Climate Engineering Chemical Cool-Down For The US


Dane Wigington

As the global climate system implosion gains momentum, the geoengineers are displaying increasing desperation in their attempt to create temporary toxic cool-downs in a rapidly warming world. Again, and again, and again, the Eastern US has been the focus of massive (and highly toxic) climate engineering cool-downs. Why? To continue feeding the climate confusion amongst the public in the most populated portions of the US while the meltdown of the planet continues into a runaway warming scenario with climate engineering helping to fuel the overall fire. Where are the only below normal temperature zones in the current "departure from normal high temperature" map shown below? Heavily populated regions of the US and Europe. Why aren't the paid actors on power structure owned propaganda programs like The Weather Channel (who also has ties with Monsanto) even mentioning the continued incineration of Canada, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest,  Australia, India, Asia, the UK,  the Arctic, Siberia, and the rest of the planet as a whole? Because they are paid to pacify the population and to cover the tracks of the climate engineers


The bright blue regions of record low temperatures that stand out in the Eastern Center of the US are a shocking (and completely engineered) anomaly in a record warm world.

A further highlighting of specific temperature "departures from normal" is shown in the next map. 


Radical varied localized temperature extremes (that have become the norm in recent years) are historically unprecedented.

In order to carry out the chemical ice nucleated cool-down assaults (fueling devastating hail storms), considerable atmospheric moisture is required over the target zones.


Note the near 90 degree corner taken out of the precipitation convection zone to the west of Florida. This is an ever more common signature of radio frequency manipulation. 

Consider that much of moisture that fueled the record cold and May snow that just fell in the US East originated in a record warm Florida and gulf of Mexico. The morning LOW temperature in Florida on 5/17/2016  (the date the above satellite photo was captured) tied all time record of 78 degrees (again, 78 degrees was the nighttime LOW temperature). The record Florida warmth has also fueled record rain. (A record warm world/atmosphere must produce more precipitation unless the geoengineers choose to create drought as is the case in California and other regions around the globe which is radically impacting populations). How does record warm moisture flow north to create record cold and snow? Welcome to the engineered winter deception carried out with jet stream manipulation and chemical ice nucleation. As the weather makers prepare for the coming radical cool-down in the US West, massive aerosol spraying can be seen in the current satellite image shown below, taken on 5/19/2016


Blanket solar radiation management spraying over the oceans (and over land) is wreaking havoc on the web of life and the climate system as whole. "Ocean fertilization"  with highly toxic materials is another deadly aspect of geoengineering

So what is the "scheduled weather" for the days following the engineered cool-down of the Eastern US? The NOAA "forecast" map below is yet another shocking illustration of complete manipulation of the climate system. 


From record warmth in the US West, to potential record cold. The record cold in the East will flip to possible record highs. Each color shade represents 2-3 degrees of variation from normal, high or low, depending on the hue.

What is the bottom line regarding the overall state of the global climate? The planet is already in a runaway warming scenario, April 2016 yet again shattered all former global temperature records


The gravity of the overall global temperature rise cannot be overstated, climate engineering/solar radiation management is not a form of "mediation" as those in power would have us believe, geoengineering is a weapon of mass deception and war, nothing less. 

In the desperate effort to hide reality from the population for as long as possible (and thus to keep business as usual for the military/industrial/corporate complex) the climate engineers continue to create the toxic temporary cool-downs which are only fueling the climate destruction and overall warming of the biosphere. Why aren't employees of the National Weather Service and NOAA sounding the alarm? These government scientists have no first amendment protection and now also have also had an illegal federal gag order placed on them. The anomalous cool-downs are as engineered as the corporate media hype surrounding these weather whiplash events. The fight to expose and halt global climate engineering is nothing less than a fight for life, make you voice heard in this most critical battle.

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  1. jr says:

    Just a quick note to all in hopes of saving you the allopathic/AMA/Pharma/butchery industry; learn to google for alternative remedies and DIY therapies. is invaluable

    Free docs online include; Cancer:the forbidden cures -also Marketing the Madness

    The enemy wants us all to dies painful, agonizing deaths while they rob us and all we know of every last, bloody cent- so learn to RESEARCH!!!

  2. jr says:

    Joni Mitchell suffered a stroke after she went public with her Morgellon's disease.

    See to learn how much NOTHING is being done to save the Japanese, Hawaiians, Pacific. Soon coming to OUR neighborhood, no matter WHERE you live.

    Zeolite, bentonite clay, ionizers, colloidal silver, Lugol's Iodine, all ways to give you bigger pails for bailing out our Titanic. Hahaaa- I'm crying.

  3. jr says:

    Norm being of course, the engineering garbge we've been forced the endure these last several years.

    I re:to Dane's query; "What are they hiding?" I would surmise that it would be 140 degrees here in Baltimore without the metallic plasma screen blocking the methane ravaged ionisphere. Nearly 10 yrs ago, it was 108 degrees here in August. The report in downtown L.A. was 115. After that, the goons got to work to mask what is happening and we started seeing things like spacehots of Eastern Europe turned blue from the great freeze. I don't know how many perished till these bastards learned how to 'tweak' their atrocious controls.

    I have little sympathy for indulgent, stupid, self-serving people who were supposed to act as stewards but instead allowed this to happen!

    We ARE quarantined from the universe for shitting where we eat. I don't know how we can possibly turn this around, we're so far gone. I'm hoping Mr. Trump can help as tptb hate him so damned bad for upsetting their pathological hell toboggan. All the most vile whoremongers are trying to stop him while he's running on tyring to restore sanity. I suspect he senses mortality and is horrified for his children and making a balls to the wall run for it. I hope he wins. I hope the starfish come back. I hopes all the whales and birds and wolves don't die. I hope I can write something better than this next time I visit, which isn't enough because vindication of this nightmare rips my heart out and I don't really have any more room for another huge tear.

  4. helot says:

    For those of you who are missing the morning dew, come to the Midwest, the morning dew here is so thick, it’s like it just rained. …That observation kind of demolishes the ‘bottle theory of dew’ some people have. Geoengenerring does not seem to be that simple. Again, jmho.

    The dew is a tad too thick compared to years gone by, imho. There’s, ‘wet grass’ and then there’s, ‘drenched grass’. We have, ‘drenched grass’ morning dew.

    From reading this blog thread it seems the U.S. has three distinct weather blocks: the west, the middle, and the east. All are Very different. And, not naturally so.

  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    The general population should realize, that such an extreme imbalance in temperature contrasts are unnatural. The U.S. is in the second month of Spring, the Engineered Weather Whiplash phenomena is not natural. Why would there be such a large Cold Pocket in the Eastern half of the country. The Jet Stream is being blocked, which is creating a blocking High Pressure area, causing the Jet Stream to flow North into Canada, then plunge down into the Eastern U.S.. People should certainly notice the sharp deviation in the temperatures across the U.S. and the associated weather whiplash that occurs with them.

  6. Rachel Robson says:

    Hmmm, previously called something else I'm now forgetting-maybe Radston, changed to Uranium One with the purchase of land to mine in Oregon by Russia for uranium for yellow cake.  This a few years ago and yes, I believe it was 2 and a half million into Hillary's run for office, as she facilitated this sale, and 500,000$ to Bill for a one time speaking engagement in Russia, and into her run.  Last I knew, she was still refusing to disclose this.  It is bad enough that the Clintons brought Monsanto into the fold, but this tops it for me.  And, it is not the only such thing.  The area sold is a protected species area.  Other protected areas and even national parks are slated for similar fates including on in Arizona, Resolution mine, for copper-owned by Canada and the UK.  These are public lands, paid for with your tax dollars.  Were you consulted?  Nope.  America is having a yard sale, literally.

  7. bija says:

    Gee…BAYER, the German drug and chemical mega corporation  (linked to IG Farben) would like to buy MONSANTO. Could things get any more creepy??? 

    • Veritas says:

      You can trust Bayer! They have your best interest in mind they promise. I am joking Do NOT trust these a-holes, here is one of many reasons why not to trust them. Monsato and Bayer, Baysanto? What a match made in hell.

    • Dawnski says:

      BAYER. . Beyond Amazing Yet Environmentally Ridiculous. . Bayer bought Burt's Bees. How natural do you think those products now are? A panel of judges from senior project now know the truth. Bee informed. Bee educated. Because life hangs in the balance. . .Bayer is banned in my household.

  8. The deforestation of Ukraine by the EU: Most of the move within the EU to “renewable energy” is towards wood. Now we know where that wood is coming from…
    by Dmytryi Kovalevich /Off-Guardian, 18 May, 2016
    Since 2014 we have in Ukraine a mass deforestation. The entire forests and parks are being eliminated, causing local environmental disasters. However, until now the logging has been mostly illegal. But now the EU is demanding from Ukraine to lift the ban on exporting timber/wood as a condition of obtaining the next EU macrofinancial aid (1.2 billion euro), reminding Kiev that this is a term of the Euroassociation agreement, – reports Ukrainian Minister of economic development and trade. Currently, even the polluted radioactive forests of the Chernobyl zone are being cut: “But logging in a post-apocalyptic forest would pose a number of health concerns. Trees, like moss, absorb radiation from the subsoil. Also, clear-cutting churns up soil, stirring radioactive dust and accelerating erosion,” reports New York Times.


    • Rodster says:

      Aren’t trees essential to a stable biosphere? We all know the answer.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan.  I've spent a portion of my life using wood for heat.  When I did, and times I've lived off the land, most I collected dead on the ground.  In one tiny forested community, everyone did and the smell was heavenly and welcoming.  Later, via studies concerning wood burning in the Bay Area, I sent off for info.  Which said even if the smell is good, what's in it is not, very bad indeed, both to others, but especially to those in homes who burn wood-and out here many burned their trash as well, including diapers and plastics and it stank!  And affected air quality to such a degree that major restrictions were enacted.

      When I watched Discovery's show After Chernobyl, they made a point that even logs on the ground were not decomposing, were hard as rock. And very radioactive, a fear being a fire.  Given all the mega fires, I can see how it would occur to people to get the wood before it burns, but talk about not thinking things All the way through!

    • BaneB says:

      The simple reality is we use up something combustible in order to stay warm and to cook our food.  Simply put, there are too many of us to sustain a living planet of the type we inhabit.  Simply put resources are finite while the population bomb is exponential.  There is no dialogue, no leadership, no dissemination of up front information that might lead us out of the wilderness.  Rather, it seems we have an elite determined to utilize subterfuge to exact covert programs to transgender half the population and the other half can starve, die of thirst, or go out in a mushroom cloud.  I say these things in a flight of macabe fantasy.  

