Geoengineering With Industrial Waste


Dane Wigington

Geoengineering The Oceans

Though many have now at least heard of the ongoing atmospheric spraying known as solar radiation management (SRM) and stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG), most are still not familiar with another form of geoengineering, "ocean fertilization". It's easy enough for the average person to take note of the all too visible spraying of our skies, but how can we know what the climate engineers are doing to our oceans without our knowledge or consent? 

Connecting The Dots

Could the atmospheric spraying and ocean fertilization be directly connected? The answer is yes, a connection appears likely if all available data is examined. For those that are not familiar with ocean fertilization, the term refers to the intentional widespread distribution of bioavailable iron into our seas in order to create plankton blooms that then absorb and thus sequester Co2 from the atmosphere. Could the materials being sprayed into our skies and over the oceans be composed of elements that are compatible for ocean fertilization? Again, the answer is likely yes.

What Are They Spraying?

It has recently been suggested that coal ash is the primary material being used by the climate engineers. Though this theory may potentially be a part of the geoengineering equation, there are too many applications of climate engineering to conclude that a single source of material is being used. Aluminum is a known primary element showing up in many lab tests of precipitation around the globe, and is also named in numerous climate engineering patents. Immediately after two major global climate conferences in recent years, Cancun and Copenhagen, aluminum futures went up significantly. Did geoengineering get the go ahead for further ramp-ups of their programs at these conferences? Were deals made behind closed doors? It seemed someone was buying a great deal of aluminum just after these international climate conferences. 

Ocean spraying

Toxic "Fertilization"

In the case of ocean fertilization, bioavailable iron is the primary material needed. Is it possible that the toxic waste material from steel processing (called "slag") could be used for engineering our oceans? Have scientific studies been done to study using this industrial processing waste for ocean fertilization? Yes. Is this waste "slag" material toxic? Yes again. If we for the moment ignore the fact that iron slag is toxic, does ocean fertilization hold any potential benefit for the planet under any circumstances? Available independent studies say no. Any perceived benefit from Co2 uptake is far outweighed by the long list of consequences. Inspite of the known negative effects, there will always be those who attempt to profit from environmental devastation by trying to sell ocean fertilization as a "cure" to excessive Co2. 


It appears very likely that the same global powers behind the ongoing atmospheric spraying insanity have also been "fertilizing" our oceans with the method of dispersion also used for solar radiation management, jet tanker spraying. The geoengineers can then create sun blocking (toxic) SRM clouds over the oceans and when this material settles out of the atmosphere it becomes ocean fertilization material. Could the spray mix that is being dispersed over the oceans also contain major amounts of aluminum in addition to other heavy metals? Yet again the answer is yes. In 2010 whales from around the globe were tested for heavy metals and the published report showed "jaw dropping" levels of aluminum and other heavy metals in their tissue. Since whales breath air, they are likely being contaminated by respiration and from the now contaminated food chain. Ship dispersion is also very likely a part of the ocean fertilization. The oceans are acidifying and dying. Massive dead zones in the seas are expanding around the globe, even shellfish are disappearing. Though there are many contributing factors, the capability for ocean fertilization to destroy ocean life should not be underestimated. If the oceans die, we die. All form of geoengineering are nothing less that an all out assault against all life on Earth. The fight to preserve life on our planet is not somewhere in the future, it is now. Educate yourself, arm yourself with credible data to pass on to others, and join the fight.



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32 Responses to Geoengineering With Industrial Waste

  1. Researcher says:

    "Immediately after two major global climate conferences in recent years, Cancun and Copenhagen, aluminum futures went up significantly."

    Great job catching that important detail!  It is horrifying to think about what this aluminum will do to our brains.

    This brings up the very important point made in The Dimming that the weather itself is literally traded on the stock market in the form of futures!


  2. wisconsin says:

    Here in Wisconsin we are getting sprayed daily.  A clear sunny day is rare.  Tanker rail cars are sending this poison to the airports.  Horses are getting cancer.  Our sky is a hazy white.  Flight Tracker is not showing these planes.  There is clear crossing of the spray.  

    This sht has to stop!

  3. JR says:

    Hopefully Karen this leaves the door open for you or someone you may know who works with this association and open their eyes. If they are in denial for most part, a few may make some waves. A lot of people would rather not even know. Thanks Though…………..

