Climate Engineering And Microwaved Skies


Dane Wigington

We are all swimming in a sea of microwave transmissions that are decimating the climate system and are extremely harmful to all life forms. What you don't know about microwave transmissions can hurt you. Many are now finally beginning to look up and take notice of the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying that is occurring in skies all over the globe. Incredibly anomalous cloud shapes and forms which can only be considered engineered have been photographed from satellite.  Extremely powerful microwave transmissions are a major aspect of the climate engineering assault that often goes unnoticed by many, even within the ranks of the anti-climate engineering movement. Radio frequency transmissions are utilized by the climate engineers to manipulate the aircraft sprayed heavy metal and chemical particulates. Like sound waves, microwave transmissions ripple through the atmosphere, leaving their telltale signature on the geoengineering aerosol laced cloud cover.


Radio frequency transmissions emanating from the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, captured on satellite imagery.


French Southern and Antarctic Lands


Palm Springs, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan


Port Washington, New York. Photo credit:


Palm Springs, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan


Morongo Valley, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan


Palm Springs, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan


Morongo Valley, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan


Morongo Valley, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan


Cantabria, Spain. Photo credit: Alberto Ibañez


Morongo Valley, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan


Morongo Valley, California. Photo credit: Ron Morgan


Honolulu, Hawaii. Photo credit: Irmina Bernal

Atmospheric microwave transmissions are a major and lethal aspect of the ongoing weather warfare assault. The climate engineers are inflicting immense damage on the already decimated climate system and biosphere. The more damage the geoengineers do, the more they expand the climate engineering insanity. This is not global warming mitigation, it is omnicide. If these highly destructive programs of climate intervention are allowed to continue, it will soon enough be at the cost of life on Earth. If we are to have any chance of turning the tide, we must ALL make our voices heard in the fight for the greater good.

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  1. SusanR says:

    Honestly?  I never knew about microwaved skies.  I stumbled onto this while searching for reasons my rose bush branches are breaking off.  LOL, not related but this site came up on Yippy!  Anyway, today, we have strong winds and smoke from fires in the NW and I saw the sky looking like a rainbow reflection of colors in the smoke and it was strange.  These images are similar to what I saw today.  However, our skies were clear blue earlier, so I am not wondering if they geoengineered the skies over the ocean and the wind blew both the particles from that and the smoke over the land.  I feel so helpless and out of control of my own air and water.  

  2. Janet Robinson says:

    My husband has got what I believe is neuralgia. He contracted shingles while in the hospital for another issue. Since coming out of the hospital he has been experiencing severe nerve pain. I mean really severe pain, to the point of crying out. Last night, it was happening again and I also had pain down my right arm and in behind my ear cartilage. I looked outside and it was not dark. There was a mess of rib-shaped clouds everywhere and they were moving fast. This went on for over an hour at about 2-3am. Both of us layed in bed and felt the pain recede at the same time. 

    Whatever is making those clouds ripple seems to be responsible for this nerve pain. Does anyone have that same experience?

    • Shannon H. Wisc. says:

      Yes, to Janet's email, increased ringing in ears,fatigue,pain in muscles.Here in Wisconsin the Geoengineering trails are bad as in the rest of the country, there have also been times of heavy rusty looking substance on grass,after intense spraying in the sky. Is it possible that this toxicity is causing symptoms of fibromyalgia ?

    • Nancy says:

      My boyfriend and I have sudden onset of ringing in the ears non-stop since September 2019…microwaved skies?? EMF?? We live near Phoenix, AZ.

  3. david from ks. says:

    Self detox and the best in season raw fruits , vegs , and  raw nuts are things You do have control over . I wear surgical masks also. dna

  4. Been recording this for 7 years now in middle Tenessee.Bad very bad.

    see my latest " It's Your Sky Tennessee "


  5. Ronald Martens says:

    I do not know much about the methods used to spread chemical aerosols to resemble clouds. I guess that is one purpose. The other would be to cover the sky. You can't just look in Wikipedia to get your information. I watched a Canadian former Government talk about Haarp. You can learn a bit but a lot will be left out.

    I see many cell phone towers and many also been modified adding more drums and the rectangular containers. I know the cell phone towers send out frequencies high and low. My cousin has a friend and she was effected by these towers. She was exchanging emails

    ti the military in USA. They told her the cell phone towers are connected to the military. The woman has two instruments for reading signals. 

    I took a film and just so happens above right near a

    cell phone tower the white straight line aerosols started to spread.

    They must be able to control the frequencies so the many towers installed work in unison to cover the sky.

    • Patti Minter says:

      Dear friends,

      I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

      We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

      You can view and sign the petition here:

      Here's some more information about this petition:

      Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

      We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

       We must do what we can to stop this spraying now.

      thank you,

      Patti Minter

      Sealy, TX

  6. Stephan Haak says:

    Why they spray chemtrails here in the Netherlands while we are not paying for it? This must be a killing program.

    • C. Hallman says:

      Nice job Dane W. You are doing a great service to the dumbed down masses. We see this crap being sprayed with regularity here in n.c. these people David Keith.Ken caldera. Bill gates . and a number of others need to be hunted down tried . Nothing gives them the right to poison the earth and everyone in it. Trouble is no one seems to care as long as they can go watch television. Unreal.

  7. jmorpuss says:

    Sometimes we need proof that man can manipulate the atmosphere. Back in 1994 they had the power to manipulate the jetstream as this paper explains. Please take not where it was carried out.

    And on November 9 2009 this took place

    And at a personal level Barrie Trower talks about his Navy day's. Take note how he starts out by saying radar uses microwaves. Is that why weather radars are built in a grid, to create weather and not just for those pretty pictures we see. 

    Dr Magda Havas , Shows what electromagnetic radiation can do to our blood, can't be good for us .

  8. Seeing Clearly says:

    Epigenetic related diseases which in my understanding is how genetics are expressed are changing because of the toxins in the environment as well as toxic induced genetic mutations we made a big mess on this earth too big to clean up  in a time frame that matters not that I believe we are going to clean it up .

    • Gary D says:

      It is true that congenital malformations are caused by electromagnetic radiation. It tends to have a liking for the uterine environment and dna. All diseases can originate or become chronic leading to death of organisms, including the human variety. The consequences of the one- two punch of wireless microwave towers and devices coupled with the madness of powerful global atmospheric electromagnetic transmissions is beyond belief. This radiation is as dangerous as ionizing radiation; that is, the nuclear kind. All of the above is from Dr.Chris Busby, probably is the foremost authority on internal radiation consequences. You can watch many presentations by him on Youtube.

  9. Cherie says:

    I don't even know where to begin, other than to say I'm from a small town here in McEwen TN.  I grew up mostly on Naval bases in San Diego, but also Hawaii and Wichita Falls as I remember the most.  I'm pushing 60 yrs of age and have had all sorts of physical and mental complications.  A quiet, stand offish observer is how I prefer to see myself, which most of society cannot relate to with their overwhelming knowledgeable data base implanted worldly facts. I maintain my belief in the Father Creator and the purpose of grace granted to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Now with that said, I've always been more in tuned to His creation, the beauty and the wonderment of the purpose, as well as the enjoyment and WOW factors He has bestowed on my eyes and heart! 

    I have had health problems for the last 15 years, one of which led to Fibromyalgia diagnosis…and of course…no one knows is real cause!  This last year, after have some tremendous victories of still raising my very active 5th child and chasing basketball, volleyball, softball year round into college softball, I began to decline rapidly and each event began a push and pull, drag and take me home.  I've seen a rapid decline in our trees.  3 yrs ago we had the most beautiful fall and then the next summer the leaves looked sick and marred and measly.  I walk the field behind our house and this past summer I saw some of the strangest formations go on.  A cloud just began forming out of no where like smoke from a pipe and almost appeared it was growing straight toward me, not moving, just growing then slowly it dissipated and gone. Not long after that, rolls began, out of nothing, growing, widening and lengthening, one after another.  I thought it so cool (AT THE TIME)!!

    Here's my thing.  What I have heard, the ringing in my ears, I've experience since I was a child, but I didn't hear it while we were in the noisy state of CA till we moved back to my parents hometown in TN, out in the silent backwoods, no lit up streets, total darkness when lights were turned out.  The silence rang in my ears, and it's rang even louder ever since.  But now, its more than just a silent ring, it's frequencies of tones mixed with buzzes, hums, roars, grindings, like some major nearby plant that continues run night and day and I live no where near one.  There's a pressuring in my head somedays I want to grasp it and run and scream STOP!! and some days I can feel as though impulses are running through me.  I don't put my phone to my ear because I don't know how many times I've been shocked by it (I thought I was stung by a bee the first time!) Yesterday, I heard a strange sound, I've never heard.  Asked my husband if he heard it.  NO, what?  I could still hear it!  It was like this fast speed clittering chattering like robot bugs in a sci-fi movie. I could hear it as plain as it was in the woods beside me, then it faded away!  All this is making me feel trapped inside some sort of make believe matrix of unreal proportions and I cannot even look up to my Maker anymore without seeing their blindfolds crossing Him out! Please don't think I'm crazy, for it's taken a lot of courage to speak.  I've read, I've listened, I've watched rainbow clouds for 2 years, chemtrails and things that just don't seem right since my childhood days, like the ramping up of the Lord's coming, but my fear is so many are going to be fooled by the tricks and schemes of these satanic beings!  And yea I'm calling it that!!  

    Last thing, We were expect to get rain yesterday, the changed our forecast from 50% to  0% in 1 day and I watched them maneuver our skies with such havoc it was unreal, scary and looked like something out of a science fiction movie.  I watch my radar app turn in such a way that twisted a front like I've never seen happen and I just can't stand the small minded who can't see what is going on behind the closed church doors and their own picks of cliques!  A few weeks ago I watched 20 back and forth within 5-10 mins on a Sun. morning. All through the day, I couldn't even focus on my own front porch devotionals.  As I watched, my nose began to burn as if I has taken in water, my throat followed.  I had the most awful sickness and never have I had a sore throat effect the areas that it did for 3 wks, I thought I was drowning.  I sit out a lot, and I've experienced this A LOT.  I've seen them run at night.  I have felt a mist on my face and arms at times when the sky is blue!  It almost feels like being in a gas chamber here sometimes.  of course with the weakening of immune functioning, chemical sensitivity and what not they claim fibro can cause, could explain a lot, but now digestive issues are playing a major role in my health as well as the weakness, fatique, and major sensitivity to even the touch of clothing.  

    Now today I'm sitting here, coughing my head off, throat burning, chest burning, nose burning!  I walked out to feed my little pond fish earlier this morning to find a heavy covering of clouds which being sprayed and manipulated yesterday, wavering and stalling out toward the east, now coming back from the east over head today.  I have one window open simply to save my bill and I enjoy the fresh air, but is there any such thing on God's Creation anymore?  My biggest fear is, if they can spray things we can see, what are they spraying we can't see?  What is burning my tongue, my face, lips and skin?  Why did my eye take to a harsh twitch, then my lip, then my digestive track one right after another, in sequence all on the left side?  Too many why's, not enough answers!  I've often said I feel my body is being attacked, guess I'm not too far from the truth.  I fear for our children, the dumbing down of the whispered lies they have been fed, are much more effective for we were weakened over time by the same manner.  May God be with us all!  I've cried too many tears here alone in fear.  I know this is long, it wasn't my intent, but for the sake of our children, we have to seek the purpose of God in all this, for it is the prince of darkness who wishes to control the world.  There are but two forces we fight, good and evil on the Spiritual plain and if we keep our hearts and minds focused on the good fight, we all know who wins in the end.  They who are trying to imitate God will deceive so many and that is the word I'm thankful for you pointing me to!  

