Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 21, 2018, #141


Dane Wigington

How much longer can the majority of industrialized / militarized societies hide from reality? Not long. Foundations of power structures are fracturing from every direction, many critical issues are finally beginning to come to light. Though this is, in many ways, a leap in the right direction, it also leads to unbridled desperation on the part of those who wield power. Are radio programs on the political left or right mentioning anything about the most critical threats we face? No. A week after America’s latest illegal and unjust bombing of a sovereign nation (Syria), how many Americans even remember? How many care? Regions of South America are sliding toward chaos, has US mainstream media said a word? The US Air Force is desperately trying to put nearly 200 additional jet aircraft tankers into service. Is this for the purpose of increasing the ongoing toxic atmospheric spraying to even more extreme levels? How much longer can the biosphere and the web of life sustain the assault? Where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

With every passing day the more and more are finally waking up to the rapidly darkening horizon, it is up to all that are already awake to continue sounding the alarm. In doing so, it is imperative to share data that is factually on completely solid ground, anything less inevitably leads to the marginalization of the critical climate engineering cause. Make your voice heard, while it can still make a difference.

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Event Center, San Diego, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


The photos below were taken at the Earth Day event in Redding, California, April 21, 2018. has a staffed informational booth with free awareness raising materials. Geoengineering Watch materials are also being circulated at several other Earth Day events in California.


215 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 21, 2018, #141

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Local News Weather Employee's indeed, do read scripts. I believe not all weather reporters are certified Meteorologists. The Concept of Operations (ConOps) is a falsified report! I follow The Weather Channel, The Weather on Local News Stations, it is unbelievable what I hear come out of their mouths in the reports!!!!!

  2. Bonnie Crawford says:

    I think all this spraying assault on us is probably part of the depopulation plan that these psychopaths are carrying out. But they're doing it to themselves and their own families as well. I cannot comprehend such stupidity; I'm a lot more angry than fearful over what these lunatics are doing. Worse than stupid!

    • Nolan says:

      They aren't worried about harming themselves because they have access to all the underground secret bunkers and bases and tunnels, etc. all over the country and the world.

  3. For those concerned in the State of Michigan: >

    State of Michigan – RE: Prohibition of use – Electromagnetic, biological, or active devices

    Act No. 256

    Public Acts of 2003

    Approved by the Governor

    December 28, 2003

    Filed with the Secretary of State

    December 29, 2003

    EFFECTIVE DATE: January 1, 2004

    THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE Act 328 of 1931

    See pages 98-103 for specific definitions of violation and penalties related to Prohibitions of use: harmful biological substance or device – chemical irritant or chemical irritant device – harmful electronic or electromagnetic device – harmful radioactive material or device.


    (i) “Harmful chemical substance” means a solid, liquid, or gas that through its chemical or physical properties, alone

    or in combination with 1 or more other chemical substances, can be used to cause death, injury, or disease in humans, animals, or plants."

  4. marc says:

    Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get worse, it has.Yesterday's skies over Tucson, Arizona were as meteorologically impossible and as utterly repulsive as anything I've ever seen since I awakened to this issue around 5-6 years ago. The entire sky yesterday morning was filled horizon to horizon with what can only be described as an amorphous, largely featureless mass of off-white, off-gray and off-blue aerosolized bullshit while literally all day the worthless meatsocks continued sortie after sortie right directly over Tucson, leaving massive plumes of filth and in some instances cutting right through the existing cloud mass which caused a peculiar interplay between the fresh trail and the aerosolized mess. There is something particularly maddening and psychologically infuriating about the relative speed with which we see these winged murderers criss-crossing over us. They look like they're going about their omnicidal business almost as if they're bored to tears and just going through the motions so they can collect their lousy-ass paycheck at the end of the week. As if it's the most normal and routine thing in the whole f**king world to participate in murdering an entire planet. When I see a jet so high up it's almost invisible, defecating streams of white death across our skies, I find the "slowness" with which they are moving to be possibly more than just an optical aspect due to altitude. I wonder whether they really ARE flying at a minimum velocity some of the time for some, as yet unidentifiable, advantage. 

       Fast forward to 4:30 a.m. this morning. I couldn't sleep so I got up and immediately went outside only to discover the vast signature, RIGHT OVER THE HEART OF TUCSON, of some frequency manipulation that left a huge swath of parallel "cloud" lines in a vast circular pattern. Most of the rest of the sky seemed to have cleared from the debacle known as "yesterday". And indeed, when it got light outside the parallel lines evaporated, and the entire canopy of heaven was mostly "clear", a 180 degree about-face since yesterday. Even a buddy of mine here who never goes more than about halfway with me on the geoengineering stuff, remarked at how disgusting the skies were yesterday and how much spraying the motherf**kers were doing. Furthermore, and since I've been monitoring this shit for some years, I am pretty damn tuned into how my mind and body feel from day to day as it relates to spraying, etc. And I can tell you that yesterday was utterly disgusting and that the saturation of filth raining down on me made me feel like complete shit and is NOT my f**king imagination, as some would like to have me believe. We all have good days, not-so-good days, and sometimes outright horrific days where the skin feels filthy all day and like it's covered in some kind of "film". Not to mention dry-mouth, shortness of breath and cognitive "compression" where one feels like one's whole head is in an invisible vise. 

       Other than all of the above…….have a nice day, folks.

    • Dog says:

      I corroborate everything Marc said about the skies over Tucson yesterday, 4/26/18. And, the day before, 4/25/18, the sky was "clear" for much of the day; in the early afternoon the lines started to appear, and by late afternoon it was the same artificial cloud cover that always appears after this activity. There was no natural weather system nearby which could have produced this.

      I don't know WHAT it is going to take to make people see what is going on, and make the connection, especially when today here, there IS a weather system, with REAL clouds in the sky! The difference in the cloud cover is SO obvious — 

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      It is not your imagination that on the heavy spray days you feel worse…it happens to me and my 6 year old granddaughter too.  We were both very sick this past winter with these viruses, and not the flu, that ended in a cough that lasted for a month, then we would feel a little better for a couple of weeks and then it was back again…and each time it came back it was worse and we were lucky my granddaughter did not end up with pneumonia but I did.  I was diagnosed with pneumonia and then another doctor told me it was more like bronchitis…so I was calling it bronchial pneumonia.  Needless to say, now on heavy spray days we both start coughing.  I called it the mystery virus, and the strange thing about it was no one else in the family got it, so therefore they did not think it was caused by the spraying.  I don't care what they thought…I know it had something to do with why we were sicker than we had ever been in the past!

    • JR says:

      They have been tearing it up along with our rain clouds here in Southwest, New Mexico USA. Today Sunday 4-29-18 they are like rabid dogs to the west of us. Most people are oblivious to these evil works…

  5. Ron Marr says:

    The whole situation is beset with questions for which there are at present no satisfactory answers. We know that pesticides contained in runoff from farms and forests are now being carried to the sea in waters of many and perhaps all of the major rivers. But we do not know the identity of all the chemicals or their total quantity, and we do not presently have any dependable tests for identifying them in highly diluted state once they have reached the sea.

    We may find ourselves in an ominous parallel and same situation as the Robins. The Robins did not die as a direct result of the spraying of DDT. They died because they eaten earthworms that had already concentrated the pesticides in their tissues.

    From small Beginnings over farmlands and forests the scope of aerial spraying has widened and its volume has increased so that it has become what a British ecologist recently called "an amazing rain of death" upon the surface of the earth.

    Our attitude toward poisons has undergone a subtle change. Once they were kept in containers marked with skull and crossbones; the infrequent occasions of their use were marked with utmost care that they should come in contact with the target and with nothing else. With the development of the new organic insecticides and the abundance of surplus planes after the second world war, all this was forgotten. Although todays poisons are more dangerous than any known before, they have amazingly become something to be showered down indiscriminately from the skies. Not only the target insect or plant, but anything–human or nonhuman–within range of the chemical fallout may know the sinister touch of the poison. Not only forests and cultivated fields are sprayed, but towns and cities as well.

    Each of them is used for the simple reason that it is a deadly poison.

    product takes on the harmless aspect of the familiar.

    The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself and without losing the right to be called civilized.

    The obligation to endure gives us the right to know.

    Some quotes, from Rachel Carson's book, 'SILENT SPRING', 1962, end quote.

    It's kind of like when police began patrolling neighborhoods without weapons.


  6. DanaG says:

    All, I have seen amazing results with my mother (who has leukemia) using high doses of liposomal Vit C. Her platelet numbers went from -1 at her most sickest 2 weeks ago, to 89 as of Wednesday the 25th. All the research shows amazing benefits from taking ascorbic acid to tolerance and liposomal. It might help to keep us all heather for this fight.

    Search for Dr Suzanne Humphries lecture on Vit C if the link doesn't work. It's highly informative!! Thank you Dane for all you do!! d


  7. Michelle Edwards says:

    Yesterday a friend of mine was complaining about the unseasonably cold weather we are having here in San Francisco. I started to tell her about the extreme temperature changes taking place in other locations and she stopped me, saying, "I can't hear this. Please don't tell me." I keep running into this- most people in my circle DO NOT want to know.

    • marc says:

      I run into the identical scenario on a regular basis. People who are quick to denounce anyone who even mentions the topic (geoengineering, weather modification, spraying, warming, extinction, etc) know in their heart of hearts there is something wrong, something going on. Even if our minds don't, our bodies do.

  8. Northerner says:

    Hey Dane. I wonder if you have heard anything about Trump shutting down the geoengineering project? Lately i have heard several prominent  alternative media guys claiming this. among others now say that the spraying has stopped and that now there are only contrails. From my own experience from northern norway i can say that the last month i have observed alot less activity than the entire rest of the winter season. there have been sporadic stripes now and then but always very high altitude. Do you think there can be any merit to the claims about Trump putting a hold on the weatherprograms?Or is it just more smoke and mirrors?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Northerner, the narrative of Trump shutting down geoengineering is completely false, only wishful thinking and false rumors. The overall aerosol spraying operations are getting worse, not better.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Northener, there are no contrails. Passenger aircraft do not, leave any visible exhaust trails in their wake, never. The only exception to this rule is on some military jet aircraft and it is a white short trail that never breaks up or stops, never lingers in the sky, never spreads out wider or visibly drips either. And do military jets fly over us as often as you see their contrails? No. Do you see my point?                                                They think if they just tell you what you see or don't see you will believe them and not your own eyes, ears, or senses! Lol, and look, you are considering it too! I can't believe how insane this world is. 


      Dont let them take your mind, use your mind instead!!! Stop listening to all news. Remove as much frequency from your life as you can. 

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Northerner:  Sorry, I've kind of loaded this page with comments already, but am compelled to comment on my personal experience.  I now live in a very rural area 70 miles from the nearest major city, and 100 miles from the nearest major airline hub.  The early season snows were chemical nightmares, and some of the "snow" was so heavily nucleated, that the ice is still present in places where local temperatures have spent days in the 50-60 degree range. 

      The "off-white" silver iodide or aluminum aerosol releases have generally declined in recent weeks, but the temperature remains extremely low at ground level.  "They" presently utilize other metallic compounds that leave very little trace, but the "blue" sky is surreal.  The "blue sky" events are generally related to an increase in HAARP ringing with audible low frequency modulation.  They are able to tractor in "snow" or rain events at will, and on short notice.  When aerosolized traces are reduced in my area, there is a general increase or shift of resources to other regions…

    • Pedro says:

      Is not this a sensitive issue for the banksters?

      If the Law could change ..


  9. Frank says:

    A couple years ago I had this idea to counter our age-old enemy – the idea that the lines in the sky are jet exhaust. I did not post it then because I thought we were beyond this, but since we are still battling that simple idea, here goes:

    When people say the lines all over the sky are commercial jet traffic, you tell them that jet traffic flies in lanes in the sky. Take an hour. Sit in a lawn chair in your back yard and look up. You will see that most jets come along every 5-15 minutes in fixed paths – they don't fly all over the place like the trails do – and the "real" jets do not leave trails. So you can conclude that the jets spraying the trails all over are a totally different animal. It only takes an hour. What do you have to do that is more important than that? Try it yourself. Then maybe you will be able to tell the hardheads.

    • Dog says:

      Also, remind them that if the commercial flights are on regular paths, the same trails would appear at the same times and in the same places. 

  10. helot says:

    Eastern Iowa – they seem to be doing something different. There are lots of high fliers mixed, very sporadically, with aircraft which are flying lower than I’ve ever seen, I can almost make out the cockpit window. It’s kind of shocking, how low they fly, the four streams are clearly visible. Some people on here mention how they can hear the aircraft as they pass overhead, I’ve never heard them, until now, when they fly extra-low.
    Lately, there’s a lot of blocks of blue sky in-between their aerial attacks. It used to be, at daybreak, I could see them begin their trails across the sky which usually ended in a total white-out sky all day – their appearance at daybreak was like clock work – it’s been awhile, but they only seem to show up later in the morning, now.
    The high fliers, they used to be regularly around the size of the period at the end of this sentence, lately, they’ve been much smaller. In all sizes, they seem to be more numerous now, too. There’s more frequent perpendicular lines, at what appears to be the same height, intersecting, makes me shake my head every time I see this. …I can only lead a horse to water, I can’t make ’em drink. I read the latest from Mr. Whitehead, I thought of Susan as I did. ‘and soon’.

  11. beatriz says:

    Recently i have been responding to the environmental orgs. that ask for my donation thru email, tha i won't do so until they expose the biggest elephant in the room impacting life on Earth that we all know, and i refer them for factual information to this site. below is the response i received

    from Sierra ClubThank you for contacting the Sierra Club. We do not currently have a position on the issue of 


     and understand your confusion about our lack of involvement. We lobby to protect existing laws, support prospective laws, and encourage conservation of the earth's resources, protection of wild lands, and support aspects of a healthy, efficient environments for people, plants, and animals. Clean Air does fall into this spectrum, but at this point we cannot lobby against this issue because it has not been recognized as a 'real' problem by our (US) government. 

    Since we do not have enough comprehensive, thoroughly researched information, we cannot move forward with any action with respect to the scope of our organization. There are far too many conflicting reports, and we do not have the resources to research this issue adequately. Once a clear definition and origin has been established, perhaps we can become involved in the future.

    We appreciate your support of the Sierra Club and our work on behalf of the environment.


    • Frank says:

      Tell them to go take a walk in the woods and try not have a dead tree fall on them. Weak people. This world is like the show Walking Dead, except that there are only the walking dead, no real humans.

    • marc says:

      beatriz, all I can say is OMG!! This is arguably one of the lamest, most pathetic, most irresponsible, and…..stupid responses I have ever seen in print offered by any so-called "environmental group". Until such time as the "big boys" in the environmental movement openly get off their asses and start addressing climate engineering, SRM, SAI, etc, I will NEVER give them a penny. Do they give a shit? The short answer is no, because apparently their fund-raising efforts have consistently proved relatively lucrative. Furthermore, I have suspicions that ALL environmental groups have been deeply infiltrated by intelligence operatives. Why should any of us be surprised?

    • izzy says:

      “How much longer can the majority of industrialized / militarized societies hide from reality?”

      Well, plenty of individuals are already awake to many of the problems, but the institutions that compromise ‘society’ are locked up with their own structural inertia. Those constructs will be hiding from reality until they finally collapse, there is no redemption at that level. That’s why history is full of social failures, rebellion, and governmental disintegrations. We need a new plan and paradigm, if it is not too late altogether. The planetary environmental vectors are not waiting for us to catch up, and chances to adjust get slimmer by the day.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Well, OF COURSE raining down poisons on the population would not be considered a problem for the government, SINCE THEY THEMSELVES ARE INVOLVED IN IT! What weasels to participate in this kind of behavior! Seems that there is hardly any morality left anymore, since all that matters is money.

