Revealing Data Confirms Geoengineering Is Stealing Rain From The Western US


Dane Wigington

So many forecasts for rain in the US West no longer develop. In recent years this scenario has become the rule, not the exception. The stated purpose for "solar radiation management" (SRM) is to block the sun with light scattering particles and thus to create as much atmospheric haze or cloud cover as possible (no matter how toxic that cloud cover is). Excessive atmospheric particulates cause profound disruptions to precipitation.  All too often in recent years, rain that should have fallen in the US West has consistently been blocked by two primary means, atmospheric aerosol saturation and the "ridiculously resilient ridge" of constant high pressure that has been consistently maintained over the US West. This scenario has been used to keep the Eastern US cooled down at the cost of catastrophic drought and heat in the West.


The engineering of the "polar vortex" cool-downs of the Eastern US was repeated again and again during the winter of 2014-2015

The eastern half of the North American continent has been the most anomalously cool zone in the entire world for almost three years. This is not due to natural variability, it is a direct result of climate engineering. Engineered snow storms are an ongoing reality and the Eastern US has been an epicenter of such weather assaults. The Chinese government openly admitted to engineering snowstorms until they did a billion dollars worth of damage to Beijing.


This GISS global surface temperature map reflects "departure from average high temperatures" for a two year period from 2013 to 2015. The extremely anomalous below average temperatures stand out with glaring clarity in the eastern half of rhe North American continent 

When moisture is allowed to flow over the West, it is commonly scattered by the jet aircraft aerosol spraying assault. This spraying creates too many cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). When the quantities of CCN's are too high, moisture droplets cannot combine and fall as rain, thus the moisture just continues to migrate.


The images shown are the same, only different filters are used. The public is generally not shown any photos with enhanced infrared imaging as the clearly visible spraying would likely create great concern with the population which the power structure is trying desperately to avoid.

Geoengineering is causing catastrophic drought and fire activity. How consistently and aggressively have the climate engineers suppressed desperately needed precipitation from the US West? How much of the moisture that should have fallen in the West was blocked by engineered high pressure  domes and/or migrated over the West to the East by constant and extensive aerosol spraying? The must see 1 minute video animation below clearly illustrates with shocking clarity the effects of the scenarios just described. 

Video credit: Grace Raver/ NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio 

How catastrophic are the drought conditions in the Western US? The drought monitor map below shows conditions that are already unprecedented and getting worse by the day.


The current drought in California is unprecedented in at least the last 1200 years

The climate engineering crimes can only be carried out in plain site because of the total cooperation of the so called "experts" that the public relies on to tell them the truth. Weathermen are now little more than paid liars who read the scripts they are given by their paymasters in the power structure. These "forecasters" are simply compensated to cover the tracks of the geoengineers. We are told that climate engineering is for the common good and the good of the planet, this could not be further from the truth. Not only is geoengineering completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, shredding the ozone layer, and completely contaminating the entire surface of the Earth, recent science studies confirm that global geoengineering "CAN'T WORK for the stated objective of an overall planetary cooling. Geoengineering is only making an already bad climate situation far worse overall, not better. Climate engineering is about power and control, period. Make your voice heard in the effort to reach a critical mass of public awareness regarding this most dire issue.

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  1. Jane says:

    Simple ……,, Tons ……
    There is a HUGE  amount out there.
    unfortunately there are a huge amount that can't figure it out.
    But I thank Dane and the Team 
    For doing such an excellent Job
    Keeping the people informed.
    of the atrocity

  2. Michael Arden Yows says:

    ….IF I were from another planet and briefly viewed these geoengineering activities in order to determine what the intent was…I would surely think that those orchestrating were either very confused dolts or suffering from a very real illness related to cognitive function….I mean really…..seriously….

  3. Joan says:


  4. Cienega says:

    Does anyone know the source for the GISS global surface temperature deviation map? I'd like to use it on my blog if I can track it down… thanks…


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cienega, the GISS data comes from NASA. As dire as all the temperature readings look, the actual scenario is likely far worse still. We are seeing a radical UNDER REPORTING of “official” high temperatures, generally in the range of 4 to 5 degrees. This means our situation is much worse than almost any yet imagine. 

  5. Where'sthebeef says:

    They forecasted rainfall for this weekend here in Oregon and ahead of time they are spraying the entire valley after a week of nearly clear skies with no chance of rainfall.
    Every time the rain appears on the 7-day forecast they start their spraying earnestly.
    I don't hang out much on weather blogs anymore because they are too oblivious and will make fun of those who point out their follies.

    • Jjule says:

      Yup. In Oregon too
      rain falls when sun is predicted.
      Gets hot, when rain
      and the rain is paltry at best.
      now. It's like an air raid. All these jets.
      to what end ?
      a dead earth ?
      when it does rain. What's in it?
      G-D help us 

    • Gary Darby says:

      In southern Oregon I watch as the plums of spray and dumped on us overhead. It is quite obvious that the major spraying is aimed at cities. We nave had rain forecast many times, and then the spraying occurs and no rain suddenly. Are the two connected? I don't know. I understand that the clouds offshore are heavily sprayed to prevent any rain, so why spray directly over and upon the cities themselves unless it is something aimed at the population centers themselves? It is widely known that the particulate being sprayed is toxic to humans. My question is why is the government/CIA/pilots/perpetrators of this scheme not listed as genocidal criminals? Yes, this does appear to be intentional (or unintentional?) killing of life on the surface of the planet while they have their deep underground bases to retreat into after the destruction has occurred. Have they lost control of the weather control or is this a planned side effect of weather control?

