What Are The Climate Engineers Doing In The Arctic? Astounding Images, And Dead Scientists


Dane Wigington

The far north is out of site and out of mind for the vast majority of the population, but the importance of this region to the overall survival of life on Earth cannot be overestimated. The global power structure has long since believed they have the right to experiment with our planet's life support systems. They have always felt they had the right to permanently pollute and poison any region in the biosphere they wish in the pursuit of their agendas. Chemical ice nucleation is a primary tool for the geoengineers. It is a major weapon in their arsenal of insane, toxic, and destructive technologies. Geoengineered snow storms are wreaking havoc around the globe


This image is from a record breaking ice storm in Slovenia in 2014. I personally communicated with contact in Slovenia who stated their citizens feel the country was the target of NATO climate modification programs because they were not complying with global power structure mandates and policy.

Chemical ice nucleation is a reality, lab tests prove this beyond any doubt. The 5 shocking satellite photographs below were taken in the Arctic Ocean on September 15th, 2015. What these images show is extremely anomalous ice formation in open water, far from any existing remaining ice. They also show extensive geoengineering aerosol cloud cover with very clear radio frequency signature patterns (my sincere thanks to anti-geoengineering activist Cori Gunnels for locating these alarming Arctic Ocean NASA satellite images).






NASA satellite images taken September 15, 2015

On the same day that the disturbing images above were taken, the power structure controlled National Snow And Ice Data Center (NSIDC) confidently made the statement below.

"sea ice extent dropped to 4.41 million square kilometers (1.70 million square miles), the fourth lowest minimum in the satellite record. ………… ice extent will now climb through autumn and winter".

"Ice extent" is very different from the ice mass (volume), which is at record shattering low levels as the latest satellite imagery below clearly shows. 

Click image to enlarge


Arctic ice volume graphing

The graph between the two images is a gauge for Arctic ice thickness in meters. As the 2015 imagery shows, the thick multi-year Arctic ice is almost gone. Is the surface of the Arctic ocean being chemically ice nucleated with the same process that has created the unprecedented "ice boulders" on Lake Michigan in recent years? Even when water temperatures were far above freezing?


Unprecedented "Ice boulders" have appeared in Lake Michigan during recent years even at far above freezing lake temperatures

The following questions should be considered: 

How can a very thin layer of sea surface ice statistically remain over large areas of ocean when such astonishing decreases in ice volume (mass) occurring at the exact same time? How can the ice "extent" statistically increase in early September (ahead of the normal "minimum" melt date) when we have record shattering global ocean temperatures? When we have just logged the hottest 12 month period globally, the hottest start to any year ever, the warmest summer ever, and the warmest August ever? And finally, when we consider that the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world? What is really going on in the Arctic? Is there a connection between what the climate engineers are doing in the Arctic and the recent untimely deaths of three scientists that were investigating Arctic sea ice? How far will power structures go to hide climate engineering operations from populations?

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NSIDC shows a very anonymous upturn in Arctic ice "extent" near the middle of September

Though the ice extent (surface area) for 2015 was in an alarmingly downward trajectory as rapid melting took its toll, it suddenly turns statistically upward during the same window of time when the anomalous photos (shown earlier in this article) were taken. The power structure and the geoengineers do not want any headlines from the Arctic that would reveal the true extent of damage already done to the planet. They do not want any headlines that would potentially expose the climate engineering crimes that have been going on for well over a half century. Those in power will do everything they can to hide reality (from a population that is so far all too willing to stay uninformed) until the last possible moment. Climate engineering can create large scale temporary cooling, but at the cost of an even worse overall planetary warming. What is really going on in the Arctic? We must all examine the evidence and decide for ourselves. Geoengineering is not about the common good, it is about power and control at any price to the planet and the population. We must all do our part to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity.

79 Responses to What Are The Climate Engineers Doing In The Arctic? Astounding Images, And Dead Scientists

  1. Jason says:

    Perhaps the major insurance industries need to be invited to a huge conference that addresses the economic losses to the US solar user, insurance company, etc due to this weather warfare?????.
    maybe such a conference could be set up?

    • Tony says:

      One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Edmund Burke, it basically goes…"the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."  Each of us has the power to make change, to awaken a slumbering mass of people. Myself, I am going from site to site, anyplace I can where people dismiss global warming as "natural" and inform and educate them, and then provide a link to this site and invite them to visit and learn the harsh truth. Facebook was a tool developed by and for the C.I.A. It is, as Mark Zuckerberg stated, "the greatest social control tool ever created." He was given an award by Leon Panetta, and his code name was "Overlord" while acting as an agent for the C.I.A. So know that whatever you post there is being monitored. But, I don't care what they do to me, I post there anyway, just to let them know we know.  Tesla and all his diagrams and inventions were all taken by the F.B.I. when he died. They squashed much of his technology, and militarized what they could. The first cars built were slow and gas consuming. He created the first ever all battery engine, and reached speeds of 90 m.p.h. This was in the early 1900's. The tech is there to create unlimited free clean power, but big oil will not let this tech see the light of day. It's always about money. The drive for money and power make men crazy, dangerous, and without empathy. This is why I live a simple life, free of most material goods, and place very little value to money. Just enough for the basic needs, that is all I have ever needed. I fear that the latest "terrorism" in France is going to lead to an all out war, again taking out attention away from climate engineering and again making the war industry rich, and the banks who loan the countries money to buy the weapons even more powerful. I question my entire life now, what is real and what has been nothing but propaganda designed to brainwash. I sincerely hope those who have ruined the planet out of greed rot in hell for all eternity. So, what can we do as individuals? Tell as many people as possible. Shout it on the rooftops, don't be dismayed if people don't believe you, it's hard to believe that we are almost extinct. Remember they have been lied to most if not all their lives too. The government has been preparing for the Great Awakening by holding military exercises (Jade Helm) in several states, by building FEMA detention camps, stocked with thousands upon thousands of plastic coffins, by buying up 100s of millions of rounds of ammunition, by militarizing our police forces, etc. We knew that the end would come at some time. Anybody with a brain and free thought knew something was very wrong with the world. So, be heard. Visit websites and post the truth and provide a link to this site. Put it on Facebook and plead to your family and friends to share it on their timeline. Let them know the movement to stop this insanity is growing, and that those who made these decisions are going to be held accountable by 7 billion plus people. Peace brothers and sisters of Earth.