  9. EXTERMINATION:  Surely there can be no doubt left that our perverted and psychotic rulers are systematically working to exterminate us. I’m convinced. The list is pervasive and long, so for brevity’s sake: chemically poisoned air-food-water, dead and dying trees-animals-bees-insects-fish, radiation releases increasing, the Pacific Ocean dying, vaccinations that will leave future generations helpless, addictive prescription drugs with deadly side-effects, barbaric medicine that diagnoses incorrectly, chemicals in every product including our clothes and household cleaners, our dumbed-down children with brain-tumor-causing cell phones glued to their heads, GMOs that mutate our DNA, phase-array zapping Ionospheric heaters fracking the heavens, rf/microwave emitters and transmitters destroying our nervous system and mental capacities, electrified fried skies, the Arctic and the Antarctic melting changing the ocean currents destabilizing plate tectonics, ubiquitous unrelenting mendacity in an emerging Orwellian totalitarian state, World War III coming soon, etc., etc., etc. All in my lifetime of 70 years. I doubt there is anyone posting or reading here at GW that has not wondered who or what would do this — meaning poison their own people and commit genocide omnicide suicide on their own planet. One might be driven to say that this behavior is in-humane. Insane.

    • Dennie says:

      People who are homicidal are also suicidal.  That's a pretty well-known psychological precept.  I don't think it's even all that conscious a program– that's giving "them" waaay too much credit in the Feelings Dept!  The "people" involved in the planetary poisoning are completely heartless assholes living in a compartmentalized world who couldn't care less about anything.  Including themselves. Money is more important than actual life itself.  That should be clear.

    • Marc says:

      I've been reading your posts for some time now, Susan. Your myriad observations of unconscionably destructive endeavors across the planet have led me and millions of others to the same conclusion you are now sharing here. If there is a "consciousness" behind these things, be it military, or "New World Order" or something that remains cloaked from us, the fact remains that the destruction and harm to all life is orders of magnitude beyond what might be deemed "appropriate" or "practical" or…."necessary". Thus, it is difficult to NOT come to the conclusion that a systematic agenda of planetary murder is underway and there is little we can do about it. If indeed there is a God, and at this point I'm not at all sure if there is, said "God" seems unconcerned with the omniciding of all life on this once pristine planet. All one has to do is look at the history of wars in the 20th century alone and we can quickly obtain a clue as to the fact there is something deeply, deeply flawed in our species. Maybe in our DNA, I don't know. None of it makes any sense anymore. I remain convinced that the VAST majority of humankind prefers to live in harmony with one another and with the earth. Somehow the psychopathic FEW are able to coopt the support of millions, over and over again, in the service of their pathetic conquests and conflicts. What does that say about us?

    • LS says:

      Susan, I can't  let your post sit there without a thank you for laying it all out there. Sorry, but you nailed it, as usual. You are a gem and a gift to all of us.  I love it when you make me look up words. Keep educating us. 

      News from India…. 51degrees Celsius, 124 Fahrenheit….breaks all time high temperature record,  yesterday. Inhumane!!!

    • Diane Friday says:

      Susan: It's weird to say thank you for observations that are, sadly, too true. Those of us who visit this site daily come here for the truths we can't find anywhere else. All your comments are highly informative and help to further educate others on just how deep, how interwoven into every aspect of our lives, this is. The roots run deep. Every day it seems we learn about another piece of this unbelievably sick and twisted puzzle. "They" want us gone, and they're making it happen. But not before they make every living thing on this once beautiful planet suffer, because they've decided they are gods. Megalomaniacal, psychopathic, murderous gods, who perhaps need to wipe away any traces of beauty created by whomever or whatever created it and ultimately, they fantasize, start over with their own dystopian vision of how things should be. As long as they're gods. They'll worry about the fine details later. However, should this vision of theirs ever materialize, I take comfort knowing that at no time in the course of human history has megalomaniac versus megalomaniac ever ended well. Sooner or later, one megalomaniac will decide he shall be the ONLY megalomaniac, the only god, and then where will they be? Just a thought that helps keep me going.


      No worries Dane. This doesn't mean I'm throwing in the towel. I may be getting sicker and weaker with each passing day, but the word "surrender" isn't in my vocabulary. I'll keep doing what I've been doing as long as I'm able, as we all will, I'm sure. 


      Again, thank you Susan for all you give every day. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, gee.  I agree of course to a point.  But, must say people can be very stupid.  Given various breakthroughs, some of this seemed a boon, not only to the various companies but to consumers.  Almost as if in a big rush to be modern and improving lifestyle and health, too many did too much and at first all seemed a step forward to average person.  Like say birth control pills.  I guess what I'm trying to say is at one point, some of this made a sort of sense and the failures were seemingly due to stupidity.  Surely others grasped that and jumped on board with a malevolent agenda that they could market as another problem solver.  Not all harmed, some helped.  But meantime, the malevolent ones blocked our various agencies of protection and things took a turn.  By then, it was easier and easier to do.  So that I think a lot of this is very human as humans are not as bright as they'd like to think.  We had some victories along the way.  Like stopping DDT as well as lead bullets.  But life is complex, and the evil greed minded ones took advantage of that weaving themselves into the complexity.  Remember the book The Population Bomb?  I took that to heart and had but one child.  Meantime, many others had 3-7 or more!  Cannot deny that there really are one heck of alot of us now!  All competing for finite resources, and that seems a bad thing but is it?  It does seem a problem lending itself to some thinking we could do with less, and yes, but!

      Found myself between a Susan and a Marc, then Dennie entered.  Marc, I do believe in "God", but my idea of God is like some perfect electrical math!  I don't believe God cares much what we do.  Those who have died and come back from that, claim someone stood beside them as their life flashed before them, and that someone was non judgmental.  It was more like: this is how you lived your life.  I think you are right in that humans are deeply flawed, this perhaps part of our evolution?  Though many would claim they'd like to live in peace and harmony with Earth, few had a clue how to do that.  Mankind, for the most part, had lost touch with Mother.  While the 20th century broke the index of stupidity, many have waged unforgiving and hideous wars forever it would seem.  Know much about Euro history long past?  Leopold and rubber and Africa, chopping hands off slave labor?  Middle age wars, salting the Earth, the common man in bondage with no way out?  History is replete with evils.  This may be a learning curve!  And we are so slow to catch on, so trusting in our little life bubbles, so short sighted-yet another reason to know history.  Evolution is Slow!  Profiteers abound.

      Dennie, no, homicidal people are not always suicidal.  And that too is a well know psychological precept.  But I do agree that it is not all that conscious a program.  People Are short term, compartmentalized, and many are incredibly greedy-get it while you can-you only go around once, etc.  Greed.  Hubris.  Ego and more greed.  This seems to have always been a problem.  Way less so with indigenous peoples.  But, greed wiped out that wisdom.  Not to mention few were willing to live it.

      Clearly there are malevolent agendas.  Clearly people fall for them.  We humans are a stupid lot but were trained to think we were the apex of creation.  Some took that way too seriously, may they rot in hell, if there is one, which I don't think so.  I'd prefer, in a perfect world, to fight them, stand up for what is right, but I'd also prefer not to believe these idiots are pure evil bound to wipe us all out, though it looks that way, and some are pure evil in fact.  I can't stomach it.  This site at the least shows a lot of evolution, a lot of good souls, trying against all odds.  Surely, that is something.  Sometimes we don't know our own worth or way until something like what all faces us today brings out the best in some of us.  And, we find one another, albeit, via another evil, the internet-cell towers, all that lets us communicate happens to be part of one aspect of evil agendas.  How ironic, or not.  

    • Dennie says:

      The more-feelings oriented types, including the major contributors to the commentary who come to this website, are giving too much credit to the perps for having a "feeling" side to them.  Does anyone know/grew up with these hardened Yang-oriented creatures??  THEY DON'T CARE BECAUSE THEY DON'T FEEL, whether by choice or by lack of spiritual content. 

    • jr says:

      Excellent list.

    • Marc — A man is what he believes.  We will all require our own deepest Faith, however that is for each of us, as we face what is coming. It is not God that has failed us. It is that the majority here on Earth have not been good stewards of this planet. Now we face the inevitable consequences of our neglect. We are in the closing days of a cycle of time. The perfection of Creation will always re-balance and return to Cosmic Harmony, with or without us.

  10. helot says:

    I think it’s been about six years since I’ve seen anyone with peeling skin after getting a severe sunburn. It used to be a regular sight this time of year here in the Midwest. Sure, more people than ever before wear sunscreen, but, everybody, all-the-time? Anyone else notice?
    I’ve been sunburnt badly a couple of times the last few years (I never wear sunscreen. Ever.) and I expected I would peel, but did not. At the time I chalked it up to the effects of getting older, that is, until I noticed no one else peeling.

  11. Kathy Burns says:

    Witnessing the tell tail scene around the world here in Mt range of Klickitat County, WA.  It was blazing hot in the sun( feels like 75+)  when it quickly clouded via SRM-no natural clouds at the time and now heavy down pour of hail/snow and light rain and my mercury temp gage is at 62 degrees.  The ground is whiite with hail. Engineered cool down to say the least. My first experience having hail drop on my lightweight jacket while sweating!

  12. Dagaan says:

    We are encouraged to not use the term chemtrail but terms like geo engineering and aerosol spraying when attempting to tell the uninitiated about this phenomenon. If you GOogle 'chemtrail' one of the first entries will be WIkipedia – which has become a trusted and usually well researched encyclopedia. But the chemtrail entry is n't just defining the word chemtrail. The full entry reads chemtrail conspiracy theory. This is accompanied by a photo of a jet leaving what is probably a contrail which is what the caption says. The article cleverly denies the existence of chemical aerosol spraying saying this has been disproven and generally reinforcing the idea that it is all an exaggeration by kooks.

    Wikipedia is a people's encyclopedia. Anyone can place an entry, alter an entry or ask a senior editor to re-write an entry. AS Wikipedia is such a widely used tool to define words and ideas, it's important that the entry for chemtrails reflect the reality of Geo Engineered skies and weather. So I encourage anyone with some basic writing skills to check out the page and the method by which to challenge that specific entry. You can write a challenge to the entry and it will be considered by senior staff. You can also request that the DEFINITION be reconsidered in light of the testing that has been done. I linked my article to test results from and placed YouTube links to show nozzles other than the jet engines spewing nano metals. The photo accompanying the article should also be changed to at least put a big, fat, dramatic CHEMtrail next to a wispy little fading CONtrail. IF enough people take the time to place challenges to the existing definition, then it will be changed. This is important because a lot of people go to Wikipedia to find a trustworthy definition of Chemtrail.

    What they are finding there is misinformation.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dagaan, unfortunately those in power that manage Wikipedia will never allow factual and objective modification of the “chemtrail” definition. I have friends with the Union of Concerned Scientists organization who have tried over and over. Again, we are playing chess, we must play effectivly, the “chemtrails” term does not help the credibility of our efforts to sound the alarm. How much do those in power want us to use this marginalized term? View the short video I have attached from mainstream media hit man David Pakmam. FYI

    • LS says:

      Dagestan,   Wikipedia has been exposed recently. They have 1300 volunteers who edit for them but get paid by the likes of Monsanto and the military.  Not credible. Part of the problem.

