Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 8, 2021, #300


Dane Wigington

George Orwell warned: “Big Brother is Watching You.” What do you think?

The societal epidemic of Stockholm syndrome is worsening by the day, governments around the globe are using this to their full advantage. Bread and circus tactics are also being used to coerce societal conformity. All the while the backdrop of biosphere collapse continues to unfold. The rapidly accelerating demise of Earth’s life support systems is the bottom line driving force behind the orchestrated converging scenarios that are closing in on us all. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

40 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 8, 2021, #300

  1. Barb E says:

    This morning I got a notice from that a person in my neighborhood saw 3-4 contrails in the sky and has never seen so many at one time and asked for comments as to why.  One other user put a link to some conspiracy theory and said its because there are many more flights from Europe blah blah blah.   All I wrote was "To find the truth about "contrails" go to and watch The Dimming."    5 minutes later they commented back saying they thought they might be coming from Portsmouth (Pease AFB) and thanked me for clarifying.   I can only hope that they check out The Dimming to find out what's really going on. But Nextdoor is big and hopefully many more will also come here and find out the truth too. We'll see how long they allow my post to remain.

  2. A Friend says:

    Still no honeybees… I saw ONE toad in the last wek, should have been many of them, very few insects. Putting extra food out for my birds and other critters. 

    Very un-natural cold in the air.

    Found out my two nieces, both early 20s, took the EMP (experimental medical procedure) along with their parents.

    My grandmother took it, against my wishes, and she had for 92 years a photographic memory; now she has just been diagnosed with dementia.

    Many stories of people I know or know of, having severe reactions.

    I went to pharmacy a few days ago and asked the pharmacist for a "package insert" from the box of M______ EMPs. She gave me one. "INTENTIONALLY BLANK" STAMPED ON IT… ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT IS ACTUALLY IN THE CONCOCTION IS PRINTED.

    Buyer beware!




    PS Stock up on honey NOW



  3. Robin Christensen says:

    In referring back to GAN episode #291 re: Bill Gate's long term plans to make this the decade of the farm (after previous planned decade of vaccine & its overlap to the present).  Here are two ways to view life:  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts (organic)/Vandana Shiva.  Or- The sum of the parts equals the whole (mechanistic)/Bill Gates.

     Dane referred to an RFK jr article, related to this one:  "RFK,jr. Interviews Vandana Shiva:  The Gates Empire 'Will Own Everything". 

    Her quote is worth note:  

    Vandana Shiva: "Yes, that’s still what guides my work, the non-separation and the potential. Those are the two things that will get the mechanistic thinking out of the world. Yes, we are connected, and we all have potential, including civil disobedience."

    Dr Shiva has been a grassroots leader for decades.  BTW RFK,jr noted she also has a doctorate in quantum physics.  She has always pushed back against the Rockefellers and the Gates.  Farmers in India are now protesting en mass to push back empire and reclaim their land.  The grassroots undercurrent is here in the USA.  Lets bring it to the surface & take that quantum leap!!

    Yes Raymond, as in your eloquent 5/8 post- we are of stardust 'Children of the Light'.  Shining that light trumps fear, opens consciousness, & and channels anger toward justice (tough love).  Yes, Susan V.  We are in the Kali Yuga- the darkest cycle.

    I'll close with a poetic verse from the Gnostic gospel.  Though its not included in the new testament, it proves to me that whatever direction one goes with Christian faith, sources indicate that Christ spent much of his young life gathering/earning wisdom in places like Egypt & India, only to return to the hardship of western civilization, bringing to them the message of how to fulfill more ancient prophecies of eastern moral tradition.

    From various sources including "The Mustard Seed (507 pages!)," by Osho or "The Power of Now," by Tolle.  Osho's chapter entitled- The Poet Ultimate- shares this verse:

    Jesus said "I am the light that is just above them all, and the all came from me and the all attended to me.  Cleave a piece of wood and I am there; lift up the stone and you will find me there."

    In short, we can all awaken to the fact that we're all a part of the whole, connected to the whole, & owing to the whole.