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      Could the spraying over *populated* areas be related to military communications maybe?  Perhaps to bounce signals better or maybe even block IBCM threats because they will go *haywire* when entering the toxic spray. A population kill off is seen as collateral damage for the *greater good* in their eyes so the west coast will be *horrible* for the pickings. 
      One thing George Orwell got wrong that really makes me upset is that the bad guys won't look like bad guys.  In real life they often think they are doing what's right or best for their *greater good* theory and often use convincing messages. 
      Other then that issue George Orwell pretty much was a prophet. 
      Bad guys often want to think the yare doing the right thing which shows how *human* we really are.Kinda like Dumbledore in Harry Potter who did very bad things all for the *greater good* and set events/people up ahead of time to mold Harry as a weapon and nobody questioned him until things went way out of control as he with holds certain information expecting people to figure out his mind set and do his work without knowing it.
      People basically worshiped him at first putting him on a high pedestal until the Deathly Hollows when people questioned his motives  but it was too late.
      Sometimes playing it by luck pays off but many times there is Sum Ting Wong and they are Wi Tu Lo (We Too Low) 
      I think these climate *engineers* are like Dumbledores running around who think they are doing service for the *greater good* so feel above telling us and the US Government is TOO BIG TO FAIL and can't really keep each other in check thru in depth means.

  6. John Fraim says:

    Below is a post to a number of lists I control.
    John Fraim
    About a year ago, I started writing a story (screenplay) based on the California water crisis and the current drought. Had read Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner and some other materials on water in the West and the importance of rivers like the Colorado. (Actually came close to the headwaters of the Colorado when driving back east through the Rockies a few weeks ago.) And, as you know, I've written some articles on the desert for the Sierra Club and will have an upcoming chapter in a book from UC Press about the desert.  My story centered in the desert and ways to bring more water to California from the east or methods to use desalination plants to get seawater from the Pacific in the west.
    A week ago, I was listening to Coast-to-Coast radio and heard Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch Organization talk about weather modification. Was blown out by what he said. For years I had followed stories on chemtrails and of course observed them cross-hatching the skies over me like chalk markings in the skies. I saw them when I lived in Sonoma County, the Desert and many other places in California. For years, I heard it was just conspiracy theories. 
    Listening to Dane Wigington on the radio and then going to his site and reading a number of articles, was a real wake-up call for me. I highly encourage you to click on the link below from Dane's site and read both the article and also the important comments to the article "Revealing Data Confirms Geoengineering Is Stealing Rain From The Western US." I think the article and the facts it presents in a very clear manner, will help to convince you that California's water problems are causes by what is known as "geo-engineering" or is the artificial modification of Earths climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). 
    A few thoughts immediately come to mind from this article. Will there be a battle between the East in America and the West? Geoenginnering creates coolness in the East and the drought in the West. Why is the nation's key food area, the Central Valley of California the "ground zero" for geoengineering? And, what happens to "whistleblowers" who attempt to speak out against this weather modification? And, where is the Sierra Club in all of this? I've been an off and on member of it for years and am tired of hearing about some species in danger because of what we do. The real species in danger are humans!
    Still working on a story about the drought in California but now from a geoengineering point. To me, weather modification it is the key issue and challenge of our time. It's the "elephant" in the room (the skies) and is written in huge streaks over our heads everyday while we continue to watch our reality shows, shop and read tabloids about celebrities. I think a feature dramatic film could expose some of this. Perhaps also, a television series. But whether a film would ever get made, a television series produced, is not too likely. Still, it is important enough to think about something on the screen about this. After all, everyone seems to be looking at their small screens today instead of up into the sky at the "big" screen.
    Here is the article …
    Much more information on the site.
    Now, back to Sunday football. It's a beautiful day in Columbus, Ohio without a chemtrail in sight (right now). The Buckeye football team squeezed by against Indiana yesterday and are still on top of the national standings. The world is good.
    John Fraim, President

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, thank you for your willingness to face and investigate the critical climate engineering issue. Yes, why are the “Sierra Club” and all the rest of the major environmental organizations completely silent about the ongoing global geoengineering assault? Their hypocrisy is beyond belief. I have been serving up hard data on this subject to the head of the Sierra Club in Northern California for no less than eight years, he has not lifted a finger to investigate. In my last face to face with him I confronted his denial, he turned and walked away. All of the environmental organizations are bought and paid for. They are more concerned about protecting their “non-profit” status than they are about the lethal threat of geoengineering. All of us are needed to sound the alarm on climate engineering and to hold groups like the Sierra Club accountable.

  7. Betty Kelley says:

    A prime example that comes to mind is Leonardo da Vinci, still considered the most brilliant man the world has ever known, his expertise on science was self taught—a combination of intelligence, the power of observation and critical thought:
    “Leonardo's approach to science was an observational one: he tried to understand a phenomenon by describing and depicting it in utmost detail and did not emphasize experiments or theoretical explanation. Since he lacked formal education in Latin and mathematics, contemporary scholars mostly ignored Leonardo the scientist”
    The so-called experts with letters after their names are mass-produced in what have long become only indoctrination centers. They are given center stage on the censored state-controlled media, already having been well groomed since childhood, as well as bought and paid for with positions which also feed their egos.  
    What has been the norm for several decades, is the fact education has been taught by sitting in front of a computer screen in a building all day, the biologist/scientist separated from their natural world using little to no observational skills. The student no longer learning/seeing and thus applying multidisciplinary skills or knowledge (especially so in higher education), a must in order to understand the world, the universe and how all things connect.
    One such term and what is being applied is called social engineering. We have been taught only what is deemed necessary for those in control to remain so while keeping the rest of humanity in ignorance. 

