Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 3, 2018, #130


Dane Wigington

While the power structures scripted political theater of the absurd distracts much of the US population, the roller-coaster ride toward a lifeless planet continues to accelerate with each passing day. Will the “coldest on record” Superbowl temperatures (conditions created by the climate engineers) help to cover up the record warm temperatures at the North Pole (which are expected to be as much as 40 degrees higher than those at the game)? What other orchestrated weather events are the climate engineers currently manufacturing in order to manipulate the perception of populations? Ocean and atmospheric oxygen levels continue to plummet, shouldn’t being able to breath be our top priority? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The painful moment of forced awakening is coming. The moment when so many will ponder how they could have been so blind to what was unfolding around them. Between now and that moment it is the responsibility of the already awakened to sow seeds of awareness. How? By sharing credible data from a credible source, this is exponentially more effective than pointing at the atrocities in our skies and ranting. Whatever comes, great solace exists in the knowledge that you did everything you could to do your part for the greater good. If we all stand together, who can say what profound good we may yet accomplish even at this late hour.

This week's outreach booth is at the "At the Grounds", Roseville, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

8hgt88um wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Jeff Wolfley (former publisher of The Las Vegas Magazine) for spearheading the effort to put flyers into the "Star Valley Independent News" in Western Wyoming. Also, the opinion comment addressing geoengineering ("Thoreau"), was posted in the paper on the same day that the flyers were inserted.

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GW332s also wishes to express our deepest gratitude to William (from Frazier Park California) for organizing the effort to put Geoengineering Watch flyers into “ The Mountain Enterprise” newspaper in Frazier Park, California ( supplied the flyers)


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  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    It's great to see informational flyers being placed into the 'Star Valley Independent News' and 'The Mountain Express News'! Hopefully more Newspapers across the country will follow! I also believe some type of Defoiliant waswas be used on the plants and trees! Plants such as Agaves, Cacti and Succulents that should not get Sun burned did so this past Summer here in Northeast Florida. I also noticed the burn, even on plants and trees, well inland from the coast after the passage of Hurricane Irma last year in September. Plants and Trees many miles inland should have not gotten burned from Salt Air. It was on the Southeastern side of the plants and trees.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thanks for the petition info and the links to the Dome documentary and Fukushima info.  My father was a nuclear physicist at the Rad Lab in Livermore.  He was on the "Starfishprime" operation on the Johnston atoll in the summer of 1962.  This is the one that sent an EMP into the atmosphere, taking out the grid in honolulu for a time and destroying some satellites.  One of the tests rained plutonium down upon the atoll. One worker stated pieces were everywhere through the cafeteria and latrines.  Anyway when my father came home he told my mother he would probably not live to be very old.  Bay of pigs happened and he dug us a bomb shelter.  He had a massive heart attack 2 years later at age 34.  John Gofman a nuclear physicist and M.D. who worked at the lab states in his oral history that radiation exposure not only causes cancer but accelerates ischemic heart disease.  He lived 6 more years and died of organ failure, but, went on to develop a project that led to the 3 nuclear blasts on amchitka island in the alaskan alleutian chain. Longshot, Milrow, and then "Cannikin" the largest underground nuclear explosion our government did.  It started the "Greenpeace" movement as those brave guys led by Bob Hunter (watch documentary on netflix "how to change the world" rented a fishing boat to go stop the explosion.  Cannikin left radioactive material deep down and those "firecracker boys" as one author likes to refer to those cold war scientists, did all this in a earthquake prone region.  Cannikin set off a 7 point something on the richter scale.  Researching the cold war and the Rad Labs etc. led me directly to the info Dane has shared here on this website. They were exploring aeresol spraying in the 50's.  Led by Edward Teller our scientists were figuring this out way before many of you were even born.  Radiation kills, and I learned from an early age not to trust what they tell you.  The military industrial complex helped found or should I say fund, along with our tax dollars the livermore lab "Shell Oil Company" it was back then, and Edward Teller had great influence for decades.  One of the founder's of the Lab "York" stated once we only need 10 hydrogen nuclear weapons for deterrence and at one time I think we had 3700.  I recommend Daniel Ellsberg's website and his new book The Doomsday Machine.  This geoengineering site is a great wealth of information for waking us all up to the reality's that have been going on for a long time.  It's good this "Cold War" history is coming to the forefront again.  We need to learn from the mistakes that have been made! Thank you for letting me share my story.

    • simone says:

      Charlotte, Endlessly Grateful for this most important information you've provided. Our new generations who have not even been born at that time this info is the most important to be aware of..  Hope you would not mind if I share your post  (with your credit) with others, including nuclear scientists&chemists I know.  The NEW GENERATION OF INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE ABLE TO TRULY LEARN HAS AN UNAVOIDABLE OBLIGATION TO FIGHT AGAINST MAN-CREATED MONSTROSITY IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY!!!  This HELLISH MONSTROSITY HAS GROWN ABOVE COSMIC PROPORTIONS.   Kindest Regards from sparkling, formally very sunny&starry Las Vegas 🙂

    • Hawkeye says:

      Really interesting info Charlotte, thanks for telling your story! 

      It gets me so twisted hearing these things the mad scientists have done to our world. Plutonium raining down……nice! WTF is wrong with mankind? Sorry, no offense to your father but this is sick sh##! Just one tiny particle of plutonium inhaled is a guaranteed lung cancer diagnosis. 

      God help us! 

    • Alan says:

      Thank you, Charlotte.  I'm sorry for your loss.  I have no doubt that every word you said is true.  

      Dane reported that about 400,000 Americans died of complications resulting from U.S. nuclear bomb testing.  Here is the story of Susan Hayward, one of America's most popular actresses of the 1950s and 60s, from Wikipedia:  

      "Hayward was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1973. On March 14, 1975, she suffered a seizure in her Beverly Hills home and died at the age of 57.[12] …….

      Hayward may have developed cancer from radioactive fallout from atmospheric atomic bomb tests[14] while making The Conqueror with John Wayne in St. George, Utah. Several production members, as well as Wayne himself, Agnes MooreheadPedro Armendáriz, and its director Dick Powell, later succumbed to cancer and cancer-related illnesses.[15] The cast and crew totaled 220 people. By the end of 1980, as ascertained by People, 91 of them had developed some form of cancer and 46 had died of the disease."

      But, thanks to that earlier nuclear testing, we can now blow everybody in the world up (pick a number) times over!  So, we have that going for us!

    • Dennie says:

      That is waaaay beyond "TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!!!"  The psychopaths a.k.a. "scientists" do the craziest-@ssed sh!t like trying to blow up the Van Allen Belts and other majorly destructive crap BECAUSE THEY CAN, never mind SHOULD they!   I've notice the A-holes playing with fire at the Rat Labs almost always die by their own horrible weapons, one way or another.  They. DON'T. CARE.  They don't care about their families, they don't care about themselves, they don't care about all the other human beings who have a God-given right to live on Earth in peace and health, and they sure as HELL do NOT CARE about Planet Earth, which itself has a God-given right to live in peace and health.  NOTHING will stop such evil monsters.  We have to find a way to get all the stoopid women to STOP BREEDING WITH PSYCHOPATHS and passing that sick DNA along!  DOUBLE Good on Daniel Ellsberg!!

    • Hello Charlotte: The house in the middle of this film is (admittedly) a rather bitter metaphor. Total destruction on either side, but the little white house in the middle remains standing. I am sorry for your loss.  Atom Bomb testing-The House in the Middle (1954) – YouTube

    • Pedro says:

      Dennie, your words in your post for me are like Dennis Chambers playing the drums; near perfection. The way is to develop an accurate and independent test to track under early age, who is an essential psychopath, or sociopath. And make them sterile. And these creatures must be closely monitored and also to these "persons" the access to relevant jobs in society should be forbidden. Theory is easy. But something must be done, because sooner or later these monsters will destroy Life on Earth.

      And I'm not telling that every guy who was involved in these projects is without doubts essential psychopaths, or sociopaths. Some probably are like us and were dragged into the hole by long years serving the system. Many normal people who were involved in acts of atrocity in war (because of the lunatic dynamics of the war), suicided themselves months or years after serving this same "system".


  3. TStew - Generation Zapped says:

    Hello friends,

    Let's all show our support to this film. It identifies the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to Radio Frequencies RF from wireless technology especially to our young ones that are being zapped everyday in schools across the nation.


  4. Troy - What's in your water? says:

    Hello friends,

    I wanted to share with you all what is in my drinking water. I live in the DC region and wanted to know what chemicals are in my drinking water. The results are shocking once I entered my zip code, for instance take noticed of the chemicals that are rained down on to us that are being sprayed from the air: Barium – Strontium, and of course Fluoride that is added at the water plant. What is also shocking is this statement: "tap water provided by this water utility was in compliance with federal health-based drinking water standards".

    Please send this link to all those who believe in or government and think that they have our best interest at heart.

    Click on the link below and you will see that it shows (6) cancer causing contaminants, then click on the number 9, and it will show additional contaminants. Scroll further down on the page to see other contaminants tested.

    Click on the MENU tab, then click on Database Home to search by state.

    • ecod says:

      What part of DC did you live in?  Curious to know –I lived there for 16 months (2013-2014) (Logan circle area) and became so ill I had to flee back to the Pacific Northwest where I am from (fortunately I didn't sell my home here).  I am still trying to recover.  I knew the water was terrible from day one (I would characterized it as 'dead') and I spent a fortune on filters, bottled water etc. although I knew that was a band aid.  I don't know how long term residents survive there.  the district also has a massive number of unregulated cell phone towers and the amount of blatant geoengineering that took place over the washington mall with no one seeming to notice was shocking — overall a very toxic environment. 

  5. penny says:

    Sorry for being (typically) unclear.  I definitely wasn't referring to 'aliens' – not a believer that we have been, or are likely ever to be, visited by ETs.  By electronic weaponry I meant exactly what Dennie brings up: ionospheric heaters.  In my neck of the woods, there has been considerable evidence of those being used heavily.  I seriously doubt that directed energy weapons would be used on anyone as inconsequential as, say, myself.

    I assume the question about the military using those heaters despite pretending to be concerned about global warming was rhetorical, since Dennie herself has often answered it:  They don't care!

    • Hello penny: Sorry about stepping in here so late. The flashing lights in your head are very real, and are in fact induced by electromagnetic induction and excitation of feedback loops between the retina, optical nerve, and interpretive brain functions. There are also millions of persons complaining of agonizing"tinnitus" these last few years. The reported epidemiology curves are exponential…

      As usual, the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health suppress and control all valid information exchange between specialists and their clients…

      I highly recommend this informative page regarding the hazards of blue light emitting apparatus (such as computer screens and LED lighting) and electromagnetic pulse mitigation procedures. >>>>> Jeromy Johnson – EMF Pollution Reduction <<<<<

  6. Alan says:

    According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), Alcoa was the biggest contributor to air pollution by a wide margin in 2014.  The second place company was not even close.  I just thought it was interesting…..

  7. GretchenThomas says:


  8. Frank says:

    It's hard to keep the language clean:


    How evil is that? Do you know how many car crashes that is?

    Do you know how many old people will fall down and then die?

    These bastards have to be stopped now!

  9. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Many readers on this page have posted comments critical of Mr. Trumps recent (and insane) nuclear rhetoric. > Sorry if I'm being redundant, but I just discovered yet another important presentation regarding "unknown" radioactive hazards on American soil.

    There are several states, and many financial interests involved in the practice of intentionally poisoning Native lands with radioactive effluent. The destruction of major aquifers along with interstate transport of radioactive materials are also discussed. This may be a huge eye opener for those who are uneducated as to the radioactive nature of coal deposits. >>>>>

    Days of Revolt: Sacrifice Zones – YouTube

    Published on Mar 1, 2016

    In this episode of Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and two Native American activists discuss the violation of land and lives of Indigenous peoples, particularly the decades of open-pit uranium mining that is responsible for spreading nuclear contaminants across the continent today.

  10. Joseph L says:

    Report: Massive radiation leak at Fukushima plant — Extremely high levels being detected outside reactor — Officials can’t explain why — Expert warns of global threat: “It’s a disaster of unseen proportions” (VIDEO)

    Anyone interesting in their health should check this out free to register and listen or they will have replays.

    Over 35 of the world’s top authors are here to tell you the unbiased, accurate, scientifically proven truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment.

    February 2 – 11, 2018 |
    Melville, N.Y. | Hilton Hotel

  11. Lee says:


    You would think that long ago the technology existed that would have enabled us to purify sea water on a large scale. Thus as a  country with two major oceans on both coasts, we could have had in place an unlimited water supply to water crops and for drinking as well. Why has this technology never been implemented? It seems like a no brainer.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Lee, desalination is not the answer. If we are to have any chance of continued survival on this once thriving planet, we must learn to work with nature.  FYI

  12. Barb E says:

    I think "they" are up to something more…first the false missile warnings went out, now in New Hampshire & Maine this morning somebody sent out false Tsunami warnings.  Hmmmmm  NOAA denies sending it and says it was some third party. They are investigating it.   Never heard of these false warnings before, why now were two different ones sent out in less than a month?  Are they trying to gauge our reactions or are they trying to condition us so that when the real thing happens we'll just think 'it must be a mistake' and take no action?  We live right on the ocean in Maine in the summer  and to me it wasn't funny.  In NH we live 50 miles from the ocean, safe here I would think. But if we're at camp only 18 feet above sea level we'd be in deep doo-doo if their fake warning proved to be true.  There's been 6 or 7 small earthquakes in Maine in the past two weeks.  I wonder if that's why they sent the fake warning to people there.   Every morning I check the USGS earthquakes to see what's going on and it's unreal. Kodiak Alaska has been getting hammered. I always wonder if Mother Earth is fighting back or are all the HAARP installations causing them or some other sinister things that we don't know about.  If I was "them" that think they'll be safe down in the DUMBS I'd think again….earthquake while stuck in a DUMB anyone?

