Are Weather Warfare Assaults Devastating Noncompliant Countries Around The Globe?


Dane Wigington

Was Slovenia the target of a completely engineered catastrophe?

Slovenia Ice Store 2The photo above was taken in Slovenia, 80% of the forests there were devastated by this completely unprecedented ice storm in February 2014. I was in regular communication with a contact in Slovenia just after the event. This individual made clear the fact that many of the citizens were absolutely convinced this destruction was the result of climate modification/weather warfare. Again, this magnitude of extreme ice storm is historically unprecedented, up to 6 inches of ice accumulation occurred. This is exactly the result that would be expected with massive chemical ice nucleation elements sprayed into a storm system. Is it just coincidence that many countries in recent years are annihilate by "natural cataclysms"? In 2010 Pakistan was resisting US policy just prior to record floods covering 20% of the country with water.

 Pakistan Flooding

Record flooding in Pakistan shortly after the country showed resistance to US/NATO policies.

In 2011 Thailand refused an air base for the US government , shortly afterword Thailand was inundated with devastating floods.


Industry in Thailand was devastated during the floods of 2011 which came shortly after Thailand refused to allow a US air base in its borders.

Just over one year ago record strength typhoon Haiyan cut a swath through the Philippines. The US military went into the country under "humanitarian" pretexts, now the US is setting up military bases there.

Cyclone Haiyan

Cyclone Haiyan underwent intense and extremely anomalous strengthening just prior to it making landfall.

Available science data on the global ionosphere heaters (HAARP and SBX rf installations) indicate that they are capable of triggering seismic activity if the energy they transmit is concentrated in a seismically sensitive zone for a long enough duration. Even MIT conformed the fact that there was extremely anomalous and unprecedented atmospheric heating directly over the epicenter of the Japanese quake of 2011. The Japanese were beginning to drift from their long alliance with the US prior to the quake, but have since completely solidified their alliance with the US. Is there a connection?


The devastation in Japan is far from over as the Fukushima meltdown still threatens the entire world.

What about Haiti? Is it just another coincidence that the US military went into the country under "humanitarian" pretexts and then occupied the country? Was the Haiti disaster just another convenient catastrophe?


Haiti has never recovered from the quake and the US military occupation continues.

Hungary has just been hit hard by a unprecedented ice storm and deadly "freezing fog". Is it a just another coincidence that the relations between Hungary and the US/NATO powers have been steadily worsening, and just recently came to a head? Is Hungary only one of the latest victims for a global military industrial complex that is totally out of control?

Downed power lines

Downed power lines from the "freakish" ice storm that just decimated Hungary.

Militaries around the globe and throughout history have always desired weather and nature as the ultimate weapon. Are there wars now being waged around the globe without firing a shot? All available evidence says yes. Though there have always been climate related disasters, much of what we see today is unprecedented and seems to occur in correlation with geopolitical events or subsequent  occupations. The US military has boots on the ground in over 150 countries. The leaders of Iran have spoken out on the floor of the UN about NATO weather modification programs causing unprecedented drought in their country, are we to think Iran is the only country being covertly attacked with weather warfare? Many African countries have been devastated by drought for decades, most of those countries are now occupied by the US military. Is all this just coincidence? I think not.


US Military Weather Warfare Experiments
Owning the weather for military use

US occupies African countries

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  1. Excellent post!!! You are spot on. From your page:

    [“It is certainly a valid question to ask: who are these people who deliberately inflict this much suffering and death in the world? The answer is: these individuals are psychopaths [10, 11, 14] driven by the very motivations inherent in a flawed, anti-human, anti-democratic system: capitalism, which requires constant expansion, grabbing more available resources via colonizing wars [35, 36]; it thrives on the poverty of masses and scarcity of goods as the basis for maintaining predatory profits as high as possible [30].”]

    I’ve been researching documents related to electromagnetic emissions an their impact on human behaviors for many years. The data strongly suggests that “world leaders” are being exposed to massive amounts of electromagnetic emissions, as well as large segments of the world’s populations. The net result is a sort of Autism spectrum disorder, wherein our “leaders” are locked away in their own little dreamland, and are no longer aware of the world outside of the interior delusional world they assume is a valid personal experience.