  12. Sandy Patrus says:

    Nearly 40,000 people in New Mexico has Alzheimer's or Dementia and they want more money for research to study why so many people are getting it and what they can do to prevent it.  I am not a rocket scientist, but I can tell you why more people are getting it and what they can do to prevent it….stop spraying our skies….it is the aluminum in these aerosols that is causing it!

    • helot says:

      There’s a Huge disconnect going on, I’d say.

      ‘Once a clear definition and origin has been established,’

      ‘Last year, the EPA proposed to raise the allowable safety standards for freshwater aluminum content.’

      Or, as Mr. Banker over at TheHousingBubbleBlog would say, ‘a nation of dummies’.

      Unless the government comes out and admits it is doing this, a giant segment of the world simply will not accept the truth of the matter. That’s pretty sad.

    • Teresa says:

      This will never stop. I grew up in California in the Monterey County back in the 60s and Geoengineered spraying has always existed. 

    • horsegirl says:

      We live deep in the country, yet 20 miles from Albuquerque.  Surrounded by Pueblos and the national forest about some 2,500 feet from our house, we see armies of aircraft flying slow, many in tandem as if joined by railroad tracks.  Spraying away over the pueblos – anybody out there hear me?  On our land the bugs are over 99% gone.  Picture an old adobe farmhouse set back from the rest, backed by miles of forest service.  Yet in a year of living here we have never seen a spider or even found a web.  They bug-bombed the house before we moved in, but this has to be a larger effect.  The lilacs profusely bloomed, flooding the air with fragrance.  Two bees around.  A couple of hummingbirds once each.  The occasional dove, a few small unknowns.  Maybe we see a dozen birds on a good day.  Never flocks – usually just loners/  Since last summer the bugs have just vanished.  We used to constantly need a fly swatter.  Maybe there were two flies today.  There is just about nothing.  But more worrisome are two dogs and an embarassment of cats who do not scratch.  It took us much too long to catch on,  Or don't outdoor dogs scratch at least once an hour?  Evidently no ticks, fleas or mites are bothering any of them.  It is so quiet here.  Too quiet.  Rachel Carson's silent spring.  And anyone wonders why the state is crippled with a rise in dementia?

  13. Alan says:

    Last year, the EPA proposed to raise the allowable safety standards for freshwater aluminum content.  The new standard that would indicate an "acute" toxicity problem for aquatic life was essentially doubled from 1988's number.  The new standard that would indicate a "chronic" toxicity problem for aquatic life was more than quadrupled.   

    See page 74 –

    • Alan says:

      I also find it interesting that the EPA apparently does not require municipal water providers to test for aluminum.  Some do it voluntarily, however.   St. Louis, for example, began testing for aluminum in 2016.  Wonder why. 

    • Joe S says:



      I know the EPA is a front for Monsanto, Syngenta corps

      and others in GMO foods.  The geoengineeering of

      aluminum and barium sulfate, and other toxins is to

      allow Monsanto to sell and new pesticide to Farmers

      and others, who will then believe that is the solution.

      Many will say, "Hey my soil samples tested on farm

      land show excessive acid soil, ie Ph of much less than

      7.0 , neutral level.

      So,as we who  inform each other thru Dane's site do

      know how the soil has become excess acidic. Geoeng…

      It is deliberate plan to keep soil acidic. As all the scientist

      will say, We don't know how that occurred. Can be just the

      global weather pattern changes. Absolutely not..

      For Monsanto will tell all farmers, we have the answer.

      Do any of you reading this believe Monsanto will help farmers ?

      … do become informed, all world citizens.



  14. SD says:

    Just reading some archival news reports about the M5.8 EQ which struck near Butte, MT in July, 2017. (largest MT quake in 40 years)

    Eyewitness accounts at the time described the evening sky just hours before the quake hit as "luminous orange-pink color"  Of course those colorful sunsets are caused by submicron sized aerosols, the same type and size used for SRM work.  I see the same colors here in southern CA regularly.

    . We now know from the J.D. Ward study @ Arizona State U that seismic activity IS INDEED CORRELATED with Barometric Pressure changes.  Hence, any Weather Modification Engineering which changes Barometric Pressure has to be assumed to be a seismic risk?

    BTW – a M3.4 quake was reported in the same general area of MT today.

  15. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    How can these weather events be termed anything other then "Weather Whiplash"?   Our first week of April had temps. in the morning of  -11C(12.2F) to -25C(-13F)  with a high of 0C (32F)as the warmest day time temp. that week.    The second week had morning temps. of -5C(23F) to +2C(35.6F) with a high of +10C(50F) most days & the 9th got up to +15C(59F) . The third week had morning temps. of -5C(23F) to +2C again, with a high of +7C(44.6F) to +15C(59F) including snow still during this week.  Now this fourth week, we have had -6C(42.8F) to +3C(37.4F) in the morning & an average of 15C(59F) during the day. Today it got up to 18C(64.4F) under an all day canopy, all though they reported that it was another sunny day all across Alberta, on CKUA radio that broadcasts around the world for others to “think“, we had a sunny day in Alberta.  Ya Right!  Now a white out, is a sunny day in Alberta.  But, the afternoon weather reports had cloudy in every area.  So how is this sunny across all of Alberta?  Does this not mean the entire day? (If we had Sunshine)What happened to Sunny meaning the sun rises into a clear sky & without a cloud seen all day, Yes all day long, then the sun sets into a cloudless sunset! Oh My, What a novel idea. Madness!  So how is it that it got up to 18C (64.4F) without seeing the sun for a moment today? How hot could it have got with the sun out? And Some areas were to get to 20C(68F) to 23C(73.4F)   From 0C the first week as a high, to 18C to 23C as a high, in three weeks!  They are truly touched in the head!  And as others from the UK had stated, the weather reporters say, isn`t it just wonderful these nice warm temps. in April, get out & enjoy the warm weather. Happy, Happy, Joy,Joy! It does not matter one wit what the sky looks like. It`s Warm out!     Due to the increase in temps. I am more then Pleased to say that our snow has finally melted by 2/3 There has been a river running through our property for 4 days now. Lots of snow melt coming from the hill. Culverts to the brim, after the ice finally broke free through them. From winter boots to rubber boots! It's all brown now where the snow has melted, but, a joy to see after seven months of manufactured white. The Lake is still frozen with many Birds flying in, & confused by it. I hope it thaws quickly for them.  I am now seeing signs of life over the past couple of days. Ever so slight, but, some trees are forming buds. My Wild Roses too. My Sedums are coming up & my Green house has Asparagus & Rhubarb growing.          How Miraculous Nature Is! 

  16. Blue Sue says:

    This is scary: pernicious LED lights to replace natural sunlight for growing "aeroponic" plants/agriculture — diabolical "foodstuff" for certain.

    • beatriz says:

      Blue Sue, thanks so much for posting  this link exposing hydroponic agriculture using LED light instead of natural sunlight. as you say is so scary and "devilish". it is so disconnected from Nature , what can be expect from human beings eating this kind of sick food devoid and separate from all natural earthy processes?

  17. Alan says:

    Between 2000 and 2017, the number of operations (defined as takeoffs and landings) involving aircraft of all types at towered airports in the United States has declined by 31 percent.

    Between 2000 and 2017, the number of operations involving general aviation aircraft (not commercial or military) at towered airports in the United States has declined by 44 percent.  That number has declined every year during the interval.

    Between 2000 and 2017 the number of operations involving commercial air carriers at towered airports in the United States has essentially remained constant, having declined consistently over the first 14 years of the interval, then increasing over the past three.

    I know I've posted on these statistics before, but I think it's important because they were just updated AND so many deniers say we're seeing what we're seeing in the sky because there are simply more aircraft flying.  Just point them to these same stats that may be confirmed in the FAA's Terminal Area Forecast.  I hope the deniers thank you for broadening their knowledge base.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Alan, this stuns me, I find it so hard to believe this, it is counter intuitive.  I mean there are more people, so many more, and they do fly.  Hmm, I wonder, is this the why of cramming people into such small spaces?  And you are right, this is important.  I'd never had thought any of it declined, at all.  However, living here so long, knowing the various airports, I do still see the same planes going the same places at the same time, clockwork wise…gee.  Hey, someone should send this info to Doug MacMartin!  Poof, a chunk of his argument gone! 

    • Alan says:

      Yes, you're right Rachel.  It does sound counter-intuitive.  But the airlines are all about efficiency and they need to get all of those seats filled to have a profitable flight.  I can't remember the last time I was on a commercial flight that had any empty seats.  Anyway, you might want to look at  Click on "Summary Report", then select "Facility Class" (I used FAA and Contract Towers), then enter the date interval (From and To) you are interested in.  This is an outstanding source of aviation activity information.  

      Everybody really should listen to the archived recording of yesterday's discussion between Dane and Paul Beckwith.  Beckwith VERY enthusiastically asserts that there are many more planes flying these days than there used to be and the HOST of the interview calls him out on it!

  18. Joseph L says:


    This Thursday April 26, 3-5PM, there will be a second In Other News special discussing opposing viewpoints on geoengineering live on WBAI. Dane Wigington will speak with author Patrick Wood who researches the technocratic totalitarianism but consciously omits climate engineering within the belief that climate change data and concerns are not real and that its part of a multi-prong scam. A scam imposed by entities such as the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations that set up the long game known as Agenda 2030. Dane Wigington will counter with climate change and climate engineering evidence indicating climate change is real, and that climate engineering has been fully deployed –further fueling an overall climate collapse.

    To be clear, you can’t talk technocracy, Agenda 2030 and the Trilateral Commission without mentioning the ongoing real time climate engineering.

    In the second hour, Professor Paul Beckwith returns for round two. Professor Paul Beckwith explores the data showing rapidly changing weather patterns. Beckwith said he would look in to Dane’s research on real time climate engineering indicating that ongoing geoengineering programs are a major causal factor related to the accelerating climate disasters and disruptions.. That’s this Thursday April 26, 3-5PM live on WBAI


    • Rodster says:

      I can’t see Paul Beckwith admitting to climate engineering. If he did Guy McPherson would have a cow.

    • Frank says:

      I can't figure out ol' Guy. He obviously was dying to be in front of a audience, and now his shtick is that we literally watch him die, and watch him teach us how to die, so you would think nothing would stop him from revealing geoengineering – it would only add to his mystique. Guy, if you read this, what's up? – I don't get you.

    • Pedro says:

      Many thanks to Geoff Braddy.

      all geoengineers sooner or later will go to jail.

  19. simone says:

    Encouraging examples ~ even one or two of us can win for the sake of Sanity.  

    "Activists head to court after shutting down pipelines. Their defense? Climate change. The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled on Monday  that four anti-pipeline activists facing criminal charges have a legit case to argue the “necessity defense” in court. In 2016, two of them turned off valves for Enbridge oil pipelines that transport Canadian oil to the U.S.

    The so-called “value turners” will argue that climate change is such a daunting threat that taking illegal action — like trespassing — is necessary when there’s no other recourse. Sometimes, the logic goes, it may be more dangerous to follow the law than to disobey it.

    The judge approved the valve turners’ request last year to invoke the necessity defense, but the prosecution fought back and appealed. That appeal was just dismissed. Next up, science will take the stand: Climate scientists and other experts will testify about the serious threat posed by global warming.

    The necessity defense has worked for climate activists before. Last month, a Massachusetts judge ruled that 13 protesters were not responsible for civil disobedience after they were arrested for sitting in holes dug for a pipeline to block construction. From GRIST.ORG


  20. Rebecca says:

    I want the truth! I want to spread the truth! I want to help people open their eyes and understand what’s happening! i am planning a small protest with a large sign in a heavily trafficked area just to get people to think about these issues or start talking. i want to make a difference. i want to shed light on all the misinformation. how can people still trust this system?

    i went camping the other day and we live in south texas and it had been about 65 degrees and at night it got super windy and sprinkled for a couple minutes then stopped. i saw so many planes or aircraft flying that night and the next day it was still super windy, and there’s no direction to the wind, it’s all over the place. got up to 83 the next day. also the clouds are not normal. not at all. please how can we do something more than this? i want to start a grassroots movement 

    • Pedro says:

      The Truth is that this is a war between the blind human and the awaken psychopath. The Biosphere was caught in between. the psychopaths are the masonic / satanic triad. Also, climate engineering is not mitigating global warming, but is causing its exponential increase. The key for that is the spraying of aerosols ( that people vulgarly name of "chemtrails" ) in the stratosphere, what causes the destruction of the Ozone layer ( among other things ).

  21. Aquamarine says:

    Okay, I'm really scared, feel powerless, helpless, heartbroken, go in and out of remembering what is true. I feel, naturally horrible for humanity, but most of my brokenheartedness is for the planet herself, nature, water, air, creature, trees–the innocent, upon on all of us depend with every moment and breath. Mankind is so broken and corrupt at this point, I find it hard to care much about us.

    Okay sorry for the essay. My feelings are so bottled up and no one wants to hear about this stuff.

    Over the last few days, the insane gods at Raytheon and lord Lockheed, gave us several days of mostly steady rain. Last night I woke up around 4 AM and went out on the open air porch off the bedroom. The rain had stopped and I had the flashlight on to look at what I'd planted the days before. The air literally sparkled with silver glitter-it looked just like glitter. I reached out to try to feel it, see if it was wet or substantial, it disappeared. I couldn't capture any of it. But it was everywhere outside, shimmering and falling lightly. I have a dry hacking nonproductive cough now for a few years.

    So I see what's up. The lunatics are running the asylum. They in their insanity are killing us all. My question is this: even if somehow there was a miracle and 'we the ppl' got the MSM and public, even the politicians to listen, even if the military industrial monsters woke up, how do we stop this? If Geoengineering were to stop tomorrow, wouldn't we have the problems of an overheated planet? I'm thinking either way, we're doomed. I don't mean to be overly negative here, but I can't see a way out or solution. Plus the MSM push agitprop and lies-the powers that be want to remove our freedoms/liberty so that we can't validate each other. It's hard to know where to place my energies, or have days of hopelessness and deep sadness.

    I will say as a result of  my coming to Jesus in the geoengineering realm, I am savoring more daily moments, even the insignificant and mundane, I am clinging to God and asking him to save us and I'm not that religious at all. But it's all I have. No one I've talked to about this seems either interested, or look at me like I've snapped. Some days I wonder if I am when I see the enormity of the Evil we're facing.

    Thanks for letting me vent my very complicated feelings. I admire the hell out of you Mr. Wigington.

    • Dennie says:

      @Aquamarine:  If all hydrocarbon burning were to stop right now, it would take 40 years to reverse the heating trend, and yes, we'd have terrible heating problems if geoengineering were to stop tomorrow, but the heating will be even worse if we allow it to continue as the nanoparticulate metals shred the ozone layer that is supposed to filter out UV and other dangerous radiation.  They are also the cause of your and my and everyone else's irritated red eyes, poor memory due to lack of ability to breathe at night, and dry hacking cough because they dry the heck out of us and irritate as well.  Try drinking coconut water.  I use lo han quo, a Chinese herbal drink, and a Chinese cough syrup formula, Pei Pa, and that stops the irritation.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Aquamarine, 

      A great majority of us here on GW totally relate to the terrible angst you describe here that is naturally symptomatic of your awareness  and perception of the truth we face in these dire times. Your are right! "The lunatics are running the asylum. They in their insanity are killing us all."  May you find strength within your spiritual stream to sustain you through this daunting task we collectively face to awaken the ignorant.  Blessings to you dear friend. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      If climate engineering stops tomorrow, we would return to the natural balance of the Earth. The heat would produce long lasting events of rain and big thunderstorms which are perfect for the creation of more Ozone and for cooling the Global climate. The Earth would release the energy that is being contained in the Oceans under the form of big storms and the destructive power of these storms could be mitigated with relatively simple and cheap techniques. Yesterday we had a very warm day with temperatures of July or August, the Sun was very aggressive.