    • Hawkeye says:

      Good eye Barb! I too see what you say. Even in SWFL we have had earthquakes! Largest one was year a 5.3 just off our coast in the Gulf and I et al felt and heard it that day, before it was confirmed on local news I et al thought it was an explosion. Methane? Causing quakes? 

      Yes, definitely, and eruptions. 

      Many thanks again to you Dane for these broadcasts! 

      BTW, Whynn stepping down in news today. Isn't he the owner of the recent Vegas shooting casino? Hmmmm.


    • Dennie says:

      The Game?  Keep Everyone GUESSING, what the Hell ELSE–???

  13. BC says:

    The snow in recent years has been referred to as sugary. It falls in granular form and stays that way throughout the winter. Even after it warms up it does not compact and ice over but remains sugary even after it freezes again. The question I'm thinking out loud is why? I'm thinking as Aluminum is used as a separating and non clumping agent for powdery compounds I am wondering if it is this Aluminum in the snow that makes this sugary consistency? I know it changes the way nature, animals and birds exist in a wintry environment and as a result I also wondering if this is why I am seeing so much winter kill of all species in our very remote wild country?The bigger game is all but gone now and the wolves and coyotes are starving and dying off for what appears to be the second year in a row. I am well old enough to remember natural snow from years past. Plowing this garbage is impossible as it flows back into the plow path behind the blade. It's very light and has little moisture content as we all know. The temperatures in the valleys where we are have been much colder then the mountain tops around us and it seems, from reports I'm hearing, that the alpine is repeatedly thawing off and on throughout winter where it doesn't do that in lower elevations. As a result we have inversions for days on end all winter long with dirty foggy ice crystals at ground level. I see that even the Rickys from the whore weather networks are using the same terminology that we in the know use to describe daily atmospheric conditions.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Thank you for posting this, BC!  We have had a bunch of heavy days of spraying, here in Chicago, followed by "snow."  It doesn't look anything like the snow I grew up with.  It it is so shiny / reflective, and doesn't compact very much when you apply pressure to it.  It looks like snow you would see them spraying on an indoor soundstage for a movie shoot.  When it is shoveled, it is like you are trying to shovel loose styrofoam beads.  At my house, we have a window overlooking our patio with a concrete windowsill that is about 4 inches deep, with an outdoor security light that faces downward.  It "snowed" all night, and before the sun came up today, I was kneeling in a chair and looking up close at the windowsill, with the "snowflakes" that were sitting on top of it.  I have found that it's easier to study them with one light on, rather than complete daylight.  The majority of the "flakes" were small, rounded beads, about 1mm in diameter, and the actual "flakes" were six-pointed stars.  The first point was vertical, and then there were two points at 45-degree angles on either side of it.  Mirror those points and you can get an idea of what they look like.  The flakes, from center to tip, are about 3 to 3.5 mm in diameter, and are all the same exact size, like they came out of a cookie cutter. I moved my head from side to side, they were transparent, and had a shine like glass, but had no texture to them – they are perfectly flat and smooth.  As this strange snow falls, it comes down sparkling, and remains sparking on the ground, piling up, but not compacting.  It looks like a sea of fine, sparkling beads of glass, rather than turning a non-shiny white.  Has anybody who is reading this, in the US or elsewhere in the world, seen these so-called "snowflakes?"

      If you want to see the beauty of actual snowflakes, way before geoengineering took off, there was a photographer from the late-1800's to early-1900's, named Wilson Bentley.  Just search for "Wilson Bentley snowflake pictures" and you can see photos of his online.  There is a museum about him in Vermont, and art exhibitions and collections around the world.

    • helot says:

      300 miles South of you, Prairie Explorer, we are getting pretty much the same kind of fake snow as you describe.
      Also, when was the last time you saw an icicle?
      I cannot recall the last time I saw one. This snow never seems to melt on it’s own without salt being applied, it only seems to evaporate.

  14. Paul Vonharnish says:

    To David: > who's contribution is way down the page. I viewed this documentary film shortly after it's first release. In terms of exposing the unbridled insanity of nuclear weaponry, is one of the most troubling and descriptive films available. Most civilians fail to comprehend long term affects of nuclear energy release.

    Readers should make it a point to review this film, and post the link on as many web pages as possible.    >>> Thank you David <<<   The Dome: America's Cold War Legacy – You Tube

    • Dennie says:

      @ Paul Vonharnish:  Thanks for another great catch!  The documentary on the "forgotten" nuclear bomb "testing" sites is especially poignant, considering that the "Father Warrior's Headquarters," namely the good ol' U. S. of A., somehow "feels" that they can do whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want, with complete impunity and never face any consequences of their total-destruction agenda.  Even to the point of destroying themselves.  They. DO. NOT. CARE., because they can't feel anything and are in the numb stages on the way to their complete demise.  Problem is, they're going down and they wanna take the rest of us along for the ride– NOT!!!! I say this to the NAZIs running America and the Planet:  "THE Biggest Crime on Earth is you @ssholes thinking you can override everyone else's free will, and the rest of us are mostly too stupid and happy to go along with your sick, homicidal-suicidal agenda.  LEAVE, NOW, and DO NOT COME BACK HERE AGAIN– EVER!!!!"

    • rose says:

      @ Paul Vonharnish  Thank you for posting that link. Another place  on this planet that humans  have made into a nightmare. I guess people think that by the time there's a payback for such crimes against our earth and all that's on it they will not be hear to suffer the consequences. Im talking about those that  know the dangers and do it anyway. GOD is watching. He does have a set day to do what Revelation 11:18 Says.

    • Dennie says:

      .. has everyone seen the play, "Waiting for Godot," by Samuel Beckett??

    • Chad says:

      Chemical ice nucleated snow here in idaho too. This manmade pathogens of flu and chemical cocktail is killing everyone and everything! 

  15. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    It was -36C (-32.8F) on the 4th Without the Sun coming through the manufactured haze all day, it warmed by 18 degrees to -18C (-0.4F)  Yesterday, the 5th, We awoke to -31C (-23.8F) we had Stars during the night, & in the morning light, the Sky was a pale blue. The Skies Blue increased during the day & I witnessed only a dozen jets spraying short trails at the Sun throughout the day. It warmed up to   -11C (12.2F)  With a 20 degree increase!  How can this be possible ?  Almost the same amount of temperature increase with & without the Sun!    This dazzles my mind.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Gail, maybe the UV radiation can pass through the "great aerosol shield" of the "saviors of the planet". Or; these mad "guys" are heating the ionosphere and playing with our luck, no?, Your latitude is near the Polar Arctic Circle? In that latitude the troposphere is less thicker than at the Equator. I do not know, but maybe some of the energy from the the insanity that is happening above it's influencing what is happening bellow, about the strange shifts of temperature. But I would not be surprised if the "precious shield" from the psychopath gang could show itself insufficient to deal with the UV radiation.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I'm sure the people that were intended to be deceived, were. Gail, funny how your conditions coincided with the stupid bowl. Those low temps came from somewhere! Chemical ice nucleation is literally "deadly". I'm sick of it and sick from it. So far, I am winning the battle I face here on the north Okanogan. Though I'd rather have "uncontrolled" rain. The more the better, any time of year. My cabin stays between 70 and 78 degrees F. Not only is it good for the bones, it seems to be doing the trick to rid my air of the chemical ice nucleation properties sprayed over us here. Probably wishful thinking, but it seems to work.

  16. Alan says:

    Historic average high temperatures for Feb. 7, 8 and 9 in my Northern San Diego County town – 66, 66 and 66.  Predicted high temperatures for those dates this week as reported this morning in the San Diego Union Tribune – 86, 87 and 83.  I remember when the weather reporters would make a big deal out of a five degree variance from average.  Now, they just giggle and jiggle while they distract, distort and disavow.   

  17. barbzi says:

    Ozone layer not recovering over populated areas, scientists warn

    ""It all amounts to a mystery, but a troubling one because ozone protects life at the surface from incoming ultraviolet radiation, and any thinning of total ozone in the stratosphere is cause for concern.

    “At the moment, there’s no proof of what’s causing it but there are some reasonable hypotheses that need to be investigated,” said Ball.

    “We’re raising the alarm that we need to very rapidly investigate whether it’s the short lived compounds, whether it’s a climate change response, whether our models aren’t quite doing the right job, or whether there’s something wrong with the data,” he said.,,,,,""

    ……have they considered global climate engineering of the skies??

    • Dennie says:

      Ball is either uninformed, mis-informed or disinformed.  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories did a study on the effects of the nanoparticulate metals that the boys down at Livermore think fit to spray us all with, nevermind our input, and they found that the sprays in fact shred the ozone layer.  I saw that report on the internet a few years ago.  The researchers had East Indian names.  Am having trouble finding that particular research again.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      For what it's worth, the ozone layer, if it were as dense as we want it to be, would lay "under" the methane layer. would it matter? I'd like a chance to find out….

  18. Dennie says:

    This is a very good video from a scientist about hyperstimulating the immune system using adjuvants and the results of research on the effects of aluminum hydroxide injected into mice (killed their motor neurons, crippling them cognitively and physically):;  Artificially hyperstimulating the immune system creates autoimmune disorders.

  19. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To my friends I haven't met yet, (I sure like writing that),

    Regarding my offer for two banners: Steve Chamberlain and Susan Albina, you will be receiving a banner each, soon. For what it's worth, I love Alaska and all it once stood for a hundred or more years ago.

    Gretchen, great to hear what became of those banners. You do me proud! I had no doubt. You have a warriors spirit. I wonder what became of the "3rd" banner of that series? I haven't heard…

    "mike", I might have a 3rd banner that I could donate. Please, if you will, ask Dane for my email address and then we can take it from there. Thank you for inquiring, my friend I haven't met yet.

    Well as long as the topic is up. The horseman's booth, "Our booth", is getting a rebuild this spring. It's going to be a "u" shape and provide shade for market patrons. Captive audience!(grin). Sad but true. Of coarse it will be made from "re-purposed" materials and painted "red". I'm just guessing here, but I'm pretty sure that "our booth" will be the only one not made in china. "It matters".

    Love and strength to ALL

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue, Please if you would, send me an email with your mailing address. I want to make sure things don't get lost.

  20. Frank says:

    I don't think we're going to have the stock market to pacify everyone for much longer. Bubbles, or manias, or whatever you want to call them, basically go up fast and down even faster. As Dane always says, the rising stock market was the key element keeping everyone happily ignorant of the collapsing world. Not any more.

  21. David says:

    So they've been spraying Orlando like mad today and listening to the radio on the way i hear that spring is coming 6 weeks early this year and we should be seeing temps in the 80's again soon surprise surprise.  Today was absolutely terrible with the spraying.  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everyone.

      Try to see this video and stop it at the minute 10m.14s . read the short text: "…The animals have all had relatively full stomachs and no obvious signs of trauma. Experts fear there may be many more cases that have not been reported." Remember the Saiga antelope?, This monkeys died also after eating. The MFs are spraying glyphosate and / or other pesticides everywhere all over the Globe. They will accelerate in this way a global mass EXTINCTION in a very short period of time.


  22. Donna-AZ says:

    NOAA is no longer providing the Eastern U.S. Rainbow Loop, and has replaced it with a very little detailed satellite view which looks like it's from 1980. Talk about censorship, If you can't see shit, then you can't talk about it!  The Western U.S. Rainbow Loop is still there, but for how long? Can't have the public seeing those major storms or hurricanes being blasted apart, or what's really going on with the weather! And of course they apologize for the inconvenience.

  23. Dennie says:

    Dane:  I'm wondering about the high pressure that's being kept up over the western U.S.  In my thinking this must be caused at least in part by the ionospheric heaters, so are they blasting our atmosphere over the west with 15,000 degree heat?  That would certainly explain the heat wave we're having up and down the state.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dennie, in regard to your question on the “rediculously resilient ridge” of high pressure over the western US, yes, a result of RF / microwave transmittions.

    • Dennie says:

      So does that mean "they" are actually heating the atmosphere up to this degree out there, in order to keep up that "ridiculously resilient ridge" of high pressure?  It is very hot in the sun the past few days…

    • Rachel Robson says:

       I've been noticing that it gets warmest at night for some days now.  Also saw the jet stream way down in Arizona!  The shape of it looked as if scooping up something to move east and north.  I do not like seeing the jet stream that low.  My understanding was that the 'ridiculously resilient ridge of high pressure' was keeping rain from us primarily, but also may be cover for military actions along coast.  I would expect, given UV and UVC, the sun to indeed be hot which seems in theory to be the why of geoengineering, besides moving rain and cold masses, to block this wicked hot sun, that when these efforts stop we will find so unbearable.  Part of what we have to face when it is stopped.  Just wait until Herr Trump finds out how much all these high jinks cost! That might do it for us, but then we have to face that sun.  UVC.  Ouch! 