    Conspiracy theory? Hardly. There are many scientific papers in support of my assertions. Here’s just one perspective. >

    Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)
    Sec 20 – 2012 BioInitiative Report

    Martha Herbert, PhD, MD
    Pediatric Neurology
    TRANSCEND Research Program
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Harvard Medical School

    Cindy Sage, MA
    Sage Associates
    Santa Barbara, CA USA

    For the BioInitiative Working Group
    December 2012

  2. In 2008, immediately after Iceland’s leaders refused Barroso’s “invitation” to join the EU, Iceland was hit by the most damaging series of volcano eruptions. In the same year Iceland suffered the first and hardest wave of the global financial crisis, too.
    Coincidence? Hardly.

    Hungary, another country resisting the hostile NWO-trend, (nationalised its banks, heavily taxes the global corporations, kicked out Rothschild and the odious public debt-imposing IMF), is hit by floods, snow-storms and other extreme weather-conditions on a regular basis.

    The NWO-rulers don’t even hide the fact that they already control the weather. Evelyn Rothschild himself admits it:

    My blog putting geo-engineering into the context of all aspects of the hostile NWO (Agenda 21):
    “What can we expect from the very liberal New World Order – and how to resist it”

  3. David says:

    Boban, hope all is well. Sorry for your flooding; I pray for the world , I pray for Siberia. Best wishes for the holiday season.

  4. David says:

    Frieda Nelson, don’t be so hard on yourself; it’s not our fault our money is taken from us and used for evil. Many blessings for the holiday season.

  5. Trish says:

    “What we saw in the main hall of the Winton Shire Council on Friday simply defied all description: a room filled with hundreds of broken and battered refuges from our own country. It was a scene more tragic and traumatic than a dozen desperate funerals all laced onto the one stage.

    Right now, all over the inland of both Queensland and NSW, there is nothing but social and financial carnage on a scale that has never before been witnessed in this nation.”

  6. Karen says:

    Great information on this Dane. I have only one question that has been plaguing me about the Fukushima disaster…The heat….would a nuclear bomb in the ocean below cause the heat?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Karen, the atmospheric heating is from the ionosphere heaters concentrating their energy on a particular area directly above the epicenter. The massively powerful rf frequency is transmitted into the strata. See the MIT link I put in the references for this article.There could certainly be other aspects to this disaster than what already appears to be the case.

  7. Hi Tina:

    Mother Nature is supplying man with all the tools necessary for man’s well deserved extinction. Nature is much more complex than mankind “thinks” or wishes her to be. I’m not a religious person, but if you read the first couple chapters of Genesis, “God” throws Adam and Eve out of the garden for hiding behind the fig leaf of peace, and lying about the cause. The outrage and expulsion is all about lying to the Creation. The expulsion from the Garden has nothing to do with eating apples or any other contrived metaphors…

    All our needs can be met with simple gardening skills. The use of technology has nothing to do with real “needs”. Technology and industrialization is about ego power and control, not about survival. Technology is the lie, and total extinction is the final expulsion from the garden…

  8. Thank you, Dane! You are truly the backbone in bringing all this horrific Weather Modification to light.
    There can be no doubt whatsoever that Geoengineering, chemtrails, and our governing officials are destroying planet earth!
    Yes, we have always had weather changes. BUT NO, NOT anything like what has been happening in this past decade.
    The flooding in Pakistan was catastropic! Please keep on spreading this information, Dane. We need you. I am taking this post over to Russ’ forum, Orbis Vitae. God bless you and please take care of yourself.

  9. Frieda Nelson says:

    Excellent comment Victor..Dane is already a hero and will be known by everyone who can live and breathe when this fight is over.

  10. Frieda Nelson says:

    I am ashamed to be an American. Think of all the damage we are doing around the world. If we get through this thing without killing ourselves we should be drummed out of the human race. Not standing up against our governing bodies and dominating entities which are behind all this has to mark all of us as unfit to be included. n I the only person that feels this way?