      We had almost clear skies with some scattered clouds, but the air column was dirty from the incredible saturation of the desiccant nano particles that were in suspension, result of the aerosol spraying of the previous days. The lower troposphere is being transformed into a box of glass. And when the air is clean, the UV radiation is unbearable. Even if the Rain falls for two or three months without stopping, this kind of atmosphere saturated with metallic nano particles ends working like a lens that magnifies and concentrate the heat. We have had some rain, the dams are in normal levels again, but after a bit more than a week of this dry and hot "weather" everything is dry again. The moisture does not remain for long in the soil and the desiccant effect of the aluminum on all Trees is terrible. Climate engineering must stop now.

      Also the transition from the oil centered economy to a new paradigm centered in the renewable energies is something that must happen, yesterday. And without climate engineering the Sun will be ours again.

    • Rebecca says:

      Yesterday before it rained here in Texas i was lying down looking up at the sky and i swear i saw the same particles in the air you mentioned looking like glitter. at first i thought i was seeing things, but it was definitely there!


  22. Sandy Patrus says:

    My husband and I are the caretakers in our HOA.  As I am driving through the neighborhood and there is nothing but lines in the sky today but most people in this HOA don't have a clue as to what is going on in the skies.  There are two houses at present here that have been totally gutted and are being completely transformed.  I know this is a choice neighborhood to be living in, and we are lucky to be able to live in this neighborhood, but elderly people bought those two homes and spent almost half a million to totally gut it and start over just to be in this HOA.  If they knew their time on this earth is being shortened because of the spraying, I think they would take that money and travel, and do something exciting with it, I know I would.

  23. Ron Marr says:

    Great work, Dane!!!  Thank you.

  24. lawrence LB says:

    My Dad had shingles on his face in his old age. He put hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and constantly wet his face. In 30 days he was well. 

    Very heavy spraying today. LA area. Still it was not a white out like some people describe. Do not see colors in sky.

  25. joe S says:

    Alligator, and Virginia,

    I have observed the Geo-engineering since 1996 over

    Oakland, San Francisco, Ca. It is on going which those

    just learning of geoengineering have not known that.

    My best late friend, was  a fireman.


    We saw it all until he passed on 8 years ago at 69.

    I am still here, 73.

    My fireman friend called  FAA, and no  real sane reply.

    Take  note: You(alligator, and Virginia are surviving this.


    Others who recently find out are of course upset.

    And, the nasty military ones, and unethical politicians do know what is

    going on. They have betrayed humanity , caused harm to many.

    I have gone to Hot springs many times, Fiji Island since, 2004.

    minerals to excess, especially silica there.

    And I consume  much of Fiji bottle water available at      Trader

    Joe"s stores. and organic food, and stay away the constant

    use of cell phones and glued to the Internet. Oh,

    a wee bit maybe now and then.  All the best to those

    who are aware and not sleeping as zombies Ie most of those on Earth now….



    • virginia says:

      Hi, Joe,

      I am sorry for your friend and fireman who passed at yet a young age.  Personally, in my estimation, firemen are to be the most admired and respected of all those brave people who fight to protect all of us from calamities and who put their lives in jeopardy.  Thank you for your understanding of the climate manipulation that is killing this earth and all on it.  Let us continue to do whatever action we can, no matter how insignificant we think it is, to fight those SOB's responsible..  We can still prevail…..there is still time.  Do not give up.

      Thank you, sir, and best wishes for a healthy and good life.

      Peace.  Hope.

  26. Barb E says:

    We drove 3 hours to our camp in Maine this morning under a sunny sky with absolutely no clouds. Not natural. Then the sprayers started and it was intense all day! The feathery clouds were everywhere along with the X's and tic-tac-toe lines of poison.  At 5 we had on the local news channel 8 and almost fell off our chairs as the weatherman said how nice it would be tomorrow..".but there would be lots – and I mean lots of contrails out there."  We looked at each other and said WTF? When did they start announcing contrails????  Of course we know what he meant but the brain dead sleeping masses haven't a clue!  We have our bumper sticker on the car and will let everyone know it's not a contrail.  Well I guess it is as they are conning us into thinking that's what that trail is.  Unreal!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Can you get the station's call letters and we can all write in and set him straight, or maybe better, send him a whistleblower invitation?  There are people out there who want to come out with the truth but aren't being supported, could your weatherman be one of them?

  27. Joseph L says:

    Dane I just heard you will be on WBAI  live this Thursday from 3-5 P.M. eastern time.  Can you confirm that?

    Thank you

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joseph, yes, confirmed.

    • simone says:

      Douglas MacMartin,  Martin Dennett,  Paul Foreshaw .. 


    • Martin Dennett says:


       Martin Dennett,  



      I'd be happy to attend a court to defend myself. I have science on my side. What do you have? Are you prepared to put your money where your mouth is? Have you got a good defence solicitor? Because I'm prepared to fight you all the way. So if you don't want to be involved in a libel case I suggest you remove my name.

  28. Sean says:

    Hi Dane, 

    Have you every had any contact with this fellow? He's done an absolutely fantastic job of explaning the geoengineering issue in a way that is likely to get people to go take a look for themselves. He also has 76,000 subscribers, so his outreach is quite large. Have a look at this video.


    This is the type of people we need more of in this cause.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Sean, yes, very solid video, and yes, I am communicating with the video producer.

    • Rodster says:

      Thanks for posting this video, I will share it with others. This is something Dane has talked about and has made numerous videos about the dying trees around the world.

      If the trees die, we die, if the insects die, we die, if the animals die we die, if the oceans die, we die. All four are taking place concurrently.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dane, JC is tops in my book. I posted this video when it first came out but it was not published. I'm happy to see you have it up now. I very much enjoy 'how' the boss speaks of Geo engineering. He never says the term chemtrails unless it is to point out the non validity of the term and the dead end it produces when used.

      Thank you Sean for posting this video and it has made my day that Dane is communicating with him. JC and I have a very similar life style living off grid and we both have spent most of our lives out in the natural world.

      When the trees are gone, We're gone……

    • Blue Sue says:

      Sean, thank you for sharing this vid. This man can see what we see and is doing the good work for our blessed planet.  

    • Blue Sue says:

      And as he describes (and shows) the trees (mostly maples) snapping over in half, all dead, the same thing is painfully evident here in our local (Alaskan) forests among the birch, cottonwood, and even many spruce trees.  Mostly the tall, old spruce trees are just flashing out dry and brown — so painful to behold!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Sean!  I love this guy's approach.  There are many I can send this to as the way he puts things simply requires awareness, observation, leaving politics and blame to question If one wants to, while remaining focused on the trees.  I like how he leaves it open, even if for us, we'd want more, and find more related, this is a no bias, super simple, no name calling, 'just' observations of trees with some other factors correlated …which may work on a few I know who just will not try to swallow a bigger pill.  Makes a great intro.  On a side note, I so love maple syrup that I'm gonna find it very hard to live without that!  I'd heard of the issues with maple trees, yet clung to hope, so much for hope….

  29. It would appear the majority of individuals coming to these pages, feel helpless in directly addressing "political" issues that drive geoengineering and "other" programs.  There ARE laws that govern bullshit actors and corporate racketeers posing as "authorities".  The mayhem will continue for as long as civilians chose to cower behind their own ignorance.  As Dane so rightly says:  "Find your courage".

    For civilian residents of Great Britain – READ: The Human Rights Act | Equality and Human Rights Commission

    Also see: Human Rights Act 1998   1998 c. 42

    I pretty sure being psycho-manipulated, irradiated, intimidated, forcibly inoculated, and summarily poisoned to death, are all considered human rights abuses…

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Paul V.,

      For those who have not read this simple document, considering the state of the World, it is here:

      They will be stunned.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    • Hello Bella_Fantasia:  Yes!  Thank you. The Declaration is beautifully composed, and every world citizen should adhere to it…  I posted a link to this and other Untied Nations "rights" declarations a while back.  Sovereign countries within the European Union also have their own viable Constitutions, and many of these Constitutions reiterate reference to inalienable rights for ALL citizens.  >

      Article 30

      "Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein." [End quote]

      Civilian legal teams should also be apprised of available enforcement policies. >

      Excerpted from: Transnational crime – Wikipedia

      "The practice of mutual legal assistance developed from the comity-based system of letters rogatory, though it is now far more common for states to make mutual legal assistance requests directly to the designated "Central Authorities" within each state. In contemporary practice, such requests may still be made on the basis of reciprocity but may also be made pursuant to bilateral and multilateral treaties that obligate countries to provide assistance. Many countries are able to provide a broad range of mutual legal assistance to other countries even in the absence of a treaty. [3]

      Complete text:

    • JR says:

      Hey Paul, Hope we will never lose, we lose that and we have nothing left. I read an earlier report of yours and I agree with you where these lowlifes spraying and the like in their scheming need to be done away with. They hammer our skies always with SRM/SAG here in the Southwest, New Mexico USA, for the most part daily. The rain clouds are broken up and our sky filled with this trash. Again farmers are pumping the groundwater wells 24 x 7 days on end. This will put a strain on private wells, small water systems, and likely Municipal water systems like Las Cruces, N.M., and no doubt the city of El Paso, Texas. Just recently the Rio Grande-river water was released into it from Elephant Butte Dam and Caballo Lake, otherwise it's been dry. This water source is from upstream of the Mesilla Valley. Water allotments are way less to farmers as in years past. EBID-Elephant Butte Irrigation District in Las Cruces, N.M. are in control of the canals supplying water to farmers. In years past this organization as I'm sure to present were claiming water rights to all water underground saying all wells were generated by river flow generated by it, right?! Years back they stopped what would be a normal flow to river year round. For several months of the year dams built back years ago by the Civilian Corps of Engineers stores this water, and only releases for a few months. Water has been owed to Mexico for years in some Treaty Pact when Dams were erected. The water levels in these reservoirs are very low, so only a certain amount thereby released. The strain being put on by these weather wreckers in our normal hydrological patterns are destroying the normal jet stream creating our drought. As I've stated in past posts of observation by the naked eye for 14 years our normal weather seasons (climate) have been wrecked, snow, rain, etc. I first noticed the abnormal contrails back in 1977 when I moved back home from being in smoggy city of Los Angeles, Ca. My dad told me what I noticed as abnormal contrails were just jet contrails, boy was he wrong. He was not dumb by any means, but in this matter he totally was hoodwinked as I. Many people of today are hoodwinked or just plain don't care. I never gave it another thought. One day these lowlifes will pay the ultimate prize in hell with fire and brimstone no doubt.  All the wailing they do will not help the pack of lowlifes where many will go, if not all of them! It is written…

  30. Star Messenger says:

    A Reply To Katie K.  Katie, this is your Reply to my comment on the clear skies I've seen lately over central Ct. where I live: 

     "Re:  Star Messenger, I also live in CT closer to the coast and have not seen one day in the past year without toxic spraying."

    Since I can't or don't know how to Reply to your comment in the "Reply" button (there is no "Reply" button to my comment), I have to issue another comment.  So, here it is below.

    Today is Monday, April 23, 2018, 1:06 P. M. and still there are no so-called ChemTrails over central Ct.  The skies are clear blue, cloudless.  I don't know why this is happening where I live, but it is very "cool" (I don't mean "cool" in temperature).  I am sorry to say that other parts of the country, and the world, are not so lucky.

    P. S. I hope no one from one of the 17 U. S. "Snoop" agencies spots my message.  They might authorize a "crash program" to make up for their "loss".  Cheers, Katie K

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      There's that term again. "They are not chemtrails". Banish the term from your mind. Never let it slip out again. Try using the word "aerosols". You'll find it easy and effective to use. Proper terms are important.

  31. Lexia Christante says:

    I guess I am writing this for my own sanity more than anything else. We were given one day of our crystal clear northwest skies here in Seattle yesterday, for Earth Day, predictably. The masses have to feel like they are accomplishing something. And after all, with everyone out on a Sunday, someone might actually look up and notice something. (hardly!) This morning they are right back at it. I have noticed how sophisticated it has become. The spraying literally follows the path of the sun. No more pink sunrises or sunsets, just a ghostly white. Is there any information as to what government agencies are directly responsible for this? I know, I should be doing my homework, it is just so overwhelming. All I can say at this point is that EVERYONE is going to get a letter from me. There has to be a way to let them know that they are being seen.

    • Hello Lexia Christante:  That's a beautiful name you have there. 🙂

      In terms of illegal operations and criminal assaults committed against civilian populations: There are multiple corporations and agencies such as NOAA, NASA, non-military "contractors" operating under the Department of Defense, Raytheon, Boeing, Air-Bus, General Electric, Rolls Royce, and virtually every commercial aviation company regulated under FAA jurisdiction.

       If the EPA had actually done anything proactive since 1970, none of these criminal players would have evolved past the diaper stage… Criminal indictments should be initiated against the executive staff at the EPA, and parallel charges should also be filled against principal agents operating under the "authority" of the FAA.

      All commercial airlines need to be legally shut down, period. The environment is crashing. Even if geoengineering stopped tomorrow, the continuation of business as usual is no longer an option…

    • David S says:

      Hi Lexia,

      I am from Seattle too. While the skies were clearer than our new normal the powers that be sprayed very early in the morning so it was dispersed pretty well by 9 ish. They also spray off the coast and let it drift on in. 

    • Dennie says:

      I've had people try to tell me that "they" don't much spray in Oregon or Washington state– really??? Anyone up there wanna tackle that one?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Paul, I could not agree with you more about the F'n EPA!  Gina McCartney? needs some mega jail time, which is not adequate but would make a start.  What must really bite is that there are people in its satellite stations who do take their EPA job seriously and have been hung out to dry, costing them their reputations.  A front all along it seems to make it appear as if someone cares, someone on the job.  But no, and there is so very much proof that even Gina knows about yet goes unscathed.

      I've been noticing your personality change!!  Smiley faces from Paul!!

  32. SD says:

    A warm weekend here in southern CA.  SRM spraying both Sat and Sun, yet temps hit 90F at inland areas.  Palm Springs came in at 98F. Colorful red/pink sunsets.

    M3.9 earthquake reported near Palm Springs yesterday, I thought HERE WE GO AGAIN.

    This morning temps here much cooler, with low Marine  Layer Clouds in many areas. Moisture on my car/ lawn.

    Banning Pass area seems to me subject of Weather Engineers attention.  Portal between coastal and desert areas.

    • Star Messenger says:

      Your mention of Southern California brings back fond memories of when I lived in Alpine, Ca. in 1974.  Back then the San Diego County skies were cloudless almost every day.  ChemTrails were unknown and even unheard of back then.

      If you don't know where Alpine, Ca. is located, it is just east of S. D. close to the Mexican border in the Viejas and El Cajon Mountains.  What is unique to the mountains where Alpine is located is at night a mist would settle near the tops of the mountains and envelope the homes there.  So each morning everyone was greeted with a dense fog that blocked the Sun until about 10:00 A. M. when the Sun would "burn off" the fog and brilliant Sunshine would fill cloudless skies. San Diego was known for its exceptionally good (and pollution free) weather. But that was before ChemTrails.  Ya' know, it really pisses me off at how criminal (and stupid) the "powers that be" really are.  They really think that what they are doing is for "the greater good".

    • Alan says:

      The local ABC TV news affiliate in San Diego has the requisite pretty girl weather reader.  Today, she said that there would be fog in the morning but that the fog would go away and then there would be "just some high thin clouds left over from the earlier fog".  Yep.  That's what she said.  The fact is that we are experiencing yet another aerosol-  spray whiteout.  

      I also want to echo what Star Messenger said about San Diego.  We came to San Diego from Riverside in the late 70s.  Riverside was ground zero for smog when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s.  I think I remember reading that Dane was living in nearby Upland close to that time period.  We refugees from that Inland Empire smog are especially appreciative of a clear day and we know it when we see it.  We also know what artificial air is – we ought to!  Moving to San Diego was like being let out of some kind of jail.  San Diego's air was so pristine – we absolutely LOVED it.   And now …… it's just disgusting and very, very sad.