  2. Jason says:

    I wonder if SNOWDEN has any data about this travesty?
    if he does, and if that is released, then perhaps?????????

  3. Jason says:

    It seems to me that there could be a MASSIVE, NATIONWIDE, earthday “STOP Sraying our skies” rally next year. If people in every state could collect donations to pay for a billboard or two or three on the major freeways for the month PRIOR to earthday and give Dane’s website and the RALLY/PROTEST date, and have every last alternative media person at the rallies, recording the rally amd people’s personal health problems related to the spraying……….perhaps we could generate a response???????
    We have cough, cough…..elections coming up next year so perhaps we could use that fact to get some traction?

    • Nicole says:

      Jason from my view it appears all of the Earth Day type marches are being well orchestrated by The Earth Charter, the section of UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development that targets religion and our youth. They have turned normally free thinking individuals into pod-people, and earth marches into freak shows. Today most people who consider themselves activists are really beating the UN land grab drum. For more on that start this broadcast at 13 minutes in. https://youtu.be/UMAbSpX1S40


  4. Don says:

    My opinion is that additives are selectively added to jet fuel by the manufacturers. They have an industry to protect after all and a warming planet makes fossil fuels look bad. The airlines may not even know this is happening. The only approach i can see to stop this sounds pretty lame and time consuming to those wanting more rapid satisfaction. 
    I work as a solar designer and have seen first hand the reduction in solar cell output on spraying days. So here is my lame approach.

    1. Assume that they are not spraying just that airlines are polluting on a massive scale. WAIT..
    2. Extensively document the sky and quantify the irradiance before during and after spraying. Real numbers are needed. Time lasped photos showing the progression of  the haze and that they indeed come from jets is a big one also. Use flight tracker to pinpoint what exact flights are responsible on any given day, etc.
    3. Spread the word to all solar pv owners(tens of millions of them) that the pollution in the sky is reducing the return on their investments by x%. Even farmers may have an opinion that diminished light is affecting their crops.
    4. Start a class action lawsuit against the airlines charging them with massive pollution and erroding the value of the the peoples investments, reduction in crop yeilds etc.

    At that point the issue would have to be discussed and since there is no conspiracy aspect the whole subject could be mainstream. Lets let the airlines defend themselves and faced with billions of dollars of fines or reparations they may just cave in or start finger pointing.  
    Unfortunately our society values only money so thats got to be the catalyst in my opinion. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Don, though available data indicates fuel additives are a part of the equation, data also makes clear that sprayed payload dispersions are the larger part of the equation. The wheels for legal action are indeed turning, I am working directly with 7 attorneys on this. I am pushing for the wheels to turn faster, hope to have more news on this soon. Thanks for making your voice heard Don, all of us are needed in this fight.

  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Dennie M. Hello and thanks for the Pope's coin!  Which was exciting for a minute in that my daughter and I went to Switzerland in '86 for a friend's wedding and got to travel a bit.  I knew I had what I was told was a Vatican coin and I figured probably '85, given when we were there.  I'd made a treasure chest for first born grandson when he was young and it is still here, so that's where I looked.  And it was '85, says Italiana, but not the coin you indicated which I did look up.  As well as the excellent link to energynews.  Thank you!

    Now, can you help me read Sam Carana's map?  I feel like such an idiot, but to be fare, I'm not well at all.  Still, I always have trouble with these when no color codes.  Besides 7 years of what seems to be an allergy, a cold, pressure in my left eye which recently had surgery-and 3 surgeries in 3 months, headache, and months of a mysterious itchy rash and hives–my best friend was just here from Hawaii, including me in a skype call to our friend from decades ago who sails the south seas, currently in Figi, and she mocked me to him over geoengineering!!!!!!!  GRRRR!  Oh, and phone not working.  But it is raining.  Sort of.  It is, but you can barely tell.  Better than nothing but for what it brings down, eh?  Did you ever tell me your Barium experience?  I've not found it yet if you did.  I am curious.  And I am the canary in the coal mine in that I have major auto immune disorders.  I really am not doing well.  

    Bella F., hi and thank you for your links and always excellent info.  Also curious about your jet exposure that landed you in hospital for 17 days?

  6. Muse Minus Time says:

    Hello to All,

    For my small part, every opportunity I can get to blog on other websites to enlighten people about Climate Control Manipulation (Agenda 21 global population reduction), I refer bloggers to Dane's link.  I have written & called state & Fed offices as to this poisoning of citizens with no results.  I pray that concerned citizens will reach critical mass to stop the insanity!  Thank you Dane for leading & all activists for your part in this awareness campaign!  BTW, Paisley Oregon (near Christmas Valley) has an ionospheric heater, Darmouth College appears to be managing this facility.  Now it's apparent why we can see up to 30 trails per day in S.Oregon.

