Radio Frequency Transmissions Are Killing Trees And Everything Else

There are so many sources of radio frequency transmissions bombarding us from so many directions that they could never be fully identified or quantified. Life is electrical by nature, aren't all these signals affecting the web of life? The answer is unarguably yes. If radio frequency transmissions can sicken and kill trees, what is it doing to us? The atmosphere is now much more conductive thanks to the constant spraying of metal nano particulates by jet aircraft. The ongoing climate engineering insanity is not only contaminating the entire planet, the exposure to this metallic fallout is making our own bodies more electrically conductive. This in turn makes us all more susceptible to damage from constant radio frequency exposure. As is the case with the trees that are dying all over the planet, our own health is also waning. Whether people admit it or not, whether they actually feel any affect or not, non of us are exempt from the slow and insidious damage that is occurring in our own bodies and throughout the web of life. The fate of the trees will soon enough be our own fate if the lethal technologies of the modern military/industrial era are not fully exposed for what they are, and then halted. There is no other choice, there is no other way forward. If the current paradigm is allowed to continue for much longer, there will be nothing left to salvage of life on Earth. The "Popular Science" article below documents only one small aspect of the ongoing assault against life on Earth, and as expected from a mainstream publication, they then make light of it. All will soon come to realize that what is unfolding around us all is absolutely not a joke.


Source: Popular Science, article by Dan Nosowitz

Studies on the impact of wireless radiation on humans are endlessly inconclusive, but a recent study on the effects of Wi-Fi radiation on trees–yes, trees–indicates that our woody friends may be much more vulnerable than we are. And trees can't even enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi. It's all very unjust.

The study, conducted by Wageningen University, investigated findings that trees in areas with high Wi-Fi activity (urban areas, especially) were suffering from symptoms that couldn't be tied to typical bacterial or viral causes. The symptoms included bleeding (!), fissures in the bark, the death of parts of leaves, and abnormal growth.

dying forests

To test the hypothesis that the mystery illness was caused by radiation poisoning, the researchers took 20 ash trees and exposed them to various kinds of radiation for three months. Sure enough, the ash trees exposed to Wi-Fi signals showed telltale signs of radiation sickness, including a "lead-like shine" on their leaves, indicating the oncoming death of those leaves. In the Netherlands, a whopping 70% of urban trees are suffering from radiation poisoning, up from only 10% five years ago–understandable, considering the explosion in Wi-Fi use in the past five years.

Of course, trees in rural or even simply non-urban environments are pretty much unaffected, but theoretically, all deciduous trees in the Western world could be affected.

The researchers are planning several more studies to figure out the precise effects of radiation on plant life. In the meantime, they don't really offer any preliminary solutions, but I'm sure they'd approve of wrapping every urban tree you see in tin foil, root to leaf. (Note: Wrapping public trees in tin foil may be illegal in your city, state, arrondissement, or prefecture. PopSci cannot be held responsible if you are arrested for such activities.)

Source: Popular Science



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  1. Milt Farrow says:

    I have blasted the Sec of the AF, sent direct accusations to the Congressional committee Science and technology, These criminals even provided us with a "doppler " mega watt show and a mini earthquake 3.7 off daytona  The ground shook beneath my feet- a mere week after Irma -They decided to punish the people further I am for  imminent justice and suggest the harshest penalties we can find


  2. Brian Ingles says:

    Also btw in my county everyone knows is am deaf but I can hear extremely well if your not in my immeadte area. It's strange sometimes I can hear someone 30' away at marshal hospital and then sometimes I can hear people in town when I am home. But right next to me I can't hear a dam thing. Everyone knows it I have ripped my county sheriff's ass for not doing something about this internet and the sexual harassment that was going on from male sheriff's to female sheriff's I heard it all. It's the strangest thing. We don't even talk about it but they know I know and I always gonna back the female staff up cause it was only couple bad males that did that stuff. Someone has to have the courage to stand up to this crap. the same internet that makes that hearing possible and impossible for me to shut off has tore our whole nieghboorhood up. Hopefully it's over soon. I don't even see how people don't see that a home that gets hit hard has dead trees in line with where that internet comes from. They call it touching you but I already saw the video of a guy that got skin cancer from those shots.

    Anyways come to El Dorado county and help me file some lawsuit over this noise and radiation people don't seem to understand microwave frequency's start at about 1ghz and go up to 300ghz.. that's 5ghz wifi routers are like easy bake ovens.  I found a website that said microwave frequecnys will damage outer cells in your brain but to have complete damage further it would take gamma ray frequency's and that's what calnet uses to shoot around mountains by using reflectors. I spent a whole year driving around a taking pictures of a discusting internet setup. They should have brought it in by one tower and then cabled it to each home but instead they got into using as a way of reading minds.  You'll see someday 

    Nobody Brian Ingles anonmous 

  3. Brian Ingles says:

    Listen of you guys want to see the effects of a super high speed internet company that it's product manufacture claims on it's website it's capable of providing internet thru thick forest. And all I see is dead trees pooping up everywhere in El Dorado county and this county has more of that wireless internet then any county I have ever seen and it was just in the last 2 years. They even shoot it and bounce it off reflectors to get internet around mountains and we all suffer from migraines and spefic spots due to this internet. It's called calnet and Central valley broadband. What I found out is they bounce it but using what should have went to a DirecTV satilite in outer space but to get faster internet they skipped going to the satilite and just kept it on Earth. Come check out our county bring some tree lovers and bee lovers cause we are losing both these due to this discusting internet when most us had dsl and other options. Even our county hospital has this discusting high speed internet on it's roof. 

