The Desperation Of The Geoengineers, Documenting An Engineered Cool-Down


Dane Wigington

Geoengineering can and does create large scale chemical cool-downs, but at what cost to the overall climate system and life on Earth? If we are to be effective in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, the effects of global geoengineering must be recognized, understood, and taken into consideration in regard to our conclusions. The following maps and radar/satellite images document a massive engineered cool-down of the US West while the Eastern US continues to hit record highs (the exact antithesis of the previous 3 years). The NOAA map below (produced on December 1st, 2015) reflects the predicted US temperatures for the period from December 7th through the 11th (2015). Each color shade represents an increase of 2-3 degrees above average temperatures. While some are still reciting a narrative of "global cooling", what is the real picture? And what major geoengineering impacts are being completely ignored by most?


Shortly after the NOAA forecast map above was issued (reflecting an extremely warm US from coast to coast), an engineered cool-down of the Western US was put into motion. 

The next map (December 8, 2015) shows profound changes from the original NOAA map above. With extreme amounts of moisture being pushed into the West, the engineered cool-down is underway.


Though flooding is occurring in parts of the Pacific Northwest, and will continue to, the overall precipitation in most areas is still far less than what would have been the case without the massive atmospheric aerosol saturation from heavy jet aircraft spraying.

When there are too many cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), precipitation is diminished and the moisture is migrated further east. Heavy particle saturation in precipitation can be noted by observing droplet size. Very rapid uniform raindrops (which can be observed in puddles and on windshields) are indicative of the condensation nuclei being dictated by the sprayed particles in the rain. Lab tests have confirmed that this type of precipitation does in fact contain the highest concentration of the heavy metals (such as aluminum and barium) contained in geoengioneering patents.

Jet stream manipulation with ionosphere heater installations like HAARP allow the geoengineers to "firehouse" moisture into a given region, in this case the Pacific Northwest. 


The stream of moisture aimed at the US Northwest stretches most of the way across the Pacific.

What is the goal of solar radiation management (SRM)? To block out as much of the sun as possible. The atmospheric river of moisture streaming off of the record warm Pacific ocean is heavily aerosolized (as described above) which keeps much of the moisture from falling and broadcasts it out into massive regions of rainless (and toxic) cloud cover expanding out over the Western US.


The brighter the white of the cloud cover shown on the combination satellite/radar maps above and below, the more heavily aerosolized the cloud cover is.


So much of our skies are now covered with various degrees of aerosolized cloud canopy that "blue skies" are largely non existent. 

As the heavily sprayed unorganized drifting masses of moisture pour into the West (shown in the satellite image below), the radio frequency signature cloud alignment ripples begin to show up. The radio frequencies help to scatter and disperse the sprayed particulates (and this diminish precipitation).


"Global Dimming" is increasing in magnitude all over the globe as the ongoing aerosol assault continues.

In the "Climate Reanilizer" departure from average map below, the projected results of the engineered Western cool-down are showing up. As the aerosolized moisture streams in from the West, chemical nucleation drops the cloud temperatures. This creates a cold dense layer of air that descends to the ground and lowers the temperatures, the desired outcome for the geoengineers.


The extreme heat anomalies reflected in the reanilizer map above should be alarming to all. Such extremes are meteorologically unprecedented historically speaking. Not only are the climate engineers tearing the planet's life support systems apart, they are contaminating the entire surface of the Earth. 

The updated (after the engineered cool-down) NOAA map below reflects the desired outcome for the geoengineers (compare this to the original NOAA map at the top of the page). If there had been too many record shattering temperatures across the entire US, geoengineering becomes a much tougher sell to other nations. There are undoubtedly countless "behind closed doors" meetings being carried out at the Paris Climate Conference at this exact window of time. The current Western cool-down is the exact antithesis of the last three years in the lower 48 states in which the Eastern US have been the recipient of constant engineered cool-downs.


Radical temperature extreme imbalances like those shown in the NOAA map above are historically unprecedented.

Though the corporate controlled weather forecasting liars will try to explain away the engineered extremes as just "natural variability", it is up to us to see reality for what it is. It is up to all of us to recognize the engineered cool-downs for what they actually are, completely unnatural and highly destructive to the planet. The engineered cool-downs come at the cost of an even worse planetary warming, how much more can the web of life take?

So what is the true global average temperature picture for the last three years? The GISS departure from normal high temperature map below is revealing.


The heavily geoengineered eastern half of the North American continent is one of the few zones in the world that have not been hovering in record high temperature territory since the beginning of 2013 (though 2012 was the warmest year ever recorded in the US). The last 5 years were the hottest ever recorded globally.

It is imperative for us all to look past short term (highly toxic) engineered cool-downs in order to see the larger ongoing picture. Every day that global climate engineering is allowed to continue, it worsens the overall warming of the planet. Though many cite dubious characters like former Weather Channel founder John Coleman, and "Lord Monckton", as proof that there "is no global warming", such individuals are hardly a credible source of data.  An honest examination of front line research data is essential for credible conclusions.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.23.08 AM

The warming of the planet is so rapid that it is more correctly categorized as a "climate shift" (abrupt climate change). If we are to effectively fight against climate engineering, the engineered cool-downs must be recognized for what they are, not natural. 

Global climate engineering must be exposed and halted, there is no other way forward. The more researched and credible activists in this fight are, the more effective we will be in the battle. With ever increasing amounts of disinformation being put out by countless sources, now more than ever, preconceptions and bias must be abandoned in exchange for verifiable facts. We must diligently examine the sources of information behind all headlines. A constant examination of front line data is how a correct compass heading is achieved. It is not about believing anyone, but rather what can be seen with ones own eyes. The award winning documentary "Chasing Ice" is a good start. This is a riveting film with no politics, just inarguable frontline footage. There are many agendas behind the ongoing geoengineering insanity, attempting to hide the damage already done to the climate by engineering cool-downs like the one documented above (while making the situation even worse overall in the process) is one of the primary goals. There is no benevolence in the climate engineering programs, none. It is about power and control, period. We must all work together in the desperate effort to wake the masses. DW

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  1. Abby says:

    Could this white streak from NEXSAT be the 'cool down' chemical that you are referring to? This is from the recent rain/ice pellet 'storm' that blasted across the midwest and Great Lakes region this week:

  2. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    Revelation 6:14-17 KJV
    [14] And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. [15] And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; [16] And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: [17] For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?
    This is what will happen to your criminal cabal!!  11:59 pm

  3. KeB says:

    Who freakin mows the lawn in December, out of control!!!  My landlord mowed the grass today, no questions asked, proceed as normal….why does this make me so mad!

    • KeB says:

      Dayton, Ohio….

    • Rachel Robson says:

      KeB, May I suggest it makes you so mad because it is as if you are living in an upside down world; all the upside downs make balance difficult.  and confusing!  You know for a fact that you are right side up, they don't grasp they are upside down.  Very frustrating and scary too.  Navigating, much less talking is nearly impossilble.

      When I first lived in California, for three days I could literally not get my balance as I could not recognize a single plant or tree!  Moreover, in the Bay Area where I live and much of California, the grass is green in winter, dry and golden-no nutrition-in the summer.  Rather, we have two seasons, dry and wet.  At first, this made me feel nervous and confused.  That lasted awhile!  Like most of us here I guess, I am very in tune with the land-when I know it!

      Of course it is maddening to see people mowing grass when there should not be grass, and mindlessly to boot.  How could anyone be that out of tune?  That IS scary and maddening.  To a sane person who cares about this Earth.  Perhaps that person moved from here to there yesterday!!!!?

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      Hand him Geoengineering Watch posters!

      Tell him to ask questions about the warm weather.

  4. Deb Buckler says:

    My husband and I just finished watching this lecture by Steven Greer. It's long, but it is a MUST SEE. I pray for his safety. He really rang alot of bells.  Please everyone watch this. It's taken us a couple days, but we only watch it at lunch.  Good to watch it a couple times. He is amazing.

  5. Las Vegan says:

    BTW, Dane, I forgot to add last night:  what a great job you did analyzing and pulling apart this orchestrated cool down.

  6. The latest report on the US Navy plan to turn the pristine beautiful Olympic Peninsula into an electronic warfare zone:
    Dec. 10, 2015  …the Navy is plowing ahead with its plans for our region, heedless of legal requirements that are supposed to give the public a fair shake in decision-making. It has thrown NOAA, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the State of Washington, under the bus. A call on Monday to the Fish and Wildlife Service revealed that the endangered species consultation is still not finished, though the Navy announced that it plans to sign its Record of Decision anyway, by year’s end.
    November 7, 2015 – Navy going rogue: Yesterday we received the astounding news that the Navy has unilaterally decided that Washington’s State Historic Preservation Officer is no longer needed in consultations about the effects of Navy activities on important cultural and historic properties.
    November 16, 2015 – Navy gets its permits to harm whales and other marine species for at-sea testing and training:  NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service has just granted the Navy two Letters of Authorization, which are permits to harm certain numbers of threatened and endangered whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine species throughout Pacific Northwest waters; one permit is for harm caused by testing of explosives and sonar and the other is for harm caused by training activities.
    More here:

  7. JR says:

    12/11/15 a.m. from SW-New Mexico. By the naked eye observation North of Las Cruces N.M. the parallel lines are west to east and back of course. This for most part is not their normal flight pattern. They fly more South. The rabid dogs are pushing what moisture was in clouds upward towards Albuquerque, N.M. ways, maybe even Colorado. The word says the dog goes back to its vomit. Well, there you have it!

  8. AR says:

    Santa Barbara has had the worst aerosol spraying over the last week that I have EVER seen.  We have been blanketed under a thick layer of chemical clouds – and the poor ocean has just been a fog of iridescent shit.  The birds even seem confused. And I just say everyday that I am so sorry to the ocean and all the defenseless life that is being harmed and made sick.  And I look at the planes all over the sky and I get so pissed off every time I go outside!!   I just flip them off and wish they could see me!!  Is it RAYTHEON here in Santa Barbara???? Is it VANDENBERG AIRFORCE BASE????  Who is doing this to EVERYONE and EVERY LIVING CREATURE????
    AND THEN TO BOOT not only do we have the environment collapsing we also have WWIII happening and an economy on the brink of complete collapse and we are living in the very damn country that created ISIS.  I loved what Stephen Lendman wrote on his blog today:
    "Fear mongering gets most people to believe a phantom terrorist group exists. State sponsored false flags like 9-11 (the mother of them all), Paris in mid-November, and most recently San Bernardino, make it easy to manipulate an uninformed public to support policies demanding condemnation….the public mindless about US responsibility for creating the terror group and others like it, are [being] used as imperial foot soldiers."
    I pray for more and more people to wake up every day, WE NEED THEM TO. Our lives and freedom depend upon our awakening and resistance.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      ..A-MEN, as they say.
      The only thing I'd change about that saying, the "mother" of them all, is the gender of the perpetrating party.  Take a look at the MEAN-SPIRITED criminals imposing their very ILL WILL on us, and you'll know what I'm talking about.  TIME TO CHANGE THIS WAY OF "THINKING," AND talking!!!  As wonderful as your commentary is, I'm here to shout out, "Mr. Lendman, MEND YOUR WAYS!!!!"

