more leaves.  But those three in the beginning turned yellow, a sickly greenish yellow AND stayed on tree that way the whole year long!!!!  Waxy looking.  Just weird.  Very hard to tease this madness apart.  Beginning to pay close attention to what Does survive!  I could not be more heartbroken.  I am 69 and have been growing organically since I was 4.  Waste of time?  Waste of life's efforts?  I could not be more pissed if I tried!  We are on the same side.  I hear you! 

    • donna ford says:

      Iron for yellow leaf…give it a try, there are products out there.

      FYI to help your trees turn the hose on and spray the whole tree off after heavy aerosol spraying from the planes. I have saved many of my trees from near death while neighbors have not.

  23. Dawnski says:

    Strobe lightning occurred for about an hour last night at LKN, NC. No thunder. No rain. Just strobe lightning sky. . . very bizzare.

  24. Greg O says:

    On the Weather channel this morning there was a headline about the ozone hole over the Arctic.  The hole is closing and could be totally gone by 2060 because of the successful ban on CFCS spray cans.  It was a "scientific study."  Go back to sleep, everything is OK.  What total propaganda from the power structure!  Keep up the good fight everyone!  Greg O.

  25. Mike Claypool says:

    So, now they are saying the ozone hole is shrinking?

  26. CJ says:



  27. Grant Jones says:

    I am somewhat troubled on how we come across to the ignorant, or to our Children an Grandchildren.  None of us have a zero footprint on earth an all of us have contributed to the Climate  Meltdown.  I can only say that we are part of a much larger living organism called Earth.  We have not understood our impact, our responsibility until now. With our current understanding we have banded together for truth and for all life.  How we project this knowledge is so important. If you have ever attended a meeting where Dane speaks or have watched him on video I would urge you to notice that Dane never raises his voice in anger, never is profane, does not attack anyones faith or belief and will pause and intently listen to every question asked or observation raised.  Take note.  To raise awareness to the point of critical mass will take all of our best efforts. A little empathy and the knowledge we have gained are our only hope.  Time is short my friends, There is no greator quest that what we do now. Thank you all. G

  28. Veritas says:

    FY16 increase of $7.520 million is a result of adding GBOSS-E and IGSSR-C programs to this funding line.
    A. Mission Description and Budget Item Justification
    G-BOSS(E): Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (Expeditionary) (G-BOSS(E)) will replace the interim Persistent Surveillance System-Ground (PSSG)
    Increment 1 towers with improved persistent surveillance capabilities and will provide network integration and better mobility utilizing modular configurations. GBOSS(E)
    will replace obsolete, quick reaction capability (QRC) surveillance and force protections systems utilizing modular configurations: Light (man-transportable)
    for extra small base camps or small outpost/company, Medium (mid sensor height) for small to medium size base, and Heavy (high level sensor height) for large
    contingency base camps. G-BOSS(E) will operate in a stand-alone mode or as part of an integrated network utilizing government owned software, be easily operated
    and maintained, and be rugged enough to support employment in expeditionary operations worldwide.
    IGSSR-C: The Integrated Ground Security, Surveillance and Response Capability (IGSSR-C) is a requirement to provide a layered approach to integrate sensors,
    sensor systems and unmanned systems with automated fusion capabilities. The system will provide a Force Protection (FP) Common Operational Picture (COP)
    capability for CONUS fixed, OCONUS semi-fixed or expeditionary elements in all Operating Environments (OE). This capability will enable rapid decision analysis, speed
    the response process as well as increase information dissemination horizontally and vertically along the chain of command and with outside supporting organizations.
    IGSSR-C is a software centric fusion engine that connects legacy and emerging FP systems, legacy Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN), unmanned
    systems, biometric identification and forensic data systems

    Here is some more information on the tower's these traitors to humanity are putting up everywhere. They are most certainly not cell towers and have a much more nefarious purpose as does all of these kosher a-holes and their shabbos goy servants little plan's. I am disgusted with how much evil our hijacked government is capable of, they have sold their last shred of humanity to the highest bidder, disgusting…

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everybody.

      Is the plan of turning Earth into a global concentration camp, and it is going forward..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Veritas!  Well That is a lot more than what a little I looked up and apparently, I have to delve into this because more than a few things are very troubling.  Every time I think I see one, my daughter says no, that is so and so's radio tower, or similar.  And "soft ware centric fusion engine connecting them all?  Hmmmm.  Thanks for more info than I can handle for today, but there is always tomorrow, one hopes.

    • donna says:

      easy answer to everyone that feels spied on…

      Get rid of your cell phones and other toys.

      We are just fine w/o them, don't play their game, starve the beast

      ALSO "F" them.

  29. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This is my holiday contribution, from Anonymous, a reminder that there are still people everywhere willing speak the truth, even when it seems there are so few.  It's our challenge to expose the truth.  When the critical mass begin to under stand, there will be sea change.   

    Consider this inspirational nourishment.


  30. Frank says:


    I blew up the long/lat and found the square on the big image myself. It was very satisfying. There will be  nothing like telling someone, "Hey, let's look at the NASA site. I want to show you something unbelievable." Anybody could say, "where did they come from? were they tampered with? " but this is like straight from heaven.

  31. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Could breathing air pollution be causing "silent strokes"  everyone is at risk what do these so called silent strokes do they make you less smart I am using my own logic about air pollution could be causing silent strokes there is no way you could know if you had silent strokes unless you get a brain scan they are accumulative not alot of awareness exists about it they are things you can do to help prevent them from occurring hope it was helpful I want my truth spreading community here at geoengineeringwatch to be healthy peace out.

  32. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane.

    try to reach to the fighters community. This is a very big community all around the World. Every country. The Fans are millions. Try to speak with – Minotauro – ( Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, look in ), he is a legend in Brazil, and in all World ( the People Loves him ). He is retired, for a year now, more or less, and he is a Good Person that never says no. He will understand the problem and he will help you. The Brazilians are more than 200.000.000. Try to talk also, with the Black Poet – Ice Cub – and to the guys of – Public Enemy . I'm not joking. You must have the help of EVERYBODY.  These good guys hate the system. And When they speak, many persons stop to listen. Talk to Floyd Mayweather Jr. .If you are humble and friendly with these guys, you will be Surprised. Trust my word.  Good Luck Friend, and thank You for your Work.



  33. ron hall says:


    • ron hall — Thank you! It's out of control now! The jetstream in the northern hemisphere moving down across the equator into the southern hemisphere is unprecedented. Beyond their control. This will bring Fukushima's cesium to pristine New Zealand, OZ and S. America. I don't think these climate scientists have the slightest idea what they have done – or what will happen next. I think it's all Dr. Strange-Love 'equations' and computer 'simulations' that have gone horribly wrong – and now there is nothing they know how to do, because from the very beginning they did not respect the laws of Nature and God. They thought they could play God. Now all that's left for them is the paltry hope that they will make it to their underground cities in time. I wonder what the signal for that is? Perhaps that NWO globalist magazine the Economist will sound the alarm. I would not bet on their fate… …

    • Pedro says:

      …The socio-psychopaths will burn too…  …They are building the pretext to harm people in a very serious way.. they are perverse and deceitful…

    • jsthe2nd says:

      Ron hall, note the southern jet stream is going in reverse….should be easterlies (from the east to west).   Maybe someone has messed with the real data. 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you, Ron Hall.  This is huge.  Here's a graphic of what's left of the Northern Jet stream today.

      I made my way through the important link you've posted until my computer froze.  I was hoping to comment.  I hope others here will be able to shed some light on what's happening behind the curtain.

      The mid-Pacific cold spot shown in the video seems to be right on the Equator, with warmer air both above and below that spot. The spot is nearly immediately west of where we lived in Peru (just south of Ecuador).

      There is a HAARP facility now in Peru.  It was an obligation to NATO resulting from the so-called free trade agreement which became effective 2/1/09 with the US.  We were living in Peru when it was negotiated, and I gave people my condolences. They were puzzled at the time.

      The bluest skies I'd ever seen in my life were in northern Peru.  That's coming from an Alaskan of 30 years, where our skies used to be remarkably blue.  Now see the abominable sky over the 1536 Eglesia San Lucas de Colan, the oldest Spanish Christian Church in the new world.  It's located in Colan, the small fishing village/resort where we lived.

      Oh, and look.  There are now towers on the cliffs that weren't there when we left in Jan., 2009, and apparently the cliffs are now threatening.  No need to wonder why.

  34. This video link was sent to me by Yamakawa in Japan. Thank you!
    Ever Seen A Square Cloud?
    sonofmabarker / Feb. 16, 2015
    Seeing is believing in what Mother Nature can do. Or is there something else at work here?

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      If we had a frequency scanner to scan all frequencies in the sky except visible light then we will have more evidence.

  35. Grant Jones says:

    Just ran across a blog that needs attention. Global Climate Emergency after Jet Stream Crosses Equator.  Paul Beckwith Robert Scribbler.

  36. Vince,

    I watched the BBC Sports Wimbledon piece at YouTube and I was AMAZED at the aerosol spray propaganda in use there. Could it be any more blatant? 

    I live near the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens in California, home of the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament. During the weeks of the tournament, I would gaze at the chembows and heavy chaff raining down on everyone in Coachella Valley, nearly blocking visibility of the San Jacinto Mountains just a few miles away, and I asked myself how long it will be before human physical achievements will be undermined by all the aluminum and other chemicals in our bodies? I see kids at local high schools running after school; and I wonder what kind of true physical fitness can they expect in a world so contaminated? I am waiting to see a drop in Olympics performances, like one-mile and marathon times. But maybe the drugs many athletes use are helping to mask our degrading conditions.

