The US Military’s Willful Slaughter Of Life In The Pacific Ocean


Dane Wigington

The United States military has become a runaway juggernaut of environmental devastation and destruction. From the global climate engineering assault (that is poisoning the entire planet and ripping Earth's climate and life support systems apart), to the insane, blatant, and willful slaughter of ocean life, the actions of our military are truly beyond rational comprehension. Though many have chosen to primarily blame Fukushima fallout for the shocking North American west coast marine life collapse, there is much more to the story. Recently disclosed emails prove the US Navy's intent to break the law in their ongoing destruction of marine life. How bad is the die-off? 

The recent headlines below should be a stark wakeup call.

Dead animals litter California beaches… Alarming phenomenon” — “Graveyard of washed-up sea life” — “Influx of malnourished sea creatures” — Experts: We’re really starting to worry… The animals are starving to death… Covered in sores… Stunted growth… Weak immune systems 

As Pacific sardine collapse worsens, scientists worry about ecosystem ripple

Scientists: West Coast bird die-off “is biggest ever recorded” — Stomachs completely empty — “Staggering… Alarming… Unheard of… Never seen anything like it” — “Unprecedented in size, scope, duration” — “Deaths could reach many hundreds of thousands”

“Mind Blowing”: Die-off in Pacific far worse than anything ever seen before — Expert: Alarm over what’s happening in ocean — Deaths puzzling gov’t scientists, “I’ve never heard of such a thing anywhere in world” — Reports: Beaches full of bodies… Countless carcasses

Collapse of kelp forest imperils North Coast ocean ecosystem

What part has the US military likely played in the unfolding catastrophic die-off? The truth is beyond shocking. The important excerpts below are from a just released report from The West Coast Action Alliance.


"PACIFIC OCEAN (Sept. 15, 2014) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Stethem (DDG 63) fires a Harpoon missile during a sinking exercise as part of Valiant Shield 2014. Air and sea units from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force participated in the sinking exercise of the ex-USS Fresno."

The West Coast Action Alliance examined the Navy’s Northwest Training and Testing EIS(Environmental Impact Statement) and the Letters of Authorization  for incidental takes of marine mammals issued by NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. We found some startling numbers. These numbers apply to the coastal waters of Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Southeast Alaska, as well as inland waters including the San Juan Islands,

First, a comparison of baseline to proposed numbers of activities listed in the October 2015 EIS revealed the following:

72% increase in electronic warfare operations,

50% increase in explosive ordance disposal in Crescent Harbor and Hood Canal,

244% increase in air combat maneuvers (dogfighting)

400% increase in air-to-surface missile exercises (including Olympic National Marine Sanctuary),

400% increase in helicopter tracking exercises,

778% increase in number of torpedoes in inland waters,

3,500% increase in number of sonobuoys,

From none to 284 sonar testing events in inland waters,

From none to 286 “Maritime Security Operations” using 1,320 small-caliber rounds (blanks) in Hood Canal, Dabob Bay, Puget Sound & Strait of Juan de Fuca,

72% increase in chaff dropped from aircraft (contains tiny glass fibers and more than a dozen metals,)

1,150% increase in drone aircraft,

1,150% increase in drone surface vehicles,

1,450% increase in expendable devices. These are just a few.

Further ongoing military exercises include on North America's west coast include:

2 ship sinking exercises each year with 24 bombs, 22 missiles, 80 large caliber rounds and 2 heavyweight high explosive torpedoes,

30 air-to-surface bombing exercises, including in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary,

160 gunnery exercises with small, medium & large caliber rounds, missiles, and high explosive warheads offshore, includes Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary,

An active-duty Navy pilot confided that fuel dumping incidents occur more often than the public realizes; they happen about once a month.

 A “take” is a form of harm ranging from disturbance to injury to death. Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act  there are two classifications, called Level A and Level B.  Level B is mostly harassment, and Level A is injury (or death.) Most takes allowed are in the harassment category, but harassment causes behavior changes such as abandonment of feeding, nursing, and migration habitat. If a marine mammal that relies on echolocation to find food can’t hear, it has to work harder to feed itself. If it can’t take in extra food, it loses weight. A study on the increases in metabolism in bottlenose dolphins showed that after the animals had to work harder to find food or be heard, it took another 7 minutes per episode for oxygen consumption to return to normal levels. That translates eventually to starvation if they cannot find enough food to make up the difference.

The problem with Level A harassment is in documenting injuries or deaths; frequent mass strandings have occurred days after naval activity in an area, but in nearly every case the Navy disavows being the cause. They do not allow federal wildlife agency experts aboard their ships because of security concerns about civilians; however, civilian fitness instructors are found on many Navy ships. None of the mitigation measures require the Navy to tow hydrophones to listen for marine mammals before commencing exercises; the Navy’s technology for observing whether marine mammals are present is the same that has been used since the 17th century: two lookouts at the bow of the ship.

How can the military machine be so completely out of control? Because, so far, the US population as a whole does not want to be bothered with uncomfortable or "depressing" news and information. Because, so far, most are not at all interested in showing some responsibility toward the greater good by actually investigating what is going on in the world, let alone doing their part to affect positive change. What further details do we have about the US military's ongoing assault against ocean life? The exceptional report from the WCAA continues below.


Seal pups are very vulnerable to the "harassment" of the US military's ongoing naval exercises

The noise threshold for hearing damage in humans is 85 decibels. For every 10-decibel increase, the intensity of the noise increases by a factor of ten; therefore, a 115-decibel noise, which is roughly what a Growler jet makes when passing overhead at altitude of 1000 feet, is a thousand times louder than the 85-decibel threshold for human hearing damage. Navy sonar is capable of at least 235 decibels at the source. This is over 10 trillion times more intense than the 85-decibel threshold. At a distance of 300 miles away from the source, underwater noise can still be 140 decibels. 140 decibels is sufficient to vibrate and rupture internal organs, and has been assessed by the French government as “a weapon to kill people.”


Humpback feeding and migration areas

What does this mean? Since the Navy is positioning its ships in whale migration routes and feeding areas without regard to peak times of use for the animals, it means the animals will continue to work harder and to lose weight if they can’t find enough to eat, which is already exacerbated by climate change and decreasing abundance of their food. Since 30 large whales washed up on Alaskan beaches last summer in what NOAA called an “Unusual Mortality Event,” and since it was during the time Navy ships were up there conducting “Operation Northern Edge” sonar and bombing exercises, and since every single dead whale was also emaciated, one has to wonder who in their right mind wouldn’t take steps to reduce harassment of already-stressed animals.


Whale deaths are now common along the North American West Coast, is it any wonder why?

Here are take numbers from the Northwest Training and Testing EIS, for just the waters from Northern California to Southeast Alaska, including Puget Sound and other inland waters:

Whales (toothed and baleen)         18,921

Dolphins and porpoises                   843,465

Seals and sea lions                            364,538

Totals:                                               1,226,924

Here are those numbers broken down by NWTT area:

Coastal waters of California, Oregon and Washington:                575,258

Washington inland waters (Puget Sound, Hood Canal):              343,310

Southeast Alaska:                                                                              10,950

Eastern North Pacific (offshore)                                                     21,996

Remember, these numbers do not include takes to endangered and threatened seabirds, fish, sea turtles or terrestrial species impacted by Navy activities, using sonar, explosives, underwater and surface drones, sonobuoys, ships, submarines, aircraft, or troops training on 68 beaches and state parks in western Washington. The numbers also do not include takes for smaller projects such as underwater detonation exercises and/or pile-driving and construction at Port Angeles, Bremerton, Everett, Kitsap, or Whidbey Island, nor does it include impacts from sonar and other acoustic devices at the Keyport Range Complex Expansion, or any impacts brushed over in dozens of Environmental Assessments that split the projects into smaller pieces so they don’t rise to the threshold of a full-blown EIS.

With regard to the 72% increase in chaff, the EIS says it is “…typically packaged in cylinders approximately 6 in. by 1.5 in. (15.2 cm by 3.8 cm), weighing about 5 oz. (140 g), and containing a few million fibers. Chaff may be deployed from an aircraft or may be launched from a surface vessel. The chaff fibers are approximately the thickness of a human hair (generally 25.4 microns in diameter) and range in length from 0.3 to 2 in. (0.8 to 5.1 cm). The major components of the chaff glass fibers and the aluminum coating are alumina, boron oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, copper, manganese, silicon, iron, zinc,vanadium, titanium, and other metals.”

A 1997 Air Force study reviewed the potential impacts of chaff inhalation on humans, livestock, and other animals and concluded that the fibers are “…too large to be inhaled into the lungs.” Whose lungs? A fiber the thickness of a human hair is certainly inhalable by human beings, even children. And what about marine mammals with upturned and very large breathing holes? The fibers, said the study, were predicted to be deposited in the nose, mouth, or trachea and either swallowed or expelled. Has the public been made aware of the effects of chaff ingestion? Is chaff inhalation or ingestion by marine mammals considered a taking? Not that we could see.


Chaff being dropped from a fighter jet. Chaff is often accompanied by flares.

The West Coast Action Alliance noticed some discrepancies among the Letters of Authorization (LOA) issued by NOAA to the Navy for takes; for example, more than 133,000 takes for bottlenose dolphins off the Northern California-Oregon-Washington coast were not listed in the LOA for the Northwest Training and Testing EIS – they were in the LOA for Hawaii-Southern California. Why? We don’t know, but the omission certainly helped to reduce the appearance of large numbers of marine mammal takes in the NWTT area. Curious, we looked at the LOAs for four EISs done in four regions of the North Pacific: the Gulf of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest coast, Hawaii-Southern California, and the Marianas Islands. What we found was shocking.


