Doubling Down On Geoengineering, Upcoming Conference To Discuss Microwaving The Atmosphere


Dane Wigington

The layers of insanity continue to grow, each heaped on top of another. The programmed human delusional mindset of the "techno fix" will very soon lead us to the total extermination of all life on Earth if it is not stopped. Methane is rapidly saturating the atmosphere of our planet. There have been countless triggers and causal factors to the unfolding cataclysm occurring over our heads, but the single greatest component of biosphere decimation is climate engineering.


Geoengineered skies in Vilnius, Lithuania. Photo credit: Regimantas Mimas

The front line Arctic scientists are in a justifiable panic about the blanket of methane that is rapidly covering the planet. They are urgently proposing the immediate deployment of mobile RF (radio frequency) transmitters to microwave the atmosphere with opposing frequencies. This proposal is a last ditch effort of total desperation to try and degrade the atmospheric methane buildup. There will be a presentation to address this "proposal" at the American Meteorological Society's 18th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry, January 10-14, 2016, in New Orleans.  Unfortunately, these same Arctic scientists are either completely disconnected from reality or lying about the fact that geoengineering has already been going on for 65 years or more. The microwaving of the atmosphere to attempt degrading of methane (check project LUCY and Alamo) has also likely already been fully deployed long ago and is furthering the overall decimation of the climate system.


Project "LUCY" and "ALAMO"

The atmospheric methane acts like a layer of glass, thermal energy comes in, but cannot effectively escape. The continuing expansion of geoengineering is nothing more than an escalation of the already catastrophic destruction inflicted by these programs. Climate engineering is the "cure" that is even worse than the crisis it claims to mitigate. Microwaving the atmosphere will only further exacerbate already unimaginable environmental destruction. The latest NOAA "forecast" map below is alarming to say the least. It is nothing more than the scheduled weather from private defense contractor Raytheon. All the weather modeling for the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (both organizations now have federal "gag orders" placed on them) is done by Raytheon, who is also heavily involved in climate engineering. The radical imbalance reflected in the NOAA map below will worsen as the climate engineers continue to chemically cool selected regions on a rapidly warming planet.


Each color shade above reflects a 2-3 degree "departure from normal temperatures". If this NOAA map does not alarm you, it should.

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is the largest scientific panel ever created in human history on any subject. Contrary to what many would like to believe about the IPCC, they are not exaggerating the severity of global warming, but radically underreporting it. Thawing methane deposits (the most threatening climate factor of all) is not even considered in IPCC climate models. The buildup of thermal energy on our planet is already skyrocketing beyond comprehension (the equivalent heat energy of 400,000 Hiroshima bombs per day). El nino continues to build as sea surface temperatures go off the charts.


Ocean temperatures are going off the charts

The bottom line is this, we are in completely uncharted waters. The ever increasing layers of climate engineering insanity are exponentially increasing the severity of what we collectively face. The January 2016 meeting of the American Meteorological Society in New Orleans is an important event that should be attended by as many anti-geoengineering activists as possible. Any activists that do attend should arm themselves with credible informational flyers to distribute. It is up to all of us to send the following message: it is not OK for societies and scientists to participate in the lethal climate engineering programs in pursuit of their paychecks and pensions. We must send the message that the public will soon enough hold them legally and morally accountable for their criminal actions. All of us are needed to assists in this critical fight for the common good.

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  1. Rob says:

    Here in Santa Cruz, CA, and north to Mendocino, we are under the aforementioned assault of chemical spray.  Many people are sick from it, including healthy young people and myself. 
    I am an avid cyclist and skywatcher.  Here are some notes: we often see reconnaissance aircraft flying grids all day.  They are quiet, slow moving, and relatively low altitude.  I have photos for interested parties; they look like space shuttle shape, white, with a dark band in the center (likely an instrument cluster).
    In the last weeks we have been seeing the white chemtrail style aircraft spraying what look like textbook contrails (photos also available).  I was suspicious of this and recently saw one flying along then abruptly turn off it's spray.  So, they are spraying us with chemical that do not leave a long visible trail, and, I believe it is a disinformation campaign to make us sound nuts for claiming they are chemtrails.
    The general population in Santa Cruz is becoming more and more aware of the direct assault.
    Thank you Dane for all your fine work.

  2. Wayne says:

    I encourage all of you to view this you tube video excellent and very well done.

  3. Irene Parousis says:

    For those who question. "Why would they spray their own people" how about the answer, "Why would they use chemotherapy and radiation?"  In my opinion it's the same protocol on a grander scale.  Unfortunately pharmacopeia, which in Greek means poison, doesn't believe in healing holistically and only treats the symptoms. 

  4. Jerry says:

    As Dane has told us numerous times,  the power structure is totally insane and this experiment is proof.  Yesterday was clear only after the NWS forcast was a day late in their prediction for clear weather.  Today and the next five days will be more rain as indicated by all the spraying criss-crossing the sky since around noon.  We've determined that when the exhaust left behind takes the shape of a spine, their mission is to cool down and expect a cold front and most likely rain as cold and warm/hot fronts merge.    The weather is up and down as the weather guy tells uss, trying to move into winter as summer is being left behind.  I've stopped watching the weather man on TC as he is obviously going by his script and the constant "our models" indicate is yet another lie in their broadcast.

    • SortingHat says:

      There you have it!  *Our models* What about old fashion forecasting skills?  What happened to that?

  5. Robo Sapien says:

    Here is the heartbreaking testimony of  Michael Cartwright

    "My daughter passed away unexpectedly June 29 at the age of 14. The judge ordered an autopsy, which is standard procedure in unexplained deaths especially in youth cases. A toxicology report was ordered to test for drugs and such. That toxicology came back negative. So I continue weekly to contact the Medical Examiner to see if they have discovered anything new. There has been no change in their findings until yesterday when they told me she had “Barium Toxicity” but not as a cause, just as an additional result. She could not tell me what that means and the research I’ve attempted seems to go nowhere as far as an answer. We live just outside of Houston. There are power plants on the coast, but we are 70+ miles from there. Does any of this make since? Could death be caused by this? I do not know the level of barium, she just stated barium toxicity. I can’t get the full report until the police complete their report. Any help would be greatly appreciated." 


    • Jay Ger says:

      I believe that we all have metal poisoning.  I have suffered from a skin condition for over a year now that leaves my fingers feeling like I have shards of glass breaking through my skin.  My skin is so thick at my finger tips I have to cut them every night and healing takes forever with scaring.  I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth FOOD GRADE for six months and it has helped not just this issue but other minor health issues like GURD go away completely.    I'm 39 by the way and have too many joint, skin, and internal issues for a person if 130 lbs.  There are so many reasons for sudden death now I think coroners are scratching there heads.  No training for them, doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc.  Their egos let them dismiss it as nothing or from what I have research "delusional ".  My prayers will be with you and your family.  Get armed with Diatomaceous Earth FOOD GRADE.  I'm not selling anything.  Just trying to help and it's cheap as heck.  I also soak in Epsom salt or borax baths which help along with a teaspoon of baking soda a day.  Peace be to you and your family!

    • Las Vegan says:

      Robo, thanks for this report, which infuriated me.

      Human beings are exceptionally unique…genetically, biologically, mentally, psychologically, etc.  This poor young woman very likely had a genetic factor resulting in a low tolerance to barium.  The individuals who are spraying our skies, for whatever reason–however noble that reason may purport to be–are criminals.  They very likely murdered this girl and perhaps uncountable others.  They can cavalierly dismiss their actions with some palatable homonym placating their consciousnesses that "most" people do not have such genetic/biologic shortcomings, but they are murderers.  Current medical knowledge/treatment has barely emerged from the ape age.  The human species is ravaged by illnesses and nightmarish conditions the current medical establishment cannot cure let alone alleviate.  Those who spray our skies and bombard us with "waves" of all kinds all hours of the day are cold-blooded, calculating murderers.