    You'll flipout when you come here and see it's not beetle trees and they are trying to get rid of the eveidence by selectively picking which to get rid of so it's not so obvious 

    Brian Ingles 

    Aka nobody 

    • Brian Ingles says:

      Do you guys remember when Comcast got in trouble in Sacramento over high frequency words. Leaking from there cable connectors and FCC made them fix it I think channel 10 did a report on it. In our county they are even using holograms that are formed by microwave frequency's all over even I. The hospital was a projector it was funny but we need to be serious about these freuncys like my grandpa Lee said when I was a kid. I don't even want one of those things in my house. I looked at the microwave and him I thought why. I never forget it. Anyways I have called FCC and department of home land security because people are using hand held DirecTV and dish net work inter guns with 18v DeWalt batteries to shoot people in our county. I have tried everything to bring attention to this issue in our county. The hospital has so many routers that the outer edge hurt my heart when I am here. It's like some one can change the position of the magnetic field put off by those routers plus when I am in the hospital they turn from green to blue. Same with Safeway and any other store or place I went. They are just way to close to get her and placed in weird ways like near the booze isle and near the cash registers so they can read you mind and steal your credit card info. They are always trying to get mine so I just give my address 2585. While pressing other buttone. Or say strieght and side ways. Read what this like says

      And this one


      Please come to our county it's discusting energy I can't even sleep since they did this to me. It's all set to my brain frequency and all the towers change while I drive….. 

  4. Woodrow says:

    Good response in return of this matter with genuine arguments and describing everything about that.

  5. Joanne says:

    It's time to start marginalizing these fools who can't live without their "smartphones."  It's not a personal right if it's destroying live on the planet!  There needs to be a tax on smartphone usage and restrictions on cell phone towers.

  6. Anthony Enright says:

    This Was my first year growing trees from bare root and seedlings everything was fine until the fungus of three types hit mid summer after in which I noticed all the trees from long island to Virginia had the same ailments I will find how to reverse these effects for I have over fourteen hundred trees and believe they can be saved by counter measures

  7. Please refer to: THE PHYSIOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF NONIONISING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION – Final Study – Dr. Gerard Hyland University of Warwick – U.K. International Institute of Biophysics, Germany Luxembourg, March 2001 Department of Interior Guidelines regarding Cell Tower Radiations and Impacts on Wildlife   Website: studies by Joris Everaert   Mobile Phones and Vanishing Bees:   Electropathic Stress in Animals and Man – Donald Hillman   There are thousands of scientists who have been trying to inform governments regarding these issues. Government agencies DO NOT RESPOND in any rational way, because they're owned by communications and utility companies. It's time to throw these liars and fakes out of power and regain control of our future.

    • Michael Rogers says:






      THANK YOU! for this excellent source of information, THIS is what we need to get beyond the endless 'the sky is falling' yammering and beguin to find what we must protect ourselves from and the methodologies!

      IMHO, since the spraying and heaters are international, we arn't going to have any effect upon them!–You think NATO or the UN doesn't know of these and are not going to interfere!

    • Planet Peace says:

      Agree its time to throw these liars and fakes out of power — long overdue!! —  but how do we achieve it?  Like earth hour, this should be a globally coordinated plan — so that people defend the planet all over the world — TOGETHER — on the same days or the same week or even month —!

  8. Sandaura says:

    The smart grid technology is making people sick.  The global network has turned the power grid into a weapon of mass destruction radiating RF signals in our air into every private and public building 24 hours a day emitting an illegal pure tone which is determined to be by the EPA an air pollutant and public health hazard.  Read more at and  

  9. Dennis Hardy says:

    Hi Linda, try this site. If the tower is active, built, or even being planned, it should be on this site. That doesn't mean you will get an owner, the cell companies usually put the tower in the name of the landowner.

  10. chris says:

    It's the same in the NE. Our gardens don't do well at all..tomatos rot and turn black each and every year, although, to be fair, we know of some folks that have more luck. Other vegetables seem to have their problems. But, yeah, many of our fairly young trees are dying off in the canopy, leaves look sickly, bark peeling off, etc. Dwight Eisenhower gave us a hint of what was to come. The military, corporate/industrial, banking complex was out of control in 1960 and it is far worse today than we can ever imagine. Their power is unmatched in this country. Members of congress dare not confront these people…BUT, there IS hope..or, at least, I'd like to believe so. I believe that we will win in the end, but it will take mass awareness to make it happen. Unfortunately, for now, the news media and the entertainment industry have our attention…not mine, but most others.

  11. YellowBird says:

    it is the same where i live in the NW.
    i am a strictly organic gardener, and ive never had so much planting failure and high levels of disease before the last few years. this past autumn the squirrels began acting frantic… it dawned on me, there were few to no hazelnut shells on the ground below bushes that have always been prolific. hardly any walnuts hit the ground either, a little later in the season. i think the walnuts rotted on the tree. the hazelnuts just didnt form. the squirrels were hungry. we will be too, if the food trucks ever stop rolling in!
    my lettuce and cilantro bolted before it was even hot out, then my tomatos and tomatillos and peppers failed to even set until late september. i battled assorted fungus and bacterial diseases all year long. in our area, many street trees, beautiful 150+ year old lovelies, have begun randomly dropping huge limbs. last year, some oaks failed to leaf out- they have died, inexplicably. i can’t remember the last year i saw acorns on the ground. many red cedar are shedding, “its normal” , only its not. its very heavy shedding, causing the trees to look sparse. not normal at all. out walking in the botanic gardens, we noticed many more trees and plants with the same high levels of disease and baldness. this area was beautiful and healthy only a decade ago. but we have welcomed loads of cell towers into our valley in that time, and spray trails criss cross the sky for a number of years now.
    it will never be the same here again.

