Geoengineering, Hurricane Manipulation, And Ocean Heat Buildup


Dane Wigington

Hurricanes (called cyclones in the western Pacific) have been actively and aggressively manipulated for a very long time. The more that the climate engineers hamper Earth's natural life support systems, the more dire our climate and environmental scenarios will become. Hurricanes in the Atlantic basin have been actively suppressed from becoming major circulations since 2006. Major landfall events to the US have been completely suppressed during this same time frame (hurricane Sandy was not a "major" hurricane, though it did do horrific damage). And what about the Gulf of Mexico? In spite of record warm waters, hurricanes have not been forming as conditions indicate they should. Any developing circulation in the Gulf is immediately knocked down and kept in check by the climate engineers. They do not want the sea of BP oil sitting on the bottom of the Gulf to get churned up. There is officially a hurricane "slump" in the Atlantic basin and the weather makers appear to have yet another mild hurricane season scheduled for the US in spite of record warm ocean temperatures. A single large cyclone in the right location of the Gulf would likely again scatter oil all over beaches yet again.


Some hurricanes are allowed to reach damaging intensity if they are going to impact Cuba, Haiti, or other parts of central America where damage can be tolerated or may even be a desired outcome. What about the hurricane season in the eastern Pacific (west of the US)? The 2014 season was the most active in 22 years. The western Pacific (east of Asia) is already off to a record year for cyclones. Massive and continuous cyclones in the western Pacific are wreaking havoc on many nations that are either adversarial to US "interests" or that the US wants to "occupy" by building military bases after it moves in damaged countries under humanitarian pretexts. Are cyclones in the Pacific actually being allowed to strengthen or even being augmented by the weather makers (with ionosphere heaters like HAARP) as a form of weather warfare? Why would we believe otherwise when available data makes clear the technology has existed for decades and has actively been used. 

Super typhoon Haiyan: survivors walk past a ship that lies on top of damaged homes

What is all this manipulation doing to the state of the oceans? The extremely rapid buildup of Co2 and methane in the atmosphere is an immense problem for life on Earth. The climate engineering insanity is an even bigger problem overall. The ongoing climate manipulation has prevented the planet from responding to the damage being done from other forms of anthropogenic activity while at the same time geoengineering programs themselves have added exponentially to the overall damage to the climate and atmosphere from countless directions. Earth's oceans are warming at the thermal energy release rate of 4 Hiroshima bombs per second, the warming is occurring so rapidly the records keep breaking the existing charts. The more man interferes with the life support systems of the planet, the less our chances of survival will be. Earth's oceans are dying along with the rest of the biosphere. Educate yourself and make your voice heard in this battle while there is yet time to make a difference. DW

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  1. JR says:

    A quick glimpse through my eyes here in Southwest, N.M.-USA. Today 5-15-15 beautiful looking skies until the evil ones see beautiful and hate it, so they start their spraying and the winds come, all planned of course. I don't need to give proof as the lowlifes (all included) want and that's their way of copping out, the jackasses braying in the wind. With an open mind and eyes is more than enough to discern what's happening. The clouds disappeared and above us were greenish, purplish, yellow and other funky colors in the mix where they sprayed-SAG. Just like when you mix oil or gas in water. These punks are not the chosen ones as someone posted on other article. They are the ones who will burn like chaff in the wind, as the dross removed from fine gold.


  2. PLT says:

    I sometimes wonder if the Fukushima disaster wasn't created just so the thinking portion of the population would have an excuse for the Pacific die-offs that didn't involve geoengineering…

    • SD says:

      We need a Special Prosecutor who will investigate, indict and prosecute all active participants along with their disinformation agents and debunkers under the federal RICO statutes. Environmental Racketeering.

  3. JR says:

    Hey Folks; Back briefly but with the same scenario of yesterday. Chemtrailed to death. High winds and our rain clouds from West of us being demolished and upper sky whited out! Winds blowing strong Eastward, 5/14/15 at 3:08 p.m. GOD Bless His Own………

  4. Sylvia Sires says:

    I saw this on a facebook post and wanted to pass it forward as it appears to be written about Geo Engineering and was prepared for Members and Committees of Congress