    • Vince says:


      The subliminal messaging is so blatant that people have successfully been brainwashed to believe it as normal. On top of the Disney and BBC subliminal messaging, it's even in video games. Grand Theft Auto V has them in the sky in game as just one example. I try and show people every chance I get and expose them to the atrocities that are happening right in front of them. I use credible data and some people are receptive, but most are in absolute denial that we are even capable of manipulating the weather and too preoccupied by material possessions and MSM. It's staggering, infuriating, demoralizing… etc to me that people refuse to open their eyes and challenge their belief systems by exercising critical thinking skills when even the US Airforce has ADMITTED they have programs to affect the ionosphere and weather. We MUST keep up the good fight and spread awareness, there is no other choice. I live in SoCal too, north of LA, and EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2016 it's been like living in a sea of particulates. Worse this year than any year I've seen before. Thick THICK haze obstructs a clear view of everything further than a couple miles. Every day. Even things that are only a couple hundred feet away I can see s**t in the air obstructing my view. Cloud coverage rolls in at night from Mojave area, and in the morning, thick haze. After the majority of it burns off in the morning, the sky looks murky and disgusting. This locks in the humidity and amplifies the UV with the heat and makes it unbearable. Furthering the drought and killing everything around us. Huge percentages of plants are brown and dead. Went to the Sierra Nevada mountains a few weeks ago and at one point there were over 10 trails above my head deployed within a very short time frame. Later in the evening, the sky looked like what you see above in Dane's images. A canopy of whispy unnatural cloud coverage. There were THOUSANDS of dead trees throughout the mountain ranges. More than I've ever seen there. I have gone there frequently for years. They deploy new surreptitious methods to control  the unconscious mind and kill us daily. The cretins behind this should be sprayed in the face repeatedly by their own concoction until they are expired. 

  37. gustav says:

    Hi Dane. I am seeing this pattern of tree death all over in NJ in oak and maple tree where the top of the tree dies first. As an arborist can you tell me why the tree dies from the top of the crown? Is this UV, aluminum or perhaps glyphosate? Thanks–a-600-year-old-oak/2016/06/27/a7fc4dcc-3a1a-11e6-8f7c-d4c723a2becb_story.html

  38. Marc says:

    See attached link to an elaborate tale of coal fly ash mismanagement, thanks to the EPA, and industry shenanigans, in today's HuffPost. Once again I submit that reports such as these may be nothing more than "sleight of hand" maneuvers inserted into popular culture news feed to obfuscate and confuse public thinking about coal fly ash. Meanwhile a strong case has been made to indicate COAL FLY ASH  is a component of the spraying operations happening over our heads 24/7/365. What a convenient and invisible and hassle-free way to dispose of mountains of fly ash. Gee, here again, do you think the EPA just might be secretly turning a blind eye to this atrocity? The great and almighty ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY? Protecting the environment?? And therefore US?? Somehow magically missing the presence of coal fly ash, aerosols of heavy metals, and God knows what else raining down on all of America? 

  39. ron hall says:

    And then there is this…our deepest world/soul/views will be tested severely. I have difficulty posting this.  But…

    • Gladstone says:

      Yes, Ron Hall, good connection by bringing up that 0-Hedge post. it would seem that there is a strong correlation between spraying and starvation, both engineered. Is Venezuela a test case to determine how far they can go without political overthrow?

      Does the spraying include as one of its objectives an engineered agricultural collapse, feeding into an engineered famine?  Will access to food become the leverage by which populations are forced to submit? CF famines in Africa, Ukraine under Stalin, Ireland under Palmerston and Victoria.
      Orange County Socal Geoengineering Observations from May-June

      Camping at South Carlsbad State Beach: cliffs eroded to an alarming degree since last year. Seems to be flora die-off which leaves the soft bluffs exposed.

      Month of May in OC: was like Seattle much of the month. No sun all day.

      Palm trees turning yellow, like October in VT, but palm trees are not deciduous: are they being starved of light?

      Local pine trees, extremely drought tolerant, browning and dying from the top, windward side and down through the rest of the tree. Unfortunately, these pines are not tolerant of Aluminum oxide aerosols.
      Sycamores looking sickly (desiccated, brown leaves), especially trees that get the brunt of the wind, and at the top, windward side of tree.

      6 pm on Memorial day, just sitting at a traffic light. Can feel the sting of sun, as in midday sun-burn intensity (was first exposure of the day upon healthy, non-sunburned arm).  Sunburn at 6 pm?

      But the man on the Tee Vee said that everything is fine. And he knows what's best for me!

    • DrDignity says:

      Thanks, Dane & Ron, for your article & web site.  The world remains nine meals from anarchy as evidenced with the present situation in Venezuela with food stocks disappearing in what looks like a looming humanitarian crisis & eventually a failed state with proto-fascistic capabilities. This situation follows a terrible drought in Venezuela & dropped oil prices.  It can happen anywhere & the situation is probably spreading with so much drought & heat. I think by 2020, the third world nations of the planet will be experiencing more famine & climate refugees.  If you haven't seen this web site, please go there often:  Robert seems to have the pulse of what's going on.Thanks everybody, DrDignity

  40. sue says:

    I cannot fathom how anyone who looks at radar maps (moving) can find any sense in them.. I doubt anyone must be looking, let alone look to the sky to watch it happen in real time with real eyes.  The radar maps clearly show moisture 'disintegrate' and miraculously show up in another part of the U.S.  YET.. NONE ever hits the CA coastal region.  There are no weather patterns any more.  They all just appear out of nowhere, and disappear.  Moisture moves in directions that are impossible when looking at the entire U.S.  I know it is all over the world, but how in the WORLD can no one see this on their 'local weather forecast'?  I believe the majority of the population has completely lost their critical thinking skills.  I am sick watching this day after day.  We recently moved back to CO from AZ and I view their weather daily.  Currently, they have bombarded what would have been the beginning of a fabulous monsoon.  I witnessed it the last couple of years I was there in real time, beautiful thunderheads moving and and suddenly eaten by geoengineering and turn to a faded gray of nothingness.  The sanity I am afraid is gone.

    • BaneB says:

      She:  a goal of the weather terrorism is to dry up the Colorado River basin, dry up the reservoirs, and destroy food production.  Same M.O. for Southern California and its Central Valley agriculture.  Yes, clouds that ought to flow from west to east defy logical natural flow.  I was watching an Intellicast satellite annimation. And was shocked at the strange clouds that race ahead of the pack, join up with other weird clouds, form bizzare freaks, split apart and half of it takes off at high speed in the opposite direction of the flow.  What you describe regarding disappearances of moisture field, et al, can be fully understood as unnatural and 1pacificredwood, a UTube site will clue anyone in for a shock about just how much weather control and geoengineering terrorism is being done to us and our planet.  He is a meteorologist in LA.  I look out today into the distant horizon.  I can see at least fifty miles  and farther bit for the aerosol haze that is everywhere from sky to ground.  This toxic nano-particulate soup is everyday with no let up, not even after a storm, and storms really get the aerosol treatment.  There are no factories, no super duper freeways, no cites, San Francisco is almost 200 miles south.  No fires in this part of the state.  We have lost our view!  I hope Colorado proves to be better for you.  I saw a pic the other day of the Arizona horizon.  It looks just like here, hazed out.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, sue. It appears that photographers are finding it exceedingly hard to take good photos.  Along the edges near the Sun there seems to be no way to hide the yellow/orange UV burning glare.  I despair seeing the weather shills with their absurd graphics and explanations.  No fronts, rain from nowhere, high praise for "glorious" locally submitted photos so glaringly abnormal. Would people notice if the sky was actually on fire?  Or will they just think it's "cool".  Sigh. . . . . The loss of sanity makes the sane ones feel crazy indeed.

  41. Dee Stew says:

    Just saw 3 silver drones with blue peak and red underneath with silver sides spraying.  They would spray a bit, it would quickly dissolve in seconds, then wait a minute, then spray again and it would quickly dissolve, and I could not see the spraying without my binoculars, so they are wising up in Albany, NY.  Two weeks ago the planes were still making all the lines in the sky.  Now it's the silver, red, and blue drone planes – because these things do have wings,,, but no windows.  Now, those in Albany who didn't believe what was happening before when you could see and hear the planes flying,,, and see the lines all over the skies, will never believe me when I try to tell them what the silver thing in the sky is doing.  Are they new, maybe?  My big pines are deteriorating at a fast pace. Cut 2 down last week, need to cut at least another 18 down before my house burns down or gets crushed. I feel terrible for the poor people at Lake Isabella that lost their homes and it makes me ill to know that the fire hydrant's conveniently did not pump any water.  That is also the case with 2 homes that burned down in New Mexico recently, and 2 homes that burned down in Buffalo, NY on 12/15/2015.  Meanwhile, the poor people in W. VA who lost everything due to massive flooding that hasn't happened in a 1000 yrs – surprise, surprise,,,, FEMA has declared their region as a FLOOD ZONE now,,, one has to ask why?  Mountains = they don't want people living in the Mountains. So – if they want FEMA Emergency Relief, they must agree to relocate and never return to their property's, thus taking the Home Owners off the  hook, and leaving the mountains and land free for the govt to take over. W. VA. is full of survivalists, they never would've walked away from their land without putting up a fight.  I think any region that has people living in Mtns, or living on land with coal tar or shale basin or water resources is going to face a bad fire or floods, pr some sort of disaster until they have everyone removed from and in their NEW Urban Cities, even though water never use to run upstream to mtns,, today it does. We also have several old coal mines on fire underground – PA, OH, etc., the temps are about 500 degree's not to far from the surface,,, the one in PA is on the Eastern side of the State not far from the Madrid Fault. These fires have burned for decades and with these dead tree's everywhere, and smoke literally coming out of the ground,,, it's a accident waiting to happen, especially with the fracking going on. How is any of this going to be stopped???   

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hello Dee, the next time you see the planes with a blue peak, red underneath and silver sides spraying, look to see if there is a little gold band on the tail. That airline headquarters is Dallas, TX with the ticker symbol LUV. They spray over Arizona all the time, with the lingering and non-lingering trail. 