  24. simone says:

    Just imagine HOW MANY "SCIENTIFIC" and "production" service IGNORANT MORONS ARE PROUDLY GETTING JOBS for Destroying Life of all kinds by  using  so-called "advanced" TECHNOLOGY,  and get PAID for  their HELLISH "JOBS"!!!! THEY MUST BE TAUGHT TO PLANT AND GROW ORGANIC FOOD instead… and be kept in hard-labor camps.

    Just imagine HOW MANY "SCIENTIFIC" and "production" services MORONS ARE GETTING JOBS for Destroying Life of all kinds,  in  "advanced, innovative" ways,  and get PAID for  their HELLISH "JOBS"!!!! THEY MUST BE TAUGHT TO PLANT AND GROW ORGANIC FOOD instead… 

    Please help with THE LIST OF GREATEST CRIMES on Earth based on applied technology, UNAUTHORIZED and mindlessly UNTESTED..  GEOENGINEERED PRODUCTS and APPLICATIONS,  GMO "products", NanoFood  products, toxic Vaccination&Medications, WIFI radiation…

    • simone says:


    • simone says:

      Sorry for the typos/errors in my comment above, right now I have this terribly disturbing fever complicated by asthma attacks.. lots of "fun"!!  everyone one around is sick.. 

      Dear Dane and all Awakened ones, please do everything to stay well!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Simone, fevered one, how high the fever?  No typos, just a paragraph repeat.  I love your labor camp, forced organic growing punishment!  It would at least teach and yield, but it might also heal them!  I keep being on the edge of sick, but not getting what everyone else is, which is extremely odd for me!  I always get anything going around so this seems strange to me!  Not complaining, just amazed.  My daughter got sick and that almost never happens in all her life.  As for your list, how far back do you wanna go?  I think the number one on that list would have to be the genocide of Natives here, and elsewhere, ongoing with the few who remain. To me, that is the rot at the core of this country which cannot heal until that is addressed.  But oh so much else.  Monsanto, even before GMOs was specializing in poisons.  Monsanto is a killing machine, mega poisoned whatever river it was on originally, which then began one of the first ocean dead zones.  And of course, developing and blowing nukes here first, then other places to boot, stimulating efforts by other countries which continue to this day, and setting us all, worldwide, up for nuclear energy dependence.  Not to mention sending so much into space, the rocket fuel affecting the ozone.  Of course, this is a young country as such.  Others have done much wrong.  It is said that Mao's efforts at redoing agriculture in China wrecked the lands big time there.  Or are we just hating on the USA?  To my mind all this has a great deal to do with dichotomous thinking which goes with our nature as bipedal, virtually born dichotomous, but for the fact that Natives in most but not all places did not jump on that train the Greeks handed down to us.  It did 'work' for awhile, along some lines.  But is inherently flawed.

    • Dennie says:

      Forced to grow organic food?  Hah, that's waaaay too nice for the crime these perps have committed that this punishment represents!  SEND THEM TO CLEAN UP BIKINI, FUKUSHIMA and HANFORD.  PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO MAKE MESSES THAT CAN'T BE CLEANED UP.

    • simone says:

      DEAR RACHEL ROBSON, Thank You for Your Thoughtful message 🙂  When I’m dealing with what we call “progress”, like new gadgets and related services, or entering monumental urban buildings, shopping malls..  my reaction is not the same as the majority commonly express  –  I feel no admiration or excitement but great disturbance, and some lingering fear, telling me: I’m terribly violated as a single independent person. When man-made, artificial “creations”, systems and activities are physically much larger than my physical body, I do not feel that these are representing my strength, because unlike the majority, I never fantasize that those huge “things” are any part of me. I feel simply trapped!!!  ~ A Sustainable Society, which is unreachable for us at this hellish-time,  means that we endlessly learn to adjust within very diverse changes of nature and life, forever based on our interactions within natural environments. When we openly exchange unique knowledge as unique denizens of the world, we also Choose what is best for us.  However, we have No Choice in our Mad Society. Our great problem is that Humans have never developed even basic physical sense-perceptions and therefore, physical bodies: that is why the more gadgets we produce and use,  the more we Prove how hopeless we are as living creatures. We are handicapped, the most deaf and insensitive among deeply intuitive forms of life we may somehow know.  That is why we so love to use, "control" and abuse everything we can catch, without any clue about what we are "playing" with!! Our human lack of even basic intuition and awareness of reality is the main reason for Why the most stupid of us become the Rulers, very primitively arrogantly and ignorantly dictating to the masses..The Stupid Rulers easily take "responsibility" for something that is beyond their comprehension.  The Rulers follow very primitive Rules: Do Not Ever Give people any real choice – turn them into brainless Consumers, LIMIT them so they become desperately NEEDY to eat, breathe, take as medications, education, entertainment, News, Weather, History etc., all the garbage you manufacture. In our Western “world” not too many CAN  grow food or produce useful goods… Anyway… in spite of those deadly dangerous brainless producers of colossal mountains of garbage,  our very life still depends on SMALL SOUND INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES, Holistic Medicine and treatments, Organic Farming, advanced self-education, comprehensive Honest and morally stable scientific and other research…  God bless you, Rachel Robson, for your kind caring heart and very vivid mind, and especially, thank you for liking the idea of taking the CLIMATE  TERRORISTS & CRIMINALS AGAINST LIFE ON EARTH  to the open public stage! This will be  THE DAY OF THE JUDGEMENT and PUNISHMENT, the most Important Show in history, that humans have never seen before… And yes, I do have my Crucial List of what must be done,  but I’m not that knowledgeable on specific details. Need help from you and others, best awakened ones!!   Be well!!!     P.S. I’ve managed my fever (C is a powerful “stuff”),  and i can now breathe (super-Lobelia stops Asthma attacks like anything else!) And, Amazingly,  for the last few days we can see the sun in Las Vegas and even pale bluish sky:) The deadly-clouds look rare and very fluffy, “artistically” displayed here and there.. My friend who rents her house to the pilot & his family, has said his kids are suffering very badly with fevers with breathing complications similar to mine, plus their own, young-poisoned-kids' special illnesses…  She mentioned – the pilot lately did not go to fly/spray..   

  25. simone says:

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  ~The Bible, Hosea 4:6

    I feel desperate looking for solutions FOR CLEANING and RESTORING deadly toxic environments, especially AFTER "chemtrails" are stopped..  The actions of this sort, on cleaning up our environment, need to be known Right Now, and the related existing innovation and discoveries need to be widely applied and publicized.  Do you have any workable ideas/suggestions? or hopeful info? 

    I trust nature' endless resourcefulness, we just have to keep learning from nature's wisdom.

    P.S. Related Q.: Hungry fungus Eats CDs.. Can fungus or bacteria grow on and eat metal like aluminum in soil or water ..?   Interesting info:

  26. David says:

    Thank you Dane. Your articles inspire me to tell other people about geoengineering.

  27. Dennie says:

    We're getting hit so hard with the spraying and it's been extra- heavy on the ice nucleation crap (I know because I can taste it– ughhh!), so it feels like it's freeeeezing and it's very hard to get warm because the chemicals stick to your body, but hey, go outside today, stand in the "frabjous" northern California sunshine and feeeeeel the heat– it's gotta be 85 outside here now, hot as a day in late May– wonder what we're gonna get then?  I'm guessing that the high pressure is being kept up by using the IONOSPHERIC HEATERS which is really popping the temps up over the west– anyone wanna weigh in on those heaters?  I heard right here that they can crank the atmospheric temperature up to fifteen thousand degrees Fahrenheit– Now, if climate change is the Number One threat to National Security according to the U.S. military during the Obama administration, then why is the military so obsessed with causing this kind of global warming?  That's like saying like you're afraid of dying but you want to die.  These military mthoerfcukers have a death wish– My wish is that they just get on with it.  Maybe then this  planet would know true peace finally.

  28. Dennie says:

    Occam's Razor will tell you that seeing flashing lights when your eyes are closed is much more likely due to the fact that the fluid within your eyes is loosening from your retinas due to normal aging, and NOT because of "directed energy" weaponry, OR "aliens."  Go talk to your ophthalmologist.  Especially if you're over the age of 40.

  29. mike says:

    Hello Dane;

    I know ur a very busy man but if ur ever in or around Ct. I would love to hook up with you. I have been watching all ur videos an listen every week to radio broadcast. Doing all I can around here to sound the alarm even my wife,kids friends thinks I am crazy thats ok I am not going down without a big fight.

    thanks again for all u do         MIKE

  30. Joseph L says:

    EPA Sued for Approving Dow's Deadly Pesticide Combo
    The groups are suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under new administrator Scott Pruitt for approving Dow AgroScience's Enlist Duo, a mixture of the weed-killing chemicals glyphosate and 2,4-D—both of which are known to be highly toxic. The novel combo pesticide is sprayed directly on corn, soybean and cotton plants that are genetically engineered by Dow specifically to survive exposure to the pesticide. The EPA approved the use of the pesticide in 34 states.

    • Hello Joseph L: Yes. There are multiple civil suits (pending) against EPA's approval and licensing process. The process is obviously corrupted, and often administered by former employees or persons rented by agribusiness conglomerates. The EPA hasn't fulfilled ANY of it's mission statements since inception, and needs to be LAWFULLY taken out of the game. The EPA "neglects" to be informed of items such as this: >>>>> 15 U.S. Code § 2605 – Regulation of hazardous chemical substances and mixtures

      Complete text can be found here: >

      Mr. Trump ordered EPA records to be seized by the FBI very early in his "administration".  Many unwashed pundits and ifools cheered the move without considering that such FBI "seizures" will only insure that such records will disappear down an FBI authorized sink-hole within hours. Consider the hundreds 9/11/2001 video surveillances and amateur film footages, which somehow went missing subsequent to FBI involvement. Consider FBI involvement in the John F Kennedy assassination… The EPA pigsty is not even covert. They should all go to prison or be hung for treason.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joseph, Yep, saw this coming as their organophosphate application destroyed so many crops last year, farmers screamed as this stuff which I described a while ago not only straight up killed soy and corn, but drifted to others not using their product, huge hue and cry seemingly threatening Monsanto but no, there are now seeds for that!

      @Paul, It continually amazes me to watch the talking heads revere the FBI as if they could do no harm.  No one seems to remember J Edgar, much less what all you mentioned, but hey, J. Edgar Hoover had ALL by the short hairs of insanity for a long, long, long time.  Even General Hayden, retired, says there is much trouble in Intel, not trustworthy, no accident the CIA sits on top, literally, of them all.  Does not inspire confidence!  Always question authority!