    • Cindy Spencer says:

      I have experienced all you wrote word for word … You grabbed my heart to the very core . Big trees don't drop branches overnight that has been years and years of tree stress . Nearly every second person here in Johannesburg South Africa have suffered from this Chemtrail cough which produces white yellow green phlegm . It goes on for weeks and you never quite get rid of the congestion . So we are trees so in a few years we will drop dead !! Do we want that ? 

  12. Hello Peacegrrrl: You're not imagining the noise, and it's not "tinnitus".

    You may be interested in this EM information site

    About MA Pure Tone Air Pollution Laws

    • Sandaura says:

      The smart grid technology is making people sick.  The global network has turned the power grid into a weapon of mass destruction radiating RF signals in our air into every private and public building 24 hours a day emitting an illegal pure tone which is determined to be by the EPA an air pollutant and public health hazard.  Read more at and  

      We are being bombarded and or assaulted 24/7.  This is not a random act.  it is by design.  We have forensic evidence from 4 areas of science confirming the power grid is radiating antenna broadcasting an RF signal that is bio active.   We need scientists who haven't been bought and who have a social conscience to come forward and help to expose the truth about what the government is perpetrating. 

      We are looking for engineers and scientists to contact us so that we can share our data.


  13. Peacegrrrl says:

    Nice work as usual Dane. Thanks for taking action and standing up for what’s just!
    I had to post because I am not sure if anyone on the West coast has ever heard the sound that I heard in PA at midnight on the 31st of December- not on NYE but the night before. I had never believed the strange sounds from the sky stuff until I got to hear it.
    It sounded like a huge jet appeared (did not suddenly arrive from the East for example.)The sound rattled my parents house slightly and so I headed outside. Then I heard the weird, eerie pitched sounds and there was no jet but the jet sound remained. It’s an awful sound if you’ve heard it. It ebbed and flowed until I eventually fell asleep at 2:00 in the AM. I made a recording but it’s very faint.
    What is that sound and the shrieking, etc.? Some of the YouTube videos are fakes but that sound is real and it’s been heard in the Eastern US a good bit. Fracking? HAARP?

  14. Raji says:

    Well said Nicole….well said. We (my partner and I, along with a small core group of people) have been standing tall and doing our best to spread awareness on this issue for over 2 years now. I was personally affected and could have died from the affects. That’s when we all started to wake up. Unfortunately, this type of “personal” experience by human beings is what usually causes them to begin to open their eyelids a tiny bit – and if lucky, they eventually do wake up and begin to stand True with dignity. It is disappointing and disheartening to see how much people want to run into denial mode. And yet, the fight must continue…especially if you are someone who knows the Truth….stand up tall and keep spreading the awareness. Even if someone’s eyes do glaze over and they pooh, pooh it…you never know what seeds you have planted that could cause something to wake up and grow inside of someone. Keep talking. Share movies with the public at venues. Share emails and on Facebook. Don’t stop – ever. Nicole, keep standing tall – with dignity. You are NOT alone!

  15. Nicole says:

    “Freedom Ranger” below, said it best:
    [For no peaceful people however united have ever defeated the military expression of a vigorous empire.]

    I too believe that absolutely nothing will stop this except brute force, and common civilians such as ourselves do not possess that capability. Think about it. This evil, secret empire has already doomed us. They will stop at absolutely nothing, not even nuclear war, to get what they want. Given the fact that they will destroy the planet one way or the other, we can’t “fight” that. To imagine we can is to not be in reality.

    What we CAN do is to speak out, and to protest and to not go down willingly into this pit of hell. That is more of an interpersonal battle than it is a war against geo engineering. In many ways, that is what really matters. Our souls. We do have souls. They do not. Their fate is sealed in their evil deeds.

    This is my stand and the stand of my family, that we at least have our eyes open and we can at least say we know what is going on and we do not consent to this genocide and we will shout that from every rooftop we can find. If you can’t manage that much, then you are part of the evil regime, and that includes friends and family members who realize it is happening but refuse to talk about it even to their own children. They are giving their consent for this so they are part of it, just like the many civilians who stood in the streets watching the ashes of human beings coming out of smoke stacks during the reign of Hitler. So I am far more disgusted and disappointed in my so-called “fellow human beings” than I am in the evil regime, because I expected more from those I thought were decent people. It is the worst kind of betrayal there is.

    In The End: The ship is most definitely going down. But that doesn’t mean we can’t stand, hand-in-hand, at the bow, with dignity and honor. Think about how you want to spend your last days, and get yourself in line with truth.

  16. Joe says:

    Yeah, the time and place for “military thinking” is when the soldiers are all in hell surrounded by murderous demons just like them. Unless you want this earth to turn into hell, then that’s the only place for “military thinking”

  17. Raredini says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  18. Linda says:

    I am in a remote area. I have refused smart meters for my property which is 8 and 1/2 acres. Hydro has placed a smart meter collector in almost the center of my land on a road that runs through it. I have proved to them the pole they put it on is off the easement. They have been telling me for 2 years that they are looking into to it. When I ask for a name because it has taken too long they say they don’t have one. would Google earth show if the collector or transmitter has been activated?
    I am pretty sure it is and radio waves are traveling straight through my house, I have been feeling very ill.

