Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 2, 2021, #321


Dane Wigington

Supply chains are rapidly breaking down along with the remaining life support systems of the planet. In the skies above the ongoing climate intervention operations continue to wreak havoc on populations. Through it all, the scripted mainstream media mass distraction has been successful at diverting the public's attention from the rapidly darkening horizon. What actions are power structures taking in their ever more desperate attempt to maintain total hegemonic control? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

35 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 2, 2021, #321

  1. Nigel Bovis says:

    Hi Dane ,

    i hope this helps you awaken the masses , you may already have something like this , I cannot send you a finished article as me and computers don’t mix , so I will describe what has come to mind, a poster with a close up of a jet spraying on one half of the page and the red arrows spraying there Colors on the other half with the heading what’s the difference and underneath we do have the technology and it’s happening RIGHT NOW.

    • chris says:

      Early Oct we drove from San Diego to Yellowstone.
      I was SHOCKED at how BLUE the sky was there DESPITE the constant natural sulfur fume smoke.
      I was awestruck at how beautiful the sky was.  It was breaktaking.
      I remember that BLUE BLUE sky in South Africa where I grew up.
      San Diego sky is muted these days, a sad lightish blue on the best of days. What these GENIUS'S are doing is IDIOTIC!
      Obviously the aesthetics is just the iceberg …the health crisis they ENGINEERED is the true CRIME…

  2. Robin Christensen says:

    8/26/2021- abc said to Dane- "Your weekly broadcasts are a lifeline."  I'll respond again to abc's overall message regarding resilience that we are capable of spreading and that life itself naturally spreads.

    My zucchini patch did well thanks to my watering  during drought.  Later,  deluge and shade- etc, destroyed it (crash).  Yet, much later, new zucchini leaves became visible in a new location with one new fruit on the new leafy end  from the old thick vine stalk.  

    Yesterday, out of curiosity, I carefully removed surrounding debris.  I lifted both ends (zucchini & severed rotted end) gently off ground.  Sure enough, in the middle- led from the thicker portion of vine stalk- one tiny 'lifeline' root anchored to soil, has fed & is feeding the entire new patch & it's single fruit.  

    Yes we will crash!  I'm not high on 'hopium'- D.W's word.  But what brilliance there will be when many join the few resilient (one spark, then many more, magnify from the dark of 'wetiko' – 9/25 broadcast)!


  3. BBB says:

    Rain was forecast in my region of Northern California for tomorrow, Thursday.  However beginning on Monday the jets set down aerosols to the east.  Usually they spray their toxic lines towards the west side paralleling the Pacific Coast.  The lines moved from east to west towards an approaching moisture field. Tuesday saw an increase in spraying.  But the trails were now moving across from west to east.  And the microwaves were active.  Lots of corn-row fake regurgitation-clouds.  Today Wednesday it has been obvious the moisture field is desiccated, destroyed into great weird smears and streaks, discombobulated.  I was so hoping for yet another round of the mist that at least keeps down the fire danger.  Nope.  Not to be allowed . 

  4. Dennie says:

    From the Department of Lest We Forget:  COVID 19 "Coincidence theory" at Johns Hopkins: "Our global pandemic simulation had nothing to do with the outbreak at Wuhan China."

    • Phyllis Barton says:

      I am new here. So glad to see other like minded people in this world, and I am not a weird freak that disects everything and asks why. For at least a year, I have suspicions of the "C" being dispersed by planes overhead. In my early years my parents rented farms, until my 8th grade.They continuously watched the sky. I do as well.  When I see planes spewing their stuff, I  watch for weather change a few days later, which of course, happens.

      I live in Nebraska,  so my weather is not so extreme as west and east coasts with drought and deluge alternatives. I wonder how our insurance companies (home, auto, business, transportation) can keep up with constant loss claims payouts.  Thank you, D.W. for your research and info.

  5. Stuart says:

    High temps here in Orange County, CA Saturday and Sunday.  Piercing Solar Radiation/UV levels .  Moderate Aircraft spraying Ops, spreading patches of reflective aerosols in attempt to control radiation levels.

    This evening another Engineered Monsoon storm moving thru. Extremely rare for this area.  Atmosphere Gone Wild. Parts of AZ had record rainfall this summer, all planned and engineered by USAF Geoengineer operatives.

    Tragic and ironic oil spill coastal Orange County, with vids of cleanup crews scooping up crude on the beaches while overhead JetTanker Fleet laying down aerosols to control warming.