    • Anne Thompson says:

      Follow the money. Don't leave the central banks out of this. Our privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank profits on every aspect of societal breakdown and chaos, as do all central banks worldwide. 
      Our owners have bought the government and use our military as hired guns. There is no civilian control, but there is no government control, either. There is only currency control. Ask the Rothschilds et al.

  9. Carol says:

    I live in NW Ontario in a forest on a river. There have always been so many birds here and now there are zero. Not one sparrow, chickadee, finch, or gross beak. On my 57 km commute to work there are no birds flying in flocks along the highway. There are only a few ravens now and then eating road kill. Where have all the birds gone? There are no birds singing in the morning to greet the sunrise and no beautiful sounds of birds singing to greet the sunset. I grew up with the sound of birds singing. Now there is not a sound.

    • marc says:

      Devastating and heartbreaking. We're next.

    • Jill Murphy says:

      Oh you poor things!!  I'm at the other end of the world (N.Z) and I have noticed a huge reduction in common song birds such as thrushes and warblers in particular.  We have been progressively 'bombed'

       in the last few months it is infuriating


  10. Marc says:

    In this new era of protracted cloud cover on a recurrent basis we all know only too well how this gloom affects our moods and our overall health. Vitamin D deficiency, depression, "blue" moods…..and worse. Seems mankind is wired for regular exposure to bright, life affirming sunshine. The toll that long bouts of low or no sun takes upon our consciousness can scarcely be measured. It cuts across so many fields of human endeavor and human function. Some years back I became convinced that my job and life situation had translated into extreme prolonged deficiency of exposure to sunlight. I investigated the matter online and ultimately found my way to what I like to call "happy lights". These are full spectrum light boxes for home (personal) use to increase exposure to strong light, which ties in directly with the deep functions of the human brain, i.e. serotonin, melatonin, endorphins, etc. I find that right now the persistent cloud cover for many, many days on end makes all of us go a little wacko from light deprivation. I have been using my light box semi-regularly for years and can attest to the fact that, during prolonged cloud cover periods, it truly makes a difference. All I do is simply sit in front of it (within 3-4 ft.) for twenty or thirty minutes but only in the morning. I humbly pass this option along to others who may be suffering from what the diabolical swineherd are doing to our skies with their so-called "solar radiation management". Has it occurred to these motherf**kers that there are extremely far-reaching additional effects on the web of life that are quite damaging? Of course, these Luciferian in-bred slobs don't appear to give a rat's ass about how their grandiose and arrogant programs affect the sanctity of life. In fact, collateral damage seems to be one of the desired objectives. I can come to no other conclusion, as incredible as it sounds. Pure Evil, like Dennie Mehocich says, playing "chess" with our world.

    • Marc says:

      Incidentally, this morning there is another of the mysterious fogs enveloping my neighborhood. This fog WAS NOT PRESENT when I woke up at 7 and looked outside across 1000 ft. of rolling hills. Now at almost 9 a sudden fog? There is no meteorological precedent for such fogs as this that I have ever seen before. This makes three times inside of about a week and a half that such fogs have materialized AFTER SUNRISE. Bullshit!!!!

    • Jennifer Higgins says:

      Marc, I was not outside at all today but my husband told me about an hour ago that "It was supposed to be sunny today but it was foggy instead" (he'd ridden his bike to get his paycheck and go to the store).  I have been noticing the fog many days recently.  I should say nights, days, and evenings.  It is concerning to have that mysterious stuff enveloping you when you don't think it's normal fog.

    • deb says:

      Regarding the condition of "blue mood" due to lack of sunlight, I concur with your experience and conclusions. Here in "sunny" Florida, one would expect to find relief from this insidious effect, but the sunshine state is not immune from the protracted cloud cover. We are blanketed in a sweeping half moon shaped aerosal tail that is moved, predictably, north and south, under the pseudonym of "stalled cold front". It's never cold and there is no real frontal system in play. The skyboys just keep working this toxic chemical mass up and down the state. If they move it north to south, they call it a high pressure system. If they move it south to north, they call it tropical moisture. We used to have brilliant sunshine on a daily basis all through winter here in southwest Florida. Now, the weather puppets make a big deal about an anticipated sunny day with lower humidity. drumming up all sorts of fanfare as a highly coveted gift from nature. In fact, when the wildly dramatized "sunny" day rolls in, it is almost invariably another mess of cotton candy and humidity interspersed with flecks of pale blue. The stolen light results in chronic mold issues everywhere…on houses, patios, landscaping, etc. This, of course, accelerates mood and behavior disorders. The body/mind axis most definitely depends on the full light spectrum for well-being. I have also tried the "happy light", but discontinued use after learning about the mercury contained in fluorescent bulbs, which it contained. There really is no substitute for the real thing, of which the perpetrators are clearly fully aware. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ah yes Marc, what they call seasonal affective disorder.  I've had a couple of friends with this condition who get depressed if they don't see the sun for a few days.  These were people with depressive disorder to begin with and the lamps helped.  This, decades ago.  So, I do know it works, helps.

      However my chickens are not depressed!  They simply require a certain amount of light to make an egg.  No eggs for a month now!!  I could put lights in their coop, but don't want to chance it with my iffy electricity.  Bummer.  And, of course, light affects plants.  I don't remember a December here as dark as this one.  Yes, maddening.

  11. Wayne says:

    Coachella Valley was absolutely nuts, insane, crazy I thought I was on a different planet….while everyone else just shopped. The white pale haze hung over the entire valley and by dusk it was so thick one could not see the end of the valley, as the planes continued crossing the sky back and forth,  huge plumes, giant x patterns. I don’t know….the step up in their activity….. I find myself with uncontrollable anger and speechless.

    Something needs to change; I get very frustrated with the general population and my inability to wake them up and joint the cause. One day and I certainly hope soon the reality will be exposed to all…..

    • David says:

      Last evening on the News, Channel 4 Jacksonville, FL. John Gaughn Chief Meteoerlogist, showed some photos of the sky that people send in to him. He described one photo as those are two jets flying parallel to one another that produced those contrails. I would like to ask him REALLY, Commercial passenger aircraft fly that close to one another, constantly? Why are all, what he classifies as Contrails, all concentrated to the South. To dim the Sun, thats why, I would like to tell him. Yesterday Battle Ground, Washington state, had a Tornado touch down. I find this very unusual, 1. Pacific Northwest has a Tornado develope 2. In December. The Weather Channel has State Farm Catastrophic Property Claim commercials. Meet Dan, Meet Jackie and Meet Kevin, showing clips of absolute devastation, to peoples homes, automobiles, etc, caused by Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods/Mudslides,Wild Fires, Snowstorms etc. I wonder how much, The Weather Channel is being paid by State Farm for the commerical advertisements. It's like TWC is anticipating Catastrophic Weather Aftermath when these commercials are shown, makes me very upset.


  12. Dennie Mehocich says:

    After a little digging around I found the page listing Who's Who at  We have CEO Peter Seligmann, and Rob Walton, Chair of the Executive Committee, at the helm; also Harrison Ford a Vice Chairman; then we see folks from Northop Grumman (UGH!), also, SBP Capital, Gap Inc., JP Morgan Chase, BDT Capital Partners, Richard Haas, President, Council on Foreign Relations… I could go on.  Alas, all the "usual suspects."

    Either "conservation" is being completely "owned" by Big Money in a desperate attempt to put on a nice face to the rest of us n—–s, or, maybe, just maybe, there's the slim possibility that SOME of these Big Wigs COULD finally be open actually to "getting it."  We'll have to wait and see how (or if) these Men-In-"Power" will OWN UP TO THE DESTRUCTION THEY HAVE ALLOWED and PERPETUATED– hmmpfff!

    Now I just wonder if all those actors they got to narrate their vids actually do KNOW about geo-engineering, and when they will stick their necks out and SPEAK UP.  I also have to at leaset wonder if any of the people listed in the Board of Directors would at least listen.  Because I think we are going to NEED something like that to occur, if we're going to get anywhere.  Like when it took someone like Elizabeth Taylor to get everyone to stop pretending about the seriousness of the HIV crisis and DO something, after Rock Hudson died.

  13. Las Vegan says:

    Has anyone thought of a huge march on Washington to fill the Mall area as Martin Luther King, Jr. did in the 60's?  Schedule a year ahead so people can set aside money and plan get away time.  Perhaps this time next year on the anniversary of this damn Paris Summit.  Climate change my arse…climate strangulation.

  14. Marc says:

    I have long wondered about one of the absolute most disturbing speculations regarding all this spraying: and that is nanobots, or so-called "smart dust". I confess I don't know much about it but I know enough to know that such technologies exist, of this I have NO doubt. Question is: Does the apparent massive uptick in spraying nationwide actually include a dispersion of this technology? Or has this been part of their so-called geoengineering for quite a long time already? Could it really be possible that each and every one of us are "infected" with countless millions of such microscopic nanobots, rendering us essentially programmable or worse? Is a time approaching when "they" intend to "flip the switch" on our ass and the REAL HORROR MOVIE BEGINS? I have read a great deal about Morgellons disease and I would strongly encourage everyone to do same. Morgellons is without question an engineered cross-species "organism" displaying impossible characteristics that flat out DO NOT OCCUR ANYWHERE IN NATURE. It is a weaponized bio-warfare critter that didn't just magically jump out of the f**king petrie dish and into the general population. IT WAS INTENTIONALLY DISPERSED OVER OUR COUNTRY. Uh, hello? Ever hear of the famous singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell? She has Morgellons and has had a most horrendous life-threatening battle with this mysterious disease. See Clifford Carnicom's website, for starters. 

      When I first started coming to this site I would rant over and over about how in the f**k these merchants of Doom expected to escape the very aerosol bombardment they were directing and dispersing over their own cities, their own families, their own country. I came to the (perhaps naive) conclusion that, weather systems notwithstanding, the massive spraying going on directly over large cities and metropolitan areas indicated to me that weather modification alone could not be the whole story. If we allow for the possibility that Smart Dust technology is "field-ready", then I am not at all sure that the recent and massive increase in spraying over dense population centers is just based simply upon strictly weather modification goals. This prospect scares the living acidophilus out of me, I ain't a-kiddin'. We all need to ask ourselves; "What if……it were true?"

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The smart dust flies through the air.  In consideration of the scale of the project, the "Elite" are not immune from that kind of dumping.  What makes anyone think they will escape from their own hand, unscathed, to triumph over what?  The total destruction of every living thing on Earth?  How can you do that?  Their underground hoarded supplies will eventually run out and they have to breathe the same air as you and me, a lot of the crap cannot be filtered out, not even "just" for "them."  And it's just not feasible to live ANYWHERE, 24/7/365 forever, in a climate-controlled bubble, in a space suit with a respirator, which is useless when it comes to the particulates they've chosen to spray everywhere without cease.  — think about it!!

    • penny says:

      Marc, I had a period of panic about such technology, too, a while back.  But realistically, if such control mechanisms were possible, they would already have been used on a certain Dane Wigington, amongst others. 