  7. Denise says:

    Now, you see the trails in commercials and some shows.

  8. SD says:

    Some observers have been suspecting UNMANNED or robotic aircraft as being involved in Chemtrail activity.  Short answer, YES.

    5-6 years ago the development of a fleet of unmanned refueling tankers was a major 40 Billion (with a B)  Pentagon/DARPA project.  Northrup pulled out of the bidding, with Boeing and Airbus remaining. According to an LATimes story from 2010, "Both proposed converting passenger jets into aerial tankers."

    The technology is real.  I'm sure that the ultimate aim is to have unmanned tanker jets spraying as desired and refueling/refilling chem tanks at unmanned "gas stations in the sky". The planes would only land for maintenance.


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The advantages, one more time:
      1. NO salaries to pay (that's A Biggie, too)
      2. NO liability claims
      3. NO talking pilots

      Why the Hell not??
      Y-E-S, the technology's existed for quite some time and was most likely displayed very prominently for the whole world to see on 9/11/01.  Look up "Dov Zakheim," who he was in entirety, the name of the company he owned, and which building it was housed in.  ALL those dots connect.

  9. one of things from January to April 2015,in Massachusetts ,United States Of America .we had  over 115 inches of ice and snow.so it was over 7 feet plus of ice and snow.it cost over billions of dollars ,when Governor closed down the state. Due disaster this winter,more than 90 percent of homeowners and businesses,had some form of damage from ice breaking roofs,and seeping water into ceiling. The key was when ice and snow has melted.the water was not drinkable to humans.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Donald, As your eastern snow disaster happened it did occur to me that the geo-tinkerers were not doing any favors to the east of US.  We talk as if California is being punished and it probably is given the statistics, but you all got punished as well as you describe.  Worse, it was not drinkable?!  Real snow can be drunk, preferably not when one is freezing, still….A few years ago in one of these mega storms in upper Kansas, my nephew grabbed a ball of the stuff and brought it indoors.  It did not melt.  Finally he took a torch to it and said it left an orange lump!  Did you try anything like that?  Did you get the stuff tested?

    • Earth Angel says:

      It would not be drinkable for animals or wildlife either!

  10. Marc says:

    Last time I flew in a jet was my return trip from the Redding event in August. I had a window seat and saw a whole shitload of weird stuff out that window that afternoon, including up close massive trails at the same exact altitude as our plane. But I was also struck by how truly huge our planet is. Yeah, we've all heard the lines about how small our planet has become, what with global net, jet travel, blah, blah.That ain't what I'm talking about. If we had no cars or trains or other transport, it would take some of us 8 hrs. to walk to work. Then we'd just turn around and go home because we missed work. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, my point is that this world AND IT'S BIOSPHERE is almost literally beyond our limited ability to truly comprehend. I've been to the summit of a snowy peak in British Columbia where all I could see in the entire 360 degrees of horizon was more snowy peaks stretching to infinity. I was aghast with disbelief. And yet, the full scope of that view is only an infinitesimally small part of our sacred planet. 

      But here's my real point: the amount of geoengineering and HAARP needed to achieve the effects (dimming) and weather modifications (drought, deluge etc) that we are now seeing everywhere, is so vast and impossibly monstrously colossal that it is impossible for anyone to wrap your walnut around just HOW MUCH POISON AND HOW MUCH HAARP-INDUCED DEVASTATION IS OCCURRING ON A DAILY BASIS. As Dane says, this is not a LINEAR EQUATION. There are limits to what the biosphere can handle (uh, hello? we're biosphere, too.) before toxicity brings it down. And these limits have already long since been reached in many cases. I really feel we are kind of like in one of those coin vortex contraptions where you put your coin in the slot and watch it launch itself into a gravity driven spiral to it's ultimate resting place. Only difference here is that there's an increasing number of folks who want to get the fuck off the goddamn vortex. And I'm one of 'em. But the force of gravity (Cabal/geoengineering/Rothschilds,etc) is pulling us all down with such incredible insurmountable strength that certain death appears ever and ever closer. So much for my analogy.

      The poisons are increasing exponentially everyday. While meantime, the vast majority of humanity either has to claw and scratch just to eat, or they fiddle and party without concern while "Rome burns". Sorry folks, I'm losing it. I just can't see our way out of this poisonous trap they've laid for all of us.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I feel the same way.  I mean it is not enough I guess to be crippled and sick, unable to get much done at all, just survive from day to day, but then add in all this stuff and it is a lot-whether geooengineering, or HAARP, or Fukushima, dying wildlife and trees, war-again and again all my life, or the mass suffering of so many peoples that they leave their homes under fire and walk so very very far into the unknown, so much suffering, so much wrecking of this precious world and its diverse peoples, turning all into a kind of zoo for the rich.  And yes, this world is Huge as you so well described.  Looking at its hugeness as you did, it truly is mind boggling that we puny humans could just wipe it out in less than 100 years.  There does not seem to be any hope at all.  It is depressing, if it did not depress anyone that would be shocking.  So I don't begrudge someone their favorite ball game, though I hate sports of that sort, people need a way to decompress.  I'm sure your music helps you.  I seek out humor whenever I can.  And art.  And what is left of nature.  I begin to get what Guy MacPherson is doing, even if I don't like him.  It is hard to cope.  Much less to feel hopeful.  Small wonder people don't want to be clued in.  Yet that is the only way.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Me too Marc. Although my feet are set firmly on the path (we all are on who visit this site) the enormity of the many terrors we are facing seems to knock the breath out of me. It takes everything I have to keep from losing it. Ultimately faith in a higher protection and power gives me the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Dane's inspiring work and others who comment on this site help keep me sane. There is comfort in knowing we are not alone- even in these desperate times. Enjoy every good day with loved ones you can.  Thank you to every and God Bless us all.