  33. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I copied these links from the Biolab Medical Unit page in London, United Kingdom. The links below may be useful for persons seeking licensed laboratory testing for heavy metals or biologicals.


     Frequently Asked Questions
     A-Z of Tests
     How to Find Us
     Laboratory Guide
     Pathology Request Form
     Hair Mineral Request Form
     Supplement Cautions


    Welcome page from Biolab Medical Unit London UK

  34. CP says:

    Interesting news story on Fox.  

    NASA baffled by mysterious ice circles in Antartica….


    Could these be methane releases from the ocean floor making their way to the surface of the ice causing this 'mysterious' circle??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, CP, thank you for bringing this article to our attention. Yes, I believe your estimation of the cause (thawing and releasing methane hydrate deposits) is likely correct.

    • Star Messenger says:

      So NASA is trying to make us believe that they really don't know what those "ice circles" are?  I guess NASA has never heard of IRIS.

    • Blue Sue says:

      This phenomena of "circles" on the sea ice is not in anarctica as the Fox news caption reads but in the Canadian arctic. 

      "Mackenzie River discharge and bathymetry effects on sea ice in the Beaufort Sea are examined in 2012 when Arctic sea ice extent hit a record low. Satellite‐derived sea surface temperature revealed warmer waters closer to river mouths. By 5 July 2012, Mackenzie warm waters occupied most of an open water area about 316,000 km2. Surface temperature in a common open water area increased by 6.5°C between 14 June and 5 July 2012, before and after the river waters broke through a recurrent landfast ice barrier formed over the shallow seafloor offshore the Mackenzie Delta. In 2012, melting by warm river waters was especially effective when the strong Beaufort Gyre fragmented sea ice into unconsolidated floes. The Mackenzie and other large rivers can transport an enormous amount of heat across immense continental watersheds into the Arctic Ocean, constituting a stark contrast to the Antarctic that has no such rivers to affect sea ice."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Blue Sue, yes, the warmer river inflows are a major issue. The resulting warmer sea temperatuers then continues to keep the feedback loops going by thawing the seabed methane hydrate deposites (which in turn warms the climate further, the cycle continues). We are in truly uncharted territory now. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Blue Sue!  I saw this too, but Not! on Fox News!  Geez!  Only Fox could mistake Arctic for Antarctica!  Why, why does anyone Ever listen to FOX?!  I too immediately thought of methane, and I did not know about the Mackenzie River.  The article I read on it suggested the holes  may have been made by seals coming up for air.  I wouldn't know, but do know about methane!  It IS challenging to live in a world populated by idiots!  So grateful I am for all here!

  35. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Am looking fw to any city march on  the MSM lies !  Yes ! Dane and comrades for equal recognition on the planet !  Let's encircle all  Capitol buildings asap !   Meanwhile,  please listen to 20 minutes of MD  vaccine bully-shame  tactics on   parents for avoiding the current  INTENSE vaccine schedules. Go to site for the April  7th episode of The Conscious Living Show with Dr. Mark Pierce (CA) First half covered HPV  Gardasil  issue as this Dr claims as as safer because the risk of autism is basically over once 11, 12 and 13 -ish !  Must listen to then challenge his comments that is autism no longer a risk at pre-teen, "so let's get those kids back in and vaccinated".  Continues with "this is a missed opportunity from 1,2,3, and 4 yrs. old -not being tracked and monitored  by pediatrician /family practice, "there are no serious effects as not a live virus- just a protein with a stimulant, , very few contraindications , should be fine…and It's very very worthwhile."  Hope Dr's like this are willing to be in a PUBLIC forum, a panel, with Q & A to debate all such comments -and more. What happened to do no harm ?Medical industrial complex is Profit driven and vaccines keep many clinics open/operational. Huge profits if stay on  insane vax schedule-few Dr's have the time for informed consent. If they really offer that convo MOST aware parents would decline. No earnings for the Dr. Listen as this Dr. Mark Pierce calls avoiding vax as his pet peeve> fears started with autism-which is not a correct assoc. , the risks  with pre teens is long after autism discovered or treated . Please listen to this Redding CA clinic owner and offer some feedback on being current ! Dr's given incentives- a conflict of interest.  He continues with why boys must be vaccinated HPV per oral cancer and that PAP smears have aggressive treatments , so get HPV to avoid that  aspect.  Thanks Dane for  this heads up reference and hope a future debate -maybe with Dr. Brian Hooker from Vaxxed?  will be possible. Many stressed families at our Earth Day booth  re vax truth wanted.    We need both sides  explored as CDC, EPA, FDA  lies being exposed  Audio is here from  April 7 . Consider feedback a to him  as  asked for in this   in the weekly  Sat. 11-12  noon radio show in CA   530) 221-1565  .  Get all facts. Some say there is no such thing as a safe vaccine. You decide.




  36. Kathy says:

    Puyallup Washington Farmers Market week 1 …Let me start by saying it felt so good to get out there behind a booth again. Only 2 weeks have gone by since "we" manned the Puyallup Gem Faire but I can only look forward to this unsought obligation that we have with no choice but to carry out for the sake of our fellow mankind. This Farmers market was thought provoking for me as I reflected on the 2 different groups of people that attended each event. Although with this event we had many walk on by, a good number who stopped made it worth our every effort to make this happen. I will only tell of one man that was awake as far as he could see something isnt right. He asked all the right questions and as he flipped through the pamphlet you could watch his mind just "click, click and click some more". This awesome man was so intrigued and STARVING to "know". He came back to the booth a few times to get more questions answered. It is this that keeps us going "out there" folks! Per every time someone thanks us for being there, I think how many more are not being reached, yet starving to get credible information into their hands to secure what they can see happening. You can get people to open up, had another chemical engineer in the military( the other was at gem F)..he was so happy to get info and just talk it through.AND Ohhh, the gratification that comes with handing a "silient epidemic DVD to a mom with a baby in her arms or stroller…I will walk up to them and ask if I can give them info on whats in a vaccine and then say and here's something else to investigate..all are grateful near zero say no, always an exception at the party. This also has been a great way to gather awake ones to pony up together. So,so worth it. We have nothing to lose at this point except all of life on earth if we dont engage in awareness efforts. It cost us 10.00 to rent the booth as a Non-profit. I hope to report our newly added friends willing to lend their time to "man our booth" at the Puyallup, Wa  Farmers market. Anyone reading this from this state, you know where to find me.I welcome you!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Kathy, my friend I have met and to ALL,

      Very cool pulling off your first farmers market of the season. I for one, am very proud of you and Larry. I'll be here with you throughout the long haul of this coming market season. My local market starts May 10th. I will have the booth at this coming Saturday plant sale in the market location.

      A note to "ALL", I did not ask if I could have a booth a my local farmers market. I asked how I could fit in. I sell nothing and all donations go into the guitar case of whom ever is playing that day. It would be easy to take the money and combine it with what I have expended already, "but", that's not why I showed up at the party(grin).

      Kathy, I wrote you before, "you are aces with king high". Myself, I look forward to many, many of your reports from the front lines of your awareness booth. "Where the rubber hits the road"……

      Folks, I've contemplated heading over that way just so I could have another one of those awesome sandwiches Kathy makes, seriously. Stop by and help them out and see what "you" come up with(smile).

      The same offer stands at my/our booth here, "show up, talk with folks and gather further data". Kathy and Larry would love to see you and so would I here on the north Okanogan. Join us! Get your feet wet!!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Kudos Kathy! I know that good feeling you speak of resulting from manning the GW booth at the Gem Faire, which I was able to do this past winter in San Diego.  Connecting with the curious and handing out Dane's excellent (free!) photographic documentation plus your own personal presentation/anecdotes of the truth is a powerful way to contribute to this vital cause to awaken the masses.  Thank you again for your time and dedication.  I look forward to my next chance to serve in this meaningful way.  

    • Kathy says:

      Simple Horseman & Blue Sue Thank-you !!   Hope to meet you one day Blue Sue. Horseman you got the Eastside going strong with your Awesome farmers market Booth. I got the "crusty/dependent/blind,deaf and…..side of the state. Its been a horrific week of spraying all week here in Wa state and for several days 75 to 81 plus degrees. This Saturdays Farmers Market scheduled weather is to swing back to 58 degrees and solid rain. Lets all keep hittin it hard where the "rubber meets the road" ….its a must!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Kathy I look forward to meeting you too (any many others here) someday soon. I know that will be a happy day.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Kathy, I so admire your dedication and persistence in what you are doing to further awareness.  I am too sick to do this, but moreover, I do lack this experience as when talking to people, the right terms and references besides the obvious, just do not roll off my tongue!  I have a bit of a mind gone blank reaction!  I just know that if I was at a booth, I could hone these skills!  So, this booth effort works both ways!  I mean I see 'horseman's' skills really taking off.  I could use the practice.  However, lame as I am, I am finally making some inroads here where I live.  Still, I do need to learn how to speak all this better!  Can't give a flyer or DVD, as no one here will take one, but are beginning to ask me questions!  Yikes….fear of failing?  Lack of a silver tongue?  Practice!  Which really is where the booths count big time!

  37. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match – The New York Times
    False rumors set Buddhist against Muslim in Sri Lanka, the most recent in a global spate of violence fanned by social media.
    … they had shared and could recite the viral Facebook memes constructing an alternate reality of nefarious Muslim plots.  Mr. Lal called them “the embers beneath the ashes” of Sinhalese anger.
    We came to this house to try to understand the forces of social disruption that have followed Facebook’s rapid expansion in the developing world, whose markets represent the company’s financial future.  For months, we had been tracking riots and lynchings around the world linked to misinformation and hate speech on Facebook, which pushes whatever content keeps users on the site longest — a potentially damaging practice in countries with weak institutions.   … Some users, energized by hate speech and misinformation, plot real-world attacks.
    A reconstruction of Sri Lanka’s descent into violence, based on interviews with officials, victims and ordinary users caught up in online anger, found that Facebook’s newsfeed played a central role in nearly every step from rumor to killing.  Facebook officials, they say, ignored repeated warnings of the potential for violence, resisting pressure to hire moderators or establish emergency points of contact. Facebook declined to respond in detail to questions about its role in Sri Lanka’s violence, but a spokeswoman said in an email that “we remove such content as soon as we’re made aware of it.” She said the company was “building up teams that deal with reported content” and investing in “technology and local language expertise to help us swiftly remove hate content.”
    Sri Lankans say they see little evidence of change. And in other countries, as Facebook expands, analysts and activists worry they, too, may see violence.  … And where people do not feel they can rely on the police or courts to keep them safe, research shows, panic over a perceived threat can lead some to take matters into their own hands — to lynch.  Last year, in rural Indonesia, rumors spread on Facebook and WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging tool, that gangs were kidnapping local children and selling their organs. Some messages included photos of dismembered bodies or fake police fliers. Almost immediately, locals in nine villages lynched outsiders they suspected of coming for their children.  Near-identical social media rumors have also led to attacks in India and Mexico. Lynchings are increasingly filmed and posted back to Facebook, where they go viral as grisly tutorials.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      V Susan, one of the reasons why I left Facebook.  There were 2 ladies that I followed who were trying to tell the truth, but their videos were constantly being messed with or taken down, yet the lies and propaganda, spread like crazy.  I got onto Facebook as a means to communicate with family and friends since I live on the other side of the US, but soon realized that the site was a means to spy on you and know everything you say and do.  You were willingly putting your whole life out there for them use against you.  As much as I liked being able to keep in touch with friends and family, it was not safe to be on Facebook if you tried to spread the truth.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, It is like looking in a mirror is it not?  Given what all has happened in our country.  I've followed the issues in Sri Lanka from back before they even changed their name.  I had a friend who visited there back when it was wonderful, and it is a wonderful place, was, and he brought me a moonstone from there.  I treasure it.  The troubles there, so long now, prior to FB even, this they really do not need!  Makes me wonder if Myanmar peoples use FB?

      And I feel as Sandy Patrus does in that I only got on FB to follow family. Relatives, and issues pertaining to them wherever they live.  Immediately, FB pissed me off insisting on listing my higher education as law at UMKC.  Nope, I was a lit major at the time!  Before I switched to math and Chinese history at KU.  Never, ever, ever would have gone into law.  But, despite a ton of effort, they will Not list it as it IS.  So that was for starters!  Then, in what I thought was a private message, it was not and I'd let a cat out of a bag and damn.  Then, when signing some petition, or 20, I did not notice I'd inadvertently given them permission to post 'comments' I was asked to make.  AIEEE! and out but still up, just to follow a few close ones.  Hate, hate FB.  And, yes, they are Not fixing the problem!  How can they?  They ARE the problem!!!!  Someone different should give them a run for their money!!

  38. Rodster says:

    Worth a read on what your wonderful Government has been working on. Just remember, there is no such thing as HAARP, Geoengineering and Flouride in your drinking water is good for you.

    “Government Accidentally Releases Documents On Remote Mind-Control”

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      There are people who feel certain they have been experimented upon. They call themselves 'targeted individuals'.  Interestingly, they are all highly intelligent individuals, as Robert Duncan admits.  Robert Duncan of The Mind Hacking Strategy Group, has written two volumes of Project: Soul Catcher, which gives the details of these projects and the secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare.  Mind hacking is possible since the mind has no firewall. Individual minds and bodies can be targeted.  Having read Volume Two of Robert Duncan's book, it is perfectly clear this is not made up.  He gives project names and explains in detail how far mind control has come. Now it looks to me like the imposition of 5G will be an attempt to broadly target large populations.

      Myron May, the Florida State shooter, considered himself to be a targeted individual.  He tried tremendously hard to distribute every bit of information he had before what he knew would be his impending death.  See Myron May's

      This subject definitely delves into the murkier side of EMF and electromagnetic pulses on biological subjects. If you look into it, you'll find some familiar evidence and the same bad actors behind it.

    • Rodster says:

      Thanks for sharing additional information on the subject matter. I wasn't aware of that !

  39. Mark S says:

    Yesterday in Boise area we had a clear blue sky, no clouds unti about 5 pm, suddenly a lone cloud which looked unnatural and started as cloud that looked like a ball in shape.  That ball shaped cloud then fanned out wider and longer until it stretched many miles.  I noticed popcorn looking clouds made up the majority of the cloud.  I also noticed ripples throughout the cloud bank which appeared to be microwaved clouds.  This happened in a cloudless sky and it happened again about an hour later, same scenario. I snapped pictures of this unnatural cloud bank  How do I post send them to this site?


  40. Tom Keith says:

    Am I the only one besides Dane, Kathy Steve, Mike and very few others who are willing to put their pictures on their posts? C'mon people. even though my picture needs help , at least show us who you are, so I can recognize you at the next event we might happen to attend together !

    ( in Moline IL)

    Tom Keith, the lonely anarchist.(no master, no ruler!)

    • penny says:

      That's a good suggestion, Tom, and I would post a picture if I had one, but I don't use (or have) a computer – or even a camera – of my own.  For those who worry about facial recognition tech abuses, if you have any kind of photo ID or ever go out in public, you are already in the database and showing your smile here won't make things worse. Here's my smile  🙂

      I'm too reclusive and secluded to be likely to meet many people, but just in case, way back in 2002 I was active with the CT Greens, and there may still be a photo of me there (surname is Teal).As an aside, I learned things from inside the political system that made me even more cynical than I already was (which I wouldn't have thought possible).  Someday I'd like to get to Puyallup or some other Gem Faire, but can't justify driving all that way alone.

      I live in MT now, and have given up on politics and on large-scale society.   Can't beat 'em, can't join 'em either.  Anarchy is a lonely path to follow, in a predominantly hierarchy-based, responsibility-shirking, hero-worshipping species.  Heavy sigh.

