Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity From Geoengineering, The First Science Publication Goes Live


Now we have another weapon in our arsenal to fight back against the ongoing climate engineering insanity, acknowledgment of the atmospheric spraying in a science publication. has had extensive ongoing communication with Dr. Herndon, he attended the California Jam event in Southern California with me. My gratitude to geoscientist/physicist Marvin Herndon for his courage in directly addressing the issue of geoengineering when the vast majority of climate science community is cowering in the shadows.
Dane Wigington

Wigington and Dr. Herndon

Dane Wigington and Dr. Marvin Herndon conversing before Dane's presentation on geoengineering at the "California Jam, 2015" awareness conference

Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity and Earth's Biota by Clandestine Geoengineering

​Source: PR Newswire, article by Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

SAN DIEGO, June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In a scientific article in Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences), San Diego geoscientist, J. Marvin Herndon discloses: "Globally, for the past decade or  more, with dramatically increasing intensity, our planet is being deliberately and clandestinely exposed to a non-natural substance which releases toxic mobile aluminum into the environment .… But there has been no public admission, no understanding, no academic investigations, no informed consent, and no disclosure as to the nature of the toxic substances being dispersed into the air."


Toxic Spray Trails over San Diego

Observations described with pictures: "Since the spring of 2014, I observed the common occurrence of toxic geoengineering trails in the lower atmosphere (troposphere), which mixes with the air we breathe, was increasing in frequency. By November 2014, the spraying from tanker-jet aircraft had become a near- daily occurrence, sometimes to the extent of causing the otherwise blue sky to be completely overcast with artificial clouds. Disturbingly, San Diego's Mayor and Chief of Police issued  no  health  warnings,  even  to  the  most  at-risk  members  of  the  community:  children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with compromised immune and respiratory systems."

Disclosed: "Coal burning by …. electric utilities, produces heavy ash that settles out, as well as fly ash that formally went up the smokestack into the atmosphere, but is now captured and stored because  of its well-known adverse human health effects and damage to the environment.… Water leaches out toxic elements." 

Scientific evidence, later confirmed and extended, reveals that coal fly ash is the toxic substance being sprayed over humanity: In "… a side-by-side comparison of aluminum to barium (Al/Ba) weight ratios of rainwater and coal fly ash leachate … the range of Al/Ba values are virtually indistinguishable…. Similarly … the range of … strontium to barium (Sr/Ba) weight ratios of rainwater and coal fly ash leachate … are virtually indistinguishable."


Blue Sky Overcast with Toxic Spray

Further: "Such clandestine geoengineering activities exposed humanity and Earth's biota to highly mobilized aluminum, a toxic substance not generally found in the natural environment and one for which no natural immunity had evolved. During the period of coal fly ash utilization for clandestine geoengineering, aluminum-implicated neurological diseases experienced explosive growth profiles, including autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ADHD, and others, as well as manifold destruction of plant and animal life. Highly mobilized aluminum from the geoengineering-dispersed coal fly ash, I posit, is the cause."

Moreover: "After U. S. President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in for a second term in office, 20 January 2013, geoengineering activities escalated sharply, becoming a near-daily occurrence in many parts of America. If … coal fly ash geoengineering activities are the principal cause of aluminum-implicated neurological diseases, then there will be a sharp spike in their occurrences after January 20, 2013; proof, albeit horrific proof, of crimes against humanity and Earth's biota of a magnitude and severity never before experienced."

Herndon, J. M. Current Science, 25 June, 2015

​Source: PR Newswire, article by Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about geoengineering.

  2. Pinky says:

    Aluminum Hat, aka Tin Foil Hat. Like the Mad Hatter. Well soon enough everyone will have one on or in their Head. Heavy Metal Brains. 

    This is brought to you by your friendly Geoengineer's, compliments of Big Pharmaceutical.

    When you get the Brain Dead Syndrome and start losing your conscience it might be way too late. Once you get on the Drugs that are prescribed for the diagnosed condition it will only Mask the problem and it is Game Over.

    Next door that opens is Long Term Care or Old Age Home.

    And that is even if you are young. It will be like a Nazi Camp. A lot of people that end up in such a place are way out of touch with reality and are in a delirious state of mind.

    Don't worry though, you will be looked after.

    They will give you more drugs to keep you sedated.

    One person told me about a young man that had the symptoms that went to the Doctor's for help.

    He was very healthy and within two years after taking the prescribed medication he could hardly remember his name.

    Remember this when you start losing your mind.

  3. space cadet uk says:

    to Dane

    respect and good wishes .  thanks for this excellent platform .  despite trawling through the mainstream media here in uk not much information available .  since uk floods in december and the strange temperature flu tuations i decided to look at fraccing processes and was shocked .  i spoke with friends and watched a few documentaries about global food f**k . excuse french .  monsanto and their special soils .  and chicken sheds which would be more appropriate for politicians .  and such kindness extended to animals in the biggest food factory on earth where cows are shovlled around live with large tra tors and shovels .  anyway .  i have maybe 800 photos and videos happy to  share, not sure how . taken nearly everyday for two weeks since tim fixed the prism thing x

  4. space cadet uk says:

    since the flooding here in yorkshire when river levels to unprecedented levels not seen in 200 years  I have been keeping a daily diary of videos and photos .  some of what I have recorded is amazing would like to share it . if interested drop me a line was unemployed and thought it may be a useful way to employ myself enjoy sharing it with the skeptics of truth x

  5. Jane says:

    Once they get the population down to their goal that is pointed out on the Georgia Guidstones. Then most likely the world will possibly keep going on. The only problem is that with all the Aluminum that is being dumped on everything the possibility that everything in the coming years ahead will be OK will more be like a pipe dream. The Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease will take over most of the populace. That is only the Tip of the Iceberg. With all the other Toxins that are being deployed from the SRM program more deaths are going to occur at a very alarming rate in the very near future.

    I will be very honest here. Each and everyone including the participants in this program are in very deep Doo Doo!

    Time will tell.

    I don't even thing that if you are religious that God will save you.

    That is only a Band Aid approach to soften your own misery.

    Good luck though if it comforts you to grasp on to the Idea that you will be saved.

    Anything is possible just like what is happening above your head each day.

  6. Charles Fisch says:

    Dr Hansen has such an important message. As he pointed out, the energy imbalance equates to 4 atom bombs per second. And more CO2 is on the way! We will likely keep dumping CO2 into the atmosphere until Nature stops us from doing so. What will be the tool that nature uses ? Punishing severe weather from the excess energy in the global weather systems? Hugh release of methane will be dumped into the atmosphere ? Large sea level rise and resultant refugees ? Extreme drought leading to violent confrontations to fight over available water ? Aerosol spraying into the atmosphere to try and cool the earth down by reflecting sun rays back into space, leading to complications from the materials used in these aerosols ?And it is amazing that the temperature rise by the end of this century, be it 2 or 4 or 6 deg C. But it will still be rising very quickly! What is the eventual steady state temperature that we are heading towards ? So even if humankind survives 2040, will we survive 2060 ? If we survive 2060 will be survive 2080 ? That's only 65 years from now, so my grandchildren will grow to be into their 60s, yet what about their grandchildren ?

    God help us all!