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Vaccinations: What Baby Will Need
    See what baby gets when and what each one does.
    We know it’s painful to watch baby get poked and even worse to hear the inevitable crying, but immunizations are crucial for his or her health. If baby is extremely sick, then your pediatrician will probably modify the  immunization schedule.  Otherwise, baby should get vaccinated on a regular basis following the guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC. Though some children do suffer from mild reactions to immunizations, very few become seriously ill, and any pediatrician will reassure you that the benefits of having antibodies (needed to fight infections) far outweigh the risks of baby getting shots. So what exactly do these shots protect baby from? We broke it down with help from the AAP:
    Hepatitis B Vaccine (HepB)
    It prevents : Hepatitis B, a chronic or acute liver disease that can lead to liver failure and cancer. When baby gets it : The first dose should be given before baby's discharged from the hospital after birth. A second dose should happen between 1 and 2 months of age. If, for some reason, baby doesn’t get the hepatitis B vaccine at the hospital,he or she will need three doses—at 0, 1 and 6 months—and the final dosage should be administered no earlier than 24 weeks old.
    If mom is hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) positive, baby should get the vaccine—plus hepatitis B immune globulin—within 12 hours of birth, and then receive three more doses of the vaccine between 9 and 18 months, and be tested for HBsAg and the antibody to HBsAg one to two months after completion of the dosages. Possible side effects: Brief soreness and fussiness
    Rotavirus Vaccine (RV)
    It prevents:  Rotavirus, the most common cause of diarrhea and vomiting in infants and young children, which can cause severe dehydration in babies. It’s not a shot—this vaccine is taken orally.
    When baby gets it:  Between 2 months and 4 months of age, in two to three doses, depending on the brand of vaccine baby gets. He or she may also need another dose at 6 months, so double-check with your doctor. Possible side effects:  Fussiness, and some babies may have mild, temporary diarrhea or vomiting
    Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine (DTaP)
    It prevents:  This is a combination vaccine to protect against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Diphtheria used to be a major cause of childhood illness and death. Now, it only occurs in a few cases a year, thanks to this vaccine. Tetanus is a serious illness that causes painful tightening of the jaw muscles. Pertussis is also known as the whooping cough, a highly contagious respiratory infection.
    When baby gets it:  At 2 months, 4 months and 6 months, and then again between 15 and 18 months and 4 to 6 years. Possible side effects: Tenderness, swelling, redness, fever and/or loss of appetite within two days of receiving the shot
    Haemophilus Influenzae Type B Conjugate Vaccine (Hib)
    It prevents:  “Hib” disease, which you probably haven’t heard of, but it’s very harmful. Hib was the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in children before the vaccine was developed. Kids with Hib may suffer permanent brain damage or have serious complications, like pneumonia. When baby gets it:  At 2 months, 4 months and 6 months, and between 12 and 15 months. Possible side effects:  Fever, redness and/or tenderness at the site of the shot
    Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV13)
    It prevents: Streptococcus pneumoniae, an illness that can be serious and even lead to death. It can cause blood infections, ear infections, meningitis and pneumonia in children. The vaccine protects children for three years, when they are most vulnerable to the disease. When baby gets it:  At 2 months, 4 months and 6 months, and a booster given between 12 and 15 months. Possible side effects:  Low-grade fever, redness and/or tenderness at injection site.
    Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine (IPV)
    It prevents:  Polio, once a widespread epidemic that killed and paralyzed thousands of people. When baby gets it:  At 2 months, 4 months, 6 to 18 months and 4 to 6 years. Possible side effects: Soreness or redness near the site of injection; an allergic reaction rarely occurs.
    Inactivated Influenza Vaccine
    It prevents:  The flu—which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is more dangerous to children than the common cold. The strains included in the 2015-2016 vaccine are H1N1, H3N2 and the influenza B virus. When baby gets it:  Annually, from age 6 months. Possible side effects:  Fever, aches, soreness, redness and/or swelling where the shot was given
    Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine (MMR)
    It prevents: Measles, mumps and rubella, dangerous diseases that can cause rashes and fevers and that can lead to serious conditions like pneumonia, meningitis, seizures and deafness. When baby gets it: One dose at 12 to 15 months and a second dose at 4 to 6 years.
    Possible side effects:  Rash, slight fever, joint aches, and/or swelling in neck and salivary glands a week or two after receiving the shot
    Varicella Vaccine. It prevents:  Chicken pox—some people that get the vaccine may still get chicken pox, but it’s usually very mild and the recovery time is faster. The risks of chicken pox are fever and a severe rash. Complications from chicken pox include a bacterial infection of the skin, swelling of the brain and pneumonia. Many states now require children to get the vaccine before entering school; and it's now recommended because it results in less illness if your child does get chicken pox and less time missed from school, plus it prevents against severe infections. When baby gets it: One dose at 12 to 15 months and a second dose at 4 to 6 years. Possible side effects: Soreness or swelling at the injection site, mild fever and/or rash.
    Hepatitis A Vaccine
    It prevents: It protects against Hepatitis A, a disease that causes liver inflammation. Young children may not have symptoms, so often the disease is not recognized until the child’s caregiver becomes ill. When baby gets it:  One dose at 12 to 23 months and a second dose six months after. Possible side effects:  Soreness at the injection site, headache, loss of appetite and/or tiredness.
    Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine, Quadrivalent (MCV4)
    It prevents:  Meningococcal disease, which can cause meningitis, blood infections and other infections. Infants less than one year old and college freshmen who live in dormitories are most susceptible. The vaccine protects against this bacterial disease. When baby gets it:  It is recommended for high-risk children between the ages of 9 to 23 months to get two doses. Two doses of the vaccine are recommended for all children and adolescents between the ages of 11 and 18 years old (the first at 11 or 12 years and a booster at 16 years). Possible side effects:  Redness and soreness at the injection site; very few people can develop a fever

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: That list of vaccinations above was beyond insane. Something is very very wrong. This is not just about money. These injections must have an effect on our DNA — and who knows what else. Who benefits from permanently crippling the majority of the human race, especially in the west. For those of you who have children, God protect you. At least some in India have gotten a bit smarter.

      ‘Hep B vaccination at birth may not be necessary’
      / Bindu Shajan Perappadan / New Delhi, January 18, 2018 01:58 IST
      … A multi-centre study in north India has shown that many newborns are protected at birth by natural antibodies to Hepatitis B and that the vaccination is not necessary at birth.
      The study, funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), lends support to the government’s approach to vaccinate babies born at home starting at six weeks instead of at birth.
      Naturally immune
      The study, whose findings have been published in the Indian Journal of Paediatrics, was done to look at whether Hepatitis B vaccination at birth was crucial for India.

    • Blue Sue says:

      V. Susan, reading this pack of insane lies makes me want to SCREAM!  Such madness, criminal beyond comprehension!  I was one of those young mothers who thought she wasn't ignorant about preventative healthcare related to my pregnancy.  While pregnant (at 27) I did not smoke, drink alcohol or coffee, rarely ate junk food, I even avoided chocolate! Like wise while she was nursing – no bottles thank you!  But, while pregnant, I did eat lots of tuna on salad (only later learning of the high mercury content in tuna).  I also had to have the Rhogham shot since because of my negative blood type and her father's positive. Only later did I learn that shot also had mercury in it (and now it has aluminum). Then when my daughter had the MMR vaccine, she began showing the signs of Autism, but of course back in the mid 80's no one knew much about that and I eventually figured it out myself (through independent research) when she began school.  Since learning of the dangers inherent (by design) in all vaccines, my daughter never got another, and I used the "religious exemption" throughout her school years.  It still hurts me terribly that she, like so many children, have suffered this needless damage (and worse) at the hands of our so called health care providers. Like you, I believe TPTB want to destroy the cognitive function of these generations and continue to cripple the human race for their deviant purposes.  God help us. 

    • Dennie says:

      List of kids' required shots, just to attend public school:  

      Hepatitis A (you only got this if you were going to Mexico), Hepatitis B (not endemic to U.S.); meningitis (affects mostly college and military living in dormitory situations), rubella (?), streptococcal pneumonia, T-Dap or D-tap, measles and mumps (used to be ordinary childhood diseases to expose your kid to so they'd get natural immunity by letting their immune systems come in contact with the actual disease), every kind of flu strain, and now Rotavirus ("stomach" flu)?  Looks like Capitalism on Steroids to me. SOMEONE is seriously out to make money on our kids. 

    • Hello Susan: >>> Medical "management" teams <<< Be sure to follow their professional advice. > 

      Table of Iatrogenic Deaths in the United States

    • Dennie says:

      @Paul Vonharnish:  Great catch– "Good on ya!"

  32. Blue Sue says:

    Rachel, it's so true what you say about the majority of our modern doctors.  Technology has disconnected them from seeing the human being. In my most recent visit to a "health provider" at an Integrative Medicine clinic, the NP/PA spent 90% of my appointment with her looking at and typing into her laptop.  That was the last time I saw her.  The same and worse has been my 81-year-old mother's experience with doctors. In California were she lives, the medical industry is all about pharmaceutical treatment and zero knowledge about nutrition or "alternative" therapies. Patients seem to be just a faceless number to them, herded through their little waiting rooms like cattle.  Finding a good, real old-fashioned physician (in the sense that they really see you and hear you and take time with you and go the extra mile) today is truly an exception and an individual to be treasured. Makes one wonder how many like that are still out there — ? Rachel, here are some other short vids concerning the effects of geoengineering and detox:  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt talks about Photopheresis (color therapy — healing with light)

    Perhaps I am going off slightly on a tangent here, but being the avid reader/researcher you are Rachel, have you read Goethe's theory of color?  Goethe was an exceptional artist, poet, writer and phenomenological scientist of the first order — a brilliant human who put his full capacities, his full humanity, into his study of nature. He was thereby the complete opposite of today's modern "scientists" or "doctors"  of specialization and compartmentalization of knowledge that lacks the wisdom of the generalist who holistically sees the big picture.  In a book of lectures called Colour by Rudolf Steiner, I read where Steiner explains (back in 1914) that Herrman Grimm, an immanent art connoisseur of the 19th century, prophesied that the (thinking) people of the world would not understand or accept Goethe's wisdom until the year 2000 — well, it's time now, isn't it?  I hope Mr. Grimm was correct. 

    Regarding heavy metal toxicity and immune mobilisation.

    Like someone else here said, it would be so powerful for our cause to see a videotaped conversation/interview between Dane and Dr. Klinghardt. Blessings . . .


  33. 'a' simple horseman says:

    For those that may not have seen this yet. Good job Dane!

    • Pedro says:

      Thank you for the video, Horseman.

    • Dennie says:

      simple horseman Mike:  Good catch, thanks for rerunning this link here again.  At the 3:00 minute we clearly hear David Keith tell of a "collective decision" ("Collective?"  NO ONE ASKED ME, MY OPINION WAS NOT INCLUDED, so now, just WHO GETS TO DECIDE THIS, FOR GOD'S SAKE????), then he calculates how much toxic nano-particulate poison we should all be "dosed" with annually (answer: around a million tons a year), then these words:

      "You might end up killing many tens of thousands a year as a direct result of that decision"

      In a video clip of an earlier lecture that Dr. Keith gave, included in the movie WITWATS and still found on YouTube, we clearly hear Dr. Keith say that spraying the planet with millions of tons of nano-particulate alumina is cheap, "poses no moral hazard" and is "more like free riding on our grandkids…."  

      I have written a draft of an e-mail including the links to these lectures in which I am asking the Good Doctor if he believes that it's possible that his grand kids, whose backs we're riding on "for free" at this time, could possibly be among the "many tens of thousands" that could be killed because HE, along with the rest of his Holy "Collective Decision-Deciders," has to "save" the planet– sooo, ummmm… killing the people on Planet Earth will "save" Planet Earth for the people… To WHICH people do you refer, Herr Gott/Keith???

    • Dennie: Heh, heh. > It Was a collective decision. David Keith collected his jiggerish, and agreed that it was a good decision… No moral hazard there at all…

    • Dennie says:

      I'm composing a "Valentine" to send to the "good" doctor.  It's my belief that the link to that video should be sent to the FBI, because this guy is making terrorist threats of genocide.

  34. penny says:

    Rachel, weren't you researching the root cause of your problem simultaneously with researching geoengineering?  I thought most, if not all, autoimmune disorders could ultimately be traced back to toxins, especially heavy metals (I think has some information on this link).  I sympathize with you because I experience some of the same problems.  Am trying to get loads of silica and healthful minerals (magnesium, etc.)

    I've just recently seen flashing lights with my eyes closed, too.  I suspect it has to do with EMFs and probably with new frontiers in the electronic weaponry wars.  Not much to do there but to remind oneself that someday the system will implode ("O frabjous day!  Callooh!  Callay!")

    Your contributions to this site are considerable and your computer skills obviously fine, but your humility is appreciated if not fully warranted.  Here is what little I could find in answer to your question about source material, (unfortunately not) including one very important video that apparently has been scrubbed – it was too damning.  If anyone has saved that video, could you please repost it?  Here's the page where it was originally reported on:

    And other, not-yet-scrubbed, links:

    Here's a line from a patent (linked on this site)"The pyrotechnic generation of zinc, aluminum and magnesium chlorides by the reaction of these metals in powdered form with carbon tetrachloride and hexachloroethane with other additives for the production of smokes for concealment purposes is well-known. "

    I think 'chaff' is one of the more useful words to search, in finding better sources for the next time someone confronts you with that question.  My sad experience has been that the people who ask that are already decided on the issue and are not going to bother verifying what I've said anyway… but hopefully your friends are more open-minded  🙂

  35. Kevin Love says:

    Tom, well said.  The water is the main source at stake here!  No water, no life.  We know David Keith and his minions are evil minded, therefore dishonest. So when they say they are spraying particulate for the benefits of mankind, how honest do you think that statement is?   Evil people are not honest.  Logically then we know solar radiation management has nothing to do with chemtrailing our entire planet.   It has to do with weather and owning the weather.  I observe every time, for the past 3 years that I've been aware of chems in the sky, that heavy spraying here in SoCal only occurs when the possibility of rain sits offshore and the least amount of spraying occurs in summer months when there is no chance of precipitation moving in from offshore.  It's a very observable pattern.  Coupled with the globalists depopulation agenda it's simple common sense that this is pure precipitation control and not temperature related.  The elite are ripping California to shreds with a drought after drought and subsequent planned wildfires to displace as many as possible. Agenda 2030 is real.  Look it up.  The good news is we have a voice.  Every chance I get I tell someone " do you see those clouds outside?  Those are not clouds……". And they are usually either perplexed or a bit apprehensive to tell me I'm crazy.  But I persist and make clear , factual and easy to understand points about why this is happening.  Most people trust the government not to be so criminal so denial is common.  But give examples how many times in the past that the government wasn't showing favor on us.  Tell people to record a chemtrail using time lapse.  Expose the current drought giving testimony how soil samples and water samples are high in aluminum and barium.  One big kicker to validate this evil are the statistics is Alzheimer's and autism rates of increase through the years.  When I shell people with facts and observations then THEY LISTEN!!!  When people realize their lives are affected and you give them ample cause and effect then they pay attention.  It's working at least to those I speak to because SoCal is becoming an obvious cesspool to climate chaos as everyone notices the drastic weather changes over the past ten years.

    DO YOUR PART!   PRAY!  And always remember God has the last say in all this and His Grace and mercy prevail.  I used to question God why all this happens and then he reminded me that this is only temporary.  

    • Fred W. says:

      God has nothing to do with this. Don't pray, but do something, protest!

