“500 Days Till Climate Chaos”


In the 50 second video below, did French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius make a disclosure that was perhaps not expected by John Kerry? Its hard to say, but what is certain is that these completely corrupted leaders are part of the global power structure and they have access to information not available to the rest of us. Information unfolding on the ground by the day already makes the accelerating climate unravelling all too clear. As bad as some of the recent climate announcements have been, the actual data from the ground paints a much more catastrophic picture. Main stream media and the climate engineers are playing every card they have in the effort to hide the magnitude of what is unfolding while at the same time making the situation exponentially worse with their toxic atmospheric spraying programs.

Dane Wigington

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said:

“And very important issues, issue of climate change, climate chaos,” the foreign minister said. “And we have – as I said, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos, and I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject and I’m sure that with them, with a lot of other friends, we shall be able to reach success on this very important matter.”

Source: CNS News

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  1. Mike says:

    The claim was made on May 13, 2014 pointing to Sept. 24, 2015.

    When the French Minister makes his claim, watch Kerry's body language. A deep sigh, shoulders fall, nodding his head in agreement though with a vibe IMO of resignation. Something's brewing.

    Possible we're not getting the full story.

    • nigel says:

      you know the military are doing exercise's that include shutting down the power Grid, maybe they will blame terrorist if it happens

    • Carley says:

      I think  "they" make their plans…but due to alternate media and "their" not wanting to be suspect move their timelines for events.  Our vigilance in short foils their plans. 

  2. Steve Fletcher says:



  3. Linda says:

    500 days from his statement is September 26 2015. The next elections are not until November of 2016.

    • Theresa says:

       I am sure he knew before this speech, they are saying something will happen on Sept 24th 2015

    • Sarah says:

      500 days is next year Saturday, 24 September 2016.

    • Wasatch area says:

      Who gives a shit about the elections

    • Whitenacho says:

      September 2015 is a very big month for several major events!

    • Marshall says:

      Actually Sarah, that's counting 500 days since Fabius' announcement on May 13, 2014. That expires Sept 25, 2015 I believe. I counted the days twice on my calculator.

  4. Mike63 says:

    Let’s see. Something apparently catastrophic is supposed to happen in late Sept. (the 24th). Maybe, just maybe, there is something to it because military vehicles have been already noted being transported and delivered throughout the country. FEMA has built several huge camps. The gov’t has purchased two BILLION rounds of ammo and rumors of Martial Law and no elections for 2016 have strongly persisted for at least two years.

    The last Blood Moon of the current Tetrad will be on Sept. 28, 2015 on the Jewish holiday of Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles.
    All things work together for good to those who love God, who are called according to His purpose. -Romans 8:28.

  5. Trinity says:

    This world is sick , you do know they TPTB will monitor all these responses . I am in , what can we as the people do to help ?

  6. no one says:

    500 days from his statement is September 26 2015.

    The last blood moon is September 28.

  7. lorraine says:

    I think he`s talking about chem trails. We see them here in Canada to. Google chemtrails and you`ll see what the governments are up to. They are trying to poison us all.

  8. lorraine says:

    Are you talking about the Rockefellers, the Freemasons etc? How can we have them charged with crimes against humanity if our own governments have no control over these monsters?

  9. Norm vigus says:

    For me, this only serves to confirm my view of this big picture of the great jigsaw puzzle of deception played out on the world! Increasing occurrences and amounts of high altitude spraying of toxic chemicals ( chem. Tails/geo-engineering) in some stupid attempt to contain or hide the events unfolding . Almost an explosion of Siberian arctic tundra permafrost melt (Methane), and ice shelf melts too. But this has been secretely kept from the masses in order to stave off social economic breakdown and collapse! To further indicted their prior hidden knowledge of these events, check out the Ozarks, Denver international airport, and almost 130 other underground cities and bases with many , interconnected with each other, the evidence is there! I believe, they are using Ebola, wars, and planet wide problems to try and hide some of their agenda 21 goals which is to bring about as best as possible a controlled demolition of humanity, before metrological catastrophe becomes obvious, by which time, many of the 7 billion it is hopped will be already gone. Those who are left above ground will be either killed off or left to the elements to its bit. As those giant 20ft thick doors close, and those who have paid the price with both labor and fiat money are left to rot, and die in their created toxic world. They hope when it clears they will resurface to the brave new world, Gods amongst those who are left. I believe this is broadly their plan and we only have no more than 1 to 3 years left before, most people realize, they have been used as patsies for the insane global elite and their evil agenda!