    • BaneB says:

      Cherie:  Yes, as you say, who knows what is being sprayed that is invisible.  Undoubtedly, if these Luciferians could master it, they would turn the very obvious visible aerosol trails invisible.  But they can't if they want to hide the military applications involved behind the SRM scheme.  Furthermore, the heavy doses of microwave transmissions seems to be hand in glove with these odd behaving particulates, such as Frankenstein clouds of every bizarre form performing freaky sky shows of the sort you describe.  There is much reference in the Bible to the Devil dwelling in the air.  One might suggest his chair is situated front and center in the I-cloud.  I hope your health stabilizes, and improves.  Your post inspired me.

    • Rachel says:

      I have had no stop ringing in my ears as well there are several loud and distinct high pitched ringing sounds. Sometimes I get a muffled deafness in my right ear, and then one clear tone with ring out above all the others, then it faded back into the cacophony of sounds that ring click, an crash. 

      I also have a diagnosis of FMS. I could swear the two are linked. My mother has a new condition that the doctors call empty ear syndrome, You want to talk about suffering. 

      Please let me know if you come across soothing that helps, and I will do the same for you. Rachel

    • Cherie says:

      Rachel:  The only comfort I find is my Bible and meditation but been finding focus quite difficult through the muffling and pressure in my head and noise frenquencies, the tones sometimes are maddening and actually feeling vibrations throughout my body.  Went out this morning only to find yet another game of tic tac toe being played out through clear blue skies over my head in this quiet quaint town and yet again the sun already blocked in the southeast.  Walked around a bit till nose and throat started burning and coughing, leg weakness. My house is a wreck and no energy to clean it.  Been up since 2am, want to take a drive, but…..!!  I pray for the world and for those who were like me who thought I was looking at angel clouds at one time.  I think I grieve more in the reality of the synthetic artistry of evil's finest hand to deceive and mimic, but I'm thankful for the knowledge and for finally leading me to someone with a controlled tongue of integrity like Dane W.  I have been going to a pain management dr for the last 15 years.  He's private practice and has done wonders with my degenerative disc issues, of course the FM and fatigue is a give or take deal with on day to day, moment by moment process, but this past year has been fretfully difficult!  We blamed it on all the fronts coming through, which does trigger it, but it was throwing me down!  Highly unusual for summer…spring and fall maybe, the cold of winter, but I always looked forward to summer!  I wish people would listen to me here, but I guess I'm just the crazy old lady who sits on the front porch reading the bible, feeding the birds, taking pictures of clouds and deer, butterflies and hummingbirds in her wrong side out softy pj's cause I can't bare the seams rubbing my skin!  Take care, Rachel and if I find a magic formula, other than prayer  I'll be sure to pass it on!  Till then, I got my hands to the skies!

    • Janice says:

      Cherie,sounds like you are being poisened, you need to detox first & get some of the poisens away from you! Get your self a good hepafilter air cleaner for inside your home & when you go out for walks wear a mask ( like the ones they wear in hospitals) buy your self a good water filter like a Berky water filter & drink lots of water to flush toxins out.also get a good water filter for your shower to get the chlorine out,everything you put on your skin goes into your body including lotions,makeup,etc.Get the book TOX-SICK by suzanne somers,Eat clean food,non gmo,pesticide free & organic,go to, do you have a smart meter on your house?go to,it could be the source of the noises in your head! Do you have a microwave in your house? get it out! if you must use one put it in your garage & when you start it get out of the room until it stops! I too am very sensitive to electromagnetic energy! I unplug everything at night & make sure no wifi boxes,cell phones etc. are in my bedroom or close to me anywhere, even electric clocks by your bed can cause problems,look into chelation for heavy medal toxicity,find a good naturopathic dr. for that ( you can use EDTA,it grabs & pulls medals out of the body but can be dangerous if not used correctly so get a dr. or do lots of research online) Just search the word or go to http://www.healthtube or & do not take the first video you find! look for video's by dr. or professionals! You can detox your body with chlorella or spirulina put it in juice or a smoothie,go slow,if your real toxic it can make you feel terrible at first! go to www, to get it at the best price & only $4.99 shipping no matter how much you buy & on the receipt is a free return label & they take returns up to 1 yr.old,open or not!!! OH! an don't laugh at people who wear tin hats! I had my husband make me one out of alluminum foil & it helped but it was awful sweaty,next i'm gonna have him make me one from alluminum screen! he covered our smart meter with alluminum screen! the video on how to do that is on, you can also put a faraday cage over your bed at night to block electro magnetic pulses (videos on how to make one out of lumber & Medal screen on Cherie i hope you get this message & remember God Loves You & he does answer prayers!!! P.S. I know this is a lot but start slow & never give up! it does take a while to feel better & sometimes you feel worse at first,then just back off for a couple days & start again.Best way to start is with your food, eat lots of organic salads & smoothies,organic,cage free eggs,meat from grass fed animals,organic Quinoa (tastes just like rice but without the arsenic!) rinse Quinoa really well,it has a bitter coating that will ruin the taste if not rinsed good! & stop eating anything Wheat,If you must have it only eat spelt or einkorn wheat!!!

      In God's Love 


    • BenBarzman says:

      since sept 2014 i have been hearing a constant ringing noise, at first it would "beep" about 5sec on then 3sec off, very digital sounding to me, i lived in Oregon when it started and now live in northern California, and i still hear it. Over these two years the sound has gradually morphed from a "beeping" to a somewhat more constant ring, with random very fast ups and downs, the ups and downs can almost feel like a jolt to my body when i am trying to sleep at night, very annoying!!!

      I am convinced that when the noise is really bad that other people can feel it too, people get more emotional spacey and dont think as clearly.

      My research has lead me to the conclusion that this "noise" is my body either hearing or picking up electromagnetic energy. With all the Cell towers/ smart meters/ Nexrad/ Wireless infrastructure, im not suprised.

      Hang in there your not the only one, im with ya brother 🙂

    • Cindy C. says:

      Rachel, Cherie, Janice gave very good advice for detoxing with food.  Homeopathic remedies help, too..specifically spray remedies that are for detoxing EMF, and chemicals.  You can find them at or other online retailers, also Amazon.  They are affordable and they do work.  Always wear a mask when outside.  Use air cleaners inside the home.  Drink lots of pure water.  Some naturopaths are aware of the spraying and can help you with detoxing the chemicals and metals. 

    • penny waters says:

      don't know about your difficulties but just maybe – i having been having tmj treatment – tis the joints that move with your jaws – in front of your ears.

      had a blow when i was 3yrs

      with treatment i get many strange effects – often noises in the head  – i f you think that all the information in your body and head had to travel through the neck then if your jaw is not sitting right then here can be all sorts of resulting disease

      the brain is considered to be an ionic crystaline structure that produces thought by using energy waves – i have had many electonic kinda noises apart from pain and other kinds of noises as my head is readjusting to its proper position (i hope)

      so i would suggest you find a dentist that understands about tmj dysfunction – on utube a clever dentist mr stack (american but retired) has put film of many of his patients – i believe it is the cause of much illness – best to check it out – i have been amazed – but find a reputable dentist cos there are lots of incompetents out there

      there is an amzing article in mag 'private dentist' in jan 2010 entitled 'tmj dyfunction and systemic distress' – explains it in general terms

      good luck


    • Judith lloyd says:

      oh yes I believe every word of it I live in upstate New York I've lived here for 60 some years I am watching normal bugs butterflies bees bugs in the ground disappear they've been disappearing now for about 10 years I don't see any frogs I don't see mosquitoes I don't see house flies I don't see anything living going by I often find dead birds like crows and starlings can't figure out what killed them they don't look like they've been struck by anything illnesses that I've started getting a really scary I just feel I just don't feel well people around my age 56 years old are starting to have major complaints about nervous disorders Tootsie ringing in the ears burning of the throat general fatigue just feeling like crap our food quality we have one of the nicest grocery markets in the country Wegmans the quality of food is coming to the tables now in my house is disgusting The food doesn't taste real it tastes like cardboard the tomatoes look like tomatoes they taste like nothing I used to grow tomatoes back in my backyard 40 years ago and they were delicious the meat that I eat is supposed to be tough cut taste like nothing like the animals don't taste like anything I still find some tastes pretty strong treat cheese is still taste okay I do not know what's going on I look up in the sky one day and it's pure blue and then I see the streaks for me and my friends say all there just jet planes why do we need 20 this is Rochester New York they're not jet planes they're not do not passenger planes it's some kind of planks up there spraying stuff

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Such spectacular photos!  One might think kinda pretty–or, like an oil slick, actually, a lot like an oil slick!  Back when I was researching Raytheon, which took a long time, towards the end of that effort, Raytheon said they colored clouds in order to track what is put in them.  That would appear difficult Now!

    A couple of weeks ago? when I mentioned clouds that looked as if built from the ground up, right after that, that weekend, a huge one smack over the Bay, appearing to rise from the Bay, as if standing on it and sort of funnel shaped, standing.  Above that, a HUGE two sides of a triangle in glowing neon orange!  Perfectly straight lines and not narrow, pointing towards SF.  Both lasted until dark!  No way Anyone could miss that sucker, yet, not a word from anyone…..As for the unusual from the ground up ones, does that mean done from a navy vessel?, as opposed to airplane?

  11. Donna-AZ says:

    I reported on 10/28/16 the tanker jet OMEGA10 doing possible hurricane suppression, going round and round about 20 times off the coast San Diego/Tijuana and I also watched it on FlightAware, now FlightAware is reporting on their Activity Log that what I witnessed happened on Oct 30th. What are they hiding?

    • Dennie says:

      WOW!  FlightWatch is a valuable program as a potential witness/watchdog confirmation that if, more widely known, could potentially wake up EVEN MORE people when they see the flight logs and corresponding videos with date/time stamps listed.  Wonder if some enterprising person could do that?

    • BaneB says:

      Donna-AZ:  The weather terrorists are hiding a lot.  They have much to cover up.  Slowly they and their weather control "destruction" programs are being outed into the public domain whereby more Citizens are paying attention and adding up the inexplicables being dished out.  You are correct about hurricane suppression.  These meddlers are destroying the core of hurricanes and tropical storms, and what you witnessed is the usual op for the Pacific Ocean off of Southern California.  And it's not just there, but the destruction by microwave heating of the storm cores, as well as massive aerosol spraying, also is conducted off of Central America, that area being the breeding ground for Pacific hurricanes.  While some might say this is s good thing to destroy hurricanes before they make landfall, the natural purpose of these huge "machines" is to dissipate the buildup of heat in the oceans and redistribute and cool both the water and atmosphere.  These also are major atmospheric filter that clean the air of impurities.  But, they do damage civilization and cost lives. The reality is We are in the way of natures purpose, much of which we do not comprehend in the over natural redundancies.  These storms ought to be left wild and free, and not destroyed.  Eventually there is going to be a backlog of corralled natural weather purposes, and at some point there will be hell to pay…as in super storms that can't be "roped."

  12. Seeing Clearly says:

    The problems are coming in from every direction we are entering the tribulation where many would give in and give up and some would fight and  unrest would take place as a result . If you examine the world we have gotten into more and more problems at a higher rate than what we have fixed in this 20th century at least this in my understanding is a sign of the end we are not solving problems we are creating more because we  have masked not cured our problems we pretended they didn't exist instead of tackling them.

    • Sally says:

      Worst spraying I have ever seen here in western PA, was yesterday. It's very hard for me to understand how others couldn't have noticed. 

  13. Melanie Moran says:

    Witnessed the worst spraying I have seen happen over the Bay Area today, utterly sickening. Please everyone, do what you can to make a difference.  We need all hands on deck.