  8. Mal says:

    Trying to make sense of what is going on here in the UK, I like in NW England near the coast, we have had a few days of high pressure with little or no cloud later in the day. The spraying has been heavy and more or less continuous during this time although one day they didn't seem to do much. The Sun feels very intense during the day especially when there is no cloud, so I assume some of the spraying is to block out the Sun due to the damaging effects of the particulate matter on the process of ozone production etc. In the morning we have been getting a thick fog which seems to be generally from the sea as the inland areas clear more quickly than the coast. I would class the fog as unusually thick, so is this due to the nucleation of larger water droplets making the fog darker? There has also been a haze for the past few days, worse than usual which I guess must be due to the particulate matter being sprayed? Does anybody know of any data about the changes in incoming radiation, say comparing ow to 30 years ago? Thanks

    • BaneB says:

      Regarding radiation, it is a seemingly complex subject matter.  I suppose that is why the high priests of science love it so…..few really understand it.  And even fewer can afford a decent detector.  But, just dealing with CPM (count per minute), there is definitely a big increase here in the states.  You might look up Bob Nichols, Your Radiation This Week….one website.  His CPM taking from government sources is shocking for the whole of the USA.  Undoubtedly the crap is headed your way given the wind patterns aloft.  Regarding chemtrails, I share your consternation.  I am in Northern California.  It is dry Dry here.  But the sky has been blue without any spray over Mendocino County for a number of days, except for a brief low pressure that dropped all of ten raindrops the other day.  I don't know where the tankers have flown to unless the are busy out in the Pacific Ocean spraying the trade winds and the northern jet stream.  Good luck.  We are definitely in a one world   takedown.

  9. Charles says:

    The 5 shocking photographs shown in the geoengineering page
    What are the geoengineers doing
    showing a few pictures probably of geoengineering in the Arctic.
    The geoengineers probably think that it is the only way to cool down the Arctic and slow the Methane Bomb release ? The graphic shown Sept 4 2014 and the
    Global Atmosphere Methane Level
    Methane levels 1772 to 1775 from 2000 to 2006, (.5 ppb per year) and
    Methane levels 1775 to 1838 from 2006 to 2014, (7 ppb per year).
    The Methane release rate is over 10 times as much in just this decade!!!
    suggests a very alarming Methane release in the Arctic!!
    It is all done in secret, and I hope they know what they are doing!!
    God help us all!!

    • BaneB says:

      They don't know what they are doing.  That is why all life is threatened.  For years the science high priests have been taking apart the very elemental constructs of the natural order.  It is a form of back engineering of our spaceship earth.  If they can solve the puzzles, well then, they can build a artificial earth, patent it, destroy the natural order in the process, and sell us the pieces of the fake, making lots of money.  Basically, the high priests believe that by opening up Pandora's Box they can be God.  That is my simpleton take on why we are where we are and why we see our natural world unravelling in front of our eyes.  Of course we too share the blame for believing a lie.  People are waking up…. that is the good news.

  10. Sunscape says:

    Of course the West (California) is geoengineered!  Why?  Because California grows food for the nation!  Are you following the dots here…?

  11. Dawnski says:

    Who stole the rain from Hurricane Joaquim. I have not been able to see any rain on the radar maps in the Bahamas area where the storm is supposed to be stalled. And yet, the entire region I live in is under historical flooding watch from this hurricane, when it isn't even going to hit landfall, rather it is moving up and off the coast, so they say. I just find it very odd that all this rain that has been forecast hasn't even come yet but it is promised to be really bad. Dane, can you see a hurricane on your maps???? This is so wierd.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dawnski, they will use the cyclone for an amospheric moisture pump which helps to create expansice aerosolized cloud cover and also chemically nucleated cool-downs on the ground below. This utilization can have a profound impact on precipitation. This storm may be pushed slowly up the eastern coast for an extended time while the processes described are carried out.

    • says:

      Dane, that is interesting what you said about the cool down.  My cousin in Richmond, Virginia texted me the rain is a not anything major at all, slight and steady.  He stated the temperature was 52 degreesF.  That seemed odd to me, rather low.  Joquim has been just sitting there off Cuba for two days.  That two seems peculiar.

    • Dale says:

      Covert and deliberate weather manipulation?
      Hurricane Joaquin to Bring ‘Thousand-Year’ Rainfall to the Carolinas
      Breitbart | Oct 2, 2015

  12. Dennie Mehocich says:

    "Bobby, I Didn't Know!", Michael C. Ruppert, author:

    Robert F. Kennedy's assassination is tied directly to the CIA, Mike Ruppert's life AND the LAPD officers working for CIA who groomed Mike's early career. Those same people turned up again when Mike caught CIA people inside LAPD protecting major traffickers. Here you will see how solid the connections are, why Sirhan is innocent and read an LAPD document that will convince you that CIA mind control programs to produce both assassins and patsies are real. See a letter from a BBC producer to the L.A. Police Commission President authorizing Mike to hand deliver an advance copy of a documentary linking CIA to Bobby's assassination. The key eight minutes were cut before the documentary aired in the U.S. Don't go here if you want to sleep tonight:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie, Hi.  Just to say I was already mega radicalized when Robert K. was killed and we all knew it was the CIA.  That shock really reverberated as he was a great friend to Natives who were actually going to vote for him and Natives almost never vote, but this time they would have.  Used to be if you were in any Native home, there would be maybe 3 pictures on the living room wall: a family veteran, Jesus, and Robert Kennedy.  It was a huge head's up to all who were radical then.  I first heard the news of it when sitting in a car with a friend in front of where I was staying.  I had a vision.  A huge chasm opened up in front of me.  So huge, so deep.  An abyss.  I'd forgotten about that until I just read this.  And thanks for the link, I've not seen this, but I read Mike's stuff long ago.  And his movie: Collapse, was so very good.  I am very much into the making of movies and was amazed how effective this was and how economical!

      By the way, I for one, but I don't know how many of us from back then, never got over, never forgot what happened.  So, when Jr.'s plane crashed for no apparent reason, I thought: uh huh.  And done.

      Eric, hi!  Thanks for the comments in support for my hurt feelings last week!