    • Alan says:

      "We should understand well that all things are the works of the Great Spirit. We should know that He is within all things: the trees, the grasses, the rivers, the mountains, and all the four-legged animals, and the winged peoples; and even more important, we should understand that He is also above all these things and peoples. When we do understand all this deeply in our hearts, then we will fear, and love, and know the Great Spirit, and then we will be and act and live as He intends." 

      BLACK ELK 
      Lakota Sioux
      Manderson, S. D.

      Brown, Joseph Epes. The Sacred Pipe.  University of Oklahoma Press. 

      Many thanks to the person on this site who recommended this book.  

  4. Raymond says:

    I'm supposed to be up on my roof replacing the hundreds of shingles that are like swiss cheese, from our freak (artificial) hail events recently. So I can sell this house and hit the road! Leaving this village of idiots who have sold their souls to the power structure, climate control asylum wardens.

    But instead, I'm bundled up here at my computer as the temperature outside is 54, but feels more like 31. We have gone from 95 to 55 overnight three times now, in the last 25 days and experiencing the most rain we've seen her in 25 years!

    NOAA stated last week that climate change has now made places that get lots of rain, get even more rain than usual. And areas that get little rain, get even less. But we all know it's climate engineering that's making Nature appear to be totally out of wack.

    So basically, what they are telling everyone like us (who are awake and paying attention to the human rain makers), is…. We are going to give the world's flow of atmospheric rivers to whomever we choose, and dam them up for those whom we no longer favor. If anyone has a problem with that. We will spray your skies into a mind bending oblivian and draft laws that requires you to get our depopulation injections. Then, we will use chemical ice nucleation to create artificial frost that kills your gardens and organic farm crops. Forcing you to eat our GMO glyphosate substitute, for nutritional foods and start charging you $10 for a gallon of drinking water!

    Oh wait, they're already doing that to everyone including those they favor. Except drinking water is still less than $2 a gallon. However, if Bill Gates continues to hoard land and water rights. That same drinking water will cost Americans nearly $20 a gallon, in less than 48 months time. Yet no one believes anything I've just said and refuses to prep for a worst case scenario. Because our government never does anything nefarious and Gates is our beloved Demi-God. That is all according to the Town Idiot Mayor and it's population of sheeple.

    So, if it would just stop raining for one hour and stop the rollercoaster ride of huge temperature swings. I will fix my roof and plant my for sale sign in the marsh-like yard. Then hitch up the wagons to begin my journey, away from this little town called… "No Truth But Lots of Consequences". 

    • Bell says:

      Aahh Raymond

      *%#!***** what a shitty holdup………….????            is there no god!!!! you must be thinking…..well I would  anyway  🙂

      For those skeptics who think we are stuck in a perpetual groove called life with little options, yes I think we do have an entry date and an exit date to this planetary life,   However have come across the idea of changing timelines while still here.

      Could be worth investigating, maybe you could be granted a 'fairy wish' and move faster on your journey.

      Late to this idea and skeptical  I discovered it does bear fruit.  Of course nothing is free – but then a little of it is.   And my tingling hands tell me so.  eg I pick up a crystal now days and my sensitivity tells me it has some kind of energy – like all living things I guess.


      I never believed anything till I sorted it out myself….. free of outside opinions.    But that was only life experience…as I never suspected people to be full of lies and rubbish…………..seems so many are regrettably.


      Keep on keeping on…..of course a good swearing rant is helpful  🙂



    • Bell says:

      Hi Raymond

      OOps………to clarify, did not find timeline info on any of what I just saw on line.

      Dane's site is the only place I  post on.  Its heartbreaking for all earth dwellers..I pass it on to ones I know who are open to getting real about this situation.

      Always attracted but never visited  India – the spirituality, long history,  and now learned about time lines from someone with those connections.  One wonders if  there are really No Accidents in life.  