    • Dennie says:

      I had to walk home from the automotive repair shop today downtown in San Rafael.  The wide-open skies were covered in fat chem streaks, the jets zipping in every direction.  Even when I pointed out the spraying, that you could clearly see taking place coming from the jets, people gave it merely passing notice, then head back down, staring into the middle or near distance.  Sheesh, what the f*ck is WRONG, people?  I wanted to scream.  I kept walking on up the hill for more exercise before returning to my house but I was aware that the sh!t settling to the ground was c-o-o-o-l-d so "we got iced," as my housemate would say.  This stuff is particularly fine.  It was causing a really nasty stomach ache after about 10 minutes into the walk and I knew I had to get home and drink water to wash the metal sh!t mixed with God-only-knows what else on through my GI tract, or risk projectile vomiting later today. I just wanna scream "WHAT IS THIS CRAP DOING TO YOU?  AND YOU DON'T THINK IT IS AFFECTING YOU, AT ALL–???  WELL, F*CKING THINK— AGAIN!!!!!

    • BaneB says:

      Melanie:  The same can be said for Mendocino County.  Terrorist aircraft showed up early in the morning.  And they came from every direction, some in straight lines, others doing large loops.  The net result was an obscured sunlight and a grunge aerosol canopy that reduced the sunlight enough that my outdoor solar shower failed to heat up enough for a comfortable bathing.  This is a minor effect.  The larger problem is it sucks up the atmospheric moisture and creates artificial weather consequences detrimental to the general health of the natural environment.  I noticed, as is most often the case, the morphing chemtrails slide southeast towards the Sacrament/Central Valley/Lake County/Sonima County.  The canopy is a sickly pale yellow.  For those in Sacramento, Channel 5 weather is a fraud.  They know about the Geoengineering program.  That station is a joke.

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  Yes, the spraying is without a doubt an ECOLOGICAL TERRORISM PROGRAM.  I would L-O-V-E to see attorneys go AFTER the MOTHERF*CKERS and use exactly this tack, because it IS THE TRUTH of the situation.  The humanoids involved in every aspect of dreaming up and supporting these programs are ALL CRIMINALS with blood on their hands.

    • Nicole says:

      We have had really thick spraying over Southern Oregon for the past couple of years. I mean very thick. The whole valley looks like it's covered in a thick coat of pollution. No one seems to notice..or look up. Sometimes I want to scream as well, much like Dennie said. We have sat and watched the planes go back and forth over the Ashland/Medford area around 20 times over an hour or more. It seems very targeted. I think they are trying to dumb down a more conscious area. 

  14. paul fowler says:

        Yet another study suggesting there is a link between Aluminum and Alzheimer's disease .

    In Canada according to the Alzheimer's Society 1 in 14 people over 65 will get  Alzheimer's and in 2016 we experienced a 13% increase of Alzheimer's disease . Now combine that with the current and projected rates of Autism and you get near term human extinction . The "Zombie Apocalypse" isn't coming , it is here .

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      We are in such big trouble that many would turn away from that truth and enjoy life a little longer in what ever way they still can and preach acceptance along the way as an excuse to not give a damn about the rise in diseases that type of attitude is not talked about enough we are not curing we are masking and accepting disorders and diseases and dis-abilities we I am speaking from society's view we believe that all this rise is better screening or some natural variation or something the gene pool allows it to exist so we should accept it  whatever trash they can come up with to continue life like a cancer.

  15. James says:

    Amador  County California Spray  Alert !

    Jackson  looks  like   a war  zone today  .

    How  can  we  hang on much  longer with this  poison fall out  that is  killing  all of  us  ?

    • BaneB says:

      James:  Good question.  I just took a internet virtual tour of many of the artificial lakes in California.  The worst of the lot, of course, are those south and east of San Jose, all points south.  The depletion of water ranges from 42% of normal to as low as 6%.  The lame bureaucrats believe the priests of science, accepting the cause as a natural drought like one the best guess suggests occurred 1,200 years ago.  Maybe the best guess is correct and the experts know their science.  However, as we know, and one need not be an expert in any discipline, the visually obvious reason for California's drought is easily observable right over our heads.  It takes little steady observation to connect the incoming moisture fields to the arrival of aerosol-spraying jet aircraft, and connect the dots.  It's as obvious as the change that has removed pristine blue skies in exchange for toxic fluorescent white grunge skies, the atmospheric destruction being brought to you by the Pentagon, their jets, and their phased array microwave transmitters utilized to rearrange the jet stream and produce the microwaved striations evidenced in the stunning images Dane has posted above.  These psychopaths running the show are the cause for our drought.  And a further understanding of just how the two pronged terrorist assault is meteorologicly achieved one can observe the creature conduct it's perfidy upon the Golden State at 1PacificRedwood.

  16. Modern Calamity says:

    From Wikileaks Hacked Emails – not sure if this is significant?  I search under geoengineering.


    Energy Future Coalition: Agenda for May 12 To:,,,,, more  Date: 2015-05-07 18:50 Subject: Energy Future Coalition: Agenda for May 12

    As a reminder, the next Energy Future Coalition Steering Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, May 12 – from 10 am to noon at our offices, 1750 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, in the conference room on the 12th floor. An agenda is attached. We will discuss current thinking about geoengineering – direct human interventions to affect climate change – based on a report earlier this year by a committee of the National Research Council. The report was issued in two volumes – Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration<; and Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth<; – to distinguish the two approaches, and our discussion will also follow that pattern. We will hear from two members of the committee – first an overview by David Titley, founding Director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk<; at Penn State and the former Chief Operating Officer at NOAA. To discuss carbon capture, use, and storage – particularly biological capture, Jen Wilcox will join us by phone. She heads the Clean Energy Conversions Laboratory<; at Stanford. We also have a number of additional participants joining us to enrich the discussion – including Rafe Pomerance, longtime climate advocate and now a member of the National Academies' Polar Research Board; Brenda Ekwurzel, Senior Climate Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists; Andrew Deutz, Director of International Government Relations for The Nature Conservancy; and Ernie Shea, who in addition to running 25x'25 has pulled together nearly 40 ag and environmental groups into the newly formed North American Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance. We expect to have a fascinating discussion, and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, May 12. As it happens, the following came across the transom, so I can't vouch for it, but you might find it interesting and provocative reading in advance: Rutgers University climatologist Alan Robock talks with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists about geoengineering and nuclear winter. He says that geoengineering is not the solution to global warming because of its many risks and unknowns. He notes that some of the technology that would be required to implement geoengineering has not been developed and that many socio-political questions would have to be resolved before it could be put into practice–questions such as who decides what the global temperature should be? The world would have to reach agreement on a target temperature and on what entity should do the implementing. Robock's biggest fear with regard to geoengineering is that disputes over these questions could escalate into nuclear war which in turn could cause nuclear winter, producing global famine among other effects. Robock goes on to describe interactions with the Central Intelligence Agency regarding their interest in geoengineering, and his meeting with Fidel Castro. If we haven't heard from you already, as always, we welcome RSVPs to Caitlin Shubick at<> or by phone at (202) 778-1638. With best regards, Reid * * * * * Reid Detchon Executive Director Energy Future Coalition 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006 Phone: (202) 463-8744 Fax: (202) 887-9021;;

    • BaneB says:

      Modern Calamity:  Good catch.  This is precisely the kind of "window" that is food for thought and for further research.  I find particularly laughable the Rutgers Univ. reps disengenuos disinformation.

    • Dennie says:

      This looks really significant.  The whistle needs to be blown LOUD and CLEAR about these Old Boy back-room deals being cut with large government/military contractors to sell Earth down the river, for enough MUNNEE, for God's sake–!!! 

      I say we ALL copy the e-mail addresses of the people on the Coalition and send them communications with our support of ending the TERRORIST programs.  WE NEED TO TURN UP THE HEAT on these heartless A$$HOLES.

  17. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all!  Awhile ago Dennie asked how healers feel now, regarding vaccines and now knowing.  I felt this may have in part been directed at me, or, I feel That guilty!  I went into a shame/depression/death spiral I am trying to claw my way out of.  I mean, I did not protect my grandsons!  I did not know and it was not for lack of caring.  I care Very much!  But I am old and I did not know the degree to which things have changed.  This is also true of most of our Congress and Senate peoples.  I know because I've been arguing with Senator Feinstein.

    In my effort to claw my way out from this black hole, I decided to double check the date when supposedly, Robert Kennedy Jr. got Thimerasole removed from vaccines.  I did not find that reference then, but did find his entire and on going site dedicated to this.  In fact he wrote a book: Let The Science Speak.  By 2003 most Thimerasole had been removed, especially for pediatrics,  but then added to flu shots that same year.  And in a 2013 CDC study in JAMA Pediatrics it was shown that after Denmark removed Thimerasole in 1992, there was a 33% drop in rate of Autism spectrum disorders.  That paper is among 37 peer reviewed  studies linking Thimerasole to Autism.  He goes on to say that Thimerasole is 65% ethyl mercury which is far more toxic and persistent within the brain than the highly regulated methyl mercury in fish.  Hundreds of peer reviewed studies show that Thimerasole is a devastating brain poison.  And why does this show me spelling it wrong?  I hope not and if so, correct me please.  I don't think so, but…..

    More recently, four scathing Federal studies, including two by Congress, one by US Senate and one by HHS Inspector General paint the CDC as a cesspool of corruption, mismanagement, and dysfunction with alarming conflicts of interest suborning its research, regulatory, and policy making functions.  "It's become an industry of profiteers."  An  example is one Dr. Offit who came up with a vaccine for rota-virus.  It became included via CDC in vax schedule, and in 2006 Merck bought the royalties for this patent from Dr. Offit for 182 million dollars!  At which point Dr. Offit exclaimed: "It's like winning the lottery!"

    In my defense, if I deserve one, in '89 I had an accident that wrecked my left leg and was in a wheelchair for five years, even having to depend on Meals on Wheels for food.  Then, in one of my infamous accidents when grandchild # one was born, and me there for a home birth from hell, just before that, a fall downstairs breaking my right shoulder in numerous ways.  Having medi-cal, I got rotten treatment, really none.  I could not use my right arm at all, not even to brush my teeth for one year, ended up in medical hell, Highland hospital telling me I was not a good candidate for surgery, giving my severe allergies to so many antibiotics and my autoimmune diseases.  I could not drive, had no computer, was utterly isolated and useless.  I had to develop brand new muscles to use my right arm again and did it by myself, as well as now being able to walk a bit, and a bit more with one crutch.  No wheelchair unless I go somewhere involving distance.  Was not an easy road.  Still, I cannot snap out of my depression now, can't quit crying.  But, I will never, never stop trying to end as much of all this madness as possible!

    I hope none of this is repetitive.  I can't stop crying enough to go through everything here since sucked into this black hole.  By the way, my left leg dislocates from my hip, and my right arm from my shoulder as I have there a permanently partially torn right rotator cuff–the issue Highland would not fix.  If you are as sick and disabled as I am, God help you because medical people won't, if you are poor, or apparently even if wealthy-ish.  I have listened to Dane's broadcasts, and I did hear about the CDC whistle blowers a couple of days before he mentioned it but knew he would.  I have much to do and so wanted to post this as I find it helpful to know that someone with the clout of Robert Kennedy Jr. is aware and has a site just for this issue! 

    • Dennie says:; A while ago I did ask for any nurses/M.D.s to write in here about their feelings regarding vaccination.  That's all.  I am not guilt-tripping anyone and if you think I directed anything at you personally that is not coming from me, it's your stuff. 