Gray whale

When you consider, for example, that the best estimate for the number of gray whales in the eastern North Pacific is 21,000, and that they migrate up and down the West Coast from Alaska to Mexico, but that the numbers of takes allowed to the Navy in the areas of the Pacific where gray whales might be found is 60,610, it becomes clear that multiple harassment incidents to the same animals throughout their range are not only anticipated but allowed.


Where gray whales are found

The WCAA also found it interesting and disturbing that neither sonar, bombing, explosives, nor any military activity whatsoever is included on NOAA’s list of threats caused by human impacts. Why, when this this much harm is being done on such a scale?

Takes by species: If you add up all the Navy’s takes of whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions for these four regions of the North Pacific, it is nearly 12 million.

Click here to see the take numbers broken down by individual species and regions, but you might want to be sitting down, it’s a horrifying picture. And remember, it only includes marine mammals.

The Navy prides itself on a concept it calls “Distributed Lethality,” the definition of which is “ …the condition gained by increasing the offensive power of individual components of the surface force (cruisers, destroyers, littoral combat ships [LCSs], amphibious ships, and logistics ships) and then employing them in dispersed offensive formations known as “hunter-killer SAGs.” SAG stands for “Surface Action Group.” The Navy has already sent a “hunter-killer pack of ships” into the Pacific toward Asia, in a clear sign that war games across the globe evidently know no limits to civilians.

It’s also clear that when it comes to wildlife, the Navy distributes lethality very, very well.


The west coast of North America has become the new US military "proving grounds" as the South Pacific was for the catastrophic nuclear detonations of the past.

The military/industrial complex is completely and totally out of control on every front. In addition to the all out assault against ocean life outlined above, there are also the ongoing "ocean fertilization" programs that are very likely utilizing industrial waste for this process. And we should not forget to take into account the historically routine dumping of nuclear waste into the seas by then US military and others. Fracking waste is also routinely being dumped into the west coast waters. What will be the final consequence of the ongoing global destruction of our oceans by the US military and human activity (including Fukushima) as a whole? If the oceans die, we die. From the catastrophic climate engineering destruction to the assault on our seas, the military juggernaut of absolute insanity is pushing all life on Earth toward mathematically certain near term total extinction. If we can fully expose the truth, we will have a chance of changing course. The effort to reach a critical mass of awareness must be borne by us all, make your voice heard.

116 Responses to The US Military’s Willful Slaughter Of Life In The Pacific Ocean

  1. Gambeir says:

    The political and business associations which control and direct the  establishment are responsible. The Democrats and Republicans are traitors plain and simple. The business associations are organized crime cabals pretending to be working for the betterment of their industry while engaging in a scheme of bribes for profit with the political stooges they now own, and the entire crimal enterprise has completely destablized the nation, the planet, and now they are together allowing or even directing the murdering of the entire ecosystem.

    I look forward to the day mass stravation hits the American People so that they will finally wake up to the stench of corporate dictatorship and all it's brought upon the planet. With that we can expect the first of many public trials for crimes against nature and against humanity for the execution of these unspeakable acts, and we can at least provide some measure of justice with public executions of those responsible who are deemed criminally insane and beyond salvation.

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Great post with obtaining the true data and facts, regarding the harmful actions, behaviors and highly toxic chemicals, used by the U.S. Armed Forces. It always bothered me, every time I was told to dump large brown paper bags, full of all types of rubbish, off the back of the Navy Ship I was stationed on, during my tour! It does not matter to the military, whenever it's trash, just heave it over the side of the ship into the ocean, it will be okay, no one will notice. This was the attitude of most of the personnel, although there were a few environmentally conscientious men like myself! Dolphins, porpoises, seals & whales, sometimes would swim alongside our ships, when we were far from any shoreline in deep water, sonar acoustics would be turned on and you could hear the whales etc, talking back to the sound of the sonar ping. I wonder if those sonar pings, were harsh (harassment) to their hearing. I hope not.

  3. Excellent article Dane. Well done. Even Time is in agreement — for all the wrong reasons…

    Climate Change: March Breaks Warming Temperature Records

  4. Ed Blokdijk says:

    When so many organization report and support these findings can not do anything to stop it, how can a mere citizen stop this insane behavior? Write a protest to his/her Congressman/woman, I doubt that will do anything. We can blog and agree or disagree here, that has even less results. So what will be the solution? It is something many would think, but would not dare to discuss or let alone act upon. The government is well aware of the weak spirit in our citizens. Unless we rise as one nation against all the absurd policies and decisions a handful of leaders determine to be good for the country, nothing will change. The people have a choice to make, speak up, or forever hold your peace.

  5. Tamara says:

    Thank you GW folks for all of your input. It gives me hope to know that there are so many intelligent and articulate people that are awake and fighting to make things right.


    I wrote this poem a couple years ago. I know that most of you can relate:

    Is this what archeologists in the future will see?

    As we lived placidly

    And watch the flowers bloom until the last spring

    With no concern or care of what the summer may bring

    Only dazzled in the momentary thought

    Of what is now, not how it was brought

    Through centuries of pattern still remain

    And did not once believe we should refrain

    From overuse of things that should not be

    Best described as greed of humanity

    The arctic melts and just oh well

    Naïve that it’s a path to hell

    Not thinking about the utter pain

    Of death slowly from lack of rain

    Or longing for a summer breeze

    While watching your family succumb to freeze

    We will just wake up one day

    To find most species gone away

    We will long for a life that could have been

    Welcome to the Anthropocene


    • GMC says:

      PS. The NWO is out to kill as many of you as possible – Alaska's fisheries are done – Russian fisheries – done!   any questions? No more questions – Act !


    thanks dane nd your team to keep us on the mood for foghting but the faith to fight sometimes… just lost cant find the power anymore …..even print flyers or pull up a billboard ……..i feel that it doesnt help………..when i see these death tankers nd how many they are on the top of my head every days …………..i feel really small….nd i feel that i cant really change any things…………….why the h.ll are they doing it?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have enough want to do more but dont think so tha burning down the streets to rise up will change im from south east of france… big familly were fighting nazis here during 2nd war…….its when ever nd with whoever but im gonna ……………………..cant stand it any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  im just …………..please keep fight i ll do the same nd trying again tommorow is monday start new week myabe i ll find some more resistancers……..please keep alive nd keep fight dane,your team nd you are my power to keep fighting but somedays im just…………..down…….:(!!!!!!we need you!!!!!………….greeting from the south east of france……VERCORS resistancers!!!….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Stay strong Morris, the highest of mountains can be climbed one step at a time.

    • NM says:

      Look when you feel helpless and small dont waste energy in apathy, call out to God/Universe/Anyone Out There who will hear,. Just do it. We have been helped before, if enough do it , we will again.stay strong

  7. Dawnski says:

    Would it be lines on the bottom of the ocean as NASA as states or lines in the atmosphere? Stephanie Papas may need a lesson in live science today. I am entrigued by Bible history and will now study up in the Caspian Sea and End Times. Thank you AccuWeather for the inspiration. Your gag order turned into my Gog & Magog enlightenment.

    • Dennie says:

      In Ecclesiastes, a book with much Hellenic influence, we read that "There is nothing new under the sun."  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The Powers That Shouldn't Be roll on as our denials, individual and collective, feed The Beast.  Ending your denials– what would that do?

  8. Thomas Bruce Michigan says:

    They have really ramped up the spraying operations over Bruce Michigan. The latest rain water analysis from Basic Lab, Redding CA in ug/l indicate the following levels: Aluminum 786, Barium 26.8 & Strontium 458. These are much higher than any previous samples I've taken over the last 3 years. Dane, how do these levels compare to those in Shasta County and do you consider these levels to be a definitive indicator that large quantities of metallic aerosol are being deployed?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Thomas, thank you for posting your test information, yes, the heavy metal results are very high, but in line with countless other precipitation tests. Can you perhaps send a copy of your test results through the contact link on Thank you again for reporting on your testing Thomas.

  9. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Shafiq Islam offers some wisdom and encouragement:
    Shafiq Islam Guest3 days ago
    Anger is a normal response to great frustration and the triumph of evil, but we must never allow it to lead us into evil. I'm glad you have recognised that. A Franciscan (Capuchin) priest friend I met while studying in Singapore used to end Mass with this blessing, which I offer to you:
    May God bless you with a restless discomfort about easy answers, half-truths and superficial relationships, so that you may seek truth boldly and love deep within your heart.
    May God bless you with holy anger at wars and other violence, injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, so that you may tirelessly work for justice, freedom, and peace among all people.
    May God bless you with the gift of tears to shed with those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation, or the loss of all that they cherish, so that you may reach out your hand to comfort them and transform their pain into joy.
    And may God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you really can make a difference in this world, so that you are able, with God's grace, to do what others claim cannot be done.

    • Wayne says:


      We will not be here much longer if the spraying doesn't stop, here in Palm Springs it's like living on an alien planet, the sky is white 24/7 as they ghost spray non stop, truly sickening we're next to go.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Lets take our anger to D.C., 10 million strong! Together WE can do things that other say cannot be done. It's the next step in this battle.

  10. Michel B says:

    "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and feed him for a life……." What the hay! Well, that saying has gone the way of the Dodo and ocean life, hasn't it?!

    We will have to change the saying: "Teach a man how to subscribe to his animal nature and he will destroy every niche of nature." Most animal species don't s**t in their own nests. We have toxified, irradiated, poisoned, bombed, dumped our rubbish in, stripped it of its natural citizens and now perverted the whole hydrological cycle with weather modification just to top it off. Ain't it grand?

