New Science Study Examines Methods To Gain Public Acceptance Of Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

A shocking percentage of academia has completely sold out to the cabal that is currently controlling the world. What is the primary objective of this core of global power? To perpetuate at any cost. The inevitable killing of the host, planet Earth, is not a consideration for them. The true consequences of climate engineering are catastrophic beyond comprehension, yet, the dangers have never been a factor for those in power. The just released science study below is a reflection of the total moral depravity that now rules and runs industrialized/militarized society. What is the primary goal of the study? To determine the best approach to gaining public acceptance of "stratospheric aerosol injection". The individuals that authored this study and their employer (the Kiel Institute For the World Economy), should both be considered accomplices to the ongoing weather warfare crimes. Some excerpts from the report follow:


This paper analyzes determinants of technology acceptance and their interdependence. It highlights the role of affect in attitude formation toward new technologies and examines how it mediates the influence of stable psychological variables on technology acceptance. Based on theory and previous empirical evidence, we develop an analytical framework of attitude formation. We test this framework using survey data on the acceptance of stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI)…

Furthermore, affect is an important mediator between stable psychological variables – like trust in government, values, and attitudes – and acceptance. A person’s affective response is thus guided by her general attitudes and values.


We live in an increasingly dystopian world in which the power structure (and the legions of academicians it controls) are not only creating conditions of planetary omnicide in their quest for total control, but they are also striving to make the public at large embrace the unfolding omnicide. 


Fighting climate change is one of the major global challenges of the 21st century. However, even timely and substantial cuts in greenhouse gas emissions may fail to limit global warming to 2°C above preindustrial levels (IPCC 2014). Against this background, new technologies to limit global warming, known as climate engineering or geoengineering, entered the scientific and political debate. Climate engineering technologies could be an effective way to cool atmospheric temperatures and prevent massive damages from climate change. However, many of these technologies carry substantial risks. Stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), for example, could change precipitation patterns or induce abrupt temperature changes… 

Public concern about climate engineering technologies is substantial (Bellamy and Hulme 2011; Borick and Rabe 2012; Macnaghten and Szerszynski 2013; Merk et al. 2015) and has been voiced in protests… 

In the present study, we analyze the factors that determine the acceptability of climate engineering for the case of SAI. 

(1) How do stable psychological variables – i.e., values, environmental attitudes and risk attitudes, and trust in government – influence technology acceptance? Do they enter attitude formation via cognitive or affective pathways? 


The chart above (taken straight from the report) makes the objective of this study crystal clear, to frame "stratospheric aerosol injection" in a way that will most likely produce public "acceptance".


Our model builds on established theories of risk perception and attitude formation and combines them into a comprehensive framework. It accommodates the value‐belief‐norm theory (Stern 2000) and the theory of planned behavior (Ajzen 1985) in assuming that the acceptance of a technology is determined by domain‐specific beliefs… 

2.1. Risk and Benefit Perception

Attitudes form in part from a weighing of risks and benefits (Ajzen 1985). Consequently, the perceptions of risks and benefits of a technology are direct antecedents of acceptance. 

2.3. Trust in Government

Trust in institutions associated with the technology is a consistent predictor of technology acceptance… 

2.4. Egoistic and Altruistic Values

Values are guiding principles in the life of a person (Schwartz 1992). As stable characteristics they direct attention and form beliefs and attitudes across an array of contexts (Stern, Kalof et al. 1995). For environmental behavior, egoistic and altruistic values are particularly relevant (Stern 2000). In attitude formation toward technologies with environmental consequences, these values guide a person’s focus in weighing perceived risks and benefits (De Groot and Steg 2007; De Groot and Steg 2008). People with strong egoistic values display a preference for social power, wealth, authority, and influence; they tend to mainly consider perceived risks and benefits for themselves. By contrast, people with strong altruistic values display a preference for equality, world peace, and social justice and tend to focus on perceived risks and benefits for others. 

1. This causal model of trust is particularly suitable for assessments of new technologies on which people have little information but are knowledgeable of actors involved (Earle 2010). The associationist model of trust, by contrast, supposes that the acceptability of a hazard influences perceived risks and trust in authorities. The associationist model is particularly suitable if people are knowledgeable about a hazard, but not about actors involved. For example, the acceptability of a hazard may be used to assess the trustworthiness of regulatory authorities… 1

Heavy geoengineering aerosol spraying in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Photo credit: Eric Jacobs

The global geoengineering assault (stratospheric aerosol injection) has been wreaking havoc on the climate system and the biosphere for decades. In spite of the total decimation being inflicted on our planet from the ongoing climate engineering programs, the players involved are too committed to their quest for total power to turn back. 

2.7. Acceptance

Aerosol injection is yet only little known and protesting or supporting behavior has not yet evolved. 

Through SRM, a portion of the sunlight is reflected before it can warm the Earth. This can be achieved by, for example, spraying sulfate particles into the atmosphere at a high altitude. 

… respondents were asked about their acceptance, their risk and benefit perception as well as their affective response to aerosol injection. Finally, altruistic and egoistic values were elicited. 


It changes the amount of precipitation.

It can take away people's motivation to change their lifestyle.

There is the possibility of further unknown and unforeseeable risks.

The abrupt increase of Earth's temperature in case of a sudden stop of SRM can lead to severe problems for humans and the environment.

The use of SRM could cause international conflicts.


Global warming is slowed down more quickly than by cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Massive and irreversible changes in the climate can be stopped before too much damage is done.

It is cheaper than reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

Even if certain countries do not want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, it is possible to stop climate change. 

The claimed "benefits" of "stratospheric aerosol injection" are a reflection of the usual military/industrial complex mentality of programmed delusion. The already proven reality is this, climate engineering is nothing short of a global cataclysm. Geoengineering programs are the greatest and most destructive assault ever launched by the human race against the life support systems of planet Earth.

3.3.3. Trust in Government

Trust in government was measured by the question `How much do you trust that the federal government will act in the interest of the environment and the society?’ We thus used a broad definition of general trust in good intentions for society and the environment. The 4‐point response scale ranged from `do not trust at all’ (1) to `trust completely’ (4). 

However, the relevance of beliefs about humans’ capacity and right to rule over nature likely varies with the perceived scope of the technologies’ interference with nature.


We proposed a technology acceptance framework that captures the interplay between values, attitudes, affect, risk and benefit perception, and the acceptance of new technologies. Using data from a large survey, we successfully tested the framework analyzing the determinants of the acceptance of stratospheric aerosol injection.

Our data show evidence of both affective and cognitive pathways in attitude formation. Acceptance is directly influenced by positive and negative affect, as well as perceived risks and benefits. People are, however, more strongly guided by affect than by their perception of risks and benefits. Furthermore, affect is the most important mediator between psychological variables – such as trust, values, and attitudes – and acceptance. All variables influence acceptance partly through an altered affective evaluation. Only trust, altruism, and state of nature change the perceived effects of the technology not only via affect but also directly.

In our survey, we provided neutrally framed, unbiased information. Only few respondents had heard about aerosol injection before the survey and there has not yet been a broad public discourse about the topic.

This is the world we currently live in, one in which the vast majority are all too willing to serve the cancer that is consuming the planet so long as their service and obedience produces a paycheck and a pension. The current paradigm is already well into the process of collapsing, those that still refuse to believe reality will very soon be forced to face it. If we all work together we could yet expose climate engineering before the power structure is prepared for this to occur. If we can expose it, we can stop it. We need to reach this goal before the coming collapse materializes and we lose our ability to communicate on the current scale or perhaps the ability to communicate at all. Help us to sound the alarm, make your voice heard, time is not on our side. 

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  1. Mary Hollowell says:

    Is there a parallel between human "risk aversion" research in the figure and mouse "defensive behavior" research at the website below? This Institute of Neural Science: Laboratory of Neural Circuits site claims the researcher is also involved in research to "dissect the circuit mechanism underlying evidence-accumulation decision-making".   I've been trying to post a No invasive animal research! No animal experimentation! message to my FB page but it won't post.

  2. Ryan kuntz says:

    just a little insight into why a lot of people don't see what is going on over there heads is because many people wear glasses or contacts and objects are blurry . Carry a pair binoculars with u when u try to talk to people about the subject, the tend to open up a little when u address the site issue.

  3. Dana MacCuish says:

    To All That Post and Share Dane's Passion:

    As I read and learn more and more from all of you, I have decided to open myself a little you as well.  We will win.  This I know.  Stormy water is on the horizon for myself personally, it does not matter.  I read many people talking about the fallout affecting their organic gardening endeavors.  A gentleman once took me in the attic of his residence and showed me a cloud buster that he had built.  It did clear the sky above his home.  He also had a black helicopter hover overtop not long after he set it up.  Double terminated quartz crystals and copper pipes.  If I recall correctly, there were six pipes about six feet by an inch and a half with large quartz crystals at the bottom of each one.  There are plans online if you consider one for yourself.  

    ORMUS elements are one of my favorite gardening aids.  I use a product called Sea Crop that I ordered from B.C.  The results for using Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements ( ORMES ) can also be researched online.  As a foliage spray it is good and improves fruits and vegetables in size and flavor.  The nicest thing about using them is the lack of pests to deal with.  Nature does not take healthy plants.  Cabbage butterflys will always hover over the weakest cabbage.  A pack of wolves will take the straggler of a species.  Man is the only demented greedy scum that will shoot the nicest buck in the herd.  When used as a soil additive ( an increased rate from the foliage, and applied when drizzling ), it benefits your colonies of bacteria and fungi to make nutrients accessible to plants.  If you garden, please try ORMUS elements, as I do not have time and Dane doesn't have the space to go in depth on the topic.

    Last but not least for the gardening spirit, Rudolf Steiner is an incredible man.  His BD500 prepared in cow horns works wonders upon the soil.  Stirring the water with the vortex is essential.  The man was brilliant and wrote somewhere in the neighbourhood of seven hundred books in his lifetime. How he had time to do his hands on experimentation is beyond me.  I don't know how much you can find out about him online, but try looking up his Biodynamic Gardening methods and see what you come up with.

    Our future is in our hands, hearts and minds my friends.  Keep in touch with Our Mother and caress her gently. She always listens. Thank You Dane.  Take Care of each other and Good Night.

    • stephan says:

      beautifully said Dana – thank you – be well.

    • dang says:

      Thanks for the info Dana .

       I ended up with only green tomatoes

      they set so late because of the uv intensity 

      best chile verde . Hope the Internet doesn't go down soon we will all need need a central meeting place . 

  4. There Is No Freedom Without Truth
    Paul Craig Roberts /Feb. 2, 2016 [excerpts]
    “This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.” — President Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Dwight D. Eisenhower was a five-star general in charge of the Normandy Invasion and a popular two-term President of the United States. Today he would be called a “conspiracy theorist.” … The military-industrial complex had learned that regardless of the protestations of high-ranking military officers, no cost-overrun, no matter how egregious, went unpaid. Armaments industries and military bases were spread all over the country and were important considerations for every senator and many congressional districts. The chairmen of House and Senate military appropriations subcommittees and armed services committees were already dependent on campaign contributions from the military-industrial complex and for cushy jobs should they lose an election.  …
    The Cold War was a profitable business that served many, and that is why it lasted so long. There was never any threat of the Red Army invading Europe. … When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the “Soviet threat” was replaced with the “Muslim threat” and the “War on Terror” took over from the Cold War. … …
    Dear Western Peoples, if you wish to be able to walk down the streets of your cities without being accosted by police, demanded to present identity papers, searched, detained indefinitely or assassinated without due process of law, if you wish to be able to express your opinion about “your” government and its use of your tax payments, if you wish to be able to discuss current affairs or your personal affairs without being recorded by the NSA or the equivalent in your own country or by both, if you wish to be able to act on your moral conscience and to protest the violence the West applies to Muslims and others unfavored by powerful Western interests, such as Palestinians, if you wish to live in the freedom that was achieved in the West after centuries of struggle, wake up, find time from less meaningful pursuits to become aware of what is being stolen from you. It is late in the game. If you do not stand up for truth, you will have no freedom as there is no freedom without truth.

  5. The continuing demise of the petro-dollar:
    Iran wants euro payment for new and outstanding oil sales
    NEW DELHI | By Nidhi Verma  / Feb. 5, 2016
    Iran wants to recover tens of billions of dollars it is owed by India and other buyers of its oil in euros and is billing new crude sales in euros, too, looking to reduce its dependence on the U.S. dollar following last month's sanctions relief.  A source at state-owned National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC) told Reuters that Iran will charge in euros for its recently signed oil contracts with firms including French oil and gas major Total (TOTF.PA), Spanish refiner Cepsa CPF.GQ and Litasco, the trading arm of Russia's Lukoil (LKOH.MM).
    "In our invoices we mention a clause that buyers of our oil will have to pay in euros, considering the exchange rate versus the dollar around the time of delivery," the NIOC source said.

