Geoengineering And The Jade Helm Military Exercises In The US, What’s The Connection?


The unravelling of the reality we have all known is happening from countless directions and at blinding speed. Earth's life support systems are crumbling, the human assault against the planet has taken an immense toll with climate engineering being at the top of the list. Many are still living in a delusion of denial, their delusions will soon be shattered. The power structure is moving their still obedient military chess pieces into position to possibly be used against their own citizens. When reality can no longer be hidden from the masses, chaos will unfold. The article below is from a news site that has hundreds of thousands of followers, they have just woken up to the climate engineering nightmare.
Dane Wigington

Jade Helm Update: It's About Mass Extinction Event Coming 2015

Source: GunsAmerica, article by Paul Helinski

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My dear friends, we have been played, and we are actually being set up. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be writing you about this topic, but I have discovered something that I feel like must share with the many thousands of you who are longtime readers. 

This is a presentation from Dane Wigington at Get yourself a cup of coffee and sit through it right to the end. if you think he is full of shit, fine, but I suspect that you will not. We are on the precipice of a complete breakdown of society as people wake up to the fact that the world is in fact ending.

I finally figured it out, after years of digging. It all connects, all of the craziness that is our current world, and you aren’t going to believe how. It isn’t little green men from Mars, or Illuminati, or devil worshipers, or reptilian time travelers. One thing and one thing only brings together the nonsensical gun confiscation nuts, the police state, reckless money printing, unpayable debt, spying, and even all the fake government stories. The one thing is not what I ever thought it could be. I won’t keep it a secret. Most likely we are for real talking about is the end of all life on this planet. The efforts to stop the process, which could very well be an inevitability, aren’t working. The methods they are using are right in the skies above your head, and they are still top secret. Most likely they are making the end come sooner, and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do except wake up to what is going on, and wake our friends and family up, at the risk of looking like a fool. One thing I think I can assure you though, is that the end is coming, and I don’t think it is that far away.

This is a video of US Military training in Arizona on April 17, 2105. At 2:39 you’ll see the volunteers for the drill begging for water, then being taken down and restrained by our brothers in arms who are ignorant to just how imminent this is for real. Please share this with them. We need the military to understand that they are being used by a cabal of crazy people who will throw them under the bus when the time comes.

This is why the military is deploying Jade Helm this summer, because it may no longer be possible to cover it all up. Jade Helm is an insurance policy. If we make it to fall, JH will just be a training exercise. If not, Jade Helm will have troops in place to put down what is going to be pandemonium and revolution. For us, even if we don’t live in the inner cities where the riots are bound to begin, the worst part is that we have been set up to be the opposition. The US Military will shoot at us, because we will be seen as fools refusing to accept the sacrifices required to save our planet. As the video to the right explains, we are all a part of a grand and lethal experiment, and if those of us with the guns don’t wake up to it now, we are setting ourselves up for imprisonment and slaughter.

As my soul brother Indigo Montoya once said, “let me ‘esplain. No time for that. Let me sum up.” (um, in 7,000 words or less)

If I were to pick one “right wing” issue besides the limiting of individual firearm ownership that I can 100% say that I know is bullshit, it would be “global warming,” “climate change,” or whatever new term is in style this week that doesn’t piss people off when they hear it. Global warming is absolute bullshit that only tree hugging liberal moonbats believe. The evidence has shown this, has it not? We have those incriminating emails from the scientists right? There has been record cold the past two winters in the Eastern United States right? How can you have record cold when the planet is warming?

This is a tweet from Kylie Jenner last week. She was beaten up by the mainstream media for it, but most likely you have seen the white trails as well, and wondered what exactly it is that they are spraying.

This is a tweet from Kylie Jenner last week. She was beaten up by the mainstream media for it, but most likely you have seen the white trails as well, and wondered what exactly it is that they are spraying.

The answer most likely you won’t believe at first because it sounds like science fiction, but it is science fact. Our US Government, using the US Military, and most of the rest of the governments of the world, including China and Russia, have been “geoengineering” the planet for decades. They have the ability to control the weather. They can make it hot. They can make it cold. They can even make it snow. The science is proven and even patented, and those patents, from 1920-2013, are downloadable.

Those planes you have seen drawing white lines in the sky are part of a master plan. You have seen the results of the weather manipulation right outside your front window, but you didn’t know that the weather was created, not random. And it has been weaponized, for political power, and to control those who don’t bend a knee to the cabal running the show. Right now the Western part of the US, primarily California, is being droughted out, while the Eastern US is being kept artificially cold, so that we will deny global warming. We are being played for fools as “deniers,” because we can plainly see that it is cool outside our windows. The rest of the planet, not just California, is frying, and the arctic is nearly all melted.

This picture was taken in South Florida a couple of weeks ago.

This picture was taken in South Florida a couple of weeks ago.

Most likely if you look up into the sky today, you will not see white lines created by trails from airplanes running from horizon to horizon. You may see some lines, but they will be high and the trails will not be very long. This is part due to a bunch of recent publicity on the trails, and because the arctic is becoming a weather management priority, and there are only so many planes.

You know of course that you have seen the white trails now for years, yet at some point someone convinced all of us that these trails were “contrails,” created by condensation in the jet engines. We dismissed them, and though many of us have heard what has become a bogeyman term for the lines (chemtrails), lost in a sea of 911 truther info, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, etc., it all just seemed like a giant bundle of the bullshit, unfiguroutable as it were.

In your skies today, you may find that there is only one plane running short trails across the path of the sun. They don't have enough planes to keep the ice caps from melting, and your keep your skies filled with white clouds at the same time.

In your skies today, you may find that there is only one plane running short trails across the path of the sun. They don’t have enough planes to keep the ice caps from melting, and your keep your skies filled with white clouds at the same time.

Add to that some healthy wars, potential wars, and now even race riots, and who is going to pay attention to what those planes are spraying?

But now it is time to wake up.

We all know that those aren’t contrails. But did you know that it was 90 degrees in Alaska last week? Did you know that over 1,000 people died this week in India from record heat? The asphalt streets are melting. At this point, it is time to get some disclosure from our government as to what they have been spraying up there, how much of it, and what the worldwide data is now showing. I’m going to go through some of the answers that we know, but the hard truth is that unless we convince those pilots flying or droning those planes to come forward, and those scientists out there who know this is happening to come forward, a full understanding of what we can and can’t do at this point just isn’t going to happen.

To back up for a bit, when I say “we” have been played (like a fiddle), I mean social/fiscal conservatives, Libertarians, red blooded gun and freedom loving Americans. Tricking us until disbelieving the global warming scenario was a key in the overall plan being executed by the cabal of oligarchs who run everything. As Richard Nixon (who was in the cabal) said, conservatives are a silent majority in the US. Conservatives have very strong wills, and a good deal of money. We are the doers who own businesses and build value into the economy.

It is so hard as a actual conservative/libertarian to believe that "global warming" is real after all of the sham data and cold weather, but if you read up on the science of nucleated snow, you'll understand how this map can make sense. They have been keeping the Eastern US cold for political reasons, to keep us as the opposition when the rubber meets the road, ie. NOW.  Global temperatures are out of control.

It is so hard as a actual conservative/libertarian to believe that “global warming” is real after all of the sham data and cold weather, but if you read up on the science of nucleated snow, you’ll understand how this map can make sense. They have been keeping the Eastern US cold for political reasons, to keep us as the opposition when the rubber meets the road, ie. NOW. Global temperatures are out of control.

There was no better way to trick us than with bumbling fool Al Gore. He is an engineered entity, fueled with data that was intentionally bad, wrought with plans to publicly enrich himself and his cronies with “carbon credit” schemes that were meant to look like schemes. Those condemning emails we all heard about but didn’t read weren’t leaked by a whistleblower. They were planted. The carbon credits plan wasn’t meant to solve anything. It was meant to look like a criminal crony scam that we could all hubub with each other about, strengthening our belief that global warming doesn’t exist.

It was brilliant. Take the one thing that you don’t want anyone with a strong will to believe, and make it look like a scam. Then, as far as the hardcore truthers go, surround the real issue with a whole bunch of fake events that will keep legitimate amateur researchers busy. I am one of those, and when I now tell my friends and family that I figured it out and the world is ending, they say “what is it this week?” and completely write it off.

This is directly from the Facebook page of the Alaska National Weather service.

This is directly from the Facebook page of the Alaska National Weather service.

Now, regardless of how true and telling those “conspiracy theories” may be, none of it matters. Blah blah blah Kennedy wasn’t killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Blah blah blah an anfo truck bomb didn’t blow up that building alone in Oklahoma City. Blah blah blah those three buildings that fell on 911 could not have fallen at freefall speed through the path of greatest resistance according to the laws of physics. Blah blah blah the Boston Globe really did tweet that the bomb squad was conducting a drill across from the library right before the Boston bombing, and most likely BLAH BLAH BLAH, no kids died at Sandy Hook. I won’t even bother to link you to the evidence of any of those things, because at some point you have already encountered them through brief mentions in mainstream media channels, and you didn’t bother to investigate them then, so why would you now?

None of it matters anymore. The cabal has been stocking their bunkers for a decade or more. The Chinese built bunkers under all of their cities years ago, and the Russians have had a national bunker system for decades. You know who doesn’t have bunkers? You and me. They all have a plan for what’s next, and we aren’t a part of it.

So What’s the Scoop?

The spray is made up mostly of aluminum nanoparticles, but there is barium and several other metals in tested rain samples all over the world as well. And yes, it is all over the world. Go look in Youtube for “china chemtrails” or “russia chemtrails” and you’ll see the same thing you see in your sky caught on camera over there. That “chemtrails” term has been abandoned by the truther geoengineering movement because it has become highly politicized, and relevant content in Google and other search engines has been delisted. You’ll see this when you search Youtube, that there are very few hits, and often “debunker” videos come up first. The science of what they are doing is called “Solar Radiation Management,” and that is the term that you will see used in most of the stuff from the central location for geoengineering information,, created by Dane Wigington.

The aluminum spray mixture is designed to reflect the rays of the sun back into space. That is the goal of the SRM technology, and if your planet is heating up too much, it sure sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? A seldom reported Edward Snowdon revelation claimed just that! The “chemtrails” are a top secret project meant to block the sun, because otherwise the planet would have already roasted.

Snowden also mentioned HAARP as being part of the top secret program. HAARP is a giant powerful antenna array located in Alaska that was built to heat the ionosphere in select locations. It basically turns the atmosphere into a giant transistor, directing energy to where they want it to go. HAARP is what they are using to crush rainy systems headed for California, and there are similar installations all over the world. I have embedded to the right here a recent example from a Youtube channel that documents a HAARP crush on a low pressure system coming East toward California from Hawaii.