  5. Marc says:

    I am in great fear for your safety Dane. We can all cite examples of heroic individuals who, in their fight to expose the truth about something of grave importance to mankind, were "disappeared". I'm quite sure you are practising due diligence and watching your back, but we all know what these heartless automatons are capable of. On that note, why are any of still alive? These monsters could at any time load bio-weapons into their tanks and wipe the landscape clean of any and all of us. But wait! Gee, maybe there is still too much profit to be made off of our illness and suffering and labor. That would explain the "slow kill" hypothesis. Nonetheless, to consciously and with great intent,  spray deadly aerosols 24/7 around the world for years on end without interruption can, to any normal, thinking person with any common sense, mean only one thing: genocide/omnicide!!! The only possible flaw in this rationale is that there exists so MANY subcontractors in the game that there may not actually be any cohesive, singular agenda governed by any one entity. The free-for-all mentality of all the myriad players in the aerosol game may indicate only that many, many players have all jumped on the geoengineering bandwagon to get in on their share of the profits. But then again……where are the funds originating to pay for all of this spraying??? THAT might suggest a global cohesion beyond our understanding.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, thank you for your concern, I don’t take this for granted. Certainly we are all at risk now, there is no choice but to move forward with our efforts. I have never given any oath to the “system” or those in power, never, not in any way shape or form. For most that try to “blow the whistle”, they are breaking their former oaths to the cabal, this is not the case with me. I don’t know what difference this fact may make, but either way, we must march on. My most sincere gratitude to you and all others that helping to sound the alarm.

    • PLT says:

      Safety in numbers!  The best way to protect the leaders of a movement, is to make the cause and its supporters as visible as possible.  Whether or not we have reached critical mass (to my way of thinking, a very indeterminate quantity), there are enough of us to make waves.  We just need to keep agitating the waters.

      As far as "what they are waiting for" goes, I have pondered that point, too.  Maybe my cynicism is too dark, but it has occurred to me that many of the sick bastards at the top are actually enjoying the spectacle, and many below them are fascinated by the experiment they're involved in (being too stupid to realize they are, ultimately, part of the test group).

  6. JR says:

    Real quick, our rain clouds coming in from West were annihilated today-all day with SAG-AKA-Chemtrails 5-13-15. There will be consequences to pay so dearly for the wicked at heart. These lowlifes live for the here and now reaping, but shall reap what they sowed. Not good. We know we don't play with fire and not get burned, yeah? I saw a Science documentary today where for the most part the white fibers flying in air after heavy spraying are nano technology. Man is trying to resemble a spider and its webbing (spying) purposes. Carbon fibers are supposed to be in making so these people can build a railway to space in future. How stupid huh, just like the Tower of Babel People, whew…… 

  7. Marc says:

    Hello Dane. For some time now you have periodically alluded to some "big" developments "behind the scenes" on the front lines of our fight against this ongoing atrocity. (Geowatch Radio) But, of course, you are not at liberty to discuss details yet. I get that. But as a passionately concerned citizen in this fight, I cannot help but speculate along certain lines as to what you might mean. I'm not asking you to divulge anything but it seems to me that some kind of very large legal maneuver (class action lawsuit?) might be a possibility. As Tom Friedman said in his book "Hot, Flat and Crowded"…to counteract the effects of greenhouse gas production requires action ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE beyond anything mankind could ever likely orchestrate. This being said, I feel that is where we are at with our fight against geoengineering. The vast scope of the spraying going on every minute of every day, and the vastness of the web of perpetrators, from the manufacturers of the aerosols to the grunts who retrofit the planes to the white-collar sonofabitches who knowingly push their pens in service of this genocide….it all seems so impossibly huge and impenetrable! Is it ever going to be possible to reach any kind of "critical mass" that will, in actuality, begin to cut off the arms of this octopus?

      In St. Louis, Mo. today and yesterday the spraying has been beyond despicable. Trails being laid out in every direction at all hours of the day, of course morphing into a sky full of white, hazy shit, with dramatic loss of pure sunlight. As Dane reminds us constantly, the biosphere can't handle this kind of assault indefinitely. There has to be a breaking point, at which time our life-support system fails, i.e. WE FAIL. I think we can all agree, we have entered the phase we might call: "the breaking point". 

      My despair now runs so deep within my soul, but NOT for myself. My despair is for my children, all children, all species of every imaginable living creature, all of innocent humanity who did not ask for, nor consent to, a rain of toxic filth to be strewn over their heads day after day, year after year. The flip side of my coin of despair, however, is RAGE. My rage is largely unexpressed. What little I write here or elsewhere, coupled with spreading awareness etc. never gets truly to the heart of it. I fear all of our efforts will never be of sufficient strength to stop any of this murderous bullshit. Which, I guess, leads me back to what I said earlier about "orders of magnitude" and whatever aces Dane seems to have up his sleeve.