  13. marc says:

    I absolutely guarantee that the covert guttersnipes whose job it is to monitor public awareness and opinion of all the geoengineering tactics spend considerable time reading and analyzing our comments here. Makes me wonder if any of us are under any kind of physical surveillance. Maybe I'm waxing paranoid, but sometime around xmas approximately i was cooking in my kitchen with an open view across my living room to a front window of my house. I sort of "felt" someone looking at me and spontaneously looked in the direction of my front window. Parked directly across the street in a perfect line of sight to my kitchen sat a VERY suspicious huge late model black SUV. I felt a vibe coming from this vehicle, which I had never seen before, and haven't seen since. I recognize most cars that frequent my immediate street area but this one was conspicuous by it's dissimilarity. I approached the front window to drop the blinds but the moment I looked out and scoped on their sorry asses to check a license plate, the vehicle suddenly sped off. I know how this sounds. There's probably a benign explanation. But I am not so sure. My gut tells me I was being watched. Has anyone experienced anything kinda like this? Again, it may be nothing. But my gut tells me something else. 

    • Dawnski says:

      I may be a tad to bold, because I spotted a white truck giving me a similar vibe and marched right out my door to his drivers door and had him roll down the window. Said he was with the city blah blah blah and drove off. . .fire trucks always seem to look towards my house as they wail past. Might be because I recurringly call to find out where they are dispatching to in the dead of night with the loud sirens. . .seems like conditioning to me. Nary a car in sight. If I post in the middle of the night it's because I can't fall back asleep 8)

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Marc, I have no doubt this site is monitored. Why wouldn't it be? Even those involved in the compartmentalised programs would learn from this site about what they are doing as part of a larger picture.

      Tracing Internet activities is part of the New World Order 'security' measures. The utter paranoia and need for control on the part of those seeking as much surveillance over us would make it mandatory for the largest and most well advised public site to be monitored. I well imagine their minds as they read the articles and the readers' contributions.

      Our puzzlement over the ultimate aims of these programs must be very interesting to them. We surmise, guess, deduct, wonder, ponder in all our rage, puzzlement, fear, sadness and in the end we are still sort of at a loss for words.  The same questions occur to us again and again because we do not have satisfactory answers to them.

      The question "How could they do this type of thing?" is synonymous with "Why do they do these things?" I believe there are answers even if they are still irrational to the bulk of us. The bottom line is, regardless of the TPTB's aims, we know it is going on. It was a big gamble on their part to do this. The backlash from an aware public has not yet happened.

    • Veritas says:

      President Ovomit passed the NDAA a few years back which basically means they can abduct you for an indefinite period with no trial by jury and no reasons why given. Basically they just whisk you away and wipe you from history like you never existed. This is what I would imagine a Communist/Marxist Dictatorship would feel like with big brother terrorizing the citizenry. In reality I guess it is a Technocracy, where a super rich group or tribe of people with advanced technology use that tech to subjugate all life. What a bunch of traitorous, treasonous, psychopaths.

    • BaneB says:

      The entire computer network is one gargantuan spy operation.  The watchers (snoops) are very pleased with having managed to place into almost every household in Babylon a device that monitors one's every move.  The snoopware can be clandestinely activated to listen to conversations, read all of your texts and e-mails, and take your picture, too.  Everyone it seems feeds the police surveillance state.  Facebook is a boon for the creation of dossiers.  People give up their entire life information in detail and a photo, too.  There are two terms that aptly describe this reality:  net and web. And we pay for their spyware and eagerly take every upgrade that is designed to fine tune the spying.  When  the census snoops come to your home to collect your tardy response, they take a GPS reading.  Oh yeah….it's all "confidential.  Ask the Hutus and the Tutsis of Rawanda.  Google blithely went all over this once free republic and catalogued onto the silicon beast your address and your locale and a 3D image of your home down to the front door.  Now anyone can snoop on your privacy from juvenile mistakes to who makes up your immediate family.  Did Google ask your permission to steal your's?  Somehow this theft of yet another inalienable guarantee is acceptable because an entire hypnosis has been achieved in a very few short years.  And remember well that our entire everything that is our life support system, money, food, gasoline, automobiles, aircraft, food deliveries, big ag industrial farming, public transportation, water, hospitals, mitary defense, and geoengineering too, all rest upon the ephemeral foundation of the silicon con.  The sales pitch was was a luciferian wet dream because we replaced an analog culture with a I-cloud.  And a high tech priesthood was gleaned from the ranks of intelligence tests that in and of itself an invasion of privacy.  Don't do as your master demand and YOU can be unplugged.  And here we are in 1984, back to the future.  A personal surveillor is a compliment.  And a threat.  If I should see someone astride a mule neighing across the hillside observing me I will share the experience with you.  Meanwhile, pay attention to your surroundings in all situations and purchase a pre-computer automobile:-)


    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Takes me back to someone's post awhile back and then I took to heart and made it my motto, "IF YOU AREN'T ON YOUR GOVERNMENTS WATCH LIST, THEN YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!"

    • LS says:

      If anyone thinks " they " don't take this seriously consider the successful conspiracy of flight MH 370, from 2 years ago. It was reported early on that there were 20 of the world's top climate scientists on that flight in route to a huge climate conference in Australia. This fact was lost along with all the souls on the plane. One fell swoop…..successful conspiracy and the world wide media is completely silent.

  14. BJ says:

    I have a question. I live in SC and Monday we had a slight rain I will call it. We have some buckets out that collect rain. It is always clear, but Monday it looked like tea, and it was in all the buckets. It was not like pollen looks when it mixes with the water. Anyone have any clues? Thanks. I guess we shouldn’t collect the water to water our trees. My husband has quite a collecting system. Anything can be put in the water to remove the toxins? Is a greenhouse the way to go?

  15. Norma rosinsky says:

    LS, just wanted to thank you for putting posters and cards along the route!

  16. Nikole Leigh says:

    Day #3 of Complete WHITEOUT on the East Coast of South Carolina and North Carolina.  We've been getting dramatically heavier spraying since Spring and Tourist season has begun. Myrtle Beach SC is a population tourist destination.  We get NO days from Spraying since March. Its every single day now. Night spraying and total WHITEOUT at least twice a week. THIS NEEDS TO END NOW BEFORE ALL LIFE IS LOST! !!! 

     avoid going outside

  17. moderncalamity says:

    Trees are dying in the New York area.  It is mid May and some trees look like they are in early March.  You have to be blind not to notice. has videos of bees landing on flowers and dying right on the flowers.  They also have videos of Nova Scotia and the death of entire forests.  The fallout of the toxic hazardous waste of sprayed nanoparticle heavy metals is killing everyone and everything.  Soon there will be nothing left to salvage. The spraying needs to stop now and people need to restrict their polluting activities immediately.  It is so hard to watch the destruction. Thank you Dane and everyone else on the site for all that you do.

  18. tombola says:

    Hello Dane,

    Outstanding work recently and I share your research to most of the people i know every week, but still have trouble with people thinking i am crazy.

    Anyway in Perth, Western Australia, we have been told all week by MSM about this massive storm that will hit tomorrow (saturday perth time). We have had thick blanket silver cloud cover us for three days now and not much sun – hence the vegies are lagging. 

    Today they said it could be one the worst storms ever – how surprising. Also today I saw lines above the clouds at very close centres – something i have never seen before. It seemed to be the worst volume of trails i have witnessed. 

    We will see what happens tomorrow.


  19. Dawnski says:

    Praise Report:

    My sons Bee Conservation senior project was a smashing success last night. The best one judge says he ever seen in the five years he has been judging. One judge applauded my sons efforts afterwards. Redemption for the beloved German teacher who passed away suddenly over the summer from pancreatic cancer, never so much as mentioned to the students returning last fall. My son was able to convey his passion for conservation to the panel. His understanding and wisdom about monolithic crops, Monsanto, and Bayer who now owns Burt's Bees was astounding. The night before his presentation he had a phone interview for a national humanitarian/conservation nonprofit organization scholarship. Overcomes are used by God if the heart is willing. Nothing blesses me more this chem rainy day than to know He has called on my boy for a greater purpose and is following in the footsteps of his earthly father figure Dane Wigington. Thank you for mentoring him from afar. Bee Blessed.

  20. Grant Jones says:

    Glad you picked that up "Uranium One' is the company I believe, Russia Purchased, and millions to the C Foundation While She was Sec. of State

  21. Melanie says:

    Complete blanket cover spraying today in Northern California Bay Area today. Absolutely sickening. Felt like I should have worn a hazmat suit and a mask to work today. Love to all of you involved in this critical battle.

  22. DuE Away says:

    From April 26 until today May 19 – Malcom X's birthday, we have had only 5 days of partial sunshine in Washington DC.  Most of our days have been heavy grey.  This morning's weather report was a surprise.

     I was really surprise to actually hear the meteorologist forecast sunshine for this afternoon.

    Have you ever heard of Sun being in the forecast?

    Generally we expect the sun to shine each day.

    The meteorologist will forecast rains, storms, snow, even if it’s cloudy or partly cloudy.

    To forecast sun is NOT NORMAL!!!.


    • Veritas says:

      That is because the same people like Sumner Redstone ( Roth Stein) own mostly all of the media, these are the same people who are supporting this Geoenginering insanity and are even funding it. They make this garbage up like a poorly written Hollywood script, they love their theatrics.

  23. SISU Steve says:

    This is a pivotal moment for all of us … anything we do to communicate this to anyone has a chance of making a difference .. never think your voice can't make a difference no matter how small (you think) it may be ! 
    SISU : Finnish term that can be roughly translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity.

  24. Grant Jones says:

    Oil was headed into the 20 dollar/bbl range then Venezuela collapsed, Nigerian rebels attacked and Ft. McMurray burned, now oil is near 50/bbl. Coincidence? I doubt it.  The assault in the skies seems doubled and the fossil fuel monarchs are grinning. Fighting this is going to take us all working harder than ever….Oh, and the Navy just announced a new offensive strategy , calling it " Tactical Cloud". Fitting with what is above our heads.   Keep the faith folks. This fight is ramping up.

    • Navy Set to Deploy New Lethal Anti-Surface ‘Tactical Cloud’ Later this Year / May 17, 2016
      The Navy is creating an offensive anti-surface network that will tie targeting information from satellites, aircraft, ships, submarines and the weapons themselves to form a lethal “kill web” designed to keep pace with the expanding lethal power of potential adversaries… The scheme will use information ranging from sensors in space to the undersea to share information in a so-called tactical cloud that will allow aircraft and ships to access a range of targeting information to launch weapons against surface targets… The All Domain Offensive Surface Warfare Capability is “integrated fires, leveraging all domains, the ability for us to utilize air-launched capabilities, surface launched capabilities and subsurface launched capabilities that are tied together with an all domain [information network],” he said. “We call it the tactical cloud. We’re going to put data up in the cloud and users are going to go grab it and use it as a contributor to a targeting solution."