    • LS says:

      Hi Dee, I've been in a state of being stunned as of late and it is because I am sitting on a property full of dead trees next to a completely dead mountainside. My family cannot deal with the magnitude of the problem and have decided to pretend it is not happening. 

      The "Sandoval Silver Bullet Express", I believe was the full name of the first geoengineerinig drone named after the Gov. of that place they call a state. (A state of disgrace)The methods have changed but be assured, it is still ongoing.

      I think Dr.Santillo from Greenpeace gave us a clue as to where we have to turn our attention in the legal arena. He said several times that there are no laws against geoengineerinig the weather. So we need laws. There are only cowards in our Congress, fed and state. The native people's have their own nations so maybe they need to make it against their laws to geoengineer over their nations! The UN does have a treaty where one country can't do this to another country. We better start getting creative against these crazies.

  42. Free Energy Technologies says:

    I got all my vaccines when I was young and it distorted my childhood it really did and we have videos of autistics stating on the record that they don't want a cure thats the system we live in do I want a cure of course I do what kind of question is that I am alone not many believe autism is worthy for a cure but its just so painful it hurts to think when you have autism I hope this insanity ends peace

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Free ET,  Surely you are not saying you are autistic?  You wouldn't be writing like this. How old are you?  I, myself, had very very few vaccinations, as apparently not invented yet? Maybe just smallpox and polio.  So, both my sister and I got two different kinds of measles, chickenpox, and mumps.  But, at age 5, I came within a hair of dying of a measles/pneumonia combo known to be deadly.  I had a temp of 106 climbing towards 107, as the-come-to your-house in those days doctor helped my parents put me in and out of  a tub of ice, saying that if I lived until dawn, I'd probably make it.  I remember the whole thing and the ice didn't even bother me.  Not sure if such a high fever did anything to my brain.  But, given that measles nearly wiped out natives, I did want some of those shots for my one baby when she was 3 or 4 months old, now she is 42. The combo one at that time, DPT, was a biggie.  She screamed for hours and hours and hours.  A bus driver even threw us off!  Very upsetting, heartbreaking.  I spent a lot of years delivering babies at home, being a midwife.  No shots involved!  Oh, also when I grew up, when small, all pools closed, polio everywhere and many friends who'd had polio including one in an iron lung whom I went to visit.  As I recall, the DPT was Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus and I still keep up to date on tetanus because I have witnessed that one and horrific deaths and near deaths from it and I get cut by old wire and such all the time.  However, I clearly remember with my baby daughter thinking three in one was obviously too much.  But, not only is she fine, she was never sick! and is still healthy and one of the most functional persons I've ever known, very intelligent and quick.  From childhood and into my 20s and more, I never heard one word about autism.  One thing I know has changed is the sheer amount of vaccinations and starting in the first day of a baby's life!  I believe it is Robert Kennedy Jr. who speaks out loudly against vaccinations and has done for a very long time.  I need to see this movie and learn.  My 21 year old grandson is fine.  The 12 year old is brilliant and very able but has ADHD, yet another thing seemingly unknown in the old days.  I don't know what is in vaccinations that is different now, do know that so soon and so much is just wrong, overload.  It is said that one does not have to do this, that your doc will work with you and spread it out and not give what you refuse.  About >20 years ago I got talked into having a flu shot and did.  My arm turned red and swelled so huge, so long, plus, I got the flu big time.  My doc then, a rheumatologist said this was common for people with autoimmune diseases and so I've not had another since.  When young , I worked with our church's kids in the summer, disabled and or dying children.  Not one was autistic.  From my point of view, it seems as if all of a sudden there was autism.  Then, ADHD.  In retrospect, I believe as do others that my girl had ADHD and still to some degree.  I had some kind of instinct to not have that one flu shot I had, and have steered clear of any vaccinations since, but for tetanus boosters.  I'm not at all sure I want them all gone.  But, clearly, something has changed.  I think it is telling that growing up and beyond for some long time, not one word of autism. I look forward to seeing Vaxxed.

      Can you give your age?  And can you say something about it distorting your childhood?  Like, how?  I find it shocking that anyone would say autism is a gift, that not many believe it is worth a cure!  That Any say they don't want a cure!  The kids with autism I've known could have never verbalized that.  But of course! now there are versions of, like Aspberger's.  Guess I didn't spell that right, or?  Anyway, I'd like to know what you've experienced.  When a young teen, I made a living out of babysitting, yet did never hear of Autism until in my mid to late 30s.  I am 69.  Something definitely changed!!  Peace to you! and thank you for sharing and making me more aware.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Perhaps I'm wrong, but autism seems to be brain damage with various symptoms and degrees.  I doubt there can be cure.

    • Veritas says:

      @ Free Energy Tech
      There are some methods to rejuvenate damaged brain cells. Take Piracetem with Choline Citrate, a chelating protocol of silica, bentonite clay, chlorella, selenium, and a good multi vitamin. There are ways to mitigate the damage and restore some cognitive function as all of us have damaged bodies to some extent thanks to these soul-less Psychopaths doing this to us. Even the Salk vaccine had Simian Virus 40 in it ( SV40 ) to propagate cancer, patented by Merck. Dr. Russel Blaylock has video's on youtube about restoring our fractured minds as well. Never give up and never give in these monster's will be held accountable, never settle for less and accept your fate as many would tell you. To Live is to Struggle against the many power's aligned against us, yet we will prevail. Good Luck my friend, keep researching because knowledge is our key to salvation.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      To Bella_Fantasia: How I look at it is autism has a lot of meaning's if you have speech abnormalities you fit in the autism spectrum if you are anti social or cannot find like minded people to be friends with even if your neurotypical you are going to get an autism diagnosis if you shy from people or believe in non tolerable things can also give you and autism spectrum diagnosis the spectrum of autism is actually really big and they continue to expand it so autism is not an accrete term its more like a fogy unclear name while some illness in the spectrum are fraudulent or mistaken for environmental reactions to being the old autism disorder and kids grow up with these lables it changes there life its an ugly feeling what I find the most disturbing is that we have autistics stating on the record how great it is to have autism and that is misleading so autism is misleading because it means alot of things instead when you are diagnosed they should be specific like anti social disorder or eyeball staring paranoia disorder where you are normal but is paranoid to make eye contact you get what I mean also the diagnosis criteria is so stricken that your lucky if you survive it without having autism I'm not ready to go open about what role autism has played in my life but its definitely not superpowers.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      To Rachel Robson: I am not one of those disabled the label is realy disturbing I wanted to make that clear I also want to point out that I have chronic gut abnormalities so that is why I think is making my thinking difficult I don't have to hide anything after all people tend to think there health is somehow personal but if you don't go open about it then people are not going to know and we will lack awareness its like what would you think of me of I told you I had schizophrenia you will be scarred and uncountable and  I understand I am speaking up like that because I want people to know that autism is not superpowers savants are only good at one subject only and are below average on everything else because one part of there brains took over the whole brain you can obtain savant syndrome if you have autism or get a brain injury my point is that we as a whole don't go by the truth environmental autism does have a cure but doctor would not help you on that one.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Free Technologies.  Thanks for your reply and explanations.  I immediately regretted having written my initial comment.  You have my genuine apologies if I caused you any pain or upset.

      It seems very doubtful there could be any benefit in having what is being called autism.  Just having that label must make it difficult to maneuver.  I see how all these disparate categories of autism are ever expanding.  I take that to mean more and more are suffering from our toxic environment.  Brain and body are systemically connected, and the possibilities for corruption of bodies and minds are endless.

      My bias against the modern medical community is based on decades of seeing no cures, regretfully.  My personal experiences also give credence to this, seeing how I've had to point out to doctors where the source of the problems may lay, finding I've been correct after all.

      It's worrisome that all the new interest in brain function seems to be more for control by the Power Structure than to help individuals.  Perhaps that's just my skeptical bias.  But the military decades ago learned that ESP precognition and remote viewing were real while still ridiculing those of us who know it.

      It's also my hope all this will end, for everyone's sake.  Best wishes in your ongoing struggle.  We appreciate your being here.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      F. E. T., Pardon me for shortening your handle, just tired and in a hurry.  Thank you for explanations.  By the way, I can handle almost anything, so some diagnosis would not change my attitude or caring for someone's well being.  It enlarges my world, always, to know and understand more.  Interesting to me that you mentioned the stare in eyes bit.  You know, or not, that is a very Indian thing, has caused many Natives here problems forever in that in Native world, to stare in someone's eyes is considered rude and aggressive.  If polite, one never does that-only with family members or those very close.  Animals are like this too, if you don't know them well and stare hard in eyes.  They've made money-docs and Big Pharma out of creating spectrums of what they think are disorders.  Too much I think!   We are all so very individual, we are only whole as one.  

  43. Ed Bee says:

    As happens time and again and again, this morning we enjoyed brilliant blue skies with puffy natural clouds. At lunch, I saw parallel white lines being laid out across the entire area. I never saw any planes overhead. Now, a couple of hours later, the sunlight is dim and the sky a dismal gray with puffy clouds beneath. The air makes my eyes burn. Yet not one person notices.

  44. Dawnski says:

    Random out of the not so blue Severe Thunderstorm Warning just posted at 4:45 for Lake Norman. As as the thunder began I searched several weather sites for the radar depicting the storm. None showed the warning weather moving my way. Why is that? Its raining but no such indication on the weather radar maps.

    I came across a van today with "my son survived open heart surgery" written on the windows. I congratulated him and then pointed out the X spraying activity overhead, guiding him to this site. I hope you are here sir and help sound the alarm. The spraying today in the morning is what we are now witnessing. . severe weather moving across the area not on the radar map, poisoning our children and communities. 

  45. I have to say that this is the most awesome collection of evidential images ever! Beyond "well done" …into brilliant extraordinary! Thank you, Mr. Wigington! One would have to be Borg-assimilated to find these natural.


