Engineered Winter, The Deception Of The US Population



Where is it cold? Where is it hot? The GISS "departure from normal temperature" map below should paint a strikingly clear picture to answer this question. Where is the ONLY bright blue area of substantially below normal temperatures? The Eastern half of the North American continent, why?



This is not just an anomaly, it has become the norm. The power structure's goal is to continue confusing and dividing the US population in regard to the true state of the climate. If Americans woke up to what is unfolding in the world, and to what is being done to them by the climate engineers, there would be a shock wave around the globe. The dominos of the power structure would begin to tumble. So, what was the temperature "departure from normal" exactly a year earlier, in November of 2013? The map below is almost a duplicate of the one above, the focused cool-downs of the Eastern US has been ongoing.




Americans need to wake up to the fact that they are the subject of what is very much a psychological operation. 2014 is now officially the warmest year ever recorded on our planet, how many Americans believe this? How could they, when they are constantly being subjected to abrupt and radical engineered cool-downs. The maps above show November 2013 and November 2014, what about some of the periods between these two maps?





Another extremely similar scenario is above, what about later in 2014?




Is the pattern clear? There has been a constant effort to keep the Eastern half of the North American continent cooled down. The Eastern US is the most populated region of the America, the constant cold has completely polarized people's opinions about the climate, especially in this region. No matter what the facts are from around the globe, many can only believe it's cold because that is the case outside their own door. What is the point of all this? The power brokers are digging in and preparing for total collapse. The climate confusion they are creating with geoengineering is buying them time to continue their preparations. Global geoengineering can create intense temporary ground level (a very shallow layer of cold) cool-downs, but at what cost? Total disruption of global weather systems, derailing of the hydrological cycle, complete shredding of the ozone layer, worsening of the overall planetary warming, and irreparable contamination of the entire planet. If we are to effectively fight in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, we must stand on solid facts and verifiable data, not opinions, spun headlines, and adopted ideology. The Eastern US is an off and on cold zone in a very rapidly warming world. The completely engineered cool-downs are adding to the overall warming, not mitigating it.


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  1. Tom Petillo says:

    I live in New Jersey and wake every morning to an eastern sunrise view over New York. I work outside and leave home at 6:30 am. I became aware of geo engineering 2 years ago and have been active trying to get the word out ever since. I find it very frustrating at times but have found to just get people to look up is a start instead of giving to much information at first.  It never cease to amaze me how most people just dont care. There can be a sky full of trails every which way with 2 sometimes three planes in a row and does not hit home. I would love to direct my efforts to the young, grade school or high school kids, maybe  at the local library but I fear we out of time. I would like if there is anyone in the Nutley New Jersey interested in forming a support group.

  2. may says:

    I. am sick with upper respitory problems. Trying to detox.

    • James says:

      Hello! I suggest finding yourself a colloidal silver or even a silver solution kit as to prevent the respiratory malfunctions you experience.  Gargle teatree oil often, the same with coconut oil (it is great for the oral hygiene system) as ginger and turmeric which may be a good add to the coconut oil. I personally add a drop or two of orange, maybe even peppermint essential oil to it(coconut oil flavour may be a too powerful if you're like me). Even find yourself oregano oil. I throw 15+ drops in a capsule and then  15+ drops in a capsule  and that's is very good to knock out the attacks on your immune system. Best wishes! 
      James K

  3. I'm from Northeast PA. Took a trip to South Carolina and Georgia 2 weeks ago and the skies on the way down and back were horrid. Chemtrails and spraying everyday. The manmade clouds were like mountains. The planes have been spraying heavily in the past 4 or 5 days near Scranton PA and Pocono Mountains. Beautiful blue skies in the morning and then haze and large silver gray clouds that look like mountains. Observed  pink in one of the huge clouds a few days ago and took picture. Have been talking to everyone I come in contact with about the chemtrails and geoengineering. America needs to wake up. It's horrible that it's allowed. August 9 2015


  4. john force says:

    4/29/2015  sick from chem.trails in boise idaho today,they sprayed heavily last 3 days,metal taste in mouth,burning know the sad thing about trying to tell people about chemtrails is the masses are deaf,most of america dont kow about the spraying of agent orange in vietnam. plus america has a short memory,they have ate the  lie of global warming,and still think they are contrails, they are being put into a trap and dont even know it .

