Meteorologists And Climate Engineering Denial, Perpetuating The Lie For A Paycheck And A Pension


How expansive and deep is the cancer of payed denial and deception which has long since permeated so much of the science community on countless fronts? How many so called "experts" have long since sold any shred of honor and honesty they may have once possessed in exchange for a paycheck and a pension? The blatant criminal denial of the climate engineering atrocities so visible in skies around the globe is the greatest deception ever perpetrated on populations of the planet. The majority of the masses have unfortunately so far been all too willing to accept a constant parade of lies from the power structure and their paid minions on an endless list of issues. Denial is epidemic in our society, the herd mentality has so far ruled the day. Populations have been successfully programmed to never investigate or question the "experts" or the "official narrative" no matter how obvious and glaring the lies become. We have been taught to criticize and marginalize any that dare to question. This is the Orwellian world we live in, it is a paradigm that is leading the human race and all life toward a mathematically certain near term extinction. A complete course correction begins with publicly exposing those that are perpetuating lethal deceptions. The six minute video below covers the cowardice and deceit that is rampant in the meteorological community. Shining a light on the insanity is a responsibility that must be carried by us all if we are to have any chance of turning the tide in time. Our sincere gratitude to Co Creation Productions, Inc, for producing this video.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Lee Eyerman says:

    Every other month a group of criminals including United States reps convene in France or somewhere to discuss global warming.They don't discuss radiation from Japan or fake Monsanto food or why 12 year olds are getting cancer or why 90 percent of us will die from cancer when 30 years ago that percentage was around15 percent.Their answer is we are living longer.Do you know a friend of mine had her insulin changed by Obamacare and her sugar went over700 and she nearly died while a bunch of bought off doctors acted like their hands were tied by Obamacare?In conclusion,we all know they want us dead but on a better note United Health Insurance has dropped out of Obamacare so maybe this will start the chain reaction that will end this fraud before it gets repeàled.My final thought is screw the United Nations and their weather policies.I don't even know their purpose any more.This isn't World War 2.Countries should drop out of this group,they are worthless.

  2. Ed Gill says:

    Saturday another White Sky TROPICAL POISON Spraying

  3. To sum it all up:

    "Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all."

    – John Maynard Keynes –

    (June 5, 1883 – April 12, 1946)

  4. jginjt says:

    Fox did an amazing job with presenting geoengineering as chemtrails, perpetuating the conspiracy theory rhetoric, harming our cause. What can we expect from the people at Fox who are part of the Cabal trying to run the world.

  5. SortingHat says:

    Wow the topic matches what I've noticed.   On Western Weather forums a user uploaded a foothills snow scene from a few days ago which had a couple of chemtrails in the shot and called it a *beautiful day with interesting clouds*.

    Interesting clouds my ass.  I have half the mind to go and troll him but generally he is a decent user and I'd get banned.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Another round of highly unusual Winter Season, Severe Weather withTornadoes! Schools & V.A. Clinics closed this morning in Georgia & Northern Florida! Meteorologists over the past few days have said expect heavy rains, violent weather with tornadoes. Our skies over Jacksonville Florida were heavily aerosolized Sunday through Tuesday, which created Overcast Sky conditions at 25,000 feet. Total Rainfall for today, where I live in Atlantic Beach, Florida (.08) eight hundreds of an inch. This did not even wash off the pollen. Gusty Southwest winds 29 mph with a peak gust to 43mph. The High temperature today was 84 degrees, 15 degrees about the average of 69 degrees. We have these weather conditions typically in April, this pattern is over a month early! Meteorologists state there is a Cold & Warm side to a Winterstorm. How could this possibly exist in the law of physics & atmospheric dynamics, unless manipulation/ modification is performed! That like saying there is a Warm side to a glass of ice water or a Cold side to a cup of Hot Chocolate.


    • Dennie says:

      I think it's interesting that the meteorologist used the word "interesting" to describe the "clouds."  Though I didn't hear him, I'd say he's quite possibly using sarcasm to bring chem trails to the attention of the as-yet unobservant sheep, as in "Oh my, look at these INTERESTING clouds, folks…have we started noticing them YET??"  It would also be one way to signal to the rotten system that you do in fact KNOW that these streaks aren't actual clouds, and you are going to validate that reality to the public who watch your weather reports, and there'd be nothing your overlords could do about it.  You haven't exactly spilled the beans but you're tipping your hat to the informed public for sure.

    • Jenny says:

      And the other thing is, many of us who've been around for years never heard of cold and warm sides to storms until recently!  Just like all the new types of "clouds"!

    • BaneB says:

      Someone suggested a UTube site:  1pacific redwood. I did and found a great wonderful in depth video analysis of the west coast weather and after that a good analysis of what just occurred on the east coast.  He utilizes satellite imagery.  Not having a clue about meteorology, some of the analysis requires me to accept this guy's expertise as a weatherman. And he is telling it like we know it is!  A number of people died from tornadoes in Virginia last night.  Given the contrived artificial nature of this wild storm, the weather warfare terrorists have much for which they must be held accountable.

  6. Troy - Weather in DC says:

    Here is a look at our weather today 2/24/2016 here in DC metro area. We go from current temp 43f to the 60s later today then back down to the 40s by this weekend and with threat of tornados… (in February?). It has the weather forecasters so messed up that they plan to try to answer questions on their facebook page later this morning. I don’t have a facebook account and don’t want one but I bet it would be entertaining to see some of their programmed responses from the sleeping masses.

    Lauryn Ricketts takes questions on the weather at 9 a.m. on Facebook

  7. Jr says:

    At 5:00 a.m. on 2/24/16 in Southwest, New Mexico dry as a bone. Yesterday in the Las Cruces area again our beautiful clouds were trashed over with SAG/SRM-Chemtrails and bringing the wind with it, (chaff). February is a windy month but the Chemtrails mix in with HAARP and make it worse. But wait, these Jackasses want proof it's happening, they are the good guys remember here to save the planet. How vain, stupid, arrogant, and prideful these idiot bastards are. This will be their downfall. Pride comes before the fall it is said. The trails were running west of this city from North to South. As I've stated in past they also like flying parallel with Interstate 10 North and South and steer those clouds eastward or just plain demolish them. Clouds or no clouds, it's all the same to these lowlifes loving every minute of spraying and their jobs or duties. 