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  7. I produced a video not only showing the crazy clouds they created on June 16, but also inform the public about the health effects that might result from this crazy spraying:

    The title "cirrostratus"(clouds) had been chosen as those lies are usually spread by our German "quality media".


  8. The bottom line comes down to these kinds of reality:
    U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on "Civilian Population" – Global Skywatch
    (a) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.—The Secretary of Defense may not conduct (directly or by contract)
    (1) any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population; or
    (2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects.
    (b) EXCEPTIONS.—Subject to subsections (c), (d), and (e), the prohibition in subsection (a) does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for any of the following purposes:
    (1) Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity.
    (2) Any purpose that is directly related to protection against toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents.
    (3) Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control.
    See complete text at:
    Erm. The Secretary of Defense? Who's that? And why am I going to Hell in this hand basket?

  9. Greg M says:

    If these people are really spraying processed coal fly ash on all of us then they are completely insane. They are gone.

    Numerous poisons, a range of heavy metals, dioxins, radioisotopes. It certainly would explain how chronic illness seems to be endemic in our society today.  Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, COPD, cancer, autism, alzheimer's, asthma, allergies, psychiatric illness.  Many of these modern plagues are probably either aggravated by or flat out caused by breathing this trash.

    This aerosol program may end up going down as the greatest crime against humanity, the number of lives that they have damaged or destroyed is beyond comprehension.

  10. Thank you, Dane and Dr. Marvin Herndon. This is astounding news. I am sharing this with Russ Tanner's site…  // PRESS ON! I love Dane's statement, 'Speak passionately but politely.' 'A kind word turns away wrath.'  You are being held up in prayer. Prayer definitely changes things. Jehovah Yahweh NEVER SLUMBERS nor SLEEPS.  He is watching and hears. 'Call upon the Name of the Lord, and thou shalt be saved.' 

    • sgt. carnahan u.s. army ret. says:

      That’s a nice thought and all, but god isnt going to intervene and save us from these evil decietfull greedy people who want us all dead! we the people of planet earth must take a stand and get rid of these parasites once and for all by the pen or by force if it so called for if they don’t address the worlds grievances then the only option is to force them into prison. this madness must stop. including fiat currencies backed by nothing. in the end it is up to us the people of this planet earth that we all call home,to protect and take care of,so it will be able to continue to cradle and support life. GOD GAVE US THE EATH WE SHOULD ACT MORE LIKE CUSTODIAL CARE TAKERS OF EARTH INSTEAD WE FIND OURSELVES AS DESTROYERS OF OUR WORLD! GOD PROMISED THAT HE WOULD NEVER DESTROY THE EARTH AGAIN! ITS UP TO US,you and me….!

    • Hello sgt. carnahan u.s. army ret.: Thank you for posting your comments. Fiat currencies and corporate/capitalism are all controlled by people, not gods. The Federal Reserve is nothing but a mafia front for interest baring bonds and dirty money. Former military and States militias need to get on the same page. > ALL executive staff at the Federal Reserve need to be arrested.

  11. Barbara Anne says:

    Zeolite, Bentonite Clay, and many more, are Natural, clay powders, or drops, such as the Zeolite, that you take in water to 'drag' the Heavy Metals from the body from the blood.


  12. Rachel Robson says:

    @ Karl Schreiber-Hey Karl, I did not mean only Desert Storm, the problem is so much greater, and not only what you added, but to my knowledge, Desert Storm was depleted uranium's opening act, it's debut as a new bullet/bomblets.  We have a relative that died from  Gulf War Syndrome, meanwhile the VA denying such a "syndrome" existed.  In fact the VA has a long long history of not doing right by its soldiers.  Maybe that would be a tool in getting them to stop what they are doing. These guys don't get paid much and there's precious little help for them at home.  Not unlike with Agent Orange.  The military top guys talk big about their soldiers while harming them as they go.  Whoever is flying all this sky crap is flying in metal-surrounded by electro magnetic everything-being damaged left and right by all sorts of things.  Will they be able to get help?  No.  Dane says they are using depleted uranium in the Navy's war practice along our coasts.  Moreover, they are not likely to run out of depleted uranium are they?  So, they even sold it to other countries.  And given the contaminated vehicles and stuff to our local police forces!  If these kids had any idea of what is really going on and the degree to which no one has their backs, they'd think twice about their low paying jobs meant to catapult them into a future-a future hell!

  13. Hiltl-Mardin Family says:

    Thank you Dane. Holding on to the hope that its not too late to turn this geoengineered omnicide ship around and somehow get sane leadership back into our government. 

  14. kirk mannor says:

    Keep up the fight don't give up, all who have a hand in this mess needs to go to jail, starting with Mr. Keith, the worm population is going down here in Ohio, this is sick, still no bees seen in youngs town, no butterflies, a lot less insect activity, pines not doing well, oaks look sick, when will this stop? The world has gone nuts, monsanto has to go, what the hell is wrong with Obama? The system has been infiltrated. The water, the food, and now the air, it’s time to fight back this is going too far. It’s amazing that people don't know but more comments are comming in about awareness, people are starting to wake up. How could people who know about this and who go outside every day and still cover it up? Who are these monsters that don't think about their own families?

  15. None of this was ever a secret. When citizens become so preoccupied by their entertainment and labors, that they fail to notice the planet is dying, who ya gonna blame?
    Excerpted from: Environmental Modification Convention – Wikipedia
    The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978.
    The Convention bans weather warfare, which is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction. The Convention on Biological Diversity of 2010 would also ban some forms of weather modification or geoengineering.[2]
    Many states do not regard this as a complete ban on the use of herbicides in warfare, such as Agent Orange, but it does require case-by-case consideration.[3]"]
    Environmental Modification Technique
    “Environmental Modification Technique includes any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space”.
    Complete text:

  16. Gary says:

    A couple years ago, somebody tried to introduce a phone "app" that would target and track SPRAYING JETS, so people all across the country could correlate their observations, to find where the planes were FROM….tracking them start to finish.  This whole effort and idea DISAPPEARED.  Anyone want to guess how this happened?


  17. Tom Liccione says:

    Rachel Robson, Tox-sick by Suzanne Somers suggests that Lupus could be misdiagnosed. It seems more and more that both.
    us and the living plants live and die by the bacteria. My son ferments kefir and he is not supposed to let the "fermenter grains" come into contact with any metal .It seems aluminum kills the rhizobacteria in the soil, could it be doing the same thing in our guts? An Air Force PHD wrote a brilliant paper on aluminum, in its nanoparticle size, being a sensitizer! Is that a plausible reason why gluten intolerance is becoming an epidemic?  I hope this helps.

  18. janice b says:

    To Bane B of Northern California.

    I remember those very suspicious "storms" in mid-April.   I took a sample off my front deck when the "snow" was fresh and sent it to Basic Lab.  The aluminum measured 87 and the Strontium 5.5.  No barium was detected.  I often wonder now if Basic Lab detects any nano particles.  I have a feeling that the stuff was pure geoengineering materials (it looked and felt like Tide).

    Recently I had a malfunction of my brain in the Brocca area, causing me to experience expressive aphasia while at work.  This is the second incident since late February of this year.  Soon, someone will profit when I am tested by MRI and MRA to see what the problem is.  I think I already know, but the Doctor (who is perplexed) is thinking it is a congenital abnormality that is just now showing up as I head toward my 53rd birthday in August. 

