Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 16, 2024, #449


Dane Wigington

"Severe storms bring heavy snow to the Rockies and baseball-sized hail to the Midwest" (NBC News). Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are a core component for unstable air masses and massive hail. Late this week snow was also falling in Arizona at above freezing temperatures while it was raining in north eastern Canada. Does that make any sense from a meteorological perspective? The short answer is no, it doesn't, unless geoengineering is considered. "Fruit chaos is coming", that new headline from the Atlantic is referring to the crop crushing effect of record warm temperatures immediately followed by freak flash freezes. This devastating scenario is occurring all over the world. Is it just the result of nature? Or something else altogether? How soon till the food shelves empty out? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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34 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 16, 2024, #449

  1. Lance says:

    The geoengineering ongoing over OREGON and the southern half of CALIFORNIA right now this afternoon is incredible! There is something really serious going on!

    • John Miller says:

      Same in AZ! They spray daily military they get low. They have been ballsy lately flying over houses and spraying. They do this bad out in lake havasu. Im visiting and Its like a test site for them, then they refuel midair or at small airport then go back up for more spraying. Its obvious now. Kids are ending up being flown out from the wind causing issues in the kids with breathing problems. Its sad and its wrong and its hatd to watch. I hope the little town wakes up soon. Could be why so many are sick with cancer here. 


      they are ramping up storms causing tornadoes earthquakes and straight death. Its wrong. This is a war on us and we need to foght back! God bless! 


      go on twitter and spread word to have all states ban this and entire USA! 

    • Robert says:

      I went to Zoom Earth and caught a glimpse of  the scheduled weather today 3-24-2024 and I see what Lance is relating to us. Square clouds and a heavy dispersal of  aerosals coming in from the west off the Pacific coast of California and Oregon-Washington. Buckle up!

  2. Lance says:

    Enough with the small talk! Look at the aerosol operations going on over OREGON right now on the Nighttime Microphysics Images on the GOES West satellite on the C.O.D. website or on the NOAA troposphere Dust images! This is INSANE! 


    • Lance says:

      Pollen? More like nanoparticulates released from aircraft conducting geoengineering operations!

  3. MichaelAndrews says:

    I can't believe how idiotic people are around the world for not seeing what is happening. Damn these money hungry control hungry freaks. It's staggers me that people can't put two and two together, and that there are no freethinkers in this world anymore. Revelations states that the end of the Earth will be fire and brimstone, we are certainly headed for that. We're burning up!!! God help all of us! 

  4. Lance says:

    Climate Change Is Reversing Generations of Progress on Clean Air | Opinion (

    Progress on clean air? What a cop-out! The "air" has been totally polluted and is continuing to be polluted by human industrial activities. The scale of these industrial activities has increased with each industrial revolution. The last human industrial revolution is well underway and it is significantly increasing the levels of toxic pollutants in the "air". Attempts to clean the air are minimally effective at best!   

    • Earth Angel says:

      The title should read, 'Climate ENGINEERING Is Reversing Generations of Progress on Clean Air'. When are these slobs in the media going to state the TRUTH?! And as you point out Lance, little to no progress has ever been made in cleaning up the steady decline in air quality since the industrial revolution began. We like to watch the old western movies and long for the days of the horse and buggy. Its refreshing to see how healthy the plant life and trees were and how blue & white the skies/clouds were back then in the films that haven't been retouched and whitewashed over. Have you noticed how this has been done in a number of films from the 60's & 70's? A milky whitewash has been added to skies & mountains in the distance. If one looks closely you can see the bright blue of the old skies in small patches and corners of the films in between scenes of the films where this has been done. The lengths these creeps have gone to is disgusting to dupe people into believing whiteout skies are normal. Even adding the trails into kids cartoons.This level of derangement and evil we are dealing with is absolutely mind boggling.

  5. Lance says:

    Dozens of wildfires erupt during blustery conditions along Appalachian Mountains (

    A couple days ago read a warning about this happening online. Strange don't you think?

  6. Lance says:

    Record March heat scorches Brazil | Watch (

    UN Issues 'Red Alert' Regarding Global Warming After Record Heat in 2023 | Watch (

    Global Ocean Surface Temperatures Set Alarming Records, NOAA Data Indicates Unprecedented Heat (

    Some are saying these "sensationalized" headlines are being used to get people to rely on AGI to help humanity "save the planet".  What do you think? You already know what I think.

