Microwaving The Atmosphere To Mitigate Methane


Dane Wigington

Methane is rapidly accumulating in the atmosphere, many more noctilucent clouds are being seen at ever lower latitudes. Methane is over 100 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Co2 over a ten year time horizon. If the methane releases continue, "Venus Syndrome" will be the end result.


Geoengineering/solar radiation management has been pushed as mitigation for the rapidly building global methane release cataclysm, but is climate engineering really a cure? Or has the decades long geoengineering insanity actually helped to trigger the methane catastrophe in the first place?


The delusion of the technological fix is unfortunately ingrained in the human psyche. This is how we have been trained and taught by the power structure. Modern industrialized/militarized technology now pushed the human race and all life on Earth well past the breaking point. On the current trajectory we face near term global extinction, this is a mathematical certainty. Only with a complete change of direction does the human race have any chance. Yet, even now, the indoctrination of academia and society prevails, the delusion of the "techno fix" (to what technology and anthropogenic activity caused in the first place) is rampant. What is the "science" community pushing now? Welcome to project LUCY and ALAMO, the intentional massive microwaving of the atmosphere with oppossing frequencies in an incredibly desperate and destructive attempt to molecularly degrade the atmospheric methane buildup.


Large ground based ionosphere heater facilities like HAARP are likely being used for programs like project LUCY and ALAMO in addition to their use for weather modification and jet stream manipulation.


It is important to remember that there is a global network of these highly destructive ionosphere heater radio frequency transmission installations around the globe.


There are also the huge SBX radar platforms located around the globe. It is very likely these platforms (like the ground based RF transmitters) are also being used for weather modification and  attempted methane mitigation.


A diagram of using sea based transmission platforms is below, the technological "cure" delusion continues to push life on Earth toward certain extinction.


Microwave transmissions and toxic electrically conductive atmospheric spraying can and is killing trees, what are these transmissions doing to us? What are they doing to all life on Earth?


The blind faith in the science community must be tempered. It must be understood and realized that the military industrial complex has all but taken complete control of academia for its own ends. So many scientists are participating in research and activities that have already pushed us past the point of no return. Society must also consider its part in what has unfolded. For the most part, populations have abandoned any sense of reason and responsibility toward the common good in exchange for their lives of comforts and distractions. Caring for the future of our planet and our children requires action, it requires effort and prioritizing. Who will you help to awaken today? What steps will you take to help turn the course of the Titanic on which we are all currently passengers?

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  1. auspiciousbunny says:

    I think someone has to be the catalyst to start mass protests against geoengineering soon. Informing people is not enough. Handing out flyers is not enough. I think people are beginning to see what is taking place. We need to step up as organizers and get everyone together to protest this in an organized and loud manner. But there have to be leaders who will organize. People will otherwise do nothing.

  2. auspiciousbunny says:

    They are doing something like this in NY state to move summer storm fronts. People are experiencing vertigo and loud ear ringing leading up to storms here. The symptoms mostly seem to go away after the rain takes place. It is also happening prior to snowstorms.

  3. Henry says:

    This is not just for methane. They are being used to destroy storms, create high pressures to divert storms and to stall storms over areas to create floods.

  4. Marta Polten says:

    interim government in Brazil has opened a serious precedent that allows the government to spray poison in urban land legally. We left the clutches of Dilma Roussef to your Temer accomplice, both enemies of the people. Both corrupt! https://www.abrasco.org.br/site/2016/06/temer-sanciona-pulverizacao-de-agrotoxicos-em-areas-urbanas/
    Is in Portuguese but translated with google and see the severity of the law passed against the will of the people!

  5. Chris says:

    Greetings from Western Australia.  I've been watching this happen above the once beautiful skies of our capital.  Over the past 6 month or so it seems as if the enemy has ramped up it's efforts because we are caught in an abnormal +2C degrees (maybe more?) average heat wave, with more +30C days than not this March.  Today (4/4/16) was a classic case of a clear morning then suddenly a straight line cloud formation with its tell tale blotchiness streaching from west (ocean) to east.  I'm slowly waking others here but its quite hard because a vast, vast, majority have swallowed the programme and are so wedded to their insanely rich lifestyles that any deviation is viewed with automatic suspicion.  Anyway Fight on people!!

    • Kenneth Colvin says:



      Open letter to Obama:


      Mr. Obama.


      There will be trials similar to those of Nuremberg for the destruction of the earth and the crimes committed against its inhabitants. Those in the highest positions will be held most accountable.


      Kenneth Colvin

      President Electrino Group Inc.

  6. Jasmine says:

    Hi. I am informed citizen, who stumbled on this site through a friends sharing. I hear alot about chemtrails and all the misinformation ive been subjected to, and, it apalls me to no end, why people are so greedy and horrible. I have a story that may seem uneventful to some, but i would like some clarification, considering its happening right in our town, and noone seems to have an answer, so they shurg thier shoulders, and, act like nothing has happened. I live in a small vwlley, surrounded by mountains. I love it, i love the outdoors the pretty BLUE skies, and, the chrystal clear lakes. Yes, i live in British Columbia. The one last hope for Canada, and, its being destroyed by greedy poilticians! Continuing my story.. one morning, at 5 am, i was already up because i have trouble sleeping through the night. The skies were dark , but quiet, no rain, no snow, nothing. Out of nowhere, i heard a baffling noise, sounding like an explosion, it rocked my apt. It was so loud, i thought a plane had crashed, so i went outside to look for flames or smoke. Nothing. No sirens, no people running outside like myself, nothing. I went to look out my daughters window to see if there was anything, and, my daughter was up too. She asked me if i heard that strange noise, it woke her up and shook her bed. She was scared. I continued to listen for sirens, but nothing. I then checked the web for any news about it. Nothing. I went to work 2 hrs later, and, found a dozen people who heard it too. Apparently, someone called the RCMP, to investigate , and, nothing was reported or said . This noise btw, was the 2nd time i heard it eithin the yr. The 1st time i heard it, i thought i was dreaming, and, went badk to sleep. Everyone eho eitnessed the noise, said they thought for sure it came from the mountain on the west side of town. I thought so too. We figured if it was a plane crash we would see flames or smoke, yet nothing. So! What in the world is an explosion noise that comes from inside of a mountain??? We are clueless, the authorities are saying nothing , and, ive been sick off and on for months. What is going on Dane ? Please help. A distressed resident from Oliver BC. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jasmine, stay strong, what you feel is what any sane person should feel. Solace can only be found in facing this challenge head on, hope the attached link can help. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/introducing-geoengineering-climate-engineering-to-the-uninformed/

    • Scott says:

      Sounds like a meteorite entering earths orbit,  https://www.sott.net/category/17-Fire-in-the-Sky

    • Kat says:

      Or a small earthquake.  We always heard a very large boom and then our windows would shake in North Alabama.  Or you said it was dark, no rain, no snow.  Maybe a huge thunderclap when very close can rattle your windows.  