    • Rodster says:

      I say lets send these pics to Dahr Jamail. I would love to see his reaction.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      ENE news is reporting that micro-glass fell over Tokyo shortly after the Fukushima crime.  Who knows if it's still not coming down?  Micro-glass cannot do any good for breathing creatures.  That is my argument against the insanity of Projects Lucy and Alamo.

      We're not supposed to talk about this on social media, so please spread the word.

    • Dennie says:

      WHAAAT?  "not supposed to talk about this on social media..?"  Well, go tell Mr. and Mrs. Corporate "Etiquette" that decreeing so is simply just ANTI-SOCIAL behavior on THEIR part– UGHHHH!!!

  46. Rachel has been asking about the uses of plasma, here is a big one:
    Tokamak plasma heating with intense, pulsed ion beams: An intense, space-charge-neutralized, pulsed ion beam is used to heat a magnetically-confined plasma, such as tokamak plasma, by injecting the ion beam into the plasma along a trajectory that is generally tangential to the confining magnetic field. The intense ion beam is injected into the tokamak before the plasma is fully formed, the remainder of the plasma is formed around the beam, and the beam transfers its energy to the plasma by classical collisions with the electrons and ions of the plasma. Heating of the plasma can be sufficient to produce break even or ignition. US Department of Energy
    Reaching 150,000,000 degrees centigrade / ITER One of the main requirements for achieving fusion is to heat the plasma particles to very high temperatures. In ITER, several heating methods will work concurrently to bring the plasma in the core of the machine to 150 million°C. Within the tokamak, the changing magnetic fields that are used to control the plasma produce a heating effect. The magnetic fields create a high-intensity electrical current through induction, and as this current travels through the plasma, electrons and ions become energized and collide. Collisions create "resistance" that results in heat, but paradoxically as the temperature of the plasma rises, this resistance—and therefore the heating effect—decreases. Heat transferred through high-intensity current, known as ohmic heating, is limited to a defined level. In order to obtain still higher temperatures and reach the threshold where fusion can occur, heating methods must be applied from outside of the tokamak. External Heating: Two families of external heating methods—neutral beam injection and high-frequency electromagnetic waves—will complement ohmic heating to bring the ITER plasma to temperature. Neutral beam injection consists in shooting high energy particles into the plasma. Outside of the tokamak, charged deuterium particles are accelerated to the required energy level. These accelerated ions then pass through an "ion beam neutralizer" where their electrical charge is removed. The high velocity neutral particles can then be injected into the heart of the plasma where, by way of rapid collision, they transfer their energy to the plasma particles. Millions of watts of heating power can be delivered to the plasma using this technique, bringing its temperature closer to the level where fusion can occur. A third source of heat—high frequency electromagnetic waves—is planned into the design of the ITER Tokamak to boost temperatures to the required 150 million°C. In the same way that microwaves transfer heat to food in a microwave oven, the energy carried by high-frequency waves introduced into the plasma is transferred to the charged particles, increasing the velocity of their chaotic motion, and at the same time their temperature. Following this principle three types of waves will be employed in ITER, each matching a frequency of plasma ions and electrons in the interior of the ITER machine to maximize heat transfer. Ohmic heating, neutral beam injection and high-frequency waves will work together in the ITER tokamak to bring the plasma to a temperature where fusion can occur. Ultimately, researchers hope to achieve a "burning plasma"—one in which the energy of the helium nuclei produced by the fusion reaction is enough to maintain the temperature of the plasma. The external heating methods can then be strongly reduced or switched off altogether. A burning plasma in which at least 50 percent of the energy to drive the fusion reaction is generated internally is an essential step to reaching the goal of fusion power generation.


    • ron hall says:

      Great link, Susan F.!
      It is absolutely astonishing how fast Plasma Physics keeps morphing. I'm sure you know that there are now all sorts of ionospheric heaters, etc. everywhere–Many are now in boats near the equator; which seems counter-intuitive since the highest convergence of earth's magnetic field lines are at the poles(north and south) of the planet. There is an immense amount of changing dynamics. How to keep up?  One thing sure—THEY MUST turn the TROPOSPHERE INTO A ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR;  hence the diabolical relentless spraying of metalic nano-particles which affects all life on earth.                          

    • ron hall — Thank you! Here’s a possible reason for your conclusion. Are they viewing the troposphere as a an electric resistor and the mesosphere as a capacitor?
      Under disturbed conditions, the tropospheric resistance can decrease by an order of magnitude and more due to, for example, an increase in the level of near-earth radiation in the vicinity of strong earthquakes or during accidents at nuclear plants with the discharge of radioactive materials. Consequently, the ratio between the tropospheric resistance and the mesospheric resistance changes, and this leads to a change in the integral mesospheric source loading. Then the strong electric field intensity becomes dependable on the tropospheric resistance. Because of an increase in the tropospheric conductivity, the decrease in the integral mesospheric source loading and the tropospheric resistance, in turn, results in a corresponding decrease in the electric field intensity and the electron temperature in the mesosphere: the ionospheric electron cooling "law" under the influence of disturbances in tropospheric conductivity when strong mesospheric electric fields occur. Thus, strong mesospheric electric fields result in an additional electrodynamic troposphere-mesosphere coupling during disturbed conditions.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Holy Cows Susan!!!!  I guess I lack imagination!!  And I thought I was pissed at fake trees hiding cell towers.  Talk about playing with fire!  And people were concerned about CERN and the Large Hadron Collider!!!! "They" are using Earth Herself!!!  WTF?!  What is the goal here besides destroying everything?  As if attempting the Big Bang!  GRRR.  Nutjobs all.  Earth is not a toy!  In the first offering here from you, it says "collisions create 'resistance' that results in heat, but paradoxically as the temperature of the heat rises this resistance-and therefore the heating effect-decreases."  To me, this is not paradoxical at all, nor would it be to anyone in this field.  Is the goal to achieve a self regulating energy source, or, to blow something up, with more force than nuclear I'm guessing.? I get that it is an "essential" step to reaching the goal of fusion power generation, but more on the side of overkill and we don't have the time to waste with this foolishness.  Well, foolishness doesn't begin to cut it, beyond insane.  There Are better ways, I swear.  Except for depending on what they are really trying to do.  If their goal is to aim a fusion beam at a city and evaporate it, then, well done!

      As to Ron's points, despite the convergence of earth's magnetic field lines at the poles, we also have the Van Allen anomaly in the South Indian Ocean is it?, fluctuating.  What?  Is the stratosphere but a sandwich between troposphere and mesosphere?  The freakin' stratosphere begins at only about 6-10 miles up, stratopause at 31 miles, mesosphere then to 50 miles,  thermosphere/lower ionosphere 50-62 miles.  I mean where is the wiggle room for this hubris?  Apparently I was right if in the abstract, to say their efforts in the troposphere are like an under canopy, holding up what's on top!  Which means it is never going to stop and all that aluminum so is Not for refracting light away from Earth which does help to explain why it isn't working as is otherwise quite clear.  Just as clear, this has zip nada to do with weather modification but for weaponizing weather.  And, oopsies or not, creating mega quakes and storms as our troposphere becomes increasingly electric.  And that too explains a lot.  Not that the explanation is remotely comforting.  And, it sounds as if they have "miles" to go, so no reason to expect spraying to end anytime soon.  Except who Are these people, and who gave them permission-not "just" to spray us but to turn this world into a weapon they cannot control??  And I thought the Arctic would fry us.  Which will come first in this race, man or nature?  Apparently, these people do not know the world is ending.  Think of the money, the effort, the brain power-all going to ridiculous waste.  Thank God for the ionosphere's cooling law, if it hold up under such stress.  But, it does wham it back on us!  If this were a business plan, where are the checks and balances?  Apparently there are none.  Like kindergarten with no teacher, no staff, no aids.  Is this all funded by the military?  It would account for all the money they have "lost".  And then some and no wonder why they want so much more.  Our nightmare won't end, will it?  Were we barking up the wrong tree all along?  I feel so had!

      But, thank you Susan.  Guess it is time I grew up, eh?  Now, how to sleep at night? 

    • Ron — Thank you for supporting this aspect of research. You are much appreciated by me! I believe that the more we learn about 'plasma' the easier it gets. I just kept ploughing through these texts books, until it begins to sink in. Thank you for your help!

      Rachel Thank you for this excellent post. And yes, they are NEVER going to stop! Halting this will take an act of God. They have opened Pandora's Box which now is completely beyond their control IMO – perhaps the end goal of some after all. The US Navy shows up time & time again as the major player over the last 70 years. This was initially because of the need for wartime submarine communication, stealth and radar. Every expense is justified by war and fear of the enemy – like M-K Ultra. The monstrous amounts funding (often from covert drug running like the Bush's Zapata Oil and The Clinton's in Mena AK) is the ever expanding consequence of the insidious poisonous marriage of the military, the corporations like Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, etc. and the mega-banks. They are destroying the planet and themselves.

  47. Yamakawa says:

    In Japan, the land is a small island surrounded by the oceans, a coastline land, so we still have lots of shell midden sites around. We have many sites around in Tokyo region too, further inward to the current land, which remind us of the coastlines of the past, and as the forecast as well.
    Some keen persons understand that those large shell deposits were not merely garbage burials of the ancient natives. We understand it as a sort of geoengineering, a sort of semiconductor or diode, balancing the electromagnetic field of the land by gathering up the seashells in one place.
    I think the similar is in the shell middens, shellmounds in the US too. 
    Ancient Indian Shell Midden Site – California

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Yamakawa,  Well, this Is interesting.  My best friend who lived a long time in Tokyo, and still goes there to work, but doing the most of her work there from Hawaii now, never told me about Japan's shellmounds!  It seems obvious Now that there would be.  Where I live in Berkeley, this general area has a number of shell mounds.  It always comes up when someone is trying to build more stuff, and so now there is Shellmound street, shopping center, etc,  Natives always object, while builders just put up a plaque to honor as they pave over.