  6. Tom Freyher says:

    The questions of those who could be held responsible was raised:
    Well, the authors are mentioned in that "document".                 Further on we're looking at:
    Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Institut für Weltwirtschaft – IfW)
    IfW is listed as corporation with an UPIK (Unique Partner Identification Key) by Dun & Bradstreet (
    Eingetragener Firmenname:            Institut für Weltwirtschaft
    D-U-N-S® Nummer:                342042847
    Name Hauptverantwortlicher:        Dennis J. Snower

    "Name Hauptverantwortlicher" … stands for what you would call the CEO:
    Dennis J. Snower   /   Date of Birth: 14 October, 1950   /   Marital status: married, two children   /   Citizenship: USA
    Selected Current Professional Affiliations:
    President, Institut für Weltwirtschaft (Kiel Institute for the World Economy), Kiel   /   Professor of Economics, Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel   /   Scientific Advisory Board, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna   /   Fellow, IZA (Institute for the Future of Work), Bonn   /   Fellow, CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research), London   /   Fellow, CESifo   /   Member of the Joint Advisory Council of the Allianz Companies   /   Member of the Advisory Board, HSBC Trinkaus   /   Advisor in different World Bank projects   /   American Economic Association   /   Econometric Society   /   Royal Economic Society   /   European Economic Association /
    New College, Oxford University, 1968-71: BA 1971   /   Princeton University, 1971-75: MA, 1973; PhD, 1975

    Well, does that look familiar with relation to terms like 'Kabal' and 'Elite'?

    … Greetings from the 51st State (northern Germany), and please keep in mind: "Germany is an occupied country and it will stay that way…" (Barack Obama – visiting Ramstein, Germany, June 2009). It was incorporated after so called german reunion in the beginning 1990ies via 'shareholder value'.

    Back on topic:
    Heavy chemtrailing and microwaving on a daily base, hazy skies, weird cloud formations and colours?
    Yes, we do face the same environmental situation over here. My parents, children and grandchildren are polluted by that same toxic substances as yours. Dementia, Alzheimer's, PD, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases – you name it. And its getting worse by day. But most of the german sheeple are still sleeping or simply ignore what's happening.

    But I don't wanna sound negative at the end – so what can we do?

    physically:   Detoxification – don't add up this toxic metal shit forever and ever in your body. You may look for Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt … and … speak out loud!
    mentally:   I would like to refer to the book 'The End of All Evil' by Jeremy Locke. It's available for free on the internet.
    and finally:   Please, keep up your tremendous efforts, Dane. You're work is so important. THANK YOU.
    Tom Freyher

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa Tom Freyher! and thank you, what a lot of useful info this is!  The US has a big military base in Ramstein don't we?  Is it primarily an air force base?  I believe that is the case and so I wonder if anyone has connected spraying the skies there with that base?  As in literally connected it?  One of my Lakota in-laws and family are there now, the husband being a lifer in the military.  I've not been able yet to pin down exactly what he does.  His wife is the in-law side in our family and I don't know him-they are newly married-, and she and her kids just recently arrived there.  Maybe through her I can find something out.  But not at all sure she knows or could tell.  I am curious as to how people where you are, are reacting to the stuff in the skies?  How your media is reporting it?  There are some others on this site from Germany.  But, did come as a bit of a shock to me to hear you say: from the 51st State.  Took a second or two to sink in.  Thank you for the suggestions.

    • Tom Freyher says:

      Thanks Rachel, always good to get a response. Sorry for the "shock". The pieces of information I passed weren't meant to confront somebody, especially not at this website, where people share their honest thoughts and fears and hopes. I was just trying to provide data to look at the bigger picture. We do all breathe the same air and we're facing the same problems to be solved. And to be successful we basically have to pass our thinking in terms of borders and nations 'cause it's just a mind-control setup to rule us through "divide et impera". We're facing a global agenda to take the right of decision-making away from us – dealing with nothing less than a 'no future option' left behind for all OUR beloved ones (and ourselves) if we do fail by simply underestimating the existing power structures.

      To answer a few of your questions:

      Ramstein AB is the single largest US military airfield outside its territory also personnel-wise. Military staff + civilian employees ~ 40.000 / Headquarter U.S.A.F. Europe / Headquarter U.S.A.F. Africa / Allied Air Command Ramstein (NATO) / Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) – a hub for meanwhile more than 3000 drone-murder-attacks. I haven't verified that number by own research but any number greater than zero makes the German government a partner in crime in violating the fundamental Declaration of Human Rights (UN-Res. 217 A III). At summary it's a war equipment supply facility, serving as a strategic & logistic bridgehead in Central Europe and towards the Middle East and Africa.

      Is Ramstein AB used to dump the "Owning the Weather in 2025" agenda on our heads?

      It probably is notable for the central and southern parts of Germany, Austria … The weather in the north on that small spit of land were I live is mostly influenced by off-coast spraying (North- & Baltic Sea) and heavy chemtrailing over Scandinavia. But it's hard to get any reliable data by private research. This would mean for example zoom-advanced camera equipment for identification and counting, because there's reportedly no ID-squawk of spraying military aircraft and thereby they can't be identified and tracked via internet (RadarBox24, flightradar24).

      On the other hand we experience the patterned spraying above ground. And not to forget about the civilian airliner fuel additives. Hamburg airport is nearby and these flights do add up another toxic part by desire for sure.

      Right now the affected ocean areas correspond with skyrocketing counts of 35 dead sperm whales at least found last month at beaches in UK, Netherlands and Germany, compare to 70 beached individuals in 25 years before. So sad …

      But it could also be related to Fukushima and the dying food-chain. First reports of empty stomachs made by examining biologist were rapidly corrected by "leading scientist" !

      When it comes to the ones around me and the media – Hmm – again, I surely don't wanna sound pessimistic …

      The MSM is undermined and fully controlled still as a result of that 'reprogramming initiative' and structures created therefor after WWII, but nowadays it's done in a decent and sophisticated way like: "All the whales were healthy, had a meal shortly and if there's a lot of 'em found dead at the beaches it's a good sign at the end because it shows the growing population based on effective restrictions for hunting rules we implemented before" (… and now go shopping).

      And whatever you gonna say about it – you're the 'freak' with the bad news …

      These situations quite often leave me behind with a big question mark. Instead of slamming a fluke right in the liars face, people have already … left for shopping.

      It seems that blatant lies feed ignorant people – and that the plain truth is already a threat to the unawakened.

      Do you or does anybody else have some kind of a concept for this?

      Tom Freyher

      A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.” ― Albert Einstein

  7. Marc says:

    Yesterday here in St. Louis, Missouri we had "clear blue skies", well, as clear as I reckon they're gonna get around here from here on out. Maybe in a hundred years they'll look a little nicer, but alas, I won't be around to see it. Virtually NO ONE alive right now will likely be around in a hundred years. Even babies born tomorrow are not likely to survive that far into the future. I could be wrong but, hello? With the panoply of converging catastrophes closing in from every direction, it's looking like game over relatively soon. So anyway, back to the "clear skies." Yeah, so yesterday's clear, absolutely TRAIL-FREE skies have given way to today's BLITZKRIEG of aerosolization. Gee, anyone have enough of a brain to detect something a little suspicious here? Went out for a morning walk in the cemetery out back where I can gain wide views of the sky. In every direction were long horizon to horizon trails, some already well spread out into the usual filthy sun-screen we are all so familiar with. And to any and all idiots who would challenge me or ANY OF US on the fact that these trails are NOT benign "water vapor", I say to all of you idiot deniers, go straight to f**king hell right f**king now. I don't have time to abide the idiocy of deniers. None of us do, unless, of course, you happen to be a saint, which I am not. The time is so far past the stage of arguing with deniers as to be tragically laughable. Now, for those genuinely interested in learning anything at all about any of this, I would happily discuss what little I know. But for deniers and snarkey piss-ants, leave me the f**k alone, get out of my way, go bury your dumb-ass heads back in the compost pile and maybe that way you'll end up being of some use to whatever future awaits our biosphere.

  8. TnGeoWatch says:

    Tragic. The links are breaking at this very moment.

  9. Troy S says:


    Please click on the link below…does it look like a haze is all over the United States and Canada? But when you look at South America and Africa you will see puffy white clouds. I am sharing your info with friends and family here in DC. It clearly looks like what you have been telling everyone every week on the radio.,0039,0017


    • Troy S says:


      Please click on the (cloud) tab in the upper center of the page for a satellite view. Sorry for the confusion

  10. Roger Gibbons says:

    64F here in Southern Ontario yesterday the hottest ever recorded. I saw 12 robins in one tree yesterday, they shouldnt be here till the End of March.

    Do they know something that we dont?

    Keep the emails going out 


    • San Miguel Co., CO says:

      At 9500 feet in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado we have robins 2 to 3 months early too.  Unreal.    On January 28th I saw 8 robins.  I've also heard spring songbirds chirping!?  Crazy.  No one but me notices….or thinks it's odd.


  11. Dawnski says:

    Pied. Piper. Papers. ~~~~ like sheep led to slaughter.

  12. Greg says:

    Susan, Marc, horsewoman, Rachel Robson, Dennie and all of you who are posting, thank-you!!  I hope we have the opportunity to meet in person when we take this to the next level; and I hope that is soon.  I bow to each and every one of you.  May courage, passion and commitment continue to fuel the fires that stir in our hearts.  Communication and co-operation,merged in action will hopefully lead to the possibility of a better world.  What else is there to do? Go shopping?  I'm honored to be on this planet with you, no matter how screwed up it has become.

    • Dennie says:

      Thanks, Greg.  I'm hoping and have hoped for some time that we in this community will find occasions and ways to meet up in the near future.  I'm just not sure where or how we'd notify one another about that.  Maybe the April 23rd date will see a public awareness action in the S.F. Bay Area?  Interestingly, when I typed "earth day 2016 washington dc" into the search bar, I come up mainly with silly stuff that talks about finding places to celebrate and maybe "tidying up the environment," like, why, somehow, that's going to be no messier than picking up a few shirts, making the beds and putting the shoes back in the closet on the shoe rack:

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Of course once again, for the third time, my E-Mail message & E-Mail Address, has been permanently rejected, this time by WJXT News Channel 4 Jacksonville. I sent an E-mail with attached photos of Sky Conditions with SAG/SRM to the Weather Center of our Local News Station. I sent the E-Mail messages to all three News Station's Weather Centers two days ago, Channel 4 rejected me permanently and Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh from Channel 6 Action News Jax CBS (Fox) replied, by only saying Thanks David. I do not know what he meant by that response, he did not mention that he would send me his professional meteorological analysis, that I requested from him, on the photo's that I sent in my E-Mail. I distributed approximately 150 – 200 GeoEngineering Informational Flyers , Wednesday evening to Vendor's and people attending Jacksonville's monthly Art Walk. I had three vendor's tell me that they have seen & heard about documentaries on GeoEngineering and gladly accepted the set of flyers. I also randomly placed flyers on the windshields of park vehicles. I approached two police officers, discussed the information briefly, both took the flyers telling me they would research the topic. I also had a man in his 50's, not that the age should matter,  tell me he now has a Vitamin D deficiency, that he has never had before in his life. Another person told me he has been having upper respiratory issues. I was able to gain the attention of people, almost having a nearly 100% acceptance rate on taking the flyers. One couple that I talked to, tracked me down minutes later, saying sir can you tell me more about this, I said yes absolutely, we talked for an additional five minutes, another person that I talked to last month, asked me for all of the nine different flyers. I gave the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Conservation Department a set of flyers as well as the American Cancer Society, who were both vendor's at the downtown Art Walk! I informed people when they do research, not to use the word Chemtrails, as this search will lead them to a Conspiracy Theory, I said the best way is to use the scientific terms. I also mentioned to them, especially the tech savvy people to download the GeoEngineering Watch App on their phones, for constant updates.

    • Killer Dana says:

      Amador County California  Spray Alert !  09:00  2-5-2016

      I feel like a dying Cockroach today …. 

      Now  i really know how our bugs must feel when we spray our crops to rid our food of these poor little creatures..

      Go Organic .!!!

      I  know a farmer in Paicines  California , who went organic 20 years ago now .

      He  farms 10 different types of row crops . Williams Walnuts  has made a killing on their organically grown produce over the last 15 years . The weather in Paicines is so Good . The Soil  and Water , all good …  

      But  the  tragedy of this story is,

      None of  Doug's  crops are organic anymore . 