      Personally, I'm on a Silver 94 "Obamacare" plan.  I have laughingly as well as with a dead straight face told my M.D., who is very good, that I clearly see an inverse relationship to the number of times I visit her and my mental, not to mention, physical health.  Even thinking of needing to visit a Big Pharma-brainwashed M.D. gives me an anxiety attack.  These guys always wanna give you more than you actually need, even when you don't need anything.  Over-treating has become the new "normal."  My senior violin student's brother, a retired ophthalmologist, went into Stanford Hospital overnight for some testing and didn't come home for a week because, while he was there overnight, he caught a nasty bug and needed to be hospitalized for it..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie,  I debated about even replying to this, but one must own one's own stuff, I do.  You said Healers, check back for yourself if you doubt that.  I was so very depressed, still am, saw that and Felt nailed. I did say: I felt it may have been in part directed at me, Or, I feel That guilty!  This because I have often referred to myself as a healer, been healing people and critters my life long.  In fact, I have such a good rep at that, that people believe me, believe in me, and so I felt such guilt.  I feel like a rube, and it was like a rug pulled out from under me.  I was Not blaming You for Anything!  I do blame myself for being so out of it, so absorbed with my own issues, rightfully so, but!!  I let my family down.  And that Is on me, and I do blame myself and forever will.  And, I own it. 

  18. Steve says:

    I guess one hope for all with faith or otherwise revelation 11:18 bring to ruin those ruining the earth or destroying it  

  19. MS P says:

    NOV 2  Ventura County CA, We had blue skies. I mean really blue. The sun felt normal, on my skin too. I enjoyed the day. Sat outside a good bit.  Trying my best to remember that last time I have seen such blue skies?. No grey, just normal.  Even off in the distance, it was pure blue. I cherished the day. For such days are very rare. 

    My best guess would be some official was in the area. When Obama comes to CA, they do not spray. 

    Today NOV 3 I can see the white haze, to the East. Hot winds are blowing from that direction too. Still more blue than normal. But not as special as it was yesterday.


  20. Steve says:

    i guess the last word has to come from the oldest book, the bible 

    revelation 11:18  bring to ruin those ruining the earth or destroying ! So there is a glimmer of hope for all with faith or otherwise!


  21. SF: To put life on our planet into the vast and larger perspective…
    Laniakea: Our home supercluster
    Superclusters – regions of space that are densely packed with galaxies – are the biggest structures in the Universe. But scientists have struggled to define exactly where one supercluster ends and another begins. Now, a team based in Hawaii has come up with a new technique that maps the Universe according to the flow of galaxies across space. Redrawing the boundaries of the cosmic map, they redefine our home supercluster and name it Laniakea, which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian. [super video here]:

  22. Abigail says:

    Thank you,Dane, and as always, 'Blessings be upon you and your family.'  I am sharing this with Russ Tanner/ OrbisVitae. He is not feeling well at all here lately with the intense burning in his sinuses and metallic taste 24/7's. For those of you who pray, PLEASE keep Russ in your prayers. What a wonderful man with such integrity, not unlike yourself, Dane. You both are helping hundreds of thousands of people. Sincerely thank you and Press Onward!  DO NOT QUIT! NEVER GIVE UP! We are all in this together. CRIMINAL WARFARE ONSLAUGHT! They will be sorry. 'We reap what we sow."  Thank you! 

  23. DrDignity says:

    Check out Alex Kirby's (3 November 2016) article in today's Truthdig entitled, "Geoengineering Unlikely To Work." I posted a comment as well. Please do the same.  The idea of the active solar radiation management programs world-wide is breaking ground in the MSM. 

  24. ron hall says:

    No matter how brutal; no matter how real; one will never know a deeper level of our reality-the matrix- unless one searches for actual facts. And , I for one, do not accept that old adage, "The truth shall set you free!" Speaking the truth to power since the dawn of civilization can cause your instant death-not freedom. We who comment, do not live in the Middle Ages(spend a little time reading and note the savagery and lunacy of humanity in those days)–at least not yet. 

    These comments are a round-about way of getting closer to why an uncomfortable % of humans-especially those in the "deep state" are psychopaths and/or influenced by them(follow insane orders).  According to Dr. Robert Hare about 1% of humans are serious psychopaths. That means there are about 3 million psychopaths(many in the halls of power, including the science community) in America!

     And the following article is disturbing, but factual, because it points towards a certain brain malfunction.  Not only is the prefrontal cortex(ventro-medial PC) not optimally connected to the Amygdala(ancient brain seat of emotion), it has been discovered that levels of neurotransmitters are out of whack, plus testosterone levels are abnormal. Empathy is impossible for such humans, no matter what you tell them. Humanity and its plundering of the planet and obvious movement towards self-extinction can be seen through the brutal truth. That said, we cannot surrender to them. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you ron hall!  I have always said that in my experience truth does not set a person free!  It helps to know the 'mechanics' of psycopathy.  Perhaps all those in power and serious government positions should be mandated to pass an MRI of the brain?!  Throw in a testosterone test to boot.  But, especially the brain.  Must say, it really helps to know it is Not Mommy issues!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      In my humble opinion something is wrong with this paper.

      As far as I know psychopaths are incapable to feel emotions and to build feelings. They only experiment pleasure and lust from the suffering of others. I don't know if testosterone levels have influence on the acting of these "persons". There are a LOT of good guys out there with very high levels of testosterone. I know too that when old men start getting cranky ( because low levels of testosterone ) the right medicine to give to these guys and their families some peace of mind again, is putting them under male hormone therapy. I know also, that altered behavior similar to the behavior of psychopaths happens frequently when people experiment changes in the dopamine cycle, and in dopamine levels. Dopamine is the hormone responsible by our capacity to feel the pain of others – to feel Empathy.

      A LOT of persons in this World have their dopamine levels very altered, because of ALL kinds of drug addiction.

      I believe that the capacity to feel Empathy don't belong exclusively to the Anthropoid "Humanity", but instead I believe that there is a much more enlarged  – Humanity – in the Earth, composed by ALL the Animals ( anthropoids and the others ) that are capable of feeling this Incredible and Lovely Emotion, that lead to a deeper feeling which we call – Love.


      Love must conquer All.

      Humanity is dying.

  25. Seeing Clearly says:

    Measure M "It's more about fear than farming " "is not supposed by the science "  and pesticides are going to go up / give farmers the choice ( watch this peace of propaganda and examine it and expose it yourself , this is local to me and banning GMOs is the way to go we don't know better than nature when it comes to what the genetics of our food should be like we have strange disorders and diseases that are just so common now like. Autism and so on while at the same time we have Frankenstein food and weather. These are very ungodly times we are living in I don't think the human race can responsibly handle the privilege of creating GMOs there's to many problems that can arise from that I would vote to keep GMOs out.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Considering they could not even get red food coloring right. REcalled so many times. Butter is good, then margarine better, oh ops transfat that can't be metabolised by our bodies because it is a unnaturule molecule and that was when we had armies of scientists at the FDA, USDA and EPA. Now they all work for the chem ags and biotechs. AND NOW WE ARE LETTING THEM SCREW AROUND WITH SOMETHING THAT CAN MANIFEST ITSELF, IT IS ALIVE AND WILL REPRODUCE WITH OUT PERMISSION.

  26. There is a moment in the Old Testament Bible [Exodus 12:7] where lamb’s blood is spread on the doors of those who God wants to protect from the plague in Egypt. “…the blood to be sprinkled on the door-posts, to mark the houses of the Israelites from those of the Egyptians. The angel of the Lord, when destroying the first-born of the Egyptians, would pass over the houses marked by the blood of the lamb…”   Because most are so completely blind and unconscious, not realizing that our planet is being destroyed, and even if they know for a time, they seem to forget — thus I am beginning to feel that the capacity to 'see' the spraying in the sky above and comprehending deeply what is occurring is all too similar to the Biblical doors spread with lamb's blood. Those with a pure heart and the ‘eyes to see’ will find their door “passed over” kept safe from harm. “Their safety and deliverance were not a reward of their own righteousness, but the gift of mercy.”

    • Dennie says:

      I'm certainly hoping for something like that to occur, and but soon.  Seems to me there should be some vibrational correlation between having the smarts to face reality and the gift of being saved from complete perdition.  It wouldn't be right, biologically or karmically, for idiots to be rewarded for their willful ignorance, or just plain unfitness for survival due to terminal stupidity.

    • Blue Sue says:


    • izzy says:

      To paraphrase MLK, “The karmic arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice”. And long in this case means really long. In the time-frame we’re operating within, it’s almost impossible to determine who deserves what, how justice should be measured, and when mercy may be applied. If things were fair in the short term, we probably wouldn’t be in the current mess. Some will likely be spared the worst, but I doubt how it unfolds will make much sense.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Susan, thank you.

      I always am in awe when you write your own words.

      We all need hope, We all 'need' direction to where we 'need' to be.

      "War is over, If you want it"


  27. Dennie says:

    Riiiiiiiiiiight… they can't hide it much longer.. (the FACT of PEAK OIL).. From, after the FOMC meeting today:

    "Equities were down across the globe today. We are hesitant to ascribe all of the down-trend to interest rate jitters. We think a lot of the decline in stocks worldwide can be attributed to continuing serious weakness in crude oil.

    West Texas Intermediate settled down almost 3.00%, while Brent North Sea fell about 2.85%. Intriguingly, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down least of all among U.S. indexes. ."

    [source article]:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Dennie, It seems to me that predictions of Peak Oil have been going on for many decades when the fact is that there is lots more oil.  The other fact is that 'theoretically', we don't want it, not at Any cost, clearly not the way to go.  How can we move forward if tied to the past?  And why do economies have to be based upon unsustainable, destructive practices?  It is the destructive part that is unsustainable, not the lack of stuff.  The very greedy, not just corporations but individuals too, as well as politics and militaries do not care about the destructive part.  I watched a program on Nova last night, a Koch production but fascinating.  A long time ago, oddly, I found myself working in a small jewelry store.  At first I was so embarrassed by that I did not tell my extended family!  But, I became intrigued by gem stones.  Not because I wanted them, but because of where they come from and how.  That IS interesting as it deals with various areas of the Earth, what happened when and how in order to make and bring to surface what.  The program was very interesting in that regard, but then showed various idiots going to great lengths, even in the US, to dig up the land, blow it up, Whatever! it takes just to see what could be found considered precious.  The damage was astounding and it is around the world.  Not unlike oil, these nut jobs study past nature events for clues where to look.  It is we, the royal we, who decide what is precious and so invest in it, both labor and dollars.  It seems to me that this is a matter of redefining what is precious and valuable.  I'm not at all sure that our resources are as finite as all keep saying.  What is finite is the climate, our atmospheres, and our lives.  And that is where the hard part Lies.  This is why, in large part, it is so hard to get all to swallow this pill of knowledge.  We are shackled by the past, uncertain how to go forward without these old crutches and immorals.  It is like some blueprint we are stuck to, knowing no other way and some insisting it has to be This way or else.  We need a new blueprint.  It is not enough to point out what is wrong.  And we can't stop what is wrong without a way to exist minus our ties to the past ways of thinking.  I'm calling on all geniuses to come up with a viable new blueprint!  That is the only way to stop all this destruction and "starve" out those 1-3% who "feed" off the old fossil ways, and to gain traction to stop geoengineering, and to save what we can, while we can! 

    • Dennie says:

      What Peak Oil means.  It does not mean that all of Earth's oil just suddenly all runs out, all at once, with no more oil to be found at all, anywhere.  It means that there IS a finite supply and new significant discoveries have peaked.  Then extraction begins to slow.  Because a current analysis of the economy painting a picture of the driving forces of equities and commodities did not ring a bell for you, here are some salient points to ponder:

      Does the name Colin Campbell actually ring a bell?  How about Matt Simmons?  Who the Hell was Marion King Hubbert?  What did they know?  What were they saying?  What about Richard Heinberg, a Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute in Sebastopol, CA?  Why "post carbon?"  Is it just because everyone truly cares, or is there something more about oil we don't know (like maybe the planet has a creamy nougat center made of an ever-replenishing supply of oil, which is the "abiotic" oil theory).  Who are all these people and what do they know about petrochemical energy? 