    • BaneB says:

      Kevin Love:  Well chosen words that paint the picture!  California is dying.  Governor Brown's State of the State speech did not mention this obvious fact.  He knows about the Geoengineering of our weather.  Yet he remains silent.  I look around at trees here in N. California at my remote locale.  The entire environment is unraveling.  Most of the pines are in various stages of dying.  Their coloring is a slight brown/yellow tinge.  The needles and branches are thinning. The firs are accelerating their die-off.  My twenty-year old cedars are not healthy.  I suppose the SOBs are readying our funeral pyres due to the winter weather has not been very wet here in the north.  There have been a number of very strong freak winds that come out of nowhere, ferocious, and disappear as quickly as the arrival.  No graduation on either side of the tumult.  I am still wondering when the sources of food will begin to dry up.  That will be a aha moment that will end most social contracts.

    • Dennie says:

      .noooo, God's not "letting it happen– " It just looks like it but in reality this is BECAUSE WE ARE NOT LISTENING TO HIM, so GOD'S LIGHT CAN'T GET HERE AS FAST AS WE NEED IT.  And WE HAVE COLLECTIVELY CHECKED OUT OF COMMUNITY LIFE AND INSTEAD HAVE BECOME LAZY, REFUSING TO STAND UP TO THE POWERS THAT BE AND CHALLENGE THEM EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  To quote a well-known Suzuki violin teacher who tried to teach the spoiled liberal white kids at a private school in my city: "Excuses, excuses."  If we truly want to see this change, DO something about it, INCLUDING CONSTANTLY CONTACTING YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES IN GOVERNMENT.  HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE, FOR GOD'S SAKE– JUST.  DO.  IT.  Now, IMAGINE if EVERYONE did that– BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE, as Ghandi said.  GOD WORKS THROUGH YOU WHEN YOU'RE LISTENING AND YOU LET HIM.  


    • Dennie says:

      No, no no no NO!  

      This is NOT about "Either/Or."  Rather, the "choice" is "BOTH/AND."

      Dichotomous thinking is screwing this planet over and I will re-educate wherever I see it! 

      "When you pray, move your feet," so say the Quakers.  

      There is research out there saying that prayer in fact does help, especially in regard to affecting health.  How about the HEALTH of the people here on Earth who cannot see how their decisions affect the HEALTH of their environment?

      You can still do stuff out in the world AND pray.  Why not use both barrels of the gun?

  36. DawnSki says:

    31* and raining LKN, NC. Ice on branches. Why no snow?

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Just filled my bird feeders which miraculously are visited by many goldfinches camouflaged for the winter, sparrows, nuthatches, mourning doves, a few bluejays (used to be a flock of them,) a couple of woodpeckers, an occasional bird of prey, and a male and female cardinal which are pretty scarce these days despite being the state bird of Ohio.

      Shoveled some of the "snow" that fell this morning when the temps were in the mid-thirties across the state, it's like trying to shovel concrete. Not really snow, its more like tiny ice balls; looking closer at the "snow" on the grass, it's an sea of tiny craters. Never seen anything like it, had to share.

  37. Let's take the best case scenario, and imagine that planet-wide geoengineering has ended. Is that it? Will everything somehow magically return to normal? Will polluted skies somehow become clear and blue again – whilst man continues to enjoy the hubris of flight? Will millions of extinct species somehow spring fourth from the grave? Will the toxic sewers that were once thriving oceans, free themselves of our industrial filth? Will whales and fishes, plankton, krill, and once living sustenance, forgive our piggish error? Probably NOT…

    The corporate industrial paradigm that chains and enslaves human reason, must be put down. There is an insanity loosed upon this Earth, and humans own the entire package… 

    Life on Earth is Dying. Thousands of Species Cease to Exist. Homo Sapiens is the Cause | Global Research 

    Published January 21, 2018;

    'Every time you decide to do nothing and to leave it to someone else, you demonstrate why no-one else should do anything either.'

  38. gene maynard says:

    Wait a minute,I guess someone needs to help me out. Maybe my cynicism is blocking out real truth…but, the pole shifts, that have apparently never been a real issue, stand to cause catastrophic damage this time. Our atmosphere that protects earth will be destroyed, there will be a significant increase in UV-B rays and solar radiation reaching earth, the power grid could be greatly disrupted; doesn't this sound too convenient? Plausible denial? Or an overload of cynicism

  39. Kathy says:

    THANK-YOU Jeff and William! This is so encouraging to see 2 different efforts in 2 different states! Imagine a few in EVERY state doing this. This is not cheap and an AD is also another great option.

    Dont forget donating even just a small amount to these efforts/ we could break this dam a lot faster!

    Again anyone on Washington State..I am so happy to help form a support group and will spearhead efforts here as I am already doing solo on the west side, Simple Horseman on the eastside. Together we 3 will be working the Gem Faire booth in April. Putting more heads and pocket books together makes all the difference, PLEASE consider.

    I am working 2 different areas. I am going to try for Hoodriver, Oregon NEWS to insert flyers ( they will not be easy) -( with the massive fires one would think they would be open) Across from them in a diff area is a population of environmentalist deniers hard core…I am having a hard time opening their eyes, so I could use some support and I would be ever so grateful for anything anyone is willing to put forth. Just let me know! As fire season kicks up, its a wide open door.

  40. Pedro says:

    Things change fast, and I'm not sure about Dr. Klinghardt anymore.

  41. penny waters says:

    dear rachel robson

    am sad to hear of your distress

    having watched my mum and dad descend into illness is the reason i went to uni to understand herbal medicine but….

    academic herbal medicine propped up with scientific research!!! not enough for me so i have tried to go backwards into the past with plants and people 

    in this country we have interrupted traditions from the norman conquest and being thrown off the land ( enclosures acts over centuries of dislocation from land and plants)

    am sure you said you had connections with natives – go find a medicine man/ woman

    at uni did lots of research on autoimmune and especially rheumatoid arthritis – came to the conclusion it was to do with digestion and stress – doesn't make survival sense for the body to attack itself! 

    what i found from research was that if gut is inflamed then biota that helps digestion is in short supply and also the gut becomes 'leaky' (tissue becomes more open) and undigested food leaks into the bloodstream where it moves around till becoming trapped in joints (to begin with) because they are bottlenecks for circulation

    i was in agony from pain in my knees  and could hardly walk- before i went to uni – that's why i researched it when studying

    two major things i did – gave up solanacea family – irritation and therefore inflammation to the nerves – that is tomatoes, aubergines, green, yellow and red peppers etc and also courgettes.

    tomatoes taste very odd to me now so if i had never met them before i certainly would not choose to eat them now!!

    and i had acupuncture – moves blockages – from physical blockage comes energetic blockage – acupuncture moves energy unblocks it

    can do acupressure yourself – internet gives the points on the body – or many books out there

    i can guarantee that when you find a pertinent point and press it it will hurt like hell. finding an acupuncturist is easier and doesn't hurt and is stronger in cure

    allopathic medicine – or as they like to call it scientific medicine – human 'science' is such a crude tool to measure nature with, placing boundaries to measure in a world where everything is connected – bah – stupid 'clever' humans!!!! allopathic medicines usually damages the gut because they are not what our gut has evolved with or understands!! and now most are made from petrochemicals – that's where all the spare chemicals come from that they 'play' with! take the petrol out of oil and you are left with huge amounts of chemicals

    allopathic medicine treats the symptoms of disease not the cause

    i am sure there are plants out there that could help – get the gut right first – i know tomatoes come from south america but they have been hybridised – and no longer are the hybridisation for taste but for other things like – thick skins so don't bruise when travelling – tis all about optimising profit not health – and they are not in your native background

    research your local plants – don't know how built up it is where you live – go to local parks or into countryside  – check your local plants

    stinging nettles are the most balanced food – and many others – don't know the biogeography of your area but find plants that will help. 

    you will find that the words that allopathic doctors use are just descriptions of the disease – no more than that!!

    if you want you could contact me directly for more detailed info particular to you, with kind dane passing on my details but buy peter homes book on 'the energetics of western herbs' two volumes but you won't need a doctor with that book

    he is american – many herbalists in america – my complaint about most of them that i have met in this country (not all) is they think they are special and behave like doctors – i like to give people the info i have so they can help themselves 

    herbal medicine came out of the kitchen – men hunt and women gather. women did the plants, and fermentation  – so beers and cheese and preserved foods

    knowing what i do i only go to doctors for blood tests and stuff like that i cannot do myself,but in general i find less and less need for them

    hope that helps and like i said if you want to contact direct please do

    take care of yourself my friend

    much love to you

    and much love to all of us in these crazy times

    so cold and bleak here – sun's out and out come the nutters with their filth and blot it out – and no-one notices – so asleep – or drunk

    humans eh!!

  42. David says:

    Very good documentary on the nuclear tests and the people it affected and still effects.

  43. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 203rd email titled 'GAST / 71 months'.

    1.  On 3rd Feb, the 365 day average Arctic sea ice volume remained at record low @ 12,995km3. 

    Temperature data going back 50 years from the Goddard Space Flight Centre shows that the surface and subsea Arctic methane hydrates began to destabilise in earnest by the end of 2010…The rate of release became exponential in early Oct 2015…The Goddard temperature data implies that by 24 Dec 2023 (within 71 months), the entire atmospheric system will be totally controlled by massive Arctic methane eruptions and massive extinctions will dominate worldwide.

    2.  Many people talk about the annual Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) rising by 2C, without mentioning that this will cause food riots in almost every country and greatly increase the mass starvation of humans and other life forms.

    Currently the annual GAST is 15C/59F.  However, in summer the global average temps rise by 50F (i.e 27C) and in winter they drop by 50F. Thus the global average summer temp is 42C/109F. 

    Already we have huge areas of the globe that can not produce crops because of the heat. Photosynthesis slows down dramatically above 20C/68F and stops completely at 40C/104F – different plants having different tolerances. Many of our food crops die at temps below 38C/100F…for example, lettuce can survive 29C/84F temps provided the night temps are cool. 

    Other factors to consider: global night time low temps are rising faster than day time high temps; Arctic temps are rising faster than anywhere else (currently averaging 3C above the 1979 – 2000 baseline).

    When the annual GAST rises by 2C (within 24 months?), then our global average summer temp will be 44C/111F and most of the world's bread basket areas in both north and south hemispheres will become unproductive. 

    3.  Notes to Self (week 56 of 104). Last week a friend glibly (and he thought humourously) said: "Andrew, I thought you said we had 15 years left."   My reply: "That was 3 years ago and I know of nothing definite or positive that has been done to avert our extinction – and what is being done is guaranteeing our deaths sooner rather than later. The 'faster than expected scenarios' have become faster than expected – that is what exponential feed-back loops do, and that is why I now write that we have a maximum of 8 years left…probably much less."

    That caught his attention and later in our conversation I reminded him that "There's nay pockets in a shroud."

    There again, perhaps Trump is right and it is all "a Chinese hoax": a Chapman University (California) poll found that those surveyed were more afraid of clowns than global warming; a recent Bloomberg poll found that only 10% of the American public saw global warming as the most important issue facing their country. 

    Trump negotiates a trade deal with Kim Jong-un: 


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Andrew.

      When you mention photosynthesis and crops, please, do not forget that in all Equatorial regions we have the biggest Forests in the World ( and the Forests that produce more O2. Bellow the Arctic Polar Circle, there are big Forests too, and these Forests breath more exactly in Summer and Spring and stay dormant and without leaves in Winter and Autumn ), a lot of people and a lot of crops. And temperatures are very high, since ever. Yes, I agree, temperatures will dictate the end of agriculture. But plants are getting sunburned in Winter, not because of very high temperatures but ( as you know ) because of the UV radiation. That is aggravating the scenario exponentially. It is not only the temperatures; it is the temperatures, the increasing UV radiation, the aluminum, and the lack of Water. We also can not forget that Spring and Summer are exactly the periods of the year when Plants and Trees breath more, and grow more ( because of the increased activity on photosynthesis ). The majority of crops occur in Spring or in Summer. Other crops in colder months ( some fruits, etc..).  Bamboo Trees in warm ecosystems ( or seasons ) can grow 90 cm a day, believe it or not. So, photosynthesis increase dramatically with the increase of temperature ( if we get over 20ºC, we have Spring ), but certainly that there is a limit, and beyond that limit things will be impossible for plant metabolism.

      About the Global average temperatures, honestly, I think that we have passed already the barrier of the 2ºC since a long time. Correct me please if I'm wrong, but here in my region in Southern Europe, and this info is about the last year ( what I've experienced ), is that we had max temperatures in the Winter surpassing 25ºC for several days, with some days above 27 or 28ºC. We are not having Autumns. We are not having almost any days of "Spring weather" and we are shifting from Winter to Summer in two or three weeks or less ( Summer is starting early and finishing late ). The same from Summer to Winter. And in Summer we have had ( in the last years ) temperatures 8 to 10 degrees above normal for this latitude ( last Summer at least 46ºC were recorded, for several regions. For the first time 42ºC in Spring ). In Winter we are also having ( the last one was terrible, as I said above ) max temperatures of 8 or 10ºC above normal. And the minimum temperatures ( excluding in the days when the use of the ice nucleation chemicals are used, or used in more quantities ) are being at least 4 to 6 degrees above the normal for all the seasons through out the year. I do not know what the criteria of the official sources are, but in my way of seeing what is happening, I think the rise of 2ºC was already surpassed for a long time.