  6. lorenzo says:

    Dane, In my newspaper today , Monday Newsday [ the largest circulation on Long Island N.Y., and parts of NYC They had an article on "Falls colors dulled by climate change'' It was focused on the north east  up in Portland Maine  They talk about the usual stuff , why climate change is affecting another poor season for leaf peepers  They always encourage writers to submit comments. If you have the time you can give an experts opinion on geoengineerings involvement  .Now you can be brief or answer up to  200 words  You obviously can explain the point much better than me 

    They ask for your name and residence and Phone # [ which they will never  print]] and any relevant expertise or affiliation after your letter. They are a liberal newspaper, and often print environmental stories that the other NYC papers do not  You never know, if they can print your letter think of the amount of  people they can reach. Lets hope!

    • Stan Sylvester says:


      No, no, no, that's your job! That's where you live! You know that area better than Dane! You know the pulse of the community. You are the weather warfare guy in that area we need! You can do it!

      I moved to TN 5 years ago. 3 years ago I started submitting letters to the editors. I had to develop my writing and communication skills. You are not born with them. They have to be developed. Since then I've had over a dozen articles posted in 4 different TN newspapers.  You can do it! 

    • Raymond says:

      Hey Lorenzo and Stan Sylvester,

      I wrote letters to the Editor of the Fort Worth Star Telegram newspaper, about climate and overall environmental issues mostly. Including Geoengineering and the coming (it's here now) food shortages world wide.

      I also had to improve my writing skills and increase my vocabulary cache. But no letters that had any reference to geoengineering, climate control, the insanity of our political circus, Monsanto or GMOs were ever published. 

      They did publish about 38 in all however and the editor used me as his (or her) whipping post every single time. By using misinformation provided by government sponsored fact checking entities, to try and debunk all of my main points and debatable arguments.

      Plus the public responses to my letters that only agreed with the editor's debunking debauchery were published, to try and make me out to be nothing but a Conspiracy Cretin.

      When the editor asked for a reply from me, to the castigation of my letters and promised to publish them. As long as they didn't include curse words, slurs or other derogatory remarks. They NEVER DID!

      Because in my reply letters I did my homework and then some. Using nothing but undeniable and easily verifiable facts, from mostly government documents found on the internet and articles published in earlier editions, of that very same newspaper. By their very own longtime reporters, who uniformly substantiated every single fact and statement I presented in my first letter to the editor. 

      Which just goes to show that the corporate media and commercial industrial complex are unable to use their government misinformation propaganda machine, to consistently humiliate those of us who are awake and use proper elucidation. To form a precise and calculated response to their castigation of my original fact based letter to the editor.

      And they became so disparaged after not being able to further debunk my reply letters, that they simply chose not to publish them… even after promising to do so.

      But the editor would always publish this same statement each time instead:   "So I guess this person has no common sense response and denied my request to debate this issue any further. Which proves that Conspiracy Theorists are unable to accept the cold hard facts and live in a reality that is more like the Twilight Zone. Rather than the real world that we all live in and embrace ourselves."

      As always. Insanity breeds insanity. Especially in the world of media misinformation and their embracing of an Orwellian world.

  7. Randyl J says:

    Thank You Dane, V Susan F, juli, Raymond, Alan, and ALL Here ~ Knowledge Is Truly Power! And Faith Within! Keep On Keeping On (KOKO). Keep Sharing GEW!

    Randyl J

  8. Alan says:

    It's 97 degrees at 3:00 PM in northern San Diego County this afternoon ten miles from the coast.  In spite of there being a 10MPH sea breeze, the humidity level is 13% and the sky features thin, dry, mean and mottled aerosol haze patches.  You cannot be outside for more than a minute, the UV is so piercingly hot.  It's all so unnatural and very unsettling.   

    • Randyl J says:

      Thank you for that report Alan. I have a cousin living in San Diego area (my favorite zoo back in the 60's and 80's), who's a scientist and former Navy guy- only accepts 'Mainstream News'. Go Figure! Very warm still high 70's – central North Carolina. Continuous laying of engineered toxic trails here. Be Well ~ Randyl J

    • Alan says:

      "What A Difference A Day Makes" was a song that was popularized in the U.S. by Dinah Washington in 1959, but it was composed in 1934 by Maria Grever, a Mexican, and was first recorded in that country in the same year.  