      All of his plantings over the last 10 years have been poisoned by Our  Dear Sweet Government and UN Agenda 21 now 30

      World Depopulation .

      The  Mokelumne  water  Shed here in Amador County is completely poisoned now from the fall out from the chemtrails .


      How  could we let this Happen ?


      Spray Alert  ,,,!!!!!  !!!!!   !!!!!!!!!!!

      all Human traffic must seek Shelter Now to Avoid the Poison Fall Out  From the Chemtrails.


      Long                Live            LaVoy  Finnicum

      Killer Dana  Out


    • Dennie says:

      David Former Navy Aerographer's Mate:  Wow, it looks like you are doing some just amazing work down there in J-ville FLA.  What an example!

      Killer Dana:  L-O-V-E that surf song!  Yes, Rosalind Peterson was also one who pointed out the fact that with the chem spraying landing all over EVERYTHING, everywhere you go, in our water, soil and air, we don't in fact have truly certifiably organic anything any longer and she felt that this was a strong reason that the organic community would not in fact speak out against the aerosol crimes, and they really are crimes– it is patently against California Civil Code to go spraying anything in the air the way these mthrfckrz do with such impunity– they are really AT IT today in the skies over the S.F. Bay Area; fat chem streaks everywhere you look, milky-white skies– these mthrfckrz JUST DO NOT CARE– mun-nee loving A$$holes!!!

    • Killer Dana says:

      Why  can't  we all get together and Sue the Hell out of the State of California under The Laws of prop 65  ?
      My organic produce is dying on the vine .
      I want to see all the farmers in this Union to get off their collective ass's and step up to the plate and clean their clocks .

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Greg, how very kind And uplifting!  I needed that.  I am having a hard time.  Physically.  Beginning to doubt if I will make it through this year.  I don't know if it is me or "them" but I am so exhausted that after waking late, for me, reading at this site for while, I took a nap! and slept three hours!  Dang.  There were things I planned to do outside, but the skies are striped, the sun whited out and this nasal congestion of 7 years and counting is taking a toll on me.  "They" said it was gonna be 70 degrees or more, (is not yet) for the Super Bowl here and I was expecting blue skies to boot!  I hear constant planes more than usual.  People coming in for the game?  About which I could not care less but for hoping for this side benefit.  Said benefit is making me feel pressure against my body as if deep sea diving.  Does anyone else experience that?  And I feel as if my brain has been hijacked, rather, shut down!  Your words inspire me.  Thanks Greg!

      Yes!  There are so many good commentators here!  Each with an unique strength.  And Marc can tell us what it feels like to finally be surrounded by like minded individuals!  How wonderful that must be! 

  13. As Dane has often said, once they lose control of the fake cooling attempts, war is on…   Russia Claims They Have Serious Grounds to Believe Turkey Will Invade Syria  / DAHBOO777 / Feb 4, 2016 /    * Developments on the Turkish-Syrian border give serious grounds to suspect that Ankara is planning a military invasion in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said. “We have serious grounds to suspect intensive preparations by Turkey for a military invasion on the territory of the sovereign state of Syria,” Major General Igor Konashenkov, Defense Ministry spokesman, told journalists. “We are recording more and more signs of concealed preparations by the Turkish military,” he added. The spokesman reminded that Moscow had previously provided the international community with irrefutable video evidence of Turkish artillery firing on Syrian populated areas in the north of Latakia Province.

    U.S. Fortifying Europe’s East to Deter Putin
    NY TImes / FEB. 1, 2016
    President Obama plans to substantially increase the deployment of heavy weapons, armored vehicles and other equipment to NATO countries in Central and Eastern Europe, a move that administration officials said was aimed at deterring Russia from further aggression in the region.
    The White House plans to pay for the additional weapons and equipment with a budget request of more than $3.4 billion for military spending in Europe in 2017, several officials said Monday, more than quadrupling the current budget of $789 million. The weapons and equipment will be used by American and NATO forces, ensuring that the alliance can maintain a full armored combat brigade in the region at all times.  … outside analysts were surprised by the magnitude of the increase in military funding for Europe, which is part of an overall budget request of $580 billion for the Pentagon.

    • BaneB says:

      If that should occur, this nation of ours will be turned into a wasteland.  Who would be encouraging Turkey to do this?  Would the enablers be the same schemers that planned and executed the false flag 9-11?  I realize many people do not accept the Bible as anything but a myth or whatever.  However, it is uncanny how much Revelation 17 and 18, two small chapters, describe a nation at the so called "end time" that contextually in our era sounds Suspiciously like the US.  A careful reading should disabuse anyone of sitting back and allowing the psychopaths to push "Babylon" into commiting suicide.  Meanwhile, over my head, the jets are spraying Mendocino with a genuine fervor.  No blue sky, ever!

  14. damon says:

    Today in redding,california l have personally  counted over 100 hundred jets today,and 16 at 1 time spaying in all directions. The people need to wake up.Thank you Dane for all you try to do for us KEEP IT UP

    • BaneB says:

      You are north of me.  I see these same jets that are spraying your area.  I am sure you noticed how very high up they are.  They have come overview this area from every direction but south.  It is so blatently obvious there is some experiment, and or purpose given how many jets in just a couple of hours.  There is yet another river of moisture aimed at Central California.  It seems the aerosols are creating as much sick looking fake cloud cover as can be achieved.  The sun is at least 40% dimmed.

  15. John Louro says:

    One of my songs I'd like to share;  Retinal Sackcloth…     I rises to see, the L.E.D., in the name, of security ; mine eyes have seen, through the smokescreen, in my Big Brothers eye, there is a beam.   Scanning the senses, across the seas, a tidal wave of conspiracy. A finger, a hand, a retina scanned, now you can get your G.M.O'd cheese.  A sedative for the masses, a cultural war, a division of classes, dividing the water with political fodder, showering all with acidic gasses. Elephants and donkeys, elephants and donkeys, they're all a bunch of animals, unevolved monkeys; money junkies, spiritual cannibals. Pigs always wanted to Gore; cloven-footed wild boars;in scarlet veils, they spray chemtrails; and lust for the harlot whore.   Whether from God, or weather from another; modification of a nation, a black cloud hangs over Big Brother.  Perpetual motion, centrifugal force; wind-turbines cool the semi-conductors; unintellectual fools are the source, harlots playing the semi-seductress (biblically speaking)   Technology can never duplicate, scientology can never recreate;  when God ordains we shall see the latter rain, for only the gatekeeper keeps the gate!           Come out of the matrix, it's only imitations, lift the veil of chemtrail hell, the murky fog that inundates us.  Barium, aluminum, lead and silver iodide, technology on steroids as they play with their new toys; mile high wide fly-bys.  Mostly cloudy, partly sunny: in the tribulation your smoke and mirrors will never come near us; AND GOD DOESN'T THINK ITS FUNNY!                     

  16. Ken B says:

    Heavy spray day in central coast CA. It looks like its in the fuel now and there are at least 2 kinds.

    The house of cards is going to come down soon. There are so many things on the razors edge right now, there's no way it can be propped up. Stay alert and store some supplies…its going to be ugly.

    Fight or Die


    • Dennie says:

      Heavily sprayed chem-cloud skies here in the S.F. Bay Area yesterday and today.  We just got done with a week or two of rain, of which the H20 part is refreshing but the falling metal nanoparticulates was and is PURE HELL.

      Happily I report that the compression-type weatherstripping added to the cheap stick-on stuff around the door jamb of my leaky front door has really STOPPED the air crap from coming in here and drifting all around the house like it used to the past five years, and I am praying that I will soon be able to move back here comfortably 24/7 in just the next week or two. 

  17. Rob Wilkinson says:

    Hi. Heavy spraying over Southern England yesterday. The ridiculous, obvious kind, with horizon-to-horizon trails rather than the more covert on-off ones. 

    I have been looking at the Climate Reanalyzer site. The 'Precipitative Water' map is interesting; it shows extreme uniformity for water contained in the air column for the entire Northern hemisphere. Is this an effect of particulates evenly distributing atmospheric waster, or is it normal? I k ow that the term 'normal' comes with a caveat these days. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Rob Wilkinson, hello.    Since the southern hemisphere is frying, it would seem some of that water has been stolen.  But then they do keep pushing the El Nino narrative, even if it is not at all like one-yet.  Here in San Francisco's Bay Area they say we will have these few warm and sunny days, then more rain.  Myself, I have no idea if this uniformity is normal, seems as if it could not be, but I don't know enough to say.  Thanks for the site you mention.  Question for you-do you find the same trouble in the UK- that we do-finding people who are aware?  People you can talk about this with?  Any organized groups?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Gee, miss a little, miss a lot.  I had no idea you were not in your home.  There is no way I can keep air out of here, but my door jam is a big offender.  I think I know of the sticky stuff you mention.  Used it on a seam on the coop but the hens pecked it out every time.  It did not seem to adhere all that well, but I have considered trying with the door.  So first you put on that, and then the compression type over that?  And what is the compression type called?  What does it look like?  I ask because I cannot walk far enough to shop and will have to send my daughter.

      Any suggestions for a not quite 2 inch hole in bedroom window "forever" which I can't even tape because of the cracks radiating from it in all directions?  It is a double hung wide window and not so easy these days to get replaced.  Landlord won't do it.  I'd get on his case but he has issues too and I am lucky to pay so little for this place.  I use to be able to do the repairs, get others to help for cheap, but that was long ago.

      So glad you will move back into your own place you've worked so hard on.  I cannot imagine not opening a window though.

  18. Study Uncovers How Electromagnetic Fields Amplify Pain in Amputees  /Feb. 3, 2016
    “Our study provides evidence, for the first time, that subjects exposed to cellphone towers at low, regular levels can actually perceive pain,” said Dr. Mario Romero-Ortega, senior author of the study and an associate professor of bioengineering in the University’s Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. “Our study also points to a specific nerve pathway that may contribute to our main finding.”
    Most of the research into the possible effects of cellphone towers on humans has been conducted on individuals with no diagnosed, pre-existing conditions. This is one of the first studies to look at the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in a nerve-injury model, said Romero-Ortega, who researches nerve regeneration and builds neural interfaces — technology that connects bionic or robotic devices to the peripheral nerve. There are nearly 2 million amputees in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and many suffer from chronic pain. [full report]:

  19. Baltic Dry Crashes Below 300 For First Time Ever
    ZeroHedge Feb.4, 2016
    Before this year the lowest level The Baltic Dry Index had reached was 556 in August of 1986 and the highest was in June 2008 at a stunning 11,612. Today saw the freight index hit a new milestone however, crashing through the 300 barrier for the first time ever – at 298, this is almost 50% below the previous record low.  …  the depths that the index is now plumbing is quite alarming and suggests trouble in the global trade picture. [charts here]:
    And for whatever its worth, T. Boone Pickens sold all oil holdings.

    • Welcome to the Recovery – 1 Out of 7 Americans (45.5 Million) Remain on Food Stamps   / Michael Krieger / Feb 4, 2016
      About 45.4 million Americans, roughly one-seventh of the population, received nutrition aid last October, the most recent month of data. Unemployment was 5 percent that month. … The uneven recovery has swelled the ranks of long-term unemployed and reduced the number of people working or looking for work, further boosting demand. Even for those with jobs, pay may be lower than in the past: In real dollars, SNAP recipients in 2014 had net incomes of $335 a month, the lowest since at least 1989. … gradual transition into oligarch serfdom … 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      OMG Susan, how do you do all this?!!  Superwoman!  You are now my inspiration!

  20. bija says:

    Check out    CHRMTRAILS: THE SECRET WAR, A Documentary by Italian film makers Antoniao and Rosario ( The film presents lots of documentation. English Subtitles

  21. Rachel Robson says:

    I'm forever looking out my kitchen's west window and yesterday morning was first struck, as often these days by the dawn colors in a ring around the whole area except for the east and where the sun is rising!  I find this irritating.  Then, noticed the huge dark grey sky over the Bay by ocean, both solid high and far.  Then noticed a glowing golden column behind house kitty corner from me, but in the distance, it really stood out and was wide.  So I turned on the news in case something was on fire, but no mention.  It kept on going for a very very long time and may have had that color owing to the sun rising.  In fact, it went higher than the huge blue/grey "wall" and then made a line of gold along the top of that "wall" going south.  How odd is that?  This all more or less in Dennie's direction.  Went on forever it seemed, even after beginning to look whiteish.  What the heck?  It merged then with the blue/grey "wall" leaving colored striping in it.  All I could think about was the navy and their rockets but I have no idea.