      The methane scenario is scary.


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hi Pedro, many thanks for your informative reply. Much appreciated.

      Re the 2C temp rise, many people refer it to a rise from a (variable!) historical baseline, whilst I am talking about a 2C rise above our current/the most recently calculated (2017) GAST which unarguably will take us into temperatures, weather and climate conditions that humans have never before experienced…to the best of my knowledge (though I seem to remember a line in one version of the bible that says something like '..let us not again see the fires in the sky and the destruction of earth'.)

    • Pedro says:

      Thank you, Andrew.


  44. Blue Sue says:

    Dear Rachel Robson, 

    Recently Paul Vonharnish posted a link to a video of a wonderful physician named Dietrich Klinghardt.  Perhaps you know of him? His website: and also:;

    Very smart man — Dr. Klinghardt, and he is totally aware and knowledgeable regarding geoengineering's toxic effects on human health. He seems to be one of the rare real doctors that are truly healers rather that glorified drug pushers. 

    Also an interesting video interview: and here is another video that may be helpful to you:

    I am sorry to hear of your health problems, but glad that you finally took time to start researching your own troubles and find some answers.  Sending prayers for your good health Rachel.  Take care my friend.


  45. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    "The world's most recognized geoengineer, Dr. David Keith, has stated on the record a goal of putting 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 tons of aluminum nanoparticles into the atmosphere annually as part of the solar radiation management operations"  :

    From American Elements Corporation, as provided by Dane in the above post as to who is the materials supplier of the compounds

    Dear God, no wonder there is such an increase in alzheimers and dementia, and so much incredible memory loss…10 to 20 million tons of aluminum nanoparticles….??  Complete insanity…and killing/sickening our Earth, animals insects, birds, people…not to mention ramping up fires everywhere

    Hard to comprehend such evil…one is left almost speechless

    May God have mercy, and may his power and glory overcome the evil perpetrated…may the promised miracles and reblossoming occur at the last moment….and may those who have sown the evil be repaid tenfold

    May we love, bless, forgive and go on to joy in 9D…..Amen 

  46. Christine says:

    THANKS DANE! Thank you very much for exposing the idiocy of humanity, governed by criminals! Also one needs to add, the more particles in the air, the higher its heat capacity, and thus the higher the temperature of the new 'air', given the for ages in average constant source of the heat of our sun. We all are literally cooked in this new type of 'thickered air', the faster the thicker it is.. Today the hottest Feb day around the coast near SF, was extremely difficult to overcome.. When trying to look at the sun directly, my eyes couldn't  stand the glow of the extremely somehow 'larger' sun… Fluorescence of the metallic materials in the air causes that 'increase'.. Also did anyone notice how fruits and  veggies are smaller these days?? It looks to me like every single type of plant is affected, RIGHT NOW. If the degree of 'shrinkage' continues, we are left with NO FOOD!!!! Also no oxygen, since entire leaves do not have the same surface for photosynthesis any more!! People, PLEASE STOP THE CRIMINAL ACTIONS OF THE MURDERES, NOW.

  47. Dan says:

    Even with total cloud coverage and rarely ever seeing the sun we are setting record high temperatures and even warmer temperatures at night here in Idaho. Farmers already out in the fields. Never have I seen farmers plowing a field the end of January here.

    • Carol Freiberg says:

      When the sun peaks out, briefly, feels like it would be 85 degrees here in Kooskia. I think "they" have ruined Gods natural weather. We all know what happens when you mess with Gods creation. What part of Idaho are you?


    • Dan says:

      Hello Carol. South central Idaho. Twin Falls area

  48. Dane lays it on the line at 7:05 into the presentation. Bravo Dane!!!Ghouls who call themselves doctors need to be sued for negligence and put out of our medical systems, pronto. It can be done, but not without due process. >>>>>  Violent revolution will only hasten the end of life on this planet. <<<<< Don't even think about it…

    I've more than likely bored the hell out of some folks with previous postings that included legal statutes and lawful codes. Sorry. NOT. LAWFUL forms of resolution are the only viable tools in an orderly society. This next entry is watered down by the propaganda machinery of Wikipedia. However: This is a valid tort in most jurisdictions. > 

    "The tort of negligent infliction of emotional distress (NIED) is a controversial cause of action, which is available in nearly all U.S. states but is severely constrained and limited in the majority of them. The underlying concept is that one has a legal duty to use reasonable care to avoid causing emotional distress to another individual. If one fails in this duty and unreasonably causes emotional distress to another person, that actor will be liable for monetary damages to the injured individual. The tort is to be contrasted with intentional infliction of emotional distress in that there is no need to prove intent to inflict distress. That is, an accidental infliction, if negligent, is sufficient to support a cause of action."

    READ complete text: Negligent infliction of emotional distress – Wikipedia

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Paul, I thought I would be going through my entire life without having to deal with legal issues, so was never interested in lawyer stuff. Then after moving to Arizona and being poisoned by smart meters put on our house, reading comments like yours, gave me the confidence to file a formal complaint to get those meters removed. Then, learning about (what my mom called, the tic, tac, toe in the sky), and listening to Dane, my views have changed. I want you to know, that I read, learn, and appreciate all that you post, "not bored," keep it coming.

      Good to see you back here,                                                           Donna

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul, I do not get bored with the posts about Laws. It is thick stuff, that is true. And I agree with you, it is the only way ( through Law ).

      Can you find some Law that can be applied in the case of airplanes using fuels with confidential formulas, only because these fuels are in use by military ( but are also being used in civil aviation )? Because it is not possible to keep confidentiality over a subject that can be transformed into a weapon and used against civilians and against the ecosystems which are the main resource for People to survive.

      Maybe a Law can be used to force the military to disclose that confidentiality in particular.

    • Thank you so much Donna-AZ. I oftentimes feel like a very lonely dog – barking at airplanes… Hope you win. Jerry Day is an excellent source regarding not-so-smart meters.

      The Power of Paper – YouTube

      Published on Mar 31, 2010

    • Hello Pedro: Thank you for your presence and response. > As you've indicated, interpretations of the LAW can get pretty thick. Oftentimes, such LAWS are simply used to establish case precedence. Courts and judges are often less informed than the attorneys representing their clients… Alas… Here is a small excerpt from such case as your inquiry: >>>>>

      Excerpted from: 15 U.S. Code § 2605 – Regulation of hazardous chemical substances and mixtures

      (f) “Imminently hazardous chemical substance or mixture” defined

      ["For the purposes of subsection (a) of this section, the term “imminently hazardous chemical substance or mixture” means a chemical substance or mixture which presents an imminent and unreasonable risk of serious or widespread injury to health or the environment. Such a risk to health or the environment shall be considered imminent if it is shown that the manufacture, processing, distribution in commerce, use, or disposal of the chemical substance or mixture, or that any combination of such activities, is likely to result in such injury to health or the environment before a final rule under section 2605 of this title can protect against such risk."]

      Complete text:

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul, thank you for the response. For a guy like me with a rudimental English, you've find the thickest part of the book! I did some digging, not much, but even if the reading would take weeks, I would not be able to understand half of what I would be reading.

      I find something, but nothing regarding that the formula of a substance used by military or other under the pretext of confidentiality to protect private or public interests should be disclosed and released from this kind of "special status" if the use of the same substance could represent harm to populations or to the environment.

      In the texts it is said that who make the decisions and evaluation of the "unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment" is the EPA. I've found something about mercury:

      "(f) Mercury
      (1) Prohibition on sale, distribution, or transfer of elemental mercury by Federal agencies

      Except as provided in paragraph (2), effective beginning on October 14, 2008, no Federal agency shall convey, sell, or distribute to any other Federal agency, any State or local government agency, or any private individual or entity any elemental mercury under the control or jurisdiction of the Federal agency."

      »» One thing is certain; there must be rules for the use of organophosphates ( ) or other pesticides when these are sprayed via aircraft. And I could guess that among of all those rules, one rule in particular must make reference to the maximum altitude at which these products are allowed to be sprayed. And I could guess that this "maximum altitude" is not from the middle troposphere up to the stratosphere. ««  This could be interesting.

      More excerpts that I considered relevant ( from my civil point of view ): 

      (ii) chemical substances that are listed in the 2014 update of the TSCA Work Plan for Chemical Assessments that are known human carcinogens and have high acute and chronic toxicity.
      (i) integrate and assess available information on hazards and exposures for the conditions of use of the chemical substance, including information that is relevant to specific risks of injury to health or the environment and information on potentially exposed or susceptible subpopulations identified as relevant by the Administrator;
      (ii) in the case of a proposed rule to prohibit the manufacture, processing, or distribution of a chemical substance or mixture because of the risk determined under clause (i)(I), a court has in an action under section 2606 of this title granted relief with respect to such risk associated with such substance or mixture.
      Such a proposed rule which is made so effective shall not, for purposes of judicial review, be considered final agency action.
      (h) Chemicals that are persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic
      (A) that the Administrator has a reasonable basis to conclude are toxic and that with respect to persistence and bioaccumulation score high for one and either high or moderate for the other, pursuant to the TSCA Work Plan Chemicals Methods Document published by the Administrator in February 2012 (or a successor scoring system), and are not a metal or a metal compound, and for which the Administrator has not completed a Work Plan Problem Formulation, initiated a review under section 5, or entered into a consent agreement under section 2603 of this title, prior to June 22, 2016; and

      (B) exposure to which under the conditions of use is likely to the general population or to a potentially exposed or susceptible subpopulation identified by the Administrator, or the environment, on the basis of an exposure and use assessment conducted by the Administrator.
      (i) Final agency actionUnder this section and subject to section 2617 of this title—
      (1) a determination by the Administrator under subsection (b)(4)(A) that a chemical substance does not present an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment shall be issued by order and considered to be a final agency action, effective beginning on the date of issuance of the order; and
      (2) a final rule promulgated under subsection (a), including the associated determination by the Administrator under subsection (b)(4)(A) that a chemical substance presents an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment, shall be considered to be a final agency action, effective beginning on the date of promulgation of the final rule.



  49. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, I don't know about you folks, but I get a serious charge when I open the current global alert news posting and see "new names" and "more efforts". I'm all for public publication flyers. I'll be doing the same myself when the time is appropriate(fire season). I have very limited funds that are already appropriated to 50 farmers markets this year. Thank you for your efforts, Jeff Wolfley and William from Frazier Park. I hope you both have a follow through plan.

    I'm still looking for a recipient for an 8 ft wide banner. I'll ship it to anyone that will emulate Brian Nibley(see last weeks posting). Just ask Dane to send me your email address and we'll take it from there. Just trying to pay it forward.

    'a' simple horseman

    • Blue Sue says:

      Mike, I would be happy to take you up on your offer of the banner.  I only hesitate because our farmer's markets won't start up for a few months and it would be better if someone was putting it to use now. I could (and would) put it up on a sign in front of my yard, but I don't have high traffic in front of my place (thank goodness!).  If someone else doesn't grab your generous offer, please send it north.  Thank you for sharing!

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Wow Mike, both of your banners are moving to Alaska! I think it was meant to be! Blue Sue has three or four GeoWatch bumper stickers on the back of her Subaru. She is a friend I have met and I am sure that she will put it to good use. There is a good chance that we will join forces in the future and these two banners will hang side by side once again. Maybe we should meet at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer this year for a weekend of activism. What do ya think Sue?

    • mike says:

      thanks horseman ill proudly put it to good use

    • GretchenThomas says:

      FYI Mike, Been meaning to let you know that one of the two banners I got from you last year is permanently deployed on my front porch (I live on a feeder road between two state routes,) the other banner will become the centerpiece of a pop-up geoengineering information booth at flea markets or farmers markets along the north shore of Ohio, at least once a week somewhere 😉

      #Keeping up with 'a' simple horseman

    • Blue Sue says:

      Steven, I think your idea to meet at the State Fair in Palmer is great. Bring your banner!  Let's see what we can get organized and do it!  Any other Alaskan folks onboard?

  50. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The insanity continues.  More on the Nuclear Posture Review 2018 with an introductory note by Michel Chossudovsky here:

    Chossudovsky writes:

    This is nothing new. The preemptive nuclear weapons doctrine was first contemplated in George W. Bush’s 2001 Nuclear Posture Review in which a first strike pre-emptive use of tactical nuclear weapons was first formulated. B61 and B62 mini-nukes (bunker buster bombs with nuclear warheads) with an explosive capacity (yield) of up to 12 times a Hiroshima bomb were described as “harmless to civilians because the explosion is underground”.

    I say, they think people are stupid beyond all measure to believe that about the bunker buster nukes.  I did happen to see a screenshot of 6 generals in Trump's audience at the speech.  I could be wrong, but the stone faces bore a tinge of terror.