  4. Karen W says:

    There were reports of a “mystery goo” killing hundreds of birds off the coast near San Francisco from January 6th to the 22nd. I have been checking on the results of the testing since. Today I looked and so far they said it was silicone fluids (non-petroleum based)oil. The organization that is helping these birds are asking for the publics help.
    This was the same time we had a “strange” looking rain in the Sierra hills. It was a smelly rain. A member of my family videoed a rain run off and there were globular substance in it.

  5. chinookgirl says:

    Is Big Oil behind all the mess in the skies? Please look up Theo Colborn who studied the effects of the chemicals used in the petro industry which cause ENDOCRINE DISRUPTION, which plays havoc with mammals and fishes thyroid and adrenal glands. It's slowly killing all flora and fauna. Not only are the petro industry chemicals in the ground, ground water, and air – these chemicals are now being sprayed over the entire planet as a means to dump and dispose of these deadly chemicals. (See: The Endocrine Disruption Exchange). Sorry for some reason I can't attach the links. SOS!

  6. Nicole says:

    Thank you Dane so much and for all of the article links as well. As you stated:

    "It appears very likely that the same global powers behind the ongoing atmospheric spraying insanity have also been "fertilizing" our oceans with the method of dispersion also used for solar radiation management, jet tanker spraying".

    Indeed, solving the problems of global warming was never on their agenda to begin with. They merely used global warming as their reason or excuse. If you follow the money trail you can see that this all has to do with profit and the true evil is that the whole world is dying as a consequence of the spraying and dumping. What good will their money do them when they kill themselves as well, their own children will die as a result of their selfishness. I can't stomach the thought of how this planet went into the toilet, all because of greed. In the end, truly, money is the root of all evil.

    Thank you again Dane, so much, for all you do, even for those who deserve it the least.

  7. Choking N. Colorado says:

    I’m here in San Miguel County in Colorado and sadly witness massive spraying on a daily basis. Yeah we have a few days every now and then when not ONE PLANE can be seen seen all day but on spray days I can view anywhere from 5 To 15 spraying planes at one time!! It’s totally insane and no one even notices. The patterns are almost always the same and from the same directions. I can predict with incredible accuracy when and where the next plane will come from. It’s blue to the east now but white with multiple lines to the west. Today’s spraying is turned on directly overhead and trails to the west into Utah. I take tons of pictures that would trump any of the jaw-dropping photos used as extreme chemtrail examples…Is there any way to get in touch with others from this region to exchange photos and observations with? This is getting worse everyday!!!

    Choking N. Colorado

  8. Diana Moss says:

    Hi, Dane. As I have been very interested in Chemtrails for several years the information that youo provide has been a real eye opener, (bug eyed and jaw dropping information.) I feel like I am back in collage and majoring in Evil 101. At first I was surprized that no one would listen to me but now that I understand more about what is actually going on I can clearly see why no one wants to admit there is anything nasty going on. Quite simply…it is just too damned frightening. Same thing with GMOs. If you wrote a petition and if only half of the persons who visit this website were to sign it and then each one of us could use it as a marketing tool would it be a positive influence on our families, friends and those in the power structure? I am sure that many of the persons who visit this site are deniers but from the responses I read I think that most would be very happy to sign your petition and then print it out to use however we feel would do the most good.

  9. Freedom Ranger says:

    I am actually with you Melody.. I have been researching composite materials, we have the ability to build mile sided cube buildings capable of housing 5 million people with requisite space for entertainment each person having a 1200 sq ft domicile. I think all private property including corporate should be null and void. I get a 1200 sq ft domicile with free utililties and food, Bill Gates gets one, Rothchild gets one, we all get one. If we were to relocate all people to cubes we could house the entire globe in just 1400 square miles. We could recycle all waste easily from a centralised location and produce electricity from wind and solar and other quantum inventions. This is where humanity must go. I see it clearly, It is just the Lords who wish to rule over us want to gloat from palatial estates so this would never do, they would never accept being equal. That is what I think Dane, I think  we can balance our planet by relocating ourselves  in such manner and then returning the world to a natural state..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, I wish it were so simple. It takes a great deal of productive land, seas, etc, to support populations. Time will reveal all, but we must expose and halt the climate engieering if we are to have any chance of salvaging anything. If we can do this, we can then take the next step.