Rather than me get into the details of what the Solar Radiation Management and ionosphere heaters are doing to the planet, I have embedded a presentation from Dane Wigington. He is the loudest and strongest voice on this issue, and his presentations are great. I woke up to the truth about what is going on with geoengineering only a couple weeks ago, and I feel like if I could have an open mind about “global warming,” anyone can. Generally I don’t trust anyone who uses the term “biosphere” instead of the perfectly fine word “planet,” but if you listen to his presentation I think you’ll agree that he isn’t full of shit.

If you want to cut to the chase, the bottom line is that there are huge methane deposits under the ice in Siberia that are now melting. The methane is bubbling out of the ocean and floating up into the atmosphere, where it becomes a greenhouse gas layer 100x more potent than CO2. Temps in the arctic are at record levels, and this is melting yet more ice earlier. There is now a “positive feedback loop,” where the cycle is accelerating, feeding the results of the warming back into the cycle faster. It’s time to wake up, and wake up your friends and family, even at the price of initially looking like an alarmist fool.

Kylie Jenner (one of the Kardashian show kids) actually tweeted about this last week and she got beaten up as a conspiracy theorist. Most likely they’ll suicide her next, like all those bankers who figured out where the missing money was flowing (aluminum, and yea, the bunkers again).

The Big Lie

There is a darn good chance that if you watch the evening news occasionally you have heard about the methane problem in the arctic. Go search Youtube on “arctic methane” and you’ll find hundreds of videos, ranging from doomsday calculations to movies of Russian kids popping ice bubbles and lighting the released methane on fire. There are also quite a few videos on actual footage of the methane bubbling out of the ocean, even on fire. It is pretty tough to keep a lid on such a heavily researched field, so the information is out there, spun to the official story that does not involve geoengineering. Take a look around at the mainstream explanations. They never involved climate engineering at all. Ad nauseum, burning fossil fuels generates the CO2. The CO2 causes global/arctic warming. The warming causes ice melt. The dark water creates more heat. That melts more. This melt releases methane. The cycle repeats. Never do they mention that warm water is being pumped into the arctic from HAARP depressions meant to keep the drought in California going.

This is an illustration I pulled from the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, whose website has been offline since the end of April. You will find this report in the docs section at The AMEG website is also archived  on the wayback machine.

This is an illustration I pulled from the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, whose website has been offline since the end of April. It shows the popular story about the arctic methane, but it leaves out GeoEngineering, which they know is going on. I added the missing points. You will find this report in the docs section at The AMEG website is also archived on the wayback machine.

Weather on the entire planet has been screwy for years. Dane has a number of examples in his presentations where there was 90 degree heat right near sub-freezing temps in much of the midwest. I was in Maine last year when they invented a new weather word, “microbursts,” and personally experienced one of these nasty little tornadoes that uprooted 100 year old oak trees in York Beach. Recently, two days after the event document in this HAARP Report video, we got unseasonably strong 70 mph winds in South Florida, and this past week Texas had unseasonable record floods. This is all related. Things are happening quickly now, but most of the people are still asleep, watching Fox news and patting themselves on the back for being a patriotic American.

This is one of the leading scientists studying the effects of geoengineering, Ken Caldeira. He is speaking here to a room of scientists who all know that the planes are spraying and have been spraying for a decade or more, so though most of the address avoids the admission that SRM is happening, he slips up! At 2:58 of this video: “Solar genoengineering, or albedo modification as its called in his report, or SRM as it is called in this meeting, is pretty clearly intervening in the climate system.” At 12:10 he clearly gets nervous as he tries to explain the new report position on governance of such a system: “Basically this process to discuss what sort of governance would be needed needs to be transparent, have input from a broad set of stakeholders, um, yea, so this so this, so this there is a lot of legalistic type language in this so, a, it should consider clear and quantitative guidelines. Some people think there should be some kind of mode allowed zone that you could define an amount of mass or an amount of radiated force’ing, or something, beyond which, um, or beneath which you would need to have additional regulation. And, uh, you know, let’s just say, which, a position, you know, which you don’t think this is good is also consistent with this statement because it is just saying you should consider this it doesn’t say that’s really what you should do. I myself think that you could argue that if you want to put materials in the stratosphere for any purpose there should be some governance system for that and you know if there is some tiny little amount that won’t have any effect maybe there is some kind of proforma approval but uh, it’s not obvious that you need to define this kind of thing before setting, before some sort of system. So anyway…”


You can download the newest publication show above that he discusses in the video directly from The National Academies Press website. You do first have to register, but I didn’t have to even confirm my email to get access to the publication (so you can put in a fake email). The printed book is not yet published.

It isn’t that the actual scientists out there don’t know what is going on. As you’ll see in the Dane Wigington videos, he has confronted scientists, field agents, wildlife experts, and even congressmen. Every one of them either acknowledges that they know about the SRM trails but they can’t do anything, or they bold face ignore evidence presented to them, clearly saying the same thing with actions instead of words. A paycheck and a pension is a strong motivator. The scientists won’t come forward until enough of the public is demanding answers. I have embedded a conference speech where the scientist dances around the fact that SRM is already being used by a completely unregulated cabal of psychopaths. Demand some answers.

Climate engineering has been acknowledged by the government since the late 1960s. In the Documents section of there is a document entitled “A Recommended National Weather Program In Weather Modification.” In 2001 Dennis Kucinich submitted a bill to the US Congress banning weapons from space. Among those weapons, listed in the document, are “chemtrails” and both environmental and climate weapons. The other weapon listed, by the way, is “tectonic,” meaning nukes that cause earthquake weapons, which I’ll get to below when we talk about what might be the actual plan.

Another publication, to show you that this has been going on for some time, is from 2009. Some NASA engineers under the name “US Climate Change Science Program” released a full color booklet called Atmospheric Aerosol Properties and Climate Impacts. People in the scientific community back then were publicly studying what was and still is for us a Top Secret project. But that anyone could deny geoengineering at this point is almost laughable. Look through the docs at if you have genuine doubts. There are only so many hours in the day for research of course, but those original source documents will save you a lot of time Googling around.

Watch the video I have embedded, from March of 2015. A bold faced admission came out from one of the world’s leading leading geoengineers, Ken Caldeira. He admits in a little slip that there are current effects of SRM trails. I have included links to his new publication on the topic that you can download as well. The scientific community is playing a game of cover your ass, and we are the sick experiment they are dancing around.

There is also, to this day, a huge disinformation campaign going on out in the trenches. The Weather Channel rarely if every shows national or global temperature drift maps these days. Stories on record heat worldwide are buried in more interesting stories about coming and current wars, sports scandals and reality show nonsense. I wrote this article long because I knew that some people will actually read it, so I might as well make it substantive, but I’m not dumb enough to think that I can do this twice. We are being bombarded by nonsense 24/7/365, and if the true message gets out it will be a miracle.

And by the way, if you ever had any doubt that Alex Jones was really a misinformation agent, who is probably the supposedly dead comedian Bill Hicks, he recently posted a video claiming that the Arctic ice caps have not receded since 1979. The satellite photos do indeed show that the width of the ice is unchanged, but every scientific study in recent years has shown that the ice is about 1/4 as thick. Think about your local ice pond. How does it melt? Does half the pond melt and gradually get smaller? No. First it gets thin, dangerously thin if you are a skater or icefisherman, then the edges start to recede. If you get a cold night, the edges refreeze, but the ice stays thin. Alex Jones is a misinformation tool put in place by the cabal to keep the truthers busy while making us look like complete idiots, and while holding us back from key information that would expose their plans.

Obama’s Army of Righteousness

Ok, hands up! (no, nobody is pointing a gun at you yet) How many people thought it was exceedingly weird that President Obama chose climate change as his national security focus to the military grads this year? Everyone knows that climate change has been disproven right? I saw it on Fox News that those scientists had their emails leaked and they got caught conspiring to falsify the global warming myth. It snowed until April this year in the Northeast, and in 2013, 100,000 cattle froze to death in a blizzard in South Dakota in early October for heavens sake.

Wait a minute. Did I just say that 100,000 cattle died from a snow storm…in October? Florida Cattle don’t vacation in South Dakota. Those were South Dakota cattle that had lived through many hard winters there, and regardless, anyone who has lived where there is winter knows that snow never happens in the bitter cold. Those are always high pressure times and there is no precipitation. Those cattle died because the snowstorm was created by government, using chemically nucleated snow. Sounds crazy right?

But it isn’t crazy, and there members of our US Military out there right now who know that it isn’t crazy, because they are the ones driving or droning the SRM trail planes, and dropping the nucleation chemicals to cause snow at unusual, headline making times, in unusual headline making amounts.

That is why Obama is out preaching climate change to the military. They need those soldiers to believe that the leadership under SRM and HAARP has made the right decisions, and that there is only one way out of the planet melting down, geoengineering. They need those soldiers to believe that the right wing critics of the administration only criticize because of prejudice and fear. We cling to G-d and guns because we can’t handle the hard choices that the planet requires. And they are going to hold back the heat in the power centers of the US until it is too late to deny, just to make us all look like fools, and to keep the military on their side should it come to blows.

It is Going to Come to Blows

I think that the Sandy Hook debacle was a last ditch attempt by the cabal to get America to agree to disarm. It obviously didn’t work, and just the opposite. No gun control measures passed nationwide, and the state politician who did manage to get some laws passed where removed from office mostly. Nationally the left lost a whole bunch of house seats, and the first thing all of the new presidential candidates did on announcing is go shooting and take a lot of pictures.

Five years ago you were a conspiracy theorist if you claimed that the military was training to fight Americans on US soil. Today you can find hundreds of Youtube videos, including the one I’m embedding here from only a few weeks ago, of exactly that. In the video the civilian actors are told to bang on the fence and yell for water. Come on now people. Does anyone believe at this point that the new enemy aren’t freedom loving Americans?

But think about it. If the planet is melting down from the overuse of fossil fuels, what would it take to stop that? Less manufacturing. Less farming. Less people consuming. Less people traveling. Let’s face it. The answer is less people. Therefore, because 2 + 2 generally still equals 4, mandatory rationing, sterilization lotteries, and end of life “death panels” are all going to become a reality, worldwide. Do you know a red blooded American who would submit to mandatory sterilization without a gunfight?

How Do We Believe This Shit?

I initially considered adding a philosophical note here about having to deal with the fact that we have been using fossil fuels for over a century, and that there had to be some fallout, but fuck philosophy. These bastards have known that there was going to be a price to pay long before Al Gore. Our forefathers were never given the opportunity to curb their consumption because the planet couldn’t take the pollution required to fuel unlimited growth.

