Chemically Nucleated “Ice Balls” On 40 Degree Lake Michigan


In the last few years a formerly unknown phenomenon has appeared on Lake Michigan, huge "ice balls". This should be perplexing enough, but what about when the "ice balls" appear in lake water that is 40 degrees or above? Welcome to the world of chemical/biological ice nucleation. Artificial nucleating agents form the nucleus of ice around which the "balls" form. Last year on Lake Michigan volumes of ice were still floating around while people were sunbathing on beaches with 85 degree temperatures. The vast majority of the public has absolutely no idea that it's even possible to artificially nucleate ice on any scale, let alone doing it on the colossal scale being carried out by the climate engineers. How radically can the weather makers cool things down if they choose to? How about going from a record high temperature of nearly 100 degrees to snow in one day. The spraying of chemical or biological ice nucleating agents over clouds and storm systems is a major component of the completely engineered winter storms which are very theatrically named by organizations like "The Weather Channel".


The job assigned to organizations like "The Weather Channel", "Weather Underground" and others, is to convince the public that the completely engineered and unnatural is just "normal weather". The so called "meteorologists" that work for these organizations have completely abandoned any morality they may have once had in exchange for a paycheck. The article below is a case in point. It states that the massive ice balls are just a natural phenomenon in 40 degree water. The reality is this, these "ice balls" are historically unprecedented prior to the last few years. There is no natural weather at this point, none.

A BIG Winter Phenomenon Returns to Lake Michigan

Source: Weather Underground

At first glance you’ll think these are just big rocks floating in the lake — until you look closer.

You’re watching huge ice boulders bob along the shores of Lake Michigan outside Traverse City, which sits along the northwest coast of the Wolverine state's lower peninsula.

Photographer Ken Scott captured the video above on New Year’s Day. More have washed ashore since and he's posted other photos to his Facebook page.

Ice balls form when small chunks of ice break off into the water; as those chunks of ice tumble in the waves, the pounding of the waves shapes the ice into spheres, Park Ranger Amie Lipscomb explained to

According to senior meteorologist Nick Wiltgen, temperatures in Traverse City on New Year's Day were between 24 and 30 degrees with blustery winds; water temperatures hovered around 40.

Northern Michigan appears to be a hot spot for this winter phenomenon. Photographers captured incredible photos of them rolling to shore at Good Harbor Bay around the same time last year.


46 Responses to Chemically Nucleated “Ice Balls” On 40 Degree Lake Michigan

  1. YellowBird says:

    Dane, this is a very, very Good Work you are doing. ive just discovered your site and everything ive read so far resonates with the truth.  ive much more reading to do. we may or may not be powerless to change the course of this evil thing… but because of the effort of people like you, we can at least continue to stand, staring the dragon in its face.  death eventually comes to us all.  when it's my time, i wish to go with my eyes wide open.
    Thank you, and the Creator's Blessings to you.  -yb

  2. YellowBird says:

    Brook, you are not alone, not by a long shot. It is the same here as what you describe, right down to the accusations of "arrogance" because a non-diploma'd individual dares to claim to know what they are speaking about. i am in the PacNW, for 10+ years, before that SoCal, the spraying started there in the late-80's and was one of the first areas to go full bore… when my family moved north over a decade ago, the first thing we noticed was how wonderfully fresh & fragrant the air was… well, no more, to me the air in our valley now smells dank much of the time. perhaps not so pungent as most of SoCal, but certainly nowehre near fresh & clean especially on Spray Days.  i watch the overhead phenomenon and am amazed that so few others are willing or able to see it.  at best, a blank stare and quick change of subject, at worst, the name calling starts. i hardly have the heart anymore to speak out… here, in my tree-huggin nature-loving NW locale. meanwhile, every year goes by, fewer & fewer people are truly "healthy". those of us who are the canaries welcome more to the flock of chronic illness all the time, but we are powerless to bring anyone back to good health. my own children, who i tried my best to educate, mock me for my lack of credentials… the Cult of Expertism has them too in its congregation

    no, you are not alone. and it is the same, i'm afraid everywhere.

  3. Terri Scheinuck says:

    Bija, I am up in Cottonwood, 15 miles from Sedona AZ!
    All you wrote, I can confirm, hands down. We never get snow up here that doesn’t melt away in hours yet, this year, the snow took 5-6 days to melt off. Never had 6 plus inches in Cottonwood at 3500 feet elevation! So much snow, the Pine tree limbs were snapping and I had icicles, the first time ever, hanging off our roof. I am a native AZ’n of 55 years. The skies and the sun are not what I walked to the bus stop or rode horses under! Today up North, is just awful. I counted over 15 trails from horizon to horizon checkerboarded across the skies. Where are those beautiful precious blue skies I sweated buckets under as a kid. Sun? So bright, not yellow but white now. It doesn’t feel like the sun I burned and peeled like a rattler under. It’s all wrong!