      When I was a kid, I went through a similar panic when my father asked me, "What if we are all just figments of someone's imagination, actors in a dream?"  Then, as now, all I could say was that this life seems to be real to me, and as far as I know, I'm in control.  All I can do is carry on living.  Even then I was cynical and untrusting enough that I had an ongoing 'reality check' process.  I don't know that one can hope for any more than that. 

      At any rate, accepting the thought that one might not have any control over one's actions or thoughts is the ultimate in induced helplessness.

    • BaneB says:

      All I know is my nose is like a dried up creek bed, devoid of moisture.  One would believe with all the moisture being pumped into this region that my nose would be moist.  It is very uncomfortable.  And for the past several days I have had ringing in my ears.  Turn to the left, turn to the right, bow down, don't think, go zombie…..nothing out of the science labs would surprise me.  At some point given the amount of nano metals we breathe, that the sci fi plan is to rachet up the Nexrad towers to fry us.  I read experimental crowd control microwave technology was used in Iraq.  The article stated the experiments were "halted" because people were being burned from the inside out.  The alledged object was to heat the demonstrators enough to cause discomfort.  The nano bots to which you refer could be designed to hone in on a specific region of the brain.  Maybe the happy place?  We can all go giddy and praise the Beast.

    • Marc — The idea seems to be that Morgellons, nano-bots and smart dust work together. Smart dust is self-organizing and already a big business reality – ‘google’ smart dust companies.  For example from 2003: Self-organizing wireless-sensor networks, a realization of the Pentagon's "smart-dust" concept, have reached the prototype stage worldwide. The smart sensors, or Motes, were created by the University of California at Berkeley and Intel, and are being tested out worldwide today.
      "At this stage, there are over 100 groups around the world that are using the combination of our open-source Motes with the TinyOS [operating system] and TinyDB [database]…”  Researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) proposed the smart-dust concept four years ago. The idea was to sprinkle thousands of tiny wireless sensors on a battlefield to monitor enemy movements without alerting the enemy to their presence. By self-organizing into a sensor network, smart dust would filter raw data for relevance before relaying only the important findings to central command.
      Nov. 2013: Smart Dust as a concept originated out of a research project by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Research And Development Corporation (RAND) in the early 1990s. We use the military anecdote above because it was these military research groups that first conceptualized Smart Dust but the practical application of the technology can be applied to almost any industry. Dust in the fields monitoring the crops. Dust in the factories monitoring the output of machines. Dust in your body monitoring your entire state of well being. Dust in the forests tracking animal migration patterns, wind and humidity.
      A single smart dust mote typically contains a semiconductor laser diode and MEMS beam-steering mirror for active optical transmission; a MEMS corner cube retro reflector for passive optical transmission; an optical receiver, signal processing and control circuitry; and a power source based on thick-film batteries and solar cells.

    • Killer Dana says:

      Thank You Marc for your brilliant post on Morgellons .
      All  the Humans I have tested to this date have come up Positive for the Morgellons Fungus .  
      Morgellons is a  Cloaked Pathogen that has infected Our whole Eco System .  All  of our Cow's   ,,,,,, Deer ,,,,, Birds,,,, and  once clean Watersheds are poisoned with this Pathogen .
      Clifford Carnicom  has been Right On With His Research on Morgellons.  Circa 2001 .  15 + years Now .
      The Fed's ,,,,, Circa 1967 ,,,,, Bulldozed  Killer Dana into the Now Harbor    of       Dana Point,     Ca.
      Long  Live Killer Dana .

  15. JR says:

    We have been getting bombarded with SAG-SRM-Chemtrails. Here in the Southwest, New Mexico border with El Paso, Texas, and  City of Juarez, Mexico 12-10-15 they are out in full force. The patterns were dog legged, X's, drooped like, etc. The sky is occluded in white fogging the lower area where we reside. Some of the jets were from southeast to west flights leaving patterns as if a snake was dragging itself in sky! The sickos have to love what they are doing in their all out assault on us down here, no doubt! Stand Strong We Must…

  16. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Actors for Earth: 

    I found these videos at, founded by the late Michael C. Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, from  Nature is narrated by Julia Roberts, The Ocean narrated by Harrison Ford, The Rainforest by Kevin Spacey; The Soil narrated by Edward Norton; Water by Penelope Cruz; The Redwood by Robert Redford; Coral Reef by Ian Somerhalder and Flower by Lupita Nyong'o

    (NOTE:  I have NOT "vetted" and it is NOT to be construed that I am personally or otherwise aligned with or responsible in any way for their beliefs, sources of funding, people in charge of this organization, etc., and I do not necessarily agree with the agendas of any of those entities– !!!!!)

  17. a. pryslak says:

    The chem spraying inthe past 3 months is unquestionable. The imbrication of the so-called clouds is evidence for the HAARP use..Here in the centre of north america, Manitoba, Canada, we are being blasted by the weather manipulators and my friends think that I am crazy. Will some of us survive senility?  Tony P. with heart.

  18. Kathy says:

    Another tornado in Washington state, the new norm ….just someone filling their bingo card we are told….the Kindergarten explanation once again for the mentally incompetent koolaid drinking population. Do you think anyone might ask…..WHO is playing bingo??!!
    Thunder and Lightening is just crazy for December ..will be the second time this week. 2-3 yrs ago during a nucleated snow storm, we had a bang and a flash that lit the whole sky. Followed by a 1 inch layer of ice over 4 inches or s.o over chemical snow. Absolutely SICKening on all accounts that they have gained control over the weather.
    Today's Forecast (KOMO)
    Updated Thursday 3:45 p.m.
    You thought Mother Nature had covered the bases this past week, and then we went and had an apparent tornado down in Cowlitz County. Someone sure has a weather bingo card they're desperately trying to fill!
    This evening will continue to see a mix of showers and thunderstorms, with thunderstorms ending after nightfall, but showers hanging around overnight. A Wind Advisory remains in effect until 7 p.m. for the Northwest Interior for straggling SE wind gusts to 45 mph.

    • Dan says:

      Today in south central Idaho we too had a so called micro burst with a funnel. Not a full blown tornado but powerful enough to topple big trees into power lines and twist a few irrigation pivots. This is the new norm here. Subzero temps. in November and then look out. Rest of the year cold one day and hot the next. But this is just normal, right?

    • BaneB says:

      Pay attention to your nexrad towers.  Where are they located?  These devices are being peppered  into Canada.  Each one can issue 748,000 watt pulses vertical and horizontal, one direction or 360 degrees, 250 miles from location center.  There are 160 of these in the US.  I too had thunder and lightning yesterday here in Mendocino County, Ca.  We have had rain off and on.  Much of it is mist.  This morning I have two inches of snow…..not unusual at this elevation.  

  19. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all friends here, I wanted to say I have repeated my breath experiment-the day I blew and blew and my breath was brown, brown as the "fog" in our hills.  Doc friend thought it simple respiration, temperature meets air.  Going to have lunch with him tomorrow and can't wait to see how he explains it now.  I sat in same spot, after doing the same thing, and the temp was the same, twice now, yet my breath was invisible!  So then, WTF?!!  Even I expected to see something, but no.  Not all the fog was brown, but more than a third was.  Can't remember ever having brown fog here.  It is often foggy in the hills here.   Been staring at it for more than 3 decades, so explain that Dr. Einstein! This friend admires my brain, and yet gave me such a facile answer!  GRRR.
    By the way, John Trudell has passed.  He walked the talk, lived like a warrior, died like one, sharing his poems on dying right up until he could not, just a day or two before.  Mad respect!
    For fun, I watched the old Christmas Carol movie, the original with Alaistair Sim, in black and white.  This time, a few things stood out.  He and his partner, Marley made money just for making money.  Didn't spend it, didn't invest it-were there no investment bankers then?  Guess not, 1835.  Just more and more money for the sake of money, amassing money.  Gee.  Couldn't help but notice the beaver tall hats of the day back then.  And remembering that this fad nearly wiped out all of American beavers!  The one ghost of Christmas present, had two children under his robe.  One was a girl, representing want.  One was a boy representing ignorance.  Ghost said of the two, fear the boy the most.  Too true.

  20. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Well not sure how to take the last two days.  Met a pastor who I'm going to be talking in more depth about Geoengineering, I met him through an older woman I made aware.  Above normal temperatures and sprayed ungodly skies are just crushing to the overall morale.  Just saw a Autistic child crying uncontrollably in a store.  The parents are caring but it is so unnecessary! Again, not a boost.  That being said.  People around me are starting to get it.  It's as if everyone feels it but does not want to accept the gravity of the true disaster about to roll over us like a tidal wave.  
    One of my coworkers things I'm nuts but atleast talks about it now.  Saw this in mainstream media.  Han Solo talks global climate change!
    There is no way these wealthy popular Hollywood people don't know what is on the horizon.  
    Temps in SE TN where in lower 70's this afternoon under toxic haze.
    Temps in the morning around 50 degree's some upper 40's still 10 – 15 degree's above normal.  Temps next two – three days will be 15 – 30 degree's above normal in our area.
    NO RAIN.  Don't think the Great Lakes are going to freeze up this year at this rate either.

    • BaneB says:

      Tom Cruise has his LA and Colorado properties up for sale.  Don't know about any NY digs, though I would ditch the NY digs first and in a hurry.  Maybe the Scientologists know something is up.

  21. missy says:

    Dane, as I am writing to you, all of Portland's metal containers are leaving en masse to go Longview where they will be shipped to?? for?? only can speculate, for us to evacuate to or to scrap the metal due to the collapse of the economy. I would like to show you pictures I took. The traffic is semi after semi and stopping a lot. I got out and handed the business cards you have.
    “the revolution will not be televised" and now I know why- the Rothschilds own all of out new stations and news papers and us!”

  22. My gentle efforts to render the ancient meanings in the Sanskrit Rig Veda, led me to study Space Physics. I have several current text books on Plasma Physics, the Magnetosphere, the Ionosphere, etc. I do not pretend to understand or use the equations. However, while reading the descriptions of the subtle interactions in the "structural properties of the various zones in the near-Earth plasma and the energy distribution of the charged particles in these zones" [Khazanov],  my heart, mind and soul are filled with unbounded reverence and awe for the eternal Creator — God. One cannot help feeling overwhelmed, on-your-knees awed by the exquisite complexities and delicate beauty, the myriad of subtle harmonies woven into our Earth's magnetosphere, which protects the living here on Terrafirma.
    'Kinetic Theory of the Inner Magnetospheric Plasma' is authored by Dr. George V. Khazanov, who has held positions at NASA, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and was Director of the Ionospheric Plasma Physics Laboratory at Irkutsk State University in Russia. Interesting! From Dr. Khazanov:
    The near-Earth plasma is, for convenience, divided into the Ionosphere, the plasmasphere and inner magnetosphere, and the outer magnetosphere. "The Ionosphere is the region with the highest density of charged particles…" The ionospheric plasma has the distinctive feature of the presence of superthermal electrons, which result from "the ionization of the neutral atmosphere by solar short-wave radiation (photoelectrons)…Superthermal electrons play an important role in the kinetics of microprocesses of ionospheric plasma…to account for thermal plasma heating and the intense excitation of energy levels of atoms and molecules, which give rise to various atmospheric emissions and to an increase in rates of some aeronomical reactions."
    Convection in the plasmasphere is "caused by the large-scale electric field produced by the solar wind streaming past the magnetosphere… Magnetic storms in space cause severe distortions of the electric and magnetic fields of near-Earth space, the the various inner magnetospheric plasma populations undergo dramatic dropouts, enhancements, and complicated dynamics."
    No wonder super-computers are necessary to utilize the highly complex equations. The idea that our suicidal mad scientists are heating Gaia's Ionosphere by shooting their Dr. Strangelove weapons at this sacred balance is beyond bewildering. It is insane.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      ..meanwhile, back on Earth, The Supreme Cosmic A$$holes, the "Scientists," are busy working OVERTIME to learn every last thing they possibly can about How It All Works, in a lame-ass atttempt to CONTROL every last thing that moves, and a lot that doesn't.  These fkrz need very badly to be PUT in THEIR right place, which I'd say is nowhere near Earth.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, In Dr. Bertell's second book, she refers to the US blowing two nukes high, high in the atmosphere and close together to see if they could lift the ionosphere.  They did.  The effort also blew a big hole in the ozone layer and created two new magnetic belts in the Van Allen's.  And so, they were off and running!  This in mid 80s as I recall.