      Well, what a difference a day makes indeed!  This afternoon, 24 hours after yesterday's baking of north San Diego County, it began to rain, and rain.  This evening the rain drops are as large as I remember them being in the Midwest in late summer evenings when I visited there.  Not typical for this part of the world at all.  We are also seeing concentrated lightning like I haven't seen in decades.  In summary – it's all quite surreal.

    • Alan says:

      Final lightning strike count for San Diego County last night – 524.

  9. Jane Smith says:

    Dear Dane, as far as I know, the spraying of particles is mainly done within the troposphere (under 10'000 Meters) and not much yet in the stratosphere (above). So officials and experts are not even lying, when they claim that no such a thing is happening (in the stratosphere), Cunning, no?

    Love and many thanks for your incredible engagement.


  10. Calvin Payne says:

    I have a friend in southern RUSSIA and I asked him if they were spraying chemtrales and he said the only time they spray is when they have forest fires.

    Back in February, we had a snowstorm with 3 inches before 9 AM. During the snowstorm on our plum trees with many blooms were honey bees still flying around our trees with no problem. It was warm enough for the bees. What have you seen?? Thanks.

  11. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This is a very informative video from  on the coming energy shortage, both gas and petroleum. Also insight into the supply chain breakdown of silicon chips. "Dark Winter" coming…

    CHRIS MARTENSON: The energy crunch is going to impact you and your family

  12. juli says:

    Of all frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance, what Buddha called ‘the greatest evil in the world’. The friction which results from ignorance can be reduced only by the spread of knowledge and the unification of the heterogeneous elements of humanity. No effort could be better spent. – Nikola Tesla

  13. Stan Sylvester says:

    Isaiah 41:10

    "Fear thou not, for I am with thee: be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee, yes I will help thee. Yes I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."

    In the Eastern culture, the right hand was known as the hand of blessing. This was the reason God had Isaiah mention His right hand.

    We are not in this fight alone. It's easy to be dismayed as we see the sheeple fall for the cruel lies that abound. God is aware of the courage it takes to reach out to those who may not care.  

    A couple of days ago, my wife was walking past a neighbor's house. The neighbor saw here and stopped her. The neighbor said that she loved my letter to the editor of a local newspaper that had recently been published. This woman is in her 70's or 80's. Age did not stop her from thrill of recognizing the truth.

    We just never know what impact we are having. Being fearful or being dismayed will stop us from making an impact. As we move forward as best we can, God will strengthen us with His right hand of blessing. 


  14. Raymond says:


    Store shelves here are beginning to go empty again and both food and water prices have nearly doubled, in only the last two months!

    Managers are blaming it on pandemic related issues. But even I can tell they are lying, as the entire food supply system begins it's inevitable collapse.

    Thank God I have two tons of 35 year shelf life emergency rations stored deep in my bunker and 5,000 gallons of water stored right next to it, in various tanks. Mad Max Hell on Earth draws very near and the Venus Syndrome is right on it's heels. You don't have to preach the coming end times to anyone. Because it's Already Here!

  15. DEAN WHITE says:

    SUN CITY ,TEXAS 10/3/2021







  16. Raymond says:

    The folks who now live in my Texas home seriously regret that decision. The say that a cold front "finally pushed through last night and originally the temps were forecast to drop by at least ten degrees. And they were eagerly looking forward to getting a break, from the daily 10 to 15 degree above average temps.

    But now the 10 day forecast is showing that temps are going to steadily get higher, even though a strong north wind is expected to continue over the next five days or so. 

    By next weekend the daytime highs will be pushing 100 degrees or more and the average high for the middle of October, in that part of Texas is around 62.

    So even though a strong cold front has moved into Texas, it will gradually climb to nearly 40 degrees above normal October temps! The first freeze "always" comes around Halloween.

    How ANYONE can not view such Climate insanity as the work of human weather manipulators? Is beyond me.

    Nature does not bring heat dome sizzling temperatures, with a cold front that has clearly cooled down the rest of the country. At least it "Never Ever Has"… in the 61 years that I have been on this planet!

    I feel so sorry for those poor folks living on my old Texas Sanctuary. Because I saw such climate engineering insanity looming on the horizon and that's exactly why I moved away.

    • Donna says:

      Raymond, wondering where you took off to?  I am north of Dallas and thinking I need to get out also!  How can we escape this madness, it seems it is EVERYWHERE!

  17. Yar Swerc says:

    Daily I pray, that your courage and dedication arouse those under the spell of mindless apathy.