  8. Karen W says:

    Thank you so much, Dane for all you are doing to sound the alarm.  We are blessed to have you and your website.  I am planning on sending this topic to many I know.


  9. Tim says:

    Dane, thanks for all you do. Do you think the Power structure forsees climatic devastation coming and thus the reason for Jade Helm, Fema camps etc? This stuff scares me so much. It just doesn't make alot of sense unless they forsee something dire.

  10. John says:


    Does anyone have a confirmation of where these airplanes for aerosol spraying are based and are flying out of?  If you know or have a list, please give me the information.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Diesirae, aerosol spray aircraft are flying out of locations around the globe, military and commercial.

  11. JAC says:


    I have a suggestion on how to start making organizations in the media aware using twitter. 

    Using Twitter – Type #geoengineering & @GeoengWatch find the local news channel, weather channel, local radio stations and directly @ their name and ask them about Geongineering.  I've specifically been sending images saying can you please investigate on what they are spraying?

    I have had total silence from everyone in my area within the media.  Yet, I've added followers from all over the world saying great job and what the heck are they spraying.

    So the images are getting out!!!  

    Also, a little twitter tip.  Retweeting a # does not create a unique trending hit.  So always tweet #geoengineering and it only takes like 10k in a few minutes to get it on the trending list.

    We should organize at Tweet #Geoengineering day at a specific time so we can put the word infront of millions people at once. Force a trend!! 

    #Geoengineering #DANEisCOOL



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thank you for all your efforts JAC, your methods and suggestions for starting “spot fires” of awareness are very appreciated. We are rounding the last turn in a very long race against time, lets all keep our kick.

  12. victor says:

    If you really want to get real news which includes this web site try the following sites: Paul Craig Roberts site , global research and nsnbc.

  13. Chad says:

    There is no Constitution and you have no rights anymore!

  14. Visionrider says:

    I have a question? I seem to see pictures all over the world with geo-engineering trails, so it’s not just in the US. What entity is powerful enough to conduct this vast an operation. Or is it a multitude of different enitities fighting to use the weather as a weapon/population control?

    • victor says:

      If you look at the aaaaYouTube video of the May 9th 70th cermony  of WWII in Russia you will also see chemitrails. They are everywhere. Every day in France the planes are flying ti insure a "nice" hazy sky. So much for vitamin D3.

    • John says:

      Research the Illuminati, Rothchilds, Banksters, Globalists, Elites, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)…therein lies your answer… 

  15. sienna says:

    Yea God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth in Revelation

  16. Bette says:

    Lets just call it what it is…."Weather Manipulation Warfare"!!!

  17. Rachel Robson says:

    Jonathan from Canada, Hi.  Maybe you need to find a new doctor.  In my rather vast experience, they are not all equal.  What kind of tests did your doctor do?  How do you know you have irregular heart beats?  I'm not doubting you, just that there are different kinds, some not threatening, like mine.  So glad I am not related by blood to the family that adopted me.  Heart attacks right and left.  My "grandmother" on "father's" side dropped dead on top of me just before I turned 7, from her 7th! heart attack.  My "father" had 5 heart attacks and 4 strokes and 3 heart failures before he died.  So, I became alarmed by my own irregular beat quite some time ago.  So long ago I forget the explanation, except that it was not a real problem, something much more normal and not life threatening.  My "sister" has freaked out over her's many times, even got a stress test. I've never done that, but growing up in this family was scary and the fear remains.  So, I can relate.  Did they do blood tests, like for thyroid?  Any other markers?  Or did the doc just blow you off?  If so, get a second assessment, you are entitled to do so.  Good luck.  By the way, stubborness helps!  In every way.

  18. Janet Garcia says:

    Does anyone know if they spray in Mexico?

  19. jonathan says:

    I just watched the video in one of the comments and I’m scared, the effects of barium and how it could cause heart failures or in my case, irregular heart beats. I live in Quebec Canada where the spraying is heavy and for the past year, I’ve been experimenting this condition with my heart. The scariest part is, at 35 years old, how long before I die? I went to do tests and the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart. Is he blind or what? If the grief geoengineering criminals be allowed to kill us, shouldn’t we take matter in our own hands and do the same to them and their families? You tell me.

  20. Melody Meachum says:

    Society has become so fake, that the TRUTH actually bothers people".