    The rarity of intelligent life arising in the universe I suppose is a relative outlook. The distances between stars is great, measured in our terms that is. Even in a universe overflowing with intelligent life forms, our neighbours are not that close. We don't look at the stars enough.

  11. CP says:

    Driving to work this morning (Atlanta, GA area)…. 4 distinct trails, spaced several miles apart, running parallel to each other, in a beautiful blue sky.  Then, a trail bisecting those four.  As I drove and watched the trails spread out, I thought to myself, is anyone else seeing this?  Do they know what they are seeing?  I feel like I am in one of those dreams where no one can hear me and I can't run to get away from something chasing me.  Real helpless feeling. 

    • Jim Reed says:

      How many of you  now believe what the High School teachers told  on government and US Constitution ? from: The Committe of 300, The Conspirator's Hierarchy by John Cole. The Diagram has at bottom of image ..the Star Group  high tech ..and lo an behold Cybernetics, HAARP.. Yes..the one in Gakona, Alaska. At will show all references  to those nasty ones,  indisquise as good "gentelmen, ladies.."Oh  how devious they are. Oh, the Queen of England is one……………   Look and decide, as to who is sponsoring US Navy electronic warfare, etc, etc..   Tis an "Eye opener."   Take heart friends, we really did believe our former  teachers…Now, we  know..   Best to all…Jim

    • Edward Palys says:

      No, most people are totally oblivious to these "streaks" in the skies

  12. Dee says:

    I met a man in the store today. I mentioned I had a sore side and back. I said that it must be my Sciatica. He said be careful because his sister thought the same, but she was diagnosed with cancer. Is it just a coincidence that the sky is being sprayed and becomes Milky White with no sun?

    Or am I missing something here.

    As soon as I returned home I took Baking Soda and molasses with water. 

    PH kills cancer. Look it up on You Tube.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I dissolve a half a teaspoon of baking soda in six ounces of water and drink it every night. I have been doing this for eight months now. No side effects at all. Thanks Dee.

    • Edward Palys says:

      It is a fact that keeping your body's pH alkaline will ward off cancer. Also, alkaline pH of the body enhances your immune system to fight off all kinds of viruses and unwanted bodily intruders.

  13. The Olympic Peninsula Is Not For Electromagnetic Warfare Training
    Olympic Peninsula Watch
    June 18, 2015

    My backyard…

    • Wayne says:


      Totally out of control the American People need to make a stand ,a March on DC is needed.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Not only will I go to D.C. I won't leave until the spraying stops.

  14. By Air, Land and Sea – Deconstructing the Navy's plans for Washington State / Olympic Peninsula Watch
    Apr 6, 2016
    Journalist Dahr Jamal and WCAA's Karen Sullivan's most comprehensive talk to date on the Navy's plans for the Olympic Peninsula and beyond.

  15. Free Energy Technologies says:

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  16. Dee says:

    All About Purple The Truth Unveiled You TUBE.

    Have a look at it!

  17. Ron Marr says:

    I saw an Army Corps of Engineers map of the United States about five years ago. All coast lines of the US is submerged under water. Florida was completely gone. 

    • Donna says:

      Ron, 5 days ago , NY Times -What Could Disappear. You can select sea level rise (in feet) for several cities.

    • Hello Donna — Thank you for this link with the maps. This is very interesting to me, especially the map of Long Island, NY. I lived way out on the North Fork near Southold for a number of years in the late 1970s. I lived in Manhattan for 25+ years. As the 1980s began, I started having visions of the end of Long Island (which is a glacial moraine) sinking into the Long Island Sound. The visions were always almost identical: I was riding on the Long Island Railroad train and the closer we got to Orient Point (the tip of the North Fork), all the land around us would slowly disappear – until finally the train itself sunk into the LI Sound. I had this vision countless times. So this map is amazing to me.  As for my other visions…never mind.

    Together, is the only way forward.

  19. Anger is easily come by in these terrible days. Anger does serve us, but I believe Love is more powerful. Anger and fear are two sides of the same coin. Finding Love amidst the desolation is in my understanding far more powerful and requires great self-mastery. Love is the greatest Force in this world. Love is the ultimate Source of real and lasting Power. God is Love. Therefore in whatever manner you can, wherever your Faith lies, find the way to be in a state of Love, and let that Loving state of being flow from you to others. Find Love in your heart for whoever and whatever you can – love for family, children, beloved pets, home, the earth our planet, her forests, animals, the oceans, stars and endless galaxies beyond. There are now said to be 500 billion galaxies! In such a vast universe surely in humble reverence, we can find so much to Love — and hold that in our hearts and mind. Hate comes easily and weakens us. The enemy thrives on hatred and our fears. Love is the real power. Yes, we are enduring a terrible moment, a cleansing purification both externally and within each of us. But goodness will return and vanquish the dark, as it always does, as it must. Reach into your heart and find Love. Be that. Emanate that. It will fuel you in this battle. God is Love.

    “…there will have to be a recovery of reverence for the sacred, the bedrock of premodern society, so we can see each other and the earth not as objects to exploit but as living beings to be revered and protected.” Chris Hedges, The Wages of Rebellion, the Moral Imperative of Revolt


  20. Dee says:

    Delta Airlines just made an order for over 1 billion to Bombardier for a fleet of passenger jets to bail them out of their struggling time they said on the news. From what I have read is that more and more involved in Aviation are jumping on the Happy go Lucky Spray Train program. 

    I have no doubt that this is the case here. Also it is very clear from what I have saw in Danes pictures here that the Fighter Jets are heavily involved also. Why wouldn't they be. They like bombing hospitals where innocent people are and doctors are, so what would be the problem with spraying them with noxious chemicals. Canada just purchased a fleet of Fighter Jets with the help of Raven Arm Tattoo 23 JT Boxer Doooombo.

    Speak of being targeted S.F. with toxic mess on your driveway and no more reply emails. Of course it was a Targeted Maneuver. When you speak out that is exactly what happens. 

    Ahhhhhh no fear though we are all on this sinking ship together.

    Friggin Pathetic as it is.

  21. Yamakawa says:

    Hi! This post is not intended to be as negative fear invoking one. In my view, the recent quake in Kumamoto Japan was triggered by an artificial intent, as I have written in my previous post here. But I do understand that the overall earthquake is an expression of Mother Earth’s skin stretching. Even though the trigger was seen as from a human intent, approving that to the broader extent is done by other facets. The skin stretching is a necessary movement for the Mother some times. Vibration to shove off, cleanse, and neutralize the poison. Our current civilization could not resonate with that in good balance, since we build dwellings anchored to the ground, that makes it very vulnerable to the quakes. Our ancestors built tents which were wiser.

    This article shows the Japan Median Tectonic Line. The Kumamoto quake switch is connected to invoke quakes all up to a broader area in Japan.

    Japan Median Tectonic Line

    Over 30,000 signatures in 36 hours Petition against the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant

    Now, we will not confine our views only to Japan. We will see in the global aspect. The Ring of Fire.

    Ecuador and Japan earthquakes: Are they related?

    opposing view: Are Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador Related? The Science Says No

    Then go and see Chile.



    • Dennie says:

      Re:  Earthquakes:  "Is it real, or is it Memorex??"

      To borrow a turn of phrase from another of our heroes:

      "How do you like your earthquakes– natural, or man-made?"

      "All we know is that we need the truth." — Michael C. Ruppert

    • Yamakawa says:

      Thanks Dennie!

      Yes, the TRUTH!

      I feel we have to be STRONG, but also very FLEXIBLE, and while I don't like this word but loves which the term is representing, LOVE the most.


      In my understanding, those are "the must," necessaries to accept the TRUTHes, since the roots are mostly very difficult to accept, although very simple….


      Since we are not plain victims, but also the victimizer as well. Not only in a sense that we are allowing the victimizing staying as a victim. After we succeed stopping this current victimization and overcome this, we must be prepared to the next step, a vision that does not repeat the previous victimization process in an another altered version.

  22. stephan says:

    the ones pulling the strings on this ecocide we are witnessing can't be of this good earth – this is horrifying.

  23. Dennie says:

    Back some time before 2010, the U.S. Navy went to the Dept. of Commerce asking "permission" to kill marine animals numbering in the millions.  Fed up?  Read this:

    Here is where to go to express your ire: 

    You may submit comments, identified by NOAA-NMFS-2015-0031, by any of the following methods:

    Electronic submissions: submit all electronic public comments via the Federal eRulemaking Portal, Go to!docketDetail;D=NOAA-NMFS-2015-0031, click the “Comment Now!” icon, complete the required fields, and enter or attach your comments.Show citation box

    Mail: Submit comments to Jolie Harrison, Chief, Permits and Conservation Division, Office of Protected Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3225.

    Fax: (301) 713-0376; Attn: Jolie Harrison.

    Instructions: Comments sent by any other method, to any other address or individual, or received after the end of the comment period, may not be considered by NMFS.

    Doesn't Dept. of Commerce understand that this is simply BAD for business–???  When will the WAR PIGS ever have ENOUGH?

    • Dennie says:

      .. and YES, I UNDERSTAND how "negative" all of this is.  What isn't, these days?