  6. Robo Sapien says:

    I honestly believe everyone knows what is going on. EVERY ONE KNOWS,, THE DENIERS SIMPLY CHOOSE NOT TO BELIEVE. You are never going to change a deniers views, even when they see it with their own eyes they will shrug their shoulders and say "o well"  Only collapse will make these people deal with the truth. That is what I am praying for TOTAL COLLAPSE. This is the only thing that is going to wake people up.  The only chance we have to change things is if the entire system collapses before the power structure has us all squeezed in to the concentration camp agenda 21 style cities. They just keep squeezing and squeezing. That is their plan to squeeze us up like a tube of toothpaste in ever tighter confinement. O why was I born among a generation of cowards, never in the history of man has there been such a generation of abject slaves. I look at the world and weep and lay comfort in the fact that I am prepared and that I have helped my neighbors become truly prepared. YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED INDEPENDENTLY FOR TOTAL COLLAPSE, YOU NEED TO PRACTICE CONFRONTING MULTIPLE AGGRESSIVE TARGETS. THIS IS WHAT IS COMING. The power structure sees the mob and now is trying to control its violence like a natural phenomenon, they are going to try and turn the mob on people who are prepared. REMEMBER PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN WHO ARE UNPREPARED ARE THE  MOST LIKELY SUSPECTS TO COMMIT ATROCITY IN A COLLAPSE SCENARIO. We had a fire a couple of years back and the power was cut off to my isolated mountain neighborhood , no one could reach the neighborhood. After 3 days without power, panicked neighbors heard my generator and were basically trying to force me to give them power, food and water. It was the women with children who became psychotic almost like caged animals. I will never forget their unreal demands, that I stretch a cable a thousand feet to give them power or that they need to come stay in my house they have a baby  etc…I will never forget that experience… These were upper middle class to upper class people who became feral in just 3 days. I helped them but only after they listened to my speech on preparedness and how the government will never help you in a true crisis. I can say I helped about 10 families get armed and learn true survival skills. These people I will now depend on in a collapse, we now have community and community will survive. It is very hard for individuals to survive a collapse. Someone like me can do it but i am not most people. CREATE  A COMMUNITY OF PREPAREDNESS IS YOUR MAIN GOAL. YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO TALK ABOUT GEOENGINEERING BECAUSE THE COLLAPSE IS COMING AND ALL PEOPLE WILL RECOGNIZE THIS. FOCUS ON GENERAL PREPAREDNESS BECAUSE WE ONLY HAVE ABOUT 2 MORE YEARS.

    • BaneB says:

      You understand human psychology.  Collapse and panic in the cities are a nightmare I do not wish to entertain in any real sense whatsoever.  Whether it is war, an ecological geoengineered collapsed et al, financial collapse, or the perfect storm of all three, the real potential for such a scenario as you describe seems to be imminent. Too many people are trapped.  They know it.  But until that moment as you envision it occurs the pretense is that everything is normal.  Two years seems generous but hey….who is in a hurry.  Many years ago I thought as you are thinking, i.e that collapse would be survivable for many if it happened back then when technology in its digital form had not yet raised its ugly web of deceit.  Collapse in 1970 would allow humans to survive and hopefully reset our farmer and subsistence instincts.  Today, almost 2016, and here we are like rats on the Titanic.  There were survivors….about 1/3 of all on board.  I am not that optimistic for survivors at all.  My first X in the sky was my first sign.  It said all one needed to know.  Thanks for your instructive presient description.  You are absolutely correct about a prepared community being the best chance for survival if there is to be any at all.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Totally agree with you, Robo Sapien.  We have max 2 years to get our families/communities organised (even if they do not know exactly what/why we are doing it). 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Please add the 6 Ps: "Poor Preparation and Planning leads to Piss Poor Performance" or the 7 Ps if you prefer the alternative military adage!

  7. JACTN says:


    You stated in a reply on methane that at any time a "large release" can happen.  I've read all over the web, watched arctic time bomb, and multiple other video's.  Also, I'm somewhat versed in chemistry.  So can you possibly provide in a little more detail exactly what you believe the "large release" would be in your opinion based on your research and the people you've been in contact with in the scientific community.

    From my personal research a large release could mean tsunami's, major firestorms over large area's of the norther hemisphere, and or sea life decimation on a level worse then now.

    I've been able to get more people's attention on UV and Methane then the SRM trails, SAG, ect.  I think its too conspiratorial for brainwashed minds which saturate out globe to handle.  I know your slammed Dane but could you put a detailed article on Methane and or tomorrow speak about it in detail on your weekly radio session.  Timing in your opinion??  The arctic was seriously manipulated this summer.  Website tracking ice coverage data went down and GOD knows what was being used to expand ice up there in September and to what poisonous extent to animal and human life. 

    Thank you as always Dane.  One person at a time.  I really wish somehow we could get your articles on Drudge report.  That would elevate visibility immediately.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JACTN, sorry I don’t have time to give my own update at the moment, but a recent A. N. update is here

      Dr. Natalia Shakhova is the front line on the methane issue

    • JACTN says:

      Thank you Dane.

      OH SNAP… This does not look good!

      That had to be a lot of Methane to make hole like that.  Look forward to when you can update us! 

    • Let’s hope this is Hollywood style over dramatized…

      Methane hydrate destabilization a potential scenario
      Published on Sep 4, 2013
      Follow ClimateState Methane distribution in the water column: Once released into the water column, methane is distributed by currents and aerobic methane oxidation by bacteria converts it to CO2. In deeper water methane enriched layers often follows the same density gradients but in shallow waters methane from seeps might be released directly into the mixed layer and thus is effectively transported towards the sea surface. Here it equilibrates with the atmosphere and depending on temperature, salinity and wind forces is transported into the atmosphere as measurable flux. Hydrogen sulfide has been implicated in several mass extinctions that have occurred in the Earth's past. In particular, a buildup of hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere may have caused the Permian-Triassic extinction event 252 million years ago. Organic residues from these extinction boundaries indicate that the oceans were anoxic (oxygen-depleted) and had species of shallow plankton that metabolized H2S. The formation of H2S may have been initiated by massive volcanic eruptions, which emitted carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, which warmed the oceans, lowering their capacity to absorb oxygen that would otherwise oxidize H2S. The increased levels of hydrogen sulfide could have killed oxygen-generating plants as well as depleted the ozone layer, causing further stress. Small H2S blooms have been detected in modern times in the Dead Sea and in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Namibia Methane-driven oceanic eruptions and mass extinctions  /Gregory Ryskin | Department of Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 60208, USA | 2003 |

      video here:

  8. Barbara Culpepper says:

    I would love to be in New Orleans and hand out fliers. Every time I hang mini-posters where I live, they disappear. I guess, since many of the crops here are GMO and have Monsanto chemicals used on them, they don't care about the ground-level air quality, so they surely don't care about what's in the sky.

  9. Frank says:

    The relentless onslaught of severe weather continues in Texas. The Austin area is getting hammered now with extreme amounts of rain and tornadoes. The Texas area was deluged last week with the supposed remnants of Hurricane Patricia. These weather systems are stalled for days in determined areas and flooding is life threatening. I have seen these systems form many times in Mexico out of nowhere and inundate portions of Texas and the southeast for days if not weeks. These low pressure systems are blocked or cutoff from moving. The weather warfare is proliferate in Mexico as whoever is pulling the strings is relentless. The lies continue as the power structure has the use of el nino to use this year. They block the flow of weather to California that is blatantly obvious and drop extreme amounts elsewhere. If California doesn't get substantial amount of moisture this winter and the mountains surrounding they are toast. I have seen the weather warfare far too often here in the southeast as the criminal TV weather people talk about another winter here colder than last year. Our grass is dying fast here in SE TN as they chemically nucleate our weather. We have not had a frost yet but to look at the brown grass and foliage is scary. Pray for the poor souls in Texas now as many will suffer untold hardships. Thank you Dane and everyone of you who sound the alarm to stop the assault on us all. 