    • kenny says:

      Thank you, this is what I have been feeling in m heart for over a year and have experiencing the results of this BS for more than 2 years. An artificial organically produced shield, to substitute the upper shields, placed on this "world". An alternate form of containment of our true intentions, for "them" just another level of "chessboard", for mankind to be played upon.
      Three-dimensional chess
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Kieseritzky's Cubic Chess ("also known asKubikschack"[1]) 3D gameboard, 1851. The format was later picked up by Maack in 1907 when developingRaumschach. The levels are identified using Greek letters alpha through theta. According to David Pritchard, the 8×8×8 cell format is: the most popular 3-D board amongst inventors, and at the same time the most mentally indigestible for the players […] Less demanding on spatial vision, and hence more practical, are those games confined to three 8×8 boards and games with boards smaller than 8×8.[2] Three-dimensional chess (or 3D chess) refers to any of various chess variants that use multiple boards at different levels, allowing the chess pieces to move in three physical dimensions. Three-dimensional variants have existed since the late 19th century, one of the oldest being Raumschach (German for "Space chess"), invented in 1907 by Dr. Ferdinand Maack and considered the classic 3D game.[3] Maack founded a Raumschach club in Hamburg in 1919, which remained active until World War II. Chapter 25 of Pritchard's The Classified Encyclopedia of Chess Variants discusses games using boards with three or more dimensions and contains some 50 such variations. Chapter 11 covers variants using multiple boards normally set side by side: "Such games can also be considered as examples of three-dimensional chess"—Beasley.[4]

      I do not just look at the symptom, fo there is so much more..we are being played….Wake up!!!  do the research, we can influence this "world"   We must expose,!!!  Please everyone, help to expose eerything everwhere.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Susan, as always, I thoroughly enjoy what you take the time to write. I'm also happy for your discoveries in what you have currently read. You're right, the Creator is unbelievably awesome. Our planet is so rare and well put together, all the way out to the furthest reaches. To think only a few are ripping it to shreds. I wish more would discover the workings of what goes on around the outer reaches of our planet like you have. When I came across much of what you have, I was literally set back in my seat. I'm surprised you didn't mention that what you discovered lends credence to why we as mankind probably haven't been to the moon yet(grin).  "No such thing as coincidence", as you may already know. Take a look at the placement of yours, mine and Teresa's postings. "3" very needed aspects for balance with nature and getting us out of this whole we've been thrust into. I guessed wrong in my earlier posting, the growlers were indeed here today for a short time and have returned this evening for a few rounds.

      Thank you for all you put out there.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Susan, Horseman:

      It sounds like terrible, horrible "things" have been in the offing and are now seeing their realization in the PNW– what are these "growlers?"  That sounds beyond monstrous– so you guys up north there are getting the Cold Treatment while the "Powers" That SHOULDN'T BE are having fun playing Electro-chemical Etch-a-Sketch in the sky along with EMF Pinball/Pea-shooter games with OUR ionosphere– ALL WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE–???  We're hearing about lots of flooding and landslides up your way– what else are you seeing/hearing?  CAN WE FIND OUT JUST WHICH DIVISION of the various armed services are involved and EXPOSE THEM??  WHO are the "Deciders?"  Those generals and Lt. Colonels need to have their names and home towns published in a Who's Who of a Rogues' Gallery.  THEY NEED TO BE PERSONALLY OUTED.  The days when NO ONE gets to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and PAY FOR their crimes against the planet and creation NEEDS TO END NOW– YOU HEAR THAT, "GOD," or ARE YOU TRULY DEAD–????

      If "karma" is actually a reality, then please explain WHY these titanic MONSTERS are allowed exist while casting NO shadow, or is that merely an illusion, seeing as everything they are and everything they like to surround themselves with is just so… DARK!??

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Sr. Dr. Rosalie Bertell, of the order of Grey Nuns, was a tireless advocate for educating people as to the reality of nuclear "testing" (they weren't "testing" those 2,000+ bombs just to see how they'd blow up.. duh) and point to the facts of the deliberate destruction of Earth, by destroying it's atmosphere and blowing apart it's magnetosphere.

      TO ALL YOU S.O.B. LUCIFERIAN ANGELS DOING THESE DIRTY HATEFUL DEEDS (and you DO know who you are…):  IF ALL YOU MTHRFCKRZ HATE IT SO MUCH HERE, and feel TRAPPED by the "density" of our common reality, PLEASE DO US A FAVOR:  GET OUT YOUR GUNS AND BLOW YOUR OWN HEADS OFF.  Maybe THEN the rest of us will finally be able to live on our own home planet in PEACE.

    • RacheI – I did not know about the two new magnetic belts in the Van Allen’s! That's totally insane. No limit to their madness.
      Dennie – Karma is more of an abstract principle that relates to balance within polarities. Without getting too metaphysical, this is the close of a cycle of time in which the demonic is predominant, a cycle filled with conflict & confusion, lies. The coming cycle will be one of Truth. These dark days are an opportunity for us to bring out the best in us, qualities that are not needed in happier days. Just as Dane is an inspiration to us all for his adamantine courage, so these dark times force us to overcome our fears and live in the Heart, to search deep within and express our own will to redeem goodness for the future.
      There are coalitions here on the Olympic Peninsula that are fighting the Navy’s plans to turn this area into an electromagnetic battle field, but essentially the Navy ignores all. Here’s a photo of the Growler: Next-Gen Jammer: Raytheon Leads A Revolution In Information Warfare …a new jammer with far greater radiated power and spectral precision. A key feature of the new jammer would be “active electronically scanned arrays” — meaning transmitters that direct their jamming signals by shifting phase electronically rather than being mechanically moved. …The Navy’s EA-18G Growler built by Boeing will likely be the joint force’s primary electronic-warfare plane through mid-century; note jamming pods on the fuselage centerline and both wings. Photo of the Growler: The US military is using other national forests: Map of Military Maneuvers on National Forests
      The link below shows a photo of Dr. George V. Khazanov. I was intrigued by his connection with Russia (Woodpecker), Alaska (HAARP), and NASA! He doesn’t look happy, actually sad. depressed. I wonder if he feels confined trapped wasted in these ops. He’s a wonderful writer and obviously loves space physics.

  23. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and All, Well it's another nucleated snow day here on the North Okanogan. Started about 7 this morning and the weather guesser says it will last until about noon. 1 to 3 inches expected. I'm sure it's all part of the cool down that Dane explains in this article. The snow started out coming down in uniform granules, then changed to heavy wet snow. Historically, we do not get wet snow on the north Okanogan. This year it's all we've gotten when snow came down. Many of us know about the killing of 100,000 cows in the mid west a few years ago. Some of us know about the same thing happening to thousands of Alpaca's in Peru last year. They died from hypothermia. This year I have witnessed the same type of assault on my own 2 mustangs. The snow falls on them, it melts a little bit and then turns to ice, at above freezing temps. I've felt it on my own skin while doing chores outside. The cooling affect on the surface of my skin was quite noticeably different than just getting wet while it's cold outside. Same thing when I lay my hand the the coats of my Mustangs. I can feel it literally sucking the heat out of their bodies and they outwardly show distress. I can see the effects of thermal ice nucleation in the water trough. It covers in snow and then turns the surface to ice at temps above freezing. That ice takes an abnormally long time to melt when the temps come up. I'm sure it is because of a combination of physical and chemical factors. I was asleep during the period when the planes would have been spraying the ice nucleation chemicals. I heard them before the last 5 snow episodes we've had so I'm confident I just missed them this time. 2 inches of "snow" so far in an hour and a half, AT 36 Degrees! For those that wonder, my Mustangs get lots and lots of good hay and are fat and happy. It's just a guess, but I'll bet the growlers will not be out today in lieu of the weather they are currently orchestrating. 

    • kenny says:

      I hear you….Please do all you can to keep them inside, protected,  this is  war against all the true Source/Creator creation.  The more we question the worse the fight back.  What you are expericening is true, in the respect that anything is true….It is spiritual, not religion.  Please reach out to the indigenous peoples, ie: indians, they understand, they can help immensely, but you must reach to them.  Put all your "conceptions" behind, and come together as One, to protect the mustangs,, you will be amazed.  respect for all!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hey simple horseman, I noticed the same thing here in the southeast, especially during the winter of 2013 which was brutal. The summer prior in JULY 2012 ! – I actually noticed a couple horses shedding their short summer hair (unheard of; NEVER seen that before in the middle of summer!!) so I was already wary of what was to come. Even though I double and triple layered my horses with weatherproof sheets and blankets they shivered and could not seem to get warm on certain days. In spite of throwing good quality hay and grain to them everyone lost weight and was quite thin and worn out by spring. They stay out mostly, but have barns and run in sheds to get out of the wind and rain if they like. (or I like) One of my vets later stated that many other horses lost weight that during winter. I have been keeping horses on this same property for over 20 years and cannot remember having such a time keeping them fed and warm as that year. It was also the year that when we put fire to snowballs we got reactions like plastic burning and shrinking instead of melting ans dripping water. One of my dogs suffered a mild seizure shortly after ingesting some of that snow. Fortunately he recovered and has never had another. When taken to the vet for testing, he could find nothing amiss. My heart aches for the cattle, alpacas, and other wild animals being inflicted with this chemically reactive snow and ice. No telling how many other animals have been harmed or killed by this insane and destructive practice. I pray for vengence for all innocent creatures being harmed by these madmen.."Vengence is Mine sayeth the Lord!"