  7. Lance says:

    Off the northern CA coast and the OR/WA coast earlier today major aerosol ops were in evidence on satellite microphysics and tropospheric images and image loops ahead of the front coming into the west coast. Gonna make ice nucleated snow don't cha know!

    • Joe says:

      Lance thank you for your input on this website.  I follow your travels in different states and you always give a good description of what is happening w the weather in those places first hand.

  8. Joe says:

    Dane an e mail came into my box from a company located on the base of Mt Shasta.   It was called power organics. Well I called them and told them that I had personally been to  Mt Shasta several times in the 70s and 80s etc.   This is a nutritional company and as soon as I mentioned geoengineeering the person on the other hand said I don't talk about conspiracy theories.  This is the complete garbage that we are up against.  I can't believe how closed mined the public is.

    I have always mentioned climate engineering to many people and companies because it effects the quality of life that we all live.  I always refer people to your website and the Dimming movie and I hope people w half a brain will do their research.

    Sorry about the rant— 

  9. RandylJ1 says:

    Sincere Awesome Dane and Everyone Here ~ Blessings to All!!!
     Current Event Report from here:  After 5 hours without electricity today in downtown residential area of Asheboro NC ~ now back on. I received this Text:

    “Duke Energy update: The scheduled work to help improve reliability in the area of 3**INDE** has been completed & service was restored at 01:34PM on Mar 18. If for any reason your power remains out, please reply OFF.”

    This is ongoing for months ~ all around this small city.  Electric Utility Rates have increased exponentially. My normal $100/month just went to $300 + for April! I’ve not changed my usage from last Spring 2023. Is this part of ‘More Economic Stranglehold’ on the Sheeple?! Me Thinks!!! I keep sharing GEW to the deaf and sightless ones!

    Randyl J

  10. Lance says:

    Based on my understanding, this world is in deep trouble the likes of which have never occurred before in human history. Efforts to attempt to deal with this are futile, folly, and in vain. Those in pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness have used and abused this earth beyond its ability to recover. Thus, the collapse of the earth's natural systems upon which all life depends is accelerating just as Dane has proven. Denying or rejecting this reality will not change it. As for me, I'm nearly 70 years old, so my time here is getting shorter by the day. My faith and hope for the future is in the promises of Almighty God as revealed by the Lord's only true prophets. All else is futile, folly, and vanity!

  11. Lance says:

    Will Earth hit a climate "tipping point?" Here's why experts say this framework is problematic (

    The earth is past the tipping point! Denying it won't save it and crying about it won't change it!

  12. Stan Sylvester says:

    Isaiah 56:10,11

    "His watchmen are blind, all of them know nothing, all of them are mute dogs unable to bark, they lie around and dream, they love to sleep.

    The dogs are greedy, they are not satisfied and they are shepherds that have no understanding. They have all turned to their own way, they seek  their own gain."

    With the ongoing Lenten season culminating with Easter Sunday, church attendance is usually the highest of the year. How much of an impact it would make if today's watchmen had the courage to help expose the attack of the earth's life support systems. Sadly, God's watchmen of today seem to mirror those of centuries ago.  

    With the exception of rare men like Pastor Chuck Baldwin in Montana, 501c3 tax exempt status hinders speaking the necessary message. It was LBJ that got the ball rolling for the major denominations to receive this status.

    At the time the protests to the Vietnam war were making life a little uncomfortable for the President. TV images of young Americans returning in body bags was not helping. LBJ needed to be sure that the pulpits were supporting the war effort. Included in LBJ's Vietnam war was Operation Popeye as Dane has taught us. The watchmen were silent then and for the most part are still silent. 



  13. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    My cousin and a member of my new family here on this farm are combat veterans like me, and we shared our war stories recently. This was told by my cousin.

    He served in Operation Desert Storm and what he witnessed can be directly attributed to Operation Popeye in the Vietnam war.

    During the build-up of coalition troops in Saudi Arabia the Air Force flew tankers at high altitudes over Iraq (shortly after taking out most of their ground to air missile defenses), and they created record shattering torrential rain in that desert nation, by tapping into a previously re-directed atmospheric river. The Republican Guard armored units were caught off-guard with traditional sand tracks on their tanks and sand tires on their artillery pieces. Plus, they were all hidden from view as they sat in massive dug-out trenches facing the Saudi Arabian front lines. Those trenches became flooded and most of their armored units became bogged down and could not move quick enough to defend against the well-planned coalition offensive.