    • Diane Friday says:

      No worries Dennie. Your comments here are very educated, informative, and honest. Unfortunately, circumstances being what they are, that honesty can be brutal. There is a difference between brutal honesty and negativity. I cannot imagine anything more inherently negative than the subject matter Dane has covered here. To be honest, I couldn't read most of it, and had to scroll very quickly past the pictures. Anything to do with the suffering and death of non-human animals…I can't handle that at all. I know about most of what Dane covered in this installment, but reading about it in such detail and seeing photos isn't something I can do. I'm honestly THIS CLOSE to a complete breakdown, and I'm trying to keep that from happening. We're getting sicker every day, physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We watch as "they" deliver death from above on a daily basis, and it seems to be getting worse on a daily basis. We do what we can to wake people up to it, but most don't believe it, won't even look up, say they'll do their own research but never do, email our local cowardly meteorologists and elected officials, etc., etc., and still it's getting worse every day. It seems as though there's a deadline they're determined to meet. There's an urgency, as well as the overwhelming feeling that they're enjoying the devastating; suffering, and death they're delivering. Elderly people are outright threatened on social media by members of our magnificent U.S. Navy; some of the psychos flying the planes have taken to skywriting and performing loop de loops — likely an in-your-face move if ever there was one; every elected official, governmental agency, meteorologist, et al, continue to lie and deny; your family and friends remain steadfast in their denial, to the point of estrangement. These are some very unpleasant truths, and those unpleasant truths ARE negative. Again, we do what we can, all of us. This site is a godsend for those of us who know, to report on what's happening in our location, what's happening with our health and (lack of) well-being, what we're doing to spread the word and fight back, and sometimes just to vent, because where else can we do that. You're not being negative, my friend. You're on the front lines with the rest of us, and we're all getting worn out. 

    • stephan says:

      Dennie - WOW      Diane Friday – BEAUTIFUL     thanks.

    • joey says:

      Simply move away from the US, they spray other places, but not nearly to the extent they spray the US, it seems they have an agenda against the US, why else would they spray in the US at least 20x more than they do in other places,?

      I have compared the spraying in the US to that of other countries with my own eyes to determine this fact.

  24. Since I live out here on the Olympic Peninsula WA, I spent a great deal of time researching what the Navy was doing – and it's what got me to Dane's GW. This is a NY Times long well-written article on the Navy Seal Team 6, for those who want an depth assessment of these men, the good, bad and the very ugly.

    SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines / The unit best known for killing Osama bin Laden has been converted into a global manhunting machine with limited outside oversight. By Mark Mazzetti, Nicholas Kulish, Christopher Drew, Serge F. Kovaleski, Sean D. Naylor and John Ismay /JUNE 6, 2015
    They have plotted deadly missions from secret bases in the badlands of Somalia. In Afghanistan, they have engaged in combat so intimate that they have emerged soaked in blood that was not their own. On clandestine raids in the dead of the night, their weapons of choice have ranged from customized carbines to primeval tomahawks.
    Around the world, they have run spying stations disguised as commercial boats, posed as civilian employees of front companies and operated undercover at embassies as male-female pairs, tracking those the United States wants to kill or capture.
    Those operations are part of the hidden history of the Navy’s SEAL Team 6, one of the nation’s most mythologized, most secretive and least scrutinized military organizations. Once a small group reserved for specialized but rare missions, the unit best known for killing Osama bin Laden has been transformed by more than a decade of combat into a global manhunting machine. That role reflects America’s new way of war, in which conflict is distinguished not by battlefield wins and losses, but by the relentless killing of suspected militants.
    Almost everything about SEAL Team 6, a classified Special Operations unit, is shrouded in secrecy — the Pentagon does not even publicly acknowledge that name — though some of its exploits have emerged in largely admiring accounts in recent years. But an examination of Team 6’s evolution, drawn from dozens of interviews with current and former team members, other military officials and reviews of government documents, reveals a far more complex, provocative tale.
    … Waves of money have sluiced through SEAL Team 6 since 2001, allowing it to significantly expand its ranks — reaching roughly 300 assault troops, called operators, and 1,500 support personnel — to meet new demands.
    … More members of the unit have died over the past 14 years than in all its previous history. Repeated assaults, parachute jumps, rugged climbs and blasts from explosives have left many battered, physically and mentally.
    “War is not this pretty thing that the United States has come to believe it to be,” said Britt Slabinski, a retired senior enlisted member of Team 6 and veteran of combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. “It’s emotional, one human being killing another human being for extended periods of time. It’s going to bring out the worst in you. It’s also going to bring out the best in you.”
    … Special Operations troops struck a seemingly endless succession of targets. No figures are publicly available that break out the number of raids that Team 6 carried out in Afghanistan or their toll. Military officials say that no shots were fired on most raids. But between 2006 and 2008, Team 6 operators said, there were intense periods in which for weeks at a time their unit logged 10 to 15 kills on many nights, and sometimes up to 25. The accelerated pace caused “guys to become fierce,” said a former Team 6 officer. “These killing fests had become routine.”
    [full long very informative article]:


    • stephan says:

      Hi Susan – the "story" of Osama bin Laden totally reeks – they shot him in the face and dumped him in the ocean – the 22 members of Seal team 6 that carried out the actual mission were all killed in a helicopter crash soon there after.Dead men tell no tales.

    • Dennie says:

      Osama bin Laden was a very ill man before the CIA-MI6-Mossad Fairy Tale of "Nine-One-One" was created.  He was in kidney failure and from what I understand was getting dialysis at Bethesda, MD.  (same as where JFK was flown after Dallas).  Over a several-year period, he died at more than six separate times.  "I killed Big Foot, then I dumped him in the ocean.  I have the pictures to prove it but you don't get to see them."  Oh.. uh huh… He most certainly did not orchestrate the attacks, they were surely inside jobs.  But it's sure convenient to have a dead man around on which to place the blame.

      The very last time bin Laden died, the intent was to kill the MYTH, because it no longer served; Uhmerukunz had grown just too inured to the saga and intel sensed they were no longer paying any attention to the "threat," (of a fairy tale/fiction story?) thus, IS-ISI-ISIS-ISL— What's with the deliberate confusion??  More myth creation.  Keep 'em all guessing.

  25. report from the top of the Tybee Island Lighthouse, today, in GA – the Atlantic Ocean is brown, clearly acidifying – military activity is also evident on the east coast, if you keep your eyes peeled (as in an entire train loaded with military vehicles, some with red crosses, rumbling through town)  Never stop sounding the alarm.  Thanks.

  26. David S. says:

    I have a lot to say, but I can't say anything without saying it with a lot of anger and strong feeling. May God hear us COLLECTIVELY who care and save this beautiful earth and the wild life on it before it is too late. The Bible shows that if he did not intervene no flesh would be saved. I think we have reached that point and anyone who is paying attention (at all) can see this. It is beyond sad. What is being done is insane. I care and it is breaking my heart.

    • emmanuel anthou says:

      I too can't bear to see the evidence mounting daily. I can't understand that there is any valid reason for these unbridled assaults on nature…….Maybe if enough caring people take notice something can be done before it's too late. Unfortunately, it may already be too late to make a difference. 

  27. Kinga Barry says:

    I'm amazed at the depth of knowledge and research that went into this article. People's comments don't acknowledge that. It is unequaled in pointing the scope of this worldwide ongoing process that's only increasing in crescendo. The world has gone mad and all the military have lost their minds. We hear of diabetic or obesity epidemics, but the core is insanity epidemic on a world scale. Parasites have taken over the brains of politicians and generals, and, population at large. Demons are parasites that have infiltrated the gray matter in all the skulls. Antiparasitics might help. God offers the cures.

  28. cherise says:

    The Military is king in Washington and the White House, military is running this country not congress or Osama Obama. He is a puppet of Military.. he works for the military in other words… Eisenhower warned as he left his post at the WH about the military complex taking over…

  29. Diana Moss says:

    For me, there are so many unanswered questions: For example, why do the forces in power continue to  pursue such devastating programs, including polluting the skies, our ground, our food, our water when they have to also live on this planet that they are destroying?  Their deep pockets and padded bank accounts won't much matter after the destruction is complete.  I have read where we are reaching the point of no return far faster than anyone thought  possible and yet in the US the government is still denying that there is a correlation between burning fossil fuels and climate change.  There are articles every day about disasters that completely baffle the scientists and I am sure everyone here feels the same way, it  makes one angrier and angrier  The current articles are focused on the insane election cycle and stupid social issues that have nothing to do with recognizing the real problems we are facing.  Like one presidential candidate keeps saying, "Enough is enough,' which it is but he is not addressing the real facts of climate change and who is promoting it or what the consequences really are.

  30. Barb E says:

    There is so much destruction, so much more than we could ever imagine.  Everyday I look to the skies to see what they're up to. It's never any good. The local weathermen now throw in things that most don't understand, but I do. Filtered sun, dimmed sun, today will be a sunny without any help, etc… It is totally mind blowing to me what "they" are capable of, I can understand why those I try to talk about it to stare blankly ahead telling me to put on my tin hat.  I worry for my grandson and for those not yet born. There will be nothing left for them except poisoned air, water, soil, food.  Our own lives are now filled with the same.  I see the trees on my small lot dying extremely fast now. Lilac bushes I planted 23 years ago always blooming and vigorous…last year 5 of them stopped producing leaves, trunks split, wood dry as a bone.  Had to cut them down, with a heavy heart.  I didn't know then what I know now thanks to Dane. I will tell everyone I know to Look UP up until my dying breath.  This is totally out of control now as "they" have invaded every aspect of our lives right into our very seas that used to sustain such beautiful varied live forms.  They will not stop until they have wiped out everything.  We will not go down without a fight!!!

    • JoAnn says:

      Amen! I hope we're here to see justice dolled out on these atheists, satanist individuals. Hell is eternal!

  31. glendon says:

    this is the most disturbing info.  it's beyond comprehension, but i know it's true.  these numbers don't lie.  they tell the whole horrible story.  i'm sickened to my core.

    most humans are peace loving nature respecting beings.  how i know this to be true is that most humans are not in the military.  enlistment numbers are low, across law enforcement of all kinds.  most humans want peace, clean food and water, relationship enriching communities, and neighbors as friends.

    the military are proving they have the power to destroy all life.  so why do they need to constantly practice military drills(?)  the killing never ends.  they just keep practicing.

    we need a department of peace that's funded to the degree the department of defense, the military and all branches, and all the supporting departments en total waste on this stupidity.

    i just don't understand this slaughter.  it doesn't need to happen.  no one is safer because they keep 'practicing' their stupid, needless drills.  

    we have now seen the lowest humans can go.  it's death all the way to the bottom of the sea.

    and i pray the earth will forgive us.