  10. Wes from Nebraska says:

    A question. How come some names and yours does not have a reply button below your comments. I wanted to respond to something RC said when he talked about National Geographic. That's always been another propaganda organization for American exceptionalism. I was watching one time and they mentioned the age of an old tree by saying it's been here since "Columbus discovered America" and another little tid bit about Machu Picchu. They gave all the credit of discovery to the American. They didn't mention the Peruvian that told the American all about it. Yep, the people that lived there and were ancestors didn't know anything about it it was the American that discovered it all on his own. More B.S. Yes they've had some good stuff but when you blatantly put in little B.S. tidbits it totally discredits the whole.   

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wes, “reply” buttons are only under original comments. You can’t (for example) reply to a reply.

  11. Methane vent hole in the ice? /Oct. 30, 2015

    In October 2015, an area appeared in the Arctic sea ice where the temperature of the ice was a few degrees Celsius higher and where ice concentration and salinity levels were substantially lower than the surrounding ice. The image below pictures the situation on October 11, 2015. Could this have been an iceberg? If so, ice concentration should have been higher, rather than lower. More likely is that this is a vent hole with methane rising through cracks in the sea ice.

    Malcolm Light comments: "The whole of the Arctic seabed is covered with methane hydrates and NASA satellites should have long ago defined where the major plumes were coming out. It is clearly a surface methane vent hole in the ocean ice analogous to the large methane vent holes that appeared all over northern Siberia this year. It means we have overheated the Arctic seafloor to the extent where the methane hydrates are now unstable and we could have further major releases at any time. We have already lit the fuse on a giant methane subsea permafrost bomb in the Arctic which can go off at any moment".

    Animations & story

  12. Rachel Robson says:

    And today, the weather guy I watch here, shows a massive bad ass hurricane headed to Yemen.  Says virtually unheard of.  Seems quite surprised and at a loss to explain.  Isn't it weird that we know why and who?  Just in time for Halloween.  Boo!  And jeez.

    I've come to the conclusion that most humans here, not this site, but where I live and who I know, just do not care.  About anything but themselves and their own immediate lives.  So absorbed with themselves.  Apparently, they cannot hold two thoughts at the same time.  Too much heavy lifting.  Beginning to think they deserve what they get.  Too bad we have to get it too.

    Horsegirl, no survivor's guilt!  Enjoy while you can!  Everybody should enjoy whatever they can while we can because we Can hold two thoughts at the same time, but also, we must try to maintain our health-mental and physical.  Balance is an art that requires practice.

    • Robert says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I totally agree with your comment regarding people "just do not care". I think it is just like politics… I'm on one side and you're on the other side.  That means that you are automatically wrong and nutty. They can not stand to be wrong or different from the main stream. If you even open your mouth you are talking about something that you don't anything about. That is a big put down and you can't break that barrier. How do we get past that? Only when the media starts talking about the dire straits we are in. I hope the media starts talking soon. I'm scared to death it's late in the evening and about to turn dark.

    • Dale says:

      The name of the Yemen-bound cyclone is called Chapala. It is currently generating sustained winds of 130 knots. Chapala is expected to cross over onto the mainland somewhere between Al Mukalla and Salalah on around the 2nd or 3rd of Nov. You can see the forecast map on the NRL Tropical Cyclone Page.

    • Marc says:

      Rachel Robson, what you said about many people only caring about themselves and their immediate lives speaks truth to me. I really think it is difficult if not impossible for many millions to mentally comprehend the magnitude of what is happening to our Mother Earth. Regardless of the internet and what it affords us in terms of the "big picture", so many flat out don't give a shit, and even if they comprehend what's happening (environmentally) they STILL don't give a shit. Why? Because the issue is just too big for them. It's bigger than their cellphones and their circle of friends and their little slice of whatever life they feel most comfortable within. Tuning in to the science when all around us are bullhorns blasting junk-science and science-lies, makes for a difficult road ahead. Not to mention the massive erosion of personal integrity in the so-called science community, and in society in general. All we can do is chip away at the facade and keep doing our little part to spread awareness of what's being done to the biosphere, which, of course, includes us!

    • Dan says:

      You hit the nail on the head Rachel. Most the people I talk to cannot be bothered with this. They simply do not believe that something so sinister is going on and I don't blame them. None of us should have too. Unfortunately we live in the real world. Like Dane said to me in a reply they are soon to find out just how real this is. I just hope it's not too late. Keep your spirits up and lets all continue to help Dane in this fight for our planet and all life on it.

  13. Terri says:

    weather modification company who says their chemicals are minor. what right do they have to do it at ALL! spraying people for profit and they think they have the right to manipulate the weather.

  14. Marc says:

    Deep gratitude to Dane Wigington for his incomparable commitment to the fight to expose and one day halt geoengineering of our planet. And to his incredible hard work to maintain this essential forum for making truth and reason available to all who yearn for a better world and a chance for our grandchildren to have some kind of a life. I cannot express enough my own personal admiration for Dane and his work, and for his untiring commitment to bring accurate data and science to all of us. Palms together, namaste. Thank you.

  15. Hey everyone: Be sure to contact these folks: >
    Weather Modification Association
    They're only trying to "help"…

  16. Bob says:

    Is the amount of methane growing in  a linear or exponential rate
    that the growth can be forecast by formula?  Or is it possible for
    a sudden unexpected massive release?
    Also, I have the same problems talking to others regarding the geo-engineering issue as others on your site.  Particularly the MSM reports of a GROWING ICE CAP in the Arctic.  Maybe we need a FAQ type page that answers frequently given objections.
    Thank you Dane.

  17. Sebastiaan says:

    Just heard today on mainstream media here in Europe that the Government of Indonesia admits to using Geoengineering ( even naming the chemicals used) to artificially create rain, combat forest fires and improve air quality

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Seriously?  Oh gee, I want more details.  Are they doing this all by their selves?  Or with help?  From?

      The monster emerges.  But, from Indonesia?!  Did they mention what company doing it?  My brain goes to Australia and Acquiesse. 8 years in Australia of California like drought, mega action taken for water conservation to the nnnnth degree, Then it poured.  They say, oh well and damn, but at least prepared for future.  Occurred to me the same ploy may be happening here in CA.     

    • Nnikki says:

      If MSM covers it, figures that they would paint the whole subject in happy smiles & good-guy badges.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Seriously?.. IMPROVE air quality?!.. What dupes they must think we are!  Here in Northern Georgia trees are dying left and right, especially lovely old oaks. Nature is so confused for the past 3 seasons(which I have been paying close attention- normally I am quite observant of nature anyway) we have violets and honeysuckle blooming in now November and though my pitiful clematis hardly bloomed this spring and summer- it has has a few sickly blooms this fall. Completely unprescedented for this region. Non GMO blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry bushes planted this spring have done poorly, with leaves discoloring and dying continually since about 3-4 weeks after planting (the plants were healthy looking when initially purchased). The fig tree seems to be faring the best of all. Chickweed is also regrowing- another anomaly- we should not be seeing this again until next spring!  For all those who say the planet is NOT WARMING- nature is telling me a very different story. Mother Nature is CLEARLY very confused about many things now. Thanks to the alert people sounding the alarm and God help us all.