    I only wish I had great wealth to finance your efforts, but sadly am only a poor old man.

    May God himself bless your efforts to defend his beautiful creation.

  18. Dale S Overstreet says:

    God bless you Dane. Thank you for your insight into these matters. Why people don't want to understand the severity of what is happening is beyond me. 

  19. jintampa1 says:

    Thank you Dane, you are truly one of God's  angels!

  20. Mary Guillemette says:

    This #321 installment of GW is especially powerful. Many thanks. I live in the 9-year long anomalous zone, a relative lives in Cental Coast Cali, SB County, but we've kind of lost touch, and that area of California (he's west of the 101) except for the massive mudslide a few years back, seems protected. This episode made all the essential and compelling points so clearly and persuasively. So much that we are living through now is simply impossible for some people to apprehend; they are already inured to "regular" wars and slaughter; their minds cannot process the scale and depravity of global terracide. Even with flagrant obvious out in the open evidence. Incredible. But we will continue to seek out those who might wake up–more than likely basic good humans who are not in positions of authority, elected or otherwise. Hopefully the critical mass can form and act to stop the spiral. The Clarence Darrow quote, and Epictetus cite, SO true, such wisdom. With all best wishes, Godspeed!

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Bad Sociology: Biden’s Vaccine Purge Prepares for Domestic Counter-Insurgency
    Joaquin Flores
    Strategic Culture Foundation / October 1, 2021

    American culture has been artificially shifted in the most radical way, not seen since the introduction of mandatory public schooling a century ago.
    The mandatory Covid vaccination policy in the U.S. army is an extension of Biden’s ideological purging program, but the logic behind it is not thoroughly understood by the public.
    Conservatives see a likely decrease in morale and enlistment, while liberals see an opposite likely outcome. But enlistment in a volunteer army may not be the end-goal, and so we must interpret the moves in light of the growing potential of a blanket draft.
    Superficially, the premise for the purge is the equating of vaccine hesitancy with so-called ‘Trumpism’, which in turn is ‘linked’ to right-wing extremism such as white nationalism – a logical fallacy. Because the logical fallacy is so clear, and the purge of norm-centric political views is the goal, it gives rise to all kinds of questions and theories.
    Military officials would absolutely know that this is a false equivalence, as the recent Pew Research poll on vaccine hesitancy shows that roughly 40% of Americans do not want the jab. Certainly 40% of Americans are not white nationalists. Because this data is readily accessible, and really because claims to the contrary are heuristically absurd prima facie, it effectively fuels any number of questions about the patriotism and intentions of the brass:
    “Why would top brass stand by while the false equivalence is used as a pretext for an ideological purge of America’s most patriotic and pro-constitution elements?”
    But there’s a further problem in this conflation of anti-vax and far-right. This vaccine hesitant view also has a high correlation with African-American enlistees who may be aware of the history of the U.S. government experimenting on this demographic, which also reflects an overall distrust in governmental institutions within various African-American communities.
    And this is compounded by a view in the populist right, that the problem with vaccine safety means there is a design to weaken the military. Then there is the government’s heavy-handed and politicized response to the Covid pandemic, including the publicized concentration camps for quarantining.
    Through understanding military sociology alongside the real challenges that the U.S. faces, both internally and geopolitically, we can trace future plans of the American elites.
    While the brass have become convinced that a ‘Woke Army’ will be well-situated to suppress constitutionalist and anti-reset citizens in an insurgency, the same woke policies aim to improve resilience against Chinese propaganda in a conflict scenario. Eliminating anti-Covid vax soldiers is quietly equated to eliminating soldiers who will also refuse other orders likely to result in death or serious injury.
    There are invisible costs to this proposition. Enlistment may take a hit, but there will be even more pushback if there is a full-scale military conflict which requires a draft. The hedge against this is to increase wokeness, as counter-intuitive as this seems for many.
    What we are seeing is how the military is doing sociology in the present year, which may be quite wrong. The whole premise of the purge is only as useful as the sociology is accurate. Typically, good military sociology – results-driven – accurately gauges the public’s attitude in order to translate that into sound military policy and training. That’s how the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy was arrived at. It matched Main Street’s attitude in the 1990’s.
    The U.S. military does not openly track the party affiliation or belief-systems of its enlisted members, and unscientific voluntary polls by publications like ‘Military Times’ tend more to reflect the views of its regular readers (conservative) than the actual population of enlisted on the whole. Of course, there are career enlisted, and those who just perform four years active duty and two years inactive IRR in their minimum MSO. Career enlisted probably tend to be more conservative than general enlisted numbers would indicate. But it would be an error to think that such tracking did not take place within the institution, but more, such analysis has been carried out by notable military sociologists.
    But because of the ideological purge in academia over the last fifteen years, which hit the social sciences first and hardest, there has been a dangerous and growing principles-driven approach.
    This principles-driven approach – ‘woke because we should be woke’ – is at odds with the realist and functionalist schools in state-sanctioned sociology which orient towards making policy on the pragmatic basis of results.
    Marxian tools in sociology have proved invaluable over the past century, when they are utilized in harmony with Durkheim’s functionalist theory. C. Wright Mills, who wrote extensively on Marx, also informs the framework of military sociology. But the Marxist school by itself is rooted in conflict theory, where the principle of conflict (the class struggle) is central to society.
    Naturally, the wokeness campaign is being couched in the language of pragmatism, – ‘woke because this is smarter’ – because this is still the attitude of the brass. In brief, the brass is being misled by academia, which in turn is unfit for purpose.
    The weaponization of conflict theory towards the perceived pragmatic aims of the state, as the population is ruled through division, carries a high-risk of misapplication when the present body of literature is dominated by actual conflict theorists. This can lead to a bigger disaster if the aim is to prepare for a draft.