    Mainly because, the coalition forces moved under the cover of their heavy rain makers and GPS/radar jamming AWACS planes. Allowing them to attack from the rear of the dug-in Republican Guard forces. Their tanks and artillery units had also been modified with mud tracks and tires that scooped off the wet, heavy clogging sand masses and allowed them to move with incredible agility.

    The largest tank and artillery battle in history was won by the Coalition Army (even though they were outnumbered ten to one), because climate engineering paved the way for a history making showdown in the deserts of Iraq.

    Without the U.S. military’s use of geoengineering technologies to produce that one-in-a-thousand-year torrential rain, the war would have been a long and bloody campaign of battles with untold numbers of coalition casualties.

    However, between the toxic chemical rain, depleted uranium rounds, and huge caustic fire pits, more than 250,000 soldiers and other personnel came home with debilitating Gulf War Syndrome, and it took the government and military (VA hospitals) almost twenty years before they officially recognized and diagnosed those specific health issues.

    Everyone who served in that operation (close to 650,000) clearly knew that the rain was produced with technologies that had been advanced from the days of Project Popeye. But they have all sworn to a lifetime of secrecy through their signing of NDAs. (Non Disclosure Agreements)

    And some of those Gulf War veterans later became meteorologists here in the U.S. Who learned to use things like military training exercises with aluminum chaff spraying, flocks of birds and hordes of insects, to explain radar false-rain image anomalies to their television audiences. But the problem is that logic dictates they only form radar reflections up to a mile or two wide and fifty miles long at the most. And the radar anomalies being excused away are in many cases, hundreds of miles long and up to a hundred miles wide. Moving and growing, for hundreds of miles before exiting from the radar screens. None of those scapegoat reasons fit the bill, logically. Only climate engineering operations can adequately explain such anomalies. Especially when trained weather watchers and other eyewitnesses, including pilots, report seeing nothing other than condensation (aerosol) trails forming dark clouds, and or strange atmospheric solar rainbow-colored “haze” optical illusions. The very same rainbow-colored shimmering haze that everyone observed, just before the freak rain deluges came to Iraq.

  14. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Dane, Watcher, Jonathan, penny waters and all. You are my family and now that I have been taken in by yet another family, I feel humbled and blessed. To be given a second chance and trusted to work side by side with generous folks who have been farming this land for generations, is truly a gift that few ever receive in their lifetime.

    As with the geoengineering watch community, the Native American population of South Dakota is being vilified by our government, and the trust that the Sioux leaders have spent generations trying to build between them is being shattered beyond any chance of mending.

    Sioux Nation tribal leaders have tried to get the governor and their congressional representatives to address the issue of geoengineering, and pass laws to halt all operations that are so detrimental to the farming industry. Not only on the nine reservations, but in the private land owner sectors as well.

    In response the governor has chosen to assert politically motivated lies that the Nation elders and leaders of each reservation are in league with drug cartels. Claiming that they profit from the various gang activities, and that the youth (including tribal leaders) are being recruited by the cartels. Because the unemployment among young Native American adults is between 80 and 90%, and the cartels supposedly offer them a better life.

    I am here to tell you that they are outright lies, as I have seen no evidence for such insane claims. But of course, the entire political circus arena has a long-standing foundation of Elitist Conjured Insanity, and there is so much damning evidence for geoengineering that even the non-native citizenship has tried to press their representatives to pass laws banning such operations.

    I am beginning to hear whispers that include the word “uprising”. But not in the sense of using violence to answer politically motivated lies. Rather marches, peaceful protests and stewardship programs to garner support from average Americans, to rally those who also lack any trust in the preservation of their constitutional rights.

    The Native Americans are once again being vilified, subjugated and silenced for simply trying to get the government and military to stop using climate engineering as a tool (weapon) for stifling crop yields, and ultimately controlling this nation’s food supply chain networks.

    The media isn’t covering the real reasons behind the lies and the Sioux Nation simply wants the world to know the TRUTH. The government is using everything in its arsenal to cripple the Sioux Nation’s right to economic independence, and this is now beginning to take place in every state, with all Non-GMO, Organic farming and ranching industries being negatively impacted.