      I like this idea you relate about them, but apparently, I am not keen enough to get it!  On the other hand, I was born and raised in the midwest-not fishing peoples!   But for creeks and rivers.  There are many out here and they are considered sacred.  I'd assumed as artifiacts, but now you enlarge that picture!  Even if I don't get how, I do now get a rhyme and reason.  Thank you!

      About 30 minutes ago, as the sun rose here, a little bird came to my kitchen window here.  I love when that happens!  And now my ever shedding redwood is in its glory bathed by morning light, glowing an amber gold radient color.  I am the only one who gets to see it like this.  Too bad, as too beautiful, for only one to see.  Enchanting!  

    • Yamakawa says:

      Hello Rachel! I wasn’t keen either!! I was told about this from a person about two years ago, so I am new to this understanding too. I recognized it is true, since I knew that some contemporary farmers use scallop and other shell powders on their soils. We also bury bamboo charcoals or other type of good charcoals to vibrate the land, which are seen buried under some good old shrines, pure carbon to balance the vibrations.

      But we can just see as nature using human’s assistance to add calcium and minerals from the sea to the land in piles, because corals and clams can’t climb up shore!

      Most Japanese think too, that shell mounds are mere garbage deposits, since the conventional understandings of ancient Jomon natives are that they were primitive stupid people. Thanks to that, we can still go to the sites and feel the atmosphere there, and pick those shells up and touch them at will! They did not leave behind written scriptures and stone remnants, since their mindset seemed needless to use letters, so we have to feel the atmosphere or go dreamtime to access their history.

      Map of Tokyo region, with coastlines BC4000-3000, red points are shell mounds

      Yes, nature seems not stingy, that they give beautiful views, even if there is only a single audience to see the show! I have a bat escorting me flying thru and back(or flirting making fun) when I walk in the evenings. I’m absolutely sure they are doing it on purpose.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yamakawa!  I got it when you said bringing calcium and other nutrients to shore, the crabs and coral cannot!  Yes!  We put sea shells around my ailing medicinal aloe plant and it is doing quite well now!   I never did regard the mounds as garbage dumps, nor that it was thought natives were stupid.  Just thought revered sites for bounty and social gathering to break it all down, commemorated as a special thoughtful/memory place of generations of communal harvesting.  Seeing it in a new light now!  Also, it was obvious everywhere that natives never left messes, debris, etc.  Oh!  What if they left them in waterways that are not there anymore, to return the nutrients to the sea from whence they came and would have lived out their natural lives?  Where I live, there once were many streams and the Bay was much much closer.  Then came landfill and putting all the streams underground, and now the drought.  Maybe not every year, but some, the water would just pour and return it all to the sea?  Hmmm.  Our streams are all recorded and even noted with a fish painted on the curb drain, where they are.  Would be interesting to correlate these streams with the mounds, if so.  Yes? 

  48. MS P says:

    So CAL is getting hotter.  Joshua trees in the desert, are dying. Some more then 200-300 in age. Who have survived many droughts. I have never seen anything like this. Trees dying from the tops on down.

    UV index extreme too. 20 years ago it was 3-4. Now up to 12+

    I have been viewing this site since 2011 earthquake. West Coast used to be single digits, when I first found this site. Colorado was always on the high side.(elevation? )►

    The cloud patterns are also "X's & "Y"s. 



  49. Free Energy Technologies says:

    About 600 molecules of oxygen per one million are missing now as a result sleeping disorders are increasing because we don't have enough oxygen this is connected to the dying of trees and plankton as well as pollution expect more lack of oxygen related health problems it is know longer possible to be healthy this is where I got my information I also added to what I think is the true cause of the oxygen depletion we are slowly suffocating as the planet dyes

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and Friends, thank you for your Work.
      I wonder what these MFs that are doing all these things to the Atmosphere are thinking??, Because they will burn too!, I know that psychos are also suicidal, but this is a ""bit"" to much… I've read a document that says that in these last 30 to 40 years, the levels of Atmospheric O2 have dropped 45 to 50%!, The MFs will fry too, and they have accelerated this business of GW 100 years or more with the scam engineering they are doing!, and they want too, all the methane out of the Oceans and bring it to the air! ..some thing is very wrong here. If I can remember, it is impossible to get out of this Planet and go to another one.. But maybe I'm wrong. Or the MFs are just and only what we know about them already, just lunatic with delusions of immortality…
      MILITARIES of the World, wake up, You are serving a minority ( with money, yes ), But this minority is F INSANE and F GENOCIDAL – Think in your Families and Children!!! …Wake Up!!
      "the depopulation storm to bring in the n.w.o."
      See Video PLEASE..
      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Free ET, and yes!  We feel the lack of oxygen.  Sometimes more than other times.  Want to gulp air!  One reason I've got so many plants around here.  They are taking up some of the slack from the dying trees and it counts.  Besides the pollution you mention, there is also so much methane depleting the oxygen.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Thank you for appreciating our work !Thank you for appreciating our work ! We must keep this conversation going.

  50. Andy Cole says:

    I have come across some indisputable video footage that shows that there is definitely a huge problem that ever person needs to be educated about. Listen and watch this video to the very end. If you go to Google on your search engine and type in this below.

    Get it: LIFE IS BEING KILLED OFF. Trees are dying Rapidly smothered in Fungal Disease YOU TUBE


    I hope that you watch this video and understand how out of hand this situation has become. It sickens me that people don't. It is time to get the head out of the Sand and learn how this Geoengineering is reeking so much havoc and destruction. 

  51. Frank says:

    is that all it is?

    the particles get sprayed up and the EM waves push them around. 

    I saw the lines since '95 but lost interest because of a lack of good info.  Dane, you keep me on top of this every day.

    One reason people don't believe is that they see such a sick chart as the California drought chart (the big "L") and they can't understand how the people who are really suffering are not crying out "STOP GEOENGINEERING!" 24/7 with their last breath. All seems surreal.

  52. Darlene Downing says:

    To clarify, the people responsible for this spraying are PSYCHOPATHS not sociopaths. The key features of psychopathy are absolute remorselessness and total lack of empathy for other living beings. When it comes right down to it, all the evils in the world are done by these types, and their agenda is carried forward by enablers and sonambulists.


    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      There are so many ways in which we are being suppressed from thriving our health is being attacked our mind is being told lies causing us to come up with false conclusions as to the true state of things we are also being stoled from like the saying goes one cannot participate in a child's nightmare without being held accountable as part of the crime this example applies to today's world we must learn to identify what is real form what is fack what is right from what is wrong peace be with all of you.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you, Darlene Downing.

      In so many comments around the web I read how humans are so terrible and we all deserve what we get.  While we're clever monkeys, I need to remind people it has always been the greedy elites who crashed complex civilizations, with the rare exception of a few volcanoes.  The rest of us are born and use what is available around us to to live our lives.  The oil companies didn't give us a choice, any more than the Haitians or Africans who burn wood in order to cook.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Friends.

      A psychopath is always a sociopath also ( the remorselessness makes them to act like sociopath too ). There's no separation. In psychology there is no boundaries of this kind, everything is complex and connects together. And these MFs always suffer, also, from sadistic and pathological narcissism, and pathological vanity and envy. They are driven by Hate and Insanity. We can see this in every totalitarian regime of History, independently of the political ideologies, nazism, zionism, stalinism, maoism, etc, etc.. (  in the end these ideologies are just, empty hate, without any direction besides making serious harm to entire populations ). We are talking about ""persons"" that cannot stay around weapons or pharma medicines, and they have now the most powerful army and weapons in the World ( and own big pharma ).

      What a F mess!!

      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa Pedro!  Well said!  Absolutely nailed it!

  53. Carrie,

    I agree with your comment that Sesame Street is teaching us that autism is the new normal. Or what about Disney's "Find Dory," a fish with cognitive impairment that can't remember anything? We can tell our kids, as their IQ's drop by the day, "Oh, don't worry, honey. You're just like Dory." 🙁

    It reminds me of a sickening piece I heard on NPR yesterday, an interview with author Ron Suskind on how he found that Disney animated features help his son with autism communicate. This is such a  sick inversion of reality when it is Disney that is covering for the aerosol spray campaigns that fill us with heavy metals and degrade our cognitive functioning. It made me so angry and depressed to hear Suskind describe how his talkative child, at age 2 1/2, all of a sudden just shut down, stopped talking, and no longer looked at his parents. "We lost our son that day," he said. There was no question as to WHY in the $%*#$ this happened. It was clear that Suskind and the NPR reporter had agreed to stay on script and not ask why and just celebrate the small differences in his son's functioning that seemed to be supported by some of the Disney dialogue.

    BTW: My short, calm review of Disney's, "The Three Musketeers" at Amazon, indicating that the aerosol spraying featured in the animation was part of a campaign to normalize geoengineering, was censored. I even uploaded some supporting pics. We really shouldn't be supporting these NWO conglomerates.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      In the first paragraph you make a good point I agree with you I am waking people up about the social engineering we are going through to accept being sick I went to the hospital for a stomach ulcer and one thing I do remember her saying is that THERE IS NO CURE  Its a stomach ulser caused by environmental factors of course there is a cure SAME THING we are told about autism THERE IS NO CURE  same thing we are told about alzheimer THERE IS NO CURE same thing we are told about nearly everything I hope and ask Jesus that people would wake to that fact peace:)

  54. Marc says:

    Stand to read it. Gee, where the f**k has the EPA been since the geoengineers have been cranking up their filthy, toxic game? Anybody got any ideas as to why the EPA has blissfully turned a completely blind eye to the massive aerosol programs over this once beautiful country? Bullshit!!!!