Quite the opposite really. The Western world has for generations run on a Keynesian philosophy, which requires constant growth. When you hear “GDP numbers” from the government, they are talking about growth in money that is spent. If we run at zero, or we run at, heaven forfend a negative number, we are in “recession,” and that is bad. Our monetary system requires that new money always be created. See my article “The Biggest Scam in History of Mankind” if you have never looked into it. But it isn’t just the US. Money printing by central banks that are not part of the government is the norm in the Western world, and for some time all of the Western economies have been printing money like there is no tomorrow.

Because there isn’t a tomorrow, or at least there isn’t a tomorrow for most of us. You would think that spraying heavy metals into the atmosphere for people to breath would be considered extreme measures, but SRM was most likely the easy solution, which didn’t work. Or you’d have to believe that this was a plan to depopulate the planet from the get go, which I’m not willing to believe at this point. But you have to ask yourself, why has Rush Limbaugh, a many I used to admire, convinced us that man made global warming is impossible, when the science has been there for years?

This chart is also from that AMEG paper. Why are the mainstream media trying to convince us that the global icecaps have grown? Everyone knows that a pond gets thin before the edges melt significantly. It is easy to use nucleated snow to keep the surface of the arctic frozen, but if the water being pumped in by HAARP with a distorted Jet stream is melting it from below, what surprise catastrophe awaits us?

This chart is also from that AMEG paper. Why are the mainstream media trying to convince us that the global icecaps have grown? Everyone knows that a pond gets thin before the edges melt significantly. It is easy to use nucleated snow to keep the surface of the arctic frozen, but if the water being pumped in by HAARP with a distorted Jet stream is melting it from below, what surprise catastrophe awaits us?

Is There a Plan?

If you look around the world, you have to believe that there is a long term plan for those in power. I’ve linked several times in my articles to a video with Jesse Ventura showing clearly that semi-trucks are stocking a bunker in the Ozarks every day. China has built tunnels under their whole country that many refer to as the new Great Wall of China. You can see them in a number of Youtube videos, and I know people who have seen the entranceways to them inside of stores. It is very much 007 over there. They push a switch and a section of the floor slides away. All paid for with American dollars and prosperity.

There are also the Chinese Ghost Cities. Shill economists like Jim Rickards (a former CIA agent) claim that China is merely keeping their people employed by making huge empty cities as the world economy declines and requires less crap stamped Made in China. The Chinese have been hoarding gold since the 1980s as well. I think that the international deals have already been made. Dane has some research that shows that whenever the G8, G20 etc., meets, aluminum futures go up. The rich and powerful have created a plan for themselves in this new reality, and our part in that plan is to be imprisoned and slaughtered.

Do Nothing vs. Blacken The Sky

One of the issues that I have with Dane’s approach is that he advocates “do nothing.” He feels that if we simply stop the geoengineering, the planet will eventually kick in its natural healing mechanisms. I’m not sure he actually believes that we have a chance, but as a “Step 1,” it just isn’t going to work in the Western world regardless. They of course should stop it all right now, because it clearly isn’t working, and it is making things a lot worse very quickly (which could be the plan??). But it is not in human nature to do nothing. And it certainly isn’t in American nature to do nothing.

I am not going to make any bones about this. I think the plan is to pop the Yellowstone supervolcano and blacken the sky. As you can see in the Kucinich bill, they have tectonic weapons, and that means that they can pop that thing whenever they want. If you didn’t know that Yellowstone Park is actually the caldera of a supervolcano hardened over, click on that link to see some documentaries.

My suspicion is not unfounded. They have been taking Yellowstone seismic sensors offline for over a year now. And as the movie “San Andreas,” about the huge fault on the side of California, opens this week, earthquake activity on the West coast, including the magma chamber for Yellowstone. Dormant volcanoes have all of a sudden had record earthquake activity. The truthers out there are blaming the fracking for oil. How convenient. If I have learned anything about the cabal. They do nothing by accident. The day before 911, when a section of the Pentagon was destroyed, a story broke that Donald Rumsfeld admitted to 2.3 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon budget in cold hard cash. Guess where the records were kept? Guess what accountants died that day in the Pentagon? Aluminum isn’t cheap.

Blacken the sky would fit into the bunker scenario as well. Think about it. They blacken the sky. The poles refreeze. You can’t grow anything for ten years, so they eat the food in the bunkers, and pump water from aquifers underground. Then they rebuild the world on a sustainable model, which has already been agreed to. That is why China built the empty cities, because they have agreed to put a moratorium on building after the sky is blackened, and some of their major population centers also have supervolcanoes that are going to have to blow.

This recent tweet from a military commander is one of several recent war sabers rattling. They may just blacken the sky with nukes after all.

This recent tweet from a military commander is one of several recent war sabers rattling. They may just blacken the sky with nukes after all.

Nukes are also a possibility. My recent article “Two Minutes to Midnight” explains that the saber rattling has reached a fever pitch, and even since then several events have occurred. A former NSA guy tweeted that we would be at war by summer, and hopefully it wouldn’t be nuclear. Americans have been desensitized to the possibility of nuclear war through decades of propaganda that it would never happen. (ie. buy the meter in that article if you can afford it).

Nuclear isn’t what people think. About 48 hours after a blast goes off, there is 100 times less radiation, and every 7 hours the radiation goes down by another 10x. Background radiation would be higher than now, but not dangerously high. The human body can cure a lot of radiation damage if given enough time. And the most common killer, thyroid disease and cancer, can be avoided by taking Potassium Iodide tablets, which those of us who are serious about prepping already have. The other main radioactive elements, isotopes of cesium, boron, cobalt and a few others, have much longer half lives, like 25 years, but as long as the food you eat and the water you drink are not contaminated, they shouldn’t sicken most people.

After the electricity goes out, nuclear power plants are going to be in big trouble though. They need electricity to cool themselves, or they will melt down. If you live near a nuke plant, you might want to consider a location that is further away. Perhaps that is why America stopped building nuclear plants in 1979 after the Three Mile Island accident? There are a few nuclear expansions in the US on the books right now, but they will never happen. Things are going to get hotter quicker now. You never know though. In the East they have been building nuke plants, and maybe that is because they have already agreed to stop burning oil and coal to make electricity after the big reveal.

Blood Moons and the Shemitah

I will write about this because it is something that I have some pretty good knowledge about, even though all of these disinformation subjects are a complete waste of time. As many of my regular readers know, I am an orthodox Jew, and it bothers me that a lot of people are getting distracted by shills claiming intimate knowledge of the “Hebrew Bible” which in English you would call the “Pentateuch.”

I see it mostly mixed into even the recent financial apocalypse warnings in the alternative press. You will see a good deal of people claiming that this fall marks the “Shemitah,” and that there are Blood Moons lining up to mark the end of life as we know it. The red moon stuff I have to admit is pretty cool, though I don’t know how valid it is because the dates of major events they claim match up historically are very loosey goosey and don’t really match up. This is also true of the historical actual Shemitah years in Israel. The dates are a year off sometimes, but they move fast in the explanations so people don’t stop to question.

The actual Shemitah is a Biblical mandate that every 7 years, the fields have to be rested. It is a Sabbath for the fields. We are currently in a Shemitah year that started last October (the Jewish year starts on a floating secular date in the fall corresponding to a specific new moon). There have been some notable stock market corrections in the fall of Shemitah years for several decades, so this is being carried forward to this year, except that it would have been last fall.

The Yovel year is a whole other thing that these idiots are calling the Shemitah year. The Yovel year is the year after (according to most opinions) each 7th Shemitah year, and if you count back, again, according to some opinions, it will fall on the New Year starting this fall. Other opinions say we lost when in the calendar the Yovel year falls. The Yovel year carries a unique legal aspect, because if it was being followed, all property reverts back to original owners that year. So in Jewish law, during Biblical times, if you bought land in Israel, you actually bought it according to how many years were left until the Yovel year, when it would revert back to its tribal owners. Since most of the tribes were wiped out, and the Holy Temple was destroyed, nobody celebrates the Yovel year.

The Shemitah year is celebrated by the religious Jews in Israel, and G-d fearing Jews worldwide will check stickers on supermarket produce to carefully not buy any produce from Israel during Shemitah, which again, is going on right now. Only a tiny fraction of people who identify themselves as Jews worldwide (including in Israel), are religious, and many of them aren’t even Jewish according to historical Jewish law. Kissinger, Soros, and the bankers, some of whom are Jewish, at the heart of the New World Order, are not religious, and would not engineer anything that could be associated with the laws of the Creator, for whom they have no regard.

There may be a spiritual significance to this coming fall. But the thing about the spiritual is that by definition it can’t come from man. There is some money to be made right now in books and websites about the apocalyptic Shemitah year and “End Times.” Blood moons make for interesting fodder, but again, who knows what tomorrow brings other than G-d, or whatever name you choose to use for whatever you believe controls the world outside of yourself. From what I have seen, very little if any of the “Biblical Holocaust” material has anything to do with the Bible. It is the machinations of men that has created this mess, and if the Creator chooses to get us out of it, that would not be anything that some idiot who never learned a page of Gemara could ever figure out.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

If you live in California, or really anywhere out west, how do you escape these maps and care about which team is going to the playoffs, or how much obsidian it'll take to beat the White Walkers on GOT. This is a government map. How do you sit still?

If you live in California, or really anywhere out west, how do you escape these maps and care about which team is going to the playoffs, or how much obsidian it’ll take to beat the White Walkers on GOT. This is a government map. How could this map be possible and permanent? How do you sit still?

I wish I had an answer, or even an action item for all of us to do. Dane has some information cards you can download from his website and print for about a penny a piece. Then I guess you could go put them on cars in a supermarket. There is an phone app called SkyderAlert that you can notify your congresspeople about lines in the sky. The biggest problem I have seen with Dane’s efforts at getting out his message is that the people who get involved want to expose **everything** instead of just focusing on what everything else was meant to obscure. The warming of the planet from geoengineering and the end of all life on earth is the problem, not wether or not it was thermite or micro-nukes that took down the Twin Towers and Building 7. If you get involved, I would just ask that you focus on the forest, not the trees. Eventually it is all going to come out, but SRM operations and HAARP are the issues we need to get disclosed now, hold the perps accountable, and figure out what the best course for the world is at this point.

Definitely share Dane’s presentations on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and talk to people. If you live out west, share some of the resources I have given you here about the drought. There is no doubt that HAARP is being used to keep California in drought. Dane has a lot of weather charts that he has preserved over the years showing the absurdity of the manufactured US weather, a couple of which I included here.