  32. TrudyB1929 says:

    Friends!  Get and carry your stock of MSC N95 and/or N100 Respirator Masks..  Adult size, child size also THESE HAVE A TIGHT SEAL AROUND AND OVER THE NOSE AND MOUTH PLUS loops for each ear.  Reuseable   unless soaked.  Take care >WEAR them at any indication of spraying even if you just see one jet  spraying!!  Above all > Do not breathe in any smoggy issue in the area if you venture out  at all!  The "smog " is filled with the chemical(S) ET ALL.  WHICH  IN ONE [CARELESS] BREATH ENTERS  > IN YOUR LUNGS, straight away INTO YOUR BLOOD TO THE REST OF YOUR BODY AND ORGANS..   Suggest using Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina per instructions on product.  Do your homework on how to care for your self and family, children and pets! STUDY!  Form an  openly friendly neighborhood watch group if possible. local areas seek out and > >Join Oathkeepers.  Keep calm and if you do, carry quiet.  Not everyone is sleeping with their head between their knees anymore….at least not here in Prescott AZ! Pray….He's Watching the watchers!

  33. Kat says:

    The people have the power, always had. Those folks that live in that area need to act. Everyone in this country needs to come together, put all differences aside right now and 'come together' to act on what is right or there won't be a good future for your children. Would you like someone uninvited to come to your house and start trashing it?, well that's what's being done on a larger scale. The Earth is our home.

    • Kat — "Those folks that live in that area need to act." Kat, you cannot imagine the apathy, ignorance, and blind devotion to the military here on the Olympic Peninsula WA, which is a big retirement area for Boeing, the Navy, Seals, and all the fly boys. There are three small mostly old hippies, groups here trying to fight. Karen Sullivan in Port Townsend along with Craig B. Hulet are the smartest and most effective. But as I reported below, they have been threatened and targeted:  "…when you are personally named in multiple newspaper letters to the editor as a 'threat to 30,000 jobs' and you have Navy personnel publicly saying they’d like to 'strap you to a Growler and fly you into ISIS territory to see how much guts you have' or a pilot tells you the dart board at the officer’s club has your face on it, and the tone of that continuous smear campaign implies that violence might not be out of line because you are a traitor, and they tell you on social media that they know where you live, you start to take precautions with your personal safety."  I had my own personal experience with another of these groups who, to my utter bewilderment, have chosen to only approach the issue from the loud noise levels the Growlers make. I was shocked! I said, Hey – these people are killing us, giving us dementia, etc., and you want to talk about unpleasant sounds? Well they say, that's the only thing the Navy will admit to. There is no aerosol spraying, no chemtrails, and no one notices the fried rf/microwave clouds overhead everyday. I gave these people free books, DVDs and flyers, sent them countless informative emails from Dane's GW, and other evidential articles I had collected online, hard science, quotes on plasma physics, my own terrifying photos of the sky taken from my deck, and even direct quotes from the Navy EW electronic warfare Manual. Nothing. I showed them that the chaff contains the same toxic metals as the chemtrails. This man wouldn't believe me – he was the engineer and I was not. How could I know what he did not. So again, Nothing! They don't even reply to my emails anymore. I have concluded that I am too radical for them. A few months back I testified in front of the local congressman here, showed them my photo of the chaff I took at my home – again nothing. This area has already been effectively militarized. It's over here. I'm working on a new Spring strategy, but this is also a retirement area, the old don't want to be bothered; and many people here are on-the-edge poor and see the military as jobs. I feel that the biosphere is going to have to collapse, in other words it's going to have to be catastrophic before the majority realize the cost of ignorance and denial. I've made my peace with God.

    • Sorry, I'm usually more calm. I know everyone on GW faces the same frustrations as we hit the 'brick wall' of denial in an increasingly insane world where most appear to be narcotized, stupified, numb, already assimilated into some heinous Orwellian nightmare. The trees here are not dying, so it is still deceptively green, but very very few birds or bees/insects. The Navy appears to prefer rf/microwaving the sky with their portable emitters – and not as much thick aerosol spraying as I have seen photographed in other places. I suppose an intensely Fried Sky enhances their electronic warfare games. Now even on Sundays…my tax dollars…

    • Dennie says:

      The threats made by the flyboys shows what cowards THEY are.

      “War is not this pretty thing that the United States has come to believe it to be,” said Britt Slabinski, a retired senior enlisted member of Team 6 and veteran of combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. “It’s emotional, one human being killing another human being for extended periods of time. It’s going to bring out the worst in you. It’s also going to bring out the best in you.”

      Let's see.. hmmm… so, um, war brings out the best in you.  Like nothing else would?

  34. mike says:

    They spray us day in and day out. I am watching peoples health deteriorating all around me. I hear of people having coughs for weeks on end and don't know why, Headaches every time its "cloudy" out, constant runny nose and can't stop sneezing. And all i want to say to them is LOOK UP, that's why. But i'm crazy right? I hear there putting other stuff in the mix and experimenting now, isn't that nice? I love being a lab rat (being sarcastic of course). I went from hearing maybe a ambulance every three days go past my house to 2 or 3 times a DAY, sometimes more during HEAVY spray days. You add vaccines,GMO's and poisioning our water supply, I think this is a depopulation effort more than anything else.

    Been cloudy here in southern Ontario for a couple of days now with wavey cloud formations (yes i know what's doing it) and rain. I would really like to know what the clear stuff is there spraying because there spraying them both( the trails you can see and the trails you can't see) at the same time now. Anyways, have a great day everyone.

    • Linda says:

      Please keep the invaluable information we receive here coming. Thanks everyone. I appreciate all your good heartedness and sense of unity and commitment when sharing here.

    • Phil says:

      Agreed Mike.  I also believe it is a depopulation effort more than anything else.  Many people I know are getting cancer or have some kind of respiratory issues.  It definitely effects my breathing, especially on days like today where we have a heavy cloud cover.  The air has a bitter metallic taste to it and I have had a shortness of breath and brain fog all day long. 

    • Dawnski says:

      Small town Race City USA had an ambulance every few hour on Sunday. . .We were taught as kids to respect, honor and applaude the military. . .Navy Seals are killing baby seals. . .I had a brief encounter with a proud navy seal who had just gotten probation for his Blackwater dealings. Interesting mixed up, manipulative mindset. Most educational opportunity in understanding what we are dealing with today. . .thankful for the blood of Jesus covering me & my family.

    • mike says:

      To Linda,

      I will continue to report the weather and sightings as i see it and as long as i am aloud to do so on this website. I come and speak up on this website for the information i can relay and receive daily. And because were the only ones who seem to care about what's happening on our planet. Its nice to talk to people who know what your talking about and not get called a screwball lunatic.

      To Phil,

      You have noticed the metallic taste too eh. Don't lick your lips. I started taking colidel silver and nasant iodine and i don't feel as fatigued as i used too. The chemtrail flu as they call it is nasty from what i hear. I am hoping the silver keeps it at bay.

      To dawnski,

      That's the only thing keeping me going, my faith in Christ. Godbless.


  35. Dee says:

    Sky Ryder Alert gone. Most likely some tampering on the Net. All of the pictures gone from 2013. Sounds like there are more corrupt people out there. It always boils down to the money. When you get all these phone calls from East Indians that say that your PC has a problem then you know that certain people are involved in this. Lots of Internet traffic goes though their country. Very poor country there and they need money. Suppressed people. That is the way it is going to be everywhere soon it looks like. Suppressed and Depressed.

    Take away all your civil rights.


  36. phil says:

    Massive whale die-offs appear to not only be happening in the Pacific.  These photos are so sad to look at, but we need to face reality.

  37. Dee says:

    William B.Mount posted one on You Tube about how to fold the American Money and see the pictures that depict some of the past disasters and the Upcoming Ones. 

    It looks like the west coast will be obliterated with a Tsunami in the very near future.

    Who's going to believe that.

    Most people don't even look up at the white or dark grey sky and not even question it. 

    That Fluoride, GMO, and Aerosol Spray are doing the job real well in keeping the Sheeple in Zombie Land.

    What I have seen here from Dane is absolutely horrifying.

    War Mongers just doing their jobs for their Paychecks and Pensions.

    When it is all said and done there won't be much left for them to spend their money on.