  55. Marc says:

    If you want to read a real genuine, bonafide piece of filthy government propaganda, go to HuffPost 6/29/16 and read "A Strong EPA Delivers Protection, Justice and Pathways to a Cleaner Future" by Gina McCarthy, "administrator", EP. I don't even know where to start, this little report is so filled with stinking horseshit from start to finish. Anyone who visits here regularly will see right through this psy-op. And to run a victory lap for allegedly having outed evil VW's emissions scam is, to me, nothing more than "sleight of hand" to focus our attention on one thing while they screw us with another. Again, this article is so filled with bullshit I can barely 

    • Rachel Robson says:

       The EPA was a sham from the beginning.  A false front.  The man in charge for 27? years was absent almost always. When asked why he was gone so much, he'd say he was doing some work for the government which many interpreted to mean spying.  He traveled, took his family places, not too lavish, but charging to the government and gone most of the time.  One year After his retirement party, someone noticed that for that year after, he'd still drawn his paycheck!!  Which was not Huge, but large-ish.  And so it ended and his "boss", Gina took over.  So, if His boss was Gina, then what can one expect of her?  It gets worse, with the much wanted though not perfect TOSCA act, each chemical tested will be done one by one, each taking about 7 years!!!!!  So, screw Gina and screw this whitewash of a scam.  The individual, local offices often act in good faith, believing the lie, but their hands are tied, their info lied.

  56. paul fowler says:

    Bill Vader Zalm ( former British Columbia Premiere)

    Paul Hellar ( former defense minister of Canada) 

    They are fighting the good fight. They are taking action against climate engineering . The press has shown them in a very negative light.

    Brave individuals .

  57. Eric Hall says:

    Great article exposing the truth.  We must all keep waking others up.  Spread the word to others.  Never quit fighting.

  58. CJ says:

    I TOOK MY BIG PHARMA PILL. I feel better now. I don't like to take them though. I wonder if this back pain, leg pain and foot pain is related to all that garbage that is being sprayed?

    All of us here "may think" that we are being HELD HOSTAGE UNDER THE GUISE OF AERIAL CLIMATE REMEDIATION. 

    For me though I have chosen not to think that way. Before I did exactly that. The real position that I have taken now, is that I know the truth, and the TRUTH SETS YOU FREE.

    Possibly tomorrow I might think differently. I hope not.

    The people that are involved in all of this, and the ones that "do not think" that this is taking place, are the ones that are HELD HOSTAGE.

    It is TRUE. Evil people do Evil things and in the END THEY ARE STILL EVIL.

    So let them BE EVIL. 

    Their time is coming near and let them REAP THE SEEDS THAT THEY SEW.

    They will find out in the Long Run that the Grim Reaper will be by their side all the way until the VERY END.

    So Today I say to all:

    Have a Superb Day!  Have Good Positive Thoughts!


  59. paul fowler says:

          I find some comfort in knowing there are still a few people left on this earth that care and have not become numb from the neck up . To those few , I thank you . 

          All efforts to stop the madness are important but some people have a greater influence than others and often have more to risk . A special thanks to Two such people that I know of

     Paul Hellar ( a former defense minister Canada) and                      Bill Vader Zalm   ( a former premier of British Columbia , Canada)

     and of coarse Dane Wigington

    Please keep the faith.



  60. CJ says:

    I couldn't sleep. I have been very sore for sometime now. That side pain and leg pain. It's BACK…. I hate this Pain!!!!  Yikes another Pill… 

    Anyhow I read all the posts here and I see a whole lot of Pain. No pain No gain so it is said. It does sadden me though. I watched an advertisement for promoting tourism in Nova Scotia. It had aerial footage of the lakes and trees. Here they are boasting how nice it is. From what I could see it did not look very good. The amount of dead trees and dying trees in the video were extreme. Some would look at it and say…Oh what pretty colors. To a trained eye they would say "Pretty Awful". That would be all of the Trained Eyes that are posting here that can differentiate BETWEEN TRUTH AND DECEPTION. 

    Well  the posts that were talking about the Disney Crap. That garbage is so Fairy Tale and people eat it right up. So deeply engrained in total dilution of deception and deceit into gullible people…We are getting hammered with this Non Stop aerosol right here in Central Ontario. It makes me literally sick when I walk out the door and look at the filthy sky laden with massive  poisoning overhead. I want to know When The F**K will the rest of the sleepy dopey people will see that this is not Fiction or a F**K'ing Conspiracy.

    I'm sick of that WORD CONSPIRACY… It is a Discovery and it looks to me like we have some Discovery People here. Thanks to all that have posted.

    Never Give Up.  

    • jsthe2nd says:

      Try eating Romaine lettuce.   It contains high amts. folic acid.  It has helped me in removing muscle pains and give energy.
      I add all the usu. amenities…. add in about 5-6tsps. liquid stevia(to taste) to 1qt. of Organic Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar to make it a joy to eat!  Add Olive Oil too.
      I personally cut the leaves into ~1" sqs. and use a spoon to eat.

  61. Mark from OZ -MN native says:

    Alberta CA hail storm footage( 2014) and aftermath. What's important here is the footage of the aircraft equipped with spraying equipment who (allegedly) chase / lace the storm front with a 'chemical' (silver iodide) to 'minimize' the damage that ensues.

    All part of 'introduction' and 'sell' of the good deeds being done. Note: Is revealed that property insurance companies are behind this weather modification. See ~ 1:30 of vid for up close of aircraft and gear.


  62. Cindy Walker says:

    Found this info.. Check it out. Ask Siri to "Ask Wolfram who is flying overhead "…..It gives type,altitude , location and more. Good tool for Dane! It's developed by…

  63. Here is the 1997 pdf paper by Edward Teller entitled "Global Warming and Ice Ages: Prospects for a Physics-based Modulation of Global Climate Change":

    • izzy says:

      After wading through the Teller document – which is not difficult to understand – it is obvious that any strategy to mitigate warming with aerosols has to happen way up in the stratosphere, which is well above the altitude where this stuff is apparently being deployed. So this both reinforces and again begs the question – what is the real intention with this program? And for whose benefit? Is this some sort of Trojan Horse?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Izzy, yes, geoengineering is making the overall warming of the planet worse, not better. This being said, it is imperative to consider and remember that there are a great many aspects to climate engineering, including chemical ice nucleation. This process is absolutely being used and is absolutely causing radical cool-downs in countless regions (though the cool-downs are only temporary and highly toxic). Though there are many agendas connected to what is occurring in our skies, geoengineering is being used as a tool to confuse and divide populations as to the true state of the climate while the planet descends into total meltdown from countless anthropogenic sources of damage (geoengineering at the top of the list). FYI

  64. Carol says:

    The trees aren't just dying in northern Michigan. I live in southern Michigan and the pines and other trees are standing tall and dead all around me.  The one business that is going to be going great guns for the foreseeable future is the tree removal business. 

     Because of the expense, most people are just letting the dead trees stand for now but that can't go on forever. They will either be brought down in a storm,  or have to be brought down mechanically.   So sad !

  65. Why do artificial clouds go unchallenged? I created a webpage just now with 18 aerosol cloud screenshots from Disney's animated feature, "The Three Musketeers," showing the heavy reliance upon visual conditioning of children to accept aerosol spraying or "chemtrails" as normal.

    For the first several minutes of the movie the clouds are normal, fluffy, cauliflower-like balls of cumulus; then the first aerosol trails are introduced as reflections in the large window that Mickey, Daffy, and Goofy are hoisted up onto to clean.

    These photos demonstrate the importance that children — if they are to be life long learners with their cognitive functioning intact — learn about their environment via hands-on, immersive, real world experiences. Relying on digital representations of reality can easily lead you to accept as true that which is not.

    It is said that Disney defines American culture. Does it follow that lines of toxic heavy metal nanoparticles in the sky now define America's natural beauty, as Disney seems intent on arguing?

    As various neoconservatives have said, we the people are not to use our own critical faculties, but rather we should be told what to believe. As Karl Rove once said to a room full of obseqious corporate media reporters, "It is we who create reality."

    I despise Disney and the heartless New World Order borg that it is part of. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    • Carrie says:

      I have just looked at your web page…..that is incredible.  Our children are conditioned & manipulated.  I looked up on the internet & there was a competition in USA to spot how many "con" trails school children could see. Autism is also depicted on Seseme Street to be "normal". Sociology & accepting that to be the new "norm". The powers that be have refined their skills over decades!

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Very well put. I have abhorred the unreality of Disney since a small child. And yes, you have the  picture so correct, thank you. 

    • Brian says:

      Very good observation and new website as well. I checked it out and your right.  This is blatant mind control by Disney to condition children for a different reality. 

    • michael says:

      im a 90s kid who's earlier years were grown up on the classic disney movies , but i instantly understood that the trails being left behind by air traffic that expand into a canopy are man made the first video i watched that pointed this out , later that day i saw the first trail that did just that , so so much for their condition :l , but i wonder perhaps there were others i had seen before that i just didn't pay attention to?….

    • Vince says:

      The BBC does this subliminal messaging too. 
      Here's an example.

    • Dennie says:

      Great post.  My parents were very suspicious of Disney and the Disneyification of American "culture."  We had kids who couldn't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.  Or they started believing or seriously wishing that all their fantasies could or would be reality. Sheesh.  My parents thought it was as corrupting as soda pop and freely told my sister and me as much.  I'm sick of the A$$holes-In-Charge "normalizing" completely abnormal Everything, from behavior to Nature.  NOTHING but lies, painted up real pretty by their Animators, then sold to us at "truth," somehow.  Hey, Karl:  If LIES are actually "reality," don'tcha kinda think somehow that anyone who believes your crock fulla might be in for some very serious trouble down the road?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ham, I could not agree more!  Actually I could.  It has long seemed to me that this country is trying to turn the whole world into Disney Land. A remnant of one village left here and there,  little quaint vistas of what once was.  These become vacation destinations.  Meet A tribal person.  Buy made in China tribal gifts and mementos.  Dream of a Condo share.  Oh Ick!  Better yet, take a cruise-you don't even Have to get off the ship!