  7. Jeff says:

    Dane, I understand that ALL of the planets in our solar system are heating up. So my question is why is the heating of the Earth considered to be related to human activity? Is there possibly a common cause for ALL the planets increase in heat?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeff, there is much disinformtion about the solar system “heating up”, there is no basis to this false information (link attached). On the other hand, there are conditions on our planet related to human activity (including geoengineering of course) that must increase temperatures according to the laws of physics. https://www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-other-planets-solar-system.htm

  8. Brian Sidney says:

    The mayhem may start when we Baby Boomers realize that instead of being "dead by then"; dying peacefully in our sleep surrounded by toys and wishing the best to our offspring and their little  "character building challenges", WE CHOKE AND DIE IN THE CHAOS! UNLESS WE GET OUR SPOILED ASSES OFF THE GOLF COURSE AND TAKE EXTREME ACTION TO SAVE OURSELVES, NOT JUST OUR CHILDREN, US! Big difference when it's personal. 

    • SEE says:

      This is a great site with lots of great information but info is not a solution. Brian S. (and anyone else who cares to answer) WHAT EXACTLY  SHOULD WE "GET OFF OUR ASSES & DO? Contacting our Legislators doesn't seem to work. Are the experts that are posting to this site have an action plan or even suggestions? I'm only asking because I really have no idea what to do.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “SEE” the short answer to your question is yes. Every single post we put up has a link (or links) with activist action plans. I would suggest starting with the attached link and then go to through the links within the article.https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

    • marta says:

      Start with the action of telling people, educating them, helping them understand, getting them to open their eyes . Never underestimate the power of enough people pissed off enough to take collective action.


    • Theglide says:

      Well said!



  9. SortingHat says:

    They sprayed like crazy the last couple days from Salem eastward and for a short while it looked like we were going to get monsoon moisture with a decent chance of thunderstorms BUT now that they sprayed the thunderstorms are strangely going to be a 1-5 westward event RIGHT where the chemtrails were not making it any further in. 
    They DIDN'T spray west of 1-5 as far as I know so I am guessing that's why the echos are not able to go past 1-5 because of that's where the spraying was.
    WHY are they trying to kill the rain?  It is obviously NOT just a California event they are doing.   My two theories are that they may be trying to protect the west coast from Radiation poisoning in Japan which in that case they will have to keep doing this for another 100,000 years as that's how long it takes before radiation goes away.  The west coast will become like the Sahara Desert before then. 
    Radiation is like plastic never degrading. 
    Also they seem to be doing it where the water supplies are in the mountains so I am wondering if they may be doing it to perhaps stop chemical weapons from Russia which they have some VERY scary ones being built which I hope they never install in the USA.
    The toxins may kill some of us off who have weak immune systems but there plan is to at least keep  enough Americans alive if Russia has plans for a total wipe out using chemical warfare.
    The toxins will make our bodies resistant to whatever it is they use.
    In fact perhaps the spraying will *confuse* the weapons from China/Russia by acting as some kind of EMF shield that will screw up the computerized weapons.

    • elton allred says:

      flightradar24.com all the planes are spraying when you fly your plane is spraying all air lines are spraying

    • John says:

      perhaps the militaries and world governments are working together for the sustainable angenda 21 or 30 population control.

    • AngelsAreWatching says:

      Wow, SortingHat, very astute! "Where the water supplies are in the mountains!"  How do you make a fire? First you grow/collect trees, then you cut and dry it, position it to make sure you've got airflow, then you ignite it. That's how to make a fire in a fireplace and same principles apply to make a megafire. Trees protect local water. The hotter the megafire, the more water runs into "their" coffers. Trees and water are our most important defenses. There is a reason Bill Gates sleeps under water.

  10. otterwalks says:

    Many responses. The some of which if added together and the invalid removed, would come close to the interfaced methodology of Technocracy. The Operations began earlier than most think. In '53, only 8 years into Atomics, work toward Op Hardtack began. Look at Argus in '58 when the Van Allen Belt was attempted to be opened! You can go to Starfish and others with this agenda. The Corporate Military Complex is a delusional group of -add your label here… I put Psychopaths at the top of my list.

    Radar development by high math knowledge of frequency, started sooner and has progressed more rapidly than the disinformation Op as regards the nuclear energy movement, with its cleanliness, hiding the converse. 

    Today we are as Stone or Bronze Age persons under attack by DEW. Forget the Atomic Age, this is the Frequency Age. That is the new radiation tech. It is not only radiation of itself, it sets in motion ozone negation when combined with aerosols, enabling passage of UV radiation forms. Finally the awakened speak to an inter relationship that has been the path from the start. For many reasons still only scratching the surface; and that is not the fault of determined researchers. Many operations and their agendas are simply secreted away.

    Eugenics is the aim. Any and all potentialities that bring forth that stated goal is good in the Technocratic Pathology. Frequency flows most effectively by means of conductivity. The absence of friction as it applies to the energy or waveform, is drawn to a path of least resistance, optimizing it's inertia. Of course aerosols are going to be algorithmically played out to prep an area for electromagnetic induction. The conductive field is primary to Weather Modification. Much like walking on egg shells, early attempts at clarification met with thought walls. Different specialists from fields under different labels dug into their avenues of research. That compartmentalization is finally coming undone. Researchers and those that have been in the R and D of the many agendas that interact at various levels, are connecting the linear route, or itinerary. 

