The Paris Climate Conference, What’s The Real Agenda?


Dane Wigington

What is the Paris climate conference really about? What is really going on behind the endless assault of smoke and mirrors erected and orchestrated by those in power?


Police clash with protesters in Paris before the start of the climate change conference

The recent terrorist attacks (false flag?) have not only given the global power structure exactly the excuse they needed to further ramp up their intervention in Syria and other Middle Eastern counties, it also handed to them the pretext to completely clamp down on any form of protest at the Paris climate talks. There is no rational denial of these facts. 

“All this makes us think that the state of emergency is being used as a way to shut us up,” said Juliette Rousseau, who coordinates a coalition of environmental and social justice groups known as Climat 21.

Pushing The Ongoing Global Geoengineering Insanity

The Paris climate conference is ultimately not about curbing global greenhouse gases, or slowing the mass planetary decimation being caused by industrialized society, it is about, yet again, doubling down on the status quo and climate engineering. Industrialized civilization is destroying the planet's ability to support life, global geoengineering is the absolute epitome of the industrialized/militarized destruction. The reality we have all known is spiraling into total collapse, we are far past the point of no return in regard to the once thriving planet that we previously knew. This being said, there is yet one quantum leap we could collectively make in the right direction, to fully expose and halt the global weather warfare/climate engineering assault while there is still some part of Earth's life support systems left to salvage. The insanity of geoengineers like David Keith must be brought to light.


Completely engineered toxic skies over Paris. Photo credit: Kelcey Rushing

Many claims have been made about the true agenda of this conference, do such claims match available facts? Dichotomous thinking must be abandoned if grounded conclusions are to be reached. Honest objective investigation without bias is essential.

Claim: The major global powers are actually trying to force a legally binding carbon reduction treaty. 

If that was true, why did the US and France already start backpedaling on any binding agreement before the climate talks even started?

Claim: France has preemptively arrested "climate deniers" before the start of the conference.

Though draconian arrests have indeed been carried out, available information indicates the incarcerations were of those who threatened to protest the lack of climate action, not of those denying climate change.

Claim: Global geoengineering will be legalized at the Paris conference.

In all previous climate conferences, global climate modification has never been admitted to as an ongoing reality. Thus far, there is no credible information to indicate the Paris meeting will admit to or confirm the geoengineering reality, let alone legalize it.

Claim: Global warming is just a "problem, reaction, solution" scenario that has been manufactured by those in power as a means of producing profits. Also claimed: Global warming does not exist or cannot be verified unless or until climate engineering is halted.

If a person was found injured and unconscious, but the cause or various causes of the injury were not yet known, admitted to, or conclusively confirmed, does that mean the injury doesn't exist in the first place? Wars are most certainly utilized by the power structure to produce massive profits, does that mean wars are not real? Such lines of thinking are not rational or a factual basis on which to form a conclusion. Though there are countless "disaster capitalists" trying to make all the profit they can from the disintegrating climate system, that does not negate the reality itself.

Many claim that there has been a nearly two decade "pause" in escalating global temperatures. Does front line data support this claim? No. Not only was there no "pause" in the warming, the planetary meltdown continues to accelerate with the completely out of control climate engineering insanity helping to fuel the overall fire. Engineered short term cool-downs at the cost of a worsened overall warming and a completely poisoned planet.

Many countries are comfortable with both the term "treaty" and legally binding emissions targets. But this would increase the likelihood that the agreement would have to go to a hostile US Congress for approval, an outcome the Obama administration is keen to avoid.

Veteran observers have long expected that a final deal would need to be worded in a way that satisfied the US, as well as China and other large emerging economies reluctant to take on onerous legal obligations to cut emissions.

Clearly the major global powers (most responsible for the geoengineering juggernaut of destruction) want nothing to do with cutting emissions. Though these powers (like the US, China, and Russia) have well known and well publicized opposing interests, they are all collaborating on the issue of climate engineering. Extensive historical congressional documents (750 pages) on climate engineering call for such collusion between nations that otherwise have competing interests. Historical presidential reports also describe and detail the ongoing global weather modification. The global power structure is completely committed to the current model of total planetary decimation in the attempt to maintain their power until there is nothing left of the biosphere. Past climate conferences and agreements of course have done absolutely nothing to slow the polluting, plundering, and pillaging of the planet, they were never intended to. Paris will likely go down in exactly the same category


Earth's atmosphere is a toxic dumping ground for industrialized society and the geoengineers

There can be no legitimate discussion about the state of the climate without first and foremost addressing the geoengineering issue

The planet is not just warming, it is being pushed into total meltdown. Any valid discussion of this fact must include the climate engineering factor. I attended a Global Climate March in Chico, California, on November 28th, the march was put on by the "" group. Unfortunately, the climate science community and the environmental groups that support them are (with few exceptions) in total denial in regard to the geoengineering elephant in the room. Astoundingly, very few from this group were interested in geoengineering information I and other activists were trying to pass on to them. Bill McKibben is the head of this group. McKibben receives funds from the Rockefeller foundation, what a surprise

Chico Global Climate March

Organizing to distribute geoengineering information at the Chico Global Climate March

On the other side of the fence, an unfortunately large percentage of the anti-geoengineering community is in total denial of the completely verifiable extremely rapid warming of our biosphere. The planet is heating up at a rate equal to 4 Hiroshima bombs PER SECOND. 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded. 2015 will break that record and 2016 will likely shatter the record yet again.  Facts about global warming have nothing to do with Al Gore or carbon credits (both of which are scams). Rather, it is about reality and credibility. Both factors are essential pillars to stand on if the battle to expose and halt climate engineering is to be successful. The planet's former energy balance and equilibrium has been radically altered from countless anthropogenic causes, with geoengineering at the top of the list. 

If bridges are to be built between the climate science community and the anti-geoengineering community, the toxic tug of war occurring in our atmosphere (between the buildup of greenhouse gasses and the spraying of geoengineering aerosols) must be recognized and acknowledged by both groups. Willful denial and blind ideology on either side of the fence (creating division) will only continue to help toe the line for the military industrial complex and the weathermakers. There will never be a shortage of disinformation sources which aggressively deny the geoengineering reality and global meltdown issues, it is up to each of us to think and investigate the front lines for ourselves. It is up to each of us to verify that we are seeing the world through a clear lens.

The Paris conference is about the increasing desperation and tyranny of those in power (the recent "gag order" placed on NWS and NOAA employees is another glaring red flag of desperation). Climate engineering is a reflection of these factors. How can we turn the tide? By facing the full reality head-on and encouraging others around us to do the same. By making every day count in the battle to reach a critical mass of awareness. The human race has decimated the planet in countless ways, climate engineering is the epitome of the insanity and destruction. Make your voice heard for the greater good, all of us are needed in this fight.

