Five Ohio Congressmen Call For New Aircraft To Continue “Specialized Aerial Spray Mission”


Dane Wigington

The blatant and in plain sight experimentation on the US population continues unabated. A recent "press release" letter from 5 US congressmen sends a very clear message, they want a minimum of 10 new C-130J air tankers to continue "specialized spraying missions".


C-130 Hercules, photo credit: Matt Dearden

Though the "solar radiation management" (SRM) spraying around the world is done by jet aircraft, the C-130s are also a part of other ongoing toxic experiments on planet Earth and all life. We are told that this fleet of massive aerial tankers are: 

"to control disease-carrying insects, to eradicate undesirable plants, or to disperse oil spills"

Even the "officially" stated use of the C-130s is alarming, but what is the real story? Below are a few quotes from the letter issued to the DOD by US senators Rob Portman (R-OH), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Tim Ryan (D-OH), Bill Johnson (R-OH-6), and Dave Joyce (OH-14).

Dear Lt Gen Jackson:

We urge you to replace the Youngstown Air Reserve Station’s 910th Airlift Wing’s current fleet of C-130H aircraft with a minimum of ten C-130J aircraft to ensure that the 910th’s Department of Defense (DoD)-mandated specialized aerial spray mission continues safely and without interruption. The Fiscal Year 2016 House of Representatives’ Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense  Report  includes  language regarding the Air Force Reserve’s specialized missions, specifically that: “The Committee encourages the Chief of the Air Force Reserve to review the requirements to ensure that specialized units are allocated sufficient training hours to successfully perform both their specialized and tactical missions and are allocated equipment upgrades necessary to address safety concerns associated with these missions. The Committee also supports efforts to build partnerships between units performing specialized missions and other government agencies when practical.”

“It is critically important that we maintain the C-130 missions carried out by the Ohio Air National Guard units across Ohio,” said Johnson. “The Youngstown Air Reserve Station (YARS), in particular, plays an important role in America’s national security capability, and provides jobs vital to the Mahoning Valley. I’ll continue working with my Ohio colleagues to do everything in our power to make sure the YARS has the necessary resources to continue carrying out its important missions.”

For these reasons, we request your consideration for recapitalization of the 910th Airlift Wing’s current fleet of C-130Hs with C-130Js at the soonest possible time, to ensure their continued and safe support of DoD’s only aerial spray mission.

Again, what is the official story on what the C-130s are used for? "To control disease-carrying insects, eradicate undesirable plants, or disperse oil spills." But are we to believe the "official" narrative? Not that we should feel good about the spraying of highly toxic oil dispersants in any case. A recent incident that occurred in Arizona appears to paint a different picture. Arizona resident Cori Cunnells took this photograph of the three aircraft that she witnessed passing overhead in the skies of Arizona over her home just before strange fibrous airborne filaments covered the landscape.


The C-130 in this picture was clearly accompanied by two more "chase" planes (perhaps to monitor the ongoing experiment?) 

Numerous citizens in Arizona have also reported witnessing the strange fibrous filaments as shown in the photo below.


Dewey, AZ (10/30/15). Photo credit: Bob Busch

What were these airborne web like filaments composed of? Astoundingly, mainstream media tried to convince the public that the filaments were just "cattle gauze" (yes, cow bandages). So we are to believe cow bandages suddenly covered the landscape after a C-130 spray tanker passes over and these filaments subsequently blanket civilian areas? Testing done at certified labs proved that the filaments contained massive amounts of aluminum and barium

The bottom line is this, those in power can (and are) using the C-130s (and countless jet aircraft) to spray whatever they want, wherever they want, and on whomever they want. Those that refuse to accept this fact are simply in denial. The subject letter of this article makes clear that our "elected officials" are doing everything in their power to make sure even more aircraft are put into service to do even more toxic spraying/experimentation. If you have had enough, get active in the critical battle to expose and halt ALL aerial spraying.

113 Responses to Five Ohio Congressmen Call For New Aircraft To Continue “Specialized Aerial Spray Mission”

  1. Todd says:

    Everywhere is getting sprayed.  I haven't read all these comments, but the few I did read offered zero solutions, sigh.  Outing the psychos behind it and getting it stopped needs to be the discourse here.  I'm taking this info to the local radio stations, our local city councils, and giving out flyers.  Any other suggestions would be welcomed.  Is this the time for urgency here while being tactful?  Is this the time for action?  There are two steps to manifesting enlightenment: awareness of truth, and then the application of that truth, which in this case would imply informing the masses and taking action in order to change the reality!  Mankind out numbers those behind this insidious program, and it's time we stand up and be counted!  

    • bija says:

      Todd, the only solution is to wake up as many people as possible to the reality of geoengineering and to never let up until we reach critical mass. If you come up with something that will put an immediate halt to this, then please share it and I'll be the first in line to shake your hand! Dane has been beating this drum for more than 10 years and reaching people all over the world, one at a time. 

      Rather than be frustrated at us for not having solutions, get active and do what you think will reach the folks in your own sphere of influence. That includes complete strangers on the street. I hear what you are saying and have my own anger and frustration, but the commenters here are the ones who are pounding the pavement, writing letters and blogs, posting you tube videos, paying for signs and billboards, and literally driving around with the message for all to see. 

      The psychos are outed! What do you suggest??? sigh

    • What happened to the once brave men like David Kucynich. These men must be receiving something in return.


    • cameron says:

      Dear Todd, being now 7/16,  I have found   here in the North (East Coast) nobody cares and I have tried.

    • Tomi Glover says:

      Why not go straight to the ones doing, the National Guard. And dont be nice about it, call them the traitors that they are , genocide is a war crime, treason is a hanging offence

  2. bija says:

    Two C-130's circled us all day in S. AZ, spewing death dust into an already saturated sick, grey sky. The new spray lines seemed superimposed upon the older gunk until it too spread into the canvas. Then they were back round again, so low you could make out every detail of the plane. They just kept going over and over and over the city, flying at very low altitude and appearing as if this was a game. Meanwhile, little happy families and dog walkers obliviously sucked this stuff in all the day long.  

    Our Killitary are a heartless, soul-less lot. Most (not all) are dumber than dirt (sorry to insult dirt) and are only in the Killitary because they had no other choice since being so dumbed down to begin with. Then, up steps good ol' Uncle Sam, offering them the kind of money most of us are never offered for legitimate, caring work. Believe me, as a former teacher, I know.  If my characterization seems too heavy handed, I know of what I speak. Those I know who continue to serve in the Killitary, to a person, couldn't care less about thinking for themselves and only live to collect their paychecks, their promotions, and get their 10% discount on every little thing, while the civilians rush to shake their hands for "protecting" us from "terrorists". Anyone with a conscience and the smarts to question the impact of their actions have gotten the hell out or are dead. There surely are countless Pat Tillmans out there. The rest may as well be robots. 

    I follow a pretty intensive detox and cleansing regime, but I don't think that anything I do is enough to protect or clear my system of – well – who knows what is in the many cocktails they are likely to dump on us. And it's expensive, to boot. The Evilites must have the means to eradicate this stuff from their systems, although I can't imagine how even they will eliminate all this stuff that acts and re-acts within the system and the brain. They seem ignorant enough to have not thought that far ahead. It's all just a crap shoot (with the emphasis on crap!).