  8. Rory Johnstone says:

    Hi Dane

    Thank you for the amount of good you do, may God bless you.

    I have been trying for about 3 years to tell people about GEOENGINEERING, using your website as a base for my discussions and a starting point for those who do not know about what is going on in the skies above us. 

    The spraying in southern Africa has been somewhat different to the way it is done in the US and Europe. Here , more people seem to aware of how the weather in their area works… I say this only because of the approach used by those operating the tankers which spray us. The tankers up until recently could very rarely be seen. That's because the spraying was done over the ocean or at night.

    In recent months this has begun to change..the 'powers that be' seem to think that there are actually more people far too engaged with their phones and tablets to notice the planes and the continuous haze than first thought…and are ramping up their spraying schedules.

    Something that I have noticed in the last couple weeks,is that the planes are spraying horizon to horizon at night and early hours(at a higher level) and then doing pin-point spraying during the day(at a lower level)…whereby they only turn on the sprayers as the fly over populated areas. In my case this is not a big area at all..and it makes me wonder if the reason that my son has been in hospital with severe bronchitis and the many people  in my town that are suffering from lung infections may be due to this new even more sinister form of spraying.

    Dane, I have posted your flyers from your website and spoken to so many people…but I seem to get the same response as do so many who comment on this site. It's frustrating and lonely in the land of being aware surrounded by so many that cannot hear the bell that tolls for us.

    At least here I feel like I have some thank you Dane for all that you do and for all those that are helping to not only awaken people but ask those who have some sort of authority…WHY!



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rory, thank you for your courage with pressing on in this battle in spite of the resistance you have encountered. Those who have seemingly ignored your efforts to share the truth will be forced to wake soon, wait and see. My most sincere gratitude to you, Rory, and to all those that are dedicated to this critical fight to expose the truth.

  9. Kate Willens says:

    Thanks Dane, very compelling work.  The videos keep getting tighter and tighter, better and better.  Thank you 🙂 

  10. BaneB says:

    Can someone direct me to where I can send my iPhone images.  This is what I use, and I have no computer.  I waive copyright.  And would like to see these pics disseminated far and wide.  These images are  all in black and white.  While there are at least 1,500 images taken over the last two years, the number I want to pass on is around 100, or less.  These are the most shocking Geoengineering images in my collection and worth safe keeping out in the ether.  Given the ephemeral nature of the digital technology my phone might just give up the ghost.  Thank you.

    • Kate Willens says:

      I believe that this site, has a collection of photos that you can send them to.  I know, it's very shocking and strange what we are living through.  Thanks for what you are doing.

      Kate Willens 

    • Hi BaneB — I don't have a cell phone, but isn't there some way to transfer your images into a flash drive? Maybe ask your provider.

    • Carmen says:

      Hi Bane , you can share your photos on Geoengineering Watch Photo Gallery on Facebook. You can send them as a message.

    • BaneB says:

      Thank you for your suggestions.  I avoid Facebook like the plague.  It is a person decision due to privacy concerns, even though the horse left the barn quite some time ago.  Actually my "dream" would be to take the best of the lot of them, blow them up into 8×10's, and do a traveling art show exhibition.  Black and white is so utterly startling the impact cannot be avoided by the viewer.  I did send some last year to a poster on this forum who had left his e-mail address here.  He immediately wrote me and said these images are amazing.  My response was for him to use them in any manner seen fit to disseminate the reality of what we all know is happening.

  11. Eva says:

    Excellent and very informative video.  Thank you!

    The outrageous explanations by those weather folks is unbelievable.  I am so afraid to even mention this…  Makes one wonder if The Weather Channel's senior digital meteorologist, Nick Wiltgen, was not drinking the Kool Aid and was suicided into silence about the total annihilation of our planet.  No disrespect to the deceased or his family…..

    • bija says:

      39 year old Wiltgen 'was interested in the weather from the time he was a small child" Wiltgen (his mother) said." . "He loved it."

      well…not much to love these days! I hope his family never stops asking questions! 

    • BaneB says:

      Just spent some time researching this alledged suicide.  The coroner ruled suicide.  But the toxicology report was still several weeks pending. His parents "have question" stating Nick was happy, and in a good place in his head…to paraphrase.  He was the only person in the Volkswagon yet someone else was injured.  Who was that person and what are the injuries?  What year and model is the automobile,  could this particular vehicle be computer hacked as in the vehicle hijacking that murdered Michael Hastings?  How fast was the vehicle traveling.  He was in a parking garage.  The vehicle punched through a 'cinder block type wall.' Nick Wiltgen was a brilliant meteorologist and was employed with the weather channel.  He passed away in January 2016.  Some gag orders could well be custom designed.

    • Jenny says:

      Besides, who would chose to commit suicide that way?  Not saying it's never happened but wouldn't it be a lot pleasanter to take a buch of pills and maybe drink some wine or something too?

  12. Jill R says:

    Beautiful day in Florence, OR yesterday as no planes, no spray, just real clouds and beautiful sun. Today, solid spray with planes flying overhead all day. 

    • Dawnski says:

      Three days of low dark soggy foggy chem cover. No rain but everything looks like its been raining. These are the RAID clouds that people are breathing unkniwingly. Low cloud bank is flowing east to west as I type. . .low planes can be heard overhead. LKN, NC

  13. The oceans are becoming dead zones and the drought is worsening record temperatures globally sea level rise recorn number of deform and deflected storms off the west coast  big storms bringing nothing to California for the last three years no insects lots of birds and spring blooms in winter I hope this is not information overload be conscious GO HARD.

  14. For those of you who are not familiar with the work of Clifford Carnicom, here is an excellent introduction video, 11 minutes:

    The Carnicom Institute
    Carnicom Institute is a non-profit organization working solely for the benefit of humanity. Our goal is to provide the public with beneficial and responsible information through scientific, educational, environmental, and health research for the public welfare. The Institute is currently focused on the important issues of geoengineering and bioengineering.