    • B says:

      That is what one of my friends described one day about 18 years ago near Peekskill, NY in the lower Hudson Valley region. A light mist fell on her while she was outside and she had a metallic taste in her mouth. We talked about how she should go inside and wash completely.

      She told me there was no sound of aircraft or engines, and nothing spraying in the vacinity.. and it was an overcast day. I never found anything similar to this experience until I just read your comment.

  5. Desiree says:

    Dear Fellow Skywatchers,
    The jets were blasting their chem. trails all over the counties of Indiana this morning. Plumes of white trails turned into a hazed sky by 1:00pm. Everyone here has been complaining for years about their allergies!!! Cancer is killing many. Children are sickly. The whites of people’s eyes are blodshot!
    I have been speaking to everyone I see today about the chaos in the skys. With the exception of 1 no one had heard of what I was talking about. Nor had they noticed..THEY WILL NOTICE NOW. the best word is word of mouth..TELL EVERYONE…then We MUST ACT!

  6. Ananas says:

    What about the smell in your air? I live in the Swiss Jura mountains, far from industrial centers and I remember the smell of real snow. It’s snowing now but we are getting a dirty smell. Also, the snow flakes are not regular any more. They look damaged. How does it happen? Who damages the beauty of the snow flakes? To melt a snowball used to take a few minutes. Now it takes hours and, how strange, very little water is coming out of it.

    • Tony says:

      I live in Oregon and we too noticed that the snow wouldn't melt when we held it in our hands. I have witnessed the chemtrails myself. We are having yet another "hottest summer on record." I remember, as a kid, the snow and the ice storms and how brutally cold it would get at times. Now we see actual snow maybe once every couple years. This last winter all we had was rain and our mountains got very little snow. Then I find out I have Parkinson's Disease at 48 years old, already stage 3. I firmly believe this has nothing to do with trying to cool down the planet, they are trying to make the population sick, dumb, and eventually dead. It's well known the elite want about 7 billion people less on this planet. Easier for them to control. Next, very soon, the dollar is going to collapse, and WW3 will be next. China is preparing, so is Russia and Nato.

  7. Jane says:

    Terrorism in the Sky. Right here in Canada. Following the same steps as the USA. Just have to watch the News Folks. Canada is implementing the same Terror Act Law that USA has. A whole pile of B.S.

    If people don’t wake up very soon then this Sht is not going to stop.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Sounds like a plan!

  9. Stephanie says:

    You have black chemtrails?  Wow!  They are white here, until the next day then they are dark stormy looking skies without a drop of percipitation! 

  10. Stephanie says:

    I've been noticing the "artisitic shaped clouds" for a very long time here in Arkansas! 

    Last winter, I remember a winter storm moving across the nation and was heading in our direction, then the chem-trails and the system made a split and "skirted" around us to the north and south, dumping snow in areas where they don't get snow, like Texas and Lafayette LA and even in southern AL. 

    I will continue to try bringing awareness to those I can. 

    Thank you for posting the links, Andrew!

  11. Stephanie says:

    It will take going back to the days without electricity for it to change.  There are way to many dependant on the Gov, to want to do anything about it. 

  12. Stephanie says:

    I’m 100 miles north of Little Rock AR and they have been spraying here a lot more often.
    In the last 2 wks, the forecast was calling for snow or wintry mix. That is normal for us this time of year. Then the chem-trails and nothing! Dark cloudy skies and freezing temps, but no precipitation.
    Isn’t it possible that for those areas that were suppose to get it and didn’t, then “juno” holding all that percipitaion then dumping ALL of it’s on the NE? Does that sound far fetched? Am I just losing my mind?