  5. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, I am proud to report that this last Saturday, the day of Dane's "300 IN A ROW!!" broadcast was the first day of the 5th year in a row of deploying my own Geo engineering awareness booth at my local farmers market. 28 more engagements to go, 'this year'. I am a poor man, but I do what I can, the best I can. It's been a long hard winter up here on my mountain and it sure was good to be back in the saddle again "taking it to the streets". I had planned on going on a ride yesterday(Sunday) to one of my most favorite Ponderosa trees to pay tribute to Dane's huge accomplishment and have a picnic lunch with my dog and the Mustangs. But, yesterday the wind was high and the air biting with chemical cool down. After reading some of the contributions here this week, I see that I am not the only one that senses these things and now don't feel so bad about being a sissy not wanting to subject myself to the chemical cool down. By the way, today at the same temps, the air was actually nice to be out in.

    Something I want you ALL to know: When I am tending my awareness booth, you ALL are there with me. So many of you have given me topics, accounts and wisdom that I use regularly. ALL of you fill my sails and give me what it takes to keep putting one foot in front of the other, keeping my face to the wind. Hugs and smiles all around and pardon me while I hold back the sincere tears I feel while writing this to you folks. Starting Thursday, I will once again fall into the weekly routine I need in order to be doing the only thing that makes me feel like am doing something that actually matters in the grand scheme of what life there is left for our only home.

    Dane, you have been a great inspiration to me, Thank you…

    Love and strength to all my friends I have and have not met, yet.

    MIke Torrence, 'a' simple horseman

  6. NomoreEngineering says:

    We need to end this before the others take over and then we all lose as the planet won't be healthy for neither us nor them. 

    • Dennie says:

      "They" have already taken just about everything over while we eedjots were out working to make Them richer.  Nobody notices.  Nobody cares.

  7. Carol says:

    Just listened to today's announcement,, ( video ), a lot of important information,  so sad though,  my feet are planted, tell people about this website, hopefully this weekend they took the time to watch The Dimming. This whole week has been blah,  starting on Sunday ( 5-2 )  the skies were cloudy with an eerie color ( yellowish grey ) and the smell of chalk which lasted until  5-4. Had  a slight irritation,  It's been cloudy ever since with rain on and off,  they have been spraying lightly all week just as the sun rises  and evening,  I can sense when they spray, my ears ring high pitch, and my eyes get irritated. When they are not spraying that's when I try to spend alot of time with nature and wildlife, taking pictures etc. Need to reconnect with Mother Earth more and feel her vibes, I'm sure she's crying,     thank you all , for your stories and posts.   Feel like pen pals.

    Thank you Dane and family, for your continuing fight on this  situation May God continue providing strength to press on.

  8. Raymond says:

    I really wanted to start my exodus journey by writing something that summed up my feelings about climate engineering and SRM nightmares, to commemorate the 300th GAN broadcast.

    I feel horrible about the ever increasing hardships that Dane's family, A' Simple Horseman and my old tourguide friends in Arizona will have to endure, for the rest of their lives. The severely extreme drought and deadly fires that are ravaging the Western one-third of America, will eventually lead to record setting famine, violent crimes, migrations and complete societal collapse. Because there will be no water, crops and livestock left for the survival of millions, beginning in less than 12 months and in that time, the forests, orchards, farms, ranches, prairies and deserts will be mostly turned to ashes! 

    The situation out there is far beyond bleak and the federal government is blaming all of it on poorly managed local governments. While they are secretly causing the entire nightmare to spiral out of control, ten times faster than normal anthropogenic and natural factors ever would.

    Because they want to hoard what's left of the dwindling resources and create artificial utopian climate cool downs and rain events, for their east coast strongholds. Taking care of Big Brother, while the rest of the American family is thrown into the fires of Hell.

    On a dying planet there will always be those in power, who choose to sacrifice everyone else. Just to save themselves or stave off the end times, all the way to the brutal end. That's what evil governments do to their expendable soldiers and civilians, in times of war.

    And all of that is senseless and completely avoidable, as evil only triumphs if WE DO NOTHING to stop their rise to power in the first place. It's their lust of total power over all that dooms civilizations and their planet, to become lifeless rocks orbiting stars.

    We are all made of stardust and have the intelligence to flourish. Yet we choose to become dark matter instead and give up free will without a fight. Humanity needs to delve into the spirit of our primordial existence and tap into the power of the stars and the energy of our vast universe. Join together as a humanity of one universal consciousness and think of ourselves as individual stars, who come together and form an all powerful galaxy.