  41. I downloaded the first link from a reader tip the other day.  Bundle Facebook programing and a fractured educational system with 24/7 exposures to wi-fi emissions, and the end product is a society living in a virtual hologram… These technologies are intentional assaults on human cognitive and associative functions.  Listen carefully to these first two interviews: >

    Sean Parker, Chamath Palihapitiya – Facebook is 'Ripping Apart Society'

    Published on Dec 13, 2017

    A science presentation by James Holmes in 2006

    Published on Jul 24, 2012


    Then consider this comment from the title page cited below: A human rights group working for the rights and protections of mental integrity and freedom from new technologies and weapons which target the mind and nervous system.

    Mind Justice – Home Page

    Then consider that virtually all corporate spin masters, congressional hamsters, and top military "experts", have been exposed to all of the above toxic conditionings… Perhaps that explains this fragile bit of civil history: >

    Abby Martin: Chemical Attacks The US & Israel Want You to Forget about     Published on Sep 10, 2013

  42. Sandy Patrus says:

    We started off the day with beautiful blue skies…now there is nothing but white swirls in the sky.  I have noticed this a lot lately with hardly any trails leading up to the swirls…They just seem to appear out of nowhere, and what is causing those swirls, the wind?

    • BaneB says:

      Sandy/Mark S:  Two afternoons ago I was up at my frog pond lounging, laid back and grateful for a rare day of blue cloudless sky and near-perfect temperatures.  Yes, I was startled too observe a couple of puffy white glowing clouds form out of nowhere, and move slowly from west to east.  They stopped and stayed in place morphing and dissolving, coming and going.  Another larger cloud formed again to the west and moved into easy viewing. This cloud had color, rainbow colors on parts of the edges.  A piece separated from the whole.  It was loaded with pastel colors.  Slowly everything dissolved and the clouds were gone.  And that was it for the remainder of the daylight hours.  No more clouds. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, What an opener!: "up at my frog pond lounging, laid back and grateful.."!!  We've had some full or party blue skies lately but often seem to start with what I call whipped cream clouds, as if out of a spray can of real whipped cream, just thick and huge and encircling the whole Bay Area it seems at the bottom edges of..  One, one day, had a blue cloud right on top of it!!  Not a hole, not seeing through to sky, but an actual blue cloud of which I have been seeing more.  But last Monday, after an appointment I took time looking from the vantage of up town, as where I live is literally downhill, view is better up there.  I could not see but half the sky, and the sky itself was divided between north and south, and as someone above mentioned they do indeed seem to be going for covering the sun.  What I saw I kept wanting to say ribs, but really more like fish skeletons, a new thing to my eyes and odd, and many of them.  As I kept staring for a long time they did begin to morph some, but not quickly as usual.  I started on back to home and saw a plane, so far away it looked like a dot, tiny dot, leaving a thick wide trail so long, so long, and traveling horizontally.  Finally, I had to pull over as I could not believe what I was seeing.  At first, it seemed as if turning spray on and off.  But, nol  This plane was as if weaving in the skies and I don't mean it itself was weaving, and it was not turning on and off, it was going behind a blue cloud evidently! as it would emerge, still spraying and I could faintly make that out behind the blue, as it did it over and over again, for all the world as if sewing a long running stitch, but in each case a short bit behind blue, then still there, then repeat.  So that blue sky was NOT sky!!!  And this is something new.  I think.  Others?  Anyone? 

  43. Mike Bush says:

    Mike, Norfolk, UK. Dane, thank you for your latest Global Alert News report I completely understand your frustration in trying to get your message across to the masses. The dumb indifference of some people is often staggering. Over recent months, I have sent links to several of your updates to ‘Friends of the Earth’, ‘The Green Party’ and my local Member of Parliament – with little or no meaningful response from any of them. The first time I contacted FOE all they did was send me a link to a report by a group of so-called scientists which basically debunked geoengineering, and just about everything else you report on. They also stated that they were focused more on promoting sustainable living (?). After that they stopped responding. After several attempts at getting some kind of half intelligent reaction from The Green Party, their co-leader, who is also a Member of Parliament, did concede that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of plant, animal and insect life – my hopes soared! Then she added that she didn’t think that geoengineering was contributing to global warming! She didn’t go on to say what she thought it WAS doing to the planet. Perhaps she isn’t allowed to… Not government policy maybe? As for my MP, all he ever said was that he would pass my message on to the ‘relevant department’. Is that the trash department, I wonder? Or maybe the ‘keep your head down and don’t rock the boat’ department? I should add that he is very close to retirement age…just saying. So there is. Getting through the barricade of people’s psychological defence mechanisms is tough – disheartening really – because this matters more than anything else, no question. But this Disney World mentality blithely prevails in the bulk of humanity, as they march blindly towards destruction. But Dane, you and your colleagues must keep up your courageous efforts to wake up the sleeping masses – and we know you will. You are truly brave and honourable warriors in the fight to save the human race from its own destruction. Thank you.

  44. Diana says:

    I live in northern Minnesota skies this am are horrible with chemtrails. Just amazes me people can not or do not want to see what is happening above them.  I feel so alone on this subject up in this area.

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Dear Diana, please know you're not alone, the very same thing is happening in Maryland at around the same time you mentioned! I really believe that people are going to wake up to this horror and realize what's happening up there! I just hope it's not to late! May God Bless and keep you. 

  45. Jeanette S says:

    Hello I have the feeling you are speaking to me. I think there is a lot to this issue and not one way to combat it. the things I mention here are in addition to leafletting, manning booths and are to: beat down perception the general public has, when we are not doing direct anti-geoengineering campaigning and/or need to keep our spirits up some things that we can do (this is not all but some examples). and to put your mind at ease, I will be manning a booth soon, tell everyone about the lines in the skies, comment all the time, have literature on my dash and park at a stop sign that is on the way to the hotdog stand on a major thoroughfare in a office and business "neighborhood". I tell everybody about ge. I have been into the environment for 20 years now, since I heard of genetically engineered crops. passive and active activism, I was into prop 37 and it was those lady friends that told me about the geoengineering. I had seen them and was very concerned but did not know where to turn for info on it and then I met the ladies for an earth day booth manning and lines were all over the sky. they told me what it was and what it was called. dane and a group were there. dane put a video in my hand personally; I shook his hand and thanked him. the rest is history… have heart, dear friend, thank you for all you do for the rest of humanity. 🙂 

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Dane's unwavering focus on the criminal Climate Engineering cover-up sets an excellent example for the rest of us; its not that difficult to effectively and efficiently do our part for the greater good, it just takes practice. The very least we can do is let other weather warriors here know we stand with them in the fight to expose and halt Climate Engineering. Speak up so those like Diana from MN who feel alone knows she isn't, Gretchen from OH is here, too, and in the eight years since I realized the truth, I've made a difference by my actions despite the occasional bonehead; some people will never see what is really going on and its a waste of time trying. Posting comments on this website may seem an insignificant act; oh contraire, every effort we make has an effect, changes the existing paradigm in perhaps imperceptible ways. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

      It's easy to get caught up in the "Trump talk" and the left/right political theater and actors masquerading as our "government," because the psychopaths controlling everything have spent decades (if not centuries) learning how to manipulate human consciousness to suit their evil agenda.Every word we utter should contradict them.

  46. Tom Keith says:

    I've come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people's perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want, and do not want, to be true.

    Travis Walton

    I've had the same problem Travis has had. Arguing with a pilot who insisted " I would know if they were engaging in these programs", to the extent of it almost becoming physical at times.

    We have our work cut out for us ! (Dont forget to "turn the other cheek")



    • Pedro says:

      Hello Tom.

      I agree with the perception issue.

      And there are a lot of versions of "reality" that are being given by media.

      People stay with the idea that reality is something that we can choose, or something that can be built out of opinions.

      People do not realize that fire is fire, Water is Water, the Moon is the Moon and the Sun is the Sun. And that the atmosphere is fragile.

  47. Pete says:

    Following my response to Doug MacMartiin, I did receive some replies from him. As all on here would expect, the same denial, same excuses, and a very childish rant at me at first which isn’t worth repeating and a quite few digs about Dane too. He explained to me what he does and it’s only about long term effects of CO2 and of course we are all imagining things etc.

    I did get this out of him on the third response:

    “Sure, someone could in principle be doing something else with some aircraft (other than cooling the planet), I’ve never denied that, I’ve simply stated that I haven’t seen any evidence to support it.” This statement was followed by the usual contrail lie etc.

    Dane if you want the exchanges I can forward them to you. I think I touched a nerve to say the least.

    I am concerned that all who were copied in I’ve not received any response from yet nor two friends who backed mine up – my suspicions are running wild! Maybe it wasn't even Doug and why did I also notice something missing on a post I made last week!

    Confirms in my mind, the only awakening that is going to come is when things become truly horrific. Some experiences at work this week too with people who prefer to stay asleep have made me question why I even bother to care. So many conditioned people are going to take us all down I fear.

    Even a heatwave of very high temperatures here in South UK, in April, I repeat in April, especially Fri, being out in Sun was almost unbearable during the afternoon, was still not enough to make many I spoke to even to consider it strange.

    Last night we had quite the lightning storm which lasted hours and so far people don’t think that strange either after days of unusual seasonal weather – seems like Spring has been skipped and gone straight to Summer.  And let us not forget the Snow storms of last month!

    We had 3 days of unmolested Sun (in that area of sky, very apparent how silvery it was),  my view on that is they had to allow this for the trees to start growing and life to blossom, or maybe more would wake up if continued into May. which on a good note, it did, many trees and plants sprung into life and I’ve even seen a quite a few Bees. But I have noticed these Bees behaving very strange, some trees that have not responded yet and look dead and found some still with dead leafs that never fell.

    Amazing how life still finds a way, despite this unseasonal weather and all we have done to this once good Earth – how much longer can it keep finding that way…


    • Andy says:

      Hi Pete.

      I am in the SW of England and can attest to the, to say the least, extreme *weather* you mention. Is like spring didn't happen this year. At all. Temps up to 28°C and beyond and, as you comment, a thunderstorm (which to be honest I thought was really weird, what with very odd coloured clouds etc). And, what does the media circus have to say…? ooooo get down to the beach and enjoy enjoy enjoy this oh so marvellous early summer lovely (aren't we JUST so lucky) – sarc/off.

      I mention this to folks and, in the main, they just stare back at me with a placid bovine look of complete indifference. 

      Anyway, regards to yourself, I hope you can maintain some semblance of sanity amidst this charade of reality.

    • Rodster says:

      I don’t take those guys seriously at all. Last week Dane posted an excerpt from a Guy McPherson interview in which he said climatetologist and scientist are afraid of speaking out regarding the truth about the climate because it could affect their pensions. Little wonder they all sidestep Geoengineering.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Pete, these arguments seem to always get very childish on their part,  because they are in denial. However In my research when people are compartmentalized, they have no idea what they have taken part IN… That's why they (scientists) and (leaders) compartmentalize people, it's so they don't know what they are doing from one end to the other. Nazi's perfected this type of separation of people!!  They knew if people were aware of the atrocities they themselves were a part of, they wouldn't do it!!  Also, People are easier to control if they are unaware. Like Geo-Engineering/Weather manipulation, this has been taken place since China Shandong province in 1897–1898 where a forced drought followed by floods,  forced farmers to flee to cities and seek food. That was done by the WEST trying to colonize China. This started the Boxer Rebellion in China. They hated the WEST. But this weather warfare has been happening a lot longer then we think. I kind of went off in a tangent, but your right, some people just can't be informed? They are in denial!! No Matter what proof is provided. People are shocked when they find out what their government is up to. I think people deep down know, they just rather not know! It's easier!

    • Alligator says:

      I live in extreme northern california on the coast and have been talking about the chemtrails since I first saw them cover skies over Crescent City with corn rows and I called airport to ask what I was witnessing taking place and they told me I was not seeing what I was looking at. I hung up and never called again. That was 1996-7. I just keep talking and praying and trying to live a lifestyle that does the least harm. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Joe, how did they do it in 1897?

  48. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Great  Global Alert News Dane.   Glad to hear about the General interested in the Truth. I Pray many more of the military greats will find their True Bravery & turn the tide for all of us in a moment & do what they really signed up for, and be those Men & Women of Honour we know you are, with True Moral Character & Integrity that is Respected & Expected by all Citizens of Countries around the World.  You are suppose to Protect us from this kind of madness that we are suffering from.  This is your job to do, This is your profession, military, the one's flying the jets.  You are much closer to them, then we are.   We need your Help.  Please Make Us Proud Of You, Again. Like we use to of the past Soldiers.  The ones that truly faught for Country. And gave their lives to do so for the citizen's of their countries, so that future generations would live a "Better Life"!   This is simply Murder!    Is it that hard to see?    Death is all around. This is not for the betterment of anyone, or anything. Period!   It's time to do the Honourable thing & Stand down & refuse to participate.  

    • Alligator says:

      We must pray to Creator to wake up humankind, the world leaders, and the money people and pray that when they wake up they have a change of heart and immediately change their ways and cease the destruction of our sacred mother earth for profit and power. Pray they stop spraying herbicides on the forests and cutting and burning them down; pray they stop spraying chemtrails in the airs and chemicals on the ground; pray they stop fracking, and drilling and blasting holes in the ground in search of wealth power and fossil fuels; pray that humankind unites physically, financially, spiritually, mentally, socially, ethically, morally, and legally to help mother earth regain her health. Please pray every day for it will only be through prayer that the hearts of the ones destroying the earth will be changed. Keep talking, praying, and writing your politicians! Stay strong! 

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Well Gail, the mainsteamedia are only focussed on how many women Trump slept with and the so called chem. attack on syria! Meanwhile our own people are being attacked from within with chemicals in the sky! Media Hacks won't pick up on that though now will they! 

    • virginia says:

      Alligator.  Shouldn't God know all this is wrong and 'fix' it without us lowly peons having to beg him?  Just wondering

    • Pedro says:

      Alligator, psychopaths do not have hearts and souls.


  49. Daniel Dill says:

    Hi folks, here in Maryland we just had two clear days and I thought gee-wiz, maybe something was changing! Well, got up this morning and went outside around 6am. and there they were! There must have been several jets spraying! The whole sky was streaked and spreading all over, milky looking! I feel like America is a slowly sinking ship and hardly anyone pays attention to what's happening up there! Please America, please wake up for all our sakes! May God bless all who believe and know what's going on! 

  50. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "How much traction are 'you' getting?

    • Jeanette S says:

      lol I did the same thing the prior comment was directed to you. I see I did not put your name either… 🙂 I think the general public is intimidated by the forked tongues that have told us how wondrous they are all our lives and how they know everything. I like to flick the pebbles from under that riverbank. Not the main focus but a hobby though. the public needs to know they are not all that they tell us they are. they are faulty as much as the rest of the mortals. It is ok to question what they tell us; we have common sense on our side. all you have to do is look around. It is their handywork…as I look around I am still searching for the intelligence that they tell me they are chock full of. is it intelligent? 

      can you imagine the world if half of the american population told our so wonderous ones to sit down, take a load off their minds, and keep their forked tongues behind their teeth?  the thought makes me smile. 🙂

    • juli says:

      it took me 10mins to copy and paste the above site…this is the link from that dane suggested to read…warmest regards

  51. Department of Justice

    U.S. Attorney's Office

    District of Massachusetts

    October 25, 2017

    Supervisory Pharmacist of New England Compounding Center Convicted of Racketeering Leading to Nationwide Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

    Complete PDF page:

  52. Perhaps citizens of the United Kingdom will find this archival page interesting.  Also view pages 20-21 in the PDF.

    Report on the environment, security and foreign policy (Hughes procedure)

    Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense Policy

    Rapporteur: Mrs. Maj Britt Theorin

    January 14, 1999

    Complete page:


    Excerpted from page 2O: HAARP – a weapons system which disrupts the climate

    "Another damaging consequence of HAARP is the occurrence of holes in the ionosphere caused by the powerful radio beams. The ionosphere protects us from incoming cosmic radiation. The hope is that the holes will fill again, but our experience of change in the ozone layer points in the other direction. This means substantial holes in the ionosphere that protects us. With its far-reaching impact on the environment HAARP is a matter of global concern and we have to ask whether its advantages really outweigh the risks. The environmental impact and the ethical aspect must be closely examined before any further research and testing takes place. HAARP is a project of which the public is almost completely unaware, and this needs to be remedied." [End quote]

    Complete text:

    • Dolores says:

      Please research SERCO to find out how bad it is, the UK runs the USA!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Paul, good link.