  13. Katy Lash says:

    The spraying has been getting worse since the beginning of January in Vermont. In a state where snow and rain are very frequent we haven’t gotten any of either. It’s been clear blue skies which are fogged out by the end of the day by toxic chemtrails. Feeling helpless… how do we stop this madness?

  14. Jesse white says:

    I don’t see any future for earth as long as people exist. Good people have no idea how to stop evil anymore. Got to cure the problem like that with bloodshed and I don’t think people have it in them anymore, the machine has been grown to powerful.

  15. Bud Muller says:

    Dane How about selling masks (cheap) thru e-commerce site, w/ info packet included. I can do that , please advise asap, as you know there’s not much time left. Bud Muller 530 626 5158

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bud, unfortunately conventional desperation masks cannot filter out the nano particulates, not even close. We must expose and stop the spraying, that is our only option

  16. b.smith says:

    How I love ur mind!! Reread Andrew’s comment. This whole situation is very much out of hand and I am going to have to make this funky fashion statement by wearing the doctor’s mask in public. Can’t wait to deal with the responses by handing them chem literature.

  17. Jayne says:

    Western intell with Mossad was most likely responsible for the attacks on the French magazine. It’s become a predictable pattern by now. Look what has followed in the wake… new surveillance bills, a new war authorization is in the works, there’s even a new bill to deregulate Wall Street… of course, distraction from intense spraying. It’s so obvious by now. Except that Americans are extremely mind controlled. So denial is part of it, but the techniques of mind control must be understood.

  18. The Mayhem says:

    I agree. There needs to put a stop to this.

  19. The Mayhem says:

    Seems like Deja vu all over again. Why do we keep seeing this happening over and over again? It’s those HAARP terrorists. Al Qaeda isn’t the real threat. Neither is ISIS or whoever killed a bunch of people in France. It’s those evil geoengineered flying terrorists spraying the skies day and night creating those high amplification ridges in the Pacific and polar vortexes East of the Rockies. Too bad the government isn’t listening. They’re screwing us over again and again until all sanity is lost.

  20. Obvious HAARP activity going on over the Northern Great Lakes region these last few days since 1/7/2015.

    There is some sort of low frequency pulse being used, with high frequency chaff ridding on the carrier wave.
    The are drastic temperature changes in elevations, and some persons are sick to their stomachs from the electromagnetic effects. The events of ice balls on lake Michigan are also related to these HARRP manipulations used in concert with chemtrails.

    Where is the OFF button? We need to shut these programs off…

  21. JR says:

    Hey Emmy; Down south of you in Las Cruces, N.M. For days now over our rain or snow clouds they are destroying them with SAG. Most of the time now you can’t hear them over clouds until you see broken up overcast of crap from spraying. I like your post Pamela, ha, ha….Seriously folks the world is under attack by the enemy who seeks, kills, and destroys.

  22. Karen says:

    Today (1/9/15) was such an ugly sky day. After all the spraying yesterday, I woke up to dirty brown, gray, low waves of clouds. After being outside for only 15 minutes I had to sneeze, cough, and blow my nose. Terrible. Late in the evening I could see the stuff within the engineered clouds falling, like I used to when I would see rain falling. This is very upsetting. We MUST DO SOMETHING before it’s too late. I am noticing “letters to the editor” in our local papers of people talking about the spraying. Has the Shasta county supervisors made any movements regarding this?

  23. jth says:

    I am pretty sure we who are two hours north of you and including you, were under a freezing fog warning until 6pm today. that happens when we go from high temps to freezing temps. I am a believer in geoengineering but I would be hard pressed to believe todays activity to be “fashioned.” we are on the bottom lip of a northern cold front which has been riding the ribbon of the jet stream. i watch chemtrails and the weather…this is just stupid winter weather (in my HUMBLE opinion)

  24. andrew says:

    My 33rd email to my contact list, titled Smart Clouds.