    • Sailor Uranus says:

      I live in an even colder mountainous region northeast of the Okanagan and its been above freezing for over a week now which is almost unheard of save we had the same thing last year at this same time! Pretty much all of the snow melted not to mention the ground thawed out and then all of a sudden it went down to 31 began snowing this morning. When i ventured outside the wet ground was frozen solid and the skiff of snow even stuck to the wet road. Puddles were frozen over even though it was barely below freezing. Then i heard there was flooding and a tornado like storm south of the border in Washington state. Truth be told there should be upwards of two feet of powder in my neck of the woods but all we have is less than a quarter inch of extremely cold snow that froze the soaking wet ground on contact. Ether that or the frost in the ground from a week of -5"F weather worked its way back up to the surface even after a week of above freezing temperatures?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      A Personal History of Weather Modification via "Geo-Engineering"

      My first experience with weather modification was probably in the 60s, as a child, around age 9 (Eight Miles High came out that year– interestingly, about the height of military jet flight sector), and could see haze starting to cloud up the skies during summer days– it was really weird.  I don't remember seeing jet after jet after jet spraying, they must have been doing this off-shore, hiding from the public, but it was the same stuff we've seen, just not so "in-your-face and upfront" as now.  I remember hearing about it on the news.  Then it all went silent on the topic.  But this "hazed-up" grey skies in the middle of summer ramped up again in the 80s, then calmed down somewhat.

      My next experience with weather modification was seeing a lot of "mare's tail" clouds in summer time in the 80s while out on long bike rides.  When you ride 50 or more miles a day like I did back then, you had better be paying attention to the weather, or else!  I could not believe the mare's tail clouds, day after day after day, then lots of days of blue skies and NOTHING else.

      Then we had the serious ice nucleation going on from time to time.  There was a freezing storm in 1968, 1981, and again there was a pretty bad one in 1990 in December– REEEAALLY cold, ice everywhere, completely unnatural.

      Then came May, 2010, with CONSTANT HEAVY spraying, all day long for the entire month.  At the end of the month we here on the West Coast were treated to spectacularly weird weather, something new every day.  There were days when the air smelled like rubber tires burning, and the day I smelled something that reminded me of insecticide, I got out the VISA card and caught the next United Airlines flight to Denver, to make out a simple will with my cousin!  All I could think of was a bunch of generals and "scientists" sitting in a plush velvet-curtained room on fine leather seats, eating fine food and drinking brandy while smoking first-quality cigars, watching a Power Point presentation of the weather they'd caused each day.  When shtf at night, I felt extremely cold a few times.  In those days I had two wall furnaces keeping my house warm– NOT ANY MORE!  Thank God I was able to sell a viola and install a central heating system and seal up those six-inch holes-to-the-sky that were letting everything in, forever. 

      I am still dealing with the post-traumatic, and even ongoing stress of not fully being able to live in my own house for the past five years. I had to buy all new windows (20) and doors (3), to the tune of $25k, in self-defense.  I am just NOW getting to the point where I feel that I am no longer completely terrified of being in my own house and am thinking I may be able to get to sleep and stay asleep all night long here soon, without having to go to the ER, like I did in 2010, at least three, maybe four times.  Thank God for my old buddy who already had casement windows, for letting me stay at his place as needed.  He saved my life. 

    • a simple horseman says:

      Kenny, Earth Angel, With a soft grin I tell you both, the "creator" brought these two Mustangs to me to learn about how this universe works. I'm damn near a PHD now!(smile). Even in these times of scheduled weather, we must learn to give and flow with the way nature intended things to be. The lightest leaf flows down the harshest waters unharmed. "Any" intervention by emotional bias should never be considered. Does not matter what be the consideration at hand. Leave the indigenous people out of this. They were here long before us and thrived in great numbers… "In harmony" "with" the earth, the mother. "We" destroyed what was once a great society that thrived in harmony with the planet.

      Kenny, "protect my Mustangs"? Mr, you ain't met a real Mustang, two legged or four(grin). Earth Angel, throw away the blankets this spring and get non GMO feed, no alfalfa. And make sure they get enough. Your horses will improve, I promise. I've noticed significant jumps in hay intake during the oddest times. (I listen/observe well).

  24. Teresa Davis says:

    Last week driving up 1-5 you could tell the exact point  even in the dark where the spraying started. You could also smell it. This spraying dumbs down our senses. I was out of town from Shasta Co long enough of a trip to return to reality. Everyone is talking about the wonderful rain were getting. Rain without thunder? ever? The pace occasionally sped up but with this rain comes the price of even more sprays. All night long, all day long 24 hr we can't see because of the cloud coverage.   When it rains it does so with chemicals so heavy the rain may be an actual curse rather than a blessing. Of course the rain…I should say the sprinkle just works it into the earth. I wouldn't doubt if a big money company didn't already have the product to neutralize these metals along with the Pharmacies to treat the effects. All the pretty ducks in a row. After all, are not the agenda of the elite to control the food & water supply? Or drought out CA public lands & Forrest kill off the trees then you kill off the rest of all the wild life then no one cares to protect what's no longer there so now the land can be pilfered for silver, oil, etc?  Sorry just sometimes my head wants to wrap around this. My sense of injustice wants to understand. My heart cries pout because I had to face the reality that my innocence is crushed. I believed "well at least I can still pray for rain, after all only God can control the weather. As a newly ordained female minister without formal education I already know from people who share the same faith their judgment against me. But what the heck I took a chance & shared data & invited them to investigate on their own. Was immediately ostracized from a ministry I had served in for 11 years. But that's ok. Persecution is persecution & I even expect that. Have hope. We have no idea who is listening but believe me, they are. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh Teresa, "immediately ostracized" from 11 years of work?!  You have my profound sympathy.  Sincere sympathy.  Ouch.  

      I don't think your take on things is wrong.  Rather right on the money, so to speak.  I share your feelings about rain.  Though it is rare to get thunder here and I so love thunder.  After so much extreme dryness, this rain feels welcome for a second until one realizes the fears that comes with it.   You are brave to take such a stance at such a price.  My take is that God doesn't give us rain.  Our previously exquisite Earth systems did.  But nothing is natural anymore.

    • Sean S says:

      Good for you Teresa. Way to have the courage to speak out and stand for what you believe in. I feel the same way. I was not raised in any sort of "faith" but through my life and my own observations have realized that this whole system is far to beautiful and complex for it to be an accident or chance. To me evolution makes about as much sense as spraying poison into our atmosphere.
      One thing that I would like to pass along for those trying to get others to believe what is happening over heads is this: "Why is it that you will believe in a creator or evolution, something that we have no concrete proof of, yet will scoff at something you can see with your own two eyes? By that I mean you/ we (people) have faith or believe in something very passionately that we have never witnessed but cannot believe what can be seen and proven"?
      Personally I believe in a creator. To me there is more than ample proof of his/ her work behind the beauty of all life. But that's faith. Why can't people just have "faith" that this is happening over us even if they can't or won't see it with their eyes?
      Just something to ponder.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Teresa, What a great posting! I'd give a lot to get the truth about geoengineering to cause a shock wave through the religious community. "The truth shall set you free". You're in good company there. Hopefully your being "ostracized" will only make you more determined to seek and learn the truth of our world and share it with others, regardless. Just like someone else we know. Be credible, calm and confident and people "will" listen, maybe even wake up.

  25. penny says:

    The sun rose today behind a thick layer of haze, a sickly amber light diffused across the sky, and I tried not to breathe.  I can't imagine what they sprayed last night, but no doubt it's deadly.  And yet, the masses continue texting, shopping, trying to be Kim Kardashian.  Like Robo, I think only collapse will motivate most people to look up – but will they then accept that we need to change course entirely?  Will they react in a way that will create a better world out of the chaos?  Not unless they have already come to terms with the reality of the present: that the people to whom they have ceded all the power and wealth, all the control of both resources and military might, are out-of-control pathological killers.
    While I sympathize with the view that we need to find a community of trustworthy (we hope) people with whom we can band together when collapse comes, that leaves us open to internecine battling – one community trying to defend itself, being in conflict with others who were, in fact, on the same page, and would have been useful allies.  Our small communities need to be knitted together by a common goal: to take back control, so we can try to heal the planet.
    Dane is right, that only by planting the seeds can we hope for a healthy harvest.  And (not to be the voice of doom, but) the counter on this page does not reflect the number of people now 'awakened' – every time you visit the site, you are counted, and during that visit, every time you click on a new link you are counted again.  We still have work to do!
    Just my opinion, of course; I respect all views expressed here. 

  26. Michel B says:

    More and more people are waking each day. It hasn't yet hit a critical mass, but mathematically it is inevitable. When that happens, there will be an uproar and the 'authorities' (I hate calling them that for all their treason) will be more dangerous than ever. The attempts to restrict gun ownership and triggering false flag events are preempting this growing public awareness.

    The taking of America is underway. The psychopaths are dreaming of their unfettered power and are possibly in a rush to rule with an iron fist. Crushing America is instrumental in establishing a first major goal for world domination.

    This is an interesting situation. How can they crush the American people and keep the Middle East, China, Russia and the rest of the world under the thumb? I predict a massive failure in this extremely ambitious scheme. The military men and women will wake up when they see their fellow country men and women, their families, their friends, their loved ones, being taken over by the despots that pull all the strings, including the military's.

    There will be a revolt on many fronts and things will get ugly. Control will be lost by those who seek it for tyranny. But I doubt any finally good outcome. There will always be the psychopathic element who seek control and they never stop trying. The point of the Constitution was to always have this in check. It was about the never ending need for vigilance. There was no Utopia promised in its chapters, only that good men always guard the laws that guard the people.

  27. MISSY says:

    From a chemtrail group in Vancouver BC: Hi Ross: You’ve spread a lot of Brownie Points around in the Article. In this Note, I will explain where the Efforts have been non-existent in cleaning up our Air. Chemtrails have been dropped on us most days since 1994 and picked up dramatically in 2000. These are the regularly laid White Lines we see if we look up. They start in a slim white Line and given a few Hours, will spread out to form a Cloud Deck blotting out most of the Sun. Our Governments tell us, if they say, that the Lines of Aluminium and Barium plus many more (39) are to reflect Sunlight. The Aluminium is the Reflector, why would they add 38 other Items to the Mix? Over the Years, we’ve heard from other than Government Sources, many Illicit Reasons for doing this. In your Article, you mention a lot about the good going on in BC. I will show you why most of the Work is not gaining us much of anything! The Planes used to do the above dropping of Chemicals use 3000 to 3600 Gallons of Fuel per Hour. I see and count up to 80 Runs a day over us. I have not counted at night so for this Letter, let’s stay with the 80. Keep in mind, the 80 is just over me, not the World. How many Runs are done daily over the whole World? I can vouch for my 80! For a month, it will look like this: 80 X 3000 X 24 X 30 = 172,800,000 Gallons of Fuel used to deliver the Chemtrails over me or over the Lower Mainland. This is based on one Plane using 3000 Gallons of Fuel per hour. A 747 will use 3600 Gallons of Fuel Per Hour! In putting a Dollar figure to this for Taxpayers to understand what they are paying for, let’s use 4 Dollars a Gallon which equals $691,200,000.00. I’ve often called Chemtrails a Billion Dollar Business….if you add buying Planes, Crews, Chemicals, Insurance, Liability, Landing Fees, Pensions, etc., a billion will just cover it! What would the cost be if the whole World is figured in?? What is the damage of the dumping to anything living, our Oceans our Forests, our Glaciers, our Wheat Lands , our Lakes, especially our Long Term Debt which pays for all this in the form of printing more Money?? It is no wonder that the US is going trillions into Debt!! A few Years ago, Cummins, Caterpillar , Detroit , Chrysler, GM and Ford were told to clean up their Engines. They did the clean up by spending 11 billion Dollars. All the other Engine Makers also had to clean up which they have done. By doing this, WE HAVE GAINED NOTHING! We have gained nothing because every day, the dumping Jets lay a Layer of CO2 on us to kill us in time! To clean up at great expense on one side and then dirty up at great expense on the other side…….where the Hell did Common Sense go?? We’ve gained nothing! We are on a Route of one ahead and two back!! I could add much, much more to this, however, I would like to hear your Comments. Barry Davis , atms cl, Vancouver , BC .