    The toxins are ubiquitous, as is frequency. The crossing of laser beacons where an action occurs was know, over a century ago; it negates 3d space: a paradox. Where nothing exists, not space nor matter, a scalar bottle; the nothing must be something: paradox… Technically the methane reduction method described is doubtless in use. Is it a good idea to play with inter dimensional space that carries unknowns? Food for thought.

    Which will be first agenda or combination to succeed in this race to extermination? It matters not. If people cannot aggregate their efforts in an attempt to end this M.A.D. -Mutually Assured Destruction -the future options are dire. Methane Feed Back Loops, HAARP – which is now labeled IRI -Ionospheric Research Instrument – to fool the gullible silent majority, and tell the lie of omission; HAARP is closed -Aerosols whether labeled SAG, SRM, or the myriad slurry formulas saturating everything go to the same end. 

    Bottom line, this is encyclopedic, despite my years working an array, don't believe what is said here. We are the Incas, the Aztecs, the Indigenous Americans that fathom not, the break neck speed, the urgency that these compiled operations harbor. Nor, when they are about to be the fruits of Psychopaths! Without Change, it is a given…


    • Hello otterwalks: Great post! Everyone likes dressing their little darlings up in fancy uniforms. They look so BIG and STRONG!!! Then we put them in HUGE parades, and have them march like BIG people do… I love uniforms!!!
      Military minds seem to have a certain redundancy to them… >
      Look mom!!! Nuclear bombs go booooom!!!

    • "Today we are as Stone or Bronze Age persons under attack by DEW." Sounds like you know Shimya and others. Thank you for clearly elucidating my thought on harmonics vs explosives. In the pics way above is a picture of city lights, power plant and odd colored sky with one very big, long and ragged black cloud. Entry to 'normal' by extremely fast moving object(s) must leave a mark. In my not well formulated thought those clouds are the mark. Previous to our current times the same process is what made the huge canyons found all over earth, under the sea, etc. The scribed cloud formations are (loss for words) odd side effect of the omniciatti and their toys. Ran across the site during search on other HAARP issue and glad I did.

  11. JR says:

    Another repeat day today 6/17/15 of days past with rain clouds herded to other areas with much lightning in those areas. Our area in Mesilla Valley for the most part here in Southern New Mexico what were rain clouds busted down to nothing again. I wish I had a better report as the rest of you do as well. Way to much corruption and poliicians sleeping and eating out of evil doers hand. Smiling faces and all the pats on each others backs won't keep most of these people serving in Hell, what else can I say? Their actions and works speak for themselves.

  12. JR says:

    I will be brief; Over and over as I've posted for years now besides this website our rain clouds are broken down to nothing here in Southwestern part of U.S., New Mexico. There is no wonder we are in drought! These are no less criminals who do this and I mean all of them involved in this dark sinister act of SAG spraying. If we break the law in a crime we get punished true? How are these scumbags any higher in the human race with such evil acts folks? God gave us 4 seasons to go with our climate or weather how ever you choose to word this. As others post here there will be hell to pay with such acts as in other evil of many forms. For these low form of lifes who wish to play with fire and abuse the innocent and this Earth Hell waits for them no doubt! They can't be happy with all the blessings they have had in this earthly life. They lust for evil and this will be their downfall and demise for eternity….No excuses…

  13. Dylan says:

    Noctilucent clouds (Polar Mesospheric clouds) lower down are Nacreous clouds (Polar Stratospheric clouds). They are both very similar to cirrus clouds. All these clouds have a net warming effect which is magnified in the higher latitudes.

    What effect does microwaving methane in the troposphere as proposed in Project Lucy have?

    It breaks down methane into diamond particles. These particles serve as perfect ice nuclei (aerosols) for ice to form around leading to clouds.

    It enhances the oxidation of methane into water vapour thus also feeding the clouds.

    Microwave breakdown of the atmosphere results in the electron avalanche effect,vastly augmenting the cloud condensation process.

    How could this possibly be construed as mitigation?

    And what in blue blazes is the meaning of this sentence from the Project Lucy proposal?

    "The transmitters can be mounted on submarines, planes and after 2015 on boats and drilling rigs when the Arctic ice cap has melted (Arctic News, 2012)"

    Cat bolted then close the barn door? Or rather blow the barn door off its hinges?

  14. Alexander High says:

    Hi again Karl

    I've looked at a portion of the Video and found it extremely helpful and have looked at some of the products you mentioned, no they are not expensive and I am certainly going to get some for myself and family. We're in this for the long haul, anything that can help us fight the toxins is most welcome. I will continue to watch the video in segments as it is rather a long one, but I will watch it nonetheless and the rest of the links in due course.

    Many thanks again Karl, I really do appreciate you taking the time to pass this information on to me and others that will hopefully read the information also.


    I won't bother with PM Cameron again, my aim was to make him aware that people know (JOE PUBLIC) what's going on and that at some point he won't be able to lie his way out of the fact they are spraying toxins on us. He will be brought to account at some point, from that he can't escape. I didn't mince my words with him, I told him we were enemies because the simple fact of the matter is we are enemies. He's trying to destroy us so what else could he be! He has no legitimate right or moral right to wage a chemical and biological war upon his own people let alone any other nation, he has no right to govern a nation nor anything else period.

    I'll keep you posted with my progress with the product info you gave me. Many thanks again Karl.

    All the best 


  15. Alexander High says:

    Karl and Bob

    Thank you both for the information, it will be very helpful.

    I am taking some things but not sure how effective they are just now as I'm fairly new to this. I have read some articles and they seem very informative as regards the detox side of things. I know salads are a good source but with all this damn spraying maybe a little more help to combat this lunacy is a good idea.

    They've been spraying again today, the sun has gotten through the clouds but there is hardly any blue sky if you can call it blue anymore that is.

    Thank you again for the information, I am very grateful to you.


    Don't let the buggers grind you down.