Maybe the cabal has a miraculous rabbit in a hat just waiting for this story to break so they can bring it out and save the day? I hope so. As a father of several young children I am not looking forward to this story breaking nationally, because there will be end of the world pandemonium everywhere. In some ways I think that they are killing California to get back at the movie industry that has been revealing the horrid plans of the cabal in movies for decades. I’ve mentioned “Soilent Green,” with none other than gun lover Charton Heston in it from the 70s. And more recently, dozens of movies, from The Hunger Games series to the recent movie Jupiter Rising, reveal the sick thinking that those in power and comfort will go to in order to preserve what they have. In Jupiter Rising, the bad guy explains that you have to just accept in life that some human lives are worth more than others. It turned my stomach.

Telling the story is the best I can do, and now I have at least done that. I’m not going down having always been played a fool, and I took the time to write this very long article so that if you choose, you don’t have to go down a fool either. If we manage to get through this summer without the icecaps melting and massive flooding, they could bury this for yet another year, and we’ll all look like fools, which is fine with me (if they don’t suicide me). I hope some of you are in the military, and that you will share this with all of our brothers in arms. Red blooded conservative liberty loving America has been tricked, and we need to wake up right now.

Source:         GunsAmerica, article by Paul Helinski

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  1. Jane says:

    Excellent Article Here. Foremost people need to understand that They Go By Numbers and how many people that they can make sick mostly because of Big Pharma. Realize that there a a Sht Load of participants in this Big Game right in each and every neighbourhood around the Globe. All the Cops, Firefighters, Airports, Air Ambulance, geoengineering contractor at your local Airport, Fire and Flood disaster companies, Hospitals. The list goes on and on. People don't seem to care either. All you have to do is look around and see who is Driving all the Mercedes, Trooper, and real expensive vehicles and take a good guess where the Money came from. A big Money Making Scheme here. Not good for your Health. Eventually it will have a very Severe impact on you and your Family. But Really. Who gives a Sht??????

  2. The answer to Jade Helm and other such and insane operations, is to overthrow the government and reestablish OUR Bill of Rights. Persons of "Agency" and/or of record, that fail to respect their Constitutional oaths of office, need to be put on notice. Here's how it's done: > National Liberty Alliance   Writ_Quo_Warranto pdf   Writ Mandamus_to_Sheriff pdf   Writ Mandamus_to Judges pdf   Writ of Mandamus Martial Law pdf   Writ Mandamus Amendment II pdf   Writ Mandamus concerning terrorism pdf   Writ Mandamus concerning subversion  

    "When the People fear their government there is tyranny, when government fears the people there is liberty"   – Thomas Jefferson –   Quit groveling…

  3. jr says:

    My father is 76, still fully active in the CIA, He lived a double life, thru those years looking back now at age 50, I am able to see the reality of the here and now. Dad was a regular at China Lake, 51, Edwards,Deep Springs, all this was meaningless to me as a kid and a teenager.

    I asked dad point blank about the issues, chemtrails, harrp the other related conspiracy issues. He repsonded with, its all true, we have less than 3 months to live. Only teh elite will go underground to live. 50 million people perish in a moments notice. His exact words.

    All the years he would never answer tell or talk about anything he did with the gov, yet on fathers day we had a phone conversation where he opened up to me after 50 years.

    I am scared to death.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JR, the best laid plans of ALL empires have failed. Don’t lose heart, march on, it’s not over till it’s over as they say. We are not yet beaten.

    • charlie says:

      Wholey f**k the penny has just droped, i have been living in thailand now for some 12 years just over a year ago after some civil unrest ,people not happy with the government etc,the army took over government…they are still there!,just one more thing the u.v here is super,super strong I cant go out in the sun now it is so strong

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      So, like, what are THEY going to do in three months hence, set the world on fire?  They're already doing a good job of that. 

      Let's find out where the damned BUNKERS are and "smoke" the parasites out like the batch of sick rodents that they are.  "THEY"

  4. Sylvia Sires says:


  5. How Autistic military minds work:

    ‘We're not interested in a fair fight’ – US army commander urges NATO to confront Russia


    I believe American "leadership" has a form of Autism Spectrum disorder. Read the studies I've linked in my previous post. They are not a hoax. Autism disorder is generally defined as an objective dissociation with one's surroundings. Many Autistic persons are "locked in". That is: They are not capable of properly associating or communicating with other persons within their environment…

    • Further reading regarding Conditions comorbid to autism spectrum disorders and potential environmental conditions leading to Autistic behaviors:

      Neuroinflammation and immune disorders

      The role of the immune system and neuroinflammation in the development of autism is controversial. Until recently, there was scant evidence supporting immune hypotheses, but research into the role of immune response and neuroinflammation may have important clinical and therapeutic implications. The exact role of heightened immune response in the central nervous system (CNS) of patients with autism is uncertain, but may be a primary factor in triggering and sustaining many of the comorbid conditions associated with autism. Recent studies indicate the presence of heightened neuroimmune activity in both the brain tissue and the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with autism, supporting the view that heightened immune response may be an essential factor in the onset of autistic symptoms.[29] A 2013 review also found evidence of microglial activation and increased cytokine production in postmortem brain samples from people with autism.[30]

      When you poison the air, you poison the mind…

  6. Peacegrrrl says:

    I wanted to say thanks again Dane, and maybe repost the Ken C. video on its own too. I am interested in Jade Helm, but I am almost more concerned by Ken's talk. 

    I watched it twice, and may watch it again. I like to see what they are telling scientists about this. 

    I love when he mentions "diamonds in the sky" – really Ken, like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? Was he going for a really bad joke there? 

    Also listen as he tells the group that most people would not be that concerned with the government putting particulate matter into the atmosphere- he claims they've looked into this and MOST people don't really give a damn. 

    Really Ken? Come join us on here Ken C. and bless us with your infinite knowledge of how things are supposed to be for us plebs. 

    Sorry, but I'm back in the University world right now and some of these arrogant PhD scientists who pontificate on ways to destroy Public Education, The Environment, The Economy, etc. etc. need to be held in check. Just because it's peer-reviewed and paid for by Carnegie Institution doesn't make it right! 

    These scientists severely lack moral compasses. 

  7. I often see comments by readers such as: "Wake up people!", "Who are these psychopaths?", "Why are people so clueless?", "Why are they doing this to us?". You are not going to like the answers: 
    Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)
    Sec 20 – 2012 BioInitiative Report
    Martha Herbert, PhD, MD
    Pediatric Neurology
    TRANSCEND Research Program
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Harvard Medical School
    TETRA and health from the national research-based TETRA Airwave safety campaign
    Reduction of Phosphorylated Synapsin I (Ser-553) Leads to Spatial Memory Impairment by Attenuating GABA Release after Microwave Exposure in Wistar Rats
    PLoS One. 2014; 9(4): e95503.
    Published online Apr 17, 2014. doi:  10.1371/journal.pone.0095503
    Relationship between Cognition Function and Hippocampus Structure after Long-term Microwave Exposure
    Biomed Environ Sci, 2012; 25(2):182-188
    Received: April 8, 2011; Accepted: June 20, 2011
    Copyright © 2012 by China CDC
     Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Modulates the Level of Neurotransmitters
    Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2015 Jan; 19(1): 15–20.
    Published online 2014 Dec 31. doi:  10.4196/kjpp.2015.19.1.15
    Key into Autism rate chart prepared by Evelyn Lopez Delgato at 11:55 into the presentation.
    I've read well over 150,000 pages of data detailing negative biological and behavioral effects caused by electromagnetic emissions. These destructive emissions are broadcast from common devices such as wi-fi MESH networks, cellular communications towers, military radar and surveillances devices, and common household electrical power systems. 100's of peer reviewed scientific studies; clearly point toward diminished cognitive functions as a DIRECT RESULT of these types of emissions. Humanity is actively destroying the intellectual matrix that defines our perceptions of "reality" at a primary level. The studies above are no Hoax. 
    ALL pulsed digital equipment and radio frequency devices need to be BANNED from production and sale, period. Behavioral anomalies are not the only hazards cited in these studies. We are destroying the entire ecosystem of our planet, in order to watch lame television programming and talk trash on cell phones. Mutilating and sterilizing our children with classroom wi-fi and digital phones is NOT a good idea…

  8. beggar says:

    Thank you for this article, it opened my eyes. I feel like waking up.

    And btw…hey, it all looks pretty fcked up, but I'm sure we as humans will find our way. Good luck to you all.

    If anybody wants, send me an e-mail, I don't really know why, I guess I need someone to talk to about this…people around me are totally not ready for this and I don't know for how long I can keep it bubbling inside me.

    Have a nice day.

    "Everything's gonna be alright" – Bob Marley

    • PLT says:

      Don't forget, "I'd rather be a free man in my grave, Than living as a puppet or a slave" – Jimmy Cliff!

  9. Marc says:

    Talked to a good musician friend of mine last night about geoengineering. He'd never heard the term. He's in his late thirties, he and his wife are totally cool folks, environmentalists, gardeners, parents of a fine young boy, very, very fine, truly positive, good-natured souls who own a small chunk of land in the country where they've built a small cabin near a stream. They are living the kind of life I would have lived if I'd been able to keep my shit together back when I was their age. But my path was destined to be different, though I've had my fun and done some incredible things, too. No regrets, you know? But my aforementioned fellow musician buddy was familiar with the "chemtrail" term and has seen them but has  remained utterly and completely clueless as to the "WHY?" and the "WHAT" behind the phenomenon. He is a savvy dude, knows a million people, but was visibly flustered when I asked him if he was hip to geoengineering and what it was all about.

      What is my point? Well, my point is that there are most certainly millions of fine young folks who are living their dreams and aspirations but miraculously have not yet awakened to what is arguably the most heinous undertaking ever hatched from the mind of man!!!! Why? Because geoengineering is a systematic, carefully orchestrated enterprise designed to accomplish spectacular, near impossible feats of weather manipulation/warfare  without the slightest regard for  human, animal or plant life, not to mention the health of the very atmosphere, soils and waters we all depend upon for our very existence. That it is HUMANKIND ITSELF!!!! that has conceived of such diabolical and suicidal undertakings should call us all to our respective meditation cushions for a deep and intense look at our own hearts and minds. Are we seeing the end result of the intersection of good old-fashioned greed and spectacular science? For, at the end of the day, it is science, in all of it's mind-shredding complexity, that is affording HUMANKIND the ability to devise ever new and magnificent ways to f**k over his fellow man and all that lives, as well. But where in this equation does personal integrity, moral decency and compassion enter the game? Are those good and fine souls, like my musician friend. really somehow negligent, if not complicit by not having awakened yet to the horrors at hand? My buddy lives and breathes personal integrity, moral decency AND compassion, but in regards to geoengineering he also states, and I quote: "There's nothing you can do about it, so why worry about it?" My own daughter said something similar but in slightly different form: "I hear what you're saying, dad, but I choose not to get involved. I just can't deal with any of that." 