    I REALLY WANT TO BE DONE WITH THIS!  But what does that even mean??? Every day I get up and face this Nightmare, this Daymare, this Lifemare!!! This program is so dark and ugly and probably even worse than we think. We are in a fight for the very existence of everything we have ever known and loved, with some"THING" beyond our comprehension. This is not just EVIL…this is something so far beyond EVIL that there are no longer any words to define it! We need new vocabulary to even try to express what category of UNTHINKABLE this really is!!!  

    Days like today I feel so betrayed, so like a target, so ineffective in everything I try to do. I feel like one giant jangly bunch of nerves, close to bursting out of myself to do something that will have a real impact. How can I will these idiots to find a moral compass??  How can I will these planes to fall out of the sky???  It essentially becomes more and more irrational until I finally come back to some kind of balance and face the fact that this is my (our) reality and our burden to face until the best or the worst puts an end to the insanity or us.  

    Why are these sadistic bastards allowed to prevail. What is there we haven't tried yet that will STOP these lowest of vermin???  It's a huge comfort to have all of you amazing activists and researchers in this fight. It gives hope and strength. Every link you provide, every creative action you share moves me to want to do better. 

    One last thing, the Supreme Creator of All is calling each of us to take action. Not the other way around. No one is going to rescue us but us. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Agreed, 100 per cent.  I go through the same thoughts and feelings nearly every single day– WHEN IS THIS INSANE LIFEMARE GOING TO END?  Will I see this in my life time?  HOW is it going to end– when it finally kills all of us and everything else here, too?  Is the Killitary-Industrial Omnicide Programming so crazed that they'll just keep right on spraying and spraying and spraying, even after their Lords and Masters have slunk down their rat holes to live "safely" (no they won't) underground, until all the dust has cleared, literally, and they believe it's safe to come out again, to do what?  Extract and extract and extract and enslave, enslave and enslave, and kill the people who work for them, if they can't produce enough?  Where is that going to take "them?"  They are like the top floor of a high rise building that believes it can get rid of the foundation and still stand.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Our military is really the only hope we have.

    • Helena says:

      Now people start to understand how those Germans felt that KNEW about the crimes against humanity the Nazis perpetrated. Those people wanted the Nazi reign to end ,too – history shows us how the Nazis defeated themselves. Nobody else in Germany could.

      Since the spraying is occurring globally, the complicity of a large number of regimes is a given. There is no more 'Democracy' – we live in a totalitarian oligarchy.

    • Very true,

      This has become a total onslaught and should be exposed as such. We must wake up.

    • cameron says:

      well said Bija,  couldn't  to put it better,   Remember  I'm not saying do nothing or let it go by,  God protects the faithful,  individually. Not the faithless nation itself    Again  well put Bija

  3. R. West says:

    Central Oregon, north of Bend. We have the same spraying problem as everyone else, 24/7. I ran across an article on about lithium being sprayed in Oregon. Ann  Fillmore, PhD submitted information she received from a whistle blower who was trying to disseminate information to the media and general public. The author of the original whistle blowing letters used the code name "Locke". It turns out that a John Locke is part of English history as a rebel  who was an important figure in England for passing the power from the king to the parliament. Locke stated that the natural rights of citizens were life, liberty and property. Thomas Jefferson incorporated these ideas into the Declaration of Independence. I hope we don't forget our rights and "We The People"  stop the "SAG" and "SRM" that is warfare against our rights.

  4. Dave says:

    I'm located in Northern California and would like to know if anyone else shares my suspicions or has additional information/insight regarding a connection between the claim that California's drought dramatically increases the risk of contracting West Nile from mosquitoes to the noticeable increase in chemtrail spraying in the area.


    I could be wrong but wouldn't the drought decrease the risk from West Nile due to fewer available habitats for mosquito larvae to spawn? I realize that there may be more shallow standing water areas but my own observations suggest that the drought has been going on for so long that those areas have been dried up already.


    As far as I know, West Nile spraying is also conducted from the ground using trucks yet I haven't seen any when spray notice is given (I've seen them many years before) and instead observe many low altitude planes followed by a very unhealthy looking sky the morning after. BTW I live some distance from the airport but unfortunately after NextGen has been implemented now find myself very close to the flightpath and have seen some very weird looking skies in the last few months.Thanks

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District has been pretty active in spreading the word about the importance of WNV awareness.  They keep records of found birds, mosquitoes and pools testing positive for the virus.  You can see there were quite a few more cases in 2014 than in 2015, a hotter, drier year:  Here's the page with the information about how they do abatement:  They practice Integrated Vector management, explained on their control program page.  Mostly they try to educate and raise public awareness to do the kinds of things that would prevent mosquitoes from breeding and seem quite willing to work closely with the public to avoid having to get to the point where they'll need to spray.

  5. david K says:

    I just watched a show with jim marrs speaking at a book signing event in montreal while releasing his new book how the corporate owners are killing us.A few things really struck me.1. that over 100 nano particle scientist had died in the last so many years.That information he gave out while talking about geo -engineering.Also he followed the history of flouride and what it it turns into when mixed with chlorine,I knew that but I was shocked to realize is that just about every city in the U.S. is actually drinking thatI thought people had caught on.I guess not.This was in his discussion about bottled water and fracking.He spoke extensively about 9-11Also he spoke about one of my pet peeves the programable voting machines Man they can be  jinxed in a matter of seconds just by changing out a sim cardI knew way back when that was the final blow to any kind of fair voting.He is quite a knowledgeable fellow.Speaking of bad bugs in the last 2 years we have had in my county and 2 other surrounding counties in northern california a .new kind of spider mite show  up out of the blue and in 2 years inudate my and everyones gardens 3 counties wide.Im an organic gardener like most people here.Honestly I think they were in the chem spray.they wiped out tons of gardens.I was holding my own pretty good with with sulphur dust and my all time favorite clean leaf a very affordable product made with castille soap orange oil and whatever else was in it,company secret.All organic.Smelled like I was in magic orange heaven when I sprayed it.Well I ran out and went to the store to buy it and the man said it was gone for good, monsanto bought it and took it out of circulation.It was gone.he showed me the new organic broad mite spray it was 160.00 a bottle.Clean leaf was 15.00.I loves this site because I love the interaction of all the people.I hate to respond because it takes me about an hour and a half to type this reply,with 2 fingers

    • David says:

      David K , Dane & Everyone Else. I formerly was employed at a Garden Center where they sold 100% Organic Plant/Tree Fertilizer. The Fertilizer is called DR. EARTH (People & Pet Safe) Organic and 100% Natural Hand Craft Blend, created for life. Dr. Earth has a variety for Roses, Palm Trees, Azaleas, Fruit Trees, Herbs/Vegetables and All Purpose. I have been a tree and plant enthusiast most of my life, this is absolutely the best fertilizer I have ever used. It comes in a liquid to mix with water, as well as a granular. I've used both. The Website is:

  6. Eric Hall says:

    I live in Ohio.  These people are sick.  I am going to contact them.  Urge others to get involved. We are breaking apart as a society

    • ildiko says:

      I am here too in Ohio, near to the airbase, and scared.I see those chemtrails daily, many people sck here, with the typical sicknesses, what those chemicals/poisons causing, on the other hand, many people ignorant, simply don't care.:((

    • Elizabeth says:

      I live in OH, too.  I emailed some info about Chemtrails to a local weatherman and he told me its all a conspiracy theory.  I chalked up that remark to the fact that he is very young and was probably indoctrinated with lies all through school.  So I sent him a link to watch on YouTube and he said he won't watch it, and that I shouldn't trust anything on YouTube.  How discouraging!  