    • Andy says:

      Thank you for the link. Most enlightening.

    • Hello Dolores:  I had never hear of SERCO until I checked out your tip.  What an eye opener!  Seems everything the company touches turns to financial dung in no time. This bit of history was excerpted from the SERCO definition page at Wikipedia: >

       "Serco was founded in 1929 as RCA Services Limited, a United Kingdom division of the Radio Corporation of America and initially provided services to the cinema industry.[4] Following the takeover of RCA by General Electric in late 1985, RCA Services Limited was bought out by its local management. It changed its name to Serco in 1987 and has been a London Stock Exchange listed company since 1988." [End quote]

      RCA has been involved in various forms of cinema industry "influence" and public opinion manipulation since day one.  It's important to notice the time frames involved.  See any familiar dates?

      Companies such as RCA and General Electric are often behind major shifts in governmental policy constructs behind the scenes… General Electric sponsored much of the old Death Valley series featuring Ronald Regan as host.  Lets just forget about those fussy Mark I nuclear reactor problems…Thanks for posting.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Ever since President Bush 1 and the babies that were supposedly thrown on the floor from their incubators, THEN we found out months later that the message was a lie, yes completely made up, then there were more made up stories that followed, Well,  the fact is,  I have a hard time believing anything the news media reports… not anymore!!

  53. Bella_Fantasia says:

    There is a synthetic gemstone and diamond simulant called Strontium Titanate, developed in the 1950's, which has a component of the metal titanium.  It has a high quality of 'fire' or 'dispersion' previously unknown, beyond the quality of diamonds.  In 1982 the absolutely natural material was discovered in Siberia.

    From Wikipedia on Strontium Titanate:

    "In optics, dispersion is the phenomenon in which the phase velocity of a wave depends on its frequency. Media having this common property may be termed dispersive media. Sometimes the term chromatic dispersion is used for specificity. Although the term is used in the field of optics to describe light and other electromagnetic waves, dispersion in the same sense can apply to any sort of wave motion such as acoustic dispersion in the case of sound and seismic waves, in gravity waves, and for telecommunication signals along transmission lines or optical fiber."

    The jewelry host (JTV Jewelry Television is a trusted and absolutely credible source of gemological information) explained how strontium is used in fireworks to promote the scintillating displays.  I did a little research showing that some firework colors are produced with the help of strontium and barium chlorides, but also found a company that uses strontium titanate for nanoparticle suspension.

    I'm out of my depth with this chemistry, but the strontium ingredient we are finding in tests may be really 'useful' not just for metallic dispersion of light but for setting up actually explosive wildfires on the ground (along with the aluminum).  We have heard of and many have described 'explosive' wild fires. Presumably, this is inadvertent, but who can plumb the depths of the ghoulish mindset?

    This triggered a memory of 'acid rain' in 1986 supposedly killing Canada's trees from the industrial smokestacks in the eastern US.  Further back, there is a memory of rain with a distinctive and strange odor.  Somehow the connection was made (in my intellect) to strontium 90 in the atmosphere.  (I used to read my father's science magazines at times.)  Sometimes I still smell 'strontium rain', as I call it.  Funny how odors trigger memories.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      As to properties of Strontium Titanate:

      "It is also used in high-voltage capacitors. At high electron densities (achieved by doping) strontium titanate becomes superconducting below 0.35 K and was the first insulator and oxide discovered to be superconductive."

    • Dennie says:

      Oh great, YAAAY!  So let's just spew strontium titanate in the open air all over the planet for the military motherfckers' ionization of the atmosphere in their "full spectrum INSANITY" attempt to stay on top in their ongoing "full spectrum dominance" games.  Break out the whips and chains, they'll supply all the sham-pain!

    • penny waters says:

      hallo all

      not sure my email will stay the same, tis different from before but finding it difficult to get out there!!!

      computer has been a problem but…

      on the subject of noses – tis the thing that sticks out in front and is really our guide to the environment, along with our eyes and ears – all sitting in front of the 'I' of us

      we 'think' (hopefully) behind all of those senses and along with the pituitary that is the master gland that runs our response to the outside of us – they are our guide to the world on a very basic level

      the smell that comes at us – do we run away – can we take the smell??

      the smell of the sweet soil after it had rained (gone now – the rain is wrong!), the smell of sweet violets in my garden – they love it and spread everywhere but are blighted by what drops out of the sky and this year have produced both autumn and spring flowers together (yes strange – two kinds of flowers) all over the winter

      yes, we too, in essex have had just winter and summer alternately

      at present it is blinding hot and am beginning to understand how your country, america, has been suffering from the geoengineering, think maybe we have been protected by being an island and having the atlantic putting moisture into our atmosphere

      but now after months of white-out and filth we have a sun that comes to earth so intensely it burns the skin and find it hard to use my eyes, so strong are the rays, so stay indoors during hottest part of day

      creatures getting less and less

      air traffic – so loud – nothing to stop the sound – the atmosphere is clearly not as dense as it was and the big green war helicopters come over my house repeatedly, going off to destroy another land and its people

      poor earth, what ever did it do to deserve us human animals – some so good and some so bad and destructive

      have spoken to many people but know that they are switched off, but cannot help talking, people often open the conversation – for the english the weather is conversation

      think maybe a lot to do with all the crap that they tell people they have to smell like – all made from petro- chemicals – bad effects on the body and yes – it sticks up the nose and cannot be rid of

      so think maybe they have been made stupid by the products they use

      have just spent months being swamped by next doors septic – they don't use ecological stuff so now the bottom of my garden (which i have to walk through to leave my plot) stinks of their undiluted crap

      has invaded my septic and turned it into a stinking mess

       people are so stupid – why?????

      not just ordinary folk – but the people who run things – corporations, governments!!

      did have a good conversation with a young soldier who as a sixteen year old, joined up – came from an army town much in the news – salisbury

      he, like many young people are taken in, but he had kept his eyes open and his mind and had seen the trade behind the wars

      he was disturbed – had been in afganistan and spoke of the young afganistan boys – felt it personal – a good soul wrapped up in a durty game

      what do we know when we are young – when the oldens are so corrupt – we come into the world so fresh and clean and eager

      so sad!!!

      hope you are all feel less demented than me at present – finding it hard to live as the birds who have been my companions are getting fewer and fewer

      my human companions are sleep walking into oblivion and tis impossible to waken them – but most have not spent much time in touch with the rest of nature – so……sleeping

      feel a bit like the mad woman crying 'beware the ides of march' – the oracle who tried to tell people of coming doom – but none would listen

      nero fiddled while rome burnt

      love to all the wide awake ones and especially to dane and family and also all the regulars here who i have exchanged my pain with

      bless us all


    • Hello Bella_Fantasia:  The incorporation of Strontium Titanate (or derivatives) for semiconductor doping is well known in the electronics industry.  As in other documented geoengineering materials, light refractive properties can be manipulated with electromagnetic induction and high spin effect….

      The ozone layers have shifted in vertical density due to insane levels of aircraft emissions.   (Which must stop)  Military meddling with ionospheric conditions effect materials dispersions, and focal "lens" adjustment can be accomplished via HAARP and other electro-inductive apparatus.  These lens effects can manipulated much like a magnifying glass…

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Dear Penny Waters,

      Your comments always move me to feel more genuinely.  What comes to mind is the life elements of Earth being put into a blender and homogenized.  The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. . . . .

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Paul V., Hello,

      Right now all I can picture is that really rotten kid out in woods with a magnifying glass starting fires or incinerating a helpless ant.  All I can think of right now is how adding dry lightening will cause an explosive conflagration.  My brain's kinda burned out.

      Yes, the jet exhaust alone is extremely toxic.  It nearly killed me in 2013, but I'll have to tell that story another time.  My brain feels really immature today too.

      Your comments are always informative and very much appreciated.  Demands for justice cannot be sidelined or abandoned, even and especially when they go unanswered. 


  54. Irene Parousis says:

    Just got back from the Global Geoengineering March in Toronto.  I know that many know about these programs, even from seeing comments here, but where was everyone today to show solidarity? 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Irene, good question!!!! In kid terms, "wtf?"

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Very Sad to hear Irene. Well, it is Saturday after all!!! There could be a sports game somewhere, or a Movie to watch!   Who has time to spend on something so frivolous as "Our Planet Life"!

    • Dennie says:

      There's gonna be a big meeting on Monday May 14th, 7 p.m. at the Scottish Rite building in Oakland, CA to rally to get California to lead the way to 100% renewable energy.  Wondering if any anti-geoengineering activists will be coming out to stand and leaflet as the people go into the building?:  

      Our campaign to pressure Governor Brown to take real action to stop new oil development in our state kicked off with a bang last week. With parallel press conferences in SF and LA, billboards in SF, LA, and Sacramento, and an airship flying over the Bay, the Brown’s Last Chance campaign launch was hard to miss.

      Now, community and movement leaders are coming together for an exciting event on Monday, May 14th in Oakland to discuss how California can be an example for the world and begin a managed decline of fossil fuel production in our state.

      Get your ticket today to join this vital conversation.

      Here are the details:

      WHEN: Monday, May 14th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm (doors open at 6:15pm)
      WHERE: Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA 94612
      TICKETS: Must be purchased in advance, sliding-scale, no-one turned away for lack of funds. Get your tickets here.


      Antonia Juhasz (author, investigative journalist)

      Bill McKibben (author, co-founder of

      Pennie Opal Plant (Idle No More SF Bay)

      Juan Flores (Center on Race, Poverty, & the Environment)

      Kathryn Lybarger (AFSCME, California Labor Federation)

      We know that, while Governor Brown has taken some important steps to address climate change in California, his willingness to turn a blind eye to the ongoing massive oil and gas extraction in our state is undercutting every move he makes. Until we take on the oil and gas industry in our state, California won’t be the leader for the world that we need it to be. And that starts with Governor Brown.

      We hope you can join us on May 14th in Oakland!

      Anywho, here's what the text of the U.S.A. Today propaganda article has to say about spraying the planet with sulfur (the Devil's mineral, isn't that what we're told about Hell) to "halt" global warming:  

      "To counteract global warming, humans may someday consider spraying sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to form clouds — and artificially cool the Earth.

      The idea behind the process, known as geoengineering, is to keep global warming under control — with the ideal solution still being a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases. 

      However, suddenly stopping that spraying would have a "devastating" global impact on animals and plants, potentially even leading to extinction, according to the first study on the potential biological impacts of climate intervention.

      Rapid warming after stopping geoengineering would be a huge threat to the natural environment and biodiversity," said study co-author Alan Robock of Rutgers University. "If geoengineering ever stopped abruptly, it would be devastating, so you would have to be sure that it could be stopped gradually, and it is easy to think of scenarios that would prevent that."

      Rapid warming forced animals to move. But even if they could move fast enough, they might not be able find places with enough food to survive, the study said.

      "Plants, of course, can't move reasonably at all. Some animals can move and some can't," Robock said.

      If stratospheric climate geoengineering is deployed but not sustained, its impacts on species and communities could be far worse than the damage averted.

      While animals would be able to adapt to the cooling effects of the spraying, if it's stopped the warming would ramp up too fast for the animals to keep up.

      Researchers in the study used computer models to simulate what would happen if geoengineering led to climate cooling and then what would happen if the geoengineering stopped suddenly.

      Starting geoengineering then suddenly stopping it isn't necessarily far-fetched.

      "Imagine large droughts or floods around the world that could be blamed on geoengineering, and demands that it stop. Can we ever risk that?," Robock said.

      The idea behind this type of geoengineering would be to create a sulfuric acid cloud in the upper atmosphere that's similar to what volcanic eruptions produce, Robock said. The clouds, formed after airplanes spray sulfur dioxide, would reflect solar radiation and thereby cool the planet. 

      Geoengineering takes its cue from the natural experiment that actually had made the only recent dent in global warming's rise in the last few decades — the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, which blasted more than 15 million tons of sulfur dioxide 21 miles high, straight into the stratosphere.

      [source article]:

    • Pedro says:

      Yes, Dennie. All the Ice Ages had their intervals due to long lasting, persistent and intense periods of volcanic activity. And as you know, even the Permian extinction was direct consequence of very persistent and intense volcanic activity. Mankind almost met extinction 74,000 years ago after the explosion and eruption of the super volcano Toba ( today region of Indonesia ). The lake that fills the caldera of this ancient volcano has 3000 square km. ..Now ( in these last decades ) the tribe of the psychopaths is recreating the same scenario that was the main cause of the interruption of many of the previous Ice Ages. But not in a Ice Age, in fact in a "Warm Age". Why? – because they want the oil of the Arctic region ( among other things ).  I cannot prove this but, in my opinion, one of the causes for the end of the last Ice Age was the burning of the immense Forests ( and other Ecosystems ) that covered Australia 60,000 to 70,000 years ago, when Humans start arriving. During at least 10,000 to 20,000 years Humans have systematically burned almost all ancient Forests in the giant Island. The extinction of the Megafauna of Australia started from 50,000 to 40,000 years ago, due mainly to loss of habitat and also human pressure.

      "It is hypothesised that with the arrival of early Australian Aboriginals (around 70,000~65,000 years ago), hunting and the use of fire to manage their environment may have contributed to the extinction of the megafauna.[5] Increased aridity during peak glaciation (about 18,000 years ago) may have also contributed, but most of the megafauna were already extinct by this time.

      New evidence based on accurate optically stimulated luminescence and uranium-thorium dating of megafaunal remains suggests that humans were the ultimate cause of the extinction of megafauna in Australia.[6][7] The dates derived show that all forms of megafauna on the Australian mainland became extinct in the same rapid timeframe — approximately 46,000 years ago[1] — the period when the earliest humans first arrived in Australia (around 70,000~65,000 years ago)[5]. Analysis of oxygen and carbon isotopes from teeth of megafauna indicate the regional climates at the time of extinction were similar to arid regional climates of today and that the megafauna were well adapted to arid climates.[6] The dates derived have been interpreted as suggesting that the main mechanism for extinction was human burning of a landscape that was then much less fire-adapted; oxygen and carbon isotopes of teeth indicate sudden, drastic, non-climate-related changes in vegetation and in the diet of surviving marsupial species. However, early Australian Aborigines appear to have rapidly eliminated the megafauna of Tasmania about 41,000 years ago (following formation of a land bridge to Australia about 43,000 years ago as Ice Age sea levels declined) without using fire to modify the environment there,[8][9][10] implying that at least in this case hunting was the most important factor."

      Last Ice Age ended 11,700 years ago, more or less.

      "Work by Berger and Loutre suggests that the current warm climate may last another 50,000 years.[6]"


    • Pedro says:

      And why:  Mankind almost met extinction 74,000 years ago after the explosion and eruption of the super volcano Toba ( today region of Indonesia )?

      Because we need the Sun, but without the UV-C radiation. Also the pollution produced in this episode was immense.