  10. ScroodeMcDuck says:

    The Truth is the biggest fear TPTB have. So many people are going to go through a debilitating change of perception when the time comes that chaos is an understatement for the resulting changes that will transpire. With the influx of an alien army of social destruction agents and bio weapons being deployed we are in for an incredible Learning curve for the unbelievers and deniers. We will witness the very worst and the best that humanity has to offer before all the cards have been dealt. There is no telling how many Jokers are in the deck or when they will play a wild card.Keep your eyes on the game and watch the dealers hands !

  11. Rosa Lopes (@amensageira22) says:

    Let us have this Elites monsters arrested and brought to trial for crimes commit against humanity .They are only 69 families but we are billions .They are afraid of us and we can quench them.Anyone interested in starting a petition to have them arrested please contact me

  12. Brainstorm Mi says:

    I do not trust the French, they are the ones masterminding the Coup in Syria-behind the curtain-they were the ones to threaten a nuke strike in Charleston last year if the US do not begin to attack Syria-and because of this The French Connection has caused 2 dozen top military brass to be fired by Obama.

    And I especially do not trust Skull And Bone- John Kerry.

    At least we know which Secret Society is pushing Chemtrails to intoxicate Heavy Metal Poisoning throughout the world with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

    9/11 sure is creating a lot of murderers from governing Officials to kill and cover-up the conspirators of the Patriot Act.

  13. sherry taylor says:

    ok..but what is the plan..we know who is in charge..heaven help us.
    From what I gather what we have done so far it isn’t working..or what is the definition of “working”?
    Clean energy is available..but the oil masters(oops bank masters) are like Marie Antoinette..”let them eat cake”.
    Shall we let them kill the planet?
    The military industrial complex can stop spraying all of living matter.
    Humanity can create something so much better than this

  14. Rogann says:


  15. Paradigm shifter says:

    Actually, at the risk of sounding too ‘logical’ here. I think he is referring to the fact that in 500 days there will be a new president in the White House.

    Sorry folks. I am not at all averse to thinking outside the box. I usually do. But this is just the first idea that came to me. Do the math.

  16. bod bollock says:

    if the ozone has gone together with a weak magnetosphere then they might be trying EMF to deflect SME?

  17. Gene Maynard says:

    To me it has all the earmarks of a false flag.

  18. john doe says:

    oops i meant to reply here. sry lol

    1john4:18-19 18 there is no fear in love. but perfect love drives out fear, because fear has do do with punishment. the one who fears is not made perfect in love. 19 we love because he loved us first

  19. john doe says:

    18 there is no fear in love. but perfect love drives out fear, because fear has do do with punishment. the one who fears is not made perfect in love.
    19 we love because he loved us first

  20. JR says:

    YEAh….HMMM- HMMM-Yuuup. Here again in Southwest N.M. we have been bombarded these last few days, Sunday today at 6:39 p.m. Skies whited-grayish-purpled out and (imagine) looking like sackcloth just like revelation, God only knows. I’m not the fear mongerer but HIS word says we should fear (respect) Him. They aren’t rain clouds folks, believe you me. My poor brother in Christ who works in the outdoor was having respiratory problems today when I saw him, pray for him please. Thanks….