  11. Neil says:

    Some folks here were saying that the skies cleared up for the pope's visit but I watched some of the video of the pope with the prez on the white house lawn and in one of the rare shots looking outward from the white house, you could see distinctly a large spray trail off in the distance.  It was only a brief shot, but it was there; I can't recall which network it was.  Quite ironic and disturbing as these 'dignitaries' and their media slaves are dropping the phrase "climate change" every two minutes, they themselves were getting dumped on.  It has lead me to believe that this particular rabbit hole goes way deeper than many of us care to think about, but Dane I can surely appreciate your 'bottom up' approach in sticking with the 'known knowns' (pardon the Rumsfeldianism) and steering away from issues that may tend to divide and reduce the traction of the basic issues at hand. 

    Thank you for your dedication and service…

    • BaneB says:

      I don't know how the Pope keeps his pristine white garment so Mr. Clean.  What with all the coal fly ash being sprayed one would think after a few hours out in the grunge he would look a bit sooty.  At least there is for me some small comfort knowing the ruling crazies if this world are breathing the same toxins.  Divine justice.  Let us all hope and pray the loons don' get us all involved in their nuclear scenario of which surely the Pope knows the script.  Cross your fingers that the ruling psychopaths are smarter than they look and act.

  12. L.H. says:

    What it's going to take for the PTB to stop this insane program is a MASSIVE tax protest.  We are being taxed to pay for this crime. I, for one, do not call that representation!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      L.H. : There is a massive Black Ops budget that is fueled by narcotic trafficking/ illegal drug sales.  Pat Tillman spoke out about that.  The reason "we" went into Afghanistan was to control the opium.&nbsp.  After the U.S. Army got there, the total sales went up, not down.  This was not about the Taliban– they destroyed the opium poppies, and U.S. just got the growers to plant more.  The money goes to cover the black ops budget and provide low-cost loans to the Big Corporate interests that pull the strings of the military and everything else with money in it.  Read this in Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil.

  13. Jenna Brown says:

    Up here in NJ the few weeks before the Pope's visit there was a strange absence of trails, but this past Sunday they started back with a vengeance. There were so many trails Sunday evening (the night of the blood moon) you couldn't even see any sky, only thick oddly shaped clouds. Keep your eyes open everyone!!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      There was actually a CROWD at Summit Avenue where it meets Highland in San Rafael, CA., on Sunday around 7:00, normally a very deserted place with just a car or two at night, deer and coyotes, for sure. Plus the occasional night walker– that would be me.  This junction has a view of San Francisco Bay to the east framed by eucalyptus trees, and looking west, towards the north Marin hills near the Sonoma County border.  The blood moon rose over San Pablo Ridge east of S. F. Bay a bit before 7 p.m. but appeared to struggle it's way through a smudge of brownish-white haze and a roll of some fat chem-cloud strands, sprayed about an hour and a half before sunset.  People further down the hill on Sea View Drive were complaining about these "clouds" obscuring their view of this rare moon.

  14. JJ says:

    I have been aware of chemtrails since 2008.

    Ever wonder why when you type chemtrails it is still underlined as a misspell??

    'THEY' that control everything do that.

    Yes; I have too begun to suspect remote control of planes for spraying.

    NEVER!! forget the 3.2 Trillion missing from the defense dept.

    • David says:

      Yes Jenna, Unfortunately we were unable to see the Super Lunar Eclipse, down here in Jacksonville Florida, Sunday night due to the Toxic Aerosol Soup blocking the Moon. I am sitting out in the backyard now 9:15 pm EST, noticed a hazy moon. For the last year on average, the skies have been sprayed 6 out of 7 days of the week. I know it's even worse in other parts of the country, especially in California. Like Dane stated, Ecocide=Omnicide will take place, if it does not stop. GAME OVER for the Planet and it inhabitants!

    • BaneB says:

      Drones, fly by wire, 9-11, cons, aircraft hijacks by cell phone:  the computer operates our civilization.  And nefarious orchestrations have been obvious for some time.  Given the wickedness of certain authority, it is no longer safe to travel on these conveyances because your life means nothing in their greater schemes.  9-11, GermanWings, MH370, all are likely to have been hijacked by ground controllers of who you know not.  Really, it is Russian Roulette.  It is not surprising to learn that a fleet of chemtrail tankers require no pilots.  It is a reality that most commercial jets could be flown without a need for cockpit pilots.  Another way to put it is the digital age will be our undoing.  It is a virtual removing of reality and replacing that with abstractions that disallow our species from remaining in contact with the natural order.  

  15. Frank says:

    How convenient that last weekends weather was clear for the visit of the Pope. The heavy spraying reported in the NE was extreme. You could see the blocking dry line below Pennsylvania on radar. Now the NE has copious amounts of moisture moving in from the blob in the Gulf. Many computer models are showing Tropical storm Joaquin That just formed in the Atlantic to possibly hit the New Jersey New York area this up coming weekend. Will Joaquin be another Sandy storm, it all depends on what the power structure wants it to be. I see several scenarios that are possible, besides the wind factor there will be large amounts of rain. As with Sandy the models are showing a west hook after day 5 into land. They can ramp this storm up to major tropical status or dissipate the whole system. This week we will see the grand weather warfare of the power structure as they want to be. Be safe everyone.

  16. Dylan says:

    One of the scientists was struck by lightning. If you have ever read "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton, you will know just how weird that is.