  13. Michael Arden Yows says:

    The massacre in Roseburg, a former timber town in Umpqua River Valley, is the latest in a series of mass shootings at U.S. college campuses, movie theaters, military bases and churches in recent years. It marked the deadliest since a shooting rampage in June at a South Carolina church that killed nine.
    The killings have fueled demands for more gun control in the United States, where ownership of firearms is protected by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and better care for the mentally ill.
    President Barack Obama, speaking just hours after the rampage, said the mass killing should move Americans to demand greater gun controls from elected officials……

  14. Larwence says:

    I also live in Bakersfield Ca. I have been watching the many planes flying above natural puffy clouds, in less than an hour no more clouds. I have come to the conclusion that the spraying is to dissipate the natural clouds and rob us of any rain. This week they have been so blatant as to spray giant X's right over us, also they have been flying late in the evening, just as the sun is setting. If they are doing it for SRM, SAG, they would not need to do it over real clouds or late in the evening. I think that is them telling us FU. It really makes me mad! I have been in this fight for 6 years now. We really need to do something bigger than what we have been doing. We do need a million man march, or everyone refuse to go to our jobs, something that will actually get this insanity stopped. I know now days we cannot get enough people together to make much noise. A lot of people talk, write and pray, but actually getting up and doing something is not going to happen. Makes me and a bunch of other older people very sad. I sure wish everyone here the best, and thank you Dane and everyone here that is in the same boat!

  15. World citizens are giving their consent to this debacle, and all the complaining in the World will not stop the slaughter. You NEED to take action… Sorta like this. >
    Naval and military installations alerted of felony and treason to the Constitution  
    Joint Chiefs of Staff alerted of felony and treason to the Constitution on the part of certain federal judges
    A copy of the petition and a personalized duplicate of the below letter sent to general Martin Edward Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was sent in the same mode to the Vice Chairman and other five ranking officers of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, each of whom has sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, i.e.: 
    Complete text:
    18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision [1] of felony
    "Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both." 
    All officers of the Uniformed services of the United States have a duty to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, as set forth in the United States Uniformed Services Oath of Office, which each officer takes upon commissioning:

  16. Wes says:

    Reporting from eastern Nebraska. Sick trees everywhere. People are in such denial or flat out won't even think about it. It's strange. It looks like the squirrel activity is way down. My friend in Omaha said the same thing. He also noticed hawks in his neighborhood. Maybe they needed to come into the city because there is no food in the countryside? I'm in a small town between Omaha and Sioux City. The drive into Omaha for me is along the Missouri river. The cottonwoods took a hit a few weeks ago. It looks like all the Cottonwoods are dying. Last week Council Bluffs, IA received 8 inches of rain in 7 hours. I got 5.5 inches in two days. Then a couple of days ago another 1.5. Yeah it looks like were getting California's rain. Evil, Evil, Evil! 

    Is there going to be another spring? Sometimes it doesn't feel like there is. I lost an 8 year old cherry tree. That tree was loaded this year. It started dying in July. I have flashed out pines, flashed out other trees I planted this year. My apple trees don't look healthy.  A lot of these sick trees started dropping their leaves in July. Since it's getting closer to fall everyone is saying the leaf drop is "early fall", starting in July!!!!

    I don't think peoples brain can grasp the size of all this. They won't even think about it. As other people have mentioned they don't want to be labeled some conspiracy theorist.  They sure have learned how to control the masses. Thought control. I don't get it. It has to be the t.v.? The food? How come people can't seem to be able to think?

    Remember when no one trusted the government, now no one questions the government.

    For all you folks talking about planes on that fateful day. Aluminum can't cut through steel. A hollow aluminum tube(an airplane) can not cut through steel it's physically impossible. Those box beams were two inches thick on the face. Now think about the thickness when hitting that beam at 90 degree.  The same thickness of steel that protects a tank. You can't penetrate a tanks armor with an aluminum warhead on any missile. I don't care how fast that missile it going. Here's an observation to make. A jet was supposedly going 500 miles an hour when it hit the building. There is going to be a huge vortex from the jet exhaust. It would have shoved those flames back against the buildings, those flames would have hit those vortexes and would have been all distorted and swirling. Watch those flames shoot out. No disturbance at all. No planes.

    If you read "Operation Northwoods" everything was fake. They talked about fake hijackings, fake funerals, fake, fake, fake. The whole thing is fake. Every single part of it. Look at the photo shopped "victims". 'Did any of you check out the SS death index for New York that day? Nothing out the norm as far as deaths, before, during or after.

    A couple of different times I thought I was going crazy. Something in my being was saying I need direct sunlight and we don't have any. How long has it been for any of us to really have direct sunlight hitting our skin, a couple of decades? It's absolute insanity!

    Dane thank for all you are doing. Thank you for this website of awakened people. All of you seem like family. It's good to know not everyone is asleep.

  17. Cjay says:

    This pdf by Robert O'Bannon, a retired member of the US armed services is well worth the read:

  18. Janice K says:

    Please see my above post about detoxing from toxins, including Heavy Metals Aluminum & Barium (the base of the chemical sprays). 

    Just a reminder:  start SLOWLY.  If you have never detoxed before, using too much of anything will cause you to feel sick to your stomach from the chemicals & metal toxins being pulled out of your system which are dumped into your stomach.  People tend to blame the detoxing agents for their sick feelings, but it's their own poisons concentrating in the detoxing process which make them ill, as they are being processed out of the body.  The solution is to start slowly, every 5 days or so (as you get confidence) upping the dosage of Cilantro or Chlorella or Zeolite.  Zeolite is the least likely to cause problems as it actually captures & neutralizes whatever it finds.  Zeolite will heal Acid Reflux symptoms, and has many many other benefits.  Research & combine with other healthy foods.

  19. JACTN says:

    Anyone watching the weather?  East Coast is about to be day after tomorrowed.  Up to 2 feet of rain then a hurricane hit.

    • BaneB says:

      I am.  Been observing it on the sat image several times today.  Indeed, it just sits there spinning off of Cuba's northeast, off the coast.  The entire Atlantic looks very complex with activity everywhere.  It is a category three with 130 mph, and gusts to 160.  I am curious to see if any indications it is being manipulated though I am not sure what to look for. It seems odd to me the system had been stationary all day.  Like it is waiting to decide which victim to choose.