    As for defending against cyber warfare, it needs to be clearly stated that the US is the only country that has used it so far. . . . . . infecting Iran's centrifuges with Stuxnet.  Now no one can stop the nuclear plants from melting down.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Bella, with regard to cyber wars in that Israel sorta set the US up for that one, Stuxnet.  It was done With Israel and not supposed to be released yet, but Israel set it free, leaving the US as seemingly The one to blame.  And now Israel is putting all their eggs in the cyber basket, for lack of another resource they now want to be the go to cyber experts.  And we know how they feel about Iran.  And how they were feeling about Japan at the time.  Japan was advocating for a two state solution between Israel and Palestine.  Stuxnet had a built in die date of 2012, so Fukushima was maybe done in by Stuxnet, no one can be certain.  There is another one loose very much like Stuxnet but worse.  Top Brass military says the next war will be in space and we won't see it.  Israel is playing fast and loose with cyber.  The US is not,  by far Not, the worst player in the world.  But, leave it to the US to turn its very bad thing, weapon, creatively into 'alternative energy'!!  Damn!  But not as if Russia was doing nothing as Russia actually used a nuke to make a damn, thus poisoning and dooming Kazakhstan forever.  And new info I came across alleges that Russia began weather games before the US.  They also nuked their own country 156 times, though back then, they had a lot of country!  'We' of course turned to other countries few knew much of, Islanders as well as the skies, while France used the South Pacific to test nukes.  What goes around does come around!  Everyone wants their own now!!  So, uh, very old fashioned!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane,

      thank you for your report and for your Courage.

      For the "doctors" of the cult that want to blackmail the Families of the unvaxxinated, I have some words to say;

      You are not Doctors, you are corrupt WHORES!

      The leaves are not only staying in the Trees without falling until "Spring", we are also not having anymore the normal colors of Autumn. The yellows, reds and browns. Now we have only a dreadful monochromatic shade of burned brown in all leaves! Without nuances of color, like we used to have in the past. All leaves present the same burned shade of rusty brown!

      About the "zombie pathogens"; it is impossible that pathogens could migrate great distances without being carried by some kind of "vehicle". In nature these vehicles are birds or insects. And where are the birds and the insects?? I do not see them in any place. Also, when the permafrost is melting, what stays after is a swampy and muddy terrain from where nothing will be lifted by the wind. In swamps, there is no dust. The transportation of the " pathogens" is not probable, but even if this was a reality, and even if some birds could be the carriers of bacteria or viruses from the Arctic to other locations, the contamination would only occur in very exceptional situations. And contact in very extraordinary circumstances with these eventual carriers of some kind of "pathogen" would be always required for contamination to occur.

      But if the pathogens are carried by aircraft, the case would be other very different.

      For the programed "academics", I have some words:

      For reversing and stopping Global Warming, you and the geoFengineers must do this;

      1ST – you need to STOP the spraying of aerosols in the Stratosphere, because that is destroying the Ozone layer.

      2nd – You need to STOP climate engineering, because GE is a criminal activity at many different levels.

      3rd – What is the gas that causes more GW? What is the gas with more greenhouse effect potential?

      Water vapor or methane??

      4th – What is the only element capable of cooling down the Atmosphere?

      Water. ( Water vapor and Rain ).

      5th – Aviation must be reduced in 90% ( do it or fry MFs, there is no option ). Also the Stratosphere must be considered a non flying zone.

      6th – STOP stealing our Rain, because only with 10 months of rain ( and evaporation ) every year the Planet will cool down.

      7th – keep the 5G tech inside the drawer and throw away the key. Do the same with everything that is nuclear.

      8th and last – STOP cutting down Pristine Forests and secondary Forests. STOP hunting wild Animals. STOP polluting Oceans and Rivers. STOP overfishing.

      The drought through out the World, as everyone here knows, is being caused by GE in 100 %. Only by manipulating the cycle of the rains, these mad MFs can cut down the human population in the billions in two or three years. The situation is extremely serious. When they spray the aerosols over the clouds, they can destroy if they want, massive and very extensive cloud formations in two or three minutes. With the aerosols they can keep rain from falling and it's possible to open enormous spaces among the clouds, sometimes the nebulosity fronts are obliterated and disappear almost completely. But if the intention is creating deluge, they also do it. It is insane.

      And why they fear the response of Nature over humanity if the GE programs are interrupted?, because of the energy that the Oceans will release under the form of hurricanes? They know ( because they are doing it since ever ) that if they release dry ice over the storms, this will decrease the energy of the hurricanes significantly. So, why they didn't used this technique in the last hurricanes, for minimizing the tragedy and the destruction?? WHY??

      The "equilibrium point" will be achieved by long lasting cycles of rain.

      The unbalance in the Earth's systems energy will rebound through very long cycles of rain. Without Water, there is no Life. They just want to build genocide by stealing away our Rain.

      Water vapor is a potent greenhouse gas, but this same Water vapor is the only solution for cooling down the Planet through the cycles of the Rains. The "equilibrium point" will be achieved again by the Water vapor.

      What are the most humid but not the warmest places on Earth?

      Tropical and subtropical Forests. And these are the richest places on Earth ( along with coral reef ) regarding Biodiversity.

      What are the driest and normally the warmest places on Earth?

      Deserts. With very high temperatures on day and very low temperatures on the night. Because there is no humidity, no Forests and there is no clouds, or very little cloud cover ( without GE operations ). The Biodiversity is much lower than in the tropics.

      In some deserts there are cold seasons too.

      We evolve as a specie from Forests with 90% of humidity and average temperatures of more than 25ºC.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane,

      thank you for your report and for your Courage.

      the "doctors" of the cult / system that want to blackmail the Families of the unvaxxinated, are only corrupted w…..s .

      The leaves are not falling from the Trees at the right time and remain hanging until next "Spring", and besides that we are not having anymore the normal colors of Autumn. The yellows, reds and browns. Now we have only a dreadful monochromatic shade of burned brown in all leaves! Without nuances of color, like we used to have in the past. The large majority of all leaves present the same burned shade of rusty brown!

      About the "zombie pathogens" ( that the system is trying to push as the next big menace to mankind ); it is impossible that pathogens could migrate great distances without being carried by some kind of "vehicle". In nature these vehicles are birds or insects. And where are the birds and the insects?? I do not see them in any place. They are vanishing very fast. Also, when permafrost is melting, what stays after is a swampy and muddy terrain from where nothing will be lifted by the wind. In swamps, there is no dust. The transportation of the "pathogens" is not probable, but even if this was a reality, and even if some birds could be eventually the carriers of bacteria or viruses from the Arctic or sub-Arctic regions to other locations, the contamination would only occur in very exceptional situations. And direct contact in very extraordinary circumstances with these eventual carriers of some kind of "pathogens" would be always required for contamination to occur.

      But if the "pathogens" could travel "glued" ( by accident ) into the wings of the airplanes that are being used by the climate engineers, the case would be another. As we know.

      For reversing and stopping Global Warming, the guys from academy and the "geoengineers" must do this;

      1ST – the climate engineers need to STOP the spraying of aerosols in the Stratosphere, because that is destroying the Ozone layer. And why that is happening? The "shield", formed by the persistent lines of aerosols and the subsequent formation of the "land covering white sheet" with subsequent formation of "clouds", only can be verified bellow the tropopause. So, why spraying in the Stratosphere??

      2nd – You need to STOP climate engineering, because GE is a criminal activity at many different levels.

      3rd – Which is the gas that causes more GW? What is the gas with more greenhouse effect potential?

      Water vapor or methane??

      4th – What is the only element capable of cooling down the Atmosphere?

      Water. ( Water vapor and Rain ).

      5th – Aviation must be reduced in 90%. Also the Stratosphere must be considered a non flying zone.

      6th – STOP stealing our Rain, the Planet needs Rain for cooling down.

      7th – keep the 5G tech inside the drawer and throw away the key. Do the same with everything that is nuclear.

      8th and last – Stop cutting the Pristine Forests and the Secondary Forests. Stop destroying the Biosphere.

      The drought in several regions of the World, as everyone here knows, is being caused by or exponentially aggravated by GE. By manipulating the cycle of the rains, these mad MFs can cause large mortality and destruction in the world in two or three years. The situation is extremely serious. When they spray the aerosols over the clouds, they can destroy if they want, massive and very extensive cloud formations in two or three minutes. With the aerosols they can keep rain from falling and it's possible to open enormous spaces among the clouds, sometimes the nebulosity fronts are obliterated and disappear almost completely. But if the intention is creating deluge, they also do it. It is insane.

      And why do "they" are in fear of the response of Nature if the GE programs will be interrupted? Because of all the energy that the Oceans will release into the Atmosphere under the form of hurricanes? They know ( because they are doing it since ever ) that if they release dry ice over the storms, the energy of the hurricanes will decrease significantly. So, why was not this technique used in the last hurricanes, for minimizing the tragedy and the destruction?

      The unbalance in the energy of Earth's climatic systems will be stabilized and normalized with time through very long cycles of rain. Without Water, there is no Life. "they" just want to build genocide by stealing away our Rain.

      Water vapor is a potent greenhouse gas, but this same Water vapor is the only solution for cooling down the Planet through the cycles of the Rains. Water vapor is very important in this equation.

      Which are the most humid but not the warmest places on Earth?

      Tropical and subtropical Forests. And these are the richest places on Earth ( along with coral reefs ) regarding Biodiversity.

      Which are the driest and the warmest places on Earth?

      The deserts. With very high temperatures on day and very low temperatures on the night. Because there is no humidity, no Forests and no clouds, or very little cloud covering ( without GE operations ). The Biodiversity is much lower than in the tropics.

      In some deserts there are cold seasons too, like in Mongolia, etc..

      We evolve from pre-hominid species ( before Homo-Erectus ), that were coming from Forest environments with 90% of humidity and average temperatures of more than 25ºC.


  51. Joseph L says:

    I just got back from the health fair  on Long Island New york. It  was actually very nice to go out there and I was able to hand out quite a few glossy flyers along w your Look Up Flyer. I am an educator on this subject and I must say the speakers who I handed some too were very receptive to take the info. My friend who I went w also handed out quite a few glossy flyers on geoengineering. I hope more people wake up and  pass the info that I gave out forward. Dane I have been listening to your shows for years and I am constantly learning new stuff that I wish I did not have to learn.
    Here is link to the health  show that runs  for 10 days free to register on the computer. Alot of good people here.
    Over 35 of the world’s top authors are here to tell you the unbiased, accurate, scientifically proven truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment.
    February 2 – 11, 2018 |
    Melville, N.Y. | Hilton Hotel

    Dane I haven't listened to today's show . I will do that either later or tommorow. I am sure it is great  — you bring it every week connecting lots of dots.

    • Joseph L says:

      You can register and watch all the shows free off of your computer.
      Deadly Deception, Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines, a film by Gary Null

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Joseph L, Good Job!! I am proud that you took some out out of your life and went out to do battle in the fight for the greater good. Please, extend a sincere thank to your friend also. Keep up the good efforts my friends I haven't met yet.

    • Joseph L says:

      I just saw Del Bigtree off of my computer the producer of VAXXED at the health fair .  1 in 36 children will  now get autism.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well done Joseph L!!  Well done!  You and others have enjoyed a success I've not met yet!  You say you are an educator on this subject so I assume this was not your first success?  Must be sweet, judging from all who have experienced it!  I'm with you about learning so much you didn't want to.  But also so much of what I've learned from, well if not for all this I might not have learned and that includes, via research, oh so many details about our environment from top to bottom and how things work.  Myself, if nothing else, I am so grateful that I learned so much about what a miracle this Planet is to begin with, the sheer multitudes of threads linking this web of life many take for granted.  I, just wish I could experience this thrill of turning someone else on to all this information who was receptive, glad of it, glad to take it and learn. I once knew much, but now all that seems but a drop in the bucket.  And, I am still learning!   And much of that comes via people here, really bright, insightful people with major skills, sharing the knowledge, growing together, and that too is a kind of miracle and I am grateful, very, that Dane set things up this way.  What a gift!  One that keeps on giving!   Thank you Joseph for sharing all this.

  52. Yar Swerc says:

    It would be very easy to validate ALL you say, But let us go back to the basic observation that got you energized. Loss of solar input/access. Having built a greenhouse housing two aquaponic systems, Dependent on thermal mass to warm them through the nights When temps dipped into single digits, Realizing some supplemental heat was required to sustain them, I built a solar water heater to collect warmth from the sun. On those rare days when the “meteorologists” called for clear, And it was, I got a 11-12 degree gain. On the days when they called for “clear”” And the geoengineering creeps went to work. There was only a 2-4  degree gain. What right do these monsters have  To steal our sunlight? Now I have to supplement with LP. Disgusting. They are the vilest form of criminals.

  53. Gina says:

    I would like to thank you for all that you do bringing awareness too those who are clueless. I do my best in making those unaware to open up their eyes. Yes with some they will listen and then there's those just refusing to even listen. It saddens me I just hope that I can get through to a few and spread the truth. I only can remember 30+ years ago you would look at the weather report on the good old t.v. and make your plans around such information. Not always accurate but, not what is happening today. I need to get something done outside…plant seeds, cut, stacking of wood…. I now have to look at the sky and the flight plan of what's going on up there. I will continue to do my best in spreading the truth if I can only get through to a few maybe they will spread the word. As you state time and again "I don't ask you to believe me just do your own research and find out on your own " You sir are beyond my intelligence level due to being poisoned by the toxic effects of so many different pollutants that have happened to me. I'm grateful for you Dane and beyond grateful with total respect for all that you do. I will continue to do my best to spread the truth until my death. 