    And Michael Crichton is also dead.

  17. Penn Hudson says:

    Don't forget Dr. Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo were lost this past spring in Arctic apparently falling through thin ice and drowning.

  18. Renee Martin says:

    Thank you for the information. There are lots of us here in Australia  who understand what is going on. I tell everyone what's going on. Some get it, but a lot don't believe. But I do think people are a bit more aware.

  19. Leo Derosia says:

    It makes me gag when I hear people being called conspiracy theorists without even looking at the evidence. I would like to know what crap is coming out of those jets…..it has been a hot sept here in nh, the last 2 winters have been cold, long and very snowy. I have not seen a lot of spraying here in daytime but I did see 2 jets flying towards each other over plymouth, nh spraying something. The trails did not go far. 

    • Jason says:

      Recent analysis shows that FLY ASH is being used extensively in the chemtrail mix.  It allows the wealthy corporations to save $$$$$$ by not having to properly dispose of the highly destructive and radioactive material.  It also allows the globalist scum the opportunity to keep radiation levels across NATO nations very high, thus helping them in their slow kill agenda.  There are many other things in chemtrails also, including organisms that can cause disease and death.

      These globalists and corporation heads and gov. Entities participating in this should be shot via firing squad.

    • kingel says:

      You can call me a "conspiracy theorist" if I can call you a "coincidence theorist".

      This is a quote I recently found on AM.

    • Jim says:

      Here in west texas, we will normally have 100+ degree temps for a fair portion of the summer months. This year,  we have only had a couple days, and those came in august.  Also, in early summer, before jade helm started, we had 3-4 straight weeks of rain on many days, then all of a sudden it stopped. Haven't really had any rain since then.  This is very blatant weather warfare and manipulation. Chemtrails are always going on here, some days very heavy, with upwards of 10-15 trails at a single time, other days only a few.  You can definitely distinguish chemtrail cloud formation from normal cloud, if those even exist anymore…

  20. yumpin yimini says:

    as for the pilot not knowing? Oh he knows. He knows. He knows to keep his mouth shut if he wants his job. Or his life. Look at how people can be influenced by a job. We have a police force of punk kids who have no problem harming fellow men. No problem at all. One in four people is the estimate on the number of Sociopathic people in America. (no conscience)

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yumpin Yimpiti, I agree.  I mean if he did not know, wouldn't he want to know what the hell was on the plane he is flying?  Especially given all the planes gone wrong "lately".  It is so not reassuring to have your pilot say he doesn't know!

      And yes about police force.  Decades ago, I read a study of police in various places and many only had an 8th grade education, as well as no training in mediating situations.  Used to be one nice thing about Berkeley.  Used to be.  They were college graduates and really good at mediation.  I was impressed having been used to brute idiots.  To just think of arming these fools with military equipment is shocking.  NOOOO!  Plus, much of our military, many, are hardcore and don't care either.  Some do of course.  Some.

  21. yumpin yimini says:

    mr Dane, First of all, your work is absolutely selfless and truly heroic. You exemplify what a true citizen should be doing. I apologize for myself that I cannot afford to do more than I do. This situation , as you fully know, is so urgent that it makes peoples heads implode. It is a natural defense mechanism of our brain to protect our sanity and remain composed. To the people who sit and insult fellow citizens for being stupid or uninformed, with all due respect, I understand your frustrations. But at this point we have only one hope to win  against this, this, immensely large and ultimately evil monster. That hope is by uniting as one force. Any infighting and mud slinging is playing to their plan. Understand this please, what these sub humans are using on the population of the planet is mind manipulation that most have no ability to even comprehend. It is done through multiple methods. Cell towers, your tv, ulf's, food chemicals, fluoride, psyche meds and so forth. But please, some of these so called idiot citizens are truly among thde finest folks with the kindest hearts I've ever seen. That is reason to respect them. Unity can be done, but not ever through insults and disrespect. Try short flyers put under wiper blades at the grocery store. Try burning some cds with short messages and web sites. Look for people in your neighborhood that other folks listen to and respect, these are the ones you need to get on board. Folks on my block can spread so much info, if you know which ones to talk to. Peace and love to all people, all americans and God help us. Thanks guys and Dane, You're a great man and a role model sir.

  22. hicky says:

    I have been watching the skies over the last 2 weeks closely over Little Rock and Sherwood AR. Constant spraying nearly every day. Nearly every person I know has headaches, feeling run down, brain fog and most the usual symptoms of spraying the skies. When I explained and showed them the skies they thought I was crazy. Now most are looking up every day and actually believe that something is going on

    • DAVID DARBY says:

      Yep, Thats shit makes you feel like the flu and causes arthritis and other ongoing problems. If your outdoors you have to be calculating about when to be out and when to shorten your stay outdoors or you will be sick.

  23. Bella_Fantasia says:

    2013 was the year a gigantic Arctic geoengineering assault was launched from the massive JBER base in Anchorage.  They built extra runways and plowed down acres of trees on the edge of the base adjacent to my neighborhood.  I was living 3-l/2 blocks from the base.  From May through October the tanker jets, AWACs and even old prop-jets, up to sixty a day, took off and landed very low right over my house, which had never happened before.  These planes took off and flew directly North.  I ended up in the hospital for 17 days from exposure to jet exhaust.

    The trees were plowed down for jet clearance, but the Air Force lied to the public, saying it was for electrical poles.  They did put up a puny line of poles, but there's no reason all those trees need to be cleared.  I made an official complaint to the Air Force over all the environmental upsets (noise, exhaust, buildings shaking) and in the response it was admitted the trees were cleared for the planes.  Anyway, this seems to have been the assault long desired by AMEG, but it also seems to have been a failure, since they've stopped flying the tankers up, although not entirely.