  10. dawnybeau says:


    Last Thursday I took my marine biology student/son to a presentation on “Alien Invasion”, about clams/mussels that are invading Lake Norman in Iredell County, NC. Retired DUKE ENERGY scientist Gene Vaugh proceeded to use a map which outlined how the Great Lakes were a primary source of the invasive species. His map also showed nary a clam/mussel issue in the West. His reason being, it’s too cold. But again, he started his presentation with a map of the frozen Lake Michigan from last winter. It basically outlined the eastern states repeatedly attacked by the geoengineered weather/storms.

    I asked him if his research included levels of aluminum and barium in the lake. He immediately responded that there were NA/NO traces of aluminum or barium in the lake. I think this was bogus misinformation. As you and I, and my son are well aware, this snow/ice storm we are now experiencing and the ongoing geoengineered weather fallout IS TOXIC. Trees ARE dying. The general population is sick and dying. . . cancer is a household topic anymore.

    I hope the gal that was taking notes for the local newspaper took note of your website when I shared it before departing. Praying the ice doesn’t topple any trees down on to our home this evening.

  11. Melody Meachum says:

    Hendiesel your comments regarding overpopulation and need for reduction are callous and I view your rationale as contemptible.

    You are placing blame on the wrong basket of eggs. The bad eggs are the demented globalists who have for decades said there is overpopulation and it must be stemmed. And for decades they have destroyed our earth and forced multiculturalism giving the appearance of overcrowding.

    I’m sure you believe in “Live and Let Live” for animals, but not for human beings??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Melody, with all due respect to you (and I truly mean that) there is an undeniable overpopulation issue. (mathmatically speaking). Many do not wish to actually face this reality, or to actually research it, but it is still an issue. This being said, does the global power structure have the right to “thin the heard”? Absolutely not, this is the responsibility of the population itself. If those in power want to cut down populations they shoud be the first to walk the plank. For myself, if I could give my life so the planet and the life forms on it could continue, I would also give it without a moments hesitation. 

  12. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…your report above is very informative. So sickening to read of how many ways our planet is being trashed right in front of our eyes!

    Question..have others in cold/snowy regions already inquired as to why massive amounts of snow melt produce little flooding or even little run-off?

    Is this a by-product of ice-nucleated snow in conjunction with the power of the sun these days? Or, is this just my imagination?

    This winter is a repeat of last winter here in Michigan. Late last winter we kept getting reports that flooding would occur due to above normal snow-fall! Not only was there not flooding, the roads would just be wet only on melt days. Mind you, I don’t want flooding, but this struck me as odd last year and I mentioned it to a few people and not ONE person gave it any further thought. Unbelieveable!

    Michigan had a super-quick warmup 2 weekends ago. The weather conspiracists told us temps in the mid 30’s for the weekend. That Saturday hit a high of 45 dgs and the sun was astonishly hot/strong. Less than a week later we were geoengineered right into sub, sub temps/snow/high winds. I know longer even know when WIND is the real deal…God help us!

    In tandem with numerous recent news sites being “forced” to come out from hiding & combat geoengineering awareness.

    Published time: February 16, 2015 14:35
    “Climate regime change? CIA may fund weather research for new weapon, scientist fears”

    A US scientist spoke to RT saying he is worried intelligence bodies could try to use the weather as a weapon. He called on the CIA to open up and be more transparent, and wants research to be conducted globally to limit the possibility of hostile use.

    Professor Alan Robock is wary that US government agencies are interested in funding climate change research to see if new technologies could help to turn the weather into potential weapons.

    • Dane Wigington says:


      Hello Melody, your observations are correct on the behavior of the snow. Artificially/chemically nucleated snow has a tendency to “sublimate”. This means it tends to go from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid state. The endothermic reaction from the chemically nucleated moisture is part of what causes the “cool downs”. Search “engineered snow storms”

  13. Hendiesel says:

    Beautifully put statement ANA.. I am tired of directing my rage towards the power structure, when that anger should be directed at the sheep that simply obey and do as they are told without question..We live in a zombie time, with their interests in facebook, twitter, sports, religion, and politics as well as every other distraction you can think of, and have no ability to question anything and simply accept things as they are. This world is overpopulated and I certainly hope a depopulating event happens, soon.. Im ready are you? If I should die in this process then so be it.. 