    I, too, provide food and water for the birds and wildlife around my yard.  People say, don't feed the animals.  I am truly heartbroken that homo sapiens are causing their starvation.  I can't just sit by and watch.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Geez janice, our prayers are with you for recovery from these symptoms and hopefully quickly. Blessings on you.

  19. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 60th email to my contact list, titled 'The last 10 days". 
    1.  Has the BBC has started preparing us for the geoengineering cartel's 'September Offensive'? 
    During the last 10 days:
    a.  BBC news has: reported on the Pope's call for action on climate change (guess where he will be in september!); informed us of a global 4ºC temperature rise within 15 years; informed us of probable extinction by 2045.
    b.  BBC weather reporter Carol Kirkwood and others, aka 'Carol's Cronies', continue to talk about: "fair weather clouds" and "high clouds that will block out the sun" and "increased cloud cover around leading edge of fronts" (no original Latin name for those!); sometimes they bother to mention the high UV levels; thursday 18th they were reporting 14ºC and snow for sunday 21st June for my part of Scotland – again that 4 day ahead spray planning. They also regularly under-report temperatures by 4 – 6ºC (easy to confirm by monitoring your own temp gauge). They didn't report the fact that our summer solstice air temperature was exactly the same as the last winter solstice – in my part of Scotland.
    The Arctic has had months of heat waves, and yet the reduction of Arctic sea ice apparently slowed down last week and the ice levels are now above the 2012 levels for the time of year….this could only be achieved by massive chemical and/or biological ice nucleation of "Slow to Melt" ice (yes, you can buy it in shops, ingredients listed as 'water', but suggest you don't put it into your G&T!), or another change in the calculations for 'sea ice', or both.  Even then, the Arctic atmospheric spraying has little temperature effect on the warm gulf stream, other ocean currents and warm rivers that are flowing into the Arctic and causing massive methane releases from the sea floor.  
    It takes about a year for a methane burp to spread around the northern hemisphere. Meantime, weather extremes will get more extreme, but I doubt many in the UK will wake up until we have our own shallow-focus 6.3 earthquake – there are certainly enough HAARP type low frequency (2.5 – 3 Hz) emissions bouncing off cloud bases and the ionosphere to cause one. 
    Remember the Kerry/Fabius statements: "We have 500 days until climate chaos"…which takes us to the autumn equinox 2015.  
    Personally, I believe this september will see the start of undeniable 'climate chaos', leading to 'global chaos' within 4 years, and 'extinction' within 11 years.  Some will survive, either by transhumanism or individual preparations.  Governments will not tell or help us until too late, so most of us will just have to make what preparations we can to survive. "Any fool can be uncomfortable".
    Geoscientist, J. Marvin Herndon discloses: "Globally, for the past decade or more, with dramatically increasing intensity, our planet is being deliberately and clandestinely exposed to a non-natural substance which releases toxic mobile aluminum into the environment .… But there has been no public admission, no understanding, no academic investigations, no informed consent, and no disclosure as to the nature of the toxic substances being dispersed into the air."
    Please make the time to read this excellent post here:
    2.  Another of the geoengineering cartel's multi-pronged attack shows ominous parallels continue between 1939/Germany/Sudetenland/Danzig/WW2 and 2015/Russia/Ukraine/Kaliningrad Oblast/…
    Not much in BBC news about that…yet.  
    Maybe it will be all OK, because Iraq war instigator and failed middle east peace envoy, Tony Blair, is now advising Poroshenko's Ukraine 'government'.

  20. It seems to me that Rachel Carson's book , Silent Spring , was more prophetic than we have ever thought. If the world keeps moving  in the same direction the logical sequel to her book might be Silent Year.

    Is there a way we could force governments to at least explain to their populations what they are trying to do and if they they are aware of the impact on the environment and on people in general?  Keep up the good work Dane. Truth will always win out!  .

    • Lisa Thomas says:

      I had a silent year. The spraying started hard above where I live in early April, 2013. Within two weeks, the bumblebees that were all over my Spanish lavender completely disappeared. By mid-summer, every insect on our rural, wooded property began to disappear. I even did experiments to attract them and nothing came. On August 5, 2013, the planes came all day long, spraying relentlessly. I went outside on the morning of August 6th and our yard was dead silent. I couldn't hear a single bird and not even a fly buzzed – and we had goats. I didn't have to skim the pool for the remainder of the summer. Day after day, there was absolutely nothing in it. It has gotten better, but these experiments are doing untold damage to our environment and to our health. Remembering Rachel Carson's strength and determination is sometimes the only thing that keeps me moving forward as I try to raise awareness. When I was a little girl, there were almost no ospreys or bald eagles to be seen in the wetlands in South Jersey where I grew up. Because of Rachel Carson and the eventual ban of DDT, I watched these birds make a comeback as I neared adulthood. We all must keep trying, and always remember how hard corporations tried to discredit and silence her, but that she persevered. May her spirit guide us all. Thank you Dr. Hernon and all of you who speak out despite so much opposition. And thank you, Dane, for the endless hours, energy and resources you dedicate to this issue.

  21. Thank you Dr. Hemdon for your courage.

  22. Melody Meachum says:

    Dr Herndon's report got me thinking about the fact that for decades toxic chemicals are deliberately added to consumer goods, both ingestible and non. If these additive chemicals are not first line produced, then they are certainly refuse/waste chemicals reconstituted/resold in a different form. Yeah, zero waste for all those snake-in-the-grass transnational companies!!!

    REALITY….these harmful and pollutive products that were verboten to the environment worked their way into our food supply (way before GMO's) and consumer type products.  Gee thanks FDA!

    Thankfully there have always been conscientious nature based/environmentally friendly companies. Their concern for well-being balanced against profit!  We should all utilize them as much as possible.

    • Larry F. says:

      Many years ago I read an article about what the chemtrails were made of and suddenly It started making sense. Follow the money and discover the stated that a waste byproduct of aluminum smelting/ manufacture called SF6 or sulphur hexaflouride when disbursed in the atmosphere makes the all too familiar white trails that slowly spread out to form strange fake cloud like formations. Strange and toxic.  Now this waste must have had to be some how safely disposed of and if the EPA was watching I'm sure it was costly to dispose of but wait the brilliant scientist suggested that this waste material could be sprayed and create a fake cloud layer to block out the sun and here we get  solar radiation management or SRM as it is known. The dumb asses gave little re guard as to the consequences and as a bonus Alcoa could now sell the waste and help fight " GLOBAL WARMING" instead of paying money to dispose of it . How does the EPA JUSTIFY THIS MADNESS?  Simple as of 1997 PUBLIC LAW 105-85 was signed into the defense budget and we the taxpayers fund this insanity. The law states that the military can spray any substance anytime for any reason it sees fit ,and because it is some kind of crazy "PUBLIC LAW" law that the public has no clue exists gives the EPA no reason to question or investigate the crime. It's all insane and I do not see any way to succeed in stopping this . The stupid UN states that SRM SPRAYING IS THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE THE PLANET . Stupid idiots are speeding up the death of the planet. I know awareness on a vast scale could stop the madness but all avenues are blocked as there is simply too much money ,power and ego behind the scenes. I hope they will wake up before it's too late.