    • Bob says:

      BaneB ~ Here's how they control/manipulate hurricanes and storm patterns, also check out the pdf file on this US patten.
      Click Here:

      Weather management using space-based power system
      US 20060201547 A1


      Space-based power system and method of altering weather using space-born energy. The space-based power system maintains proper positioning and alignment of system components without using connecting structures. Power system elements are launched into orbit, and the free-floating power system elements are maintained in proper relative alignment, e.g., position, orientation, and shape, using a control system. Energy from the space-based power system is applied to a weather element, such as a hurricane, and alters the weather element to weaken or dissipate the weather element. The weather element can be altered by changing a temperature of a section of a weather element, such as the eye of a hurricane, changing airflows, or changing a path of the weather element.

  20. Marc says:

    How absurd beyond comprehension. The U.S. drought monitor map Dane put up here reveals the worst band of deep red drought EXACTLY RIGHT OVER THE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY. I MEAN WE'RE TALKING RIGHT SMACK DAB ALL UP AND DOWN THE VALLEY WHERE AMERICA'S PRODUCE ORIGINATES. This map could not be more obvious in it's elucidation of a sinister agenda in place. Especially considering that this drought map BULL'S EYE here is not an anomaly. It has become the "norm" for years now. Way, way, waaaaayyyy beyond "natural variability", and that goes for their dumb-ass "ridiculously resilient ridge" as well. How fucking stupid do these geoengineers think we are?  UNFORTUNATELY, VERY! Still astounding to me IS the range of opinions out there regarding this nightmare. Most people just flat out refuse to give up their parties, their world-views, their hopes for their children's futures, their music, their EVERYTHING. I mean, don't get me wrong, I, for one, am not asking people to literally "give up" their "lifestyles". But at what point do we at least modify our game a little to raise awareness of this paramount threat to our existence? Problem, here again, is that the threats all of us KNOW are just over the horizon, remain completely and utterly invisible to all but the smallest minority. Will the numbers ever exponentially increase to make a difference in time to reverse this horrific timeline?

    • BaneB says:

      Geoengineering is a planetary threat of comprehensible seriousness.  What is in dire need of realization is the current vortex of insanity sucking in the nations.  I refer to Syria and the burgeoning threat of WWIII.  That geopolitical blunder has become incomprehensible.  And it is getting out of control.  We won't be able to stop the psychopaths making war on our weather if we do not stop a very potential nuclear exchange between GOG and Babylon.  A radioactive atmosphere is the death knell for everything living.  Both issues are dire.  Dane is absolutely correct that short of a nuclear war, Geoengineering is our greatest threat to life on earth.  How do we stop these lunatics?

  21. Michael Arden Yows says:

    Yes Indeed,  the whole thing is sincerely sinister stupid bigtime…I can just see these pilots assemble in their ready rooms preparing for their shifts in order to strategically lay in their poisonous loads on the general public in order to alter the weather and they're like "yes sir" …."right away sir"….."oh yes sir,  we clearly understand what we're doing"….."yes sir, we'll do a real good job this time"…..are they really for real……clearly they must have major brain damage like right now…..very hard up for a job….wow……I think I'm gonna be real  sick…..these pilots must be  snorting the stuff evidently…. give yourselves a break guys and come back to reality……….really………It appears that you only need some vapor between your ears in order to pilot those craft……..yup…..that's what it looks like….boys…..

    • Terri says:

      they are typical of the military. conditioned to obey. conditioned to destroy and kill. that is what they sign up for.They do the bidding of anyone in power. no questions asked. obedience…their hallmark to fame…to the JOB!! no matter what that might mean. 

      i am sure some are brainwashed to believe they are ''fighting for freedom'' or some other sound bite. But the truth is quite different. The reality is they sign up to kill, blow up stuff and destroy anything and anyone they are pointed at. 

      These pilots will follow their programming regardless of the consequences. they never see the face of their target. They never see the damage of their ''job''. they couldn't care less either. their only goal is following ''orders''. mindlessly. 

  22. charles fisch says:

    Methane Clathrate Gun is Fired !!
    Eyeballing the chart Global Atmospheric Methane Level created by Sam Carana for
    Shows that the most recent Global Methane measure increase for 2013-2014 is 24 ppb. Assuming GHG equivalent of 100 CO2 and CO2 growth of approximately 2 ppm per year.
    The Methane GHG effect has grown to be 1.2 times the worldwide CO2 GHG effect in 2014. Even in the hypothetical case of CO2 emissions go to zero TODAY, the GHG effect of Methane ALONE is positive feedback enough to continue the warm the Earth.
    And if the non-linearity is truly exponential growth, and it went from 0 to 24 ppb per year, in only 6 years, the Methane Bomb has truly exploded. It took the man-made CO2 from 1750 to 2015 or 265 years to 'explode'.  The Methane Bomb is at approximately 1838 ppb on Aug 30 2014. If it increases to 1858 ppb in 2015  it will match the GHG equivalent increase of the entire man-made world!!  Yet, the rate of increase is out of our hands !! It might go ALL the WAY to 1900 ppb, for a year over year increase of 62 ppb. This would be 3 times the world wide equivalent GHG of man-made CO2!!
    If this is truly exponential growth and if we cannot stop it very soon, then it really will be game over.

    • charles says:

      Global Methane Emergency is Now
      shows you the Geoengineeringwatch of Sept 4, 2014 !!
      This Methane Emergency has some people thinking that 1) the Solar Radiation Management (SRM) to keep the Arctic to cool down and get in front of the Methane Bomb. Or  2) will SRM make the Mathane emission problem even worse !! ??
      I dont know , but I do believe that we got a Methane Bomb going on, and the IPCC report about to be released doesnt even recognize that this thing even exists yet !!!
      Thank you Dane Wigington for your efforts which have certainly opened my eyes to this problem.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I don't mean to start any rumors, but Shell hightailed it out of the Chukchi Sea quickly and quietly.  They broke through the oil bearing layer less than 30 days ago, and a couple of days ago said they didn't find much oil or gas.  All the environmentalists, myself included, were happy to see Shell leave.  But I'm concerned about what might have happened.

      There are a few years left on Shell's leases.  They just built a fully equipped private town next to Barrow for the workers.  And now they're saying they won't come back.  Does anyone else think they might have struck thawed methane?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella, I have shared your concerns from the moment I saw this story. There is likely much more to the Shell story as you have stated.