  19. Here in NW Florida there are many people with pecan trees that haven”t produced pecans in two years. These trees have produced nuts every year for many years,

  20. Mary H. says:

    For the past three years I’ve had strictly all organic garden. You know each year it was not growing well so the only thing I could grow is tomatoes and herbs. I have always grown herbs- I’ve had a huge sage plant that over wintered for 6-7 years – last years winter killed it( I’m in southwest Michigan by the Lake) I also had a large beautiful Butterfly bush that was winter zone hardy to Canada and it died as well – had it for 3 years.. I have an acorn tree that is dying more each year – it is at least 40 years old and up until just last year has been strong and tall . It now has several branches that just loose leaves & acorns in Spring with the slightest wind. None of what I’ve said is natural occurance- I ‘ve been around a farm all my life – so I say we are losing our precious resources ! We need a BIG voice to help us stop this crazy spraying of our skies – it is all over the World – Yet we are not heard!

  21. Mary H. says:

    President Eisenhower said it best in a speech when he warned us of ” The Military Complex” which is not the same as our defense department’s regular military. It is so much bigger then that , we mere ordinary citizens don’t even know the half of it what goes on .

  22. Freedom Ranger says:

    @MichelB I used your tactic today, i aggressively pursued telling a neighbor who was walking their dog, a neighbor I have known for years. They have been spraying like crazy here in Boulder with night time highs reaching 50-60 degrees in January at 7500 to 8000 feet. So we are walking and I said “Hey what do you think they are spraying on us” pointing at the thick chemtrail laden sky. She said “I dont think they are spraying anything.” I didn’t bother with explaining I simply said Yeah they are, ” They are spraying something on us, its obvious, I just want to know what it is” I told her to examine the sky and pay attention specifically to the trails. She said she would and compare notes. I know what you mean you simply have to aggressively plant the idea that you are being sprayed. The response is “o my gosh, really, no it cant be.” Just press home the fact you are being poisoned, it strikes a nerve. I dont even debate it, i just say they are spraying something on us and move along.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thank you for your message Freedom Ranger, yes,all should speak with total confidence about this dire issue. The spraying is an absolute reality and our lives depend on exposing and stopping it.

  23. Hello Teresa: Yes. The StopTheCrime website has some interesting points of view.

    The thing to keep in mind, is that all of this civilian-based equipment can be unplugged or turned OFF. This is not true of military and criminal survailance systems run by agencies such as the NSA…

    Devices such as cellular phones, portable DECT phones, and wi-fi MESH networks, are proven to kill and maim living creatures. Who is the EM criminal when no one is willing to turn off the their toys?

    These emissions are a PHYSICAL INVASION of my body system, and no different than perpetual gang rape…

  24. Freedom Ranger says:

    With all due respect Paul, I dont agree with you, I believe there is a time and place for military thinking, tactics and expression. It is naive to think that the military is not an expression of human nature. Military expression is what decides the futures of nations. Martial vigour decides if a people will be free or slave. It is an instrument whose vigilance if left in the right hands to do right guarantees evil will not rule the day, but that prosperity and peace shall have reign. For no peaceful people however united have ever defeated the military expression of a vigorous empire. I agree that the central banks are attempting to enslave all the nations of the Earth through the deflation and inflation of money. It is simply that key positions in our civilian government, I stress civilian because our constitution explicitly places civil authority as the final authority in all military affairs. Our governments have been overcome by traitors, men and women bent on the subversion of humanity through the central banking cartels. Lets just say these central banks are run by a wicked people who believe they were chosen to rule the earth and that all humanity is beneath them and made to serve them as slaves. This is what the problem is, not the military.

  25. Allan says:


    Resonance is a sensational journey, which reveals 60 years of scientific research into the harm being caused to life by man made wireless frequencies.

    Two billion years ago life first arrived on this planet; a planet, which was filled with a natural frequency. As life slowly evolved, it did so surrounded by this frequency. and Inevitably, it began tuning in.

    By the time mankind arrived on earth an incredible relationship had been struck; a relationship that science is just beginning to comprehend.

    Research is showing that being exposed to this frequency is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronises our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of wellbeing.

    Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves. Without them we couldn’t exist for more than a second.

    This delicate balance has taken billions of years to perfect. But over the last 25 years the harmony has been disturbed. and disturbed dramatically.

    Mankind has submerged itself in an ocean of artificial frequencies. They are all around us, filling the air and drowning out the earth’s natural resonance.

    To the naked eye the planet appears to be the same. But at a cellular level it is undergoing the biggest change that life on earth has endured; the affects of which we are just starting to see and feel.

    ‘Resonance’ sensationally reveals how our reliance on a technology that is proving to be unsafe, could result in us paying the ultimate price.

    Cancer is now the leading cause of death in the USA in young people. Probably close to that here in Canada. When I was growing up, I never heard of or new of any classmates that had or died from cancer. There is something terribly wrong happening and most people are oblivious to it. The next generation is being decimated with diseases (Autism and ADHD) unheard of in my youth. Please read and share

  26. andrew says:

    My 34th email to my contact list, titled: Weather Bomb

    1. If you have a number of spraying tanker aircraft flying in formation, and they simultaneously each release their 10 to 240 tons of chemicals in about 5 seconds (i.e. a bombing run), they will create a “Weather Bomb”. Similar to that reported recently in the UK.