    This process (spraying us with chemicals & such) is so slow and insidious that most miss it, refuse to see it, choose not to see it because life is hard enough these days. Unbelievable that up in Sedona, filled with travelers, going up to Airport Lookout to watch the sunsets, they aren’t as upset as I am at the trails. Most also can not believe our leaders would authorize this spraying us, ever, period. They are so wrong. Lovely to have found a new friend in AZ!

    • T.Martin says:

      I have to agree with you, I experienced the same kind of thing in Prescott AZ where it used to be snow would fall and melt fairly quickly, but now no more.

  4. Doreen says:

    Thanks Dane for keeping us informed. Our great appreciation is always there.

    When it comes to the masses, many will not have the mental capacity to handle what we know.

    We can’t just know one thing, each horrible thing leads to another endlessly.

    We see the masses as ourselves and doing what we did when we found out, but think it over, would they? Or would they over-react with great fear and make things worse for us!

    Informing those that can handle it and can do something about it is great. But forcing it upon others who clearly show they can’t I believe only goes to further deteriorate human relations and our society which is at the root of this mess.

    It is the power of the few that will get things done, as the ancients say. So let’s keep the masses positive at least and let that force work for us instead of against us while all those who can awake, do, and work with us in our work.

    At this point it’s going to take an inner real force within people, that of love and compassion, goodwill and brotherhood, to change and hopefully save things, that is our only hope in my humble opinion.

  5. Freedom Ranger says:

    I believe what “they ” will try to do is engineer a nuclear war. This will give them the reason to move to their underground bunkers without resistance from the people. 2nd nuclear war will stop warming in its tracks and stop methane release. We are talking a global reduction in temperature for 10 years with a max cold of -10 degrees. It will eliminate warming. It will stop methane release. After the war,the world will be livable in 50 to 100 years instead of millions. Nuclear war I think is their solution to the methane monster, nuclear war will stop it. This is what I have been thinking.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, perhaps “they” are pushing for nuclear war, but it will not halt the inertia that has already built up in the climate system (methane release) and the fallout would not be gone in 50 or 100 years. Under this scenario, all the nuclear power plants would also go into full meltdown, this would lead to an extremely long period of recovery for our planet. One thing at a time, I hope that all on this site are also spending time in the effort to wake up the “non choir” in their own circles, this is imperative.

    • Heidi says:

      Dane, I am still learning from and thanks to you — thank you.  You are a brave man with brains, endurance and a conscience.  I keep learning, talking and posting on Twitter to hopefully awaken more people.

      Being asleep on the wheel is easy. Many prefer to forget what they hear hoping ignorance allows things go on as normal.  For things to sink in, repetition is crucial, different sources are crucial. 

  6. Lou says:

    Don’t apolgize when your in the right my friend. People don’t want to step outside that box of comfort. I have been given the same treatment by family and friends. After a few years most have come around to at least starting to get the picture. Persist with truth keep it up.

  7. Khalil antonio says:

    when does this playing god stop… Man is in complete error…. And you must pay a price for your constant wickedness and evil towards humanity… You will never defeat God nor create anything better than him…. Your arrogance and blindness will be your own downfall….and you will get exactly what you deserve…and it has already begun.. You workers of inequity

  8. R3B3CKVH says:

    Also in Texas. I have seen this along with an influx of military aircraft & drone activity. I have been using the airplanes as a weather forecast, since late October. Lots of military jets with (optional) contrails= Cloudy, cold, & dreary tomorrow.

  9. R3B3CKVH says:

    In the same way alcohol does not freeze, I think both, said “Ice Balls,” and the non frozen water need to be tested for various chemical components.

    Is the temperature of the ice also forty degrees?

    I recently read that DARPA was doing ELF(Extreme Low Frequency) testing in that area, to test technology that would be used against submarines. Perhaps these balls are engineered to provide cover to whatever may be happening under the surface?

    • Bill Bradley says:

      It has recently been discussed to store nuclear waste in our great lakes. I would suggest that this would be a cover, after their waste starts leaking, to cover up stories of " nuclear ice balls".