    • Kate Willens says:

      Bravo Carnicom Institute! Check out Clifford's recent paper on air quality standards reporting, and how it's not being done properly by the EPA. 

  15. Helene says:

    supposed to be very sunny and clear, spraying began early morning sun nearly blocked out/diminished much cooler temps than forecast…here's some info 4 u and espec for Susan Ferguson:


    • Cindy says:

      Same here in Southern California.  Spraying all day long and even now.  Also, I can taste it more now than ever.  It's very discouraging.  Can't people see?  I pray that God exposes this madness because that is what it is.

    • Hi Helene — Thank you for this link. Personally my intuition tells me that the military has a whole new aerial-ship space craft, which runs on plasma physics fusion, like the TOKAMAK reactor. I believe they are testing this and because it can easily break the sound barrier, producing sonic booms. Of course I have no way of proving this. I sincerely believe that Lockheed Martin Skunkworks has had this technology for a long time now. Waiting for the oil cartel to reposition itself.

    • SD says:

      Massive aerial spraying assault here in Southern California today.  Complete whiteout of stratosphere by this PM.  GROSSLY INCOMPETENT meteorologists still babbling about "high cirrus clouds".  Idiots.

      Note to our friends in New Jersey and elsewhere:  Those are NOT SONIC BOOMS.  They are HAARP induced pressure waves which are capable of causing earthquakes.  Don't listen to USNavy "explanations".  All baloney.

      West Coast of US again seeing many HAARP induced quakes. stretching from WA state to MX border.  Eastern Sierra getting hit just like last week.  Geoengineers increasingly desperate. Trying to maintain onshore flow of cool air.  Be careful out there.

    • Dennie says:

      From the Lockheed Martin announcement of fusion technology it looks like they're pretty close to ready to rolling it out; oil cartels be damned, this stuff should blow 'em right outta the water.  So, okay, what are the drawbacks?  WHY Don't the Idiots EVER play Devil's Advocate??? The phrase "restarting the atomic age" is a complete turn-off– don't these military f***s understand finally that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH with toxic nuclear ANYTHING? 

  16. BaneB says:

    Terrorism:  I have been sitting outside for the past several hours.  We should recognize terror for what it is…….a threat to one's life and well being.  What is today happening over my region of Northern California is a life threatening situation.  The Geoengineering has become more  intense.  The jets are leaving trail upon jet spew out over the eastern Pacific, and these expanded morphed fake "contrails" are floating overhead wave after wave from the west to the east.  Undoubted these lines of expanded aerosols has something to do with the storm approaching the region.  Maybe the terrorists don't want any rain to come into California.  Perhaps these terrorists of the military/university nexus want only rain in the northern part of this state.  And maybe a calculated amount.  So, let's us also expand our understanding and use of a term  heretofore not utilized in the effort to expose and halt the physical assault upon life.  If the Federal constabulary can label the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as a 'terrorist' organization, we can label the geoengineers and their attendant support facilities and organizations for what they are…..TERRORISTS!!

    • bija says:

      You are absolutely right, Bane…THE TRUTH begs to be spoken and there is no other way to categorize or label this assault upon all life on this Earth!! The overarching feeling I have most days is one of terror and threat to my health and my life and that of everything and everyone I hold dear, whether their awareness is there or not. Here in S. AZ today I saw no planes – but the wispy, amorphous stuff blew in and covered the sky by mid-afternoon all the same. A witches brew of something unfathomable, I am thinking!  I have now developed an upper respiratory cough, virtually out of nowhere, and can hardly swallow for choking. It's doubly troubling and painful as I have a cracked rib and each coughing bout leaves me doubled over. It is like nothing I have ever had before and I do not exaggerate. The demonic beings who conceived and now orchestrate such hellish schemes are nothing but ignorant terrorists. Makes no difference how many degrees or how much money they have! And the slavish automatons who cover the truth and do their bidding are even lower in my opinion! 

    • Diane Friday says:

      BaneB: Absolutely brilliant idea, and one that would work…in a sane world. A class action suit instituted by we the people against these terrorists. Count me in. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Diane, legal announcements should be coming very soon, stand by.

    • Dan G. says:

      Terrorists flying out of where ? That's where we should congregate set up camp . My wife family and friends are real tired of my talk and think I should get help so that's what I'm gonna do . I hate to say adios to the love of my life but this world is tearing us apart I could uproot tommorow 




    • Dennie says:

      The geoengineers are absolutely TERRORISTS.  When I could hardly breathe in the wee small hours of Saturday because it felt like my airways were completely filled with very finely powdered metal, I didn't know what to do– 100 miles from home and how do you tell an E.R. doc that you're being poisoned with nano-particulate metals?  These guys are soooo far behind the learning curve you might as well not even go to a doctor.  Fortunately I drank some of my lemon water and a thin coating of menthol-based chest rub in each nostril cooled me down and cleared me up.  But really, every day is just like all the other days and we WILL be getting sprayed each and every day now, and for how long?? HOW LONG can that go on?  Guy McPherson seems to say that as long as we have sulfates and particulates "put in the sky" due to "industrial activity" (and which industry, Mr. McPherson, would that be; oh, and are YOU a shareholder, actually–??) every day, because the particulates fall out of the sky each day, we'll be fine, but stop the "industrial activity" and we'll see a +3 degree Celsius increase in temperature.  So in his book, a period of (short-term) poisoning = planetary "healing."

    • BaneB says:

      Dan G:  maybe you should have some of my shocker-pics!  There is no way anyone can look at these images and not be terrorized.  How much is 1,000 words worth?  In an instant a convert whether admitted or not  in the immediate.  Let's face it, swimming upstream one passes the many going with the flow.  But, a few words about reality via cue card images might make a big differences in shaking the dendrital tree.  At any rate, we are all swimming upstream.  And I see many more, much more, conscious, and changing the flow of the "river."  It's turning!

  17. Dave says:

    Confirming the inverted carpet bombing in Michigan today. Saw a trail today about 5:30 as wide as I have ever seen. Hang in there Korey, and keep on the mission. I sense we are are making some headway. 