      What could possibly explain the oil companies' massive consolidation in the late 20th and early 21st century?  Why did the western oil companies (BP mainly) revise their original estimate of the oil in the Caspian and change their plans after excitedly announcing there was an unlimited supply under the ground there?  WHY did Saudi Arabia decide to convert their country to use  all-renewable energy– why would they do that?? And all the propaganda you're hearing about the shale oil and tar sands, it should already be understood by now that those little boom town "glory holes" tend to last all of two to five years' time or so, then they run out, leaving the water massively polluted, with plenty of radon everywhere and devastated communities, more broken than ever before, in the wake of their destructive path.

      Then there is all the discussion, in the archived blog titled The Oil Drum:; Read the +7,500 articles there to get a clearer picture of the lay of the land of oil discoveries, prices and more, from 2006 until 2013, when the blog was stopped.  Here's what former editor Stuart Standiford had to say about the site (sorry, this is three years old now):; Here's a great explanation of the forces and trends and facts of oil extraction by Noah Smith, the "Good Peak Oil" vs. the "Bad Peak Oil," how we really got neither and where we are pretty much now:;

      It was announced in the Army Times a few years back that the United States Army going "green? WHY would they do that??  One thing we know for certain:  Oil is a commodity that behaves like no other.  It is a source of energy that has not been matched by any other source of energy, especially with regard to it's ability to do work as compared to cost (net economics of oil).  Noah Smith sums it up best:  "In the meantime, whatever you think of the predictive prowess of the Peak Oilers, the policy implications of the permanent transition from cheap oil to expensive oil are the same. Humanity is running out of high-quality, fungible, energy dense transportation fuel, and there is no substitute on the horizon. Creating a substitute – be it biofuels, batteries charged by cheap solar, or whatever – is going to take a lot of research, which is going to cost a lot of money. And realistically, the only entity that will put up that kind of money is the government."


  28. James Calfee says:

    What about reports of respiratory problems and fatigue on the day of the spraying?  I can understand loosing ones breath seeing a site like this, but can it really fall that fast?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, about the descent time of the sprayed elements, I have communicated at length with a polymer chemist about this, the mathematical concensus that the particulates could in fact reach ground level in as little as 12 hours. There are certainly many unknowns and variables so even faster descent times are possible.

    • Dennie says:

      I'd say it definitely starts falling out of the sky within hours, less than 12.  We got very heavily sprayed here in Marin County, CA.  They were going all morning long.  By 12:15 I was most definitely breathing ice nucleation chemicals (tasted and felt cold) and having stomach cramps..  I can feel and taste the fine, powdery nanometallic particles every waking– and sometimes sleeping– second of the day.  Now doesn't that kind of kinetic prowess shared only by a rarified 3 per cent of the population impress you?  Fun, huh? 

  29. gene maynard says:

    Ben Franklin said, “It’s the duty of every citizen to question authority”. I say all men should question everything because of assumed authority which is often kept hidden. Many times, especially in times of battle, there is little difference between an ignorant man who has the ear of many, and a shill working directly for the enemy, the efficacy is the same.

    Man made global warming is a real, measured high temperatures around the world prove it as records are continually broken. You would think a serious person would have no problem with that. To a large degree the geoengineering projects facilitating this warming, such as SRM are also responsible for clogging the atmosphere with radio waves, micro waves, ELF waves, whatever you want to call them. Think about what a microwave oven does to food; microwaves and UVB waves are doing the same to you. When the sky looks like a plowed field it’s more than ugly, it’s dangerous.

    I’m just saying, question everything, choose your friends carefully, don’t give your support to the undeserving…when they go down your reputation will go with them. That’s just me.

    • BaneB says:

      Gene Maynard:  Well stated.  And I like your terminology "plowed fields."  I have been using "corn rows, but I am switching:-)

  30. Marc says:

    Got into a long and interesting chat with an amazing guy (half Haitian, half Venezuelan) who was manning a native arts and jewelry shop out on the Tohono O'dham nation in southern Arizona. We talked about many things but what shocked and saddened me was when he was describing an amazing woman, his personal friend, who was in her 70's and who for some inexplicable reason went to get a flu vaccination shot recently. She had an adverse reaction to the shot and died as a result. Really? Yep, she died from the "medicine" that was supposed to save her. Medicine?

       Just exactly what kind of "medicine" is it that shows up in our skies as wildly toxic lingering trails and geometric clouds?


    • Michel B says:

      Talking to a nurse last year, she told me she gets her flu shots. I asked her did she avoid the flu. She said she got the flu a couple of weeks later. Can we presume if they hand out shots for deadly infections that they won't work there either? Well, yes we can. In fact, the shots give you diseases and illnesses in place of any actual help with your health. Why doesn't the medical industry just knock us on the head, pour sewage water from a third world gutter down our throats and steal our wallets from our pockets? It's essentially what they are doing now, at least!

    • Dennie says:

      Did she receive our latest "seasonal" influenza vaccine?  Looks like it is here yet again, the mass public vaccine testing madness in the annual for-profit experiment in statistics and public health.  My next-door neighbor had a flu shot in the late 90s that has left her with a permanent tremor in the left hand.  The doctor told her it's because she's allergic to eggs.. well, with all the fritatas she cooks, and eats, I seriously doubt it.  Some "professional," huh?  It would be like me saying that you play out of tune because your fingers are not all the exact same length… that's a good one, HAH!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      .. AND, W.H.O. is going to Haiti, with 1 million doses of a "relatively new" cholera vaccine.  Better to experiment on a large population of poor black people before going ahead with forcing the shots on nice Northern Hemisphere white folks. 

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Marc,

      Those sinister streaks and geometric clouds are surely Ahriman's toxic brew spewn by his legions who delight in death and destruction.  It is disturbing and distressing beyond belief, and the heavy weight of this awareness burdens the soul and spirit. 

      Here in Wasilla, Alaska it was a balmy 45 degrees today – the snow from last week is gone, green lawns are exposed again, and all the brown, aluminum-pocked birch leaves that fell in August scatter in the wind.  Septembers in Alaska used to be crisp and cold with clear blue skies and lovely golden leaves still on all the birch trees, but no more. 

      Tonight while paying for my Thai dinner at the counter, I struck up a conversation with a fellow (my age – 60 ish) who was ordering take out, and interestingly enough, our conversation that started by discussing the need to eat gluten-free (he ordered fresh springrolls), led to the fact that flour nowadays ain't the same flour our grandparents ate.  Next thing ya know, HE brought up the subject of those awful trails criss-crossing our Alaskan skies and we exchanged our thoughts on topics from HAARP to vaccines — all in about 5 minutes!  We both agreed on so much — it was so refreshing to find another human being who had eyes to see.  Thank goodness, more and more young people are waking up to the terrible reality we face. I am grateful for the opportunity to commiserate with like minds on such vital topics thanks to you all and especially Dane.  I will continue to share and speak the truth to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.  God bless you all. 

  31. Sharlette price says:

    Hi Dane thanks a lot for all that you're doing to sound the alarm I would like to do my part to sound the alarm. I live in Brentwood Long Island NY, I see them spray day and night but people think I'm crazy but I refuse to give up.

  32. adam coleman says:

    Right now there's a guy called Assange and he is waking sheeple up L&R! Right NOW is a good time to reach out to him Dane cause he knows about YOU & and I feel while he knows so Assange can leak some of the Mad Scientists DDDDCheap and possibly WIDE OPEN THAT CAN OF WORMS TO WAKE EVERYONE UP! NOW IS THE TIME WHILE HE STILL BREATHES!

  33. Nemo says:

    Bloomberg article:
    WOW! "moves closer to reality" WOW! Just look up!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    What's the reasoning behind this article?

    • Marc says:

      Nemo, just another disinformation hit piece to keep the public's delusional "reality" intact? Allegedly authored by "Anna Hirtenstein". The cluelessness and shallowness of understanding embodied within this article is truly breathtaking. Or maybe it really is just the blind leading the blind.

  34. Joseph L. says:

    United Nations body is investigating controversial methods to avert runaway climate change by giving humans the go-ahead to re-engineer the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere.

  35. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Meteorologists will tell you that these HAARP cloud signatures, are a result of upper level wind patterns. I have been told by Action News Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh, that the Sub tropical Jet Stream can cause those type of cloud configurations. I know that is not true. Professionals will tell you anything, but the truth.

  36. Dylan says:

    Radio transmission, in addition to interacting with the particulates and spreading the cloud cover out, if sustained at the right frequency and power will excite atmospheric electrons to the point where a chain reaction occurs, freeing electrons which then augment lower cloud formation.This process is also enhanced by the aerosols.
    Lower clouds in the Arctic are net-warming.
    The same transmission will enhance the breakdown of methane into carbon dioxide and water. which supplies 50% of humidity for the generation of Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSCs). PSCs are net-warming.
    Ionospheric heaters which focus the same energy higher up, simulate the effects of the solar wind. The solar wind produces nitrogen oxides which damage the ozone layer. A damaged ozone layer leads to a cooler stratosphere which also  encourages the development of Polar Stratospheric Clouds, especially in combination with ice nuclei seeded by aircraft. PSCs enhance the breakdown of ozone, a self-reinforcing process.
    Aircraft such as AWACS, which are actually modified Boeing 707s,operate in both the upper troposphere where commercial aircraft cruise, and, conveniently obscured by the cirrus cloud cover they provide, in the stratosphere.
    One was caught in the act of emitting a curious, coil-shaped contrail. This circular flight pattern was most likely employed to concentrate the maximum number of aerosols into the targeted region of the upper troposphere. This subsequently morphed into a vast aviation-induced cirrus cloud covering 50,000 km2 at its peak, which was most of southern England.
    Note also that they are airborne radar pickets.The airborne radars can focus pulsed electromagnetic beams into the atmosphere, generating and augmenting lower clouds and enhancing the breakdown of methane and ozone.

  37. Francis Kuhn says:

    Another day with the sky filled with Chemtrails from the Jets flown by mongrels. I live a few miles out from Wexford town in South East Ireland. 

    The State Controlled main TV Station Lapdogs in this country never talks about  the Chemtrailed poisoned sky in the Weather Reports. 

    • Andy says:

      Hey Francis, I here you, same in N Scotland….not too bad but no matter, flight path cuts mainly about 50 miles south of us, sometimes over us, but it can spread from one end of the country to the other in a single day so even when we see none, we still get hit with the leftovers drifting from down your way…..shame on them

    • Andy says:

      check country file on a Sunday evening….most of their outside broadcasts have many trails in the background innocently floating around while the presenter rattles on about organic farming etc…..kinda ironic… the latest Playstation advert shows some game footage and yes you guessed….quite a few scenes have trails in the sky….but one snippet has 2 mega trails drawn across the sky that you can't miss…..wonder what prompted the software guys who coded the game to include, and in some cases, emphasise them via their development

  38. Mike looking up says:

    THIS IS A SILENT WAR ON THE U.S. CIVILIZATION AND THE WESTERN WORLD. LAST TWO DAYS IN SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN NEVER BEFORE SEEN LIKE THIS, WITH 50, 60, 70 LINES IN THE SKY AT ANY ONE TIME. WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN A SLOW DEATH PATTERN.  "What the hell is the idea ? Is this extermination ? I believe it is as steps and measures need to change…………………………………………. The least we can do is get in front of Air Forse Bases with signs and protesters. If are voice isnt heard were dead. THIS IS TOTAL WAR.