      When I look up in the sky and see all those trails I just want to weep.  They are so invasive and through, like snow or rain, but not as nice. I pray and pray that God will make them stop because I know I can't. This is a great site.  I'm thankful for all the articles, and the good comments where no one is making fun of other people.  


    • Simon says:

      Great, also in Ohio, in a valley that is obviously part of the flight path.  And to think I thought those low flying house shakers were just doing radar avoidance training.    What makes all this even better is the EPA bio-fertilization/pesticide signs in the local crop fields.  Not sure if it has anything to do with this, or just agar and the long winters my wife and I are not accustomed to, but we (wife child and myself) have all been dealing with various health issues since moving here a few years ago.   Don't get me wrong, it could be related to any number of things but ….time to move I guess.

  7. Greg Price says:

    When was the last time a senator or congressman actually gave us some right instead of taking them away ?

    • Rebecca says:

      Greg Price, No man can take from you what you cannot take from them.  Our rights are inherent, they are unalienable.  Governments derive their power from the consent of the governed, to not speak out on these issues implies consent.  When those elected to serve the people attempt to take what is not theirs to take, most often accompanied by the threat of force (Violate = Violence), that is treason.  Any "legal" attempt to remove those rights guaranteed under the Constitution for the united States are invalid.  It is beyond time we teach our servant government exactly who they serve.  We the people must learn to distinguish between legal and lawful, they are not the same.  I do not consent!

    • To Elizabeth,

      Don't believe ANYTHING on your controlled TV.

  8. Michel B says:

    WW1, WW2,  Bromberg, Bleiburg, Danzig, Katyn, the carpet bombing of Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Berlin, Stalin's Gulags, South Korea, Vietnam, South America, Mao's Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot's regime, the Middle East…

    Of course I've missed many. But just to utter these names is to invoke a terrible consciousness of unimaginable atrocities, even if you are only half educated in history.

    Now, the true face faces all. Who won WW2? The Allies and the Soviets. Germany was crushed by the incorporation of over fifty nations into the war effort. America was drawn into it by the false flag of Pearl Harbour. These powers have been incumbent the whole time. The Anglo American empire has since ceaselessly waged war.

    And now the true nature of the real enemy is visible. There is no national allegiance from these enemies of all Life. The taking of America was always part of the plan. There is a force in the world that has the will to subjugate all and they are achieving it, at least in their eyes. It should be understood that their limited state of mind can only produce two options for an outcome and those two options are often synonomous: Control and Destruction. Beyond that there is no care.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      And we should ask, WHERE IS OUR WILL in this mess??

    • Michel B says:

      Dennie, the general population is bereft the basic facts. They are under the illusion of having benevolent leaders. When they wake up from that dream, then maybe the required number of the population will act on the Will to make things right. My Will is to help build awareness so that enough of us may learn the simple truths. Lies are powerful and we have to counter that power with the raw truth, based on verifiable facts. We are at a point where very intelligent people are easily denying and rationalising away what should otherwise easily be seen. For us the awakened, our Will should be in reversing that.

    • MISSY says:

      I have found one answer to all these questions, why arent't we doing something about this? One of the answers, I found the other day, is our government has been putting flouride in our drinking water for decades. They still use it for tactical warfare and put it in the enemies' drinking water 'to dumb the population down'. You can find this all over the internet just put these tag words in your search engine:  'dumbing down flouride'.

    • Jenny says:

      Missy, at least fluoride is something decided locally so people can actually have a say as to whether to fluoridate or not.  I guess I'm lucky that my water is not fluoridated, although I've mostly used fluoride toothpaste and I've used a fluoride rinse in the mornings as recommended by my dentist.  I was just looking at a site a day or two ago that listed cities and towns in my state that had it or stopped it, etc.    TBH I've never really looked into fluoride even though I've heard for years that a lot of people think it's harmful.  If your town or city has it maybe you could contact your city councilor and ask what you can do to try to stop it.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Pure and simple, "They" continually override the Will of the People, but then again that's pretty simple to do when most are nearly Will-less.  My question was rhetorical.  I completely understand what is going on with regard to actual Will.  Most have abdicated theirs.  Or let someone else be their will for them.  Stupid mistake.  BTW:  I'm in a town that gets water from a company that fluoridates and I do not feel lethargic, apathetic, etc.  I would say that the lithium being used as a tracer for upper atmospheric wind studies is likely not of a dosage large enough to have a pharmacological effect. 

  9. ed says:
    my bad:) couldn't figure out how to paste link
    they called this a rare phenom. it's not rare. it's new.
    only stuff up there is water and air. so…what chemical danger?
    oh, that's right…aerosol patents

    • David says:

      On the The Great U.S.Seal "In God We Trust", in no way, shape, or form do the Climate Engineers have the right to play God with the Weather & Climate! High Temperature today in Atlantic Beach, Florida 76 degrees, a 32 temperature increase from 44 degrees in only 48 hours. When a Cold Front moves through, the cold air mass usually lasts for 3 days, then the Cold Air gradually moderates. Whiplash is what is occurring here. The Low Temperatures have been warmer than the Average High Temperatures. The average high for December 21st is 67 and the Average Low 50. The Forecast this week, or as I should say Scheduled Planned Weather Forecast the next several days:  High Temperatures in the 80's, Low Temperatures in the 60's. The fuana and flora are confused. If the Climate Engineers decide to rapidly change the weather pattern to allow Polar/Artic Air down, with yet another whiplash, the plants will really suffer with no gradual transition period! The Eastern & Western halves of the country are experiencing the exact opposite of the past several years. Reciprocal Weather.

  10. Robo Sapien says:

    If you can, get on food stamps, grab whatever aid you can get from this corrupt federal government. Dont pay for obama care get medicaid. i dont care how you do it just do it. If enough of us get these programs we will break the federal government. I was thinking about people saying we need to stop paying taxes, we need to do more, we need to get our income back. If the federal government debts get too high too quickly it will collapse. All it takes is for one country to call the federal governments bluff. That bluff being the USG has NO intention of paying a 20 trillion dollar debt. Mathematically it simply cannot be done .. We must not simply refuse taxation, we must apply our efforts into bankrupting this corrupt government and that is how you do it. It is time to report a deficit of household income and take from the USG  until the thing collapses and the herd rides roughshod over its would be masters. I believe collecting federal aid could be the most effective way of stopping this madness, the strain on the USG financial lies might force it into a fatal mistake. We are all in this, we have all been declared enemies by our own government. When I see those jack booted thug police I say to myself "these police aren't here to protect and serve, they are here to oppress and serve as totalitarian enforcers." By degrees we must destroy the US government from within by using its own mechanisms. I see overloading its welfare systems as a way destroying it, destroying its ability to fund its federal,state and local lackeys. If there is too much demand for welfare then the system will shut down, the dollar will devalue, totalitarian government employees will no longer get 3 months paid vacation. This is what we need. I swear if I have to see another government employee who makes 100,000 a year and has 3 months paid vacation a year I am going to puke. These are the real enemies. Those among us who have accepted federal jobs to produce nothing but oppression, I firmly believe no one who maintains a position at the public expense should be allowed to vote. We must think out of the box to undermine this fatal regime who has usurped our country. We will prevail.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo, I totally agree with you and have gone this route for many, many decades now.  I'd say more, but this is public.  Spied upon.  This has been my thought for almost 50 years!!!!