    • BaneB says:

      Millions of young crabs have died and have washed up on Newport Beach, Califirnia.  What role did the Navy and their "cloud" experiments have to do with these non stop die off of sea creatures.  The crabs are killed and the ocean food chain is disrupted causing a cascading affect to starve other sea creatures and birds.  The technological leap frogging, the non stop perpetual desire for hedgemony over others and their resources is never going to cease.  Its a death spiral and the psychopaths have humanity in their cross hairs.  Congress approved this slaughter of the fish, and birds, and the mammals.  Every week a new outrage is reported washed up on beaches from Baja to Alaska.  And the gawkers go and look but don't see their own impending destruction in the smell and the rot.  Merely a curiosity with few if anyone having that sinking feeling in the human gut.  How do WE get off of and out of this wicked conundrum??  

    Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds’ Chief Engineer and former nuclear engineer: … what we’re seeing at Fukushima Daiichi. Everything I’m finding here is millions and billions of very, very small particles that are spread pretty much everywhere. We’ll know a little bit more about that in the future… There’s no comparison between a bomb and what happened at Fukushima. A bomb obliterated maybe a pound of uranium and it was a thousand feet in the air, so most of it went up almost immediately; whereas each of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima had 100 tons of uranium in them so that the quantity of radiation that’s spread out throughout the countryside is orders of magnitude higher at Fukushima than it was at Nagasaki.

  26. izzy says:

    About 30 degrees cooler today than yesterday here in the NorCali costal range, all right on schedule, and with the now-familiar whiteout above even though the early morning sky was a pristine blue. It appears that some nebulous agency is well on the way to pulling the rug out from under the human project. It will be interesting to see what may be revealed with the lawsuit. Like Bush’s famous “terrier on the pant leg”, this site has firm grip on at least one aspect of the problem. Or is it someone else’s solution?

  27. stephan says:

    The deniers have gardens too – you can pretend everything is normal in the sky but maybe their tomatoes will tell them something – Rest In Peace Guy Clark.

  28. LS says:

    Hello Dane and All,   

    The AMGEN, men's route, is going from Lodi, CA  through Carson Pass, Hope Valley, Luther Pass and on into So. Lake Tahoe today. KCRA, tv and internet, Sacramento, has cameras at the top of Carson Pass and in the background you can see the giant tower that is on 10,000 ft high, Hawkins Peak. This is what changed everything in the engineered skies in the gorgeous valleys of Hope, Faith and Charity. Riders will have helmet cameras so please check it out and LOOK at how dead the trees are, especially as they ride into the Tahoe Basin coming down Luther Pass. The news will show Echo Summit, too. Note the standing dead. Half the trees are dead and NOT browned yet. Total destruction and impending fire catastrophe conditions.

    Geoengineerinig posters and cards are out along the route for support crews, family, spectators, campers, media…..everybody.

    I can say assuredly that lots of folks who woke up this morning, asleep to the nightmare of Geoengineerinig, will be awake and aware before they put their head on their pillow. Soldier on. I did a good job. Love you guys.

  29. Wick says:

    Got my car all covered in bumper stickers yesterday. I do a lot of traveling in my job, so I feel like this will get lots of advertisement. They say, "Look Up!", "The government admits they are spraying us with chemtrails", finished with "", with some pictures taken of our sky.

    Although now that I'm thinking of this, I wonder if it will have an effect at all? Most the people down in this little town are brain dead and just don't care. It's ridiculous trying to handle these people from even a customer service point. Most folks are too overweight and brain dead to even handle this issue. Damn, that medication is really having a toll on people's health. To the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the pharmaceuticals we willingly take. I'm surprised were all not dead by now.

    The human body has an amazing capacity for dealing with toxins and harmful substances, but it can only handle so much, especially the people with weakened immune systems.

    I wish that this plaque we have inflicted upon the world would only effect the humans, but that is not true, and we are facing global cataclysm. The plants are dying, the animals are dying, we are dying. The rest of the world doesn't deserve this. I wish to say that we don't deserve this, but I don't find that true. The human race is destructive and ignorant to everything posed around it, we don't give a second thought to our actions, when we are the most intelligent beings known to be found on earth. We have become filled with greed and lies, and only filling our own desires.

    The rest of the world shouldn't suffer because of our stupidity, but we let it, because we simply don't care. Why do we not understand that the basic, but complex system around us, sustains, nourishes us, but also provides us with our basic amenities. Do we need to have that all stripped from us to realize? This generation is an atrocity, and I'm depressed to be apart of it.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      "On On" Wick.  You will be amazed and heartened by one small comment by someone you never knew existed but who took the time to let you know they saw and appreciated your efforts.  xx

    • stephan says:

      Hey Wick – Good on ya man – i don't drive but I wear a t-shirt that reads in big letters front and back "WANT SUNSHINE ?— BAN GEOENGINEERING" underlined by a jet spraying. As Andrew from Scotland says "On On".

  30. Fleetfoote says:

    Mark Twain was a GeoEngineering activist. 

    "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it"

    'If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.'




  31. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Weather forecasters this week are just retarded.  I'm tired of people worried about rain 3 – 4 days ahead.  Friday we are scheduled to get anywhere from .5 to 3 inches of rain.  Most likely blank skys and toxic drizzle.  Huge Gulf storms and flooding to create massive cloud banks over as much of the North American Continent as possible.  We will see.


    Today we where to be mostly cloudy.  Well its pretty sunny right now with jet trails all over the place and getting worse.  Looked up as I typing this and a massive jet going southeast over as I type.  From back porch 3 current jets going in pattern grids. several more on westerly horizon and over the appalachian mountains to the east northeast.  

    It is so blatantly out of control above us right now.  We are living in precarious times.  Everyone keep the faith, detox, support each other, spread the word, and prepare to your best physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  If God be for us who can be against us.

  32. Michael "DOC" E. Davis says:

    Yes, Dane I agree with your reply to my initial comment.  I crafted my comment in that form for the reader of my comment to understand the breath and scope of the destruction of the biosphere by other factors than atmospheric geoengineering.  As Henry Kissinger has stated, "If you control food, you can control people.  If you control oil, you can control nations.  If you can control currency, you can control the world."  Crop production and harvest yield, including other food production are controlled by weather.  Population control in many parts of the world are dependent migratory patterns of humans, diseases, vaccines and destruction of sustainable resources. Derivatives are a fictitious Wall Street accounting gimmick to make money on every conceivable type of commodity possible including the weather.  Derivatives only exist in cyberspace and because they only exist in cyberspace there is no accountability for them.  Furthermore, accounting for continuous wars, the FEAR FACTOR, off-shoring of jobs, economic decline, decline in standard of living, fracking, water fluoridation, vaccines, GMOs, dumbing down of the educational system, the escalating DIVIDE and CONCUR STRAGITY and so on. Thus, the big picture of the destruction of the biosphere is a total blackout subject.      

    • Veritas says:

       Kissinger is a staunch Adherent of Sabbatai Zevi and Karl Marx ( Chaim Hirschel Mordechai) ideological Talmudic and Marxist agenda. Bank rolled by the Rothschilds ( "red shield" in German their name before was Bauer ). The red shield is their modern crest the Hexagram or six pointed star that Zevi the Talmudic "messiah" stole from ancient people like the greeks and the armenians. They along with JP Morgan, George Soros ( Gyorgi Schwartz ), Warburgs, IMF, LIBOR, World Bank, Fedreal Reserve, Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs, Lenin ( Vladimir IIyich Ulynaov ); Leon Trotsky ( Lev Davidovich Bronstein ), Angela Merkel (  Kasner ), Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, Michael Bloomberg, Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Barbara Lerner Spectre, Barack Hussein Obama ( Barry Soetero?),etc.

           These people believe themselves god's and us cattle. Its all in the Talmud, Communist Manifesto, etc, Read them if you want the history behind this. Cultural Marxism mixed with this evil belief system is what is at the root of all of this. Control. Of course these people are insane and to leave them to continue murdering us all and the entire Earth, is suicide by proxy.

    • Dennie says:

      That said, DO NOT let the "satanic" or other side-show agendas become The Main Focus of what we're fighting– you can't do anything about it anyway, so.. STAY FOCUSED on exposing the monsters and working AGAINST geoengineering.

    • Drew says:


      To be fair, raising awareness about the evil elite god wannabes is pretty damned important.  They are the cause of unimaginable suffering.the world over.

    • Veritas says:

         These people Genocided more than 100 million Russians with the Bolshevik movement, They Genocide the Palestenians today in unknown millions, They Slaughtered 3 million Armenians ( The Genocide of Christian Armenians by Christopher Jon Bjerknes, covers this in great detail ),  using Mustafa Kemal Attaturk a Donmeh himself who was founder of the Young Turk Movement. They also Slaughtered 7 million with the Ukrainian Holodomor. Include the hudreds of millions to die in their asinine wars over the past 2 century's. These group of psychopaths now have us as their victim, we are the next victims of their modern Genocide the ultimate genocide, the murder of the world.

         These people and others are the ones calling the shots and paying the traitors and shills for Geoengineering, Monsanto GMO's, (toxic)Vaccines. They ARE the Monsters you refer to. The Genocide continues, only now they have advanced technology and media propaganda to get away with it on a worldwide scale. This is HISTORY all corroborated by FACT. They openly brag about the Depopulation plan ( MURDERING US) on youtube and TV. Know your enemy, they certainly know you. As I said its all about CONTROL. Slaves and masters…….

    • Veritas says:

      Also Thank you Drew for understanding that without knowing WHO is killing us all, and Why they are destroying the world, we will never save anything. God Bless.

    • Michel B says:

      Yes, Veritas, this group claims victimisation throughout history, yet a little bit of reading reveals them to be the perpetrators of the worst of the worst crimes in history. They hold views of superiority whereby everyone else is inferior and can be punished, exploited or even killed at their will.

      They have a motto of conducting war by deception, which speaks volumes about their psychology. They know that what they are doing and what they seek is against everybody else, but they obviously believe in it enough to forge on.

      They wish to meld all nations, except one, into one vast collection of people without national identity so as to enslave them better, by setting up false wars and hatreds. Division is a key method: racial, sexual, gender, national, religious, false historical narrative, generational, splitting the family unit and so on. In any capacity they seek to divide and cause conflict by which they profit in their plans behind closed doors.

      They have laws to protect themselves against our justified vilification of them, they have written our histories to distort them, they have taken control of all the power centers, scientific, educational, civil, political, military, economic and journalistic re JFK's speech on secret societies. They must hate goodness and truth, or at least their version is some stunted idea that comes from God-knows-where.

      It is incredible to think how this has been achieved, but it is only naivete to not know the reality of things, such is the deception under which we have lived. The reversal of the narrative in our heads once we start waking up takes a bit of time and can be quite a roller coaster, but it gains momentum.


  33. BaneB says:

    Central Mendicino County update:  saw several large slow moving jets overhead leaving the usual sludge. However, one was of particular note.  The left half of a two-streak spew was gray while the right half was white.  My impression was the weather terrorists were using a combo mix to achieve a chemical reaction of some expediency.  The trail was very long but did not linger as a visible morphing monstrosity.  Perhaps the pumping equipment was defective.  Or perhaps the aircraft was experiencing engine trouble.  The next five day forecast is for much cooler temperatures.  My fruit trees are loaded with young plums and apples.  Hopefully there won't be a frost and artificially induced ice snow.  Los Angeles temps are much cooler, too.