  18. Teresa Davis says:

    So many times in the past 3 weeks it should've rained. That should've been ours. But over & over it's just pushed past us. But no one believes or it's just too big for them to believe. & I'm depressed. The land I loved in Shasta Co. no longer is. I heard someone say "Aren't you glad it's raining?" really? that was no rain. that moister on the ground wouldn't be there & wont be there as soon as they learn how to keep every single drop from us. Every drop. The masses will migrate east & the ones who have no God & no conscience to answer to will own it all.  I thought only God had power over weather. I was innocent.  Most of my clergy friends have distanced themselves from me. I even took the issue to a staff meeting at 2 churches seeking prayer. I brought the evidence. It didn't matter. I was ridiculed. I 'm starting to believe we need a support group that meets on a regular basis. I would offer that up but I'm in a very small apt. Just sayn.

    • cinny says:

      Here in the northeast, we got "rain" on Wednesday, it was so toxic it just removed more of the marine grade stain on my decking and the boards themselves where the "rain" puddles and sits, are rotting, the marsh grasses 2 days later, are now all browned out.  The only vegetation that is not browned out, from my observation, are those leaves that have very waxy foliage.  The plants themselves do not look healthy, but they are not getting the double punch..they are not absorbing the crap thru their foliage, but still getting to their roots via "rain".  I also noticed, that certain yards and landscaping, that was regularly watered by irrigation systems (using public water) faired much better than those without.  IMHO, the "rain" is now more toxic then our "publicly supplied filtered water system"  at least for now.  Another observation, is the water in the bowl of my spare bathroom, that is not regularly used, has a brown residue, with a pink ring.  The vinyl screens on my windows (windows replaced in 2009) are breaking down, so much evidence of what is in our skies and "rain", or maybe the real word should be "reign", just a thought on my end, "be careful what you wish for".  The "english" language has so many synonyms and definitions, you never really (k)now what you are asking for.  If you ask to "heal" the earth, is that the true intention, when at the same time, the pronunciation, can also be "heard" as "heel".  Is prayer actually preyer???  These entities are so evil and demonic, it would make sense.  That they would create written language/definitions, that the sound/frequency/spoken "word" would be purposely misrepresented.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The "god" most are worshipping is actually Lucifer.  Most going to church and most churches in fact just want more of The Status Quo:  Money, Power and Control.  Churches will keep throwing more and more money at the victims who are the symptoms of The Underlying Cause, which is the Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm.  But unlike their great teacher, they will NEVER address the Paradigm itself.  Even Einstein is on record saying that the greatest invention that's ever been created is compound interest.  Most are waking up too late, noticing it just ain't workin' any more, we're running out of road down which to keep traveling on that path.  NO RESOURCES = NO "MONEY."

    • Dan says:

      Keep your spirits up Teresa. I get depressed sometimes knowing what is happening to us, but with great people like Dane and all on this sight it helps me to keep fighting this evil that we are facing. I will keep spreading the word and I hope you will too. It will be a cold day in hell before they force me out of the west. God bless you

    • horsegirl says:

      Hi Teresa,

      As a believer I applaud your notion for a support group.  In case you haven't been exposed to this, you need to know that just like everything else the CIA has infiltrated all organized churches and their every educational orifice.  ALL of them are compromised.  Found out the pastor who baptized me as a child in our American Lutheran Church was actually a spook spying on railroad union activities.  Evidently the one following him also was, for his recent obituary totally omitted his daliance as a clergyman.  In the Baptist synods, the spooks have deliberately trashed the doctrine of "the priesthood of the believer" in favor of a top-down authoritarian rigid hegemony disrespecting each believer's capacity for divine inspiration in reading the Word. All this pertains to the politicization of the churches.  This is why we encounter depraved nonesense in the name of Christianity.  Take the televangelists (please, take them!) – was there one who could be described as humble?  I now believe probably every last one was a spook infiltrator.  Not to name names, but how could they read the gospels and yet take themselves seriously?  

      So when you encounter brick walls in clerical venues, realize the depth of treachery and insincerity.   So many on "spook welfare" getting money under the table to betray their fellow citizens and country.  

      Having said that, I would love to be part of an online support group as we live some 1,200 miles from you.  The administrators of this website have my permission to give you my email info.  Bless you for trying.  We'd have a better shot at directly calling up the CIA though.

    • Shelley E. Ross says:

      Isn't it amazing that it's not being addressed in most church circles? This is weird. Weeks ago I was so distressed and asking why, why, why, is no one responding to any of my posts about this? I mean, two people out of 95? I seriously thought , "All my facebook friends are idiots!" (Sorry, God) So, in the back of my mind I kept hearing the word 'delusion". I'm thinking to myself, not Revelation- it's not in the book of Revelation. So I typed it into the internet and
      2 Thessalonians 2:11-12New American Standard Bible (NASB)
      11 For this reason God [a]will send upon them [b]a deluding influence so that they will believe[c]what is false, 12 in order that they all may be [d]judged who did not believe the truth, but[e]took pleasure in wickedness.
      …that came up.
      Well, all over the Bible it's talked about how the Lord judges nations… don't forget where you got your wealth, etc.
      Anyway, yes, a support/prayer group might be good.
      Since no one I live or work around seems to look up or care, either. Shasta Co. Even my church buddy(s) are slow to look into the facts, if not in denial of  the accessibility of the facts.
      After the 1st "rain" a couple days ago some shrub leaves turned brown, like fried, over night.
      Anyway, yes. A support and online group – as horsegirl mentioned- would be good.

  19. debra says:

    Interview with Gates this little paragraph is another alarm bell:
    When I first got into this I thought, How well does the Department of Energy spend its R&D budget? And I was worried: Gosh, if I’m going to be saying it should double its budget, if it turns out it’s not very well spent, how am I going to feel about that? But as I’ve really dug into it, the DARPA money is very well spent, and the basic-science money is very well spent. The government has these “Centers of Excellence.” They should have twice as many of those things, and those things should get about four times as much money as they do."
    Gates and his kind are vile slithering creatures.Forgot the link:

  20. Wayne says:


    What is the protocol for renting a billboard in Southern California? Thanks.

  21. Marc says:

    I mean, talk about insane. RF frequency transmitters to degrade methane? Have these imbeciles in lab-coats reminded themselves of how vast the northern hemisphere is? Jesus, what orders of magnitude would such RF bombardment need to comprise to make a pinch of a difference? And, if deployment of this technology is already occurring, either the problem is too vast for it to make any real difference or it needs to remain deployed for decades? God help us all……….This bleak report is depressing as hell. Once again I see the "Game Over" sign flashing on and off on this pinball machine we call Mother Earth. And it's astounding how there can STILL, at this late stage of the game, be many hundreds of millions who are color blind to this game-over sign. Such is the bizarre quandary of modern existence, that our technology-based distractions and preoccupations serve both to enlighten some AND stupify others. 