    • Rebecca says:

      Robo, Escalating debt is part of the grand plan.  Under some threat to the country, the debt will be forgiven, zeroed out in exchange for all the land of the nation to be turned over to the United Nations.  Please read this:
      If you have not familiarized yourself with the UN Agenda 21 or the new Agenda 2030 plans they give global control to the UN under the guise of world peace.  It is a very sinister plan.  Accelerated destruction of the environment is openly discussed in the Iron Mountain document.  Jumping onto the welfare train is not a viable solution,  they are purposefully creating the destruction of the middle class to help bring this country down.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rebecca, yes, the global elite have many plans laid out, but is important to remember and consider that on the current course none of those plans will reach fruition. If there is not a complete change of direction for the human race (starting with the stopping of global climate engineering), none of us will be around that long, icluding the global elite.

    • Rebecca says:

      Wow!  Thank you Dane for your words of encouragement.  Seems I read that exact sentiment in the document referenced above to Robo, the Iron Mountain monstrocity.  Taken directly from the pages thereof: " the "alternate enemy" must imply a more immediate, tangible, and directly felt threat of destruction.  It must justify the need for taking and paying a "blood price" in wide areas of human concern.

      In this respect, the possible enemies noted earlier would be insufficient.  One exception might be the environmental-pollution model, if the danger to society it posed  was genuinely imminent."

      I have no desire to take a defeatist attitude, I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of 2,  I would prefer the human race get really pissed off.  The Iron Mountain document might just provide the fire to spark that anger.  Truth is, we are under attack from all sides, I do not care which item of concern hits the target which is the gut of the American or global population.  Trying to bankrupt a nation that has been bankrupt for longer than we have been alive seems silly!  Hasn't worked yet.  Those responsible for the destruction, no matter what area they are focusing their destructive forces on, are the same.  If they need population reduction so bad, I say we start with them.

  11. Jeff says:

    I work in Sun Valley Idaho on a regular basis,and really think Sotir Llievski's comments are spot on. A large portion of 1%'s frequent this area. I am going to look into implimenting Sotir's idea.
    If you also are near another hot spot for "The Rich and Shameless",this may be a good program.
    Thanks Dane,for being stead fast.

  12. Sean S says:

    Here are their contact pages. Let them know what you think. Call and email them until they break!
    Rob Portman:
    Sherrod Brown:
    Tim Ryan:
    Bill Johnson:
    Dave Joyce:

    • Robo Sapien says:

      The problem with emails is they dont have to open them

    • Sean S says:

      Some may some may not but if their inbox gets jammed with enough of these emails with something along the lines of "your involvement in the aerial spraying operations is an act of tyranny and terrorism" they will start paying attention. Also their phones work so flood the lines.

      I like the suggestion you posted above. I'm game. I'll have no problem collecting some of my hard earned tax dollars from this criminal regime. Who's with me on this one?

    • Earth Angel says:

      I usually pick up the phone and call these jerks in congress. I love to tell it like it is even if it is only to their aides. I give 'em an ear full every time. Thanks for the contacts. I'll begin on these guys tomorrow! They've got rain engineered for us here where I live and warmer temps. coming in- it'll be a great project for a rainy day!  ; )

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Remember the bumper sticker on the back on surfers' cars, the one with a silhouette of a shark with a Big Red Circle around it, with a slash running diagonally right through it?  Well, I propose a silhouette of a jet spraying it's ugly streaks, with a Big Red Circle around it, and a slash through it:  NO SGM– STOP SPRAYING US!!!  (and Ditto for websites on subjects that do NOT need trolls– NO TROLLING– NOT HERE YOU DON'T! and post it prominently on the home page of your site).

    • Kat says:

      It's dec 23 2022, supposedly a major blizzard is headed here, temps dropped to -4, winds kicking, snow has started. I Yesterday the sky was filled with trails, more than I had ever seen here in NE Ohio.  The sky soon turned thick hazy white.   Those same Ohio representatives are still in office, they don't respond to emails or phone calls or comments to their FB page.  They do send you letters explaining all the great things they doing for our Veterans, like renaming blogs.   So we need to take a different approach, these are OUR skies!! 

  13. Diana Moss says:

    Last Thursday after an entire day of clear blue sky I mentioned to the fellow mowing my yard that before the day was over we would see the trails.  This was about 4 pm.  I left for the post office and was gone about 20 minutes and by the time I got back one half of the sky was covered with several trails that were being bombarded with microwaves.  It was one of the most bizarre skies I have seen and as I watched this entire mass of squiggles began moving North and within another twenty minutes it had mostly disappeared and we were back to blue sky.  Obviously something is 'cooking' north of us here in Virginia.

  14. Ed says:

    What countries are not being sprayed I wonder .Is this something all countries have signed onto under the UN umbrella ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, there is no place to hide from the ongoing aerosol assault, the entire planet is being saturated.

  15. John Louro says:

    Major headlines last week: The air force needs more money for bombs. The next day Obummer speaks to the American sheeple about taking on Isis. Seems the Nobel peace prize winner is a horrible aim with these bombs. dropped 20,000 boms so far and there is supposedly only 30,000 isis fighters. C'mon, man, we in the know can discern that this push for money for bombs is to continue bombing us with this poison. We will prevail!

  16. Alan says:

    This morning's San Diego Union Tribune says, "A gradual brightening of Earth's skies since the 1970's and 1980's is being linked to an icy haze in the upper atmosphere, brought on by an expansion of jet air traffic.  NOAA scientists announced the phenomenon at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.   Chuck Long told the gathering that there is strong circumstantial evidence linking the icy haze to the greater number of aircraft contrails over the past few decades.  While Long doesn't believe the haze is having a significant effect on the climate, he says it is an example of accidental geoengineering."  

    For anyone who wants to go on FAA's site and "fact-check" Mr. Long's contention, you will find that annual aircraft operations in the United States in 2005 were 62,664,540.  In 2014 they were 49,625,102, a 21% decline.  This figure represents flights by all aircraft types, not just jets.  

    • Earth Angel says:

       Well that makes great sense- 13,000,000 LESS flights in 2014 yet MORE plumes of polluted trails in the skies than EVER BEFORE!!… Nothing to see here folks just move along.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "Gradual brightening of Earth's skies," while we suffer from GLOBAL DIMMING, due to the "icy haze." 

  17. Angelo Isgro says:

    Has this Ohio group of "our" representatives lost their minds? Just what are they thinking?  On whose payroll are they? Are they really approving the gassing of the American people?

    • sam says:

      Like Dane has been saying it is all the so called governments(mind controllers) they are all incorporated, just like our states and municipalities, can be found on Dunn and Bradstreet.  They are all under the "Crown".  We have been lied to for eons, empire after empire.  But no one really can grasp the biggest lie of them all.  The pope/Vatican did not go to the UN, President (CEo of the US Corp), Congress(purported representatives of the states and now spouting more than ever the same rhetoric.  The "grand puba", they do not kiss his ring for no reason..the lord of the ring.  There is no seperation of church and state in reality…all this theatre at "holy days" especially at Christmas, is just to keep the division going..that is why religion was invented in the first place…this ongoing good religion vs bad religion is no different than the good copy/bad cop scenario.  If we were all united as the one humankind (they didn't call hit race for no reason, or the term race as in white, black, etc)) and only the spirit of our One, True Creator, "they" would never have been able to apply "their" subliminals, symbols and most of all brute force.  The indigenous peoples all over the world persecuted and killed, for their spiritual beliefs.  They would not just bend to the ilks that portrayed themselves as kings/queens/popes/bishop, etc.  We were taught they were savages, because they would not believe "God".  Truth is, they would not forsake the true Creator and our Mother Earth, for the demigods worshipped by the so called Western civilizations.  There was never any "Civil" western civilzation.  Western civilization, is nothing more than what we now call the NWO.   The only thing that is new, is that they realize, they have raped, pillaged and murdered all of Creation, including the planet itself, it is time to get rid of the witnesses, yet again, so they cannot be held accountable for "their" actions.  For those who think, "they" are also killing themselves, do not so sure.  They would never have started this geoengineering/vaccine program, unless these bloodlines were provided with truly organic "antidotes", especially with this extreme ramp up since 2009, and yet worse since 2012.  They have been wiping out billions of people for eons, to keep the True Creator's creation subservient to "them"  Their desperation is so great.."they" (k)now the ultimate verdict by the innocent masses is upon 'them".  The problem is, "they" (k)now nothing, but eradication, to "them" accepting responsibility/accountability is the heresy of them all.
      Do your homework.  Why are the 7 deadliest sins called "cardinal" or "capital/capitol" sins?  really, why do we have "cardinals" in the church, why is capitalism promoted in the West?  Why do "cardinals" elect the pope?  You have to think for yourselves!  "they" believe "they" have told you, but you are not smart enough to figure it out.
      These "cardinal" or capital/capitol" sins…but they do not elaborate on who those sins pertain to, in reality, "they" just pass them on to the innocent people.  We are taught, "they" are absolving us of our sins, NO, we the innocent of the One, True Creator are absolving "them".  Through "their" planned slaughters, rapes, book burnings(mostly the Library of Alexandria)  Why does the Vatican, who proclaims to want to end poverty and scarcity, hide ancient writings and works in their catacombs.  why hide them from Humankind?  why after eons, "they" have inherited great wealth and lands, yet our world is being thrust further and further down?  who is the "Crown"?  The "Crown" Templars?  Who do the "Crown" templars ..there is a war for our minds/consciousness not like ever before.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Sure looks that way doesn't it?!.. They're on somebody's payroll, but its NOT the American people's.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Religion wasn't "invented" in a think-tank in a few sessions.  Like everything else here, it evolved, or even devolved, over time.  It is still evolving, and it is under the Luciferian thumb, like everything else here:  Money, Education, Military, Health, Business systems. 
      The Empire always sends it's missionaries first, to "convert" the "savages" to "our" Way of Life.  Hand in hand come the Men with Swords– and guns, and knives, and poison.  The Loot goes next, pretty much straight back to the Grand Poo-Bah–  A vicious circle, really.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Write to Sherrod Brown and you will understand that he is in Congress to promote evil agendas.  He basically says he doesn't care even a little bit what his constituents think, if they disagree with him.  Rob Portman is a turn-coat.  I don't know the other guys, but apparently they've had too much kool-aid, too.


    • Ry Brannock says:

      They should be asked to explain their involvement in this anti-American, anti-human, anti-nature program.  Ohio voters elected them and have every right to question their abominable actions.

  18. Ron lech says:

    Today after reading this article my heart dropped in sorrow, I read here in Ohio where I live was born and raised these five judases just got more pcs of silver at are peril are life's and health and are family's. Every day I look up and a feeling of being attacked comes over me, even yesterday Sunday Gods day the evil is there so much it comes directly in a straight line right thru the clouds , the situation, Dane, it’s getting worse, especially the dumbing down of people's minds even so called politicians that really care not for the good of people only there selfish wants Dear Lord please remember these traitors for they are promoting and contributing to destroying your creations Earth itself and also I am sure there will be a special section for them in Hell where global warming never stops

    • BaneB says:

      You are in a better position to put these reps on notice that spraying poisons on the population is not going to be tolerated.  The five stooges are unfortunately for Ohioans your representatives.  But, your vote counts.  And your phone call carries some weight.  You are their constituency.  Go get them…

    • Marc says:

      Amen, brother Ron.

  19. Marc says:

    "Department of Defense mandated aerial spray mission." WHAT…………THE…………F**K? Reeeeaaalllyyyy? Who on God's Earth is doing the mandating? Obama? Rockefellers? Queen Elizabeth? Dick Cheney? Bill Gates? Kim Kardashian? This is none other than a forcible rape of the American people and of the one Mother which gave birth to us all. The arrogance and exploitative nature of this maneuver may be entirely by design, that is, to help push the public toward acceptance of the massive geoengineering program which unfolds over their heads on an almost daily basis. And what's with the smackdown insult implied by the phrase: "CONTINUE SAFELY AND WITHOUT INTERRUPTION?"  The YARS needs the new aircraft to "continue SAFELY"? SAFELY? Are you evil jokers f**king kidding me? Is this not the most absurd, twisted and mentally-ill kind of thinking you can possibly imagine? This entire power structure is exactly as Dane so often describes: criminally insane.

       It is becoming ever increasingly difficult to remain grounded in this world of LIES. Literally everywhere we turn we find another movie theater full of these lies and blatant, unapologetic manipulations of our consciousness and of our understanding of the way this world (and the universe) works. 

       Yesterday my daughter and son-in-law invited me to see the new Star Wars movie at a suburban shopping mall theater. This mall is in an outlying and well-to-do suburb of St. Louis, Mo. I'm an inner city kind of guy and rarely make it out to suburbia-land. I am hard pressed to find words to describe my sense of alienation and incredulity when I entered that mall. I am no stranger to malls, don't get me wrong. But in the last handful of years I have experienced an even more profound awakening from the dream that is "American Culture." I literally felt like an alien soul from a distant star cluster looking out from a human host, as in, my body. And what I found particularly disturbing were the 20 solid minutes of movie trailers BEFORE  the Star Wars movie even began. I've never seen seen so much war, conflict, killing, explosions, alien invasion, violence and apocalyptic scenarios as I saw yesterday afternoon. And we had young kids with us (my son-in-law's nephews) for whom I felt a deep sadness and a sense of needing to apologize. And Star Wars was no different. I did not expect otherwise. Almost non-stop string of violent scenarios laid out with all the magnificence that digital wizardry can muster. And the icing on the cake? When I finally emerged from this temple of doom to return to my car, there were two jets laying long trails right over this nice, "safe" suburb.

    • Marc says:

      And one more thing, the bullshit about the C-130s being used to spray insects and plants and so forth is so patently absurd as to disqualify itself from any serious analysis or recognition. 

    • Blather says:

      In as few succinct words to describe 'her', she is Mystery Babylon and all her sorceries (magic) are on display.  Whether its the amazing drone, or the 'image that speaks' at the theatre, or the smart phone, the technology has us bowing our heads in wonderment and worship.  They mimic (mock) the Creator. Their ' birds' poison the earth.  Time to gird your inner strength because what is on the silver screen is the revelation of the heart and soul of an empire debauched.  "Come out of her my people lest you take of her plague…."

    • Barry Verespey says:

      Well said my friend.  I can"t go to the movies for that exact reason.  As I travel this great country I"m saddened daily watching the youth and adults wasting their time on electronics, the list goes on.  I do have a family I only can pray for a possitive change.

    • Mawis Stover says:

      Marc, quite remarkable, I saw star wars tonight and had exactly the same experience you described with the previews and film overall. Very disturbing themes and presentations. Very chilling to me in retrospect really. And interestingly enough, power structure owned Hollywood is also producing a film called Krampus this year which I initially wrote off as something silly. Turns out this krampus is an old legend which essentially features a hooved upright creature with large curling headhorns which resembles the occult luciferian symbol of Baphomet. Some May not read into this but I find it alarming. Also the pope just told everyone this could be our last Christmas. 