    Circling and spinning around a black hole that is the insanity of corrupt elitist controlled governments. Never allowing them to suck us into the blackness of their void. But rather, keeping them imprisoned forever within their own construct of nothingness and turning their dark energy, into a force that holds our galaxy of star humans… in perfect and uniform balance with the universe. 

    Yes their black hole of power over all is very strong and beckons to extinguish our starlight. But if we keep spinning and circling and using our free will, to think for ourselves. We can finally expose the invisible blackness of that elephant in the sky… and get humanity to destroy the military-techno-pharma-industrial complex that relies on geoengineering, media mind games, addiction to prescriptions and technology and pandemics to keep our minds stagnated. 

    Billions of clusters of flickering stardust can finally awaken to our place in the universe and shine as stars again. That light can smother the darkness of their oppressive control over humanity once and for all. As we even prove to ourselves that the Earth and humanity can survive, if we just find our sanity, sense of reason and common sense again. Not letting corrupt shadow governments and out of control militaries shove the official narrative down our throats any more. Stand up as a unified voice for the human race and march in great numbers worldwide. Making the million person climate awareness marches look like a small picnic in comparison.

    We need a million more voices and activist like Dane to spark a fire under everyone's butts! Lighting the fuse to global awareness and crippling the power structure's ability to control the climate or societies ever again. As every man, woman, teenager and child decides to look up at the sky, at the very same time around the world and yell at the top of their lungs… "NO MORE EVER AGAIN!"

    Thank you Dane, Bell and all for having my back. Your support for my retreat from this insane community is inspiring and invigorating.  I can't wait to let everyone know when I have found a new sanctuary.

    God Bless all and I'm with you in spirit for now.

    • juli says:

      Cornwall on the Hudson. Next to Storm King. On the bottom of Storm King is a natural spring. WooPoo is approximately 7 miles up the mountain. If you need medical assistance you don't have to go to West Point or across the river to Wappingers. Cornwall Hospital is  privately owned and will take vets. A soft salute from my father.



    • penny waters says:

      been thinking my friend – although i said this country is strange many people of my generation have gone to the west country – devon, cornwall, hampshire, somerset, gloustershire, sussex

      moneyed people have always lived in those places – i wanted to move but people i thought were friends have turned out to be people who think geoengineering is a conspiracy theory – tis painful – having people actually treat me like that

      i was told as a child that i am 'too clever for my own good' – think it means i can see through people – so many people so easy to read!!

      i am sure there are many places you could move to but if you do decide to come across the pond – head for the above mentioned places

      take care my friend – hope you find a good place to lay your head


  9. Ashley says:

    I look forward every week to listening to you. I can't even begin to describe how much I admire you. Thank you for everything Dane , you keep me going. I love you with every fiber of my being. 

  10. Stan Sylvester says:

    Frustrated that most people don't respond with inquisitive ears when you share the greatness of what Dane has taught us? Don't be, you're in good company:

    Jeremiah 6:10

    "To whom shall I speak and give warning that they may hear? Behold their ears are closed and they cannot listen. Behold the word of the Lord has become a reproach to them: they have no delight in it."

    People don't want to deal with the truth. It is not convenient.  They want to delight in bread and circuses. They want  the next generation to deal with weather warfare.

    Zechariah 7:11

    "But they refused to pay attention and turned a stubborn shoulder and stopped their ears from hearing." 

    God gave us free will. People are responsible for what they choose to hear and not hear. I'm proud to stand with Dane and all of you that give people a chance to hear.

  11. Brent Papon says:

    The colonial pipeline had one of the largest spills in American history a short while back in Huntersvile NC. The leak was discovered by two kids on ATVs. It was originally said to be 38K gallons. As of a couple of weeks ago it was up to 1.2 Million gallons.

    They are reckless and full of shit, hence the 'cyber attack.'

    The state of North Carolina, alone , has had 38 spills since 2000.

    And NOTHING from MSM about it.

    I found out from Lee Camp, who I highly recommend.