    • LS says:

      Yes Mike looking up It has been like that here for a couple years. I've done everything I could think of.  We are all open to new ideas. There is total denial on every level. We should be acting like we are being bombed because we are. Sorry it has gotten bad there but we need everyone to raise their voices at least…….yesterday, it is that urgent.

  39. William says:

    Dane, using NASA worldview, check out Guadelupe Island, directly west of Hermosillo, Mexico in the Pacific beyond Baja.  They don't have the power on every day, but many days you'll see a very distinct energy source leaving that island and heading a few degrees east of direct south.  It makes eddy currents in the clouds that go for miles and miles, even when the wind is headed a different direction – exact same orientation every time they're there.

    The smoking guns are right in front of us – why the heck don't the real hacker groups expose this stuff?!? Of all the pilots and operators in this massive system, where are the whistleblowers that have hard evidence, documentation, etc… 

    Thanks Dane for your work, and every commenter here – it helps to not go totally crazy knowing I'm not the only one!

  40. Michel B says:

    This tinnitus that many of us claim to experience is interesting. I have it too but my hearing has shown to be good in tests. The thing is, the tinnitus sometimes starts at the same time early in the morning. It has different tones like there is a little wayward electronic orchestra in my head.

    I have asked others at work if they experience these little tones starting and stopping, sometimes quite 'loud', then muting to more subdued ones. Others have said they do experience that.

    Is it possible to have a 'plague of tinnitus'? Or like increasing respiratory illness, is it another indication we are being affected by weather weaponry?

    • Donna-AZ says:

      I have non-stop Tinnitus in my left ear that was aquired after Smart Meter installation. Even after RF meters were removed (which made us both really sick) the ringing is still there. The meters they replaced them with are still Smart Meters. My understanding is, that Tinnitus is also caused from the Dirty Electricity emissions on the wiring in your house from these digital (Electronic) Smart Meters. Many people report that the Tinnitus goes away when the digital (Electronic) Smart Meters are removed and Electromechanical Meters are installed. I also get ringing in my right ear on occasion along with short duration headaches when the "Almighty" installs high pressure in our area, which is quite often lately. 

    • BaneB says:

      Michel B:  I have that "orchestra" playing its Luciferian 'music' in my ear this very morning.  Yes, it has various pitch and 'harmonics' happening parallel to one another all at one time.  If I concentrate on the sound(s) it is an intrusion and a discomfort of a sort, as in driving me crazy.  One mid-day recently the tinnitus was extremely increased in volume and the racket forced itself on me.  It comes and goes.  I become busy with my chores around here and forget it's going on in my head, so I don't always pick up on when it starts or stops.  Given the understanding that microwave communication by powerful transmitters are everywhere, the greater power being with the military operations, it should not be surprising that our brains and auditory faculties are being impacted.  The entire atmosphere has been turned into a microwave smorgasbord.  Not to mention  our brains are slowly accumulating nano-metals per a recent article I read a couple weeks ago.  Where is the Devil?  In the I-Cloud.

    • Rosalie says:

      Michel B, 

      In regards to tinnitus; you may or may not have made the connection with mercury amalgam fillings (silver) or root canals with metal laced crowns, and the frequencies around us. I have no idea if you have them, but if you do,  you can be walking around and it's like a transistor radio effect. Your metals in your mouth act like an antenna. This may seem far-fetched, but do some research on this. Some resources: Andrew Cutler, Quick Silver, a book called Whole Body Dentistry, is a start. I had a mouth full of mercury fillings and two root canals removed over 10 years ago by a biological dentist: Dr. Hans Jurgen Schwartz, an incredible dentist in Canada that did wonders for me. I belong to two mercury detox support groups online.  For those considering removal of mercury fillings, NEVER go to a regular dentist unless they have all the proper equipment and the dam around your mouth for dealing with something so highly toxic and damaging to you neurologically and physically. Hope this helps.

    • Michel B says:

      Rosalie, I had my few amalgam fillings removed in the mid nineties and it was a good decision. The first thing I noticed was the lack of metallic taste in my mouth. I was used to them to the point of not noticing while they were in, but they became obvious when gone. I also did a detox with special products offered by the dentist.

      I don't doubt amalgams have an antenna effect. Their toxicity effect though is well known.

    • Abigail says:

      Hello Michael B. I have tinnitus 24/7's. You asked if it could be a 'plague of tinnitus'……sometimes it is caused be a head injury, or having been around a very loud sound that caused your nerves inside your ears to escalate. Personally, I had a brain aneurysm several years ago. And YES, as a result of that I do have tinnitus. I can honestly say that the 30mg of Vinpocetine, helps immensely. Vinpocetine is all natural from the Vinca (periwinkle) plant. It definitely helps! I KNOW for a fact! The 10mgs helped slightly. Later <> now has the 30mg capsules available. I highly recommend this. In some cases it may just lower the buzzing or whistling sound, and often it dispenses it completely. Try to concentrate on another sound in the room, even if it's the silent hum of the refrigerator, or turn on a radio, if possible. It honestly helps me. Blessings! You are not alone with this. Some even to a much higher extent.

    • Wendy K. says:

      Hello all,

      i believe the discussion was brought up before about

      tinnitus on Dane's website.   I suffer from it as well, in both ears

      and have been  

      affected negatively by the ringing in my ears for at

      least 15 years!  I have always thought it was weather warfare

      related, as my hearing is fine, even above normal. 

      But the ringing is constant and I have to "ignore" it or try

      to anyway to get relief.  

      Keep up the fight for the common good.  Try and wake

      others up and be vigilant in the fight!! God bless you all.

    • Jeanette S says:

      It is the ah's doing the microwaving, etc. I can hear it. I do organic everything even clothes, my senses are heightened and I am telling you it is the idiots at work. Don't forget HAARP. I think they even call homes and when the answering machine picks up it goes for a while and no message. I think it is through the line. Don't know but that is what I think.

    • Dennie says:

      Another piece of the puzzle re tinnitus:  When your nose and ears are clogged with metal nanoparticulates it clogs them up, which can create a ringing in the ears.  I heard a lot of people coughing and sneezing this past week, and last Sunday one of our sopranos was complaining of clogged ears.  YOU BET this is being caused by the nanoparticulates being sprayed on YOU.  My little 5-year-old piano student was given prednisone because she had some kind of asthma attack at 3 a.m. last Monday.  JUST GET THE SHIT OUTTA THE AIR.  JUST GET THE JETS OUTTA THE SKIES.  AND JUST GET THE KIDDIES OUTTA THE CONTROL ROOM!!!!

  41. Free Energy Technologies says:

    There is a hard reality but there are methods they can use to successfully control the weather without leaving almost any evidence behind this is explainable through the laws of physics where you can hit the core in a way that can steer the storm completely because it gets caught in a different current of air because when you hit the core it slows  down the storm changing the pattern and also investigate the properties of geometric shapes which are formed in clouds to control the weather.

    • BaneB says:

      Free Energy Technology:  There is a great deal of microwave manipulation of the Pacific storms that move into California.  Here in the northern part of the state we have just finished with about two weeks of off and on rain. My area received about 8 inches total to date.  I think it is difficult for the weather terrorists to be in total control of the weather fronts coming into the Pacific Northwest.  And I do think the main target is not the north, though we certainly are sprayed and microwaved as a part of the overall plan to control the weather over the continental US.  My sense is some entity/power covets the Central Valley farm lands, a global entity that will purchase the cheap droughted land and the water rights, and turn on the rain again.  Otherwise the denial of rain to the south makes little sense to me, though these terrorists psychopaths might just hate California and want her destroyed.  Maybe "logic" plays no role.    Pacific storms approaching the south are raining out in the ocean, hit a artificially installed high pressure bubble, and evaporate, all the while being sprayed with aerosol dessicants.  After moving east out of the state, these low pressure systems reform and rain.  It's amazing.  The process is now understood and observable via the weather satellites.  It's no secret.  The information is not widely disseminated enough to cause a mass rejection of weather meddling, assuming the majority would give a damn.  

    • James says:

      I see these geometric clouds from satellite imagery every day.    How can a fluid produce geometric shapes when science says it can't?    Something is fishy here and have dozens of photos of images on my phone waiting for anyone that wants to hear about their demise from the skies.  

      Also has anyone noticed that their radar detectors keep beeping on a consistent basis when they're streaming rf for weather manipulation?

      I've had radar detectors for decades and use them daily and the last few years they're constantly going off when clearly there's no police radar nearby or any police near that would set these off.    My Ka band and X band both do this depending on the day, time, etc.   

      Anyone else notice this?

  42. Yar Swerc says:

    It's like vomiting on a badly burned casserole and then serving it to your kids and grandchildren for dinner. Sorry to be so graphic, but it seems a fitting analogy for what we are allowing to happen.

  43. Dale Smith says:

    I have witnessed (in real time) every "phenomenon" the Dane posted over the last four years in three very distinctly different regions of this country. The military industrial complex has a new toy and they are using it to not only manipulate the weather but to make money off of it. This program is killing the food supply…what part about that do people not understand? The more corrupted the soil, the harder it is to get anything to grow naturally. I have researched the systematic decline of the family owned farms that fell victim to declining yields because of intentionally caused droughts, flooding or an epidemic of tornados just after planting season or right before harvest is GLARINGLY obvious because there is a pattern. By destroying the yields of the family farms that only make it year to year, eventually they have to sell out to the major corporate entities like Monsanto. The powers that be are also buying up the fresh water while using fracking to poison underground aquifers. They are trying to create artificial scarcities of food and water in order to get us to comply to their globalist plan that is Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. All of this is in their own white papers where they lay all of this out. Wake up, people………if not for yourself but for your children.
    The ones pushing this do not want you to listen to accredited researchers like Dane Wiginton

  44. Rosalie says:

    Incredible photos, Dane. It should be vividly clear to people when you look at these disturbing photos.  Another: "If this doesn't wake them up," moment.  A number of years back, I bought a brand new townhouse close to the "big city" : Toronto, Canada.  It was near Yonge St. (longest street in the world). All the wires for everything were underground.  Smart meter, high density, wireless frequency nightmare, took its toll on me.  They sprayed that area day and night. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back then.  After moving out of the area near a park, and in an older subdivision, my health started returning to normal. Well, as normal as it can be when we're being fried by microwaves and inhaling chemicals to the hilt. I have found Loyyd Burrel's site, very helpful.  Thank you so much for doing what you do, Dane.

  45. jim stewart says:

    Making all our voices heard makes each individulal important.

  46. Chad H says:

    Sometimes images are the best way to get your point across. Doing articles like this really makes you grasp just how large scale the Climate Engineering problem is. The problem is so bad, I don't even have the words to describe it. But that is why we need to stay strong, no matter what happens. 

    Thank you Dane, I know you never wanted to be in this position, but life works in mysterious ways doesn't it. We all very much appreciate your work on this dire issue. Stay safe my friend
    I made with satellite imagery of strange shapes, particulate trails, and frequency waves below.

  47. Deborah says:

    It kind of blows my mind that there is no technology in peoples hands in the entire Silicone Valley that could disrupt or permanently take down antenna  that are set up all over California. You might even find a solution within the local bylaws. I remember Linda of the Dynasty show was successful due to by-laws on electrical fields etc. and the distance it had to be before it was considered safe.There is no time left for paper wars in kangaroo courts.But maybe your possible election Nov. 8th could change the tides. Get Trump to say something, he is on a roll. Try everything just as much as you question everything and solutions come. Peace

  48. rand says:

    There is global warming, but at this point everyone can see that the liars are blaming the effects of GeoEngineering on "Global Warming".

    I think the Geo Engineering, not global warming, is the major threat.