  16. Melody Meachum says:

    Part II:  FDA and Big Pharma’s Latest Killer Agenda: Destroy Homeopathic Medicine"  By Joachim Hagopian Global Research, June 11, 2015

    "Near a decade ago insightful longtime critic of the United States government Michael Parenti in his plain truth primerDemocracy for the Few exposed how the watchdog agencies cited above merely protect the very industries they’re supposed to monitor and regulate. The result is the EPA looks the other way when air becomes dirtier, groundwater more polluted and oceans and soil more saturated with toxic contaminants. The FDA gives its rubberstamped approval permitting untested drugs and unsafe foods to be sold to consumers. The CDC and Big Pharma controlled medical establishment squelch known cures for cancer and other terminal illnesses. The Pentagon, Defense Department and Homeland Security are all supposed to keep us safe when in fact in the name of national security every year they make the world far more dangerous and insecure, destroying nation after nation turning them into failed states while exterminating millions of innocent people in our name. Militarized US police are supposed to protect and serve when in fact they are 58 times more apt to murder us than any terrorists. And so on and on it goes, living in the twenty-first century we are learning that the alarmingly grim truth is virtually all our public servants are turning out to be our killers instead of protectors.

    Using pure scare tactics, the FDA is falsely warning both consumers and doctors that homeopathic medicines are detrimentally dangerous to your health. An example coming straight off the March FDA website: “FDA is warning consumers not to rely on asthma products labeled as homeopathic that are sold over-the-counter (OTC).” Of course what are they recommending? You guessed it – FDA approved Big Pharma drugs.

    Yet using Big Pharma products often prescribed for asthma treatment such as the inhalers Advair, Serevent and Foradil were found by Cornell and Stanford researchers several years ago to increase the risk of death by three and a half times and hospitalization by two and a half times more than those in studies taking placebo drugs. Their results show that Big Pharma inhalers actually cause up to 80% of asthma-related deaths.

    Three weeks after it fired its telling first shot across the bow warning against homeopathic products for treating asthma, the FDA rushed to hold a two-day hearing on April 20-21 to provide an ever so brief window of a public forum presenting both the pros and cons of homeopathic medicine. Proponents from both sides submitted their supporting evidence either touting its efficacy or its alleged dangers. Then the FDA announced that only until June 22nd will it accept posts from members of the public to voice their views, issues and concerns on its federal website prior to the FDA’s plan deciding on further regulatory action to soon be implemented that could in effect eradicate the growing multimillion dollar homeopathic industry. Vox Media this year maintains that Americans are spending $3 billion on homeopathy alone. That kind of money speaks volumes in explaining why this sudden whirlwind of recent events is unfolding at breakneck speed after forty straight years of unchanged FDA policy toward homeopathy."


  17. Melody Meachum says:

    While learning to play ball as kids, we all heard this saying over and over "don't take your eye off the ball". Figuratively, it's getting harder and harder to keep one's eyes fixated on the hundreds of balls coming at us constantly. The latest "ball" could have significant impact on the Homeopathic Medicine industry. If you're like me, you look for significant ways to continue weeding out Big Pharma from your medicine cabinet in favor a more holistic approach. Especially in light of our body's daily bombardment of poisonous aerosol sprays raining down and all other toxifying crap in literally everything. So it is critical that we all have the availability to choose homeopathic medicines that treat & detoxify.

    Please take the time to read an article from Global Research regarding the latest move by the FDA in conjunction with big pharma. As common precedence these days, it will bring nary a squeak out of our "roll over and die" government unless we provide backlash by voicing opposition. I've tried to condense the article, but thought it important to keep some background history a part of it. I have broken the article down in 3 Parts.

    Part I

    " FDA and Big Pharma’s Latest Killer Agenda: Destroy Homeopathic Medicine"  By Joachim Hagopian Global Research, June 11, 2015

    "Like pretty much everything these days, money equates to power in the big business world of both geopolitics and monopolized corporate control designed to eliminate individual liberties and personal choice around the globe. We’ve seen it with the treasonous US crime cabal government that engineered the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11 to establish a fake war on terror with fake enemies acting as mercenary Islamic stooges that conveniently facilitated the dismantling of the US Constitution.

    As all three branches of the federal government destroyed the US democratic republic,  on a more micro-scaled level we’ve also seen how all the various federal regulatory agencies ostensibly set up to protect public health have in fact betrayed Americans by selling out to special interests of big business and corporate lobbyists.

    The Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Communications Commission and even the Center for Diseases Control are all but corporate whores completely taken over by a rotating door of Fortune 500 CEO’s, think tank provocateurs, political action committees and corporate lobbyists none of which serve the public.

    A new spending bill in the oligarch owned Congress will spell the death of net neutrality. The oligarch controlled FCC is now in the process of destroying net neutrality, censoring the internet, controlling website access, making it increasingly unaffordable and in particular is bent on destroying the independent news media. Because the elite know more and more of the world’s population are turning to the internet for its main source of information and news in overt rejection of MSM lies and disinformation, through its FCC gatekeeper the plan to eliminate independent news media as well as individual critical thinking have been well underway for some time now.

    As part of this sinister process, search engines like the giant Google no longer lists websites by order of heaviest traffic but by the Big Brother filter deciding which sites are “more accurate.” What they fail to mention is by whose standards, the lying government that Google and Facebook have sold out to or those brave souls determined to tell the truth no matter what. The globalist design is to ensure that only the six oligarch owned mainstream media outlets disseminate all news and information to the world, effectively creating a monopoly over the flow of all information from the current 90+% level to the absolute 100%.

  18. Frank says:

    The wildfire in Willow Alaska as of 11:30 am this morning has spread to 6500 acres. 

    The blaze, named “Sockeye Fire” by officials, was called in around 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, and is believed to be human-caused, says Tim Mowry from the Alaska Division of Forestry.

    As of 3 p.m., the “fast-moving” fire had grown from two acres to 80 acres, Mowry says.

    As of just before 9 p.m., the fire had reached 1,800 acres and had jumped the highway. The fire had also jumped nearby Sockeye Avenue.