    He, like Dane is talking 100% truth.

    Peace and Love

    And Thanks to all that post here



  12. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- looking forward to your weekly podcast today. Keep them coming.  Report from state of MA: unseasonably cool as the daily spraying continues.  Plants flowering: but no insects around!!!!! Very few…   Sun is very intense…         Tweeting: I am getting the message out by responding to Tweets related to Contrails. Search #contrails and you will find many people posting pics of aerial spraying..I tweet them directly, and tell them about The Dimming, your website and the weekly podcasts…  getting favorable replies… Keep up the work, the Message is spreading globally…-Paul

  13. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Still toooooo cold even here in eastern North Carolina, to complete planting my garden vegetables at the present time. They should have all been in the ground a month ago.

    Something's up…

    • Laura with Cotter says:

      Glad someone else is noticing the excessive use of the ice nucleation….however it is used.  I can now instantly feel it……an unnatural cold in the air.  I look at my outdoor thermometer and it might say 55….but….I know they are spraying something when my skin feels more like 39 or so.

  14. A Friend says:

    A few thoughts to share with you all.

    I was walking with my dog yesterday and walked through a number of large Clover patches in the yard. At this time of year they should be full of honey bees. I looked carefully. Not one single honeybee. I've seen fewer and fewer insects and fewer and fewer toads and frogs in my area. Also, and this may require fire sensitivity than some people have— But when the nucleating elements to create artificial cold are deployed, not only is there a chemical smell associated with that, but the cold that it creates has a different feel to it. It is what I can only describe as a bone-chilling cold that does NOT feel like a natural cold weather. Those who are able to sense this will know what I'm talking about. Many people who have had arthritis can detect changes in barometric pressure and changes when cold fronts come through. Well, this is worse! I have been having a lot of pain lately that would not normally inhibit my ability to physically do things as much as it has.

    I'm finding more people who are resistant to receiving the EMPs ( experimental medical procedures).

    Some of you may have seen some of the videos circulating where unopened boxes of EMPs are being opened on video and the package inserts are being removed and unfolded and shown to be completely blank pieces of paper. Take your regular prescription medicine package insert and unfold it and you'll see if they are normally covered with writing that documents the chemical structure, composition, safety studies and side effect profiles of the medication you are taking that your doctor prescribed.

    My partner and I have been working hard to educate our friends and family. A great number of them Decided to take these procedures without checking with us first, which is heartbreaking. When we have had opportunities to share information about these procedures we typically do not here for those individuals again after we have shared information. They just don't want to know in so many cases. I personally know of a number of cases locally where individuals had extreme negative reactions and in several cases actually died following such procedures. Did they have underlying medical conditions that suddenly decided to surface? YD


    • Earth Angel says:

      Hello A Friend, I have the same feeling with the unnatural cold spells. I  also marveled at the same lack of honeybees just yesterday, walking over acres of rolling pasture covered in literally hundreds of thousands of flowering white clover and I couldn't find a single bee there. Should have been dozens or hundreds of them in those seas of white all over the place- but nothing! Very alarming and sad. We're still nursing the garden along that we've now planted 3 times. I noticed a neighbor who lives a few miles away has a fig bush that looks perfectly healthy but mine looks awful and naked, with most of the leaves burnt blackish, shriveled and gone. I must have gotten a lot of artificial ice nucleiation ingredients falling over my place- (un)lucky me! I notice much yellowish discoloration on grasses, clover, trees and plants that should be healthy and green this time of year and what appears to be disfiguration and discoloration from radiation damage as well. My lips feel tender and dry almost constantly and I've had a bitter unpleasant taste in mouth for a while now; don't know if its from radiation or chemicals, probably both. My heart aches for creatures both wild and domestic (and plants) who are enduring this horror along with us. I wish we could awaken from this evil nightmare we are living in. It's becoming hard to stay joyful these days. Someone else said it… 'Brace for impact'. Thanks to all for your contributions. The lies and the BS are all coming to the surface. Heaven help us!

    • A Friend says:

      Hi Earth Angel,

      I feel for you and all of the Creator's precious people, plants and animals. 