    Overlapping the effects of GeoEngineering onto the effects of inadvertent global warming gives more credance to the argument that GeoEngineering is necessary.

    I think that Geo Engineering is not necessary and is causing almost all global warming at this point and inadvertent global warming is probably a lot less than the liars want people to know.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rand, yes, the disintagrating climate system is a complex equation and climate engineering is a major part of it. This being said, we should not underestimate the immensity of damage that has been done to the planet by the human race on countless fronts. We have cut down the forests, poisoned the seas, and paved the planet. Climate engineering is the greates single assault of all, but by no means the only assault.

  49. Ed Bee says:

    As if geoengineered skies were not bad enough, now we have to worry about geoengineered AND microwaved skies. In recent days, I have seen each one of the patterns on display. I might have missed the purported reason for the microwaving. I would guess to disperse the aerosol cover even further? But wouldn't that add significantly to atmospheric warming? This morning we had all the broken-up clouds indicating microwave activity. Then all afternoon, the entire sky was criss-crossed with expanding white lines. And now, I am watching what appears to be two suns setting in the west! And not one of the hundred or so people I talked with today made any comments about what was going on, except to say what a beautiful day it is. I almost want to give up on the human race at this point. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, yes, the human race has so far behaved with unimagibable contempt on countless fronts. In spite of this, and indeed because of this, those of us that are awake and trying to sound the alarm must never yield to the apathy of others. We must stand our ground and remain at our posts The forced wake up of the masses will come soon, one way or another. Glad to have you with us in this battle Ed.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Ed, you may want to give up, but you won't. We are in this until our last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity. It has gotten to the point where I berate the ones that smile uncontrollably and laugh when I bring this issue up. They always back down and slither away, end of conversation when I do so. I really enjoy doing it. Never, Ever Give Up!!!

  50. brian girard says:

    This may sound crazy , what if we all band together and make a LAW SUITE for whats its doing to us all and making us so sick and killing are planet. Is there a way to put a law suite on the U.N. or the military, there has to be something we can do to stop it besides use force or better yet we all stop paying taxes . IF there using are tax money to kill us and destroy are planet , or make are planet sick , we need to stop paying for it.

    • Dane, thank you. I am chief of a tribe, as well as, chief of a inter-tribal security/investigation service. I have been researching this criminal endeavor for a number of years. As of late, many people have become ill with unidentifiable symptoms that do not easily dissipate. As a double-organ transplant recipient, it has affected me especially badly. Gratefully, by traditional means, I have been able to mitigate the symptoms. It would appear that the various toxins being sprayed all over the skies are causing neurological problems, plus too many others to list. I worry about all living beings upon the Earth. I have contacted several members of Congress, seeking the what and why they are doing this. I have never received any reply. 

      Your research is important, Dane. My deputy chief (T.I.I.A.) came upon this article, and the brilliant comments therein, and shared it on a business site. It confirms much of the information which I have garnered over the last few years. With your permission, sir, I would also like to share it. People need to know what is being done to them. Thank you again, Dane. I honor you, and appreciate all that you do. Many blessings.

  51. nobodiesfool says:

    We all are very confused, some of us for near 20 yrs now, as to how to stop it, make major changes.I recommend to my sisters here, and brothers, a great film I viewed last night, available on netflix. She's Beautiful When She's Angry. We did it before, we can do it again. They are so few, we are so many.

  52. Will says:

    hi Dane really appreciate what u are doing for all of us . My name is will I live in Long Island New Yorker. Can u tell me about the black lines I am seeing now that are coming out of the planes .i just started seeing them about a week now and I don't think they are the clear lines the planes follow sometimes these are coming directly from the planes . Thanks again for what u are doing .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Will, about the black lines that project out in front of aircraft under some circomstances, they are shadows being reflected off of a lower layer of atmospheric aerosols. At least this has been the case in every photo we have examined. There are so many reflective layers being formed in the skies above us (from the aerosol spraying operations), the shadow formation are now varied and unnatural.

  53. DrDignity says:

    Today (1 November 2016) in Climate News Network is an article by Alex Kirby entitled, "Geoengineering Unlikely to Work According to Conservation Group."

    • DrDignity says:

      A special thanks to Ron Morgan of Morongo Valley!  Yes, I see the same clouds everyday here in Palm Springs.  No more azure skies, not for a week at least of heavy spray.

  54. I documented numerous skies like these on my channel.

    Strange world we are living in!

    • Edward Palys says:

      Thanks. I've been watching a number of these pics taken by readers, including myself. I have some great ones also showing complete hazing of a blue sky after some three hours of spraying. Today afternoon I took a little siesta nap and ended up having a nightmare of countless planes spraying a beautiful blue sky. The dream was so close to reality and I'm glad I was wakened by the phone.

  55. kathleen says:

    Thanks for another eye-opening gut-wrenching report. I've noticed the visible horizon-to-horizon trails have been being replaced with HAARP'd/microwaved patterns. I can count on the fingers of ONE hand the days this year my sorry town has had "normal" cloud formations. That is less than once a month! This is infuriating. 

    Please write another column on various foods we can consume to help us heal or ward off some of these substances sprayed on us. Bitter herbs, cilantro, dandelion greens, turmeric, garlic, sprouts, bright colored foods that are seasonal, actual "food" rather than stuff in packages in the center aisles of the market, etc. 

    Keep up the fight; we are here by your side.

  56. Jeff says:

    The spraying was already going on a before 8:30 am this morning.  By the afternoon the sky was a complete white out here in WV.  It looks so weird outside today almost like a solar eclipse.  And they are still spraying at 5:00 pm.  Even when the sky is totally white they keep spraying.  Sick.

  57. This is an excellent older article posted on GW. Scroll down for a complete explanation of the technology the transmitters, Project Lucy, HAARP, LIDAR, etc. with informative diagrams:
    Radio and Laser Frequency and Harmonic Test Ranges for the Lucy and HAARP Experiments and their Application to Atmospheric Methane Destruction / October 18, 2012
    Dane Wigington: (this is a hard science article with a long list of reference sources)  This data is confirmed from other sources as well as conditions on the ground. It does not get more sobering than this. The planet we have known is ending by the day. A completely new and very inhospitable biosphere is unfolding. Geoengineers and the military/industrial/corporate complex have perhaps pounded the final nails into our collective coffins. …
    “Project Lucy aims to design, build and test a microwave and laser transmission system targeting low-altitude methane clouds, while the HAARP experiment will target stratospheric methane clouds with the aim of breaking down the first C – H bond as soon as the methane erupts from the Arctic ocean into the atmosphere (Light and Carana, 2012) (Figure 7). Methyl group gases and oxygen and ionized hydrogen are released from the methane and water and the hydrogen will rise into the troposphere and stratosphere and combine to form H2.  One of the more complex radio and laser frequency methane destruction systems can be set up by three transmitters arranged in an equilateral triangle so that they set up a cubic interference pattern within the rising methane cloud (Figure 7). The transmitters can be mounted on submarines, planes and after 2015 on boats and drilling rigs when the Arctic ice cap has completely melted (Arctic News, 2012).”

  58. Cheryl Criswell says:

    I have had severe tinnitus for 3 yrs., 24/7.  It's crazy-making.  I notice chemtrails and wonder if there is a correlation.  Kalispell, MT.  Anyone have feedback?


    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Is this the same Cheryl Criswell that lived in kenai , Alaska back in the 90's?

    • nobodiesfool says:

      yes, these are all nerve toxins. Nervines help, particularly valerian, hops, and skullcap, tho the last, being above ground crop, lost much potency years ago.

    • Gretchen says:

      Me too. I think its radio frequency  from cell towers (HAARP towers.) I can (hear) the changes in intensity and pitch (when we're being zapped,) and while traveling. I can (hear) the towers before I see those obscured from view by trees. My head has always been a sort of barometer, ears popping with pressure changes, which now has become a chronic condition. Fucking psychopaths are pissing me off.

  59. Mishelle says:

    Does anyone know someone doing research on the effects on wild birds?  I see a decline in my area but am having a hard time finding anyone with data just on the decline I'm noticing let alone whether it could be a result of the climate engineering programs. Thanks for any leads.

    • Drew says:

      I don't know if this is helpful or not, but here's a collection of animal die-offs around the world:

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello Mishelle.

      As far as I know, and I'm reading and gathering information about this PROBLEM for more than 25 years ( and only now I understand why ), the lost of populations for almost ALL species of birds, in the West ( and it seems that the tendency is global ), is up to over 90 %, with a LOT of localized extinction for many species, in many geographical areas. Not only for big birds, but for all sizes and ALL kinds of birds. One of the big causes for this to happen is connected with the eclipsing of ALMOST ALL insects when these psychopaths conduct heavy spraying everywhere. Because of their size and respiratory system – by their stigmas – insects are extremely sensitive to the nano particles of aluminum ( Amphibians, Bats and Wild Rodents are vanishing also ).

      45 years ago, flocks with more than 600 or even thousands of sparrows were very common. Now for seeing more than 50 together is not easy, and I do NOT live in the city.

      About big Mammals it's not needed to say nothing.

      Is the dark cult of death of the MFs, operating.

      But they will fry too, this is the ""funny"" part.


      Good Luck to Us All.

    • MS P says:

      I got into going out birding, a few years ago.Where I look up the birds, to learn the ID. More than just duck, seagull, humming bird, raptor, & so on. I have always loved birds, & nature. I also like to take photos. Yes they all are in great decline. Compared to when I was younger. 


      Audubon only talks about climate change. In their messages. I have replied back, asking about geoengineering. =No reply. I am not a member. But on the mailing lists. They keep wanting to create legislation, to protect birds. 

      One thing I have noticed, & observed myself. Is birds, not normal to California. A scissor tailed Fly catcher-(state bird of Oklahoma) Lived in a local park. She coupled up with a Western Kingbird. Had 2 hybrid offspring. One survived to fly south with her. She returned again last year. Did not couple up with any Western Kingbirds. She tried. Even mounted a few, in effort to try to reproduce. She did not return this past summer.

      Raptors are starving to death, due to lack of prey. Also other issues. 

      I also saw a neo tropic hawk. ID as a  Zone Tailed Hawk. Native to South America, was here  locally. There has been lots of birds, from Alaska.  & birds from south America here too. Many species, are not common to these parts of CA. Perhaps other locations, have observed much of the same?

      A  White Pelican, banded in Idaho, is hanging around my area, this past week. I have observed them here, for the past 3 winters. Never seen them before. Not sure where they all fly in from? Most are not banded.

      The Brown Pelicans are also in decline. There was a west coast Brown Pelican count done recently. From Mexico to Washington state. Due to  grave concern, for the species.


      I also have been following Whooping Crane news. Their efforts to bring these birds back to their native lands. No one knows if they will make it? For some years they were using ultra light planes to guide them. This year they will not fly with the birds. The hope is the colts born this year, will follow some elders.


      The Pikes are going extinct. Lagomorpha family.  They live in high elevations. (A cousin to the rabbit/hare) . Due to the temperatures going up. They are about to be lost in California.

       To learn more…I'll suggest looking up  Cornell's E bird. To learn which ones, are rare sightings.All this man made weather, blows in some interesting birds.

      You can also join in the "citizen science"  bird counts

    • SD says:

      MSP – I have also seen an unusual scissor tailed bird in my yard recently (Orange County CA)

      Small, mostly white body with black wings and long black scissor tail.  BUT – He has a seed eater's beak! Eats bird seed when I put it out. Never seen anything like it.

      Just like the spraying going on – I'm the only guy in the neighborhood who sees it!

  60. Denise says:

    Yes, rainbow colored clouds due to the metal and chemicals.  See it all the time.  Bright red or orange sunsets, reflecting off these trails.  Poison across the entire sky.  Oh but they are doing nothing wrong, say the liars to the people.  Always being pushed to get that flu shot!  I never have.  Even see the trails on T.V. commercials.  They don't even bother to try to hide it.  Tell a lie long enough, people will take it as truth.