    This fire spread so fast that I wonder if hydrogen sulfide and  methane could be the cause. Link to article below:


  19. JR says:

    Still I have big concerns for the life and good will of all people in general. Our weather here in the Southwest-New Mexico with our rain clouds are being obliterated as usual, no rain. Still people walk with eyes blinded and ears stopped as all is normal. All we can do is try to reach people one at a time, and He knows we mean well. Peace of mind to all involved in this fight along with the GMO'S and all corruption at all levels. Check out Center For Food Safety-CFS….

  20. pat says:

    Please observe the visible cloud cover over most of the Pacific Ocean has been blasted it looks like micro waved popcorn. Is that supposed to be fog? There is also a man man circular pattern in the cloud cover approaching British Columbia and Seattle perhaps disguised as a Low pressure system?


  21. Paul .UK. says:

    Here in the South West of England the skies no longer look natural. It is either misty grey or chemtrails everywhere. It’s all of our sky. The time has come to claim it back for all of humanity.

    • Karen GAllen says:

      I too live in the south west of England ,in Cornwall and it's right by the sea in the country side ,I'm scared to sit out in my garden go to the beach as the CHEMTRAILING is that bad,it's making me ill,I have breathing  problems ,and have had two chest infections in less than six months ! And I don't smoke either!!! It's time this stopped its poison it's killing the wildlife ,bees which we need the fish are dying ! Our country side trees flowers ,! They should not be allowed to get away with this ,apparently it's been going on since 1998 ??? Where's our blue skies our golden sun, we must act now before its to late and pray it's not already ,this is  genocide against humanity .

  22. vassiliki says:

    Hi everybody,


    I'm living in France and we have the same chemtrailed skies here too. I fully agree that this is a fascist way of solving the overpopulation problem. I also know that only hoping and praying is not enough. We could reduce our numbers by stopping giving birth, by a non treated disease and by moderating our planet consumption. But on the other hand they should stop killing everything without even daring to admit it. We need urgently a charismatic leader.

  23. Alexander High says:

    I want to ask someone if they know what can we do or take to help get rid of the metal toxins we breath in? there must be something we can take to combat this poison but what and how much??

    I will truly be very grateful if someone out there can give me some good information concerning this matter. I and my family already take magnesium but not sure if that is enough?

    I could really use some help please.



    • @ Alex

      There are a couple of things you can do to detoxify:

      E.g. consider these products:

      bio Chlorella  (daily! just healthy algae, no chemicals!)

      medical quality Zeolite (1 spoon in a glas of water in the morning)

      Mybepure detox quality items (not available in Germany, but US)

      Listen to medical shows of Dr. Klinghardt (a German detoxification expert working in the US) on Youtube and visit the site of Dr.Coldwell

      I didn't watch these, because I have the German versions but I think it might be ok for you or just have a look yourself. There is a lot of material up on Youtube about those 2 natural healing medical doctors:





    • Bob says:

      Lots of green leafy veggies are one of the simplest, best starts to detoxing.  Chlorophyll is one of natures best detoxifiers for heavy metals.  Have a salad or two every day, but make sure its using good quality, organic and such.  Use things like fresh lemon juice, quality salt, and black pepper as the dressing.  Lemon juice is another crazy good detoxifier.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, the vegitbles are becoming a double edged sword, though they are indeed nessesary, all plant life is absorbing elements from the aerosol spraying and Fukushima.

  24. DAVID DARBY says:

    You all have said it all. Its really happening. I know I keep on thinking whats the reason? Has to be to continue the economic forward movement of commerce…and a big ass period. The weird thing is at this time they know the only answer is to disband our current world idea of capitalism is best for all, more is not better, just a waste, and for everybody to think they can be a glamor boy or girl is never going to happen. Learn to live within our means. BYE BYE FOSSIL FUELS one way or another at least to the scale at this time and what was perceived we could all have a fossil fuel vehicle. Heat is heat and its got to go some where. So it looks like we've all in the western world been dreaming a lie. Its going to cost us everything too. That heat is already here. Not going anywhere very soon. Looks like trying to shade the world is killing ourselves off along with everything else too. SO WHAT THEN IS THE POINT. Why not fall back, cut commerce via end of fossil fuels, and let chaos reign for how ever long it takes to unwind and earth will begin rebalancing itself eventually. This will cost the lives of billions probably but its been a pipe dream anyhow and most of the 7 billion on earth have not enjoyed those fruits of the few. This all has been predicted over a hundred years ago folks and not the time has come to pay the piper. Learn to live lean, rid your intake of dairy and meats and learn technological water saving farming techniques. Learn to build a simple home and collect rain or dew water in cistern, learn the simple technology of solar collection for energy. Learn to live very well on very little. You'll be healthier and happier. Maybe somehow survive the coming chaos of an world society hell bent on maintaining something which is not sustainable. BTW very good read too. Ive been researching and experiencing the climate here in San Diego for 2 years and just realized about a month plus ago this was going to be devastating and I understand why they are frantic and doing all this crazy horse poop stuff. Ive had weird autoimmune issues pop up in the last few years and always know when the spraying is going on as I feel like hell and have become so achy and creaky at just 48 y/o but many of these symptoms starting coming on 10 years ago so its gotten so much worse so fast and yes like others have mentioned the freaking sun is backing the trees. We have drought stressed and sun stress trees which are losing there bark all over my community. Good thing most have to leave and bury their head in work somewhere because they would freak if they really knew its all in vain. Okay I should quit. Have a great rest of this Sunday evening and Monday morning.Ciao



  25. Nigel says:

    I recently watched the Breaking bad series(again) and there are so many scenes showing the trails. 

  26. Edward Palys says:

    Here's the big problem as I see it. Geoengineering was proposed in the late 1960s by a scientific council and the US military and involved a few countries. The purpose was to help/control weather patterns through different means. Turns out that spraying methane, which our world has an over-abundance of, was a basic experiment. Unfortunately, many countries got into the act and lately new ideas have been tried. Hence the different chemtrail patterns. They have started using nano technology lately in combination with HAARP, but I didn't realize that HAARP is so well distributed world-wide. That is why the weather has changed so much all around us. "Climate change" is, of course the right terminology to use, but it is all man-made. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, it’s important to remember that any form of human activity that alters the biosphere is a form of geoengineering, that includes cutting down forests, paving the planet, and putting 100,000,000 ton’s of Co2 into the air. The greatest overall factor is climate engineering, but it is by no means the only factor.