    When I was driving through Denali Park May 10 and 11th, 2015, the tankers were making it snow right over the Mountain in anticipation of the tourists that arrive on the 15th.  I suspect some of the jet traffic North during the last two summer was this effort.  Or perhaps the Arctic Sea nucleation. 

    But since there are now about 5 or 6 HAARP related facilities in Alaska, and since the Gakona HAARP is back in business, it does help explain those frequency bombarded clouds posted above.  I thought they were doing something different, but didn't know what it was.  Thank you Dane and Cori Gunnels for those images.  Now we know.

    Would it be they could just LEAVE IT ALONE? 

    The marine mammals are suffering terrible skin lesions, losing hair, experiencing extreme respiratory symptoms, other horrifying symptoms and dying.  It's breaking my heart.


  24. Connie says:

    I am so thankful for you and your work that you do. I just wished we could get more people awake to this. Most People are too busy watching sports to care. Just take a look at the stadiums packed full thousands of brain dead people that only care about who wins or loses the game. If we had them awake I really believe we could change everything for the better.

    • Hello Connie,
      I just wish to express a feeling I have with your comment. Not everyone blindly watch sports, I, for one, am an activist by Dane's side, I own a website and do lots for this cause. In my case, I watch sports on TV, because that's all I like on the teLIEvision. It also prevents me from losing it, being a very emotional man, this cause gets to me deeply, I need this getaway once in a while. Don't get me wrong, I’m not bashing hate at you, I just want you to know that some are really active yet still have to ease up a bit. In my case, I need it to keep my composure so I can be there for my daughter. I won't lie to you though, that these days, I'm seeing it all dark. I'm scared and I'm starting to become weak minded. My thoughts are really dark nowadays. Anyways, it's not important. I need you all to keep fighting, because our life system needs us more than ever. It's already too late but, we can salvage what's left, then mother earth will regenerate what she can but, we have to stop in any manner we can the power structure and climate engineers.

    • Michel B says:

      I cannot watch sports. It has been successfully morphed into one of the most distractive modalities this civilisation has seen. It is actually a derivative of warfare. It has opposing sides and winning is a great victory and always very well rewarded.

      Look at the money involved in professional sports. There are individual players in certain sports who are paid hundreds of millions per year. Grown men and women throwing or kicking a ball around!

      Sports doesn't seem to be one of those things collapsing while all the good and essential things are going down the drain. I do not believe that to be a coincidence. To be a 'fan' (derivative of 'fanatic') is to subscribe to our tribal capacities and it certainly isn't exercising our frontal lobes.

      With all that said, I am not against sports as part of a healthy lifestyle, done with comradery and the emphasis on how you play rather than on winning.

      This issue is connected to how we live our very lives: do we COMPETE with each other, or do we COOPERATE instead? One of the great bleats trumpeting capitalism is that competition forces producers to produce better and cheaper in order to outdo fellow competitors. We have been turned into a race of scroungers.

      If capitalism is so great, why do we have trillionaires and billionaires and millionaires while billions of people around the world are in need of the basic provisions for decent living? Neither am I for Socialism or Communism, especially in the forms we have seen.

      I don't think any of these 'isms' matter in that they don't address simple, fundamental values that we should be upholding. We don't need either Collectives or Money Powers in this world. Both only serve an elite few. Why don't we build lives on mutual respect, dignity, care, kindness, empathy and equality for each other and the whole world? Then we could leave the 'isms' in some dusty archive and sport can be played by children while adults get on with living seriously and without distraction.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "Give the people their Bread and Circus."

      Nothing's changed since the "glories" of Rome.

  25. Rose says:

    When I fly commercial airline I make it a habit of seating myself over the wing or near to the wing of the aircraft. This summer I noticed there were tubes or pipes in groups of three attached to the edge of the wing. I asked the attendant what it was. Not having the answer she summoned the captain to find out. He came back and very candidly said he didn't know what they were! I was surprised by his lack of knowledge. After seeing your photos of chemical spraying equipment I now know what they are.

    I have also heard commercial flights were used for spraying.

    If Im wrong or anyone has another theory please comment.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      How odd that the captain would say he didn't know, Rose, unless he did and didn't want to say.  My question would be is it possible the captain did not know?  That seems key.  It also does seem related to spraying and yes, Rose, commercial aircraft are used, and it is often mentioned as a fuel additive, so even if not "just" spraying coal fly ash or whatever, "whatever" may well be in the actual fuel.  I think this is why the cost of flying came down so much quite some time ago, which greatly affected air traffic as so many could suddenly afford that trip to Hawaii or wherever!

    • Michel B says:

      Pilots might know because of what they have heard 'on the grapevine'. Their authorities are not going to tell them that the vehicles they drive are unloading toxins on innocent civilians and the world below. Pilots are just basically bus drivers. Mostly they have been told in back rooms not to talk about this issue and to just bleat out, "They're contrails!" as an answer to enquiries.