      Every day I put food out for the wild animals who live here, mostly birds, foxes, possums, raccoons, and the occasional wolf. We must do all we can while we are able to.

      Never stop doing good!

      Blessings, my friend, 



  15. Denver Doyle Attaway says:

    Gotta say, Colonial Pipeline is a true enemy of humanity and is responsible for 100s of pipeline ruptures just over the last decade. I don't believe a cyber attack disrupted their systems. Watch it be blamed on China or Russia as a motive for a Electronic Patriot Act for the Internet.

    • Earth Angel says:

      You called it right Denver, I just heard the accusations pointed to Russia for the 'hack' of the Colonial Pipeline on tonights legacy media propaganda report. I find it amazing that there's NO information heard at ALL from them (and I mean not a PEEP) on the massive hacking and interference by several foreign entities in the 2020 elections- via dominion servers and others- considering the 'firehose of evidences' that have been uncovered from NUMEROUS QUALIFIED sources and EXPERTS in their respective fields pertaining to the situation. The absolute biased narrative of lies from the mainstream media and the coverup of truthful factual evidence in every arena- ESPECIALLY the most important and critical topic of CLIMATE ENGINEERING- is CONTINUOUSLY swept under the rug and ignored to the peril of all things on Earth. So incredulous!  We ARE making progress but a lot more people need to find their courage and integrity to speak the truth RIGHT NOW.

  16. Raymond says:

    For the first time in years they stopped spraying the sky here in this area of Texas, for two weeks straight… except for a very few short trails occasionally that created only tiny clouds that disappeared within 15 minutes.

    The sky slowly became a beautiful deep blue, on the opposite hemisphere of the sun and it brought back memories of a time before geoengineering.

    But alas, they started spraying with a passion three days ago and the sky is now back to being a filthy, murky grayish-white… with only a slight tinge of blue.

    Sunsets, sunrises and the moon were all normal, but now it's back to fire red dusk and dawn events. The moon is no longer white and crystal clear in terrain details. But rather blurred in shades of yellow, orange, brown and pink. Depending on exactly what ingredients they choose to pollute the skies with, in their tanker and airline planes.

    My severe allergies completely cleared up, for the first time in about 20 years and now I can't stop sneezing, with constant burning eyes and tears. Throat constrictions and choking that also brings never ending tears.

    I could smell the trees, roses, wildflowers and honeysuckles and now it's back to sulfur, ammonia and odors of soot. It was like suddenly being teleported to a heavenly planet for two weeks and then dragged back against my will, to a world that has been dead for eons and emits nothing but rancid and fowl pungent fumes.

    Climate engineering is an absolute nightmare of hell on Earth and it completely blows my mind, beyond any comprehension that everyone around me in this militarized town… accepts these conditions as normal and believe full-heartedly that our government wouldn't ever do anything to damage the planet, or threaten the health of humans, animals and insects.

    I am told every single day, by the residents here that the government is the equivalent of God and if you don't accept that fact. Then you are mentally insane and are a severe threat to the community. I am shunned and treated like a leper by the men, women, children and authorities of this town without remorse, regret or empathy… by one single person!

    I never could have possibly imagined that I would ever become the real life Doctor Miles Bennell, from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Or the character Freeman Lowell, played by Bruce Dern in the 1972 movie- Silent Running. Both of whom tried desperately to flee the madness and insanity that engulfed the human race, just as it is doing now. Soylent Green is yet another fine example and of course we can't forget Mad Max. All of which perfectly describes the insanity of geoengineering and the people of this town… that I will soon be escaping from, to find a place where there are at least "a few" like minded individuals. Who are willing to help me in saving this planet.

    Not hunt me down and turn me into a zoo exhibit, because I have a voice and choose to speak out against an insane world. Like the humans on Planet of the Apes!

    • Bell says:

      Sympathies Raymond

      You cannot drag a horse to water, those lost headless '[chooks'   ha ha very old saying, are maybe feeling something else deep down but stuffing those quiet moments down and out of the daylight.. Maybe their rejection of anything 'normal'  does touch some nerve. 

      As you say – leave them behind in your rear view mirror as you travel to newer pastures.