  55. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    EarthNow Plans to Launch a Constellation of Satellites to Stream Real-Time Videos of Earth / Bellevue WA
    EarthNow LLC will receive financial backing by Bill Gates, Airbus, SoftBank and OneWeb founder Greg Wyler to develop Advanced Imaging Satellites for beaming live Earth videos from space
    EarthNow, a Bellevue, Washington-based start-up, Wednesday announced its intent to beam non-stop real-time videos of Earth with the help of a large constellation of advanced imaging satellites it intends to deploy in the not too distant future. … EarthNow’s ambitious space imaging program has attracted the approval and financial support of the likes of Bill Gates, Airbus, SoftBank and OneWeb founder Greg Wyler who are backing the project to the hilt.
    …  developing a comprehensive system design that will be the key to the success of this ground-breaking endeavor that proposes to deliver “live and unfiltered” footage of anywhere on planet Earth – well, almost.  … Add to that SpaceX’s super-ambitious Starlink constellation project, which should see Elon Musk’s company launch 4,425 satellites by 2025

    The DAILY MAIL: Bill Gates backs a $1 billion plan to cover Earth in 'Big Brother' satellites capable of streaming 'live and unfiltered' HD footage of the planet
        •    Japanese firm Softbank and aerospace giant Airbus are also backing the project
        •    500-strong network of spacecraft will monitor Earth with and livestream video
        •    Applications could including tracking illegal fishing, monitoring the weather and tracking natural migrations globally

    • Earth Angel says:

      Anything Bill Gates is financing has got to be suspect and nefarious. That guy gives me the willies. With all the missing trillions from our government and the DOD, ( see 2 part interview with Sarah Westall and Catherine Austin Fitts for a real mind blower)  I have to wonder where HE got his financing from!!! Think about it, who originally bankrolled Gates and Microsoft?.. Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Star Messenger says:

      With Big Brother watching us 24/7/365 what could possibly go wrong?

  56. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Thank you, Dane. You remain our North Star. You said, "The United States of Amnesia"!  🙂  Brilliant, tragic, and very true. God Bless you and your courageous family.

  57. Croc1 says:

    Just shut up, enjoy all the games we provide, the dope, free internet porn and experts telling you what to do.Why even think for yourself. Just get back to work, pay your taxes and be a good slave.


    Julian Huxley

  58. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Crimes of a Monster: Your Tax Dollars at Work / By John W. Whitehead – Rutherford Institute / April 16, 2018
    Let us not mince words. We are living in an age of war profiteers. We are living in an age of scoundrels, liars, brutes and thugs. Many of them work for the U.S. government. We are living in an age of monsters. The blood of innocent civilians is on our hands whether we choose to recognize it or not.  It is our tax dollars at work here, after all.  Unfortunately, we have no real say in how the government runs, or how our taxpayer funds are used.  We have no real say, but we’re being forced to pay through the nose, anyhow, for endless wars that do more to fund the military industrial complex than protect us, pork barrel projects that produce little to nothing, and a police state that serves only to imprison us within its walls. …. The overt and costly signs of the despotism exercised by the increasingly authoritarian regime that passes itself off as the United States government are all around us: warrantless surveillance of Americans’ private phone and email conversations by the NSA; SWAT team raids of Americans’ homes; shootings of unarmed citizens by police; harsh punishments meted out to schoolchildren in the name of zero tolerance; drones taking to the skies domestically; endless wars; out-of-control spending; militarized police; roadside strip searches; roving TSA sweeps; privatized prisons with a profit incentive for jailing Americans; fusion centers that collect and disseminate data on Americans’ private transactions; and militarized agencies with stockpiles of ammunition, to name some of the most appalling.
    Meanwhile, the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) and the agencies under their command—Defense, Commerce, Education, Homeland Security, Justice, Treasury, etc.—have switched their allegiance to the Corporate State with its unassailable pursuit of profit at all costs and by any means possible.  As a result, we are now ruled by a government consumed with squeezing every last penny out of the population and seemingly unconcerned if essential freedoms are trampled in the process. …  those who profit from Americans being surveilled, fined, scanned, searched, probed, tasered, arrested and imprisoned are none other than the police who arrest them, the courts which try them, the prisons which incarcerate them, and the corporations, which manufacture the weapons, equipment and prisons used by the American police state.
    It gets worse. … The government’s schemes to swindle, cheat, scam, and generally defraud Americans have run the gamut from wasteful pork barrel legislation, cronyism and graft to asset forfeiture schemes, the modern-day equivalent of highway robbery, astronomical health care “reform,” and costly stimulus packages.   Americans have also been made to pay through the nose for the government’s endless wars, subsidization of foreign nations, military empire, welfare state, roads to nowhere, bloated workforce, secret agencies, fusion centers, private prisons, biometric databases, invasive technologies, arsenal of weapons, and every other budgetary line item that is contributing to the fast-growing wealth of the corporate elite at the expense of those who are barely making ends meet—that is, we the taxpayers.   Unsurprisingly, the government has used its tax powers to advance its own imperialistic agendas and the courts have repeatedly upheld the government’s power to penalize or jail those who refused to pay their taxes. … democracy has given way to kleptocracy (a government ruled by thieves), and representative government has been rejected in favor of a kakistocracy (a government run by the most unprincipled citizens that panders to the worst vices in our nature: greed, violence, hatred, prejudice and war) ruled by career politicians, corporations and thieves—individuals and entities with little regard for the rights of American citizens. …  the Constitution is meaningless, the government is all-powerful, and the citizenry is powerless to defend itself against government agents who steal, spy, lie, plunder, kill, abuse and generally inflict mayhem and sow madness on everyone and everything in their sphere.
    If we don’t have the right to decide what happens to our hard-earned cash, then we don’t have very many rights at all.   If the government can just take from you what they want, when they want, and then use it however they want, you can’t claim to be anything more than a serf in a land they think of as theirs.   This was the case in the colonial era, and it’s the case once again.


    • Constant Walker says:

      The inescapable Natural Fact is that "government," and its exclusively "self"-interested owner/operators could not inflict on the subject/citizenry all the degradation and devastation catalogued above so starkly by John Whitehead (as well as weekly here by Mr. Wigington), if those same artificially "individual"-ized subject/citizens hadn't (wittingly or otherwise) given their consent to being treated as the commodified collateral that they are….in law and in-fact. They did this (and continue to do so) by accepting even the relative pittance that is their "share" of the loot from the 500+ year-long "criminal" enterprise that is the "American" project….and thus becoming accomplices to the "crime"….thus forfeiting any claim they might've otherwise had to respect from their overlords.

      They do it when they fall for the confidence trick that offers them the counterfeit currency of "rights" and "liberty," in-exchange for being officially "excused" (and finally legally barred) from meeting the very real, and ultimately unshirkable demands of having to fulfill their Human Organic Responsibilities, to Earth and Her Whole Living Arrangement, as a component of Her natural immune system. These responsibilities form the only genuine grounds for our biologically imperative Human freedom, because we must be Free Wild Natural Persons and Peoples in order to fulfill them.

      The Planet-wasting "civilization" disease is now much too far gone into its terminal stage for there to be any "change in the direction" of its course. That is simply not an option anymore, no matter how sincerely and desperately well-meaning people might wish it otherwise….and strive heroically to make it so.

      What does still remain within the realm of possibility for those "masses" of "individual"-ized expendables languishing in the lethal fever dream that is the disease's virtual world-o'-hurt, is getting over the organically crippling and alienating sickness that is their very own too-precious "self." With that will come a release from the "civilized" delusions of "justice" and other such paralyzing make-believe conceits. Also, the fear that is the 'basic rule' of the gangsterism running the virtuality (the rule-of-fear that has again become on outright reign-of-terror here in the terminal stage of the wasting disease), along with the anger and desire for revenge and other debilitating psycho-emotional and accompanying physical conditions generated by that terror, will cease to trouble the truly "self"-less.

      So that is the "choice"….to suffer and perish as a captive of the sickening "self"…stuck in the virtual world-o'-hurt (though not, as Mr. Wigington so correctly points-out, for very much longer….though it will seem like an eternity)….or to get free of that construct and go on living each Day as a Natural Human Being within the Vision of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Here in Indian Country that looks like the very essence of a 'no-brainier.'

    • Earth Angel says:

      Wow. John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute hits it out of the park- incredible!…he just nails it!

    • Frances says:

      Sadly almost all western political leaders cowardly support this sad state of affairs in their own countries, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

    • Dennie says:

      …or you could listen to the Metropolitan Opera company's podcast of The Exterminating Angel, a 2016 operatic adaptation of Luis Bunuel's Surrealist play about the ruling class and the paradigm they trap themselves in, by composer Thomas Ades:

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Dear Susan, no more has to be said . My goodness you've said it all! Very,Very well said indeed! They can control us as slaves but they can't control our souls! One day soon ALL will have an awakening! Only faith will get us through. Never let them take your faith. In the end Love will win, Gauranteed  🙂

    • virginia says:

      Whitehead presents us with an easy-to-read narrative filled with adjectives and vague nouns to enlighten us as to the symptoms of what is wrong in America – run by 'thugs', 'mon sters', militarized police, FEMA, military industrial complex and so on and so on.  But, he does not identify WHO is responsible for our present-day "government." He puts the blame for it all on our "government" – but WHO IS our government?  When the entire Congress must pledge true loyalty to another country (or else it's bye bye time) when sworn in, I must wonder and be very, very frightened.  Describing the symptoms without identifying the cause will not cure the disease.  Just WHO is behind all of this skullduggery?   For instance, is it well-known WHO trains our law enforcement personnel?  Why do they attack us in such militaristic methods, dress, attitude, rather than to "serve and protect" which is their primary function? Who outfits them with tanks and special military weapons?  Is it well-known who started up "Homeland Security" agency (great name, but which homeland, I wonder are they protecting)?  Research the founders and their citizenship status and background. You may be surprised.  Yes, Whitehead hits all the right bases and leaves us with what we already know without pinpointing the real culprits.  We know the symptoms.  We live those symptoms. What we want to do is cure the disease.  Where do we look? Many of us know.  Many have awakened and thankfully.  For only then can we save this beautiful part of the continent called USA – and, for that matter, all of mankind.

      Dane, you must be drowning in 'thank yous'  but one more time:  Many thanks to you and your family and friends who give you support and love and the power to continue in what is really an uphill battle.  You are fighting titans of industry, war, profit who intend to dominate this earth and beyond.  You are doing it, inch by inch without so much as a peep of 'giving up'  That is the definition of a warrior and of a man.  God speed always.

    • Dan in VA says:

      To most things there in no simple solution, but the tax feeding the Government does have one simple solution. Just as it is ridiculously difficult to convince folks about the reality of Geoengineering, the same is sadly true for the tax issue. If the income tax were to be applied as spelled out in Article 26 of the U.S.C., among the gibberish therein, one will find the truth as to whom the tax legally applies. Simply put, any earnings in the private sector, that is, not gained from any Federal privilege, is yours to keep.

      For that matter, there is no law requiring any non governmental employer ever reporting your earnings to the IRS nor withholding for Social Security or Medicaid. What we have today is the result of a well orchestrated PR scam started near the end of WW2 and the pervasive issuance of W-4s to private sector employers and advertising especially in movie theaters, to induce the idea that it was the patriotic thing to pay income taxes. There is good reason that it is called the Ignorance tax.

      My apologies to anyone who decides to do their own research on this and realize that they themselves do not meet the requirements of "taxpayer" and have already made their gift to the IRS but one can still submit corrected returns for three years past. So in short, if all legally non taxpayers stopped gifting their earnings to Uncle Sam, the Military Industrial Complex and all of the alphabet agencies, would come to a screeching halt.

      All that said, yes it does take a big set of them to pony up to the IRS as fear is it's primary driver. Just as Dane says, don't take my word for it but rather, investigate for yourself. Sure there is plenty of disinformation out there and we all have been conditioned from our first real job that paying tax on our hard earned income was just part of living in the great ole USA but that  is not the case for the majority.

      Anyone interested in hanging on to their money and no longer financing the rabid Federal Government interventions around the world, I suggest you start here: It's worked for me and it probably can for you too. Do read the book first so as to be sure to cross your T's and dot your i's.

      My thanks to Dane and all the best to everyone in all battles against corruption, injustice and insanity. Stop feeding the machine!

    • virginia says:

      Dan in VA.  I clicked onto your link re income tax.   I stopped reading when the author wrote that the Income tax was a Constitutional provision.  It definitely is not.  After Woodrow Wilson gave America away to a small group of bankers who initiated the Federal Reserve in 1913, they thought of taxing citizens to pay for all of that pretty paper money they were about to unleash at exorbitant  interests.  Ergo the Income tax – never one tiny law was ever passed to legalize that secret (at the time) scheme that has worked so well for the Federal Reserve.  This is a simplistic explanation; but income taxing our citizens is not legal, let alone a Constitutional provision as that author states in your link.  It looks as if he is trying to sell a book.  I don't buy it.  Just a personal opinion.

    • That's quite a mouthful by John W. Whitehead.  Erm… He assumes (or suggests) that there's nothing the civilian public can "do" about it. Not so… There's PLENTY the civilian public can do regarding the fact that the 16th Amendment was never ratified by the majority of States.

      In fact; every Constitutional amendment following the substitution of the original 13th Amendment, places the Federal  government and States representative agencies in grievous violation of the People.  It's called treason.

      The American Republic is a government BY the people – not a group of stuffed sausages with some jacked up military pricks enforcing criminal options.

      Excerpted from: Peremptory writ of mandamus – Wikipedia

      "A peremptory writ of mandamus (also peremptory writ of mandate or simply peremptory mandamus) is an absolute and unqualified writ (a formal written command) to the defendant to do the act in question. It is issued when the defendant defaults on, or fails to show sufficient cause in answer to, an alternative mandamus. It is one of the three types of a mandamus. A more exact definition of a peremptory writ of mandate is "a final order of a court to any governmental body, government official or a lower court to perform an act the court finds is an official duty required by law." [1] [2]"

      Distinguishing from other kinds of mandamus

      "A peremptory writ of mandate "is distinguished from an alternative writ of mandate (mandamus), which orders the governmental agency, court or officials to obey the order or show cause at a hearing why it should not." [1] [2]

      This may also be distinguished from a Continuing Mandamus, which asks for an officer or other authority to perform its tasks expeditiously for an unstipulated period of time for preventing miscarriage of justice.[3]" Complete text:

      The American Republic is YOU – the People.  Get a grip.

    • virginia says:

      To Paul (way down on bottom of 'replies.')

      Thanks so much for your contributions and for clarifying the income tax status re Constituion.  I liken your posts to taking a legal course 101  They are always pertinent and very effective.



  59. renate says:

    Glad you mentioned cell phones, people seem to be clueless. Here's a wake-up call.
    Wi fry in your home is 2.4 G Hz which is the frequency that fries the water modules in your bodies, like microwave ovens. We are 70 +%water. The smartmeter is also in this frequency range plus can be turn up 60 Ghz plus.
    The 5G is 60 G Hz, this frequency destroys the oxygen modules in your bodies.
    So why would the FCC open this frequency without a license, when they charge radio stations, TV stations, ham radio operators license fees for using different frequencies, but not 2.4 and 60 G hz. or the up coming wi-gig, which is the kill grid and every living thing on the planet. Why aren't they charging the telecommunication industrial complex? who owns them? 
    Here is a full complete version.
    Still think cell phones are great.

    • Frances says:

      Wi fried on ABC Catalyst; I believe the Dr. researcher lost her job over this:


    • Pedro says:

      Excellent INFORMATION !

      Everyone should fully watch both videos !

    • Pedro says:

      >> Paul Vonharnish.