  23. David Scott says:

    Dane THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO ! YOUR WORK IS AMAZING! aside from that you are an amazing speaker and your persona when you present your work in person is absolutely riveting and its clear that you care and are the real deal. I share this information often and one thing hit me just now from this article that I would like to share to those passionate about our quality of life. Aside from weather people being very charasmatic , knowledgable and often attractive they need to be considered in the same light as the mainstream media. Now that MONSANTO or MONSATAN as I affectionately like to pin them , they now own the WEATHER CHANNEL . 24 hours of cover for the greatest coverup in the history of mankind. Its also no cooincidence that BIll Ayers , who founded the Weather Underground has a big play in this game. He is part of the sinister club designing away to kill us all . They actually think their seed vaults and genetic vaults will just simply repopulate the planet after all the carnage has culled the masses. Massive insanity. Its sickening how this spraying is killing the flora and fauna and literally adding fuel to the fires in California. This is life and death and the government is big on death and the no cure ,but treatment approach to make money on the sick coming back again and again for expensive pharmaceuticals. From toilet to tap they go an exponential death sentence for our children and all life on earth. We have to look at Fukushima and the BP oil spill in concert with this engineering. The Current storm in the Atlantic is ramping up to be a swan song of sorts . Look at the biggest picture possible everyone, its unfolding quickly . Do we need to watch the Sequoia tree system die and the Hoover Dam run dry for people to wake up . No ,we don't . Here is hope. Matt Drudge started the largest response to main stream media by an E-mail list . He began mailing links to his friends and they mailed a friend and so on . Now he has a billion hits a year and the largest voice in news. We can do this one link at a time. Are you all with me ?!!!! Vote with your pocketbook and push your E-mail to put these responsible behind bars, unable to hurt no longer . THank you for all you do , David

  24. martin says:

    I currently live in bakersfield, ca., but grew up in redding, ca. My father still lives there. The last couple of days we had some rain clouds and rain predicted. As is the norm and not the exception, the skies were sprayed; however the spraying was very heavy almost to the point of being ridiculous. Lines everywhere and sure enough the rain clouds dissipated leaving for the most part the regular 'cloud' structures you see associated with spraying. And as usual with heavy spraying, when the trails overlap you will see isolated rainbow effects always in the colors of green and red. This whole thing is quite sad. And you ask the nonbelievers, how can a so-called water vapor trail spread that far???

    • Rob says:

      Hi Martin. Here in Portsmouth, UK, we had a day of utterly ridiculous spraying. Hundreds upon hundreds of planes leaving trails, all going in different directions, forming grids and stars, turning the trails on and off, crossing over one another while flying, changing flight-paths 100 degrees at random. Then the next day I couldn't stop sneezing, which a few other people reported (and which has now passed). The following day, of course, was almost without planes (though the setting sun revealed the trails), and today was completely clear. I predict a clear-ish day tomorrow, then two days of insane spraying.

  25. Using surplus extra high-frequency radar as a chaff detector might to verify if what remains after these high-altitude jets pass by and leave contrails is actually aluminum particles. The EHF wavelengths are approximately 1 mm so that if the particles are in that range or some multiple thereof they might cause what we in the electronic business called snow scatter. In wartime this was used to block radar from detecting aircraft overhead by blocking out the PPI screen. A lot of this equipment is available as surplus and it might be possible with some funds to put some of this stuff together and actually see what's coming out of the back of those jets.

    • Ray says:

      Ron, I've been thinking the same thing about the radar scans, it just so happens that I have access to an aircraft weather radar, and while the radar is designed to reflect from moisture (rain and dense clouds), I think it might work.  I have thought about setting it up on my roof and scan from east to west through the zenith and see if I can't tell the difference between 'real' clouds and the aluminum clouds.  Worth a try. Ray

  26. JJ says:

    Please all here reading and knowing what you know; take cilantro, an herb that kicks metals in the body.

    I have no repercussions from aerosol spraying and rural Kentucky gets sprayed a lot.

    Is it the hemp oil I take every day??  Who knows.

    I'm 65 and take no prescription meds.  🙂

    • Janice K says:

      Not only Cilantro to remove heavy metals.  Cilantro DOES cross the blood-brain barrier to pull metals out of the brain.  One can use Cilantro Extract or prepare a Cilantro Pesto to eat. 
      Chlorella (a superfood green algae) pulls out heavy metals from the body.  Take twice a day, about 1/2 to1 tsp per time.  or several tabs.
      IMPORTANT::: ZEOLITE (a unique volcanic ash) is a powerful detox tool, capturing and rendering harmless everything bad, wherever in our body or pulled out by Chlorella & Cilantro, including radiation, alkalizing the body, been used for over 800 years in Asia, harmless (Asia again) to pregnant/nursing women/babies.  Again, do your research. 
      The only problem in California::: PROP 65.  It's hard to find a company not assaulted with frivolous expensive lawsuits about naturally-occuring (harmless) lead in herbs.  Zeolite has a full spectrum of minerals, including the natural lead, so the lawsuits have targeted most suppliers but not all.  Hunt if you live in California.  The only harmful lead is man-made products.  Gov. Brown is considering an amendment to Prop 65 to stop this. []

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I don't take any prescription meds and I have PLENTY of "repercussions" (translated: Trouble) from the chem spraying, which is 24/7/365 in California now.  You will too, if you inhale enough barium, strontium and aluminum, although it may take a little longer for you to see the effects than it does in people like me. 

  27. Tish says:

    Why are we so impotent as a society? Earth is the only planet we can live on. So why are we allowing the raping and pillaging of Earth. At this rate our children will inherit a dying planet.

  28. Irene Parousis says:

    For the last two weeks I'm experiencing severe heart palpitations.  I heard today CERN has been ramped up and there's Solar flare activity. I am being pounded, but people around me seem to be fine, I don't get it.  On a positive note my son who is back packing in Asia has finally come  around in believing me about climate change and Geoengineering, that's huge!