    We sure recognize the pervasiveness of this statement in the general population. Starting with the most basic premise…too many believe that our federal government still governs based on the Constitution and governs for the benefit of "we the people". Many identify that our government isn't right these days, but they're too trusting and too lazy to do anything more than scratch their heads and blame it on one political party or the other.  This really can be said of any government that participates with the NWO.

    Our federal government was hijacked long ago – clearly evident by the turn of the 20th century. Over the last few decades, trustworthy & benevolent leaders have been driven out of office one way or another. All that remain are paid-off puppets…cowards and traitors. The awake stand no chance winning the sheep over that are feeding at the government controlled false news media sites…CNN/Fox and rest of alphabet.

    It's no wonder that the banker/elite mafia succeed against humankind. One of the earliest acts of subterfuge against America and most of the world = the illegal Federal Reserve and Central Banks. A little farther down the timeline of history and we see the plan of weather warfare taking shape. "They" called it cloud-seeding! In reality we know they were already declaring a soft war against nature and humankind. Next our food and seed production was infiltrated to cause us harm. Our healthcare infiltrated = vaccinations and other harmful treatments = pharmaceutical.  

    And how would/could they keep their agenda rolling along…by false terrorism = false wars. Creating constant fictitious boogeymen around the globe in order to declare fictitious wars and protect us here at home from terrorism. Which of course is always weatlh creation for the military-industrial complex.

  21. Rachel Robson says:

    Ralph Ely, I know that the sea temps are nearly boiling, but some odd anomaly here, or?  You mention the sea life on west coast beaching itself, washing up dead, but you don't mention the navy.  That is huge, and they play chemical games too.  Beginning in very early 2014, NOAA gave permission to the Navy to "take" sea life, as in shoot, kill, whatever, for target practice and war games.  This includes all our coasts, up close and personal including birthing areas and mating areas.  They are using electrormagnetic weapons, guns, lasers, bombs, chemicals, sonar and more.  They explain it themselves at their site.  I did try to warn people, we did not have much of a chance to stop it.  This year they've enlarged their whole project big time, like all the way to Hawaii and more and until 2020.  Five more years of this insanity.  I filed my complaints, questions and issues-which often reply with a duly noted but I got nothing.  And there was some time this time for public comments and I did try to make people aware.  As Dane so often says, it is not just this or that, it is this that and the others.  But this is horrendous, just horrendous.  No real rationale at all.  Boys and their toys.

    • Earth Angel says:

      We know the entities at the top making these earth destroying policies and decisions are EVIL and out of control. Its up to those in the military commanded to carry out these insane actions to exercise basic common sense and REFUSE to do so.

  22. Raph Ely says:

    The majority of ocean temperatures are into record shattering heat readings, as the Government's own Marine Modeling and Analysis Map clearly shows. (NOAA map. Ref:

    We have whales and other sea mammals beaching them self up and down the West Coast of America… and "the scientists" are baffled? The only thing baffling is how they got to be scientists!

    Hint to all Scientists: "The biosphere is collapsing. The reason is the GeoEngineering of our skies.  It is called Cause and Effect."

    It is on All Of Us daily to expose the Criminals of GeoEngineering, force Disclosure, Stop the Spraying and Hold Them Accountable! 

  23. Rachel Robson says:

    Marco, as I understand it and remember it, the US Had to abandon Clark Air Force base because the flow from Mt. Pinatubo covered it completely.  The Philippines were wise to just say NO to nuclear US at Subic.  But now there is the TTP set, ready to go it seems and few have heard about this most important transfer of jobs overseas as, not unlike geoengineering, the media did not cover this very bad idea set to fast track.  Obviously, the Philippines are in a strategic position, geographically.  Especially if one considers China, Korea, and the TTP. And, by the way, I am very much against the TTP.  And this proposal of so many US military bases there-oh also, there is the whole Indonesia thing with Muslim extremists- so, I'd guess, given all the little islands there, our military would set up an array of different military aspects given even a small rock to platform around.  The not so secret now Diego Garcia naval base-USA of course is an example of what I think they envision.  Our navy seems to be everywhere!  The US obviously thought they benefited from Clark, now and for so long without, but for Diego Garcia, I can easily envision what they hope to gain from 8 small military bases, perhaps each with its own agenda.  As usual, our military is out of control.  Perhaps would give a platform for Africa as well.  Radar, refueling, etc.  How did you find this out?  Does not seem to be on media.