  23. Marc says:

    Reflecting on Rachel Robson's post, I am reminded of a recurring habit amongst the human organism: "throwaway syndrome". We are all guilty of it to some extent, some much more than others. From something as simple, mindless and downright f**king stupid as watching morons throw trash out their car windows as they drive, to the revelations here in this article that implicate the same identical phenomenon at the highest corporate level. Basically…….we suck.

        I have a neighbor who drinks a lot of cheap beer, which generates a lot of cardboard boxes and aluminum cans, both of which are totally recyclable. I will regularly find their beer trash in the refuse dumpster behind my house in the alley, when only 100 ft. down the alley is a large, modern recycling dumpster, one of hundreds the city of St. Louis spread around the city several years back. These morons (the beer drinkers, but hey, I drink beer too!) are so f**king lazy and/or stupid that they can't get it together to walk their beer trash a short way down the alley to the recycle bin, nor any of their other recyclables, for that matter. Is this not the apex of absurdity? And is this not fundamentally different from what we see happening with coal fly-ash? Basically it is a mentality that seeks to rid itself of "trash" or "undesirable refuse" in the quickest, most convenient way, and if by doing so there is money to be made then wow! what a brilliant bonus, out of the pathetic minds of, as Rachel Robson noted, the BEAN COUNTERS. 

      Humanity is awash in excess stuff; way more "stuff" is generated by humanity than we have any idea of how to manage. Recycling obviously was a start, but the kind of "recycling" we see Dr. Herndon implicating in this great article is just another example of man's addiction to a quick, convenient fix for a problem that requires a much wiser solution.

    • Jo says:

      I know someone who works for a large sanitation department in Pennsylvania. He has told me all the garbage ends up in the same spot whether you put it in a recycle bin or not.  The bin is to train the masses they are bad stewards if the bin goes unused. 

  24. If anybody has any doubt at all, they get catch a glimpse of the Peterson Field Guide -;Atmosphere, actually a book in a series for  ornithologist types (bird watchers). Chap 8 is entitled Weather Modification", as simple as that. The whole book is actually written by Vincent J. Schaeffer who in association with another American National Dr Bernard Vonnegut, perfected in 1946, under Project-Cirrus the first results in attempts to SEED Super-cooled-Cloud. Were they immigrated from Nazi Germany under Operation Paperclip? I do not know. This was in the era when quote: (from the same chapter and book) Silver Iodide quickly became the preferred substance for cloud seeding since it can be released into warm dry air and will remain an effective nucleus for ice-crystal formation unless de-activated by exposure ozone or other … The 1981 book by Schaeffer fails to serve as legitimization for weather modification nor of Geo-engineering but luckily serves for the public as a reminder that any cover up of Geo-engineering's origins would be pointless, futile & indeed pathetic too!!!
    And we know that the current excuse for the coincidental deployment of Aluminium and Barium in cloud-seeding is that they are both good as Jet-Fuel anti-freeze additives, as well as for 'climate-change mitigation'. Think about it, if you dare. Poisons being deployed GLOBALLY to mitigate against the illusory evidence of any real 'climate-change' or the fear ' … of what may happen in 50yrs time'. Wikipedia describes compounds of Barium thus: Water-soluble barium compounds are poisonous Even IF cloud-seeding was cool & clever (and today here it's totally overcast grey), after a bright sunny day yesterday, the use of ALUMINIUM is extremely morally reprehensible since: (to quote from the evidence presented in the video I believe)… for which we have not evolved any natural resistance (nor the Bee Colonies nor any other biological life on Earth: THEN WHY the SWITCH TO toxic ALUMINIUM? Why? We largely gave up using Aluminium Pots n' Pans in our kitchens, after in the 1970's it started to emerge that ingestion of aluminium from cooking utensils and in food cooked in aluminum pots, may give rise to the onset of symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, also possibly other brain diseases. So, we largely abandoned Aluminium pots n' pans nearly two generations ago. Why the damned enthusiasm for Aluminium as Cloud seeding Nuclei for "Climate Change Mitigation"? Why? IF these quasi-scientists insist on showing their infatuation with tampering with climate, (and it did start in America it seems, under Schaeffer's and Vonnegut Project Cirrus then why not at least REVERT to the use of SILVER IODIDE, as an interim, until the issue of potential Ecosphere Poisoning by aluminum is resolved, as presented in the Video?? And Why Not? Silver is of course, in its ionic form, a great wiper up of unwanted bacteria and viruses in the body and probably in the environment. Aluminium however, is TOXIC to all Biological systems that we know. We don't need to think about it! These Geo-Engineers as shown in the video NEED to think about it and the pressure for them to do so must be sustained. They must explain WHY they have been using Toxic Aluminium on such a Grande scale and not attempt to fruitlessly deny it! And below, from the same position. January 21, 2011. Midwinter. Same, actually heavier cloud precipitation. Showing consistent results no matter which season we're in . This is not a joke and we do not get to sit on our asses glaring into space with nothing whatsoever in our heads and a stupid look on our faces, anymore. We've got aluminium, and it's a poison as an aerosol, and that's enough.

    • Lori Miller says:

      Cloud Seeding is not SRM.  They are very different. 

      1. Cloud Seeding presently uses Silver Iodide whereas SRM uses Aluminum, Barium and many other toxic substances.

      2. They currently admit to Cloud Seeding. In fact, if you had enough money you could pay them to make it rain and water your garden. They do not admit to doing SRM.

      3. When Cloud Seeding they deposit Silver Iodide into an existing cloud to make it rain etc.  Whereas SRM is where planes spray out Aluminum and other toxic substances.  This usually forms a line that of contrail or cloud like substance behind the plane.  The line of fake cloud lingers for a long time, and spreads out to cover the sky in a cl substance that resembles clouds, making the sky overcast, blocking the sun.

      This only briefly touches on the subject but you are on the right site to learn all about SRM and how it differs from Cloud Seeding.

      Here is a current article that talks about cloud seeding.



  25. Radiological Impact of Airborne Effluents of Coal and Nuclear Plants
    Science 8 December 1978:
    Vol. 202 no. 4372 pp. 1045-1050
    DOI: 10.1126/science.202.4372.1045

    ["Radiation doses from airborne effluents of model coal-fired and nuclear power plants (1000 megawatts electric) are compared. Assuming a 1 percent ash release to the atmosphere (Environmental Protection Agency regulation) and 1 part per million of uranium and 2 parts per million of thorium in the coal (approximately the U.S. average), population doses from the coal plant are typically higher than those from pressurized-water or boiling-water reactors that meet government regulations. Higher radionuclide contents and ash releases are common and would result in increased doses from the coal plant. The study does not assess the impact of non-radiological pollutants or the total radiological impacts of a coal versus a nuclear economy."]
    Complete text:
    Environmental Protection Agency? Who's that???

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Paul for this valuable information and link. There are some very good articles to be found here about the use of coal, it's by products, and the fly ash.

  26. Steve in Toronto says:

    Great news and thank-you Doctor for speaking up despite the potential danger from you doing so ! Printed some flyers yesterday and put one up in our workplace … no bites yet but I'm a good fisherman. Keep up the fight Dane, people are noticing !