    • Dennie says:

      Good.  Let's hope it does.  Getting rid of the power-obese military would greatly help this planet.  

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Hungry for Change? With Sixty Million Americans Going Hungry, the United States Needs to Make Peace Not War
    Strategic Culture Foundation / October 1, 2021

    The United States cannot afford to maintain a war economy. Such a hyper-militarized economy is inciting dangerous tensions between nuclear powers, as well as eroding the very material foundations of American society.
    Food hunger in the United States has reached shocking levels with new figures showing that some 60 million Americans are in need of charitable hand-outs. That’s almost 20 percent of the total population.
    Rising food poverty in the U.S. has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic as millions of workers are laid off. At the other extreme, a handful of billionaires have never had it so good with their aggregate wealth estimated to have increased by nearly $2 trillion during the pandemic.
    Meanwhile, the national debt continues to soar, having surpassed $28 trillion, which is far more than the entire economic output of the United States. Over the past century, it is calculated that the U.S. federal debt has gone from 16 percent of GDP in 1929 at the time of the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression to the current level of 130 percent.
    This week as Congress cobbled together a “continuing resolution” to fend off a government shutdown, the Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that the nation is in danger of a “catastrophic default” on its burgeoning debt. This would be the first time ever for the U.S. to default on its debts with far-reaching repercussions for its domestic economy as well as the global economy.
    In short, the U.S. is living way beyond its means and has been doing so for decades. The once economic powerhouse of the world is no longer the virile specimen it was. The United States is more like a washed-up, out-of-shape former prizefighter who spends his days slumped on a high stool ordering drink after drink – and all the tab without any means of paying.
    While Americans remain bitterly divided over bipartisan politics, surveys show, however, that there is much common ground between Republican and Democratic voters on the need for massive infrastructure investment. There is also a common consensus that it would be appropriate to raise taxes on the super-wealthy in order to fund a badly needed national revamp.
    It is commonly recognized that the United States has chronically neglected its human and physical infrastructure. Currently, the Biden administration is trying to get a combined $4.5 trillion infrastructure spending bill through Congress. The bill may not pass because of objections from Republican lawmakers as well as some Democrats. But the vast sum of investment involved is a measure of the historic deterioration and disrepair in U.S. society. For example, it is estimated that 45,000 bridges are in poor condition need an overhaul.
    There is no doubt that the economic dire straits facing the U.S. economy have been caused by excessive militarism over many decades. Since 2001, the so-called “wars on terrorism” including in Afghanistan and Iraq have added an estimated $8 trillion to the national debt – nearly 30 percent.
    When the Cold War with the Soviet Union ended 30 years ago, there was much talk among policymakers of an anticipated “peace dividend”. That proved to be illusory. Why? Three decades on, the United States continues to allocate record budgets for military spending – currently about $750 billion a year. That’s more than that of the next 10 biggest military spending nations combined. It’s more than 10 times what Russia allocates to its military. The U.S. is spending more dollars on the military than it was during the height of the Cold War. Yet, the Cold War was supposed to have ended. …

    • Gary Morrow says:

      A nation that continues year after year to spend more on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.

      Martin Luther King

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