    In the course of this, and the day before, I'm noticing the degree to which I can see through the big redwood in front of me.  Not only that, but the sheer amount of brown stuff on it which is normal in the fall or in drought, but given all this rain we've had?  Looks recent.  Moreover, the leaves of the redwood look kinda glued together!  Sickly looking.  Creepy looking.  Usually or always, after rains the redwood looks so happy, so fluffy, upward turning, but not now.  No new fresh bits either.

    I comment on my lily of the niles out front which are huge and interspersed with equally huge, very drought hardy and prolific white lilies.  All these are bush sized and keep their strappy leaves all year, blooming in summer, the niles blooming around the forth of July which pleases me as they look so much like purple/blue fireworks high in the sky.  One open blossom on one of them has been there, fully open now for months!  Like three at least?!  Never ever saw that happen before and what the heck?  A fully opened bloom that does not die?  By the way I do this to reduce the amount of fumes that just wash into my yard.  And always low to the ground.  Why on Earth people stroll babies or put in carriers behind bicycles boggles my mind.  When I work out there, if I am on or near the ground, the fumes are overwhelming.  Stand up and seemingly gone.  Back down, can't breath, back up, can.  Scientists-and they are not All are bad!, now say that bushes retain more Co2 than previously thought.  These guys are working for me, plus we use the gorgeous blooms, but for this everlasting one I am now waiting to see just how long it can keep this up.  It has been at least 3 months!

    Then, last night, I had tinnitus that was very nearly unbearable.  Very loud, left ear only.  I've had some minor tinnitus before but this was not minor.  So very loud I thought I'd "lose" it, then it went away, completely.  Thank the deities.  The day before, both my daughter and I had the worst headache, felt bitchy, tired, on edge all day, myself, utterly exhausted as is becoming my daily norm.  I beginning to wonder how I wil get anything done.

    My next door neighbor, the nice one, grows a boomin garden nearly all year long.  They are "ethical" vegans and she gives me some greens for my two legged "horses"-in hopes for eggs as she will eat mine, you know, if the Ever lay again! (too little sun too long) and foods for me, like soups.  She makes stock from all the leaves and I must say the soups are really really good though I am not vegan, I'm loving it.  Healthy looking, beautiful food that I'd thought it was too cold and wet to grow well.  They do get just way more sun than we do.  I am so weak, I'm afraid this year will be like last and I'll get practically nothing growing.  But planning to anyway.  But for how the redwood looks glued, that is freaking me out.  These neighbors have only been here a few years.  So they don't know normal for here, or what we all previously regarded as normal.  But must say, it is nice to have some sun again, but the skies are all whited out.  This neighbor and another want to start a book reading club as in read and discuss among us "tight" friends on this city block.  First one up is Brothers Vonnegut.  My suggestion, and they all went for it.  One way or another, I'm gonna get you!  But these two have gorgeous gardens.  Still, they are out and about a lot, soooo, here's hoping. They are, because of me, semi aware and not rude about geo-engineering but don't really want to know more.  Maybe this will wet their whistle!

  22. Ken Converse says:

    So good to know there are some out there with functioning little grey cells left…..even though we KNOW nano particles of aluminum are now beyond doubt inside each of our craniums. We had a window of a year or two after 9/11 to call attention to the obvious hoax, but that's long gone now. Living as we are in this science fiction movie, I salute you all for having the guts to stay focused, especially Dane. I highly recommend fervent prayer as well, at this late stage of the game. Did you ever read Revelation? It tells of Angels POURING out bowls of various afflictions upon the earth. It sure seems like jet aircraft above us spraying highly toxic heavy metals could be a fulfillment of that. Strength and courage to you all.


  23. jason says:

    People should realize that by giving the Central Bankers / “the Cabal” private ownership of the creation of money, as they already have in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act, which is totally unconstitutional, they have basically signed their own death warrant.

    The Central Bankers / “the Cabal”  that now privately own the creation of money are using this power to bug spray and depopulate the people.

    It should be completely understood that unless the private ownership of the creation of money is taken away from them, the bug spraying GeoEngineering, or things similar, will never stop.

    If they have unlimited money, which they do, because the privately own the creation of money since they privately own the Federal Reserve, they will always use it for depopulation using one method or another.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jason, though the paradigm you describe has indeed gone on for a very long time, we are entering a new phase now. As the climate biosphere systems collapse, no amount of money printing can hide the unfolding cataclysm. The equation is changing rapidly now, we are in uncharted territory.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Monday 02/01/16 & Tuesday 02/02/16 No SAG/SRM, beautiful Crystal Clear Blue Skies in Jacksonville, Florida, after two completely aerosolized metallic Overcast skies, on Saturday & Sunday! Today, Thursday 02/04/16, Heavy Showers & Thunderstorms with multiple Flood Warnings throughout Georgia & Florida. The past two mornings, Low Temperatures of 66 & 68 degrees, which are higher than the average High Temperature in early February. An EF1 Tornado with winds of 95 mph, struck Fort Stewart, Georgia. I should mail a set of the 9 GeoEngineering Informational Flyers, to that Military Installation, to inform those troops of what is actually occurring! Report from The Weather Channel TWC: Severe Storm Expert Dr. Greg Forbes stated he observed 10 Tornadoes, touch down throughout the Southeastern U.S. This weather pattern is being caused from the Southern part of Winter Storm Kayla! Tornadoes in the middle of Winter, How Uncommon is this weather pattern, not to mention from an Engineered Winter Storm! Typically violent Convective weather should not occur, especially from a Winter Storm. Winter Atmospheric Dynamics, should not constitute a Warm Side to a Winter Storm!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Everyone doesn't know or remember what Adam Smith said, and it is this:  "The wealth of nations is it's natural resources." 

      Dwindling natural resources, dwindling money. 


      "Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition." 

      I wonder what Smith would have to say about the poisoning of "science" with regard to how it is practiced today to favor the profitable opinions of the corporations funding their "scientific" research.  I'm sure he's rolled over in his grave numerous times since his death in 1790.

  24. Barb D says:

    2.3. Trust in Government

    Trust in institutions associated with the technology is a consistent predictor of technology acceptance…

    This should end up being in our favor…especially after the financial collapse.    

  25. pharmer says:

    Reading this article, and the 'scientific' report discussed, reminded me of the classic 1928 book "Propaganda", by Edward Bernays.  The psychopaths deceive humanity into destroying ourselves, individually and collectively, by tricking us into thinking it's good for us.  Vaccines, drugs, fluoride, GMO, wars, and geoengineering (etc.), are all presented in ways that makes them appear to be beneficial.  This report explicitly admits that is what it's trying to accomplish.  "Political Ponerology" explains the psychology of evil that drives the psychopaths who create the propaganda to deceive us.  This is an easy to read pdf version of the classic book "Propaganda".

    • BaneB says:

      Notice how the schematic looks like a bomb.  Is that Fat Boy or Little Boy?  Or is this the secret plan for the escape ship to a Mars?  It has more fins than Finland (bad pun intended).

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, too funny!  I noticed the same thing and thought similar thoughts!  Somehow one just knows a man drew this schematic!

  26. James says:

    Amador County California Spray Alert.     09:15     2-4-2016


    We are being Sprayed like Bugs Today .


    Long Live  Lavoy Finnicun

    • BaneB says:

      We are being sprayed here in central Mendocino County, too.  Very misty and wet overnight.  That, whatever it was, lifted early with first light and, wow, clear sunshine.  But before long the weather warriors were back at it.  And it was not more than an hour of spew that the blue began to grunge up, and the bright sunlight to dim, and dim sum more.  We no longer have beautiful clear blue skies.

      Regarding Mr.Lavoy Finicum, his hands were up.  His physical gyrations were because the FBI inspired Oregon State Police fired on him the minute he put his hands up.  The first shot that probably missed was when the vehicle was adroitly driven left into the snowbank.  Before it had stopped, a uniformed thug ran in front and fired into the front windshield.  The FBI said Finicum tried to hit the officer with the vehicle. Not so, given the obvious timing easy to observe on the video.  There are nine bullets that hit the man, the final one from the uniformed thug sneaking up behind him.  A public funeral is tomorrow in Salt Lake City.  Closed coffin due to facial destruction.

       I have been spending time studying the so called "standoff."  And the background for what drove these ranchers to revolt.  The BLM is on a land grab spree.  Their very own documents confirm this. Private properties in areas of BLM managed and owned federal land that they want for reasons of 'concerns about the environment,' protecting endangered species, is a ruse.  What is really going on is the grab is all about mining and minerals.  And gas and oil.  For an agency that claims to be helping to save endangered species, there are large tracts in Nevada (federal land is 64% of all land in Nevada) where a endangered grouse is but the BLM is allowing fracking.  This means huge amounts of water are needed.  This also means the underground aquifers are being depleted and polluted. This also means chemical laced air pollution. BLM is under the Commerce Department.  Regarding Burns, Oregon, there are large uranium deposits in that county.  One such mine has been sold to Putin while Hillary was Secretary of State.  She approved it.  Recently her hubby received a. $500,000 speaking fee in a Moscow.  The Russians now own 20% of US uranium deposits.  Hard to believe!  Yet, search under same wording, or look up Jon Rappaport's website and the incredible story about how the ranchers took on more than they realized was lurking in the shadow.  And so, the assassination of Lavoy Finicum, the lucid spokesperson, seems to have been a must do operation.


    • pharmer says:

       Lavoy Finicum probably meant well, what he did may have been counterproductive to the cause of saving our planet, because now people are more likely to use violence against law enforcement.  Using violence, or threat of violence' against them,  alienates our most valuable allies; law enforcement, military, and intelligence people.  They are being exterminated too, so they have an important reason to support us: the people they took an oath to protect.  Bundy seems to be a NWO stooge imho, although I could be wrong, but I've done considerable research.  If you research Bundy's history, you will see he has gotten away with criminal acts that would get anybody else arrested, or worse, so why did 'they' let him go?  Bundy may mean well, but what he did only serves the evil entity, not the people of this country or planet.  The road to hell is paved by good intentions, as I learned from my father, who helped pave that road.  The evil entity uses our good intentions to deceive us into paving the road to hell for ourselves.  Using violence to resist the evil entity is exactly what it wants us to do, which is why it uses 'agent provacatuers' to foment violence.  Law enforcement, military, and intelligence people, are all being used to control the planet for the evil entity.  That's why we need for them to understand they are being misused, so they will stand-down, and (hopefully) support their People's non-violent resistance.  George Orwell wrote "Animal Farm", because he knew the only way to stop the evil entity was by uniting together, and despite all our differences that is what we need to do.  We CAN shake-off  ("intifada" means to "shake off" in Arabic) the parasites of humanity, but we can't do it by using violence against the evil entities 'protectors', because then they will be used against us.  We need those people on our side, or to stand-down and stop protecting the 'authorities' who control everything  We need to do something now, in 2016, otherwise it may be too late.  What are people afraid of anyway?  If the evl entity declares martial law because of the Zika hoax, or whatever, then dissent may become impossible.  If WWIII begins, then conscription and another sedition act will likely follow, and then it may be too late.  The next few months may be the last time "we the people" have to stop the full-spectrum genocide being waged against us. Then we can begin to save our miraculous planet, which is the living substrate of our lives.  WE need to do something NOW though, because we are running out of time.  We CAN still stop the evil entity, but only by going in huge numbers to Washington DC this summer, before it's too late!!!  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Phamer, hi!  What wise words, dead on so to speak.  And same for BaneB.  And what endangered grousse would that be?  "My" beloved sage hens, I'm guessing.  In the late 60s and early 70s I was living in northeast Nevada with Shoshone people and an unusual medicine man/activist.  Right in the early 70s, the mob moved into Las Vegas.  And around the same time, someone got the not so bright idea to graze cattle in a desert.  To do this, and I have said this before, the BLM chain dragged down the pinon trees upon which Natives depend heavily.  More than that even is that they had deep roots that hold the sandy "soil".  They didn't remove the downed trees, precious pinons, but did begin seeding for grass which is not normal there.  Most people zooming by Nevada see nothing there when once it was full of life.  And I could easily find water not far beneath the ground.  Hiking into the desert I'd find cattle sitting on all fours, barely blinking owing to the heat and non-conducive environment, looking like big boulders, seemingly unable to move.  Fast forward decades and the pinons are wiped out due to some bug, just as someone mentioned, bugs move in on dying plants and their system of growing in family groups had been destroyed.  Then heard sage hens were on the endangered list.  There used to be so very many of them!  Now too, haboobs in Nevada!  So, never had any sympathy for Bundy.  Not to mention Natives never getting paid their grazing rights.