  11. Anyone doubting the existence of weather warfare should read Kurt Vonnegut’s great book: “Cat’s Cradle”. Cat’s Cradle is all about the intentional (programmed) insanity of modern human populations. He also introduces the reader to his brothers (true Patented Invention) for weather control. The product is called “Ice Nine” in the story. Ice Nine is based on the aerosol release of silver iodide into the atmosphere for cloud seeding. Silver iodide has been used for years, and the technology used is still quite valid… The Ice Nine gets loose at the end of Cat’s Cradle, and the end of the world soon follows…

    For those who haven’t read any Kurt Vonnegut: Mr. Vonnegut experienced the allied “rescue” of Dresden, Germany, after Western allies firebombed Dresden into little more than smoking ruble in 1945. Tens of thousands of innocent German civilians were slaughtered for no valid reason whatsoever. The usual US/British/Canadian military pigs were hard at work making the world safe for jewish bankers…

    The firebombing of Dresden, Germany was one of the most atrocious war crimes in modern history, yet jewish run collages and universities never mention a word about it. Gee!!! I wonder why??? Ashkenazi???

    “Be careful what you pretend to be, because you are what you pretend to be.”

    – Kurt Vonnegut –

  12. Tina says:

    In the winter of 2009/2010 here in the IL, KY and MO area we had people without power for 6 weeks due to an ice storm. It was epic in proportions. We had someone die trying to help get the power back on. They were from another state. Then of course we had the “polar vortex” last year. So how do you explain that one away? Did the US not do something right or did someone attack us first? I think mother nature is actually the culprit and is fighting back what we are doing to her.

  13. andrew says:

    the ebola “outbreak” is another example…US sends troops and sets up military camps next to a huge diamond mine in mineral and oil rich Liberia

  14. Ana says:

    Many coincidences! They are engeneering the weather to use it as a weapon and that is not new ,we just hadn´t the knowledge about it since the time that all these weather manipulation programes started and many people still in ignorance as long as our governments wish to keep this in secret ,many people need public entities orders for them to be alowed to see things in front of their own eyes.But if power structures have all this power in hands and they´ve found a cheaper way of assaulting other countries probably they will not stop it…who knows what more else are they doing to our athmosphere if it´s true that they are creating a defense shield (maybe a “star wars” defense system kind of thing? ) as they said to their pilots-if this is the case we probably only see the tip of iceberg when we look at all those planes in the sky leaving fake clouds ,probably more work is being donne up above…I wonder if they are thinking about using indefinitly these weather geoengeneering programmes in order to achieve their plans while they continue to put in iminent danger our entire life support system just because of supremacy or control and Power over other nations and over all populations?!it almost looks like a plan of a Hitler of the Modern Times…perhaphs this kind of Power that these psycho-leaders achieved is the reason why democracies are changing in the western world -is no longer them for the people but the people for them and for their interests only !(maybe never truely was but these psychos were more contained)…

  15. Maria says:

    Food Culture in Italy is dying.

    Italian olive oil crop dries up

    Olive Oil Producers In ‘Crisis’ From Weather, Pests And Disease

  16. Maria says:

    The list of artificial events is long

    The Missouri River Flood of 2011: New Report Examines Causes

  17. victor says:


    I read several alternative websites including and NSNBC. As each of the above mentioned weather events took place, the only conclusion that one may make is that these countries were being warned about what happens by not obeying NATO, the US, and other powerful entities.

    I remember the posts from the U.S. diplomats released by Wikileaks regarding how various countries were not allowing GMO products into their countries or prohibiting the use of GMO seeds.

    What better way to control errant countries than by causing horrific climate events. Much more subtle that just bombing them into submission. Of course they are doing that too in the Middle East under the guise of humanitarian concerns.

    P.S. I watched your meeting with the Shasta County Board. Someday, should we survive, you will be honored as a great hero in saving the planet.

  18. Boban says:

    What about Serbia?We had devastating floods,like never before,earlier this year.
    Do you think there is connection as well?

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