    • Are you getting enough Magnesium? The best kind is Magnesium Glycinate. When magnesium is low the heart works harder; also cramps might occur because of reduced blood flow, especially at night. Also, a B-vitamine complex is helpful.

    • Clare says:

      Barium in the spraying can seriously deplete your Potassium levels. Russ Tanner had a heart attack from low Potassium, he says it was spraying induced. When Magnesium or Potassium (or both) levels are low, you can easily get palpitations. Research "potassium content in foods", same for magnesium. Our bodies can handle minerals in food form easier than in supplement form. When you start eating high Magnesium and Potassium foods, that can take care of the problem. Warning, too much Potassium at once can be fatal (as well as too little), so don't go overboard on Potassium supplements. Too much Magnesium will give you the runs. Most MDs don't have much training in nutrition. You can find what you need online.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Sometimes I can't swallow.  There is sooo much metal crap in the air, especially when "they're" trying to get it to rain here but the only thing falling is all the metallic particulates, a white rain of them today.  I really fear for my life– I live alone and just now I could not swallow while I was eating my steamed vegetable salad– tried and tried, even with a big "tank" of water next to me nearly all the time now, then it thankfully, finally went down. 

      The crap clogs you up and you can't swallow sometimes.  Barium in the sprays displaces magnesium and that in turn interferes with absorption of potassium and calcium.  The mineral imbalances caused by heavy metals mimickers sets you up for cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes and neurological disorders like Alzheimer's disease.  A magnesium deficiency makes it difficult to swallow.  Barium knocks out potassium in the body and I believe magnesium, too.  You can't absorb potassium without magnesium.  Here's something I found helpful:  And this was fantastic at explaining everything, complete with footnotes and a chart of magnesium-containing foods:

      Everyone needs to take a good mineral supplement right now.

  29. Ry Brannock says:

    It is not rain any more.  Just a chemical spill of the filth being sprayed on us everyday.

  30. Muse Minus Time says:

    Right now there is an article on Yahoo about West Coast fur seals dying and they are speculating warming ocean temperatures….I wrote a comment and attached the links to this website plus a pdf copy of the 2013 congressional climate report.  Hopefully it will send some people to this site to learn more.

    If this site's bloggers can spread the word online and redirect people to learn more here…it can contribute to critical mass awareness.

  31. Prayer Warrior says:

    May we ALL, stand together in these trying times, against these devastating circumstances, may we ALL know, WE are making a difference. I AM praying, WE break the chains that bind us.

  32. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, I saw a comic in a New Yorker from months ago while waiting at doc's.  A couple in bed, rain pouring on husband's side, wife's side bright and dry!  Wanted to tear it out and send to you.  So, must be some awareness.

    We had the strangest sunset yesterday. Line after line of very thick toothpaste stuff in unusual colors, quite spectacular if not for being so very odd.  But first, saw that cement green wall 18 feet from me turn a golden tan color which has never happened before.  When I looked out west window, the biggest, I mean HUGE pink cloud that seemed to be advancing as if to swallow us, inexplicably huge and pink, just towering and in no way looked as if from fire or sunset even.  When it came really close, it thinned and sorta disappeared with the dark.  Very dramatic looking sunset.  My best friend, and she is very very smart, at first, years ago, believed me about geoengineering sort of, at least thought it important to listen to me.  No more.  Now mocks me, and seems embarrassed by my beliefs, which certainly are not just my take on things.  In a skyped call to a mutual friend who lives in Australia but sails the south seas most of the time, she couldn't think of things to say-it had been 30 years, meanwhile I'm asking about the weather, the fish, all sorts of nature related things and asked how aware of geoengineering he was.  He seemed interested when she interrupted as if embarrassed to excuse me!!!!  The woman lives in Hawaii and yet sees nothing, doubts nothing.  I am so pissed.  She owes me respect and I'm older by a chunk.  Someone has influenced her against me.  I sent her an email in which I suggested she was a tin foil hat person, as if wearing one to keep knowledge out, civil liberties out, freedom out and tow the company line.  Said I expected more of her intelligence than an ignorant refusal, much less mocking me, my first time on Skype, with our good friend from eons ago.  He did seem interested and as if he had something to say about it.  He sails the oceans all the time, all the time, so he sees stuff.  And I wanted to know.

    I'm very sick and can barely function.  Do want to thank Bella F. for her always insightful posts.

    I went to energy news for the first time.  Wow.  Tons of info.  Sounds like Fukushima is a major hazard now.  Even one post saying Tokyo may be evacuated!  In this morning's news, surfers in San Diego I think, with a go cam, got up close and personal with a whale.  Whale didn't look so good. Some specialist said whale was too skinny and it was way skinny, and had visible sores which I could actually see and barnacles, indicating it was moving slowly on migration south.  Hard for me to parse Fukushima from geoengineering.  Not to mention the Navy and their war game tactics along the coasts.  This, that And the other!  What an unholy mix!  Wonder if Monsanto is going to come up with a new seed that in addition to aluminum, will grow in radiation?  I know that the air plume passed long ago, but wouldn't the rain pick up radioactive stuff from the ocean itself?  Or not?

    • Eric says:

      My heart goes out to you Rachael. I've been sounding the alarm on these heinous spray operations, for years. My family  still puts up with me, barely, as long as I don't spend more then five minutes on geoengineering. Friends have distanced themselves as well. It's such a strange thing because for those of us that get it..that know the level of Evil that's at play in these programs….we just have to raise the alarm!  At least that's the feeling l get from folks who share as you do .And I feel like America( and of course most countries on Earth) are under attack! This is absolutely weather warfare And the slow insidious poisoning of every human being and living thing on our fragile and already heavily damaged Mother Earth. Doubters who otherwise are so intelligent, highly capable and educated,  amaze me with their reactions…like a switch is flipped when the subject of geoengineering is brought up…great many people in a trance of sorts. After all these years feels like some sci-fi movie to me. But I keep on forwarding new information to family and friends…and in person, each Thanksgivings or?, I keep the information flowing weather they want to hear or not. After I had to hear about some football story.