      But BaneB does make a good point about how we, the US, are selling off our national treasures, letting other countries mine these most spectacular places supposedly set aside for the American public.  However, I had no idea that Hilary helped sell off some to Putin!  I also had no idea that there are big uranium deposits in Burns County Oregon.  Good to know.  And yikes.  Oh how I wish this was brought up in the debates!  I suspect few know about her helping sell this land -sell, really?!-to Putin, and Bill's pricey speaking engagement in Russia.  Jeez!

      To be fair, if anything belongs to the people, Natives are owed.  Not just because.  But for the military stealing more than 50 billion from their land lease monies rendering generations starving, forced to sell off their own lands to the tribes who learned too well from whitemen how to be corrupt.  Much of those tribal lands are now being mined or drilled by the military and their contractors.

      Between the two of you, BaneB and Pharmer, you've added one heck of a lot of much needed context.  Thank you both!  

  27. San Miguel Co., CO says:

    Unbelievable… They dumped 2 feet of snow on us a few days ago.  Of course it was 50 degrees on the ground just before the snow started and then low and behold they gave us a semi break yesterday – the bluest sky in months.  Now it's wicked cold and they're spraying like crazy today in Southwest Colorado.  Thick nasty lines going in every direction.  Looks exactly like the picture above from Pennsylvania.  It's only 9:30 in the morning and it's getting really thick and trillions of miniscule fibers are falling.  You can see them!  Thanks Dane.

  28. Greg says:

    The jets overhead are doubling-up their assault over the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.  We have had 13 feet of snow this season and it has the strangest consistency I have ever witnessed.  I wrote Senator Tipton for the 5th time today with a much harder edge, including phrases like " 2-party dictatorship, corporate cabal, military industrial complex, sold out academia, etc, etc…." I asked him if he cared about the future and health of his kids and grandkids.  I thank Dane for the inspiration and the example of commitment in this most dire situation that we all face.

  29. Marc says:

    I've just witnessed MSM articles pertaining to climate change climbing to new heights of absurdity. The "senior science editor" at Huffington Post, David Freeman, has penned an article proclaiming that "ship's wakes could help ease global warming". How? By adding "surfactants" to the ship's wakes this would cause the frothiness and whitish foam to persist, thereby increasing albedo of the sea surface. Uh, Hello? Oh. My. Fucking. God. Furthermore, the incomparable and august Mr. David Keith (yes, arguably the Anti-Christ) is quoted in the article as saying the real challenge is whether or not we can make the "foam and bubbles" PERSIST. Has everyone on Earth lost their fucking minds? You have to read this article to fully understand the width and breadth of the toxic swill being hand-strewn out into the minds of the public. And oh yeah, gee, Mr. Freeman did not forget to allude to potential environmental problems associated with such a scheme and mentioned that "To fully assess the scheme's safety and feasibility, it will take more than a climate model. It will take real world experiments."  Hmmmmm…… ya think they've been trying this, too, far out at sea where NO ONE will notice? Well guess what, all you David Keith-ian devotees, the fish notice. 

       How about Mr. David Freeman and Mr. David Keith agreeing to publicly drink (like the fish would have to) some cocktails splashed and whitened with SURFACTANTS to demonstrate just how safe and "feasible" the program is.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oooh, good idea Marc, and drink it on film!  Priceless!

    • Dennie says:


      With these latest "brilliant" ideas, the so-called "scientist's" so-called "solutions have dropped below the level of  A-B-S-U-R-D. 

      Since I'm seeing that we now have just sooo many crazed climate "scientists" in academe and elsewhere, I propose that we anti-geoengineering activists make a concerted group effort to undertake a major project of daily appearances on campuses like Harvard and Stanford, to throw shaving cream pies at these crazies; I'm sure that with all their numbers, the albedo of the white stuff appearing on their faces will help reflect all that useless sunshine.

    • Linda says:

      Greetings Marc,

      Really love what you've said here and also your remarks on 2/5.  Today, especially, I feel as "pissed off" as you do !!!

      Have been studying and observing the g.e. skies for over 10 years and today is one of the worst I've seen lately.  I currently live in Scott's Valley, CA  and this morning I counted 4 of the "bloody" planes "piss"-crossing the sky.  Because of the mountain location of Scott's Valley, the skies are very open here, so the blatant obviousness of what's happening ( if one has the notion to even look up ! ) is quite apparent.  

      I think my main frustration at the moment is that I don't seem to find anyone here or in Santa Cruz or over in Silicon Valley who is willing to listen to what I have to say to them about geoengineering of our weather     and it's effects.  Not even my friends !  This is somewhat surprising to me as these places supposedly think of themselves as being health and ecologically conscious.  

      Anyroad, I am so grateful to Dane for all he's doing and wish I could move up to his area as a volunteer w/ geoengineeringwatch.  Who knows ?  Maybe it's in my future.

      Thanks for "listening".



  30. Laurie says:

    I see them beginning to mainstream this poison here locally on the weather forecasts. I've written my local weatherman and he assures me that after he and his fellow snob met in Europe, they decided that there is no such thing. Now when they do admit openly to the spraying, I'm going to pounce on that lying jerk and see what his explanation is to me at that point. Every day her in the Detroit area it's been heavy clouds, spraying constantly. I don't hear a hum or a hish yet though. Hard to tell what makes you feel sick anymore with all the SMART meters on my house, in my house, etc., spraying, ZIKA, EBOLA, ISIS, Ahhhhhhhhhhh! This spraying should really scare the shit out of people, not the made up or lab-designed viruses they want to make a vaccine for to shove into us.

    • Ken says:

      No such thing? I have been monitoring 5-11 aircraft tankers flooding the skies above the Tuzla, Bosnia region since last August…and I thought moving here from the US would enable me to 'escape' the toxic mess. Nope. The only thing different here is what language is spoken…

  31. jennifer says:

    OH MY GOD! So not only have these SOB damaged our planet/climate most likely beyond repair but now they actually have the balls to try and go mainstream with this bullshit! Can you guys imagine the scripted msm media whores pushing the spraying as perfectly normal and ”good” for the environment.WTF is going on?! Have we officially entered the twilight zone? What a sick world we live in! The evil doers wlll now try and make us believe that wrong is right and that their continual poisoning of our Earth is perfectly normal and for our benefit! HOW F**KING SICK ARE THESE PEOPLE?! Could it be that they are running scared? Perhaps the work Dane is doing to awaken people IS having A HUGE EFFECT and the lousy evil bastards are terrified of being exposed for the snakes they are!

    • Nicole says:

      I don't think they "fear" anything. If you've been following the scandal of the Clinton Foundation and its exploits all over the world, and if you've been following the scandal of our so called presidents and their executive orders to dismantle civilization as we know it, you can easily see they fear absolutely nothing, except an empty wallet.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh yeah, they are running scared!  They, according to all this are testing public reaction and getting reactions that include off with their heads.  Should be interesting what hoops they will jump through to try to save their asses.  But please, don't malign snakes for comparison!  A snake is a snake and serves a purpose.  Snakes don't harm people for no reason much less free will.  These guys on the other hand are the worst kind of pure evil.  Snakes are not evil, just snakes.

  32. Who Owns the Zika Virus?
    By Guillaume Kress / Global Research, February 03, 2016
    The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika virus a global health emergency on Monday…

    And who owns the patent on the virus?
    The Rockefeller Foundation!
    print version
    vid from DAHB0077


    • Dennie says:

      And CDC has the patent on the Ebola virus. 

    • BaneB says:

      These lunatics find viruses in very remote places, go to their laboratories , and create new viruses and enhanced viruses, and ship them around the world VIA MAIL.  These bacterium and viruses are getting loose either deliberately or accidentally.  The perps refer to these outbreaks as    emerging diseases.  Thanks to gene technology, genetic engineering, all manner of novel diseases have been "discovered."  To name a few:  Legionnaires Disease, AIDS, HANTA, SARS, MERS, EBOLA, WEST NILE, etc.  if a disease is created then there is a patent somewhere.  And if there is a cure there is a patent.  We are the guinea pigs.  Be sure and get your vaccination cocktail.  Actually, the plan is to force us to drink their cool aid.

    • Wake Up World! says:

      And who runs the UN, the EPA and the WHO?

      Do I even need to say it?

      Funding for the Vermont Eugenics Survey at Middlebury College VT came from Rockefeller Foundation too. And if you read the sentiment regarding this program on page 16

      Middlebury College President Moody said all French Canadians could be wiped out and no one would miss'em. 

      Note the Dean of Religion at Middlebury College is Rockefeller.

      Start this at 11:45 and learn how our kids are being brainwashed at that college:

      We all know these are some very sick bastards and we know we've all been their lab experiment for a very long time.


    • Dennie says:

      And tucked away on the hind-most pages of the front section of our local Marin Independent Journal, I see a small article with news from Dallas, TX that the Zika virus is also, apparently, sexually transmissable.  The Idea, of course, is to get people to 1.) STOP having sex, thereby reducing the population, and 2. When that doesn't work, they die if they do.  Neat solution, huh, Bill Gates???

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa Susan!  Does this patent mean for constructing this virus, constructing the mosquito, or for acquired to create vaccination?  Guess I'll have to read this but no time!  Sounds shocking and not something one would want their name on!

    • bija says:

      A story on NPR yesterday about Brazilian pregnant women buying huge volumes of pesticides prompted me to look into the matter a little further. Common sense would normally dictate not spraying poisons around a developing fetus and pregnant mother! But these lunatics, whose job it is to scaremonger and spread illness and death know no bounds – that we already know!! My search led me to an article: "Who's Behind The Zika Virus Outbreak and Fearmongering" on Covert Geopolitics website. It's definitely worth the read. And Brazil, as one of the BRICS Nations, host of the summer Olympics, world's largest user of pesticides, seems to be center-stage for the latest NWO/WHO assault. Over 4000 cases of microcephaly have been reported since October! And "coinncidentally" in the same area where GM mosquitos had been released…

      Pass this information along and expose the truth. Since we are already being sprayed like vermin, it wouldn't take much to add a little Monsanto insecticide to the concoction they are already dosing us with, of course in the interest of keeping our children healthy!! This is another Hoax and Scam, just like Ebola and all the other viruses they roll out to scare us into submission while injuring and killing as many as possible. It's time for these sub-humans to go!!!

    • Dennie says:

      These are "emerging" diseases, all right– They are "emerging" straight out of the bioweapons laboratories that we stopped hearing about before the end of the 1980s– REMEMBER–??????  A$$holes told us that all kind of horrid nasty microbes would be "emerging" from the melting polar ice– what a complete crock of shit that lie is, who would believe that a made-in-a-lab version of RABIES never before seen and "found" in Arizona actually came out of melting polar ice– What the F*CK???  Do they really believe we're that dumb?

  33. Mark from OZ (native Minnesotan) says:

    Continued 'hat tip' to DW and all the posters here who express their concern, outrage and frustration against the preposterous suggestion that 'spraying' toxic chemicals into the Earth's atmosphere has any benefit beyond enabling the FF industry to continue burning their very dangerous product.

    We are their energy 'hostages' and have been for a very long time. Without this consumer base (us), they cannot succeed and will ultimately fade away. These articles or opinion pieces that promote SRM are just propaganda  inserts that have been very cleverly designed and produced in order to for these industries to continue their operations which on their own, are causing distressing and far reaching and long term damage to this planet's health and its inhabitants;not only humankind, but all life forms are in real danger.

    It is typically very difficult for an honest, hard working and reasonable person to comprehend the subterfuge, duplicity and strategy that is behind these propaganda campaigns as most folk are not used to playing by those rules. This is why these campaigns penetrate so effectively. A 'less' level playing field could not be imagined.

    A concise and helpful 'lesson' of what has been and is currently 'in motion' for many years can be found here: Note:This site is advancing rapidly the effects of 'sea level change' ( both rise and fall) and similar to GEW, identifies the FF industry and related parties as the source of our multiple contemporary predicaments.

    Understanding how corporations have aligned with governments worldwide to further their 'interests' is a requirement to appreciate and thus identify, methods and tactics to arrest and subsequently terminate the 'activities' that we all recognize both intuitively and academically to be reckless, damaging and criminal for being allowed to maintain this 'status quo' with complete impunity.

    These industries are aware that all they have left to defend themselves is the fragile 'impunity' that has been heretofore legislated for their benefit. Focusing on why they are not entitled to impunity will be the way across their moat and to the command centers of their 'castles'. Stay connected! Lock arms! Make your voices heard-don't be shy!Believe in the change to come!

    Be there when it does!

    "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson.