    Two of the geoengineering advantages of this are:

    a. It will probably be done over sea on the upwind side of land masses (possibly at night), and unless you are in the right place and looking in the right direction at the right time, you are less likely to see this method of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) – unlike the horizon to horizon chemtrails that can criss cross the sky.

    b. This method of SAG is an area weapon for Weather Warfare/Weather Manipulation, somewhere between the sniper method of HAARP/SBX directed beams and the blunderbuss method of chemtrails.

    The overwhelming disadvantage: globally, our soil, food, air, seas, rivers, lakes, drinking water, and bodies are already overburdened with the toxic fallout of atmospheric spraying.
    This has already caused a huge global increase in ill health (alzheimers, dementia, autism, atherosclerosis, morgellans etc) for a negligible reduction in global warming – if indeed that is their agenda.

    2. A general point and not directly linked to the above: depending on what is atmospherically sprayed, the particles will heat up from the sun’s rays (or directed HAARP/SBX rays) and cause a temperature inversion. This has many military uses, and will deflect ILFN from wind turbines back down to ground.
    It will also hinder natural low pressure systems forming, and stop the less warm cumulous clouds from bubbling up – causing them to spread out horizontally.

    3. Interesting fact for your diary: There have recently been some beautiful orange/red rising moons, however the next two (3rd and 4th) of the rare sequence of “Blood Moon’s” are due at the full moon of the spring and autumn equinox – 4 April and 28 Sept.

    4. Few months old, but still worth watching:

    • elissaGRACE says:

      Good work. 
      This summer's observations in SE Michigan:   propagation of acoustic gravity waves by means of low atmosphere perturbation generated with wake field vortices of low-flying aircraft jet engines simulating "approach formation" within the 2 mile radius of 6 local stationary, frequency-emitting towers.  
      Out of the blue this past spring (2015), every couple of days, we would suddenly hear this awful, continual horrible deep vibrating noise  overhead from what I call the "plane parade".  Over the course of 1/2 hour, no fewer than 60 damn planes would fly very slow and very low, right overhead,  in a patterned formation of 2-3 at a time, approaching as if I lived at the airport… (we are easily 40m from the airport and I have never seen planes do this beyond 5-10 miles of an airport..ever!) .  The "approach" sound grinds up, over a period of 40s reaching it's most noisy awful peek just about 1/2 mile after passing over my house, the passing sound takes good 30s and it is still growing in intensity until it reaches those towers, almost looks like they are going to hit them… , once this starts, depending on the cycle length, this can go on for 30min to an hour.  It is awful, just awful.  you can see the planes rising straight up as they come closer to making the approach dive path, and the sound… oh it's an awful sound 
      Some of the observable results of these plane parades are increased wind speeds, change in temp (5-10degree changes), immediate headache, change in direction or pattern of cloud distribution, trajectory and or density.
      My research indicates that we have known how to induce acoustic gravity waves since the 50s and the research in the 70s that produced the safety guideline pattern for aircraft approach/ landing interval for the FAA gave NASA the brilliant idea to apply this algorithm to atmospheric wave propagation for the manipulation of storm fronts… it works.
      Bottom line, we are not getting any view of real time satellite imagery anymore on "the news" or "the weather"… reason being that there is so much of this in action, anyone with half a recollection of the old days, would see there is something wrong when a storm from indiana, for example, goes straight north up the state of michigan and directly into Canada as if the Great Lakes are not even there… or even a peek at today's imagery revealing that magically a storm "front" is drawing from the Atlantic straight across Mexico directly into the gulf as if Mexico was not even there but, some sort of a gutter from Louisiana to Minnesota is there, drawing that Atlantic storm front into a backward L path due North across the entire country directly into Canada.
      Folks, this is so far from normal..
      Land masses like Mexico, and water bodies like the Gulf of Mexico…  used to alter the trajectory of weather fronts… a change in pressure, humidity, temperature always exists somewhere between a body of water and a given distance inland!!  For a weather pattern to make right angles and continue for 200 miles from south to north… in November, means something stronger than the natural regional influences is at work. The only way to overcome the natural influences that used to drive the weather patterns is to apply unnatural forces, stronger than the natural ones
      so Who fired God? and what makes anyone think He is ok with it?
      I personally thought He was doing a great job even if we had some rough weather… this is going to be a nightmare very soon…
      one we can not fix
      As it is, this G4 network has eliminated every tall tree in SE Michigan.
      Row by row in the clusters of trees, the outermost and tallest die first serving as barriers to whatever is zapping the cluster.  Wood is unique in its dual density property of bark wrapped on heartwood… that tight wrap is the straw through which the nutrients get fed from the roots to the branches… when a microwave length of energy hits that bark it bends (refracts) just enough to slow down but still enter into the heartwood of the tree thus slowing down even more and ricocheting in the tree until it dissipates… meaning those poor trees become an echo chamber of trapped microwaves which bounce inside the tree until the energy has run out… meanwhile the heartwood heats up very quickly and dehydrates, thus shrinking from the inside of the trunk.  Unfortunately, bark is like our nails and hair, it is done grown and then done if the heartwood dehydrates very fast and loses bulk, the tight fit between the bark and the heartwood is loosened, like baggy socks, they fall down.. that is what happens to the bark while the living tree is starving to death.
      Another problem is the redirection the phototropic process.  Branches and leaves grow toward light because of a photosensitive hormone in plants that aggregates on the opposite side fo the where the sun is shining… but if you stimulate that plant with something other than sunshine that has a similar impact on that hormone, the trees and branches get twisted and grow in weird directions… this also puts stress on the plant so it cracks the bark.
      Anyway you look it, this is bad. we are breaking things we can't fix and God is not happy about us "causing the land to sin" Ezekiel 14.