    • Marc says:

      Your post here goes a very long way toward putting this debacle in perspective. Yes, the fuel alone that is burnt up to stripe the holy f**k out of our world carries with it a staggering monetary price tag and an even far greater environmental cost. Any "gains" made through cuts in greenhouse gas emissions amount to NOTHING if geoengineering continues. The PTB in this world are bat-guano out of their in-bred minds.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Barry, I never computed it but did suspect it would add up as you say.  This is why I keep saying it is Not ordinary human activity!  Not that does not factor in, but it is our military and these evil schemes that want all that oil.  Got a heads up from NRDC, though Keystone is dead, the bastards have a hydra of pipe lines made and in the making to bring tar sands all over the US for shipping.  I suspect the empty ships in que are waiting to be filled with this fresh hell.  The map of it is shocking. 

  28. talawanda78 says:

    After reading all of the comments above, I do have to agree with every, single one of them…unfortunately. Being in the northern hemisphere doesn't make any difference. We did have 2 days worth of sunshine, this month…but at night the planes were over in droves, dropping the coldest of the chemicals in their stockpiles.

    Truthfully, it makes me wonder why they bothered making a law where aerosols were banned. removing it from every spray item on the market. They told people, in the 1970s that our hair spray was destroying the Ozone layer.  HA!!  Now, their breaking their own rules, year after year, doing things that amount to pure insanity.

    They're also using it to mess up all the electromagnetic's for weapons other than their weather weapons. THIS IS World War III. They keep people out there, who are very blind, believing their political stories, with even Russia stating they'll only use nukes as a last resort. Another big HA!

    The news I received yesterday and today does confirm that there will be 'certain issues' that 'must take place' by design…which means a higher power, for this lesson. Then, by 2016 the truth will be told…and the horrible, ungodly lies must be swept away with the truth of it all.

    So, billions will be in shock and horror when they find out everything. But behind the scenes things are taking place to give everyone back their freedom, and our lives can be in peace and harmony. Everything you're hearing about all these mass killings here, by terrorists are nothing more than 'trained CIA and NSA operatives.' Highly trained, to do the GUN GRAB. Iiiiiii don't think so.

    I will say…much of the lies have been from the Vatican, who thought they could have control forever, with their Jesuit Military forces…and since this pope is one of them…he absolutely 'will be' the last pope. And their NWO is finished…believe me. All they have left is talk and stealing money from social security, to try and keep themselves going…but when dollars come to doughnuts, they'll be fortunate if they can even afford one doughnut. They've been blowin' their wads keeping those planes in the air…training their so called terrorists, who are nothing more than government flunkies looking to get paid; and I do believe this last $150 Billion they stole from social security, that congress and senate approved, is for more terrorist training. Keep your guns handy, but these people know…that WE know what they're doing.

    Keep your energies high…very high, and laugh at them, as though they 'are the dumbest of the dumb.'  They want you fearful…but MSM will only report what they're paid to say, and no more. These people 'eat all your good energy for three meals a day'…they literally suck it away from you while you're depressed…so DON'T be.  Find any and every reason to stay happy and grateful that this end is coming, very, very soon. I hate it all, too…but time and information influxes have told me to 'get it right, or lose the fight.'  So smile, live as though everything is your life is great…no matter what. Send that positive energy to everyone you know…then sit back and wait for the show to begin; and it's coming soon…so take it to the bank.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Excellent…. Positive and uplifiting

    • kenny says:

      I agree with you in so many ways.  No matter how angry I get, disgusted and depressed, we are unifying.  We are here on this site, not only to record for history, but to lend support for one another, inform, enlighten.  Our individual experiences to help the collective. We help each other in ways that are not seen.  Just in our physical symptoms alone, so others do not just go to the "doctor" and get a "pre scription"  from big pharma, that will only manifest even more maladies/side effects.

      My aunt had a tumor in her intestines 3 years ago.  Had the surgery to remove and all was well.  Then "they" decided she needed radiation therapy, based on her "bloodwork"   3 months ago, she started to experience low back pain and went to the orthopedist, who decided to take Xrays, before setting up for rehab for her back.  The orthopedist saw by the Xrays, that it had spread to her spine..really?, really?  Upon further workup by her onocologist, it is in her lungs also.  She was subsequently was prescribed painkillers in pill form and patches, because she was in so much pain, she could not eat and had weight loss.  By early November, family members stepped in, did research and devised a holistic diet.  Believe it is really tough obtaining organics(thanks to he lobbyist).  I week prior to Thanksgiving" I had them introduce 1 tsp baking soda in water, that I found many articles about.  It was initially for her severe constipation from the pharma drugs.  Within a day, her constipation was gone, then I told other family members about what I had found on line, about baking soda and how cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment with in bodies.  I also purchased liquid organic vitamins and minerals to take.  They increased the baking soda water from one day to 3 times a day, along with the other holistic organic foods.  On Friday morning Dec 4th, her onocologist did his examination, and determined she was doing well and there was no signs of any cancerous progression and did not recommend any changes in diet or meds.  Friday afternoon, my sister took her to another "dr" for pain management, wanted to start her on new meds like Oxycodine, which she had a severe reaction to previously.  This "dr" was so negative, advising my sister, that regardless, it is only a matter of time, some just go faster than others, let's get her on this new med now, even tho' my aunt current pain regime is working and she is getting stronger and eating well.  I do not agree!!!  The side effects of oxycodine are enormous, but the side effects she admitted to my sister was: extreme fatigue, nausea, severe itching, severe constipation, for which she recommended a prune regime and recommended stopping the baking soda water.  I googled her, can find very little info, no patient comments/recommendations/very little background info, only that she is an internist/geriatic, that is mostly involved in HOSPICE CARE.  In my opinion, the Dr Doom.  

      I know this may have been too much info, but we cannot just sit back and let these Jesuit entrained, depopulationists go forward.  If we are nothing but useless eaters/sheeple, then why do we continue to exist, after thousands if not more, "war" against the humankind, regardless of all the new forms of extermination "they" introduce!!!

      There is more than we (k)now, at least at this time.  The more we show our true intent to "DO UNTO OTHERS, AS WE WOULD HAVE DONE TO US", I believe this current cycle will be broken.  "they" (k)now it, so all out, for now.  For those curious enough, research the letter "k" going back to th phonecians.  Hint: know, is previous "(k)nowledge.  How did "now" " (present time) have anything to do with know or knowledge?  why did "they" put a "k" in front of these words, designating past the research.  Microsoft did an upgrade on my computer this morning, that is causing nothing but delays…We work together!!! to inform all, but the truth must be told to make our own individual decisions.  WE MUST DEMAND THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH

  29. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Lincoln addressed the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois on January 27, 1838, giving a speech titled “The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions,” stating:

    “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

  30. Bonnie MORGAN says:

    The outlook is very bleak .. We are living on a dying planet ..that is being destroyed by the insanity of the mega rich elitist jack holes who rule this world . Dane has been at this for 12 years folks trying to wake up everyone.. I am sad to say I don't know if there is any hope ..our resources are finite . I am so glad I have no children . I grieve for our beautiful Mother Earth that God gave us and through free will we have torn asunder.. Man is shitting on God and the gifts that were given us .its just unbelievable.. So sorry but I just don't see a remedy for this ..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bonnie, no matter how dark the horizon, where there is a determined, united, and unyielding common effort toward the greater good, there is still hope. It is true, we are indeed in uncharted waters, but because of that fact there may yet be many unknown factors which could fall in our favor if we simply do not give up, ever. Every time a single person awakens to the truth due to our combined efforts, the entire battle has been made worthwhile in ways that we cannot fully even know or understand. Lets all keep our faces to the wind and continue our march into the storm.

    • Mike Fisch says:

      I admire Dane's fighting spirit.

  31. Marilyn Avila says:

    Very informative maps and information.  Relentless, non-stop horrible spraying for days here in Southern California.  Just got back from trip to Seattle, and spraying there was happening, but more hidden due to overcast weather. So obvious what is seen from airplane – passing under, over & through the chemtrails. I did see something strange for first time while driving-  squiggly trail coming straight up vertically from western horizon (Puget Sound?)- looked like the Vandenburg missile rocket tests we used to see decades ago in CA,  but then it straightened out and went horizontally alongside another trail.  When I got back to L.A.,  saw the same thing (weird coincidence?)- trail coming straight up vertically from horizon – I guess they can't wait to get fully airborne anymore before turning on the sprayers.  

    Sometimes I wonder – where are all the astronomers who can't see the stars anymore from their telescopes? Why don't they speak up?   What about all the people and/or companies with solar panels who are getting their sun rays blotted out?  And any of the famous, wealthy movie stars with all their other "causes" they speak out on- why don't even one of them use their voice to bring attention to the sheeple who would probably listen to them?   I guess they are oblivious to it or don't want to chance ruining their careers.

    Thank you to all the enlightened people on this website- it really helps to know there are more out there who are aware.  I talk to anyone I can,  and have a "look up, wake up" sign on the back window of my car.  Special thanks to Dane for all you do.  You are very much appreciated.

    • Holly says:

      I agrer, why is it that those who people will listen do not speak of the trails.  New type of trails today in Ventura, and cold patchy fog clouds…

  32. SD says:

    Reports coming in from various locations about "freezing fog".  We saw some weird fog conditions here in SoCal today as well. High level ChemClouds and tanker jets overhead and diffuse, mid and low level "fog"?  floating aimlessly . . . With air temps in mid 70s?

    Geoengineers really trying to make El Nino "happen".