    • stephan says:

      Mark from OZ (native Minnesotan) – great article – "just follow the money" and those who create it – I'm a native Manitoban so I'm sure we see the same skies – thanks – soon these bastards will run out of  their "bait"

    • Mark from OZ (native Minnesotan) says:

      @ Stephan

      Hiyadoin? Thanks for the excellent link and confirming the great heart and spirit of those above the 42(n) parallel! Currently in  SE Straya where the tankers spray out over Bass Straight( 40 lat S) so they can't be spotted and the haze drifts north and east over Melbourne and the region.

      Am keeping track of what's happening up on the  border states/provinces–Marquette,Duluth, Int Falls, Fargo and Flin Flon,

      +10 F at 2:30 am (now) in Winnipeg in Feb? Whisky- Tango- Foxtrot! Last time through there, I needed two Die Hard batteries and a hot briquette coal bed in a trash can lid to start  the Chevy-was -35 F. The oil stuck to the dipstick like a popsicle before the loggers kindly stopped to lend a hand. Yeah, hey. Won't forget them-the type we'll need when the chips are gone.

      All the best!

  34. Diane Friday says:

    This is what I've been afraid would happen. What seem like nonsense words and phrases do have very specific meanings — specific to the recipients of the study, first and foremost. Bottom line, as everyone on here already knows, there are forces at work that intend to not only reveal what's been going on in our skies, the "aerosol injection" and so forth, but make it sound like it's vital to the survival of the planet and every living thing on it. They will somehow circumvent the "altruistic" types, as we seem to be a minority, launch a full-scale program directed at the "egotists", which they will no doubt wholly embrace and, in short order, demand that they spray us some more because otherwise we're doomed. Thank you Dane, and thank you Susan Ferguson for dissecting that horrifying report and translating it into what was really meant in all that ridiculous double-speak. You nailed it. 


    On a related note, I don't know what the psychopaths in charge are up to tonight, but it's big and it's bad news. Like so many others who comment here, my partner and I have been suffering with a long list of physical symptoms and declining health secondary to the daily and increasingly worse aerosol and electromagnetic assault. I'm sometimes able to determine what bizarre weather to expect next by the type, frequency, and volume of the god awful tone in my head. This ain't tinnitus. This is so not tinnitus. Tonight, after above-normal temps and heavy rain all day here in southeastern PA, I'm hearing/feeling the unbearably loud, high-pitched "hish".  I've learned that this almost always means they're in the process of manipulating the jet stream in order to make it nice and cold here because hey, it's winter and let's make it look "normal". Whatever causes this sound also causes weakness, fatigue, irritability, hot one minute, cold the next, gastrointestinal upset in the form of nausea, bloating, and lack of appetite, and, most significantly, rapid heart rate and occasionally an irregular heartbeat. This is one of many nights where it feels like we could quite possibly die at any moment, but we learned long ago why we're experiencing these symptoms, and all we can do is wait it out. But it's getting worse on almost a daily basis and we're getting worn down and worn out very quickly now. Anyone else having these symptoms tonight? 

    • Hi Diane Friday. Yes I am, all the time now. The hish sound is the worst, drives me crazy.

    • Mary says:

      Diane, where r u from? Where we live we get heavy spraying.since u mentioned tinnitus, I feel weird saying this. But i have ringing in my ears which just seemed to have started within the last few weeks. Would This be caused by the poisons in the air? We live in south jersey.

    • Marc says:

      Diane Friday, Yes! I have been having multiple symptoms that match several of yours including the unusually loud ear-hissing/ringing, heart blips, sudden emergence of joint and tendon related pain and dysfunction, etc. Yes, one of my greatest fears is that these bastards from hell are gonna go MAINSTREAM with their bullshit geoengineering justifications and in the process attempt to dupe the entire planet into believing it is a necessary last resort to save humanity. All the while never daring to mention this has been going on for longer than most people have been alive. 

    • Diane Friday says:

      Hi Mary. We live in southeastern PA, between Philadelphia and Allentown. I'd say I'm glad we're not the only ones, but I'm not glad so many others are reporting the same symptoms. It seems the ringing/hissing/hish is happening to more people now. We've had it for at least three years, but it's getting worse all the time. I don't know the exact cause, but considering there's usually either a major jet stream shift not long after, or schedules precipitation in the forecast, an educated guess would be it's caused when they aim HAARP and turn it up to 11, as I always say. I'm sure the constant presence of the aluminum, barium, and especially lithium lately, is how the electromagnetic energy is focused on a desired target area. Having experienced genuine tinnitus as a child, when I was sick and being given aspirin and antibiotics, etc., I know what we're suffering with now is in no way textbook tinnitus. Sometimes, it sounds like a hearing test set to the highest pitch and turned all the way up. I can actually feel it resonating on the inside of my skull!! Again, the scheduled weather is for colder temps the next few days, maybe in the 40s as opposed to almost 60 degrees today. I guess maybe the jet stream was more difficult to manipulate than usual today. I'm sure we can expect the usual stiff north winds along with the colder temps for the next few days. And all for the sake of maintaining the illusion of winter cold?? You know there has to be more to it than that! 

    • Dennie says:

      I have the racing pulse plus reddening of the extremities and face as well as uncontrollable muscle twitching and muscle spasms of the fingers and toes (great for a pro musician, huh??) when the barium's high during heavy spraying, which is much much more frequent since spring LAST year!  Now look out, because barium is a potassium mimicker and a lack of potassium can and does kill.  My body also has a lessened ability to regulate temperature, hence the hot-and-cold experience; I get a very dry mouth, need to drink a lot of water to flush the metallic crap on through (it causes gas that can get stuck without enough water to flush it through) and at times I can't drink water fast enough, the thirst is just constant, and even in spite of drinking gallons of water I can get "stuck" digestion, which led one night to a middle-of-the-night CAT scan because the attending E.R. physician thought I might have an obstructed bowel– well, I didn't, just chem trail sickness, but you can't tell these mind-controlled lap dogs of Big Pharma about that– they'll slap a straight jacket on you so goddamned fast you won't be able to finish saying "Napa State Hospital" before they've got you strapped into a gurney on your way to an observation room for psychiatric evaluation and God-only-knows what the Hell else!!

    • sam says:

      Here i southeast NJ, been having the "hishing" for over 2 years, as well as the fatigue, gastro problems, etc.  But also get severe ear pressure and the strong pulses of the ELF's gives me instant stomach cramps.I noticed it got worse once they installed cell tower like devices on all our water towers.  Yesterday was bad because they were trying to keep the skies solidly covered.  Around 9 AM, the ELF's dropped off for a few minutes, and the skies starting to clear, then they ramped it up again and the skies were solid pale grey again.  Went to bed at 6 PM, was so exhausted and drained.  Got up at 3 AM and the skies have a weird glow, but solidly overcast, no moon or stars can be seen.  In the western skies it is a pinkish glow.  I've seen this many times.  My husband's lucky, only suffers from sinus problems.  It seems that some people are more sensitive to the HAARP/ELF's than others.  I can see the vibration in the canal behind my house, even tho their is no air movement.  Days when they ramp it up, the canal is churning like crazy

    • patrice says:

      This is a stated intention; to weaken the population to prevent resistance. This is being achieved to a great extent, but the human being has a tenacity to survive. If one activist perishes another will take his or her place in the fight to expose the crime.


    • Nicole says:

      Up here in the New England Area spraying never lets up, and the ringing in the ears never ever lets up. It is constant and has been for at least two years running now, for every member of our family. That in addition to constant nose bleeds, nausea, vomiting, heart palpitations and dizziness. And we can smell it as well, it smells like rubber cement. The spray jets are almost always totally obvious here.

      All of us that are being gassed are experiencing the same symptoms of those in the LA area inhaling methane and other toxic gases daily. And it is hard, to get through a day – knowing you are being intentionally gassed. This program is no different than Nazi Germany gas camps in my view. In fact this operation was planned by the same mentality of that period.

    • Dennie says:

      I also very strongly do not discount the effects of a lot of this being a PSY-OP.  Too many people would more than happily go along with the "you're too weak to do anything about what we're doing to you" gambit.  It's absolutely The Perfect Excuse NOT to take any kind of action. 

  35. What an nauseating example of academia slowly throttling itself, expunging any remaining shreds of human reason, feeling, compassion, or even the ability to actually communicate ANYTHING to anyone who has not also been indoctrinated into their Newspeak-bafflegab-thinly-disguised-fascism mindset. Unbelievable. I suppose this just another example of the “revelation of the method”, which the twisted NWO architects have included in their wet dream of global dictatorship, as a final in-joke insult to the rest of humanity.
    If this kind of verbose crypto-lying isn’t a part of the ongoing, hypocritical, conscienceless and cruel roll-up to the Empire of The Beast, I don’t know what is. If we as a species do not wake up to this type of calculated brain-washing, IMHO only divine intervention might still save this planet from destruction. Don’t let them boil that frog!

    • Larry Charles says:

      Steve, your key word is "unbelievable".   It is also the explanation for the problem we have waking the masses.  What we are all discussing here is indeed unbelievable; nearly impossible for a sane person to accept.   Since the ratio of convince-able people to deniers is probably quite low, our hope lies in very large numbers of people being made aware.   Larry

    • Marc says:

      Steve Thomson, you've said more in a hundred words than I could say in a thousand. Awesome, man. Awesome Opera, too! Thank you.

    • Nicole says:

      We're talking about an empire of global corruption. Listen to the testimony of the Flint water contamination cover-up for one of thousands of examples of this:

  36. Marc says:

    YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we find a report PRETENDING that SAI or SAG is untested, little understood, but displays promise because of what it can allegedly do to mitigate warming and because it can be deployed at reasonable cost, or to use their phrase: "It is cheaper than reducing the consumption of fossil fuels." This last axiom was entered under the heading of "Benefits." Are you mother***kers KIDDING ME??? Who the f**k do you imagine your audience to be for this phony tripe? An amateur academician might make such an absurd statement, but FOR the Kiel Institute? Cheaper than reducing fossil fuel consumption? Cheaper how?? Tell me, dumb-ass, cheaper how? How is it "cheaper" when we find catastrophic and epidemic health consequences as a direct result of your f**king SAI? How is it cheaper for those droughted and starving in so many third world regions? How the fuck is it cheaper than reducing fossil fuel consumption when global dimming (from SAI) is found to be directly contributing to increased warming and melt for the Arctic ice and for the Greenland glacier which in turn will raise sea levels radically within a very short time horizon to the point of inundating scores of major coastal cities and initiating catastrophic migrations of human beings on a scale never to have been heretofore imaginable??? Cheaper? You guys should have starred in that "Dumb and Dumber" movie instead of the brilliant actors they actually used. The movie would have then been more believable. 

      Cheaper than reducing fossil fuel consumption??? Let me think……uh, the whole entire planet is irreparably contaminated for the foreseeable future by aluminum, barium, strontium and coal ash having been shat out the ass end of thousands of JETS, which, according to your clownish report do not yet exist for this purpose. And how is SAI cheaper than reducing fossil fuel consumption? Gee, isn't this just the perfect prescription for the Military?? How is putting thousands of additional JETS into the air to perform SAI, all of them burning massive quantities of fossil fuels to do so, a cheaper alternative? Cheaper? And furthermore SAI apparently necessitates it's own perpetuation in order for it to be efficacious. How fucking convenient. Once they start they can never stop. That's just wonderful, isn't it? Think of all the great jobs all of this SAI will create. 

      Cheaper?? Cheaper to destroy all oxygen producers like trees and plankton than to reduce our fossil fuel consumption?? Jesus Christ!! As if there is absolutely NO COST associated with ruined health, Morgellon's and Alzheimer's sufferers, Autism, loss of uncountable species of plants and animals and fish and BEES. NO COST associated with the complete destruction of our pollinators due DIRECTLY TO ALUMINUM CONTAMINATION by STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL INJECTION!!!!!!?????? Who the fuck thinks like this? Who??? What kind of mind can possibly think that aerosolizing the entire world's biosphere for decades will result in a wonderfully livable and glorious future world where MANKIND emerges victorious over…….uh…….over…………himself?

    • Larry Charles says:

      Marc,  Well said.   May I suggest that you send your article, verbatim, to Kiel?  Larry

    • jodi says:


    • Diane Friday says:

      Yes Marc, I'm with Larry. Send it word for word to the pretentious babbling idiot at the Kiel Institute. And everyone should start copying and pasting their comments into their computers or other devices, so that when they do try and pull this crap and present it as "theoretical", there will be a solid history proving just how long we haven't been aware of or complaining about their proposed benevolent intervention. 

    • Dennie says:

      I'll SIGN your letter before you send it to Kiester, er, KIEL, as in KEEL OVER!!!

  37. jason says:

    I hope everyone reading this forum can understand that the cabal private owns the creation of money, and this is 100% unconstitutional.