  27. For those who remain unconvinced, please refer to these numorous studies:

    Studies and effects of EMF on birds and wildlife,32,0

  28. teresa says:

    Most of if not all of the sources of the EMF`s are mapped on Goggle Earth in

  29. Sorry about that first link. As usual, Google removes any links that may depict EMF radiation in a bad light… Here’s the artists original page.

    What If You Could See WiFi? – Nickolay Lamm

  30. teresa says:

    Have you seen the website ?

  31. THANK YOU Dane Wigington for posting information regarding this serious environmental damage via electromagnetic emissions. There is much more to this picture than most people wish to observe… Here’s an interesting quote:

    “Calling noise a nuisance is like calling smog an inconvenience. Noise must be considered a hazard to the health of people everywhere.”

    – former U.S. Surgeon General William Stewart, 1969 –

    For readers who “just don’t get it” there’s a perfectly straight forward to way to understand why corporate/political organizations and governments are making all the wrong decisions regarding electromagnetic health: This is a good image set for displaying how the body is totally immersed and surrounded in these damaging pulsed EM fields. Scroll down the page for different images at different density ranges. >

    Then click this link >

    Plug in an address like 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.

    There were 93 towers located within a 1 mile radius of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006, as of May 15, 2014. That’s right, 93 tower installations (with only 11 registered and 82 as unregistered). The FCC will not publish these unregistered broadcast frequencies nor the combined power of the broadcast totals. Why is that? Aren’t these systems funded by public tax dollars? Shouldn’t we be apprised of the sort of health environment our beloved leaders are working in?

    As if that were not bad enough, there were 598 RF emissions antenna located within 1 mile radius of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006. Sorry, there is no way human beings can function normally under the influence of these excessive EM and pulsed RF emissions. Run the same antenna search process on any local government legislative center in any modern city in the world, and the results will tell the legend of the tale.

    In my opinion, our executive class has become functionally insane and mentally retarded due to these emissions exposures. There are now over 7000 peer reviewed scientific papers detailing the evidence.

  32. Tip o’ the pen to cj for including a link to the BioInitiative Report.

  33. sylvia andromeda says:

    One 1/2 day of clear blue sky. As soon as the trails start to appear, immediate overcast, as announced by local weather forecasters. How can they, the meteorologists convince people these whispy clouds are natural? If these high altitude flying planes cause our skies to fill and cover us with a blanket of haze, which is so obvious after the grids have been layed down, why are people still believing the forecasters saying they’re cirrus clouds? I don’t watch the weather forecasts anymore, all I have to do is watch the constant “gridding” assault over my head. That’s usually enough to let me know what kind of storm is on the horizon. I work outside most of the time and have noticed over the last 5 or so years that most trees are deteriorating, including my own. This is sooo sad, so tragic. No more bees, butterflies, can’t breath, humming noises, the list goes on. This has to stop, now! Thank you all, for seeing this, and for those that don’t and have ridiculed me for bringing awareness to your closed minds, Good luck then! Sincerely, from the once beautiful State of Utah.

  34. BaneB says:

    With over 300,000 cell towers in the US according to a recent report, and many GWEN towers, and NEXRAD towers, all over the US, it is no wonder there is a high shrill whine in our auditory nerves. How could it not be! Granted, I am old, and getting older by the minute…but I hear a very fine high pitch in my head, or ears all the time. The intensity varies. As of this moment the fine tune is going on big time. It is very quiet here. I have no electricity. Just a small generator to charge this phone when needed. I really ought to get a small solar kit. Will the chemtrails block the sun too much? My point is there is no proliferation of towers in these parts. There are cell towers across the valley. Something is certainly doing in the natural flora here. I think maybe we are into the “perfect storm” of so many converging problems that the entire artificial edifice is in collapse, taking all life with it. It is raining here today and it did overnight. The two previous days were mostly mist. When it rains my feeling tone is uplifted and I feel all is well with the world. But the reality is we are all in big big trouble. As long as the MONSTROSITY remains plugged into the life force, a vampire sucking out the essence, the accelerating stall and spiral will be difficult to physically survive.

  35. Ana says:

    My conclusion is that if we were so technologicly developed and industrialized in The midle ages as we are today we already would be Extint!?…wich means that we seem to need a radical change in our “civilization” (wich i doubt majoraty of people and those in power have the will to do that change )but i heard that nothing radical is needed but just to replace our energy sources by ecological renewable energies but no suitable solution to the planet is given to us or taken seriously by any great Power or in UN meetings. Aftherall global warming started long ago and we were not so “developed” as today.since the begining those in power tried to keep this model of life and tried to keep us ignorants about how the world was being destroyed or how all Industrialization and most of all our human activity was a cancer to the planet and the cancer grew up and spread and now seems that we are coming to a point of no return specially when weather control (geoengeneering) was used for so long(disrupting the clima and the envyronment so badly) exactly to hide the failure of this model of civilization ! …maybe my conclusion is not accurate but aren´t we expecting a miracle for our constant abuses to the planet ?Are we really willing to change anything now that we never changed before?…

  36. Karen says:

    Thanks Dane. Keep bringing this to the light.