  66. Carrie says:

    I have only been aware of geo engineering about 6 months. I live in Australia QLD in the country outside of Brisbane.  We don't seem to get spraying every day, more when rain is predicted.  Spraying occurs & the clouds disperse. The skies are mostly still lovely & blue & so far trees in my area do not seem effected.  I have written to politicians asking questions…to date no replies.

    On a recent trip interstate I noticed a lot of spraying in an area that protests against the CGS industry & have declared the region CGS free. I have traveled this hwy over many years & never before seen the skies sprayed.  Day & night.  It's exactly the same as the photos already published on this sight. The region was also very, very dry. Near Glen Innes in the mountains the spraying was relentless, I have never seen anything like it.  The lowest the river has been their for over 30 yrs my family tell me.

    When I say anything, most people say it's only the jet stream form the planes.  You don't see the sky clearly living in a city area, people are dumbed down by the fluoride in the water & the chemicals they are exposed to daily.  Many people are sick. Glyphosate is used everywhere without concern "safe & effective" but exposure effects your cognitive functioning. People are stressed & struggling to make ends meet. This I believe is why so many people do not accept or notice what is happening.  People are also manipulated & taught from school age to respect people in authority…is part of Sociology & social inclusion, it's a very hard thing to make people see the truth!

    I despair for my children & grandchildren, we all deserve better to live in peace & harmony & to be healthy & happy.

    • Michel B says:

      Hello Carrie. I live in Brisbane. I see SRM or its effects in the sky every day. If it is not obvious lines and shapes and RF signatures, the sky is never the right colour. Remember how it used to be a deep blue? It is never a deep blue. The constant haze, evident even when not too distant, the white haze about the sun, especially in the morning and afternoon is the key.

      I live and work on the south side and when I look towards the Mt Coot-tha range which is only to the immediate west of the city, it is often obscured by haze. This has been explained in the media as "Pollution from an increase in traffic" which is absolutely wrong. This haze is seen even on Sundays when there is no business traffic. Also, go down to the bayside of Brisbane and look out to the horizon. Look at the dirty horizon way out there on the water. No much traffic out there but plenty of dirty haze!

      Before I found out about Geoengineering, I was perplexed by all this haze: haze over the country side where the population is far less, haze out on the horizon at sea, haze over the urban landscapes on weekends. This overwhelming haze is a key indicator of SRM. It is the fallout from the spraying in the upper troposphere.

      People are perplexed by it too, but since they cannot automatically imagine anything near the horrible and almost incomprehensible truth, they assume it is pollution from traffic and industry. It is one very large and obvious feature with which I challenge the unaware. I ask them to please explain it and no guessing either. From where does it come and how does it permeate those regions where there is no reasonable explanation at all? That is one way I chisel at opening up minds.

  67. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane. As always your evidence in knowledge of meteorology and ALL the PICTURES.  What's the expression? THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! Sharing with Orbis Vitae, Russ Tanner's website.

    Thank you so much for all you do. Yes, TEAMWORK, and you have the 'calling' to put it all together and get it going FORWARD. Many blessings be on you and the people stepping up and speaking out! . Looking forward to the outcome of the Legal Action in Canada and soon  United States. Sincere appreciate and prayers! 

  68. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    The clean cut sharp edges, with 90 degree angles in the cloud configurations and patterns, are the most obvious evidence, that manipulation is occurring. Natural clouds and weather systems will have a tapered shape, not a clean cut diamond, or marble linear edge. The temperature graphs are another good example. How could the U.S. be divided with record high temperatures in the Western half of the country, compared with record low temperatures in the Eastern half of the country. The temperatures shoud be graduated from North to South with elevation and topography taken into consideration as well.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ David, Hello.

      The forecasting shills never much speak of fronts (and it's easy to understand why not) but now speak of troughs.  I don't remember hearing of those before this year.  In Alaska troughs have become an everyday thing.

  69. Free Energy Technologies says:

    brave is the one who stands up and speaks while everyone else is sitting on the floor silently and staring at you with anger.

  70. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It's wonderful someone was able to capture these photos.  They apparently slipped through the cracks.  And I'm so grateful for the cracks.  It's evidence of cracks in the military strategy of Full Spectrum Dominance.  I say the more the better! 

    It's impossible to imagine the Matrix can be maintained.  Just look at Earth-bound infrastructure, for example.

    But NASA is on the case.  The Alaska sites where satellite photos can be seen are being renovated or perhaps "reformed".  I've been relying on these in my quest to watch the Arctic.  We'll have to see what is happening soon, early July.  It sounded like the photos will become "point based" rather than "regional", so people cannot see the larger picture.  It also mentions something about local climate.  We already know climate is not local.  I sense obfuscation is afoot.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      My bad, this is from NOAA and The National Weather Service.  I see it said climate data would be presented locally.  So I messed up some.  Probably brain fog.

      Anyway, they are shuffling the deck somehow.

  71. Juan Sequoia says:

    Here in Baja California Mexico, the skies are never blue anymore and The weather controllers in the USSA are not letting any rain in here either. Hardly anyone here knows what is going on and a lot of the spraying of the skies originates north of the border and crosses south past Ensenada and in the mountains to the east.

    This is frustrating and sickening that they are doing this to us and themselves for a pay check and pension. These Nazis do not realize that the power structure will steal their pensions when the economy plunges.

    It seems to me that the power structure will not listen th anybody, and if we try to interfere  with what they are doing. they will send a swat team or a drone to shut us up.

    It seems like part of their plans in droughting out California is to cause famine and burn all of the forest and rural areas out to move people into the cities and out of state. Agenda 21.The same will apply to Baja California.

    I try to do my best to share this website with people in the border region of CA and BC MX. In the long run together we can make a difference together and put an end to this insanity by this demonic and sick power structure incharge,

    • Mike looking up says:

      Jaun,, by 2020 food will be up in multiples, by 2025 food will becoming scarce, by 2030 (agenda 21) food could be insects and worms, by 2040 were probably 4c above todays temps. Methane emergency time and 2050 life on earth will be over……………… Unless, we find a way. Juan, dont worry about Agenda 21, God help us and fight the good fight. we must find away.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, mathematically speaking, if the human race remains on the current course of total destruction, our time horizon will  unfortunately be much shorter than what you outlined. There must be a complete change of direction, starting with exposing and halting the insanity in our skies (though countless challenges will remain). One bridge at a time.

  72. nobodiesfool says:

    When so many persons wonder how so many can actually not see, not know, not care, I want to ask?  Where were your children educated?  In nature, learning about clouds and weather and river flows, etc., or were they sent to the training camps called "schools"  so that you could do what you "must":  Earn money in the system.  Why complain now?  Didn't work out 100% in your favor?  ready to give up the insane notion of private property?  No?!?! 

  73. Kim says:

    Hello Dane,

    Please accept my admiration to you and team for all your great efforts in what you are doing to help expose the real nightmare that we live in called 'civilisation'.

    As if there isn't already enough to research on can I ask the question 'What is geoengineeringwatch.orgs' stance on the incoming planetary system that is starting to appear in our skies?

    to you all stay safe

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kim, thank you for your support in this battle, and for making your voice heard. In regard to cosmological events, though they are of great interest, the unfolding catastrophes that we noe face on Earth can be traced direcly to known causal factors, all of them anthropogenic. Climate engineering is the greatest assault against the biosphere ever deployed by the human race, our priority must continue to be to expose and halt geoengineering.

  74. This report makes it evident that the people in charge of geoengineering are terrified of what is coming. Just as Dane has said again and again, they are desperate to keep the truth from us as long as possible. If you read the US Patents on this website, you will be completely convinced of the undeniable truth!
    FEMA Contractor Predicts 'Social Unrest' Caused by 395% Food Price Spikes  / Nafeez Ahmed, Columnist / June 26, 2016
    The US national security industry is planning for the impact of an unprecedented global food crisis lasting as long as a decade, according to reports by a government contractor. The studies published by CNA Corporation in December 2015, unreported until now, describe a detailed simulation of a protracted global food crisis from 2020 to 2030. The simulation, titled ‘Food Chain Reaction’, was a desktop gaming exercise involving the participation of 65 officials from the US, Europe, Africa, India, Brazil, and key multilateral and intergovernmental institutions. The scenario for the ‘Food Chain Reaction’ simulation was created by experts brought in from the State Department, the World Bank, and agribusiness giant Cargill, along with independent specialists. CNA Corp’s Institute for Public Research, which ran the simulation, primarily provides scientific research services for the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Held from November 9-10 in 2015, the “game” attempted to simulate a plausible global food crisis triggered by “food price and supply swings amidst burgeoning population growth, rapid urbanization, severe weather events, and social unrest.” By 2024, the scenario saw global food prices spike by as much as 395 percent due to prolonged crop failures in key food basket regions, driven largely by climate change, oil price spikes, and confused responses from the international community. “Disruptions affected developed and developing countries alike, creating political and economic instability, and contributing to social unrest in certain areas,” the project’s technical report states.