    This is what gives the cabal all their power.

    Hopefully, the power of creating money can be taken back by the government, which is mandated by the Constitution.

    Why the HELL are we allowing the cabal to privately own the creation of money?????!!!!!

  38. mossmoon says:

    This is really good news. As submissive and docile as the public may seem at times, there is no way they will buy into being poisoned for a greater good. No way. The last thing in the world these f@ckers wanted to do was go public.

    • Nicole says:

      I'm sorry to say folks but they have gone public not to ask the public or even speak to the public. It is geoengineering press being sold to chemical corporations that are being convinced not to worry about the risks involved and to get into the money involved. They could care less if the public even reads it, because the public makes ZERO decisions. As long as they don't fly at 100 feet of altitude, the overage sheep will not even give a rats ass.

    • BaneB says:

      You got that right!

  39. Rachel Robson says:

    Well well, much to say.  Such as in German, an "ie" sounds like "ee", so we've got Kiel (keel, like kill?).  The word "affect" over and over again, a shrink word for attitude, projected or apparent.  Merk is mentioned as a participant.  As in the nursing manual.  It is all as I suspected, a test with sites like this one monitored for feedback.  As of 2010, it seems not too many noticed.  But much more did by 2015.  So here's another version of Dane's tipping point of awareness, coming up positive.  This is basically saying that well adjusted people will weigh the costs and benefits-oh and by the way, did you all catch them saying this is less expensive than reducing carbon use?!  Good one! (raucous laughter)!  And one the deniers cling to, the Super Pacs, the Big Oil people, the Rebloodicans, the military.  I think it is of interest that they did employ typical psychological evaluations and further wonder if my own shrink and docs report back?  Mind you that affect is not effect.  Affect is your face, the way you carry yourself, and interact with others or not.  Factoring that in with cognitive perception was kinda smart.  It certainly does effect cognitive perception but is not so simple as this study.  For instance, my affect belies my background, to a very large degree.  I try to approach the world with as much love and goodwill as possible.  And, I back it up with my actions.  All my life people saw me as the free- spirited girl next door.  Not as the perpetual victim I was.  I do not go around like doom and gloom, do not slap people in the face with geo-engineering.  But have always been one for the under dog.  I refused to let my past dictate who I am because I do have free will and do not want victim as my identity.  Yet I identify with victims.  I speak out on abuse of all sorts and always have.  And never for a second did I trust this government.  Not sure if I'd trust anybody or anything.  I am not known for trusting stuff, you have to prove it to me.  I will argue.  They are betting on positive affect.  Negative affect seldom bodes well for anything.  So those, it appears, are put to the side as their perceptions would probably be negative no matter how cognitively skilled.

    Early papers I recall said they'd planned to start over rural areas first.  As they increased their efforts, some began to notice this and that.  All this is going into some data base such that by now they know how many will react, how much hatred we have for what they are doing, how hip we are to what they are doing, how likely we can do something about it-legal or otherwise, and how unaware or scared the quiet ones are.  And, now they are counting the numbers, yet another reason for Dane's tipping point.  They also know that some, very many in fact, want them to pay dearly, even with their lives for putting us all, and Earth, in this position.  Of course no one is sticking their neck out saying we did it and we were wrong.  Susan mentioned the navy not saying sorry for the sonic booms, for all they are doing.  Who in power says sorry-ever?!  Doctors are trained not to.  It is an admission of guilt.  As in not good for them in a court.  So they live in a guilt free zone in public.  And a rarified one as egoists.  One hopes at least some feel remorse, feel guilt, dying to spill the beans.  Some must be.

    Could it be that these military displays on the homeland are meant to scare us?  Startle and wow us with their power?  Practically no other lands left in the world for them to go "play" in having alienated and destroyed all.  Are they thus stuck with the homeland for these, uh? experiments?  Or is it for show and control.  Shock and awe?  Certainly was shock and awe for a friend of mine living on Puget Sound when the army/navy beached and charged out of their boat with AK 47s and no warning at all into her precious 7 acres of heaven.  Who knows how long the kids will be traumatized?

    Thanks for this Dane.  It is hard to read owing to their gooblygook, but still I'd like to read the whole thing.  They think they are assessing us and our reactions.  Meanwhile, we are in fact assessing them.  Analyzing them and using our cognitive faculties to understand what they are doing to us and Earth, and taking names as we go, regardless of our individual affect.  At some point and maybe soon, we all need a hard copy, separately kept from computer, of names, addresses and what done so that when things do crash, we won't be lost in that dark.  We will still be actionable.  We will forget nothing, forgive nothing.  We will learn how to do more than talk.  Going dark will be our cover.  Not their gain.   

    I doubt we'd have made anywhere near this much progress without you Dane.  You've done more than make people aware.  You've educated and more even than geo-engineering, literally raising the IQ of all here.  In spite of what is in the air.  And you've organized the information, both daunting and priceless.  We are all in your debt.

  40. Greg says:


         Thanks for your response!  I do choose to embrace this fate.  After decades of metaphysical study and practice, I can truly say I am still grounded in 3D and am fully engaged in this cause.  Thanks for your constant presence and you leadership skills.  Onward we go!!

  41. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    "…an important mediator between stable psychological variables – like trust in government…"

    "…stable psychological variables – i.e., values, environmental attitudes and risk attitudes, and trust in government…"

    "2.3. Trust in Government"

    Well…..that one began its monotonic southward slide back in 1975 when I received my first payroll check from a summer job at a supermarket, and quite painfully experienced the fiscal rape perpetrated by my federal government.

    "However, many of these technologies carry substantial risks. Stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), for example, could change precipitation patterns or induce abrupt temperature changes…"

    Yep…..sure could…..could also cause abrupt temperature increase when they are turned off.  Wicked pissah job, guys.  I sure appreciate you using that tax money you extorted from me over the past four decades for such benevolent purposes.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      57 Les Paul Custom, hello and thanks for the laugh!  About your first paycheck.  About the same time, maybe a couple of years later, I will never forget when a friend of mine's daughter got her first paycheck, so excited.  Followed by a scream you could hear blocks away to the effect of: Who the hell is FICA and why did they take all of my money!!!!

  42. Helene says:

    Hi Folks, for those who heard that Canada has "saved" the Great Bear Rainforest where the Kermode or Spirit Bear, a white bear, lives, not so fast; the British Columbia Liberal govt is in actuality a right-wing Conservative govt, and this whole thing is a PR stunt…here are some informative Comments on the petition site to save the GBR…the Walbran Valley is about 40 min drive west of where we live on Vancouver Island…thanks again to Dane and all of you, it's so great to know one isn't alone here…

    Brittany Ann · 

    Victoria, British Columbia

    Unfortunately the "actual legislated level of protection is only 38%, and the remaining part of the coast – approximately 62% – will be placed under "Ecosystem Based Management” or EBM, which is a land-use designation that still allows mining, logging, large-scale tourism and other industrial activities to occur.. While EBM offers more stringent management guidelines it should not be confused with core protection or a Conservancy type designation." As per Pacific Wild. Still a win! But don't be fooled by the media.

  43. MS says:

    Right in the introduction it states that their is substantial public concern and that there are substantial risks.  Then it goes on to discuss the best ways to induce acceptance?  WTF!?!?!  This is like people sitting around trying to debate how best to present Nazi human atrocities in a way that is publicly acceptable.  Its hard to sugar coat a pile of dead bodies.  Just like it is hard to sugar coat the reality of aluminum poisoning, a hole in the ozone layer, or a dying planet.  We have proved time and time again though, that we will fall for the oldest tricks in the books.  We are intellectually bankrupt and lazy.  That's the only way the public would buy such a heinous crime as being acceptable.  But then again . . . look how many Germans went along with the Nazis and didn't say a word. 

  44. horsegirl says:

    Hello Dane, and thanks always for your peerless courage.

    And to the commentariat, get your crash helmets on:  we've boned up on a subject I mentioned before and I want to harp on a point (pun intended) lost on the public about TPTB – The Pedophocracy That Be – to quote the late great David McGowan in his excellent if horrifying 2004 book Programmed to Kill.

    What kind of "people" would engage in geoscatology and do this to all life on our precious planet? 

    Let this sink in:  sexuality is core to our humanity.  When it goes sick, cruel and corrupt, so goes the rest of the soul.  Meet the Pedophocracy, McGowan's perfect term for the upper echelon of the ruling elite.  People think of child porn as relegated to the greasy wash rooms of gas stations or bus depots.  It is endemic among the global elite if not ubiquitous.  We are talking about a very high dollar activity.  It is not the gloss on the package, it is the very wicked soul of them, how they compromise and corrupt one another.  They literally lust for blood.  Murder is their sex.  They rent children for orgies and worse.  Their money is no mere factor in the international child porn trade.  Not some fiscal also-ran. mixed with the small change of lowlifes.  Their financing is the fulcrum of the trade.  It is their bailiwick.  

    I found my way to McGowan's treatise on how black ops create serial killers by horrendous methods of shattering personality (in order to create what they rationalized as "superspies") while researching what did (and especially what did not) happen to my father during WWII.  For years I've been on the tracks of the uppermost echelons of the vampire founders of specious psychiatry were heinous villains like Ewen Cameron, Ernst Rudin and Delgado, but above all the archfiend Estabrooks.  in McGowan's book I now find what I need to proceed with my own writing. This mind control fixation among the top tier of the military was no mere whim resulting in MKultra and related programs.  it is absolutely forefront to how they have wreaked subterfuge on all goodness in this country to compromise whoever stands in their way.  Their means involve unspeakable sexual abuse.  It has paralyzed every member of Congress.  McGowan first expounds on the basics of these horrific programs, outlines the multi-billion dollar child porn industry then hones an examination of how such techniques have been deployed by black ops to create terrorists of the most hideous kind.  McGowan punts the issue out of bounds of the known universe of humanity's horrors with his treatise, which happens to be exceedingly well written and outs folks still mucking around in politics (google Barney Frank/Craig Spence), which is probably why McGowan was recently cancered.   So well written you will be sucked as if into an undertow and over your head with revulsion before you know what hit you.  Yet unable to put the book down.  His exposition and tone are so well-modulated, remarkably retaining compassion despite the subject matter.

    The international child pornography ring thrives almost ubiquitously among the elite.  The atrocities done to children are too filthy to print here.  But they breathe murder and cannibalism on a most intimate level as well as globally.  Before you write this comment off, peruse McGowan's tome [ ] and consider Belgium, where around the turn of the millennium there was a spate of national unrest – strikes, even – over the emergence of the "Belgian Beast" whose endeavor served as a backbone hipped in with Washington pedophilic corruption.  Belgium saw how endemic this form of corruption was among their ruling elite.  Probably the only thing saving the elite from the fury of the populace was the emerging nonsense of world terror politics post Ground Nero.

    Now, beings who have slunk so low as to do this (for the love of God, what pukes get up in the morning wanting children anyway?) are easily capable of the crimes of geoscatology.  They have abdicated their humanity.  There is no animal ever created who does the filthy things this ilk do to even their own children to shatter personality as toddlers and traumatically induce mind control.  No carrion eater has violated any corpse with such outrageously disgusting behavior as The Pedophocracy That Be wreak upon their victims. This sounds wilder than accounts of aliens, I know, but I want to OUT THESE CHILD F-ERS.  Because that is exactly the core personality type responsible for geoscatology.  

    The Pedophocracy, read all about it.  They literally are cannibalistic.  And I mean all of them.  They likely kill any among themselves who don't go along.   Sexuality utterly demonized.  You will want them to burn in hell more than ever.  As for making people aware of geoscatology, maybe the pedophilia issue serves as a good bat to figuratively beat heads in.  I mean it.  "Any port in a storm."  People need to become indignant and this will do the job in the case of anyone with a decent heart.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Horsegirl…This is a ghastly topic, yet necessary topic as you've denoted so that those unaware might understand the depth of the psyche behind all the evil occurring worldwide.

      I too am aware of this! Although I've not read "Programmed to Kill" I know that Great Britain, Western Europe & US is rife with these soulless creatures of the night engaging in pedophilia & related pedo rings. Pedophilia is also found at several levels of US Military top brass. Veterans Today has dedicated quite of bit time & energy to report on this horrific and beastly topic.

      View you tube videos of Kay Griggs x-high level military wife. The vids were produced sometime in the early 2000's. There are 3-4 segments. The Kay Griggs interview was conducted by a minister from Michigan.

      What a dangerous and tangled web these misfits have spun. Generations of these venemous spiders who sucked the life out of so many of it's victims…precious and innocent children. One day they will face their just punishment for their wickedness.