  27. Barry says:

    Hello everyone, kudos to all of you, especially Dane for having such steel balls. I have a simple question, so please give me your best well thought answer. There is no question we are being sprayed. There is no question as to the toxicity of the chemicals to human and plant life. 

    Can anyone tell me in a few simple sentences based on everything learned thus far, what is the objective of these dark cowards?

    I've heard all the rumors and speculation ranging from Global Warming UV radiation control to population control and dependency on drugs. But what can anyone share as to the real reason based on all the observation, research and communication gained thus far? Why the hell are they doing this to us? 

    • @ Barry

      It's a win-win situation for everybody except us ordinary citizens:

      – the military complex can win wars, control the weather and can extort countries (by order of the globalists, freemasons, politicians…)

      – the globalists get richer, more powerful and get rid of 90% of the mob. They want to own the world – or what's left of it after they finished spraying us.

      – the chemical industry sells poison and makes a big profit

      – Monsanto holds patents on Aluminium-resistant crops, poisons the world and everybody will be forced to eat their GMO-products, making us sick in the long run – and let us die (depopulation agenda 90%… Georgia Guide Stones…Deagel,  Gates….etc.)

      – The pharma industry can sell a lot of useless, poisoning medicine

      – The hospitals and medical services make a pile of money with expensive treatment of Alzheimer and Autism patients …etc. who are going to die anyway (except they end up with the real doctors like Dr. Kinghardt or Dr. Coldwell who might be able to save their lives).

      – The detoxification producers make money with their remedies and herbs.

      – The Airlines make profit not only from passengers but also from spraying us with aerosols. That's good for shareholder value, i.e. the rich.

      – The pilots have a regular job and do not need to apply for food stamps as 48 million Americans are already forced to do.

      – The psychopaths get off on watching all the numerous people suffering and dying.

      – The industry gets rid of toxic waste/ashes for free – or even make money with the waste.

      – The politicians get bribes and big money to be (re)elected from the corporations.

      – The so called scientists get a well paid job and awards

      I'm not sure, the list is complete. When there are so many people profit by this greatest lie of mankind, why should they stop it or tell us the truth?

  28. David says:

    Ive been calling this the capture the sulfur and move it technique for years. Makes sense. They are scrubbing the materials from point source stacks with Keith’s technologies, capturing the ash to prevent localized deposition, and simply redistributing it up higher in the troposphere. Its legal as currently defined, as we are all free riders, since the ‘cooling’ is temporary and regional in scope. Sic. Do u think the OECD countries will be surprised when their governments admit to them they have been spraying dust in the sky to protect them??

  29. PLT says:

    Indeed good news!  A good way to be welcomed back to the world of the waking.  Today is the first day in a while that I have been well enough to sit up for more than a few minutes.  I'm not complaining, because I so seldom get sick.  In general I "do everything right" – tons of fruits and veggies, plenty of exercise, make myself laugh a lot (to counterbalance the raging, y'know).  At 54, I feel healthier than I did at 15.

    What went wrong?  I think the only reason I got sick was… flying, for the first time in years.  Up through the cobweb-like layer of artificial, highly toxic clouds, and down again, four times.  Combined with some otherwise easily ignored bacterium or virus, probably.  The thing is, those layers are descending upon us every day, somewhat dispersed but just as damaging.  As we all know.  But even if I thought that all hope was lost, it would be worth keeping up the fight just because I don't want all my loved ones, or anyone, to be sick in bed for the rest of their days – however few or many those might be.

    I noticed, near the outer ends on the wings of 3 of the 4 planes I took, some long, thin tubes or jets projecting backward.  There were about 10 on each wing.  They didn't have lights on them; they looked like their only purpose could be to emit aerosols.  But I never could see any spray coming from them.  If you look very closely you can see them toward the tips of this wing: .  I would be interested to know if they have any legitimate aeronautical purpose (but if so, why did one plane not have them)?

  30. Christopher Callen says:

    Dr. Herndon — Thank you for having the courage to speak out against this atrocity which most people, at this point,  seem to want to deny or remain oblivious to.  Many people only will listen to "experts" and so, your declaration is all the more powerful. Thank you for being willing to put your reputation on the line to wake prople up.  Thank you slso for confirming scientifically that a major component of these aerosols is "coal ash" –something long rumored — but now confirmed !  These are crimes against humanity and together we can defeat this suicidal Geoengineering ! Thank you, Thank you Thank you …  Christopher

  31. Shawn says:

    One counter measure we can all take is mineral water. Specifically water rich with silica. Fiji water is the richest I know of. The silica is able the remove the aluminum for the body and most importantly the brain.

  32. Colin says:

    Here in Scotland mid June we were seeing 10 degree centigrade, endless days of cloud and rain, grow up in the 70ies we had harsh winters but amazing weather from Easter till October. Over the last few years a colleague and I have been watch sone seriously strange cloud formations? We produce that much rain that 90% of our water is shipped to England where they have massive shortages, weather over London still norm for this time of year. We tried for independence but we’re denied Ibby ballot fixing, a rich nation strangled by Westminster, with strong influence from Obama…..

  33. database DNA says:

    What happens to #AluminumFoil in a microwave? What happens to you (after breathing in aluminum oxide #ChemTrails) & a micro-wave hits you? The aluminum will function like buckshot. This is their secret weapon to maintain control. The time to think about countermeasures is now. A formidable weapon–but no match for our collective consciousness.

    And I'd stay away from the nude scanners at airports–probably calibrated just right to drain you of a few IQ points each time (slower version of the "free" x-rays the Nazis used to give Jews for "reproductive health".)  #RiseUpSuckers

  34. Quote
    "Moreover: "After U. S. President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in for a second term in office, 20 January 2013, geoengineering activities escalated sharply,"


    This applies not only to the USA but also to Germany as posted earlier:

    The white death


    At the moment they are cooling our area down artificially. Can be compared to the Eastern part of the US. No sun, just cold, (toxic) rain and cloud filled skies for many days. It's June!

  35. Victoria says:

    Please be careful Dr., they have killed so many scientists and doctors already as I'm sure you must be aware.  God bless and protect you – 

  36. I have owned Reverse Aging Wellness Center for 15 years. I have never seen more people with nervous disorders, sleeping issues and the biggest memory problems people of all ages. Most people think it’s just them getting older unfortunately they don’t understand that their memories are diminishing, their central nervous system is being attacked and then they’re taking medication to cover up and mask the issues. Which as we don’t know the meds make other issues along the way harder to get out of the system. Hormones will be blamed. People will be getting on bioidentical pharmaceuticals thinking that that’s going to be the answer. I can tell when I have allergies it’s the days that they spray and I comment on my symptoms. Some people have noticed now that they have allergies on those days, anxiety and or problems sleeping. I believe the only way that we can cleanse is by using an EMF SAFE infrared sauna that are medical grade and electrolysis water that has been zapped and electrocuted as well as some really good potent herbs and air filters. I know that now nano particulate is so small but I do believe that the negative ions from a good air filtration system can help at least zap that crap out of the air. I know that it goes down to the floor but if you keep your house really clean I think it can be beneficial. I have seen so many things that are too numerous to comment! On the spray days with people and I have seen people awaken to there memory and they’re nervous system being attacked. It’s not normal it’s not okay and I thank God for all of you everyday I just wish there were more of us.