  18. Dan says:

    all of this crap is being done when we could focus on not using fossil fuels. All the money spent on dimming the sun and stopping global warming by poisoning us when we could stop using gas instead. Use the sun and wind instead of gas and then poisoning us. Gas company money is behind all of this. They sit on patents that doesn't need gas and bury us deniers of the truth. We need numbers to right now. Blessings to you all. 

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      I bought a Browns Gas generator from George Wiseman from Eagle Research years ago. H1, H2 and O1, O2 are amazing gases to work with using a normal cutting torch.  I believe the flame has a knowledge of its own.  I have too much to learn and do, but I believe Brown's Gas could run automobiles with no emissions.  It has been suppressed since Yull Brown discovered it in the 30's;  suppression draws my attention.  George didn't patent his machine, he released it to the public domain.  When one thinks about it for a whole minute or two, oxygen and hydrogen are two extremely flammable gases so why are we not pursuing a dream of combustion of water through a vaporization process?  Oh, silly me, that would threaten the national security of the US or Canada; pick any corporation – the national security is OIL.

  19. bija says:

    Take a look at the 2015 movie EXPERIMENTER to get a glimpse into the psychology of the "order follower". 

  20. Korey says:

    today in Michigan these evil insane assholes have sprayed the flipping sky again till a total white out. They are getting worse it's a joke to see a day with out Chem hell. What the helllllll 🙁

  21. Diane Friday says:

    I can't commend Dane enough for this latest video. I'd happily send it to every "meteorologist" who delivers the reports of the latest big storm headed our way, using language either meant to stymie or lull people into a false sense of security that all is well, it's all perfectly normal and here's why, AND makes the worst weather conditions sound like some kind of damned adventure!! I've called them out more than once when I read these works of fiction on the local online weather reports. So much so that my last comment was apparently deemed not fit to print. I've also emailed one alleged meteorologist, calling him on the words used in his report, the inconsistencies, making it clear that I knew about the gag orders issued by the NWS and NOAA, and lastly leaving a link to this site. Needless to say, he didn't reply to my email. 

    In reference to the blatantly obvious trails showing up in so many television commercials and print ads, yeah, this drives us crazy. I guess we'll never know if they're intentionally left in, or if it's that they're so prevalent almost everywhere on the planet. I've read how the trails are being digitally inserted into old movies and TV shows, and it kills me that we no longer have our extensive collection of movies on VHS tapes, so that we can compare and contrast if and when trails suddenly turn up in a movie from the 40s, 50s, or 60s. We always knew the federally mandated conversion to all digital everything did not bode well for us. Now, one of the biggest reasons for that federally mandated conversion has become very clear. 

    Being severely weather sensitive, I notice the sky and overall weather conditions in movies and TV shows, especially ones with which I'm very familiar because I've seen them so many times. I can tell what season it is by the foliage and color of the leaves and grass. I can tell the difference between spring, early summer, midsummer, late summer, and early fall. I can tell if a scene was shot without a cut and restart based on the sky conditions. It's maddening really. What I've been wondering lately is how many people involved in making movies and TV shows know about what's going on, and how many leave shots of trails in and how many edit them out. I wonder about this because I'm hopelessly addicted to "The Walking Dead", for so many reasons. The show is shot in Georgia, mostly during spring, summer, and early fall. It's obvious by how profusely the actors sweat that the summers are always extremely hot and humid. What amazes me is that I've rarely seen the blatant trails in any shot, regardless of the season. I've seen remnants of trails. I've seen the resultant "chemclouds", but very rarely do I see either thin or fat trails that are absolutely everywhere, therefore they must be in Georgia as well. So I wonder if the directors know and choose to edit them out, or have they just been consistently lucky for the last five years to not have days where the spraying can't be missed. And that's just one show, but it's a big one with a huge audience. 

    We're in hell again today here in southeastern PA. The first of three days of scheduled horrible rainy, gloomy, cold weather with the chance of snow or freezing rain or sleet thrown in for good measure. Meanwhile, California and other states in the west and southwest continue to be droughted out. I can't take this anymore. 

  22. This one from 1PacificRedwood is BRILLIANT! Nature doesn’t make right-angles! More visual evidence of chemtrails being sprayed.

    * Day-5 of Installed High Pressure off West Coast; Phased Array Radar Generates Rectangle
    1PacificRedwood  / Feb 22, 2016
    Mon. Feb 22; Strong high pressure installed five days ago is blocking a giant 968mb storm off the West coast of California that would otherwise fill some resevoirs. If anyone doesn't know where the so-called 'El Nino' is, its been blocked all season essentially. The weather controllers have only allowed measured amounts of precipitation into the Southern part of the State (California). A phased array radar is leaving its rectangular signature imprint on the core of this storm system to heat the core with concentrated RF energy in order to weaken the system. There is a second hurricane-force storm right behind this current system with 964mb pressure, and is forecast to move East toward the West coast. Strong high pressure will remain in place off the West coast of Canada and U.S. and the chemtrail aerosols will probably continue to be sprayed over the Southern California and Los Angeles region for the next few days to ensure low humidity which in turn will ensure no development of precipitation potential. Chemtrails were reported in other areas in California today; thanks to everyone for providing those updates.


    • Bill says:


      Thanks for bringing this link from 1 pacific redwood to the forefront- its really the clearest format to bring to light what's happening in the Pacific Conus.

    • Earth Angel says:

      This is a very telling video of the meddling being done to the lows coming in off the Pacific. Everyone who can should send this to their local tv meteorologists. This is blatent intervention with the storm systems trying to come in over the western coast of North America. Only a willfully blind/dumb as* would NOT be able to easily see what is being done with frequency and the HAARP ionospheric heaters. This has to STOP NOW. Shame on those who are aiding and abetting these CRIMES against NATURE and HUMANITY. The rats doing this must be hunted down and exterminated.

    • Dan G. says:

      Where the hell are all these planes coming from they bombarded the temecula sunrise in two hours whiteout . 

    • Dennie says:

      A$$holes are STEALING OUR RAIN– Damnable THIEVES!!!

      Used to be a time when thieves of this magnitude were HANGED. 

  23. Dr Natalia Shakhova East Siberian Arctic Shelf – Methane And Climate Change
    Nick Breeze / 2014
    Shakhova states that vested Interests are ignoring the research.