  24. Frank says:

    The lies continue with Ken Caldeira in the video below.

  25. Ono says:

    When people die through actions of others, it is a crime (manslaughter).  If it is premeditated (planned) it is murder, punishable by death.  Those who know and do nothing, are accomplices. 



  26. JR says:

    Hello from Southern New Mexico-Southwest USA. Today we got walloped with super heavy spraying SAG/Chemtrails all to visible and many different layout patterns. One of these lowlifes layout was of a partial Swastika (1/2) headed West from East. This flying pig (1) of so many up there today must of been laughing its rear end all the way in its wallow. The word says that what good is it to put a gold ring on pigs snout only so it will go filth it all up like these lowlifes today up there. There is no way these pilots don't know what's going on up there and who pays them their payload along with the rest of the filthy lowlifes making this crap and loading them up. Honesty is out the window folks. I believe our time on this earth is truly winding down. I could be wrong but it's a good time to make peace with our Maker and walk the narrow path for those not there yet. To each their own with our free will though. 

  27. Earth Angel says:

    8 US military bases in the Philippines????… WTF for??.. I'm from the US and I don't even want that. That's just nuts!  If you hadn't mentioned this marco, I would have never known it. I've heard nothing about it from the news in the USA. Wonder how many millions of other Americans know nothing of it either. This is what we are dealing with here- a government and military gone out of control and completely detached from the people of the country. : (  I can honestly say none of the politicians represent me or my wishes. I hope the Philippean government says NO WAY!  GET LOST!  

    • Arizona says:

      Earth Angel,those bases came with a price,the US NAVY has 7 ships,called DEATH SHIPS,in an agreement with the governments all around the world,THOSE ships take on board disdents,trouble makers,gods people,and anyone the governments wants to get rid of in secret,THEIR TAKEN ABOARD THESE DEATH SHIPS AND KILLED,then the ashes of their bodies are dumped at sea,no ones the wiser of where their family members went,unless you happen to know someone who was on one of these ships,THIS IS THE US NAVY IN ACTION……THE US GOVERNMENT,POLICE GANGS,and EVERY GOVERNMENT offical is ROTTEN TO THE CORE,

  28. marco says:

    In the Philippines hurricanes are called typhoons and there are several each year.  There was a "super typhoon", (category 5, very unusual for the Philippines), in 2013.

    The US Military has withdrawn all forces from the Philippines in the 1990s due to massive protest there of nuclear powered ships or bombs, and the US military chose to leave rather than agree to a nuclear free zone there. They abandoned Clark AFB and Subic, transferring to Guam.

    Now as part of the US "pivot to Asia", the US is asking the Philippines for permission to open 8 military bases there and a decision is being awaited by the Sandiganbayan, the Philippines Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the request. A decision is expected sometime in June.

    It should be interesting to see, if the request is denied, if there will be an increase of storms and the intensity of the typhoons, as punishment to the Philippines (similar to what happened to Thailand) for the refusal.  Or if agreement is reached, less typhoons with less intensity. 

    Normal typhoons in the Philippines are cat 1 or 2, with an occasional cat 3.  Cat 4 is unusual and cat 5  is unheard of, except for the one in 2013.

  29. Sean says:

    It seems now other than the cool spot in the central US the other main anomaly for cold lately is the high arctic, as well as over the East siberian shelf. Mean daily temperatures north of 80 latitude have dipped well below normal for this time of year. Inland areas of the northwest territories Canada are posting rather ridiculously high temps right now though. Fort Simpson Northwest Territories is being forecast to hit around 80f today.

    Dane, do you feel like the mostly likely scenario will be for the geoengineers to try to keep the high arctic cool as they did in 2013/2014 thus preventing another record low minimum ice extent come September? How do they manage this cold pool in the high arctic? I understand how the Eastern US cool downs are done/created, but I'm not sure on the tactics used to keep the high arctic cool. Do you think that off the charts ocean temps are going to thwart any chance of the geoengineers preventing a new record setting low sea ice extent for the september minimum? Thanks.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, there is no wat to predict what the climate engineers will nessesarily do as the weeks and months unfold. The climate system is unravelling and their ongoing experiment is in a constant state of Flux. The Arctic is cooled in the same manner as the lower 48, jet stream manipulation and artificial ice nucleation of all available moisture. The climate engineers will try to prevent a record low minimum, but it’s anyones guess this year, we are in uncharted water so to speak.

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