  37. steve says:

    I haven't heard tree frogs nor cricket choruses in past two years… just dead silence and I'm surrounded by dense forests.   Sounds like still death, uncomfortable silence.  I could only image the devastation this is causing not only to the honeybees but to other plant and animal species.  We've just seen Summer Solstice come and go, the woods should be alive with life, thriving this time of year… the peak of both insect and animal life.  But I hear nothing at night and not many song birds, Cicadas during the day.  What happened to the Tree Frogs and Cricket choruses????  I'm an avid sky watcher both day and night.  Geo-engineering is 100% since 2012.  Haven't noticed any natural clouds since then.  No more thunderstorms, with the anvil shaped cumulus clouds, dark gray at the bottom, no more fresh earth smell after the rains, no more streak lightening, fine particulate matter falls like micro snowflakes, in summer, fall and winter after heavy spraying, snow that looks like Tide wash detergent…

    • BaneB says:

      I concur in what you state.  The only reason I have some wildlife here on my natural setting is because I put out lots of water basins at the edges of meadows and also provide bird seeds once a day in the morning.  The animals are suffering, too.  There was no winter in this region of Northern California.  Spring began in January and lasted until late May.  In mid April there was two back to back storms over two consecutive nights, both coating everything in ubiquitous ice.  Yes, the "snow" looked like Tide detergent, or small granules of styrofoam.  Those two night storms included strong winds which lowered the temps here to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and totally wiped out ALL the various kinds of young fruit on the orchard trees.  No apples, plums, mulberries, pears for this year.  Again, that denies the wildlife food

    • Frank says:

      I agree with you Steve. Here in SE TN we have total silence at night. A few years back you could here the wildlife 24/7. I asked my wife as we were outside one night, do you hear that and she said I don't hear anything. The daytime is silence also except the sounds of jets. The only thing that is so bad with insects are the mosquitos. They are so heavy even in the day. There are no bats remaining to eat mosquitos. Bats will consume their body weight of mosquitos in one night. The trees are all dying from the top down. I gave up this year to grow a garden until I build a greenhouse. We have night time temps 10 to 15 degrees above normal with dew points in the 70's. The daytime temps are 95 to 100 with feel like temps reaching 110. That is with cloudy skies and constant spraying. What would the temps be if it was ever clear. Thank you Dr. Marvin Hemdon for your integrity of your report. Thanks Dane as always for leading this fight. 

    • Terri says:

      I have not seen or heard frogs all year. a few but not near like we used to have. The tree's are sickening and dying. their bark is splitting open like someone took an ax to them. opened them up and exploded their insides.
      We used to have some wild honeybee's by the thousands. now we have a few dozen seen all year. The birds are attacking our bird feeder like they are starving. In fact, they look skinny and sickly. They are not finding wild food. 
      Not one fruit tree produced a single blossom. not one. they didn't get hit with a late frost. there simply were not any flowers. the black walnuts are not producing. very little wild food this year. I expect to see a lot of starvation in the animals that are left. 
      The flies and mosquitos are flourishing though. have those by the tens of thousands. no frogs to eat flies. very few spiders as well. usually we have lots of them with their webs around the garden. not this year. The trees that are left have blackened leaves like they got hit with a flame thrower. (radiation?) a number of trees are flash dying. healthy looking and green leaves and new growth one day. dead and drooping the next. I don't know how that happens. 
      When we get a few natural clouds start to build, the planes come and take them away. Replacing the natural with the unnatural gmo clouds.
      I did notice a lot of flashing light in the sky at night. we are out of the city and it isn't city lights. it isn't lightning. no clouds. no thunder. Just odd flashing that lights up the sky briefly then gone. possibly heat lightning? 
      I guess they figured out a way to get rid of the toxic waste without the corporations having to pay billions to dispose of it. spread it over the world in a thin layer. in their insanity they believe that to be a solution. 
      The only wildlife unaffected in this area are the flies. There must be millions of those around. 

  38. Melody Meachum says:

    A very big "thank you" to Dr. Herndon for lending his credibility and work in this report.

    I was on a nice track of posting some overview of weather control history and then fat-fingered it. As it's late my time, I'll only note that when my grandparents were being born (1890's) weather control was already being fantasized about!

  39. bvdon says:

    If this story about coal ash is true, then it should not be too hard to track the life cycle of coal ash making its way from waste to a dispersal in jets. Right now it's just a theory.

  40. Felix Mosso says:

    Great website,   We are in a WAR !    We need legal help.
    Thanks  Dane for all you work and time.

    • David says:

      “[T]he term "citizen," in the United States, is analogous to the term "subject" in the common law.” State vs Manual 20 NC 122, 14 C.J.S. 4, p 430
      and a “US citizen” is a fictitious entity, and has no rights;
      "Therefore, the U.S. citizens "residing" "in" one of the STATES of the union, are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an "individual entity."
      Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L. Ed. 1143, 56 S. Ct.


  41. SD says:

    Spraying activity more noticeable here in SoCal past two days.  Suspect Geoengineers spent previous several weeks spraying offshore to maintain "Marine Cloud Enhancement" program. Thus, coastal area temps mostly 75F while deserts hit 105 – 115F.

    Look for Geoengineers to increase monsoon flow this weekend to produce mountain rainstorms intended to douse local forest fire. As Dane says "No more natural weather." All artificial at this point.

    • Larry F. says:

      I live in So.Cal. And for the past few years the spraying is constant for a few days then we get 3 days of clear sky then the spraying begins again. But last week the spraying stopped after a few days of off shore fake marine layer cloud cover. What is weird is we are now on our 7th day of extra hot clear skies with no spraying. Something is up but the question is what.   I'm going out on a speculative limb but my gut feeling is here in California Monsanto is controlling the weather to destroy our agriculture and then come in and purchase the land for penny's on the dollar. Remember those bastards bought the largest weather modification company for 97 million in 2012.  Any guess why?

  42. Laurel Marshall says:

    Thanks for this site & providing this forum. I am signed up to a handful of worldwide geo-engineering sites, more than a few are located in CA where I live. I was interested to see a number of months ago that the chemicals found in the residue from coal plants, namely coal & fly ash are very similar (if not identical) to those chemicals & compounds found spewing out of high-altitude jets. I just googled "is fly ash & coal ash regulated?" My answer (as of 2010 [the only year I found]) was "No."  It seems to me that the coal plants more than likely are attempting to find disposal sites for THEIR toxic waste. Ten or 15 years ago, ecologically-minded people built their new energy-efficient straw-bale houses with the addition of coal fly ash to the cement. However, schemes like this can only go so far…(imho). So why not add this stuff to the payloads of airplanes under the guise of 'controlling the climate'? (I want to shout, "BINGO!!") It's or would be a "win"-"win" for Big Coal AND for the Big Geoengineering Firms. Each industry could cash in big, using 'the waste' or 'the problem of global warming/climate change as their source of revenue in a symbiotic relationship. Please explain to me why my idea is 'wrong' or wrongheaded.
    Sincerely, Laurel Marshall

  43. Marc says:

     We fight back any way we can, one day, one person at a time. And it may not be enough. We will see what unfolds in the next few years. But I'll tell you this: these worthless thugs behind all this mayhem could change the recipe in the geoengineering tanks AT ANY TIME!!!!! We are already sitting ducks now, but what will we be then? You guessed it: "DEAD DUCKS". Biological warfare is exactly what is going on as we speak, but it is of the "slow-kill" variety. If their game is found out, meaning if public awareness of the atrocities they are committing snowballs into a firestorm of rage and rebellion, they may go "scorched earth" on our asses. This is not an impossible scenario. These zeroes actually have the capability to literally spray us all to a quick death, of this I am certain. Why it hasn't already happened is a subject of some debate. Maybe the bunkers are not all completed quite yet. Perhaps the delivery system for the poison is not 100% in place to their strategic satisfaction. Or….maybe there are fractures opening up amongst the MILITARY CABAL as to the timeline for this grand scheme to unfold. And make no mistake, folks, there is indeed a grand plan. There must be. I don't see how there could NOT be a Master Plan calculated over a time horizon for the full deployment of this geoengineering shit and all that it entails, including depopulation and biosphere collapse. 