  61. Christine says:

    The purpose of microwaving us, must be a LONG PLANNED ONE, with consequences I personally just not dare to imagine. All what I know is, every single protein in our bodies, every single DNA, every single piece of ligand and metal has an electrical property called dipole moment, which can be steered in external EMF fields. An article by the masters in that area, M. Blank and Reba Goodman, called: 'DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields', shares lot of details on the EMF interaction with DNA. The fact that Glyphosate, the NO 1 compound in all GMO foods, is also an artificial replacement for the human inhibiting neurotransmitter, glycine, must certanily play a role in the process. The EMF fields are affecting our thoughts, our brain, our capabilities to decide, alone through the fact that the NMDA receptor, to which glycine binds, is involved in all of this. The 'science' behind all of this, must be somehow coordinated by the super high 'decision makers', who are indeed receiving the highest imaginable money for the entire research, and that is military, of course under the pretext of 'national security'!!!

  62. SueG says:

    I recently flew from Denver to Columbus, OH and back.  On the way back there were geoengineered 'clouds' the entire way, the plane never went above them, stayed in the middle of them..  Spraying was all around the plane, and it was quite a rough ride back to Denver, I wondered if their microwave activity creates the turbulence…?

    • stephan says:

      @ SueG. My sister in law is still a stewardess for the largest airline in Canada (40+ years of flying). One day sitting on her deck I handed her a  geoengineeringwatch glossy flyer and at the same time let her and the family know that the "clouds" that were in the sky that day were man made, Man did that change the family get together atmosphere, She actually said that when they flew through the trails "it was like hitting a brick wall". That was my last visit (she blocks all my emails ever since), Paycheck and a pension. I'm now in the process of trying to get my two nieces (6 young children between them) to open their eyes about the dangers of vaccines. I'll keep trying till something gives either way.

    • SueG says:

      So sad, why does no one see these?  Carlin was an amazing man and way on top of what is happening in this world.

  63. Anne Denise says:

    I was working outside Sunday and started to feel strange – weak, sick, etc. I looked up and there were the streaks being sprayed across the skies, expanding, and then I saw those colored patches in one of the sections. I had to go in and stop working outside.

    I am struggling to keep my meager crops alive – it has never been this dry for so long here (Western North Carolina mountains)! I feel so sad inside, grieving for this amazing planet and these incredible forms of life which are being destroyed! It's like a pain in my gut, every day. 

    Does it do any good to contact people in government or the media, or are they all just pretending they don't know what's going on? What actions can we take that would be helpful?

    • Laura says:

      Effective action is what?   What specifically can be done?  What will be effective/  Should we organize a demonstration somewhere?  A huge rally?  Any and all ideas are welcome.  Dane is doing a huge amount…I've written my elective officials..(ok..I admit not all) but the responses are uniformally totally composed of "This is not going on" at least so far.  Even people like Diane Feinstein which initially really disappointed me.  I tried Robert Redford…I'm discouraged about this route..maybe too easily.   I do tell people in my environment and have some success…but damn, it feels like it's time to do something more but exactly what that is eludes me.  Perhaps we can use each other to bounce ideas off each other until we can come up with a plan.  Do we have enough activists to have a national rally?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laura, yes, the masses have so far remained unimaginably apathetic, but they will not have this option for long. There was never any easy way forward in this fight, but all the efforts to sow seeds of awareness are beginning to pay off as converging catastrophes are forcing people to wake up. We must all be as creative, ascertive, and objective as we can in regard to ongoing efforts to sound the alarm. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward. Even our unfolding legal efforts (which I will give an update on in this weeks radio broadcast) are still focused primarily on radically expanding public awareness of the climate engineering insanity. FYI link attached, lets keep marching, the damn of silence and denial is breaking down thanks to all of our combined efforts. Never give up. FYI

    • Al C says:

      On heavy spray days, I too feel weak and tired.
      I used to walk 4 to 5 days a week, now I exercise indoors…….I've also noticed on heavy aerosol days, my fellow citizens all seem to be acting erratically, likes it's a full moon on steroids.
      I'm sure this toxic fallout is affecting us all and have had a couple of weird poison ivy like rashes that I can't explain.
      So nice to be a guinea pig.

  64. Robert Curran says:

    Thank you Dane!  My wife and I moved out of California to the upper panhandle of Idaho to escape the monstrous chem-trailing in the middle of California only to find the chem-trailing here as well.  We continually observed the "drying out" effect of these aluminum-laced sprays in central California, and realized that the enemy is not in the middle east, but in Washington DC!  I came out of WWII Germany to the US, but now firmly believe that our "out of control" government would be envied by the Nazi government of that time.  I tell everyone that I can about how damgerous the chem trails are to the planet and our lives!  Thank you for what you do!


    Bob Curran



    • Earth Angel says:

      Robert, I have come to understand that our current out of control government is infiltrated by the very Nazi government we supposedly defeated in WW2 (compliments of Operation Paperclip). It's no wonder things have gotten SO BAD. Of course its true; otherwise wouldn't things have gotten much better by now?! The rotten scum are running the show full tilt. We are waking up to these truths now. We can change the equation- THEY ARE GOING DOWN NOW!!

  65. Andy avalos says:

    Dane, you should come out here to the Antelope Valley California and see what they're doing to our skies here just pitiful I'm sick of it perhaps you can come here too or Fairgrounds or a hotel and let everyone know I will support you 100% let me know!

    • MS P says:

      YES the A V is so sick: I loved to go out there to see the stars. The past 10 years has gotten really bad out that way. Joshua trees dying.

  66. SD says:

    Two scientific reports released here in CA recently which link our drought to HIGHER TEMPS which are caused by increase in CO2/GHGs. One by UCLA Geography prof and other by USGS? Of course Geoengineering contributions were again omitted.

    Yet reports keep coming in  from across the U.S. and elsewhere of observations of heavy aerial spraying in the days before arrival of PREDICTED and EXPECTED rainstorms which then become greatly diminished. I certainly have to believe that the aerosols may actually TRAP HEAT and therefore worsen the drought.

    Microwave heater technology I believe used mostly to create LOW PRESSURE areas which cause localized FLASH FLOODS – not helping overall drought situation.

    REDUCED SNOWPACK in western U.S. and elsewhere also now causing unwanted POSITIVE FEEDBACK.

    • W.C. says:

      It is amazing that those 'scientists' who write thier reports don't have access to the NASA photographs (on this site) of the apparently 100+ mile wide and long plane created 'pollution' blanket cloud mass that seems to almost always be situated directly off the California coast. Surely being objective scientists and knowing how 'contrails' are admitted to affecting moisture and weather patterns they would want to not ignore this. Right?

  67. Yuri Gorby says:

    As a critical scientist with particular interest in bioprocess engineering, my eyes are wide open to weather modification that began at GE right here in the Hudson River Valley.  Rain samples taken after induced cloud formation contain a variety of nanoparticulates, including alumimun oxide, silica, and titanium oxide.  Working toward a peer reviewed publication now.  Many thanks to Dane Wigington for taking a scientifically credible approach toward raising public awareness.  My Environmental Engineering students are interested and concerned.  


    • Anne Denise says:

      Thank you!!

    • Christine says:

      Incredibly happy about your message!! The more scientists with access to analytical methods of chemical analysis are involved here, the better. Paying for water analysis is extremely expensive, not every citizen can effort it. Plus, once something is published, people will pay more attention to!! PLEASE, hurry up with this article. Thank You Dane and all for sharing!!!

    • Dennie says:

      The ONLY way this is going to change is to SHOW the kids the REALITY of the situation, MAKE them look up, leading by EXAMPLE, and TEACH THEM THE TRUTH.  Realistically, we'll need three or four or five generations before we see the tide of popular knowledge change.  I used to subscribe to the magical thinking notion that "God" is somehow going to come down here when everything reaches a Very Critical Point, wave His Magic Wand and sprinkle magic fairy dust all over us (we already have that…) and everything will be all right the next instant!!!  Too much of that "thinking" is still going on here: "Yeah?  Well, MY dad's going to come down here and BEAT UP YOUR dad!"  The biggest problem with that kind of "someone else will fix this mess" thinking is that it absolves YOU of any requirement to DO something about the predicament you are actually in but are nearly entirely unaware of the implications in the long run.

      The A$$HOLES-In-Charge of Planet Earth and it's Rulers have known that starting their propaganda campaign of lies, lies and MORE lies actually WORKS– at least until the more "aware" kiddos who've been given decent OBSERVATION SKILLS and an upbringing that included developing empathy figure out that "their" science programming "sounds right, FEELS wrong."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Yuri Gorby,  What a wonderful addition to this blog!  When you say "that began at GE right here in the Hudson River Valley"-what date do you mean?  Much good wishes for your paper.  To whom do you submit it for peer review?  Wonderful that your students are aware and concerned.  Good news for once!  Thank you so much!

  68. And to think our tax dollars are used for this kind of activity is enough to make you quit your job , survive on rice and beans and pay as little tax as possible. Starve the beast.

    • W.C. says:

      An even more ominous thing to consider is that it appears now our 'own' military (air force?) is being used against it's OWN citizens in the state of California to keep the rain out and the land parched.

      How can this be? We have to remember compartmentalization in planning and execution, usually only those in the upper eschelons of the planning apparatus know exactly the full scope of the madness while those pawns at the lower levels may actually think (and are being brainwashed) to believe they are actually doing something *good*.

    • George E says:

      Many ask "how can the Holocaust" ever even  happen. Where there is a will, a funding source, and military might to back it all up should the masses "disagree"…that is the how. The why is because the elite, yet limited world-viewed of us do it because they capitalize in big $$$ at the expense of mindless peons. Hitler's plan did take off, however, at its very root cause (the extermination of a race), it was fatally  flawed simply out of the fact that we are ALL connected in some way. This will undoubtedly ring true in this Neo=Holocaust. The new question is: Who are the New Liberators???? 

    • Christine says:

      Entirely agree!!! But how to go against tax property, with artificially  inflated values (DELIVERED BY OFFICIALS) of houses, only in order to suck out the last penny of those who already have not much..??? 

      To survive, not only rice and beans are needed, we need water, too. Most of which is poisoned already!

  69. Thomas McGrorty says:

    This insane experiment has to be stopped. Whatever their objectives, whatever their reasoning, Its all wrong wrong wrong. Just because they can do something like this, seems to be the Justification, "wonder what happens if we try this"

    mentality has taken over legitimate research. Threats of serious repercussions to the perpetrators should be issued by The United Nations.


  70. Wendy says:


    Great article and great pictures!  Keep up the good work

    to expose this Omnicide by the elite. 

    God bless.


  71. SortingHat says:

    Too many people are busy on their F-k phones playing Pokemon F-k to give a care.

  72. Ty says:

    These pictures make me sick…

  73. BaneB says:

    Dane:  My old body is composed of approximately 65% water.  I can't but wonder how this is impacting my general health, and my brain (such as it is).  Of course, we often observe these microwave-manipulated cloud features over this region.  Thanks for the images.  

    • Bluv says:

      Same here old buddy. I know there is a reason that microwave manufacturers put Farraday screens on the front of microwave ovens because of the harm microwaves have on the human body.This might explain the dizziness and ringing in my ears. Imagine what this does to all living things. Keep strong old one.

    • MS P says:

      Not to mention our brains conduct electricity. For example if you rub your garage door or remote  opener on your chin. It boosts the power. Where it works from a distance further away.


  74. Tom Keith says:

    Great photos, bad news. "Put your helmets on".

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