    • Nigel says:

      Marc, I can totally relate. Went to the Theater and saw the same. So much violence and killing, yet heaven forbid something like a human a breast is seen. I'm getting really sick of the endless lies and corruption from this government. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I can't go into malls and I don't want to!  For one thing, I am immediately hit with all sorts of assaults to my allergies.  Last attempt at a mall was with and for my best friend's wedding 20 some years ago.  I made it about 30 feet into that mall before I literally dropped to the floor, unable to even speak, literally floored.  Also, I may be the only woman who does not like to shop!  Even if I could and did, they have nothing I'd want.

      I have a bit of an insight to all the violence in the previews you saw.  And you are right, there's been a ramping up of violent stuff from video games to movies to "music".  Having two grandsons, I know that they don't want violence, have lost friends to violence and are afraid.  But since they are "guys" they seem to feel this is info and show and tell of how to survive and be a man and defend family, etc. They worry about this and somehow exposure reduces their worries!  I know that sounds odd, but just ask some boys.  On the other hand, recently there was that young man/teen? who killed his best friend's little brother as he spent the night there.  Said he intended to kill his best friend but was afraid he'd put up a fight he could not handle, and so killed the child, with a knife.  Said he'd been reading a lot about what all is going on, coming revolution, maybe even zombies, all sorts of bad guys he'd have to fight and he was not sure he had what it took to kill!  Whether or not this is the truth, it does make me worry that we are frightening our young ones.  Too much.  And the movies are exploiting that.  Would that all could have instead seen Racing Extinction and been inspired to do good!  To express their guerilla tactics in art and information towards saving the world, as opposed to participating in the violence voyeuristically.  Or worse.   

    • Las Vegan says:

      Abby…I used to subscribe to "The Smithsonian," but after several years, their agenda became abundantly clear to me–as you just indicated by referencing their article.  What a crock.

    • Sean S says:

      Hi Abby,
      Thank you for sharing. My stepson actually sent that to me last week. Although the article was the usual "pack of lies", I found the comments to be more than encouraging. The comments typically associated with a mainstream article such as this are filled with mockery and references to tinfoil hats. The comments for this article were about 95% awareness and 5% shills or misinformed sleeple.
      We're gaining ground. Stay strong.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      At least the subject of geoengineering is coming onto the horizon of public discussion, though "respectable" scientific journals like Smithsonian have to march to the tune of their string-pulling Overlords and make it all sound so innocent, like no one could possibly think to do anything that might control the weather, never mind the PATENTS, which are public information that anyone can look up, going back over 100 years now.

  20. Donna says:

    Lots of Black Trails NW of Phoenix yesterday in the evening. I see a black trail here and there, but not like yesterday around 5pm. There were many, mostly in the direction of Phoenix, AZ. "The Hanging Tree" song comes to mind.

    Many Thanks Dane 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      What are the "black" trails?  An acquaintance of mine has been sky-watching for months now and said she saw one before the first rain storm we had here in early November.  The jet was spewing white crap out the back but there was a black line going in front of it– anyone wanna take this on one?  What patent would that be, and what kind of trail is the dark stuff?  OF COURSE there's a patent on this– someone's making money off it. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, the long darker lines stretching out in front of a spraying aircraft are in all likelyhood the shadow that is being cast onto a lower layer of aerosol haze. Under the right cirumstances such a scenario can cast an extremely long line stretching far out in front of the aircraft.

    • fisher says:

      Donna, yesterday in central Az. I was sitting in my truck.Afew jets spraying there crap.In a matter of minutes they were coming in two at a time spraying the sh.. out of the sky. practically in the same lines.We started to see RF signals.At first about the size of my thumb at arms length. These signals exploded into an array  of rippling.the whole sky was a map of these RF rippling clouds going different directions.It happened so fast I was startled.My friend sitting next to me(semi-denier) was visually shaken.This is going to sound counter productive ,but I was relieved to see things calm down and start in their normal direction ie.dispersion ,lighter sky ect.. This ha s got to stop.I felt like an old horse being put down.frighting

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie Mehocich,  I get Dane's explanation, but I have seen black clouds too, not like other stuff or as much by far, nontheless black.  And my yellow yard umbrella is covered with black stuff, we keep washing off but it keeps coming back.  When it first happened there were fires and so all thought that.  But now? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, I don’t at all dispute the darker clouds you have witnessed, my explination was only in regard to the dark lines that stretch out in front of the aircraft. Certainly the insanity in our skies is undergoing constant flux, who can say what they are dumping on us at any given moment. These are dark days, lets all keep pulling back the curtain. Thank you for your voice of reason in this battle Rachel.

  21. russ says:

    They are putting it right in our faces and saying "screw you" we will do what ever we want and if you dont like it too bad. I like the idea of putting names and faces Sotir said just like a Perp Patrol on the news!!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Right on, Russ!  Here in the S.F. Bay Area we have water-hog "snitches," going around, outing those who are using massive amounts of water, measured in the hundreds and thousands of gallons DAILY, and publishing their names, what city they live in and even addresses, in daily publications.  THIS IS SOMETHING THAT COULD AND SHOULD BE DONE WITH EACH AND EVERY LAST ONE OF THOSE INVOLVED IN ENABLING GEOENGINEERING, INCLUDING SCIENTISTS AND MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL/BANKING PERPETRATORS.  The commentary on all the "pulse-taking" websites is so negative regarding the programs that once more people are awakened to the reality of the programs, it will be like a light flipping on in a cockroach-infested kitchen.

  22. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Jesus isn't going to descend in a white cloud, speaking loudly and commanding this to stop– people, that only happens in the movies.  God Himself has said that He is incorporealm without form and Jesus is on record saying that we can do even greater works than what he did but we need to grow up, take RESPONSIBILITY for our destiny, ask for God's help, then GET MOVING– It's TIME to get out of the Fairy Tale and GET REAL RIGHT NOW!  Only WE can move to change this mess we've let grow so out of control. 

    I say flood these congressmen's inboxes with a barrage of e-mails.  The ONLY way this insanity is going to be stopped is by putting the pressure on for a full Congressional investigation, and lawsuits.

  23. Stacey Del Bucchia says:

    It is disgusting to the core….I pray everyone wake up..detox and let’s fight the good fight!! These psychopaths will get their eternal punishment but for now they insist on making planet earth a True Hell instead of a Heaven so rich and beautiful like God created…it is all overwhelming at times…I press on.

  24. John Miller says:

    If they only sprayed orbitally rearrange monoatomic elements, salted minerals, all would be well.  They are abundant in nature, and can be generated from dirt.  A simple ferment of plant based digestive enzymes, photo tropic microorganisms, and a healthy brewers yeast. Activated with water and molassas releases the mineral that are locked up with sulphides. Yet they have to add synthetic chemicals and synthetic who knows what.  That's the real problem.  Biological organisms cannot process synthesized substance over the long haul.  First comes disease then comes death.  They have had us brainwashed for so long we forgot   the cure lies just benith our feet.  