  27. Gene Maynard says:

    Microwave ovens are enclosed in strong steel boxes for a reason. It seems to me in the open atmosphere humans will be slowly cooked from the inside out. It also seems to me the atmosphere will be heated even more since microwaves work by agitating water molecules which in turn build heat; releasing even more methane. All sounds like a plan to hasten disaster instead of mitigating one. If someone can tell me where I'm wrong believe me I would love to be.

  28. Diana Moss says:

    The one person who could 'let the cat out of the bag' and blow the entire lid off, not only climate change denial,  but climate engineering, would be the Pope.  His message would reach more people faster than the speed of lightening.  The deniers are already attacking the Pope for his stand on climate change, but those deniers are the little people who do not have enough brain cells to actually think and make rational decisions based on common sense.  But, the Pope does.

  29. Alexander High says:

    Awesome pictures Karl, if indeed they can be called awesome.

    This is pure evil against us all and we can't let these bastards win.

    I know it can be daunting but we just can't give up making those that don't see open their eyes and take notice. The more of us that are in this fight the better chance we have of getting this lunacy stopped. I've been called nuts by the blind brigade but that doesn't deter me in the least, some have taken notice and are in this fight to spread the word so that's a good thing. 

    I wish you all the very best of luck.


    • Alexander High

      Thanks a lot, I'm glad that you like the content. I documented over 40 crimes against humanity already but we should bear in mind that those doing all this could use this not only as a weather weapon but also for mind control. Their abilities are so advanced that they can even change our minds without our consent. That's the most frightening scenario we are facing nowadays.

  30. Thank you so much Dane! All of these updates are helping millions of people all over the planet. Geoengineering is trying to destroy what god made PERFECT.  I am sharing this with Russ Tanner's site <OrbisVitae.com>


  31. Wyatt Berry says:

    One thing is for sure and that is that we are being systematically destroyed as lifeforms.

  32. Chad says:

    It's time to get this started for real! They aren't going to stop or change until we are all dead or too weak and sick to do anything about it! What are we waiting for? Together We Stand Divided We Fall!!!

  33. jonathan l says:

    Can anyone tell me if this is ok to try? Please take a couple minutes to read this website I stumbled upon and let me know your impressions. If any debunking troll wishes to intimidate me, lest it be known, I've seen more of you elsewhere so don't even try it! Go back and convince your own kids that this shit is ok. http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/environment/humans/chemtrails/news.php?q=1216155860

    I also saw on another website that the nano-particles and fibers from the fallout of the shit spreaded in the skies across the world were a form of by-product to use in collaboration with HAARP installations across the globe and the new smart meters everyone has been forced to accept (I've fought 6 months to get mine removed and have a non-communicating installed) in order to use on us mind control. Anyone else hear about this?

    • Hello Jonathan I:
      Much of the information on the supplied link is valid to some degree, yet quite dated. Clifford Carnicom has been researching "morgellon" disease for many years, as he believes morgellon's is related to "chemtrailing" projects. Perhaps it is. Yet the real culprit is an altered bacterium called Agrobacterium rhizogenes. Agrobacterium rhizogenes is an altered DNA product of Monsanto Corporation… This linked presentation is long, but quite exacting. >
      There are many ways to combat the health effects of aerosols contamination in the human body, but this is NOT the answer to the problem. Our planet is reaching a point of total environmental collapse. There will soon come a time when there won't be enough healthy persons to clean up or bury the dead…
      The solution to the grim statement posed above, is to RID our planet of insane scientists, military goons, and police thugs. As long as society chooses to employ insane goons to enforce economic policy designed by fools, we as a specie will remain headed for total extinction.
      In terms of "nano-technology" the cards have been on the table for many years. Here's what the Royal Society of Great Brittan had to say about nano tech. >

      Royal Society Policy Report on Nanotechnology and Human Health

  34. Jaana says:

    Dane, thank you for all that you do! I'm so awed by your unrelenting work to try to stop this insanity! I keep trying to talk to people about the geoengineering and have sent quite a few emails to different groups, senator, etc to no avail. How does one keep going when people pretty much look at me like I'm nuts? It's so discouraging!

    What I've been seeing in the last two weeks has been so unbelievably scary. Today there were trails..but they were completely different from ones I've seen. They were thick, very faint greenish blue color.  Blended into the sky so much that unless you really were looking I'm sure people didn't see them. What the F are they doing now? Trying to make them invisible? I don't know what to do..no one wants to see it or hear about it. It's a very lonely feeling.

    • Bob says:

      I had noticed a difference with some of the trails and even posted here about the observation.  Not all of the trails are this new kind though, they are still spraying the old kind.  These new ones seem to blend in, become invisible.  They begin the same, but blend in quickly.  I think they came up with a different composition because of all the awakening to this issue, thanks predominately to Dane's work!  They are getting much better at limiting the horizon to horizon criss cross patterns of obviousness.  

      To me this also means they are listening to us, which also means they know exactly what kind of evil, eugenics program they are involved in.  If the trails were really just plain old contrails, they wouldn't change them.  I guess it proves their guilt.  What gets me is the Vatican just basically said the carrying capacity of the earth is about one billion people.  I think this is a way of saying the world needs to be rid of 6 billion people.  It's a use of word magic that is the media these days.  More problem, reaction, solution.  There going to start discussing this earth carrying capacity subject, get a majority of people's already brainwashed opinions, the reaction.  Well, when it comes to the very real movement in the eugenics field, we know their solution.  

      I know I went on a rant there, but to me, them changing the aerosol composition is full on, no more denial, of the reality of the true motive behind these programs, most of our deaths.