    • Greg says:

      The patents in early 2001 indicate "nano infusion" devices into jet engines. Personally, my studying of the patents to include the latest and secretive jet fuel is that there are annoys in the fuel, and I am now thinking that they may be from coal ash…explains much. Just flew from Denver to Atl and observed the contrails at 30K feet. Very close to them. There were particles "raining" down from the trails which stretched in suspension for miles from the "main pipe." This wasn't just ice crystals… Met a retired nasa guy recently who said they were spraying and that the Tesla Cannons were being reworked at present…The only way to feasibly induce mass, daily spraying cheaply is to use some of the coal ash in nano form and place it in the fuel–"hide in plain sight!" I am noticing more complaints of headaches on heavier days…Dane is right and we need all to rally and support him.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Someone should do a total exposure of the fly ash situation being sprayed on us.  THAT alone should be enough to cause mass public outrage, but again– Bread and Circus– stoopid people will stay glued to their couch by the seat of their pants if some idiot sports event is on the damned Toob.

      BTW:  Biology most definitely and unequivocally shows that organisms survive mainly by COOPERATION, NOT competition.  Or else most things would be dead.  But we have the Illuminati for that.

  26. Howard Taylor says:

    Thanks again.

  27. Phil says:

    Great work Dane. Looking forward to hearing you with George on Coast to Coast on Wednesday. Huge audience.

  28. Andrew From Scotland, lets see if we can pull together  some likeminded people from the UK. Only through unity will we succeed. Please contact me;
    I now have 134 videos online highlighting the ongoing chemical assault we endure on a daily basis. Freely available to everyone.
    https://vimeo.com/user41129414/videosLOOK UP, WAKE UP, SPEAK OUT!

  29. Felix Mosso says:

    Dane,  I read your newsletter each time and I have a thought to get some GeoEng info to the dumb masses that have their heads in the sand.  Milllions of people stare at their iPhone / facebook for hours at a time.   Is there some 'tricky' way to post to facebook using a 'catch subject' title that they will WANT to read, but it turns out to be about GeoEng Weather ?  I don't have any specific idea, but have you any other reader thought of it ? 

    All media channels are not helping, but they don't seem to realize that THEY TOO are subject to this Toxic Death that they are ignoring .

    The best of luck

    • Slow kill says:

      This waking up thing has only just begun; it is a process of doors that never stop opening if you choose.

  30. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane~

    Keep up the expertise of exposing the harmful and deadly geoengineering and chemtrail spraying that continues. Things are happening, slowly but surely.  I am sharing this one with Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae.  Press on, you are a mighty warrior for the cause of millions upon millions of people, ALL over the globe! 

    You are a beacon in a very dark tunnel. PRESS ON! God Bless!

  31. 510MLC says:

    Like your contact in Slovenia mentioned regarding climate modification for non-compliance, I have often thought that the geo-engineering assault and drought in California has been our punishment for Gov. Brown and CA legislators not supporting the plans of the elite in power in DC and worldwide. Now that Brown has shifted his policy on many things (especially mandatory vaccination for public school children – to try to get other states to follow suit, further restrictions on firearms, banning display of the confederate flag), we will suddenly be getting rain this winter. What a coincidence! It seems to me that Brown had no choice but to concede certain things to avoid another year of drought and further damage to our environment and infrastructure. I read somewhere that Hurricane Sandy was unleashed specifically to destroy the buildings containing gold reserves in Manhattan. Could be just a conspiracy theory, but crazier things have happened! It really makes you wonder what kind of discussions happen at a high level in our government. We are merely pawns in this game.

  32. Rev Ian Cook NW England says:

    Hi Dane,

    Many thanks for all your work.

    Do we know if the Tankers used for spraying are all military aircraft or of private origin.

    Today we have had some of the brightest weather for some time, but it didn't take long for the sprayers to almost obliterate the blue.

  33. Norm Reid says:

    I read this morning where the Pope talked about "man made Weather" but it wasn't reported by the MSM (main stream media). Thank goodness for people like Dane Wigington to keep people aware of our environment.

  34. AVA says:

    Those NASA images are AMAZING. Great scoop!

  35. Karen W says:

    This is a blatant sin against Gods creation!
    Last night they were spraying overhead and the only thought that came to me was are these pilots all brain dead?

    • Edward Palys says:

      No, these pilots are not brain dead. They just carry our orders just like almost everybody who works and does what their boss tells them to do. Besides, they're probably well paid for what they are told to do.

    • Nnikki says:

      I'm convinced that most of the planes are flown by remote control. The technology to do this has existed for years. Any remaining pilots are most likely mind washed by the likes of MK Ultra & therefore unable to comprehend what they are actually involved in doing. Certainly this would explain alot.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Since we don't have any definitive comment that can be traced to a chem trail pilot beyond the shadow of any doubt, here are three very compelling reasons for using remote-controlled flight technology for aerosol-spraying jet air craft:

      1.  No pilots, no salary, no costs.

      2.  No liability risks.

      3.  No pilots, no one talks.

  36. Andrew from scotland says:

    Dane, this is another excellent post.  I check the satellite photos of the Arctic every day, and despite the obvious cut 'n past photo-shopping, I see the atmospheric spray lines and their effects every day.  I also see the effects of HAARP/SBX/NEXRAD every day – particularly from the Aleutian Islands, including the Russian ones, which begs the question of collaboration.  It is intense up there.  I have great difficulty believing the nav.mil ice volume animation, it simple does not agree with the satellite photos nor the Climate Reanalyzer air temperature anomalies.  Earlier this year at least 3 researchers went 'missing' whilst monitoring Arctic sea ice depth – maybe they fell through, but I doubt it.

    With the mega methane release threat, that could happen any day, particularly with the latent heat in the sea, and the Godzilla El Nino pushing deep ocean heat up there for the next few months, the Arctic is indeed the front line.  I have already done a post about timescales after a mega methane burp, suffice to say, a few years at best.