      Those of us engaged in this fight must continue to do all we can do and be supportive of each other. Keep writing in and talking it up. Rachael We're all with you


  33. BW says:

    This may seem off topic (I think not) but, w/this super blood moon on Sunday I could not help the eerieness of the full moon in late Aug. – here in the mid-west it too (Augest moon)  was blood red due to the forest fires out west – beyond any shadow of doubt they are doing some sinister diabolical things – in time this too will bite them where it hurts, He'll make sure of it!!!

  34. Ken Weberg says:

    Well Dane something was brought to my attention that makes as much sense as anything. If they let it rain we get radiation poisoned from Fukushima. If they keep the rain away we have a drought out. Pick your  poison . Neither one sounds worth a damn to me. Lots of folks are waking up . Lets hope not to little to late. I keep forwarding all or most of the posts I find on both subjects. People don't seem to responsive on either issues. At a certain level I feel sorry for them. Then again at a certain level it makes me angry with them. There is so much evidence out there, but people won't even take the time to understand its a slow kill process. Makes one shrug to say the least

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      That's because Google is moslty catering to shopping and social media.  It's hard to find the evidence.  It's not impossible but you have to be exact with your wording and often *old* outdated articles come up unless you type in the year.
      Google never used to be that way in it's early days before they decided to make money off of ads.   Now they are too big to know what to do with themselves.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, I do not subscribe to the "protecting us from radiation" theory, there are too many dots that do not connect. Moisture flows from the southeast are also broken up before they can benifit California. If the hydrological cycle was not being blocked over the Pacific, much of the radiation would rain out before it even got to us. Also, the moisture that is robbed from us is dropped further east on very populated regions. Unfortunatley there is no benevolance in the spraying assault, none. 

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      My response was meant to Ken's theory.  I had that theory too until I saw that rainfall from other directions were being blocked.
      I think originally it was started as what you said Ken and then it moved beyond that because that's what happens when you have organizations that are committee based.
      There is little to no oversight and you can fire one person and bring in another dodo head who will continue to raise hell and nobody knows what each other is doing.
      You need to vote for smaller government.  As Ben Franklin said the smallest government governs the best and he holds true.
      I think he also is the one that said that American can have a republic if it can keep it.  

  35. Robert says:

    I would like permission to copy this issue of Geoengineering Watch to use in conversation with friends and relatives. Credits will be given to:
    Dane Wigington
    This issue is the best document of the truth that I have ever read.
    Thank you and "God Bless"',
    Robert  (Concerned Human)

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robert, you can absolutely use the material from, that is what it is for. All we ever ask is that the source be clearly shown. Thank you for helping us to sound the alarm.

  36. J Rizk says:

    The other day the weather person on our local news was saying, "there is a low pressure system developing off the coast, but there won't be any rain with it." Hmmmmm……so here on the Oregon Coast all the plants are dying. They just constantly spray overhead. So sickening.

    • Robert says:

      The trees are dying in Central Oregon, too. The air tastes like funny metallic fumes and we both (wife and I) have new respiratory issues. J Rizk, do you think the Coast would be healthier than Central Oregon? Thanks. Robert.

  37. jefe says:

    Just saw a weather view of the mid Atlantic during the Pope's visit– lots of weather activity wanted to move north, but it literally ran into a wall and evaporated before it reached DC.

  38. D J says:

    I thought that when the pope arrived and got most of the big networks to cover whatever he did, that he might really bring the Climate issue up @ over spraying our planet and killing every living thing on Earth! It just another game! Not even the Pope really seem to care. When will this insanity stop??

    • Earth Angel says:

      That's because the pope is most likely working closely with the orchestrators of the spray programs doing all the damage; trying to usher in a single worldwide government ruled by the criminally insane! I say TRYING because come hell or high water (and we may just have plenty of both) …WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN !

  39. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane.  I don't know if this is permissible, but I just now posted this on my face-book page. Also on Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae.  I know that you are working fast and hard on this and contacting all the necessary legal authorities. We have few chemtrails in Mid-Virginia, but the ski is always so horribly gray. We did get about 2 inches of rain yesterday. Most of the time its a lot of thundering, darkness, and loud noises with few drops of rain. I wish we could send some your way in California. Take care, and PRESS ON! You are doing an amazing job.  Several of the previous posts were encouraging. But we have a long way to go. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  Blessings be upon you, Dane. And your family, as they are in this with you, in a personal way. 

  40. al says:

    Dane-excellent and accurate presentation here.As a former airline pilot-I have spoken nonstop about this. This is year 18 of KNOWN chemtrail ops.
    Deuteronomy 28:24 states that chemtrails ( dust) would come down until we are destroyed.
    All the males I know are Freemasons-and will not acknowledge nor speak against these evils. We are well into the book of Revelation.
    I thank you for your dedication, sincerety, and devotion to getting this out.
    I am in my closing season of this hell on earth-I was never one of them-tho most of my family was-except for my dad.
    The Most High watch over you and keep you.
    al (Former Captain for US airline)

  41. Julane Jazzique says:

    To what end ?
    the Elite can't escape this death spray.
    what is the end game here?
    zero earth life? Why ? 

    • Gillette says:

      They probably can escape the toxins.  They likely have access to medical procedures to remove the toxic substances from their bodies.  The actual crew on the plane probably don't know, or care, about the effects…they just follow orders.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Julane J., I agree, why, why, what sense does this make?  Which is how I keep coming back to stupidity and stubborness.  There is some stubborness to be admired, like Dane, for instance.  But I've had my moments when its been my undoing.  Course, I don't do anything remotely like what these idiots are doing, but being idiots is a factor I think.

  42. DAVID DARBY says:

    If people where not so bah hah about their lives then this would be a cause for civil war between the West and East coast, probably split down the Mississippi river. Maybe down the road two new countries are to be formed in the continent of North America? 

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