    Last summer I watched in amazement as, over a period of about of about half an hour, clouds at about the same height approached each other from north and south and then turned 90 degrees to drift eastwards (to follow the late afternoon sun). Other clouds hardly moved.

    1. Water molecules will condense on atmospherically sprayed nano particles of metal and form clouds. These clouds can then be moved around using beams of specific electro magnetic frequencies – rather like moving iron filings with a magnet. They are now so accurate with this that they can create clouds of great artistic shapes.

    2. Now let’s scale this up and see how weather systems and thunder storms can be moved around.

    a. One of the uses of HAARP is to direct beams of ultra high frequencies at specific points in the ionosphere. These areas then heat up by about 1000 degrees in a matter of seconds – rather like a microwave oven.
    The air in this area rapidly expands and causes both 1) a bulge in the ionospheric layers and 2) it pushes air down towards earth.

    Weather manipulation is one of the many uses of this.

    The ‘down draft’ of air is basically a high pressure area which rotates clockwise, and if this is created above rising low pressure area (anti-clockwise rotation and which would normally lead to thunder storms etc), it squashes the rising air down and stops the low pressure system from forming.
    The trouble with this is that the rising low pressure has to pop up somewhere else – rather like squeezing a balloon.
    Of course, if these HAARP high pressure areas are created off to the side of a rising low pressure system, then that system can be moved around.

    b. In the US Air Force 1995 document: “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” (, it states that sub-microscopic weather modification particles can be dropped into hurricanes and other weather systems to blend with storms and report real time weather data to each other and to a larger sensor network. These smart particles can also be used to increase or decrease the storm’s size and intensity – and “steer” it to “specific targets”.

    It is also worth reading the 1966 document: “A Recommended National Programme in Weather Modification”

    The science of nano technology has advanced far quicker than either of the above two documents anticipated.

    In recent BBC weather reports, I have seen many examples of clouds and weather systems not following the prevailing wind.

    3. Currently, Dallas (Texas) is the same temperature as parts of Alaska and the Siberian Arctic….
    Please, please WAKE UP and watch this video:

  25. Matt says:

    Just another observation that I don’t see stated. The sky glows at night when they spray! When it rains the windshield of your car literally looks like you are wiping away super small metal flakes. I don’t know if it is like this everywhere. Just an observation. Oh and the birds still seem pretty happy flying around in all directions. Lots of Seagulls flying around today! YaH the birds are still alive! Oh! And it must be spring because my roses and peach tree are starting to flower.

  26. Emmy koponem says:

    Not a ray of sunlight in Santa Fe nm today. Dirty black clouds from the west arrived dripping lord knows what all night night. Today totally dirty overcast and cold.

  27. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Woohoo!!! 15,000,000 Visitors to Geoengineeringwatch. Let’s make it 16,000,000 by Feb. 1st.

  28. Matt says:

    Oh, and yes, of course today blue skies, after the fog left around 8am. The planes came out of the woodwork. Who took 1200 pictures? This guy…

  29. Matt says:

    At least if these idiot satanists ever stop spraying us it will be like Hawaii everywhere. Woohoo grab your beach balls. Oh wait the ocean is radiated too, damn. Backyard pool party.

  30. Eugene says:

    Hello Folks!

    They are excessivly spraying in Germany also. Everyday. It’s so depressing looking into dark / black chemtrails. I wish the blue sky and white clouds back….

  31. Freedom Ranger says:

    Dottie- Teneo lupus auribus. They are spraying while its cold because they experiencing the law of diminishing returns. If they stop spraying it will warm up INSTANTLY. Teneo Lupus Auribus my latin teacher used to say- I have a wolf by the ears. They can’t let go.

    The brown cloud is in full effect over the state of Colorado, I am above it and it spreads over the state shielding the state from a surprisingly warm sun. I am standing in the sun. It is unusually radiant and warm.

  32. Adam says:

    South GA has been sprayed excessively the past two weeks as well.