    Meanwhile, out pours the methane (meeeeethane, as the British like to say). If, as has been pontificated, a strata of methane now covers the entire US, and by extension, the entire Northern Hemisphere, it would seem to me that we must surely be teetering on the very brink of a disaster of unimaginable intensity and potential fury. How much time? How much time do we have until all hell breaks loose upon us? Maybe we should all be stockpiling foodstuffs and water and other survival gear like mad while we still can. Is this not unlike the story of the ant and the grasshopper? The grasshopper basically fiddles his life away in carefree mode (me) while the ant works indefatigably day after day to put away supplies and food for the "winter". Is this little fable now a metaphor for our current predicament? And is this not what the so-called Elites, be they military, bluebloods, self-proclaimed royalty, dracos or bunker-breeding stock, have been doing for decades? Furiously putting away supplies for the "winter", like the ant in the fable? Stockpiling and (like ants) digging a vast underground network of interconnecting high-speed magnetic rail tunnels or some other transport even more advanced? Why? Why are they doing this? I've asked myself this for years and have investigated this phenomenon for a good while. Hideaways from nuclear holocaust? I don't think so. Protection and survival quarters from approaching space object? Planet X? Etc. Hmmm……Colonies for escapees from radiation, CO2 and methane-induced cataclysm? As I read Dane's report here, I had in the back of my mind all these scenarios. THERE IS SOMETHING THEY'RE NOT TELLING US. This entire panoply of weird shit going on, the spraying, the government suppression of free energies, the police-state tactics, vaccines, false flags, phony terrorists, phony wealth, absurd politics, and GWEN towers all serve to expose the dark underbelly of a monster gone rabid-mad and bat-guano out of control. The absolute virtual antithesis of a Utopian society, even though the asswipes who are at the helm and who are desperately trying to implement their NWO must have imagined it to be a newer version of a Utopia, or perfect society. 

    But I am losing it, man. Maybe all my commentaries are nothing more than procrastination and playing pinyata. You know, that game where you allow yourself to be blindfolded, and then you get your chance to swing wildly in hopes you'll hit the critter and be bathed in a downpour of candy and other rewards.

    • Marc — You are not losing it – you are smart. I intuit that Dane prefers not to talk about the motives behind this insanity – and I can understand that because I imagine that in his mind such a discussion would quickly lead to six-ways-from-Sunday subjects that would not serve his purpose. I can respect that. Where does it stop? Galactic Super Waves and ETs? But if you add up what you have stated, it becomes obvious, yes there is some they are not telling us. Even more so now with the gag orders and the "doubling down" of efforts. I would like to believe that initially this had some good purpose, like the man on the plane said, which became abused by the greedy. But I doubt we will ever know. The only consolation is to imagine a bunch of Type-A control-freak elites packed together in their bloody undergrounds trying to keep from killing each other. Good Luck with that. "The meek shall inherit the earth."

    • Wolkenwolf says:

      No Marc. You are not losing it.

    • Bob says:

      Nope Marc, you sir are not losing it.  Well your mind and reason anyway.  Maybe your patience for these ignorant zombies to wake up faster, or your tolerance for evil to run amok and good people don't recognize it.  I have found that most people do not wish to learn anymore.  SO many people just plain do not educate themselves in pertinent information.  They think educating themselves in sports statistics or plot twists in a TV show is making them smarter.  I am a new school teacher and I have kids the same age as I teach, and I see a sickening pattern.  More and more of them do not want to learn anything.  And I mean nothing.  They do not see why the information being taught is relevant to them.  I think that mindset pervades our society.  I think the creation of that mindset is exactly the nefarious goal.  I think media has been the major cause for this.  Most kids would rather discuss some stupid "mod" in Minecraft for hours at length, instead of discussing something real like volcanoes.  Most adults would rather talk about the game or about Facebook videos.  We truly ARE living in the Matrix, right here, right now.  And we are the residents of Zion.  But don't give into hate.  Try to remain positive for its very true that cumulative positive intention will change this.  Never being a religious person myself, I am more and more seeing the relevancy of the metaphors within the Bible as being sound, and good.  I too know there is something HUGE they are not telling us, the evidence is all around us and has been for thousands of years.  But I also agree with Dane and Susan, we need to keep this fight focused and water tight so its light shines through all those curtains keeping people asleep.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, I suggest you (and all with half a pea brain of sense) begin stockpiling food, water, ammo and everything else you can- such as any suppliments which you use, toilet paper, bleach, clothing, first aid supplies, etc. Water filtering devices could be useful, food for any beloved pets or livestock, generator of some sort- preferably solar, I guess. Woodstove? although if  planet is truly warming one may need only to cook on? How sad we all must consider this- these ba$ta*&'s have truly created hell on earth. I hope they fry for it!

  22. Rosalie says:

    A few weeks back, a song came into my head as I was driving and seeing the disgusting chemicals in the sky.  Sometimes the easiest way to resonate with people is through song.  There have been musical collaborations done around the world at various times for various causes or just bringing creative minds together just because. This can be done quite easily.  You lay the tracks down in separate studios and bring in a competent sound engineer to pull it all together.  I've been a singer for many years and was once a pro-touring singer across Canada and the U.S.  I'm just putting it our there. I don't have to be part of the talent if there is someone who can relay this message in a better way.  I just think it's important to find a medium that gets the message across effectively.  Clearly, not enough people are rising up against this insanity. There should be mass outrage.  What's it going to take?  I'm certainly willing to put my creative hat on and help out with many others who step forward, so that we may spread the word about this urgent world issue.  What better way than with music!!!   

    • quignik says:

      Hi, check out an artist called "Joy Askew"  song title- Hands Tied- Tongue Tied. I used it in my one & only youtube video a few years back.
      Just sayin'

  23. talawanda78 says:

    I just keep sharing on FB because everyone is telling me they're sick and tired of hearing me bitch, and to think about something else. I'm even friends with military people, and they don't want to hear it either. BUT, I'll keep posting and sharing till my fingers fall off…I guess; and I'll feel much better when they wake up to the fact that they can't breathe anymore. Then I can say, "I told you so…Told you to look up, told you to care, told you to make it known…to share with others and told you one day it would all come back to bite you in the ass."  Then I'll feel successful with what I'm doing. Will I have run out of compassion?  Yep – Already did, especially when they whine about their COPD.

    • tag says:

      I hear you.  They just don't and can't believe our government would actually do this.  And most to busy with the day to day to EVER look at the sky above them.  When I see a morning of BLUE sky, I know by noon it will be a white hazy sky.  I am 61 and I remember as a child it was not like this.  When no rain in the forecast, the sky stayed a brilliant blue ALL DAY LONG and the CONTRAILS the planes left disappeared right behind them in no time at all.  I guess when the older generation is gone they will truly win.  The generations of my children and grandchildren have no idea what the sky used to look like.  Very finning SAD.

  24. Tim c says:

    Pensions won't matter if they all die. This methane release could be a game changer for all human beings. It is beyond scary yet never mentioned in a debate or by our current President etc….you know it is bad when the Pope mentions it.

  25. debra says:

    Today was a nice day here in Foresthill. Was, they are back with the heavy plume spraying about 8 miles West. Have not received any response from the environmental groups or Legislators. The reach of these programs is mind boggling, and evil beyond comprehension of any sane mind. I am spending a great deal of time each day to learn more and spread the word. Thank you Dane for all you do. And putting together such a comprehensive site. And thank you to all posters who share insight ,links, info, and a true care for humanity and the planet.

  26. Greg Price says:

    Multiple sprayings here in S.W. Florida. I use my Skyder Alert app as often as it will allow me to report and expose the Grave Violations against us here in the state. I have not seen a single reply from any of the elected officials that this App is supposed to have emailed…  useless SLUGS
    So I cleaned my moss covered roof in certain spots, it says "STOP GEOENGINEERING" maybe the planes will get the message..MY neighbors sure did lol.
    You can already guess what they think of me. Maybe they will wake up.

  27. J Rizk says:

    Like everyone discusses here, I continue to talk to people about all this though they look at me like I have 2 heads and often will never talk to me again. There are a few that will look up and later start asking me questions, but they are very few. I've started more discussions anonymously on popular websites that get far better traction with more and more resulting in serious conversations. Lately, a number of people will say, "yes, we're seeing it all also." I always point them to geoengineeringwatch. National Geographic's Nov. issue was all about climate change. There was a section that talked all about geoengineering as a "possible" option with Harvard's David Keith talking about the planes and Mt. Pinatubo. I just wanted to scream. Sometimes I get so upset and depressed about this whole situation. I just look at this beautiful planet and can't understand at all how these supposedly intelligent people can do this. This place is SO amazing, yet the vast majority don't value it at all. It's all taken for granted. In their minds technology will fix things. The sky was clear blue when I started typing this, but now the spray is coming in from the Pacific. Typical geoengineering BS on the Pacific Coast.