  21. Bella_Fantasia says:

    December, 2015 the World Climate summit COP21 will be held in Paris. It is supposed to include a global plan with binding legal requirements.
    I’m naturally doubtful and also suspicious that geoengineering will be endorsed and introduced publicly. I see five hundred days until the complete melting of summer Arctic ice. That is a very real possibility and catastrophic. It will not be a surprise to those of us who follow what is happening in science and geoengineering. But the shock, uproar and outrage of the previously inattentive people will be be deafening.

  22. Francis the scientist says:

    Check out Rev. 11:18 “I will destroy the destroyers of the earth.” GOD

    • JR says:

      Amen Francis, The Lord says Vengeance is HIS, long overdue but we are on his time not ours. We must repent of our evil deeds and he is ready to forgive, which we all have to work at daily. We can’t be wishy-washy like a lot of our leaders in this country and the rest of demonizers-oppressors in the same company (in someone’s pocket-$$$). Sorry if I offend any but the truth hurts. Some just don’t want to see it and admit for what it really is. Later…

  23. JR says:

    Hey folks GOD did not give us the spirit of fear, I’m sure some already know that but it’s worth saying. For the oblivious who are debunkers and naysayers I hope they wake up soon before it will be all over, can’t help ignorance though. Can’t mess with the Lord and HIS works and not pay in end (4 seasons he gave us). All evil will cease one day forever, and we are out of here! I’ve said it in past posts (10 years-back) where I’ve personally seen our rain clouds diminished to nothing here in Southwest N.M. Heavy aerial spraying with the Gremlins and their jets over the clouds turned (turn) the sky to mush like shaving cream drying on man’s face before job was done shaving. Philippians-4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; you read the rest (7). I know it’s tough folks, we are all in the mix down here and have family as well. He knows who his people are and after HIS heart in doing right. Let us not lose heart. He loves us all, just does not like all we do if it lines not up with HIS word. He does not want to lose one of us but it depends on us with free will given us by HIM and only HIM. Peace…

  24. Pam says:

    Why wasn’t the entire video posted? What was he referring to. This needs straight forward and all the facts not just part of what was discussed!

  25. J Price says:

    What spraying are you talking about?

  26. CLEAN AIR says:

    “Control the weather, control the food crops, control the people” – these are sick psychopaths who are involved in these programs. Their children, grandchildren, significant other and pets are all breathing in these toxic chemicals too. The truth is prevailing and they can no longer hide behind their modified, “controlled” weather programs. There is more than enough evidence and people are awakening to the point of massive public awareness. They lost! It just brings people closer together in our fight in these crimes against humanity!

  27. Andy says:

    Ummm…. he was referring to the UN climate conference which will be held in Paris in November 2015, or in about 500 days.

  28. Stephan says:

    I really believe they don’t want to kill us, they just want complete control and don’t care if they have to harm and kill for it. I’m sure they know about the dangers of geoengineering but it really seems to me this is the only option they’ve got that doesn’t cost them money (they probably even make money) that will delay the consequences of raping mother earth.

  29. Carol Adams says:

    Douglas, do you want these people in your life? I think you did the right thing in your outspokenness – the truth will bring new, more informed people into your life. Sounds lonely, I can attest.

  30. darinka says:

    People are motivated by fear, the media, the TV the politicians. They will not be moved. No you are not nuts, because if you are then so am I. I have had the same response. You can plant the seed then sit back and watch it grow. There will come a time when you will hear the words, I remember when so and so, you know the nutty one, who said all this was going to happen. Sad, but true. There are those of us that will not be brainwashed and I stand beside you in respect that you have done your best. We will survive and hopefully take some with us. I will direct the few to the website that you have alerted me to. Thank you.

  31. grizz says:

    been looking into all the crap these “elites” have been doing for over 6 years now…….and I see too much fear mongering going on……this 500 days?……could it be the rough amount of time left for the Obama admin to be in power?……could people just be jumping to conclusions?……
    Yes…..they spray and no….I am not taking away from the seriousness of the spraying situation……I just don’t like seeing rumors or statements taken out of context used, as that kind of stuff has a negative impact on the true message. It is hard enough to get people to “look up” and understand we are under attack.
    This also could have been a “disinformation” ploy to start crap to discredit and confuse any work done by honest people.
    Point is…….it is only a statement and only French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius knows the true context he was implying…….