  33. matt steamboat colorado says:

    hey dane, was thinking you would be the person to ask about this meteor that is going to hit outside puerto rico sept 23 2015 ?? do you know about this, and put any real truth to it ?

  34. Pamela Stewart says:

    NW Arkansas looks like a checker-board almost every day. May a diseased camel squat in the fruit-loops of all those doing the spraying and may the fleas of one thousand dogs infest their armpits!

  35. gingercake5 says:

    Read this short article that accompanies this video of ice boulders in the Great Lakes. The last paragraph admits that the water temperature is 40 F. You won’t believe how the author is making this sound normal. After all, it happened last year! If only we could convince someone to take one into a lab and study it, or at least try to melt it.

  36. henry says:

    AZ is being soaked at all times during the day.

  37. Jane says:

    1/08/15 – Spraying heavily in central FL also.

  38. Dottie says:

    I agree Karen. I have a few bird feeders out all the time and I see the bird population going down. I used to have so many birds but not anymore. I moved back to New York from Florida about 3 1/2 years ago and I have noticed an increase in the spraying in just this short amount of time. I constantly have sinus issues up here that I didn’t have in Florida. Now, I know they spray in Florida as well but I don’t think it’s as extensive as it is in New York but I’ve been gone for over 3 years. Does anyone live in Florida and can tell me if the spraying is bad down there as well?

  39. Dottie says:

    I live in upstate New York and on Jan. 7, the temperatures were bitterly cold. At night it was -4 with a wind chill of -20 to -25. The next morning (yesterday), it was still very cold and a little windy. The sun was out and the skies were clear and then they started to spray again. This blows their excuse of trying to cool the planet. It was already bitterly cold why are they still spraying above my head if it’s cold? I really want the sun to warm me on a day like that!

  40. big says:

    North Central florida another area that has been under a heavy chemtrails in recent weeks, and years. The last few winters, what is normally clear blue skies, is mostly cloudy and milky.

  41. Christy says:

    Spraying in Weston and Celina Texas wish I could load pictures

  42. googi says:

    I can confirm the 24/7 spraying in sierra foothills. All our clouds anymore are just a chem haze. I miss the blue sky.

  43. Howard Taylor says:

    Here in Houston 1/8/15 sprayed 8 hours straight with about 15 jets. Blue skies in morning completely cloudy with rain drops at 4pm. Rain today. Took pictures all day. Posted on Pinterest under Geoengineering. Do this to show people, pictures don’t lie. A great way to show the devil’s vomit in sky. Just post it. My Pinterest documents these crimes. So easy. Take pictures pin it documentation to show others.Thanks Dane, I will Pin your article to my Geoengineering Pinterest.

  44. Jane Kean says:

    A quick report from the SW of France an area known to have six winds and oh boy are they working those last remnants of mother nature. From my observation points some days I can count twenty ++ planes in four different areas. Vast banks and I mean hundreds of miles of manipulated sprayed cloud roll around the edge of the mountains, a haze hangs in our once pristine air that is yellow and brown. The sunsets reflect in the East! It’s the Venus syndrome gone mad. People post pics of ‘pretty pink clouds’ during the day! The winds are only used to move moisture around, steamed super clouds hang like monsters over whole towns. It is beyond horror. Curing pollution with pollution just doesn’t make sence are these people even human that do this, hmmm I wonder…so I’ve started digging deeper. Why why why? One comment from a scientist friend who tried in his lab/university to open colleges eyes to the global warming issue by showing the film Home said not one of them was interested, they turned his invitation down flat. All that mattered was their research and the Nobel prize to the extent that they mostly died of of prostrate cancer ‘in the saddle’. Couple this with a Military on steroids power mad men and perhaps other agendas we can’t even start to grasp and……………..

  45. penn says:

    High for the week in Philadelphia 32. Low for the week in Juneau 32.