      The latest pronouncements of the Pope, including the so-called "encyclical", and the Babbling of Obama, both of them rattling on and on about climate change in tandem, seems "orchestrated" and more than a little fishy as far as the timing of these high value, heavy MSM covered statements are concerned. Is this part of the "Master Plan" for the world that I referred to in the last paragraph?

      It all reeks a little too much of some kind of orchestrated plan to unveil the G-word to the public at large: GEOENGINEERING!!!!! OMG!!!!! I see it coming, I feel it coming soon. What a cluster and a crock!

  44. Rachel Robson says:

    Dr. Herndon is a genius.  He's nailed it.  This makes sense in the twisted bean counter world.  And, it explains the very scary very black clouds I've been seeing.  Remember mad cow disease?  I could not help but laugh at the insanity of dying sheep brains green, drying them into pellets and feeding them to cattle as protein when cows are so exquisitely developed to eat grass that they have four stomachs.  And, brains as food is just dangerous.  But imagine some bean counter trying to figure out what to do with all those left over brains, how to avoid pollution laws burning them and the sheer cost.  Bingo, call it protein and feed it to cattle.  Problem solved and more money made.  Until….

    Then, the depleted uranium.  What to do with all this depleted uranium? Some bean counter thought: I know!  We'll make bullets and bomblets out of the stuff, make a ceramic casing….and so they used it in desert storm, had lots of excess, sold to others, and are still using the stuff-as bullets.  Another problem sovlved with money to make.  Then comes Herndon with the fly ash.  Same thing-what to do?  Put it into the skies as if volcanic to cool the earth.  Ka-ching.  Makes perfect sense in the way "they" think, or rather, do not think it all the way through, or care to.  In any case, it fits like a jig saw puzzle.  Just brilliant.

    I also said that C Reactive Protein does show heart inflammation but also a stubbed toe.  The reason why I said that is because doctors have said it to me.  I have Lupus, an inflammatory disease. along with some others that are too, and I have had a number of C Reactive Protein tests which, in my case, are seldom taken seriously, telling me it could be as random as a stubbed toe.  It shows inflammation and is a heart indicator but not a slam dunk.  I am grateful to Dr. Amato for his help and for the term chemical contrails-the perfect thing to say!  So simple, so straight forward, perfect.

    I also mentioned that we can capture methane.  But I did not mean methane gone wild.  Bear with me here.  Many decades ago, Shell/Texaco/Chevron whatever, found oil in the deep jungle of the Congo, maybe as much as nearly 50 years ago.  I'd read about it in National Geographic.  A little town sprung up as they do, and methane flared near the drilling.  The company decided to just let the methane flare which it did for many many decades.  The article said that anyone there under 30 had never known a time when screaming to be heard was not the case.  So loud.  Eventually, oil gone, company gone, people left with this.  A scenario repeated along the coasts of Africa near Congo as visited by Vice last year to interview-dangerous-oil pirates.  By which was meant young men from there making their own version of gas for scooters, like moonshiners, with minimal knowledge, working at night in truly hellish conditions, roaring methane all around them.  Then, the other day seeing the 2013 photo from space of North Dakota-big red circle of methane flaring.  We cannot capture methane gone wild, like in Siberia, the blow holes, that golf course in Canada, peat bogs, etc.  But when we drill, as in North Dakota, we could.  And it is one hell of a lot of methane.  It seems to me that this country keeps repeating mistakes of the past, having learned no lessons, not wanting to spend the money to capture not only a precious resource, but to greatly reduce its affects in the atmosphere and hello bean counters again.  If we'd handled any of this properly in the first place, perhaps those in the industry would not take such a relaxed view and others in developing countries would know better than to pirate oil around this stuff, know that this stuff has to be stopped.  But they don't, because the US set the policies.  Neglected responsibilities and so all hate us for good reason.  The Arctic methane is to be greatly feared.  But where is the fear and responsibility for what would could have stopped, could stop today?  Methane is leaking all around this country, but North Dakota seems to take the cake.

    I think someone needs to agregate all these numbers, add up all the methane escaping in US and other countries, if only to demonstrate how very serious this is minus the Arctic-add that and ka-boom!  A fire will race around the globe blowing this and that and nuclear plants to boot.  It is one thing to think of what is happening in the Arctic, another what is purposely being done right here seemingly without a care.  Evil doesn't even begin to describe these people.  Stupid beyond belief.  But desensitized from so many decades of same old same old–just methane, just methane-and hey, it is natural.  

    In my congressional readings and more, it is quite clear that all this, as Dr. Herndon said, was indeed ampt up under Obama.  The momentum, the critical mass Dane so strives for is coming into being from many sides now.  Soon, it will be So millenial to be so stupid!  Never would I have thought of fly ash as a component of SRM, but thanks to Dr. Herndon and Dane, this is a Huge step forward, huge.  Thank you both!

  45. Koch Brothers initially made their first millions in transport??? Own most of the land of the Oil Sands and Oil factories in the US handling Oil Sands Oil! Side product both ends (Coal Ash, Sulfur, etc)


    Thank You Dane and Dr. Marvin Herndon

  46. David says:

    Dane a bit off topic but are you seeing weather manipulation behind the imminent heat wave about to hit the western states?  Models are showing high heat from Friday thru the end of next week and possibly into early July.  If that occurs that will be a very prolonged heat wave.  Eugene, OR can get 2-3 days above 90-95 or even an "extended" heat wave of 5-6 days of 95+ heat but now models are showing 90-95+ heat for 8-10 days and that's going to break records big time and we're just barely into summer.  BTW I noticed the almanac pointed to 3-4 heat waves for this summer and I wondered how much of "their" prediction is based on inputs from Raytheon types etc..since Eugene does normally get more than a few short heat waves in the summer.  It stayed in the high 80s thru late September last year and then suddenly flipped to 60-70 normal range as if the weather flipped from summer to fall rather than have a gradual cooling.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, I will outline what is going on in the lower 48 with a post that will be up tomorrow.

  47. vickey says:

    Thank you Dr Herndon and Dane Wigington.  A deeply felt gratitude for your service to mankind and to our innocent planet who does not deserve this.  

  48. Truman says:

    Very good news indeed! Now how do we find out just exactly who is supplying this toxic stuff and exactly which airports the planes are taking off/landing from and who is flying them….