    • joy says:

      You are not alone, and believe it or not, these people do hear you. At some point they will realize that what is happening is killing them. Right now people are angry with me and blame me for what they are realizing as truth. People can't figure out how to vent their frustration and fear so YOU are going to be where they point their fingers. Try to smile and tell them "thanks" for listening to you. The trails are new, by whatever recipe, it has changed recently and I doubt it is for the better. NOAA actually has a term they now use: SLCs – Scary Looking Clouds. Makes you feel much better, huh. If NOAA is coming out with new brochures and marketing to explain what THEY say is going on in our sky you gotta wonder who you can trust.

    • BaneB says:

      I too think the tactic of spraying is now including a less showy trail that is shorter and more like the older classic contrail of yesteryear.  The difference between this year and last year for the past month or so is startling in that the grunge whiteouts and rafts drifting over from the Pacific Ocean are fewer.  The sky is 'clearer' and bluer.  But, the light refraction upon the massive amount of aerosol particulates is like looking at a flourescent lighted sky.  The scattered light is that silvery white glow acting upon the spray du jour.  The horizon from my vantage point here in Northern California is still a near whiteout.  Everyone here hope and pray the geo-satanists don't send us 1,000 lightening strikes and galactic size armadas of thunderstorms to burn us out.  The season is six weeks early and already as dry as late July.

    • Jaana says:

      Thank you Bob and Joy for your reply! It brought me to tears knowing that I'm not alone in feeling this way. I'm so glad to have found Dane's sight..seeing that there are so many that aren't sticking their heads in the sand about all this.  And you both gave me the encouragement to keep trying to awaken people to this. Thank you! Wishing you all the best in this fight. 


  35. Marc says:

    UV was damn near intolerable yesterday in St. Louis even though temps were only in the mid-eighties. Felt like I was holding my face half a foot from one of those old time coil space heaters that glow orange when they're cranked. This is absolutely NOT what 85 degrees felt like in the past. You can literally feel the UV radiation cooking deep into your skin. Unnatural, unnerving and a whole lot like living in a real live post-apocalyptic horror movie. Which, come to think of it, will most assuredly be our fate if some miracle doesn't intervene to put a halt to these diabolical programs. And if it turns out that depopulation really and truly is (and has been) one of their agendas, I hope and pray with all my soul that their crimes backfire on them and come right back around, like a boomerang, to cut off their own heads. For if there is any such thing as karmic retribution (and honestly, I'm not sure there actually is) then perhaps cosmic justice will even the score. Meanwhile, I will keep on with spreading awareness until such time as I falter and die. 

       Never in my wildest dreams did I see this scenario coming 40 years ago. Hell, even 10 years ago it would have been the stuff of science fiction movies. All the while these assholes quietly instigated their programs without the slightest disclosure to a vulnerable public. THE FACT THAT SUCH DEADLY TOXIC CAMPAIGNS OF GLOBAL SPRAYING WERE NEVER DISCUSSED OPENLY WITH AN UNSUSPECTING PUBLIC ****PROVES**** BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT A  SINISTER MOTIVE LAY BEHIND THEIR PLANS. But I guess it can be strongly argued that they have never bothered to disclose their covert agendas to a public I'm sure they regard as nothing but a nuisance and ultimately irrelevant. We are only relevant to them if there is money to be made off of our suffering, or some military advantage to be gained. 

      Let's all pray that the insane schemes to "degrade" the methane, now venting by the billions of tons, does not also backfire somehow and hasten our undoing.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ Marc

      The boomerang is coming Marc.  I feel it.  We can only hope there will be enough geo-integrity to salvage life on Earth.  That we cannot know.  However, it gives our collective effort purpose.  Knowing what we know, what else can we do? 

      I've been in Alaska for 30 years, except for the 3 years I spent in northern Peru.  The skies in both places were crystal clear.  While the "lower 48" had been seeing chemtrails for at least a decade, we did not have them in Alaska.  I had no idea they existed.  So the efforts to cool the planet didn't even begin in Alaska where you'd think they might. 

      Returning to Alaska in 2009, I became suspicious of strange skies, clouds and plane trails in 2010.  It was then I began to research. 

      I think people everywhere are tired of the lies, whatever their particular complaints concern.  There is a change in the human consciousness happening.  The long oppressed people of Guatemala are mad as Hell and not going to take the mining that's ruining their water and land any more. 

      People are becoming immune resistant to the lies, becoming more vital than ever.  It's about time.  Every little thing we do to help will matter, Marc.  I really appreciate your comment and your efforts.

  36. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Do we know if Projects Lucy and Alamo have been tried in fact already?  As we already know so well, SRM and SAG are only "proposals".  While degrading the methane, so deadly, sounds like a good thing, it's the insanity of technology that makes it a very bad idea.  Who is capable of breathing nano-diamond dust?

    We should have had a deep solid blue sky today in Anchorage, but we had jet trails that immediately expanded into chem bombs.  Did anyone besides me notice?  I mentioned it, but one person who knows the truth, didn't want to be bothered about it today.  Of course, we do get battle fatigue.  I'm worried about the little children who have never seen how the sky is supposed to look.  They've been cheated immensely.  I'm not a fan of TV and only watch a little, but the ads and news all show chemtrails.  They're everywhere, creating a normalizing effect (so perverse).

    I was looking at pictures from Colan in northern Peru, a fishing village/resort where I lived for nearly three years.  The sky is the clearest I've ever seen.  The Milky Way was astounding.  Now there's chemtrails over the the Church there, the first Spanish Church in the Americas from 1536.  It's an abomination.  This is the result of signing a "free trade" deal 2008 with the US, which probably required they install a HAARP there.


    Love and Perseverance to Everyone on the right side of this Battle.  Thank you especially Dane for everything you do so masterfully.

  37. Arvid Luneng says:

    Man is behaving as someone whose right hand doesn't know what his left is doing: 

    – World is ruled by infinitive fear.
    – World leaders invest in weapons of mass destruction, still they attend meetings claiming they work for peace. 
    – World leaders claim they are concerned about environment and the care of human health, still they allow and promote enginering GMO which destroys natures and mans diversity. 
    – World leaders claim spirituality, still they help hiding the truths of history in the Vatican and museums around the world.
    – World leaders claim they are concerned about energy, still they prevent free energy inventions to pass their patent-agencies. 
    – World leaders claim they are for freedom, still they want to electronically control all humans and captivate any aspects of human life.