92 Responses to The Paris Climate Conference, What’s The Real Agenda?

  1. Robert says:

    How do you feel paying taxes to the criminals who are killing your family by aerosol spraying above your property?

  2. dj says:

    A few months ago I had the audacity to email my congressman (Dan Beneshek) of northern michigan to ask him if he knew that his district was being chemtrailed that day, and he wrote me back to inform me that chemtrails did not exist, and that all I was seeing was vapor trails from commercial flights. This is a typical example of how stupid these pols think we are. He no longer sits in congress-thank God.


  3. Mario Roberto says:

    Lets Save The Earth and the Future Mankind

    • james kirk says:

      Fukushima radiation will kill us faster than climate change yet not one peep about it through the media.

  4. Jane says:

    Finally more are waking up to this Horror Story. I see more and more looking up and wondering WTF is going on. Nice to see all the posts to inform people.

  5. lasso a train says:

     Does anyone know if any of the aircraft doing aerosol spraying have been shot down or challenged any where in the world as of yet ?

  6. A12 says:

    Yesterday evening I drove up to Kernville,CA from Riverside and enjoyed clear skies for the majority of my trip. Woke up this morning to be greeted with toxic soup skies. As I write this, the skies are being hammered. Dane, why do you think the desperation has been elevated to this degree? I feel physically sick and have a strong feeling the spraying is the culprit. 

    • SD says:

      I'm with you on all points A12. My 40 year collection of fly fishing gear sits in the corner collecting dust lately.
      My health complaints recently have been itchy eyes and mild sore throat discomfort. I have had hay fever symptoms in the past.  This is different – it is chemtrail chem induced.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The desperation of the spraying is now full blast all over the world. The same evil people who did 9/11, most of the mass shootings and, yes, even Fukushima, are the driving force behind this destruction. Their belief is like many people fear, the end times are upon us. THEY are the ones doing these end times. It is all a cycle where previous cultures disappeared mysteriously, we will also disappear, but this time the earth itself will be the victim. My own feelings are to stay personally positive, enjoy things while we can and be prepared, for what I don't know.

    • Larry says:

      A12,  The body follows the mind.  Thinking about what is happening in our skies is sufficient to make one physically sick.  Seriously.  And I’m not talking about psychosomatic illness.  It’s real.  "Tame your mind".   L.C.

  7. A12 says:

    SD… Yes, the beloved Sierras I've been visiting for the last 30 years. At this day in age, the water flows literally makes me ill. As an avid outdoorsman, the 180 in the weather breaks my heart. What was it about today ya gotta wonder. No joke, this was the worst yet. Made my way into Temecula from Riverside and it was so obvious of how the spraying was so staged to make its way from North to South. On the 1st of December the skies were being polluted and couldn't help to notice a small passenger Gulfstream type of jet left a huge trail for miles. Clearly there are more culprits involved. 

  8. SD says:

    Yep, horizon to horizon spray activity over SoCal past two days. Local temps will be heading back to 80F by next week. Really have to wonder what kind of person DOESN'T notice jet after jet all day long.

    No rain in the forecast next 7-10 days.  Sierra snowpack below normal again.  Every week that passes now without precip brings us closer to disaster.

    Bill Patzert (Mr El Nino) keeps telling anyone who will listen that Godzilla storms are on their way. JPL must be keeping him around just to spread his lousey predictions.  

    The Pacific Ocean is dead calm along SoCal.  No onshore wind, no swells, no storm surf – nothing. The sun is blazing hot on my skin and we are close to winter solstice. The hills are all covered with DEAD shrubs and DEAD trees like I have never seen before.

    • bill mudd says:

      March Air Force base has hundreds of flights in and out all day all night 24 – 7. All in the name of national defense? We are being sprayed like bugs, from our own government. Its agenda 21.

      They warned us back in 1996, and now the plan is to own the sky. 

      The ocean is still, the air is brackish, I haven't seen a real cloud in I don't know how long. Since August 1st, its been game on down here in SOCAL. My throat hurts when I do my 2 mile walks. The UVS are penetrating as hell. 

      People ask – what can I do? 

      My advise – support THIS web SITE, they have attorneys and most of all they have DANE. You will feel better knowing you did something beyond complaining. Give a little give alot if you really believe. He's dedicated his life.

      They lied about temps by as much as 12 degrees this summer on Weather Chanel apps. I have a certified weather station, it doesn't lie. I watched them block the entire monsoon season. I can prove all of it. It was depressing to see it happen on radar day after day.

      We have good people in our military, but they need to come forward and realize they are hurting people with all this chem business. Please I beg of you, come forward before time runs out. 

    • Kay Peterman says:

      I live in Palm Desert, CA.  Recently there was a period when we had our beautiful blue skies back, but now every morning when I wake up the chemtrails are back in the sky.  I like to walk early in the morning, but I do not go outside because of the chemtrails.  I go to the gym instead. 

      I called Senator Feinstein's office.  Her office response was "the trails are normal contrails".  We need to be in the streets demonstrating and bringing attention to this issue.  People are afraid to ask questions and speak out for fear of being labeled nut case!  I've brought up the subject with friends, but most don't want to hear about it.


  9. Michel B says:

    I receive those petitions from Avaaz, GetUp! and so on. I sign some when it is appropriate. Many of them are about injustices that individuals are suffering and fighting against. The principle is the same no matter the tiny scale of the actual issue.

    But, in the light of the recent Paris Climate talks, I received from the same organisations very effusive congratulations on the showing of people in marches around the world asking for action from their governments on climate change. The praise that was heaped just on the fact that many showed up to march was almost evangelical. Very emotive phrases were poured out.

    And yet something seems to be very missing from all of it. Not just the fact of no mention of Geoengineering, but that everyone is jettisoning their place of responsibility for action by asking their governments to supply the solution to the problems that they have helped entrench.

    How many of us can account for the amounts of energy we consume, the kilowatt hours, the sources of that energy, the alternatives to it? Do we care? In terms of consumed energy, we each live more richly than did medieval kings. A one hundred watt light bulb apparently is equivalent to someone vigorously riding a push bike and yet we can flick it on without a thought to the requirements that allow that and easily pay the bill.

    We are ignorant of the basics of those functions that allow us to live extremely energy rich lives. Although, I feel that finding and using alternative energy solutions is not the whole answer. Even if our industrialised societies made the switch to clean, green energy, the self appointed psychopathic elite would still try to plot their machinations against us. They would still push for war, covet resources, lie, defraud, steal, kill and carry out SRM filling our skies with toxic and perverse means of control.