    • Jess says:

      I don't want this "government" involved in anything that requires real science, integrity and honesty.  They would even screw up a non-toxic brew.  These people have gone dark side and they are simply not capable of acting in the intererest of the US citizens.
      BTW, I'm wondering how much of our unstable weather is due to decades of weather modification tech.  If they stopped this damn spraying today it might take years or even decades to return to natural equilibrium.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jess, yes, the geoengineering programs are indeed radically disrupting the climate, but there are also many more forms of anthropogenic damage. If all human activity were to stop today, the “equilibrium” period for a return to a planet that was as hospitable as the one we have known is likely in the realm of millions of years (based on past methane mass extinction events). This being said, can we still possibly preserve a planet that supports life? We cannot know unless we try with every ounce of effort and energy we can muster. The battle goes on.

    • Rachel says:

      That's ridiculous.  I don't want to breathe dirt or poop or sulfides or molasses or brewers yeast or any of that crap.  I want to breathe AIR.  And it's not just synthetics causing the problem.  Toxic heavy metals are not synthetic but they still poison and kill.  And plenty of non-toxic things cause respiratory problems when they're in the air because we aren't supposed to breathe dirt.  Air should have air in it.  Earth should stay on the ground.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello John Miller, What you say here is intriguing except I don't get it!  Can't quite figure out what exactly you are saying.  Maybe its the sentence structure.  But, "orbitally rearrange monoatomic elements, salted minerals, all would be well."  I don't know what that means but it seems you are saying this would be safe to spray?  For what?  then the simple ferment you mention-releases the mineral locked up with sulphides?  "the cure lies just benieth our feet?  Confused!  Help?

    • Las Vegan says:

      Jess…unfortunately, the average Joe has very little power to weld in the current world situation.  However, after much reading the last couple of months, I've concluded that people who call simply to heighten the awareness of other individuals are completely correct.  I believe that the more people who can become aware of the atrocities being committed to fellow humans and our environment will eventually reach a "critical mass" of thought–a tide, if you will.  Sounds hokey…but many times hokey is true and has a greater impact than can be imagined.  Beings, who would like the normal Joe to disregard this power he/she has, have been successful because the "normal" or "average" person buys into this limitation.  Don't buy into it.  Keep your heart strong and your mind pure.  

      BTW, I've also been reading extensively into the ongoing and unresolved problem of Fukushima.  Is everyone aware that both atmospheric and water standards for unacceptable radiation have been raised in the US since Fuku first blew?  Some really bizarre weather has also resulted from the ongoing radiation pollution in North America…with the kind assistance of the HAARP no angel plays.  I'm trying my best to like miso soup…but it's a stretch.  Takes me back to my college hippy days when everyone sat around eating limp blocks of tofu in watery miso  broth with that glum macrobiotic expression on their faces.

      Do not employ the mindset that they are choking you with their spraying…think, instead, that you will beat them and live to be a 100.   

    • Felix says:

      Missy,  WOW what an interesting SITE, had never heard of it before.

      There seems to be mostly  BAD things happening, generally people seem to be so EVIL !   Thanks

    • G. Day says:

      If it's what it seems, there's a ray of hope in a desparingly relentless tide of evil and corruption. Thanks for the link, Missy – it lifted my spirits.

    • Rebecca says:

      I just had to step away from my computer to do a little dance!  I crave any good news, knew about Judge Anna Von Reitz and her letter to federal agents.  The more I see about these happenings the more hope I have for our future.  They simply must go down, it is written.  Thank you for this post and for making my day Missy!  We are in the good fight and need to all stay strong, every bit of good news helps.

  25. [If Chris Hedges could be convinced that geoengineering is suicide, we would have a relentless and powerful ally.]   Chris Hedges is an American journalist, activist, author, and Presbyterian minister. Hedges is also known as the best-selling author of several books including War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning (2002)—a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction—Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle (2009), Death of the Liberal Class (2010), the New York Times best seller, written with cartoonist Joe Sacco, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt (2012), and his most recent Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt (2015). [WIKI]

    * Days of Revolt – The Corporate Coup d'etat with Ralph Nader / Nov 3, 2015
    In this episode of Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges speaks with author, consumer advocate, and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Together, they trace the advancement of corporate control in the U.S. political system.

    * Days of Revolt – ISIS, The New Israel / Sep 29, 2015
    In this episode of Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges sits down with professor of Middle East studies Sabah Alnasseri to discuss how US foreign policy and class struggle created the conditions for the rise of ISIS. Hedges and his guest also draw comparisons between ISIS’s colonialist strategies and those of the Israeli independence movement in Palestine.

  26. Nnikki says:

    I don't believe for one second any "official" story from the government/military anymore. Here are two more direct from MSM today. 1) The US said it's two B-52 bombers had no intention of flying over a Chinese-controlled man-made island in the South China Sea, after Beijing accused Washington of a "serious military provacation". Pentagon spokesperson Mark Wright said that the Dec. 10th mission was not a "freedom of navigation" operation & that there was "no intention of flying within 12 nautical miles of any feature," indicating the mission may have strayed of course.  Oh really?? World war 3/4 anyone?? 2) The American airstrike that may have killed a number ( 1 officer & 9 soldiers according to Iraqi officials via alt news sources) of Iraqi soldiers on Fri. Dec. 18th, seems to be "a mistake that involved both sides", US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Sat.. Iraq pledged to punish those responsible. Carter said the incident near the western Iraqi city of Fallujah was "regrettable", "these kinds of things happen when you're fighting side by side as we are", "has all the indications of being a mistake of the kind that can happen on a dynamic battlefield."  Is that so? Anyone care to buy into these stated "mistakes"?? What if the tables were turned & if was US troops killed by Iraqi airstrikes? Would US officials & citizens accept the "mistake" story? As Dane has repeatedly stated, don't we have the largest, most technically advanced military in the world?  Imo this also makes the US military the biggest bully in the world. After all, the biggest objective here is obviously conquest & control with defense slipping to secondary status. I'm not saying that anyone/thing is infallible, but given the level of technology in use today, I'm not buying into the "mistake" excuse. Especially given the enormity of the lies we are subjected to daily with the ongoing rape of our planet. There is absolutely no credibility left in our government anymore & hasn't been for a very long time now. I can see no hope for any improvement with the comedy of errors currently running for office. I love this beautiful country, but the government we live under is making the situation here unbearable. The US is an embarrassment to reside in anymore & only finances & my animals keep me from moving out of it tomorrow. Where to go when the whole world is a sea of corruption is the question. At least Russia has been taking reasonable actions lately & Putin seems to be gaining more respect worldwide on a daily basis, at least for now. Never thought I would be envious of Russians, but of course that could be subject to change at any time. The MSM continues to vilify them anytime one of their airstrikes kills civilians. The hypocrisy is beyond nauseating. If the US errs, it's always a "mistake", as in bombing hospitals, weddings, etc etc etc….. I hate to think how this is all going to end, so I try not to. Just keep plugging away day to day, like Dane & everyone else here. Refusing to get dicouraged by all the stonewalling from those I try to enlighten with factual truth, & refusing to drown amidst the continuous bombardment of lies. I am so thankful for the things that still matter in my life : my basically good health, my 2 good feet that keep me walking long distances, my 4 cats (my only true family anymore), my eyesight (my mother went blind), my faulty but sill fuctioning hearing (my father went deaf) which allows me to keep listening to my extreme music which ever keeps my spirit moving, & most of all for Dane & all of you here who continue to provide me with an unbreakable lifeline to sanity & encouragement. This is the longest I've ever posted & I appreciate the chance to express myself to those who understand the most. May the Universe eternally bless you, Dane, & everyone here who are brave enough to take on the challenge of facing the truth & remain standing strong against all odds. Thankyou!!**

    • Robo Sapien says:

       Health is wealth. When you are sick you realize very quickly how worthless money is. You are indeed truly blessed if you have good health. The best thing you can do is get on food stamps on any type of free program and if enough people get on board we can break the federal government. We must bleed it dry.

