Biosphere Implosion And Societal Collapse, It’s Not Coming, It’s Here


Environmental, economic, and societal collapses are not events, they are processes, and those processes have long since been unfolding. Once industrialized society can no longer expand (consuming everything in it's path), it begins to collapse. The walls are rapidly closing in on us all though the majority of the population is still unaware due to various forms of entertainment, distractions, and psychological programming from the completely controlled media. The "Normalcy bias" is difficult for most to overcome.  It is imperative to consider and remember that in all 3 categories of collapse mentioned, the process is extremely non-linear as it reaches the latter stages. Once breaking points are breached, collapse can come with blinding speed. Environmental collapse is the underlying factor which ultimately makes economic and societal collapse inevitable. This is a fact that is being completely censored from a public that for the most part still wish to remain ignorant of the darkening horizon (though they will not have this option for much longer). There are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to our host planet, but one stands out as the most impactful of all, climate engineering. The imploding environment has already triggered resource wars which are escalating in various locations around the planet. America will not escape the fate of the world. The long standing delusion that modern industrialized society was sustainable, is disintegrating. The single greatest leap we could yet make in the right direction is to expose and halt the ongoing global climate engineering assault which is rapidly destroying Earth's ability to support life. My thanks to Gregory Mannarino for the excellent summary article below.
Dane Wigington


The Economic Collapse Of America Is Well Underway, This Is Just The Beginning

Source: Seeking Alpha, article by Gregory Mannarino


Earlier today I wrote this: " The issue in Baltimore at it's core is a socioeconomic one, a resource issue, which was triggered by the death of Freddie Gray. When the global debt bubble bursts and people are unable to acquire basic necessities to live then the world will become Baltimore."

Why is it that we are witnessing the spread of war and regional conflicts all over the world? Why are we seeing more and more riots break out here in America? Is it because people are living happy and fruitful lives? Or is something else lurking beneath..The answer is obvious.

Here in America today, in most part status post the 2008 credit bubble event, we have witnessed the upper echelon of society prosper greatly while the vast majority of people struggle just to get by. Under the Obama administration we have witnessed the greatest wealth gap ever in the history of our country. This great discrepancy which continues to get worse is in large part the reason why those at the lower socioeconomic end of the spectrum are starting to rise up. I have been trying to warn people for years that this very thing was going to happen, and it is going to get much worse.

In Baltimore the triggering event of peoples rage and discord was the tragic death of Freddie Gray, but mark my words-there will be other triggering events as well.

What we are witnessing is an awakening of sorts, and no amount of Federal Reserve stimulus, money printing, or interest rate suppression can stop it. In fact it is the Federal Reserve itself which is in large part responsible for the plight of the average person. In years past the average person could count on an interest earning account, like a savings account, to help grow their wealth. Well today we have a Federal Reserve who continues to artificially suppress interest rates (which does allow speculation in the stock market creating wealth for the rich), but these suppressed interest rates are literally robbing savers.

The Federal Reserve has also been on a money printing binge status post the 2008 crash which has caused the prices of everything to rise, making it even harder for the average person to just get by. Moreover, as prices continue to rise wages are remaining stagnant. The jobs being added to our faltering economy, (first quarter GDP came in at an astonishingly low 0.2%), by and large are low paying ones. Manufacturing continues to slow, and American exports are dropping. Further, American people in the labor force remains at a multi-decade low.

The riots here in America, increasing conflicts around the world, war, all of this is a scramble for resources. As we move forward the want for resources is going to continue and become very desperate. The ramifications of this need for resources is going to affect you directly no matter where you live, who you are, or your current status.

I wrote an article here on Seeking Alpha a while back, if you are interested in understanding how bad things can and most likely will get here in America and around the world I strongly suggest you read it. Click on this link: Global Debt And The Human Bubble.

Source: Seeking Alpha, article by Gregory Mannarino

11 Responses to Biosphere Implosion And Societal Collapse, It’s Not Coming, It’s Here

  1. Judy says:

    hello Dane!

    have you any new info on the build up of methane in the gulf, and/or the methane bubbling in the bayou?  Things do not seem well there.

    thanks for all you do..we appreciate you so much!

  2. Tim says:

    If you all knew how many derivatives are tied to debt defaults, it would make you very afraid. It is in the 100s of Trillions of dollars. We could see a currency crisis so severe that it will make the Great Depresion look like a picnic.