  10. Freedom Ranger says:

    Paul- you need to gather people around you who are of like mind if possible and then in a group decide what is the best way to spread awareness. If you cant you still need to go solo, you made your co workers aware and that is HUGE, you may not realize it but you have done something marvelous and against all odds. THEY DON’T OWN PROBABILITY. At this stage it is the only thing you can do. Awareness will increase the probability a positive event will occur. It will decrease the effectiveness of the machine. This is a game of probability. There is a probability something unforeseen could stop them in their tracks. Awareness increases the probability in our favor. This is why they spend so much money on disinformation. They are just as aware that this is a game of probability.

  11. Renae says:

    Today I kept looking at the sky, planes were spraying everywhere it looked like a fan in the sky with trails spreading out and meeting up with the next line for full coverage. It is scary when you see so many in the sky makes you wonder how anyone can deny this is happening. When a plane can stop spraying and start up again its pretty obvious. I stopped counting when I got to 18 lines since I was driving near Houston, Texas

  12. Tim says:

    Dane – I agree. I just think the ones doing it are being told this.

  13. Paul says:

    I was born and raised in Muskegon MI.two miles from Lake Michigan,there was never anything like ice balls in the lake when I was young.Unbelievable the extent of ignorance in our general population.of course these military maniacs and globalist can do whatever they want to us.our government is in on it.There is no protection for the people.Our life expectancies have dropped to apps.69.8 years.Just when you can collect full social security benefits,You Die,hmmm wonder who planned that mess??i live now in Los Angeles and today was sprayed like a lab rat all day.,always a cloud of chemicals blocking the sun,I have never had so many sinus,throat and respiratory issues in my life as I do now.All my co-workers are aware of this mainly because of my constant banter and pamphlets I pass out to them,but like all others their first question is why?the next statement is Nothing we can do about it.Let me get back to my fantasy football or video game and stop bumming me with your doom and gloom news.My question is what can we really do collectively,what are we doing besides talking about it in these forums?When will this stop?I think not until They KILL US ALL.

  14. Corvus says:

    I had a woman of 60 years old who I’ve known for about two years agree that she could “see” for the first time the in real time spraying of the chemicals. Seeing both by watching a perfect blue day turn grey in a short-period of time, then I showed her on line additional postings and she had to agree no one had ever shown her or mentioned this to her.

  15. Truth Teller says:

    Brook, I too have tried to bring up these topics with family members, only to be told “It’s very arrogant for me to speak as if I KNOW about these things.” I usually apologize and stop talking about whatever it was. I understand that many people react to information like this out of fear and can’t handle the truth. They would rather “Not Know” than “know” and have to worry about things being ok.
    I am absolutely amazed when I find someone who acts like they think they know everything, but won’t even listen to new information if it goes against their world view. This IS mind control – they just aren’t aware they are being controlled.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Truth Teller, I solute you for standing your ground against all the resistance. You have every right to speak confidently about what is happening in our skies. We know it is happening, we have up close film footage of jet tankers spraying at altitude, end of the argument. You are right, those that deny are wrong, period. Stand strong Truth Teller, we are all with you.

  16. Mae says:

    This is a very good point. Those who are toxic such as with too much sugar, junk food, and other toxicities in their bodies will not be able to be as open minded because the toxicities are lowering their vibrations.

    Of course with the chemtrail spraying, fluoride in the water, mercury in our vaccines, Rx drugs meant to suppress symptoms and drug the people up – it is no wonder that people’s vibrations and consciousness is so low that they can’t even see that the sky looks different from before, or that we are being enslaved in many ways.

    Those in charge know exactly what they are doing. Let’s hope enough people wake up before it is too late.

  17. Freedom Ranger says:

    I had a major breakthrough with a friend recently. This person could not see the chemtrails for the life of her. It is the oddest phenomenon. Why people can’t see the trails coming from the aircraft. I kept a video diary and showed her. Finally after many years planting seeds combined with this person going back to where she grew up…she noticed something. I then told her to come to this site. It is not hopeless. Needless to say this breakthrough came after the individual in question had finished a cleansing diet free from sugar and other toxins aimed at eliminating candida. I think the person’s familiarity with her home allowed her to see the trails for the first time. When she saw them she said it was like looking at one of those 3d picture books. She then saw the whole sky. It floored her, the shock she felt she could not describe. This is what happens when someone opens their eyes, I am just amazed that i got to witness it.

  18. Freedom Ranger says:

    Brook- YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. You just fall out of their margin of error when they do the statistical analyses of their mind control techniques. For some unexplained reason there are a set of people who cant be mind controlled. People from the Midwest are notorious in their absolute faith in government. Government is almost sacrosanct to them (I am from Indiana I haven’t talked to my family in 20 years because they are so brainwashed) Brook you are better off without them. The last thing you need to do is doubt your sanity and you dont need to be around people who make you feel like you are defective in any way. I believe the poisons they disperse- especially the fungal material interferes with our ability to think clearly and I believe plays a major role in mind control.