  32. Constant Walker says:

    There you have it, “Folks.” “PUBLIC NOTICE” has now been provided by duly authorized ‘agents’ of the “global” apparatus of “governance.” You have “500 Days” left to’enjoy’ as much of this as you can stand.

    So sometime around the end of September next year, these guys are announcing (Mr. Kerry merely by maintaining his ‘sage’ silent acquiescence), is the DEADLINE. Meantime, of course, the already frantic pace of the “Rock won’t you hide me?!” program is picking-up speed daily, as the domesticated peoples’ little “self”-esteem engines drive them relentlessly toward THE END of Days.

    Our tame Sisters and Brothers now know they have “500 Days” (from the date of this ‘proclamation’) to get over the sickness that is their “self”….or ‘suffer’ the consequences. Here in Indian Country we might say to them: Don’t get mad. GET WELL!

  33. Les Phelps says:

    John Kerry… Obama… the French Foreign Minister. The Three Stooges talk climate. 500 days until Dooms Day. Sounds like a movie script. No doubt geoengineering is real and the lunatics are playing with planet but when you have the puppets come out and start talking it’s nothing more than orchestrate theater.

  34. Rusty says:

    Check out “Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030”

    “These weapons will be wide-spread by approximately 2010…..” 2010 was when they started spraying heavy in my remote area…

  35. sean cairney says:

    500 days till melt down…… melt down of the ice caps? move from the coastal regions in land, preferably up a hill… A big hill

  36. Karen Strong says:

    It’s always hard to be the bearer of bad news … It most often isn’t appreciated .. People can cope with trivia .. But the scope of this is beyond most .. Truely good people who care about this are heros in my eyes .. Full of courage and strength .. I really am grateful to know about these insomoutable problems of our times .. To be forewarned is to be forearmed … To find strength in other things that aren’t tangible but spiritual … These are interesting times .. I do fear for my dear grandchildren though .. But it wil be up to me to help them and I will … Thanks for being tall poppies … Because now I know something I would have missed completely had I not been warned …

  37. Walter says:

    Control and more Control they want. By Fear they control and manipulate. Someone is desperate and they make this up for Control, manipulation and greed.

  38. One more thing. I was awakened from my “brainwashing” in late 2006 early 2007. When I woke up I starting telling my wife of 10 years and all my friends and family what was going on. It only took about 2 months for my wife to tell everybody I was nuts. We separated and divorced and of course she got everything I owned. I was left with my van and lived in it. I lost all my friends, family at the same time.

    My suggestion to anyone out there in the same boat. Don’t tell any of the people you care about what is happening unless of course they already know. The Media is “brainwashing” the masses to make people that know the truth look nuts. My wife started calling me crazy. She was telling people that I needed to locked up in a psycho ward. My brother did the same thing. The only thing you can do is direct them to this website or http://skyderalert.com. Thanks for listening. I have spent many sleepless nights and bad dreams about what is going on.

  39. Azaima says:

    Their outfits match one another as well as the wallpaper and trim around the entrance. Too bad they’re not in sync with the people or the planet.

  40. What does this mean? Are The bastards are going to release an agent to kill us all in 500 days? Wouldn’t suprise me one bit. Does it even really matter? They are killing us in our air, water and food anyway. I wish they would just get on with it instead of dragging it out. This may sound bad BUT no matter what we do the spraying continues. Every time I respond to a chemtrail video I get told to shut up there is nothing going on. Then when I direct people to this site I get told it has been debunked and Dane Wigington is all in on it. It is truly sickening. I just got a channel deleted on Youtube called MRDOUGLASBICKFORD that I had for 4 years cause I argued with one of their paid shills that work for Youtube. The argument was about Geoengineering and this website.

    Douglas Bickford

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