  27. carol freiberg says:

    Simply unbelievable for an "ordinary" bloke to comprehend. Who let these psychopaths out of the asylum without their meds. They can't seem to understand the gravity of their actions. As long as they are being funded, the insanity will never stop. 

    • Felix says:

      Yep, right on !   It is hard to know which way to turn for the average citizen.  The large majority is only glued to their cell / social media and don't know what is going on anyway.  To bad

  28. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Well, the Religious Wrong is at it again, this time on the subject of global warming and the effect of chem trails on it.  A friend sent me this video that I believe comes from a conservative internet radio program that reports the main stream media publishing of an article warning of increased solar radiation due to "unintentional" geo-engineering: 

    Aircraft contrails could be 'unintentionally' changing the atmosphere and exposing us to more solar radiation, researchers warn:

    * When contrails dissipate they leave an icy haze behind

    * Researchers think this is conducting unintentional geoengineering

    * Icy haze is gradually whitening blue skies

    * Small particles from air traffic are scattering sunlight

    On a clear day you can usually spot a white trail from an airplane in the sky.  They might be fun to look at but they might be the reason more solar radiation is reaching our surface, scientists have warned.  Researchers have found new data that suggests the layer of crystals left from the contrails is causing a more diffused type of light.

    The religious right narrator says that you can't be pro-life and not care about what happens to people once they're born, or not care about the environment they live in–  AGREED–  you don't have to be "religious right" to understand that simple idea, and it should be more than obvious to anyone over the age of five or so.  But the narrator fails when he says that chem trails are cooling the planet.  Just another idiot who believes Every Last Thing the Establishment feeds them.  No surprise there.  So this is the latest twist in how the Conserva-tards are trying to spin the truth– they don't dig deep enough– no surprise there, again!  But I have to say I was very pleased to read in the commentary on this video how many people were writing in what we know to be true about the real, measured components of the chem sprays and real effects of the spraying, making mention of Dane Wigington.  Are we getting somewhere..?

  29. thetruthhurts says:

    Below is the link that explains the spraying program…spraying insectides and oil dispersants…

    • jerry says:

      Dane…you are correct. Thus we were given this and it is TREASON then and it is treason now. Read it and weep.A simple 15 min video for those addicted to transvision. lol lol

    • Marc says:

      Jesus Christ, since when do we need the f**king Air Force to manage insect "pests"? This military document, link provided by Thetruthhurts, is so far outside the realm of reasonable and common-sensical that it makes me want to get my hands on the throats of the jack-offs behind all this bullshit. This is truly madness on a scale that cannot be comprehended.

    • Rebecca says:

      Dr. Suzanne Humphries speaks on the history of polio and the connection to DDT spraying and consumption.  Scroll to 34:12 to view archived videos and ad campaigns stating DDT is Good For Me-e-e!

  30. Marv Foye says:

    Congressman Duncan Hunter ( (
    Sent link to both on Sunday evening. They have repeatedly denied
    the existence of this program.

  31. Politicians sometimes decide to shame perverts who frequent red light districts by posting their names and pictures in the community where they live.  Pedofiles are sometimes identified when they move or are released into a community so that people in those communities can be on guard regarding these criminal perverts.  It is time that we start publishing names and photos of individuals who are in any way involved with this diabolical plot to destroy the biosphere.  If and when society at some point in time moves to re-establish law, order and true democracy, then these arch criminals of humanity should all be marked to be dealt with for the crimes of ecocide and crimes against humanity and all life on this planet for which they are responsible.

  32. * Dr. Roberts describes the evolution of the “deep state” and how the neocons have a strangle hold on the American political process that is hard to shake. These psychopathic warmongers are not concerned with anything except power, blood-lust and their own sense of “destiny”. The tapestry that Dr. Roberts weaves begins with Nixon, the Vietnam War and winds it’s way through the latest meeting between President Putin and Secretary of State, John Kerry. The picture is clear and details how we have arrived at the brink of nuclear annihilation. The three part series is not to be missed. To get the whole picture you need to listen all the way through. It was intentionally broken into smaller pieces to allow the info to sink in. As I said we are facing a world in change and the pace is quickening.
    audio here:
    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Everything is Disintegrating pt 3

    • @19:00  / Now [new superior to US] Russian technology can knock out all the digital footprint – satellites – shut down all airplanes, ships, the GPS system, and our nuclear weapons – shuts down the ability of the systems to function – can’t give or receive responses – and the USA does NOT have this technology! Can’t steer ships, no radar, can’t fire a weapon. They could wipe us off the face of the earth – and they are NOT doing it. The Russian keep using diplomacy and telling the truth. If we get that technology, the Russians may take us out.


    • Nnikki says:

      Thankyou Susan. Now I know where I want to move to as soon as I save up some more money. Not because of their new technology, but because of the 2 words you used –Truth & Diplomacy. Both of which I have felt from Russia for some time now, & both of which are completely non-existent here in the US. I know Russia is far from perfect (what is?), & that things could change there @ anytime, but I am willing to take the chance & hope for the best. I have Russian roots, but never thought of moving there before. I have nothing to lose by trying/planning & it may take me a year or so, if we're still here, that is. You didn't make this decision for me by the way. Just inspired me to speak my mind as I hesitated to do in my earlier post. Now all I have to do is learn the language…….. This gives me hope for something. I'm sure there's people there who need waking up also, albeit in a far more subtle way.

  33. Tom ONeill says:

    Lots of spraying here today and tonight when I looked up the moon was reflecting many many crisscross lines- they seem to go crazy at night. I am glad I believe that Jesus is coming soon per the bible and all will be set right- after a hard time but it will be worth it.

    • JF says:

      Lots of spraying here in Southern California this past week, and today. There is a storm coming down the coast and is supposed to bring some rain tonight. We'll see what happens. I wonder if this storm will fizzle out because of the heavy chemtrails.

  34. G. Giannelli says:

    Stop the aerial spraying by US Air Force planes that contain toxic aluminum and barium and other harmful elements! So disturbing. It is harmful to all living things and is destroying our planet. It is unthinkable and irresponsible that legislatures are promoting toxic aerial spraying. This affects everyone including the legislatures, the military performing the spraying, all who inhabit this beautiful planet that is systematically being destroyed. Why? Is it profit based or just irresponsible stupidity.  As a tax paying Citizen I feel angry and betrayed by the very people elected to protect us! How did this ever get approved and funded. Who is responsible?

  35. alan turnbull says:

    Thank you Dane for your continued efforts to awaken people to this horrendous poisoning of humanity. I have just returned from a month in Europe and the spraying was consistently high in Italy, Southern France, Switzerland and Paris. Of course its happening in Australia as well. How in Christ do we stop these maniacs with their genocide!!

  36. Sissy says:

    This is insane.  I have everyone of the Congressmen's phone numbers and will be calling tomorrow.  Thank you for keeping us updated.

    • Sally Rubis says:

      Jesus left us to go and prepare a place for the Saints, so that they could be where he is.  But he left us with the spirit of the truth, and we are not to put that light beneath a bushel, or hide it, but we are to allow it to shine before all men, Therefore, let us shine a light on this evil doing and do our best to expose what is actually happening.  Yes, Jesus is coming back and we watchmen cannot fall asleep at any time… Blessings and keep the faith.

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