    So, the first prerogative is to remove those in power and replace them with responsible citizens and make sure they stay responsible (a never ending job). Then we can start the massive economic, social, political and technological transitions that are required to bring real justice to the whole world, Mankind and all other inhabitants.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Unfortunately, those in power are all puppets of the secret cabal heading towards NWO. That's why when we inquire about the chemtrails we are told they are contrails. I had a lengthy response from Environment Canada on my queries. They even explained how saturated humidity causes contrails at 12 km altitudes. Yes, saturated humidity at almost no air and -60*C temps! Yet, the majority of the people will believe their nonsense.

  10. A12 says:

    Heavy and ridiculous spraying today from Riverside, Ca. Today has to be the heaviest I've seen so far.

    • Elena says:

      Yeah, I noticed the heavy spraying this morning here in Anaheim, was not happy about it, the skies so obviously geoengineered. A coworker who is new to this noticed, and asked me about it, she was already pretty sure it was spray. Yep, I told her, that is what a geoengineered sky looks like. If my science prof had looked up this morning he would have noticed it too. I was thinking today that the timing of the Paris attacks was just too convenient, and that it was probably some kind of false flag event orchestrated by the power structure. I just don't trust much since I learned the truth about 9/11 this summer.  I am happy about one thing, however. That film, Racing Extinction, aired last night and lots of people saw it. Now more people are aware of the great extinction event we are in and want to help. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness, as they say, and that filmmaker really lit one. It is a crime, a crying shame that so much is being hidden from the public, who deserve to know so they can make their choice, and decide on a course of action being fully informed.

    • Judy says:

      Today is December 04, 2015.  This is the fourth day of mass chemical  spraying over Adelanto, California.  It is getting much worse each day that goes by.  We are not getting any reprieve from these chemicals.  My grandchildren, children, and myself, are having painful headaches, sinus pain, and my one grandson, who has asthma is wheezing heavily.  We are slowing being poisoned.  We are a forgotten city and no one cares.  When I moved to this city in the high desert many years ago, the entire high desert was a beautiful tourist town.  Now it has become run down and a hang out for a lot of criminals.  This city has now been deemed the third worst city in California. It is my opinion the poorer and problem cities are the ones being singled out to be exposed to these toxic chemicals. But not everyone in the high desert are criminals.  There are still really good people here and we do not deserve to be singled out and experimented on.  George Air Base is located in Adelanto.  I am sure that is where all the many planes are coming from that are spraying these massive chemicals in the sky.  I am becoming angrier and angrier everyday.  My six year old granddaughter is out in this mess, five days a week at school.  The schools here do not care, they just shove the kids outside everyday.  Dane you said think like your child is in a burning building and you have to save them.  I understand what you are saying but I am helpless to stop this.  There is no support system here.  Most people are not even aware of what is going on here and the other ones do not want to hear about it because it causes them great fear to think the government is doing this to them.  When I have tried to talk to people, I have been told they do not want to hear about it because it scares them.  They would prefer to keep their head in the sand and think everything is just great.  Other than getting out of California, which everyone does not have the money to up and move an entire family out, I feel like we are destined to become sicker and sicker. I am almost 66 years old.  I have lived my life, but I am in great fear for my children and grandchildren.  Contacting the politicians and newspapers have done absolutely nothing.  I have been keeping a journal since the beginning of September 2015, on the days we have been sprayed with these chemicals over the sky.  There are very few days since September, that I have not seen chemical spraying in the sky.  This is a travesty.     

  11. Alan says:

    Getting positively hammered by spraying in northern San Diego County today. It’s the fourth day in a row. Very difficult to maintain a positive attitude under these conditions.

  12. CL says:

    It seems McPherson has actually started to study Global Dimming and SRM. Toward the end of this video he admits that he was late to the game and didn't start researching it until this summer. I don't think the timing is a coincidence. I thank you for the emotional energy, money, and love you put into reaching out to him:
    You are our hero,

  13. Irene Parousis says:

     Toronto today is +7C under a Geoengineered sky, you can guess how warm it would be if they stopped.  Our normal temperatures for this time of the year should be around -10C.  For those who believe the "global warming hoax", the hoax is on them and soon it will be too obvious.

    • Dave says:

      It's appalling to see the trails all over southern Ontario . I loved waking up to a beautiful blue sky , and then be shattered to see the first trails begin. I had thought this was only happening on the west coast, to dissipate or push the precipitation elsewhere to set up the man made drought 

  14. TNGEOWATCH says:

    The anomaly in the arctic is starting to get out to others in the media now.
    Could very well be a very large methane release. 

  15. Concerned about the skies and our health...... says:

    Thank you Dane, for all the great info you provide and all your hard work in doing so. Regardless of political party, this issue affects all life and living beings. It's wrong and must be stopped. I think so many are afraid to speak out or commit to action based on consequences. There are many intelligent and caring people in this world who are "awake" and not being brainwashed by the mindless propaganda because we can see much more clearly. You and many here are those people ! 

  16. Jim Sinclair’s Commentary Dec. 1, 2015
    The one thing I can see (with my own eyes) are chemtrails playing tic-tac-toe across our skies. Why did we not see these in the skies when we were little kids? Are the skies different today or are jet engines so radically different now from then? Please, do not insult my intelligence as these trails have been videoed being turned on and turned off.

    A very good source to learn more about “geo engineering” would be from Dane Wigington I would simply say this, maybe our climate is changing because the efforts of “man” to change the climate are actually having an effect? …and they want to charge a tax for these changes? Why not try the most simple? Leave the climate to God for five or ten years and let’s see what happens? Maybe the proposed global “carbon tax” (a scam in my opinion) will be “seen” as unnecessary ? One last question, who pays for or funds these sky writers anyway?

  17. stephan says:

     Hello all – A little bitter sweet reality- Thank you again Dane.


  18. Former Japan Official: “Unstoppable contamination of Pacific Ocean… is seriously menacing US West Coast” — “Fukushima now undeniably a global security issue… can’t be brought under control by single state” — Experts: Wave of radiation will be 10 times more than entire world’s nuclear tests combined
    December 2nd, 2015 / ENENews
    Mitsuhei Murata, former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland, Nov 1, 2015 (emphasis added):
    The lack of the sense of crisis over Fukushima is in stark contrast to the gravity of the crisis. Fukushima is now undeniably a global security issue. The unstoppable contamination of the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere with ionizing radiation from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear reactors is seriously menacing the West Coast of the United States.
    Deteriorating situation in Fukushima — Japan is laboring under the consequences of the Accident never before experienced by humanity, including the simultaneous destruction and meltdown of three commercial nuclear reactors. Four and half years after the 3.11 disaster, it has been shown that a severe nuclear accident cannot be brought under control by a single state… It is questioned if Japan is in possession of the governability and the capacity needed to cope with the impending crisis. The melted cores of the reactors from Units 1, 2 and 3 remain inaccessible… If the molten nuclear fuel rods are exposed through cracks to the atmosphere due to a mega earthquake or the liquidization of soils on the site that could cause the collapse and breach of Fukushima’s spent fuel pools, Japan’s landmass would become uninhabitable to a large extent… The whole of Japan is threatened by the worsening situation emanating from the molten fuel rods, which continue to widely disseminate large amounts of dangerous radionuclides into the sea and atmosphere. Limitless steam observed evokes the possibility of re-criticality at the site. full report here:

    • BaneB says:

      Larry Nichols of Your Radiation This Week posts the governments's own CPM (counts per minute).  Normal is 6 to 20 CPM.  Over 30 cities in the USA are reporting CPM above 1,000.  And many of these cities are near the 2,000 CPM.  The subject matter can be complex and CPM is certainly not going to address the whole raft of complexities regarding "safe" or unsafe exposure.  But, what is a Geiger counter for but to give a warning that nuclear radioactivity is rising.  One hears nothing about this on MSM.  Three reactors have melted down, and exhibit more coming surprises.  Yet, the mainstream media has nothing to say.  Perhaps there is nothing to be done?  Japan seems to be bungling.  An international effort should have been mounted four years ago.  Certainly the Pacific Northwest and all of California is being subjected to high levels of radiation.  I do not eat Pacific seafood.  My last cans if Tuna I now consider a rare delicacy. And when gone, that's it for tuna in my diet.  I would also recommend those interested to investigate the phenomenon known as the Wigner Effect.  Simply put certain high level radiation isotopes ( if that is the correct term) degrade metal, decaying metalic parts in aircraft, automobiles, nuclear plants…  This is a corrosion that remains mostly hidden in metalic divers places.  It weakens the structure and is said by investigators to have caused a number of aircraft crashes.  Finally, it is raining here in central Mendocino County, California.  This is a bit more substantial tha previous rain….most of it a weak and misty affair.  But these drops are genuine rain.  How does one spell halalujah?  Has it gone as far south as San Francisco?  Hopefully!  And I do not for one moment believe this storm is wholly natural in its provenance.  Watching the Pacific satellite thrice daily, sometimes the weather makers lose control when precipitous propitious juxtapositions force the weather makers to stand down.  

  19. kenny says:

    OK, found this now.  made up or not…it is truth, within all of our hearts
    . . Published on 1 Dec 2015 Noé lets nature have its say for this
    edition of the COP21. How? With Koko, a female gorilla who belongs to one of the rarest species…Continue reading →
    and this..Safari Park Baffled as Tiger and Goat Become Best Friends………….
    We are all part of Creation, not one's of division, as we have been"taught"……..please distribute widely

  20. Abigail says:

    This whole mess about Geoengineering is totally out of control! Thank you, Dane, that you seem to be the only wise person who knows so much about this 'Geoengineering Crime!' Keep all the information coming. You are truly appreciated and loved. Sharing with Russ Tanner's website OrbisVitae.  

    Rest assured, those who are fighting to control the weather are being watched by a very powerful eye, FROM ABOVE! Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Sovereign One.   

  21. Robo Sapien says:

    My heart is broken by the magnitude of suffering. How they have brainwashed the masses into believing protest and petitions will stop the  military plans of a rogue political/economic class. How many have watched their families die and simply shake their fists and say someday this will change, free nations are born of sterner stuff. If this world is destroyed by greed it is our fault because we were not willing to do what was needed to be done to stop it.

  22. kenny says:

    I made an early comment at before dawn today, that the temps were about 65 degrees at 3:30 AM and expected an ice nucleated cool down by dawn, and that is exactly what happened.  The so called "drizzle" soon turned to a thick fog.  about 10 AM, the skies lightened and you could see the false "cloud" coverage about the "sun".  Really 10 AM and the'sun" cannot burn off the fog??  Do they really think we are that stupid…the a formless, solid pale grey sky, with stronger that ever sun penetration, not burn/evaporate "real moisture lower atmospheric clouds"  Of course, it would have.  But instead, a half hour later, more dense fog rolled in from the east..really?, really?..visibility is getting worse and worse by the minute, down to less than a mile now at 12:45 PM.  There has been absolutely no "wind"  a complete eery stillness, as if they are trying once again to drop another "veil" on humankind A deliberate and concerted STAGED effort/event.  

    That is why Dane and the rest of us, must continue our efforts to make others aware.  This is not the democracy the teach/preach, this is mob rule.  "they" believe in a democratic society, why because it can easily be manipulated/coherced/etc.  We must stand as sovereign beings, united in the individual right to be sovereign, as long as you abide by natural law.  We reject this "concept" of admiral rule…all made up BS!!  

    Someone, please, tell me, were there was ever a division of land and water decreed by the Creator.  The Creator does not write/transcribe, It is within us.  

  23. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 89th email to my contact list, titled 'Uncontrolled Experiment':
    1. Are you happy to be part of a global toxic "uncontrolled experiment"?
    During the Climate Change Conference in Paris in July 2015, Professor Tim Lenton (Chair in Climate Change/Earth Systems Science, University of Exeter, UK) twice said with regard to the ongoing intensive global atmospheric spraying:
    "None of us want to continue with the current uncontrolled experiment".
    I wonder what is being said in Paris this week? Certainly, with the ban on gatherings, the use of tear gas and house arrests, they are not allowing much democratic free speech by the public.
    2. We all find it difficult to believe they are conducting this global toxic "uncontrolled experiment" in the skies above us, but unfortunately it is true:

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "None of us want to continue with the current uncontrolled experiment."  — Prof. Tim Lenton, Chair, Climate Change/Earth Systems Science, University of Exter, U.K.


  24. kenny says:

    Dane and all, found this.  Please circulate

    We must open our hearts to Love, Care and have Respect for one another and All Creation to…

    • Marc says:

      I strongly urge everyone who visits this site to go to Kenny's link to "Indigenous people release joint statement…." It embodies EVERYTHING I would want to say to the disconnected diplomats in Paris. Beautiful, so beautiful.

  25. Anthony says:

    Thank you so much for this rational and comprehensive article. It answered many questions for me. I will put this to use as a reference for others.