  19. Barbara says:

    You are absolutely right – their job is to CONDITION us into believing that what we are seeing is NORMAL.

    Perfect example was on The Weather Channel Tuesday re GORGON when in at least 3 different segments they went to great lengths to explain what was on satellite as rapidly moving **WAVE CLOUDS** mountain wave clouds… moved across the mid USA… into the mid Atlantic/Northeast.

    They said, oh, this is “beautiful” but you wouldn’t want to get caught in this. Really ?? “wave clouds” ?
    Ha! AKA SCALAR WAVES..massive waves that run for miles of electromagnetics 24/7 not limited to mountains or anything only to their engineering agenda.. Yesterday’s story was the amazing “Ocean Effect Snow” off East Coast..(vs Lake effect)..and they thought this was beautiful and very interesting too.

    Oh yeah, it’s Amazing out there.

  20. Anthony Cotton says:

    I’m with Judy… it’s should be straightforward to test these ice balls… hasn’t that been done yet?

    There is so much misinformation on both sides of any issue out there… we need evidence. Trust me, I have all the evidence I need re: geoengineering, but this ice balls represent a unique opportunity to have tangible evidence.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Anthony, though a test would be helpful, the fact that this phenomenon has never existed prior to several years ago should be ample consideration. The fact that these “ice balls” are floating and forming in 40 degree water should be telling enough unless people think the laws of physics have changed. We do in fact have numerous lab tests of precipitation including snow from many regions, the nucleating materials show up without exception.

  21. lman says:

    And the media continues their mass deception campaign through entertainment channels that most folks in the USA are tuned into:

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Iman, the article you linked is disinformation in regard to not mentioning a word about climate engineering, but as far as the overall state of the climate, its not just warming but rather in total meltdown. Climate engineering is creating large temporary cold zones at the cost of an even worse overall warming.

  22. Brook says:

    Ron, my heart aches for the people who are not waking up. They refuse to. I bring up to them the things that are going on and they look at me in a blank stare. They can’t even comment and are mute. It is like they are brain dead or brain washed. Sadly, after I bring these things up I lose the person as a friend. I have lost friendships (long) and family members because I try to discuss these things with them. I share articles. It is very depressing for me. I try to keep my head high and tell myself I am not the one insane but after awhile you do feel like you could be the one insane.

    My family lives in northern Iowa and they are totally brainwashed. I haven’t been home to visit them going on 7 years. Something in my gut tells me to stay away from there. When I talk to them on the phone I feel something in their thinking has changed. Also, they are all sick with chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, no one has energy and no one feels well.

  23. bija says:

    It is simply bizarre to me that the majority of people remain ignorant of what is happening around them. “Ice Balls” , REALLY!!! When in the last 50 years (or ever) have we experienced such phenomena??
    I have been noticing differing patterns here in Arizona. Heavy trails simply appeared the last few days of December, then it snowed on New Year’s Eve – the wet, heavy kind. This seemed like a HAARP event since there didn’t seem to be planes laying down the trails. Then they gave us a few free days with no visible trails and temps dropped down into the 30’s during the day and low 20’s for a few nights. Late Monday, the planes were back in the skies and the spraying has escalated each day, with today being a thick grey haze with obvious trails being weirdly sprayed over and over within the already heavy cover. The temperature shot up into the 70’s and the sun felt much hotter and uncomfortably close. Winters in Arizona were never like this and yet no one seems to notice or care.
    I have had a few unbelievable encounters with folks over the holidays who believe in “climate change” but claim to have never seen anything being sprayed overhead or anything other than ordinary clouds in the sky.

  24. Howard Taylor says:

    I don’t really want to get too religious. But they who are in power are devils.Devils want to destroy our earth.Our job is to stop them.Picture us against them.We are the Angels they are the Devils.
    Keep that in your mind always that way we know we are saneThey are insane. We fight for the common good.Peace on Earth.