    I have never ranted about politics, and I never will again. But when the 1% and 2% use the president, congress and the military’s geoengineering agendas to destroy all competition to the GMO food sourcing industry. It has a volatile rippling effect on every family in America. The health and well being of every single citizen is being jeopardized in this country as well, and millions will go hungry in the very near future. When the grocery store shelves start filling up with nothing more than spider webs.

    The government’s incentives to keep the salmon farming industry growing is yet another insane plan to destroy the wild salmon populations from California through Canada.

    Salmon are raised in crowded cages floating near coastlines, called open-net pen farms. A single farm can contain a million or more fish, leading to high concentrations of diseases and parasites that kill farmed salmon and endanger nearby marine life and migrating wild salmon. The nets extend 30 feet below the surface and allow currents to sweep excess feed, excrement, and chemicals into the surrounding waters.

    The industry suffers the loss of millions of fish each growing season because of using so many chemicals to control parasites, and both the chemicals and parasites effect wild salmon as they swim past the nets and into the river outlets where they migrate and lay eggs upstream. But the salmon farming industry is only accountable to shareholders and is focused on short-term profits. The only way salmon farmers can really do this is to pump more fish into more cages, accept massive losses, and eke out a few more fillets at the end of a growing cycle.

    The surviving wild salmon populations are slowly migrating north to Alaska and other colder water regions, to find more oxygenated habitats. But the government is helping to introduce open-net pen farms in those regions now, and they will undoubtedly become extinct if this insanity continues.

    Comparable to land-based GMO farming where other farmer’s crops wither and die, just like the wild salmon populations around the world. Grocery store shelves are slowly replacing nutritionally healthy foods and wild salmon with these alternative farming mutations and people are becoming malnourished and suffering from serious health issues. But there is no profit margin for the elite’s bank accounts being pumped up by the government’s insanity, if natural, wild and organic food sources stock the shelves and help to feed people with wholesome and nutritional crop yields and seasonal catches. Without wild fishing and natural farming, the government sponsored other less healthy farming industries are destined to fail and then the entire world will begin to starve, virtually overnight.

    Thanks to climate engineering and politically motivated assaults on the organic farming and commercial wild fishing generations that have taken pride in being a stable and secure source of food in America, since before most of us were even born.

    • Jonathan says:

      Brother Eden at all, this morning. I was listening to part of Greg Hunter's interview yesterday with Karen Kingston. At about 35 minutes 40 seconds, she starts talking about suggestions, including working on a county level across the country to force disclosure of aerosolized and other nanoparticle aluminum, including requiring that the toxic side effects be disclosed before such things are deployed. She's talking about aluminum in several different forms being administered to us in different ways.

      For those who have the time and the energy, please focus on local outreach efforts with community leaders and see if you can get your county officials awakened to this problem. The best way would be to meet with him in person and give them a copy of the documentary link.

      I'm glad to hear Eden that you are well and we all know that family is what you make it.

      Blessings to all of you.


      PS update in North Carolina State legislature. Still no response from my recent emails several weeks ago. Nevertheless, we March forward and continue to move on in our efforts to inform. Always be encouraged. Look the storm in the eye. Thank you Dane for all that you do and for leading by example.

      A person cannot teach what they do not know, and they cannot leave, where they will not go.

  15. Gary Morrow says:

    Lately here in Aiken SC the pollen has been so bad that I have to use the windshield wipers when I start my  car in the morning. Normally the allergy only affects me mildly, but I have noticed that on spray days like today I feel miserable. I think that this is some sort of synergistic effect. By the way I like term spray day. It describes exactly what is happening in the sky and it has a nice ring to it. And THEY have not as yet have demonized the term like they have done with chemtrails.

    • Just Mask Up says:

      Gary,double them up even. Seemed to work for most during Convid between boosters,and allows them not to see  the spraying overhead ,which apparently only all those conspiracy theorists are capable…

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ‘Stunning Admission’: Widely Used HPV Vaccine Linked to 4 Autoimmune Disorders

    A study comparing nearly 2 million vaccinated and unvaccinated adolescent girls over 10 years found the girls vaccinated with a quadrivalent HPV vaccine were 4.4 times more likely than their unvaccinated counterparts to develop rheumatoid arthritis.


  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Eating Ultra-Processed Foods May Boost Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke by Up to 21%

    A review of 20 major studies involving more than 1.1 million subjects over an average of about 12 years revealed that the more ultra-processed or junk food someone eats, the greater their risk for heart attack, stroke and other serious heart-related events.


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