  54. Paul Barbara says:

    'They're Talking About "Winnable" Nuclear War Again':

    Seems Dr. Strangelove is still around…

  55. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    One thing I Love about your weekly Global Alert News Programs Dane, is, a 5 year old can connect the dots through the information you tell of World events. If they listened to you with an open mind & heart as a Child does. Not that I would want a 5 year old to hear the true state of Our Planet!   They don't need to have nightmares too, we know what's coming.  And there is enough Children suffering hourly Nightmares & Medical Injuries  Thanks to these willing groups of maniac's!  It's hard to stomach how the World's Children are being treated by Adults.  And how much abuse of Children, adults are ignoring & or turning a Blind Eye to.   Another Shameful Act By Mankind.   La, La, La!    It is Clear to us all, how Important your Children are to you & your Wife Dane.  Thank You for caring for the World's Children that are Crying out for Help & to be Heard.   More Men should be Speaking Out & not acting like Cowards at such a late hour. How many hours do they think we have left to Speak Out or to Refuse to do what they Know to be Harmful to a Child !?  How many more need to die due to all this "Manmade Bullshit"?  Humans, Animals, Birds, Insects, Sea Life, Trees, Waterways etc. etc.   I am not ignoring the fact that Women are too turning a Blind Eye to these events, There are Plenty of them also.  But, there is a Power in Men standing up for their Families that is a Strength of it's own. The World has made a weak, non active, with little Pride now & once head of the family.   And I mean this in a way I hope others understand. We both had roles that have been destroyed by others, & have weakened the family structure, that was once strong. A Man stood up & demanded better for his family. They were heard. And the Woman was Proud to have a Man with the Courage to Stand Up against Harm to his Family & did it with Honour. Steve Quayle & others have often spoke of this break down & the Harm it has caused.  Adults acting like Bullies in a Play ground, these are the strong men in the World today. They don't care who they harm & if it too harms their own families.  Free Riding on their Grand Children & who gives a damn!   I prefer the Men of the past & of today that do/did give a damn.  Thank goodness for this site & the Men that respond with a Male Strength that we so desperately are needing again!    I appreciate the Lawyers & The Truth Tellers exposing Facts  to Geoengineering Thank You for Caring. We appreciate your Courage.  We are so much stronger together because of you. To the female Lawyers, I have only Pride in your efforts to end this madness.   Thank You to all that have Kept In this race we are in for Our Lives & Our Environment.

    • Jeanette S says:

      I heartily concur. Men can't be men without a means to provide for the family. You could not convince me in a hundred years that this was not part of the agenda. It may be listed on Lewis Powells memo-the undoing of American families.

    • Dennie says:

      My mother noted that the bullying sociopathic first grade boys were the ones everyone followed.  The girls noticed how crazy this whole social system was and everyone stood back and did NOTHING to change it–  NOT.  ONE.  DAMNED.  THING!!!!!  Oh, and about women taking jobs– if you recall, after the murder of JFK we all heard that distant giant sucking sound of U.S. jobs and industry being "outsourced" to overseas countries, where the pollution wouldn't come here and The Plan was to "prepare" America for the eventual drop in the petroleum coming out of the ground.  So, in the vacuum, WOMEN HAD TO STEP UP and TAKE WORK OR THEIR FAMILIES $TRUGGLED– !!!! THAT IS THE ORDER IN WHICH THIS WENT, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND– SHEEESH!!!  HOW DO I KNOW?  I WAS THERE THEN. My mother had to get a job when my father drank and worked himself into serious ill health– without her, my sister and I never would have been able to go to college– People, WOMEN are NOT "stealing men's jobs," and SHAME ON THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO GIVE MOUTH to THIS OUTRAGEOUS LIE!!!!!  And people were going to Disneyland in DROVES as soon as it opened, during the years when we started hearing that sucking sound.  They still are vacationing there and they still do.  Even one-working parent families, because I have students in such families here.

      Next thing that happened, the "conservatives" loudly blamed the job loss of American men ONTO AMERICAN WOMEN and the women's movement, when these same conservatives were the self-same ones who set the labor and tax policies that took away the men's polluting, killing industrial jobs!!!!

  56. Paul Firenze says:

    Hey Dane thank you so much for acting as a beacon of light during this period of intellictual darkness. I have been monitoring stratospheric aerosol dispersal in the city of NY and Long island .there has been a nonstop campaign in this region which has terrified me more than once. It is happening here, and it is undeniable .the other day it snowed at 44 degrees Fahrenheit and absolutely no acknowledge ment from media sources.  The air stinks like dry ice and the temp randomly jumps around and any perciptaion leaves a whitish material that feels like sand paper when dry . No one wants to listen but I see blatant Geo engineering on a daily basis .the skies are pink or purple, and we barely .see a yellow sun.  Again I cannot describe how grateful I am for your work in the field .Thank you Dane  thank you . I am informing those around me as much as I can .

  57. Blue Sue says:

    Dear Dane, Thank You!  Your 130th production of Global News Alert is another excellent, hard-hitting, painfully accurate, and profound revealing of the dire truth we all must face and certainly muster the collective courage to contend with NOW.  As you so clearly state: we are on the brink of doom.  Our challenges are immense, but not yet impossible!  I share your faith that together, we can turn this terrible tide that threatens to decimate all life as we know it.

    In this broadcast you remind us that Ken Caldera designed pathogens that could be seeded into the clouds.  It's a very disturbing and scary thought that “zombie pathogens” are infecting humanity with god knows what kind of horrible effects.

    Speaking of warmest December on record in Alaska — Dane, you talk about the “downplaying” of available data that indicate temperature rises all over the world.  You are correct in assuming the actual temperatures are even higher.  Factually, this data IS understating the real temperatures.  This winter each morning NPR radio has been underreporting the local temperature by at least 10-15 degrees (every day).  For example, when they say it is 6 degrees in Wasilla, it is actually 20 degrees according to my outside porch and car thermometers.  So if it is being reported that temperatures have been almost 15 degrees above normal for the entire month, that “information” is absolutely UNDER-stated and the real l increase has been much greater.   This past week we've had rare clear skies via sustained violent winds for 7 days straight and abnormally warm ambient temperatures in the 20’s (F) here in south central Alaska (with chill-factor that makes it brutally cold).  Your reference to the film “Chasing Ice” makes me think about the very noticeable shrinking of glaciers within driving distance of where I live: Portage Glacier, the Matanuska Glacier, Exit Glacier – they have all diminished radically in size since I first saw them 40 years ago. The difference in their mass and rapid retreat has been shocking. 

    While I wish this seemingly non-stop wearying wind would cease, I rue that the skies will then be transformed again to a dreary gray sun-obscuring cloak of poison.

     Dane your resolute passion for sharing the truth and dedication to soldier on inspires us all to be better human beings.  Thank you for ALWAYS taking ACTION to help salvage of our precious planet what we still can.  With infinite gratitude to you Dane and all others who are contributing to the greater good, I wish you peace and light always. 


    • JF says:

      In Riverside CA, right now (1:20 pm) wunderground is showing the current temp at 80 degrees (16% Humidity). I was just outside and was sweating up a storm, as it felt like it was at least 90 degrees outside.

      Something is terribly wrong, as the 10 day forecast calls for continued warm temps and no rain in sight. This is for the entire west, not just CA.

      And yeah, the planes are out there spraying again today.

    • Gary B says:

      To verify "zombie pathogens", check out lecture by Hebrew University professor Yuval Noah Harari at the World Economic Forum at Davos last week in which he states, "the world elite rulers could hack human brains to gain control of the world and to engineer an entirely new world of life and machines":

      As it was in the days of Noah…  GRWG (get right with God)

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gee, Blue Sue, So beautifully articulated!  It does really help to have first hand perspectives.  I'm in the land of Academia which Dane referenced in general, as in land of deniers.  I so wish us all success but begin to fear it not possible in any time frame that matters.  Synergy.  Synergy may do us in in the end.  As Dane says, this that And the other.  So many others.  Your positive thoughts here, and heart, help.  Thanks!

    • Dennie says:

      There isn't a day that goes by here now in the Bay Area when the jets don't spray– the Ramp Up is in full swing. I'm always sick and coughing, if this is the "new normal," I gotta go somewhere else where the spraying's not so heavy.  My 4:30 Tuesday student had her lesson today instead.  Her father is an engineer at Fit-Bit, the fitness app company that helps you find routes and post the routes you did, and was at home.  Turns out the "secret" military sites that have been revealed are being ratted out at the doing of all the military personnel that have posted their running and walking routes on these bases and sites, using the public option– they can hack themselves now,

  58. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Nuclear Posture Review: The World Will Not Survive the American Neoconservatives’ Doctrine of US World Hegemony / Paul Craig Roberts / Feb.2, 2018
    …released today is the Pentagon’s new Nuclear Posture Review. A nuclear posture review specifies a country’s attitude toward nuclear weapons and their use. In past posture reviews, nuclear weapons were regarded as unusable except in retaliation for a nuclear attack. The assumption was that no one would use them. There was always the possibility that false warnings of incoming ICBMs would result in the nuclear button being pushed, thus setting off Armageddon. There were many false warnings during the Cold War. … It did not take successor governments long to resurrect the Cold War.
    The new US nuclear posture is a reckless, irresponsible, and destabilizing departure from the previous attitude toward nuclear weapons. The use of even a small part of the existing arsenal of the United States would be sufficient to destroy life on earth. Yet, the posture review calls for more weapons, speaks of nuclear weapons as “usable,” and justifies their use in First Strikes even against countries that do not have nuclear weapons.
    This is an insane escalation. It tells every country that the US government believes in the first use of nuclear weapons against any and every country. Nuclear powers such as Russia and China must see this to be a massive increase in the threat level from the United States. Those responsible for this document should be committed to insane asylums, not left in policy positions where they can put it into action.

    VSF: There are now some 16,000 nuclear bombs poised and ready for planet suicide. The Trump administration has increased the US military budget to $716 billion for 2018. I have no doubt that we are being pushed to nuclear war beginning in the Middle East. Our leaders indeed appear to have become insane, non-human psychopaths.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Which company makes/made nuclear weapons for the United States?  / Allen E Hall, Owner at Aerospace Eng & Mfg Consultant (2014-present) / Answered Mar 22 2017
      The Pantex Plant is the primary United States nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. The facility is located northeast of Amarillo, in Carson County, Texas. The plant is managed and operated for the United States Department of Energy by Consolidated Nuclear Security LLC (CNS) and Sandia National Laboratories.
      Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS) is composed of member companies Bechtel National, Inc., Lockheed Martin Services, Inc., Orbital ATK, Inc, and SOC LLC, with Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. as a teaming subcontractor.

      ***From the WA Post: By Paul Sonne February 2, 2018
      The Pentagon released a new nuclear arms policy Friday that calls for the introduction of two new types of weapons … The new nuclear weapons policy follows on Donald Trump’s promise before taking office to expand and strengthen U.S. nuclear capabilities. President Trump also vowed during his State of the Union address Tuesday to build a nuclear arsenal “so strong and powerful that it will deter any acts of aggression.”  … The policy unveiled Friday envisions the introduction of “low-yield nukes” on submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Despite being called “low yield,” such weapons could cause roughly as much damage as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, depending on their size.  … In a veiled reference to Russia, Rood said the new low-yield missiles would insure that adversaries “do not come to the mistaken impression” they can use small battlefield nuclear weapons because “we don’t have credible response options.” In a veiled reference to Russia, Rood said the new low-yield missiles would insure that adversaries “do not come to the mistaken impression” they can use small battlefield nuclear weapons because “we don’t have credible response options.”

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Oh my!  In my reply and questioning, I forgot to mention geoengineering as one of those newer generation tools of destruction and that does leave lasting damage all over of course!

    • Pedro says:

      100% psychopathic madness, the strategy of the masonic/satanic criminal triad exposed: the samson option.

      So, if they will not get to control the World via climate engineering, human engineering ( via the big pharma ) and genetically modified "foods", and if their plans get fully exposed; kaboom!

      genocidal COWARDS !

      All of these "guys" have "superior college education" and belong to the "higher circles" of society which are working for the richest MFs on the Planet. And this is really disturbing.

    • Pedro says:

      …And I forgot about the 5G-igatons …of stupidity.

    • Hello Susan: I had posted the previous Part 7 of this series a few days ago. Part 8 wraps up some of the previous dialogue in the series. Listen closely to the first five minutes. Technocracy is not about rational choice. Technocracy is a chronic intellectual psychosis leading to social entropy and mass suicide. Eisenhower was very well aware of this in 1953. > Undoing the New Deal – The Age of Lunacy (Pt8)—The-Age-of-Lunacy-%28Pt8%29 Thank you for your very informative posts.

  59. joe s says:


    I surely agree with on sharing data, rather than ranting.

    WE all , who send e-mails  on the site of yours know it

    by NOW.  I ask this of you?

    Do you know who, where the compounds, as Aluminun, Barium sulfates are made. ?

    A world wide geoengineering..YES,  Our country could not manufacture  it all…

          Thanks, Joe

  60. Tom says:

    elite want to own all water on earth for profit.

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