  38. Free Energy Technologies says: the link failed on my bigger comment

  39. This reminds me of Rumsfeld telling Congress that $6 billion was ‘gone’ missing in Iraq, or that more than one trillion dollars in defense spending is unaccounted for. Now half the world reserves of oil have suddenly vanished? Like Bubba Clinton's infamous 'definition' of… Mendacity rules in this era. "Blinded by science!"
    50% Of Proved Oil Reserves May Have Just Vanished
    By Ron Patterson / 27 April 2016
    Where did all the oil go? The peak is back. An extensive new scientific analysis published in Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy & Environment says that proved conventional oil reserves as detailed in industry sources are likely “overstated” by half.
    According to standard sources like the Oil & Gas Journal, BP’s Annual Statistical Review of World Energy, and the US Energy Information Administration, the world contains 1.7 trillion barrels of proved conventional reserves. However, according to the new study by Professor Michael Jefferson of the ESCP Europe Business School, a former chief economist at oil major Royal Dutch/Shell Group, this official figure which has helped justify massive investments in new exploration and development, is almost double the real size of world reserves. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIRES) is a series of high-quality peer-reviewed publications which runs authoritative reviews of the literature across relevant academic disciplines.
    According to Professor Michael Jefferson, who spent nearly 20 years at Shell in various senior roles from head of planning in Europe to director of oil supply and trading, “the five major Middle East oil exporters altered the basis of their definition of ‘proved’ conventional oil reserves from a 90 percent probability down to a 50 percent probability from 1984. The result has been an apparent (but not real) increase in their ‘proved’ conventional oil reserves of some 435 billion barrels.” Global reserves have been further inflated, he wrote in his study, by adding reserve figures from Venezuelan heavy oil and Canadian tar sands – despite the fact that they are “more difficult and costly to extract” and generally of “poorer quality” than conventional oil. This has brought up global reserve estimates by a further 440 billion barrels. Against the background of IIASA’s massive (their word) ‘global energy assessment’ (GEA), this paper takes a closer look at the challenges posed by population growth, energy poverty, the fossil fuels and carbon storage, renewable energy, energy efficiency, natural catastrophes, and potential climatic change to offer a somber, although arguably more realistic, overview of what the future may hold than the GEA achieved.

  40. North America will not be safe from Fukushima radiation if plant keeps leaking Animals “suddenly died” on west coast right after 2011 disaster… Whole world noticed this strange phenomenon — “Fatally high” levels of radioactive material has entered ocean… serious pollution is ongoing / Arirang (Government-funded Korean TV network), ‘Fukushima and Its Aftermath’, Mar 16, 2016:
    28:00 in — Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada. Right after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011, seals suddenly died on the shores of Vancouver, and Cesium levels five times the usual amount were detected in the seaweed and fish. The whole world took notice of the strange phenomena that occurred on the shores of Vancouver, thousands of kilometers away from Japan. One Canadian research center has been analyzing marine plants on the Vancouver shores since 2012 to identify the cause. The result of their tests showed that iodine and cesium were detected in much of their marine plants…
    31:20 in — Not many people directly feel the dangers of radiation yet, but if the Fukushima radiation contamination continues, not even Canada will be safe. The Japanese government is still dumping contaminated water into the sea.
    31:35 in — Hisako Sakiyama, former head researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Science: “There is a lot of strontium as well as tritium in the contaminated water. There will be serious problem if those matters reach outside… Buts since the Fukushima accident, the contaminated water has been flowing underground… It is flowing into the sea from somewhere. So the sea is also becoming contaminated.”

    • Yamakawa says:

      Thanks Susan!

      For people wondering, where are the workers for cleaning up the Fukushima nuke mess (however not solving the problem). The more people are made to be poor, the easier to supply the workforce, a conscription in an indirect way. Below is a Japanese article, but see the graph which shows the current average numbers of workmen in daily basis, 6570 men  as of September 2015.

      The uprising workmen of the Fukushima 1st nuclear power station and future issues

      The workmen are batched from J-Village facility, which is connected to a highway, for very convenient transportation of the workforce. The stakeholders are planning to revive the facility as a soccer training center to be available for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. How crazily insane!!!

      2015 Media tour inside Fukushima workers' facility AP Archive

      JapanTimes english media on current j-village

      Aerial Video J-Village 2016.4.20 facebook video

      Some workers are just doing for money, but some are doing for the sake of the people from bravery, but both are risking their lives and health. However, this may sound cold-hearted, but 5 years after the incident means that reacting as a temporary first aid work time has passed. The root of the problem is not coped with yet. So it is embarrassing to say as a Japanese, that we are just “reacting,” and not corresponding to the root yet.

  41. Linda says:

    It is normal to feel sick after reading this. We are connected to the planet and everything that lives. The human brain is 1/3 mirror neurons, cells that only exists for empathic reasoning. In other words…. We feel what others and wildlife and trees and marine life feel….literally. So if you feel threatened it is about fight or flight.  FIGHT for Life! Do not go gently into that good night……..

  42. Hello Dane,

    Thank God for you!!!  With incredible gratitude I thank you so much for all you do.  I am still astounded at the total lack of awareness when discussing geoengineering with teachers and professors. What's most frustrating is that with their dismissals, I'm pretty sure I'm labeled a nutbar and they have no intention of looking up your site.  I can only hope they watch the skies and eventually tune in.

    I am once again NOT receiving your emails and they aren't going into spam.  Is there something I can do?  Keep up the fight!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Louise, the emails of new posts should again be on track, sorry for the difficulties in the last two weeks, our web master was injured in an auto accident.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Louise,

      I teach grades 1-5 at a Charter School in South Central Alaska, and I have been aware of regular geoengineering in our local skies for the past decade, thanks to the maliciously misguided military up here. For me it is frustrating that many of my fellow colleagues and parents of my students are oblivious to the reality or in flat denial — just too damn depressing to think about I guess — for a good number of us.  Like you, I am grateful for Dane and everyone who continues to help wake up the public. 

  43. Ken B says:

    I'm taking an intelligent 26 year old down the geoengineering "rabbit hole". They have agreed to examine some evidence and have so far countered with some of their own. What's interesting, and partially explains some things, is what they counter with as "evidence". Mostly YouTube stuff from random people and a couple of debunker websites.  This is a person that has known no different skies and has obviously been subjected to "conditioning" their whole life. I'm encouraged that they are willing to listen but, at the same time, I'm getting a first hand look at the time and effort it might take to get the truth accepted, if in fact it ever is accepted as truth. They want "proof" and 'llI start pulling out the documents at the appropriate time. I'm wondering what constitutes "proof" for a young person. We'll see.

  44. Phil says:

    And the idea of a central bank printing and controlling the money supply (Federal Reserve), is right out of the communist manifesto.  Those who print the money control (and destroy) everything!

  45. Phil says:

    How could any human being willingly participate in such madness?!!!  I am convinced that people have lost all forms of human consciousness and compassion due to fluoride, gmo foods, vaccines, the media, and of course the chemicals being spraying over our heads every single day. 

  46. Andrew from scotland says:

    I was going to use this in a future email/post, but it seems appropriate here:

    The Earth is not only our home but also the vehicle of spiritual evolution for humanity and all life forms.

    Through ignorance, pride or greed, people have spent too long trying to dominate nature, when they should instead have been seeking ways of co-operating with it. 

    Blinded by their self-importance, they have forgotten that the intelligence displayed by nature is vastly superior to that of humans, and its power has virtually no limits except for those imposed on it by humans themselves. Home sapiens sapiens, the name given by scientists to our species and whose literal meaning is ‘man who knows that he knows’, is most assuredly far from knowing the essential fact that humans owe everything to nature and are nothing without it.

    • Dennie says:

      What do "we" really know?  The Indians tried to tell us but we "superior" People-of-The-Book just sneered, called them "stupid savages," and got on with cultural and literal genocide against them.

      "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?"

  47. The murder of of the animals in the Pacific ocean is a terrible crime against nature and humanity.You have to look no further than the 33 degree Mason. They are interwoven into every facet of our society.They are in command of our government and the oaths they are required to take transcends any national laws in any country. they use the cover of the Masonic Lodges.Not all masons think like they do. The 33o Mason is pledged to the destruction of Earth and all that is decent and good to prepare the way for the Antichrist.He is their god.If there is prominent position to filled there you will find one.Most of the commands in the Army, Navy. Air Force & Marines are commanded by you know who. Hebrews belonged to this were Harry Truman,who considered being Grand Master of the Washington Lodge his greatest honor. He was the one for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan who was trying to surrender. This is their thinking.They and they alone are the ones that are to blame for ALL the death and destruction in the world and it is time that is put at their feet. When they people in the U.S.A. recognize the facts there will be a blood bath. Karl Marx, George Washington, Napolean Boneparte,Jacob Wieshaupt.Wieshaupt started the Illuminati movement May !st 1778. It is alive well to this day.Roosevelt,Churchill,Stalin included.  

  48. Catherine D says:

    Hello Dane & everyone. It's been a long time since I posted here, but I want you all to know that I visit here every day & have never ceased in trying to raise awareness. You are more like family to me than the few I have left  who prefer live in their own bubbles because it's 'too upsetting' to face reality. I find this article today so devastating that I am literally sick to my stomach & am having trouble stopping the tears. In spite of all of our efforts, I really wonder if this vicious insanity can ever be stopped as long as 'they' have the superior weapons. But it is better to go down trying than to surrender & give up. I'm sure everyone here feels the same. I've been writing lyrics for years & feel inspired to share some that came to me one morning as I was waking:
    From Dying To Dawn
    Quietly the earth sighs, as it's breath softly whispers & wanes.This silencing of nature was the sealing act of a cruel destiny.  Most of mankind was callous & chose a blinded path That terminated itself too late. The wounds that were inflicted were too severe to preserve the host. Now time must pass in empty solitude, Waiting for healing waters to fall from the sky. Rejuvenation will prevail in coming ages, Gently bringing again the arisal of nature. Only humans who can unite in respect & compassion  Will be allowed to return .  As the earth evokes it's plea for peace, Serenity will encompass the whole of new life, Which will ever dwell in its own harmony, shine forever in infinite love.
    Many thanks to you Dane & to everyone for all that you've given & continue to give.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Now it is my turn to shed tears. Your words of song are beautiful Catherine.

    • Dawn says:

      This article is one of the saddest things I have read. I am crying as I am trying to write this. The Native Americans knew that the white man would destroy the natural environment when they first learned of the numbers of whites heading west. They were not wrong and it is not just here in USA.