    What an assault on this planet. And then to add the “tin foil” in the end is an insult!

  37. Constant Walker says:

    When it comes to being able to withstand the various kinds of Planet-wasting “civilization” disease-produced degenerative onslaughts mentioned in the article and by those commenting here, the isolated artificial “individual” is, by-design-and-intent (and to be maybe a bit too blunt about it, for the sensibilities of some) pretty much shit-out-of-luck. Members of genuine Living Human “Communities” (for lack of any better word in English), however, functioning organically as best they can as the components of Her immune system that Human “Communities” are in Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement, have on-the-other-hand much more natural resistance to the debilitating effects of these “full spectrum” pollutants….and are generally much better able to recover from those ‘incursions’ that do occur.

    This stark Natural Fact is unfortunately difficult to apprehend for industrially “individual”-ized domesticated peoples who’ve been massively infected with the alienating and organically-crippling “self” sickness, with the subjugation to the rule of fear this induces in them in its operation as the active ‘agent’ of the wasting disease’s immune suppression regime. So when somebody says to ‘one’ of our tame Sisters and Brothers, “Get over your ‘self’!” they are offering the best possible counsel for those suffering from the deadly effects of the biologically-paralyzing I/ME/MY/MINE syndrome.

    Those who can actually do that (and there’s just no Way to fake-it) will emerge into Earth’s Living Arrangement as Free Wild Natural Persons who can then coalesce naturally and sponaneously into the Free Wild Natural “Communities” that are the only source of the Organic Integrity necessary to fulfillment of our given Organic Function as a component of Her immune system. No matter how much of a long-shot it is, this is still the only truly viable option available to us, here-and-now deep into the terminal phase of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease. So this Old Indian doesn’t hesitate to recommend to domesticated peoples everywhere that they take a Deep Breath, and just get over their “self.”

  38. Michel B says:

    Here is a letter I wrote yesterday to someone close to me who continually claims I do not spread this information appropriately. Of course he barely spreads the word himself for being afraid of how people will receive him:

    “The need to ‘best deliver’ this information to new ears is important. We want to garner, not repel, critical minds. And ‘critical’ is the key word here. As in ‘critical thinkers’, people who will be skeptical and check out information in order to verify it for themselves and not just be denialists who rubbish information just because they feel safe in denigrating the person who delivers it. They are only serving some personal problem there.

    It is also important to throw caution to the wind and tell as many people as possible, while knowing most of those people will not pay heed and will also likely belittle you and willingly stay ignorant. It is for the ones who do listen that you throw your nets wide. We are now in territory where we do not have the luxury to try to be so diplomatic as to predict who will be offended and upset by this information and keep them safely bound in ignorance by not telling them.

    The priority is not to be responsible or afraid for all the various reactions that you will encounter, but to recognise the responsibility to increase awareness of this issue that affects us all and possibly in a life or death manner in the near future. The people most likely to not believe you are those closest to you. The old saying, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’, unfortunately rings true. Remember the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’? We now have an obverse moral imperative: ‘The Boy Who Didn’t Cry Wolf’.”

    Citizens of the World, war has come to all our doorsteps. This geopolitical manoeuvre is making it obvious that a globalist force is executing a bold move to install the next phase in the build up of a New World Order, nothing less. To wield control over an entire planet, its citizens and its societies is its aim. Control of all resources in order to control Mankind. They will break down the order of everything Man and Nature has produced in order to build up their empire for the sake of indulging their one great intoxicant – power.

  39. Catherine says:

    My ears ring, buzz, and hum all the time. It started for me when Smartmeters were installed in my town in California. I had mine taken out, but the houses close to me have three meters. I’ve been meaning to ask my neighbors to take their’s out too, but am not sure how to approach them with respect to this request. They may think me odd for asking, and it will cost them $75.00 to remove each meter and an additional $5.00 a month for their electric bill. My cypress trees by the meters are all stressed, browning, and dropping their needles. A year ago I started having insane migraines, the doctor wants to inject my entire head with Botox to stop them, if one can imagine, at a cost of over $2,000 every three months. Nothing I do will stop the incessant ringing in my ears, so I shut my WIFI off when I’m not using it, and also unplug my wireless phones, even though I need to have a working phone. Maybe I’ll be able to find an old-fashioned landline somewhere. I have a contractor coming to my home soon to check my electricity to make sure it’s not ‘dirty,” and to see if he can remedy this with some sort of filter. It is very costly to remediate these health hazards. When I have time to myself, I find a place in nature that doesn’t have transmission towers nearby, and put my bare hands and feet upon the earth to ground myself, this always stops the incessant buzzing in my head. I sleep with a grounding device at night. I long for how life used to be.

  40. cj says:

    I cannot believe they make light of this very serious topic. There are now well over 5,000 studies on the very serious health harm from wireless radiation (aka: Radiofrequency radiation, microwave radiation). Scientists from all around the world have been trying to ring the alarm, but the bought and owned MSM will not report on it, constantly stating that there is no conclusive evidence…HOGWASH!! Many people are already sick and suffering. Many have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and they daily suffer from headaches, ringing in the ears, insomnia, rashes, brain fog, heart palpitations, etc. The consequences to future generations are dire. Geoengineering, the continued deployment of wireless technology, and GMOs must all be stopped now, or no one will have future. FYI: A good source for scientific studies on wireless radiation is:

  41. Michel B says:

    Collateral damage ad nauseum. Trees, birds, animals, air, soils, waters everywhere. And us. There is an idea at play here: everything is expendable to a madman. Madmen are seeking full spectrum dominance. We cannot figure out their intentions through the normal parameters our consciences, except to see they are not operating under an active conscience.