      I refused to read the 1984 novel,  life was challenging enough – I stopped watching nerve rattling movies in the 1970s..the war was more than enough to know about.


      Self preservation till I HAD to wake up to Dane's bad news – absolutely no choice…….basically got hit in the face with ,.also that old saying Denial is not a rive in Egypt – I wish it was.

      Soldier on as they say – but leave that lot of idiots way behind you, find more peaceful abode somewhere – good  things do turn up unexpectedly at times.

    • penny waters says:

      dear sir

      it is hard to be so sensitive or…..

      where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise

      wonder how much the time in the military, amongst dangerous to the health kind of materials, that you must have come into contact with on a daily basis

      get yourself out of that place full of 'stepford wives' to the government

      there are many groups of people out in the wilderness, who know and feel what you know and how you feel, go find them – 'diggers and dreamers' is the uk org, but think they are attached to an international org of aware people

      it is very hard when living amongst the 'so frightened that they choose to be mindless' kind of people – although i have to say that many people who i thought would have 'known' about all this stuff – they too seem blind

      often wonder whether one has to suffer first to see pain elsewhere

      when i am very pained – in the body pain – if you know what i mean – in mourning for the destruction of the earth by us humans – the only thing that relieves the pain – apart from good company (human or otherwise) is a spell in meditation 

      i was taught at a centre – and although the centre is still there the original man who spread the practise around the world, he died, and when i went back the second time – the whole ethos and feel of a pure way of dealing with being alive as a human had gone – it had become a place to be seen

      it was held in an old converted pig farm with many covered walkways into the hall – as one walked slowly through these tunnels, swallows and house martins would fly around our heads as they went about feeding their young – totally undisturbed by us and obviously feeling safe

      the birds – they are now gone!! as it has been, over the time i have spent watching humans

      a good idea turns into fashion by the gormless and it is lost to the stupidity of the constant self indulgence of humans

      i salute you raymond, you are keeping faith with yourself and your understanding – be gentle with yourself and rise above, in a consciously gentle way, the inadequacies of others

      we too have had gloriously blue skies and they keep threatening heavy downpours and we get a sprinkling

      problem with that is 'they' do not realise that there is not enough h2o in the sky to rain down

      so what has happened is that the foulness is coming down in chunks and blobs, marking and killing foliage – that i eat

      and i know i said years ago that i was chewing the filth on my weed food the extent is becoming quite worrying

      and the gormless waddle about looking for the latest shiny thing – a necklace or new machine so you have to use even less muscle

      weak and gormless – what have we become?

      take care my friend look for your escape route away from the numpties

      love to all the wide awake


    • BBB says:

      LOLS:-)). My favorite all time movie.  Indeed, it's a great metaphor for the current "Covid pandemic."  The other favorite from that long ago era of my childhood is The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Did you mention sneezing?  All I do is sneeze and sniffle.  It's just gets worse by the year.  Of course it's not just me falling apart.  I see the crap being sprayed.  It's so ubiquitous that my once beautiful views of yon mountains have been whited out with a haze more akin to an industrial community's air quality.    And what's with the non-stop "tinnitus?  No, it cannot all be my ears going dead.  Trills, triple violin sounds, low resonance, tweets, parallel high pitched whines, totally encompassing my head.  And lately there are odd sensations on my hands that feel like insects crawling.  Not a lot, but now and then. Disconcerting.  It's likely static, but from where?  Star link?  Who gave him permission to toss up thousands of microwave zappers beamed back onto all life on earth??  Artificial stars, mocking the Creator.  Sorry to burden you with my experiences.  I wonder if young people will ever figure it out, what they have been denied, a natural world replaced with a cell phone, as if it a natural progression to be eagerly embraced.  Brace for impact.  

    • juli says:

      Hi Raymond xo youv'e planted the seed, move on…

      You were "TAUGHT" intel via the armed forces. 

      It's your 6th sense and how you can tap into it is what they did'nt teach you. which means 1 of 2 things "THEY" don't know how OR it's under lock and key.