  26. Yes Melody, it is all Kabuki theater, and yes Putin is playing his part too. There is no white knight riding to save us, not one.  We are on our own, except for the unseen powers of light and love in the universe.  But in the end, that will be enough.  The world operates on the principle of "I do because I can."  We can speak with words, but actions do speak louder than words.  So plant a garden and save natural seeds.  Put up a greenhouse and grow natural, organic fruits and vegetables if you can.  Buy only what you need.  Do not vote, it only encourages them to abuse us more.  Always do the opposite of what the system wants you to do.  Become as self sufficient as possible and thereby weaken their control over you and yours.  We have to recreate society.  At this point we cannot reform it.  It reeks of death.  That is why the biosphere is dying. Print chemtrail flyers and hand them when and where you can.  Make up your own sign and stick it on your lawn.  At your workplace put one up as a silent witness to the unaware.  In your stores or businesses put some up where people will see them.  Farmers, put up some signs on the side of your farms adjacent to roads and highways. Not just one or two but dozens and dozens of them so motorists will get the picture.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Yes Sotir…I'm with you on all points, including NOT voting in last election, but unfortunately I live in village limits with a shady yard…well shady for now until all of our trees are dead. So I have to rely on others for the food part. I shop local because I'm a local business owner too. I rely on the Holy Trinity to get me through each day with a future hope for the world to come 
      I've driven around for a year with "End Geoengineering" bumper sticker and make it a frequent habit of asking leading questions regarding the weather with my clients and folks around town. Slowly people are seeing the planes/aerosols & connecting the dots. IMHO dependent on the persona of each individual, will determine how outspoken and involved they become to halt geoengineering.

  27. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    We are forever indebted to you, Dane, for cranking out this vital information week after week. So few are bold enough to shine a light toward this darkness. Right this second, I'm listening to the popular "Democracy Now!" program hosted by Amy Goodman, who is broadcasting from the climate talks in Paris, France. I have not heard Ms. Goodman, nor any of her show's interviewees, make a single reference to the blatant geoengineering of our skies. This lady's radio program is heard by many supposedly "liberal" and "progressive" activists, who could really boost overall public awareness if they were aware. Still, "Democracy Now!" remains as silent about geoengineering as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and the Weather Channel. Maybe it's time for us to inundate Ms. Goodman's email and the producers of "Democracy Now!" with polite demands to investigate geoengineering. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lawrence, about Amy Goodman, she has willingly agreed not to mention geoengineering in exchange for funding from the Ford Foundation. This is what I have been told by some of her staff whom I know. I have met Amy twice, I am sorry to say it was not a what I had hoped for. I once supported the airing of her show at considerable personal expense, no more. There is only the whole truth, half truths do more harm than good. Amy has convinced herself that a half truth is better than no truth, this is how she justifies blacking out of the most important information of all.

    • donna says:

      Not only Amy BUT Thom Hartman is in denial too. He flat out gets very angry if you question him about geoengineering. I lost all respect for him and his attitude, just another talking head with his prepaid agenda, such a shame they call themselves "free speech TV" I call BS on both of them. Naomi Klein too, she will not utter the words or speak the truth. Saw her road show for her new book(This changes everything) and all she could say was don't let SRM start…Right…All to afraid to speak truth to power, might stop the gravy train I guess. 

  28. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Great article about resources being the driving force for all the chaos out there now.

    Just like Dane, this site is clearly relaying credible data.

    • penny says:

      I wish Chris (Peak Prosperity) would discuss geoengineering, or even take a stand on climate change. His motivation and focus are mostly on the economy, which would be fine were the planet not in total environmental meltdown. I know that he tries to avoid controversy, to keep subscribers to his site happy. He’s choosing income over really helping people and the planet. Sad…

    • Deanna Clark says:

      Has anyone found a blog from ANYBODY that is about little people waiting for their small checks to pay the rent at the credit union….or trying to feed children on $5 a day?

      All these economic experts make my head spin with their macro viewpoint.   BUT MOSTLY THEY ARE SELLING GOLD.   One thing…if the Chicken Little thingy happens, I do NOT want to be holed up with guns and tuna….that is not the way a Christian should end up…or any brave, decent soul.

    • penny says:

      Deanna, you hit the nail on the head. Nope, they are mostly in it for the money. All the more reason to respect Dane’s choice to refrain from advertising. In a better world we would have spent trillions on keeping people warn and nourished, not on bombs, weaponized robots, drones… ugh.

  29. Holly Newton says:

    Let us not leave out the proven fact that every human being has a field, heart-generated, DNA generated,  that has direct and measurable effect on our world.   The masters of manipulation work to influence human thought and emotion, that is the way they operate. They get us to create their reality, through our fear and anger. Without us, they have no power.  By all means, we must inform people about the truth of geo-engineering and other insanity but dont forget our personal power, our collective power. Through love we can change everything. To work on this is as important as working with physical reality.  Dont forget the hundredth monkey. 

  30. kenny says:

    Attaching this for all to see and use in our efforts

  31. SD says:

    Many reports coming in from blizzard in upper Midwest.  Snow described as unusually WET and HEAVY. More evidence of an Engineered Winter as described accurately by Dane just last week.

    Time again to call out all members of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Service as INCOMPETENT BUFFOONS.

  32. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Your clarity is impeccable, Dane.  It's been my feeling over the last year and half that the hard sell for "demanding climate action" has been unprecedented, as selling goes.  The Paris attacks seemed to be the clincher, making way for empowering riot police, repressing activists and free speech while maintaining enduring states of emergency. If there is a treaty, COP 21 will be a bait and switch.  Geoengineering may be revealed, but not authentically.  It'll be called the magic bullet, I'm afraid.
    There seems to be no reason for the US to object to an agreement at this point.  Anything said or signed can be fully ignored.  Promise them anything . . . . . 
    Thanks always for sharing your insight, Dane,

  33. Leo Derosia says:

    I think even your average clueless American could figure out that dumping tons of aluminum aerosol spray in the air is not healthy…David keith directly breathe whatever they are spraying and get back to us

  34. Jose Ramirez says:

    It is great that you point out the "problem, reaction solution" stand that some people may take towards the global warming issue simply regarding it as another scam by the power structure. There is in fact "controlled opposition who claim this is all a hoax and focus on informing people with information that is true, yet irrelevant when our planet is imploding. It saddens me that I personally relied on these people for  information when in reality they dissuading us just as much as CNN and FOX. If they really cared to make a difference they would take a stand to expose the biggest elephant in the room as you call it. They take the truth and turn it into some type of false hope, never addressing our real and eminent problem.  Keep up the work man! 

  35. Greg Price says:

    This just may be a means for them (the powers that shouldn't be) to get the general public on the side of geoengineering. The uninformed will make a hasty decision to agree with geoengineering without knowing any of the facts.  Not that his imperial lord Obamanation needs or wants any approval anymore.