  34. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, smashed today by SRM again. Ribs and lines, mackerel skies, blasted by RF. Even under the moon the spray lines tonight are extremely evident. They are probably trying to get it cooler as our winter has not started but should have. It very much seems as if they are losing control over sustaining anything near normal now, which is how it has evidently been in the northern hemisphere for a while. Deviation from normal is increasing here. Over 90% of the reef is bleached, drought still afflicts regional Australia, the seasons are blurring, coal mining will remain, our Liberal politicians go to Israel for statist training and TV shows and newspapers are getting so dumb they are an insult to a lobotomy patient.

    • SD says:

      A M5.9 quake just reported near Alice Springs @ 10 km depth. Fits the "Induced Seismicity" profile. Looks like a change in the weather coming?

  35. leo says:

    I live in NH and as Debra says the nights have been very cool in may and days fairly warm….keep breathing in the aluminum, it must be healthy

  36. Steven says:

    Dane,   Does the chemtrail spraying going on above our heads and behind our backs change the natural ph of the water in the streams, rivers, and snow pack. I have been looking into water ph and a high acidity in the water we consume can cause Cancer to thrive among other things. I have also noticed in the tributaries off the Southfork of the Trinity River there is a bright lime green algea that grows in extremely low temperature snowmelt water. It is spreading to the main rivers and even the cleanest creeks. Has there been any follow up on an increase in algea and mold spores? I know mold likes to grow in low light conditions and have noticed an increase in black mold everywhere, it even grows on my motorcycle. Thank You Dane, you are a very brave man and I am helping to spread the truth in Trinity. Look up.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steven, thank you for helping in the critical effort to sound the alarm. About the precipitatioin pH, yes, it is altered from the geoengineering aerosol contamination and thus the pH of runoff is also altered. 

  37. Brian S. says:

    All of us 22,000,000+ people who read need to test what's in our blood. Send the info to the federal gov, all at once. We need to organize to bombard them with our data. It's one of the weapons we have, that doesn't cause destruction. Fire only feeds more fire. We need to shower them with water. Factual information that will cause them to run to a doctor for help.   

    • virginia says:

      Hello, Brian:  Sounds like a good idea, but the government and other companies and organizations operating these 'chemtrail' programs already know what is in our blood, so to speak.   It is by design and is just one of the methods to depopulate earth of 'useless eaters' as the elite refer to us. It is sheer madness.  But do not despair, try to eat healthy and preserve a positive mental attitude.  We can beat these SOB's……keep up the good fight.  If we lose our will to to fight back and spread the word, they win.  Good luck and good health to you.

  38. Jack says:

    Thank you Dane for all that you do. I am a Vietnam veteran and I watched c130 tankers spray agent orange so I know what a spray trail looks like. I live in southern ca. And it breaks my heart to see what they are doing to us. I thank you for your dedication to bring this awareness and information to us. The problem I have is that as I try to spread the word people just won't listen, and I found one person that looked up on a heavy spray day and I got him interested. And then it hit me, if I can get at least get several people aware the news will start to spread. I'm getting old but I have grandkids and I still have some fight in me. I would love to come to one of your lecture's but I don't see any information on you website. I do listen to your Saturday radio shows and enjoy getting up to date news. Once again thank you Dane for what you do, you are a good man!, Jack

    • Edward Palys says:

      Talk about grand kids? They are all indoctrinated with lies and falsehoods. My grand daughter, a very smart young lady starting university, had a chat with me about chemtrails. She laughed me off by saying that those are contrails, water vapor trails from aircraft engines. Fine, I said. Explain to me why a water vapor trail, way up there at 30-40,000 feet up, in -60 degree temps lingers so long after the plane disappears. She looked at me rather dumbfounded and walked away. That's your youth today.

  39. ron says:

    DANE:  Over the past couple of years I have devoted some serious time to the study of PSYCHOPATHY.  In other words, just what makes up the PSYCHOPATHIC individual. There has been very little work done on this subject.  By far, the best book, seems to be  "SNAKES IN SUITS" . I gave the book to a friend–the last name of one of the authors is a Canadian pyschologist–I thing O' WARE is the name. He has done a tremendous amount of straight up field studies in real time.

     Psychopaths tend to like BUREAUCRACIES– Whether public or private. They CANNOT experience EMPATHY,or love. They LIE constantly. They crave to function in SECRECY. They USE PEOPLE as though the person were an object–a piece of office furniture; then immediately ignore the person when the PSYCHOPATH has achieved HIS goal.  MEN outnumber women 10 to 1 regarding a PSYCHOPATHIC person.  O'WARE has developed  a test–a series of characteristics.  Anyone of us so-called normals can take the test and chances are that virtually anyone will admit to a couple of characteristics. For the "SERIOUS" PSYCHOPATH, he will nail essentially 90-100% of the test.

    O'WARE seems to go with about 1% of HUMANS ARE PSYCHOPATHS. Everyone has met more than one in their lifetime.  A guy living next door!  My research suggests a range between .1% and 1%.

    Obviously, the reason I brought this study up is because many individuals who are in key positions of control are PSYCHOPATHS!! A great example in political/FEDERAL/EXECUTIVE BRANCH are the NEOCONS.  PSYCHOPATHS TEND TO BE SOFT, COWARDLY MALES;  who are very ready to send millions to sure death–military(US), any foreign nation state on the planet. They are therefore SADISTIC in nature. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE RESULTS OF THEIR ACTIONS–EVEN THE ENTIRE DESTRUCTION OF THE BIOSPHERE!  Obviously many of them operate in comfortable offices in D,C. and are part of what is going on with GEO-ENGINEERING and FULL SPECTRUM CONTROL OF THE EARTH!!

    I simply had to bring this forth, because I notice that many of our caring comments cannot figure out why HUMANS CAN ACT THIS WAY!  The bad news: It has been this way since the dawn of CIVILIZATION ITSELF. THIS IS WHAT WE MUST SEE AND CONTINUE ON– NO MATTER WHAT.

    • BaneB says:

      One might suspect our current, and historical (from the beginning), form of social structure referred to as civilization is very well designed for the creation of psychopaths.  And the more abstract and disconnected we are from the natural order, the greater the numbers of psychopaths produced.  Your example using the neocon cabal is a fine example.  From planning and executing 9-11 to pushing for a war with Russia these wicked cold hearted bastards are absolutely willing to take down the planet unless they can have what they want….global CONTROL.  Of course the control of weather is a major goal that is close to achievement.  I suspect the end result will be total weather chaos.  

  40. Phil says:

    The engineered cool-down here on the east coast is sure taking it's toll on agriculture.   I can't grow a damn thing this spring due to lack of sunlight.   Usually my tomato plants are a foot tall by now and many of the haven't even germinated yet.

    • Diane Friday says:

      Phil: There was a short article on the CBS local online last night about how the "recent weather" is impacting farmers in the region. It covered what we already know, but here's the best part: the reporter stated only that crops were off to a slow start because of all the rain. The farmer being interviewed stated in the very next sentence that crops need three things to grow: sun, warmth, and water, and that they've had the water. Of course, it had to be wrapped up on a positive note, so the article ended with the farmer saying we'd have all the vegetables we could eat; they just may be delayed a couple weeks. 

      I looked for the article this morning so I could share it here, and wouldn't you know, it was gone. Couldn't even find it when I did a search. I wanted to kick myself for not saving it last night. 

  41. Shawna Johnson says:

    I miss the morning dew. 

    • Nina Widlund says:

      Shawna, you are spot on.   We are in N. CA and also do not have dew.  When talking about this to others they rationalize it with some opposing time of year.  Yet, we have lived through years of no dew- no matter the season. We live in a bad version of a sci-fi movie.

      "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept…” Angela Y. Davis


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Ah, the Alchemilla.  Or should I say the 'Al Chemia' – the alchemist.  Ancient alchemists used the purest of water, the morning dew on the leaves of the Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle), for their experiments.  Ancient Egypt was called 'The Land of Khem'.

  42. Jesse James says:

    Hello Dane and everybody. Thank you for all of your help and bravery regarding exposure of these atrocities going on above us. We are all in this together. Are any of you normally healthy, energetic folks feeling fatigued alot lately? 


    • Nancy Lee says:

      I'm absolutely exhausted. Yesterday I could barely keep eyes open after normal exercise and short usual 3 mile run. Went to bed right after dinner.

    • Ed Bee says:

      I go to bed earlier and earlier, exhausted many times, and wake up tired. When being heavily sprayed, I have a metallic taste on my lips and a heaviness in my chest that makes me think I'm having a heart attack. But medical tests showed nothing.  I see a steady stream of people who are limping, or coughing, or complaining of tiredness or burning eyes, or getting cancers. And getting Alzheimers is now the accepted norm for older folks.

    • virginia says:

      Jesse:  Yes, fatigue and exhaustion seems to be a common complaint of many friends of mine, both young and older ones.

  43. Lea says:

    It seems they never change their habits, do they Dane?  In Michigan we have some real oddities. First, the Sun has not set in the Southwest in many years. Now, it more Northwest then ever before. Everyone I talk to here notices.  They also have noticed that if they're not spraying to create Cold, then they turn up the wind from the Southwest; and believe you me….IT'S COLD!  Two days ago, in 40 degree temps we had SNOW; and this morning?? FROST on everything.

    Basically, I'm dog-gone, sick and tired of them destroying everything (In flowers and 'other plants' I buy. Even the plant starts from the farmer down the road are 'late' this year because these jerks above our heads don't know when to start the fall, winter, or spring…or summer.

    It's become all too obvious that they've been up to no good since they decided to go with Agenda 21, and Agenda 2030. You can find that info on the U.N.'s web site. It's total depopulation is what they're looking for…and I think I recall saying a one point a long time ago "He who owns the water, owns the World".  I got a strong 'gut feeling' why they make it rain and snow so much here, when 'we' know all of it is an out and out lie.  And…actually, in blazing reality when the sun is out here, it's HOT!…but the air is very cold…with sometimes 'very high winds' out of the South/south-west.  It sure doesn't take rocket science to figure all of this out.
    God's speed to you and all here.

  44. Linda says:

    Here in La Jolla, in the last 6 years, we have had much less sun than I can remember for this time of the year…it is downright chilly and hard to think of swimming or going out without a jacket just in case. You can tell they are really practicing SRM/solar radiation management for all its worth… And behind the cloud cover, which goes on day and night, you can often make out the heavy trails of spray.  When I begin sneezing, it is so intense, I feel like I could fall right over.  I sure can relate to your posts of the "fake-feeling" cold….and the dark overcast.  How I miss the healing uplift of a bright sunny day….we are lucky if we get 1/2 hr of sunlight at 5 pm!!  And this is southern California!!

    And yet, because I am often a silly pollyanna, I still believe there will be a miracle turnaround at some point, when we have almost given up.  Sometimes there occur glimmers of joy and hope over almost nothing at all….and the heart leaps and gives thanks to Creator for the coming "ascended 5D world" that is felt even now in tiny glimpses.  Keep the faith… please….summer solstice might surprise us.