      I am hearing this kind of thing alot, actually. Which reminds me all over again…..hello? Normalcy bias? Hello? And finally, one last quote: "We are nine meals from revolution." Meaning, until shelves start running empty in grocery stores, we (probably most of us) will continue on with our respective status quos and live as if there really is an open-ended future awaiting us. But I, for one, know better. Yeah, bummer.

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    Andrew from Scotland-raising rabbits my ass!  Looked up Hash House Harriers!  Too funny, you silly boy!  Do you run in a red kilt?!  God knows I can use a bit of humor here and there!  Thank you for that one!

    Chief_Cabloch, Oooh, like your idea.  Surely they have thought of that? if not, they will now!

    PLT-I do have a friend who votes a third party-I suspect in part owing to how little to do if so.  I freakin hate the two party system, two sides of one coin.  The Lakota had a word for "black" people: black white man.  Floyd Westerman in his old age became a movie star of sorts, but played music-guitar, and wrote songs since he was young.  One of his songs: America-in it he says, "you wonder why the redman won't be like you, you should wonder why the black man wants to be."  I always found that profound.  I hesitated to vote for Obama even as so many I knew were so excited to have a "black" president.  I kept thinking he sounds so "left" he must be "right".  And true that.  As in so far to the left that he ends up being far right.  I admit I was afraid of Romney.  Afraid to have a Mormon for president.

    PLT and Lakotah-For decades I refused to vote.  Then a friend kept pressuring me to at least vote locally.  Not trusting anything, I'd read all the details and so gained a small voting block.  Few I know vote, and I never expect anything to be gained from voting.  But…Anyways, a couple of years ago I got into online activism and it did actually make a difference in reality.  Not in geoengineering reality, but in many important issues, like women's rights, equal pay, raised minimum wage, etc.  I thought it wouldn't but it did!  I guess they toss us a bone here and there.  Along the way, I've sorta kinda gotten to know some politicians with a conscience.  Trying to cultivate enough trust to get our issue here some reaction.  Even if just pieces of it.  But true, those wheels turn too slowly.  However my voting record give it some umph.

    Did succeed in getting out more flyers to potentially influential people.  While at times I am so absorbed in this and research that goes with, I cannot keep it up as a full time job as Dane says.  Because I must eat and do dishes and help others with all manor of things, many of them dire, and I grow foods and medicines, and I have lots of doctor appointments as I am sick.  So I am pushing myself.  Oh, and I must, must have some humor in my day somewhere.  Just have to.  I have many responsibilities and no army to support me.  My "old, crippled, sick self.  Plus, I have to be more cheerful than others given that, so that when I deliver info about geoengineering I come across as more credible, not just anticipating my own demise.  And music and art.  And life and death-took 4 years but we found the murderer of my daughter's father.  That was not easy.  All of which is to say, there really is more to do than this full time unless majorly supported.  And, I like to know what is going on in the world, and I write.  So.  Not giving up any of it, but much to do.  And I am sure that is true for most of you.  Which does help to focus what to do where.  I am less scattered these days thanks to this nightmare of geoengineering.

    Marc, I am 68 and I clearly remember jets with short, dissipating trails.  I was quite young and in Oklahoma.  As a kid and even still, sometimes I love to lie on my back, looking at the sky.  Back then, planes were not common.  It was fun to spot one and watch the short contrail.  I remember what I've always called sky blue and it was not as dark a blue as some representations-it was sky blue.  Sometimes still is, but I have been seeing chemtrails, and here, early evening it seems.  Sometimes in the day, a big puffy cloud that does not move which so is not normal for here, for the 36 years I've lived here.  I remember in '68 becoming afraid of planes flying over and not knowing why or how to explain, just felt creeped out and as if they were dangerous.

    It is still cold here.  Shocking for here, in June yet.  "They" took away winter and now summer too.  Not to mention water.  It is said Syria has no water.  Some wondered why saber rattling with China-they own us don't they?  Bought our debt.

  11. Frank says:

    I have been awaken for many years to the total fraud of the system. I have tried for change in the political arena with no avail. I have tried for many years to get honest answers from the current metrological society with no  answers. The whole system is a total fraud with big financial systems leading the way. They teach us all that democracy is the only way with countless wars and untold hardships for many. If we buck the system we are punished by not getting our monetary share and if we make big waves we are silenced permanently. 

    The total system is now held up by computer numbers that are as phony as the ones pulling the strings. My mind sometimes drifts back of a time when I felt anxious to concur all that needs to be changed. Now I understand that the one missing part of the whole system has always eluded most of us. That part that missing link has always been weather warfare or Geoengineering. 

    We now face the moment of truth in all our lives as our time is near. As our planet is on the brink of collapse and all live will suffer and many will die. We all have two options ignore the obvious or fight the power structure to at least bring the lies out in the open. I have to fight for my children and my grandchildren.    

  12. Christina Parousis says:

    Thank you Dane and thank you Paul Helinski.  It's pretty incredible, if I understood correctly, that Paul woke up to the truth about geoengineering only a few weeks ago yet he understands the issue and the gravity very realistically.  I really appreciate the emphasis and explanation on how they have tried to "trick" us into not believing in global warming, although I'll never understand how people in this battle actually fell for that trick and I wonder if they even needed to be tricked at all.  Many people desperately want to avoid responsibility for our impact as humans on the planet, hence climate; this is a large part of the very mentality which has created and allowed for these geoengineering programs in the first place.  When I see other activists use words like hoax/fraud in regards to global warming or attempt to debate and debunk the warming reality, I lose respect and trust for such people but more importantly I feel psychologically drained and hopeless by seeing how few still get that this global problem is an individual one, it always has been and always will be.  I think this is the ultimate test with all our issues and I'm seeing that so few can face it and take personal responsibility.  The soldier in this video in Ukraine makes this point very powerfully, this message says it all and it applies to all other issues including and especially this one

    I will just add that Dane certainly does not advocate to "do nothing".  He advocates to continue spreading awareness everyday, that's the least we can do.  He leads by example for what it means to be the change that you want to see in the world.  Dane tells us that this battle cannot be a part time job.  In many ways he suggests what needs to be done, unfortunately you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

    • Hello Christina Parousis: Thank you for posting this very powerful video regarding the mass-murder of civilian populations by NATO funded criminals in the Ukraine. The current American fraud who refers to himself as our president, is a liar and a war criminal. Any support for this person is an act of treason against fellow citizens of the United States, and this act of treason applies to ALL active members of the US military.

      It's time for people employed in military occupations all over the World, to turn your weapons against those who command and enslave you. If you can poison, murder, and destroy innocent civilians, you can sure as hell do the same for the filthy bastards who cut your paychecks… Get a grip. You are hated everywhere you exist, and with good reason…

    • Al Cambrola says:

      I've watched the videos…….I now use the term "Geoengineering" instead of "Chemtrails"…….I point this activity out to everyone.

      Some folks respond positively, others look at me like I have 2 heads…….but I will continue pressing on until it is stopped.

      The only thing that concerns me is…….If the powers that be are denying that they are doing Geoengineering, how can you get them to stop doing something they claim they aren't doing?

  13. Rachel Robson says:

    Lakotah, I just am not made to give up.  Can't do it.  I try, just can't.  I think the reason so many appear not to care is that they don't know-not just about geoengineering, but the ways this all works.  Those that refuse to vote, thinking it doesn't count are wrong.  Right and wrong.  Thing is, the Evil ones are counting on our being complacent, and overwhelmed in legalese.  For in stance, this time the Navy gave some time to reply to their electromagnetic plans for the Olympic range.  More than 3,000 people wrote it, they are not going ahead at this moment, they had to hire outside help to field the mail.  Multiple fronts.  Everyone it seems feels the news has gone wrong.  One major front in the land of free speech!  I find people are overwhelmed in their own lives.  Plus, they feel politics is dirty, which it is, and to quote Dane, one must sift the baby from the bath water.  WE, we the people let a lot of stuff slide. We did.  We are not blameless.  There are more of us than them and they know it.

    • PLT says:

      So true, Rachel, that WE are not blameless.  What I don't get is, why people choose to disenfranchise themselves by not voting, rather than voting for third-party or independent candidates. 

      Better, even, to put yourself out there as an alternative, than to stay home like TPTB want you to.  In their bipartisan weekend training workshops for candidates they say over and over and over again, "The way to win is to reduce voter turnout!"  So by not voting, you are doing exactly what they want you to do.  Though I do understand the temptation.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello PLT, Unfortunately we are far past the point of being able to accomplish anything through the “system” of elections. The last truly honest elected high official was Senator Paul Wellstone, the following link outlines what happened to Paul and his entire family.

    • Lakotah says:

      Rachel, I can't say that I've really given up. I just came to the realization the government is going to do whatever they want no matter what. I've worked at the poles and it was as organized as a dog fight. I'm gonna say 15% of those people cant be be trusted, 40% aren't too sure what they are doing. And the rest are doing their patriotic duty. Plus you have to add in organizations like Acorn. Anyways have you ever seen our tax rate go down? Or never get any higher? Have you ever seen less laws or regulation? And it just continues to get worse no matter who's in office. How can you support that? Voting for empty promises. It's no wonder that such an unqualified person is being called President of the United States. And why aren't any are of elected officials doing anything about that? Why aren't they working on reducing the National Debt? How can any one support what goes on with our government and just turn their heads? How many people have to die before these Dip S's have had enough? 911 should have done it. But it didn't. Sorry but I can't support that. Geoengineering is in the mix with that and I think people had better get used to it.It's a world wide effort for ever is behind it. And I just don't see it ending until they run out of resources or things are bad enough even they will realize what they are doing. Then what will be the next thing?

    • PLT says:

      I agree that we can't accomplish anything through elections, as individuals.  It would only be if at least half the offices in the country had awake and honorable independents running that we could even hope to have an impact.  You can, however, get issues onto the table that wouldn't otherwise have been brought up – though with geoengineering it might be very difficult…

      That suggestion is mostly made because I am an obstinate idealist who refuses to say die.  I have refused to vote in certain elections, too.  So also a hypocrite  🙁


  14. Bob says:

    Hi Dane – another great article and is awesome to see this information hitting more and more people every day.  Which gets me to a question that Paul just barely touches on in the article, when mentioning how planes are spraying shorter bursts recently due to the need for more planes up near the poles.  Is it possible that planes are spraying a recently different mixture of aerosols during the day?  Maybe to be "mixed" with stuff they spray during the evening hours?  A less obvious approach, to dissuade new folks learning about this subject.  I have noticed more and more people opening up to this, finally.  And "they" know it.  I theorize, they are learning how to hide it, the aerosol trails,  better, and using more refined mixtures to keep them more invisible.   I have noticed in the last few months, and I am outside everyday, in northern Vermont , that the spraying is continuing, but the trails are way more "invisible" and don't leave the tell-tale signature of a growing hazy trail/cloud.  I just noticed this today, for example.  Many planes in sky at same time, parallel, spraying aerosols obviously, but the "trails" dissipated shortly afterwards.  These were not contrails either.  You could see the aerosol sprays, and the quintessential, perpendicular, "bleeding" of the gases.  Yet the persistent, tell-tale haze "cloud", well, did not persist.