    • Debbie Culver says:

      I would like to know the answers to those questions,

      too. Is there anyway to get the names of the pilots? How would we go about doing that and the airports they are taking off from.

    • John Griggs says:

      There's also speculation that they could be using drone programs as well as actual pilots. Since the spraying is a global program it can be difficult to pinpoint particular pilots and flights. It would seem that since ramping up their program over the last few years they are continuously changing their patterns, timing, and chemicals as well. And we also do not know how many different corrupted governments are involved. What we do know is that more and more people are starting to come forward and speak out. This would likely mean that they are going to have to rely more and more on drone programs as the walls start closing in. In writing this I'm wondering if there might be a way to pinpoint a specific area of attack, say the food supply/California Central Valley and figure out where they are running the planes or drones from and find a way to put pressure on those specific sites? 

    • @ Truman
      “Now how do we find out just exactly who….is flying them…”
      In Germany the best airline in the world on a daily basis…among others…

    • David says:

      I’m in Green Bay, WI and the large tankers are landing here at our county airport ALL the time. They are clearly marked, USAF. Been trying to get them landing on film…The public here says they’re doing military exercises, lol. I suspect there’s other nests out there where the wasps are landing in and out off…the planes are 777 with OME spray nozzels on back. They are covering the region around great lakes…

  49. Ralph Ely says:

    Dr. Herndon is concise and clear in his observations and scientific commentary.  In the "Court of Public Opinion" or in a Court of Law I cannot imagine his Gravitas being equaled.
    I pray Dr. Herndon takes caution as to his safety.  Many good people that have spoken out about the atrocities of the power elite have found themselves the target of character assassination or worse yet, physical assassination.
    People like Dr. Herndon are heros to be honored and looked up to by all.

  50. Nigel Rudlin says:

    Fantastic news. Just posted the article on Facebook to 900+ 

  51. Dave Christy says:

    There is so much we need to know, who are the trucking companies with the tankers to transport the spray material to the airports ?who is manufacturing ( mixing) the spray ? what airports are participating ? Are there pictures of the aircraft showing tail #'s to identify aircraft participating ? We first need these answers t be able to stop  the madness. Dave

    • jefe says:

      Dave– The chemicals are carried in unmarked tankers that have no Hazardous Materials placards and do not stop for weighing or inspection.

    • John Griggs says:

      There could also be shipping through the rail system as well. It is even possible that they could contract with a shipping company and the company would have no idea what they are shipping or why. It is a complex program and may run out of one airport for days and then stop and not be run from the same place for months. I say this based on what appears to be erratic spraying. In other words I may not see any trails on a given day but the white pink filth drifting in from the fake ocean breeze tells me they are cranking it up 100 miles west or north that day. On the other hand there are so many people involved that if you can find the time or choose to be persistent in trailing the trails you can definitely find things out.Just know that there's a whole lot of military involved, even on the industry side of things.

    • @  Dave Christy
      Quote: “Are there pictures of the aircraft showing tail #'s to identify aircraft participating ?
      The best airline in the world, among others…..

  52. Christina Parousis says:

    This is huge, finally more credible sources calling attention to the ticking time bomb, climate engineering. Thank you Dr. Herndon! Looking forward to more articles on the issue from you. Thank you Dane!

  53. Laura Hurst says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth…maybe more scientists will feel compelled to do the same one day.  We can all do our part to share knowledge and you're someone who people will pay attention to, so please keep talking!
    Laura Hurst

  54. Jacob Aman says:

    Hexavalent chromium is also present in coal ash, including fly ash leachate.

  55. Mary Altmann says:

    Great Article!
    Thank You Dane Wigington and Dr. Marvin Herndon

  56. Captain Joe Sullivan says:

    Thank you

    thank you

    thank you!!

  57. We're being killed as part of a, rather poorly monitored, 'Geo-Engineering Program' but hey here's your upside.
    It's AMERICAN in origin, right?
    And America rules the waves now! You do what you damn well like, wherever you like to whomever you don't like.
    Heavy chemtrailing under the UK · US air corridor here today, under which I live, and I am mad as heck about it.
    Keep your God-damned American Chemtrails out of MY British Skies. Or there might be some very sedate, stiff-upper lip type, quaint little british islander trouble to deal with, one day …
    I am seething with a hatred of this Aluminum Cloud seeding today.
    You spell it like this: ALUMINIUM. Lost the I did you. Very Freudian.
    This Geo-engineering must urgently be addressed otherwise it SHALL MOST CERTAINLY BE RECORDED as just another in America's global conquest by War-Crimes. Think about it.
    People want to forget but you just won't bloody let them forget.
    — Mass Poisoners for entertainment more like. Your time is short on this earth. Don't make it shorter by some suicidal quais-scientific errors.
    I'm trained in Physics Math Computers, Microwaves, Telecomms and never have I hurt another sentient being in the name of some TWISTED & PERVERSE experiment.
    And not for any GRANDIOSE cause which turned out to be so badly founded in assumptions and presumptions about 'Climate Mitigation'
    That's quickly becoming a pseudonym for 'Murder and Poisoning by consent'; and by the consent of a Twisted Cabal of american perverts.
    Oh yes, Geo-engineers. Today I have your number, not the other way round. Again. Your time is short. Do what you have to do, and get it over with quickly and with haste.
    I don't dare predict what will happen. I'm not like some CLIMATE MODIFICATION WACKJOB of a scientist without any kind of a life.
    You will need more than a hocky stick to survive this …

    • Mark Bottorff says:

      Unfortunately, The USA is not the only entity involved.  This activity is completely global. It is observed over all of Europe, Russia, China, India, and everywhere else I have seen.  It appears that all governments are in tacit agreement about this.  In some cases, certain countries or mainly certain parts of some countries are virtually at ground zero at particular times.  There often seems to be a correlation between politically incorrect activity, real or perceived, and devastating weather, including drought, floods and possibly even more.

      The US is in on it but everyone else, including the UK, seems to be also. 

    • Robert Quintrell says:

      Hello Scarlet

      Don't you realise that this isn't just an American thing, our, UK govt is in it as well as all govts whose countries are afflicted with these trails.The powers that be control it all.

    • PLT says:

      If you want the UK to be free from spraying, better help to get it out of NATO.  But even then, the Big Boys who decide when, where and what to spray won't be stopped.  And several of them sound more like Peter O'Toole than Peter Fonda.

      Sorry to say that, not least because my son lives in the UK.  But shoving responsibility off on someone else is a huge part of how we got into this mess in the first place.

    • @ Mark Bottorff

      Of course the globalists are heavily involved. It has not so much to do with nations.

      Alu-resistant crop patents…
      The Complete History Of Monsanto
      [Part1 of 4] Chemtrails, Monsanto and Bill Gates : Connecting the Dots
      …not to mention the military, the politicians and the airlines all working together…

    • only1barbi says:

      it is not the U.S..  It is the U.N. backed by the Crown and Vatican who really own the Corporation of the U.S.

  58. Kees van Diggelen says:

    Marvin Herndon deserves a medal for bravery in the face of the enemy.

    Now what comes next.

    How to stop this madness and how to treat and put those accountable on trial for these crimes against humanity.


  59. ian ball says:

    Hi Dane, this is great news.

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