  45. Rachael says:

    we have been buried in constant cloud cover here in north Texaswork since the end of march, its quite depressing! there has been one storm after another, we had volleyball size hail. the sun is never out. i just don't know what to do.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, you and half the nation are buried in cloud cover.  My cousin in Virginia is depressed because the sun, full sun, hardly ever shows itself. I want to tell him the canopy above is manufactured by psychopaths but he is already saturated with bad news.  So, I let it go for now.  It is cloudy here in Northern California far more days than sunny.  Indeed, a totally cloud free day is almost unknown anymore.  And the clouds are freaks that have very little in common with natural cloud formations.  Maybe one day in Texas, and Virginia, and California enough observant people will wake up, rise up, and make a demand heard around the world.

  46. levi says:

    If people should take the bait that because the plains and the north and south east are 10 to 20 degrees below normal that everything is not as bad as we know it to be.That we aren't as far into the curve of an abrupt climate shift as we clearly are.With a warmer climate the tropics rain can push further north wouldn't that be ideal for the climate engineers who's goal it is to cover the country in a toxic soupy clouded canopy and moisture they can chemically ice nucleate to create the desired cool downs in the eastern half of the country?Ask yourself how the weather is further north into Alaska Canada and the arctic circle.just as when warm water pushes into the arctic you can see cold water migrating south well I bet I know how that cold air mass finds its way to southeast and eastern half of the states and I guess in the U.K. as well.Ask yourself how long you think this climate and teeter totter jet stream pattern can continue on this coarse that has been apparent for the last few years.If you think this type of thing is going to be sustainable for an extended period of years you don't have an eye on the horizon.

  47. Yamakawa says:

    Hello from Japan, Tokyo region!

    A sane opinion against the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is coming apparent even inside Japan.

    Summer Olympic Games in Tokio? Never Ever.

    But what is dangerous, more potentially than Fukushima, is the ILC (international linear collider) project progressing to be built in Tohoku Japan

    Tohoku region is said to be an important place, where the synchronic lines interect, studied by Damanhur. Presumably, the Mother won’t permit this to be approved.

    about the kitakami ILC site

    image of synchronic lines


    Iwate International Association

    japan times news on ILC

    @@ FYI, US bases in Japan
    you may see that Misawa Air Base is near the ILC candidate Tohoku region.

    Misawa Air Base

    US bases in Japan, japanese


    • Hi Yamakawa — This is a nightmare. Japan's own CERN. Why do they need to build more of these things? On the other side of the planet? Curious, isn't it. Just money or something more sinister. Thank you.

    • Yamakawa says:

      Thanks Susan!

      Here is my assumption. The smaller the numbering, it looks fairly understandable in a collective mind. And as the number progresses, it would seem more crazy but insanely sane!!!

      1 The facility will deepen the understanding of particle physics. The knowledge will benefit the happiness of mankind.

      2 The Japanese science communities will raise their prides in the international academy of science.

      3 Those thriving in the church of rocket science will have less fear in unemployment. Not only for Japanese scientists, but also more for foreigners 3rd class in the art would find a good place to live earning some respect unattainable elsewhere.

      4 Some many part of large funding disappears into darkness, probably will be used wisely in those shadow hidden researches. The compartmented research will be sucked and be utilized to create an over spec weapon.

      5 The collision experiments are tortures to the consciousness of the atoms, the realm that supports and constitutes the physical reality. They are already irritated by nuke beatings. They won’t tolerate the mess much longer. Matter doesn’t matter humans, but that doesn’t mean they are not alive!

      6 The suffering of the molecules and the elementals are transmitted to the synchronic lines of Mother Earth. The anger and fear will be propagated throughout the globe via the lines. Mother will be very angry.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Yamakawa, Ley Lines are real and very important, although we have forgotten their importance.  Mother Earth is angry and will have her say.

    • Yamakawa says:

      Thanks Andrew!
      Yes, I assume there are some sacred places according to the Lines, preserved by Celtic traditions in Scotland. We have similar places here in Japan too, hidden further behind the shrines.

      I presume an Apache Elder “Stalking Wolf”, a holy shaman, stated in Tom Brown’s book Grandfather, was the keeper of the Lines in the American Continent. He lived through his life walking through the natural areas, however he avoided going to the populated areas.

      And I assume, Peace Pilgrim (Mildred Lisette Norman), born as a white woman, was another person doing the similar job, however, she covered the populated areas. I feel that the divine would not just make her walk around North America for such a long time, just to make her communicate and heal people who had approached her! 

      comments on Peace Pilgrim: Rachel Robson, bija

      They must have been harmonizing the grid, preparing the spiritual defense grid for this current hell-time, with all those electromagnetic and chemtrail toxic webs covering over the American Land. If Americans can connect to the grid, even unconsciously, that would help them overcome those toxic vibrational webs.  

  48. Carol says:

    As you always say Dane Converging Catastrophes – my greatest passion is fighting this assault and no living thing remains untouched – I have to wonder (in fact, I believe) that it is all connected –  geo-engineering, HAARP, Monsanto and genetic modification, CERN? – throw into the mix radioactive waste being dumped into our oceans, nuclear catastrophes then add to this concoction the GWEN towers, smart grids….the list is endless – If you want to save the whales (too late), the bees, the trees etc, don't give your time and $ to the environmentalists who are ignoring the root causes…stand up and speak out against this …preaching to the choir here but sometimes it is nice to speak out and know I will not get a vacant gaze…and sometimes, just sometimes, I inspire someone here and there to visit this site to learn more

  49. Marc says:

    Greeted this morning by huge X's sprayed across south St. Louis and the skies just looked like complete shit. Wonder if these X's have anything to do with the ice-nucleation which obviously must be going on somewhere across the center of the country. I live smack dab in the center of that large blue swath across the center of the U. S. temp map included in this article wherein I can personally attest to the fact that temps here are absurdly low for this time of year. Wearing a coat when I go out at night. And yet, there is a quality to this chill that doesn't feel right. Feels kinda like you're standing in front of an open refrigerator door. Just plain weird. And THIS is the best these a-holes can come up with? A phony-ass chemically induced psy-op on the American people?? You mean to tell me these losers are expending uncountable sums of monopoly money to load lethal substances onto jets so that these substances can be dumped out right over the heads of the American people??? ALL SO THEY CAN DUPE US INTO THINKING GLOBAL WARMING REALLY AIN'T SO BAD AFTER ALL??? Holy Mother of God. I have no more to say right now.

    • Phil says:

      I know Marc.  I live in Maryland and they have been spraying us with X's every day as soon as the sun starts to peak out behind the heavy cloud canopy.  The sun is a rarity these days and it had been COLD.  Never before have I had the heat on in my house in the middle of May!  I can't even grow anything in my garden.  I am so sick of this s**t.  I actually had someone tell me the other day while walking below the partially sunny silvery-white X pattern filled sky "It is so nice to see the sun.  It feels good doesn't it?".  I replied "It would feel much better if they weren't spraying a bunch of aerosols up in the sky".  He looked at me as if I were from another planet.  Then I referred him to 


    • AllyL says:

      Hi Marc,you have just used the exact description of the weather that I have been saying to friends in South West Scotland for weeks now … It feels as if someone has left a fridge door open !! A completely unnatural feeling cold breeze that seems to build out of nowhere to blow for a while before disappearing again just as quickly. Morning skies are now nearly always a light grey cover that persists until after midday when the haze is allowed to dissipate and a milky blue sky makes a brief appearance before the next hazy canopy.


  50. The Effect of Hail Suppression Operations on Precipitation in Alberta, Canada [Injecting “faster acting ‘condensation freezing’ formulation silver iodide (AgI) flares”]
    Oct. 7, 2016 / ABSTRACT
    An exploratory analysis of volume-scan, C-band radar data using sophisticated storm cell tracking software was used to calculate radar-derived rainfall characteristics from 160 seeded and 1167 non-seeded storms, on 82 days with seeding, during the summers of 2001 and 2002 in Alberta, Canada. The seeded storms (stratified according to maximum radar-derived cell top height), have greater mean durations (+50%), have greater mean precipitation rates (+29%), and have a greater mean total rain Area-Time-Integral (+54%). …
    Weather Modification Inc. / Fargo ND
    Water resources are increasingly taxed by exploding demand and continued population growth. The world's population is projected to grow over 40% in the next 45 years. Weather modification, commonly known as cloud seeding, is the application of scientific technology that can enhance a cloud's ability to produce precipitation. Weather Modification, Inc., is on the forefront of scientific technology to maximize water availability worldwide. …
    WIKI: Impact of SILVER IODIDE on environment and health
    The most common chemicals used for cloud seeding include silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide). Liquid propane, which expands into a gas, has also been used. With an NFPA 704 health hazard rating of 2, silver iodide can cause temporary incapacitation or possible residual injury to humans and mammals with intense or continued but not chronic exposure. …


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, yes, the power structure continues to distract the population with extremely small scale regional weather modification programs which are only a “red herring” to help mask the climate engineering elephant in the sky. FYI

  51. Peter says:

    Hi Dane,

    Great site I am new to most of this and horrified to the extent of it. I am based in Sutton Coldfield  in the UK and there are huge amounts on some days and then less on others here.There seemed to be less over the two week run up to Obama coming over recently and then the day he left they went crazy spraying at night as well. I looked at the UK-AIR site for heavy metal monitoring. Clicked on data archive, then metals data and then selected Penallt from the drop down list and there are the results for Aluminium precipitation with incredibly high readings going back to 2010. Worth a look as there are not many official records recording this kind of data. By the way Panaiil is a rural village in South Wales away from any heavy industry.

    Regards Peter.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Peter, thank you for the input, I have forwarded a PM to you on this.

  52. Paul Barbara says:

     Hi Dane, completely with you on Chemtrails,  but I live in the UK and I can assure you we're not baking!

    We are probably getting way excess UV rays, but hot we're not.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barbara, about the temperatures in the UK, the same “weather whiplash” will occur starting next week when the record heat comes. Attached is the link which was also included in my article. FYI

  53. Emily Summer says:

    Here in south eastern Oregon the skies were a deep blue for 3 day with no spraying.  It was wonderful to breathe in the air and it was like when I was a kid.   Then, starting today, the skies are that silvery grey color and although the sun is shining, it is weak and obscured by these high cloudlike forms.  I can see the jets streaming their trails that are miles and miles long and spreading out to fill the whole sky.  It is hard to breathe outside.   I keep telling everyone I see about these chem trails, but most just shrug their shoulders and say they don't worry about stuff like that.   Insane!!

    • TrudyB1929 says:

      Emily at least get them to realize they are breathing in chemicals that can affect their overall health!  Once in the lungs these chemicals are  in the blood system and access all organs >>sooner and also years later >>>  can lead to chronic if not serious  illness, any kind! Use N95 and N100 high quality face masks when outside.  These are reuseable.