    Any one else notice this recently?  Methinks they are getting craftier in hiding these programs, due to light being shone in their direction.

    • Jenny says:

      Absolutely, Bob;  the spraying is still going on every day here (there's been like one day in the last year and a half or so that I didn't notice any geoengineered clouds or active spraying, not counting days when I didn't go outside) but a lot of it, not all of it, seems to be either shorter lines or almost invisible, like you said.  This really worries me because how can you get "newbies" to believe in something they can't see?  The fact that I could see the crap clear as day is what got me to believe it in the first place;  not conspiracy theories on websites, which is what skeptics seem to think causes us to acknowledge it.  BTW, I live in New England too.

  15. Ana says:

    Very good article ,very complete …but i don´t know till where people are willing to go to expose and to fight geoengeneering cause it will not be an easy task even for the ones with the courage and the critical thinking to finally listen to you Dane and to your Work  with credible verifyable data and investigations presented.But i feel very happy to see that voices like Paul Helinski are starting to rise and mentioning your work.

    Here in Portugal we have had sunny days with no clouds or trails for about a week or more.At sunrise we can see that a substance like a kind of black dust is released on the sky but rapidly it spreads and you can not notest in the sky during the day ,you only can see a kind of fog at the horizon mixed with hot temperatures. you feel the sun burning you hard and the temperatures told to us  on TV are very diferent (lower)from what we actually have to deal with in reality. These hot days are sickning and allergies and respiratory problems/crisis  are epidemic and long lasting.Meanwhile People don´t have a clue and when i mention geoengeneering they don´t get it !some don´t believe and others just seem to find it very natural cause they think if such programs in our skies that this must be  to our own good.Even on that this Elite as people call it will not have to bother so much cause people will buy everything they sell to them !The world of Media ,Banking,marketing and publicity sells everything in this world and geoengeneering is no exception.When people prefer to believe in everything happening in our skies except in the power of man to change the weather/clima as if it was something impossible how can we explain to them that Nature plays a very little role today in our weather ? for them it´s easier to believe in God´s will or alliens than in geoengeneering .seems like they can be believe in all the new technologies ,they not get surprised with the creation of the nuclear energy and weapons etc but seem hard for them to believe  in the existence of a program(a discovery) able to change the weather at this large scale. I can not understand why this happens in the minds of people ,even people that should be informed and with large studies.

  16. K Logan says:

    Amazing let’s hope it matters. I am a so called liberal but I have been waiting for this day. Left right won’t matter if we are all sick and dying

  17. K Logan says:

    Amazing let’s hope it matters. I am so called liberal but I have been waiting for this day.

  18. JR says:


  19. Dog aka db says:

    I may be crazy but the stuff I see and say is seen by others! Coodos!! To all! People need to see and think for themselves! Now! I.M.G.O.! Thanks! Bunches! They is U.S. also!

  20. sonofsanquentin says:


    Spray, spray go away,

    Come again a Nazi day.


    The new and improved Fuhrer Hitler and Dr. Mengele operate the modern day concentration camps as the children of the world are gassed, mutating straight from the mother's womb into autistic, cancerous newborns.


    “With every breath we take, it is a fight for life.” The fight seems to have already been gassed from existence, as we will also soon be. If the gas doesn't do it, the stormtroopers will loyally, as they have always done before, obey and carry out their masters' orders, unless they lay down their mighty weapons and join the ultimate battle – the fight against anti-humanity.


    Mother Nature help us, as we are now beyond helping ourselves.


    Whatever happened to that original group of fine Nazi gentlemen, the Supermen wannabees? If the deliberate aluminum-induced Alzheimer's hasn't kicked in completely and successfully, I was taught they were hunted down like rabid dogs, tried for their demonic behaviour against humanity, and executed in the hangman's gallows. And then there was peace and humanity on planet earth once more, but only temporarily.


  21. Nicole says:

    Mr. "President". You can't fix it. You can't even bring together the clean energy groups and sustainable living groups and youth movements that have the answers. You don't know what you're doing. Your war and greed killed all of our chances. We want the truth – the whole truth. We want the spraying to stop. We want to be left alone, to deal whatever is coming at us. Stop playing GOD with Mother Earth. Give her a chance to save herself, and to restore any life that still has a chance.

    • I agree totally with you, Nicole. Our president and other (earthly) governing officials are truly 'PLAYING GOD WITH MOTHER EARTH'.  God is watching.  The saddest part, is that 'we, the people' are suffering and planet earth is being destroyed.   Thank you, Dane Wigington, for ALL of your sacrificial information.  I am sharing with OrbisVitae. 😮


  22. David Almanza says:

    All things must pass does not include planet Earth ! YOU WHO ARE TRYING TO DESTROY the natural world and positive Life Force. USA has become the great NO ! You are digging Your grave also .  dna

  23. Hopsing says:

    I almost forgot, Thank You SOOO much Dane!

    Your work is priceless ! You are a TRUE HERO and PATRIOT of Humanity.

  24. Hopsing says:

     Keep spreading the word people. We are hoping for critical mass. Then we will grab the bull by the horns. The Crazy thing is that the demise of the planet could stop Right Now. Stop th Geo-Engineering of the Planet!


  25. Lakotah says:

    Wake people up? Then what? Attack the White House? Walk around in some stupid demonstration that goes nowhere? Contact our elected officials with thousands of e-mails and letters? Pffffffff. You've got to be kidding. That's the same as voting. A waste of time. Oh,maybe contact our local news media or national news media, yeah that'll help. The people today are so clueless and their definitely not going to stand up like they did during the times when this country was breaking away from the mother country. And besides we are so out armed, we'll lose in a day or so. We're in a real pickle here and I just don't see how it will ever stop with an exception of an act of God.

    Just remember Kent State. That's it, remember Kent State. Unless the chemtrails get us first.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lakotah, I agree with you 100%.  And I well remember Kent State.  The only reason I suggested-then was "shot down"- to send letters as opposed to emails to meteorologists, and representatives was in the hopes of getting someone to say something, to chip away, if possible, I mean even Ken Caldiera slips up, and Sen. Slaughter really wanted to know why no media coverage on TTP, so though she was stopped, thought she might-especially given her age-respond to why and how her effort, media wise, failed.  I, for one, would prefer to hear the truth however upsetting or freaky it is.  You say mother country as if there was one.  Unless you mean all of Europe.  I mean, Italy, the Spanish-whoa was that a bummer, the French and almost last but not least England, of course.  Like kids in a candy store and ever since.  

      There is a math show that was on night time viewing recently, I think called The Mystery of Math or something like that on Nova.  Very interesting as it suggests that why we find, and use, math to do this and that just may be because of the way our brain is configured, as opposed to reality.  There are people who truly believe the world is what we choose to perceive.  Perhaps this is the act of God, we are hoping for.  I'd hoped, for more than 40 years, that there would be some virus or something that would alter our brains towards a kind of enlightenment.  Guess not.

      Kent State.  That was so very shocking.  So is spraying us like bugs, we are lab rats for them, so short step to squashing us like bugs, splatter.  I think it is a pipe dream that the services would bail and join us.  They should know how our country sprayed our own soldiers with agent orange in Viet Nam.  But then what?, if they did.  The whole thing rotten to the core.  I had wished some genius of a shrink would psycho analyze this country.  What this country did and are doing to Native Americans should be a major heads up to all.  I've felt that until that is recognized for what it was and still is, nothing will go right ever.  Apparently, another pipe dream.

      Guess all that can be done is to go down with the ship.  Try to enjoy? our last days and minutes.  This just sucks so much on so many levels of helplessness.  What do you suggest Lakotah?  How shall we spend our last days?

    • Lakotah says:

      Rachael, the issues that plague this earth and country (America) are beyond anything we as citizens can solve. The morals and sickness that effect young impressionable minds (up to the age of 30 or so) is out of control. Our government is out of control and has no interest in bringing this country back to what our Founding Fathers had envisioned. And at this point it would be impossible. It's too bad that so many people in this country like it this way or don't realize how bad things are because they are ones you are up against. I could go on and on about this kind of stuff, but what's the point?

      Yes, you are right. This just sucks on so many different levels.

  26. """jefe says:

    I'd like to know: whose planes are doing the spraying over other countries?  Are they 'ours', or are they those countries' own?  """

    In Germany I identified some airlines as follows:

    Top Killer:  EMIRATES



    Air Berlin

    and many unmarked (NATO?) planes.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Karl, The jet which I witnessed spraying over us at low altitude on May 30th 2012 in the southeast of the USA was also black or dark colored with no observable markings on it. I have surmised it could have been a NATO plane. We are not very far as the crow flies from Dobbins AFB / Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Georgia and I have wondered if it could have flown from there. The local sheriff's office supposedly did a tracking on any flight plan over the area at the given time and none was found. How do ya like that?! They're not even keeping track of what is flying over America anymore-at least not in the public records anyway.

  27. ramolad says:

    Sweeping and comprehensive–thank you, Dane, for posting! Although those of us who've been following Dane's and others' work in exposing geoengineering know that this horrific weather modification and artificial warming/cooling via HAARP and spraying has been underway for years, decades…

    Just wanted to say too that we Don't have to give in to gloom and doom–there Is one powerful thing we can all do to avert catastrophe this summer and thereafter, and that's focusing our individual conscious intention on a positive, harmonious, caretaking outcome for Mother Earth, while we each give our attention on a daily basis to doing things we love and staying centered and calm, not fearful, while we also take action, as we can, on these things that concern us. I am speaking of Lynne McTaggart's and others' Conscious Intention and Field theories, and about how our vibrations can affect outcomes, something deep meditators tell us too–I am myself just researching all this and will post more about it on my website soon.

    A little on the subject can be found at my previous post on Thoughts at

    Just these continuous exposes are going to create resonance, and make waves of change happen…let's stay positive!