      That pic of the seal pup just tears at my heart. It should NEVER have come to this.I love your words Catherine D. So true. All of creation groans while waiting for Jesus to return and make it all new again. I long for that day and even more so after trying to read all of the horrible crimes above. I did not know about this part of the torture of the earth. I believe that God cries too as He sees the destruction every day and He sees it all.


  49. virginia says:

    This, without doubt, is the most heart-wrenching information Dane has ever presented.  The photo of the little seal pup is so disturbing to anyone with compassion for animals….how can anyone do this to these innocent, wonderful marine animals who give us so much pleasure and beauty.  Having lived in Santa Cruz, Ca. for a number of years, there were many days when I would sit on West Cliff Drive and watch the little seals and their moms cavort in a clean ocean.  To think this is all gone…and that it will only get worse for all of us goes beyond understanding.  I must do something, but what?  How do we reach these psychopaths running this country?  Neither of the two candidates for president has mentioned our environmental concerns and they don't give a rat's behind.  How can we come together to fight such evil actions by our military and those in power. 

    To the beautiful animals that live in the sea, forgive us.

    • Colinjames says:

      I haven't been to this site much, though I frequently catch Dane's (and others re: geo-eng) articles on another outlet, so I can't say if this is the most anything, but as a lifelong surfer I have to agree that this is really disturbing, and to make it worse Dane just nailed it on the people-only-want-happy-news bit; recently a dead whale washed up on shore in my hometown in so cal, a friend's poster the pic on Facebook and the comments were really depressing. A few were outraged, and aware of ocean health issues but many others,  the majority even, were dismissing "one dead whale" as just one dead whale, nothing to see here move along. A few were actually leaning towards angry that the poster suggested concerns about the recent ocean animal die offs, one specifically targeted 'those crazy chemtrail conspiracy theorists'. Of course. Anyways, I was appalled, these are people who grew up on the beach more or less. San Clemente, similar to Santa Cruz in many ways as far as the surfing community goes. Been watching footage of Steamer Lane my whole life 🙂


      Well I took a long time to say "I agree" more or less, good post, I feel ya.

  50. Earth Angel says:

    That an insane military agenda such as this is being carried out against innocent and helpless creatures of the earth is BEYOND DISTURBING. These MANIACS must be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. What kind of low life IDIOTS are flying these planes and sailing these ships of DESTRUCTION?!.. That they do not know the repercussions of what they are doing?..PLEASE. Every one of these senseless order-followers along with their criminal, amoral, and evil commanders should be court marshalled and punished severely for these atrocities.

  51. Elise B says:

    I am horrified reading this and so sad for our earth and for human as stewards of our home.  What has happened to our human conscience and sense of right and wrong, humanity, heart, compassion, etc? I can barely put my thoughts in writing as I am so deeply disturbed by this insanity.

  52. Joy Hart says: counts Humpbacks in Maui. They have been seeing 1K for several years. In 2015 they counted 1,488 including 90 calves. This year's count was down to 732 including 63 babies. These Humpbacks live in Alaska but travel to the Hawaiian Islands to calve between November and April. They do not feed the whole time they are there.

  53. Michel B says:

    It is horrendous, the willingness to inflict so much harm on unwitting nature, but what do we expect? These war machines and their personnel exist to kill people on a mass scale. Most people consider animals beneath us. We farm and kill them on industrial scales on our lands and in the waters already. So, why wouldn't we expect the largest killing machine, the USDF, to practice on animals or at least not to pay heed to them?

    It wouldn't make sense for a battle destroyer to go to lengths to avoid damage to sea life, then turn around and inflict untold damage to humans in other lands. So, if we are questioning the collateral or deliberate damage to unwitting sea life victims, then we have to first address the human killing intention of our defence (re offence) forces.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, you make an excellent point Michel B. Why would they place any value on the life of animals when they have none even for human beings?

    • virginia says:

      My God…this is beyond horrible.  My mind cannot take in all the suffering of these poor animals in our once-beautiful seas.  And, Michel, you are so right.  America has become a killing machine….and has been for almost its entire existence.  It matters not whom or what they kill as long as it will benefit the establishment and those in power.  Look what we have done to little children, babies and others in foreign lands who offered no threat or danger to us.  Why?  To quote Hillary: "At this point, what difference does it make?"
       And there, you have your answer….it makes no difference to the psychopaths in power.  Let us all do what we can and never give up.
       To nature…the animals, trees, air, water, et cetera, forgive us.

  54. Irene Parousis says:

    This is most disturbing and upsetting as these species were innocent victims of our species, it's pictures like this that make me wish our species was the first to go extinct.  We are the cancer of the planet, all of us, because it had to come to this before we woke up and started to do something about it.  I'm sorry to those who are angry only at the "elite",  but I'm angry at everyone including myself.  The chemtrails in the sky are not only a mirror to deflect the sun's rays but also a mirror for humanity to face themselves, and in an ironic way I'm almost grateful for them. 

    • Irene Parousis says:

      The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space. – Eckhart Tolle

  55. The Medical Implications of the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
    By Helen Caldicott / Global Research, April 26, 2016
     Disinformation: In terms of the medical effects of Fukushima there is a cone of silence that has been placed over the release of documented data related to patients and their associated illnesses. In fact a report noted that many doctors have been ordered not to inform their patients that their symptoms could be related to radiation. This leaves the population and in particular the parents in a state of despair. They need to know the truth about their situation and that of their children. …
    Radioactive Releases: What is known is that three times more noble gases escaped from the Fukushima accident than at Chernobyl. These gases, xenon, krypton and argon are inhaled into the lungs, are absorbed and deposited in fatty tissue of the body. They are very high energy gamma emitters – like X rays, and they can therefore cause lung cancer, and cancers of other organs of the body. It is also been estimated that about the same amount of cesium was released from Fukushima as at Chernobyl. So based on the number of mortalities and illnesses in the countries around Chernobyl which were not as densely populated as Japan, and considering the very high density of the Japanese population, one would have to assume that similar morbidities and mortalities would occur in Japan over the coming decades.
    Fish: The situation at the Fukushima Daichi plant gets worse by the day. 400 tons of very radioactive water have been discharged to the Pacific ocean on a daily basis ever since the accident causing fish to concentrate the radioactive elements in their flesh and bones. Some fish have been found to carry extremely high radiation levels – 12,400 Bc/K when the limit for food in Japan is 100 Bc/k. Of course no radiation is safe and the more radioactive food that is eaten the more these elements accumulate in bodily organs increasing the radiation dose. Some fresh water fish have also been found to be very radioactive, for instance 2657 Bc/k in a fish from the Mono River in NW Fukushima. The fishermen are very concerned about the ongoing oceanic releases as well as the fact that TEPCO is considering discharging the very radioactive water it is currently storing in temporary tanks, after it has been “filtered” for many isotopes. .
    General Population: 13% of the Japanese mainland is now contaminated with radioactive elements which will last for hundreds to thousands of years and will be concentrated in the food. Ten million people live in highly radioactive areas, so much so that the government has raised the accepted dose from 1 mS per year to 20 mS per year (which is the equivalent of 1000 chest X rays /year) – nuclear workers are allowed 50mS per year. Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to radiation effects than adults. Thousands of children are now locked inside, they wear masks and they are eating radioactive food and experiencing increased obesity as they get virtually no exercise. …


    • Yamakawa says:

      Thanks Susan!
      A guinea pig reports from Tokyo region, still alive and (seems) well! Not as cool a Guinea Pig as the Great American Guinea Pig Buckminster Fuller LOL, but I hope the etheric breathing method that I have posted previously gets approved!

      Now I understand that without ending the contamination production won’t be the true solution. But bear in mind that if all the (conventional) scientific analysis, done in true motive, were all true, the situation would be much more terrifying. There must be something going on, the power of nature, the morphogenic field of Mother Earth healing and operating herself, that could not be grasped clearly by the conservative science, that is neutralizing the nuclear pollution and recovering from the negative effect to some extent. 

      For example, you could imagine the purified skies, air, soil and water after stricken by a typhoon, the spiral effect neutralizing the human’s artificial pollution. The typhoon just washed away the pollution? no, not only that, they neutralized some contamination.

      So too much belief on conservative science is too biased to a negative view. Besides, there are no solution to neutralizing nuke pollution in reasonable timeframe, in current conservative science. Although there exist technologies beyond the conservative that enables that.

      May be a bit depressing, but here are some videos for people interested. Might give you an impression of how an evacuated town looks like, not a Hollywood movie, a real version. Observe the vegetation and the cherry bloom!

      Japan: Drone captures TONNES of nuclear waste being stored at Fukushima 2015/04/16

      【4K】Fukushima Tomioka the abandoned city 2015

      evacuation continuing in Fukushima Tomioka town 2016 cherry blossom

      english media: Japan times


    • Thank you, Yamakawa — It is good to get the Japanese perspective!

    • Yamakawa says:

      For people wondering, where are the workers for cleaning up the Fukushima nuke mess (however not solving the problem). The more people are made to be poor, the easier to supply the workforce, a conscription in an indirect way. Below is a Japanese article, but see the graph which shows the current average numbers of workmen in daily basis, 6570 men  as of September 2015.

      The uprising workmen of the Fukushima 1st nuclear power station and future issues

      The workmen are batched from J-Village facility, which is connected to a highway, for very convenient transportation of the workforce. The stakeholders are planning to revive the facility as a soccer training center to be available for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. How crazily insane!!!

      2015 Media tour inside Fukushima workers' facility AP Archive

      JapanTimes english media on current j-village

      Aerial Video J-Village 2016.4.20 facebook video

      Refreshing the bad aftertaste! Recalling a Great American Walter Russell, a friend of Nikola Tesla! An insight to a non-conservative science.

      Nikola Tesla TOLD Walter Russell To HIDE His COSMOGONY From The World For 1,000 YEARS!