    • Bluv says:

      Hello Emily

      Same for southwest Oregon. I visited the Grants Pass area last weekend, beautiful blue skies one day with billowing white clouds that I was so happy to see. Foolish me said great, they're not spraying here and then the next day the sickening assault came. I then visited my son who is in Eugene attending college there and looked up over campus and again the poison was in the sky and my heart sank. How is it possible that'd those responsible for this omnicide can do this to bright beautiful beings. I respond to people but they are already ridden with manufactured fear and do not want to go there. I live my day by acts of kindness and drawing out as much beauty from this world as I can and only hope this all ends soon but something tells me I'm a dreamer. Peace to you and all who know what we're going through.

  54. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    Still spreading the truth every day. Most of the time it goes in one ear and out the other, sometimes it even seems to vanish into thin air. At least I keep trying. I will never, ever give up!

  55. stephan says:

    Here in south central Canada there were clear skies for 2-days – I counted a total of 3-jets – today nonstop – rainbow around the sun – then total wash out of the sky – weather monkeys – morning "Sunny'' – later report "Mainly Sunny" – later report – "Cloudy" – that pretty well says it all except they did a clip on on 3-areas that had snow – weather monkey says – "it's not really snow and it's not really hail – it's kind of SPONGY !!!! – and now for the sports report.

  56. TK says:

    In central OK, with plenty of airports and military bases, the spraying here is unbelievable.  I suppose it's also easy to exploit the preexisting cauldron that is this part of tornado alley, as we get horrific, monster storms here.  I've also noticed something very unusual (particularly this year): when sitting in the sun, the intensity and heat of it is strangely disproportionate to the ambient temperature, almost as if I'm sitting under a magnifying glass.  Is this an effect of the UVC rays being strengthened?  What's your take?

    • stephan says:

      @ TK – that is exactly how Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy described the sun not long ago – totally friggen scary.

    • CP says:

      Hey TK,

      Same here in North Central Georgia region.  Eighty degrees outside yesterday and I had my arm outside of the rolled down window as I drove home from work, and the sun's intensity was almost to a point of being painful.  I pulled my arm back in, rolled up the window, cut on the a/c for the remainder of the drive home.  I wish I owned a UV meter to document the levels making to the surface. 


    • Linda says:

      TK – I have also noticed the extra hot sun in the last couple weeks here in eastern Kansas. We've had weather in the 70's, going down to the low 60's this week. Even though the sun feels HOT against my skin, the air still seems quite cool. Also inside of the car felt like it would on a HOT summer day, and not a mild spring day. Of course, they are chem trailing like crazy around here.

      Thank You for all your work exposing this Dane. The weathermen and even some storm chasers appear to be bought off or threatened. They barely mention the many crazy cloud formations people are sharing photos of!

    • sk says:

      We live 5 miles from an airport as the crow flies, in NW Arkansas – the sky is almost always washed out or cloudy here.  Even on "clear days" the sky is usually pale and trails every where.  I have noticed what many here describe, hot sun, cold air…. hadn't made the connection before.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes, the intensity of the sun these days is "strange". I've been sunning myself two days in a row, finally getting clear blue skies in the morning, and find the sun's rays very warm on the skin, yet feeling chills on my back! What I can't understand is how many of these "sprayers" are up there every day. Seems there must be thousands all around the world. If these are all military, wouldn't it be rather easy to follow the dots from these sprayers to the bases, to the source of all those chemicals they use? 

  57. Stuart says:

    So, what is happening in the Ant-Arctic region? I never seem to hear if geoengineering is effecting them.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Stuart, ice sheets are also collapsing in Antarctica, FYI, just one example study in this link

    • ‘Fundamentally unstable’: Scientists confirm their fears about East Antarctica’s biggest glacier
      By Chris Mooney May 18, 2016
      Scientists ringing alarm bells about the melting of Antarctica have focused most of their attention, so far, on the smaller West Antarctic ice sheet, which is grounded deep below sea level and highly exposed to the influence of warming seas. But new research  published in the journal Nature Wednesday reaffirms that there’s a possibly even bigger — if slower moving — threat in the much larger ice mass of East Antarctica. The Totten Glacier holds back more ice than any other in East Antarctica, which is itself the biggest ice mass in the world by far. Totten, which lies due south of Western Australia, currently reaches the ocean in the form of a floating shelf of ice that’s 90 miles by 22 miles in area. But the entire region, or what scientists call a “catchment,” that could someday flow into the sea in this area is over 200,000 square miles in size — bigger than California. Moreover, in some areas that ice is close to 2.5 miles thick, with over a mile of that vertical extent reaching below the surface of the ocean. It’s the very definition of vast. Warmer waters in this area could, therefore, ultimately be even more damaging than what’s happening in West Antarctica — and the total amount of ice that could someday be lost would raise sea levels by as much as 13 feet.
      “This is not the first part of East Antarctica that’s likely to show a multi-meter response to climate change,” said Alan Aitken, the new study’s lead author and a researcher with the University of Western Australia in Perth. “But it might be the biggest in the end, because it’s continually unstable as you go towards the interior of the continent.”

    • Mark from OZ -MN native says:

      Hey Stuart

      Just a follow on to DW's link. The Antarctic is the biggest of all Earth's ice masses-by far. The heat from burning FF's is cumulative and has been largely absorbed by the oceans whose temps are rising and this influences land temps certainly. As the seas warm, and especially around Antarctica, they penetrate and decay the deeper ice of the ice shelves which then calve off into the sea allowing inland ice to take the place of the calved ice- kind of a conveyor belt on a vast scale.I'm in SE AUS and the skies are like yours too; wispy, milky, unnatural looking and symptomatic of this global madness to try and 'hide' through deception the very real temp increases.Furthermore, anomalously high air temps (on both polar caps) are causing rapid surface melt which pools and degrades the ice below in a pos feedback cycle which can build enormous volumes before releasing in a torrent. Get acquainted with to monitor the sea/air temps globally.The atmospheric spraying is done to hide this hideous rise in temps and to allow the enormously influential and powerful producers of FF's to keep their 'shops' open for even longer. The people of the world are slowly waking up to this orchestrated duplicity and every day matters. They won't stop unless forced and that is our collective mission. People you know may not want or like to hear the truth, but that's no reason to be reticent. Good people have always felt bound by a 'duty of care' to warn others ignorant of very real threats. My ancestors would not stand by and permit recent immigrants to the upper Midwest build flat roof homes as they knew what the snow would do.




  58. Beatrice from the Netherlands says:

    Dane, supposing by some miracle all this evil is stopped in its tracks and the spraying and irradiating comes to a sudden halt. What would happen to our weather? Would our earth recover?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Beatrice, the scenario you are speaking of is called “Double Collapse Scenario”, it is posted earlier in this thread, I have included it again below.

  59. virginia says:

    Dane, this is scary stuff and the maps you presented show quite plainly that the climate is being engineered.  You lastly state that the equation is very complex and the motives insane and criminal. 

    Question that I just can't quite understand fully.  Why is California (and the Northwest, generally) targeted for drought and agricultural calamity, among other things?  What possible motive is there for these monsters to do this?  Can I infer that those guilty are not primarily the "American" government, but an international cabal that wants us all dead and the earth baked to a crisp.  How does it benefit 'them?" Sorry for my stupidity on this….it's too bizarre to understand based on rationality.

    The maps you present are clearly hard evidence of weather modification and troubling.  I've mailed links to them to 'refusniks" on my list.  If this doesn't convince them, I don't know.

    As an aside, it is reported that the radiation spike from Hanford in Washington has reached Chicago and points east.  Together with Fukushima radiation and leaks from other sites, we have another fight on our hands…..close all nuclear sites.

    Thanks again.  Stay safe.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, yes, the actions of the clinically insane are of course very perplexing. Your question is addressed in some of the hyperlinks in the article, the attached presentation also covers the question. FYI

  60. cj jacoby says:

    Thank you for getting the facts out!  We stand with you in this fight.

  61. elmer montgomeryM says:


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Elmer, waking the masses is a team effort, very glad to march with you in this battle.

    • Sean S. says:

      Mr. Montgomery your post warmed my heart. The power structure has, and continues to use every tactic at their disposal to divide us into as many groups as possible and keep us in-fighting. This issue isn't about race, color or creed. This is about humanity. This is the cause that we can all unite on. Spread the word sir.

    • Rodster says:

      Dick Gregory as well as Cornel West have done their part by raising awareness on the subject of Geoengineering.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Sean Anthony's show Flow of Wisdom on has addressed the geoengineering issue on several occasions. Dane has also been a guest on his show. Sean is a black man living in Virginia with a large audience. I'm sure he is waking up many in the black communities. Check out his shows and website. He's a great guy, fun to listen to and speaks on numerous important topics for today's times!

    • Bluv says:

      A friend of mine, the same person who alerted me long ago to what was happening to our skies, was driving down a busy Portland avenue when he noticed a lone, middle aged black woman standing on the corner with her arms raised to the sky watching the aerial assault overhead. He regrets not stopping and talking with her. There will be more awakened, it's just a matter of time of which we don't have much of.

  62. Dennie says:

    We had U.S. and Russian scientists working together at the very height of the Cold War on weather modification projects right here in the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave.  Why would they do that?  Qui bono?  A joint U.S./Russian oil consortium, that's who.  And now we have the U.S. Navy crowing via mainstream media about now that all that pesky arctic ice's gone, we can rape, er, reap the profits of all the petroleum resources now "opened" for the taking, as well as the fantastic new ice-free shipping routes to Asia– WOW, I can't wait for all my cheap crap made in China to arrive a whole week earlier, and all that fantastic amount of arctic oil coming right into ports in WA state, and no longer having to be on the hook for paying all those poor kids who joined up in the armed services taking their marching orders to force open the Straits of Malacca.

    Have a nice day

  63. Grant Jones says:

    Has anyone noticed the increased  talk of countries preparing for war in the news feeds?  Russia, China, and other countries are portrayed as super aggressive.  This at a time when the USA is prodding all over the world with carrier groups and military exercises. There has even been articles on the possibility of a nuclear winter as a result.  Looks like the war card is being put in play. I hope I am wrong, but it seems so.


    • Rodster says:

      Trends forecaster Gerald Celente has a great saying which sums up what you wrote. He said: "Currency wars, trade wars, world wars. When all else fails they take you to war".

      A global nuclear war is a quick way to reduce the global population.

    • Wick says:

      Totally agree, most likely going to be the psychopaths fallback. They are being exposed.

    • BaneB says:

      Everyone wants you to be wrong about such a scenario.  But you are not wrong.  Prepare yourself psychologically if possible.  Spiritually.  Get out of the city.  Babylon is fallen, fallen.  Her merchants were the great men of the earth.   These psychopaths that have painted a bullseye on our backs will go so far as to instigate a nuclear holocaust in order to prevent their own exposure and arrest.  That IS their fallback position.  Suicide. Ask Hitler.  Still, one can't sit back and allow the destruction at levels of species threat such as we observe and lament.  There is no other choice because they own the fork in the road.