    • kenny says:

      Hi SD,

      I reported on the "freezing fog" on Dec 7th, in previous articles.  I am in Southeast NJ, and was travelling north to central NJ.  The radio "weathermen" were reporting this phenomenom throughout the state that day.  This so called "fog" never dissipated, (even tho the temps got to 65 degrees) and could be seen all the way home, hanging in the very low atmosphere, at 3:30 PM.  Been ill with a severe respiratory illness, with profuse post nasal drip, as many, many of my co-workers are reporting. Just waiting to hear it is some new "flu" strain and the push for flu shots BS.  Waiting to hear Dane's comments on this "freezing fog" BS.  We must continue to report what we see and experience, physically and mentally as testimony to the deliberate poisoning of not only humankind, but every living organism

  33. Marc says:

    Today I had occasion to drive across a large portion of St. Louis by highway and was shocked to see the whole city under a WWII style blitzkrieg of aerial spraying the likes of which I have only seen a handful of times. I mean, if these sprays were like, totally harmless, the number of jets laying out trails would have been laughable. But no laughter will ever accompany MY observations of this assault upon humanity and all living beings. Absolutely ludicrous number of jets spraying every which way, flying in all directions as if the pilots were all tripping on 900 micrograms of absolutely pure LSD. Trails making X's everywhere, trails going parallel. PARALLEL?? Hello, all you dumb f**ks down below?!! Did you ever stop to wonder why jets are flying parallel to one another?? Three jets flying at angles to one another making a perfect equilateral triangle reminiscent of Illuminati symbology vis. a vis. the ALL SEEING EYE ATOP THE PYRAMID. Well guess what, Mr. Illuminati, you can shove your all-seeing-eye right up your blind ass. Remember weapons of mass destruction? A certain fellow named Saddam Hussein was accused of possessing them and was thereby deemed an apocalyptic threat to all of civilization. Well, wake up folks, and smell the java because what we see occurring over our heads from one end of our country to the other is a massive deployment of weapons of mass destruction!!! Make no mistake about it. A declaration of war has been made upon the American people and in fact, upon all living beings on Earth. There is no scale by which this level of blind cruelty and heartlessness can be understood or measured. This deployment of such weapons, (and yes, they are weapons, NOT something designed to save us) is ALREADY sending uncountable thousands to an early grave. How about our beloved mammals of the sea? Our little divine friends, the honeybees? Large and small, we are losing our beloved friends at a rate that can only be called an omnicide of the most apocalyptic proportions. You motherf**kers in your silver jets of doom….go ahead and laugh at us, go ahead and laugh at all of us lovers of life and health and Earth and friendship and children and grandchildren and consciousness. Your laughter will one day die away as it echoes down the hallways of your underground tomb into which your life of obedience has been consigned. 

    • American expat says:

      Marc,  I totally get your anger and frustration.  And I appreciate the way you just tell it like it is.  Having grown up in Detroit during the Vietnam War, when we were getting glimpses of this hellish cabal and we still had the balls and maybe innocence to fight against it, I am totally disgusted by what I see ALL DAY, EVERYDAY in Belgium.   Not a day goes by that the sky is not totally covered, several layers at a time, no less that 8-10 planes in the sky at any given moment, and this has been going on nonstop at least for 2 years.   Flemish people, culturally hating any kind of confrontation and loving their small, cozy, materialist and racist lifestyles, couldn't give a rat's ass about the environment and refuse, and I literally mean refuse to look up.   The first thing I have done in the morning my whole life was too look up at the sky and find comfort in nature, no matter what the weather was like.   Now, I still look up at the sky first thing in the morning and feel utter disgust at humanity and wonder why we are here after all.   If there really is a god, why would she allow us to do this to our planet?  I left the US during the Iraq war as a protest against US policy around the world in the same spirit as Ken O'Keefe only to see that Europe is in deeper shit than the US, because it is totally occupied and sold out to the US mafia cabal.   What is going on in the EU regarding the treatment of the refugees is exactly the same as what has happened to all the refugees from Central and South America.   Same MO.   But now, the fascist switch has been turned on in the EU and it will fall much faster than the US because the people here seem to be completely clueless as to what's really going on and just as addicted to the TV as Americans.  Shortly after moving here, I was active at a Amnesty International fundraiser, and I told them about all the American police shootings of people of all colors and ages, and they laughed at me like I was a nutcase!   Here, there is very little alternative news, almost no sense of team spirit, as everyone hoards their own little pile of materials, in multiple post-war trauma-like behavior.   COP 21 is a perfect example.   Total shut down in Paris re: demonstrations while cops are raiding the homes of innocent peoples all over France and Belgium who just look like they practice Islam.    I still can't find a single relevant anti-geoengineering website relegated to organizing in the EU.   They are harping us and dumping this shit in such huge quantities here, I just can't believe that there's no organized action here.   I've talked to airline stewardesses and environmentalists who have admitted to knowing what's going on and who could be whistle blowers or at least activists…..but no courage, they just want to keep their jobs and they don't want to talk about it.  I have a business and meet a lot of people, and I want to do more, but all I get is blank stares and "I don't want to hear about that", or "Oh well", or "Well, what can we do? Nothing."  Anyone out there that knows of a Dutch, English, French or German website devoted to anti-geoengineering, please let me know.  I need to belong to some group that's working on this.   I simply don't have the resources to do it myself.   Around my christmas table this year will be expats from Kosovo, Turkey, Lugansk Ukraine, Holland, and Flemish and Wallonian Belgium, zen, christian and islam.   I sure would like to have something special to give them, let's say, an EU anti-geoengineering website to go to.     Dane, thank you so much for all your work, your dignity and integrity, guts and leadership.   I hate to ask you to do more, but could you please get some links together for us who live in other places around the planet so that we can form groups and actions together.   Love and peace to all you wonderful activists (whom I miss so dearly) who still offer hope that we can do something to save this beautiful and awesome planet.  

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Agreed Marc…and the "wrong people" have been and are in control of the world whether one wants to acknowledge it or not. The only "real" threat Sadam was to US Neocons/ISRAEL/NATO was trying to maintain sovereignty of his own country. These mentioned above along with top level of Freemasonry are The Illuminati, the Globalists, the NWO.

      Their constant push for a "greater israel" is well underway and only a few extremely (for very good reason) stubborn nations remain in the way for this to be accomplished. Just ask the Palestinians what they think of their outdoor concentration camp arrangements.

  34. a simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for bringing to light the current weather events in our PNW. In my region we have felt the brunt of the kaos the weather makers have given us. I've already posted several times about the weather here on the north Okanogan. And Susan, Aaarrrrgghh, right here too. Those growlers have been going non stop for 5 days in a row now. Yesterday I lost count at 20 passes over my area. The weather formations in the regions they fly are quite spectacular in a not natural way. They seem "animated". In my work, I travel between both areas of EMF "testing" designated here on the Okanogan. I see it all, hear it all, everyday. I sure hope they have hi-def cameras on board(grin). I've been noting folks behavior during heavy EMF exercises in my area. I'm very sensitive to the pulse of our region. Can't put what I feel in any other way, "folks are seemingly in a trance", "more than usual". And Susan, I failed to mention, the growlers were very numerous and outspoken during our wild fires over here. Just as you posted and I already knew. The affects of their equipment is enhanced during heavy particulate atmosphere days. Fire induced or aerosoled. Which I'm sure is why the sky over the EMF test areas are always so heavy and 'busy'. I've spent many times in the high country in my days. Never seen anything like I see these days here over the EMF test regions on the north Okanogan. This region is so fragile, so unique, it breaks my heart and soul to see it burn up from solar radiation and the devastating effects of geoengineering, haarp installations and EMF "testing". Our wild life here as well as my Mustangs are suffering the effects of all 3 outwardly. So am I…….  Chin up, keep the mind as clear as possible and keep on ticking til ya drop. Never give up!

    Be teachers of fact and truth.

  35. stephan says:

     just a little food for thought                                                      

  36. Duane says:

    I Drove down to New Port Richey, Florida last Wednesday from New Brunswick, Canada. During my non stop thirty six hour drive I watched as the planes crossed in front of the sun keeping it entirely blocked. The spraying continued up until yesterday. Yesterday was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and only a couple of planes with short trails. They made up for it today,however, with heavy spraying. It's pretty sad when you come to a nice state like Florida, to get some sun, and end up staying inside for most of the visit. My point is there is no place to hide from this stuff. Very frustrating. Did anyone else notice the somewhat blue sky in FL yesterday.Flying back to Bangor Friday so I should consider myself extremely lucky to have had one nice day in the "Sunshine State".
    Dane, I have to say that you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for all that you do and, by the way, we are going to win this fight.

    • Jeff Griffin says:

      I noticed it in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I really haven't noticed it before and it has been my place of "getting away" from this insanity. That wasn't the case on my last visit. I saw what you are speaking of first hand and it's disheartening. My wife gets hostile when I mention these observations and says that I'm trying to ruin our vacation. I feel like I am trying to bring awareness that will save our and my daughters life. This is an extremely difficult journey into awareness for folks and I am seeing first hand the denial from people that think that the government and it's agencies have our best interests at heart and are "taking care" of everything.
      I don't even have a intellectual response to that right now. I'm speachless that we have folks with that perspective? Really?

  37. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, from early morning very heavy SRM filling the entire visible sky. At 10am to the east very apparent section of the sky showcasing distinct parallel lines indicating X Band activity. Now nearly midday some feint blue but overall very misted/greyed over sky.

    Am I the only one from Brisbane/SE Queensland posting/reading here? An area of about 2 million people! I know there are plenty of people here who know about it in some form and degree. I have introduced just about everyone I know to the subject and this site.

    I feel that the gravity of it is lost on many people. The social and mental engineering of the last so many decades/last century or so has achieved success in disabling most peoples' critical and skeptical abilities. I now truly believe it is important to bank on mistrust, mistrust of authority, of our political system, of our educational/entertainment (now one and the same) institutions and of our current economic paradigm. Most people are asleep in their belief in those departments.

    Where is the knowledge and dissent in our universities? Getting nothing from our politicians is to be expected. But what about those who are not beholden to a master? I suppose this is our mission. One conversation at a time…

    • Frances says:

      Michel B.  I am in Toowoomba, 130k's west of Brisbane, and I am astonished to see these trails across the skies here!!  If I point it out esp. to former pilots, they just say they are condensation.  We have an an army base at Okey but no fixed wing aircraft.

    • Michel B says:

      Good to hear from you, Frances. I have driven to Toowoomba several times in the last year or so. The smoky haze at ground level and in front of the ranges was apparent on the whole drive out there. I believe this is SRM fallout. I have also seen it all over the D'Aguilar ranges to the north of Brisbane. There were no bush fires, no burn offs going on. This is particle fallout saturating every niche of our world.

      I discovered this all in September 2013 on Youtube and the rabbit hole has been deep! There are some pilots who don't know what is going on, some who do and deny it and very few who speak out about it.

      They are carrying out SRM over the whole country. I saw a country oriented magazine last year featuring lots of R M Williams ads and many of its outdoor images had well placed SRM images in them: swirly, wispy, horsetail clouds that virtually never form naturally. The images were placed deliberately in the pages to help build unconscious acceptance.

      And as we know, Queensland is in its worst drought ever and hardly a mention in the mainstream news, except for the occasional donation push to help hungry families. I wonder who else might pipe up from the Great South East to say hello?

  38. beretta says:

    I agree Robo Sapien and I think its just a matter of time in the very near future before the shelves are empty. I believe the economy is going to collapse, were going to be in ww3 and the heat is going to be unbearable. I also believe that the PTB will never have their one world order because theirs to many of us that will get in their way no matter how bad things get. All I do anymore is try to warn people as to what is coming, they accept or they dont.