    • RC says:

      Rupert Murdoch recently bought a majority stake in National Geographic. It is now a "for profit" publication and is part of 21st Century Fox. It can no longer be trusted as a credible source of information as it is now a part of the corporate MSM structure which disseminates propaganda over actual facts. So it wouldn't surprise me to see pro geoengineering viewpoints expressed as fact.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello RC, what matters is that the issue is being discussed, and becoming much harder to hide in plain sight.

    • penny says:

      If they look at you like you have a second head stuck on your shoulders, just remember: two heads are better than one.

  28. Mary Altmann says:

    The questions are great here. We will get more eyes on the methane and geoenginnering solutions around the globe with public awareness. We will heal the planet.

  29. Von Droid says:

    I've been through years of arguments with my parents and girlfriend over 9/11, to no avail.  It's actually been disastrous what it's done to our relationships.

    Now, with geoengineering, it's the same thing.  Just another conspiracy theory and they think I'm throwing my life away focusing on this stuff.  I just don't know how to get them to wake up, no matter which approach I take.

    One way or another my parents discovered, without me telling them, I was concerned about geoengineering.  I'm 29 years old, by the way.  My mother's response was a vehement, "Who in their right mind would do that?  They're killing themselves, too!  Why would they do that?"  I just don't have a concrete enough answer to satisfy any further understanding.  Then there's my father, one swayed by the "herd" and still under the impression we have some sort of benevolent government.  The other day, we were chatting in a group and someone asked if all the rain was part of the hurricane and I said, "Yes, Hurricane Patricia."  There's some more banter and then my father launches into this thing about how he's too busy "to pay attention to anything outside" or something like that.  Too busy to look up or look around.  And this is after the geoengineering cat has been out of the bag between us for the past 2 months.  But what I really think?  He's been looking up and it's just too damn obvious that the sky has been made a toxic mess, so he's chosen to double down on his denial and is adhering to some delusion that everything is fine and nothing is wrong.

    For the life of me, I do not know how to deal with this stuff, but the hardest part is that all this insanity has divided my familial relationships for years.  I'm sick of it but have no idea how to fix any of it.

    Well, good luck to everyone.  The awakening is continuing.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Von, most of us can relate to all you are going through. “To thine own self be trure”, follow your conscience, you are on the correct course.

    • Clint Housel says:


      I know your experience with others quite well. I've had to let many people go or, more often, they let me go, which amounts to the same thing because I can't "unknow" what I know and even if I don't bring up touchy subjects, they are aware that my embracing of the truth is making me different and if they are not wired to do the same thing they can't stand my influence any more. In my view, the reason folks fight so hard to keep certain information out of surface consciousness is because they are well aware of the state of affairs in our world and it scares the hell out of them and so it's easier to attempt to maintain a state of denial. However, they can't truly unknow what they know either so over time denial tends to collapse so that's one reason an awakening is happening, however slowly. Keep up the good work!


    • susan says:

      Hello, Von…..fear not! there are a few million 'out there' who will readily share your views….even though they may be hard to find on a stroll down Main Street. Thank God for Dane and all he and his crew do, working tirelessly to keep the message front and center.  It can become a game where you just drop the "C' word and stand back and see what happens 🙂 I've lost so many friends and family around those very issues you mention, but at the end of the day….it doesn't matter….As you say, the awakening continues…and one day, your dad will wake up and say…mmmm……Von's right!

    • Bob says:

      Von Droid – 
      You are not alone.  I too have had very similar familial divisions in the last 15 years of being awakened.  Right after 911 I was literally told by a couple of family members to not bring up the subject at family gatherings.  I couldn't help myself and became the black sheep.  But like Dane said, I had to remain true to my own self and trust myself and my ability to discern fact from fiction.  Since then I have kept hammering the subject and many others and through repetition and pure logic, some have at least opened their eyes.  I am not saying they are awake yet, nor up and at em, but at least they are not sleeping and point out the chicanery every now and then.  Small steps and ample amounts of patience and endurance.  Some folks just take so long to fully wake up and get up and in the game against the evil bastards.  Sometimes it just takes the right nudge to get them out of fear.  I know for a fact that fear of the truth that their leaders are capable of doing this kind of despicable evil makes them deny it.  But deep down inside the logic gets to them.  The truth wins.  Keep at it and try to remain positive!  Like Yoda says "don't give into hate".  Many of these folks are just so comfy in their "beds" and don't want to brave the cold, hard facts.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Von Droid-Hey dude, I assume Von Droid is not your real name?!  But a play on family and deniers?  I am 68, have one grandson age 20, one 11, my family-these two and my daughter are aware.  But adults?  No.  I thought for sure the docs from 1978 would at least convince some of my close friends and neighbors, but no.  In fact, these people look at me with pity and embarrassment-for me!!  GRRR.

      You are to be commended for such awareness and bravery in speaking out under hostile circumstances.  How did You get to be that way on your own?  I really want to know.  I feel like apologizing on behalf of all adults for letting you down, though I didn't!  But how to explain these others?  Most I know are highly educated, environmentally connected people, yet dumb as toast.  I can only conclude that this is too big a leap for them.  Because it is more than believing the geoengineering, it is a paradigm shift of mega proportions and older people are set in their ways.  Many want to be seen as credible and feel this would jeopardize that, cast them as lunatic fringe or some such.  Taint their reputation.  Or, just upend every thing they thought they knew.  Which is a big deal when you are older.  To realize your whole life is a lie.  I thank the Deities for someone like you.  Soon enough, they Will be asking You what is going on.  Like, with their last dying breath, as we all perish because most just could not stretch their brains far enough to do any good, preferring to go down with the ship.  I am beginning to find these friends and neighbors downright scary.  They are so insane.  So insane as to risk your future and my grandchildren's for their pride.  Pride in loving their country.  Pride in thinking they know what is going on.  Pride.  Ego and pride.  Too lame to do a little research.  Too lame to stand up for you.  Luckily, you can stand up for yourself!  Again, I find these people insane.  It is about time we turn around the tin foil hat and put it on them.  They are the ones believing in a conspiracy called the USA.  We are sane.  They are delusional!

    • Elaine Woodriff says:

      Then there is the family and friends' denial of the corrupt medical establishment instead of using alternative natural health. They will allow the surgeons to chop them up, poison them with meds, etc. Nothing I say counts. They all worship the medical establishment.

    • PatinSF says:

      Von I know too how frustrating it is! Keep in mind if there ever was an event like a geo engineering awareness rock concert it would be sold out and filled to the brim!! A big thank you to Dane:)

    • Gman says:

      Great post! As many are saying… You are not alone. I personally believe in unconventional tools to assist others in waking you up. I'm fortunate to have parents who believe me and can see for themselves. But this is happening to a lot of us who choose to see what has been happening. 

      I realize that all who nay say are so insanely fearful deep down so complacency and apathy is their addiction vices to get by. In order for this to really change I believe it must be an exponential leap in collective consciousness. 

      Love the planet. Love others… Especially those who need it the most including those committing atrocities. Believe consciousness can truly take hold through our species and change everything very soon!