    As reported by TNGEOWATCH: The Arctic is experiencing a heatwave in winter, with temperature anomalies on February 23, 2016, averaging 7.84°C or 14.11°F higher than what was common 1979-2000. Temperatures in January 2016 over the Arctic Ocean were 7.3°C (13.1°F) higher than in 1951-1980, according to NASA data, as illustrated by the graph on the right, from an earlier post. These high temperatures go hand in hand with sea ice extent that is much lower for this time of year than since records started. As discussed in an earlier post, low sea ice extent is fueling fears that this year's maximum extent was already reached on February 9, 2016. A much higher ocean temperature is behind both the low sea ice extent and the high temperature anomalies. Ocean temperatures are particularly high where the Gulf Stream pushes water from Atlantic Ocean into the Arctic Ocean, as illustrated by the image below that compares sea surface temperature anomalies in the Arctic between the years 2015 and 2016 for February 22nd.


  24. Ryan says:

    just a little more insight if you contact your state water commission office and ask about local cloud seeding programs in your area they are more than wiling to give you info on past and present projects, but like Dane always states make sure you us there terminology. Dept of agriculture funds a whole host of these projects ,follow the money and you will find the solutions! Threw federal crop insurance u can basically buy your rain or have hail suppression done. The rabbit hole has a lot of chambers!

    • Catherine Giangrande says:

      The problem as I see it is everyone is staring down into a small screen on their phones and technical devices. It is an epidemic of distraction that our societies all over the world have morphed into. If only we could send a message to all their tiny screens with the simple request to look up at the sky!!! 

      When the Arsenal of chemical lines being drawn in the sky is alerted to more of those folks who have had their heads in the iPhone, Android, iPad sand, then maybe just maybe, we can rouse the crowd and use our power in numbers to stop this madness!

    • Catherine Giangrande says:

      Hi Dane,

      Have you explored text blasting the serially addicted technical device captives constantly staring at their screens? Just another thought for a way to get more people to look up.

    • Bill Jones says:

      Tell me about it.  We just entertained friends down to Florida from NJ; and they both spend 3 days with their heads stuck into their friggin IPhones.  I discussed the topic of spraying, and how it pissed me off, going to the beach with white skies.   No response!!

  25. BaneB says:

    Excellent video presentation.  All are!  This one in particular.  Chaff….aluminum, plastic, paper, and who knows what other crap of nano-sized proportions is in the aerosol spraying of us.  I looked out at the moon last night, and yes the grunge haze is ubiquitous and the moon light is dimmed.  This is now a permanent situation, with everyday saturated to one degree or another with aerosol particulates.  In other words, there is no longer fresh clean air for life on earth to breathe.  The contamination is global.  This extrapolates out to the realization that there is no pure clean water to drink.  And implies there is no such thing as organic food.  All are contaminated.  And given the increase in the dumping of these toxins, the poisoning of earth exascerbates our increasing health issues into the realm of life threatening.  Therefore, we have no choice but to raise hell and push back.  That is IMHO the bottom line……

  26. Dave says:

    Susan, and others, please check out a website called- what I was afraid to blog about US treasury/ESF. It is a four part series by Eric Carbonnel, and ties in with John Perkins "work". You will have to listen to it a couple of times to get the full impact of, at least I did. This is one corrupt system!  

  27. Roger Gibbons says:

    Hi everyone …am in St petes Florida and am reading the Tampa bay times. There is an article on the Oceans are rising ….great read for all ..Dane you could use this article in the battle of words.

    Todays edition just google tampa bay times and scroll down good to know the media is interested in the climate ….hahaha.



  28. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Arctic is melting now! Weather channel won't be reporting this.  Another featureless sky, mist, downpours, and you can hear the jets in the clouds in SE TN.  

    • Frank says:

      So very depressing weather warfare here in SE Tennessee. We have so much rain that the ground can't hold anymore. My rain gauge measured 14.68 inches of rain since January 1st. We very seldom have sun here anymore maybe if were lucky 3 days out of the month. This constant rain has been going on 4 years now as California gets none. The days of overcast skies all you hear are jets overhead.  

    • TnGeoWatch says:

      Feb 20-24 rain and continuos clouds. 

      When you peak up you see yet trails. 

      You can hear jets at all hours!

  29. Marilyn Avila says:

    Last night watched The Weather Channel episode they have on periodically called "Strangest Weather on Earth".   It's disgusting to see totally bizarre things happening and then some puppet meteorologist giving the "natural" explanation for a very obviously unnatural occurrence.   Shouldn't waste my time but only do out of curiosity to see what they are passing off as natural.   Sickening sometimes.  Then tonight's season finale of "X-files" story actually showed photos of "chemtrails" as being one of the vehicles to spread viruses for depopulation as part of the storyline!  I almost jumped off my chair but then wondered whether it was good or bad to see it on a science fiction show.  Probably part of the disinformation program but it was weird to see.    Bad day today in So. California – blatant criss-cross spraying all over.    Thank you Dane for another great video and for all you do.


    • Dana MacCuish says:

      The Truth, by whomsoever pronounced, whensoever, will be much stranger than fiction to minds that are molded and trained to think in the governed (government and main stream media) propaganda ways of the puppet master bankers.  The Universal Clock is ticking and it is one second to midnight.  This shall be Grand.

    • Hi Marilyn (and Dana and all the other “watchers of the skies” on this great website). I believe that the semi-humans at the top of the NWO pyramid call propaganda vehicles, like the X-Files, “Revelation of The Method”.
      It gives their twisted sense of humor an extra rotation or two to know that they are dangling the truth before the sleeping, brain-washed general population, whilst having in couched in a theatrical manner, for plausible deniability.
      The only long-term defense against this ongoing kingdom of deception is the power of truth, IMHO. May God bless and defend Dane, and every last one of us here on this rampart of truth. Spread the word, and “Don’t let them Boil That Frog!” Musical counter-attack here, please pass it on:

  30. Tag says:

    A first for me tonight.  Looked out at 9:00 PM on a basically clear sky with full moon only to see all the trails all over the moon lite sky.  I am sure the PM spraying goes on, but as our sky's are ALWAYS cloudy and haven't see stars for ever, was shocked.  I took some pictures but didn't turn out so good against the dark sky and glow of the moon.  I however, know what I saw.  Many lines that were not cloud formations.  We have a winter storm in our forecast for Wed-Thurs. 1-3 inches of rain followed by 3-6 inches of snow.   Natural weather or are they busy creating the storm? 