    • stephan says:

      horsegirl - I have a signed copy of "Programmed to Kill'' – chilling – he was taken out – be well my friend.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Horsegirl, myself, given my background, I could not read this book and would not place those images in my head.  I have enough.  But please tell me the cannibalism involves eating brains!  That leaves hopes for Crutzfeld-Jacobs disease, as in mad cow, and death! 

  45. SD says:

    The Geoengineers are a bunch of wiseguys.  Electrical engineers like Pierre St. Amand at China Lake and Riley Duren at NASA.  Physicists like Caldeira and Keith. Mega-rich Computerists like Gates and Myhrvold.

    And we have "Economic Analysts" like the Kiel Institute and the American Enterprise Institute.

    We need a new discipline – BioGeoChemical Engineering. Where REAL SCIENTISTS who truly understand natural biogeochemical cycles can lead the way to restore the atmosphere and biosphere.

    • Dennie says:


    • Rachel Robson says:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Okay, I meant to say Brilliant! SD!  Who wants on that list?  Dr. Herndon might be of some help here.  As he has been sidelined by his peers, a bit of an outcast for thinking out of the box, he no doubt knows others.  He helped us before.  Let's ask him to make a list of possibles. 

    • Dennie says:

      Just STOP— !!!!!!  STOP the poisoning!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP the Pharmaceutical Approach to "healing" the planet!!!!!!!!!!!  GET THE "SCIENTISTS" the HELL OFF THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!  THAT WOULD BE THE NUMBER ONE STEP in HEALING it here– JUUUUUST STOP!!!

  46. Gary says:

    Kiel Institute of utter BS  were do the dig up these turkeys

  47. kathleen says:

    Every day, things are getting worse. I dislike this immensely. But, despite that, I find comfort in your heart-wrenching and clearly dire   messages, Dane, and those of your commenters, like Susan   Ferguson, and all of you wonderful light-beings, enlightened souls who dare speak truth to power. YOU are helping to keep me sane, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my pineal gland. Hugs, endless hugs. to you all xoxo You ARE making a difference!

  48. Gary Arsenault says:


    What a crazy dream I am in.

    Nothing seems to make sense.

    I shall be glad when I wake up, this dream is crazy.



  49. bija says:

    Sometimes I wonder if sitting here, reading all their disgusting crap, trying to get a bunch of stubborn, dozing jackasses to open their eyes and smell the poison – all the while being systematically murdered – is really the best way to engage in a war. Because this is a war they are waging against us. It doesn't feel like this Goliath is going down with the pebbles we keep slinging.

    As Marc said in an earlier post, they will not stop until they take , take, everything away from us.  Seems they even intend to take our very souls! I've had ENOUGH!!  

    Sorry, but when I read this pile of deceitful s**t, I feel like it's time these scum begin to see us as a real threat!

  50. Howard Taylor says:

    The masses know something is wrong.They know that something is not right.Keep talking. They are waking up.

  51. Greg says:

    Propaganda and coercion as usual from the demented, greedy and manipulative cabal.  This is like a bad sci-fi movie incarnate!  My Senators don't even respond to me anymore.  I talk to many "deaf ears."  We need an outlet that gets in their face!  The insanity is spreading like a social disease.  I used to be so grateful to wake up from a nightmare.  Now I wake up to a nightmare.  This is hell; how do we get out? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Greg, yes, it is a nightmare, but those of us that are awake and aware are here for a reason. You can choose to embrace this fate.  Turn your angst to anger, and your anger to fuel for the fight. Each of us can choose to make every day an effort to raise the level of awareness ever higher in this most important battle. When we reach a critical mass, the rest of the wheels will begin to turn on their own, wait and see. Lets make every day count.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, how DO we get out?  May seem like primitive hocus-pocus, but I do know that physicians will ask for prayer for their patients, and statistics in fact show that the outcome is better, how much I'm not sure, but it couldn't hurt.  I propose a regular time of daily prayer devoted to this effort and a regular, group-wide effort on a mass basis.  Don't know how coordinated that has to be but I say it couldn't hurt.

  52. Ken B says:

    Central Coast CA – clear, almost real, blue sky until about 7:30am. 3 hours after spraying started HAARP waves are rampant in the sky. Nobody I talk to about this will even look up for more than a second or two.

    On a positive note, our local weatherman showed plain disgust on TV last night while reporting that the El Nino effect due this month was not going to show up because of a non-typical jet stream. I've been watching this guy for years and I believe he's about ready to crack and "spill the beans". 

    Fight or Die…

    • Jaana says:

      Could you please let me know what channel this weather man is on? Maybe it'd help to point him out to my family and friends 🙂 

    • Keith says:

      Who is the weatherman?

    • susan gortva says:

      our local weather t.v. personalities have been openly talking how very strange  "winter"  in upstate ny is this year.  to give you a clue, last year I needed 3 oil fill ups (for the furnace) and kept the heat on 55.we were bundled up in layers in the house. this year, I still have oil from 1 fill up and the heat has been on 65. i've been outside in a t shirt a few times. I hope my garden will be ok. I have perennials. good luck to everyone. 


    • AR says:

      Ken, I am on the Central Coast too…I'm trying to tell people and passing out flyers in Santa Barbara. No one pays much attention, but people that I have been telling for the last year and largely ignoring me are just now starting to point out the planes and the trails to me and say they are really starting to be scared about the weather here.  The geoengineers/military are rampant in our skies here all day and all NIGHT long too.  HAARP, aerosol spraying, and hardly any rain…at the rate we are going, it's going to be a rough year….so glad to know there is a fellow local that is aware!

    • Zen Gardner says:

      Contact him Ken. Reach out to him, maybe say you share his frustration, send him Dane's site info. Hopefully his contact email isn't a station one where it gets monitored, maybe you can find a personal one, but it's worth a shot imo. Much love and keep on!

    • Cheddar says:

      Who is the weatherman?  What channel?

    • Dennie says:


    • Dennie says:

      Hey Zen, is that YOU?

    • Al C says:

                   Right now in Southeastern New England it's in the 50's and the latest forecast is for 3-6" of snow and possibly more………..A coastal storm.

             As a sidenote, I was listening to a lady on Youtube, Lisa Haven and she was interviewing a guy who sells a detox tea and they got into the subject of chemtrails/geoengineering…………..Recently when this gentleman was at a major airport, he struck up a conversation with a pilot.

           As soon as he mentioned persistant contrails to him, he went white as a ghost and ended the conversation……..He found out later there is a $10,000 fine if anyone in the aviation industry talks about this………….BTW, Lisa and this gentleman who's name escapes me are both big fans of this site.

                Lets all stick together in this.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes "non-typical jet stream" or "storm front" or "cloud haze" is being forced fed to those monitoring weather on satellite which in turn is being forced fed to weather reporters. Start this at 9 minutes in and Rosalind Peterson will explain:

    "America's air arms are increasingly under the threat of a wide array of surface-to-air missile systems, search radars and electro-optical tracking devices, yet it would take an air armada to move all these separate systems to training locations around the globe. The Joint Threat Emitter takes care of this problem.
    …The JTE concept is especially useful for America's fighter, bomber, and especially its "Wild Weasel" F-16CJ Block 50/52 squadrons that are based abroad, as in the past they only had a small selection of enemy radars to train against if any at all. The same can be said for America's electronic attack and jamming force of EA-18G Growlers, located at NAS Whidbey Island in upstate Washington. Now, with the JTE, these "customers" have a full menu of different simulated enemy radar systems to train against, not to the mention having to elude highly trained operators that run the JTEs who can throw different tricks at aircrews just as the enemy would in combat.
    … The Joint Threat Emitter is known to have been deployed or stationed at Alaska, Guam, Louisiana, Washington State, Nevada and the Middle East, and most likely dozens of other locations that remain undisclosed. The project has been so successful that a follow on contract has been awarded to Northrop Grumman worth hundreds of millions of dollars and includes the sale of the Joint Threat Emitter to some of America's allies.” [report & images here]:

    • Mark says:

      re JTE, recent experience in the real world shows that Russia's EW (electronic warfare)  capabilities demonstrated in Ukraine, Syria, and most notably involving USS Donald Cook trumps all of the deployed systems of the West.  Wonder where the unaccounted for 8.5 Trillion dollars at the Pentagon went.

  54. OMG! What a load. Guess I’m still reacting to the meeting here yesterday regarding the Navy bombarding the Olympic Peninsula with chemtrails, rf/mircrowave emitters, and Growler Jet noise! So forgive my sarcastic mood…in brackets.
    2.7. Acceptance [You will be assimilated…made passive…]
    Aerosol injection [Aerosol injection… great term, inoculation, like a drug or heroin] is yet only little known and protesting or supporting behavior has not yet evolved. [ Like here on GEW with over 12 million views. Not evolved, huh? Like Darwinism or a spiritual evolution? Listen to their carefully calculated choices of meaningless confusing Orwellian words.]
    3.3.3. Trust in Government [Well, that’s gone for most Americans and maybe everyone else. Along with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.]
    Trust in government was measured by the question `How much do you trust that the federal government will act in the interest of the environment and the society?’ [HAH! Hello, they are poisoning us from the sky, birdbrain! How stupid do you think we are? Or are you that blind?]  We [the 'royal' we…is the Queen in on this?] thus used a broad definition of general trust in good intentions for society and the environment. [Good intentions? Like dementia, Alzheimers, attention deficit, respiratory illness, gastrointestinal disease, etc. Immune system weakening, breaking down to the point of slow death. Thanks aerosol injection! My tax payer dollars are sure working for me and the other Teletubbies.]
    We proposed a technology acceptance framework that captures the interplay [Oh, the 'interplay'… my, my, now that’s an interesting choice of obfuscating sophistication. Did you need a degree from MIT for that one? Is there a special Eloquence-in-Propaganda school now in the alphabet agencies?]  between values, attitudes, affect, risk and benefit perception, and the acceptance of new technologies. [What…the…? Oh… acceptance again.] Using data from a large survey [of paid morons, shills and trolls working for you], we successfully tested the framework analyzing the determinants of the acceptance of stratospheric aerosol injection. [The “determinants of acceptance” …you gotta like that one. Did you all just love that last phrase, so elegant, so confusing, so meaningless.]
    Our data show evidence of both affective and cognitive pathways in attitude formation. [Hmmm…” affective and cognitive pathways in attitude formation”…this is a good one. Yes, you need to form our attitude because we are so stupefied from inhaling these particulates and filaments which are destroying our memory, our immune system and our faith in… what did you call it? Oh yes, “trust in government", aka, the Global Corporate Regime which only serves the rich, the oligarchy, the 1% –  cares nothing about the common people or the common good. Thanks Big Brother! I refrained from the f-word.]

    • Edward Palys says:

      I really like your analysis pertaining to the study and the wording being used. to indoctrinate the public. The whole world is on the threshold of complete takeover by the top elites and people will but it al hook line and sinker. Mind control experiments have been in use for decades now, but time has come to use the ultimate means for their agenda. They control the main media and will not allow truth tellers such as this site to discredit themselves. Their job is pretty well done and no government will stop it. The governments are part of the puppets being used to their accomplishment.

    • Marc says:

      Susan Ferguson, brilliant analysis!!!! Ha! Loved every word.

    • Jill R says:

      Susan, You're awesome (seriously). I wish I'd had the patience to read the entire thing. Just reading a bit of the "super, sophisticated, intellectual, corporate speak" made me want to vomit. Reading your reply made me smile and I needed that right now so thank you. 

    • Mark says:

      Way to go Susan!  Tell it like it is.  This type of pseudo intellectual bs is eerily reminiscent of virtually every bill that passes through Congress.  These douchebags dare not say what they mean lest anyone know what they are saying.  Much better for them to take some pschobabble words and fluff them up with undefined verbs, adjectives, etc.  It appears that the target audience is perceived to be moronic in the extreme, and no doubt it is.  These guys and/or gals seem to perceive the intellectual acumen of our fearless leaders.  If our wondrous "think tanks" gave out prizes, they might almost be in contention.     

  55. marc says:

    The Kiel Institute for the World Economy is basel in Germany and is a think tank comprised largely of economists. This so-called "study" isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Yet another repulsive move on the part of the Cabal and their concubines in their insidious and hideous effort to cement into the public mind that SAI is actually gonna turn out to be ok and to our ultimate benefit. Just what the Nazi a**wipes pulled on some of the Jews as they directed them to the "showers". Go straight to fucking hell, Kiel Institute and your wet-behind-the-ears so-called researchers who assembled this disgusting report.

    • Dennie says:

      For GOD's SAKE, find OUT WHO the authors of this demonic diatribe are, print their goddamned names,

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