    Another word for ‘conscience’ is ‘consciousness’. Consciousness is how well someone knows themselves. It is their level of awareness of their own place in the world. With an increasing awareness comes a heightened sense of connectedness to all things. So, these madmen are disconnected from all things in their actions.

    There will always be these disconnected madmen seeking dominance, always. The American Constitution was written to help prevent the madmen at the door from getting in. Vigilance by the good was and is always needed to keep them out. There is never a time when vigilance is not needed.

    Obviously there has been a lapse and now more than ever the madmen have to be expunged and kept outside all spheres of influence. But how to do it? They will to walk away from their plans just because a few people shine a light on them. Maybe not even when many people shine a light on them.

    We need to somehow make a dent in the effectiveness of what they do. The force of many many shouting “Enough is enough!” might be what it takes. But there will have to be a reversal of the powers they hold and those powers are to be quelled under the hands of the good public..

  42. Rachel Robson says:

    There is a name for this: electrosmog. I’ve been concerned about this for some time, long time, with regard for bees, other pollinators, birds, and wildlife, in no small part because of migration and the disorienting affect of such electrified air. I have tried warning people, and much like geoengineering, they laugh it off. Many I know who have no television are none the less on the computer all the time and many leave their computers on all the time and the wi fi, not to mention the ubiquitous cell phones, i pods, etc. No one wants to give up their toys and even I, now that I have a good computer, want to learn all I can and be in touch with like minded people. But I do turn the wi fi off at night and other times, even though it means losing my phone.

    I became suspicious when they installed the smart meter. I rent. My landlord and other tenant had no complaint and so there it is, just outside my window here, only feet away from me. My suspicions worsened when we were forced to convert to electronic money. How convenient-for the government! If they want to off a segment of society, they just have to shut their grid down. I know full well how vulnerable our grids are. It is one of my issues about 911. If terrorists did this, then how stupid are they? At that point in time at least, our grid was very vulnerable and in Canada. Previously we’d had a black out for days owing to a fire in Canada which offed our grid in California, but also up and down our coast and some of Nevada and other states as the grids were like long blocks of space, one part goes down at top, and all these places had no electricity. This was followed by brown outs. Not long after, 911 happened and as horrifying as the constantly repeated footage was, it was 3,000 miles away, and while our country, it was not up close and personal here. In one’s heart maybe, but not in one’s face. I kept thinking how much they’d advertised how vulnerable our grids were and thought any organized terror attack could have achieved far more damage if our grid had been shut down and they would not have had to enter the US to do it. Imagine, we are watching this horror unfold, then suddenly no TV, no anything electric. People 3,000 miles away would have freaked to the max and been clueless. How could any serious, co-ordinated terrorists miss that?!

    I am pretty much against this material world stuff and also poor, I have no digital camera, no cell phone, no toys of that sort. I liked the idea of a post office. I still pay most of my bills that way because I am stubborn. But to get my money, I am forced to use a card and I never had one before. Like that! They could eliminate my income, small as it is, still…. It is a freaky thought.

    So typical of this society to think the air is empty. Space to use and pollute like everything else. Some nights ago, I heard a sound in my head/ears for the first time. It was almost musical, not really but sort of. I’ve had tinnitus before and it was not that. A kind of ringing, more haunting than irritating. Lasted a while, not long but awhile and I wondered if it was HAARP, or what? Did not really sound like what others here have said, has anyone else heard something like what I heard?

  43. Terri says:

    that is amazing. my family and i all have ringing in the ears that does not stop. sometimes loud. sometimes quiet but always present. thought there was something wrong with us but it turns out to be the endless bombardment of electromagnetism and geoengineering chemical assault. I believe that together they are what is causing it. Think how bad it is for animals who have sensitive hearing…or bee’s and others that fly by electromagnetic that are being disrupted. all by design.

    those who rule us know exactly what they are doing. Those who work for them as well know. including science. they report what they are told to report. nothing more. these reports are designed to dismiss what so many have seen. They always throw out a bone for the masses to chew on and the subject is then erased down the memory hole.

    very predicable

  44. DebW says:

    another problem I have been noticing is the dryness all around. Everything is so full of static electricity the past few years, it is ridiculous. I have a built-in humidifier in my heating system, AND a humidifier running. My hair will not stop being full of static no matter what I do…even putting hairdressing cream by V05 in it. Still full of static.

  45. DebW says:

    OMG I was thinking this very same thing for the past three years with this shrill ringing in my ears. Sometimes it hits such a high note I have to hold my head. I have VERY sensitive ears to high decibel noises, and this article is exactly whats going on. Very seldom does the shrill sound stop anymore.

  46. bija says:

    I can’t believe the dismissive attitude of this article! What kind of scientists are these who have so little concern and moral fortitude with regard to planetary destruction??? Simply a rhetorical question. I know who they are.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bija, yes, Popular Science is tasked with downplaying dangers to the public, this now the role of mainstream media.

  47. Charlotte says:

    I feel/hear it in my head, I have to keep while noise on in order to retain sanity. The leaves on my trees drop en masse on heavy days.

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