    • Earth Angel says:

      Thanks for the words of encouragement ramolad. You are correct. We must keep our vibrations high and remember to remain centered in love. By doing the things that make us happy and fulfilled we are pleasing our Creator and ourselves and that takes us away from fear and other negative vibrations that those who are perpetrating this so want us to be drawn into. By responding to others from a place of kindness, patience, brotherhood and love we are helping to raise the vibrations of the planet. No matter what, we must not allow these evil actions to steal our joy!  The best revenge is a life of contentment and a happy heart.

  28. One of the best, most informative articles I've read.  Thanks, and Shalom to a REAL Jew; from an eclectic acceptor of all beliefs.

  29. PLT says:

    To Jonathan,

    I have two children as well, one of whom is fully aware of what is happening, and has mostly given up hoping he'll have a future, while the other is trying to ignore the facts and live as if her plans matter.  I think the one who is facing reality will be stronger in the end.  As for carrying the weight of the world –  my grandmother always used to tell me, with a sneer I still don't understand, "You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders."  Damn straight, I do.  If everyone did that, think how light the load would be!  We who are in this fight are all sharing this burden, which eventually will crush everyone (even those living in bunkers, sorry).  At least we are not living a lie.  And we are supporting each other, which is huge.

    To Carol F,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, that "they" are intelligent but blind, and have sown the seeds of their own demise as well.  I wind up choking on the laughter, though, knowing that not only humanity but every life form on earth has to die for the sake of this sick joke….

    This article is fantastic, though I think he mixed up Dane's call to "do nothing" (i.e., stop geoengineering) with the attempt to blacken the sky or induce nuclear winter.  I don't think "they" check this website very often – only their pawns at the NSA do that, and they are all stupid and/or evil, or they wouldn't be working there.  Yes, Men in Black, I said that. 


  30. suss says:

    im doin my best….and thank you for the article. i will share it with several ppl. agree with you 100%

  31. Jonathan Létourneau says:

    This is an amazing yet scary post. As a father of my only daughter, I simply want to spend every day as if it was my last. I don’t know what is in store for us here in Quebec Canada but, rest assured, I’m strongly trying to keep sane of it is only for the same of my daughters sanity. The hardest is she is only eight years old and yesterday while driving back from Trois-Rivières, she told me in the car (we have a sun roof) “look daddy, the plane is pouring poison again” I never told her anything except what lines were, she hears me talk about it I guess. Trust me people, after she said that, I started to cry… I simply told her, ” I know sweety, it’s hard to see, I hate it too. ” my daughter has Specific language impairment and knowing she has her way of understanding things, it hurt me even more. I keep spreading the word, I’m being told to live the rest of my life to the fullest before my time has come but, I feel like I have to continue. I feel the weight of the whole human race and planet is on my shoulders and I feel so weak in this fight. Every day is taking its toll on my insanity. I try to keep it together but, it gets hard… May my daughter forgive my failures….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, thank you for your comment, don’t give up my friend, we march together in this battle. I also have a young son and daughter, and though the horizon indeed looks dark, it is not yet black. We must all sound the alarm each and every day, we owe this to our children and if we all pull together we may yet do astounding good even at this late hour.

    • andrew from Scotland says:


      1. "Even if I thought the world was going to end tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree for my children".

      2."On, On" to all fellow 'Hashers' out there (Hash House Harriers).

      3. Our only failure is doing nothing.


  32. carol freiberg says:

    As I have stated many times before…I would rather die than to live in a world controlled by the likes of the current cabal. Can you imagine being locked in underground with these idiots? Imagine the conversations about who had the brilliant idea to destroy the planet and what's next? These psychos need to be locked in their DUMBS to look at each other and wring their hands 24/7 365. We are getting the last laugh after all.

    • Chief_Cabioch says:

      Last safe place is Underground, especially if those you have just Hosed have access to certain Gasses, that are heavier then air………

  33. Samuel says:

    Jade Helm secretly means "God's Hand" in Hebrew

  34. Kelly B says:

    As I sit here watching the moon…..its midnight, why are they spraying right now? Dayton, OH… to Wright Patt Air force Base…any reasoning on night spraying? The forecast says sunny tomorrow…confused

    • Kelly B says:

      By the way, I love this new article posted sums up everything I’ve been researching…..trying to get the word spread! Keep posting and spreading everyone! This information seems foreign to most of my friends and colleagues and I seem to be the only one looking up! I won’t ignore it, no matter what it cost me…

    • Oracle says:

      Hi, Kelly! My name is Kari, and I am in Ohio, too. I live in the SE but work in central / north central OH. It was out of the ordinary to see them spraying sunday night /early monday morning, but as I am sure you noticed, no sun whatsoever,and the canopy is plenty thick, so this manufactured cold front was able to set in that way, I do believe. I noticed last night, the sort of smokey clouds that move under the canppy were heading E to W, after going in the opposite, and more predictable direction the day email is if you wanna keep in contact. Seems like the only really organized group on OH, at least as far as I can tell is in Cleveland. Too paraphrase willie and merle, I can use all the ‘unfair weather friends’ I can get!!!!

  35. A huge thank you to Paul Helinski for getting the word out there. Sorry I wasn't familiar with your site. I took a look at some of your posts, and like the straight up delivery. I'm not into guns. A real man uses a machete…

  36. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The news of high temperatures in Alaska continues, but last night they geoengineered an inch of snow in a couple places in the interior for people to wake up to.  I saw tanker jets taking off all day today (Monday, 6-2) and flying north from Anchorage, so the assault continues.  On May 11th, driving through Denali Park, the geoengineers were dumping snow directly on Denali mountain to dust it and keep the wider area cool for the tourists who were to arrive May 15th. 

    Of course, now they're predicting it will be chilly again, even though it's warm all over the state.  And this "cool" air is said to be coming from the south, which is not at all likely.  It's not cooler there : (

  37. jefe says:

    I'd like to know: whose planes are doing the spraying over other countries?  Are they 'ours', or are they those countries' own?  An interview with an actual chempilot just ran at, where he mentions spray planes being equipped with self-destruct devices, in case they are either damaged by hostile fire, or just happen to fly off course.  If the planes belonged to the countries getting sprayed, they wouldn't be in such danger…

  38. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you Paul Helinski.  It's been suggested if Conservatives could understand this, they would be outraged.  You're making it happen.  So now can we re-assess the military in the correct perspective, please?  They are NOT protecting us, clearly.

  39. Diana Moss says:

    If the perpetrators are the ones to get to safety (from who knows what) in their underground bunkers and the rest of us are left to our own devices and most likely won't survive then I can't imagine what this world would be like with only the 'evil' ones left to survive on a dead planet.  Seems like, even though their plan has been in place for quite some time, they really haven't  thought their plan completely through from beginning to the end results.  Evidently to have a special 'place' reserved for you in some underground palace it will take lots and lots of money (Bill Gates comes to mind) and even if they take all of the freshly printed money with them where do they plan to spend it when they resurface?  I like to think that life on a dead planet will be very bleak for them.  Probably would make a really great reality show it there were any TVs left to turn on.  On the bright side I know that the vast majority of people everywhere on Earth are basically good and if they become aware of the direness of the situation will do the right thing.  One can only hope.  Stay safe, Dane.  We all need you.

  40. Marc says:

    Quite an astounding epiphany this fellow experienced. Most of us who visit here have had ours. Enjoyed this guy's perspective and far-reaching overview of the primary drivers of our current predicament. Also, watched almost all of the Ken Caldeira presentation. Made me wonder just how much money the s*********h must be making to perpetuate an entire program of lies and disinformation to an auditorium full of idiots. How the f**k can this guy look himself in the mirror and not be so ashamed of himself that he reaches for a handgun? Here again, we find a highly articulated analysis of all conceivable aspects of "albedo modification" (SRM) and "governance" except for one: THE FACT THAT IT IS ALREADY UNDERWAY AND HAS BEEN FOR MANY, MANY YEARS!!! This a*****e KNOWS THIS!!! And yet he will stand up in front of an audience and mouth one lie after another, at times bumbling his way through so as to not "spill the whole pot of beans". Unbelievable!! 

    The only conclusion I can come to is that he is, in actuality, a paid government agent whose entire gig is to feed, over and over, a mindset to the general public and segments of the science community. To "soften up" the potential outrage when it becomes clear to the majority that the entire planet has been sprayed for decades in direct violation of Caldeira's line of bullshit regarding "governance " issues, not to mention the slick ways in which the listener is repeatedly led to believe that such programs (SRM) are not yet operational. 

    Who the f**k are these people? Where do they come from? What species of evil is this? I don't get it, man. I just don't get it.

  41. SD says:

    Many people have accepted extraordinary geophysical events as "normal". They see floods, tornados, record snowfall and say "stuff happens". The Geoengineers understand and exploit that thinking. But the truth is that these events have significantly increased over the past 10 years and a statistical evaluation of data will confirm it.  When I saw my first chemtrail over SoCal 9 years ago – I KNEW IMMEDIATELY that something very strange was going on. Don't let the creepy debunkers get you down and don't let the uninformed deniers ruin your day. Good luck to all.

  42. Nicole and Family says:

    The news is indeed bad. It's real bad. But those of us who have been following Dane and really getting the word out all this time are not tripping on our emotions. We are not confused. We are organized. 

    Here is some information you can use to help your family and friends along. Film 1 explains that we currently have 5 gigatons of methane in our global atmosphere. There is approx. 50 to hundreds of gigatons of methane in just 1 arctic shelf alone, and it is now releasing. It will only take about one percent of that to double the atmospheric burden of greenhouse gas which will make this planet unlivable. We can get there as early as 2035.

    Film 2 turn it to 12 minutes in, explains they estimate 150 gigatons of methane released by 2100, now in progress. Methane is more than 100 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than CO2 over a ten year time period. We have in fact fired the clathrate gun on methane release in the arctic.

    Then turn this one to *28 minutes in* for a very important message from Dane. We should not toss the global warming baby out with the common sense bathwater. We all took part in this. You can't slash and burn like our civilization has done for so long without effecting the climate.

    Live your life the right way. Recycle. Turn the lights off. Walk. Do the right thing. I think most of us know these things matter. If by some chance we should make it out of this, we don't want to come out of it arrogant yard apes. 

    ​Fukushima reactors continue to leach over 300 tons of radioactive man made cancer causing materials into our oceans and atmosphere every single day! There is no stopping it; no one has an answer for putting the nightmare to an end.

    ​After viewing the above clips, you can see that between the mass methane release and the catastrophic consequences of fukushima we are in real trouble. And the spraying was ramped up for this reason as well as others that are being hidden from us. But we know the spray is quite toxic. All we have to do is take a walk in our local area and we can observe the fallout effects. Our trees are dead or dying. We see little living wildlife and every day we hear more stories of whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles washing ashore dead. 