  36. Marc says:

    What kind of bullshit world are we living in, for chrissakes? I just watched Obama's formal speech to the COP21 conference. Such earnestness! Such heartfelt concern for future generations! Such profound warnings that we must act NOW! I call BULLSHIT and FRAUD on the whole damn conference. Has everybody gone utterly and completely bat-guano stark raving mad, with a healthy dash of F**KING STUPID???!!! Will someone please, please explain to me why on f**king earth NO ONE has the brains, balls or chutzpah to stand up and scream at the top of their f**king lungs, STOP THE SPRAYING…….NOW!!!! And what's with the demonstrators? Do you mean to tell me there are, out there somewhere, armies of activists willing to march in the streets to face off against police in full riot gear to quote/unquote "demand climate change action???" Demand climate action?? What kind of absurdity is that? The kind of action they are so riled up about demanding are the kinds of actions that require years just to barely get started. Such demands for action, while they serve as interesting theater for a world wide audience, and may serve to raise consciousness where none was raised before, are, unbeknownst to them, considerably beside the point. What they, and all the rest of us, should be doing is getting out in the streets to demand an IMMEDIATE END TO WORLD-WIDE GEOENGINEERING. How can it possibly be, that those attending the conference AND the protestors on the street all appear to have collectively agreed ahead of time to just ignore the massive white lines of disgrace running the full length of Paris' skies, not to mention the full width and breadth of sky over nearly every single nation-state from whom the conference diplomats and their entourages have come? Why is EVERYBODY IGNORING THIS ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM??? WHY? I don't get it. How can such an algae bloom of ignorance be comprehended? How? And why should anybody have to tear their hair out just pointing out the obvious? Are most of what appear to be humans actually, like, cyborgs who are programmed not to acknowledge obvious and clearly identifiable evidence of geoengineering? Is everybody just nervously waiting for the next person, any person other than themselves, to be the FIRST person to break the proverbial ice on open discussion of the issue? And I don't mean as a "mitigation strategy" in some near future hypothetical "urgent care" scenario. I mean, like, open discussion of the absolute necessity of calling an immediate halt to geoengineering. Uh hello?? Last I checked, their dumb-ass spraying campaign, if allegedly for solar-radiation-management (what a joke), IS NOT WORKING!!! If indeed global spraying was ever seriously intended to mitigate the warming effects of solar radiation, is it not ABUNDANTLY clear that the entire effort has been a colossal failure of unimaginable proportions? And can the climate scientists not see that their entire program has FAILURE written all over it? We would all be incredibly naive if we were to think that these so-called climate scientists (military) somehow haven't figured out that SRM and SAG are profoundly counterproductive to the point of self-annihilation. Therefore, I submit that, knowing full well that geoengineering is a failure for the "STATED" purpose of saving us all from frying like mountain trout in a skillet, there is without question another agenda at play, that for some unclear reason requires spraying of deadly aerosols the world over in a program so vast and so secret that not a single formal discussion as to it's efficacy dare be presented at this conference. Maybe by conference end they will have proved me wrong, but I am inclined to accept Dane's dim and cynical view of the entire event.

    • Marc says:

      Also, I don't fully accept that the "other agenda", other than SRM or SAG, is simply weather modification. The spraying is just way too vast, the fallout too deadly, the harm to all life too great.

    • Hi Marc — You ask "Why is EVERYBODY IGNORING THIS ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM??? WHY? I don't get it." It's the MATRIX like in the film. The Matrix is real. Most people are caught in it's claws of delusion (MOHA in Sanskrit), propaganda, lies, and programming from the media-tv-smart phones etc. and cell towers making their brains only partially function, and dead food microwaved, chemtrails — more Matrix. The film was actually based on the Upanishads. The One Veils Itself in multiplicity through the three modes of the Matrix, termed Prakriti or Matrika in Sanskrit. The modes are called the GUNAS meaning 'knots' that bind – and they are constantly restless, moving from one to another weaving webs of delusion so that we forget that we are part of that One-ness in the Woven Universe. Thus we project our individual holograms, which in this cycle of time become very confused messy skewed toward the polarity of the demonic darkside. Most are now deeply trapped in the Matrix. We are committed to waking them up because beneath the Veil we love them, because they are our brothers & sisters, our cosmic family. Time to stop the demons, as you say "the harm to life is too great."

    • Michel B says:

      Why no mass protest specifically against Geoengineering? I believe that most of the so-called environmental movements are muzzled and 'controlled opposition', as well as being ignorant at least of the scale and importance of Geoengineering.

      This has been planned for decades. If they really wanted to solve problems, well, where do I start? Clean energy technology is in so many forms.

      Look up '100 Top Technologies Congress', 'Bloom Box', anything on Tesla, 'Solar Thermal Chimney', Whisson Windmill', 'Stanley Meyer Water Engine'  and many, many others. Yep, a clean, green world was easily possible, but these technologies have been suppressed and good ol' coal, oil and uranium have been dug up, burnt up and turned into the most toxic substances known to us, all for paper notes. Wonderful, aint it?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thanks, Marc, for the epic rant.  It did my heart good : )  To me it's clear that the SRM, SAG excuse to "cool" the planet is bogus and fake clouds are genuinely holding in the heat, except for creating short lived nucleated cold. An unmitigated failure.  While there really is weather modification and weather warfare, it's my feeling that the global aerosol spraying is absolutely essential for all the electromagnetic weaponry to work.  The metals increase the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere.  You'll never hear colluding governments admitting to this as the primary agenda, it seems to me.  While it's not ideal, making this point helps to avoid the "climate change" discussions that go round and round and end up nowhere.
      Besides Dane, I appreciate how TJ Coles explains things here:
      Best wishes,

    • Margriet O'Regan says:

      Hi – Check out the Georgia Guide Stones – "they" want 95% of us dead – what's that in round figures ? 

      Spraying us like bugs – droughting both California & central eastern Australia – are just two of the ways they are accomplishing their goal .. farmers are suiciding at 1 or 2 a week as the Rothschilds Banker foreclose on their properties ….. time to start chaining ourselves to the gates of the airports from which their tanker jet take off …….

    • kenny says:

      I agree, there is a huge other agenda.  They are creating a false electromagnetic field over the entire world, why?  What are they trying to hide from?  Why are they altering our organic frequencies and creating the artificial lower frequencies?  Every living organic life form is made of frequencies, which they are manipulating, mind and mood altering. A form of mind control? and much more.  These lower frequencies do not resonate with organic life, causing Dis ease, and Dis comfort( the opposite of what is needed to sustainable life)

      We are now entering our 4th day in southeast NJ, of solid pale grey skies and ice nucleated "clouds" with fake, toxic "drizzle", to keep the temperature lowered, until they can move the jetstream again, to usher in colder air from the north.  Got up at 3:30 AM and it about 65 degrees out, so I am expecting more ice nucleated clouds by dawn, to bring the waking hour temperatures down to "normal" levels

    • Marc says:

      Bella Fantasia and Kenny, Yes thank you for reminding me of the "electromagnetic" (HAARP and God knows what else) aspect in this equation. I am aware of all of this. However, I sometimes have a strong tendency to pose my questions in a strong rhetorical manner for optimum impact. So if indeed the entire f**king planet is awash in a cloak of electromagnetism, who's the enemy? Are we correct in assuming ALL major world techno-powers are participating at this level of complete techno-insanity? Military technological strategy gone yard-ape mad???