  14. BaneB says:

    Mendocino County, California, Monday February 16, 2015: Blue skies this morning? Yes? NO. Blue but already sprayed to the east. The jet spew streaks are running from north to south. Again, the sun light is being dimmed. The difference today is the morphing trails are slowly drifting from east to west, which is opposite of the usual wind pattern. Like yesterday, the sky will evolve into a partly cloudy whitish gauze. My weather symbol shows full sun for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yet, that is not the reality. Looking 50 miles south to Snow Mt. In Lake County, the grunge is down upon the horizon, a whitish haze from which there is no day free of it. I am going to again write my Congressional Representative, Jared Huffman and reiterate once more with feeling my disgust with the failure of his office, and Congress in general, to address the growing outcry from his constituents that something be done to halt the environmental sacrilege. And to expose the programs and agencies involved. Please Congressman Huffman, do not send me another form letter about chemtrail being water vapor.

  15. Johanna says:

    Hi Dane,
    This report comes out tomorrow:
    Thank you for helping lead this fight.

  16. Persons coming to this site often blame “the powers that be” as if it’s world leaders who are dumping all this brimstone onto our planet. Not so.

    It’s the criminal EMPLOYEES (you know, the workers?) who are at fault. People wearing $2500 suits don’t load this crap unto the aircraft or drive tanker trucks. Monsanto is just a name. DuPont, Sigma Aldrich, Shell Oil, British Petroleum, all just names of non-entities.

    People who play numbers games on the stock markets are doing this. People who blindly follow rules are doing this. HUMAN THINGS calling themselves “beings” are doing this, and they do it for pennies. People who buy airline tickets are doing this also. Pretty “powerful” feeling in that take-off acceleration, eh? Bet it gives ya’all a big woody. Who’s the enemy?

    “Power, like a desolating pestilence,
    Pollutes whate’er it touches; and obedience
    Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,
    Makes slaves of men, and, of the human frame, A mechanized automaton.”

    – Percy Shelley –

  17. Dear Dane:

    I contacted my county, state, and federal representatives in New Jersey. None would help. I did the same with all levels of management to get my newspaper to do actual coverage of geoengineering. Again, no help.

    Would you consider putting together a new political party? If the basis of that party is the civil emergency provision (the domestic violence clause in Art. IV, Sec. 4) and the effort gains traction, you will have brought this country and the world a big step closer to stopping all geoengineering.

    You see, the domestic violence provision in the U.S. Constitution is a “people’s clause.” By that I mean that we are to define the harms that imperil our health and our survival. And using the power of that provision, we, the people, can come together to end corporate hegemony. That clause has the power to do all that and more!

    I would be honored to work with you in hopes of putting this effort together. Please feel free to look at some thoughts in the matter at a facebook page entitled Michael Diamond-The Domestic Violence Clause and at


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michel, what we face is a very immediate battle between populations of the planet and those in power. There is no time for political parties and elections I am afraid. If we can all keep workign together in the effort to reach a critical mass of awareness on this issue, the walls of those in power will crumble.

  18. Frank says:

    In the southeast we have a winter storm arriving. We are still in a dry slot with precipitation expected to arrive by noon. The smell outside is horrible with a very strong smell of rotten egg. The smell is the worst I have ever experienced. The smell is so strong it makes your eyes burn and makes you nauseous. I can only wonder what this is and it is not good.

  19. Ana says:

    To explore oil or gas or drive a car or travel by plane everyday etc is more important than our seas ,than the air that we breath or the all life …Humans are too stupid to know when they must stop!are like drug-addicts ,they just stop dead by an “overdose”…So geoengeneering for them(specially our leaders or scientists and geoengineers) seems to be the “cure”! a cure that is killing us faster than the “sickness” .And I´m sorry to tell that majoraty of people in this world have “chicken brains” and chicken brains will never understand a thing! It´s needed a lot of courage and dtermination to try to open the eyes of whom don ´t even see themselves as part of the problem!…And unfortunatly how to stop these criminals when even the people that should join us (to AT LEAST demand for explanations to their elected entities)are against us ?When they are even blind !? These are people who don´t question their governments! these are people that don´t want to open hand of their Comfort even if it means to find themselves one of these days with no Comfort at all and dieing …People in general just look at the moment! and at the moment they still comfortable ! A change just can be made by all the populations in the world together cause the psychos that rule us are not going to stop til the last drop of oil or anything else that can brings them “Economic GROW” and Power and BIG money ! we all will fall but they will fall much later than us -they for sure are well prepared for any eventuality ! so i don´t believe i will be alive one day to see all these criminals falling on the ground dead before me!All i´m feeling is rage not for them anymore but for us the people that are stupidly blind!i´m sorry but that´s how i feel !in this vídeo of Macpherson i could see that The Artic was not respected at all,no wonder that the melting down in the Artic was faster than what was expected !The greedy psychos were there looking for natural resources soon as they could!