  25. Freedom Ranger says:

    Maria- that same shit fell on us in Boulder today. What the F*(k is that sh*t. Holy F*cking balls that is f*cking scary sh*t

  26. Freedom Ranger says:

    I am starting to get a good look at their temperature layer they lay down, I have an unusual perspective. From my deck I am about 3000 feet above the city and I am only 4 miles away, SO I CAN CLEARLY SEE THE STRATIFICATION. The planes come and they drop a fog on the city, it is a grey brown fog. i wait until I cant see the city (it is only 4 miles away, that is how thick this stuff they are spraying is)Then I drive into to town to measure the temperature. Its 30 degrees colder, it happened again today. The layer starts about 1500 feet above the ground, the temperature changed 30 degrees instantaneously between about 6500 and 6400 ft. So in about a space of 200 feet the temperature dropped 30 degrees. This has happened everyday except one for the last 5 days. IN A SPACE OF 200 FT THE TEMPERATURE DROPPED 30 DEGREES. EVERYDAY FOR THE LAST 5 DAYS. I HAVE NEVER SEEN AN INVERSION LIKE THIS, THIS IS NO INVERSION.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, your observations are very important and very appreciated. Yes, the stratification of the atmosphere is astounding at this point. The cold layer on the ground is creating all the confusion and deception as to the true state of the climate among many. In the meantime, the planetary meltdown continues with the climate engineers fueling the fire overall.

  27. Tim says:

    Ron – Why to themselves? What if they deeply believe the only way to save the planet is to spray a shield? What if they believed everyone is dead in 30-40 years or fewer if nothing is done? Read climate summary and update at

    p.s. I think geoengineering is absolutely insane and there has to be a better way but maybe we are all doomed from global warming.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, your points are valid but there is so much more to this issue, such as the weather warfare and biological warfare that has gone on. Anything the power structure does, it does for its own purposes, there is no benevolence in these programs.

  28. Karen says:

    Last weekend we had ice on the side of a piece of land that fills up to a tiny pond. I thought it was quite strange, especially when the temp. was above 40. We live in the foothills of El Dorado County. The cold stayed for a few days. On Monday night (1/5) they were spraying all over the sky. It was a bright moon that night. My daughter was going home and looked up and pointed out all the spraying. It looked like a crisscross stitch. The next day we hit close to 70’s.
    Today the spraying was in the south/west skies.

    Regarding the Lake Michigan issue, I read (1/5) that Cook Nuclear Plant leaked oil into Lake Michigan for months. Would this have anything to do with the ice balls???

  29. gingercake5 says:

    Karen, last year these ice balls lasted until summer time in the Great Lakes. And no one questioned it.

  30. Doppler Darling says:

    Ice B A L L S? Come on! Really, people? Our geoengineered climate is staring us in the face, yet people are so blind or willing to turn a blind eye to what is so unheard of. I’m sick of it already! And in response to other comments, I’d have to say that if people choose to believe in the inexplicably unnatural i.e ice boulders still floating around in 85 degree temperatures ,then possibly they are as insane as the sociopaths that run this nation. Their pursuit of their own selfish endeavors/pleasures only goes to prove D.H. Lawrence’s point, “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.” Cold as ice. Period.

  31. Maria says:



    The samples (dried) of the collected snowflakes under the microscope

  32. Maria says:


    The samples (dried) of the collected snowflakes under the microscope

  33. ronfoster says:

    Karen: I’ve been wondering the same thing for literally years. I’ve done the research and can come up with three things that are keeping people asleep:

    Cognitive dissodence: Can’t handle two opposing thoughts in their head so they discard one.

    Normalcy bias: A lot of eople want to be perceived as “normal” or part of the herd mentality so they go along with whatever they perceive as normal.

    Drugs: Only 5% of the world’s population resides in the United States yet we consume 50% of the world’s prescription drugs.

    Plus, there isn’t yet a truly strong argument for why these people doing the sprayig would do so at their own peril. That’s the stickler. I believe if folks could at least perceive a real and imminent danger, they’d wake up quickly.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, I agree with you fully on your first two points, but would wrangle with you a bit on the third. There are countless historical examples of those in power doing things that are detrimental to themselves. The detonation of over 2000 nuclear bombs (contaminating the entire planet). Nuclear energy which is currently also contaminating the entire planet. Depleted Uranium ammunition, tracking, enough nuclear weapons to mathematically destroy life on Earth 12000 times over, etc. Even more importantly, if people actually researched, and had any real understanding of what is unfolding around them, they would have some understanding of the various agendas being carried out by climate engineering (non of the agendas are benevolent in nature). The problem is this, the vast majority of people have time for everything imaginable, but seem to have no time to lift a finger and investigate for the common good.

  34. Judy Rowe says:

    Has any of the water in these ice balls been tested for high chemical levels?

  35. Karen Strong says:

    Who in their right mind wouldn’t question the obviously unnatural and bizzare tumbling ice boulders in this lake … Unbelievable …. Wouldn’t the normal person question and look for answers ??? Or am I completely naive when it comes to human nature’ , have people become so consumed in their own lives that they don’t question anything if it’s outside their own immediate existence ???? I just don’t understand

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