    • kenny says:

      Hi Marc and all…
      As Dane has said, they have all colluded and participate.  Sorry, to burst your bubble.  Governments are not elected, they are selected!!  As soon as anyone opens their eyes/heart/mind and reject this movement, it is regime overturn time.  
      My "weather" update for today, 12/3/2015 here in southeast NJ.
      awoke at 4:30 AM, the skies where only partly ice nucleated clouds, but the temperature had dropped from the high of 70 degrees yesterday afternoon to about 45 degrees.  At 6 AM, I felt the ELF's kick in (scrambles my head and gives me a stomach ache), and I could see the waters in the canals violently vibrating by the light of the street lights, no wind, just the same old f**ing with the frequencies, by dawn, the skies where completely filled with ice nucleated "clouds", espeially in the eastern sunrise..the "clouds" where very dark grey, and where the sun tried to breakthru, they were yellow.  then a 8am the winds came in, dispersing "them", again another round and I could feel the frenquency changes again.  "clouds" in the north quickly moving south towards the sun, yet at the very same time, "clouds" were coming west to east, a guided attack to the sun.  It was visibly clear whatever was in these "clouds" was being heated up by the warmth of the sun and dissolving into our lower atmosphere.  The past 5days of toxic "rain" and "fog" has totally "bleached"/burnt" every "evergreen" plant.  We must continue to document, the ostrocities.  
      The lowering of the organic frequencies, is quite deliberate.  To keep us in a frequency of containment, that we never see the big picture, keep us compartmentalized, in a "cubicle".  A very deliberate plan to isolate humankind even further.  It would no longer be in government agencies, IT came to every workplace in all corporations..Are you getting it??  The excuse, aucoustic walls, that were far from insulating external sound, it was to condition us into accepting your com partment/isolation, it is psychological warfare
      But congratulations, We are not being conditioned to being slaves in our workspace and our homes in fear and isolation…we are reaching out to each other so much more.  Think about it.  And now this all out skywar..connect the dots.  IMHO, this is a deliberate and premeditated  attempt, to keep us disconnected/scrambled.
      Again, I want to reiterate, the attempt in the early 70's I believe, to use aluminum wiring, vs the copper wiring in homes, that resulted in tragedy and electrical fires.  The same with tin foil, there is no tin foil, it is all aluminum.  Aluminum is highly toxic, unstable and combustible, think about that, then came aluminum pans, WTF…
      If anyone can find a site that sells actual tinfoil, please let me know.  Because I would love to make and wear a TIN FOIL HAT, than an aluminum hat..Get it??
      Physical properties[edit]

      Droplet of solidified molten tin
      Tin is a malleableductile and highly crystalline silvery-white metal. When a bar of tin is bent, a crackling sound known as the tin cry can 
      google it…my father was an antique "dealer"..Prerevolutanary times and forward, "plateware" was made of tin.  For those in the know, as I put above tin is "crystalline"..resilient, hard to break.  If you do the further research, which I encourage, you will find that aluminum is very mallible and conductive..I truly hope you will help in picking up the ball. " For I am just a lowly high school graduate, that never went to college" so how could I even have a grasp of this??  Get it???

  37. Dane – What a brilliant piece of absolute clarity. I had to laugh when I read that Bill McKibben receives funds from the Rockefeller foundation! Hah! What kind of twisted self-deception must McKibben the ‘purist’ tell himself so he can sleep at night! I suppose it’s something like ‘the ends justify the means’? Or is the Rockefeller foundation simply trying to “do good” with all their profits from oil. Hah! The Rockefeller foundation also sponsored & paid for very misleading translations of the ancient Rig Veda that relegate this sacred Sanskrit text to mere history — no wisdom. It seems “there will never be a shortage of disinformation sources” in all fields. Maybe we should call this era “The Age of Disinformation.” The Sanskrit texts say that this cycle of time is a period when base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages — and thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.

    Today Paul Craig Roberts: Democracy Sold out to Greed:
    The Sick Plan for World Domination
    Every Western government and Washington’s Asian vassal states are totally under the control of private corporations and private interest groups. The corporations govern, and they are in the process of institutionalizing their governance with the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Partnerships. The purpose of these “partnerships” is to make global corporations higher than the laws of the “sovereign” countries in which they do business. Anything, whether law, rule, regulation, or moral principle that interferes with corporate profits is outlawed as “a restraint on trade.” Western civilization is over and done with. Nothing remains except historical achievements that are no longer understood or appreciated.  video here

    • Hi Susan. Looks like we're so screwed !! even our skies.From BC Canada.

    • Hi Renate – My pal across the Strait of Juan de Fuca in beautiful BC. This is where we take courage from Dane. I'm 70 and sick from chemtrails for nine years, and I have decided to fight, to never give up, no matter what — just like the tenacious Mr. Wigington. After all, how could I live with myself if I remained silent while these monsters poison the entire planet and all life on earth. We have to keep trying every day, wake up and try again. Just like Dane. Right?

    • Robert says:

      They've been spraying non stop in Eastern Canada since May.  It's now November and it continues and people I point it out too just shrug their shoulders and carry on as in a fog of cognitive dissidence.  

      Great article.

    • Wake Up World! says:

      Yes and I will add this clip by the late Dodd explaining he fully researched and reported long ago that the banking cartel pulls all the strings:
      They own all of the mechanisms of education, legislature and military, so there is no wonder why we have this program rolling out, likely written by bankers and dictated to government bodies:

  38. Jeff says:

    For any one that can't seem to understand how people cannot take notice, or care about the geoengineering taking place; just youtube any clip on shoppers at "Black Friday" sales. It is disgraceful the way the majority of society is, shallow, lacking any morality, shells of ignorance. Personally this is why I am attracted to this sight, and all the sensible concern for what is really happening. It is refreshing to know there are many that see the truth, and investigate, not shy away like cowards. I strongly believe it is going to get very ugly,before it’s all over, but worth every sacrifice, for our children.

    Thanks Dane for inspiring me and so many others, in this fight.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeff, we are all essential elements in this battle. My gratitude back to you, and all others, that are rising to this most critical challenge.

    • vince mackay says:

      I totally agree with the comments above. Thank You very much for your concern and website Dane Wigington.

  39. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…yes you hit the nail on the head with this report and so glad you weighed in on the Climate Summit. I agree with all your points.

    Although I have been pro-Putin to date, one thing that I really find disturbing and very hard to reconcile is Putin's attendance at the summit. I  tuck n file every time you mention that Russia is involved with weather mod programs, just like all other major nations are.