    • Winters says:

      You have had a lot of replies to this.  I think it is because most on here can relate to what you are saying. For me, I can directly relate.  Family gets sick of 'hearing it'. Friends are too busy lining up for the new iPhone, taking pictures of themselves with lovely white streaks of poison in the background skies.  Ever feel like you entered the twilight zone sometime in the early 21st century?  I am absolutely stupefied at how completely dumb and institutionalized people have become.  It's as plain as day, how is it no one can 'see' it?!  
      I make this argument, as you do, many times a week.  Can't help myself. I keep feeling I will wake from this bad dream, and things will go back to normal. Ever feel that way?
      Anyway, there is a purpose behind all of this.  Someone has a hell of a lot of power to be doing this world wide.  How did they achieve this? Has to be fear. Their has got to be a reason why govs all over the world allow this.  This should be the focus of the investigation.
      cheers mate, your not alone in how you feel.  Too bad I can't meet more like you in person, instead of the walking dead.

  30. Michael says:

    nice work Dane. keep on truckin!


  31. horsegirl says:

    I have a question I wish someone would even attempt to answer:  why is our region being spared the sight of jets spraying?
    We may be experiencing something like survivor's guilt.  We know what it's like to be bombarded   While living in Mexico we moved twice to get out of the way of heavy spray campaigns.  Hideous deluges that dumped something like snow – only chemical bits – all over our patio, the tops of vehicles, jamming every appliance fan with intractable goo.  But not here in SE Arizona a few miles from the Mexican border.  We know geoengineering is going on.  We see the crud in the air all right, particularly 15 miles away in a constant murky field of filth suspended over Douglas, Arizona and her sister city of Agua Prieta, Sonora on the Mexican side.  We'll have clear blue skies while that area looks like it's having major fires, the toxin is so thick.    It is not about being spared that we don’t see it.  Not entirely.  Rather for some reason or other it is about concealment.
    We spent time in Sonora and observed innumerable planes creating goo over Ciudad Obregon, where evidently the filth is moved to other destinations such as Chihuahua's farming belt where a record drought plagues them (sound familiar, California?).  We suspect that location is near enough that our phony clouds emanate from there.  But in three years here we have seen a maximum of maybe 10 planes leaving trails.  Nor do we hear constant activity overhead.  We suspect some of the elite live in Bisbee, Arizona's vicinity and demand it is protected to a great degree, although in the little communities flanking Bisbee strange gelatinous what's-it destroys air quality.  A lot of invisible stuff with no planes.  After our wretched experiences in Mexico we picked this place after sussing it out at length.  
    In Mexico we also observed a phony "cloud" hanging over absolutely every town or pueblo directly proportionate to population base.  No matter how tiny the pueblo.  You could drive two hours under spotless turquoise skies yet see that one lone "cloud" absolutely every time – no town too small.  It must be the case that these are dispatched for surveillance purposes, because the "clouds" never move an inch.  Hung there all day.  Evidently they are doing this in the US too, these strange "invisible" fields that nevertheless make things look a little smoky.  Despite seeing no aerosol dispersion by planes, ever.  Not around here.  The characteristic geoengineered straight line clouds "blow" into place, but you will never see planes emitting spray in certain localities.
    Our best guess is that there is a huge Army base at Fort Huachuca and they don't want the military catching sight of what torments the rest of the country.  We know geoengineering, we know it's going on, and we see plenty a couple hours to the north over Willcox, AZ and the major agricultural areas north of us in our valley.  Hidden in plain sight there.  But:  why are we not seeing planes?  
    Does anyone else share this anomaly?  Does anyone have any insight?  
    We see HAARP clouds here and there, and have days like today that are overcast with gummy rot.  But we are not nearly as plagued as so many unfortunate people who comment here.  Now watch me make a liar of myself for having asked and see them playing tic tac toe over our heads starting tomorrow morning.  But it really does seem like they don't want the military bastions to catch sight of it all.
    Someone asked if there was anywhere to where they might move to retire, and I was tempted to volunteer this area as at least a less noxius locality than most any described by commenters here.  We have 90 acres we’re willing to share if anyone wants to consider a less toxic area.  Come and scope it out.
    Peace to all the dear ones who comment here.  We may not see planes but there's no doubt this is part of the asylum too.  My husband and I would be lost without your validation.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Horsegirl, perhaps you are in a particular nook that is not often passed over, but unfortunatley the fallout is everywhere. It is not the trails directly overhead that drop the contamination on a particular zone but those that are the appropriate distance upwind. The lower troposphere is saturated around the globe, we must bring all of it to a halt. This being said, I am glad that you at least can look up without the constant site of the spraying insanity.

  32. I found Dahr Jamail's contact here:                 And his new brilliant article:

    Did the US Navy Break Federal Laws to Push War Games Over National Forests?
    Monday, 26 October 2015 00:00 By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | Report

    The US Navy aims to begin conducting electromagnetic warfare training across much of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula soon.
    Meanwhile, it is being accused of breaking federal laws in order to secure the permits necessary to move forward with its training operations.
    Karen Sullivan worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for 15 and a half years, and is an expert in the bureaucratic procedures the Navy is supposed to be following.
    She is now part of the West Coast Action Alliance, one of two large multistate and international citizen groups who have tasked themselves with watchdogging the Navy, due to what they believe are ongoing violations of the law, blatant acts of disrespect toward human and environmental health, and ongoing bellicose behavior by the military branch in their areas.
    "Ethical and legal questions about the Navy's conduct abound: hidden notices, comment periods that have been shortened or wholly eliminated, and last-minute publication of key documents coupled with total disregard for NEPA's [National Environmental Policy Act] prohibitions on segmentation present a clear and present danger that the Navy is hastily proceeding with plans regardless and in defiance of federally mandated processes," Sullivan's organization wrote recently in a memorandum to the Navy.

    Full article here:


    • I sent my 'electric sky' photos today. Regarding the electronic warfare & aerosol spraying on the Olympic Peninsula WA, here is the link for Karen Sullivan, who worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for 15 and a half years, and is an expert in the bureaucratic procedures the Navy is supposed to be following.
      She is now part of the West Coast Action Alliance:

      The mission of the West Coast Action Alliance is to publicly and factually challenge the conversion of lands in our National Forests, the airspace over our communities and National Parks, and the waters on which we recreate and make our livings, into a Naval Electronic Warfare Range. Our purpose is to exchange information and ideas with groups and organizations all across the country, who are fighting their own battles to get the federal government to follow its own laws that are designed to give the public a fair shake. For more information on these organizations, see “Who’s Who” in the dropdown menu under “Overview.”

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well done Susan!  There is a reason Rosalind Peterson watches the navy like a hawk, and keeps the documents from long ago until now, as she says they have a tendency to disappear.  I've actually written to the President about this, asking why our Navy is attacking us!  Who stole our government?  I just watched a movie called Good Kill.  Don't recommend it. Ethan Hawk and the air force.  Forced to wear flight gear while in a "sweat box" outside of Las Vegas, firing drones to kill, never mind collateral damage, in the Middle East!  Just rang of truth.  Myself, I am embarrassed my government does this.  Have been since they started this.  Military Industrial Complex from hell.  Yes, people may fear us, the US, but no one respects us anymore.  Why should they?  When I asked my native friend with two degrees in chemistry who monitors Puget Sound, how the navy gets away with this, she says: because they can! 

      Thank you for the links.  I'm at my wit's end here. R

    • Earth Angel says:

      Wow- Excellent article! Its high time we all stand up and call out the military ba#*a*&s who are doing this.. who gave them carte blanche to do ANYTHING they want to do on this planet- no matter HOW DESTRUCTIVE??

  33. Felix Mosso says:

    Dane, I don't know if you've thought of this but it might be a thought to

    somehow duplicate this site so we don't loose the info.  There are all

    kinds of rotten people out to do harm……watch out !