    • CNA, formerly known as the CNA Corporation, is a nonprofit research and analysis organization based in Arlington, VA. CNA has around 625 employees. CNA operates: The Center for Naval Analyses. CNA's Center for Naval Analyses is the federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) for the United States Navy and Marine Corps. It has seven divisions: Advanced Technology & Systems Analysis, China Studies, Marine Corps Program, Operations & Tactics Analysis, Operations Evaluation Group, Resource Analysis, and Strategic Studies; the Institute for Public Research. CNA's Institute for Public Research conducts research and analysis on domestic policy issues for federal, state, and local government agencies, including the United States Department of Homeland Security, the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the United States Department of Education. It has four divisions: Education; Energy, Water, & Climate; Enterprise Systems and Data Analysis; and Safety & Security; the Military Advisory Board. The CNA Military Advisory Board is an American defense advisory group composed of retired three-star and four-star generals and admirals from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps that studies pressing issues of the day to assess their impact on America’s national security. WIKI

  75. My photos of heinous toxic clouds over the Olympic Peninsula and a mind-blowing US Patent with illustrations taken from WIKI Commons:
    Navy Waves: Aerosol Spray over the Olympic Peninsula / June 26, 2016

    Sky Demons over the Olympic Peninsula / June 26, 2016

    Plasma Physics: Method and apparatus for triggering a substantial change in earth characteristics and measuring earth changes / Patent 4042196

    • sea says:

      Hi Susan I just had to respond to your photos labeled Navy Waves- I was at the Aptos Farmers Market (near Santa Cruz CA) two weeks ago on a Saturday morning and looked up to see the "waves" happening right before my eyes unbelievable intensity to the activity- I actually felt it physically, almost dazed, my head felt cloudy, it was frightening. It was the fist time I had seen it so intense and first time I felt it in my body. SEA

    • LS says:

      Susan,  The sky here in the Sierra looks identical to the photos you've posted, today and recently. They just blew apart a storm that would have hit Nevada and the results are like your photos. The R/F microwaving cause me to feel really weird, to say the least.

      Also, the conditions in El Dorado County where a fire started today are so dry…. it doesn't  look good,  it is in really rugged wilderness. Let's hope for the best for everyone but especially the firefighters.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Susan, thank you for posting your pictures, and Dane for everything you are doing. We here in Arizona also get those Lovely Navy Waves, Micro Waves, Wispy Clouds, etc. What they are doing above us makes me nauseous, and when they turn it off, that feeling goes away immediately. The same happened when the Smart Meters with Radio Frequency were removed from our home. The Smart Meters seemed much worse, but that could be because they were going 24/7. The Navy knows full well the harm they are causing, and so do the electric companies that put the murder meters on our homes, all is documented.

  76. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Dane, Everyone,

    I'm from Tennessee.  A truly beloved person in our area of the world died over night of Dementia! Head Lady Vols Basketball Coach PAT SUMMITT.  It is all over the world, ESPN, local media, and in my office.  I've attempted to post atleast a dozen places about Aluminum/Vax/GEO&Climate Engineering and they are all being blocked.  

    She passed of Dementia at age 64.  She was a picture of health until 2011/12 when diagnosed.  She should still be coaching.  But we all know this is due to our toxic environment we now live in.  

    I'm telling everyone about how heavy metals in our air column is causing this nightmare of a disease to explode.  

    Dane please do an article on Dementia!  So I can forward this information to people cause today I've made headway on this with several people.  I'm very mad that a wonderful woman like her had to pass way before her time.  We are all in for it guys if we don't passionately hit critical mass.

    Dane if you have a link on your site already please reply and I'll go with that.  I know your a busy man fighting the good fight.  I from The great state of Tennessee stand with you sir!  Thank you!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello TNGEOWATCH, my most sincere sympathy for your loss, hope the attached link helps to answer some questions. FYI

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      Thank you Dane!  Sending out now!  Sending to local media too.  

    • David Gershon says:

      "The answer to pollution is dilution," so say the psychopaths polluting our environment. As outside, so inside the human body. Brew home made distilled water with a Water Wise distiller from Amazon. We are told drinking only distilled water is not safe. Not true. I'm a 70 year old physician: did lots of experimenting on myself to test this. Also healed cancer and diabetes by cleaning up my diet. No dementia as yet, except that I can't remember my name and where I live. (Just joking!)

  77. Scott in Fla says:

    Does anyone know what measures are being applied to identify the people behind this activity? Does someone already know who they are? Lets post the names of the principles involved so action can be taken!

    • These are some of the people involved.  If it includes everyone participating, covering up, or bystanding at all levels, it's going to be a long list.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Big Brother is too Big..maybe bigger than the courts. That's why all us have to sift through the pap. Listen to yourself and don't fall for the cheap beer churned out by our media. 

    • Jeanette S says:

      That is what I say. Start bringing these quote "people" from out of the shadows and let start answering for what they are doing. I do not want their cures, even if I die from it. Doing nothing is better than the sociopathic top 1%'s gotta make a dollar off of it "cures".

  78. Dave says:

    Hello Rhonda, I haven't been to the UP in years but have the fondest memories of taking vacations to Lake Independence near Marquette Mi,during the 60s. Sad,but not surprised to get your report as Iv'e recently been observing the rapid decline, and death of so many trees especially the pines in the west Mi, and central Mi areas. I remember the majestic White Pine trees on our trips to the UP, I assume, the poison is affecting them as well. My wife, whose a RN was recently going over the obits and noting how many younger (50s and 60s)people were dying of cancer and asked me if there was any correlation to geoengineering ,and I said, tons of it. Hopefully this will get her to begin spreading the word around her workplace. We've had shouting matches about how important it is to get the information to as many people as we can as soon as we can directing them to this website. Blessings to all, and remember the power of prayer.  

  79. Debra says:



  80. George McFarland says:

    The biggest question for me is: What can we do to stop it? Protesting does not seem to work. Can this be brought before congress to stop, doubting they would because they are involved in the first place and deny it. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello George, check the attached link for input on what we can do. There is no silver bullet for the challenge we face, we must all work together toward the all important effort to reach a cticial mass of awareness, this is the only way forward.

  81. Kathryn says:

    Great post as always. I like the fact that people will be able to see the NASA emblem. I try to take my coworkers outside when there is a mix of real fluffy clouds so that they can recognize the difference.  Harder for younger ones because they did not grow up with the beautiful skies that I did. Another major problem is that all the wifi, and cell towers are poisoning us electronically and this seems to have a dumbing down affect on people of all ages.  The radiation daily dose is ramping up on all levels. I keep on envisioning  a change in mass awareness, a big wake-up. Have to stay positive.



  82. Bluv says:

    No visible spraying over Portland Oregon for three days now. Anything out of the un-ordinary now sets me to wonder what's next. A good friend who introduced me to geoengineering replyied, "Just wait, they'll be back." I want to thank you Dane for you honesty and courage to expose all the lies we've been fed for way to long, again to you and yours, all my best.

    • matt sarlo says:

      Same here in Loveland colorado for a few days. Makes me wonder what is next too.

    • Jhere McKenzie says:

      They are spraying, but not to the extent to which we are accustom. Yesterday, two fighter jets flew low over SE Portland, and even though it looked clear, they were hazy. I still see them spraying at high altitudes, but the spray dissipates quickly. Also, have you seen the halo around the sun on days when there is heavy spraying?


    • Timmy says:

      Same thing in Bend, Oregon. The past 6 days if not more have been completely blue, no spraying whatsoever. Where are they? Normally we cannot get even two consecutive days…

    • Kay says:

      From June 20-31, 2016, in Southern Oregon and Central Oregon (Bend), we had NO TRAILS at all, not a single one. And consequently, we had pure sunshine, blue skies, and barely any clouds at all. The blue was so blue! Not only did we not have trails, but we didn't have a lot of planes either. I've calculated that here in the lonely high desert of central Oregon we get anywhere from 200-300 planes overhead per day, EVEN WHEN OUR AIRPORT WAS CLOSED FOR A MONTH. The respite of 11 days without trails is a phenomenon that hasn't been seen in many years. I even thought they may be gone for good … until yesterday. What a tragedy. How sad for humanity. Give me my natural skies back, it's my human right for living on planet Earth. 

      I wonder how many others throughout the country experienced this time period of no trails, or if it was just an Oregon thing. Where are the major environmental agencies on this? 

  83. izzy says:

    Apparently the juggernaut rolls on unimpeded, even as the evidence floating overhead becomes ever more obvious.

    Are there any new developments with the lawsuit? The Legal Defense Fund website does not seem to include any progress reports.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Izzy, about our ongoing legal efforts, the Canadian action is still progressing, I will post an update soon. The US effort has been much more difficult, complex, and has taken considerably longer to get off the ground than we had originally anticipated. This being said, we hope to be able to post the filing of our “60 day notice of legal action” (to all potential defendants) very soon. In the meantime, it is imperative for all of us to continue efficiently and effectively sounding the alarm by sharing credible data with every possible individual, agency, organization, media source, etc. Every day counts at this point, reaching a critical mass of awareness will be the bottom line in this battle. FYI

  84. This year it has become apparent that the trees are in severe distress.  While traveling to the upper peninsula in Michigan, in some places there were entire areas where all the trees were dead.  Pine trees are the hardest hit.  We observed massive geoengineering occurring when we crossed the boarder in Sault St. Marie Canada as well. The once pristine north once filled with lush green trees is quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

    Thank you for your ongoing fight to expose this atrocity.


    • 57 states says:


    • 57 states says:

      I say lets start prosecuting these scientist and politicians who are in on this. People are dying from these weather experiments and the price for destroying the eco system should be death! hopefully the high courts will rule in that favor that is when the time comes that those elite scumbag murderers will face court rooms and have to explain top the people of the world that they destroyed out planet for money! I would hate to be them, they will go to hell for eternity! god save this planet

    • Jeanette S says:

      It is sociopathic business people, gov't officials, contractors, investors then the scientists. Very rare do you find one that is actually malicious in my opinion. But then the gmo sector seems to have some scientific loudmouths or so they purport. Still the guys in the lab coats…probably bs'd into thinking they are doing good or they are threatened. Scientists are just that, they want to discover things. It is when some sociopathic pos BA degree/investor finds them and takes what they know and warps and twists it and puts out whatever "product" is sellable because poor little them "deserves" return on their investment.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Expect less oxygen in the air as a result you will not be able to sleep well you will have a hard time being active thinking will be harder and painful and you will live less because our earths oxygen levels are dropping because the life that produces oxygen is perishing expect more oxygen related fatal pregnancies as well by the way there will be more people with disabilities like the big huge spectrum of autism and other 1 in 7 by 11 years old will be mentally ill on top of that 1 in 3 during life time will have a stroke on top of that some will have silent strokes and then we could have heart disease what a world we live in plus all the non health problems we are dealing with.

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