      Russell’s science diagram

  56. Dane — Thank you for posting the latest from the West Coast Action Alliance WCAA team in Port Townsend WA on the Olympic Peninsula. I must say that Karen Sullivan and the others have been amazing both in their intelligence and their courage. They have been personally individually threatened by the Navy, which shows that they are considered a threat: "…when you are personally named in multiple newspaper letters to the editor as a 'threat to 30,000 jobs' and you have Navy personnel publicly saying they’d like to 'strap you to a Growler and fly you into ISIS territory to see how much guts you have' or a pilot tells you the dart board at the officer’s club has your face on it, and the tone of that continuous smear campaign implies that violence might not be out of line because you are a traitor, and they tell you on social media that they know where you live, you start to take precautions with your personal safety."  I have great respect for these people and their brave unrelenting efforts.

  57. New Zealand zapped! on NASA’s EOSDIS Worldview
    My friend in New Zealand is still reluctant to accept that New Zealand is being inundated with the toxic chemicals and radio frequency rf/microwaved by transmitters like HAARP, etc. So I have encouraged him to investigate the evidence at NASA’s EOSDIS Worldview. I include a few seen shots I recently made of New Zealand and south towards Antarctica.

  58. Karen Strong says:

    Can I ask .. Why are they spraying chaff … I haven't heard of this before … In relation to the statistics, well what can one say … I feel sick at the thought of all this planetary desolation .. Innocent creatures just trying to go about their lives as they always have for centuries … What chance have they now … Not to mention our human generations that will follow … So many people coming down with the same sicknesses .. Tummy and digestion .. Gurgling stomachs and unusual motions … Ongoing … Sticky eyes … I'm positive the geoeengineering is to blame wholly … Because it's been since spraying has begun, that my once healthy childhood, where I went to the doctor only once in 20 years my children also only visited the doctor a few times themselves  ,now my grandchildren are going more than I or my children ever did … I absolutely hate these evil people with their evil agendas … 

    • Electronic Warfare Chaff.
      The primary way to change the properties of the medium between the radar and the target is by the use of chaff. Chaff consists of small metallic (aluminum) dipoles that are designed to resonate at the radar frequency. Half-wave dipoles make very good radar reflectors. Typical dimensions for use against a 10-GHz radar would be 0.6 inch long, 0.01 inch wide, and 0.001 inch thick. Only 0.1 pound is needed to cause an echo equal in size to a large bomber. Thousands of such dipoles are compressed into small packages. When injected into the aircraft slipstream, the chaff packages burst open and the dipoles scatter to form a radar-reflectie cloud called a chaff corridor.
      Each chaff package, dropped independently, can simulate an additional aircraft. A chaff curtain, consisting of thousands of false targets, can be dropped by a small number of aircraft. Such a curtain can so confuse radars that they are unable to locate the real targets within the chaff cloud. Chaff drops so slowly that it normally takes many hours to reach the ground.
      When chaff packages are dropped in close sequence, radars, viewing the resulting continuous chaff corridor from right angles have difficulty tracking targets within the corridor. If the corridor is viewed nearer to head-on (dispensing aircraft approaching the radar), the radar range gate can be forced to stay on the first return received. Thus, the lead aircraft can be tracked and the chaff echoes gated out. When viewing the corridor tail on, the radar can also track the lead aircraft if the range gate is forced to select the last part of the echo. If the dispensing aircraft uses rockets to fire chaff in front of the aircraft, the problem of maintaining tracking is greatly increased.
      Since the chaff particles have considerable aerodynamic drag, their forward velocity quickly drops to near zero. Because of its low velocity, chaff can be regarded as an airborne type of "clutter". Radars such as CW, pulse doppler and MTI (Moving Target Indicator) that can reject clutter are not seriously affected by chaff. Thus, they can continue to track a target within a chaff cloud as long as the target has a radial component of velocity.
      The use of chaff by surface units has greatly increased in recent years. Chaff dispensed by a rocket or projectile can be used to decoy or break the track of a missile with active radar guidance.
      Chaff is a particularly effective means of defending relatively slow systems such as surface ships. In this situation there is so little difference in velocity between the potential target and the chaff that CW, pulse doppler, and MTI radars have difficulty in separating the target from the chaff clutter. In shipboard defense, chaff rockets can be fired to burst at a specific location, hopefully within the field of view of the weapon RF seeker, creating an alternate target that is more lucrative than the ship itself. The disadvantage of this situation is that it requires an elaborate fire control system and movable launcher to position the chaff burst precisely. The alternative, employing fixed launchers and no fire control system, is to fire several chaff rockets to burst relatively close to the ship. The chaff cloud combines with the ship to form one very large target with a combined centroid somewhere in the chaff cloud. An RF homing weapon that seeks the centroid of its target will thus fly harmlessly past the ship and through the chaff cloud.

      Characteristics of CHAFF

  59. Cori Gunnells says:  – it's 'already' noticeable, if people are paying attention.

    We are in deep trouble on this planet, and the oceans are showing evidence of it in spades. This military slaughter comes on top of all the other current factors harmful to the marine life, causing the oceans to literally gasp… They die, we die. 

    Disgusting actions, training, desensitizing personnel, and…. killing innocents. Yes, wasted resources (our dollars) as well. You can't get a whale back, or a dolphin, seal, etc…  I'm angry, speaking up, and doing all I can to educate others. 

  60. Rodster says:

    The Washington Post put out a story today that said parts of Texas experienced violent weather with grapefruit size hail, smashing car windows.

    • Linda says:

      The info on the kelp forest die-off is devastating. Our representatives, on all levels, need to be buried in emails containing the link to this article. And phone calls to offices! How can anyone read and know this without responding? Call the President, 202.456.1111 or 1414. Congress, 202.224.3121  Feinstein, CA office  310.914.7300  Boxer, CA office, 415.403.0100.  Governor Brown, 916.445.2841 etc, etc 

      I wrote a song years ago called "Who Are We"?  The last part goes like this…….

      What  are we gonna tell the children when they say "where were you, and what did you do?"  What are we gonna tell the children when the ask "where are the whales, the bees, the frogs and the trees?"  And….

      Who are we? And how's it gonna be?

      Who are you? And what' ya gonna do?

      Who am I? And what's it mean to try?

  61. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Important Work Here

  62. Bryan says:

    Sorry for the typos. Writing this on my phone and it's hard to proof. But you get the idea… 🙂

  63. Bryan says:

    As I continue to follow along, listening to Dane's weekly broadcasts as well as updates from front-line Twitter sources, I'm shocked, saddened and utterly amazed at the relentless pace of global devastation. Even worse, at the blindness of my own friends and family to the natural world around them.

    They think I'm crazy whenever I bring the subject up or merely point to the sky. "There he goes again." I can't even sit down and watch TV with my loved ones, because I know see the blatant mainstream lies, distractions and attempts to hide geoengineering in plain sight.

    I personally have concluded that this is an assault upon all created life, omnicide as Dane calls it but with a biblical twist. I realize the rationale of such madness doesn't ultimately matter since the horrifying result is the same. But when I'm forced to answer why anybody in their right mind would do this, I can only conclude that the elite are playing by a biblical playbook but getting it all backwards. In essence, fulfilling scripture by trying to deliberately mock it. 


    This is our final call to open our hearts and defend the Earth. The test pig life is that we die to our ego and live for others, or die for others instead of ourselves. Dane has put this eloquently in terms of his children.


    The gospel of greed is what's brought us to this perilous place. So of course it makes perfect sense that the elite bankers are driving the agenda. They will try and hide and avert the holocaust of their own creation, then emerge and make the world new in their own image from the seed banks they've saved, the GMO labs and trans-humanist experimentation. Not to mention all the suppressed technologies and progressive medicines the general population has been denied. Good luck with that.


    Only a perverted religion of self could kill the miracle of creation and call that progress. Only a satanic worship would preach the murder of billions and the creation of care in their ceremonies to Moloch.


    Perhaps many would prefer if this discussion stayed away from a religious slant but as I'm often reminded, it's not just what you personally believe but what they believe. And in trying to make sense of their moral vacuum, insensitivity to the death of all life on this planet except maybe their own, I can only conjecture that the selfish philosophy underlying their behavior is contrary to natural law, universal law and thus God's law however you choose to define God.


    Surely we must rise to defer defend His kingdom if not our own world. When the birds die, the whales and sea lions die, when the trees die, the bees die, what more will it take for us to rise from our narcoleptic slumber?


    This is a unified cry of all life, like Alderan in Star Wars after it's blown up by the Death Star.


    We need to become Jedis now while we still can, fighting for the Light while there's stil time.


    The dark heart of the global empire is evil. We just find the heroic nature inside ourselves to protect our beautiful planet before it's too late.


    • Greg O. says:

      Thank you Bryan for your post.  My stomach is upset from Dane's post.   I don't know what will collapse first, the environment or the economy?  We no longer live in a democracy, it is truly a corporate, fascist, military empire, which is totally insane and out of control.  The hidden technology that the cabal possesses is unknown, but a revolution, I believe would be dealt with severely by the powers that be.  Critical Mass is the only sane and honorable approach.  Compassion and consciousness is what links like-minded people together, regardless of individual religious beliefs.  I believe all are welcome in this type of group.  What we are facing in the moment is horrific, but uniting together makes it more palatable.  I'm personally not worried about eternity; I've made my peace there.  May we all stay strong and true!

  64. Chad says:

    They aren't going to change Dane Wigington! That's their mission and Agenda! God's work I guess?! It has to be done because it's happening! Too big to stop now and irreparable damage already done!!! Beware October! Get off the East and Western sea shores! Bad stuff coming and I Know it! God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

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