    It doesn't bode well with me when I see how Putin is selectively "included" or "excluded" from various summits. Most recently his attendance at the G20 & now the Paris Climate Summit. Why is that? Is it all just Kabuki Theater on a grand world stage. I just can't diminish a voice in my head that says be leary. Watch & listen intently for both the actions and words spoken out of world leaders…actions always speak louder than words.

    IMHO, if I see "sustainability" mentioned without acknowleding the need to stop geoengineering by anything/anyone remotely related to the UN and para-organizations, I know to head for the hills. The intent here is not for the common welfare of people & planet and, but for the transnational corps and the cabal, et al. The whole carbon exchange system + sustainability measures equals nothing but a complete and final power grab.

    • Nnikki says:

      Hi Melody. I also have been pro Putin thus far. I echo your thoughts & concerns perfectly. Thank you for posting them.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Melody, although Putin does seem to be holding back the western empire expansion to some degree, and is at this point a stabilizing factor in the Middle East, there is no question about all the major powers collaborating in the climate engineering issue. A very complex web has been woven.

  40. Kathleen Robbins says:

    I know that the geoengineering is happening almost daily here in the Hudson Valley. Blazing blue skies turn into parallel, narrow bands of low lying clouds, that present vivid sunsets with blue,red,purple and orange colors, caused by refraction from these poisonous agents being sprayed. Whenever I make a comment about it on Facebook, I get lots of nasty remarks, like "thanks for ruining my sunset", even though I post your numerous articles and videos documenting the facts. It seems most want to bury their heads in the sand than to listen to reason. I would like to take this concern to the schools. I think we need to educate our youth about protecting their future. I wish you had brochures we could distribute and hopefully encourage the youth to do something about this!  My cohorts think I am a conspiracy theorist for defending this important concern. Eventually it has to be recognized because of the increase in poisons and measurements of accumulated poisons in the ground. When I wash my car, in the morning there is a fine splotched white film dropped on the cars surface that wasn't there before. I am incensed that people don't take this seriously. But I will continue to defend your research Dane and will keep informing them,despite the negativity. It is frustrating, but it occurred to me that our best allies are the youth! They believe facts and can make their voices known.

  41. David says:

    I posted yesterday, that I was in the Sprint Store regarding my cellphone and I pulled up the GeoEngineeringWatch web page on the display ipad, left the page up after I was finished, hoping the next customer would see it, to take an interest in it. I also passed sets of flyers out to two in uniform Navy personnel, stating to the both of them that I am a Navy Veteran Aerographers Mate. This is the Navy's classification for Weather Observer/Forecaster, yes I was a Navy Weatherman for eight years. I took hourly weather observations, launched giant weather balloons, that took readings and recorded weather conditions at various heights/layers in the atmosphere. I also, on occasion I would drop a bathythermograph, which is a tube like device that is dispersed into the Ocean, taking recordings of sea temperature, salinity, currents, eddy's and ocean floor topography, etc. I was stationed on the USS Ranger CV-61 an Aircraft Carrier that was based at Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado, CA (San Diego), than transferred to the USS Tripoli LPH-10 an Amphibious Assault Ship, that was hit by a Mine (Feb. 1991) in the Gulf War. I have sailed around the globe twice ,so I observed many different weather conditions and climate scenarios, from the Mediterranean Climate in San Diego, to the Deserts of the Middle East, that I briefed F-14 Tomcat and Helicopter Pilots on Weather Conditions from the subsurface (sea) to surface (land) to aviation (air), to conduct their military missions for the Iraq War. I was on active duty from 1990 -94, reserve duty 1994-98 this was at Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida. My training on Atmospheric Science, Oceanography and Anti-submarine Warfare not once, mentioned GeoEngineering, Climate Modification, etc. I had no idea that it even existed at that time. I can certainly tell anyone now, the difference of a naturally occurring, low, mid, or high cloud from a GeoEngineered Toxic Man-made Chemical cloud, and the difference from jet contrails which are a rare occurrence nowadays. I have been on a mission passing out the flyers to the UPS truck, garbage/recycling crew, neighbors even downloaded the GeoEngineeringWatch App on a friends cell phone, passing on the word, to fight this daily attack on our planet earth, that we only have one of!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, thank you so much for your very informative comment, and for your courage in putting all this information out into the open. We so need people in this battle like you. Your background gives immediate credibility to your testimony. Thank you again for making your voice heard in this most critical fight.

    • Cynthia says:

      So David, I copied your impressive history and statement in the event that I get to share it with the newest family member via marriage who is an Army Captain, helicopter pilot.  It would provide an entry point for my typical, non-thinking troupe.  Dane has said, that we need our military brothers & sisters to awaken and I therefore wonder, if you've coalesced your history in tandem with the evidential handouts?  I specifically ask too I'm mounting a contact strategy for MD's, (starting w/ mom's kidney/lab & neuro specialists– both Alzheimer's & "mysterious" kidney autoimmune diseases are present). I heard on our local NPR that an MD from the Phila. VA Hospital (yes, the one so disgraced) was taking part in the Paris talks and the thought occurred to me that this would be another MD to have their eyes opened.  A comprehensive expose from an informed veteran such as yourself would act as stunning, relational evidence.

  42. Nigel says:

    Dane, I was trying to find the original document regarding the gag order on weather employees on the PEER site, but it appears to have been sanitized. However I did find this one which explains why nobody will talk.  Such a bunch a criminals we have running the show. 

  43. Frank says:

    The former CIA agent John Kiriakou who was imprisoned for crimes of speaking the truth. The film “Silenced” is not just a documentary of his ordeal but should be a wake up call to us all. This film was made not only about his and others integrity of doing what is right but also a message sent to all from the power structure. The ones in charge want all to know what will happen if you follow a whistleblower footsteps. That is why this film was made and his career ruined and he imprisoned. Many still ask why don't many scientist and officials speak out if they know something is wrong, that question is totally irrational. We can't expect any one main stream person to speak out. What can be done is plant a seed of knowledge about climate engineering to ones who will listen and move on. The talks in Paris is all about money and control.

  44. Rodster says:

    I'm amazed by the level of hypocrisy from the climate change crowd. If you don't believe in their cause, they quickly label you a denier. But they are quick to deny that Geoengineering exists with Guy McPherson at the top of the list.

  45. Sean S says:

    I'm getting really tired of this bull$hit. How did we get so far down this dark, dark path? I'm going to make "wanted" posters with everyone of these criminals faces on them and post them all over. The only problem is the poster would have to be the size of Montana to get everyone's face on it.

  46. Kat Lopez says:

    all things aside, Dane, it looks like an 'orb' in front of you.  You are protected and guided it seems. Of course it could be something else. Looks like an orb to me though.

  47. James says:

    Breaking News
    Maurice Strong of  Canada  has died at his home in Beijing China.
    Only Death will follow UN Agenda 21 founders and related Sheepole.

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