  46. Dan Rogers Sr says:

    I totally agree there is nothing normal about our skies any more if anything is said your an extreamist this is FUBAR what we need is information on how to start protecting ourselvs and our families at least slow down the effects making people aware is only going to happen when it stops everyones daily routine . To fight this we need to start engineering controls on our own IE start wearing respirators mask out in public enough people start wearing PPE and explaining why they will wake up then. As with normal exposure during a working task. You don’t just continue on the basis you are going to be ok. IE Im a firefighter you go into the house fully involved with no mask even during mop up over time the ISOCYONATE deplets the oxygen in you blood the slow kill just like the areosoles and metals being sprayed now everyday. OR if you inhaled the supper heated gases you die instantly. What they are doing now is starting a structure fire and or leathal atmosphere for the world. If people started treating this as an immediate threat as it is and start putting info on cars/shirts everyday items people would at least take a look at it. But is has to be constatly put out as the tv and new do to make it happen. Need to also invent a product or device that spicifily generates power from the Alluminum oxide/bearium/Strauntium thats in the air now . If the air is conductive now it should not be hard to prove the particals even to the people asleep. i hope the best people Neo

  47. Matt says:

    3:44 am First sound of an airplane since morning. But total chem fog for several days here in Tacoma. They are oviously spraying like silly all day and night above this total cloud cover. It sure smells like we are being murdered.

  48. Freedom Ranger says:

    Marie- You can’t stop it, the most you can ask of yourself is to make other people aware. If you focus your field of vision and narrow your purpose you wont get overwhelmed. The more people who are aware the greater the probability that a positive event can take place in the myriad of possibilities that are the future. It increases the chance that this dreadful machine itself will make an error. That is the most you can ask of yourself and the best thing you can do. Dane has conveniently made these flaming arrow packages you can send to people which contains the necessary information.

  49. Marie says:

    The foothills above the central valley of California are being sprayed 24 hours a day now. They are in the night sky’s all night long. It is so depressing. How can we stop this?

    • Mike says:

      I know what you are dealing with. I live in the foothills between Sacramento and Tahoe and I see chemtrails constantly. Many winter mornings I have witnessed the jets spraying and I don’t know how people cannot notice and wonder what’s going on. God help us.

  50. Karen says:

    Thanks Maria for you information and also to let the people know where you are from.

  51. marco says:

    Rose P, you are correct in your reason no. 2, population control, (also known as culling). The below link is a microscopic analysis of the artificial snow being engineered over the eastern US. Included in this analysis of the snow, is a human blood cell, hollowed out and used as a receptacle for an unknown virus or other bacterium, for population control. There are also some other interesting things in this snow, and Michelle Hopkins does a good job of commenting on the analysis.

  52. Rose Pursley says:

    There is several reasons in the big picture for them spraying. 1. Weapon of war. 2. Population control and 3. To cause chaos in the global warming arena and divide to conquer by them saying they have the solution moving people to where they want them in their Agenda 21 plans.

  53. Maria says:

    Dried flakes of snow
    After sampling (snowflakes caught in freefall)

    I have recordet 30 hours later this Polymeric structure
    It reacts visibly sensitive to light and to the natural frequency of my body (pulse / heart rate). This is the content or the part of snowflakes and since 5 days now, continuously!

    (Germany )

  54. Karen says:

    This article is so very helpful to the people of this country. I can’t begin to tell you what took place over our morning sky today (1/8/15). they started spraying at 6:15am and every 10 minutes there after. At about noon there were two planes going north/east to south/east in a crisscross pattern. NOW it’s cloudy with a chance of “heavy metal dropping”! The sun was completely hazed out!! WAKE UP AMERICA. The is showing all over the world the fish and bird die off! I used to enjoy the finches flying in and out of my jasmine bush…NOT ANY MORE!
    WHAT CAN WE DO???? Today I opened this web page to a client of mine as we were watching the spraying by these blinded pilots in our sky. CONTRAILS DON’T MAKE CLOUDS..let me repeat myself…Contrails don’t make clouds right before your eyes….WAKE THE HECK UP FOLKS! Send people to this web site…

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