  64. glendon says:

    thanks dane for your response.

    i guess for a rational human being, the question of why is always a keystone to understanding any action.  

    just trying to find that rational reason to all this insanity.  

    there's much proof of the insanity.  it's all around us.  

    corruption runs deep.  

    it's the lowest common denominator for chaos.

    one of my 'spiritual sayings' is:

    your motives are your ethics

    what are their motives?

    and why would someone relinquish their beautiful souls,

    enabling such deep destruction?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Your final question is very appropriate Glendon, but one I confess I cannot answer as I have never been able to truly comprehend how so many can act with such total moral depravity.

  65. Jim Reed says:

    Dane and others…

    I and late friend have observed the Chem Trails begin, 1997, Oakland, CA.


    So, still going on..It is not experiment, project of the Military.


    Those involved are insane, Non-God like and just arrogant.


    I say the Corporates have used the military for personal

    gains.. not for Democracy, freedom, etc., etc.

     That is hyped up to the Military, not citizens at large.

    So, If you tune in late on the GeoEngineering, Dane and

    legal team shall open the AWARENESS to the others.


    Best to you, Dane

  66. Roger Gibbons says:

    Hello all ….for the past three days no sign of spraying and the skys are bright and blue. Now that is strange …no spraying here in southern Ontario, Canada.

    Whats going on …are they slowing down with te spraying or is their more and more people writing to their MPPs about geoengineering and they in turn are making calls to their higher ups?

    I put the magnetic sign of …..Stop Spraying Us …on the side of my van …got 2 thumbs up. Well thats a great sign to know that strangers agree.


  67. glendon says:

    dane, thanks for all the really informative and educational work you have done.  i've learned so much from reading your words.  

    i have an elementary question:

    when we are under cloud cover, are they chemtrailing above us?

    and here's another question:

    do they chemtrail in russia?

    i was reading a spiritual article on chemtrails.  it stated their purpose is to block the amazing full spectrum healing qualities of the sun.  

    could this be true?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Glendon, first question, yes, there is usually heavy aerosol spraying over existing cloud canopy. Yes, again about Russia (and China). About blocking the sun, of course this is immesly problematic for countless reasons, but it is a mistake to consider this as their “purpose”, the equation is very complex as are the motives behind the insanity.

  68. Michael "DOC" E. Davis says:

    There are three (3) key factors at play behind the scenes when it comes to atmospheric geoengineering.  They are:

    1.) Crop production and harvest yields,

    2.) Eugenics program of population reduction and

    3.) Derivatives (the 1%).

    Yes, there are other factors at play within these three (3) key factors but all one's needs to do is stop and think about two (2) points que bono "who benefits?" and follow the money trail.  Once one understand that, one will understand the three (3) key factors and will see the big picture.  As the late George Carlin put it "its a big club and we are not in it." 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, yes, the reasons you have noted are all factors, but there are much larger wheels in motioin regarding the climate engineering objectives. The largest is the desperate attempt to hide the severity of climate/biosphere damage from the public for as long as possible (while inflicting even more damage in the process). It would be a mistake to underestimate the gravity of damage done to the planet by the human race (on countless fronts) with climate engineering/weather warfare being at the top of the list. 

  69. Sean S. says:

    This whole scenario can be summed up as follows…

    War Pigs

    -Black Sabbath-

    Generals gathered in their masses,
    just like witches at black masses.
    Evil minds that plot destruction,
    sorcerer of death's construction.
    In the fields the bodies burning,
    as the war machine keeps turning.
    Death and hatred to mankind,
    poisoning their brainwashed minds…Oh lord yeah!

    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor

    Time will tell on their power minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait `till their judgement day comes, yeah!

    Now in darkness, world stops turning,
    ashes where the bodies burning.
    No more war pigs have the power,
    hand of god has struck the hour.
    Day of judgement, god is calling,
    on their knees the war pigs crawling.
    Begging mercy for their sins,
    Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…Oh lord, yeah!

    • Denise says:

      Sean, allot of singers were ahead of their time.  This one nails what is happening now.  Thanks.

  70. carol says:

    Doing what I can but the deception,so far, is working. I don't see any people in places of authority shedding  light on this crime, only selfish greed and hypocrisy. As  soon as the sun does come out here, in rural Idaho, it is unbearable. I am afraid they have done so much damage to our atmosphere that if they stopped, even for a couple of days, the planet would fry. The grey haze here is thick. Looks like stale smoke from a forest fire.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, yes, when the atmospheric aerosols are allowed to settle out, there will be horific climate backlash, but what happens once the hydrological cycle is allowed to resume in full force? That is the planets method of cooling itself, it must be allowd to occur unhindered. FYI link attached on “Double Catastrophe Scenario” (when the spraying is stopped)

    • Martha says:

      I know what you mean Carol, I'm in North Idaho.The spraying seems to be nearly nonstop here. I also think they're "dumping" as well as spraying as evidenced by increasingly frequent huge, wide plumes. The sky here is always silvery white in the morning.
      Anyone else experiencing muscle and joint pain, increased headaches or nosebleeds? 

  71. Rachel Robson says:

    Must say, this technique is effective, psychologically.  Years ago, and even at first in the drought, I kept saying: global warming, my ass!  Anyone who knows my flip self knows I was being flippant and not serious, just that it was so cold Here.  We were used to warm/hot temps in summer, then that changed.  Last year was indeed hot, but where I am in Berkeley, it has been chilly, even cold this year.  Yesterday was actually hot.  Today, not.  Not yet anyway.  It does in fact affect a person's thinking.  Luckily, I keep track of reality, else I might be confused!

  72. Chad says:

    They are here in Eureka, Ca! Preparing for the rain! Gonna try and make it rain Thursday,fri,sat, and sun! We shall see! They were completely wrong two weeks ago!!! Lol!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chad, the overall effect of the atmospheric aerosolization is drought, SRM programs are not about seeding for rain. FYI

  73. Neil Rushton says:

    Here is another example of extreme weather conditions. This is in Sri Lanka, and will have zero coverage in US/European MSM. The more I research 2016 world weather, the more obvious it becomes that these are real and dramatic increases in extreme events, and that 2016 is off the scale compared to every previous year on record. But if you live in the Western World and get your view of the world from MSM you will have absolutely no idea…

  74. The Olympic Peninsula: EOSDIS Worldview and my photos which are enhanced to show the refracted circle formed around the Sun in a glassy glazed-over milky sky that looks like another planet! They started spraying the sky early on, inundating us with the small particles I can taste. The colors are not real, but make the residual trails, the chemical ‘strangeness’ and odd shapes more apparent.

    • Shirley says:

      hi Susan,

      yes I noticed the refracted circle formed around the sun on the 18th May. I live in NSW Australia. The sky certainly looked like another planet. We have had some beautiful clear blue skies in the last week…….quite high temps for this time of year though….26, 27 Celsius….Its all very worrying but hardly anyone seems to take notice….when I talk to people they look at me as if I'm insane…yet they comment on the 'strangeness' of the weather and the increased intensity of the suns rays…go figure. Dane what can we do?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Shirley, don’t give up, we need abolutely everyone in this critical battle. See the attached link for more input.

  75. Debra says:

    At night…big cool down in NH in the evenings.  Usually 20 deg's cooler than the day time. You can feel the 'chill' in the air, where ever the sun doesn't beam down. If they say it's 65 deg's, to me, that's if your standing under the sun..but, if your in the shade, believe me, it's not 65 deg's..or it doesn't feel it any way.. The air 'always' has an eerie chill to it.. Know what I mean? 





    • Diane Friday says:

      Debra: Oh, I know what you mean. The toxic ice nucleated cool-down has been in full effect here in eastern Pennsylvania. Nothing but overcast, rain, and significantly below normal temps for almost the entire month. I'm 56, and have lived on the east coast my entire life, and I've never seen anything like this in May. So many of the larger hardwood trees still don't have full leaves; they have small, early spring leaves. It's heartbreaking. The dogwoods all bloomed on the last really warm day we had here, I think April 26th, and didn't start losing their blooms and start showing leaves until a few days ago. Dogwoods don't hold onto their blooms for more than a week, tops. I've never witnessed that before. Ever. I can relate to how those poor trees feel. The last warm day we had with a fair amount of sunlight, this past Saturday, I saw the underdeveloped leaves double in size. There hasn't been any further growth since then, because there hasn't been more than a day of sun (with heavy spraying) here and there, and the temps usually don't break 60. As you already know, even when it's supposed to be 65 degrees, it sure as hell doesn't feel like 65 degrees. Especially when it's a high wind day, as was the case on Monday. Today it's hell on earth here. Overcast with rain starting around 4:00 this afternoon, and the overcast at the moment is extra dark. All overcast days have been darker than in the distant past. And the HAARP activity today is off the scale. 

      Many years ago, I remember coming home one winter afternoon and telling my partner that the cold didn't feel real. That it felt like the artificial cold from air conditioning or a walk-in freezer. She agreed, but we couldn't figure out how that could be done without the use of a compressor and something like freon. Now, thanks to all we've learned on this site, we know too well how it's done. Here's to doing whatever it takes to put an end to it. 

    • Barb E says:

      Debra, I know exactly what you mean as I live in NH too. I think they are keeping it cold, rainy and dark to put off our planting which of course will cause some food shortages. It was extremely cold the past couple of days so much so that my heat came on Monday morning.  We were in Maine last weekend – Saturday was 71 until the afternoon after much spraying and heaters breaking up the "clouds".  Sunday it was dark, rainy and so windy. Some parts of Northern Maine got 7" of snow!  How can people even think that this is mother nature?  How can they look at the "beautiful" blue sky without a trace of any clouds, not a one, and think that is natural?  No way in hell is it natural.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, thanks to artificial cooling and 5 days of practically nonstop winds one of our baby ducklings died in the baby pool we keep in their pen. I found it floating lifeless 2 mornings ago when I went up to feed them. I think it must've gotten hypothermia and could not get out. They have been swimming for nearly 3 weeks with no problem but the temps dipped all the way down into the high 40's for a couple of nights and I think coupled with the brutal wind it was too much for the poor thing. The weather has been more like March than mid-May lately. (sigh) Another geoengineering casualty. A sweet life lost, no matter how small.  : (

    • Dennie says:

      We all got hit Big Time with the ice nucleation treatment yesterday.  Jets blasting sh!t all over the oh-so-unfriendly skies in not-so-sunny California.  By the end of the day we had fantastically high winds, near gale-force, and it was plenty cold here in the S.F. Bay Area, and probably many other places too. 

      Everyone seems to have come down with a "cold that lasts for weeks," never mind they are being tutored in the "ABCs" of pollution:  Addled by aluminum, blasted with barium, dried with dessicants by the geoengineers, then seized by cesium, pummeled with plutonium and otherwise irradiated with ionizing radiation, all over the planet. 

      Then we have the problem of The Great Unwashed, who seem to know nothing about the +2000 OPEN AIR nuclear bomb "tests" (and just what WERE "they" testing– not to see whether the bombs actually WORKED, I'll bet…) pretending not to know why there's so darn much cancer.  Unbelievable.  If it were ever "cured," imagine all the people who couldn't pay the mortgage on their fancy houses…

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