  3. Mike says:

    All comments are excellent and appreciated but ask yourselves, how much are you doing to actually participate in making a difference? Dane is only one person who has devoted many years fighting against geoengineering of our climate! Everyone reading his posts or visiting his website MUST take action themselves: "Relentlessly hound your local media and all your political leaders to expose and stop these crimes against humanity. Talk to everyone you come in contact with, explaining the reality of what is taking place and the dangers to our survival." Treat this as if your lives depend on it because it does! Everyone MUST participate and take action if we are ever to have a chanch to stop and reverse this deadly activity.

  4. Mike says:

    The money supply is privately owned and constantly being paid back to the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, who are the small group of people who put ink on paper and call it money, when this is actually Congress’s job.. This transfers the wealth to them, because they use it to buy all the real wealth which is real estate, gold, corporations, and property. Also, they can issue more of their loans by causing damage to countries, thus, they bribe the government, start all the wars, assault the middle class, and assault the atmosphere with Climate Engineering.

    The only way for America to move forward is to have a publicly owned money supply by making Congress print the money, which is mandated by the Constitution. The destruction, wars, climate engineering, and the enslavement of America will NEVER stop until the money supply is publicly owned, or sovereign.

  5. Steven Chamberlain says:

    " The Earth is not dying, it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses."

                                                                 -Dakota Phillips

  6. Bija says:

    "Mankind's alienation has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order."

                                                                         – Jerry Mander


  7. Ana says:

    First of All MSM(mainstream media) ,scientists ,meterologists ,politicians ,public entities etc. need to be exposed about their desinformation and lies about an already melting planet totally geoengineered (not a natural envyronment anymore ).They need also to be exposed about  their envyronmental ,Defense ,economical and social  policies wich  includes their envyronmental secret programs and political strategies  of total dominance. If these People  are not exposed populaces will  continue to believe in all the crap they are saling to them and will never wake up to the real situation/to the big picture unfolding ,probably they will continue ignorant and "believers" of their Governments as the  owners of the truth ,always giving all the credit to them till it will be too late for them and for all of us  …i would like to ask  for what  these "honest" and for "truth" people are building bunkers or under-cities like in this video?

  8. Ralph Ely says:

    I hope I am not wearing out my welcome here in "comments."  But so much of what is posted and written about here resonates with me and inspires me to put in my 2 cents worth.

    Reading this article by Gregory Mannarino and 'Global Debt & The Human Bubble' posted on Mr. Mannarino's site, it is easy to just set down and say, that's it… it is over.

    Every word Mr. Mannarino writes is true.  The scenarios he explores will undoubtedly come to pass over a given time period.

    However in the meantime, we face the more immediate threat of GeoEngineering.  The long and the short of it:  If We Fry, We Die!

    Don't Give Up.  Keep Hammering the Power Structure to stop this crime against us and our Earth.  We need that "push of critical mass" that Dane talks about to bring an end to GeoEngineering. 

  9. Cori Gunnells says:

    The first thought that came to my mind was a 'requiem' – a mass for the souls of the dead. It feels like the music has begun, despite many of us doing our best each day to call out the warnings, especially climate engineering's impacts. 

    I won't quit. 

  10. Christina Parousis says:

    We were hoping the economic collapse would come first and trigger some kind of mass awakening in humanity that would prevent the environmental collapse.  Patiently awaiting the day people's funds and savings counted for almost nothing, thinking this will ultimately shake people to the core, since nothing else seems to do it, not even crises like death.  But, as you've stated Dane, the environmental collapse will trigger the other collapses, and what then?  People will still not care enough about the truth to respond quickly enough to salvage what we can, people will still be preoccupied with 'getting by' rather than surviving.  If it were not for nature (not including people because I see nothing natural about our 'species', and have little empathy left for them) but if it were not for all the other innocent species, the rest of creation, I wouldn't care what happens.  When even the people who have awareness of climate engineering and the devastation it has caused to our planet, refuse to make this battle a priority and still put their jobs and successes ahead of their survival, what should we expect of all the rest?  Even if there is a collapse, will they ever run out of money to continue spraying the planet to death?  Will people finally make this a priority when they will be desperate just to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads?  Short of some miracle, we were really counting on economic/societal collapse to be the tipping point, but I no longer see that as a potential solution, only as the beginning to the fast approaching end of our malignantly cancerous civilization, which may or may not be the solution to save the Earth after all. 

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