    Keep up the great work, keep informed everyone. "Keep your powder dry"



  37. Wyatt Berry says:

    During the past winter here in Northern New England most of the snow banks did not melt despite being in direct sunlight and above freezing temperatures.  I suspect the endothermic reaction from the agents that create the ice nucleation in the first place is the cause.

    Also, I noticed after fresh snows that the snowflakes will reflect green, red and blue in direct sunlight, as opposed to a few years ago when the snow reflected pure white and gold.  This is probably a refraction pattern for the barium salts and the other toxic agents used to make these storms.

    Finally, when going out into the winter storms while it was coming down, I experienced heart palpitations and high blood pressure almost immediately every time.  This is a key signature of barium exposure, one of the agents we suspect is being used to do this.  I am young and my heart and lungs are in decent shape, yet I only get the palpitations during the winter months, especially upon exposure to the snow.

    It's true folks, we are being massively poisoned.

    I'll keep going as long as I can

    • James says:

      You are not alone .  I have your Back .
      I feel the same way you do .
      Thank You for your Post .   
      The Aerosol Spraying Has been Very Heavy the last few Days . Non stop Poison We are ALL  Breathing . 
      Everyone  I  Know is Sick . Nobody seems to care  ,,, Mind Control , MK Ultra , Darpa , Harrp Weapons and Chemtrails . Toxic Mix that is working at all levels. 
      Stay at the Helm Wyatt,    and don"t give up .

    • Debra says:


      I noticed the same with the snow here in Milwaukee last winter. Had a gigantic snowstorm, and it took months for any of it to melt in the least bit. I snow didn't even look real when it came down and the skies were geoengineered well beforehand also. I also noticed the flakes looked pretty much the same…lol…yes, I checked, because I have to know everything before I post anything on the internet. The snow itself fell in my most sunny area and that is why I watched every day, every week, for it to start melting. It lasted into spring, so I knew it was "them" again. Stay safe and keep you and your family healthy. I noticed with some of the spray, sleepiness and anger tends to occur.

    • Befuddled says:

      Wyatt Berry….. I was so surprised to read in your post about snowflakes reflecting red, green, and blue in direct sunlight.  I live in the upper part of New York State, USA and last winter I also noticed red, green, and blue reflection coming from the pine trees in my front yard.  Being curious, I went out to take a look and discovered the reflections were indeed coming from snowflakes!!  I tried taking pictures but they did not turn out well.

    • Jay Ger says:

      Yes, WE ARE BEING POISONED!  I woke up in 2012 and have researched the hell outta this topic.  So scary because of all the disinfo out there that leads people to try just about anything to get better.  I too have higher blood pressure, brain fog, forgetfulness, and my hands feel like shards of glass or splinters are in them.  This has been going on a year and I know the spraying was the cause….I'm 39, good shape with no history of illness!   They spray directly over my house and have been since I woke up and noticed in 2012.  So I'm sure it's been going on much longer.  I just can't believe how oblivious I was to it before.   Anyway…..long story short I started taking a natural cheap supplement and I am getting better slowly but surely.  The supplement I take is "Diatomaceous earth food grade"….So before any shills reply with," it's toxic, it's deadly if you inhale it, ..blah blah blah.",  I AM REFERRING TO THE  FOOD GRADE AND ITS APPROVED BY THE FDA AND CHEAP AS HECK!  Please research it yourself to form your own opinion.  It took about 1 month to start feeling better and 2 for my blood pressure to go down.  But it made me realize I no longer had ailments like heartburn anymore.  I had more energy after about a week.  I am not a doctor so don't take it because I told you about it.  If you do the research you will see one of its effects on the body is that it is a metal chelator.  I pray it leads you to what you need to find.  It's sucks going at it alone,…I did!  My husband thought I was nuts.  I wish I could do more to stop the madness that is going on.  Everyone is under the program and after 4 years of gaining so much knowledge I can't get my husband to wake up!   But the reality is MAYBE others will listen when it becomes a reality for them. It's like this crap is closing the frontal lobes altogether!  Keep up the good fight and don't give up!  We all can beat this in our own way…I pray for it everyday!  Hope this info finds helps! B God bless!!!!

    • James says:

      Jay Ger .

      Vitamin C  ,  Glutathione , NAC  .  Are the keys to  restoring our Health , with lots of de tox  from the small and large intestines in Colin cleanse flushes  . A clean Intestinal tract with a good  Pro Biotic  is whats needed to get our immune systems up to speed . Whey Isolate Protein Shakes  make a great  Pro Biotic . Get up to speed and  Rejoice  with   vit C ,  Glutathione and  Nac  !



  38. All I can say at this point Dane is that I am so happy that you are tackling this problem because it is very disturbing and as much as I try to help you spread the word it really wears on me when I hear about what is going on. But someone has to do this and there's a lot of us out here who are doing the best we can at helping you spread the word.  Just remember to hug the wife and kids and have gratitude for every moment and all the friends you have out here…because there's a lot of us. I'm writing about Cognitive Dissonance in the next issue of Lotus Guide that I'm sure you will relate to. The reality of our situation is so far from what most people perceive that it creates a disconnect…so keep closing that gap 🙂 Take care, Rahasya

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rahasya, thank you for all the truth you expose in the “Lotus Guide”, I will look forward to the next issue.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The brain washing of the public makes them oblivious to reality. Most people believe what they are told by the media. Geoengineering is no different than what happened on 9/11. Ask most people and they will tell you exactly what the media told them. They believe the investigated report just as it is presented, never mind that most of it doesn't make sense or is absolutely impossible to happen. Unfortunately, the brain washing of the public has been going on for decades and is more complete than what the few can really see. 

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