      Please, watch the two videos that are in this post of Renate.
      Thank you.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hi Renate,

      Thanks for sharing these links.  I love the way he doesn't mince words telling it like it is!  Knowing how detrimental wi-fi is to our minds/bodies and as an advocate for the welfare and safety of our children, I provided copious data/research to my employer (the school administration) and our academic policy committee, proposing that we become a wi-fi – free school.  Long story short, it isn't gonna happen.  "Too expensive to make the necessary modifications" was the reply I received.  Absolutely insane!  And to make matters worse, this same week, the damn electric company installed a brand new smart meter on the side of my house — even after I had written them in advance upon receiving their notification that I did not want them to change out my meter.  A big fat, in your face, we don't give a damn what you want, cause your getting one whether you like it or not, and apparently we have no way to "opt-out" here in Alaska.  Down right criminal!  Well, until I can come up with another plan, I immediately built a faraday cage around the stinking meter, and I pray that it will help mitigate some of the damaging radiation.  Heaven help us!

  60. Linda says:

    Beverley, we weep with you…..God bless our planet and skies and creatures, both human and animals

  61. virginia says:

    As far as reasons for bombing the ancient country of Syria and occupying, now, one-third of the country,  you touched on oil and water and gas – imo and from years of study and activism, the primary reasons are for the expansion of and control by Israeli Zionist movement: that is Eretz Israel (greater Israel), ergo, the wars and devastation of the surrounding countries, as well.  Eretz Israel is a plan well-documented and freely admitted to by Israelis.  Israel has eaten up what was left of Palestine; has occupied southern Lebanon for years to gain more land (this time Lebanon's Litani River) and, yes, the available resources to plunder. They have illegally occupied Syria's important Golan Heights and now want even more of Syria expanded around the Golan as a "buffer" zone.  The USA has no business in participating in Zionists' ambitions; as a matter of fact Israel is using American wealth, its fighting men and women, and, yes, its stupidity to carry out its operations.  We all know this.  That is what America was designed to do.  When I hear idiots asking "what is the solution" to all of the turmoil in Near East?" Simple: it can be done in one day – get the hell out of there and in every other country in which we have our military bases. Stop the financial support of the one nation who is responsible for the whole damn mess.  Until this is done – little hope of peace for those unfortunate countries who are and have been bearing the brunt of the fire this time. And, our own country, America, will continue to be literally trashed from every angle.  Look at it, and weep for it, for it will continue until Americans awaken, speak up (typified by this website and its creator) and save what is left. 

    Your entire message, Dane, always delivered with so much passion, so much patience to call attention to the climate manipulation and its reasons and dire implications for our mother earth, is truly appreciated (lame words when one thinks of a dying planet). 

    One word on the Record Searchlight (locally owned 'newspaper' published here in Redding, California, for those outside of the area).  It is a colossal joke and has been for many years.  I do believe that those old newscasters and 'weather' people are just too damn dumb to be able to speak on the subject of geoengineering, etc.  I know they are politically influenced by Shasta County – whose entire bunch of directors should be made accountable.  One consolation, however, when I find a copy of the paper, the Record Searchlight, in our local wastepaper or trash cans outside of the post office and stores, I bring it home.  Their one asset: makes great backing for my cat's litter box.

    Dane, please let us know when that meeting you mentioned will be held.  I and family intend to be there.

    Continued success in your ventures and continued safety and good health.  Peace.

    • Frances says:

      Re Syria, the US now controls about 1/3 of the country including most of its oil wealth and its best farmland and no intention of returning it to its owners. 

    • Dennie says:

      "Beyond Thunderdome" was a movie about a post-Apocalyptic world where thugs and tough guys garbed in shredded leather fight over the last drops of gasoline in souped-up, burnt-out contraptions on an environmentally decimated planet of brownfields populated by a desperate, destitute population clothed in gray rags.  There was a character in the movie called "Master-Blaster" that was a duo of two entities that could not live the one without the other.  Blaster was a behemoth of a lug with nary a brain in his stupid head but plenty of bulking brawn, while Master, a small, undersized overly clever curly-haired little punk of a homunculus, perched on Blaster's shoulders, directing the unconscious, unquestioning behemoth's every move.  When they are finally knocked down and apart, Master has no idea how to get back onto Blaster's shoulders and becomes a helpless babbling baby, yammering away with his idiotic arrogant ideas while Blaster, bloated and senseless, can't upright himself. Both are doomed.  Blaster = The United States; Master = Israel.

    • Diana says:

      Hi Virginia! Whenever someone talks about Isreal my ears perk up.  I'm not Jewish,  just grafted in. One of our daughters spent her semester abroad in Jerusalem. I was just wondering if you are aware of the multitude of prophecies that have come to pass with regards to Israel? I'm referring to what God's word said would happen in these last days. I'm not condoning Israel's actions, just imparting some soil into the information. It's all very astounding.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Diana, Thank you for your post re Israel and prophecies.  Yes, I am very aware of a multitude of biblical prophecies and the rationales often quoted to support Israel's occupation of Palestine. The most famous mantra is that "the land of Israel was given to Jews by God and they are God's chosen people."  And so forth.  However, I base my conclusions on history, facts and common sense.  Each of us to his own personal beliefs..  If it makes you feel good to believe biblical mythology regarding Israel, good for you and continue to do so. 

      Oh, is there a prophecy somewhere in the bible that gives Israeli armed forces the order to kill, maim and torture Palestinian people: the young, old, sick?  Now, I am referring to Zionist Israel, here.  I don't believe God ever mentioned Zionism.  If I am in error, please correct me.

      Thank you, Diane, for your response, which I truly appreciate.  Meanwhile, good luck in your efforts to fight the climate engineers who are destroying the entire world.  That should be our main focus or we are all sunk….prophecy or not.

      Peace for everyone on this earth.

  62. Sandy Patrus says:

    This is very frustrating…twice, something threw me off this page and I lost what I was typing.  Anyway, thank you Dane for all your hard work and diligence.  Sometimes the truth is not easy to hear, but has to be told.  I am thankful that both of my children did the research needed to make the decision to not vaccinate.  My granddaughters are healthier and  brilliant students because of this.  Even though we are not always listened to or believed, me must keep fighting to get the truth out there.

    • virginia says:

      Sandy….this is incredible.  Just about the time you were posting, so was I and the same thing happened.  I didn't realize it until after I hit "post" that a complete paragraph was omitted.  Can't figure it out. Coincidence or..?

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Virginia, I think the powers that be are working against us and don't want the truth to be told.  One of the reasons I got off of Facebook.

  63. Jeanette S says:

    Friday, April 20th, 7 pm going south/east on 580 in San Leandro, the view of the setting sun was no "view" I could not even see our shore of the bay from the white, silver, pearlized lit up aerosols in our air. It was blue? skies all day did not spy any planes, they probably sprayed the hell out of the ocean and it blew in. I will bet there were lots of "asthma" etc. emergencies. I could see our avenues and before you could see where they run into the water of the bay, it was like staring into an incadescent light bulb-our "sunset". I cannot forgive these sociopathic idiots; I treat them with great disdain, disinterest and disrespect. I discredit them at every given opportunity and when people say "we", all of us, did this or that (and so it is our fault things are the way they are) I quickly dispell and critique that. I accept no responsiblity for the sociopathic and their deeds; I paid good, hard tax dollars to ensure safety and ethicalness of products, services and BEHAVIORS. No, they did not live up to expectations and their JOBS. No, I did not do any wrong doing. If everybody put the problem in proper perspective, the opposing team would lose much of their stranglehold.

    • Diana says:

      So sorry to hear Jeanette. We live at some altitude and enjoyed our sunsets in the past. We've had three days of no spray but the lower sky is still the wrong color. It's discouraging but we have hope.

  64. renate says:

    Alberta Weather Modification Incorporated

    Clients & Projects


    If anyone is interested, there is an 2018 Annual Weather Modification Meeting @ (April 24-27 in Estes Park, Colorado)


    On this site, other links such as: Nano engineering & tech 2018 22nd edition.


    They know what they DO.

    Nations ENMOD Treaty from 1974.

    Activities that could violate ENMOD include:

    Triggering earthquakes
    Manipulating ozone levels
    Alteration of the ionosphere
    Provoking flood or drought
    Use of herbicides
    Setting fires
    Seeding clouds
    Introduction of invasive species
    Eradication of species
    Creation of storms
    Manipulation of El Niño / La Niña
    Destruction of crops

    Today, almost a quarter century after ENMOD was negotiated, the treaty is all but forgotten. Only 70 countries ratified the agreement. Twenty were required to bring it into force. Parties to ENMOD have met only twice, in 1982 and 1992. Despite the fact that, early on, ENMOD was recognized as flawed, no international civil society group has seriously tried to fix it.


    Nations ENMOD Treaty from 1974.

  65. Beverley Evans says:

    In Canada we now have only two seasons  – summer and winter.  We go from winter directly into summer and vise versa.  Does anyone notice!!!

    I watch the destruction of nature from this and weep.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Pardon, people will wake up soon. have heart and be brave, dear, you are in good company. I do my best to help nature out…I feed the wild birds organic millet, I put a glass pie plate out with water and stones to help the wildlife, I crush a lavender stem and sprinkle it back into the bush, hoping that it helps the bees to find it and my organic yard. Plant a garden or a plant pot on your stoop for bees or pollinators get an organic plant. allysium seeds from a organic supplier; starts are sprayed with weed killer here in ca. Maybe take out rocks, brick from your garden they hold heat. shade any cement or aspalt, etc. do these seemingly small things and have faith that they are helping. share with friends that think they cannot do anything about it. "never believe that a few concerned citizens can't change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Meade

    • Lucille Munro says:

      Yes I live in Canada and I have noticed the exact same thing.

    • russ says:

      Beverly—same here in upstate NY, I look at my children and grandchildren and wonder what will become of them

    • Martha says:

      Same in N. Idaho. Two seasons – hot or cold. Please know that you don't weep alone.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I've said that for two years now about Alberta, Beverly. Sad to hear that it's all of Canada. I sure know that AB. SK. & B.C. are hit hard with these spray programs from spending time in them over the past ten years. From Freezing to Frying & back again. They are screwing with the Natural Flow, that once was.      The "Four Season's", we once had.  It really messes with the Trees growth & Health, All Fauna & Waterways. The Animals, Birds, Bats & Insects.  What isn't this messing with?   An ongoing manipulation of Nature.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Beverley Evans:  I'm in San Rafael, CA U.S.A. and it's getting to be the same way here.  We have a whole bunch of ice-nucleated c-o-o-o-l-d rainy weather, then a few days of cold not-rainy weather, then the clouds go away and it get H-O-T, really fast.  It'll just be H-O-T from late April until late October now.  

    • Frances says:

      Beverley and readers, here in Australia we are having an endless summer with record autumn heat in April comparable to January's heat.  Not good for farmers nor firefighters.  

  66. Jeanette S says:

    and then dsm and glass ceiling the dangerous, seriously ill.

  67. Jeanette S says:

    Friday, April 20th, 7 pm going south/east on 580 in San Leandro, the view of the setting sun was no "view" I could not even see our shore of the bay from the white, silver, pearlized lit up aerosols in our air. It was blue? skies all day did not spy any planes, they probably sprayed the hell out of the ocean and it blew in. but there were lots of "asthma" etc. emergencies. I could see our avenues and before you could see where they run into the water of the bay, it was like staring into an incadescent light bulb-our "sunset". I cannot forgive these sociopathic idiots; I treat them with great disdain, disinterest and disrespect. If everybody did they would lose much of their stranglehold.

    • Alligator says:

      Creator watches these sociopaths and He will not forgive them He will hold them accountable for the crimes committed against His natural order and His creations.

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Dear Jeanette S., they don't realize that their children and loved ones have to also breathe in the same poisoned air that we do! Maybe they wi wake up when it hits home! May God Bless You.

  68. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 214th email, titled "Just Saying…"

    1. On 20th April, the 365 day average Arctic sea ice volume was reported as 2nd lowest @ 13, 260km3 – pretty much everything else is in the Arctic and CAB is at record low for the time of year…hmmm.

    NOAA has upped the level of its lying and falsification of charts – even more deletion and falsification of data on CO2 and methane emission charts. Their ocean heating chart has not been updated.

    This summer onwards we will get a very abrupt climate change with a 'shark shaped blob of warm water as wide as the Pacific rising from the depths' – currently at a depth of 100 – 200m: 

    2. "Just Saying…": 

    a) This video seems to show school children of the Syrian opposition (the flag) rehearsing a nerve agent gas attack (the symptoms):  I hope that is not shaving foam they are using – milk and rice plus a pinch of Bicarb of Soda tastes better. Look for clips and stills from this in future alleged attacks. 

    b) A good 9th April article by The Red Cross about chemical weapons, particularly para 4: 

    c) I can not find any genuine reports by The Red Cross, Red Crescent, local civilians or local hospitals that confirm a gas attack in Douma. The 11yr old boy who features in the staged gas attack in Douma has explained how it happened – and confirms many other independent reports (he was the one who was hosed with water and had an 'inhaler' sprayed into his eyes).

    d) Chlorine will disperse/evaporate in about 16 hrs in an urban environment. Organophosphates (nerve agents) are more stable – the VX nerve agent for example (developed in 1950s at Porton Down, UK) remains hazardous for about 3 weeks.

    e) Syrian and Russian troops are providing security for the OPCW team. Small arm battles have delayed the OPCW team yet again – I suppose the Syrian/Russian troops could have attacked themselves, wounding several, but that is highly unlikely – they want the OPCW to carry out their investigation as soon as possible in order to prove that no chemical attack happened. On the other hand, if the OPCW find no evidence of a chemical attack, US/UK/France and their allies want to be able to say "Of course OPCW found nothing, the chemicals all dispersed or been taken away before they got there". An investigation for nerve agents should ideally have be carried out within a week of such an attack, i.e by April 14th…  

    f) On April 14th, 71 out of about 103 missiles (they can give off decoy signals so difficult to be exact) fired by US/UK/French ships and planes, and US forces in Syria, were destroyed by Syrian air defences – a 70% successful defence. Of those 103 missiles, about 73 were aimed at 7 airfields which were protected by Syrian anti missile shields and 66 missiles were shot down – a 90% success rate. Thus the 3 alleged research and chemical warfare centres (unprotected by anti missile shield) were targeted by about 30 missiles and 5 were shot down by local defence. The videos taken of these buildings in the morning after the attacks (within 16 hrs) show very little office/equipment debris, and anyway had there been chlorine or nerve agents there, then those camera men and spectators would have been be seriously ill or dead.  Russian forces in Syria did not fire their (more advanced) anti missile equipment.

    g) Large amounts of US, UK, and Israeli weapons and ammunition (also chlorine and other chemical agents) are  being found in Jaysh al-Islam's positions in Douma – often in schools.

    h) The uninvited US and its allies ( incl ISIS, Jaysh al-Islam etc) control about 1/3rd of Syria – including the largest oil fields. Excellent article which also sheds light to the current destabilisation of Venezuela: 

    With this level of lies and deceit, it is not surprising they can so readily and easily lie about the ongoing toxic atmospheric spraying. 

    3.  Notes to Self (week 67 of 104) Which is correct: 7% more water vapour in the atmosphere will cause a Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) rise of 1ºC…or, 1ºC rise in GAST will add 7% more water vapour into the atmosphere? 

    "Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking…Nothing pains some people more than having to think"  Martin Luther King. Assassinated 4 April 1968.

  69. Gary Cristani says:

    People are too invested in the lie to admit the truth.

  70. izzy says:

    Poison. It's coming from everywhere –

    "In the case of medicine, a lot of information has emerged showing just how much corruption really goes on in the industry. The Editors-in-Chiefs of several major medical journals have been quite blunt, with perhaps one of the best examples coming from Dr. Richard Horton, the current Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet, who says:

    “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.”

    Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ), also considered one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, alongside The Lancet, has said that:

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

    John Ioannidis, an epidemiologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, published an article titled “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False,” which subsequently became the most widely accessed article in the history of the Public Library of Science (PLoS). (source)

    Here is another great quote by Arnold Seymour Relman (1923-2014), Harvard professor of medicine and former Editor-in-Chief of The New England Medical Journal:

    “The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.”

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