    • wayne says:


      Where are you located? Same situation in Palm Springs last night total insanity. This morning they continue the assault, pink stripes everywhere ,critical  mass needs to happen before we are not longer able to function.

  31. Larry Charles says:

    Dane,  Best video yet.  Brief and to the point!   Larry

  32. levi says:

    Google top ten hottest years 2016 look at the first picture if that doesn't alarm you,check your pulse.then scroll down to the continent rankings picture of course its our (North America's) fifth ranked,the engineers all pulling out all the stops to fool the public (especially on the heavily populated east coast).Ask Australians how the start of 2016 has been for them and how they feel about that fourth rank now?

  33. I don't care if it rains in California that does not stop me from speaking up about these criminals I don't quite down we can't let them have that power over us.

  34. Gary says:

    Fiji just got blasted by the biggest cyclone in South Pacific history. 220 km in center 20 dead and rising. Complete engineered, two centers compline with looks to be laser spikes pushing the direction. American war ship in port days before left post haste this is outright war on smaller nations. Gary  .

  35. J. Sifford says:

    In the South we have watched this for a couple of years.  In the winter we have over abundance of rain and drought in the summer. Hence the summer and winter crops are failing. Many of us who are traditionally healthy are staying sick with respiratory problems. Many folks are in denial because they don't seem to be able to deal with the fact this is really happening to us. May God help us all.


  36. Rosalie says:

    Excellent video, Dane. With such a short attention span in our society these days, this type of video hits home so many points in a powerful way. Really great way to awaken the masses. F.y.i.:  I had difficulty accessing your site today. Server error!  In Canada-Ma Bell.  I was finally able to get in via your Facebook page. It had me worried that I wouldn't have this lifeline anymore.  Is there a back up plan if they tried to take down your site? Just being a realist, as I know you certainly are.  It's gaining so much momentum, which gives me hope.  We need to band together to protect you and all of your incredible work.  Just sayin…

  37. If you speak espanol here is a rap song whuth all the basic information stayed in the liriks very well explained This is of big consern.

  38. Diane Utley says:

    Why are the chemtrails hiding the sun?  Every sunrise and sunset are hidden. Something is purposely being whited out.

    • Tombola says:


      I touched on this around last Xmas.

      It happens in Perth, Western Australia almost daily (blocking the sun in the morning and evening – it really affects my organic vegetable garden). 

      I paddle in the river most evenings and we miss out on a lot of sun at this time of day.



    • Michael Rogers says:

      I'm about 5 miles from the coast in Central California and often see the 'clouds ' stacked up just off shore and the typical resulting haze and wispy cloud cover typically left over by the spraying.overhead.

       Over the last years, I've watched the sprayers develop their craft from multiple gross stripes overhead that spread out to create a solid 'cloud' covered sky to the current light haze and wispy clouds There are periodic chem trails but almost always very light and even segmented on and off. My guess is that this is done to remove the blatant spraying that caused notice and concern.

  39. I want to inspire,remember what do we want global pece what should we eliminate canser all health illnasses what should the government be discussing conspiracy theories,facts how can you live in a society that thinks its normal for people to be starving homeless while others are in a pile of gold cash I don't think I can live in a world like this my conscious my sences tell me this is wrong if you find guilty I encourage you to become an activist im not be trading anyone if you where a bad person before I don't care do the wright thing do it so we can go to a global pece era do it because its correct eta …

  40. stephan says:

    Woodstock music festival 1969 – check out what a couple of people say at the 6:12 till the 6:45 mark

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great post! I never knew they geoengineered the rainstorm at the concert in Woodstock, NY in the 60's- I was just a kid then.. might have been a practice run to use for Operation Popeye in Vietnam. Who knew the bastards were at it back then?! What hateful slime is the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about. He knew.

    • Jeff Walker (Ottawa, ex-Brentwood Bay) says:

      Great info…I'd seen that before and it was plausable to me, because I remember a TV show as a kid called "Here Come The 70's". For whatever reason, I remember them covering the use of cloud seeding with silver iodide to make it rain.

      Someone put up a youtube of the show's opening credits.

      Speaking of silver, did you know 6,000 tons were borrowed, and returned in 1970, to assist in the Manhattan Project?

      Lots of people have wondered how much silver has actually been used in cloud seeding operations over the decades.

    • bill mudd says:

      This whole thing is so out of control.      

      God help us all.

      It all actually starts in the Eastern Pacific whereby artificial highs are put in place though ionosphere heaters, and then chem-dumps-trails, and HAARP waves manipulate the cocktail. Circulation,moisture and lift is killed.

      So many storms in the last month have been killed in the Pacific, all while SOCAL fries and dries in the white fake cirrus clouds.Dead and dying trees everywhere. The absence of bees on my fruit trees.  

      Today jets are chemtrailing everywhere, while they struggle to cap the sunlight aka :Solar Radiation Management.Its quite insane that people don't recognize the loss of real weather. I don't think we have a lot of time to stop all of this since its a worldwide issue controlled by elite globalism. 

      Eisenhower and all the presidents since have known about this.Our military is OUT OF CONTROL. Lets hope the lawsuit going forward will stop it all. Support this site, thats making a difference more than words.