      EVERYONE is capable tapping into their 6th sense or that gut feeling. I use this term, RIDE IT WITH YOUR GUT…

      Tap into your God given 6th sense/gut…We've got work to do…

      Peace & Blessings my friend XO

    • Juli says:

      H Raymond, I have a project for you. I'm working on it myself but need your help. 

      What symbols and language is on the Georgia guidestone?

      Read right to left…

      Thank You xo

    • Raymond says:

      Penny Waters, BBB, Bell and A Friend,

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words of inspiration and I certainly plan to move deep into the wilderness. Off the grid and amongst my fellow survivalists who love nature as Dane, A Simple Horseman and I all do. (as I'm sure everyone else here does too)

      Juli, I will try to get back to you on the Georgia Guidestones before I leave here, as that little project is definitely interesting.


      The Day the Earth Stood Still is my favorite movie of all time and Silent Running is #2.

      I actually play a recording… of Klaatu's warning for the people of Earth, as he boards his ship and leaves… every single day of my life. I know it by heart and can say it in my sleep now.

      My official "middle" name is Roi and the nickname that my childhood friends gave me is:  Klaatu Roi … which I still use to this day in emails and how I sign some artwork. I am currently writing a book under that pen name too.

      Dane reminds me of Klaatu because they both accept the fact that humanity's days are numbered, if we don't change our ways. He just needs his own Gort to help humanity wake the hell up! 

      But neither Klaatu or Dane are inherently violent individuals. So he would probably put Gort to work setting back-fires in order to stifle massive wildfires. And carry injured animals to safety. His is a gentle yet troubled soul and that's expected of course, when you're forced to watch a beautiful forest burn down all around you!

      My heart broke and I got teared up, every time I watched Dane's "Into the Wilderness" videos. I had over 100 trees on my property that I planted myself 30 years ago and the UV radiation alone has now killed 82 of them, so far to date.


    • penny waters says:

      dear bbb

      how can the young figure it out – the older ones have been around for longer and they haven't

      once separated from nature and too far deep into self indulgence – how can they know the feelings one gets in communion with nature

      yes me too loved the film – the day the earth stood still

      simple little film but shows human nature so simply – the outrageous ignorant selfish landed gentry plus the stupid intellectual who thought he was so clever – and the simple little man who is the hero/devil whom the gods play with by giving him unlimited powers – he turns into both, the gentry and intellectual in his demands that people do what he wants – and he is just like a human

      hilarious film of the vulnerability and stupidity of humans – old film actually set in essex hahahahaha

      love to all

  17. Steve Olsen says:

    Why not sign up all those that took the shot for all of the other medical Phase 3 Clinical Trials out there,since they are so bold and cavalier. Encourage them to eat the freshly fallen "snow" also…

  18. Lemay says:

    Meanwhile Barium sprayed tonite on the Eastern Seaboard. Look up "NASA Wallops May 8 rocket launch may be visible in eastern United States".

    • BBB says:

      Yeah, like we love our skies to be turned into a freak show.  And of course this crap falls to earth and we breathe it.  Science is no longer friendly.  In fact the entire planet has become one huge clinical trial.  These people are the true hackers.  

  19. Kate KELLY says:

    Please do not post this note:

    Just wishing you, Dane, and your very supportive and wonderful family, the very best — as the current situation worsens — Yet, your message inspires all who listen and heed, as you share strength, compassion, empathy, and love…so needed in our world today.

    Thank you, more than words can express…for keeping the faith in goodness, justice, hope, love, and God's creation.

    Blessings to all,

    Kate K.


  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Cyberattack Forces Shutdown Of Largest Gasoline Pipeline In United States
    The largest gasoline pipeline on the East Coast, and the US in general, was shut down on Friday after its operator struggled to contain a cyberattack which threatened its systems. The 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline, which is the single largest refined-products pipeline in the United States, halted transit as the company was forced to take "certain systems offline to contain the threat, which has temporarily halted all pipeline operations," according to The Wall Street Journal on Saturday. It's reportedly still offline into early Saturday.


    • Gary Morrow says:

      No gas here in SC. And it is 52 degrees now in the afternoon in the middle of May. Surreal.

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