    Any other person in the streets of normal life doing these things, would have been charged and put to trial.


    • KBR says:

      A hit..

    • SortingHat says:

      A one world system either physically or spiritually but I think it will be both in which you have to have biometric chips to buy/sell anything due to extreme drought wrecking the normal food supply they need to control the amount people get.


      Watch for 2016/2017 being hell years.  I will be surprised if there even IS any election or if there is the false flag will happen with the NEXT President in which Obama will look like a hero.   He is hated by much of the world and has lowest rankings lower then Carter so I doubt he will try anything now.  No he will wait for the next Bush type President so he can point a finger at him and say "See Neo Cons are EVILLLLLLLLLLLLL!" and at this point Obama will likely work for the UN as a major speaker and come up with the system.  

      Mark my words!  It's coming and we are about to be blind sided!   Boycott voting this election and the corporate shills will shake!   This goes for both political parties which actually there is only one!  The government party! 



      We boycotted British goods before and we can do it again if we have the gumption to do it!

  38. Dear Community!

    I would like to share my latest video with you. The sky looks very similar to the picture on top. June 8, 2015 had been one of the craziest German geoengineering days I documented so far, maybe except this one which you might know from earlier comments already.

    The video slide show consists of 3 parts:

    – usual non spectacular morning spraying to dim the sun

    – HAARP-afternoon (rare clouds, highlight)

    – toxic evening sunset

    I hope you like it as much as me, although the topic is very serious.


    Keep fighting!


    • Marc says:

      Thanks Karl for the great video collage. Fantastic music, too, even though the video was poignant in what it portends for our future. 

    • Marc

      Thanks for your support. I hope together we can stop this just in time… We have to reach the critical masses. We are already late, however.

    • Alexander High says:

      Good morning Karl

      Another good set of visual evidence. They are spraying very heavily this morning over my home City of Derby UK. I cannot understand that people are not seeing this and questioning why the weather is cuckoo. I can't believe people don't look up at the sky? and if they do they seem oblivious to the grid patterns I saw this morning not one hour ago.

      I take pictures and document the dates times etc. and I have sent some of the pictures I've taken via email to David Cameron but guess what no response. No surprise really.

      I contacted the Government Met office a while back and they fobbed me off saying that what I'm seeing are only con trails. I sent them another message with pictures in sequence of events and have since heard nothing from them. They are in on this, why else would they have a prepared standard letter all about aircraft engines to send out to people who are asking questions. I believe the biggest number of weather forecasts we get today from them are all to do with the manufactured weather not natural, they are instructed what to say by their puppet masters plus the fact they don't want to lose their salaries

      One interesting thing however, Kent was forecast to have heavy rain and thunder storms yesterday but that never occurred., instead they got a lot of sunshine and the beaches were packed by sunbathers so I don't know what went wrong there?

      Karl, keep up the fight and don't give up. When you fight against evil it is not going to be easy as history shows us. We have to win or the planet's finished and I for one won't let them do that to us without a bloody good fight first.

      All the best and good luck.



    • @ Alex

      Hi again, I see you are living in England. Not so far away from my place in comparison to the US. If you care about my opinion: It is useless to write to Cameron. He belongs to the power structure. Those people are actively working against us and nature. I can't prove it but he seems to be a freemason (33rd degree) as well. There is a hint:


      Anyway. forget about him as far as help can be expected.

      Giving up is no alternative. People that once woke up can't get to sleep again – except they are treated with mind control. But we are just some small idiots for them and belong to the 90% to get rid of. Wanna bet?

  39. Lbosch says:

    Everyone who use google plus should get on the Nasa google plus and lets inform them. Together with the correct terms and science. Being polite and straight on point is the best way. We all need to help the effort more through social media. 

    Lets get go people!!!


    • SD says:

      Great reports from fellow Americans and also citizens of NATO countries and elsewhere  who are affected by these programs. Thank you.

      And I want to repeat again to all members of the meteorological community who continue to deny the dangers of climate change, much less Geoengineering  – SHAME ON YOU!

    • SortingHat says:

      Try saying that to Ice Age Now.Info who denies any warming as ever took place and thinks we are entering an ice age right now!   LOL.  

      Seriously go to their website and look at the propaganda though some of it has layers of truth such as our rights being taken over by the EPA to shut down industry and control what we say/think. 


      The EPA is the modern *thought police* but that's as far as the ice age guy is willing to admit. 

  40. Bija says:

    Anyone who thinks the Allies defeated the Nazis in WWII are among the dazed and deluded multitude of humanity who refuse to accept reality. We merely defeated the German Military while importing the Nazi eugenics agenda in all its horror to the US through operations such as Project Paperclip. America made the ultimate Faustian bargain and we are now witnessing the results! This legacy of mentally impaired, psychopathic monsters, who bear no resemblance to true humans, have made of us a lab experiment and now have all the pieces in place. Our food, water, air, minds and DNA have been the target of massively successful programs to kill, enslave, and dehumanize us. The assault has been so thorough that there is slim chance of undoing the damage at this late date.

    If anyone does survive this global onslaught, I hope it is these engineers of insanity whose insatiable appetite for evil will mark and haunt them through eternity! If justice prevails, they surely will not get to bask in the largely depopulated, trans-human future they envision. They will neither be spared nor glorified.

    Most distressing of all are the innocents – our young and all of nature – whose fate is leaning toward extinction. For those who possibly survive, a future of slavery and chaos in a destroyed world seems likely.

    Only by speaking out NOW can we return to future generations what we have allowed to be stolen.

    Golden Rule with greater impact: DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD NOT WANT DONE TO YOU!!

  41. frank reps says:

    A constant diet of processed food…super sugars and the continuation of common core education, will result in a world inhabited by  " two legged farm animals " { jim willie quote }.. I dread the thought that a speaker at the Vatican this June 18th will be proposing a reduction of the world's population  by six billion souls.  The natural order { God's  creation } will  eventually re impose itself; but not soon enough for our generation and the scant few that follow. Continue to live by the Golden Rule and take heart in the fact that You did not actively participate in this Scheisse

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