  20. Sr. Gladys Marhefkaj says:

    Hi Blair,


    I also live in New England in Massachusetts. The blue sky that we saw today was so greyish blue, so unlike the blue skies back in the 50's.Pur Earth home definitley is being ruined. I wrote to Pres. Obama this week and told him to stop the Geoenginnering.  I will write again to our senators this week and say the same. I am trying to get ready for the next storm on Tuesday and the on next Sunday. Reply..

  21. blair says:

    What a wonderful and heartening articulation of deep sadness, loss and frustration that there is nothing we can do. I am 55 and live in the north east in the “woods.” I have loved all my life going out at night into the woods, hearing moose in the hemlocks and coyote in the distance.
    This winter, the spraying has been so intense that even when I go out at night I can see planes crossing the sky back and forth…..and these are not the friendly over to Europe planes that I always would wave to. and with the recent activities and storms these past few weeks, I have also smelled exhaust and a funky mold smell. I am so so so sad. But like other writers, friends have dismissed my concern too “oh those are con-trails.” I am also a founder and director of a watershed organization and so I have asked my science buddies to help with sampling of this snow and we are currently on a winter campaign to collect snow from around northern New England. this feels so futile but we cannot give up. slowly I am just trying to say to neighbors and friends, look up and speak out. if enough folks finally actually SEE what is going on, then we can join together to demand the ceasing of this poisoning.

    I hope.

    today another huge storm blew through and left NEw England below zero but with blue skies and no nasty smells. I couldn’t care less that it was 10 below zero because to be outside again in BLUE SKY and NO SMELL was just so wonderful….one tiny day at a time, one person at a time we must speak up, we must demand the cutting of emissions and we must advocate for CLEAN AIR and CLEAN WATER NOW.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Good work blair- You and your science buddies do the testing on the snow and rain up there in New England and let us know what type of chemical toxins are found. I especially wonder if the cooling agents found in the artificial ice nucleiation process will be found there in heavy concentration. Ammonium nitrate and barium hydroxide, I believe they are. I am not a scientist but have watched the science lab demonstrations of it. One would think residues would be found in abundance with all the snow piling up up there. I worry that the runoff of all these chemicals are killing the trees, grasses, streams and wildlife around us. Who could ever think that this is a good idea to spray these chemical compounds into our atmosphere?? Please let us know the results of your tests. Thanks.

  22. JR says:

    02/15/15 at 6:14 p.m. in Southwest, New Mexico and the EL Paso, Texas area. The last couple of days a river of clouds coming in from south, west of us and zeroed out moisture. The sky was pumped line after line of chemtrails-SAG. It reminded me of an article I read a few years back where supposedly we would see new cloud formations in near future. I posted a while back where sky looks like a freezer when one defrosts the ice in it. Well, here we are now, their future as they would fool most people, the gullible and naïve. For the most of 13 years back this year I’ve seen these atrocity’s. Once in a long while we get rain or a little snow in winter but far in between. Our 4 seasons are being manipulated to the bone. For the perpetrators I’m almost sure there will be Hell to pay for this crime if no punishment received here on Earth. Most people here posting should know that this is where all our drought comes from. It is created by man, just like a cat will play with a mouse until the kill comes for sure once amused, is done with us. I wish I had some better news on the sprayings to report this day. Let us not lose what ever joy we can muster up though coming our way. The thief comes but to seek, kill, and destroy. I personally will rebuke the Evil one and it’s workers of iniquity as long as there is breath in my body. The Lord is with us in all adversity…..

  23. Howard Taylor says:

    Again you are right on.Thanks.

  24. Karen W says:

    I would also add “The Strangest Disaster of the 20th Century” to the list of “Owning the Weather 2025 (see page 15). The dots are very clear and present danger who’s eyes are opened.
    Thank you again Dane for sounding the “trumpet”.

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