  41. The Evil Empire Has The World In A Death Grip
    Paul Craig Roberts / Feb. 22, 2016
    …John Perkins’ important book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. An EHM is an operative who sells the leadership of a developing country on an economic plan or massive development project. The Hit Man convinces a country’s government that borrowing large sums of money from US financial institutions in order to finance the project will raise the country’s living standards. The borrower is assured that the project will increase Gross Domestic Product and tax revenues and that these increases will allow the loan to be repaid.
    However, the plan is designed to over-estimate the benefits so that the indebted country cannot pay the principal and interest. As Perkins’ puts it, the plans are based on “distorted financial analyses, inflated projections, and rigged accounting,” and if the deception doesn’t work, “threats and bribes” are used to close the deal.
    The next step in the deception is the appearance of the International Monetary Fund. …
    …Now the book has been reissued with the addition of 14 new chapters and a 30-page listing of Hit Man activity during the years 2004-2015.  …  Perkins shows that despite his revelations, the situation is worse than ever and has spread into the West itself. The populations of Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the United States itself are now being looted by Hit Man activity.
    Perkins’ book shows that the US is “exceptional” only in the unbridled violence it applies to others who get in its way.
    … Western banks backed up by the World Bank are even worse looters than the oil and timber companies. Perkins writes: “Over the past three decades, sixty of the world’s poorest countries have paid $550 billion in principal and interest on loans of $540 billion, yet they still owe a whopping $523 billion on those same loans. The cost of servicing that debt is more than these countries spend on health or education and is twenty times the amount they receive annually in foreign aid. In addition, World Bank projects have brought untold suffering to some of the planet’s poorest people. In the past ten years alone, such projects have forced an estimated 3.4 million people out of their homes; the governments in these countries have beaten, tortured, and killed opponents of World Bank projects.”
    full article:

    • Perkins describes how Boeing plundered Washington state taxpayers. Using lobbyists, bribes, and blackmail threats to move production facilities to another state, Boeing succeeded in having the Washington state legislature give the corporation a tax break that diverted $8.7 billion into Boeings’ coffers from health care, education and other social services. The massive subsidies legislated for the benefit of corporations are another form of rent extraction and Hit Man activity.

    • Earth Angel says:

      The Rats perpetrating this need to be trapped. This has gone on far too long and gotten way out of control. Its time for the people of the world to rise up in consciousness and do something about it. Awaken everyone. We are the ones we've been waiting for. The time is NOW. The power is YOU!

  42. James says:

    Amador County California Spray Alert !!    2-22-2016   @ 15 :30 hrs

    Jackson looks like a War Zone Today .

    Mammoth Lakes  , California  is  also Getting Hammered with Monsanto Like Poison .





  44. Howard Taylor says:

    Just saw a Liberty Mutual commercial with Statue of Liberty and chemical fake clouds.Will call them.

    • Steve Parsons says:

      Howard … I saw this 'Liberty Mutual' advertisement too!  … I posted the image (..with the spray trail in the background) ..and clearly expressed my dissatisfaction with the CEO at Liberty Mutual. I also demanded that the advertisement be removed and taken off the air…..Keep exposing the 'psychopathic elites' and NEVER GIVE UP !!!

  45. Dave says:

    Happened to turn on the weather channel about 9am and the two "weatherpeople" were rhapsodic about the beautiful sunrise someone took a picture of over New York .The obvious sprayed horizon was described as a few cirrus clouds which was bad enough but then to top it off 2 or 3 "chemtrails" were described as contrails! How do these people live with themselves. Only confirms the fullness of verse in the good book, the love of money is the root of all evil.    

    • BaneB says:

      On Valentines day a San Francisco TV weather person was waxing poetic about a heart shaped red tinted cloud.  What she failed to mention is the "cloud" was an aerosol induced fake.  

    • Dennie says:

      What's next?  Pink Easter bunnies at Easter, and orange pumpkins on Halloween? 

      I kinda think they're all more akin to the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz, when she jumps on that damned broom of hers and sky-writes "SURRENDER DOROTHY!!!" 

      "GIVE UP, SHEEPLE!"  written in barium, aluminum, lithium, cadmium, strontium and mercury, for starters, no doubt– when do we ever see the END of this insanity?  Can it get any worse??

  46. Jacktheglide says:

    Need to find a way to protect these scientists, researchers, whistle blowers, etc. From financial, professional, and personal ruin. Sheeple psych bump would follow!


    • Shelley Ross says:

      Yes, it would seem that their protection holds equal importance to exposing and educating. Can't validate if they're all dead.

  47. G Day says:

    Report in The Mail on Sunday UK. (Yesterday 21/02 16) 

    any chance the Gov't of a small Meditteranean Island could be encouraged onside?


    RAF stole our rain, says Cyprus as British military bizarrely accused of interfering with the weather so Tornado and Typhoon aircraft can fly  

    Local weathermen recently forecast heavy rain only for it to remain dry

    British forces have been accused of using a chemical to divert rain clouds

    The Ministry of Defence has rubbished the claims by Cypriot government

    Read more: 
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Kathy says:

      I live in the tri-county of California and it was reported that we have the highest rate of thyroid cancer in CA and where in the heck did our El Nina go.Or sky's are full of chemtrails almost all the time 

    • Dennie says:

      Good for Cyprus! 

      Good catch, G Day– Good on ya!

  48. Howard Taylor says:

    Look at TV commercials the sky are covered in chemicals trails.From car, Insurance and especially big pharmaceutical have chemicals trails. 

    To get the public use to these faked skyline. Refuse to buy the car, insurance, big pharmaceutical. Better yet write letters to protest or call these companies. 

    I am going to do this and will let you know.I will call.

    • Alan says:

      Howard – You're right on the mark!  I used to take Travel and Leisure magazine on a (basically) free one-year subscription.  A couple of months ago they ran an ad for an Alaskan cruise in a full page spread.  The picture in the ad was of a glacier taken from the ship with TWO blatant chemtrails overhead.  I sent the magazine an e-mail to the effect that ….. REALLY???  I told them, "I don't think I'll be going on that cruise any time soon.  And I won't be renewing my subscription."  And I told them why.  I think it's a wonderful strategy!


    • Dennie says:

      I'm wondering if that just isn't because the danged trails are just so prevalent and basically omnipresent– my hunch is that you'll get a numbed-out "huhh??" for an answer, but maybe not– maybe there are some real people in the marketing sector.  Remember, these people mainly want to sell something for money.  I don't know that the government would go to them and say, "Hey, psssst, wanna make a deal? You shoot your commercial on a heavy-spray day and we'll pay to you condition the public by getting them used to seeing this crap, what say?"  Maybe.  Who knows?  I just think we see them in so many programs because, sadly, you can't go anywhere where they aren't any more.