  34. Felix Mosso says:

    The January 2016 meeting of the American Meteorological Society in New Orleans is an important event that should be attended by as many anti-geoengineering activists as possible.  This event should be covered

    by as many good video camera people as possible to help identify WHO these

    'rat fink' scientists are and turn the videos over to our lawyers for possible

    prosecution !  &/or have all members ARRESTED at their meeting.

  35. Sandi says:

    It's October 30th in Massachusetts and has been 71 degrees and humid since 8am. I had the AC on in my car. The skies are covered, lately we only see dull bits of blue between lines and "X" formations of chemtrails. I've been seeing them for years, but it's getting so we never see the sky. 

    It is great, invaluable, the work you are doing, drawing attention to this. When will somebody act to stop this? Before we all die, either from the chemicals, or the disasters they produce. Or is it just too late?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sandi, we cannot fight a battle without an army, We can’t gain an army without reaching a critical mass of awareness. The raising of aweness is what has already brought our efforst as far as they are. The information posted on this site is intended to be shared with others that don’t yet know what is unfolding. If people just read from this site, comment, and go about their buisness, we will not move forward. Yes, we are past the point of any return to the planet we have formerly known, but we may yet be able to preserve a planet that supports life. This effort will require each and every one of us.

  36. Al C says:

                On Tuesday, here on the East Coast, there was a massive spray assault………….At times, I saw as many as 6 planes spraying a sector of sky………….By the end of the day, you could barely see the full moon.

                        Yesterday, we had torrential downpour's and localized street flooding along with high winds……..the accumulated rain on the ground had a very sudzy look to it.

                Today, the psycho-scientists are back at it again, blanketing the sky.

    Thank God I have this site with kindred spirits who have the eyes and awareness to "see"……………It's very frustrating sometimes when I point it out to people and they give you "the look".

           Again, thank you Dane for the research and all the tutorials on this horrendous activity and I firmly believe that with enough people knowing that this is going on, it will stop.

  37. penny says:

    These 'scientists' make my blood boil!  Either they are inexcusably ignorant of anything beyond their tiny range of research (which is possible), or they are criminally insane.  It is obvious to anyone with any degree of rational thinking whatsoever that it cannot possibly be good to fill the atmosphere with 'nano-diamonds' – unless we don't mind having the sharpest known substance in nature filling our lungs.  Furthermore, anyone with any science background at all should realize that the use of this much energy, and the creation of hydroxyls, at 50 km will damage, if not destroy, what is left of the ozone layer.  I have ranted before about academia (on this website, in fact).  But it bears repeating: the academic process is designed to weed out anyone with a conscience, and to create arrogant, psychopathic tools-for-destruction of the ones who remain.  I saw my best friends sell out, and become monsters, during my time in and after grad school.  It breaks my heart to know that people I once was close to are part of this corrupt, malign system.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Too true Penny.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Your insight is tremendously valuable, Penny, thank you.  When I write about Projects Lucy and Alamo, I say, "What creature can breathe nano-diamonds and survive?"  Isn't it obvious to scientists that nano-diamonds would be unbreathable and finish off the Ozone layer?  Are these people even scientists?  I'm not, but I know a few basics which these guys seem to have forgotten.  Like, why we need the Sun for life on Earth, for example.
      About 2012 a family member and I were reading the explanation of Project Lucy just shaking our heads.  Following up were comments by Leuren Moret, who claimed that operationally Project Lucy would utilize every last molecule of Oxygen in the atmosphere of the surrounding area.  I've looked and looked and can no longer find this comment on the internet.  We just looked at each other thoroughly astonished at the absurdity of even considering such technique!
      Somewhere else I've read Project Lucy requires triangulation of coordinated HAARP-like infrastructure (3) in order to work.  And I suspect that's why we have so many recently constructed facilities in Alaska.  We have six or seven facilities, it seems, which makes the deployment Project Lucy possible.  Probably you'll understand this better than I do, Penny.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Here is the most recent map I've seen of Alaska HAARP related facilities, not including Poker Flats, which might be most significant one.

      And here is something showing how the triangulation works for degrading methane:

    • penny says:

      Thank you for those links, Bella, they are fascinating in a spine-chilling way!  To see the camouflaged facilities, and the pleased-as-punch corporate camouflage-makers marketing, hit me more viscerally than the scientific commentary about these death arrays.  Did you notice that, on the Stanford page, those beaming grad students out in the field are wearing the same sort of camouflage?  They are exactly the conscience-lacking tools of power that I was on about.  Deeply troubling, isn't it?  I can't fathom how people can become so morally bankrupt.

      Hi Rachel, I always want to visit my favorite former haunts on Telegraph Ave when I see your posts (Mario's in particular – probably long gone).

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Bella, Lucy can be done with one, two or three transmitters.  The triangulation method just makes it more accurate to zap a particular area of the atmosphere.  There will also be one transmitter/receiver to scan for the most concentrated area of methane to be zapped.

  38. Thank you, Dane. Excellent report.

    * First withdrawal from Doomsday Vault / Oct. 29, 2015

    Researchers have been adding seeds to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault – or Doomsday Vault – since 2008. Now, for the first time, they’ve taken seeds out. Earlier this month (October 19, 2015), seeds deposited in 2012 from war-torn Syria became the Svalbard Global Seed Vault’s first-ever withdrawal. The seed vault – located in Norway, sometimes called the Doomsday Vault – was built in 2008. Since then, researchers there have been storing containers of seeds from all parts of the globe in the vault, and this is the first time they’ve removed seeds.

    According to the seed vault’s website, all seed samples in the vault remain the property of the gene banks that deposit them. A nonprofit organization in Syria had originally stored the seeds in the Arctic vault. The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas – which promotes agriculture in developing countries – ran a major seed bank near Aleppo, Syria until 2012, when rebel forces took over that area. Before the nonprofit shut down its Aleppo operation, researchers there were able to transfer thousands of seed samples from Syria. Some were stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Now, researchers have taken 38,000 seeds back out of the vault. On October 19, the seeds were delivered to Lebanon and Morocco, where the nonprofit will continue the research started in Syria. This was the first of what they say will be “several shipments” over the next few years.

  39. dan says:

    I have a ton of Chemspraying footage by the US Government in Wisconsin this year and in the past '' If you need it please let me know ..

  40. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dr. Malcolm P.R. Light, presenting at the AMS Meeting (New Orleans) on January 13, 2016 /The Lucy Project ~

  41. Kat Lopez says:

    It's going to take a real in-your-face-disaster to make the asleep crowd to look up from their television screens & phones.

    • BaneB says:

      "……and they shall worship the image that speaks."  Really, just looking about one sees so many with heads bowed, irreverent to any outside factors, fixated on the "smart" phone.  It IS a form of worship.  These  "religionists" don't look up because they are captures in a web woven by their own self-delusion.  It is immaterial what is going on over their heads.  

  42. cinny says:

    It was 74 degrees this morning at 5 AM and so humid, had to run the fans on.  I could see the coverage, broke up at dawn and then MASSIVE CHEMTRAILS AND CHEMCLOUDS.  I saw 4 planes side by side.  I am sick to my stomach and my chest is tightening from the thick mucous.  At this rate, how many of will even make it to January?  There is too much coming out on the alternate news/blogs from whistleblowers that care more about Mankind, then their income and pensions.  They must start WW 3 before the global economic collapse of the dollar and all the dirt about US Corp, the vatican, city of london

    US to Sacrifice 3000 Troops in Syria to Start WW3! [now in VIDEO]

    Posted on October 29, 2015

    They need WW 3, also to cover up what they did..WW 3 and bombings are needed to cover up all the deaths.  Ebola didn't work as they had hoped.  This was never about solar management, this was always about mass depopulation.  They knew where this would lead from the start.  We already entered the dark ages with Operation Paperclip

    God help us all

  43. Thanks Dane for your work and this site.

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