  39. Robo Sapien says:

    I have thought about and I truly believe you can warn only those willing to accept the truth. I would refine my efforts in this short time to people who you think you can create a community with after the collapse. I am absolutely certain their are only 2 forces which will make humans motivate to do anything in their current listless state. Hunger and thirst are the only things which are going to motivate people to do anything. The political class plans to squeeze us out of existence in a controlled manner so they can control the rate. They hope to control the system and liquidate copious amounts of humanity before any collapse and if possible eliminate enough to avoid any collapse. A collapse is the political classes worst nightmare. They instead plan to foreclose on us 1 by 1 but I dont think nature is cooperating, I think she is giving out alot sooner than they expected. Hunger and thirst are our greatest allies, they will motivate people, not truth. Not evidence but hunger and thirst. Be smart spend most of your energy preparing and a smaller fraction of your energy warning those who can be made into community. That is my advice. We have already lost the battle to convince people with full bellies, wait until they starve and they will be receptive to the truth or more to the point the wealthy have stocked bunkers with our food enough to last them for centuries.

    • a simple horseman says:

      The cottonwood tree seed is plentiful, light and unassuming. It carries a long way on the wind. It settles on all soils and usually gets off to a good start. "Examples from nature"…… Please do not give up on being the solution to our problems. You never know, you might pass up our next great leader in global awareness…..

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      .. Shall we LET "Them" push us ALL THE WAY into "survival mode?" 
      I have observed that The System "They" are trying so very hard to save has a fatal flaw in it that too many, including many of us, want to ignore and it goes like this: 
      You cannot have infinite economic growth on a planet of finite resources. 
      Now, what does that mean for each of US? 
      Shall we wait and let "Them" design how our future is going to look, for us, yet again???  Because right now we have lots of good thinking going into the NEW paradigm– check out the Postcarbon Institute.  There is a lot of amazing stuff going on but the compression of the supression is making real change unnecessarily difficult and making it take a lot longer to accomplish than it should.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      DON'T GIVE UP! My youngest son (19 yrs) finally had what I call a "CCC moment" – Complete Cognitive Connection about the aerosol sprays & planes.


      Out of 7 immediate family members, only 2 now remain WILLFULLY CLOSED down to the truth of geoengineering.

      On a drive home last night (son's car was in for repairs) we had a very eerie sky. Directly to the west was a solid massive buildup of smokey/purplish hue. No rain in site & surely wonder what the "special ingredient" was in the mix!! This was around 5 pm in Van Buren Co, MI. Very visible upper aerosols dropping the same stuff into the solid mass. Spray planes above from all directions dropping more toxic pay-load.

      As we pulled into driveway, my son agreed with me. He asked a question & then I pointed out that I care about his generation's future and that of his niece & nephew because everyone else is either too selfish to care or flat out stick their head in the sand. I ended conversation by saying it makes so angry I want to cry, but I refuse to give up. HOLD TIGHT everyone! 

  40. bija says:

    Everything Government and the MSM throw at us is a BIG LIE! We eat, sleep and breathe lies – from the Frankenfood we are expected to eat without question, to the lying, complicit media false flag events (did anyone really die in San Bernardino?), to the stinking, chem-laden air like they covered us with today. I might add that they really outdid themselves, doing whatever it is they think they are doing out there!

    Our children and grandchildren have nothing but a crappy future awaiting them, if any future at all. Our outcries fall on deaf ears. Dane, bless your good heart, you have been beating the drum for 12 years. Your army grows by the day. And yet these lying liars, "bastard-coated, bastard-filled bastards" (from Arrested Development, I think) continue to do whatever the hell they please  – because they can!

    Like the authentic Elite and Illumined Ones who share on this site, I will be active in this fight for as long as I draw breath, and beyond if possible. But the monsters in charge of this evil have set us up but good and plan to see this thing to its diabolical end. I don't really think they are smart, nor do I think they can keep control of this beast they have set in motion. It's a runaway train and the wreck will be spectacularly horrific! At some unknowable juncture they will be held responsible, the organizers and all their minion conspirators. When I look into the eyes of my little granddaughter , that is the only solace I have. We are never certain how much time we have on this Earth, but I guess now we are ever more acutely aware of how much time we do not have. We must make every moment count, perhaps for a future or dimension we are not yet aware of!

    I have noticed that the amount of crap they spray in Arizona this time of year seems to be directly related to the manipulated cooling further east. Massive amounts of particulates saturate the sky by mid afternoon. The sunsets are chem-laden messes that the "snowbirds" mistake for "beautiful Arizona sunsets"! Talk about a herd of sheeple. They just want to spend their retirement money is peace (good luck with that!). So, while the southern states are bracing for unusual cooling, our Arizona winters are more like Arizona summers. No longer any need for jackets or boots or even sleeves, for that matter, except on the rare occasion when we have a spray holiday – maybe when John McCain (friend and supporter of ISIS), is back in town on a holiday break and wants to gulf under a real sky for old times sake.

    I think Robo Sapien is right…Americans are all still too comfortable, well fed and entertained to care. The question remains, will our discomfort come soon enough to save anything at all of this planet?

  41. J Rizk says:

    I'm sitting in the middle of the maelstrom that is the Pacific Northwest. Yep, it's been pretty darned crazy out here. Scary crazy. I was sitting in a doctor's office today as a military jet was flying around overhead. No idea what it was or why it was overhead. A couple sitting in the waiting room asked everyone, "is that one of the planes doing the spraying?" I said, "no, those are usually big planes much higher up." Interesting that it was just a calm acknowledgement that the spraying was happening.

  42. Irene Parousis says:

    I can't remember the last time we had a semi-clear day here in Toronto, it's a constant dark, aluminum, gloomy sky.  I've heard a few people express that they are very depressed, hopefully lights will go on.  We're not even near normal low temperatures for this time of the year.   At this point I can really feel the walls closing in, something's gotta give.   

  43. Nigel says:

    Great post Dane. Today, we have a massive thick canopy of chem over northern NM. It's so thick right now you can see it falling like virga in places.  Often people here in Santa Fe post on facebook the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, well someone else had seen my postings and chimed in with a link to this site and told her it was the metals that were giving it those crazy colors. Now she's pissed off about it and spreading the word!

    • Wayne says:

      NigeI, I went to a meeting with a group of educated colleagues in Newport Beach, CA. Monday, as our conference was finishing up the host opened up the blinds which faced Catalina Island; all of them except for me were wowed by the “Geoengineered Clouds”…..crazy….I’ve become numb attempting to enlighten others…I don’t think people want to know or even care.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, try passing on a very informative and visual color flyer, they work exponentially better than trying to verbially introduce the subject. You can download our flyers for free from and print them locally. Print shops can make them for a much better price than copy stores. See the attached link for the flyers.

  44. Rodster says:

    They were spraying in Venice, FL today and I saw some of the weirdest clouds EVER. There were clouds that were in lines and had spacing to them almost as if they were HAARPed. The trails again were low and moisture clouds began to form as areas of the sky were getting dark.

    • David S. says:

      I saw them too here in Moore Haven, Fl. They were so clear that when I pointed them out to a man doing some work on my home, he could not help but see what I was talking about. I gave him lots or information about what is going on and information about this website. One more is now awake. One at a time. One at a time.

  45. SL says:

    So heartbreaking!… Yet, people do not want to believe their own eyes and senses… I'm having trouble persuading friends that we are having the warmest year on record… Unfortunately, I doubt those in charge suffer the consequences of the truth being revealed, at least, not in this life. They'll come up with some delusion and the masses will believe again, believe in whatever makes them feel better… My heart breaks for the younger generations. All I can do is pray for the little ones to be somehow protected. Because their parents will not believe the truth. Devine intervention is needed.

    • Larry Charles says:

      We may find we have the least credibility in the eyes of family and friends.  Strangers have not witnessed our our past errors and foolishness; hence are more likely to take what legitimate, factual information we offer at face value.  Plant seeds where the soil if fertile.  🙂

    • BaneB says:

      It is coming.  But at a horrendous price.  

  46. Sean S says:

    To the fine men and women enlisted in our countries military I would like to ask you to please listen to and consider what I have to say.
    I realize that a great many of you chose a career in the military because you truly believe in this country and are willing to make the greatest sacrifice of all, your life, to provide us with the freedom that we all enjoy. While we applaud your efforts there is an enemy that you might not be aware of that is an even greater threat to our freedom then those to the East of us. That enemy is the people who are using you to carry out their own agenda with no regard for the sacrifices you have made. Their only agenda is their agenda. It doesn't matter to them how many people die as a result of that goal being attained. In part, the enemy lies within.
    All of you took an oath to defend this country against all threats, both foreign and domestic. I want you to please remember that oath and ask yourself "what does that oath really mean to me"? Does that oath mean that you are to blindly follow the orders of your superiors regardless of what those orders might be? Or does it mean that there comes a time when we all have to stand for what is right, no matter the outcome?
    That time is now. I hope that in making this choice you would be able to look our fore fathers in the eye and say "this is where I stand". Please do the right thing and make all of us proud. Yourselves included.
    Thank you,
    A proud American

  47. Dane — A great informative post as always! You are a wonderfully patient teacher – and I for one am motivated to learn, so I can be more effective speaking to others. Thank you for the 'patent' link on GEW here:  which I knew had to be on your website. I'm playing catch-up after living in New Zealand for 7 years. I can tell you that NO ONE IN NEW ZEALAND has the slightest idea of how badly America and Europe are being sprayed daily! Even my Kiwi guy, who I lived with for those 7 years back in the Bay of Islands, has a hard time 'digesting' what I am telling him everyday. He knows it's true, but it's not true for him personally there – so it doesn't stick emotionally some how. He wants me to come back down there, but I'm staying here to help in anyway I can. I still love my country, the Bill of Rights & the Constitution — and the good-hearted freedom loving people who are posting on your website. Thank you Dane and everyone here!  God Bless us All!   Argh…There go the dang Growlers over my house…

    • Roma says:

      Susan, I live in Nelson, NZ and am very much aware of the ongoing spraying. So are many others both here in Nelson and the rest of NZ.  It is now becoming much more intensive and I think they are beginning to engineer cool-downs, as everyone is noticing how hot it is when the sun is out, then suddenly much colder when cloudy.  I've been following this site for 3 years and thank Dane so much for his efforts to expose this insanity.

  48. Kat L. says:

    Oh to be a fly on the wall when all this truth comes out in full force and they all will have to explain themselves (even if it's from a jail cell) to the American people.  This is coming. Wait for it. They cannot keep 'trying" to shield this deadly agenda. We are waiting and watching for the moment of disclosure.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Yes, Kat, if/when it comes to the light of day. Very sick and sinister minds are/have been behind the deeper agendas of geoengineering. This includes terra forming the earth, and a star war grid that circumferences the whole planet.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      I really dont think anything will happen when it comes out. They will have justified its necessity and they will say they have only been spraying since it was legalized. The only time the senseless mob called humanity will act is when its belly is empty that is the only time "mankind" will act I am afraid to say. The mob doesnt care about something that will kill them in 10 years, an autistic child to a poor person simply means more welfare. This is the artificial world we live in.

    • BaneB says:

      The psychopaths would sooner suicide themselves and us than face exposure and a trial.  That might be why they are so desperate to play chicken with Russia (GOG).  The world is entrapped.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Kat L, Id rather be the one on the forefront of prosecuting those that have it coming than a "fly on the wall". When are folks going to stop "waiting" and start "doing"? Time is quickly running out for our planet-home.

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