  49. Excellent compilation, Dane. Very convincing. And perfect timing for me as I was busy all morning taking photos of my driveway and scraping samples of cream-brownish particles trying the figure out that the hell they had scattered-dispersed all over. I felt like I was walking though my own death, breathing barium and god-knows-what else. Thank you. I will send this around.

    • Bruce Wallace says:

      A former neighbor who had worked in the hollywood movie industry before moving north into retirement used to tell me that there was aerosol spaying going on.  I then thought that it was only condensation.  Now I have become aware of the many new cloud formations which seem very unusual.  I see the spraying going on overhead while waiting in line at the Silverdale Costco and elsewhere.  The frequent washboard sheets of "noctilucent clouds" pass overhead regularly.  I am frustrated by an unwillingness to even consider geoengineering by most people.  Family and friends live on the Olympic Peninsula which adds to my anxiety and frustration.  Military actions are increasing it seems with secret agendas.  I am tv and movie and cell phone free and worried that the global phenomena of weather modification/control will be the last hurrah for mankind on the planet.



  50. Kat L. says:

    Sharing! Blasting this all over social media!  21 million visitors! awesome!

  51. Edward Palys says:

    It is very unfortunate, but it is the business way of America. One gets paid to do a job according to what the boss says. Whether it is new inventions for the temporary good of the people or a worthy invention altogether, the order taker who gets paid to do the job must keep his mouth shut. The climate engineering is no different than, say, the BIG Pharma industry. And so it goes down the line.

  52. virgina says:

    What concerns me is that not one of the presidential candidates has addressed this issue that is of such importance to the planet's existence. Forget Gov Brown (if you are Californian) as he is too busy trying to safeguard his family interests in the Southern California Gas Co of the "methane leak" fame to help us.  I wrote to him.  Dead silence.

    How can we entice, force, demand that the candidates address this?

    • Drew says:

      Any candidate that admits this is even a thing risks major media and public ridicule and any chance at the presidency.  Not gonna happen.

  53. Chad says:

    Excellent video Dane! Videos like that I think help open people's eyes!


  54. My photos of the particle scattered dispersed all over my driveway. Feb.20, 2016 we were sprayed heavily here on the Olympic Peninsula. Big chemtrail right over my house. Feb. 21, I walk up to the mail box and find these cream colored particles sprinkled all over the dark asphalt driveway. To be this extensive, it had to come from the sky. Any guess as to what this is? Barium, lithium, or blood…?  Feb. 22, 2016 the stuff is still sprinkle-scattered dispersed all over my rather long driveway. I have taken photos of samples I managed to scrape off the asphalt to have analyzed. The stuff is definitely powdery and became dusty when I scraped it, but some of it was stuck in pieces. The color is not white like the photo below; it is more of a cream-brown as above. The red shocked me.

    • My friend tells me that the red is Cinnabar…
      See also: Mercury poisoning
      Associated modern precautions for use and handling of cinnabar arise from the toxicity of the mercury component, which was recognized as early as in ancient Rome.  Because of its mercury content, cinnabar can be toxic to human beings. Though people in ancient South America often used cinnabar for art, or processed it into refined mercury (as a means to gild silver and gold to objects) "the toxic properties of mercury were well known. It was dangerous to those who mined and processed cinnabar, it caused shaking, loss of sense, and death. Data suggest that mercury was retorted from cinnabar and the workers were exposed to the toxic mercury fumes." Overexposure to mercury, mercurialism, was seen as an occupational disease to the ancient Romans, "Mining in the Spanish cinnabar mines of Almadén, 225 km (140 mi) southwest of Madrid, was regarded as being akin to a death sentence due to the shortened life expectancy of the miners, who were slaves or convicts."

  55. Nina says:

    Daily drinking of just warm organic miso is an affordable heavy metal and radiation protection.

    • Kat L. says:

      Also Braggs (they only use organic apples!) Apple Cider Vinegar is awesome for detox and many medicinal teas are good too!  Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

  56. Rodster says:

    This morning in Venice, Florida I looked up and it was soooo blatant. Anyone could visibly see a crisscross pattern in the sky and some of the spraying was real low.

  57. Debra says:

    What I have found out by following these chem sprayers on FB is they no longer have to hide the fact that they DO spray. They attribute it to Obama's "climate deal". But one thing that scares me is, they have these people from all over the planet brain-washed and telling everyone that posts on their page "dimmer skies are safer skies". They just don't know how much everyone and everything needs the sun to survive, and I would really like to see the text books and what they now say about this. Someone responded to me on those pages that the earth does not need the sun. So, yes, this common core teaching has turned out to be a very scary thing indeed.

    • Debra, I could barely control my barf reflex upon reading “Dimmer skies are safer skies”! Big Brother couldn’t have said it more bluntly. It’s official, lies are now truth, slavery is freedom…and war is peace. This planet gets weirder by the day. I can hear the 4 horsemens’
      galloping hooves getting louder…Ghostriders indeed. Pardon me while I sing along:

    • Bruce Wallace says:

      The sun does feel hotter lately when the sky is clear around here in the Pacific Northwest.  There is a nasty rumor that the ozone layer which protects us from too much uv radiation and more has become damaged by methane releases as well as the more noted pollutants.  If this is true, then perhaps the spraying is actually protecting us from overexposure and a very undesirable outcome.  

  58. Maisha says:

    I'm listening… I'm heeding the warnings and trying to warn and awaken others! Thank you for consistently keeping us posted! 

  59. Stephen says:

    Very good Dane and thanks again for you efforts.

  60. Sean Slavin says:

    So how's a paycheck going to help you when the planet won't support life? Seriously, enough with the denial, fear and complacency. Look, up, wake up and speak up!

    • tim reeder says:

      Right on Sean!

      Can I use your phrase on my signs / stickers/ emails?

      " LOOK UP,

      WAKE UP,

      SPEAK  UP!"


    • Dennie says:

      And what about a bumper sticker with a picture of the chem-trail streaked sky and a jet blasting this crap out of it's spray nozzles, with an adult and two kids on the ground, looking up, the adult pointing to the trails, and the words "If you see something, SAY something"  Maybe the link to printed across the bottom.  What say?

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