    Follow Dana Durnford on YouTube. He is an independent researcher who spent the entire winter on the open pacific alone with his dog Zoey getting underwater images of the death from the fallout. As the cesium is found washing ashore, the EPA raises acceptable allowance of radiation in drinking and bath water to lethal doses and no one even notices:

    Now Obama has signed our water rights away – he can take control of our lakes, ponds, streams even our rainwater very easily now and just after he signed that declaration they began spraying in our great lakes on the east coast as facebook members are submitting video footage of Susquehanna River being sprayed by a big white chopper and the people were not notified. We don't know why but we can certainly surmise its due to acidification which comes with heat, plus all of the spraying that's going on entering the water systems now, plus fallout in our rain from fukushima. You end up with a toxic soup of chemicals that is giving birth to bacteria we've never heard of and never seen before and that will evaporate into the air column and come down on us in rain. 

    The writing is on the wall. We have entered no mans land. The one thing that our family really hope to see from this administration is some form of honest communication. Tell us the truth. We are living in terror. They clearly know that. They may as well just level with us. Give us some kind of advantage in preparation. 

    Take action. Sign and share our petition here:
    he above petition recycles every 30 days so it will be restarted over and over regardless of whether we have 2 signatures on it or 80,000. Our collective voice is publicly loud and clear at the White House petition page that we do NOT CONSENT to being POISONED. Stand with us. 

    Next month when the petition is resubmitted the link will be slightly different. You can always find it on the main petitions page here:
    Hold on to your loved ones. So tight. And may God be with all of the beautiful souls that cared about this Earth, this miraculous place, that we once called home.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Nichole and Family, I signed again and am grateful for your stuborness.

      What do you mean the Prez took all water rights?  I admit I've not looked through my many emails in days, I've been bummed and sick-from chemtrails for once I think.  Last night, just before dark was one of the scariest skies I have seen and I grew up in tornado alley.  Freaky, just freaky.  But the water-what, how, when?  I'm gonna blow… 

  43. john says:

    Hi Paul, Dane and Community,

    I do believe that the "Cabal" is in charge and that, for the most part, they have more information than we do. Not that they are any more intelligent, but they have access to all of the relevant information. This said, I have thought for some time that they know that too-many-humans-on-the-planet is the problem, therefore, they (those who control us) have been conjuring up a way to exterminate us.

    I present another scenario, as food-for-thought:

    I believe that the overlords will, possibly, mix in a 'secret ingredient' into those KC-135s' onboard tanks of chemical concoction and spray it all over us at a time of their choosing – a false flag that they will explain away like 911, or Sandy Hook, et al. Within the week following such a 'spraying' scenario, a sudden outbreak of ebola, anthrax, Jumpin' Jimmy Fever, or what have you, will afflict the majority of us, 'unexpectedly.' Then, in a flash, half the world's population will have been 'brought under control.'

    Dane, I have many talents and skills, and believe there are solutions. How can I help you in your daunting workload?

    Peace, Love and Understanding,


  44. joe says:

    Troy, the methane creates the heat trapping gas, like CO2. Only much better -or worse.

     Underground cities are for protection from nuclear fallout. These are called DUMB's -deep underground military bases- and were in process since the 60's or so. As George Carlin said, "they are for the elite crowd; it's an elite club, and you ain't in it!"


    • Troy allen says:

      I understand the methane.just curious if going underground u could escape that I'm curious because I live near a large cave complex. 

  45. Malcolm K Foster says:

    Thank you for all you are doing Dane. The weather here in the UK at the moment is terrible and completely out of season. Cold, windy, rain, then sun, clear sky then black clouds horizon to horizon. It goes from summer to winter within an hour or two. It is like nothing I remember in my near 70 years. I KNOW it's cause is man made thanks to your organisation. I have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren and I am terrified for their future. I have witnessed the effect of geoengineering in the skies above me.

    Yet, when they mentioned the state of the weather at a metal detecting club I attended tonight and I briefly spoke about geoengineering, chemtrails, manipulation of our weather, the chemicals being sprayed down on us, the effect on our health,etc, etc, I was laughed at. What a doomer/gloomer. It is a real conversation stopper and people just do not want to know. It is just like trying to warn family and friends about the coming world-wide financial collapse, the need to get some silver and gold, to build up a stock of long-life food, medicines and other essentials to last at least 6 month and to start growing you own food if you can – all as I have done.

    I have decided it is impossible, I am giving up mentioning these things, just doing what I can to protect my families' future. I am tired of being ridiculed. I am starting to feel that people will get what they deserve, that I can put no faith in them, therefore all I can do is to renew my faith in God. I see no other answer just now.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Malcolm, stand strong, you are delivering the message, from that point on the burden is on them. Shake the dust from your shoes and move on to those that are ready to awaken, they are out there. Also, bring some copies of credible data to pass out, that is very helpful to deal with the deniers. Never give up.

    • john says:


      If you are, in fact, who you say you are, then, Dane is exactly right, '"Move on!," "Get going!," "Spread Out!"' Those words from original great comedians, Moe, Larry and Curly – words I find demandingly appropriate to motivate the too-sleepy ones, hitherto, and going forward. I advocate saying those exact words in a comical way, just to convince people you are 'just playing around.' Then get to business while you still have their attention! Be nice to them, not forceful. Be convincing, in the best, most-effective way only you know you can get away with, with them. It worked for the Three Stooges!

      The great solutions going forward will be created through spiritual Judo, by those who know how to spin the immense energy from the orbit of negative intentions into productive outcomes – that's all it is, really, Judo. How many of you know a Judo Master? Find her/him and consult with them, interview them, take them out for Sushi and Tea. Get into the philosophy, for they are wise beyond the man-made consumer populace.

      Too many people are intentionally distracted, divided, confused, entertained (and who doesn't like entertainment?), controlled, manipulated, misdirected, misguided, misinformed, dissuaded, persuaded, lied to, ill-informed, concealed,  coerced, incarcerated, and, convinced. Those who can't grasp, even, the notion of our government/overlords taking advantage of us, like the "purps" Paul speaks of in his article, “Geoengineering And The Jade Helm Military Exercises In The US, What’s The Connection?”

      Last night, at 12:00, Section 215, of the Patriot Act was scheduled to expire. I haven't checked to see if it did, for a reason. They will turn-out some other oppressive, tyrannical law that keeps us right-in-line, like chickens in a slaughter-cone, positioned just so (upside down), so they can cut off the neck precisely (in a few short minutes) when the greatest downward blood-pressure exudes at the 'drain-point' – anywhere they choose to cut on the neck. The chicken is dead when its life-terminator is directed to end it. Sound familiar, possible, likely? Hey, they killed 3 grand on 911, then millions after, why not a couple billion or more? A means to an end.

      Don’t blow it with your delivery of the truth, Malcolm. Tell it in a creative way that gains their attention. Then, acceptance, even adoration will come.

    • Marley says:

      Malcolm, I'm in the UK too and feel exactly the same as you do.  You want to give up trying to make people aware and it's so hard trying to help your family and friends when they will not listen and just ridicule you.  For a while I stopped talking about it, but now I continue to forward important emails and continue to bring the subject up in conversations.  In between times I show that I am still the same person, still agree with them on other issues etc.  I know that something will register and that one day they will wake up to what I am saying.  It's a hard, and sometimes a lonely and bitter place and i have posted comments like yours before, but use that anger at what they are doing in a positive way and don't let THEM defeat you.

    • Malcolm K Foster says:

      Thank you Dane, John and Marley, for your comments and advice which I will take heed of. Reading the comments of others on here and realising there must be an ever-growing community of right-minded people bringing awareness to our plight is encouraging.

      I spotted a comment above listing some videos to present to the blissfully-ignorant (which I wish I was in some ways with so many issues) which I will look at and forward. Nobody likes bad news and it is often the deliverer that gets the flak – that is human nature.

      No, being the person I am, I know it is not my nature to remain silent on things I feel strongly about and that I will continue to drop it casually into conversations when possible, to hopefully let it grow like a little seed.

      The Three Stooges John! Happy memories of a Liverpool childhood, Saturday morning cinema matinee, along with the Lone Ranger, Rocket Man, Abbot and Costello, etc.

  46. As I sit here and listen to you, I watch them creating new white trails over the already white sky, and note all the dead and dying trees.

    Thank you Dane

  47. Troy allen says:

    So if the methane is released we all die…. But we think they will pop Yellowstone before that? And that is the reason I would want to go underground to a cave complex? Or would my home be sustainable or is underground the best place thank you best of luck great article. 

    Troy northern CA

    • Pat says:

      Fort underground shelter information read "Fighting Chance Ten Feet From Hell" by Gary North and Arthur Robinson.  The information coincides with the above article and there are many references and plans for shelters.  Another source is "Survival is Only Ten Feet From Hell", it is a Phoenix Journal and is available in pdf format at  We can survive a nuclear war! Good luck and who cares if people think you're nuts!  We all must get right with God as well!

  48. kathleen gabel says:

    Thank you Paul Helinski for stepping forward to reveal ongoing geoengineering to your readers and to cover many of the possible scenarios threatening our very lives here in America and on the planet.  Continuing to wake people up and preparing for the worst are the two things we all must continue to do.

  49. Angel_Jacksonville_Florida says:

    It’s Agenda 21, Bill Gates from Hell trying to say 33 Billion People will Die!!! So where did he get does number’s from? Well from Birderburg Private Meetings. That’s for sure.

  50. Rachael Webb says:

    Fantastic article, it actually leaves me almost speechless. I fear that everything said is happening now. I come from a military family and I do not have any disrespect towards brave individuals serving in the military, but its no coincidence that since 911, the government has really ramped up the propaganda on supporting the troops and really pushing how we should honor and respect the military. Its all been in preparation for this day, so that has shown in the video of the exercise in Arizona, we will all gladly abide by their orders and smile and laugh as they herd us all up, and strip us of all our possessions. At the very least Jade Helm is an exercise to see if the American population will submit to military rule, at the worst, this is the end. Little do most of these individual servicemen know, but they are not going to be invited into the bunkers either. The whole purpose of these guys and Jade Helm is to clear the cities and keep us under control while the power structure and the small chosen few move under ground. They will be abandoned to after this process is complete.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Paul, the global power structure agreed on this a long time ago, our fate has been sealed for quite sometime. we are actually living the "Burn the Village to Save it"  parable.

  51. Kathy says:

    Thank you and welcome, Paul Helinski. We need you and your excellent article. Kathy (a liberal)

    • Mark Bottorff says:

      The psychopaths in charge actually believe that they can avoid the consequences of their actions.  If they had even the tiniest bit of scope they would realize that they have no chance whatsoever. Unfortunately it is impossible to influence those with such enormous egos.

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